Dramabeans Podcast #17, Part 2
by | August 4, 2013 | 60 Comments

More questions! Oh my god, so many questions. We tried our best to get through as many as we could, but I’ll be honest, once liquor was introduced to the game it may have been a futile gesture. So maybe we didn’t try our best, then…

If you missed Part 1 to this question-and-answer podcast, you can catch it here. On to the finale!

Podcast #17, Part 2

Running time: 42:31

The questions we address:

  • Does each main broadcaster have a brand identity?
  • Do you have favorite drama tropes that you never get tired of?
  • Will you ever revisit your Pop Culture post series? (4:53)
  • Is Girlfriday watching the Global We Got Married?
  • Which drama character’s wardrobe would you want to have? (7:27)
  • Are you still watching Dad, Where Are We Going?
  • Who are some fictional heroines you would want to befriend? (12:48)
  • How do you time to find find the time to manage the blog?
  • Do you get a lot of email?
  • Have you given serious thought to interviewing actors directly? (15:40)
  • How do you guys communicate with each other?
  • How did Javabeans and Girlfriday become friends?
  • Do you think there always has to be a love triangle? (19:44)
  • Soju scenes: Are they that common in Korea?
  • What type of entertainment are you interested in outside of Korean dramas?
  • What is your opinion on the new generation of drama viewers?
  • What do you think of the whole Park Shi-hoo thing? (25:23)
  • What would you say to readers who use your recaps in deciding whether or not to watch a drama?
  • I noticed Javabeans and Girlfriday almost have the same sense of humor. Is it a coincidence? (30:02)
  • Are the blind dates really that common in Korea?
  • What is your opinion on the increase of idols being cast in dramas?
  • Do you rewrite (mentally) the endings of dramas you find unsatisfying? (33:19)
  • What are your thoughts on all the ballads that get played in dramas?
  • Are there any memorable moments when you’ve thought, Aha! Just as I expected! or were pleasantly surprised by how much it deviated from what you first predicted? (37:58)

Names mentioned: Han Ga-in, Jung Ryeo-won, Chae Jung-ahn, Gong Hyo-jin, Kim Tae-hee, Lee Min-jung, Lee Yoon-ji, Sung Dong-il, Gong Hyo-jin, Park Shi-hoo, IU, Im Shi-wan, Im Seul-ong, Baek Ji-young

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Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

“Sweet Lover” from the Dal Ja’s Spring OST
“You’ve Fallen For Me” from the You’ve Fallen For Me OST
“Simple Things” from the Mixed-up Investigative Agency OST
“Beautiful Girl” from the Hello Miss OST
“The Start of Love” from the Love & Marriage OST
“I love you today too” by Baek Ji-young from The Princess’s Man OST
“It was you from the start” from The World They Live In OST


60 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mystisith

    Thanks ladies for the fix! Giggles for the end of my WE.

  2. luvhee107

    do you love JOO WON ? if YES, why ? if NO, why ?

    • 2.1 eny

      yes, i love his acting, his drama choice n his role choice, he can act as different person every drama so i’m not get bore to watch him again in the short time

    • 2.2 redfox

      um….I dunno. I would never deny the role of Kang To but I wtached the first episode of Good Doctor and I dont get the feel from it. mostly not because of Joo Won though. because of ….well, something. like it seems….too sweet, cheesy…. somehow pathetic. and I dont think his character is written right to be autistic. I dunno.

  3. Kimmidoll

    Thankyou! I wish i could listen but EXAMS omg. they’ll be the death of me ><

    sigh. have to wait a whole week before i have time to listen ==" gahhhhhh

  4. ricky

    Sweet lover is a really good song.

    • 4.1 OMG

      yes yes it is…!

    • 4.2 snow

      i like it too! glad to see music from Dalja’s Spring and Love & Marriage featured.

      it was a fun podcast, thanks for answering those questions, ladies!

  5. coby

    Podcast part 2 yay! Will to listen while I workout. Anyone tried that before?

    • 5.1 Kimmidoll

      i do!

      hehe i listen while im running on the treadmill and watch x factor at the same time- its great! hehe

  6. pogo

    Thank you! That is a LOT of podcasting we’ve made you do, and I really appreciate that you guys took the time out to answer our questions.

    • 6.1 pogo

      (oh, and I find the guest disruption from your cat hilarious)

  7. ricky

    Sometimes I will hear a song on a drama and think “I’ve heard this before”. There seems to be this cut-and-paste style with drama music. All I know for certain, having jung yeop on an OST will make it a hit (Thorn flower – bad guy OST, There was nothing – 49 days OST, and most recently Why did you come now – I hear your voice OST).

