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Lee Jong-seok and Park Bo-young start shooting Hot Blooded Youth
by | August 6, 2013 | 118 Comments

Okay, I’ve figured it out. Lee Jong-seok has cloned himself. There’s just no other way to do so many projects in such a short amount of time. So out there, running about, is a Face-reading Jong-seok, a Swimming Jong-seok, a Voice-hearing Jong-seok, and of course, everyone’s perennial favorite, Woo-bin-loving Jong-seok (you have to have a separate one for that). It’s the only sane explanation.

Add to the list Hot Blooded Jong-seok, set to romance Park Bo-young in the throwback ’80s teen movie Hot Blooded Youth. I’m really looking forward to this pairing, which is too adorable for words, and the setup sounds a lot like the fantastic teen period film Sunny. This one will have more of a focus on romance, that’s “as hot as the blood that runs in youth.” Directing is Lee Yeon-woo of Running Turtle.

Park Bo-young stars in her most unexpected role to date as the school jjang, a tough gangster girl who rules the school the old-fashioned way — with an iron fist. I love it. She’s so wee, but I can totally see her pulling off a badass mean girl. Lee Jong-seok, meanwhile, plays the legendary Casanova of the school, who “slays the girls with one look, and one breath.” I hope she flattens that ego with gusto. It sounds like an Answer Me 1997 dynamic, but with more swagger and badassery.

Lee Se-young (I Miss You) plays a transfer student from Seoul, who will be the iconic first love of every boy in the school — you know, the beautiful, innocent, ethereal girl who wears white dresses and melts boys’ hearts. Kim Young-kwang (Good Doctor) rounds out the cast as the boys’ jjang, an actual gangster-gangster beyond the confines of school. He’ll have a wild impetuous nature, and his character will be used to explore the law of the jungle that ruled the day.

Hot Blooded Youth is shooting now for a release next year. Can’t wait.

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118 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kumi

    I hope this jjang will also do a good job πŸ™‚

    • 1.1 humyy

      i love the premise actually. super interisting. can’t wait!!!

      Lee Jong Suk everywhere, i don’t mind. busy busy busy!

  2. crazedlu

    yes yes yes yes.

  3. redfox

    I dont mind if he gets cloned. everyone gets one right? best news ever.

    • 3.1 redfox

      and that just made me imagine a next unknown Dramabeans meet-up, where everyone shows up with their very own Lee Jong Seok clone in tow. how….bizarre.

      • 3.1.1 JD

        HAHAHAHAA this image.

      • 3.1.2 redfox

        just take a face reading when you hear his voice and cloning this hot blooded youth will go swimmingly. oh how I love multipunning.

    • 3.2 Mystisith

      I want, I need, I’ll have one of those clones. Whatever the price.

      • 3.2.1 redfox

        just donΒ΄t take the one that belongs to Woo Bin *shivers* donΒ΄t want to fight him.
        also, does anyone else feel a bit weird finding this guys romancing someone in a drama so soon afteR IHYV ended? that magic hasnt shed off yet. please have some decency…well, I suppose it is wrong to ask that if his character is described as a Casanova. Then I get why it is so soon…. straight into character…

        • bee

          I did feel rejection when I read the romance part, but I have until next year to get over IHYV OTP and move on. I guess I’m not a OTP player ^^.

        • trotwood

          He has to. Her real life OTP/wedding is taking over any fantasy we might have.

          • Celery

            HAHA, damn straight.

            I never ever in the least thought LBY was interested in LJS off-screen, but as for LJS-LBY… hmm, possibilities abound.

        • pogo

          just donΒ΄t take the one that belongs to Woo Bin

          You know there’s an easy way around that, right – just take Woo-bin as well!

          (we’re lovers, not fighters)

      • 3.2.2 pogo

        Personally, I’d hold out for a Jong-seok/Woo-bin twin set, and mortgage my soul to get it.

        • redfox

          nooooo cant handle it. what if they get kidnapped by different villains, then who will you go save? or maybe they would beat the crap out of all the kidnappers before I can say huh

          • thelady

            that villain would have a short life span if he dared to kidnap Woo Bin or Jong Seok

    • 3.3 Kris

      Where do I pre-order my LJS clone?! LOL!

