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Grandpas Over Flowers: Episode 9
by | August 31, 2013 | 87 Comments

EPISODE 9. Broadcast on August 30, 2013.

girlfriday: We pick up at the end of the first day in Taiwan, after the halbaes have navigated their own way to the guesthouse and finally had a chance to walk around and see some sights. They mostly tour the marketplace and then go shopping at the grocery store, where they pick out Korean foods, of course.

javabeans: I really, really enjoy the whole exchange where Geun-hyung halbae is reading the packages perfectly fine because he’s well-versed in hanja, and Na PD is just standing there going, “Um, I don’t know.”

girlfriday: It’s just always fun when someone is schooling Na PD. In anything.

javabeans: Upon returning to the guesthouse, Gu halbae grumbles that Seo-jin had better come quickly. Geun-hyung halbae is playing the imp and asks how it feels to be leader for a day, giggling like your annoying little brother, and Gu halbae sighs that it’s deathly. The song sings “We need youuuuu…” as we cut to Seo-jin, who’s packing his bags. Note how last time he was excited and wide-eyed and packed his best stuff, and this time he’s just tossing things in a bag.

girlfriday: I know. He’s got like one outfit just crumpled in there, and doesn’t look like he’s going to pack much more.

javabeans: It’s his agency head who’s prodding, “Is that it? Don’t you need more? Aren’t you going to pack more than that?”

girlfriday: It’s gonna be hilarious when Sunny shows up and he’s whining that he only packed one outfit. Back in Taiwan, Gu halbae realizes he’s misplaced his guidebook, and that leads to a funny exchange with Geun-hyung halbae about things they do as they get older, like walk into a room and forget why they came. I love that Gu halbae’s all, And the front zipper…forget about it! Of course I walk around with it down!

javabeans: Na PD drops by to settle some accounts, since the production had to pay for the lodging in advance to reserve the rooms. So Na PD wants the balance returned from their allowance after checkout, to which Gu halbae is all, “What’s paid is paid, c’mon.”

girlfriday: Ha, there’s your first mistake right there. He didn’t really expect to be paid back, did he?

javabeans: Geun-hyung halbae is literally cackling “Hee hee!” in the background while Gu halbae points out that Na PD already “took care of it.” Na PD protests ineffectually, but pretty much the battle is lost.

girlfriday: Gu halbae ends the conversation with a “Thank you!” and then the halbaes gather in the yard to eat the food that they had delivered to the house. Again, Na PD comes up with a receipt for the food, and Gu halbae’s like, “Why are you giving me that?” Hahaha.

javabeans: I freaking love how well he plays dumb. “Since the producers so thoughtfully provided the food, I will happily receive it!”

girlfriday: This is hysterical. Na PD knows by the second conversation that he’s not going to get money from Gu halbae, so he changes his tune and says he’ll get it from Seo-jinnie hyung tomorrow. Hee.

javabeans: Gu halbae: “But what crime has Lee Seo-jin committed? He has zero relation to this!” He points out that they didn’t ASK the producers to pay for it, so of course, thank you! Na PD is at a loss for words, and you can hear his staff bursting into laughter in the background.

girlfriday: Na PD is getting nowhere with Gu halbae, so then he sidles up to Il-sub halbae, asking what the “right thing to do” is, yunno, “morally,” and “legally.” And of course Gu halbae argues that “in good conscience,” he shouldn’t ask for money. Ha. I love the passive-aggressive conversation through Il-sub halbae.

javabeans: But then Il-sub halbae stuns him into silence by telling hyung to just pay up, since they did want the food. LOL. Gu halbae: “Are you drunk?” Suddenly there’s tension at the table. And then we get a flashback to every place the halbaes went today, eating, eating, eating. Damn they sure ran up a tab.

girlfriday: Oh no. Seo-jin’s going to come on the second day to find they’ve already spent ten days’ worth of money.

javabeans: Dude! The dinner bill is 100 bucks. (3,000 Taiwanese dollars.) Na PD outlines their budget, which is about 2,000 dollars total, and that’s to cover lodging and food and everything. Then it turns into a “Our leader mismanaged the budget” conversation, edited like a dramatic drama confrontation. Il-sub halbae tells Na PD to take it from his salary, ha.

girlfriday: And finally Geun-hyung halbae calls Seo-jinnie in Seoul, “Hurry up and come! A fight broke out! Hee hee hee!”

