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Good Doctor: Episode 2
by | August 12, 2013 | 119 Comments

It’s easy to get caught up in the bustle of a hospital when one decision can mean the difference between saving or losing a life. So it’s a good thing that there’s a team of doctors ready to respond at a moment’s notice and keep the emotional heart beating at a steady rate throughout the episode. But let’s not forget that it’s equally important to take the time to appreciate the simpler things in life, like a butterfly.


Yoon-seo lets out a piercing shriek at the sight of Shi-on in his boxers. She automatically thinks the worst and raises a remote in defense. She presses random buttons in her haste, and the news reports the arrest of a local rapist. Well, that doesn’t make it any better.

Shi-on says that this is his place, but she still thinks that she’s in her own bedroom. She falls off the bed trying to scramble for her things… which is when she finally gets a good look at her surroundings and realizes her mistake.

Embarrassed, she tells him to turn his head so that she can wear her clothes. He literally rolls his head at first (ha), and then turns around, still brushing his teeth.

She catches up with Shi-on on his way to work, and apologizes for her drunken mistake. It turns out she lived in that apartment until just last week and now lives in the place above his. She explains the passcode still worked—surely he could understand how it could happen to anyone. Shi-on: “Nope.”

She asks what department he’s in, and when she hears that Shi-on is the new pediatric resident, she introduces herself in banmal as a second-year pediatric fellow. That makes her the sunbae, so she can speak to him casually, right?

But Shi-on rattles off directions on how to get to work, and she hilariously misinterprets this response as a brush-off. She wonders if he’s stubborn or a wacko.

Once Yoon-seo is filled in at the hospital, Do-han arrives to gather his team for rounds. He sighs at Shi-on, and then tosses Yoon-seo some aftershave, saying she still reeks of alcohol.

When she answers that she can spray on perfume instead, he replies, “You don’t have any.” The residents snigger as she wonders how he knew. Then Shi-on remarks it’s the same one that makes you smell like an old ajusshi. Ha.

Shi-on is introduced to the pediatric nurses when they head out for rounds. He’s told to pipe down when he loudly introduces himself, and the male nurse, Nurse Jo, gives him a warm welcome in an equally loud voice. D’aww.

Do-han orders that they prepare for the little girl’s surgery today, and Head Nurse Nam suggests the psych consult again. That gets easily dismissed, and she shakes her head at Yoon-seo, who sighs in defeat.

During rounds, Jin-wook wonders why Shi-on isn’t taking any notes. Shi-on replies that he is and points to his head. So they test his recall ability, and Shi-on accurately names all the patients they’ve seen today along with their medical conditions and treatment plans.

Yoon-seo starts to scold him, saying that patients aren’t study materials. But Do-han cuts her off, telling her to drop it. He cracks a tiny, impressed smile before he steps out.

The residents leave, but Shi-on stops to look at the butterfly drawings hanging above another patient’s bed. He smiles, saying he likes butterflies too, and then the boy suddenly vomits up bile.

Shi-on asks for the boy’s chart, and then rushes back in to assess his symptoms which include abdominal pain and vomiting. The boy’s mother grows more frantic by the second as Shi-on presses on the boy’s stomach and envisions the source of the problem in his head.

Her shrill cry calls the team back inside, and Shi-on says the patient needs surgery as soon as possible. When Do-han learns this is the same patient under Doctor Pomade’s care, he instructs Shi-on and his team to follow him, leaving the mother hysterically crying in their wake.

Once they’re outside, Shi-on says that the patient is in danger over and over again. Do-han tells him that it could just be an intestinal obstruction, but Shi-on thinks there’s more than that—these symptoms aren’t normal in post-surgery.

In fact, the boy would have more energy if the surgery went well. “Children are strong. If the doctor does a good job, then they get up right away.”

That silences everyone for a moment, and then Do-han instructs the nurse to get ahold of Doctor Pomade. As for Shi-on, he tells him to keep quiet and do nothing.

Do-han has to remind his residents to focus as they scrub in for the little girl’s surgery. He then points out on a CT scan to prove his point that delaying the procedure could have proven disastrous for the patient.

It’s at that moment they realize that Shi-on is missing. The residents start to fret, wondering if Shi-on has gone back to the bile patient. Sure enough, we see Shi-on march out of the surgical ward.

Elsewhere, the board president confides in our chief of staff Doctor Choi about not getting along with her stepdaughter Chae-kyung. He assures her that Chae-kyung will come around, and suggests that she give her daughter some time. Then he takes a call from a frantic Shi-on.

Nurse Jo finally gets through to Doctor Pomade, whose “seminar” takes place on a golf course. In an annoyed voice, he says that he’ll be at the hospital in two hours, and orders that no one else operates on his patient.

At the same time, Shi-on paces with worry in the bile patient’s room. He knows it’ll be too late by the time Doctor Pomade returns, and the boy’s mother urges them to do something.

So Shi-on thinks and then grabs the patient’s bed in order to wheel him into surgery. Nurse Nam protests and orders the male nurse to stop him, but he helps Shi-on move the patient instead. The hospital assistant chief catches the tail-end of this at the elevator, and asks what’s going on.

Do-han is informed that the bile patient has been transferred without permission to the adjacent operating room. He furrows his eyebrows, and then proceeds with the surgery.

Things aren’t looking good for the little boy in the other room. Shi-on says they have to hurry and then declares that he’ll operate on the boy instead. He scrambles around the operating room in his haste, causing the surgical supplies to clatter to the floor.

Then the door slides open to reveal Do-han, who asks, “Do you know what you just did?” He announces that he’ll perform both surgeries, and assigns his team to various tasks. Shi-on says that he’ll participate too, but Do-han barks at him to get out.

So Shi-on watches from above at the observation deck. Along with the assistant chief and Doctor Choi, they keep a close eye on both surgeries. Do-han switches over to the bile patient, and when Shi-on tries to give his input, Do-han yells at him to keep quiet.

They get to work to recover the constricted intestines, which soon return to a healthier color. Jin-wook breathes a sigh of relief that they performed the surgery sooner than later. Do-han doesn’t answer, but it makes me wonder if it bothers him that Shi-on was right about this patient too.

Just when Do-han steps away to switch over, Shi-on looks up at the monitor and cries, “Blood! Blood!” Do-han turns back to respond to the bleeding, but can’t seem to identify the cause. Then Shi-on yells, “Order! Order!”

Do-han realizes that he means the medication order, and his eyes grow wide in shock when he hears what it is. Shi-on explains the medicine in question has shown to exhibit negative side effects in children, including severe hemorrhaging. Though it’s been banned in the United States, it’s still been issued in Korea.

Thankfully the bleeding isn’t that severe and both surgeries are successful. Doctor Pomade arrives just as the higher-ups are leaving, and Doctor Choi shoots him an angry look.

Now Do-han finally takes his anger out on Shi-on and punches him in the face, giving him a nosebleed. Shi-on smiles in return, which irritates Do-han even further, and Yoon-seo sits beside Shi-on to protect him. She tells Shi-on to apologize, but Do-han doesn’t see the point when Shi-on doesn’t even comprehend what he did wrong.

