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Good Doctor: Episode 5
by | August 20, 2013 | 137 Comments

How this show manages to be funny, dramatic, heart-warming, and sometimes even wacky in one episode simply amazes me. Usually tossing all of those elements at once leaves you with a melting pot that doesn’t look too appetizing, but for some strange reason, Good Doctor leaves me wanting more after that hour is up.

And apparently so did the viewers as Episode 5 hit another series high of 18.0%.


Despite Yoon-seo’s efforts to resuscitate the child, they all fail and the patient flatlines. Shi-on slumps to the ground in defeat.

Everyone is in shock, but Yoon-seo is the only one who refuses to accept this outcome. Gah, it kills me to watch her keep trying anyway, shaking off Jin-wook’s attempts to tell her that it’s over.

Do-han orders the rest of the team to leave and pronounce the patient’s death. He lingers for another minute as Yoon-seo relentlessly performs CPR until she finally gives up. As tears fall from her eyes, Yoon-seo instructs Shi-on to finish up and move the corpse from the operating room.

Yoon-seo delivers the tragic news to the family, who breaks down in tears and blames the doctors for not saving their child. She stands there at a loss, taking in their hysterical cries until Do-han steps in to pacify the family, saying they did the best they could.

She completes the paperwork in a daze while Shi-on’s hands tremble to suture the body.

Doctor Pomade lashes out at Do-han with an I told you so! rant, and gripes that they’ll be sued for malpractice for sure. I love how Do-han challenges his superior with the same words Yoon-seo against him in the previous episode, and shouts back in defiance how any doctor could pick and choose one’s patients.

Do-han finds Shi-on in the locker room suturing the little girl’s clothes so that she doesn’t feel embarrassed in her torn clothes when she goes up to heaven. Grabbing the shirt, Do-han answers: “Death doesn’t mean someone is going somewhere, but that one has lost one’s life.”

Shi-on shakes his head, saying his bunny and hyung are in heaven too, but Do-han coldly lays out the truth—they lost a life today. What he’s doing is a selfish attempt to comfort himself.

Do-han: “To lose a family [member]… someone who didn’t have to die, but did, that… is a scar that forever remains with those left behind. What’s more is that no level of comfort or words can get rid of that scar. Ever.” Is this statement hitting a little too close to home for you, Do-han?

He tells Shi-on to believe what he wants, but reminds him that there are those who will laugh at him for it. Once he leaves, Shi-on thinks to himself: “People have always ridiculed me, so it’s okay.”

Shi-on waits outside the morgue, and sees the child’s parents being led away after they grieve over their daughter’s body.

Do-han appeals to Doctor Choi to lift his suspension for the time being, given the circumstances. The chief of staff grants it, but he shows concern for Yoon-seo’s well-being—she’s bound to be scarred by the loss of her first surgery patient.

Chae-kyung isn’t happy to hear that Do-han has returned to work. She rolls her eyes when explains his reasons to stay at the hospital, and tells him that Yoon-seo isn’t a child who needs to be coddled. She does have a point there.

Elsewhere, Jin-wook tries to gently persuade Shi-on away from the morgue. I do like how warm Jin-wook acts towards Shi-on, and that he shoots resident spy Il-kyu a look when he makes an underhanded remark.

Yoon-seo has been doing a pretty good job about hiding her emotions post-surgery thus far, and goes about the rest of her day as usual. When the chatty nurses wonder how she can act so unaffected, it’s Nurse Nam who sternly puts them in their place.

Do-han takes his team for rounds, but he notices that Yoon-seo hasn’t joined them. He isn’t happy to hear that Jin-wook didn’t inform her about it in order to give her some space.

Speaking of whom, Yoon-seo discovers Shi-on still sitting outside the morgue. Shi-on: “I was always by their side.” He was there when his bunny and hyung passed away, and although it scares him, he hates the thought of leaving someone alone in the morgue even more.

Shi-on asks if she doesn’t believe in a heaven either. She bitterly remarks that she doesn’t, and Shi-on notes that that’s the same thing Do-han said.

Heaven is just an ideal notion the living holds fast to, Yoon-seo tells him. “For children, to live is like to experience heaven; being loved by their parents, and playing with their friends. We robbed [that child] of heaven.”

Shi-on disagrees, saying the patient would thank Yoon-seo instead. In his experience, he came across multiple cases when the doctor chose not to pursue surgery, but Yoon-seo was the first one who did. He recites Doctor Choi’s words: “Although it’s important to treat a patient, it’s also important to give them a chance to live.”

“A chance?” Yoon-seo bites out. It’s only now that Yoon-seo finally gives into her tears as she reflects upon her guilty conscience. They could have saved the little girl if only she came in just a little earlier, and the helplessness she felt then now haunts her in the present.

Crying, Yoon-seo wonders what she’ll do now since she won’t be able to forget the patient’s face every time she holds a scalpel.

Then Shi-on silently raises his hand and ever so slowly extends it towards her shoulder inch by inch. But Yoon-seo’s phone rings before he gets the chance to comfort her, and he recoils. Darn that phone!

Yoon-seo is called into the operating room where Do-han tells her to scrub in to perform surgery. She asks if he has to go this far; she still considers this as harsh despite his strict teaching methods. At that, Do-han tells her that it’s a fact that she’s weak. Damn.

He still leaves the choice up to her, but plays upon her hesitance and says he’ll have Doctor Pomade do it instead. Which is when Yoon-seo declares that she’ll perform the surgery.

The team is surprised to see her back so soon, and Do-han keeps watch from the observation deck. With a deep breath, Yoon-seo makes her first incision.

Doctor Pomade is as pleased as punch to hand over the petition for Shi-on’s termination to the assistant chief. Let’s give him a name now—Assistant Chief Kang—who asks if Doctor Pomade thinks this will be enough to oust both the chief of staff and Shi-on.

Doctor Pomade lets out a hearty laugh in agreement, and Assistant Chief Kang breaks into an unknown smile.

President Lee relays the news about the petition to Doctor Choi. She finds it odd that the patient’s guardians took it up to the board themselves, and believes that someone else is pushing for the decision.

Back in the operating room, Do-han lectures Yoon-seo for taking too long to complete the procedure. She tunes him out just long enough to successfully wrap up a minute later, and shoots him a glare when she steps away.

Yoon-seo is still shaking afterwards, and Jin-wook advises that she refrain from performing any surgeries while she’s on call tonight. Ack, the foreshadowing! Something horrible is going to happen, isn’t it?

She asks if Shi-on is still sitting outside the morgue, and then asks the cafeteria ajumma for a favor. Ahh, it’s Mom!

So when Mom comes by with a tray of food, she stops in her tracks at the sight of Shi-on, and turns away before he sees her. She returns wearing a mask a little later, only to find him gone, having left after returning the little girl’s clothes to the parents.

Do-han scolds Yoon-seo yet again when he catches her prepare an envelope to help cover the little girl’s funeral expenses. He knows that she’s acting out of her own guilt, and orders her not to attend the funeral, even threatening to keep her out of the operating room for a month.

Their conversation is cut short when Chae-kyung arrives. She and Do-han talk outside, and she notes how pretty Yoon-seo has gotten lately.

She points out that Do-han never seems to yell at her like he does with Yoon-seo, even when she makes him angry. She jokes: “It’s not because you don’t take an interest in me?” Eep, at this rate you could become your own fortune-teller.

She suggests that Do-han act indifferent towards Yoon-seo if he wants her to become a better doctor, because depending on someone else can easily become a habit.

In-hye recounts how her near-death experience felt like a taste of heaven. Shi-on’s eyes grow wide with excitement as he listens to her descriptions of being pain-free and seeing the soft outlines of angels.

She finishes, “But it was just the medicine. They must’ve given me a lot of painkillers.” HA. Shi-on pouts.

There’s no doubt that In-hye holds a pragmatic perspective—she doesn’t believe in those silly things like Santa Claus or heaven. And then a little girl cries from behind them that of course it exists.

Later that night, Yoon-seo braces herself before heading inside to the little girl’s funeral, only to find Do-han already there to pay his respects to the family on behalf of the pediatrics department.

She listens at a distance as the mother confesses that she resented Yoon-seo for taking her daughter away from her. But she now knows that Yoon-seo did everything she could, and that her daughter’s death pains Yoon-seo just as much.

The father asks Do-han to also extend their gratitude to Shi-on for staying by their daughter’s side even after she passed away. Yoon-seo sheds a tear and leaves.