javabeans: In the morning, Gu halbae gets up early and drinks coffee in the lobby, which is when the employee shows him newspaper clips—wow, their arrival in Taiwan yesterday is already in the papers, with photos and everything. They really are famous there!

girlfriday: Pwahaha, why is Il-sub halbae in the lobby in nothing but shorts?

javabeans: He looks like a Buddha teddy bear.

girlfriday: I’m cracking up at the montage of beauty tips from Gu halbae, as we watch him slather himself with sunscreen to protect his baby skin.

javabeans: And then they get right on the phone to call Seo-jinnie. We see him the night before, looking like he’s about to face a firing squad. I’m just about to make a quip about his blood pressure, but he beats me to it: “My mother told me to take blood pressure medicine!”

girlfriday: He gets to the airport, still grumpy as ever and complaining about how early the booked the flight. Sooooo different from the way he arrived last time.

javabeans: It’s extra-funny because we get the flashback to his uncontrollable smiles the last time. While he’s sighing heavily and being a crankybutt, a van pulls up outside with Sunny of SNSD, here to make Na PD’s bait-and-switch prank of Season 1 all worth it. We hope.

girlfriday: Seo-jin makes his way past the security line, where it’s the VJ’s job to position him somewhere for the surprise reveal. Except Seo-jinnie is too cranky to listen, so he refuses to sit down for an interview and instead goes shopping and gets coffee, and does everything like it’s opposite day.

javabeans: He is SO IRRITABLE today, it’s cracking me up. Everything is cause for complaint. Grump grump grump. “Why should I? Who says? I don’t trust any of you [VJs].”

girlfriday: VJ: “Can we do [the interview] over there where it looks nicer?” Seo-jin: “Do it here!” Lol.

javabeans: Fiiiiinally they get him to move to a different section to wait, and I totally feel for these VJs, all of whom are young and just trying, god love ’em. He’s just being difficult, like it’s the one way he can have any control in this situation. You have turned him into a surly teenager. They start by asking how he feels and whether he suspects Sunny or Hyuna might show up today. But by now the girl group thing has become an embarrassing punchline so he barks, “Don’t you even bring them up!”

girlfriday: Haha. Now he’s angry any time someone even mentions their names, and Sunny’s sneaking up row by row, and getting closer…

javabeans: It’s adorable, the long shot you get of Seo-jin in the foreground while she’s like a cartoon figure in the background.

girlfriday: And then she manages to reach the chair right behind him as he’s still interviewing, and the VJ says that the best thing about the last trip was the hidden camera stuff at the beginning. Seo-jinnie: “I told you, it’s because you guys are hooligans!”

javabeans: This couldn’t have been planned better, because Seo-jin is just going off with this resigned-bitter-wry speech about how you’ll never fool him again, you sly underhanded bastards, so don’t even bother talking. All while Sunny is giggling silently behind him, literally inches from his face.

girlfriday: Seo-jin: “Am I an idiot? You think I’d fall for that again?!” Pfft.

javabeans: Finally she lets out a real laugh and he jerks back in surprise, and then there’s that second surprise when he recognizes her. She giggles, “Oppa, we’re going on a trip together!” which is just about as close to a real-life fantasy first encounter as you can get, and he’s all, “WHAT.” He’s still half in denial when she says they have to catch their flight, so she shows him her ticket, and aw, smiley Seo-jinnie is back.

girlfriday: That’s so cute. Also, I love how suspicious Na PD has made him. He seriously cannot contain his happy, even as he keeps asking if it’s real. She swears she’s really going (for a day), and they get ready to board. Back in Taiwan, the halbaes get ready to head out for the day, and Geun-hyung halbae keeps up his constant line of communication with Seo-jin, which is adorable.

javabeans: Then they have a head-scratching moment trying to figure out how to actually get their subway passes to open the turnstiles, and watch the locals do it before figuring out how. It’s so cute, and it reminds me of that drama scene when the fish-out-of-water sees passengers scanning their bus passes through their pants pockets and just ends up waving his butt at the scanner.

girlfriday: Ha, that is totally what they’re doing. They reach their landmark and the two hyungs get busy with the map-reading and tour-planning, while Il-sub halbae parks it in the shade, content to wait here.

