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Master’s Sun: Episode 2
by | August 8, 2013 | 187 Comments

This show is a nice breezy watch, filled with cute antics that send the hour flying by in a heartbeat. I’m not madly addicted to it yet, but I find all the players interesting, instantly likable and the premise fun, so I think once the romance gets going in earnest, it’ll probably hook me good ‘n’ proper. Ratings went up for both new Wednesday-Thursday shows: Master’s Sun stayed ahead at 14.4%, and Two Weeks ticked upward at 8.0%.


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Our ghost-seeing heroine Gong-shil is so sleep-deprived that she falls asleep standing up in Joong-won’s arms, and he has to rattle her awake. The whole time she just keeps reaching out to him crying, “I want to sleep with you! Sleep with me!” HA. He gapes, assuming she’s trying to seduce him: “You want to sleep with me? Looking like that?”

He pushes her away with a judgy finger, all, Do you think someone like ME would sleep with someone like YOU, and tells her to wake up from her dream. And then he gets a whiff of his finger and scowls at her smelly hair.

She’s finally awake enough to wonder why he’s here, and he gets to ask the question that brought him here—what did she hear about his past and what is she saying to other people about his dead first love? He assumes she knew First Love Hee-joo, but she says, “Oh is Hee-joo her name?”

Gong-shil says she just saw a girl around him, which of course makes him think she’s lying. She beats him to the punch: “She’s dead? …I see dead people.” Ha. She even whispers it like the scary movie line that it is, only it’s just funny.

At the security team’s dinner out, Kang Woo hears the story about Joong-won and his famous first love who haunts him and keeps him from ever getting married. The staff even has a punny name for her: Mr. Joo’s Dead Girl. (Joo-gun = Mr. Joo, joo-geun = dead.)

Kang Woo already knows a bit about the incident, because he either did his homework on the boss or he’s a secret double agent government spy. Listen, he’s being shifty, okay? They confirm that it’s the girl who was kidnapped along with Joong-won in high school and died while he lived.

Back on the rooftop, Joong-won asks when exactly she saw Hee-joo, and Gong-shil says it was the day he yelled at her in the park. We go back to that day, where after ripping up her drawing and walking away, she found Joong-won staring at a spider about to devour a moth caught in its web. What he couldn’t see was Hee-joo’s ghost just on the other side, staring back at him.

He says it again, like he’s humoring a crazy person: “So, you see dead people.” She nods. He asks how many there are now, and she points out the rocking chair nearby that’s moving on its own.

She explains that she had an accident a while back, and ever since then she can see dead people, and sometimes they come find her, or other times she just stumbles onto them. They want to talk to her, and often ask her to do things.

She says that it frightens her terribly, and the ghost on the rocking chair starts to come closer. She grabs Joong-won’s arm as she screams, and then the ghost whooshes away, just like the last one did. She feels up his arm again and says that for some reason, when she touches him, they go away.

She peers up at him: “If I’m with you, I think I could sleep well and live like a normal person. I want to be next to you.” Hee. She means it literally, of course, but all he can think is that she’s out to seduce him, and badly at that.

He tells her she’d be better off saying she owned this building, because land here is pricey, and he’d at least take an interest in that. She cries that he doesn’t know how scary it is because he can’t see or hear them, and he says he’s not afraid of things he can’t see or hear: “What I’m afraid of is you.”

He goes over to give the rocking chair and weathervane another spin just to prove there’s nothing there, only this time the ghost stops them. He still thinks it’s all a ploy to get in his pants, and muses, “So it’s not because I’m rich or good looking, but because you’re afraid of ghosts that you want to be with me? Well, it’s new.” So is the size of your ego.

She just cries onto his shoulder that she’s too lonely and sad this way, and he tells her to get it together: “Even when the famous Candy went after her rich men, she tied her hair up neatly before throwing herself at them.” Dude, you did not just call the nation’s most beloved cartoon heroine a golddigger. You WOULD see that cartoon and think that.

Gong-shil sighs that all he sees in her is a golddigger… and then decides she’s okay with that. She holds her hair up in pigtails: “I’ll be Candy!” Lol. Oh, the meta. You’re already a Candy, in this drama.

He starts to leave, and she tells him her nickname Taeyang (sun), and he spits back, “If you’re the sun, then I don’t ever want to see the morning again!” She calls after him that the sun always rises, and that she’ll be back, next time with cleaner hair. It’s pretty great how undeterred she is by his assiness.