Yoon-seo spots Mom waiting outside the staff room with food in hand. Yoon-seo points out that she never mentioned that she worked at pediatrics. Aw Mom, did you look that up? Mom skirts the issue, but before she leaves, she comments that Yoon-seo seems like a warm-hearted person.

Shi-on gapes at the food in surprise, and notes that it wasn’t part of the dining hall menu. He says that it reminds him of a dish from his hometown and even tastes the same. If only we could tell you who made it for you…

Yoon-seo relays the parent’s gratitude to Shi-on, and asks if he’ll do the same thing of sitting by the morgue in the future. Shi-on nods. Yoon-seo: “Even if Do-han and I scold you?” Shi-on nods.

Shi-on says his brother once told him: “No matter how scared you are, you have to do what you want to do. The one who endures and does those things is the coolest person in the world.” He says that he’s afraid of the world and of people, but he finds strength whenever he thinks of Hyung.

It’s hard to tell at this point whether Creepy Chairman is actually creepy, since he wonders if he should take care of the petition against Shi-on. He smiles to hear that the rookie resident does have potential, and hints that something good will happen at the hospital soon. Hmm.

I really enjoy the nuggets we get of Nurse Jo, who says that he hopes Shi-on stays on as a resident in the hospital. Shi-on cracks a small smile.

Just then, the same little girl who overheard that heaven doesn’t exist trudges past them, disheartened. They sit with her as she cries about how it saddens her to think that her father didn’t go to heaven, convinced that what In-hye said is true.

Shi-on bends down to ask if she remembers her father’s face and the memories they shared together. She does, and he answers: “Then that’s enough. Because there’s a gateway to heaven within you.”

Shi-on knocks on his chest: “If you’re always crying and are upset, then that gate disappears. But if you constantly think of the happy times and smile, then a large gate appears.” Sometimes her father comes to visit her through this gate, just like how his bunny and hyung often come to visit him.

“Those who don’t believe in heaven don’t have this gate in their hearts.” Shi-on tells her. That makes her smile, and they all knock on their chests to invite their loved ones to come visit them. Awww.

Shi-on drops by the little girl’s funeral later and thinks to himself: “I’ll ask Hyung and bunny to play with you. They’ll make sure you don’t feel lonely.”

Yoon-seo thinks back to Shi-on’s words about giving children another chance at life when she gets a call from Do-han. They talk outside, and he asks if she still holds a grudge against him.

She admits that she’s more angry at herself because she’s realized that she’s the one who has approached medicine with a mechanical mindset. She believes that her job as a pediatric surgeon is to give children a future.

Do-han tells her that he’s seen plenty of doctors who hold that same idealistic view fall by the wayside. Yoon-seo retorts that it was fear, not idealism, that led to those physicians’ ruin; they were at a loss of what they would do if they lost that idealistic perspective. “That fear is what made a surgeon weak. And I won’t be like that.”

Do-han says that she sounds a lot like Shi-on, and he warns her that a reckless sense of duty and emotion will cloud a doctor’s clinical judgment and lead to a serious mistake.

As we see Shi-on sketch a picture of the little girl, his bunny, and Hyung just outside the gates of heaven on his wall, we hear Yoon-seo admit that she was wrong about Shi-on being a robot, and asks for Do-han’s help to keep him on the team.

She doesn’t buy that the decision is outside of Do-han’s authority, saying that his neglect towards Shi-on is a form of aggression. But Do-han turns it back on her and tells her not to cover for Shi-on anymore because nothing will change because of it.

Yoon-seo sees Shi-on sitting outside on his porch because his counting dragonflies method didn’t work. She asks if she can come inside for a bit. Awed at the mural on the wall, she asks if it’s a picture of heaven, but Shi-on shakes his head and puts a fist to his chest instead. “This is.”

She doesn’t understand, so he starts to sing “Knocking on Heaven’s Door.” When she says she gets it now, he shoots her a thumbs up for being so smart.

Then Yoon-seo hugs him and thanks him. “Thanks to you, you saved this noona from being nothing but a technician.” He hiccups in response. Hee.

As they sit outside (eating kimbap, natch), Yoon-seo asks Shi-on how his brother passed away. Shi-on shares about the mine incident, and how it was his fault Hyung died because he was too scared to go into the mines alone.

Shi-on takes out the little green scalpel and says that he made a promise to Hyung to become a doctor. “I have to keep my promise. I have to become a doctor.”

Yoon-seo places a comforting hand on his shoulder and tells Shi-on to keep his promise to his brother.

HA—Yoon-seo totally acts like a noona the next morning. She waltzes into his place and smacks him on the bum to wake him up. Shi-on covers himself in his blankets, and she teases, “I already saw everything last time.” Pfft.

Shi-on looks at the time and says they have to hurry to get to work. But Yoon-seo tells him it’s Sunday, and he plops on the bed again, all, Oh.

She’s here to take him out today and asks what he wants to do. When he doesn’t make a decision right away, she starts counting down from five, which effectively gets him to jump nervously. Then he calls out that he knows where he wants to go.

So it’s off to the zoo and Shi-on looks at the animals with wide-eyed wonder. It cracks me up that Yoon-seo is like a mother chasing after her excited child around the zoo, and she asks if he likes the animals that much. He nods.

She asks why, and he answers: “Because animals are like children and children are like animals. They’re all kind and cute and play well with each other.”

Yoon-seo tells him that he’s right and points out an animal that looks particularly lethargic. Then Shi-on grows nervous and runs off. It turns out the animal was sick after all, and the veterinarian thanks them for catching on to the animal’s illness.

They sit outside afterwards, and Yoon-seo wonders how Shi-on was able to identify the problem. He tells her that he spent his weekends at an animal hospital during his intern year because he didn’t get the chance to witness surgeries very often.

So she asks if he ever thought about being a veterinarian instead of a doctor. Shi-on honestly admits that he’d like to but he can’t “because we’re both stupid.” He clarifies that he at least needs to be smart, but that’s not always the case.

Back at the hospital, Assistant Chief Kang acknowledges the board president’s affinity for the pediatrics department, but tells her that further funding is impossible. Chae-kyung suggests they build a separate hospital then, an idea that doesn’t go over too well.

But then president Lee receives a file that leaves her speechless, which reminds Assistant Kang of the “good news” that would reach the hospital. His expression goes back and forth between a smile and a frown.

Then we see Doctor Choi in his office with a copy of a file that states a certain Woomyung Group will cease its financial contributions to the hospital. Does that make Creepy Chairman head of this corporation?

Yoon-seo and Jin-wook rush over to respond to a call about an unruly 10-year-old female patient. Are those… bite marks on the resident’s arm? Good Lord.

All we can hear are the sounds of barking and snarling with the occasional broken glass when Shi-on joins his fellow residents. And I mean this in the nicest way, but the patient looks like she took a page from A Werewolf Boy.

Shi-on approaches with caution and slowly bends down so he’s at eye level with Wolf Girl. He extends his hand towards her as she growls at him in aggression… and then she grabs his arm and bites down.

The residents jump to save Shi-on from the feral child, who snarls at them menacingly.


It honestly took me a good, long minute wondering why we were introduced to a Wolf Girl for our case-of-the-week until I realized the connection to the zoo and Shi-on’s experience with animals. I’d be lying if I told you that the quizzical look on my face disappeared upon this realization, but to be honest, I’m still scratching my head. I almost should have seen it coming when Shi-on mentioned how he once spent his weekends at the animal hospital and recognized the zoo animal’s ailment, but I thought he was trying to gain any medical experience he could. I’m wary to say anything past how Shi-on will use that experience in his present work, but if anything, I’m inclined to disagree that children = animals, and that they’re all kind and cute. Well, in this case anyway. I have no doubt that the writer will incorporate Shi-on’s interpersonal skills with this patient as well to achieve a heart-warming result, homage to A Werewolf Boy notwithstanding.

Moving on, some of our evil guys are painted as pretty evil as they come, but I like that we can’t get a full read on Assistant Chief Kang. At any given moment, it looks like he hangs on the edge of harboring either malicious or noble intentions. If we look past his metaphorical love of baseball, we’re left to wonder who he’s truly rooting for and give us more question to ponder: Why does he take such an interest in Shi-on anyway? And what is his deal with the Creepy Chairman who may or may not be creepy? Also: Mom where were you all this time? Her sudden appearance makes me wonder what happened during the gap years, and I’m excited to watch how her presence comes into play.