javabeans: He’s all, I’ll just look at the trees! Hyungs can go to the memorial! I already know about Chiang Kai-shek anyway.

girlfriday: He actually makes Na PD crack up when he calls cultural artifacts “those antique things,” and says they’re all the same anyway.

javabeans: He does walk after the others to do a little bit of sightseeing, but he’s barely stepped inside the courtyard before he’s all, I’m done. Can I get a drink somewhere? Na PD points out that he has a lot of stuff still to see, and Il-sub halbae replies, “I can see it all from here.”

girlfriday: Gu halbae sees a guard standing so still he’s convinced it’s a mannequin, and then gets really close like a little kid just to make sure. “Oh it’s a live person.”

javabeans: The PD tells him to try it, and he gets about three second into it before cracking a hilarious face. Il-sub halbae just goes from building to buliding looking for either shade or air conditioning, and ends up at vending machines. He really is like the six-year-old of the group.

girlfriday: Oh cool, you can use your bus pass to buy a soda in a vending machine?

javabeans: That seems SO COOL, until I think about it and then I’m like, I guess it’s like a credit card. Or a smartphone app. But still, nifty.

girlfriday: Seo-jin and Sunny board the plane, and when the VJs go to install a mic in the seats, Seo-jin waves them away, refusing to let them shoot. Ha, he’s picked up a few things from the halbaes, hasn’t he?

javabeans: He’s all, “Then we can’t talk at all! There are things to talk about that can’t get broadcast, you know.” Except no we don’t know, since you won’t let them record! Haha. He’s not wrong, though, because they’re just sitting there in silence and the awkwardness just mounts and mounts until finally Seo-jin rips off the mic and fiddles with the battery pack, which Sunny flicks off.

girlfriday: Before the camera goes off, the flight attendant comes by and when he says they’re going for Grandpas Over Flowers, even she’s like, “Oh you got your wish!” Haha. It’s a good thing he insists the cameras stop rolling though, because by the time they land, the stiff awkwardness is gone and they’re at least speaking to each other. I love that he has zero intention of finding the halbaes: “Can’t we meet up for dinner?”

javabeans: I know, he gets the address and doesn’t even look at it, happy to enjoy the time before he has to get back to luggage boy mode. Although he doesn’t mind being luggage boy for Sunny, though I’m pretty sure it’s just to show off. She asks whether he bag is heavy and the caption helpfully points out, “Not in front of you.” He does admit to receiving a text telling him to call the minute he lands, but he hedges, “I don’t know who sent it though. I think it might be a joke.” Anything to ignore the halbaes, haha.

girlfriday: He gets quite the fan greeting at the airport too, complete with gifts. By the time he gets in the car he’s in a great mood and declares that Taiwan is awesome. The PD asks if he wasn’t mad at Na PD before, and Seo-jin just beams, “Who, me?”

javabeans: PD: “What kind of person do you think Na PD is?” Seo-jin: “Smart!”

girlfriday: The PD purposely needles them by pointing out that Sunny’s calling him oppa right away even though they just met, and Sunny laughs, “Well I can’t call him ajusshi!” Seo-jin (as if the question is absurd): “What else would she call me but oppa?”

javabeans: The PD points out that he’s closer to ajusshi age, and he shushes her: “Don’t plant ideas!” He’s content to take the long way around the city and look around, and the caption says: “Uh, we’re not We Got Married…

girlfriday: It’s pretty cute how excited she is to do normal things like ride the bus or walk around the city and have coffee.

javabeans: Ha, I guess the Roman Holiday comparison isn’t so out of line, since she’s amazed at mundane things, having no cause to use them in her daily life. Wow, I’ll get to see the subway? We’re taking a bus? This is a token? Meanwhile, the halbaes are counting down the hours till Seo-jin arrives. HA and AWW.

girlfriday: Gu halbae is especially eager to hand off all the leader responsibilities, seeing as how ordering lunch seems to give him anxiety. I do love the halbaes’ reactions to boba, like what is this strange new substance?

javabeans: Seo-jin buys some tickets for himself and Sunny, then starts walking faster as he only half-jokes (or maybe not-jokes-at-all) about ditching the camera crew. When asked where they’re going, he retorts, “Do I have to tell you?”

girlfriday: Haha, he totally means it. The crew barely manages to follow them onto the bus, after being left behind.

