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Good Doctor: Episode 4
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Communication is key when it comes to establishing any kind of relationship, be it professional, casual, or intimate. Because how else will you be able to convey how you feel to the other person? But often times, communication can be the biggest hurdle when you’ve got so many other things to worry about. ‘Cause that life isn’t going to save itself.

Good Doctor is still going strong with an upward tick to 15.8%.


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We dive back in as the surgical team is faced with an impossible dilemma with no other alternative in sight. They’re running out of time, and to make matters worse, the preemie is crashing.

Shi-on hones in on the bile tract, and says they need to drain the infected area. Although Yoon-seo argues that it’s a risky move, Do-han backs up the idea and makes the call.

As they wait, Do-han pointedly affirms in front of everyone that Shi-on’s clinical judgment was sound. He resumes the operation when the drainage tube arrives, and everyone waits with bated breath.

They save the baby, which earns Do-han another round of praise for successfully completing the risky operation. He takes note of how Shi-on keeps watch over the preemie’s incubator.

The baby’s parents tearfully thank Do-han for not giving up on their child, to which they’re told it’s all thanks to the baby’s strong will to live. Unfortunately, Do-han and Shi-on aren’t out of the woods just yet, and they’re called back to resume their hearing.

Shi-on trails behind his boss, but interestingly, Do-han orders him to turn back to the staff room.

Meanwhile, the ethics committee members argue over the details of Do-han’s punishment. The assistant chief suggests they take recent events into account, adding that Do-han’s absence would look bad for the hospital. He also rallies that they look over Shi-on’s involvement as well, since he was merely following his attending supervisor’s orders.

These ideas are met with outcry from the opposition, and Doctor Choi notably remains silent during this exchange. That’s when Do-han enters the room alone, here to face the committee on his own.

Then Doctor Choi lays out the conditions of Do-han’s punishment: a week’s suspension and a month’s paycut. Do-han accepts the decision without argument.

The residents are in disbelief at the committee’s decision, and that Do-han bore the full brunt of the consequences. They don’t hesitate to take out their anger on Shi-on when he enters the room, and point the finger of blame on him.

Their spiteful words cut deep as the resident spy Il-kyu scoffs that Shi-on lacks the mental capacity to feel sorry about the situation. Jin-wook raises his voice, but it’s Yoon-seo who puts her foot down.

She reminds them through gritted teeth to act as normal around their boss, and then leads Shi-on away outside.

Yoon-seo tells him gently that every resident makes mistakes, but what’s more important is their professional demeanor—does he feel guilty at all?

Shi-on just says the baby can survive now, an answer that irritates her. She yells back that she’s talking about their team; she won’t be able to cover for him anymore if he keeps this up. “I can’t feel a need to protect [someone] who doesn’t understand what teamwork means.”

His silence frustrates her, and she stalks off.

Yoon-seo heads for Do-han’s office, and acknowledges that her boss was right when he said Shi-on’s medical knowledge far exceeded her own, because it enabled him to make the right calls whereas her conclusions fell short.

She honestly admits that she’s confused because Shi-on’s clinical skills alone are enough reason to keep him on the team, but she can’t draw judgment on anything else beyond that.

To that, Do-han presents her with a hypothetical: a gifted doctor who doesn’t have common sense or an average doctor who does. Which would she rather pick?

His point is that he needs a colleague with whom he can communicate with because that’s what’s best for the patient. That prompts her to ask if he allows Shi-on to remain with them for the chief of staff’s sake. He sends her out without an answer.

Chae-kyung comes right out with it when she meets with the assistant chief, and asks if bringing Shi-on down wasn’t enough. She won’t stand for it if Do-han becomes a casualty in this power battle. The assistant chief assures her that as long as he remains at this position, no one will become a victim.

During one of In-hye’s check-ups, she can’t help but notice Jin-wook’s ear-splitting grin towards her sister. So she pulls Nurse Jo away in order to give the two some alone time. Aw, you’re a cute sister.

The air suddenly turns awkward-cute as Jin-wook shows concern for her health and adds that she can consult him anytime. She politely declines the offer. His face falls.

Outside, In-hye playfully scolds Nurse Jo for being so clueless. Nurse Jo insists that he was quite the ladies’ man back in the day. When he’s asked if he likes someone in the hospital then, he looks directly at Nurse Nam. D’aww.

Yoon-seo is called away to handle a situation where a cake lay smashed on the floor. It’s Rocket Boy and his mother screams Shi-on’s ear off at his insensitivity for bringing her son a cake when he clearly can’t have any foods containing flour.

Shi-on says that it’s okay for him to eat it since the ingredients are safe enough for him to metabolize, but she won’t hear a word of it. Yoon-seo sends him out and apologizes to the mother on his behalf.

She sighs at Shi-on’s medical lingo-filled explanation which boils down to how the brain will undergo stress and anxiety without enough sustenance, and she draws the conclusion that Shi-on was worried about the little boy. She understands his good intention, so she lets him off with a warning this time.

I’ll be quick with this next sequence: Evil Board Administrator yells at Doctor Pomade for screwing up again and tells him to use his noggin’. Doctor Pomade balks, and is told to think of something without the assistant chief knowing.

Il-kyu taunts Shi-on in the library, saying that it must be nice for him to be able to retain so much knowledge. Shi-on just blinks at his snide comments that he’s better off working in variety than in medicine, and has to be pulled away by another resident.

Chae-kyung remains optimistic about Do-han’s suspension during dinner. She encourages him to see it as a vacation, even thinking of date ideas. But when she asks if he can’t quit working at pediatrics, citing that he’d have a much easier job at a different department, he freezes.

Her real reason for saying it is because she doesn’t want Do-han’s name to be involved in the hospital politics with the chief of staff. Do-han says he doesn’t care for politics since he’s a surgeon, but it matters to her as his fiancée.

Do-han tells her not to broach the topic of pediatrics anymore, to which she wonders if it’s because of the chief of staff. He suggests that they drop the subject, but Chae-kyung points out that he’s never told her the reason why.

Shi-on eats his usual kimbap for dinner and watches TV before he heads off to bed. Ha, I love how his fridge is actually full of kimbap—that’s smart product placement. He finds himself unable to sleep at first, murmuring indiscernible words until he falls asleep.

Do-han speaks with his mother over the phone, who wonders if he went to see his brother Soo-han recently because she noticed fresh flowers at his memorial. Ah, so it was his brother’s resting place in the first episode. He lies that he didn’t.

As Shi-on and Yoon-seo ride the same bus to work the next day, she notices Shi-on drawing on his sketchbook. He shifts around in his seat when she looks in his direction. I would find it hilariously adorable if it’s a sketch of her.

Yoon-seo points out to Do-han that he looks tired today, teasing that there isn’t anyone else to perform the children’s surgeries if he faints on them. I’ll say. She grows excited at the chance to perform surgery herself in the near future.

Robot Boy smiles at the idea that he’ll be discharged from the hospital soon, only to frown when it won’t be for a few more days. She says he must be happy that he’ll get to see the pretty doctor (meaning, herself) until then, and he pouts: “You always call yourself pretty.” Keh.

Shi-on notices a string of children smuggle something out of a room under their clothes. He follows them into the storage room as they celebrate their loot. Ha, it’s snacks.

He promises not to tell their parents, and asks if he can play with them. One of the children says that he can “but on one condition.” Uh oh, those are the same words his childhood bullies told him.

That triggers the painful memory of when he was stuck in the mine with Hyung. Shi-on grows dizzy and his vision starts to blur. He holds onto one of the stacks, but it ends up falling on the children, glass and all. Eeeek!

A pair of concerned mothers approach Yoon-seo about Shi-on’s clinical judgment. She assures them that their children are in capable hands, but then the sound of several cries interrupts them.

They run in to find the children crying and bleeding from the broken glass. They point to Shi-on as the culprit. Eek, this definitely doesn’t look good.

It only confirms their doubts about Shi-on, who can only stutter in response. The children are transported immediately, and Yoon-seo glares at him, fuming.

She screams that being book-smart is utterly pointless if no one wants to have Shi-on as their doctor. Shi-on says that he has to be a doctor.

Frustrated, Yoon-seo shouts at him, saying she’s tired of being disappointed in him every day. She knows she shouldn’t be angry with him, but she can’t help that she is.

She storms out and fights with the broken vending machine, taking out her frustration on the inanimate object. Then a little girl holds up her drink, and Yoon-seo’s anger melts away.

Doctor Pomade is left flabbergasted when the assistant chief says he believes the latest incident was just an accident. Offended by the brush-off, Doctor Pomade uses his power card to say that he won’t let it go.

So Doctor Pomade speaks to the mothers, who all cry for Shi-on’s termination. He simply tells them that it’s out of his hands, but if they took the matter to the higher rungs of the hospital administration… Look who’s crackin’ out of their evil cocoon.

At the same time, the assistant chief is informed of the plan from a mysterious informant.

Elsewhere, In-hye talks to the injured kids, who admit that Shi-on didn’t hurt them on purpose, saying they shunted the blame off to him because they were scared. They cry that he’s a really strange doctor, but In-hye concludes that it wasn’t Shi-on’s fault.

Doctor Pomade orders that Shi-on’s cases be reassigned to the other residents, which would only strain the others’ caseloads even further. Doctor Pomade mutters an off-handed remark under his breath that that’s better than Shi-on killing a patient by accident.