They were lucky to save both children today, but they also could have easily lost them both, all thanks to Shi-on’s rash behavior. An incompetent doctor is worse than an indifferent one, and such recklessness can lead to a patient or a doctor’s end.

Doctor Pomade starts on his tirade after Shi-on is led away, but then a golf ball falls out of his pocket. I love that Nurse Jo gets the last say and wonders if it was a golf seminar. Hee.

After Shi-on is cleaned up, Yoon-seo asks if he understands what he did wrong yet. Shi-on answers, “Butterflies.” She explains plainly how dangerous it is when another surgeon operates on someone else’s patient and that his actions today threw off the team’s focus.

She sighs when Shi-on doesn’t readily give her a verbal response. Then she gets called away, and instructs him to wait for her here.

A moment later, Nurse Jo appears by the doorway. He puts out a fist and in turn, Shi-on puts out his hand because he thinks they’re playing rock-paper-scissors. Nurse Jo corrects him, and they share a fist-bump to celebrate today’s success. A-dorable.

Do-han apologizes for his angry outburst against Shi-on when he meets with Doctor Choi. The chief of staff understands Do-han’s frustration, and tells him that there’s something he should know about his new resident…

As Do-han reflects on his teacher’s words, we learn that Shi-on still has some autistic tendencies where his internal fears are outwardly expressed in the opposite way. Shi-on would suffer through more beatings from the other kids because he’d smile in the same way he did today.

Meanwhile, Shi-on sits by the little boy’s bedside and thanks him. Then Shi-on sits outside on a bench and watches a butterfly float in the air, his jaw agape.

This is where Yoon-seo finds him. She comes bearing snacks and hands him one, guessing that he hasn’t had lunch yet. She urges him to eat, but Shi-on answers that he doesn’t want to.

She won’t take no for an answer, so she unwraps one for him and tells him to open his mouth. But he purses his lips, refusing to eat.

Do-han spots the two at a distance when he’s approached by a senior doctor who also happens to be his old boss. The man clucks over how difficult it must be for Do-han in pediatrics with their newest addition. He hints there are a lot of troublemakers on Do-han’s team, especially Yoon-seo.

Elsewhere, Nurse Nam rips a new one into Nurse Jo for abandoning his nursing duties to be in the operating room today. She issues a paycut as part of his punishment. Nurse Jo protests, and asks her to consider the high rent prices and his food expense. Ha.

The assistant chief sits with Chae-kyung, who wonders why a prestigious man such as himself would take the job to save a hospital. He considers this work more noble than the large corporations he used to work with.

He calls himself a humble observer whereas the future of the hospital rests in Chae-kyung’s hands.

Yoon-seo returns to the staff room with a hesitant Shi-on trailing behind her. At the reminder that Do-han said he never wanted to see Shi-on again, she snaps back that she’ll take responsibility for it.

Do-han isn’t happy when he returns, but he calls Yoon-seo to his office to scold her for picking a fight with his old boss. She can barely explain herself before he shouts that he doesn’t want to hear it and that she better not mess with the senior doctor again. Jeez.

The pediatric nurses sigh when they greet a cheery patient whom they previously thought was doing well. The girl is remarkably resilient as she laments on how it’s such a pain to be back in the hospital again. She goes moony-eyed when she sees Shi-on.

Do-han returns to inform Shi-on that he can leave work at a designated time. The other residents are taken aback by this since there’s no such thing as quittin’ time in a doctor’s work schedule. Shi-on says he wants to stay and work, only to be told to do as he’s told. He pouts.

Yoon-seo takes note of Shi-on’s reaction and immediately confronts Do-han about it outside. She understands why Do-han lectured him this morning, but Shi-on is capable of handling the work.

That’s the very problem, Do-han answers. Although Shi-on has vast medical knowledge that far exceeds his teammates, he’s only focused on healing the patient.

She argues that the idea isn’t inherently wrong, but Do-han disagrees. From what he’s observed from the past few days, Shi-on works like a robot whose mechanical judgment works only within the confines of simply fixing the patient.

Yoon-seo says that Shi-on could find it difficult to express his feelings, but Do-han retorts that Shi-on doesn’t have the mindset to be a doctor. He points out that Shi-on exhibited signs of autism under pressure; should that continue, it’s only a matter of time before there’s an accident.

She tries to argue to wait until he gets better, but he snaps back at her to focus on her patients rather than Shi-on, or she’s out too.

Later that night, Yoon-seo flags the bus down in order to ride back with Shi-on. She jokes that she’s out of breath (the idiom is “to throw up blood”) trying to catch up to him. Shi-on answers: “I suspect damage to the esophagus or the gastric barrier.” Lol.

She suggests that he keep to the schedule for a few days, and asks if he’s upset about it. He shakes his head and says he isn’t… and then his stomach growls loudly. Ha.

Yoon-seo asks if he eats, and Shi-on rattles off the convenience store food he has for dinner every night. He says he never tires of it, and Yoon-seo instructs him to get off the bus. Aw, are you going to cook for him?

They head to the market to shop for groceries, and she invites him to name what he wants to eat. It cracks me up that she shoots down all of his ideas because they’re either too hard, too sweet, or too much work.

He finally says that he’ll eat his kimbap instead, and she teases that he’s ignoring her kindness. She decides on a simple meal with egg banchan and kimchi instead, and Shi-on complies. Ha, you’re a terrible cook, aren’t you?

The evil board members convene to talk about how they lost a prime opportunity to oust Doctor Choi on account of the patient’s medication order (which was Doctor Pomade’s fault). The assistant chief says that he’ll find another way.

Yoon-seo teases Shi-on as they walk up the hill. She points out that a person would normally kick a strange person out of their bed, and notes that Shi-on didn’t. He says it’s because she was sleeping so soundly, but she uses that to tease that he just wanted to see her half-naked.

She points a finger at him when he doesn’t answer right away as if it proves her point. But she acknowledges that he at least has good taste because her nickname in med school was “God-given body.”

Shi-on gives her a once-over and wonders aloud: “What kind of god…” Hahaha. She snaps at him in response, calling him a pervert.

Shi-on admits that he wasn’t looking at her body, but her face last night. That answer surprises her, and she asks why. Shi-on answers honestly: “Because it’s pretty. Your moonlit face was so pretty.” Aww.

That catches her off-guard, but she collects herself a moment later and tells him that his social skills are just fine. She walks ahead of him, beaming.

Yoon-seo realizes that they’re missing something when they return to Shi-on’s place, so she sends Shi-on out on an errand. She starts to clean up after he leaves, and mistakenly scoops the green scalpel with the trash. Oh no, not the scalpel!

Do-han and Chae-kyung head out to the hospital-themed bar, which turns out to be called Library. She remarks that it’s still the same, and wonders if this is the table where she asked him out when she was drunk.

She notices that Do-han is preoccupied in his own thoughts and isn’t surprised to hear that it’s about work. So she half-jokes that Do-han should get some fresh air and have an affair because it looks like he’s in an emotional coma. Oh honey, I hope you don’t end up eating your words later.

He calls it nonsense, and tells her that every doctor goes through a burnout phase. He’s certain there will come a time when he enjoys his line of work again.