javabeans: I don’t think he’d actively sabotage the show, but he sure wouldn’t mind facilitating any “accidents,” that’s for certain.

girlfriday: Hee, a text from Na PD: “I fulfilled your wish… Hurry up and don’t play.. ㅜㅜ” Seo-jin’s reply: “Who’s this?”

javabeans: They look up directions on their phones, but the problem is that they don’t know how to enter in Chinese text. Seo-jin starts to scratch his head thinking of workarounds, but Sunny just takes the phone, literally pushes some buttons, swipe, swish, boom, information. He’s doubly giddy to have her take over the navigator role, saying that if he were here with the halbaes he’d be madly digging into his phone trying to figure it out.

girlfriday: The halbaes return to the guesthouse for a break, and it’s really cute how Geun-hyung halbae picks up after Gu hyung, hanging up shirts that he just left lying there. He chides that it’s not nice (to the wife) to be this way at home, which just makes me think he’s probably the best husband ever.

javabeans: Absolutely. It’s not just that he picks up after himself, but that his reasoning is, “Because the wife doesn’t like it.” Seo-jin and Sunny find their lunch place and he steps aside to sing her praises to the staff, saying she’s way better at the navigating than he is. Then a call from Na PD comes in and he’s all, “I don’t wanna take it.” He does, of course, though he uses the crew as an excuse by saying they stopped because THEY were hungry. You know. He was being thoughtful and all.

girlfriday: Na PD whines that there are a million things to do, and Seo-jin starts this hilarious string of vague responses about how Taiwan is really hard to navigate and he’s sure they’ll find their way there eventually, but it’ll probably take a while. So of course, Na PD goes straight to the halbaes to tattle. Hee.

javabeans: So Geun-hyung halbae texts over, “We’re waiting. Let’s eat dinner together.” Not even Seo-jin could ignore a hungry grandpa, could he? But ha, when Seo-jin reads the text, there’s more to it: “Seo-jin-ah, we heard, congratulations. Take your time wandering, you can come as late as you want, have fun~” and then it ends with “We’re waiting, let’s eat dinner together.” That explains why the halbaes were cracking up, because it is one mixed message.

girlfriday: I get the feeling Geun-hyung halbae is more interested in marrying Seo-jin off at any opportunity, which is not the reaction Na PD was looking for.

javabeans: I love that Geun-hyung halbae sends another message telling Seo-jin to come back by morning and ends with “Fighting,” which is hilariously eyebrow-raising, because you’re basically saying, “Good luck bro.” Na PD is like, What exactly are you wishing him luck with? And halbae is all, “You never know!”

girlfriday: Geun-hyung halbae is being way too cool about this, so Na PD tattles to Il-sub halbae that Seo-jin is running around with Sunny and refusing to come, and he busts out with a: “That rude punk!”

javabeans: Then Geun-hyung halbae placates him by asking, “Don’t you remember when we were young? Let’s just leave ’em alone!” And then Il-sub halbae agrees, “Tell him to spend the night out.”

girlfriday: Seo-jin gapes at the “stay out all night” text message, and even he’s like, “Uh… I can’t actually stay out all night…”

javabeans: Even Seo-jin’s nephew (who hears about the trip in the news) congratulates his uncle, saying, “Dreams come true.”

girlfriday: They spend a really long moment just lingering on Seo-jin’s reaction to a baby on the subway, and I’m convinced Na PD’s trying to marry off his hyung.

javabeans: They get off at the right station, but now Seo-jin faces the same quandary the halbaes did, of which exit to take. For a long while he looks at the directions online and decides (as the halbaes did) on the wrong exit, which as we know took them in circles in the wrong direction. Eek! Thankfully Sunny really does turn out to have better directional skills and corrects him, and yes, it really is just a three-minute walk this way.

girlfriday: They find it in no time and greet the waiting halbaes with bows, and suddenly it’s all awkward and strange, like he’s brought a girl home to meet his family.

javabeans: Seriously, it’s like he’s introducing the fiancée to My Three Dads.

girlfriday: And now that they’re here, it’s all, Why’d you come so early? and A man ought to take a girl places! This is so funny.

javabeans: Geun-hyung halbae is really running with it, saying (in the tone of a father tsk-tsking his son) that Sunny must not like him much if she’s telling him she’s tired on the first day of a trip, and how you would think a guy would realize what it means when a super busy girl still made time in her crazy busy schedule to stop over in Taiwan and see him, but you know, a stupid man might miss the point and never get around to dating.