      • 3.3.1 KimYoonmi

        I would think that it would be expensive since they haven’t exactly figured out how to clone males 100% yet. Females, yes. And you would have to replicate how the original was raised. Plus you might have the makjang identity crisis if your clone figures out it is a clone, which means you’d have to hide the clone from the damage of K-dramas.

        In addition, we would need tissue samples from the original, which has to be extra money, but because of privacy laws in Korea, it might have to be done black market.

        Given that, the price might be high. A few hundred million?

        We also offer Joe Cheng clones. But that’s cheaper currently due to the availability of genetic material.

        • Kent

          I will bet 200 million won for both Jong-seok/Woo-bin set.

        • katmoo

          I’ll take one of each please… just charge it to my AMEX card… Thanks!

  4. xiaoSxin

    Somebody tell me Park Bo Young just lost a lot of weight and not a face transplant. Almost didn’t recognize her.

    • 4.1 canxi

      Pretty sure it’s just the hairstyle. Small changes do a lot to the face. For example-glasses vs. no glasses (had friends tell me I look different without glasses) or bangs vs. no bangs.

    • 4.2 Raine

      I seriously had to look up a picture of her to make sure it was the same person!

    • 4.3 crazedlu

      she looks the same. she usually has bangs.

    • 4.4 Danna

      Yeah, her face looks quite different

    • 4.5 kimheami

      hahaha. i was totally about to say the exact same thing and was skimming the comments to see if anyone else had commented. mind you, i haven’t really been following her and the last movie i saw her in the Speed Scandal. She either lost weight or did something to her face. Or maybe its just that she is now 23 and finally lost her baby face and is looking her age. i’m not saying that she looks bad or good, but i just that i almost didn’t recognize her.

      • 4.5.1 Kent

        You should watch Werewolf boy. She is in it and Song Joong-ki. It is awesome hearbreaking movie!

  5. canxi

    Yaaaay! Girl JJangs are the best~ And this sounds like fun. But, when will Lee Jong Seok ever leave high school, I wonder?

    • 5.1 katmoo

      I hope he does soon… it seriously hurts my brain trying to remember that he is only 2 years younger than me and not really a high schooler… makes this Noona feel really weird.

      • 5.1.1 canxi

        Haha, right? He is 2 years older than I am but I look at him like a little kid.

  6. acejihyo

    Idk if it’s just me and fatigue but LJS looks eerily like Hyun Bin in that first picture.

    • 6.1 Mystisith

      And now I can’t unsee this. Wow.
      It’s the dimples, the chin and the smile.

  7. Coconut juice

    Omg just imagining 5’2 Park Bo Young next to 6’2 Lee Jong Suk is getting me excited πŸ˜€

  8. Mawiie

    Not gonna lie, I read Lee Bo Young and was super excited for a reunion ;p I’m still happy though, Jong Seok seems to be the golden boy these days & I’m not complaining!

    • 8.1 ~Feather~

      that what I read too and got super excited and confused because I thought it was strange that they would be in another project together so soon. πŸ™‚

  9. dirtydrunkennoona

    How much does one have to pay for a Jong Suk clone? Because I’d pay A LOT.

  10. 10 Mrmz


  11. 11 p3rk3le

    seriously, this is a cast i would have easily chosen!! this, along with the swimming one are the ones i look forward the most!! πŸ˜€

  12. 12 bebeswtz

    OMG Jong Seok oppa…. this GUY….. he BETTER find some sort of resting time/space…. cloning or not be damned

  13. 13 Tha

    I want to see now!

  14. 14 Raine

    I love this cast! And I have loved LJS since he was in SeGa! It’s crazy how he (and Choi Jin-hyuk) and ‘SPLODED. I’m not complaining. I just hope he doesn’t wear down. I’m surprised how good he looks. I wonder if he even “realizes” what’s happening to him and his popularity. I mean it’s obvious he’s busy, but I wonder if it’s hit him yet. CJH was saying that it’s still surreal for him, his fame.

  15. 15 antiq

    is the story based on manhwa? hot blooded girl? anyone? or was the manhwa based on the 80’s movie? interesting story, there’s body swaping if i remember correctly,,

    • 15.1 D

      this reminded me of one of my fav fanfics, Extraordinary Shin Girl – it’s not exactly the same but somewhat similar premise. girl jjang, etc etc…

      some stories are just better in movie format rather than being a draggy 16 eps.. at most a two part drama special

  16. 16 Zsa

    But it’s a film right, I wish it was a drama…anyway, better than nothing….