Back at the apartment, Yoon-seo actually is a terrible cook, and she asks why Shi-on isn’t setting the table. But something else is weighing on his mind, and he asks if she came across a green scalpel. She answers that she isn’t sure because she threw everything out.

Shi-on frantically runs out and tears through the trash until he finds it, and then sits on the ground. Yoon-seo asks if it’s something important, and he glares at her.

She immediately apologizes for throwing it out without a thought, but Shi-on tells her not to come over anymore and cook for him because he’ll eat kimbap from the convenience store from now on. Aww.

As Do-han walks alone, he thinks back to his harsh words to Yoon-seo and sighs.

He calls Yoon-seo, and he’s initially surprised when Shi-on picks up instead. That’s because Yoon-seo’s things are still at his place, and Shi-on runs out to return them to her just as she comes downstairs.

She takes the call, and Do-han asks if she’s still acting like Shi-on’s guardian at this hour. She asks why he’s calling and frowns when it’s a reminder to check on a patient tomorrow. He hangs up and smiles.

Shi-on sleeps next to the recovered green scalpel that night. It sends us into a flashback when little Shi-on played doctor with Hyung, which ended up in a tickle war. Cute.

An imaginary hand appears to gently stroke Shi-on’s head in the present. The camera pans to reveal that it’s Hyung, and Shi-on recounts his day to him in a murmured voice before he falls asleep.

At the hospital the next day, Yoon-seo asks if Shi-on is still mad at her. He buries his head closer to his desk. She asks if the toy scalpel was a gift from his first love. His nose touches his desk. Ha.

She guesses that must be what it is, and then Shi-on is called away.

The assistant chief meets with Doctor Choi about the ethics committee in regards to Doctor Pomade’s case. To Doctor Choi’s surprise, the assistant chief suggests that they brush the matter under the rug since it would taint the image of the pediatrics department.

Furthermore, the board may think the action is in retaliation to their opposition to Shi-on’s appointment on staff. He advises the chief to think of Shi-on and the pediatrics department and reconsider.

While Shi-on accompanies Jin-wook at the neonatal intensive care unit, he overhears Doctor Kim, aka Do-han’s former boss, deliver grave news to the parents of a preemie that surgery isn’t a viable option.

The mother tears up at the thought of losing her unnamed child, and Doctor Kim tells them to prepare themselves for the inevitable.

Do-han heads straight for Doctor Choi after he learns the ethics committee meeting is cancelled. Doctor Choi lies that taking action against their own may negatively affect them, which is why the physician has been given a warning instead.

Do-han contends that it isn’t enough since a patient’s life was on the line. He all but rolls his eyes at the reference that they’re one big, happy family and asks, “Is it because of Shi-on?”

Do-han correctly deduces the conditions to the blackmail that put Doctor Choi in a tight spot. He won’t stand to see his teacher be ruined for Shi-on’s sake, and says that he’ll handle it.

Thus Do-han marches back to the staff room where Shi-on is. But then he recalls Doctor Choi’s request for him help Shi-on, and he turns away in silence.

At that moment, Doctor Kim charges into the staff room. He angrily grabs Do-han by the coat, and accuses him of transferring his patient without his permission.

Yoon-seo pipes up to say that she’s kept her word, and Doctor Kim growls at her to keep quiet. Do-han hasn’t the faintest idea of what’s going on as they stand there in the staff room.


It’s not the most exciting of cliffhangers, but I’ll take what I can get from what could have been your standard medical drama. You still have a team of doctors tackling the case-of-the-week, but where this show shines is in the way that the characters tug at the heartstrings that makes you care about the physicians who face life and death matters every day.

There’s something great about a hero you can root for, and Shi-on is no different. I found that I didn’t need the extensive childhood trauma in order to sympathize with his character since a hero who saves kids’ lives triggers that automatic sympathy response in me. In that vein, I do like how the show has handled Shi-on’s character thus far to portray a man with a childlike, honest personality that brings in a different perspective than his colleagues. I appreciate that we can see that he possesses the brains and the heart of a fully capable doctor despite those who perceive that his autistic tendencies inhibit him.

Although my knowledge on the autism spectrum is limited, I find it intriguing on a character level that the show seeks to explore how the signs of the condition serve as both a strength and weakness when it comes to Shi-on. We’ve seen his outstanding recall ability on a number of occasions, but now we’ve seen how there can be times when it could be dangerous in the workplace. It was particularly striking to see Shi-on’s autistic tendencies surface in the operating room; thus I understand Do-han’s concerns about the high-pressure environment. However, I do disagree with his notion that he’s working with a Shi-on robot. If anything, Shi-on’s character points towards the idea that he feels the full range of emotions but is limited in terms of his expression.

This is the reason why I enjoy Shi-on’s interactions with Yoon-seo so much. I love that his behavior doesn’t strike at all odd to her when they first meet, and then she doesn’t treat him any differently after she learns. She still holds him to the same professional standard as everyone else (and so does the rest of the hospital, come to think of it), but I like that she already acts as semi-guardian towards him. It’s sweet and endearing rather than patronizing, and I mostly enjoy watching how Shi-on reacts to the nice sunbae who’s telling him what to do. So he may not need to be protected, but when the rest of the hospital seems to be against you, it’s nice to know that someone is on your side.


119 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Quiet Thought

    Okay, Kdramas continue make me terrified of ever being in a Seoul hospital, because nine in ten established doctors are egotistical idiots who would sooner let a patient die than act on advice or observation from anyone less senior.

    • 1.1 Kimmidoll

      LOL same here xD

      but still, i wouldnt mind if joowonnie was my doctor ^^

      • 1.1.1 lovsaer

        Couldn’t agree more. Most K-dramas depict the hospital in such a negative manner. It’s always about the senior’s ego or quest for career advancement.

        The thing is, “the Sunbae Culture” is a huge problem in SK and not just in the medical field. I was reading some reports about the San Francisco plane crash, and they were talking about the Sunbae/Seniority culture and how it is a problem in Korean Aviation as well.

        The last Korean plane crash, before the one in SF was in 1997 in Guam, where all on board perished. Supposedly, the recorders show the 2nd and 3rd in command knew the plane was flying to low, but did not want to correct the guy in command.

        Seniority and respect is good, but the idea that seniority trumps all, even when lives are on the line is absurd and really scary.

        Sorry, for the long post. But, this is an issue that comes up in many medical K-dramas and never seems to be brought up or seen as bizarre, either in the context of the show or in the outside commentary and it has been bugging me for a while.

    • 1.2 Ann

      American doctor shows leaving me feeling the same way. Dr. House’s patients all have to almost die at least twice before he figures out what’s wrong with them.

      • 1.2.1 True2U

        At least House & his crew try to figure it out together. I’ve seen many medical K-Drama and honestly, the Doctors egos comes before saving a patient life, as can clearly be seen in this drama. I’ve been watching House for years, and can honestly say his crew try their darn hardest to figure out what is wrong with their patients.