Yoon-seo still continues to tug at my heartstrings this episode as she faces the aftermath of her first surgery. It certainly couldn’t be the first time she’s lost a patient as a second-year fellow, but I could only imagine the amount of stress she was under to operate on a child for the first time without a supervisor present. And then to subsequently lose that life in your hands, it pained me to watch her keep trying to revive the child, unable and unwilling to accept the truth. I like how we got to explore how she copes with her grief, and how this particular loss makes her doubt her own clinical skills. With a hard-headed boss at the helm, I could understand her dilemma to balance how to provide care to her patients while being an effective surgeon. I did find it a bit convenient that it took Shi-on’s idealistic view to bring her back to the notion that their work is more about the patients and that she isn’t just a technician at work in the operating room and hospital. But then I suppose the idea the show wants us to draw is that Yoon-seo and Shi-on learns from each other as they treat the patients that comes through those doors.

But more than anything, I love that we keep seeing progress in Shi-on’s interactions with those around him. The way he speaks to the children in a way they can understand gets me every time, and I really enjoy the metaphors and analogies he uses with each child. And not only that, we’re starting to see Shi-on act as the initiator in these interactions, to be the one to extend the helping hand to those in need.


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        yeah that’s what it seemed like in the preview.. <3 this show.. SO. CUTE.

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        Who is SW? Do you mean Shi-On?

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          My bad. Joo Won makes me want to call his char Shi Won. SO it is.

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      I was so confused when I saw that.
      I wasn’t even sure if I was still watching that same medical drama.

      A Wolf Girl, really? Do we really need a case THAT special for Shi On to prove himself?

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        And i thought it was a wolf boy. LOL

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        LOL! Now, he’s caught up Lee Jun Ki, who’s also a dad in ‘Two Weeks’. 😛

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        LOL, you mean Song Joon Ki’s daughter. She’s a girl. Hahaha.

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      I was with this drama until that moment. I’m still kinda like ummmmm….what? Werewolf child????

      • 2.4.1 Dramafed1782

        On Naver there were two articles mentioning that the incident of this girl who has the behaviour similar to a dog was based on a real incident which happened in South Korea. As per the current preview of episode 6 this little girl Eun Ok had lived with dogs all her childhood. Hence she cannot even talk like other little children.
        Though we might find some resemblance to the Werewolf Boy we need to credit the writer for bringing to light some of the atrocities committed to children while they are growing. Nowadays when we read news, the amount of things happening to girls and boys in their pre-pubescent ages is shocking.
        At least there is one drama highlighting these incidents in the most “tamed” way. Real life can be scary!

        • ilikemangos

          Yeah, i’m sure this writer is drawing inspiration from real-life events in hospitals (of course with a bit more dramatic oomph).

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    I was like finally! when watching on viki as he is no longer a robot in her eyes.

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    The ajumma at the cafeteria is his mother, the mother who left them when she found out her 2nd son was autistic. Has to be.

    A friend of mine has a 2nd son who is autistic. She volunteered at a center for parents (mostly mothers) with autistic children. There she learnt that 2 out of 3 fathers of such children left the marriage/family, cos it was so difficult to cope. Of course their children aren’t savants, nor are they as well adjusted as Shi Won.

    Ep 6 in less than 2 hours!

    • 4.1 Ally

      I don’t think she left them when she found out he was autistic. In episode one she is still taking care of him despite his autism. Actually unlike the father she wanted him to be taken care of and treated. I think the only reason she would of left him is for his own good. Because she still seems to love him and worry about him.

      Also, I volunteer with special needs students in High School and have noticed that while many fathers do leave the family, most mothers continue to take care of the child with government support. Nevertheless many of our students come form foster homes or orphanages after being abandoned. It is quite sad because many of them are wonderfully gifted even with the savant syndrome. The students I have worked with have been through so much and I don’t ever see self pity or even discontent. some of the teachers say that it’s because they don’t understand and are unaware but I don’t think so… I think they realize their lot in life and have the capability to accept it better than most people.

      • 4.1.1 KDaddict

        I don’t know how I missed seeing that ajumma as the boys’ mother. Have to go back and rematch ep 1. TQ for clueing me in.
        Children with special needs do require a lot of care, love and patience. Not every family has the resources, nor every father has the courage to deal with it. But if they do, these children can be extremely loyal, devoted, loving and emotionally satisfying to be around.

        • Faye

          ITA. One good thing is that nowadays, there are many more resources (both financial and emotional) for families with special-needs children than there were even ten, fifteen years ago.

    • 4.2 Frances

      Ok so am I the only one who found it SO FRICKING ADORABLE when he had those bear ears on his head in the zoo? I actually ‘squeed’ when I saw him XD
      Loving this Drama so much!

      • 4.2.1 Chloe

        I’m not sure where you’re from, but I would like to point this out about my visit to Korea.

        My friends and I went to an amusement park there and observed that everyone (including teens and grown adults) seem to love being ‘cute’ and have no qualms about showing it by wearing those ears. There were so many of them with bunny ears, Minnie mouse ears, huge ribbons on their head at the amusement park, AND wore it on the public bus back from the park to the city. I can say for sure that in my country, most people wouldn’t be caught dead in those ears, let alone spend money on them just to look cute. AND if they decide to go for it and act silly at the amusement park, they wouldn’t wear them out on the public bus!

        Well, I do think it’s a Korean thing. No idea if there’s this phenomenon in other countries as well?

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    I don’t know what to feel about seeing a werewolf girl. But I am totally digging in the development between Shi-on and Yoon-seo. I can’t wait to see Chae-kyung cry because Dr. Do-han don’t like her anymore. I don’t like her character, I mean we can omit her and the story will still be the same. Ms. President’s hands is full already because of the evil schemers. So her adding to that is annoying. Please forgive me girl..

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    It’s ironic that, given how I just posted in another thread that I watch K-dramas for escapist entertainment, I love this one so much. Because Good Doctor has a depth I wasn’t expecting, but that I really appreciate.

    Shi-On raising his hand to comfort Yoon-Seo was so sweet – I love how you can see him inching toward a connection with her. I’m still not comfortable with them in a romantic relationship, though. That scene with the two of them in the zoo just solidified that feeling for me. She really is more like a mother/big sister figure to him.

    I couldn’t believe the baby died. Realistic, yes, but then you always hope for a miracle – especially in TV world. Poor Shi-On’s hand sewing up the baby’s clothes just *got* me. As for Do-Han ridiculing him – well, I got where that came from, but in my book, using your own pain as an excuse to strike out at someone else is never justified. Not cool, Do-Han! Not cool at all.

    On the other hand, he wins points for making Yoon-Seo get back in the saddle (OR, I guess), since that’s what she needed, I think.

    Mom’s appearance was a surprise! I’m a bit confused on her relationship with Shi-On, though. Does he think she’s dead? Did she just abandon him when he was a kid?

    Shi-On saying that he’ll ask Hyung and bunny to play with the little girl brought tears to my eyes. I never had the capacity to be moved by such blatant emotional pandering until this show, LOL.

    I know the political/financial dealings will be important later on down the line, but they’re not really holding my interest right now.

    When watching the werewolf child, I had a thought: did she actually bite the actor’s arms? That seems to be going above and beyond the call of duty for the actors, but it looked pretty darn realistic to me!

    Thanks for the great (and quick) recap.

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      I agree with you Faye.

      I watch drama’s to get away from my everyday of work but Good Doctor has much depth that has left thinking about myself. I wished more people watched it so I can have some deeper discussions about the topics they’ve brought up about.

      I think Do-han’s reaction partly has to do with his brother who died. Maybe he he’s dealt with his grieving by telling himself, I accept my brother is dead and is cremated into a bottle end of story, aka I hate you world and I’m bitter as heck now.

    • 12.2 MJ

      I always enjoy reading your comments here. When I read viki synopsis about this drama, I know that its gotta be a very deep, heartwarming drama. And it turned out to be so good. Every episode I had to shed tears, not over some cheesy ‘been there, done that’ scenes. But over small appreciation of life, sincerity, and thinking how scary the world is to all those autistic ppl. And how their families cope with the situation. Shi On is still considered “lucky” since he has a lovely brother,sorta pointing the direction for him to hv a dream as a doctor. I feel sad reading your comment on how she’s still like a mother or big sis to him..in that case, he will never be cured, so no one will be his significant other for the rest of his life? No romantic things for an autistic. ..? Is there any of them got married out there? Just curious.