  17. 17 anniemo

    Never met a Lee Jong Suk I didn’t like. Correction, never met a Lee Jong Suk I didn’t LOVE. My heart breaks for him each and every time. In the best way possible of course. Can’t see this time being any different. Now all I need is a premiere date, a calendar, and a red pen.

    • 17.1 RWJQ

      Me too. Love him both in School 2013 and IHYV. And he broke my heart in both dramas too. Especially as Nam Soon in School. I had this strong urge to wanna feed him ramyun whenever he came onscreen.

  18. 18 pg

    this is the best news eva I wanna watch it so bad hopefully the enthusiaum wouldnot die out when the time actually arrive but then lee jong suk’s got two more movies to come in between so hopefully will still be as anticipated….. for the time being though the anticipation is just killing me overtly obsessed I have become of lee jong suk…. I need some diversion please someone help I just love ljs but to this immense level which can literally keep my thinking process at daze and cause a mayhem on daily routine ah god help me……….. diversion……

    • 18.1 jupiter

      I FEEL YOU… sigh.

  19. 19 xcmk

    I am absolutely excited for this pairing. My favourite young actress and actor together <33333333

  20. 20 crazedlu

    omdud, i’m totally digging kim young-kwang too. yes yes yes.

    • 20.1 damianna

      yeah, imagine the pretties! my screen would burst from all the glorious light emanating from these two.

    • 20.2 thelady

      imagine all the long legs

  21. 21 Kaybee

    I want one of the cloned ones… Been re-watching IHYV Episodes again and listening to the OST…. Miss him already…

    • 21.1 RWJQ

      I was already re-watching IHYV’s earlier episodes weekly while the drama was still airing. However, once it ended, for some reason, I haven’t wanted to re-visit the final pair of episodes. My way of mourning the end of the drama, I guess. It’s like as long as I haven’t taken that last step, the drama hasn’t really ended. I know, serious case of denial here. -_-”

      As for this movie, really stoked about it! Also looking forward to his other upcoming movie β€” No Breathing.

      As for the face-reading one, it’s kinda more of an ensemble cast, isn’t it? Doubt Lee Jong Seok will have as much screentime as in the abovementioned two. Then again, limited screentime is still better than nothing. What’s more, Jo Jung Seok in it too.

      • 21.1.1 Celery

        That was what happened during my first round of IHYV watching.

        Now that I’m sort of re-watching it a second time round, I haven’t got down (don’t want to, in fact) to watching 17-18 now that I’m done with 16. So yay, double the heartbreak for me too πŸ™

        I don’t think I will watch his movies though, except for The Face Reader cos’ I really like the male lead in it. I WOULD, however, watch a drama with LBY and him in it, doesn’t matter whether they be playing partners or siblings or in-laws or colleagues.

        Oh wells, Master’s Sun, anyone?

        • RWJQ

          *high five*. πŸ™‚

          LJS + LBY pairing as a couple is so deeply ingrained in my head I doubt I’d be able to accept them as colleagues, siblings or in-laws or whatever else that readily.

          As for Master’s Sun, yeah, planning to start that next week.

          • Celery

            Hahaha, no no not thisss soon! Let them live a little >.<

            I wanted to catch Master's Sun live tonight but I just couldn't. Ironic, how things turn out because IHYV was a way to kill time before MS and now… I just have no interest in it. Argh%$#%

          • RWJQ


            Ikr. I still have no urge to start on any of the new dramas yet. Like I said on Twitter, will get my ass moving next week on securing a drama distraction, hoping at least one of the 4 newly premiered ones would be enough to do the job.

            This week is solely dedicated to IHYV. πŸ˜€

          • Celery


            At least you have four options D: I’m putting all my eggs in one MS basket. I would try Who Are You if the cast appealed to me since I like procedural crime type series.

            Good Doctor – nah, not my cup of tea at all πŸ™ What’s the last one?

            Anyway, the cast’s in Phuket for their vacation now, wheee!

          • RWJQ


            I’m open to all 4 shows because none of them, based on their promo materials, has really gripped me like, Omg, I really need to catch this!

