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KBS copycats Grandpas Over Flowers with grandma edition
by | August 10, 2013 | 90 Comments

javabeans: Oh, KBS. *shakes head* Are you really so hard-up for ideas that you’re just going to steal them from everyone else now? So get this: Hot on the heels of Grandpas Over Flowers’ success for tvN, KBS is planning a show that’s basically Grandmas Over Flowers. *shakes head harder*

girlfriday: It’s so shameless. I mean, the show is called Mama Too, like, Hey, That’s a Hit Show, We’ll Do It TOO!

javabeans: But wait! That’s not all! They’re ALSO doing a show called A Dad’s Qualifications, AHEM, and are we supposed to believe the show about dads taking over the care of their kids has nothing to do with the runaway success of MBC’s Dad! Where Are We Going?

girlfriday: KBS variety has been floundering for a long while now, but this is actually worse than just chugging along with your shows that aren’t as popular.

javabeans: I know! Not only is it just annoying to steal someone else’s original idea for your own, it actually makes them look more lame to pull a desperate move like this, like they just need an idea, any idea, oh god does nobody have an idea?

girlfriday: And do they think people won’t notice? ‘Cause… uh… we noticed.

javabeans: Everyone noticed! The headlines are all, “KBS, are you really gonna do that?” and “KBS, not cool man.” I mean, okay, not exactly in those words but pretty much those words.

girlfriday: Yeah the news cycle on these show announcements was pretty funny. “That’s just like this show!” “That’s not okay.” “Is that okay?”

javabeans: It’s worth pointing out that we’re not accusing them of actually plagiarizing or doing anything illegal. Imitation is flattery (said all the imitators to the people they ripped off, hoping that would make it better—it doesn’t make it better), Oreo has Hydrox, Apple hates Samsung, et ceteraaaaaa. It’s just that this is kinda tasteless and tacky.

girlfriday: And an actual tactic from them, because they’re developing six new shows for a variety overhaul… but it’s all just versions of stuff that’s popular on other networks.

javabeans: It has to be a really bizarre experience for Na PD in particular, since they’re ripping off his idea with Mama Too and he was the guy who steered KBS’s flagship show (1N2D) to its greatest heights. He was really classy in interviews asking how he felt about it, saying that KBS is like his parents’ home, that it just means people really love Grandpas Over Flowers, and that he’s going to focus on his own show.

girlfriday: It was nice of him to say that instead of the other thing.

javabeans: No kidding. He totally has the right to be all, “WTF, KBS?” but he’s happier taking the higher road (wonder what the view’s like over there, since my instinct is always the other one). Granted, maybe it’s not so tough when his show keeps breaking its own rating records, with this week’s Episode 6 scoring 6.65% in average ratings with a real-time high of 9.66%, which was even higher in Seoul with 12.34%. Those’re pretty monstrous numbers for cable, but especially cable variety.

girlfriday: They’re massive. He’s basically bringing in Big 3 numbers for cable.

javabeans: Not to be a Negative Nellie from the get-go, but I don’t see a grandma version being as fun. I mean, I do like Kim Sumi (Incarnation of Money), who was hilarious on the 1N2D Actress Special, and they’re also courting Kang Bu-ja, who’s a familiar grandma face from lots of dramas (You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly, Mom’s Dead Upset). But… it’s not the same. I don’t want to turn this into a gendered argument but it’s just that I don’t worry about strong women the same way I worry about bumbling old grandpas trying to feed themselves in foreign locales.

girlfriday: Yeah I have the same initial reaction (not that it couldn’t be an entertaining show for totally different reasons) that women would have no problems on a trip overseas, and there would be no arguing over how to make Chapaghetti or relying on a Seo-jinnie to make them strange hotel soups out of mystery meats.

javabeans: To split hairs a bit, KBS is not technically developing this copycat program in-house—it’s an outside production, but I don’t really know if you can pat them on the back for that since they’re the ones buying it anyway.

girlfriday: I think the lesson here is really: You shoulda paid Na PD more money to keep him.

javabeans: One talent goes a lot longer than a hit show or two.

girlfriday: Especially when that talent has a crew full of talented people who follow him from show to show and write/edit/produce great stuff. When we say Na PD we really mean his whole boatload of people.

javabeans: Who now work for tvN. Giving them monster ratings. And prestige. And laughs. We all win.

girlfriday: Well, everyone but KBS.

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90 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ...

