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Han Ji-min cast as Hyun Bin’s political rival
by | August 13, 2013 | 48 Comments

We finally have a leading lady for Hyun Bin’s long-awaited army comeback project, The King’s Wrath, where he’ll be playing King Jeongjo of Joseon. Han Ji-min’s name has been circling the casting stories for a little while as a maybe, but it looks like she’s signing on to star. It turns out not to be a romantic pairing though — I just assumed she’d be taking on a queen consort role, and thought it would be a retread of her days in Yi San (where she played King Jeongjo’s concubine Sung Ui-bin opposite Lee Seo-jin). But she’s actually playing an antagonist in the film: she’ll be the queen dowager, his step-grandmother and fierce political rival.

I know what you’re thinking: she don’t look like his grandma. But Queen Jeongsun, wife of Jeongjo’s grandfather King Yeongjo, was only seven years older than her step-grandson. She wielded a lot of power in the turbulent era in which Jeongjo took the throne, and even became the regent in his death; she was known for greatly opposing his political views. It’s nice to see her changing up her image to play the antagonist, especially since she’s already played a consort to the very same king in dramaland.

Han Ji-min will actually be having a movie reunion with her Plan Man co-star Jung Jae-young in this film, where he’s playing one half of an assassin duo sent to kill the king. Jo Jung-seok plays the other assassin, and they even have rhyming names. They go undercover to act as the king’s bodyguards, only in that time Jung Jae-young becomes convinced that Jeongjo is actually a good king, putting him in a royal pickle when it comes time to kill him.

It’ll be the big screen debut for PD Lee Jae-kyu of The King 2 Hearts, Damo, and Beethoven Virus, and the focus of the story will be on the king and the two men whose jobs are both to kill and protect him.

The King’s Wrath starts shooting in September for a 2014 release.

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48 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    Thanks for the update!

    • 1.1 Choshinsung Super Fan

      for anyone who is interested…click on the link for 1-month free premium access to DramaFever…first three who click only though…sorry.

  2. bbstl

    he dies? daaaaang.

    • 2.1 Kiara

      …mysteriously at age 48. He may live through the whole movie and I think Jung’s character will end up saving him from the other assassin.

  3. Requiem

    Heh, I was thinking this exact thing:

    she don’t look like his grandma.

    • 3.1 YT629

      Well she was Jeong jo’s grandfather’s second Queen (after Jang hee bin, there was a law put in place that concubines couldn’t rise to the position of Queen which meant a new young woman had to be picked when the current Queen died). Which was why the second Queen was young enough to be Yeong jo’s grandaughter-she was around 50 years younger than him. Terrible, huh?

      • 3.1.1 too_late_the_hero

        but they dont look like 50-ishh…haha. anyway its a movie.

        • YT629

          No, I meant she was 50 yrs younger than the grandfather of Hyun bin’s character, King Jeong Jo. As Girlfriday said, Han Ji min’s character, the Dowager Queen is supposed to be 7 yrs older than King Jeong jo. Which is majorly icky. Imagine if your step grandmother was only 7 yrs older than you? But Han ji min doesn’t look 7yrs older than Hyun bin either, oh well.

  4. ilikemangos

    maaaaan. They would have made a really beautiful couple.

  5. 5oli5l

    his “step-grandmother” like seriously -________-

  6. bebeswtz

    =( 2014 until I can see Jo Jung Seok oppa again after “Lee Soon Shin” ?

    • 6.1 liz

      Nah. He’ll finish his movie waaay before but it will just be released on september.

      Maybe he’ll even star in a kdrama before the movie be released.

      Look LJS he was in I hear your voice and 2 other movies and now he’ll play another movie and etc.. .


    • 6.2 Rachel

      Jo Jung Seok is in that movie The Face Reader, isn’t he? It’s going to be released this year. You won’t have to wait that long :p

  7. addylovesbwood

    ohhhh geeezzz what a buzz kill…I was excited til I saw King Jeongjo of Joseon… whyy a saeguk???

    • 7.1 KDaddict

      Hyun Bin has never been in a sageuk before. It’d be interesting to see him in sageuk hair and costumes, and acting.

  8. Emily

    Sigh, and here I was hoping that I could see Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min paired up as a couple.

  9. the50-person

    *puts on watchlist*

    • 9.1 the50-person

      Now…if they would just throw in yeo un and baek dong soo hahaha (unfortunately ysh is not available)

  10. 10 canxi

    Lol, I am also one of those people who was excited to see them as a couple but this sounds cool too. I wanna see how evil Han Ji Min can be.

  11. 11 Kiara

    Oh that’s right. Queen Jeongsun was only 14 when she married King Yeongjo. I never thought I’d say this but I’m excited to see Han Ji Min as an evil bitch.

    Jung Jae-young is enough of a draw for this movie. Thanks JB :).

    • 11.1 KDaddict

      Her char in RTP was kinda boring, you know, all cheerful and helpful. It’s much more interesting to see her play a bitch, for a change.