            Admittedly, I’m leaning more towards Master’s Sun but I suspect that’s due to residual love for Greatest Love than the sisters per se, since I still can’t get the horror of Big out of my head. πŸ˜‰

            I’m not a fan of medical dramas, but am willing to have a go at Good Doctor for Joo Won.

            On that note, coincidentally, all 4 shows have leads I like and not:

            Two Weeks: yes to Lee Jun Ki, no to Park Ha Sun

            Good Doctor: yes to Joo Won, no to Moon Chae Won

            Who Are You: yes to Kim Jae Wook, no to So Yi Hyun and Taecyeon.

            Overall feel, ambivalence.

            Yeah, saw a few photos of LBY, JWI, YSH and LDH at the airport leaving for Phuket. Hope someone, maybe the staff, will post more pics of them having fun there. πŸ™‚

            Lee Jong Seok, on the other hand, is hard at work filming No Breathing in Davao, Philippines.

          • RWJQ

            Oh I left out Master’s Sun: yes to Gong Hyo Jin but no to So Ji Sub. πŸ˜‰

          • Celery


            Omg, and here I’m, thinking that I’m the only one resilient to SJS’s charm. (To be fair, I’m not physically attracted to LJS either, but he’s pretty adorkable IRL.)

            CSW > SJS, ftw. A pity about his son’s recent scandal though, hope the truth surfaces soon.

          • RWJQ


            Hee, you have me for company then. πŸ˜‰

            I tried catching Ghost last year. SJS just … didn’t quite do it for me. Not enough to make me hang on to the show. He’s just not my cup of tea.

            LJS … I am not physically attracted to him either. I just find him very very adorable. Like a cute little puppy. I’m not about to start laying claims on him and calling him mine.

            That said, he’s impressed me so much in School2013 and IHYV that he’s now on my list of actors whose projects I’d defo keep an eye out for.

            CSW, on the other hand … is completely another kettle of fish. HE IS HOT. πŸ˜‰

            He, Jung Woo Sung and Gong Yoo are the 3 actors whose dramas (even if they stink to high heaven) I’d gladly sit through just so I could feast my eyes on them. And you know the drama’s sucktitude, if there’s any, will be through no fault of theirs.

            I read about the scandal involving CSW’s son. Guess it’ll be some time before we see CSW back in dramaland. πŸ™

          • Celery


            I’m pretty much stalking this thread just to reply you, lol.

            I’m relatively new to KEnt but so far, I have my eye on CSW, JWS (the hot boys) and Song Kang-ho, Ha Jung-Woo (the not so hot boys). I still wouldn’t sacrifice my time for a sucky series or movie even with them in it BUT I would be more partial to their works.

            Gong Yoo seems to be pretty popular based on what I have seen thus far but strangely, I have yet to catch anything with him in it.

            LJS… I think I need him to shed his pretty/flower high school boy image before I can take him seriously. And I do want to because I think he’s quite talented.

            OH speaking of School 2013 (and by natural extension, piqued interest in KWB), I’m actually watching White Christmas now and woah, KWB. WOAH. Maybe I will get down to watching School 2013 soon πŸ˜›

          • RWJQ


            I know! It’s turned into our little chat room! I sped-scrolled down the main page to this post just to check the comment number … Oooh, 109, she’s replied! …. and here I am. πŸ˜€

            Song Kang Ho and Ha Jung Woo: two talented actors with many critically acclaimed projects under their belts. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to catch any of their works. I need to make time for more K-movies. So far, my little K-ent world has been constrained to only K-dramas. πŸ™

            I used to watch way more KDramas than I do now. Indiscriminately and with a huge tolerance for crappy ones too. Over the years, I have learnt to be more discerning, or maybe it’s just my patience wearing thin, and now I drop the shows if they can’t hook me by the 4th episode, even with cast I like in them. Same will go for the 4 new shows mentioned above.

            I loved Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince. That love made me sit through the horrible Big. And of course, Athena, for JWS and CSW. I dunno if I’ll continue to put up with shit just for them. Worse comes to worst, I still have the FF button to save my sanity. πŸ˜‰

            I want LJS to take on darker roles in his future works, something with maybe a gritty image. Was rather disappointed to read that he’d be reprising yet another high-school role in IHYV. (But am glad I didn’t give the show a pass because of that.) Boiling Youth and No Breathing come with a high school premise too, right? Guess I’ll have a while to wait then.