    That’s absolutely ridiculous. KBS really needs to get it together and come up with something original. Like you guys pointed out, they should have just paid Na PD more to stay! Even if the program isn’t produced in house that’s no excuse to broadcast a copycat program .

    • 1.1 far

      ikr? especially regarding 1N2D show. they have a great cast line-up this time. each of them have their own personality, in which if given the proper material, they can shine brilliantly. so for that to get wasted on the current PD (who obviously likes to do things for no reason whatsoever) is really upsetting. i dont see any competitiveness from the boys at all.

      i quite like Season 2. it’s no Season 1, but Bird PD is not bad. he was just about to turn evil after 1 year, and they switch him to another show. things go downhill after the New PD takes over. it seems to me like KBS is point-black refusing to take new ideas from other people, which results in circulation of people. living in their own world is not good.

  2. Shadow-chan

    Well, actually Hydrox was first, and Oreo was later. But somehow I doubt that there ever will be any doubt later which show was first…

    I mean, if it’s as entertaining as GOF, it’s only good for us, right?
    But really, the nerve of those people, tssk… I’m totally used to German networks ripping of US shows and so on, but that’s really… bold.

    • 2.1 mehkko

      And US shows rip off British ones…so the story’s told.

      • 2.1.1 Shadow-chan

        Yeah, and then we copy the US show that copied the British show… There totally is a German The Office clone for example.

  3. hayy

    Really? Haha, alright, good luck then.

  4. Ryan

    Isn’t it an unwritten rule somewhere that we will not do this to one another, and will pay/license the concept? Why risk your reputation and be the laughing stock of the town?

  5. Daniaa

    Wait…. so you mean Na PD took his whole crew over for the change? Damn…. dude is awesome.

    Oh KBS. I wouldn’t wanna be associated with you.

    • 5.1 Jo

      What I like about KBS is they provide KBS WORLD subs on youtube.

  6. Mystisith

    Hahaha. So the problem of creativity plagues varietyland like dramaland. Interesting…
    Seriously, when you have someone with talent, notoriety and such an address book, you treat him well and you keep it with you. Those heads who only see $$ should learn a thing or too about friendship and bromance and loyalty. Backstabbing is not nice!.

    • 6.1 Jessica

      It feels like every country has this issue.

      Like when the US had tons of lawyer shows, than cops shows, and then doctor shows.

      I guess TV executives around the world think the same 🙂

    • 6.2 Juli

      wish that German networks would rip of Korean shows. at the same time I wonder where they should find such great Cast as it is provided in Korea.

  7. tiny

    they should realize that it’s Na PD and his crew who brings the magic. I mean, look at where 1N2D is now with a different PD.

    i giess this says a lot about the kind of person Na PD is. I noticed a familiar face in an episode of GOF. it was the same PD who Eun Ji Won was like ‘gimme gimme’ to a morsel of food she was eating when Sugeun wagered ramyun and sleeping rights. *sniff I miss the real 1n2d again… 😥

    • 7.1 mehkko

      I told myself that I would watch it until school starts this fall or it gets cancelled, but it’s been so terrible, especially these last couple of episodes, that I’ve quit already. I feel terrible because it was my first variety show, but now that I watch more variety than dramas, I know enough to know that everything could be improved about the current 1n2d: the production, the editing, the cast, and the writing. urgh.

      • 7.1.1 gg

        yea, 2D1N used to be my favourite korean variety show, i almost cried when I heard that season 1 was ending. Then season 2 came and i cheered up abit although Seung Gi’s gone, and i tried to watch it for a few episodes, but it just got so boring that I stopped (no offense to any season 2 fans out there). KBS should do some serious internal reflection.

        • mysticmalady

          TOTALLY AGREED. I never thought I would have to fast-forward through a 1n2d episode (which i’ve had to do since the new PD came on board). In fact, I spend half the episode mentally editing the show for them and tweaking the games to make them more interesting.

          KBS, please hear our cries and get better PDs/writers! I can see the crew trying their best to make the show fun, but I don’t think the show will improve if what they’ve planned is just soooooooooo booooooring. TT.TT

    • 7.2 adette

      THIS. you think they would have learned that the same concept of a show depends on execution… 1N2D was fun to watch even with Bird PD, but it still changed the show, having a different PD. and then the show changed again after Bird PD left (for the worse… much, much, MUCH worse…)

      but you would think that it’d be a clear sign to KBS that you just can’t replicate success like this. it’s not just the concept of “old people travelling abroad” that makes GOF great. it’s Na PD, and the cast he’s assembled and the rules he creates for his little game and the way all the personalities work together… all of which is highlighted by smart editing.