    I really enjoy listening to these podcasts, thanks!

  8. ck1Oz

    Hah! Thank you, wasn’t expecting this. I will wait till I have a quiet moment to listen to this.

    There were so many questions I wondered how you guys even managed to pick the ones you did.

    And I love the OST songs in the podcast because I don’t ever intend to watch some of the dramas. Just not my genre.

  9. Cat

    HAHA yes i would want Han Ga-in’s husband <3
    I just listened to this podcast's first part yesterday and this is such a blessing!! Thank you πŸ˜€ I love your laughter!

  10. 10 Carole McDonnell

    Great podcast as usual. I so love your friendship! It’s such a blessing to have a friend whom you share brains with.
    Loved the whole canon, fan-wanking, and fanfiction

    Off to youtube to listen to Baek Ji-Young


  11. 11 Yuhotarubi

    Thank s a lot JB and GF, you guys are awesome, off to listen πŸ™‚

  12. 12 kDkiddo

    Ive listend to the first podcast and let me tell u ! U r waaaaay over fame and I think if I heard one of u guys ill totally recognize u ! Pls give ur self some credit ! I dont like my idols not knowing how great they are ! Hehehehehim overboard I know ! But ! Pat ur self on the sholder for mw ! U r super guys !

  13. 13 Yearoftherooster

    Hello Javabeans and Girlfriday! I stumbled upon a post from back in the day (2009 lol) and it was a rom com drama recommendations. I would really love if you could updated that post! I ended up watching Goong, which I loved! And I’m currently watching Soulmate. It would be awesome if you could take the time to write an updated version of that, it would mean a lot.
    Thank You for having this amazing website!

  14. 14 soulllittlel

    i always looking for u when i miiss u everyday, ohhh…i have to time here & dramas korean πŸ™‚ so amazing

  15. 15 eternalfive

    “So I forgot the question, but the answer is yes.”


  16. 16 anyhow

    Javabeans sounded really drunk in this with hiccup and all kekekeke….

  17. 17 Squibbles

    Yay part 2 of the awesome podcast!!! πŸ™‚
    i hope you guys will do more of these question & answer type of podcasts pretty please with a cherry on top:)

  18. 18 Saya

    Guuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyssssss please do more of these, I LOVE these.

    Moar moar moar

    • 18.1 Saya

      Oh my GOD, I’m 25 minutes in and:

      1) javabeans is slurring so hard it’s hilarious, and OMO CAT WHAT IS HAPPENING THERE, so funny

      2) jb and gf’s friendship makes me think of this (do I always use Merlin to illustrate life points, yes!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBMO_6g7YrY

      3) Revenge! I was watching the back end of S2 (inc finale) at the same time as I was finishing up City Hunter. What. a. difference. Like the difference between a tailored suit and tattered jeans that just about cover your nethers. Or something. Then I think thoughts like, ‘THIS is why I love kdrama’.

      • 18.1.1 Kiara

        Lol I cant tell when GF is drunk but with JB its so obvious. The CAT part was my favorite haha.

  19. 19 Addylovesbwood

    oh thanks!! right on time!! i just listened to part 1 an hour ago. had no idea 2wud be up today!!

  20. 20 malta

    Wow. Thank you for answering so many of our questions!

  21. 21 Ryan

    Hot pic you’ve got posted. The wine looks darn good, what year was that? =:P

  22. 22 Tushi

    Love,love ur podcasts.

    I wish i didnt get so lost with the name u drop:(

  23. 23 canxi

    Thanks for answering my wardrobe question! πŸ˜€ Haha, I thought Jung Ryeo Won would come up–to me the way she dresses is the most eye-catching. In dramas, too. I agree it is the way she wears them.

    Also agree with the answer to the last question! I like giving things a fair shot, too. For example I know a lot of people will sort of swerve from fashion dramas after Fashion King,lol, but me I’m just like I’ll watch it! If I like the people in it or am somewhat interested, I’m willing to jump in there.

  24. 24 aly

    Little let down that you stayed quiet on park Shi hoo. You girls are always honest so even a little bit would have been nice. I mean the evidence is clear enough . Either way, I enjoyed the podcast.

    • 24.1 Raine

      I never read recaps first! Heheh!

    • 24.2 Ryan

      Why should you be? Why would that matter? I doubt their opinions would change or illuminate anyone’s mind.

      The Asian entertainment industry can be much too seedy and rampant with hidden agendas that “evidence”.