As Joong-won leaves, Kang Woo arrives, and he wonders what his fancypants boss would be doing here. He sees Gong-shil peering down from her rooftop, and takes note.

At home, Joong-won starts to notice little things, like the curtains coming undone of their own accord. He sighs to himself that if such things were true, he’d really like to see Hee-joo.

On to our Ghost of the Day: a group of schoolgirls try to do a séance in their classroom, to call forth their dead classmate. Someone comes down the dark hallway towards them… they scream, but it’s just their teacher. False alarm.

But then a girl’s feet dangle outside the window, and the Schoolgirl Ghost hovers, watching them. And then three girls get a picture message from the ghost’s phone, and it’s a group photo in front of a fountain with a ghost in the background.

The picture ends up all over the internet as proof of ghosts, which is another round of bad PR for Kingdom, since that’s their fountain in the shot. Uncle VP says there’s all kinds of talk about Kingdom being haunted, but that most of the staff thinks it’s a sign of success to come.

Joong-won doesn’t share the sentiment, and tells him the picture must’ve been photoshopped, and the rumors need to be quieted. With Giant Mall being constructed just next door, they can’t be too careful. It’s hilariously pathetic that he spends his day peeping at the next-door mall construction through his golden telescope.

Gong-shil wanders through Kingdom and smiles to see a Help Wanted sign for part-time employees. She goes to visit a friend at the café downstairs, and the unni cautiously reminds her that she just became a manager here, so she can’t have Gong-shil being carted off in a police car.

Gong-shil says it’s okay because she got a job here today, and there’s something special about this place—if ghosts show up, there’s somewhere she can run to and hide. Her friend asks if she ordered two cups of coffee because she’s trying to stay awake during the day, but Gong-shil says it’s because of the ghost.

And then we see that last night’s rocking chair ghost has been sitting next to her all this time, just drinking in the smell of coffee. Okay, now that’s a dying wish I can relate to.

The schoolgirl trio discusses the photo, which is of them the day Schoolgirl Ghost died. They wonder if she sent it to them to say that it was their fault, and one girl says it was just a car accident that had nothing to do with them, while another argues that she still feels responsible.

Auntie Joo flips out to hear the rumor floating around that the fountain ghost is Joong-won’s dead first love. Meanwhile, Joong-won sees more people trying to catch a ghost on camera by the fountain, and pitches a fit that they poured so much money to build that thing, with goddesses and everything. “Did the goddesses get beat out by ghosts?”

As he circles around it, he comes upon Gong-shil, mopping up the floor on her first day as a janitor. He calls her frighteningly persistent, and when he finds out she works there, he figures this is all part of her Candy plan, so she can appear to be hardworking while running into him at the office all the time. Watch a lot of dramas, do you?

She reaches out a finger to touch him (while he inches away), and says that he already knows that’s not what she wants from him. Lol, I love the sexual innuendo in everything she says. He half-jokingly asks her about the ghost in the fountain, and she scans it and says there isn’t one.

He lights up, “Of course there isn’t! Do you know how expensive that thing was?” She starts to chuckle, and points out that she just caught him believing that she can see ghosts. His eyes dart back and forth and he covers it up by saying that it’s obvious there wouldn’t be one because there’s no such thing as ghosts, and tells her to get out.

Joong-won has a new distraction coming his way though, when his staff tells him that the ghost fountain story is being aired on TV. They turn on the broadcast, and hey! It’s Bad Daddy!

Lol, Kim Sang-joong is parodying his own Unsolved Mystery-esque show. It turns out the Schoolgirl Ghost story is gaining traction because of Joong-won’s past, and his “10 billion won kidnapping case.”

The mystery show host makes the connection between the high school boy whose girlfriend died in that kidnapping and Kingdom’s CEO, and the program features an interview with a chatty security guard who says that there’s always been a rumor that their boss is haunted by a ghost, and another interview follows with the lead detective on the unsolved case.

Gong-shill sees the broadcast too, and the thing she notes is that the fountain ghost isn’t the same girl she saw haunting Joong-won. She goes upstairs to tell him so, but he just tells her to shut it and brushes past her coldly. Kang Woo watches the exchange with a hairy eyeball. He’s got to have some connection to Hee-joo, right?