  8. TS

    I dunno: grandmas can be just as difficult.

    They need a cute boybander or two to run the errands.
    The only thing that’ll get them is: Seojinie being tricked into this job is half the fun! How to replicate that?

    • 8.1 adette

      I don’t doubt that halmaes can be just as entertaining as the halbaes (I have plenty of crazy korean grandma stories from work last year that prove this, in fact) BUT a major factor in variety is not just the personalities you get on the show, but how well you edit the show. look at 1N2D (which everyone will be bringing up because of its relation to Na PD): there are still many of the same great personalities on the show as before, but the newest PD? not so great with some of the decisions he’s making, and what used to be a good time is now suffering due to poor execution.

      if KBS is going to do this, i sure hope they have a damn good PD lined up.

  9. Appletini

    KBS…sigh. I am not surprised though. They have also used Eat Your Videos without permission … after the guys who run the website refused to collaborate with them.

    • 9.1 Carmensitta

      *Eat Your Kimchi videos

      • 9.1.1 Appletini

        Thanks for pointing it out, miss Grammar Nazi. I am sure you make typos as well from time to time.

        • anna

          LOL you didn’t make a typo tho, you just left out the word KIMCHI. don’t need to be so sarcastic about it.

          • anna

            and seriously, i was wonder who the heck is Eat Your Videos haha

          • Appletini

            From a dictionary:
            noun, plural ty·pos. Informal.
            typographical error.

            Yes, I made a typo. And you are being a grammar nazi for the second time. It is very bad manners to other people unless they have specifically asked you to, thus the sarcasm.

        • iloveys

          why are you getting so upset? you left out the most important part of their name, of course they’re going to correct you. it was a simple correction, no need to be rude about it.

      • 9.1.2 javabeans

        The correction was civil. The reply less so. Let’s let this rest now.

    • 9.2 mira

      would you mind explaining that ?

  10. 10 tadaaflo

    this totally remind me of simon and martina debacle.. ohh kbs…

    • 10.1 aisuzieya

      goodness, what happened?

      • 10.1.1 Appletini

        They approached Simon and Martina to make a show together. Simon and Martina refused, because the premise of the show KBS wanted to make was stupid. So KBS decided to broadcast videos from Eat Your Kimchi website without permission.

        • Laura

          omg, no way :O I’ve never imagined anyone would do such thing…

      • 10.1.2 tadaaflo

        they mke a video abt it on their youtube channel. u cn check it out


  11. 11 Alyyy

    LOL this post was so funny!

    Well, this whole rip-off idea is ridiculous… but on the other hand it’s basically free publicity. They could have come up with some original shows, but since they’re pulling this stunt it makes EVERYONE comment on it. These copycat shows haven’t even picked a cast or premiered yet… but everyone knows about them already.

    Anyways, it always makes me happy to see cable networks beat the Big 3. Muahahaha

  12. 12 eny

    this is seem shameless esp doing by big broadcaster, it’s true the basic idea is the same as 1n2d but it still weird and plus with dad show. Copycat other show that has been popular happen everywhere including my country, i’m not surprise.

    But KBS drama is still the best for me, they make better drama with more original idea more than other broadcast

  13. 13 KDaddict

    If KBS doesn’t care how this copy cat move makes them look, would they care when their copy cat show (Mama Too) FLOPS? After all 1N2D that worked so spectacularly under Na PD has flopped just as spectacularly without him. The idea is impt, but so is the execution. They will look Really stupid, won’t they?

  14. 14 Cheese

    Oh korea you and your copy cat issues.. Korea has this strange law on intellectual copyright not entirely connected to this but on other aspects of korean media. They are not like “im inspired to do this but created a whole different version” Instead “hey thats the trend today or thats has ratingslets do that! Trigger happy copying lol

  15. 15 snow

    that’s a pathetic move, KBS. couldn’t you have come up with something else that doesn’t make you look stupid? sigh.