            KWB … my sole reason to catch School 2013 was for him!! I saw him in A Gentleman’s Dignity and he impressed me, even with his limited screen time. How is White Christmas? Good?

          • Celery


            Teehee (in a non-creepy way).

            I actually sort of got more involved with Korean movies because the lawverse in IHYV left me scratching my head in disbelief.

            SKH bowled me over in Memories of Murder and HJW in Chaser. They have utterly raised the bar for what I would consider good acting (and you know, the acting in k-dramas can get a lil uneven for many many reasons).

            I probably have completed under… eight series? LOL, dropped about eight as well? But I do have a cursory knowledge of the industry on the whole due to my mom’s K-Ent fanaticism. Though I gotta admit, TGL (and IHYV) revved my interest in k-dramas and showed me that there’s more to them than makjang, melo sob stories and ridiculous plotholes.

            White Christmas is really good and riveting as of ep. 5 – starts off slow but kicks off at around ep 3. Now, I don’t usually like high school dramas but throw in a Lord of the Flies premise in the midst, and I’ll Be There (lol). It’s a psychological thriller of sorts, which means heavy characterization and tons of monologue – not sure whether it’s your cup of tea – but the script is awfully good and it helps to buoy the raw acting. Also, it feels like a long-ass play with its stark lighting and theatrical sets.

            I <3 KWB's character in the series – he's sort of a free-spirited agent of chaos from what I have seen so far (ep 5). There's not a whole lot of him BUT I would say, pretty impressive acting for his first TV series. I'm rather blown away by HJH's (I know nothing of him, 'xcept that he's a model friend of KWB and LJS) subtle nuances for his character and I would say he's the best actor of the lot in the series.

            Speaking of Big, the main lead in WXmas was in it as well and hmm, he's relatively cute and all that but I don't think he can act that well? I see a lot of action going on with the upper part of his face but his mouth is perpetually frozen.

            (PS – I'm missing LBY/HS very much. MS is just not really doing it for me at the mo.)

          • RWJQ


            The law aspect in IHYV raised many questions in my head initially, then I decided to just suspend my disbelief on it. Suspension of disbelief β€” a practice that MUST be employed when watching Kdramas, if enjoyment is desired.

            Memories of Murder and Chaser have been added to my To-watch list, though I’m not sure when I’d get around to watching them. I’m ashamed to admit that the said list is looooong …. and getting longer, yet I’m not doing anything actively to rectify it. πŸ˜‰

            Oh, the truckloads of ridiculous makjang dramas with gaping plot holes and asinine characters I sat through before I learned the art of early checkout. Too embarrassed to list them here. In short, better late than never. Hee.

            You’ve got me intrigued on White Christmas. Just googled it and pleasantly surprised to see it’s only 8 episodes. Good. Manageable. I’ll try to catch it if the new dramas tank in my eye.

            I guffawed at your “I’ll Be There”. πŸ˜‰

            By HJH, did you mean Hong Jung Hyun? Omg, he’s the only gem I picked up from the recently wrapped-up Dating Agency: Cyrano!! Never saw him before this drama but he got my attention. He looks promising.

            I had to go through the cast list of White Christmas one by one to come to Baek Sung Hyun to realize he was the one you meant in Big. He had a small supporting role in Big, as the female lead’s younger brother. I wouldn’t call his acting bad. He’s just …. serviceable. I need to see him in WC to gauge and compare.

            I miss HS and the whole cast too. Just rewatched (for the umpteenth time) Ep 3 of IHYV. Pathetic, huh? I know. πŸ™

          • Celery


            OOO, Memories of Murder is really good (coincidentally, one of the main leads is also in WXmas, I guess he really like crime/thrillers?). So is Mother – both films have made me a big fan of the director, so all his movies are now on my to-watch list, esp. Snowpiercer.

            Oh, and there’s Arcade Fire in WXmas – indie music in k-dramas, wow. Practically life-changing.