Joong-won goes to see the detective and asks why he gave an interview to such a crackpot show. The veteran cop says the statute of limitations is almost up on the case, and he figured one last push of interest couldn’t hurt. He’s still determined to solve it, and wonders if Joong-won isn’t the least bit sorry that Hee-joo died because of him.

Joong-won reminds him that he’s the one who told him that the living have to keep on living, and wonders if maybe he’s living too well for everyone’s liking. The cop asks if he’s really all better, and holds up his newspaper, “Can you read this now?”

Oh interesting. So the jumbled letters are a kidnapping-related trauma. The cop sighs that maybe Joong-won hasn’t forgotten and moved on like he thinks.

Gong-shil wonders about the fountain ghost over dinner with the neighbor boys, and they suggest she seek out the ghost for herself. She realizes that’s a good idea, because maybe if she helps out it’ll allow her to be by Joong-won’s side.

The boys watch her go, and then the hyung tells his little brother to keep acting like they believe the weird noona, so that she keeps feeding them. Cute.

Gong-shil creeps into the deserted mall late that night, and despite the heebie jeebies it gives her, she goes ghost-hunting. She brings the photo along and checks it against the spooks she finds, but the bathroom ghost isn’t her, and the escalator ghost turns out to be a mustachioed man in drag. Ha.

Eee, I’m more freaked out by the cat lady statue she leans against to take a break. Kang Woo happens to be on night watch and shakes her awake with a hand to the shoulder. Gong-shil panics and has to ask if he’s a person, before realizing that it’s the tenant in 404.

He asks why she’s skulking around like a bandit cat, and she says she works here too. He points out that it didn’t look like she was cleaning, so she lies that she lost something. She hides the ghost photo behind her back, and he offers to help her look since it’s scary in the dark.

The trio of schoolgirls has decided to seek out the ghost as well, and they make their way inside the mall.

Kang Woo asks what they’re looking for, and Gong-shil says it’s not something he can see, which he takes as a comment about eyesight. He makes sure to introduce himself by name, and when she jumps at a spinning trash can lid (where she ran into a ghost just earlier), he offers up his arm: “You can hold it if you’re scared.”

Oh, I like him. Cute AND gallant. She doesn’t hesitate for a second before taking his arm.

The schoolgirls reach the fountain and call out to their dead friend, and then something or someone creeps up behind them…

Gong-shil sees them from above and notes disappointedly that they’re just people. She wonders what four schoolgirls are doing here. Kang Woo looks at her: “It’s three.” Aaaack. The line creeped me out more than the visual.

She looks back down, and sure enough, the fourth is a ghost. While Kang Woo chases down the three living girls, Gong-shil cautiously approaches the dead one. We don’t see their conversation, but afterwards she catches up to the three girls and confronts them about the picture.

Meanwhile, Joong-won heads to an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere, and notes that nothing has changed in all this time. Secretary Kim asks if he’s coming here because the statute of limitations is running out. This must be where they were held during the kidnapping.

Secretary Kim asks if he really never got a look at his kidnappers’ faces, and he has a flashback to waking up tied to a chair. When he opens his eyes, a figure in a white dress comes closer and closer. She remains fuzzy, but Past Joong-won’s eyes widen. Curious.

Secretary Kim sighs that not knowing is what allowed him to live, and Joong-won agrees that Hee-joo died because she knew who the bad guys were. Yeah or worse, is what I’m getting from your tone of voice.

Kingdom’s brand model (and jilted bride) Yi-ryung has dinner with Auntie Joo, and wonders if Joong-won’s curse is what ruined her wedding. Or it could be your personality. Just sayin’.

She asks if anyone got a good look at the person who brought her fiancé the box that broke their engagement, and she says that Uncle VP saw her face.

Gong-shil jumps out in front of Joong-won’s car as he arrives to work the next morning, and he crankily reminds her that he told her to stop working here. “Seeing the sun first thing in the morning is already disagreeable because of you, but now I have to come to work and see this?” He waves his hand over his face.

She says sheepishly that she found out who the fountain ghost is, and asks if he’ll let her keep her job if she tells him. So off they go to school, where she points out the schoolgirl foursome, with one member dead.

They sit the girls down with their teacher, and the kids explain that Schoolgirl Ghost was an outsider, always following them around and thoughtlessly ruining everything. So that day when she followed them to the mall, they bluntly sent her away, saying that they didn’t want her there. She died in an accident on her way home.