      • 12.2.1 Faye

        @MJ – I enjoy reading your (and everyone else’s) commments, too! Reading the recaps here adds a level of understanding/enjoyment, and the comments always enhance that experience and make me think more.

        Regarding your question about romantic relationships for autistic people – although I have volunteered with this population (mixed in with other mentally-disabled children), certainly I’m no expert. However, I have seen mildly to moderately autistic people and people with mild to moderate mental disabilities in romantic relationships, so it’s certainly possible. I think it depends a LOT on the individual. For many autistic people, they just aren’t capable of expressing or relating emotionally to others, so a romantic relationship isn’t possible. Others are higher-functioning emotionally, even if they need help with their activities of daily living, so they can have these types of relationships.

        I’m not saying my opinion is irrefutable here. To me, Shi-On as he was in the first few episodes, and to an extent here as well, is just so much less developed emotionally than Yoon-Seo that a romantic relationship would seem like emotional pedophilia, for lack of a better term. Emotionally, he is still a child. If that changes, maybe a relationship would see more plausible.

        • jmjm

          I saw a slight change in how Joo Won portrayed Shi On this week, he seemed a bit more mature emotionally, better able to interact w people, etc, so I do think over the course of maybe the next 10 episodes we’ll see a bigger change in him.

          I’m with you, though, that it would really seem like emotional pedophilia right now. I’d like to see her strike up something small with Do Han (just cause I think they have chemistry and it would be cute) but then later have her develop feelings for Shi On. The thought of the knock to Do Han’s pride when she chooses Shi On over him is just tooooo good lol

          • Faye

            I agree, with time and change I could accept the two of them together. And it would be nice to see Do-Han taken down a peg or two, even if he’s not all bad.

        • valleydale

          I have to wholehearted agree with the “emotional pedophilia” comment. At this point, Si On’s character is indeed extremely simple and child-like, and that leaves no room whatsoever for a romantic relationship between adult equals. I know some here are disparate to ship Si On and Yoon Seo, but my mind is still not capable of going there—Yoon Seo and Do Han, yes, but not YS and SI.

          • valleydale

            I meant “desperate” to ship….LOL!

          • Chloe

            @valleydale I agree with you. Shi On is being portrayed as someone who is really like a child in these episodes. While I have no doubt he has a wealth of emotions and romantic feelings, just like people with autism, I don’t see how the writer can make a huge turnaround that makes us as viewers able to see Yeon Seo and Shi On as a couple.

            As for Yeon Seo and Do Han, the writer has done quite a great job in portraying the feelings both have for each other. I really loved how, in this episode 5, Do Han thought about Yeon Seo and decided to drive over the have a chat with her (even though the outcome was just an argument lol).

            If Shi On somehow develops into someone less child-like, then a relationship with Yeon Seo would seem more believable.

  13. 13 bboingbboing

    Thank you for the recap gummimochi!!

    I didn’t even notice (until she appeared) that mom was gone. In Shi-On’s flashbacks, it was always just him and Hyung, except for that one time they were getting beat up. I wonder if she left him when Hyung died?

    I’m not sure what to think about Wolf Girl, but I hope she wasn’t some superhuman experiment. There’s only so much medical drama I can let fly over my head.

    I love the hiccuping! And I’m really glad somebody in the pediatrics department know how to relate to children (Jin-wook, Yeon-seo, Nurse Jo); and I appreciate them being around Shi On, because I can only take so much of people like Il-kyu before I can slap somebody silly.

  14. 14 KDaddict

    Recap says: Ah, it’s mom.

    Have we seen her b4? I watched all eps, but don’t remember seeing her. I need glasses?

    • 14.1 Saturtledaisy

      She was in somfe of the flashbacks in the first episode, I think. Not sure if she appeared afterwards.

    • 14.2 Ally

      we saw her in the 1st part of the 1st episode.

      I have glasses so maybe that’s why caught that 😛

    • 14.3 sogazelle

      I thought I was the only one! lol!!!

      I love this show and I thought I watched every second of it, but I guess I must have zoned out because I do not recall mom!

      I guess the overload of handsomeness is to blame.
      Between Shi-On; Do Han and the tall, cute resident, who can blame me?

      Anyway, can anyone please help, when did mom first appear; which episode?

      • 14.3.1 MAC

        First episode — when Dad was beating the crap out of Shi On and her.

        • KDaddict

          Oh, Dad beat them? I don’t seem to recall that either. My excuse is that I need glasses, but I think @sogazelle has a more reasonable explanation. 😉

        • kumi

          Also, when the tunnel collapsed, she rushed to the spot. I remember her face expressing big anxiety. Looks like she was a loving mom, and the fact that they are not together has perhaps something to do with doctor Choi.

    • 14.4 ilikemangos

      Yup, it’s mom.
      Actually, i couldn’t even remember her face since she appeared for just a bit, but in the context and clues she just seemed way too worried/caring to not be a mother.

  15. 15 lizzie

    a kid boy and his nuna or mother. that is what I feel like when I see sh and mcw character. Please be one sided love. It would be creepy for mcw character likes sh on a romantic way. shivers.

    • 15.1 Ally

      why would it be creepy? he is not a child and despite his autism he is more mature then some men I have seen.

      • 15.1.1 crazykel

        Exactly. He is not a child, and I agree, much more mature than many men his age. I do, however, believe that this progress from friends to relationship should be a bit slower since we’ve really just breached the colleagues to friends portion. That being said, I have no objection to an eventual romance between the two.

    • 15.2 MJ

      *sigh** shi on deserves his happiness too. He can’t get married to a kis, rite? That would be super gross…so if he can’t have a woman bcoz he’s a kidboy like you said…so he has to be either lonely the rest of his life or get another woman with autism..a kidgirl?

    • 15.3 KDaddict

      He is warm, caring, giving, and knows how to comfort ppl. I’d much rather Dr. Cha be with a person who keeps her heart warm than be with a doctor who only knows how to yell at everyone cos he is mad as hell w the world and w himself.

    • 15.4 MJ

      *sigh** He can’t get married to a kid..a lil girl,, rite? That would be super gross…so if he can’t have a woman bcoz he’s a kidboy like you said…so he has to be either lonely the rest of his life or get another woman with autism..a “kidgirl”? Everyone deserves a happiness, esp. Shi On….yeap..especially shi on…

      • 15.4.1 aweebit

        People with autism aren’t “kidpeople,” they experience every range of emotion, (probably a lot more intensely than the rest of us) but they process and express it differently. Shi-On isn’t intellectually stunted. If a typical person can accept his differences and limitations, then there is no reason that they couldn’t be happy together. Just the same as an able-bodied person marrying someone blind, deaf, or paraplegic.

    • 15.5 kumi

      Interesting. Most people think that if someone is not married, then he’s lonely and unhappy. He he. 😉

      Anyway, I do think Shi-on can develop romantic feelings. In fact, he’s already having them, but expresses it in his own way. The only thing that worries me is that Yoon-seo can later change her mind in favor of Do-han. That would be painful for Shi-on.

      • 15.5.1 KDaddict

        Oh, I think she’ll be pretty freaked out if she finds out that SW has romantic feelings for her, and will be even More freaked out if she finds She has such feelings for him, esp. if we take into consideration how freaked out heroines can be when they find out they’ve fallen for a ‘normal’ hero in any given KD!

        So freaked out that she’ll run in to direction of DH??

        • kumi

          Very possible. 🙂

    • 15.6 Angela

      I don’t see any romance either tbh. I do see her as a caring noona to Shi On and I like that dynamic and relationship.

      I kind of want to see if they would go there, a romantic relationship with Do Han and Yoon Seo. Especially since Do Han’s girlfriend kind of hinted that he puts more of his heart (albeit anger and frustration) in his discussions with Yoon Seo than his girlfriend.

    • 15.7 Jessy

      I cant see anything creepy..autisitcs are not kids and they develop mature emotions as well, their problem is just being incapable of expressing these emotions and interacting with others..if society is not fair with them then let it be at least in dramaland and make them marry and live happily

      • 15.7.1 KDaddict

        I’m happy with whatever kind of warm, fuzzy, supportive relationship they have, be it romantic or platonic. Whatever suits the both of them.

      • 15.7.2 lovesongjoongki

        word. i agree 100000000000%

  16. 16 Melbeek

    Thanks gummimochi for the recap. I got bleary eyed again reading your recap even after already watching the episode.

    I’m so confused about assistant chief kang, even baseball man. How evil are you? Are you? I love how that leaves us guessing.