  12. 12 Cherry

    I’ve begun to like Han ji min.

  13. 13 Audrey

    I was hoping Han Ji Min would be paired up with Hyun Bin, but I am also so excited that she plays an evil role, looking forward to this movie.

  14. 14 Jess

    WHAT?! No love story? POOP!

  15. 15 Hanlover

    I’m so excited to know Jimin will play evil role. She’s gonna be great, make me think of her role in Detective K. Jimin fighting. I cant wait, a bit dissapoint that there is no loveline between her and Hyun Bin though. well there is still hope they will be a couple in dramaland some day in the near future

  16. 16 Perrie

    Well…I hope one day they’ll get to be a couple in a drama…they look so good together with only their pictures being next to each other, lol

  17. 17 Noelle

    Are you sure thats Binnie? Damn he changed a lot!

    • 17.1 KDaddict

      Not really “changed a lot”. Only permed his hair. Still that sharp angular face. He does look kinda tired in this photo.

  18. 18 Valleydale

    Well I, for one, really hope Binnie will be featured in a drama or two between now and the release of this movie, preferably, a romance or romcom. Updated web searches reveal that he’s all but disappeared from the radar, and that’s not good for the career of any actor. The public is fickle, and lacks long-term memory. Two years in the Army didn’t help in the least. I know he pretends to be unconcerned about such shallow matters, but surely he must know how these things affect his career in general.

    • 18.1 The Real CZ

      Hyun Bin left after Secret Garden and joined the Marines in active duty instead of doing the entertainment job in the Army like a lot of celebrities used to do. Netizens praised him for his decision, so it’s not like he’ll be forgotten that easily.

    • 18.2 KDaddict

      Don’t worry. If u watch K tv, you can’t go 5 mins. without seeing him in a beautifully shot commercial of some product, Kia, Samsung, outdoor clothing, coffee, etc. No one is about to forget him.
      I think they’ll all rush into the cinemas when his saguek finally comes out.

    • 18.3 maldita

      He might not be talked about a lot, but he’s sooooooo far from forgotten. He left at the peak of Secret Garden mania, and enlisted in the Marines. That got people talking about him for probably the first six months of his service. Then he released two movies while in military service. They’ve handled his service well enough and it showed at how in demand he was the second he came back. CF deals, photo shoots, interviews, etc.

  19. 19 Windsun33

    It is looking like we are in for another round of Saeguk’s after the current round of medical/ghosts dramas.


  20. 20 enjee

    I thought she will be his love interest , oh boo. will watch this still.

  21. 21 jmjm

    He’ll pop up in a drama before that comes out, surely. Maybe he’s just shopping around for the right one.

  22. 22 yumi

    The series I really want to see is


    a saeguk science fiction fusion.

    • 22.1 YY

      Is this the one about a strange apelike king from a mysterious island who sends an army of evil bananas to take over the world?

      • 22.1.1 yukiN

        @YY I’m ROTFL XD

  23. 23 Jacek

    Damn. I was happy for sec there thinking they would play lovers.

  24. 24 exquisitemelody

    considering if she played his opposite, she would be playing the same role, I think this would be fun for her! I’ve only seen her in cutesy roles, so it’d be interesting to see her play an antagonist. I absolutely love Yi San, so I’m excited to see a movie version of it with hyun bin!!

  25. 25 dreaming....

    Aww. No lovers for these two. Was hoping for it. But it’s nice to see a change of Han Ji Min. I want to see the evil in her acting. Lol

  26. 26 Viki

    Oooh, I actually briefly watched Yi San which stars Han Ji Min while my mom was watching it religiously. So whenever i passed by the living room I would sometimes stop by and see what’s going on…so I’m kinda familiar with King Jeongjo storyline…well, based on that drama.

  27. 27 Jenny

    This sounds really interesting, I was wondering who she would be playing. At first I thought his love interest but his step grandmother is even better.

    What I’ve understood the real Queen Jeongsun might have killed the King or that’s what’s suspected.

  28. 28 cabbagepatch

    Don’t know this guy, Han Ji-min always piques my interest…;)

  29. 29 Lilian

    wah..sounds interesting! 7 years older than the step-grandson?? hmm….definitely a great role to explore =)

  30. 30 serena

    I am so so so excited Hyun Bin is returning to the small screen. I miss him. It has been a long absence. I look forward to his latest project with Han Ji Min. She is a great actress.

  31. 31 serena

    Well, I understand Hyun Bin’s latest project is a movie. Looking forward!!!!

  32. 32 Waca

    Now this is interesting! Thanks for the news! I really like Han Ji Min and first saw her in Yi San (I have to admit I never did finish that drama though, I stopped shortly after the traumatizing death of secretary Jung because I just missed so badly his face-to-faces with Hong).
    It will be so interesting to see her as the queen dowager instead of the Jeongjo’s consort! I can’t wait!
    …hum…except that I did hate the guts of the queen dowager in Yi San, so is it really a good idea for me to watch this? I don’t want to hate Han Ji Min! :O

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