      • 1.2.2 Deb

        House is one of the most medically inaccurate shows ever. Want to know what a real american hospital is probably like? Watch Scrubs. I’ve read over and over from people in the medical sector (hospitals of course) that it’s the most medically accurate and also the most accurate about hospital work dynamics.

      • 1.2.3 lovsaer

        House is far from being the norm and was very, very unrealistic.

    • 1.3 far

      arent all doctors the same? i went to a clinic once to get meds for my flu, and the doc asked me how long have i got it. i said (with a very heavily blocked voice) for about two weeks already. and then she said “no, you dont need antibiotics”. lucky i didnt get infection.

      one of the things i like about this drama is that they show these characteristics of egotistical doctors quite well. Dr.Pomade and Dr.Kim are good examples of doctors who does not try hard to save patients.

      i quite like the drama. someone posted that there is an autistic doctor somewhere, and he/she provides their view from an autistic person point of view. quite interesting insight. i’m looking forward to the extent of how good the drama would be. hopefully it wont be disastrous. *fingers crossed*

      • 1.3.1 windsun33

        Flu is caused by a virus, and there are no antibiotics for any viruses. The only time one would be prescribed is for a secondary infection by bacteria. Doctors have been criticized in the past for over-prescribing antibiotics, as that has led to super-strains of some bacteria.

        • Butterflywander

          agreed. i just saw a newspaper article about super resistant bacteria strains. a viral infection does take about 2-3 weeks to heal anyway. I don’t think she did anything wrong :p she’s probably like a shion, doing the right thing although it’s unpopular public opinion. kudos to the doc~

        • ilikemangos

          This. We’ve gone over this topic in bio.
          What happened to the good ol’ days of chicken noodle soup and a warm blanket?
          Let your immune system fight those off. Antibiotics are not needed for stuff like a simple flu.

          • Sasare786

            Sometimes you do need antibiotics! If you have a strep infection and dont treat you have risk of getting rheumatic fever, and then heart valve disease.

            You are right, sometimes is the best to let your on body recover, but you have to know the signs and symptoms to make a diagnostic, thats why we go to the doctor!

    • 1.4 windsun33

      You should all know by now that Korean hospitals are nothing more than a place to house tons of incompetent, servile, indecisive, kiss-ass doctors all hell bent on a power struggle.

      Patients and stuff like that are just a minor inconvenience to generate paperwork for the nurses.

    • 1.5 Jo

      But they explained WHY the doctors did not want to touch that patient. It is protocol in all hospitals everywhere that the assigned doctor takes care of the patient they are assigned to. Only they should be allowed to take care of the patients because these doctors should know everything and more about their patients than other doctors. Also, it’s unfair to judge Korean doctors based on a t.v. show.

      • 1.5.1 ilikemangos


      • 1.5.2 SP

        Glad to see there’re someone who really read the sub clearly.

        Dr.Kim has his reason like Jo said and he also has another patient to take care of so if anything go wrong they could lost both child. Shi On is right too but he still can’t treat patients well in that pressure situation and that’s what he has to overcome to be a doctor. The most to blame is Dr. Pomade.

        • Dramafed1782

          Agree on that. That is why most doctors working in the same specialty tend to have difference in opinions. The goal stays the same but the path to achieve it is different, since they both want the patient to be alive after that.

      • 1.5.3 adette

        yeah, people really shouldn’t make their mind up about koreans based on dramas (or any profession. american/british/korean/insert nationality here tv shows don’t portray them perfectly accurately. comedy shows, for example, tend to make everyone in a given field look like an idiot. i actually have a friend who is a physics grad student and she refuses to watch the big bang theory because it disgusts her how they “cheapen the field” lol.)

        PSA: not all Korean doctors are this asshole-ish and more about their egos than their patients. Some are, but honestly? There are asshole doctors in every country.

      • 1.5.4 meahri

        That’s all fine and dandy, but the patient was about to die. This was an emergency situation and trumping protocol, over saving the patient was wrong.

        The other patient in the OR, had not been opened yet (that I can remember), her case was also not as emergent as the other case, so he should have triaged the situation better.

        Also, Do-han is an attending/professor, aren’t there other attendings, or fellows, heck where are the senior residents?

  2. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap!

  3. Quiet Thought

    . . . Also, while I do consider Moon Chae Won is not a vision of loveliness, but it seems a stretch for her to have a nickname like “god-given body” in highschool. She always struck me as fashionable skinny. Just sayin’ . . .

    • 3.1 jmjm

      She was joking

  4. wonnie

    Thank you, glad that you recap this drama !
    I really like the show so far and hope it will continue to be good 🙂 Shi-on’s character is so lovely as well as his interactions with Yoon-seo and Nurse Jo !

    • 4.1 kumi

      I totally second your opinion!

    • 4.2 NewFan

      I third it!

  5. KDaddict

    I really love that he has (already) won over the male nurse (or is he an orderly?).
    This reminds me that Ep 3 is in another hour or so! Yay.

    • 5.1 wonnie

      yeah ! Can’t wait ! T-1h30 !

    • 5.2 ilikemangos

      Nurse Jo is quickly becoming one of my favorites! He’s absolutely adorable and his interactions with the kids/ shi-on is so sweet.

    • 5.3 Deb

      He’s so cute! I loved him in Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek also. Miss the crazy hair and caps LOL…

  6. the50-person

    Oh my thanks for recapping this drama! 😊
    yes the ‘ cliffhanger’ wasnt that great, but I’m glad to see that the drama’s focus is also on shi on and his autism.

    but I really think that doctors ought to know about autism right? Why do they even act as if they don’t know? 😲

    • 6.1 july

      Yes,at least a doctor have learn autism in medical school. I can totally understand why they didn’t know at first because autism is very difficult to diagnosed especially savant which is very rare disease, try read http://autisticdoctor.wordpress.com/ he just knew he has savant syndrom when he’s adult,although he has been consult with pshychiatris for 12 years and never been diagnosed autism

      • 6.1.1 Chloe

        I was thinking about the surprise that blogger would get when he looks at his recent rise in blog stats with everyone being referred from dramabeans 😀 BUT…he hasn’t updated since 2011.

        Thanks for sharing…This blogger has Asperger’s though, and wouldn’t be acting in any way like how our dear Shi-on has been in this drama. Yup I did learn abt autism in med school and everyone (I would say in all countries) would have gone through a psychiatry rotation. Besides, almost everyone in the general public knows about autism…so I don’t buy it at all. Looking at how dramatic/exaggerated he’s acting, it’s just silly that no one picked it up at the hosp, or in the ambulance. And how could Yoon Seo not even notice when she was with him in the morning? 😀

        That being said, this is just a drama. Just like how House, ER or Grey’s Anatomy are so unrealistic, this will not be any better. SO…let’s just appreciate it as a drama. Many things are better left overlooked. (Like how it’s even possible to declare a person dead by discovering only one hand.) I love that there are medical dramas to help spice up my imagination of how exciting everyday life at the hospital can be. Let’s take it for what it’s worth!