  16. 16 Robin

    Maybe instead KBS could come up with a show that features the Grannies searching for chaebol ghosts who like to time travel…

  17. 17 NaHyun
    Wow what a shame KBS. I can’t believe they’re actually copying Gramps Over Flowers.. I think grandmas would be quite annoying. They don’t have that cuteness only grandpas have. And I didn’t really like Kim Sunmi’s variety personality in Running Man, it really annoyed me. To think that they woykd cast her..
    I used to think KBS was the best but that was only when the original 1N2D was alive.. Now KBS is really failing.
    If I had one word to describe this whole thing it would be: ANNOYING

    • 17.1 Hazel

      “I think grandmas would be quite annoying. They don’t have that cuteness only grandpas have.”

      Yeah, I’m going to totally disagree with that statement. I’ve met many adorable, feisty, hilarious & charming grandmas, and have known quite a few obnoxious, annoying grandpas. It depends on the individual not their gender.

      But if you mean that there might be some gendered expectations about how grandmas are supposed to act that could potentially inhibit some of the cast (or even the PD/staff/editors), then okay.

  18. 18 the50-person

    Ugh. Disgusting move KBS. Disgusting.

  19. 19 OMG

    le sigh…

  20. 20 Dongsaeng killer

    Just ridiculous

  21. 21 ck1Oz

    I didn’t follow the original 1N2D but Grandpa over flowers have now become about the only variety show I follow.

    I like the female actresses but I love the halbaes. It’s like they are in a whole world of their own. With their own rules.

    KBS- can you come up with an original show? Or 2?

  22. 22 Laura

    The same happens between the main Lithuanian networks in my country, it’s just that they somehow manage to “create” several almost the same fresh ideas at the same time for their new seasons… Ridiculous…

  23. 23 hui3r

    Well… from a commercial perspective. Na PD wouldn’t want to say anything that burns bridges with KBS.

    Although, at this point, KBS should be on their knees begging.

    Btw, anyone’s got any idea where Bird PD went? I kinda miss him. 🙁

  24. 24 wednesdays

    That is low kbs…. tsk tsk tsk….

    Difference of grandpas from grandmas:

    Grandmas can and will serve and cook for anyone younger than themselves. They can talk themselves out of anything and will do anything they want and/or think they can do.

    Grandpas on the other hand will sit, chill and relax while waiting to be served by younger people… they give orders and expect everyone to follow them(except probably their wives). Not that they cant do anything by themselves but its just the way it is in asian cultures.

    Im not saying that a show with grandmas wont be entertaining, but the show dynamics has to be different from that of the existing one. They need to think up their own concept and quit copying… think “new” writers and pd’s….

  25. 25 Saima


    If I were an actor being courted to feature in KBS’ copycat show… I’d run in the opposite direction. Nobody would like to star in an infamous copycat show. It’d be akin to being in the news for ALL the wrong reasons. I concur with the previous posters… Variety show with Grandmas will just not be the same. :S

    • 25.1 TS

      On the other hand, you might need the work.

      • 25.1.1 ilovemandoo

        Valid point, but I think the show itself will be funnier if it goes a total “fish out of the water” concept. The more serious/ famous a person’s image is, the more hilarious it is to see them out of their element. Essentially I’m saying that Lee Seo Jin’s role would most likely be funnier if played by an equally big star that people know. In which case, they might not be needing so much work!

  26. 26 Ace

    Yeah, that’s just not right. On the other hand, the execution could be like 1N2D nowadays so it can either be so fun to make fun or just plain irritatingly boring.

  27. 27 evennow

    I bet KBS won’t success with their copycat shows since they don’t have proper PD and crews. They even couldn’t find someone to replace Bird PD.
    So now i know that 1n2d cancellation isn’t just rumor. Yeah, just finish it. You’ve wasted great talent of your members.
    And i wonder if they will ask CTH and Suchan (his son) for A dad’s qualifications?
    If yes, i hope they’ll say NO.

  28. 28 Jc

    Hey Samsung’s awesome! But uh that aside, I don’t think grandmas will be as fun because they probably already know how to do everything themselves. Seriously my mum takes care of everything to the point where I’m just like wtf

    • 28.1 adette

      lol i don’t think anyone said anything against samsung? the reference was just to how apple and samsung are always in legal battles over who stole who’s smartphone ideas and whatnot~

      • 28.1.1 Hazel

        But lbr, it’s mostly Samsung that’s been accused of the stealing.

  29. 29 Penny


  30. 30 maymay

    Chuckle. It would be an even bigger spectacle if they fail to reproduce similar ratings with a so called sure win concept…which station was it that had a writers boycott?

