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Daniel Choi and BoA’s sweet romance in Anticipate Love
by | August 29, 2013 | 44 Comments

There’s a new rom-com headed to KBS that’s the best of both worlds: it’s short and sweet. The two-episode “situational drama” Anticipate Love will be a drama special-esque miniseries that stars Daniel Choi (School 2013) and pop star BoA in what’s described as a fresh take on contemporary dating issues. I still don’t know what a situational drama is, but whatever it is, it looks cute.

The drama co-stars Im Shi-wan (Standby) and Kim Ji-won (To the Beautiful You) in a love square about four very different perspectives on how to go about this business of dating. BoA stars as a college student (named Yeon-ae for the “love/dating” in the title), with a frank and easygoing personality. She’s really bad at romance, as evidenced by the eyeroll in the trailer at her boyfriend Im Shi-wan’s suuuuuper earnest expressions of puppy love. He’s a dating newbie, and pretty much doesn’t know the meaning of overkill.

Daniel Choi is paired with Kim Ji-won at the start of the drama, and he’s the playboy expert when it comes to romance — knowing when to play it cool and how to practically read women’s minds. His character’s name is Ki-dae (for the “anticipate” in the title, of course) and he’s got a rational, realistic view of love, and always has the perfect advice when it comes to romance. His only problem is that he fails to take his own advice. You mean like all humans? He happens to give BoA’s character dating advice on the internet, which is how they first connect.

The drama comes from the PD of Drama Specials Miracle Like a Miracle and Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost and the writer of Drama Special The Grim Reaper Comes Wearing Purple High Heels. KBS’s fall Wednesday-Thursday drama Secret doesn’t premiere until late September, so there’s a bit of a gap that the network is filling with shorts like this one. The two episodes will air in the primetime drama slot when Sword and Flower ends.

Anticipate Love airs September 11 and 12 on KBS.

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44 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Minnie

    OOOOHHHH yay Daniel Choi! I’ve been missing him since School 2013…and I’ve never seen BoA acting before, but I hope for the best!

  2. Elina

    I’m on that ship.

    I love Daniel Choi.
    And I suck at dating.

    • 2.1 Tohru314

      Same here…

    • 2.2 Laura


    • 2.3 mary

      ME! ME!

  3. kumi

    Is it a trend or a law in korean dramas, to make a drama title out of the hero’s/heroine’s name?

    • 3.1 Joy

      I agree. What’s with all the puns in drama titles lately?

      • 3.1.1 Melinda

        Just to name a few, there’ve been Iljimae, Master’s Sun, Mi-rae’s Choice, and now Anticipated Love…

  4. Carole McDonnell

    ooooooooh, am so gonna watch this. Thanks.

  5. Howforwardsale

    Daniel looks healthy here, he was getting very skinny a while back. I ship Daniel Choi with glasses! Never part ways.

  6. pogo

    oooh YAY Daniel Choi!!! It gives me unholy amounts of happiness to see my School 2013 boys (and girls, but we haven’t seen anything from the women of that show yet) back on tv – first LJS and that boy from You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin, now Daniel and soon there’ll be Woobie My Wuv in Heirs come October.

    • 6.1 Melinda

      Well, unless you count Park Se-young hosting Music Bank…

  7. hpn88

    this drama casts ages are messing with my mind. i keep thinking BoA is so much older than she is cause she’s been around literally forever, but she’s only 26. And forever think daniel choi is like post-army old but he’s only 27 (speaking of which army time for him too soon). And Siwan is 24 but he’s so new i think hes 18 forever.

    end rant – this looks cute!

    • 7.1 ChillyMilly

      I know!! I can’t believe Siwan is 24, I thought there was this huge gap in everyone’s ages, but nope. Daniel Choi always reminds me of Sung Shikyung, who is 34. It’s like they don’t age, what is their secret?!

      • 7.1.1 Cecilia

        Haha, my thoughts exactly. That jaw line and glasses, totally remind me of Sung Shi-kyung. Daniel Choi looks like he doesn’t age, but he does give a somewhat more mature vibe compared with other actors his age.

    • 7.2 mary

      Oh wow, thank you for volunteering this info. 😀

      I was kinda confused about the (apparent) ages too. It doesn’t help that Daniel Choi kept acting as the sunbae to Jang Nara in the first-half of Baby-Faced Beauty. Haha

      • 7.2.1 bjharm

        add to that BoA is Jang Nara’s senoir in the industry as she debuted a year before her but is five years younger..so in the weird and wonderful world of who top dog that is Korea,,who bows to who first?