      At best, it’s one guy thinking himself a lucky stud who got free sex in exchange for some alcohol. At worse, it is one one guy who is an arrogant stud who forced himself on a girl who is out of it because of some alcohol

      Either way, he thought he could use ’em and leave ’em.

      He thought wrong.

      Either way, he is neither stupid nor naive to be a victim

      And, he is not.

      • 24.2.1 Ryan

        .. The Asian entertainment industry can be much too seedy and rampant with hidden agendas that β€œevidence”, lest formally documented and filed, has little meaning and no value in the court of public opinion by fans and anti-fans. Meaning, so-called “evidence” can be so incomplete and void, if not misleading, of context that it will easily make a fool out of you

        • aly

          You guys do know that I think he’s completely guilty right. angry because I wanted to watch a drama of his before this and now I can’t even stand to. As I look up to these girls, I would have just appreciated their thoughts on it. They chose not to so fair enough. But I have the right to be disappointed in them for it.

          • Ryan

            The things he is guilty of are: (a) being stupid as a guy with an over-inflated ego, thinking this was going to be an cheap easy lay, (b) screwing up his pristine image, basking it in the light of hypocrisy for all to see, and (c) mishandling the whole thing as to throw his career away

            Unless there are collaborating evidence (the girl being drugged, forced against her own will, etc..), he is NOT criminally liable for anything because there is NO direct evidence supporting it.

            What is clear: He is no devil as anti-fans make him out to be nor is he a victim as insisted by his fans. He let his tail doing the thinking and that tail turned his wholesome image into an image of extreme hypocrisy.

            He is just plain stupid, and, being typical man, more so when he was horny

          • Ryan

            I suspect the reason they don’t care to comment is that without established facts, it’s just idle gossip, “fun” but no use nor relevance, and, as idle gossips go, wholly unfair to the subjects under discussion

            For “fun” there are plenty of other subjects. With this sort of topic, people stake out their position based on their biases and emotion, and thus it is impossible to have an intelligent, rational or meaningful waste of time discussing the subject.

            Quite obvious to me that they wouldn’t comment on these sort of topics (unless used as a commentary to launch a status-quo topic that offends them)

    • 24.3 peeps

      Lol, these girls are more vocally honest about TV dramas (which they expertise in) than shit-stirring real-life dramas which are none of their business whatsoever. They try not to provoke live volcanoes that can blow up in their faces.

      If you were looking for some opinions on real world issues, you’ve come to the wrong place.

      • 24.3.1 Kiara

        No kidding and I respect them for that. You wont get your daily K-ent gossip here.

  25. 25 Ryan

    Three of the questions could have been shortened to: If someone asks you to go on a blind date and offers to take you out for Soju, will you answer the email?

    BTW, if you got drunk twice, then 17 part 2 technically should be 18. The naming and reference for naming should be based on whether it was a continuation of the wine bottle

  26. 26 Noelle

    Yay! Off to listen.

  27. 27 Abbie

    Dear Javabeans and Girlfriday, do you guys have a Youtube channel? If not would you ever consider getting one, and what would you use it for?

  28. 28 Waiting

    Awesome podcast again! Many thanks!

    Is there a list of tropes somewhere?

    Reluctant roommates
    Forced proximity

  29. 29 MeeisLee

    I never read recaps before I watch a show but I will glance at the intro commentary and scan a few lines of the last paragraph of the ending commentary on first episode recaps to get an idea on whether a show will be worth my time. Most times if my drama doesnt have my interest with the promos, premise, actors, etc. then I won’t be watching. I remember seeing the raves over Gaksital (and most recently Monstar) and I decided to check it out and I’m SOOOO glad I did. I also use the year-end reviews and drama ratings as indicators for when I want to marathon. It’s one thing to realize you’ve wasted your time at the end of an on-air show than to try trug through a completed show hoping that it’ll get better.

    When Revenge aired, I was wondering if you guys were watching. I really liked the first season and my interested waned dramatically throughout the second. It shouldn’t be a multi-season show, which is one of the reasons I like the general kdrama format of having one season series.

    I love the honesty and the slurring (and random cat lol). I hope you guys continue to find that you genuinely enjoy what youre doing on DB and that one day youll be duly compensated with generous pay, over-educated and adequately paid sounds nice :).

  30. 30 Barloppie

    As I see dramabeans articles are getting fewer I always check on my kdrama kstar whaever they call it hopefully more not less will come. Iam really dissapointed that there is so little blogs for korean celebrity news I wish theres like 10 allkpop on the web

  31. 31 jubilantia

    First off, thanks for the podcast! I love hearing about your opinions on dramas, as well as on stories and pop culture in general. Plus you guys are hilarious when you’re drunk, and it’s fun because you’re such great friends.