Yoon-seo calls her sunbae out on those harsh words, saying it wasn’t Shi-on’s fault. Do-han tells her to do as she’s told.

One of the little girls complains about stomach pain, and In-hye leads Shi-on in to see her. But the mother lets out a shrill cry, and tells him not to come near her daughter. Shi-on shuffles away. Aw.

Do-han gives his team final instructions before he leaves for his week-long suspension. He leaves Yoon-seo in charge. He runs into Shi-on on his way out, and tells him to do nothing except eat, sleep, and breathe.

He asks if it bothers Shi-on to see patients in pain, and Shi-on says it does. So Do-han tells him to reflect how much it pains his colleagues whenever Shi-on acts of his own accord.

Shi-on sits outside observing a group of doctors play basketball. One of them invites him to play with them, and Shi-on mostly stands around the court, watching them play. Then one doctor passes the ball to Shi-on. He catches it.

Shi-on jumps to shoot the ball. It soars up into the air… and falls straight down. Hee.

Yoon-seo visits the preemie’s parents, and she notices a drawing of the mother and child hanging over the bed. She asks who drew it, and is surprised to hear that it was Shi-on.

Then we hear Shi-on’s voice narrate that he hopes the boy grows to love sports like his Hyung. He even has a name for the child: Dong-soo (comprised of the hanja dong “to move” and soo “hand”).

Yoon-seo smiles as they tell her how honored they are that their baby’s savior gave him his name. She checks on the preemie, and as she holds its hand, it gently grasps hers.

Moved, tears well up in her eyes as she tells it not to hold her hand too hard. So this time, when Shi-on volunteers to meet with the stubborn Robot Boy, she allows it.

Shi-on finds the little boy trying to fall asleep by counting sheep. He grumbles at the sight of Shi-on, who says the method only works in English because the two words “sleep” and “sheep” are similar.

The boy racks his brains trying to think of something similar in Korean, and Shi-on suggests “dragonflies” or jamjari. Robot Boy immediately tries it, and it works. And Yoon-seo smiles from the other side of the door.

In-hye and her sister have such an adorably close relationship. Gah, and then she plays matchmaker and texts Jin-wook so that he can oh-so-casually run into her sister. Best Sister Ever.

He asks her out, only to get shut down. Aw, poor guy. I think the best part of this scene is what follows as In-hye clucks with disappointment that boy gotz no game.

The assistant chief meets with a man whose face we don’t get to see at a baseball stadium. Okay, now I’m convinced the man loves baseball. He addresses his guest as “chairman,” and says he needs more time.

He asks why Creepy Chairman returned to Korea. Now we finally get to see his face (Kim Chang-wan) and he cryptically says that even a goose who lays golden eggs won’t lay any if it doesn’t feed. Creepy Chairman gives him three months.

And then he starts whistling. *shivers*

Chae-kyung sits down for dinner with president Lee and Doctor Choi. She’s pleasant enough with Doctor Choi and keeps to her cold demeanor with her stepmother.

She doesn’t hide her currently disgruntled feelings about the power struggle within the hospital. President Lee tells her not to worry about it, but Chae-kyung counters that she has to… because this hospital is a product of her father’s blood, sweat, and tears.

As Shi-on clips his nails at home, he recalls how Hyung once told him that Shi-on’s nail clippings reminds him of a crescent moon. So Shi-on holds up his thumb into the night sky, squinting his eyes to see it.

Then we move on to Yoon-seo, who smiles at her corkboard adorned with thank you notes and pictures from the hospital. She takes a teddy bear and records “We have to operate immediately!” in an imitation of Shi-on’s voice. She wonders to herself: “What kind of person are you, Park Shi-on?”

She finds herself unable to sleep that night and counts dragonflies until she falls asleep.

Our next medical emergency is with a little girl, who gets turned away from every hospital because a pediatric attending surgeon isn’t on call. Guess where they’re going next.

Meanwhile, Chae-kyung and Do-han are on vacation, and she has to pry his phone away, telling him to enjoy his time off. She turns it off.

At the same time, Yoon-seo and the team (including Shi-on) rush over to the ER when they receive the call about the little girl. She’s dehydrated, has abdominal pain, and her breathing is unstable. Shi-on suspects it may be a form of pneumonia. So basically, not good.

Yoon-seo reviews the x-ray and confirms Shi-on’s diagnosis. And you guessed it—they have to operate immediately.

Suddenly, the little girl goes into cardiac arrest, and they immediately start CPR. Doctor Pomade is informed of the case, but his eyes grow wide when he hears about the surgery.

He rips into Yoon-seo, saying the patient will go into cardiac arrest as soon as they begin surgery. But Yoon-seo counters that they can’t turn the family away again, and refuses to buy that they should do so because of the fear of a malpractice suit on their hands.

Yoon-seo declares that she’ll perform the surgery. Doctor Pomade demands to know why she refuses to listen to him, and she levels, “Because those are not the words of a doctor.” Ooh, burn.

She grows anxious at the thought of actually performing surgery, and Shi-on yells, “We can save her! We must save her!” That gives her a boost of confidence, and she barks out orders to her team.

Elsewhere, Do-han checks his phone when Chae-kyung isn’t looking, and sees a list of missed calls from Yoon-seo.

He calls her back and tells her to send a live video feed to his phone so that he can operate remotely until he gets to the hospital. What can I tell ya—he’s Super Doc.

Yoon-seo says that she’ll do it herself. He yells at her to listen and says that he’ll be the one who determines when she’ll perform her first surgery. He tells her to hang in there until he arrives.

He promises Chae-kyung that he’ll be right back after he finishes surgery. But we know that never happens.

Do-han’s phone dies while he drives back, so his team is unable to get ahold of him. Everything is set up to begin, and Doctor Pomade issues a final warning from the observation deck.

Yoon-seo looks up directly at her superior and announces that she will begin. Damn, I love her nerve. She mutes him. HA.

Then Yoon-seo prepares to make her first incision as Do-han speeds down the road.

The team discovers the problem in the intestinal area. They need to reposition the small intestine manually, and as Yoon-seo gently handles it in her hands, Shi-on repeatedly says, “Careful, careful, careful…”

She does it and moves on to the next step just as Do-han arrives at the hospital.

Jin-wook notices Shi-on jerk uncomfortably, and Shi-on says the child isn’t moving. He’s told that she’s under anesthesia, and he tries to get through to them, but Yoon-seo instructs the team to focus. And then the patient goes into cardiac arrest.

They hurry to remove the surgical tools and start CPR. But it isn’t enough, and the nurses bring in a defibrillator. Yoon-seo delivers the first set of shocks. Nothing. She increases the charge. Nothing.

Desperate, Yoon-seo begins CPR again… which is when Do-han finally arrives.

And then the dreaded flatline sound envelops the operating room.


We’ve been getting some great cliffhangers this week, and I. Love. It. Never mind that I’m biting my nails right now, because we all knew this day would come the moment Super Doc stepped out that door and left Yoon-seo in charge. And it wouldn’t be a medical drama unless something went terribly, terribly wrong during her first-ever surgery on her own.

I have a fond admiration of Do-han and his leadership in this episode. Despite being a hardass boss (which we now know he learned from our loveable Doctor Choi), he’s a calm and collected team leader who knows when to give credit when it’s due, admits his mistakes, and cares about his team of residents enough to bear the brunt of the consequences of his residents’ actions. It would be pretty easy to zero in on how he criticizes Shi-on and doesn’t fully acknowledge him as a team member, but I love that when push comes to shove, he’ll protect his own. At this point, we can argue that it’s for Doctor Choi’s sake, but given how he skirts the question whenever it’s brought up, we can assume that there’s another underlying reason behind it. I admit that I have some suspicion that his brother Soo-han has something to do with it, but I’ll take it as it comes as we move forward with the series.

I love that we spent some time on Yoon-seo who has some impressive balls of steel. Her frankness and kind heart are qualities I really appreciate in her. Not only that, she’s incredibly self-aware when it comes to her strengths and weaknesses, and where she stands in comparison to her fellow colleagues. She knows how rough it is to be a resident and can empathize with Shi-on’s actions and behavior to a certain degree. We see the first growing pains with her relationship with Shi-on this week, because it would have been all too easy and too perfect of her to fully accept Shi-on the way he is from Day 1. I admit that there were times I was annoyed with her when she first doubted her initial judgment, but then I realized her internal emotional strife is essential for her to wrestle with her feelings about him (I mean this on a professional level; it seems too early for the romance part) and his savant syndrome and how that clashes within the hospital.

I could sympathize with her frustrations because she wants to be able to understand him, and yet she’s still responsible to those around her. For what it’s worth, I like that she was still able to identify Shi-on’s intentions in the cake incident and draw the conclusion that he really does care about his patients. Then I was super happy that we didn’t spend a whole lot of time in Angryland, and she came back around with Robot Boy and counting dragonflies.

Furthermore, I love how the show continues to explore Shi-on’s unique (to this dramaverse) way of communication. Take for instance the cake incident when Shi-on brought the cake to cheer the boy up, and that good intention was misinterpreted. I really enjoy his medico-speak because it shows that Shi-on verbally communicates in a way that he knows how: through medical terminology. And for someone to be able to recognize that as a strength and utilize it; I consider that incredibly insightful and self-aware. Then at that point, it really makes me wonder if we’re the ones who’s got it wrong the entire time because society has ingrained within us a certain set of etiquette rules; to be wary of a social faux-pas in the times when we should be calling the thing for what it is, pure and simple.