    The appearance of mom surprised me. It makes me go back to why dr choi won’t tell anyone why he cares for shi-on so much. And what happened to drunk dad?

    I also applaud how the show dealt with the topic of heaven. The writers way to include lovely metaphors have really taken to me. It’s left some deep impressions on my own thoughts and feelings about the topic as well.

    It stings me so hard when shi-on refers to himself as stupid or knowing how people think he’s stupid so he’s used to it. I understand that feeling as a child who sometimes felt the same way, but for him it’s probably to a greater extent in his alienation.

    I’m really enjoying how Good Doctor is bringing up many ethical topics. With work vs our emotions vs how we treat others vs what are our true callings in life or why do we do what we do.

    Show, I love you.. Bring on werewolf girl (although, I’m unsure about this storyline hook).

    Thank ask again all… Meet you in front of the tube tonight!

    • 16.1 Faye

      I liked the heaven description as well. It was a nice balance of being positive but not imposing beliefs on anyone.

  17. 17 ck1Oz

    Sigh surprisingly this show on spite of all the medical dramas has got heart. When Si On felt for little Min Hee and sat outside the mortuary- man that’s gut wrenching. And asking hyung to play with her- just pass the tissues will ya. The back story about the scalpel was so poignant. He thinks the world is scary but still persists to keep his promise. Man… does the show want us to cry in every episode?

    • 17.1 Hui3r

      I think they get paid in tears….

  18. 18 MAC

    Enjoying this drama…. so much…. so far. Hope they can sustain it.

    Liking the development between Shi On and Yeon Seo. Awareness starting between them without anyone realising it yet — which will most likely make the bond stronger between them. Where the future conflict will also stem from.

  19. 19 Hui3r

    I cried. Argh. Not snort sniffling bawling kind of crying, but the oh-shit-this-is-going-to-ruin-my-makeup kind of tearing up.

    There’s this scene where Shi On’s hands trembled while suturing up the body… and Jin Wook shows up and takes over. I’m in love with their bromance. If I have to pick between the guys, I’m going to pick Jin Wook. Tall, hot, loveable doctor… that doesn’t seem to have BAGGAGE. <3

    Then I started giggling when she came in to wake him up. And he got so frazzled and tried to cover himself up (when he was so blase before). and she goes "I've already seen everything before." Then he sits there with the duvet wrapped around him the way a girl would try to protect her modesty.

    Poor Shi On… he got dongsaeng-zoned.

    Can't wait for the next episode.

    • 19.1 owl

      Me too. I’ve cried in every episode, can’t believe it.

      The charcoal drawing on the wall – waaah!! tears galore! Rabbit, bro, and mi hee and the stairway to heaven, *bawling* And the little stitched shirt – gah!

      It got to me big time when Shi on said that he knew very well others looked down on him.

      Also, I really like the professor’s personality and how that plays out wih Yeon Seo, Shi on, even his fiancé.

      • 19.1.1 Toystar

        Aw me 2, great ep!!!

    • 19.2 bambledd

      Me too. I’ve cried in every episode so far. Even just the stories of the children in the hospital, just so sad.

      I hope this drama brings to light the harsh treatment people with disabilities face, in particular Korea. I can’t help but think that the storyline is written that way (doctors being cruel to Shi-On) because that’s pretty much the norm in Korea.
      (I’m not saying there are no difficulties for special needs people here in the U.S., but I think there is more awareness here)

      • 19.2.1 Hui3r

        I loved the line “Intentional neglect is also a form of violence”. Yeon Soo tells it as it is!

  20. 20 Angel Sakura

    this girl is just like the film MAMA!
    * – *

  21. 21 april

    thank you for the recap!!! every episode makes me want for more^_^

  22. 22 crazykel

    I love that Shi On hiccups during those scenes. When I saw that, all I could think of was Moon Jae Shin, and any time I can think of Moon Jae Shin is a good time. LOL. I’m really loving this show.

  23. 23 min

    i find this the weakest episode in turns of plot. the pace of the drama seems to have slowed down. still a good show.

  24. 24 rainerust

    Question – I was very confused when I watched the episode with some subs that had Jin-wook telling another one of the residents to be careful of how he treats Shi On, especially if he becomes (?) Head of Department or something to that extent (I dunno, maybe it was CEO of the Hospital or something else). Did anyone else get that? Or was it just me being confused?

    This drama is seriously pulling out all the sympathy stops. And I can’t seem to stop watching it! I can’t quite figure out if Vice Head is evil or not. Also creepy Chairman is creepy. Between the two of them I’m never quite sure what’s the future of the hospital going to be like. Despite that, and the actual lack of proper medical cases and treatments (I think the Japanese medical dramas are a lot better at fleshing those out, padded with sentimental stories of their own) I find myself still enjoying the drama and the interactions between Shi On and Yeon Seo.

    Thanks gummi for the recap!

    • 24.1 Junsee

      Hm, I didn’t see anything about the Jin-wook thing. :/ But that would be interesting if someone did!

    • 24.2 Requiem

      As translated on Viki.

      Jin-Wook was saying as the Chief Resident, he would no longer tolerate abuse of Shi-On from the other residents.

      If Shi-On made a mistake, then yes, he can take him to task. But otherwise, no more picking on Shi-On just to pick on him.

    • 24.3 Hayoung

      The other two male residents were complaining that the little girl’s death and the consequences that Yoonseo would have to face because of it would never have happened had Shi-on not screwed things up.

      It’s at that moment where Jin-wook steps in to say that Shi-on was obviously not at fault for anything that had happened. He goes on to tell the residents that they can scold Shi-on for something Shi-on obviously did wrong, but he won’t tolerate their forceful blame on him.

  25. 25 PeterOZ

    I love the Shi On moments and I only tolerate these episodes because you bro. However I think you have been benched, not enough story focus on you, and they only put you on when the story needed an emotional punch. Your becoming a gimmick the writer use to draw sympathy than a protagonist progressing through the storyline.

    I have stop watching it, and just read the recaps and would only begin watching again when i know my hero Shi On gets better air time.

    For now Im watch Ugly Alert which is far better written drama by far. All the emotional development are natural.
    Here the underdog is the hero. Not unlike my good friend Shi On which is only seen as someone to be pitied.

    • 25.1 KDaddict

      I don’t see SO as sb to be pitied. I root for him to get the opportunities to show everybody how good a doctor he actually is, and how self-actualized a person. My attitude is one of: Just you wait, Mr. Higgins, just you wait!

      • 25.1.1 PeterOZ

        Hoping you right, Love Shi On reminds me of one my favorite movies “I am Sam”. I enjoyed first episode seeing him in action. But you know Koreans are not that good in my opinion making hospital dramas. They ruined Dr Jin for me.

    • 25.2 ilikemangos

      It’s interesting — i was thinking this episode was mainly yoon seo’s time to shine with some character growths.
      I remember reading a description or articles about this show that said that Good Doctor will not strive to focus specifically on shi on’s journey but moreso his effects on those around him — also to give hope to those that are mentally disabled.

  26. 26 raerae

    Not sure if I’m over-reading into this – but does anyone connect the ‘knocking on heaven’s door’ motion in this ep with the ep that Shi-on does repeatedly when he is stressed? (remember in the surgery where he repeatedly knocks his chest, and they say it’s a symptom of his autism)

    I think Joo Won is playing Shi-on remarkably well, it’s a nuanced performance with adorably cute tics around Yoon-seo..

    • 26.1 kumi

      I actually don’t think that this gesture is a sign of autism. The mother of the dead girl was doing the same (repeatedly beating herself in the chest) in morgue. Shi-on is just super-observant.

      • 26.1.1 valleydale

        I thin the fist-to-the-chest gesture is a common one in cultures world-wide. It’s meant to convey overwhelming emotion, such as when one grieves the loss of someone, the love one feels when someone can be said to “live on one’s heart”, and of other kinds of profound emotion. It made perfect sense each time it appeared in this show, albeit in different contexts.