        • july

          I think the message of this drama is people being aware about autism,and I read somewhere that this drama is first in south korea with topic savant syndrom.at first i didn’t know about autism until this drama aired (most of people in good doctor soompi thread too),so that’s why this drama being popular especially in korea which I know from softy blog (she said about her friends with usually don’t watch TV tuning in this show)

        • Raine

          It is just a drama, but as a person who works in the field, I take issue with misrepresentation. If there was blatant sexism or racism, people call it out. It’s the same thing.

    • 6.2 Raine

      That is one of my biggest qualms with this show. On my blog I totally delved into this, but for now I’ll just say, a doctor would know. It’s one of THE biggest social disabilities in the books. They KNOW the basic diagnosis and how it manifests. Any doctor would’ve noticed Shi-on’s shuffling, and speech mannerisms and immediately clocked him on their radar.

      • 6.2.1 Mollee

        I second this. Source: my dad’s a doctor.

    • 6.3 Jo

      The doctors DO know. But they don’t understand how to ethically, socially engage with an autistic person. They are used to seeing people with autism as austic people (see the difference?), as patients, as disabled people, not people with disabilities. You can be a doctor but not know socially acceptable ways of thought in engaging with a person with autism. These are things that are not taught in text books.

      • 6.3.1 ilikemangos

        Once again Jo, +1

        I’m sure these doctors know what autism is, but find it hard to engage with them as their colleagues. It’s a different story all together when you’re working with someone who’s autistic.
        Most of the time you’re diagnosing or observing.

      • 6.3.2 Raine

        Which is why, in general, their reactions are realistic. But if someone with knowledge of a disability acts as irrationally and badly as these people do, they’re not really fit to be doctors at all. Stress exacerbates any tendency in any disability and disease. So why would a medical professional yell and punch? Oh, I know! It’s tv….

  7. Newbie

    This show has the potential to go wrong on so many levels. It is a thin line, but till now I mostly like what I see (left my brain at the door of course).

    • 7.1 oneclearnight

      lol, I totally agree.

    • 7.2 windsun33

      That is my feelings also. Right now I am about 70/30 for keeping up with it, but I fear that soon the makjang and clichés will start creeping in. Giving it a chance for now. but unlike QoC or IHYV, it s not on my Would Die Without It list.

  8. Frances

    Aiiee I’m so happy that you’ve decided to continue recapping this! Kamsahamnida!
    out of the new dramas this and Two Weeks are my favorites so thanks for the work!
    I love Joo Sang Wook’s character, so loveable <3

    • 8.1 Frances

      Ack! Not Joo Sang! No no no!
      Haha I meant Joo Wonnie xD

    • 8.2 ilikemangos

      Seriously. I could kiss you a thousand times, gummi. 🙂

  9. Wens

    Thanks for the recaps, I really enjoyed this episode. The interaction between Shi On and Yoo-Seo, he’s a little timid around her (and with everyone else), I wonder how the romantic aspect will pan out. Does she have to make all the moves, or does he feel love yet struggles to express them.

    Also, the Do Han engagement seems odd to me, he does not seem interested in his fiancé one bit. There must be some backstory between Do Han and Yoo-Seo, how he knows she doesn’t have perfume, he would call her at night just to have a chat because he felt bad the way he spoke to her earlier (though masked by giving her instructions on treating patients).

    • 9.1 ilikemangos

      They definitely have history. Since SPOILERISH in some teasers/stills released before airing, there were pics of a piggyback ride of do ha and yoo seo in the earlier days.

  10. 10 Ann

    Even though the portrayal of autism is pretty unrealistic, I really am enjoying this show. So I just block out the word and everything’s ok.

    • 10.1 july

      Wow, I only heard this comment just now “the portrayal of autism is pretty unrealistic”. Meanwhile a lot of comment praises joowon portayal of autism is very realistic,even specialist (head of autism center where joowon learn about) praises him. Autism is very wide range

      • 10.1.1 alua

        She might not be referring to Joo Won… but everything around it. The way the other doctors talk about autism and deal with Joo Won is certainly not realistic – as if they had never heard of it or come across an autistic person before. Dohan’s reaction to Shi on is good example (getting upset about Shi on smiling – he should know better that that is obviously some sort of self-protective, habitual measure).

        In some subs there was the word “cure” (which may have been a mistranslation), even here gummimochi talks about Shi on “still having autistic tendencies”, as if they would ever go away (not blaming gummimochi here, she’s just relaying what’s being said).

        • NewFan

          “In some subs there was the word “cure” (which may have been a mistranslation), even here gummimochi talks about Shi on “still having autistic tendencies”, as if they would ever go away (not blaming gummimochi here, she’s just relaying what’s being said).”

          This part still bothers me, but we’ll just have to see how it ends up.

          You might be surprised at how little doctors know about certain diseases/conditions. I shouldn’t have to tell my daughter’s pediatrician that her type 1 diabetes has nothing to do with weight or diet.

          • Raine

            It’s really sad…but yeah, this show in terms of autism has a lot of things right and even more wrong.

            Joo Won’s portrayal is the most EXACT thing here. He is pretty dead on, in fact.

            It’s everythign else, the explanations of his condition and a few of his basic traits (telling time? really? what person with autism has a sense of time?)

            The way people react is pretty realistic, but I’m still surprised that people in a pediatrics ward are unfamiliar with the disability and the only one who seems to get it is Nurse Jo. He’s definitely worked with someone with autism before.

          • Raine

            Thanks for the recap!

            Just for you gummimochi: some big autism traits include lack of emotional affect, high speaking voice, echolalic behavior (repeating the last thing someone said), no sense of time, lack of spatial awareness, OCD, stimming (lots of fidgeting basically), rocking, situationally inappropriate reactions. They have difficulty making eye contact but they DO make it. They have difficult reading social situations. They need clear cut explanations. Sarcasm does NOT work on them. Or even ‘turn your head’. I totally expected him to roll his head. Haha, it’s a very autistic thing to do.

            Si-on feels everything typical people do. He just doesn’t express it well. You got that spot on. The “cure” versus “treatment” is a huge issue for me, but in this show, the bigger issue is the general lack of understanding of his autism (and my therapist mom pointed out that he may not even understand it all that much despite his readings). Si-on needs an aide at this point. Think of Monk with his ridiculous OCD. Same thing with Si-on. He needs someone who gets him and can communicate with him. Yoon-seo still doesn’t haven’t it down. She’s nice, but she’s not effective. Like with the food. That’s not how you get someone with autism to eat. (TRust me, it took me a year to get one boy to bite into lunch meat with the help of several therapists.)

          • Raine

            Er…that was meant as a stand alone post! Sorry!

          • Sasare786

            He doesnt know that is an autoimmune disease? He thinks the cause is insulin resistance?

        • selina

          The “cure” part bothers me so much, the way the characters behave and their conversations about Shi (especially Dr. Choi) I am not sure if it is a mistranslation. Every time I see it or a character alludes to it, I want to yell THERE IS NO CURE FOR AUTISM. One can be medicated, seek therapy, counseling, and psychology which can teach you behaviors, life skills, daily living skills, emotional reading and expressing, etc to allow the person to live a more fully realized, independent, and life of personal “normality” and happiness but like all mental/psychological disorders (depression, ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar, etc) there is no cure.