  31. 31 porcelain

    Of all the recent KBS varieties, Our Neighbourhood Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education and Mamma Mia is slowly gaining momentum, especially the latter while Mamma Mia have tough time in the Sunday slot due to vs Running Man and Dad Where are you Going on rival SBS & MBC.

    Other than that… 1N2D ain’t doing well. Its not bad but we have all seen better days… Happy Together is chugging along…

    But the copycat ideas… I mean so much drama everytime a song plagiarism came about… Though these ideas are in the drawing board but if they are to go ahead… can anyone sue for plagiarism?

    Ooh and hydrox vs Oreo… I actually google it…coz I am a trivia nut!

  32. 32 Celloangelninja

    Poor kbs… Y they no let na pd stay??? I really do like the season 2 cast, but the reasons why it’s not good can be summed up by one thing: NA. PD. seriously, you have JOO WON in variety and it turns out like this???

    I seriously laughed so hard at this post though… Smh kbs…

  33. 33 Rach^^

    This is not KBS’s year. I can’t believe the crap they are doing to my beloved 1N2D (but I find the past 3 episodes more like the old 1N2D, “The Great Spot” is one of the better episodes of season 2) and their drama department is not doing well either. Nothing stands out so far this year for me except for Queen of Office and the less said about YTBLSS the better.

  34. 34 princessdj

    look look look. for you people that frown on copycats. tsk tsk tsk. so ironic, bordering hypocrisy. why is apple suing samsung? for copying apple’s ideas. and yet people are hating apple because samsung is eating up their market share. that’s competition! at the end of the day, the consumers win. just like kbs allegedly doing copycats of other successful shows. so what?! if kbs can do better, why not?! at the end of the day, the viewers win. more shows, more choices.

  35. 35 yumi

    “And an actual tactic from them, because they’re developing six new shows for a variety overhaul… but it’s all just versions of stuff that’s popular on other networks.”

    hahaha sob.

    Thank goodness they are ripping off a show, and not an idea from a newbie. This way people know where the credit for originality belongs

  36. 36 darksilvercloud

    Sigh. That goes to show that NA PD and the production crew are just THAT good. While it would be interesting to see a grandma version, I was actually looking forward to NA PD doing a grandma version at a later time, his awesome evilness just makes it different. Oh well. Mamma mia is pretty interesting and fun to watch, having all the mother and child topics with the humour factor. Totally agree that the show has it tough cause they’re on the Sunday timeslot with the other programs. Hmm. Qualifications of dad reminds me of qualifications of men which got cancelled :X The second thing that came to my mind was the gag concert skit on fathers, a pity that there doesn’t seem to be any kbs comedians in the casting as of now.

  37. 37 topper

    I’m glad Grandpa over Flowers is on TvN, I think cable gets lots of creative freedom.

  38. 38 carpediem101

    mmm it makes me wonder if Na PD was seriously the ONLY talented PD in variety over at KBS.

    NO. wait. I think anyone else talented followed him over to TvN since there are some familiar faces 😛

    Well, I’ve followed 1N2D from the beginning to the end (end for me = departure of NaPD and basically the original cast). And I don’t think Na PD’s talents lie just in editing or concept, although he has serious knacks for both and his timing is so straight on. His casting choices are just so GOOD! granted, that might just be editing too. But I think he casts keeping in mind different characteristics for each member. I get so annoyed when there’s overlap in character. It’s really a disservice to the celebrity than the viewer really.

    I think KBS is long overdue for an overhaul in their variety. I think they realized this when they announced a large list of “new pilot varieties” but is it really “new” if the concept is just redone with different people? EH.

    they should really look at MBC. MBC was in a similar situation since they were basically floundering in every variety format/show after I Am A Singer began to lose steam. Sat and Sun is usually primetime variety days. And other than Infinity Challenge, it had nothing really going. Then they did a really drastic change and made completely new reality/variety show formatting and poof! Dad and Real Men were born. It took a while. But I have to say, at least they didn’t so blatantly rip off idea after idea while they were transitioning. Either way, the new “hit” reality show usually cycles. And quite honestly, how long can shows like Dad and Real Men last before the sheen wears off and becomes redundant? (basically, KBS reusing these ideas would basically wear the concept out that much faster) maybe a reason Na PD pushes for a seasonal variety setup? well, that and so many other reasons to be honest.