I love that Joong-won just points at his eyes: “You won’t get off easy by crying.” He figures that the person with the cell phone is the culprit, and the girls assume it’s their dead friend haunting them from the beyond.

But Gong-shil says it’s not her. She leads the group back into the classroom and goes straight for another girl and asks for the phone. The girl hands it over, and confesses that she added the ghost to the photo and sent it to scare them because she saw them that day at the mall.

We see in flashback that Phone Girl ran into the outcast as she was returning with the trio’s favorite flavored sodas in an effort to appease her friends. She followed her to return the phone she left by the vending machine, and witnessed the three mean girls calling her clueless.

They laughed and planned to upload the photo of the three of them as their profile pictures, to make it clear they were a trio and not a foursome. The outcast ran away in tears… right into the path of an oncoming truck. Gah, does this girl get run over in every drama she’s in?

The entire classroom breaks out into a fight, and Joong-won holds Gong-shil back from getting involved, saying that the dead have no place in the land of the living. She decides she can’t leave it at that though, and heads back inside.

The mean girl trio sits outside, battered after the classroom brawl. They begin to wonder if maybe they were to blame after all, and then they get a text from their dead friend that she’s listening to them right now.

They decide to believe it even just for a moment, and tearfully apologize to her for treating her so badly. And then nearby the vending machine drops three sodas. They go over there to find one in each of their favorite flavors, as a final gift from their friend. That’s sweet. (Also hysterical—the Hong sisters have always had a flair for narratively-backed PPL.)

Joong-won just looks at Gong-shil like a crazy person as she waves up at the sky to say goodbye to the schoolgirl ghost, and leaves her there. Again.

She asks Secretary Kim later if that means she gets to keep her job, and he says she can stay, but she can’t go up to see the boss. He asks her to keep a lid on the disagreeable sun rising on the fourth floor, but then adds that the boss will come down of his own accord. Heh, I like him.

She asks if Joong-won is going to do anything about the girl who made up the ghost photo, and Secretary Kim laughs and says Joong-won loves that ghost fountain now. Cut to: a line of people waiting to throw money into the fountain to ask the ghost for wishes. He tells Uncle VP to spread the news far and wide that wishes at this fountain come true, and answers a little boy’s wishes for toys to prove it.

Auntie Joo asks Joong-won if he’s still stuck in the past because of his guilt. She tries to tell him that it wasn’t his fault that Hee-joo died, but he cuts her off, saying that he’s heart it thousands of times before: “The greatest excuse for the living: that the living need to keep on living.”

But he adds that she shouldn’t worry, because he’s never once believed that it was his fault. Huh. Uncle VP and I both scoff, wondering if that’s really true. (Also, am I the only one who had a hard time taking him seriously during that speech because of that giant chair?)

But that night he sits alone in his office, and we return to that flashback where he wakes up tied to a chair after being kidnapped. The figure in white approaches, and it’s Hee-joo. He asks if she’s okay, and tries to free himself from his ropes.

And curiously, she just stands there. He asks what’s going on, and she says, “Joong-won-ah… I’m sorry… Joo Joong-won.”

The sun comes up, and Joong-won says aloud how much he regrets that she died that day, which now has a very different meaning.

Downstairs, Kang Woo reports over the phone to his mysterious spy boss/overlord that this last incident didn’t have anything to do with “that incident,” but there is someone hanging around Joong-won that concerns him: “A woman.” And we see Gong-shil working nearby.

The other cleaning ajummas all egg her on to introduce herself, as she blurts, “No I don’t want to!” to a ghost standing nearby. They all jump back, and then she reluctantly reminds one of the ajummas that her father-in-law’s memorial is tonight, and she runs home. His ghost clucks disapprovingly.

Uncle VP sees her and remembers her as the wedding-breaker-upper, so Auntie Joo goes over there to give her a once-over and remember her name.

And then Kang Woo comes up to her in front of all the other workers and declares loudly that he’ll wait for her to finish so they can go home together, since they live in the same place. Hee.

She nods and smiles, and all the ajummas flutter and ask how long she’s been living with the hot security guard.

The best part is, Joong-won witnesses the whole exchange, and looks perturbed. He gets even more annoyed when he sees her checking her hair, and storms over there just to ask her something senseless about ghosts. And then he gets mad at her for answering, accusing her of looking for a reason to talk to him. Pfft.