    • 7.3 bjharm

      yeah BoA debuted a year before even Jang Nara, she was 15/16 I think, so even though she been around over ten years she still only in her twenties. I read she been looking to get into acting, she said something along the lines that because of who she is she found it hard to get roles, though I always though it was because of who she is she can have the clout to go around asking for roles handed out on a plate for her. She can not have it both ways after all. Still at lest unlike a young fresh idol she has a lot of life experience to bring to her acting.

  8. ninsarama

    I don’t expect a Soulmate like drama, but that would be fun! A refreshing look at different approaches to dating? I’m on board!

  9. Noelle

    Daniel Choi!!! Totally watching this.

  10. 10 redfox

    I really like Daniel Choi, he has a very subtle style of acting and this laid back humor, yet he cracks me up. I hope this is both funny and sweet.
    seriously, he could give some other actors lessons that you don´t have to do an awful lot and crawl out of your skin to tickle that nerve in the viewer

    that said, it is kind of a small role for him again.

    cmon, step it up. managers and folks.

    • 10.1 Rachel

      I was thinking that too. He has heaps of potential but he keeps getting these small roles that never propel him into the spotlight. Loved his performance in School 2013.

  11. 11 aly

    Daniel choi!!!! I have missed seeing him. He is So gorgeous . I want to see more of him in different roles. He always seems to have à mature rôle. Lose the glasses!

  12. 12 adette

    Idk why, but I really enjoy that their umbrellas match their outfits :3

    • 12.1 come2noona

      Yes. Me too. I noticed it right away and it is just so pleasing to my eye.

  13. 13 canxi

    Mmmm, Daniel Choi. 🙂

    Lol, I feel like he’s been picking projects rather carefully since The Musical. But, I wanna see him in another rom-com drama soon–a full length one, I mean.

    And aww Im Si Wan, he’s such a cutie. So cute, in fact, that I always forget he is older than me!

  14. 14 Jyyjc

    This looks cute! I can’t wait to see Boa acting.

  15. 15 Becca

    WAIT.. I don’t get it. Are BoA and Daniel Choi having a loveline together? Or is it just like… going their own ways but with the help of each other…?

    • 15.1 Nekoi

      From the vids and ‘reviews’ I’ve read till now, the impression I get is that they are not having an actual loveline with each other. Which kinda saddens me. Rather, they are out to help each other, or in this case, Ki Dae helping Yeon Ae.

  16. 16 John

    Hope it shows up on KBS World on YouTube.

  17. 17 KDrama Fan

    Love DC’s acting. Look forward to this drama.

    Thanks GF for the heads up.

  18. 18 Ennayra

    I love Daniel Choi! He cracked me up in Baby-Faced Beauty, which I was only watching for him by the end, lol. I will definitely check out this drama! I’m kind of excited that it’s short, so at least I don’t have to live in suspense from week to week.

  19. 19 Sana96

    This looks super cute! I’ll be watching for Daniel Choi of course~ 😀

  20. 20 Valleydale

    LOL—That trailer cracked me up. And the crotch at eye-level+bulging eyes reaction to it was soooo funny! I’m definitely on board to see this.

  21. 21 Penny

    Awww, Daniel Choi. I missed you! Can’t wait to see you back on my screen.

  22. 22 eunshil

    lol, I’m pretty sure Daniel Choi is wearing glasses without glasses.

  23. 23 too_late_the_hero

    hahhaa the crotch staring!

  24. 24 pigtookie

    That still of Kim Ji Won and Im Shi Wan looks fun! and I’m looking forward to Daniel Choi and Boa too!

  25. 25 kanz

    The premise looks fun and there’s Daniel Choi!!
    I’ll anticipate this “Anticipated Love”!!

  26. 26 maldita

    Daniel Choi with my eternal Queen BoA?! Plus cutie Siwan? Soooooo watching this.

  27. 27 Lilian

    Sounds fun! Hope someone subs this in English so that I can watch it….. Have never watched BoA act, unless you count the cameo in IRIS? as herself…

  28. 28 damianna

    i have a soft spot on kim ji won… i like her. A LOT. so i kinda hope she’s the lead instead. but i’m sure as i started watching this
    later i’ll ship boa and daniel in no time. now i’m just happy kim jiwon’s gonna be in this and heirs too. and daniel choi is awesome!

  29. 29 Jay W

    Isn’t anyone worried about the height difference between boa and daniel? There isn’t any two-shot in these previews…

  30. 30 eeeeek

    twas cute.

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