    Honestly, the only 2 variety PDs who have big flashy names are Kim Tae Ho (infinite challenge) and Na PD. Both are such evil geniuses. I can definitely bet that Kim Tae Ho has been offered lucrative deals by other networks. And probably the only things which are keeping him (with the exception of the amazing teamwork he has with the cast) it would entail saying goodbye to his show. WHICH is so GENIUS as a variety show format, how could he?? It gives him automatic free reign to experiment new formats and ideas without a big production. It’s a built-in aspect of the show. And in doing so, new sides of the members and characters are in constant creation, so even long-time viewers rarely get bored for too long. And i can bet, when he was recreating this show in the beginning with Yoo JaeSuk (after taking over in the beginning when it flailed), they both probably realized not only the potential but the greater amount of creative freedom this format would allow. And it also lets them effectively adapt, set, and even parody new variety trends, which keeps them staying current and feeling fresh even though it’s one of the longest running shows. The only way it will end, i feel, is if the cast leaves or the PD leaves or both (a la 1N2D).

    In a sense, Na PD probably not only left for money, but I would think, more creative freedom and flexibility. He seems like the type who would enjoy trying new concepts and ideas more than just sticking to what is safe and hot at that moment. trying new things and sometimes failing is the only way you get ahead and become the new trend, if that’s what networks want. (seriously, MBC is the PRIME example right now). but i guess, not everyone at KBS is as adventurous.

    On another tangent, KBS’s Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education is being led by 1N2D’s “Rookie/Newbiw PD” (i think)! I saw some of the earlier eps since the format was stripped down and more refreshing. the PD only communicated via text but then, every now and again, there were glimpses of Rookie PD acting as head PD! I guess his original wish of music programs never came true hahaha. The show is doing well comparative to other KBS programs, but it’s still got a long way to go. And really, how long until it’s becomes the “same ‘ol” right?

    • 38.1 mysticmalady

      You raised very valid points that KBS (and honestly all broadcasters) should take note of.

      In all honesty, maybe KBS is facing a “variety producer crisis” at the moment. There might be a lack of people willing to take up the hard work required to lead programmes like 1n2d, Appa, Running man, etc. It takes commitment and a certain level of fitness to be able to cope with the workload involved in filming these types of programmes. Imagine having to film out in the rain for 2-3days in some wilderness-like environment…that’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea.

      Another contributing factor to this “crisis” might be the lack of creative freedom as you’ve mentioned. The people at the top just want to rake in the numbers by giving the audience what they’ve been proven to like. That’s the feeling I get from that stuffy variety department boardroom meeting that Jongmin crashed in a more recent 1n2d episode anyway. WHY KBS WHY?? No wonder so many of their better variety PDs have left and there’s almost no original ideas from those who stayed behind.

      I’m sure there are many other factors at play here. One thing i didn’t understand was why the KBS variety head chose a former PD of YHY’s Sketchbook to be the current 1n2d PD. Those programmes are way too different! *Does not compute*

      Btw about the PD for Our Neighbourhood Arts and Physical Ed, it IS the “Rookie PD”!! Ahh…he sure has come a looong way! He was the Music Bank PD for a while though…I’m quite sure Seunggi met him at MuBank during one of the last few 1n2d(s1) episodes. It’s the episode where they had to take pictures of rainbows and whatnot in end 2011 (episode 222…i think?)

  39. 39 kyl

    Ah, well. I like how Na PD thinks everything and speaks with such grace while others would have cursed the h*ll out of KBS. Popular things tend to spur copycats – they had a girls’ version of 1N2D once which didn’t really do well I think. I don’t like the idea of copycats, really. It somehow just doesn’t work without a brilliant evil genius’ mind behind it. His casting (of members) was spot on (see 1N2D s1 in its glory days). It’s like he thought of the dynamics the members will have with each other and somehow turn it to his advantage.

    Also, I think he likes to experiment with new things, which is one of the traits I want the current 1N2D PD to have (who goes with old 1N2D traditions of being dressed in costumes, ditching a member on the road, bokbulbok wheels, etc but just doesn’t wring as much laughter and entertainment back in the old days. To PD: It DOESN’T work that way). Na PD’s (and team) greatest strength lies in the ability to assess each members’ personality, strengths and weaknesses, and then use them to make EACH of the members stand out.

    I’m happy that GoF is doing well, but….no updated subs T_T

  40. 40 Jyyjc

    Wow I can’t believe how shameless they are, I only recently learned that they took a bunch of videos from a certain youtube duo without permission and aired it. I mean…really…really now

  41. 41 Z

    As soon as I read the title of the article I was like “would this even work?” No matter where in the world you strand them, there is no way a group of 80 year old women would be as helpless as a group of 80 year old men. They will cook for themselves, they will actually think about where the money is coming from and going, they will always insist that they are “fine” no matter how much you make them suffer.