            Yes, that HJH πŸ˜€ His character is sort of a wallflower and definitely not my favorite, but he’s without a doubt the best out of the young actors in WXmas IMO. I get the vibe that he’s the sort of underrated young actor who will probably never get too famous? (Dude looks 28, not 23 though.)

            Oops, BSH, ahaha. I take my word back about him being the main lead (because honestly, every character gets their screen-time and fleshed-out backstory) but he definitely has slightly more scenes than the rest because, without spoiling anything, he’s the straight man in the show. Maybe he’s more cut out for comedy cos’ man, his awkward and stiff acting… He should have switched roles with HJH.

            Coincidentally, I just found out that the other dude (KWK) in Hot Blooded Youth also acted in WXmas. Was a real tool of a character in it and I suspect he will recycle some of that attitude for the movie because it sounds quite like the one he played in the series.

            LAWYER SHIN AND YOO CHAN πŸ™ ARE you re-watching it again?! I’m stalking its soompi thread and other sources for news on the cast but that’s about it; it’s too freshly imprinted in my mind for me to enjoy another re-watch. I’m watching WXmas (ep 5), still sampling MS (ep 2) and WAYou (ep 2) but will probably drop the latter though.

          • RWJQ


            Okay, now I feel a pressing need to go look for all Bong Joon Ho’s films and cover as many of them as possible this weekend, though I know it’s impossible as I’ve lots scheduled for the next two days. πŸ™

            Have come across lots of news on Snowpiercer these few days online. Especially on its record-breaking success at the Korean theatres. Naturally, I’m intrigued and it’s on my to-watch list too. Chances are I might get to that first, before any of his older films.

            I had to google Arcade Fire. Am totally not familiar with the indie music industry. πŸ™ So, WC used a track of theirs? If I do catch the series, will keep a lookout for it.

            As for HJH probably not attaining more fame, I wouldn’t be too sure about that. Nowadays, anything is possible. Look at Lee Jong Seok (feel like I need to mention him at least once, to justify us still having exchange on this thread. πŸ˜‰ ), I’d never have thought 3 years ago when I saw him in Secret Garden that he’d be where he is now.

            All it takes is LUCK which in this industry translates to the right script and the right role at the right timing, and voilΓ , you’ve got it made. To be fair, I think LJS is talented and I’m sure he’s been working hard, but look at stars (I don’t even wanna acknowledge them as actors) like Song Seung Heon, Kim Tae Hee, Suzy, and Bae Yong Joon … etc, who cannot act to save their lives, and yet rolling in wealth and fame.

            If HJH continues to work on honing his craft, then I hope for his sake that he’ll get a fair chance and attain whatever level of fame that’s at least proportional to his commitment and efforts.

            Looking at the young cast list, WC seems a vehicle to showcase the new faces then. You have guys like Lee Soo Hyuk, Sung Joon, and Kim Woo Bin who were rookies then. I’ll manage my expectations in the acting department when I catch it. πŸ™‚

            I’m not rewatching the whole of IHYV from the beginning. Just random eps for random scenes on the random occasions when I feel like some Soo Ha + Hye Sung moments. I’m not catching any of the new shows yet, so this is how I get my Kdrama fix. Win-win. πŸ˜‰

            I give Soompi a wide berth because of the fanatics there. One wrong word or anything against their opinion, you get vitriol spewed all over you. I’d rather get my news from other Kpop sites and Twitter.

            I have not read any recaps of the new shows. Don’t wanna get spoilt, but judging from the sentiments I’ve gathered from the quick scroll here on DB and Twitter, seems MS is turning out to be a letdown, while Two Weeks is gaining praises, despite losing out in the domestic ratings race. I might give Two Weeks a go first, since I prefer Lee Jun Ki to So Ji Sub. πŸ™‚

          • Celery


            Ooo, I thought KWB did pretty good in WC. His character’s so loveable there. LSH… hmm, I love his voice, lol. I don’t find him hot but I just can’t help staring at him whenever he pops up on screen cos’ of how otherworldly he looks.

            Oh, I don’t mean it in a bad way. HJH can definitely be lead male material right now but I feel like he’s deliberately taking a different trajectory when it comes to acting – I mean, as an actor, sometimes the lead roles aren’t as… challenging as the supporting roles?