girlfriday: It’s freaking hysterical.

javabeans: Caption: Founding of the Flower Halbae Dating Agency.

girlfriday: And after all that, you only need one line from Il-sub halbae: “Will you two be sleeping together tonight?”

javabeans: Everyone’s dying at that. Na PD sorta stutters that they’ll all be sleeping, uh, in the same house, and halbae says innocently, “That’s what I meant!” Suuuure it is. Then Na PD asks just the three halbaes, “Now can you see how he got to 40 still being single?” Geun-hyung halbae agrees, after all the work they did to shove those two together.

girlfriday: And they’re just getting started. Flower Halbae Dating Agency hijinks, to be continued…


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    OMG! This was the best episode yet! The halbaes, especially Geun-hyung halbae, playing matchmakers is so hilarious and adorable! Oh man, I loved it!

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    I’m glad that Sunny’s not just there to fulfil Seojin’s wish (and to look adorable – if only my hair could look that cute) but she’s also proving to be a good navigator and therefore should be able to lighten his load a little bit when they go out with the halbaes. Looking forward to it.

    Thanks a million for the recap!

    • 6.1 TS

      She’s like what, 21? She’s got techie know-how beyond Seojin just by generation.

      • 6.1.1 maldita

        She’s 24 this year. 🙂

      • 6.1.2 Katie

        25 in Korean age now actually I think. Not that that’s a big difference, but it is lol. I actually really liked Sunny in this episode and she’s not who I normally favor in SNSD (Yuri!) but she was hilarious and figures things out quickly.

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    Yep. The bus pass is similar to the Suica/Pasmo IC card used here in Japan. We use them mostly for trains and buses but you can also use them at vending machines, convenience stores, supermarkets, and some department stores. It’s like a debit card. Very convenient. So if you are planing to visit Japan make sure to get one of these and charge it as you go.

    Thanks ladies for the recap.

    • 8.1 Nippon

      Forgot to add restaurants too.

    • 8.2 gg

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      • 8.2.1 Elina

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    And in Korea, T-money offers a special ‘Seoul Citypass+’ that does the same thing as the Suica card does in Japan. You can even reload them at 7-11s and GS25 stores if you’re nowhere near a subway station — the GS25 stores offer a 30% discount on certain items as well. Score!

    • 10.1 ruizhen

      i worked in taiwan and being there for long, i purchased an easy card which you can buy in 7-11 and other convenient stores. you can reload the denominations at any convenient store and can use the card in bus, trains, vending machines even in some fast food chains and restaurants. its very convenient to use. its like a credit card but you need to load money so transaction can be processed without signing any reciepts.

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    Love watching the shocked, then blushed, then beaming Seo Jinnie when Sunny appeared… Aww, he does like Sunny.

    His reaction in enjoying the time to meet the crowd of fans who’s been there waiting for him while Sunny slipped away is adorable. He still enjoys meeting his fans after all this year.. ^^

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    What a sweet episode. These recaps are perfect to start my sundays. ^^
    Halbaes Matchmaking Agency: This is a pitch waiting to become a movie or a drama. Old foxes who know all the tricks… 😉

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    • 19.1 ian

      I think this has more to do with being in Girl’s Generation rather than being Lee Sooman’s niece. She’s been a trainee most of her life and debuted at an early age from what I know. She couldn’t have ridden a subway like normal citizens as an idol. She’d be mobbed. Also, I am pretty sure they are not allowed to go wandering in public places anyway.

    • 19.2 maldita

      I doubt she’s never ridden a subway. I mean, she’s spent years in Seoul after all. She probably just hasn’t actually been on the subway for quite a while since she became a celeb. And even if they go to different countries, it’s not like they can go out into the streets and explore and do ~normal~ things.

      • 19.2.1 TS

        That’s true, they are working in when they travel.

        But I’d imagine they take the subway normally since its an easy way to travel outside of rush hour. Plus, people don’t see what’s under their noses, and they don’t expect to see a celebrity, most of whom aren’t *that* big a deal except to their fan clubs. So, artists can take advantage of human brain filters. 🙂

        • ian

          Actually, idol’s days are always filled to the brim with schedules that they have personal idol vans to take them to. I reckon this is even more true for SNSD since they’re busier than most idols. When idols do have their own free days, they have their own car to drive. I’m not sure if Sunny has her own car like other idols though. Also, idols aren’t allowed to just wander off by management. They always need to have a manager with them.