  27. 27 Bez.t

    thanks 4 the recap , I enjoyed it (perhaps too much)
    any ways am I the only one who is mesmerized by joo won’s acting, I cannot get enough of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28 JWspazz

    DON’T CLICK MOVIE – Joo Won & Park Boyoung

    A WEREWOLF BOY – Park Boyoung & Song Joongki

    THE INNOCENT MAN/NICE GUY – Song Joongki & Moon Chaewon

    GOOD DOCTOR – Moon Chaewon & Joo Won

    —> and the result is.. A Little Wolf Girl.. assa..! I got it !

    haha, LOL. lame jokes. love Good Doctor so much. everyone is potraying their characters so well for me. don’t have any other comments as I really love Park Shi-on (as well as Joo Won) in this drama. and again topless Shi-on (covered by blanket, heh !) is really hilarious (+hiccups). still can stand with the hospital’s politics cases which I don’t care so much.. hahaa.. ;D

    well, anticipate the upcoming episodes.. thanx Gummi for the recaps.. 🙂

    • 28.1 ilikemangos

      Oh wow, i hadn’t noticed that all four of them have paired up in other projects too.

    • 28.2 Moon

      Now all we need is a Joo Won-Song Joong Ki project and a MCW-PBY one! ^^

      • 28.2.1 erdbeer

        MCW-PBY had been working together for their debut drama & movie. Twice 🙂

        • Moon

          Ooohh I see. Thanks for the info!

          So that leaves Joo Won and Song Joong Ki to have a movie/drama together! ^^

    • 28.3 valleydale

      Yes, everyone is portraying their characters well (in as far as they’re written). I have a bone to pick with the way Dr. Pomade (AKA, Dr. Douche Bag) is written, though. He is about as layered as Snidely Whiplash of the old Dudley Do-Right cartoon. In other words, comically one-dimensional and boring. Unfortunately, this kind of villain is seen more often than not in K-dramas. I suppose they do serve a purpose, though. They provide a figurative voodoo doll into which viewers can stick pins while waiting for said character to receive his/her comeuppance.

  29. 29 myungsoohyungsik

    Kudos to the cast and their amazing acting. Moon chae won AND Joo sang wook (hottie!) are doing a great job too! I know a lot of people are praising only MCW and JW so I wanted to give some props to our professor as well 😛 Such contrast between the professor and Si-On’s character… I am actually excited to see the love triangle between the three because I enjoy the second-lead character. Yoon Seo has chemistry with Do Han as well and I’m excited how he will fall in love with her!

    • 29.1 Lixie

      Is anyone really praising MCW? I’ve seen her only in Nice Guy and to me it’s the same character. Her facial expressions, the way she talks, even the personality is very similar though this is not her fault obviously. Maybe she did so much better in some other show that I never watched that now people think she’s always good or ok?

      • 29.1.1 ilikemangos

        She showed alot more range in princess’s man, even if she started off a little rocky, esp with her sageuk speak.
        I think what makes her so compelling(even if she’s not the strongest actress out there) is definitely in her eyes.

      • 29.1.2 erdbeer

        Some people might get the impression like yours since Eun Gi and Yoon Seo have similar personality. But that doesn’t maen that she is bad 🙂

    • 29.2 nancy

      other than jw and mcw receiving compliments for their acting by the viewers, media and production staff, jsw, other supporting characters and the kids too are getting praises. everyone is doing good in their roles. the only person i could think of with weak acting is the guy who acted as kim so han (dh’s younger brother)

  30. 30 Lixie

    This is such a bad show, I’m hating JW because it’s Faith all over again. He’s dragging me into it. Who knows, maybe it will be like Level 7 and it will take 8 eps to make me stop.
    Meanwhile the sappy music on dramatic moments subsided this ep but only to be replaced by Doc Cha’s inane behavior, I couldn’t believe her reaction for a second. I hope they don’t go for the romance but the trailer seems pretty much there. He is like a child, the idea gives me the creeps.
    The evil characters are straight out from cartoons and the whole premise is just crazy, if he is a diagnostic genius unable to deal with people, he should be sent to the Dr House area of that hospital, simple.:)

    • 30.1 PeterOZ

      Love House, Shi On fit perfect there. 🙂

      • 30.1.1 ilikemangos

        Come to think of it, he’d be splendid on house’s team

    • 30.2 Mar

      Oh, it really does have some terrible moments doesn’t it? And a few nice moments too, like Faith. The freeze frame everyone stops and stares at each other in moments of crisis are just so silly. But please let’s hope it does not have all the problems that Faith suffered.

      I am really thinking I might have a like/cringe relationship with this drama. I was really close to throwing up my hands with the Knocking On Heavens Door rif. Clearly the writer(s) do not know that the song is about a guy that is weary and done with life and is ready to die, and kind of not in keeping with the scene. And it gave me an earworm! I went to bed with Axl in my head. Hey. Hey. HEY HEY YEAH. I find that song reference a bit sloppy considering of note is that Cha Yoon-seo’s ring tone is Loving You, a Minnie Riperton song. Riperton wrote the song (music) for her daughter and the lyrics are about her husband. So it is both a lullaby and a love song.

      And then I was like dumpster dog kid? Are you kidding me, ahh, no. I am not a Joo-won fangirl, not at all, but do appreciate the efforts he is putting into this character. I do not know if I will make it through the run. I am taking it episode by episode.

  31. 31 Junsee

    First of all, damn. 18% with episode 5. That’s better than I Can Hear Your Voice, isn’t it?

    As mentioned in the previous comments before mine, the werewolf girl threw me off a lot. I definitely felt disappointment towards the writer who obviously took a slice of the The Werewolf Boy to continue her story. I mean, I completely understand where she’s going with this. Shi-On will probably exemplify outstanding communication skills with werewolf girl, begin to take some degree of responsibility over her, awe the other doctors, etc. But, it’s still a little frustrating that the writer pulled this card. I wish she could have thought of something else; an idea that isn’t as obvious as to where it came from as this one.

    And on to Shi-On: I feel like we’re going in circles with this guy. There hasn’t been much development with him. Everything that is relayed to us about Shi-On in this episode is something we already know. At this point in time, I think he’s being used as a tool to explore the depth of the other characters, which is a little annoying considering the fact that he’s the main lead. This isn’t necessarily a horrible thing to do since we’re making GOOD developments with the others but I don’t think he’s the character we should be sacrificing for it. And with the werewolf girl, it’ll be frustrating to me if she ends up becoming another reason for him to screw up. He’s been making quite a few mistakes and there have been little to no victories for him in the past two episodes. Please, can we move along, writer? With everything he’s been messing up, this is starting to feel like a Shi-On sob story. He’s autistic, we get it.

    And someone please tell me I’m wrong with this one because with everything going wrong, I’m starting to feel that Do-han is right about Shi-on. Shi-on has not successfully completed any notable medical task he’s been given inside the hospital since his residency started. All that we as the audience are given to testify his medical skills is 1) his knowledge and 2) his experience at the subway station.

    I think a part of the reason as to why we’re still rooting for him is because the writer is doing such a good job at making him look pitiful. But if we really look at the situation in the perspective of, let’s say, one of the children patients’ mothers, Shi-on is obviously not qualified to become a doctor. And truth be told, I’m losing all hope for him. For what reason should Shi-on still be allowed to stay as a resident? What has he done so far that exemplifies his qualification to be in such a position at not just a hospital, but the best hospital in all of Korea? I just don’t get it cause to me, he’s not. He’s obviously not qualified. The system doesn’t work with just credentials. Yes, he passed medical school with flying colors. Yes, he’s obviously able to retain a lot of information. But, if you were a patient would you really want him treating you?

    It’s not just a blatant NO because he’s autistic. It’s the observations that we’ve made over the course of the past three episodes since his acceptance into the residency that shows that whatever happened back the subway station was luck and Shi-on is actually not capable of doing anything right other than spew out lengths of information that he read who knows where.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love his kindness, his thoughtfulness, and the affection he shows for his patients. But Shi-on, in all seriousness, is being portrayed as a person who should not be treating patients in a hospital so why should I be rooting for him? Cause he’s autistic? That’s like reverse racism, isn’t it? It’s wrong to discriminate against him because he’s autistic, but isn’t it also wrong to root FOR him because he’s autistic? If that’s the only thread we’re hanging on here, I don’t know why we’re even hanging.

    So obviously, I’m feeling a little frustrated with the drama but I’m still watching it. I don’t hate it. I just feel conflicted on the inside. And I know there are plenty of other explanations that can efficiently counter-argue mine so I would really like to hear your thoughts. I WANT to understand so if you could just hit that reply button and explain it to me, I’d really appreciate. Thank you in advance. 🙂

    The other characters are becoming increasingly interesting and Assistant Chief Kang is surprisingly one of the characters I’m most curious about. That’s an up.

    Hopefully, the drama doesn’t lose speed because of werewolf girl. I can imagine all of the simultaneous WTF?!’s heard around Korea as werewolf girl made her last minute appearance. Does anyone know what the K-netizen comments were about this episode? I’m sure the K-netizens didn’t let the writer get away with this one.