She uses the opportunity to apologize about bringing up old wounds, and says that if she had known about his past, she wouldn’t have told him about Hee-joo’s ghost.

She tells him all the stuff he doesn’t want to hear—that he shouldn’t feel guilty, that it’s not his fault, that it’s okay to keep on living.

His anger boils over and he asks if she can conjure ghosts too, because he has something to say. She asks what, and he leans in close: “You bitch.”


And suddenly I have the urge to wring that ascot around his neck. Curse at your first love in the privacy of your own brain, buddy. Everyone else does. I actually don’t find the hero that unlikable despite his massive assiness, mostly because so far the heroine only sees him as a ghost-repellant (er, a hot ghost-repellant with nice arms), and therefore isn’t hurt by the things he says. I’ll probably be swearing at him more when she starts to care, but I also know that with a giant ego comes a giant romantic comeuppance once he falls for her, so I’ll try not to imaginary-strangle him too much.

I like that the use of the supernatural on this show is interchangeably a source of fright, laughter, and even emotion. I’m glad we got more of the hero’s backstory in this episode, which is by far the most engaging ghost story—I find myself only tangentially interested in the Spook of the Day, because they’re not very complex. At least they function to bring our leads together in various ways, so I’m all for ghosts playing cupid.

The twist on the first love is a great one, and I’m definitely more intrigued by the story now that it isn’t just a simple pining-for-a-dead-first-love scenario. I thought Joong-won was just in denial about the lack of guilt, but if she was in on the kidnapping, or sold him out, or who knows what else, then it reverses the classic vengeance spirit mythology. He’s the one with the grudge against a dead girl. Oddly enough, that festering anger works the same way for the living as it does for the dead—it keeps him from moving on to a life after the accident. Perhaps in exchange for letting her feel him up all the time as Ghost-Raid (which is maybe the best excuse for skinship ever), she can help him unload his revengey regrets and move on.

The hero is pretty cookie-cutter, but I like that Kang Woo is different. He’s a good source of mystery, and the fact that he’s already igniting some jealousy flames is even better. I’m not sure yet if he’s doing it on purpose just to split them up for some nefarious spy reason (the scenario does feel a lot like Dating Agency Cyrano’s strange love triangle), but I definitely find myself curious about him, and giddy when he’s with Gong-shil despite my reservations about his true intentions.

Mostly though, Gong Hyo-jin just makes my day. I love her. Me~ow.


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  1. Lena

    Excited for this drama. It looks so cute and funny!

    • 1.1 sdghkk

      yeah its more like a hell drama and nothing scaryyyyy. i expected more on this drama.

    • 1.2 Melissa

      Ugh, I want to watch this for L and Seo In-guk, and for all the cute, funny moments, but just the screencaps of the ghosts are freaking me out! ><

      • 1.2.1 dustyleigh

        oh gosh is myungsoo L not amazing. wow. killer resemblance to so ji sub. the three leads are like totally eye candy. but gong hyo jin is like the major draw for me. every drama that i have seen her in, she embodies the character. like she lives and breathes it. she is mesmerizing to watch. i love her soooo much because she is an amazing talent. but i still love L and seo in-guk and so ji sub… yummm.

  2. KDaddict

    “I don’t want to date you. I just want to sleep with you”. Does that make sense? Not romantically. But isn’t that sth that guys would jump it?

    Ep 2 gives us an incident that makes her useful to him. As mercenary and utilitarian as he is, he won’t let that usefulness go to waste further on, will he?

    However, that incident with the high schoolers feels simplistic and juvenile, and therefore too long, and IMO brings down the quality of the writing a notch, compared to the 1st ep.
    Seo IG’s char must be reporting to sb who is connected to the girl’s death. Seems like the girl was in on the kidnapping, hence that cryptic apology; only she got knocked off for knowing the kidnappers. He is thus left with the appearance of having his GF die, which saved his life, but he can’t very well out her after her death. Emotions tied up in a big knot ever since.

    At least he walks over to her when he sees Seo IG talking to her at the end of the ep. His sec ahjussi realizes it is sth and smiles. He cares, only he doesn’t realize it yet. Maybe he knows at a subconscious level that she is the one to help him untie that BIG emotional knot.

