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Kim Jung-eun headlines new melodrama
by | August 19, 2013 | 16 Comments

It’s back to dramaland for Kim Jung-eun, a year after her body-swap rom-com Oohlala Spouses. The actress has been cast to headline a new series that’s being helmed by PD Lee Hyung-min, known more commonly as the Misa PD (I’m Sorry, I Love You), despite also having directed more recent shows like Kim Nam-gil’s revenge thriller Bad Guy and Kim Jung-eun’s (failed) big-budget action thriller Hanbando.

The PD and actress will be reuniting for their second series together, a conventional melodrama called Conditions of Love… and that’s all the information there is on it. The casting is of course the big draw, but it’s as vague as new drama announcements go, because they say it’s headed to broadcast this year, but with zero specifics about the story, the broadcaster, or the air date. They do know there isn’t that much year left, right?

They’re keeping mum about the plot entirely, so all we know is that it’s a melo. The news announcements are filled with hilariously vague words like “shocking,” “modern,” “heartbreaking story,” and “new genre,” but with nothing to go on, all I can do is throw my hands in the air and say, I’ll believe it when I see it. For now, we’ll just have to rely on the Bad Guy/Snow Queen/I’m Sorry, I Love You resume to speak for itself. It’s no shabby filmography, to be sure, especially in the conventional melodrama realm. And despite my instinctive recoil at all things Bad Guy, it was stylish and beautiful and addictive. Also crazy. Yunno, if we’re splitting hairs.

So, if all things go according to plan, Conditions of Love will air sometime this year, somewhere on television. How’s that for vague?

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16 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Waiting

    Thanks GF. 🙂

    Maybe vague is somehow equivalent to being wait-listed so details are vague? I’m stretching here. 😛

  2. MsB

    This is not a remake of the 2004 drama of the same name?

  3. doomy

    ugh. snow queen. my best beloved. does anybody else give a damn about that show?

    • 3.1 eny

      I really like Snow queen but the 3 or 2 ending episode is really dissappointment, it just like many drama out there. Bad Guy n Sorry I love You is good till the end, really sad n unpredictable.

      Just read the drama refference make me interested with this drama but I have to prepare tissue

    • 3.2 jensredshoes

      Ooooh Snow Queen, that’s when I fell in love with Hyun Bin! I’d never seen him before but was looking for something with Sung Yu Ri cause she was so good in HGD. I thought “Who is this guy? He’s breaking my heart!” I still love it.

  4. windsun33

    “Shocking new genre..” uhm… OK. Here is my take on what it will be.

    Miss A is a 13 year old hooker that the 74 year old CEO of JK Corp falls in love with and gets pregnant. His wife finds out, murders the girl, steals the baby (Miss K) and leaves it on the doorstep of a Gumiho cult leader.

    That is episode #1, it gets even more shocking after that.

    • 4.1 The Real CZ

      Put some flower boys in it and I think tvN would pick it up.

    • 4.2 Shadow-chan

      I would watch that! 😀
      (Or rather, read the recaps, ahaha)

    • 4.3 Pipit


    • 4.4 korfan


  5. g

    I’ve never enjoyed anything this actress worked on. I guess I’m allergic to her….

  6. liz

    i really like the director’s work, but i’m not excited with this actress as the female (Sorry) and the plot doesn’t seem interesting either

  7. niKai

    The title is similar to han gain-song ilkook tv series so many years back. Is this a remake? Hehe. I dont think so. Just that it reminds me of that series which I marathoned post final exam in my final year. Oh those days when I was so addicted to song il kook’s acting.

  8. agatha

    Wow.. another drama to my one and only favorite Korean actress.

  9. kytam

    She fixed her self too much. Now she doesn’t look nice or cute anymore.

  10. 10 Jo

    Bad Guy and Snow Queen had beautiful atmospheres but the writing, I think, was the largest flaw

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