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          Great recap and comments, Gummi! Spot on. I love that Do-Han isn’t some kind of arrogant fool like Dr. Pomade. He’s actually really great at what he does, even if he has some blaring issues. Also, everyone seems to be being so hard on Yoon-Seo for getting so angry at Shi-On. But she hasn’t gotten to see the sweet little moments and child-hood montages that made it so easy for us to fall in love with him. I totally understand her frustration and anger and am glad they addressed this.

          I’m also pushing for a late-blooming romance. Let’s get half-way and then start thinking about that.

          Also, is it terrible to hope the kid doesn’t make it? How hard would that be for Yoon-seo, but how great for her character arc!

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    Definitely agree to that. “Normal” people tend to be selfish most of the times for their thoughts and ideas and we see a “different” person who lacks in many ways but can surpass the “normal” ones in an extraordinary way the latter ends up being the S-O-U-R-P-U-S-S. Thank you gummi again for recapping speedily!!!!!

    • 8.1 Ryan

      “Thus I would wish to emphasize that our ‘normal’ ‘adjusted’ state is too often the abdication of ecstasy, the betrayal of our true potentialities; that many of us are only too successful in acquiring a false self to adapt to false realities” The Divided Self, r.d.laing

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    Shi-On watching over the preemie was such blatant emotional manipulation. Of course it completely worked on me :).

    The Yoon-Seo – Shi-On confrontation about guilt was very good, I thought – you can see both of their viewpoints and appreciate the frustration they’re encountering in trying to bridge the gap between them.

    I love Nurse Jo. He may not be model-handsome but he seems like a truly good man, and those tend to be in short supply in drama-world (and the regular world). Hope he gets Nurse Nam!

    I felt sorry for poor Shi-On, bringing the cake for that boy to show his concern and having it smashed on the floor by the mother. That incident shows it isn’t only autistic people who have problems acting normally sometimes. Damn, woman, couldn’t you have just said “no thank you?”

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      I finally sense what they’re so frustrated about in this latest episode. Before this, I did feel that Shi-on was unfairly treated. (Well, he still is, but I get a feeling of why they’re so mad now.) And it’s really too much for Do-han to punch him.

      Lol regarding Doctor Pomade’s hair. Doesn’t he remind you of that host of the talk show in The Hunger Games?

      The whistling is such a commonly employed technique to give people the creeps about a person…but it still works everytime! 😀

      Actually, with regard to how Do Han seems to be the only surgeon who can operate, (and how gummimochi keeps calling Super Doc,) it is true to some extent in real life. Most hospitals have specialists in all departments apart from O&G and Paediatrics, so if emergency situations, as long as the patient is still stable, it’s best to send the patient to a specialist hospital. BUT…5 hospitals is ridiculous. The doctor at the first hospital is supposed to call a specialist at another hospital, hand over the case, and ask if he’s okay to take it. THEN they travel to that hospital. How is it possible that they are simply sent away to look for a hospital on their own??

      Haven’t seen the video live feed thing being done before :D, but there’s definitely been phone conversations from surgeons who are still on the way to the OT instructing their juniors, so that’s not a ‘TV drama’ thing. Sometimes Xrays or scans are sent via phone to consultants who are chilling somewhere else, playing golf perhaps. And it is true that the discrepancy between the head surgeon and his juniors can be quite large (re: Super Doc) – some operations have to be handled by them only because the next highest rank know little about it.

      • 13.1.1 Faye

        I think what makes it so thoughtful a drama (in that respect) is that it’s not just good Shi-On versus all the evil other people. There are other people who are mean to him, but there are others like Yoon-Seo who have genuine reasons to be frustrated, as you say, so I’m glad we get to see that point.

        “Lol regarding Doctor Pomade’s hair. Doesn’t he remind you of that host of the talk show in The Hunger Games?”
        YES!!! That is exactly who he reminds me of. He’s like a Korean Hunger Games-out Stanely Tucci.

        They do live video treatment for certain rural areas that don’t have immediate access to treatment in the U.S. I don’t know if they do surgically guided treatment here, but I know they send teams into underdeveloped areas, like in Africa, where the U.S./Europe-Africa-based team do the surgery together simultaneously.

      • 13.1.2 7258salt

        “Sometimes Xrays or scans are sent via phone to consultants who are chilling somewhere else, playing golf perhaps.”

        in certain areas/ countries, they wouldn’t have enough radiologist to man all major hospitals so the option is to do the scans/ xrays locally/ on-site and send it over to a specialist who’s working in another part of the country. live video conferencing is also an option.

    • 13.2 alua

      If every cliffhanger is going to be a patient-live-or-die situation, it’ll get old quickly. I’m hoping for more diversity than that. This one already felt like ‘didn’t we just have that?’

      • 13.2.1 Mar

        Totally agree!!! I was like okay, trauma drama in the OR, this is typical but could we do it every other episode? I was having Golden Time flashbacks throughout both epi 3 and 4.

      • 13.2.2 Windsun33

        Another thing that downgrades this drama for me is the yet another portrayal of hospitals as hotbeds of backstabbing, corruption, intrigue, and power struggles. That far-too-often repeated plot device is getting a bit old and not realistic.

  14. 14 KDaddict

    Watching ep 4 makes me quite unhappy:
    Is human nature like that? People discriminate against those who are different, paying no attention to the goodness inside? The hospital’s doctors, administrators, nurses, the mothers, even the little patients? The few who don’t discriminate outright are the exceptional good guys? Like the Old doctor, Doc Cha and Nurse Jo.
    Asst Prof writes Shi Won off from the start, relegating to a robot who has a built0in command to save lives. That is not giving Shi Won any chance to show that he has rational thinking and feelings and are motivated by them.

    • 14.1 SS

      Unfortunately so. Although I am least interested in the politics, they are real everywhere and hospitals aren’t exempted. The villains are just using Si On as a pawn and will utilize any weakness to oust Choi. People like Dr Promade are not uncommon. He is the persona of that incompetent employee who is where they are because of nepotism, has enough self-awareness only to scheme because they know they can’t get anywhere due to their ineptness.

      Nurses aren’t beyond gossiping and the mothers feed their unfounded fears and prejudices by sharing their paranoia.

      The little patients dont’ surprise me either. Children can be cruel too. Bullying starts from the playground and often doesn’t stop even when you are an adult.

      I think the writer is realistic. We often like to think that we treat every person equally but the fact is that we don’t.

      • 14.1.1 KDaddict

        That’s why it is depressing.
        The truth often hurts.

        • kumi

          Yes, the truth often hurts, but if you protect the truth, that same truth will later protect you. Don’t be depressed.

      • 14.1.2 Ryan

        .. Doubtless today many of our fellow citizens are apt to yield to the temptation of exaggerating the services they rendered. But the narrator is inclined to think that by attributing overimportance to praiseworthy actions one may, by implication, be paying indirect but potent homage to the worse side of human nature. For this attitude implies that such actions shine out as rare exceptions, while callousness and apathy are the general rule. The narrator does not share that view. The evil that is in the world always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence, if they lack understanding.

        On the whole, men are more good than bad; that, however, isn’t the real point. But they are more or less ignorant, and it is this that we call vice or virtue; the most incorrigible vice being that of an ignorance that fancies it knows everything and therefore claims for itself the right to kill. The soul of the murderer is blind; and there can be no true goodness nor true love without the utmost clear-sightedness.

        The Plague, Albert Camus

        • KDaddict

          And thanks for bringing it up.

    • 14.2 scarlett

      such human nature is reflected here in the comments section, too. try posting something totally different with the rest of the majority’s opinion and see what happens.

      • 14.2.1 Windsun33

        I really don’t see that much here. I see it a lot on other sites, especially where posters are totally anonymous. Just look at some of the comments on open sites, and even on YouTube. I used to think that a lot of the name calling, personal attacks, sexual comments, etc. were from kiddies, but have since found out that the worst comments often come from (so-called) adults.

    • 14.3 kdj

      it is depressing isn’t it? but to make you feel a little better, in real life someone like Shi-On would probably be oblivious to that kind of treatment. you can say that’s an advantage maybe.. not knowing how cruel the world is most of the time. It’s our job, the “normal” people to protect them in a way so that they can function normal in society.

    • 14.4 Windsun33

      Anyone that thinks that TV dramas represent the norm in real life should turn off the TV and go outside for a while.

  15. 15 Lann

    So disappointed with this drama.

    Boring (hospital) politics with more of those one dimensional characters and stereotypes.

    I am dropping this drama fromy list.

    • 15.1 Ryan

      Add in the overacting (I need to make clear this guy is “not normal”) and the feelings that this is the first autistic person who engages in philosophical musings and petty debate (“I am not a robot”), then the only saving grace (points of interest) is Moon Chae Won’s screen presence and that cute older sister, who I think is forced to do something hideous to get money to pay for her little sister’s hospital bill 🙂

      • 15.1.1 bambledd

        You forget actors are under the direction of someone called a director. And if you’ve ever watched BTS of any drama, you’d see that directors in Korea have a more tight reign and demand of specifics, even down to a gait.
        I don’t see overacting but if there were any, directors are usually the culprit.

        • SS

          There are people who think that as an actor, Joo Won overacts. I do not think so but I won’t argue with them. I just take it that their taste is different. Those they call good actors are often the ones I find inept in emoting a wider range of emotions. But then again, it’s all subjective.