            Having taken a look at his filmography, his choices have been extremely diverse, varied and challenging, despite their inaccessibility. LJS (and to a smaller extent, KWB) have stuck to more accessible roles, which is smart on his part because that’s fulfils the vision he has for his career. Hmm, take of it as Ed Norton vs Tom Cruise. Oh and he sort of reminds me of KJW in terms of their “reluctance” to conform to male lead roles.

            I guess “under the radar” would have been a more applicable description than “underrated” (though I think they come hand-in-hand sometimes).

            The only small complaint I have is… why the eff is he only 23?! Can’t he look like 28 AND be 28? πŸ™ I very much prefer liking older men, tqvm!

      • 21.1.2 RWJQ


        Lee Soo Hyuk is one guy who I have trouble placing his looks in a category. He’s androgynous to an extent …. and yet not. Think your descriptor of “otherworldly” is more apt than mine. Ha. Yeah, very arresting face. I couldn’t take my eyes off him whenever he came on on those rare occasions when I channel-flipped to Shark.

        I haven’t had time to check out the filmography of HJH yet, tho I’d be keen to check them out, that is, if time were on my side. As you know, I’m not very familiar with the K-movie scene. πŸ™

        Your example of Ed Norton vs Tom Cruise sheds lots of light though. If that’s the direction HJH wants to go for his acting career, then I’ve got more respect for him. Not that taking on mainstream roles is bad, but actors who are willing to go further for roles that push their limits and stretch their abilities deserve my admiration.

        I’m with you re his age. I often wish there were more actors in their late 20s and early 30s whom I could lub and *stare and drool* at, without feeling um …. a mite squicky? πŸ˜€

        Seeing how this thread is (naturally) heading down the path of obscurity, I guess we’d better call a stop here, or we’d have to keep calling forth old pages just to get back here. It’s been a pleasure chatting with you. I have enjoyed our exchange very very much. πŸ™‚

        We should catch each other on OT. I kept away from this week’s cuz I hadn’t seen the new shows yet and didn’t wanna get spoiled. Or if you are on Twitter, you can catch me by the same handle, RWJQ, too. πŸ™‚

        P.S. I just caught up with Master’s Sun. It’s not doing it yet for me either. Hope next week’s episodes will be better, or I’ll have to bin it.

  22. 22 mellowyel

    I’m so here for this. Would take a drama of this over Heirs any day.

  23. 23 damianna

    ‘woo bin – loving jong seok’. girlfriday you are jjang! my withdrawal syndrome with ihyv is as chronic as when sega ended. i end up watching high kick for him when usually anything over 50 eps never gets me interested. so looking forward to all of his projects. kim soo hyun and song joong ki owned 2012, lee jong seok deserves to be the it boy for 2013. park bo young is a good actress in my opinion so this pairing would surely work. can’t wait!

  24. 24 tanya

    I had to read the name twice because I read Lee Bo Young at first, I just miss them already. OTP IS OTP! I just hope he won’t wear himself out because he’s been working nonstop.

  25. 25 nonski

    totally anticipating this movie! the concept alone is golden!

    i love the main leads and i adore lee jong seok!

  26. 26 jupiter

    My favorite actor Lee Jong Suk is EVERYWHERE!… A news article called him the “hottest star on business” today… Sniff sniff – happiest fangirl

    Out of all his three upcoming movie projects “The Face Reader”, “No Breathing” and this one, I think I am more excited for “Hot Blooded Youth” because of the plot πŸ™‚

    Still missing “I Hear Your Voice.” Really thankful for that drama since it introduced me to Lee Jong Suk.

  27. 27 Noelle

    Aww she is so tiny! She’s a small fist of fury. Loving it. It would be hilarious if her mom is just like her. I want another Mom/Daughter relationship.

  28. 28 Abbie

    Oh man, this sounds hilarious and cute. I really hope it comes to America soon after its release, so I can see it.

  29. 29 Fyri

    I hope that he doesn’t end up over-working himself trying to get new projects. Stay healthy!

  30. 30 Anv

    I am pretty sure I’ll love this! The story is like a manga story.. and I’m also very happy about the pair.

  31. 31 LOVE HS&SH

    Both Bo Young are my favorite. He really can work with my favorite girls … can’t wait πŸ™‚

  32. 32 eqhmm

    That last type of Jongseok… could this be him?