          I am in my 2nd year of grad school to be a clinical psychologist and the portrayal of autism and savant syndrome is well…is somewhat accurate but also exaggerated for dramatic purposes. His stress and breakdown in the OR was very realistic but with experience in the OR and developing OR coping mechanisms, a break down of that magnitude shouldn’t happen again unless forced.
          Which is why it frustrates me that he was kicked out of the OR and is not being allowed to experience and learn. Autism or not; the way doctors become good doctors who are efficient in the in OR, have bedside manner, etc, is through experience. Their discrimination and prejudice is blocking the path of a potentially great med student. Also, prodigious savants (which is the type of savant they seem to be going for) are very rare and usually work in fields related to the arts (musicians, painters, sculptures. etc). So like all dramas, I watch knowing it is a drama, which means throwing half of reality/realistic reactions/emotions out the window.

          • Raine

            He needs a guide through all of this. My big complaint was that he was left alone to deal with all the murky politics and social issues of being a doctor by his guardian. If they properly dealt with his needs, then that would allow his gifts to flourish.

            However, I would have removed him from the OR to regain composure. There was too much stress and too many people. But I would tell him what the plan of attack would be.

          • Hui3r

            I agree. I think generally, autistic persons tend to develop coping mechanisms but there’s really no cure. The reference to “cure” annoyed too.

      • 10.1.2 eny

        me too, this is the first time i heard joo won portray autism pretty unrealistic, i only heard praise about him even from somebody that say joo won is usually overacting, say he’s good in this role

        • Raine

          In terms of Joo Won’s acting, I would suggest people watch videos of real people with autism. It’s a very unusual disability because it affects expression SO MUCH.

          Mystisith shared this TED talk with me. This man is basically the aural savant to Si-on’s visual savant. Although he is blind and more severe than Si-on, the way he talks, and fidgets and his uncomfortable looking postures are pretty typical. Notice facial contortions and stimming in the hands (the rubbing), clapping with people. Repeating his teacher’s words. Plus, y’know, the awesome genius! It’s a bit long, but worth the watch. This kind of savantism, like Si-on’s, is rare, but when it appears, hot DAMN is it amazing


          • alua

            Thanks for sharing Raine!

          • yeojacheol

            so glad i took the time to click on that link. truly amazing (: thanks for sharing!

          • ilikemangos

            Raine, thanks so much for your knowledge with autism which makes this watching experience that much more interesting!
            I’m with the majority here that joo-won is doing a pretty stellar job — I’m not left cringing or with distaste.
            I think that’s one of the main qualms people had before this show aired. I think the main issue now is the circumstances surrounding autism and how show is going to have these characters interact with shi-on.
            So far i’m left smh at some of these doctors and their way of speaking about shi-on’s autism but i’ll chalk it up to inaccurate sub translation. Sometimes it’s hard to exactly translate one language and have it mean exactly as intended.

      • 10.1.3 Ann

        I have worked with people with autism for 10 years, and I have had a few continuing ed classes on the subject. I have also met one of the most famous autistic people in the US, Temple Grandin, when she spoke at a conference. She is quite smart, has a PhD, and is an expert in animal behavior. She can give an excellent presentation. However, when she has to meet people without a script, she has a very difficult time. She also has someone who helps take care of her everyday details.

        It’s certainly not the worst portrayal of autism I have ever seen. However, the savant syndrome is very, very rare and works much more like Rainman than this drama.

        • Ann

          BTW, I thing Joo Won is doing a good job considering he is simply acting out the script.

  11. 11 far

    a very promising drama with so many conflicts, internally and externally. awesome storyline and cases, and great relationship between the casts, and strong chemistry despite shooting for only 2 episodes. looking forward to more episodes to come~

    come on, ratings! go up to 20% and more! we want to see the leads dance~ kekeke~

    • 11.1 wonnie

      did they say they will dance if ratings go up to 20% ?
      haha from what I read, episode 3’s ratings already > 15% so hopefully we will see their dance soon ^^

  12. 12 Kaybee

    Thank you for recapping it!
    “Good Doctor” is very engaging and made me cry from the very beginning… The pace is good and the chemistry between the leads are great! The story is of course dramatized for the effect so I hope people don’t spoil it with over analyzing… The operations looked SO REAL (they must be!) so I was covering my eyes during those blood/ heart/ intestines/ cutting/etc time… I hope they didn’t kill poor animals for the realistic effect…

    After IHYV, Good Doctor seems to be the good second option to engage me.

    ‘Master Sun’ is over hyped IMHO and I believe after couple of episodes, the rating will drop. GHJ over acts while the SJS is too wooden.’Who are you’? is better and much more engaging than ‘Master Sun’….BUT…..since I’ve seen only 2 episodes of these 3, I’ll give them 4-6 more episodes to decide whether to watch them or not. SO far ‘Good Doctor’ and ‘Who are you?’, wins hands down.

    • 12.1 Leap

      I totally agree with you!

      People are overanalyzing it…like it should be 100% life-like.

      Just enjoy the show for what it truly aims to impart to viewers…that is to be compassionate to others.

  13. 13 NN

    Thankyou very much for the recap!! ^^

  14. 14 annecelestine

    there were several spiels in this episode that my heart ached and tears threatened to fall from my eyes. this story is so heartwarming.

    thank you for recapping episode 2.

  15. 15 coby

    Thanks for the recap! I knew that gummimochi will pick up this drama! yay!

    I am enjoying this show so far! Its just too bad that I have to wait till tomorrow for me to see it.

    I love Moon Chae-won and Joo-won together. Seeing great chemistry already. I don’t care much how real things are here i.e Shi-on’s condition and the medical procedures that I will see. I am just in for a heart warming medical drama.

    I remember that I wanted to be a doctor when I was little and my mom even got me those doctor toys. Nostalgic.

  16. 16 evennow

    Park Shi On is so loveable. How can I not love this cute guy. What make this drama interesting to watch is that we have great actors here. Also I do love the way this PD make me cry so bad but also laugh a lot. He has really great sense of humor. I got same feeling like watch Ojakyo Brother. I love you PD nim.
    Anyway, thanks for the recap. Love this show so.

  17. 17 rose

    joo won is cute!!!But he looks charismatich as a Dr!!!:)

  18. 18 husnaa

    Thank you gummimochi for recapping this drama! Love you to the bits!

  19. 19 Sajen

    I don’t know about this one, I was so looking forward to it because of Moon Chae Won, I’d watch a drama or movie where no one ever did anything or talked just all stared off into space if she was in it. But I still haven’t finished the second episode I liked the first episode and I find Joo Won’s performance so far one of the least offensive depictions of any mental illness in all of Asian cinema, however I got to where Shi On was about to take charge of that patient and I quit, honestly I’m not sure why. Also the fact that the senior doctors seem to think that autism can be cured, maybe it’s bad translation but for two episodes now I don’t think so, bothers me very much.

    “From what he’s observed from the past few days, Shi-on works like a robot whose mechanical judgment works only within the confines of simply fixing the patient.”

    call me crazy but personally I think fixing the patient is the only thing doctors should think about.