          Watching him from Ojakgyo Brothers to Gaksital to Good Doctor, I’d say he can do nuanced acting as well as more intense ones. And like you pointed out, at times it’s the direction and also the way the character is written.

          I stop taking Ryan’s comments seriously when I read
          “….the feelings that this is the first autistic person who engages in philosophical musings and petty debate (“I am not a robot”),”

          Do we really know what goes on in an autistic person’s head? Especially when many cannot even verbalize their thoughts or feelings? Was Si On’s debate “petty”?

          I find this drama very enjoyable but will not expect every person to find it so. I will only be surprised if despite disliking it so much, they continue.

          • july

            I’m not buying for ryan’s comment, he/she always post/quote from someone, so I always fast forward when his comment appear.lol

    • 15.2 Dsinari

      Awh, I hope you find a new Monday-Tuesday drama to delve into. As for me, Good Doctor is as amazing as a drama will get. It tackles real life problems with a real life plot.

      These characters aren’t one dimensional and stereotypical. They’re so real. I work as an MRI tech at a very large hospital and honestly, I can think of a co-worker that fits nearly exactly every single character portrayed in this drama. No, I don’t know the political wars with as much precision as we, the audience, are told but there ARE rumors. And as employees who are affected by whatever is decided upstairs, we sure do now bits and pieces.

    • 15.3 eny

      yes i hope you find drama that make you love it, what i see is good doctor is wonderfull drama, the story n the charracter not stereotype like you say.
      Some people say i hate this drama because the doctor doesn’t have some ethic,doctor is human too, there is good guy there’s bad guy n sometime there’s some fight betwen them not because of one is bad person, but because different opinion
      About politic,politic is everywhere even in some social organitation, some wanna gain, some wanna gain honour or respect from people around them

    • 15.4 zodd

      Don’t blame you. The hospital politics really bring the series down, I just skip them at this point.

  16. 16 Nurkiz

    Thank you so much for recap.:)

  17. 17 KDaddict

    I wish Dr. Cha would stop yelling at Shi Won. Every time he says sth, she shouts back at him, and he shrivels up, and shrinks back into his shell. Can she ask him nicely why he says what he says?

    Do-han’s GF appears to be a real pice of work. Her father died. Her mother married the nice old doc Choi. And so she refuses to acknowledge her as mother, and stops ever visiting Dr. Choi in his office again. Why? Her mother should remain a widow forever? What century does she live in?

    The 3 of them, mother, daughter and Choi should be a solid power base in the hops, so I don’t really understand the constant attack attempts and intended coup.

    Dohan doesn’t seem too involved in his relationship. Has he even looked at her once in that vacation house?

    The Chairman of the Investment Co. that owns the hospital is up to sth, and his spy, the hosp administrator seems to be up to sth of his own. So it’ll be interesting to see how that shakes out. I only wish that the bad guys were less of cardboard chars, that can be taken even semi seriously.

    This ep saddens me, but the Preview looks much warmer.

    • 17.1 SS

      I think Chae Kyung’s father married President Lee when CK was a little girl. Not sure her biological mom divorced the father or she died. Whatever it was, CK resented her stepmother. I also don’t think Choi and President Lee are married, probably just good old friends after working at the hospital all these years. Perhaps Choi helped President Lee when she took over the reins after her husband died?

      • 17.1.1 SP

        I read that CK’s mother die when she was so young. And she dislikes her step-mom. However her step-mom really see her as real daughter.

    • 17.2 Mohammed

      I think its good Yoon-Seo expect alot from Shi-On and are angry with when he does something she doesnt agree with. The others have given up on him in their team and doesnt care why he does things.

      We saw in this ep she understood and gave him a break when he did something good like that cake that was misunderstood by the mother.

      Someone other than Dr.Choe must expect better from him outside being brilliant in operations.

  18. 18 QT765

    Not gonna lie that I’ve been waiting for the recap but that picture of Joowon as the header is adorable >____<

    • 18.1 KDaddict

      AT DBs, they always know how to pick that ONE screenshot from 60 mins. worth of video that is the best one for us to drool over, to fantasize over, to die for! ALWAYS.

  19. 19 coby

    (whispering) I watched this is our office..shhhhh.. and I was biting my nails the whole time.

    Such a cliffhanger in the previous episode that I can’t help but to see what is next. Every time at Shi-on remembers his hyung, my tears are brimming and I want to hug him.

    Yoon-seo’s character is so lovable. She is like being Shi-on’s hyung in the hospital.

    But wait, is Dr. Choi Chae-kyung’s dad? The Creepy Chairman is actually a good guy in “Who Are You”. Sometimes I don’t like when actors gets two jobs at the same time and being given a bad guy role and a good guy role.

    Loving this show! Thanks for the recap!

    • 19.1 Chloe

      it is a huge cliffhanger in this episode as well. Will the child die? And will Yoon seo blame Shi On for supporting to go ahead with the op?

      • 19.1.1 SS

        the preview is out. We are going to have some nice developments next week

    • 19.2 Mohammed

      Chae-Kyung dad is dead and Dr Choi seems to be a close friend of the family and he prolly worked for Kyung father who was the old chairman. She treats Dr Choi like a dear uncle we saw in that scene.

    • 19.3 MJ

      How do you know that the chairman is a bad guy? It seems like 50-50 to me..chairman and administrator guy could be the ones who want to make huge changes in the hospital by eliminating those incompetent doctors…it’s still 50-50..or…am I missing something here?

      • 19.3.1 Ann

        That’s what I have been wondering about the assistant director–whose side is he on?

    • 19.4 dustdevil

      Heh, I’m going to have a hard time keeping “Who Are You” and “Good Doctor” straight when they both have lead characters called Shi-On, and the actor Kim Chang-wan is playing a mysterious (is he good or bad?) character in each one.

      • 19.4.1 RockPaperScissors

        Who are You is a Coffee Prince reunion it seems. I don’t remember Kim Chang Wan playing a bad guy before.

    • 19.5 bboingbboing

      I was watching at my office too! I couldn’t cry or react so much, and look at my phone every so often. It’s hard being discreet for this drama hahah.

  20. 20 husnaa

    love the drama and the recap. Thanks gummimochi!

  21. 21 Wens

    I love cliff hangers, no i hate them, no but they are so good.

    I really hope Yoon-Seo does not fail her first surgery! Now we will have to wait a week to see what happens next episode.

    I am not usually a fan of medical dramas, the case of the week does not entice me. However, I do really enjoy the characters and how the case of the week and the mixture of patients draw out the different aspects of our main characters. Through their day to day medical journeys, we witness how they interact, communicate and mature.

    I too, hoped Shi On was sketching Yoon-Seo on the bus, even though I knew romance is way too early for them. Maybe later down the track, when they are on more of an emotional equal footing, he can secretly sketch her, I think she will get all giddy over it.

    • 21.1 yumi

      I think of cliff-hangers as forwards. They force the view forward into the next episode.

  22. 22 k-soup

    I really really hate Monday but, I can’t wait anymore! It’s always climax every end of the episode!

  23. 23 PeterOZ

    I think you are mistaken about Do Han being a great team leader. And you are obviously biased because of his looks, if he was ugly looking your opinion maybe less of him. He is obviously arrogant, the only reason he wants to take all the responsibility is because he does not want Shi On to be acknowledge as a doctor in front of his peers, which what a doctor, and certainly a adult does. He wants people to perceive Shi On as merely a child who needs to be disciplined, controlled and often scolded. If he truly protects his own as you said, then why does he not protect Shi On from getting bullied? instead he allows the other resident doctors to take their anger out him for getting Douche Han in trouble? Got you there didn’t I. He takes All the credit for the saving the kids because he is the one who operated them , but does not give credit to Shi On who is the one who saves them with his accurate diagnosis when the operation goes wrong. Nor the fact he breaks the rules because he truly cares for the patient and pushes the doctors to do what they want to do. Like operating on the premie. He (SHI ON) did it NOT DO HAN. so get your facts straight. See Do Han for what truly is, arrogant egomaniac, “i want to be the only top doctor” here person. The fact he ignores and does not help Shi On to progress in the hospital should teach you some common sense, the his not a good person. Don’t forget a great leader, is not one who leads, but inspire others to follow. The way he treats Shi On is NOT a mark of great leader.

    • 23.1 RM

      I think you’re wrong.

      • 23.1.1 Mohammed

        He might be a good leader to his team but his jealousy, petty reasons for disliking Shi-On is very childish and far from a good leader.

        He acts like a kid who is jealous that his teacher Choie likes the new kid better…..

        That ruins everything else he does well as a leader who protects his old team.

        • SP

          I don’t think DH’s jealous. He’s also care for patients but it’s in different way form SO. I understand why he doesn’t trust SO as a doctor. He’s a bit narrow mind but not jealous. I cheer for SO to prove himself worthy.

          • gia

            I agree. I actually like his character since it makes him very human. Surgeons do tend to become a bit of an egomaniac since they are holding someone’s life in their hands and they essentially give the patient “life” by fixing them up. Of course I could just be stereotyping here.

            I’m looking forward to seeing his metamorphosis as the drama goes on 🙂

      • 23.1.2 KDaddict

        I don’t think Peter is wrong.
        The way he behaves is open to interpretation right now.

        If we think nicely about him as hero material, we’d say that he is protecting SW and Choi; that he is taking the burden of the whole team upon himself.