          • maldita

            Nah. On their free time after schedules, idols are pretty much on their own, but usually only when they’re past 2 or so years after debut. It’s the rookies that are heavily guarded by managers.

          • TS

            On dramas, no matter the seniority, artists always have managers.

            What on earth do artists do tat their schedules are so packed? It’s not like we ever every single group member al,l the time on every show. And sometimes they don’t do anything for a year or two or more. Then what’s happening?

        • ChillyMilly

          There’ absolutely no way SNSD is taking the subway in any country. They have the money and manpower to justify private transportation. I’m sure she’s taken the subway just not recently. When they were in NYC, where, let’s face it, no one really knows them they had a gigantic charter bus. On the rare occasion they have a vacation, I doubt they take public transportation, running the risk of fan craze and having to maneuver it when they can easily afford a driver.

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    • 20.1 Porcelain

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    • 20.2 Chichiri

      I’m Filipino and that ost brought back soooo many fandom memories. The Meteor Garden era here in the Philippines was so unbelievably unprecedented. Yes, crazier than the Hallyu wave.

      I don’t understand nor have memorized any words from the OST but my gaaahd the melodies are burned into my soul. Even my mom was crazy for Jerry Yan.

      • 20.2.1 Porcelain

        OMG Meteor Garden…THE pioneer F4 days… sweet times… nostalgic… Jerry Yan… Oppa is still hot! Albeit older… but fine like wine 🙂

        • ruizhen

          oh my…. talk about meteor garden and jerry yan. i really love and adored jerry during meteor garden era. then, in 2008, when korean drama Lovers was shown here in the Philippines, my love for Jerry fades because i saw that dimpled actor in the drama. his name is LEE SEO JIN. since then until now, i am a fan and my love for seojinnie is greater than what i felt for jerry.even if i were in taiwan and worked there, i didnt bother look or chase jeryy yan, but when i knew seojinnie was coming to taiwan for gof, i made preparations and ask my leaders at my work that i want to use my leave (vacation/sick leave) the days they are filming in Taiwan.ha,ha,ha…

          • Chichiri

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  21. 21 Sajen

    I’m with Seo-jin in his love of Sunny, though in my opinion slightly less creepy than him, as I’m only 4 years older than her compared to his almost 20.

    Sure there are other idols that can sing or act or whatever, for example, all of Brown Eyed Girls, Eun Ji of A-Pink, IU, Ailee, Eunjung, Hyomin and Ji Yeon of T-ara, but Sunny ok and maybe Eun Ji are the only ones I’d want to know personally.

    If you watched Invincible Youth you know Sunny’s got a good head on her shoulders so it’ll be interesting to see how she deals with the halbaes.

    • 21.1

      I totally agree with you. One of the reasons why I’m quite fond of Sunny is because she looked like such a sensible person on Invincible Youth.

  22. 22 Porcelain

    Wae is this so so cute… can we talk about the opening graphics? the European styled one has been exchanged for a Oriental one with Kung Fu panda and what looks like Monkey King’s face drawing… I really like this details!!!

    Halbaes are still hilarious and Seo-jinnie stills grumpy until Sunny appears… Their interaction is really cute… And I can already see the halbaes doting on her… She really does have this sweet effect on people…

    Now I can’t wait for Soon Jae halbae to join them soon… awesome…

  23. 23 Chichiri

    I’m second hand embarrassed for Seo-jinnie. He just cannot seem to wipe that silly, impish grin on his face after meeting Sunny. So obvious and so funny. He’s a 40-yr old ajusshi! HAHAHA

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 23.1 KDaddict

      Yes, he is a 40yr old ahjussi. Fact is, a lot of, or most, 40 yr old ahjussi’s really like 20 something girls.

      • 23.1.1 TS

        But doesn’t that still make her around 20 years younger than Seojin? That’s a huge difference.

        I really liked Sunny too. As someone new to kpop, I never heard of SNSD before this year. Now I want to see Sunny on more variety

        • TS

          Oops, my replies got messed up: the first age comment was in rep,y to someone else further up.