    • 19.1 Raine

      I agree with Do-han actually. Si-on is SO single-minded that he will forgo ANYthing and EVERYthing in order to help. That isn’t necessarily good. It’s just Do-han’s judgement comes from a place of misunderstanding so therefore he SUCKS! LOL. That single-mindedness also makes him brilliant, but that’s the disability part of autism, an obsessive ability to focus but also lacking the ability to change subjects.

      • 19.1.1 raindrops1

        @raine, thanks for all the insight and info. One of the major things that was bugging me as I watched ep 1 and ep 2 was that a lot of the doctors seemed to act as if they had never heard of autism. I would think that as doctors they would have more knowledge than your average person.

        • Raine

          Yeah, they should understand. But someone mentioned above that they don’t always. But a person in a pediatric ward…uh…yeah, they’d know

  20. 20 bandaid

    Joo Won! :)) so cool of you to do a recap ms. Gummimochi 🙂 thank you! was watching Gaksital this afternoon while buffering the GD episodes. I like the angsty and badass Joo Won but I like this Joo Won too! :))

  21. 21 MNS

    This main actor Joo-won is really good. Since Baker King, Joo-won’s raise to lead were/are good choices by producers. You have a gem here. Kudos!

  22. 22 Timbone

    Thank you very much for recapping the second episode, since I am not Korean I can miss some things even when I watch the dramas. Your recaps are very helpful
    I didnt think ep 2 would get recapped so I will paste the comment I had on it here which I had posted on ep 1 page:

    I am Nigerian and I live in America so correct me if I am not well versed in Korean culture. But from this show ep 2, one doctor punches another and the doctor who did the punching is apologized to. That does not make any sense to me. I saw Boys Over Flowers and saw that girls love boys who physically abuse them in dramaland but serious a doctor abusing another mentally challenged doctor and he gets an apology?
    Seriously? What kind of crap is that?
    I am extremely picky, scenes like that can make me give up on shows

    • 22.1 Quiet Thought

      Yeah, who does he think he is, Dick Cheney?

      Seriously, a doctor punching another doctor for any reason other than self-defense would be arrested for assault in most countries I know of. At the least, he should be fired for his obvious lack of basic self-control.

    • 22.2 BadBob

      Show is promising if only for the acting of the two leads so far. Think the hitting was for dramatic purposes only; it establishes the ‘professor’ as the heel he is supposed to portray. I am giving this show time and hope you do the same.

      • 22.2.1 Suzi Q

        That was the part of this episode which disturbed me the most. Although Do Han was justified in being upset at what Shi On did, I thought that was unacceptable for for him to punch Shi On in the face! Did he ever think about talking to him instead of using violence? Do Han should reprimand his stupid doctors instead especially Dr. Promade. Is it because the other stupid doctors at the hospital just ignored the children’s symptoms and Shi On was spot on?
        Shi On was abused so much as a child, now he gets the same crap from his superior.

        • bboingbboing

          I don’t know if it’s a man culture thing (or a real-man-300 thing) but perhaps the punching also establishes that Do Han, even as an ass, considers Shi On a likely equal even with the autism and all. Not necessarily something I understand or even agree with, though. I mean, sure, Shi On COULD be given with a little bit more slack, but Do Han being a sunbae doctor and in a demanding profession, he won’t have it in his team no matter the excuse. And he did say, he hated excuses. Show, we get it, he’s mean. Hah.

          But I’m still hoping for le bromance. Do Han seems redeemable in the idea that he’s the type of doctor who wants to save his patients. That’s something he and Shi On shares, though they differ in how it’s portrayed.

          Still tearing up at the Hyung scene. T_T Do Han be his new hyung please?

          Thanks gummi for recapping!!!<3

    • 22.3 Windsun33

      No TV drama anywhere really shows reality. Korean TV dramas are no exception. Almost anyplace I have worked, if anyone punches someone else without good reason, like self defense, they would get fired or suspended.

      Korean dramas have a few other weird (fake) things going also – the physical thing, especially violent wrist grabbing – is one of my pet peeves. I have never seen it, and nobody that has been to or lived in Korea has ever seen that actually happen, but every Korean drama has a lot of it.

      • 22.3.1 Timbone

        Haha you are so spot on, sometimes its like the male lead is about to rip the lady’s hand off the socket lol

        I enjoyed Ji Won in Gaksital and a little bit in Ojakgyo brothers and Mon Chae Won I loved in Nice Guy so I will definitely give the show a chance

        I couldnt stand through 5 episodes of King of Baking due to the “fakeness” and double standard story( A man has an affair and gets an angel, a woman has an affair and gives birth to a boy who killed his grandma at 10 )
        I believe you guys say Makjang lol to something like that

        • Timbone

          At least the MAKJANG is not as insane as the story in the movie Rough Cut.

          I want to thank everyone who replied.
          It was a fun little discussion.

  23. 23 Angeliam

    Sometimes joo won’s character makes me so mad

  24. 24 Abbie

    I’m happy to see a recap for episode two, since I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. So thanks, Gummimochi.

    I like this better than I thought I would. I like how the show and writers handle Shi-on’s autism. It’s very refreshing. Yoon-seo is wonderful. I like that she quickly takes to him and becomes his semi-guardian. I don’t really want a romantic relationship with them. I don’t know where this show is going yet, in accordance with them, but I’ll stick with this show regardless.

    Do-han is a bit of a jerk, but I do understand his reasoning on how Shi-on could be a danger in the operating room. I don’t think Shi-on is a robot. He’s autistic. He can’t express his emotions to the extent that others can. Granted, I don’t know much about autism, so if I’ve got it wrong, then please enlighten me.

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

  25. 25 Appelsin

    Thanks for the recap! 😀
    I will follow this drama, it’s a very interesting perspective about how far a person can go, with this kind of disabilities… Plus, Joo Won’s character is so adorable and easy to root for. I’m totally in!!

  26. 26 lovenwait

    I can relate to Joowon’s character a little bit. The part where he did a quick turn of his head was so spot on. Autistic people..from what i know and from experience due to bf has aspergers ..take words so literally. I love his character bc he seems so loving. He reminds me so much of my beloved boyfriend…though my bf is not on the same spectrum as he is.

  27. 27 Celloangelninja

    I LOVE this drama. And it has nothing to do w/ the fact that I can watch a drama with pretty Joo Won without falling asleep. Well, maybe a little. I find that I really like the Shion/Yoon Seo relationship, though it’s not really a romance yet. Of course, during the surgery scenes I’m just like ok, he’s shouting. Patient in danger lol xD. And Joo Won is just ADORABLE. I mean, who rolls their neck when told to turn around? LOL

  28. 28 ...

    Aww poor JSW. Why he keeps getting the jerk roles?

    He is so funny and cute off-screen, why he must pick those roles lol

    I did not like him on Feast of gods, he was a loser there.

    I did not like thorn birds, again he was a loser there.

    Here he is a selfish and rude doctor lol

    can’t he get a loveable role too?

  29. 29 Katie

    Thank you for recapping this! I know it won’t be a necessarily accurate portrayal of hospitals/the medical field but I don’t know anything about it so I will leave my brain at the door and just lap up Moon Chae Won and Joo Won’s awesome chemistry!