        If we think of him as being a normal human being with defects, then it is entirely possible that he doesn’t like SW from the word Go, and is not at all Big abt it.

        Right now I’m inclined to see it the way Peter sees it. But I’ll be happy to see him turn a corner and come over to SW’s side later.

        • Ann

          But Do Han does have a serious point. Even though we are being led to be on Shi-On’s side, would you seriously want him for a doctor? All the knowledge in the world does not help if you are unable to communicate it and apply it.

          Shi-On really needs some help with this before he can become an effective doctor. If he had a speech pathologist who could follow him around and help him interpret situations as well as help interpret his communication to others, he and the hospital would both be better off.

          • True2U

            “Shi-On really needs some help with this before he can become an effective doctor”

            But who is helping him? As far as Do Han goes, he himself said he wants to see SO fail (As we all know if he fails, that means his patients will die. Is that something a doctor wishes for, just to prove a point?) so he leave the hospital on his own. From ep 1, their has not been one person willing to understand him. He’s rejected point blank because of the relationship he has with the old doctor (Forgot his name). Right now, Do Han acting upon his pride, and nothing else. He rejected saving the child when SO suggested it, but when his ego/pride was attacked he all of a sudden wants to save the baby? Nah, bro needs to grow the hell up.

          • wonnie

            @True2U yeah, I was disappointed that the reason making Do Han decide to operate the baby was partly his ego/pride attacked by the bad guys… But then I hope the drama will show his growth as a doctor with more warm feelings (from my POV) with Shi-on by his sides 🙂

          • Raine

            Ann – I agree. He needs a guide/aide, as I keep writing in all my reviews. He needs a social compass so that he can put his gifts to use in the world that he lives in; a world with other people that he needs interact with. It doesn’t even have to be a speech, but a trained aide.

        • Ryan

          Effective leaders just need to be authentic and trustworthy. Humble, nice, and general political correctness are mere coincidental.

          From the glimpses I had, Kim Do-Han can’t be exactly bad because he is grateful to his teacher and appreciate the tough love and frankness he was given

          If you take away the supposedly know-it-all genius and the clean surefire solutions to complicated world problems that the overacted autistic resident doctor bring, you will see that he is more of a liability than anything else.

          In short, if you evaluate his actions more realistically and directly, without according him a special treatment, the guy is a disaster.

          This drama only works if you buy the premise that _just about all_ these other doctors are somehow jaded, ego-driven, power-hungry, ignorant and lacking self-awareness; and, that there are simple, clean and clear, reversible or can-be-fixed-later-if-something-goes-wrong idealistic decisions in the real world, even in cases of life and death

          At the end of the day, all these guys will be reminded of their true noble calling by this one guy with a disorder.

          Doesn’t work for me 🙂

          • Neseli


            “And you are obviously biased because of his looks, if he was ugly looking your opinion maybe less of him”

            So basically you are just assuming that all that gummimochi cares about is looks and she loses the ability to make any insightful analysis of the character as soon as they see a pretty face?
            I don’t know if you’re right about Do Han but you sure sound extremely rude.


            If you find the doctors in this drama unrealistic then I must say you’re very lucky as that would mean you never had the misfortune of meeting such doctors.

            I,on the other hand, had the luck (or bad luck) of meeting quite a few ‘great’ ‘specialized’ doctors due to some reason and whenever I see these ill-mannered,arrogant,money-loving robotic “fictional” character in these drama,I’m reminded of at least one of them.So for me the drama is pretty realistic.It’s unfortunate and hard to accept but these kinda doctors do exist…they do at least in the world I know.

    • 23.2 Peeps

      Even though he does not seem to be a good leader in terms of growing people and helping them reach their potential or even simply by just helping make their lives better, DoHan is an effective leader in the perspective of the hospital.

      He is able to keep his team in check and clean up their messes when they make them, ie.: be responsible for them. He is able to bring them together so that they work smoothly. He is professional enough to make good decisions regarding the balance of doing what’s best for his patients while also helping to keep the hospital’s reputation intact. In the professional sense and in the perspective of the hospital, he is a good team leader.

      Of course if you were to see this from the Humanitarian perspective, he is, frankly, lousy as a leader for all the points that you have mentioned. However, I beg to differ on the part where you claim that DoHan does not give credit to ShiOn. He does. In this episode alone, at the start, he already simply AGREES with ShiOn on what to do with the baby. If he really wanted all the credit, there was no way the parents of the preemie would recognise ShiOn as their child’s savior. They would simply have thought of DoHan alone.

      Anyway, no one here said anything about DoHan being a great leader so I don’t know why the comment. I don’t think he’s an awesome person either. A good doctor he is, but a bad person he makes.

      • 23.2.1 Peeps

        No wait, he’s not a bad person. He’s simply a normal, flawed human being.

      • 23.2.2 Ryan

        I believe “growing people and helping them reach their potential” are jobs of therapists and “helping make their lives better” are the tasks of clergymen and spiritual advisers

        Nowhere in the study of effective leadership will anyone find “humble” or “nice” to be required attributes.

        • Peeps

          Not really.

          Effective leadership requires that people actually follow the words of the leader and act on them and people usually don’t listen to others whom they don’t respect. Being humble or nice is a huge contributor to having others respect one and therefore what a good leader should have. Humble and nice are not required attributes but they help a lot.

          Unless one chooses to become a dictator. That’s not a leader. That’s just a dictator.

          Growing doctors to become better than they currently are is part of aiding the hospital’s good reputation and so is part of a team leader’s goal that he should fulfill as part of his responsibilities. And also, a good leader is one who makes his team more efficient and increasing the capabilities of his members is one way to do that, so there.

          Preventing burnout is also what a good leader should look out for and helping make his member’s lives better, especially when the occurrence harms a member’s well-being and therefore efficiency, is one way to prevent it.

        • PeterOZ

          I agree,

          definition of leadership is subjective.

          Adolf Hitler was a great Leader to his people otherwise how did he inspire a whole nation to do genocide.

          Osama is a great leader to his people, enough to sacrifice their own life for their beliefs.

          George Bush is a great Leader, not very good at public speaking and finding nuclear arsenals. But leads the free nation.

          Its all about perspective others will say Do Han is a good leader. But for me he isn’t and that is my free choice to make based on my perspective of what makes a good leader.

          • Peeps

            *Shrugs* What can I say. Good leaders don’t always stay on the good side.

            I only disagree about George Bush. Dude did not help the US economy, which is one of his responsibilities. In fact he brought war upon them and also the 2008 Financial Recession.

            Leaders have to drive people to work together to reach specific goals, good or bad. Bush did not fulfill that criteria and so he is an ineffective or bad leader.

            And of course you can have your views. I didn’t mean anything by that last sentence.

        • Faye

          Don’t take this the wrong way, but have you ever been in a leadership position? I’m not talking about a managerial or supervisory job; I mean actual leadership? Because by definition, a leader most certainly is concerned with the development and well being of his or her employees. “Lead” means to provide guidance and show the way to someone.

          Anybody can bark orders -heck, a robot can do that-but a leader looks at human resources as just that -humans-and acts accordingly. One of the first things I learned in leadership classes is that your human capital is your most important resource, and that has certainly proved to be true. If you invest in your people and help them grow, you’ll get more from them. That is a very different thing than coddling people or acting as their therapist, BTW.

          • Peeps

            Wow, you explained it so much better than I did. Nice!

          • Dramafed1782

            Spot on Faye!

          • PeterOZ

            Leadership is a matter of perspective.

            I used George Bush as perfect example. Republicans think he is good leader.

            Democrats think he is not. It always just comes down to the opinion of the person.

            I thin Do Han is not a good Leader
            Some people think he is.

            So who is right who is wrong?

            its all about individual perspective.

    • 23.3 yumi

      I find this drama confusing and hard to follow.

      I’m don’t know right now if Do Han is a good leader or not, but he is definitely more talented and less self-serving/self-interested that almost everyone (the exception being Dr. Choi) beyond the rank of resident. And unlike the performance of all the other fully established doctor he seems to be good at what he does.

      It makes me wonder what the medical training system is in this dramaverse that makes the resident leave having so little interest in medicine and patients, and so much interest in power and institutional politics.

      I actually think the assistant-director might be playing a deep game and is actually interested in the overall health of the hospital over the egos and power of his co-conspirators.

      The source of my main confusion is around the values that this series thinks are important and wants us to root for.

      Do Han says Shi-On knows a lot about medicine but isn’t a good doctor because he’s a robot.

      Yoon-Seo says Shi-On’s knowledge is textbook perfect but he hasn’t developed any values/judgement of his own.

      If she were talking about judgments around a patient’s quality of life, say you can save a patient’s body but their lives would be one of excruciating pain forever, I could understand.

      But from these last two episodes–[maybe i was reading poor quality subtitles] it seems the value Shi-On doesn’t get it respect for the hierarchy even if it means sacrificing a patient’s life, and the harmony of the team.

      I hope it is bad subtitling or a deficit in my understanding, but I’d hate the show to be pushing the well-being of team dynamics over the life of patients.

      But if these are the values that are being preached Yoon-Seo violates them whenever she feels like it. She seems committed to the doing right by patients and willing to piss off the power structure and cause problems for the boss. but she gives Shi-On crap for the exact same behavior.

      This confuses me to no end.