    It could possibly be fun for the opposite reason that GOF is fun. Instead of watching some youngun struggle to take care of a bunch of spoiled old men. You’d have some youngun’ struggling to get a bunch of old women to let him/her take care of them. I can imagine a scene where the handler gets up at six in the morning to prepare breakfast for the grandmas, only to find that they have all been up for an hour and managed to concoct a full breakfast with sides and everything from hotel offerings. And chastising him/her for wasting half the day asleep.

    Still copycatting is lame but I wouldn’t mind watching a show like that. Grampas are pretty docile until they are tired or hungry. But Grandmas… that is a real challenge.

    • 41.1 Julia

      I think Grandmas would have already match made Seo Jin and be planning the wedding.

      • 41.1.1 Z

        That too! That was my second thought. Season Two would be all the Halmonees planning his wedding for him!

  42. 42 anna

    I’m a bit sad while I am happy there are more all-female variety shows, sometimes they just don’t work out well as their male counterparts or are as popular. Is Infinity Girls still a thing? I hardly see anyone talk about it.

  43. 43 Arhazivory

    Oh KBS. I’m disappointed.

  44. 44 soprection

    Given how childish a lot of the people in charge of these entertainment companies behave whenever there’s some kind of challenge, this move doesn’t surprise me at all. There seems to be a serious lack of maturity there. That being said, I suppose this is a little like Hollywood’s reluctance to make movies that aren’t based on existing properties like books, comics, etc. right now. They’re afraid of taking chances because they don’t want to lose more money but they don’t seem to appreciate that the fact that there’s an existing version of something doesn’t guarantee that people will support your version.

  45. 45 katiamon

    KBS can try to steal the format but they can’t replicate the success, you can totally see that with 1N2D. They’ll really need a good PD and crew to pull this off.

  46. 46 Orange Tree

    I had a feeling a Grandma version was going to pop up. But I didn’t expect it to be anytime soon. I thought maybe tvN will do a Grandma version after the Grandpa. I hope it’s as hilarious as the Grandpa. 🙂

  47. 47 Abbie

    I don’t know what to say to this, other than I’m not all that surprised a Grandma version is in the works. I actually like two variety shows on KBS: Mamma Mia! and Hello Counselor! Those are the only two I watch. Funnily enough, both have Lee Yeong-ja as an MC. I love her! She’s hilarious!

    Not sure I’ll watch a Grandma version of Grandpas Over Flowers. It won’t be the same, and I won’t care as much. All these grandpas I love to pieces, because I’ve seen them on so many things. All K-dramas seem to have a halbae or a gangster or a corrupt politician, and these guys have played them all. More or less.

    Anyway, glad Na PD is taking the high road here. It’s very gracious of him, although I’d be pissed. More power to you, man!

  48. 48 saranga

    well, if they’re gonna do a grandmas edition, then they’d BETTER add kim sumi. she’s a saucy lady for sure, and i love irreverent grandmas. will definitely tune in for this, but i agree, it’s rather tacky.

  49. 49 Julia

    I would like to see a “grandmas over flowers” show. But it makes me sad that the Grandpa over flowers folks aren’t the ones doing the show.

    Grandmas I’d like to see:
    Kim Hye Ja (Queen Mother in Goong)
    Kim Hae Sook (Mom from I Hear Your Voice)

  50. 50 sweetspring

    I think its the people that are making the decisions at KBS lately who are to blame. Without KBS there would not have been any original 1N2D as we knew it nor any Na PD (though with his evil genius he would have popped up somewhere else no doubt) or KBS World that thoughtfully caters to those who need english subs & they even put up a free channel on Youtube with alot of their programs.
    So what I’m saying is KBS has done a lot of good though with this kind of blatant imitation, like all fakes, will receive more scorn than admiration.
    I guess I have a soft spot still for the “mothership” that produced the original 1N2D & The Human Condition (which is so excellent, I can’t even…). Both have Na PD’s influence (in fact you can spot Na PD in the first few episodes of The Human Condition before he left KBS) & its my hope Korean variety only comes up with more evil geniuses & smart head honchos coz those halbaes are going to keep Mr. Na busy for some time!

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