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Ha Suk-jin and Song Chang-eui courted for Thrice Married Woman
by | August 12, 2013 | 36 Comments

Gah, I love Kim Soo-hyun’s taste in men. It probably goes without saying that a hit drama writer gets all the good men (for her dramas, ahem) but she sure knows how to pick ’em. The star writer’s got two regulars back on the bandwagon for her next drama, a weekender called Thrice Married Woman, set to air on SBS in the fall. Up for the male leads are Ha Suk-jin (Shark) and Song Chang-eui (The Great Seer), but don’t worry, there are two sistersHan Ga-in and Eom Ji-won — for them to romance, so they needn’t fight.

Rumor had it that Chun Jung-myung (Man of Honor) was set to star, but despite being in attendance for the first script read, Chun has officially dropped the project due to scheduling concerns. Ha Suk-jin is now being courted to take the role, and is still considering (technically, the whole cast is “still considering,” since the script read was an early informal one, before contracts and negotiations).

There are reunions all around, which is pretty commonplace for a Kim Soo-hyun drama: she’s working with the PD of her last three dramas again, Song Chang-eui starred in Life Is Beautiful, and Ha Suk-jin starred in Childless Good Fortune, along with Eom Ji-won. The family weekender will be about a mom and her two daughters, and we aren’t given much else to go on for the characters.

It could be the expected combination of one leading man for each sister, or it could be that Han Ga-in marries three men, per the title. I’d be kinda disappointed if someone doesn’t get married three times, even if it’s not her. I’m just glad that after getting the shaft in Shark (Wasted character. So disappointed. Don’t even get me started.) Ha Suk-jin will be getting a meaty role this time around.

Thrice Married Woman follows Goddess of Marriage on SBS, which puts the premiere sometime in November.

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36 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jensredshoes

    Umm, I got sidetracked when I saw the header with Hyun Bin AND Jung Woo-Sung. “giggles” Sorry.

    • 1.1 Chichiri

      uhhhh.. mine was a topless lee dong wook in the shower brooding his hotness away dayummm

  2. ilikemangos

    I do find ha suk jin green, but perhaps it was because he was acting alongside the kim nam gil.
    He has a pretty face though — and he’s likable.

    • 2.1 Joy

      I pity his character in Shark.. But I don’t think I can take him seriously because his name reminds me of Race Start~! LOOL.

  3. effy

    They could both play brother without a doubt. Their features looks strikingly familiar and resembles each other.

  4. Mystisith

    I love Ha Suk Jin and I’m neutral toward Song Chang Ui.
    On a sidenote, SBS is really investing on solid writers for their future dramas (more than usual, I mean) and it’s a good thing. If those writers have their saying in the choice of the cast for their stories, it’s even better.

  5. Anonymous

    I didn’t watch Life is Good but I did recently watch Childless Comfort and I didn’t get the title in relation to the drama plot. It was good, I really enjoyed it but I felt that the writing lacked when it came to Eom Ji Won’s character in the weekend-er.

    The best character (in terms of writing) was Eom Ji Won’s mother in the drama. The most meaty role. It focused on and highlighted some very good issues but when it came to Eom Ji Won’s character it didn’t really show anything. Others might disagree but her wanting to be a single-mom and raising the child on her own. Her ex’s character was pretty redundant.

    So, when it comes to Kim Su Hyun’s drama title, I won’t keep my hopes up on someone being married at least thrice. Otherwise I think the content/plot would be good if her previous dramas are anything to go by.

    • 5.1 hayden

      the title had to do with the fact that the youngest son (of the three brothers) had no children. if you watched the drama carefully you would know that the main family had many problems due to the children (eomjiwon – single mom, hasukjin- didn’t want to get married & the youngest son who wanted to get married early)
      it was to show how being childless wasn’t as bad as having children who always made you want to rip your hair out. thus, childless comfort.

      • 5.1.1 Anonymous

        I did and at first I, too, thought the title referred to the youngest sibling but then they had their own problems, didn’t they, because of not having any children? They showed that too, that’s why I kept thinking what has the title got to do with this family. If they had not shown any problems in the youngest sibling’s marriage then I would have thought ‘oh yeah, okay that’s what the title is comparing the other two families to’ but they didn’t. It was only in the beginning few episodes that they truly showed them blissful and happy in terms of being childless but as the story progressed they started showing the bad-side of not being able to have children – how it’s hurtful for the husband-wife when everyone around them had children and how everyone pities them for not having any of their own.

        I still feel the story took a different turn after 20 or so episodes (in terms of title) – I might remember it wrong because since then I have started watching TEN and continued Unexpected You.