    Anywhoo, looking forward to the next episode with caution.

    • 31.1 Requiem

      It’s 18% for AGB. 16.5% for TNS. The 18% is better than ICHYV ratings were for Ep. 5 (16.1% AGB/16.6% TNS). Good Doctor started off higher, though. If nothing else, I think Good Doctor has already done a great service by bringing to the wider population, the issues that people with autism have to face in their day-to-day struggles.

      I agree with you on the werewolf girl. That it seems kind of gimmicky to have something like this on the show. Hopefully, they pull it off better than it first sounds like.

      I actually HAVE seen a lot of changes to Shi-On since we first met him. A lot of them happening this episode (so much so, that I was thrown off by the amount of changes that were happening). Maybe he just needed people to open up to (Nurse Jo, Yoon-Seo, Jin-Wook).

      1) We see him actually connecting to various people this episode from Yoon-Seo to the little girl to the parents of the deceased girl.

      2) Part of the draw of Shi-On is that he combines the best aspects of the main doctors. He has the knowledge and technique of Do-Nam with the heart and passion of Yoon-Seo. But currently, he needs more experience (particularly in being able to handle more unexpected issues and failure) and more ability to handle the interpersonal aspects (which will likely always be a struggle for him).

      Let’s look at his failures so far:
      – Knocking over instruments in ep2. Brought about by lack of experience and the boy having a high likelihood of dying if not treated immediately.
      – Breaking the kid’s toy in ep3. Interpersonal skill issue which will likely plague him throughout.
      – Cake issue in ep4. Again, another interpersonal skill issue, but also exacerbated by the mom’s lack of understanding.
      – Hurting of kids in ep4. Brought about by a childhood trauma triggering a nightmare. He needs to learn how to handle this and improve from it.
      – Falling down in the surgery room and being unable to close the corpse in ep5. Something which he is going to have to learn to deal with (he’s only been exposed to failure 3 times previously as a doctor).

      With the right training and experience, he could become a good doctor. RIGHT NOW, of course, we wouldn’t want him operating on us or those we loved, but I think that’s pretty much the case for any first-year resident.

      3) Shi-On HAS shown ability to be a good doctor. Obviously, there’s his knowledge and memory, and the child in the first episode. He’s also shown the caring and empathy necessary to become a great one. From trying to make amends with the boy whose toy he broke by giving a cake (and also improve his health) to helping that same boy sleep to fixing the dead girl’s clothes to consoling Yoon-Seo to helping the little girl coming to terms with heaven, we see him as the healing heart of the hospital. He just needs to be actively cultivated in the other aspects instead of being neglected like he currently mainly is.

      4) We see him reaching out to Yoon-Seo to comfort her after her failure. That seems like a HUGE step and change to me. He hasn’t shown this kind of interest in anything non-child or non-animal before, and I think we’re seeing the first parts of his crush/first love. Notice, when she came in on Sunday, he holds the blanket tightly to him, because now he sees her as a woman instead of just another being.

      I dunno if I’m really making sense here, but I definitely see the potential there for Shi-On to become a great doctor, and it’s nothing that a little help, some experience, and a lot of understanding and acceptance could help fix.

      • 31.1.1 R

        Thanks for your comment, I agree with everything you said 🙂 I also think that Shi-on needs the right training.. Right now no one really directly helped him in the hospital (except YS and nurse Jo but it’s not enough !) + many want to kick him out… It is so difficult for him… But now it’s only episode 5 ^^, I believe once Dr Kim DH (+ others) could understand and help him more, he could become a good doctor 🙂 and hopefully open up more to people …
        I enjoy the drama so far and love Shi-on to bits ^^ Thanks gummi for the recap !

      • 31.1.2 KDaddict

        I think the Whole point about these 5 eps is that Shi On has NOT been messing up.

        Those who value warmth, understanding, concern for patients over profits an efficiency, like the old doc, Doc Cha, the nice resident, Nurse Jo can all see his contribution, and his value as a doc.

        It is people in the other camp, Dohan, the greasy doc, the spy resident, etc. who see him as messing up everything that he takes part in, bcos:
        Dohan has some deep wound that we have yet to find out, and the others put hospital income and reputation above patient recovery, and bcos they’ve their own agenda, to get rid of the old doc, and they use SO to attack him, to get rid of him.

        SO has a ways to go b4 he can be a full-fledged doc who knows how to balance being humane vs being pragmatic where it comes to surgeries, and how to balance team spirit, hospital needs on one hand vs patient needs on the other. That’s why he is still under training as a resident. Learning takes place thru experience, more than by hand-holding. He has already won over a few colleagues. To say he has been messing up Everything is to be missing the point of this story IMO.

      • 31.1.3 KDaddict

        Not only did SO not mess up everything. He accomplished a few things that no one else could or cared to. That what he accomplished has been ignored is bcos those ppl do not care about such ‘unimpt’ matters as how patients and their parents feel.
        SO is the only one who cares enough to cure body as well as spirit. When the day comes on which ppl in the hosp acknowledge that is the day that they see his real value. Not a robot! Quite the contrary! He is the least robotic of all of them, is the point that I think the writer is trying to make.

      • 31.1.4 PeterOZ

        When Shi On makes mistakes we blame his autism

        When yeon seo makes a mistake we say she is only human.

        So that makes Shi On less than Human. right?

        who is more pathetic.

        A doctor who is fully functioning, has all his senses, intelligence and communicate with others well. Yet uses he personal past to hurt others, who has done nothing to him just because Shi On reminds him of his brother.

        Dont give me Krap about his traumatic past life, you think he is the only one the whole world who has not faced hardships. So if a asian guy killed my mother i should hurt a random asian to vent my anger??

        Shi On is the better man, he has condition we know, yet he does make excuses for himself.

        • Requiem

          Is this in reply to the correct post?

          I’m asking, because I don’t see where these arguments are coming from in response to my post.

          I don’t think I ever blamed mistakes Shi-On makes on autism, nor did I ever talk about Yoon-Seo’s mistakes or make excuses for Do Nam’s shortcomings….

          It just seems like a big non-sequitur reading this comment.

          • KDaddict

            These comments are not ‘in argument’ with your post. They elaborate on some of your points; and carry on the discussion brought up in the post that you replied to (Junsee), and the one following yours (R). They all get linked together.

    • 31.2 PeterOZ

      I agree with you in many points, they messed up Dr Jin for me, i hope they mess up this show. Most of my experience are watching western hospital dramas than korean ones. So I don’t understand the werewolf girl gimmick too. It seems forced, and cheesy. Not to mention they went to the zoo prior to meeting her, and we know Shi On’s particular view with children and animals. So its seems to convenient and fake.

      They could have used a homeless girl angle, one who is abandoned in the streets.

      or A child who has trouble communicating because of traumatic memories of his/her father abusive actions towards the mother. This is also a connection to Shi On’s own ordeal with his parents.

      on the sided note really dislike Douche Han just being biased probably because of the show “that Fool” where he was a major Douche Bag.

      Go Shi On kicked his normal inflated arse.

    • 31.3 KDaddict

      I think people see what they want to see, esp. when politics and personal gain block their view.
      What SO does is not impt to them, so they ignore whatever good he does.

      He is autistic, so they only see this label, not the person, nor his efforts, not his rapport with young and difficult patients, albeit his behavior is different fr normal. Yet it is precisely bcos of his difference that he is able to have that rapport when other docs don’t. What they see as his weakness is actually his strength. That’ll take time and more obvious outcomes for them to see. For now, whatever doesn’t turn out well in the Pediatrics Dept is his fault. It’s so convenient to have a scapegoat, who makes them feel superior by stepping on him, who also functions as the weapon to take down the old doc.

    • 31.4 seong

      I Hear Your Voice started off with single digit ratings, 7.7 % AGB for Episode 1. The drama before it, All About My Romance, recorded 4.0% AGB for its final episode. I Hear Your Voice was originally slated as a “last minute filler drama” for the SBS Wed/Thu slot . Hence, expectations for its ratings were not high at all.

      Good Doctor started off with very solid ratings (especially for 2013), 10.9% for Episode 1. The drama before it, Shark, recorded 10.7% for its final episode.

      And as a general trend, Mon/Tue dramas tend to record higher ratings than Wed/Thu dramas. It’s been that way for decades.