    This only proves the cloning further cos this event was also recent and not even in Seoul.. this guy is everywhere at once!!

    Anyway i’m so excited for this movie, I love PBY. Fighting!!

  33. 33 stars4u

    Oh! the Woo-bin loving Jong-seok!

  34. 34 Ivy

    I’d go for the Woo-bin loving Jong-seok anytime!Lol..

  35. 35 noona15

    LJS fever!


  36. 36 Aleena

    Lee Jong Suk. REST for a bit, dude. o.o

    But. Omg. I really want to watch this. o.o

    But. Still. Dude. REST.


  37. 37 cheekbones

    Excited ! For the setup and the cast. Would there be romance as well with the boys’ jjang and the ethereal girl ? *swoon*

    Oh, Woo-bin-loving Jong-seok is the best of them all ! πŸ˜€

    • 37.1 pogo

      yeah, I’m loving the sound of all the characters, even the floaty ethereal first love (who I hope will not be such a drag, since I really like the actress playing her)

  38. 38 bgr

    As much as I am looking forward to this movie, isn’t this his 3rd school student role?

    Don’t get me wrong, i like LJS and his many clones… but wish he’d get other roles.

    Just feels a bit “pervy” to like a school boy so much – even though he is in his 20s in real life.


  39. 39 KimLuvv

    LJS reminds of my Hubby Joo Won- Both love doing extreme ageyo, explore tear-jerking roles, do lots of CF, have chemistry with almost all of the people they work with, make the atmosphere lively and fun and both NEVER REST! ^^ Can’t wait, I love dramas like this (where the couple butts heads! )

  40. 40 Amalia

    Lee Jong Seok sure has a lot of projects to juggle with but nevertheless I can’t wait for this movie to be released!! It does have a Reply 1997 vibe to it which makes me look forward to watching it even more.

  41. 41 Ethalina

    Oh. I thought there’ll be speculations and details on how to get an LJS clone. =(

  42. 42 Viki

    I am loving the plotline already…I will definitely get the DVD when it comes out. Love Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young hehe

  43. 43 coby

    His in Philippines with Seo In-guk right now!

    • 43.1 rhia

      I am like, “omg where?!”

      But seriously, where? Hahaha

      • 43.1.1 hitoritabi

        Davao, Phillipines.

        They should be there for a week or so?

        • rhia

          Okay. So I’m flying there now. :)) Just joking. Thanks for the info!

          • hitoritabi

            No prob! I wish I could even THINK of flying there, but work and realistic ~Real Life Obligations~ πŸ˜€

  44. 44 makoto

    Noona is ready for anything from Lee Jong Suk. :-*

  45. 45 Elvira

    That dude never rest, doesn’t he?
    From being jjang in School 2013 to Cassanova?
    Hmmm, looking forward for this one…

  46. 46 sur

    where can i get my clone?? i’d pay a LOT… but why oh why this is not a drama?? love the cast love the pairing love the premise

  47. 47 Lilian

    I thought I had misread the title or there was someone else by the same name! Oh my…he should get a rest ….

  48. 48 bdkeo

    i wish PBY would star in a drama too! πŸ˜€ has she ever been in one?

  49. 49 Divyrus

    Ah ! Perfect news for my withdrawal disease !

    Can’t wait o see him on screen again !

    And anyone know when no breathing is releasing !?

    • 49.1 hitoritabi

      The tentative date is end of the year (Oct-Nov), though releasing a swimming movie in the winter seems kind of weird XD

  50. 50 pogo

    Ha ha, so our puppy is finally allowed to start getting the girls, and he’s so going to leave a trail of dead noonas behind him because we can’t handle the cute <3333

    • 50.1 pogo

      Also, I revisited School 2013 as part of my IHYV-withdrawal, but even as the biggest OTP-shipper ever, I have to admit it – he and LBY have NOTHING on him and Woo-bin. Though the S2013 on-set nickname of ‘chemi-angel’ for our puppy because of his habit of having great chemistry with literally everyone he worked with, male or female, is well-earned πŸ™‚

      I really like the sound of this latest movie of his -the thought of this cast gives me shivers, because there is something for every one of us – puppy LJS, MEGA-HOTTIE Kim Young-kwang, and two adorable female leads whom I’ve pretty much fallen in love with in their last projects.

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