  6. OMG

    The first pic is……”woah”

  7. Waiting

    I am not familiar with either actor. Considering the reviews, I am not likely to watch Shark though I have watched everything the female lead has been in. I do like Han Ga-In so I may give this a go. November is cold and boring so…LOL

  8. okdubu

    song changeui on those bedsheets oh my

    • 8.1 zhill

      IKR, am so bad … Lee Sang Woo came to mind upon seing that picture of him in bed lol!

    • 8.2 pearl3101

      Is that the guy from ‘Golden bride’???!!

  9. Noelle

    LOL the second pic made me “wow” and put a smile on my face. Thanks for that.

  10. 10 snow

    i like ha suk-jin, so i hope he gets this one. disappointed that PIE won’t be in though, had hoped to see him back on the small screen again.

  11. 11 bluemoon

    I can’t wait to see this one!

  12. 12 KDaddict

    Neutral towards Ha Suk Jin. He did OK in Childless Comfort.
    Scared of Han Ga In after MoonETS.
    Love Kim Soo Hyun’s writing in weekend dramas, where there are no complete idiots or lunatics like Song Mi Rung!

  13. 13 myra do

    I like the cast of ACTORS, maybe this new drama would interest us especially with its comedy romance type of story. Surely gonna watch this for sure!

  14. 14 canxi

    I haven’t seen much of these guys so I don’t have much to say on them–I think I am pretty neutral to Ha Suk Jin, though, the things I’ve seen him in I’ve either dropped so I didn’t really get to see what he could do or he just didn’t do much like in Shark–lol, I know people were rooting for him but I couldn’t like or dislike his character because he never did anything. Maybe in this if I watch it. I did like Song’s character in HeartStrings, though. Haha.

    & I do like Han Ga In, lol.

  15. 15 Annie

    Apparently Song Chang Ui is out too after Chun Jung Myung dropped this drama.

    I think Jo Han Sun is replacing SCU’s character? And will have a love line with Uhm Ji Won?

    • 15.1 Annie

      I’ve got to say that neither of the couples in this drama looks at all compatible… but then, what else is new? *sigh*

  16. 16 makoto

    Not a fan of weekend drama or Han Ga In. Watched several Ha Suk Jin’s movies and he’s good. Shark did waste his talent.

  17. 17 konata

    I haven’t seen Ha Suk Jin in a drama where he is the main lead. It’s always as a second lead or one of the other characters related the lead stars.

    • 17.1 the other kay

      i believe he was the lead in once upon a time in saengchori. if you haven’t watched it, it’s highly recommended. it keeps you guessing, has wonderful cameos and laugh out loud funny.

      • 17.1.1 ~Feather~

        How long is it?

      • 17.1.2 pearl3101

        I searched for the drama for a long time and then finally found it in Gooddrama.. Didn’t finish it though.. Found it boring after a while.. but that could be due to the poor connectivity…. 🙁

      • 17.1.3 konata

        Haven’t seen that one yet, though the title is familiar. I’ll try to watch it then. 😀

  18. 18 bishbash

    Anything with Ha Suk Jin is a must. Couple that with Kim Soo-hyun writer-nim, I’ll make use of the fourth dimension if I need to. Thanks for the news!

  19. 19 mina

    Love Kim Soo-hyun for writing Life is Beautiful, because the first ever gay couple of kdrama was produced! Kim definitely have a great eye for selecting actors. Song Chang-eui and Lee Sang-woo had a wonderful chemistry as a couple. They had a great storyline with a positive portrayal of homosexuality and a happy ending.

    • 19.1 Mystisith

      Absolutely agree with you. 🙂

    • 19.2 chickenwing

      Oh yeah I really love Song Chang Ui in that

  20. 20 missjb

    Maybe it just me but I do think ha suk jin act good in shark…ndespite his char doesn’t give him more challange… In fact I’m more connect to his char than kim namgil in shark… I love him… maybe I will cjeck the first episode just for him

  21. 21 djes

    I love Ha Sukjin, but if he is going to be paired with Eom Jiwon, that would be weird ( she was playing as his sister in Childless Comfort ); and I don’t think I would like to see he’s being paired with Han Gain too..
    errr.. but too bad Chun Jeongmyung is out. I miss him! And now if the news is right, Song Changeui is out too..that would be double bad!

    I mostly like Kim Soohyun’s dramas, so I’m looking forward for this drama too.

  22. 22 denise

    Song Chang Ui need to team up with Lee Sang Woo for another drama, they had awesome chemistry as a couple. missed Life Is Beautiful days. Nothing beats that these days.

  23. 23 nad

    I Like Him. He looks like teenage boy.He has very very Charmed look.

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