      • 31.4.1 july

        I disagree with u, I think the story of autism and great performances of good doctor cast manage grab viewer interest,before this show started,goddes of fire which beat out shark and empire gold only manage mediocore rating (10-12%). Baker king and moon embrace the sun which show in wed/thru have high rating

        • seong

          That’s your opinion, nothing more nothing less.

          I’m stating the factshere. Anyone with adequate knowledge of the Kdrama sphere will readily recognize that. Note that I used the term “general trend”. The two dramas you mentioned are exceptions rather than the norm. You might want to check your facts and figures before publicly making cursory remarks.

    • 31.5 bambledd

      “But Shi-on, in all seriousness, is being portrayed as a person who should not be treating patients in a hospital so why should I be rooting for him? Cause he’s autistic? That’s like reverse racism, isn’t it? It’s wrong to discriminate against him because he’s autistic, but isn’t it also wrong to root FOR him because he’s autistic? ” (Junsee’s post)

      In all fairness, they haven’t really given him a chance to learn or to show what he can do. Do-Han moved him to do menial tasks (and shame on him for that) when interns/residents are supposed to be given experience to learn on the job.

      And, yes, we CAN root for him because he’s autistic. What is wrong with that? We lift others on our shoulders who cannot stand up all alone, to help them become something they dream of and are working towards. That’s called helping others.
      Show a little compassion, my friend. Not everyone starts off in life with the same advantages. For Shi-On, growing up autistic and in an orphanage greatly reduced his advantage, not to mention the bullying and lack of friends.
      One of the greatest moments in Olympic history: Derek Redmond in the 1992 Olympics tore his hamstring while running the 400 m. It was obvious he needed medical treatment right away but he wanted to finish the race he had worked so hard for so he started limping to the finish line in agony. It was then that his father stepped down from the stands and helped his son cross the finish line, with a standing ovation from the crowd.
      That, my friend, is called helping. That is called compassion. So to answer your question again, yes, we DO root for him BECAUSE he is autistic. That’s not called reverse racism. It’s called having a heart.

      And as I’ve written before, it’s ironic that Do-Han has labeled Shi-On as being robotic when, in fact, he is the one who is. He treats patients as a tally mark he can put under “successful surgery” without any concern for the well-being of the patient.
      Yes, Shi-On spews out knowledge and is awkward with social skills. But social skills is so miniscule in what it takes to become a doctor. If it were at the top of the list, hey, the winners of beauty pageants would be the best doctors.

    • 31.6 Junsee

      Thanks for your replies everyone! I think I’m beginning to understand Shi-on more thought not fully as of yet. Your comments were really interesting to read!

  32. 32 lovesongjoongki

    i think the wolf girl is moon chae won’s daughter with song joong ki xD

    and i don’t care what anyone says, as of right now i have absolutely NO faith in dohan. he has the audacity to say shi-on is a robot when he himself epitomizes it completely. it makes me SO MAD! he’s a total ass to shi-on and thinks he has the right to restrict mcw from attending the funeral? F OFF YOU CONTROL FREAK! i totally hate him right now.

    • 32.1 ilikemangos

      If you watch the next episode perhaps you wouldn’t hate him as much. Of course, that also depends on how easy you sympathize.

      • 32.1.1 lovesongjoongki

        i watched it and didn’t know it was possible but now i hate him even more. you would think that since he has “experience” with his brother (who also has special needs) that he would be more understanding and sympathetic toward shi-on. but no, he’s actually more of an ass because of it? wth is wrong with this dude? there’s no logic to the way he thinks and i absolutely cannot tolerate that.

    • 32.2 KDaddict

      Dohan needs to see a psychologist for a good long time, starting like yesterday.
      Whatever issues he has with his brother is clouding his judgement on the job and his interaction with patients and staff. Not good.

      He doesn’t seem interested in that fiancee of his tho, and I can’t say I blame him. Makes you wonder How they ever got engaged.

      • 32.2.1 lovesongjoongki

        ikr? i would LOVE to see do-han’s backstory with that fiancee of his.

        judging from how the backstory with his brother caused him to become an ass to shi-on (no logic there whatsoever–idk if that explanation was bad or just lazy writing but whatevs) but his fiancee probs tried to kill him or something which then in turn, made him fall in love with her.

        do-han’s head is on backwards so i am definitely willing to bet that was what happened between them.

  33. 33 Noelle

    About Mom, in an early episode Shi-on stated he grew up in an orphanage. It would makes sense if she feared for his safety (his father) after Hyungs death or maybe she resented him and blamed him for the incident. What I don’t get is she had to of known that the doctor who saved her son worked at the hospital. I mean she worked in the cafeteria, he is there. He probably would of been like SHI-ON IS HERE.

    The wolf girl was…. redic. I’m sorry but come on. It happens, yes, but for real show? I know what they are planning on doing which will probably be sweet and meaningful but I would rather they have a patient be an autistic child. I would love to see the staff deal with those circumstances and be around the parents of the child and gain some insight.

  34. 34 ilikemangos

    See, cheesy in Good Doctor works for me whereas cheesy in Master’s Sun was just a big no-no. I think the fact that this show decided to focus mainly on the pediatric department is what makes everything so heartwarming, fun, and sad all at once. You laugh with the children, smile at the cute, and cry when their short lives end.
    I like the osts, even if they are over-played and a bit of a manipulation.
    I do like how Shi-On is starting to open up doors (heeee) for many, in particular the children, and now of course Yeon-Soo. Do-han is still as stubborn as ever (even if i do agree with him sometimes) but i’m sure even he’ll start to get sucked into the Shi-On vortex.
    This show is starting to show its flaws (lol werewolf girl, gimmick!), but there’s enough heart in it that i keep watching.

  35. 35 Angela

    Not impressed with the ending of the animal girl. Ofc it’s a drama but I thought it’s a little too far fetched with this right now. But we’ll see. I still like the exploration of the different characters.

    But can I say this, the actor Kim Young Kwang (still can’t remember his name in the drama) who plays one of the resident doctors. Gosh he’s just too sweet for words. Especially after seeing his annoying character in White Christmas, this new character is so warm and caring! Love love him. <3

  36. 36 denisahoi

    Thank’s for the recap 🙂

  37. 37 bearla

    thanx for the recap….
    really in love with Shi-on….
    cute with the animal hair band….
    cant wait for the next recap….
    i really want to know what will happen next….

  38. 38 hydesamagirl

    I don’t know, I agree in part with Shi-on. Kids and animals are alike, they aren’t all cute and they aren’t all nice to each other, just like adults!

  39. 39 Makhi

    oh thank you so much for the recap.cant wait to read next ep :(((

  40. 40 valleydale

    Uhmm yeah, this show is manipulating my emotions, but I’m strangely okay with that. There were several instances during which I choked up during this episode. The scene with Si On, the teddy bear nurse, and the little girl discussing the possibility of heaven made me tear up and had my insides squishy with feel-good—and I was just fine with that. Also, the one where Yeon Seo hugged Si On after seeing the drawing on the wall of his apartment. I like how she’s come to the full realization of just how warmly human (and just plain good) he is, and how it’s brought out the protective instinct in her. Oh—and the scene at the funeral home with Do Han And the parents of the little dead girl. I really needed tissues for this episode.

    Yeah, the premise of this show is sooo unrealistic on so many fronts, but again, this show has made me give it a ridiculous amount of latitude in my mind. The only thing that struck a slightly WTF note for me was the appearance of the wolf child. I know this was set up early on in the episode, and that it will serve as a platform to further demonstrate Si On’s awesomeness (I mean the hair, wardrobe and makeup job done on this kid was just all kinds of over-the-top), but still….I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how they play this one out.

  41. 42 goldeng

    aww werewolf boy… If the ep. has a plot similar to the movie, I think i’ll cry AGAIN :'(
    yoon seo made me cry so much… like, she made me feel her desperate attempt to save min Hee… they obviously as doctors know they cant save them all but seeing it happen right infront of her eyes is def shocking.
    Do Han.. *sighs* he might have my beloved joo sang wook’s face but I cant stand him! he says Si On is a robot but the only one acting like one is him. He always talks like he knows everything, can tell fortunes, can see pasts and can read minds! its annoying! outside of the scenes when he’s bombarding chief choi for being an ass, I want him to shut his mouth!
    *takes a deep breath* anyways, i neeed more of Nurse Jo! he’s awesome AND more of Si On + animal ears! just too cute.

  42. 43 Alexandria

    I really enjoyed this episode… except for the last 5 mins !! That was such a strange ending

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