      Also, I am perplexed by the communication style–where everyone shouts at Shi-On and never gives him a chance to explain anything, then are surprised that they can’t understand what he is thinking or why he does what he does.

      • 23.3.1 Kaybee

        I agree with you… I think YoonSeo realizes her mistake in Ep.05 looking at the preview… She hugs ShiOn and thanks him for making her realize how important it is to save a patients than to follow the office politics and the system….
        It is them who are robots following a system even during emergencies but it is he who is a “human” among them with genuine feelings for the patients…
        Even Dr. Do Han is a perfectionist who feels obliged to save the patients no matter what (maybe because of his background story of loosing his younger brother) but he follows a the system and doesn’t act out of it until he came along…
        ShiOn is going to change everyone’s life and perspective in the hospital and by the end of the drama we’ll have a warm family of doctors… :_)

      • 23.3.2 Kaybee

        I agree with you… I think YoonSeo realizes her mistake in Ep.05 looking at the preview… She hugs ShiOn and thanks him for making her realize how important it is to save a patients than to follow the office politics and the system….
        It is them who are robots following a system even during emergencies but it is he who is a “human” among them with genuine feelings for the patients…
        Even Dr. Do Han is a perfectionist who feels obliged to save the patients no matter what (maybe because of his background story of loosing his younger brother) but he follows a the system and doesn’t act out of it until he came along…
        ShiOn is going to change everyone’s life and perspective in the hospital and by the end of the drama we’ll have a warm family of doctors… 🙂

    • 23.4 ilikemangos

      I think it may too much of a stereotypical assumption to say that gummi is biased because of his looks.
      What you’re saying could possibly be right, and what gummi said could be right too.
      I think not everything is black and white; there are grey areas with our characters that the writer has yet to fully explore.

    • 23.5 ilikemangos

      Gummi, take your well deserved power nap.
      You are wonderful with these recaps. <3

      • 23.5.1 ilikemangos

        This was meant to be a separate comment. But oh well!

  24. 24 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap. What I find fascinating every episode so far is that the writer writes yes another aspect of how Si On communicates. But always gets it wrong.

    I don’t know if he/her intention is to make us feel sorry for him. Or is the writer trying to convey how frustrating it is when no one understands you.

    Either way, on one hand I understand his colleagues’ fears. But the medical staff are as bad as laypersons in how they treat someone who differs from the norm.

    But all the time, it’s the little moments when he talks to a child, it’s when it gets me. I can’t believe I was all choked up with him counting dragonflies.

    • 24.1 MJ

      I guesss bcoz it is a fact. Autism is something the person has to carry his whole life. His everyday life is like that, bcoz its a work place with new patients coming in and esp. He works in a field where life and death are at stake. He cannot explain it and he cannot be cured. So it will always be some good day and lots of days when people ‘forget’ that he has autism. I hope in further episodes, the doctors are going to start accepting him and like him…they’d better be! The other resident doc is just jealous of shi on knowledge and ability in diagnosing.

  25. 25 melbeek

    Oh Gummimochi, you made me laugh out loud when I read ‘doctor pomade’ heeee how fitting. 🙂

    I’m finding the writing fairly real. I haven’t worked in a hospital but my mom and sister did and I’ve heard a lot of things. Usually the smartest doctors in house have the biggest ego’s (such as mr super doc… unfortunately, not as handsome usually). It makes sense though, you need that ego and confidence to do what they do, and many really are jerks. (Drunks in fact to relieve their stress.) And their work is their life. Nothing supersedes this.

    The nurses do gossip (it’s unfortunate but it’s true, word spreads quickly).

    Again, the quiet moments of Shi-On made me choke back again. It makes me think that one of his biggest hurdles to treating his autism is acceptance? Because as a child he was rejected for being ‘different’ or ‘weird’. At the same time because he’s so smart and brilliant people harbour jealousy and resentment to this gift he has. The team rejected him so he tries to go to the kids for acceptance. It’s like an excuse for a lose-lose situation and the writer has stacked the odds against him. (As our hero needs to overcome!)

    I feel that the writer has setup for everyone in the hospital to feel that shi-on is a memorizing cold robot, but in fact he probably understands and is the most sensitive to the patients pains and needs. Why? Because he’s lived his whole life living with verbal abuse and emotional pain. I know Shi-On will be the one who will shake the residents views on caring for the patient to a warmer hospital hopefully? Probably that will be the hook line and sinker for Yoon-seo who also loves her patients dearly. The ethical part is so interesting. How the doctors don’t want to take responsibility for being sued in taking risks or breaking the hierarchy, but it might be that 20% chance that might safe that baby’s life (in this case). Sometimes, it’s purely for selfish reasons to save themselves first, whereas Shi-On is so naive and pure he doesn’t even weigh these political or selfish complications. He just wants to baallli baaalli surgery! Save them!

    As for the political war.. shhticky…

    The mystery of do-han’s brother is making me very curious… I wonder if his brother also had a mental issue?

    BTW: the kids are adorable… and child Shi-On and Hyung I totally heart..

    • 25.1 unknownX2

      Kudos to the child actor who was acting as Shi-On’s older brother. He was like an angel from heaven in those few short scenes of him, particularly that scene where he was patting Shi-On to sleep. 🙂

      • 25.1.1 melbeek

        I agree! Even though the scenes are short and simple, the story between Shi On and Hyung are so impactful… Like a story within a story.

    • 25.2 yumi

      Shi-On seems to be high functioning on the autism scale. I’d say he’s more what was once called Asperger than “idiot-savant.”

      People you are as bright high functioning with Asperger syndrome usually have some hard learned awareness about how they affect others and coping behavior–I just don’t understand how Shi-On got this far without better skills.

      For instance–http://templegrandin.com/

      This series and every character in it behavior and motivation confuses me.

      • 25.2.1 Raine

        Yumi- Si-on’s disability is pretty severe. He does have savantism. He can learn some things about how to function socially, but a person that severe usually has help throughout their life. And that’s cool. Temple Grandin is less severe than Si-on. (I love her!!! She speaks at my alma mater allll the time!)

        Also, people with autism are especially sensitive to emotion. They just don’t respond to it well.

  26. 26 Cherry

    I feel for Shi-on more as each episode goes by 🙁 🙁
    And now yeon soo..I love how she didn’t give up on Shi On no matter what he did, instead she’s trying to help him and understand him.
    There’s also Do Han whom I’ve been waiting for his change towards Shi On, I mean it looks like he had an autistic brother but something went wrong and that brother died. Still, I’m expecting some bromance between the two doctors even if it’s at the end of the drama.

    Good Doctor, foghting!

  27. 27 Ninahime

    “Furthermore, I love how the show continues to explore Shi-on’s unique (to this dramaverse) way of communication. Take for instance the cake incident when Shi-on brought the cake to cheer the boy up, and that good intention was misinterpreted. I really enjoy his medico-speak because it shows that Shi-on verbally communicates in a way that he knows how: through medical terminology. And for someone to be able to recognize that as a strength and utilize it; I consider that incredibly insightful and self-aware. Then at that point, it really makes me wonder if we’re the ones who’s got it wrong the entire time because society has ingrained within us a certain set of etiquette rules; to be wary of a social faux-pas in the times when we should be calling the thing for what it is, pure and simple.”

    Hi I’ve been stalking your site since forever and I love your narrative voice and how you analyse after each episode. I particularly like this part. It’s really insightful of you. Many thanks and I look forward to your future recaps.

  28. 28 chunlee

    Yah..gummimochi,i could really give you a hug! Thank you so much…you recap and comments just made my day! So happy!

  29. 29 SS

    I really like that basketball scene where for a moment, I held my breath, quite sure that Si On would land the most fantastic 3 pointer. Instead the ball just came bouncing back to earth after what seems an eternity. I guess Si On must have thrown it real high vertically instead of aiming for the basket.

  30. 30 april

    Thanks gummimochi for the fast update of the recaps. I’ll be waiting for this every week^_^

  31. 31 Appelsin

    I enjoyed the episode a lot. Shi On is as loveable as the first day, and the life-death cliffhangers have me in pain, haha!!

    But honestly, I missed some evolution in the characters and their relationships, I hope they give us some of this next week (fingers crossed).
    It would be great to have some hint about future romance…will Yoon Seo get closer to Do Han? it looks like she still feels something..will she develop some feelings for Shi On? which kind?
    I wouldn’t mind to see some bromance here too. Looks like Do Han lost a little brother, so maybe he can adopt Shi on (but his heart has to melt before that, haha!!) 😀

  32. 32 sisiorchid

    Let us all appreciate the basketball scene! Teehee.
    The way he did that shooting position with that musical score with that antipation of the hospital people for the ball to be in the basket, I was kinda thinking that: ” Oh my God! The world is so unfair if he is so smart and then he is also athletic.” And then the ball just… that gave me the laugh in this episode.

    • 32.1 Angela

      I think the Neurosurgery guys are cool, not gonna lie. I like their initiation and willingness to include.

      • 32.1.1 Peeps

        Maybe because they know the workings of the brain so damn well and therefore understood very well what Shi-On is going through? Haha, I don’t know.

        But yes, I agree with you. They rocked.

        • sisiorchid

          Oh yes. I forgot that they are from the Neurosurgeon Department and here I was kinda thinking that they included Shi On for just “the more, the merrier” kind of thing and then…yeah maybe they do know the whole thing of having a special resident in the hospital since that meeting happened. Anyway, that scene really rocked!