          @KDaddict, yes, 40 year old guys like 20 something women. As someone late 30s myself, I find I prefer men I their 20s – ahem, KimWooBin and Block B’s Jaehyo obsession – too, so I now forgive this of men in their 40s. 😀

          • KDaddict

            Men liking young women is a fact of life. My comment was a statement of observation, not of accusation.
            Yes, we like young men too. Lee Mi Sook (Mi Rung of YRTBLSS) was rumored to have been involved with sb 17 years her junior. If society were less condemning, and young men more willing, women would act on their preference more often, I’m sure. 😉

        • fullbuster515

          You should watch her on Hello Baby and Invincible Youth. She was amazing on IY 🙂

  24. 24 msmint

    Thanks for the recap, JB and GF!

    Anyway, does anyone know what’s the name of the song that plays when Seo Jinnie meets Sunny at the airport? Please, anyone? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  25. 25 mmmaggie

    BEST EPISODE EVER!! Grumpy Seo-jin is my happy place. Seeing all those women rushing him at the airport — he’s like a Beatle! The Lee Seo-jin marriage sweepstakes have begun!

    I want Geun-hyung halbae to adopt me. Gu halbae is so adorable I can’t stand it. And Il-sub…lol, where to begin.

    I’m so, so glad you guys decided to recap this show. It’s my one link to the kdrama world right now. And it’ll probably get me to start watching again because I want to see Geun-hyung halbae in his new drama.

    My mother’s reaction to this episode: “I don’t understand. Why Sunny? She’s not even the prettiest one in SNSD.” Oh, MOTHER.

  26. 26 idon'tknow

    pretty Sunny snsd:)

  27. 27 Carole McDonnell

    shipping shipping shipping.

  28. 28 DDee

    The best show I’m not watching period.

    • 28.1 nomad

      Yup! But faithfully reading all the recaps!

  29. 29 Jushi

    I am feeling so left out with me not being able to watch this show. 🙁

    Does anyone knows where to watch this show with English Substitute? Huhuhu.

  30. 30 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap. This recap is one my most look forward post every week now on DB. I enjoy the halbaes and especially Na PD.

    Hope this show continues to be successful and Seo Jinnie- am expecting to be married in a few months after this stint and all the contacts with the halbaes. Their matchmaking attempts were hilarious.

    • 30.1 Cynthia

      Hi, CK – you might know, does VIKI have any plans on subbing this?

      • 30.1.1 ck1Oz

        Oops didn’t see this.
        I am not a paid staff there you realize but we tend to create channels for dramas/shows right? But it is a tvN show and viki doesn’t seem to get many licenses for tvN shows.

        I don’t know if anyone actually created this on viki. None of the other channel managers that are currently running the airing dramas that is.

        I guess I could ask around. Wonder why I didn’t think of it. However just so used to not getting licenses for tvN or cable dramas on viki.

        • Cynthia

          Thanks for the info, ck. I thought of you when I saw your name as part of the subbing team for ‘Love Now’ – (just finished it today – all 72 EPs! You & team did a terrific job and made it an enjoyable watch right up to the end. And just a quick aside from this GOF post, I was watching Love Now at Dramafever and then zipping over to Viki whenever DF would go down or freeze or not load, etc., and I realized that DF was editing the drama, leaving out total scenes just to make it fit into their parameters. I couldn’t figure out why the drama was so choppy at DF – now I know why.) Once again, DF scores a big FAIL.

          Let us know if you discover anything about GOF – we’d all appreciate it!

  31. 31 KDaddict

    I just watched the KBS copycat–Mama too, or I should say, I just watched a little bit of it. I stayed long enough to find out which Mama’s are involved:
    1. Lee Soon Shin’s nasty and very unwise Grandma;
    2. Incarnation of Money’s Alzheimer’s Mama;
    3. Ji Sung’s Protect the Boss Grandma;
    4. And the Maknae among them, a 60-looking Mama, who I don’t remember seeing lately.

    Guess what I noticed? Their terrible eye-lid surgery done years ago when the technique wasn’t up to par.

    They were introduced one by one, coming out from a house to sit down at a table placed outside. It was super boring (to me). I didn’t last beyond seeing the 4 faces. 😉

    • 31.1 TS

      What’s it called? I would like it to be successful: grannies have their own brand of humour.