    Second off, I asked the ballad question, and… well. I’m really sorry for sounding judgmental and rude about it. I could have definitely asked it in a more neutral way that you could have talked about more.

    Don’t get me wrong, cheesy ballads will not scare me off of k-dramas, but I do think about them. Here is some background of what I was thinking at the time. It’s not even necessarily just ballads, but music use in general, which I think ties into the director leg of the Drama Gold Trifecta. As an example, at the time, I had Gu Family Book in my head. I liked the drama (except for the last few eps which I haven’t watched yet), but in the first couple of episodes, it seemed like the Grand Love Ballad would cue up to a giant crescendo 3 times in as many minutes. It would pull me out of the emotion of the scene, so I was feeling peeved about it. I’ve realized through this, though, that ballads are fine for me so long as they’re parceled out once or twice an episode.

    To clarify further, I think the first thing that set Japanese and Korean dramas apart in my head was the use of music. To be honest, my first k-drama was Boys Before Flowers because of my Hana Yori Dango gateway, so you can imagine how that first impression might taint future k-drama viewings. (I liked BOF okay, though it wasn’t my favorite, but Almost Paaaaaaradiiiiiiiiise, and the fact it was used so often, nearly broke me).

    Anyway, contrast Almost Paradiiiiiise in BOF with Japanese HYD, which had a title theme and an in-drama theme for each season. The in-drama theme would come in at the climax of the episode, but it seemed to support rather than overshadow the action. In other j-dramas, if there is a cheesy main theme sung by whichever idol, it’s generally over the credits unless it fits in with a crazy crack drama, like with Hana Kimi. Proposal Daisakusen (Japanese Operation Proposal), being somewhat of a time travel drama, had an older punk rock type song that characterized the drama and fit what was happening in the scene. Anyway, I’m probably comparing apples to oranges here, pairing the nostalgic best j-dramas in my head with the weakest-scored k-dramas, and I was definitely unfair in how I asked the question.

    At any rate, these issues probably come back to individual directors rather than country-wide generalizations, since dramas like Sungkyunkwan Scandal and most especially Coffee Prince are much more deft with the use of music. I also remember liking that Arang didn’t have a sweeping love ballad in the first couple of episodes, but I think that changed as, y’know, they fell in love. Still, I think there was a greater variety of music there that was used better than in many other dramas.

    Anyway, thanks for answering the question, loaded as it was. Can’t wait for the next podcast!

  32. 32 nonski

    hi JB and GF! thanks, your podcasts had always proven to be always cracktastic! i have all of them from pod1. i love the Q and A! thanks for answering my question in part 1 re: will you have a met-up outside of the US e.g. the Philippines.

  33. 33 shiku

    Thanks for the podcast,

    Will you do another answer question series? If so I was wondering what were your thoughts on the decrease in the ratings of primetime dramas. Is it because the audience is bored with the shows being produced? Or are people watching other places like online, etc?

    • 33.1 Kiara

      Good question. We ‘ve seen ratings hit 65% in the late 90s early 2000s and now its rare to see a drama with national status. 1997,1998 each had 5 national dramas and we are not talking about barely making it pass 40%. Some were in the 60% and 50% ratings. These days a drama is considered a hit when the rating is around 20%.

  34. 34 Lamphead

    Saying something like “The only reason this site is still alive is because we took it one day at a time” EXACTLY, and in more ways than one..this site benefits from a clean layout and quality writing, but most of all, the raw, unique, witty perspective of over-educated Americans who were raised on not only KDramas but a bunch of other media forms and have something to say about it.

    There is a lack of well organized high level English intellectual discussion for Korean media; Dramabeans is the best on the internet at it..especially when drunk! PLEASE KEEP DOING PODCASTS

  35. 35 jin jin

    finally… just listened to your podcast.. and that hiccups. lol.. this podcast really made my day.

    thank you javabeans and girlfriday… πŸ™‚

  36. 36 petmink

    Thanks for answering my question. I have been going back and listening to your podcasts from the beginnning. You guys make even ridiculous plot points fun.

  37. 37 calgary

    speaking of dream guys and dream girls.

    I would totally want to marry javabeans!
    Her blog got me into Korean dramas, her voice is so awesome and her way of thinking, recapping and analysis is wonderful. I think she is the cerebral/analytical personality trait that breaks everything down (I think that’s “blue”). Could talk to her for hours!

    Guys, are you with me? πŸ™‚

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