  33. 33 Joane

    Thank you so much for the quick recap… i must admit at first i don’t buy this medical drama, but now i can’t wait until monday.. finally we have a genius who struggle to show his awesomeness…

    • 33.1 Evadiva

      “A genius who struggles to show his awesomeness” is the best brief description of this drama yet 🙂

  34. 34 Mia

    Thank you for the recap!

  35. 35 Abbie

    My love for this show continues to grow by leaps and bounds! And it’s all character! Shi-on, Yoon-seo, Doctor Choi, Do-han, Nurse Jo, Jin-wook, and In-hye. These are my favorite characters!

    Do-han really is Super Doc. He is a hardass jerk, but I’m beginning to like him more and more.

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

  36. 36 kumi

    I ship Shi-on and Popping Eyes 🙂

    • 36.1 latteholic

      Kang To and Little Mok Dan? 🙂

  37. 37 sheils

    The Chief annoys me big time. Why are his eyebrows always raised like that?

    It’s so sad because it shows that Shi-on is so used to people hating him… and that yes, autism is prone to bullying 🙁 I’m still not sure what’s the objective of this show in tackling the issue. I just pray that it’ll be portrayed realistically.

  38. 38 7258salt

    a question….do they have a medical consultant on board the production team?
    i’m asking because the medical case doesn’t make sense…. why would you need to operate on a pneumonia case? what would you operate on? seriously? and then, they “discover the problem in the intestinal area!?”
    OMG… how do they ‘discover’ that…’facepalm’
    this is why doing medical drama is tricky. it has to be logical & realistic otherwise the whole thing become an embarassing joke…’shake head’…

    *for those who dont know, pneumonia is lung infection, usually cause by bacteria & just requires antibiotic (and respiratory support if its severe enough)

    • 38.1 Chloe

      no, what happened before the kid reached their hospital was he/she (? can’t remember) presented with intussusception, which is like telescoping of the bowel loops causing strangulation, and this is a surgical emergency. however during that delay the kid continued vomiting, some vomitus went down the windpipe causing aspiration pneumonia. the surgery they are doing is for the intussusception. as for aspiration pneumonia, Yoon Seo ordered antibiotics.

  39. 39 Ann

    I hope the show does not go with the easy idea that Shi-On just needs to be “accepted” by the other doctors and that will make everything OK. Shi-On needs to take some responsibility for improving his ability to communicate by getting help. The Director should take some responsibility, too, since he has thrown Shi-On in the deep end and expected the other doctors to take care of him when the resident training system does not allow for that. He should know Shi-On has issues that need to be addressed, and if he really wanted him to succeed, he would be getting that boy some language therapy.

  40. 40 alua

    Didn’t feel that all that much happened in this episode, in terms of character development. Well, Yoon-seo realised that Shi-on isn’t a robot but draws, brings rice cake and counts dragonflies….. He’s still the best bit of the drama.

    —Any positive thoughts I had about Dohan’s fiancée yesterday vanished. How could she turn off the phone? It’s just so selfish.

    —I can’t say I quite understand why they are not trying to figure out a better way to work with Shi-on. Prof. Choi should have instructed, from the start, at least Dohan, but also others, on how to best deal with Shi-on (‘look after him’ doesn’t cut it, and he should know better than that. Dohan should know better than that too). Well, no one gave such guidance, but now that there are problems occurring all the time, and the words they are saying to Shi-on are obviously not getting through, rather than philosophising about doctors with or without common sense, wouldn’t it be better to think about how to best get Shi-on to do what needs to do and not do certain things? Since obviously the normal method of communicating is not working.

    —So Choi is married to that woman the Dohan’s fiancée hates? I’m getting all confused with the political games and who’s the baddie, who’s not (not that I care too much, to be honest)…

    • 40.1 yumi

      “I can’t say I quite understand why they are not trying to figure out a better way to work with Shi-on.”

      yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

      • 40.1.1 MJ

        Its all happened to this point bcoz do han is not totally accepting SiOn in his team, therefore lack of leadership and guidance to all other team members..he is still thinking that Si on will never be a good doctor. We just have to be patient and wait until he realize that Park Shi On is special and patients need doctors like him. Afterall its 20 episodes and we just got started..

  41. 41 Elena

    You all do a marvelous job recaping from us. AND you do it so quickly I think some of us expect instant turn around. Most know it take some bit of time to organize a recap as great as yours consistently are.

    I don’t usually watch medical dramas so the recaps are great for me.

    thanks again.

  42. 42 joo

    I didn’t think I’d enjoy a medical drama so I was a bit hesitant but I thought I’d at least give the recaps a chance to test the waters (admittedly given the assembled cast members ;p). You & the drama have gotten me totally interested & invested now, so many thanks!

  43. 43 liz

    Sorry guys but you guys are all on Shi On side and does not think about the doctors side.

    On the hospital you can’t just do like you please.

    Even if you are a genious doctor.

    S.O has been causing troubles even if by accident.

    He tries to change the kids diet by himself – yes yes he knows what is good or not for the kid – but he can’t just change it like he pleases. Imagine if another doctor goes to treat the patient and does not know S.O changed the kid’s diet/ medication or something like this, it can cause a big problem, harm the patient.

    Then S.O is trying to help, however he is still a resident and still can’t do surgery, and should watch like most of the other residents do, and when the doctor asks him stay quiet, he should, the doctor doing the surgery needs to concetrate.

    But I do agree is not right what the other residents did, bully him and call him things, that was wrong. And scream all the time. Not right.

    But I’m not angry with DH he is right, S.O is not ready to do surgery and deal with patients yet. This isn’t all about his ego people. S.O is not ready.

    And watching him panicking and having a crise in the middle of the surgery. This won’t end good.

    I think S.O should stay outside of surgery room, he can be a genious doctor but not surgerion…

    • 43.1 Mohammed

      I agree Shi-On needs to learn,understand to follow some rules,orders and not just do anything he want on his own. He needs to become a better team player. Listen to Yoon-Seo!

      He needs to stop panicking in operations other than giving brilliant observations.

      This is all good writing so far because the Good doctor hero must have some real flaws,things to improve.

      It would be real boring show if Shi-On was brilliant calm surgeon from episode 1 and if he knew how to act calm, with common sense with patients.

    • 43.2 Hui3r

      I think my biggest beef with DH’s actions are that they are discriminatory. It’s ok to treat SO differently because he has different needs as a result of his autism. What is not ok is that they treat him as retarded and being less worthy.

      Some may argue that DH is doing the right thing. but I think he is just doing the “easy” thing. He is ok with SO being hands off with the patients because that is easy – less problems and he doesn’t have to deal with the difficulty of explaining things to the patients, their next of kin and SO. But you have to admit – his actions are discriminatory. He should be treating all of his students with the same expectation – that they learn to be good doctors. Its ok with me if he uses different tactics and approaches to teach SO as long as he is teaching – the point is that he is not.

      Contrast it with Yeon Soo. She is so much more junior than DH. but she does what is right, rather than what is easy. She doesn’t turn a blind eye when she knows what the other residents’ doing is wrong. She is frustrated with SO practically all the time. She doesn’t make excuses for him when what he does is wrong. Instead she tries to explain why what he is doing is wrong. He might not understand 100% or maybe cannot express his understanding, but at least she tries to communicate. And because she sincerely wants to help him, he opens up to her and tries to communicate in his own way. More importantly, she is willing to reflect and correct her own misconceptions.

      I also disagree that SO should stay outside of the surgery room. Except for the first time when he really panicked, he didn’t have another meltdown. Instead, he has displayed that he can really take a moment to focus and think of solutions. He is really observant of the patient’s reactions. This is also indicated in the first episode when he had to deal with an emergency and he was able to take action methodically.

      His presence stresses other people out because his tics tend to tick people off (pardon the pun). But that’s not really his problem and he shouldn’t be deprived of career opportunities because other people can’t focus well enough. In essence, don’t blame your problems on other people.

      All said and done. I agree that SO is not ready. But he is just a resident and his condition doesn’t help. But this doesn’t mean that he will never be ready.

  44. 44 Suzi Q

    Thank you for your enjoyable recaps.

    I love the flash back scenes with Shi On and his hyung. It brings back tears. My older sister was not autistic, but was born cerebral palsied. She was retarded and nonverbal.She tried to communicate, but couldn’t be understood which was frustrating to everyone. Luckily, she was very talented in art and could write with difficulty.Being different was very difficult for her and our family so I can truly empathize with Shi On. Our family loved her irregardless, but unfortunately she was not blessed with a healthy body. I was her caretaker until she passed, and she was a sweet loving sister.
    I really upsets me when the mother over reacted and threw the cake on the floor. Couldn’t she just refuse and said NO?Also the scumbag resident, Il Kyu, who keeps belittling and bullying defenseless Shi On, I want someone, Yoon Seo or Do Han, to finally kick the crap out of him.

  45. 45 Bengbeng

    the Chairman is also in Who Are You? and right off the bat, I felt he’s the bad guy. How come he is so scary when he just smiles and grins???!!!

  46. 46 Mint

    Too bad I’m dropping this drama after watching 4 episodes. Being a medical student, I just had a hard time watching how the doctor team is treating Shi On, they have like zero professional ethics. The plot is pretty good but by some reasons, I cannot emotionally invest in the story and I don’t feel connected to the characters at all.
    Joo Won totally nailed this role. I like MCW, but she did overeact in some scenes that had me cringe D:

    • 46.1 Amy

      Same here. Somehow I can’t cannot connect with the characters. Also the cliffhangers since the last two episodes are the same….medical emergencies again???