      • 31.1.1 KDaddict

        Mama too, or Mama can too.

        • TS

          I’ll watch it if they sub it on their YouTube channel. I like grannies.

  32. 32 Ethalina

    “He looks like a Buddha teddy bear” OHMYGOD! THIS!
    This is the description of Il-seob halbae that I’ve had in my mind since 4 years ago, but can never quite seem to put in words.

    Thanks for another wonderful recap of a wonderful episode.

    The brave subber who actually decides to sub this is in for a great surprise. Pity none does.

    • 32.1 TS

      Re-watching this raw while rereading recap and was ROTFL’ing at this description.

      His cf montage was hilarious too.

  33. 33 [email protected]

    KBSworld has uploaded on theur youtube channel Season one of Invincible Youth where Sunny participated I haven’t seen her much on TV since.

    Here is the link

    • 33.1 JessK

      Thanks for the link, I had no idea KBS upload it on YT! I really enjoyed this show when it was aired on TV few of years ago.

      And yes, Sunny really shines in IY. [SPOILER-ish] in fact, she’s too awesome that at one point she’s ruled out from the ownership games because she already won too much lol. The cast members, the villagers, and even the animals adore her… I mean, even her cow literally teared up (!) when Sunny bid the cow goodbye when she left the show.

      Now I wonder if the Halbaes will be as charmed as everyone in Invincible Youth 😉

      • 33.1.1 Porcelain

        She was really awesome… I was suprise how quickly she adapt to farming and everything… She catches chicken with her bare hands…. And the cute cow!!! Sunny and that cow were OTP… Sweetest ever… I legit cried when they part when S1 came to an end…

      • 33.1.2 fullbuster515

        I agree. she really shined in IY1. I just wished she stayed longer on the show. and I also cried (a bit) when Greeny’s nose got pierced. haha!

        and I also noticed she adapts quickly to her environment.

  34. 34 TS

    What phone is that which the halbaes are using? Flip & touch screen: so cool!

    • 34.1 FY Tapri

      Samsung galaxy S4

  35. 35 JessK

    Thank for the recap! That was hilarious!

    I love how SeoJinnie was all smiley like that. Grumpy SeoJin is funny but I like seeing his dimples more lol. I cant wait to see more of Flower Halbaes Dating Agency hijinks. That IlSeob halbaes’ question had me dying too XD

    “Now can you see how he got to 40 still being single”
    lol aww (but hey, we’re talking about a guy who dated Lee HyoRi and Kim JungEun in the past!)

  36. 36 ananlea

    what happend to Soon-jae halbae? Is he not going to be on this trip…absolutely love this show.

    I wish more people would take up the English subbing project, so far I have only seen the first 4 episodes English subbed but love reading the recaps

    • 36.1 Chichiri

      He just got delayed (as was mentioned in the last recap). He arrives a day after Seo-jinnie and Sunny.

      Segue: it’s funny how we just call him Seo-jinnie now, ‘no? hehe

  37. 37 stherlynn

    Anyone knows where I can watch this episode? I don’t mind raw one too..

  38. 38 jademwong

    Best. Episode. Yet. Thanks for the recap! I hope this show never ends xD

  39. 39 jakebot

    I thought Sunny had the best sense of humor/reality of SNSD, and it seems I was right. What a trooper, and she’s totally game for all the hijinks. Her growing up all over the world really made her a unique personality. lots of fun to watch, especially once the halbaes got involved. you could see how she got the jokes layered in seriousness. I finally found a raw to watch to go along with the recaps, and had quite a lot of fun. thanks!

  40. 40 Me

    nice..I think the season 2 will have much faster sub since there’s sunny in it, right? at least for the few starting episode.

    • 40.1 ck1Oz

      Why? Are the SNSD fans subbing it?

      • 40.1.1 maldita

        Most probably. It’s not like they have anything else to sub lately since the girls have been busy doing concerts.

        And if they can sub whole episodes of Yoona’s 100+ episode daily drama You Are My Destiny, they can and will sub anything. LOL

  41. 41 kiongna

    My fav Variety show now 🙂 Halbaes are so adorable and like a box of chocolates, you never know what you get! pwhahahah!

  42. 42 Shiku

    This was so funny! Love Seo Jinnie and the halbaes. So jealous of Sunny right now, what I wouldn’t do to spend a day with Seo Jinnie.

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