  30. 30 mira

    love this show 🙂 the cast performance and the directing are very good imo !
    thanx gummimochi !

  31. 31 Noelle

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  32. 32 ilikemangos

    I am very happy you lightly touched upon yoon-seo’s interactions with shi-on. I just adored her this whole episode. The whole time, i was just thinking that this gal is treating him like a normal human being. Laughing with him, calling him a pervert, teasing him about a first love. Sure, it seems like she’s taken on a semi-guardian role with him(i think i’m going to love their relationship), but she speaks to him as though one would speak to a good friend. I really appreciate that. I like that she’s someone who likes to stand up for her opinions(as evident in the hospital, and by cooking whatever she pleases), but also that she has a very warm quality about her. On paper she sounds like an average jane but i also like how relatable she is — no need for some dramatic, dark, twisted past where one is born into a broken, poor family.
    Frankly, she’s a breath of fresh air in k-dramaland.

  33. 33 Ceecile

    What do they mean by “wait until he gets better” though..

    • 33.1 ilikemangos

      I’m assuming they’re talking about feeling comfortable in the OR and getting the hang of residency. He is still fresh out of grad school. They’ve shown us shi-on can work under pressure, as evident with the kid in ep.1. It seems that the pressure in the OR was too much for him.

  34. 34 ilikemangos

    Let me just say that whoever is on the Good Doctor subbing team for viki, you guys are LIGHTNING. Usually i wait until the end of the night for subs to hit 100% — even for IHYV. But it’s still mid afternoon and you guys are at 93%.
    So, THANK YOU for all your hard work. You guys are much appreciated!
    I know some regular beanies like ck10z,stars4u are on the subbing team.

    • 34.1 Requiem

      Yup, ck10z is heading up a great subbing team with the translations on viki.

      They were actually a little TOO fast since they uploaded the translations without checking on some terms (“treatable” vs. “curable” being the one that people latched onto), but I definitely appreciate their enthusiasm to do a good job in a very timely manner, and their will at getting the subs right!

      Wanted to say thanks again!

  35. 35 Deb

    I will probably start watching this.

    Does anyone know if Autism rates are rising in Korea like they seem to be in the US?

    • 35.1 Windsun33

      I doubt very much that actual autism rates are rising or falling anywhere, US or otherwise. There might be more cases being diagnosed as autism, but that nothing to do with the actual rate.

      Not along ago there was a fake ADD “epidemic”, but what it actually was is that a lot of doctors (and non-doctors) jumped on the ADD bandwagon and diagnosed more as having it.

      Physical diseases are pretty easy to track the rates on – but there is still tons of things that nobody knows about mental diseases, and many are easy to misdiagnose or over/under diagnose.

  36. 36 Requiem

    I just wanted to thank gummimochi for recapping episode 2 (and hopefully the rest of the series? :)) so that we have a place to discuss the going-ons of Si-on and company.

    And as I’ve stated before, my favorite character beyond the two main leads is Nurse Jo!

    Here’s what I said in the open thread:

    Might be a little over-acted, but how can you not love a fuzzy bear who is the scary boo in a story, who teaches the kids how to fight off bullies (by playing dirty, heh), and is ALSO the one who first backs Si-on despite potential repercussions (besides Director Japanese dad…. I don’t remember his name, so I’m going by his character in Gaksital :p).

    Anyways, here’s to hoping for some more goodness from the Good Doctor crew and actors!

  37. 37 anna

    I really want Do-han to put aside his differences with Shi-on and help him succeed. I mean can you imagine how this could go? He could be the big brother that Shi-on used to have. That would be so cute! I hope they’ll go that route rather than making Do-han becomes an antagonist. We already have enough assholes in that hospital, please don’t be another one of them Do-han. I have faith in you!

    • 37.1 kumi

      I don’t think Do-han will stay an antagonist. Give him some time to get over his quirks.

      • 37.1.1 bboingbboing

        YES. Do Han Hyung!!

  38. 38 rearwindow

    Ya know? This isn’t the greatest show, but it’s warm and entertaining and holding my interest…and after a long hiatus from kdramas, I’m wondering if this isn’t just what the doctor ordered (hardy har har).

    I find the characters generally likable, I’m really rooting for the protagonists and the second leads as well (prickly as they may be). As long as it doesn’t go totally makjang, this could be a breezy, emotional, heartwarming ride.

  39. 39 april

    Thanks for recapping this drama. Its a very interesting one, and I think i’ll be looking forward to this every week.

  40. 40 LOVE HS&SH

    This show deserve highest rating. I really adore Joowon here. Now JW & LJS are officially my puppy 😉

  41. 41 chunlee

    thank you so much gummimochi for recapping Good Doctor! For that..i love you…:-)

  42. 42 Wens

    Loved episode 3 as well, waiting for the recaps~!!!

    I’m loving moon chae won and Dr Kim Do Han – really want to see more of their relationship. He knows she had a big crush on him, it appears he’s also interested in her (to some extent), except he’s engaged to the daughter of the Board. He clearly isn’t interested in his fiance, so is he doing it for the sake of climbing the corporate ladder?

  43. 43 Saa

    I wished I had a hyung–uh, oppa–who handed me a tissue whenever Park Shi On’s hyung was in a scene….

  44. 44 joanne

    Thanks for recaps…this drama is so adorable! Even though its context is standard medical drama fare, the characters bring it to life (pun intended, hurr)

  45. 45 goldeng

    thanks for the recap!! i laughed, was about to cry and yelled at the screen like a crazy person the whole ep. Do-han *sigh*.. the only reason im not cursing at him might be because he has joo sang wook’s face lol I just cant with the idea of him being capable of punching a man who is mentally 10 years old in the face… like WTF? cant he use words to explain to him why hes mad? he has no heart… he says Shi On is a robot when he isnt that great at expressing himself either! and yet he apologizes to his Professor instead of the person he hit… smh.

    one of the things that made me smile so big was Nurse Jo supporting Shi on! hes amazing!! he really cares for the kids and is a warm character in every way. I hope to see lots and lots of him! he’s my bias rn xD

  46. 46 Ennayra

    So I’m liking Do-han’s character a lot – which I didn’t expect at all. That I would like Joo Won is a given, since he’s so freaking adorable and I’ve only seen him in Ojakyo Brothers and Gaksital – dramas I was thoroughly addicted to. And of course I knew I’d like Moon Chae-won b/c she killed it in Nice Guy and also in The Princess’s Man. I’m actually really happy that her character isn’t all tortured this time around. But Kim Do-han’s character had such great hateable potential, and yet I can only describe my emotions towards him as fond. Of course his girlfriend should never have told him to cheat on her b/c he’s going to fall for Moon Chae-won’s character guaranteed now. Unless Show surprises me of course.

    Aside – when people are talking about Taiwanese dramas and they call Show by it’s name, but yet one of the characters is Show Luo, is that a problem? Lol. Don’t know why I just thought of him now.

  47. 47 thegreatestdragon

    I’m watching this drama now and the second Do Han hit Si On was the second I began full-on hating him. There’s just no returning him from that.

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