    • 46.2 Windsun33

      That is one of my biggest issues with nearly all Korean and Japanese hospital/medical dramas. All the servility, fawning, power struggles, screaming, downright mean comments, etc etc. just get tiresome.

  47. 47 Requiem

    I wanted to say thanks again, gummimochi, for the fast recap!

    Onto some talking points….

    1) I get what people say about Director Choi and Si-On. He definitely should have prepared the doctors in his group better to handle the Si-On so that they could accept him in a better way. OTOH, this dropping Si-On in gives us much better conflict and drama and is plausible (after all, Director Choi didn’t even know if he’d even get Si-On into the hospital let alone even thinking about him getting accepted by the rest of the staff). While from a humanistic standpoint, Director Choi didn’t help Si-On much with breaking in, from a drama perspective, I much prefer that he did.

    2) I like a lot of the aspects about the show, but my favorite is definitely Joo Won’s performance as Si-On and his interactions with the rest of the hospital (including doctors, nurses, patients, and parents). I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as the others, because they concentrated a lot more on other aspects of the story which are necessary to give the audience a better understanding of what’s going on. I AM intrigued by what the whole Assistant Director-Chairman angle is going to take.

    3) From the looks of it, the only straight-out baddies that are around are Dr. Pomade and his brother-in-law. We’ve seen some interesting ambivalences from Chae-Kyung, Asst Director, Dr. Pomade’s spy, and even the HPB head. I’m liking that ambiguity.

    4) I got really confused by the whole Chairwoman-Director Choi-Chae-Kyung scene. For some reason, I thought that Director Choi was Chae-Kyung’s father, and that he built up the hospital and married the Chairwoman, and it was sort of seen as a family business? I might be confused because of the translations, though….

    5) I love the romances going around with In-Hye’s sister and the resident, and the nurses. Can’t wait to see how those develop, especially since both were shut down so quickly and easily. In a sense, I’m thinking/hoping that their progression will in a sense compare and contrast with the Si-On/Yoon-Seo one and hopefully give us additional insight into how a potential romance between them might work compared to how “normal” ones do.

  48. 48 PeterOZ

    Are you sure were watching the same drama?
    As for the biased looks comment this wasn’t the first to be said, just watch Greys Anatomy and most would say in real life Hot doctors don’t all exist in one hospital. It is merely a drama gimmick to get viewers to watch. And is psychological too, it is true that most people will give more leeway to a good looking jerk than an ugly one, so don’t deny it.

    Second Do Han is condescending he treats Shi On like child. Like when he says stay, or go home your done for the work. Or don’t do anything. You may argue his being just a tough boss. But look up the word condescension and compare it to his actions.

    I have not hear him compliment Shi On to others, not to the board members, not to the parents.

    They don’t treat Shi On as a doctor, you may argue because he is difficult to deal with because because of his autism. But he isn’t hired by the board members to be observe SOLELY how he deals with his autism, but most importantly as a DOCTOR. Nope they they give him responsibilities, so Shi On takes initiative looks for patient to help, then they blame him for causing a mess.You know the saying “First they create the criminal, then they punish him”.

    Last Do Han leader? Well I agree with you he is a leader in one point.Don’t you remember he punched Shi On in front of the other doctors. Now all the other doctors FOLLOW his EXAMPLE and push him around. Yes a true leader in that respect.

    • 48.1 PeterOZ

      And i am sorry if i sounded mean to gummimochi,
      i’m not trying to be mean. Just opinionated, one of my flaws. So please don’t be offended. Just being emotional invested my k drama, love Shi On. 🙂

    • 48.2 gia

      ” Like when he says stay, or go home your done for the work. Or don’t do anything. You may argue his being just a tough boss. But look up the word condescension and compare it to his actions.” Shi On had caused a ripple in the hospital. He told him to go home since staying at the hospital after causing a huge mess wouldn’t have done anyone any good. A lot of people were mad and seeing the person that caused the problem would not help at all.

      Yes, Do Han punched Shi On. Yes, he probably shouldn’t have done that. However, you have to realize the situation he was in. When you’re doing surgery, you are holding someone’s life in your hands. One wrong move and you could kill or incapacitate them. It’s a high stress job and for Do Han to suddenly need to do two surgeries at once would raise that stress level significantly. He needs to go back and forth between the patients, try to save their lives, figure out what’s causing the problem, all while trying to stay calm. While the outcome was fortunately a good one, it could have easily gone wrong with one or both the patients dying. If one of them died, he or the hospital could have been sued and he might lose his job and/or license as a surgeon if it was found out that he was doing surgery on two patients at once. It was a situation with dire consequences if it went wrong and for it to be caused a new resident with autism, I think it’s pretty understandable as to why Do Han punched Shi On.

      As for the doctors following Do Han’s example. Perhaps they saw that Do Han did not really approve of Shi On being a resident. However, to blame Do Han for their behavior is unfounded. They are adults. By bullying Shi On, it just shows what they are made of: crap. Yoon Seo saw Do Han punching Shi On, yet she doesn’t act that way so it’s all about who you are essentially imo.

      As for not complimenting Shi . I’m pretty sure that Do Han knows how the board feels about Shi On. They let Shi On in only so that they can oust the present chairman since they think that shi on will screw up. Complimenting him would not help him or his department out in any way. Also, the Chairman was a strict teacher to Do Han and by following his example, I don’t think that he gives out compliments easily.

      • 48.2.1 PeterOZ

        Not buying it, so if i am to buy that Do Han was in high stressed position and needed to vent out his frustration it was justified to punch Shi On????????

        that’s unprofessional and unethical.

        Then why has he not apologized to Shi On for punching him???

        And what don’t you understand about bullying, have you been bullied before?? I have, when others see the popular kid bully the outcast like in School they follow suit. Don’t you know that.

        In Australia Workplace bullying is a big NO NO NO no excuses. But maybe its okay where your from. We even have disabled persons working in all types of job environments. And Its big NO NO to mistreat them. But i guess in here in Australia we are more civilized.

        So we are to agree with you that Shi On should be a physical and emotional punching bag for the show??
        If you love Do Han so much maybe we should petition the show to rename SUPER DOC and have him hook up with female lead. Because Shi On’s autism is jut making everyone #@#@$ awkward right.

        • gia

          I’m not saying that Do Han punching Shi On is justified. I am however saying that it is understandable. He’s human and was put in a high stress situation. Shi On was the person who caused the high stress situation. Stress, adrenalin, and anger could cause a person to act irrationally. Like punching someone. Of course, he should apologize to Shi On but maybe he’s like JJang byun (I Hear Your Voice): the type who is reluctant to apologize. We’re only 4 episodes in, so we haven’t got a full grasp of who he really is. Also, Shi On continuously causing more problems would make it more difficult for Do Han to want to apologize for his actions.

          “And what don’t you understand about bullying, have you been bullied before?? I have, when others see the popular kid bully the outcast like in School they follow suit. Don’t you know that.” In fact, yes I have been bullied. Quite severely actually. To the point where I dreaded going to school and would skip just to avoid it. Or pretend to be sick so I could stay at home instead. However this isn’t high school, or middle school, or even elementary school. This is a hospital where the age demographic is 25+ years. The only thing Do Han did to Shi On was punch him(once) or scold him when Shi On screwed up. The other doctors went out of their way to intimidate/bully him. Also, they would only do this when there’s no one around or close enough to hear. This would mean that they know they would get in trouble if they were caught acting this way around a superior- like Yoon Seo or Do Han. This would mean that if Do Han saw this, he would put a stop to it immediately. Since the bullies know this, why should Do Han be held accountable for their actions? They’re fully grown men who are just being a-holes and are capable in making their own decisions.

          History has shown that people tend to fear what they don’t understand. In this case, Shi On’s autism. Korea is sadly really behind when it comes to accepting any social changes. Thus, he will be bullied and discriminated against due to his condition. That’s how it is in real life as well, so kudos to the writer for making this drama realistic and raising awareness about this condition. It is frustrating to see him being treated this way but you have to realize that this is actually how a lot of people treat those with a mental condition.

          I don’t consider Do Han to be perfect. He has his flaws and that makes him very human. Everyone has a good and bad side and Do Han is no different, which is why I am excited to see his and everyone else’s change in character where they will finally accept Shi On and see him as an equal when it comes to being a doctor.

          • Chloe

            I think the punching is definitely way too overboard. If it happened in real life (and let’s un-complicate matters – say a doctor punched another doctor without a psychiatric illness), he would be suspended at the very least!

  49. 49 denisahoi

    Awesome 🙂

  50. 50 Mar

    The end of 3 and beginning of 4 made me laugh with the dramatic zoom in on the surgical mask faces, and I do not think it was supposed to be laugh inducing! I’m also already done with the political “intrigue” and I use that term loosely, and Si On getting physically smacked around and verbally abused. Totally professional behavior. Yeah.

    Hospital Heiress-bored now. Kind of feel sorry for her as Dr. TEN is SO bored by her too, and she has to know it. Wake up and smell the betadine, and drop him like he is not hot and move on sheesh. I am not sure those two even like each other.

    I am not making viewing this drama priority going forward. I may continue to watch it, because I am interested in seeing what will happen with the Si On character.

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