  3. iloveys

    awwwh, so no good doctor? ): i found that one to be more interesting than this one, but alas it is dramabeans and hong sisters is a must here.. the only thing i really like about this drama so far is gong hyo jin and so ji sub lol. it feels a little slow to me, and i’m not sure how i feel about the series being procedural.. eh. hopefully it picks up~

    • 3.1 Babs

      From what we read GF and JB are still weighing in on the Mons-Tues dramas for which one to recap. This is Wed-Thurs.

      • 3.1.1 iloveys

        ohhhh okay. i didn’t think they would have time to do this AND a mon-tues one because… well actually idk why. lol, this is dramabeans we’re talking about! sorry for complaining then~

    • 3.2 Cynthia

      ‘Good Doctor’ ep #1 was recapped earlier this week.

      JB and GF have been very clear about seeing how everything shakes out on such a heavy week of premiering dramas.
      We’ll just have to wait to see what they’ll choose to recap – and be grateful for whatever they decide.

  4. rozy

    i love this drama

    • 4.1 hayy

      me too!

      So Ji Sub really have his own style, right? His clothes style is incomparable.

      Overall, i love all the character.

  5. TheTofurkey

    I’m so excited you decided to recap the second episode! So far this drama is giving me everything I wanted and expected from it. Can I just say that some of the screen caps for this episode are just downright CREEPY? And, oh my god, I love it. Its awesome. The creepiness of the show is actually beautiful in a way.

    Thanks for the recap! I can’t wait to see what next week’s episodes bring to the story.

  6. KDaddict

    “Mostly though, Gong Hyo-jin just makes my day. I love her. Me~ow.”

    Can’t agree more. Me–ow.

    • 6.1 Waiting

      Same here. I came for Jo Il Sub, but really getting to like Gong Hyo-Jin. I had not seen her before and I am getting to be a fan. The sleep with me scene was awesome and they did a great job.

      • 6.1.1 Waiting

        …I meant Jo Ji Sub….it’s late.

        • iloveys

          don’t you mean So Ji Sub? (; ahah

    • 6.2 Minty

      I definitely agree too!… Gong Hyo-jin is really adorable in every drama she is in… Best Love and Pasta are my fave dramas of hers 🙂

      • 6.2.1 KDaddict

        Don’t forget Hello Teacher Candy Star. That’s my fav drama of hers, and also of Gong Yoo’s.

    • 6.3 Toystar

      OMG yes I love her! I love the way she delivers her lines I’m such a fan girl.

    • 6.4 Ponpon

      What a surprise, Gong Hyo-jin drew me in during the 1st episode and continues to make me love her in the 2nd. With anyone else, the constant freaking out at every encounter with a ghost could start to get tiring, but Gong Hyo-jin has such an endearing way of delivering her character that I couldn’t stay frustrated at her for being scared. Oh and So Ji-sub is a plus for me as well, the expression on his face whenever Tae Yang touches him, ha! Just absolute gold.

  7. SH

    This is probably the first Hong Sisters’ drama that I like since You’re Beautiful. I laughed a lot watching the leads interact. The ghost story of the week is a nice detour. I think this show is lot more than just being breezy; I like the small layers unraveling around the male lead. And Gong Hyo-jin is doing such a fantastic job; it’s not easy playing such a meek female lead, but she somehow makes me adore Gong-shil so much. I’m in love with this OTP already.

    • 7.1 PO

      Yeah I agree with you. Despite that Hong sisters’ series are very popular but I too since hong gil dong, this was the first one that I liked. The gumiho one was very childish and I didn’t like it. (it’s a matter of taste)
      I hope this one will not move to a childish humor and exeggerate the events such as school girl. I want the cases to be shorter while see what’s with the character’s past!

      uhm uhm, I cannot deny that So ji Sub is wonderfulll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):)

  8. Andrea

    I’m really liking this show, but I’m taking it slowly and not getting my hopes up yet. (This is thanks to previous disasters. *cough That Other Hong Sisters’ Drama cough*). Even if I’m a scaredy cat, I’m enjoying it and I’m curious to see where will the story go.

    Gong Hyo Jin is just plain awesome and I luff her. Luuuufffff heeeeer. And I’m really liking So Ji Sub and Seo In Gook. The former is an ass but not an ass I’m going to hate anytime soon and the latter I like because he seems darker than the standard Perfect Second Lead. And yes… I really want to see how our leading lady’s relationship with both men will turn out. *prepares to start jumping ships*

    Agh, please Show, be good and don’t screw things up. I’m counting on you.

  9. mariconnie

    OMG! I LOVE! I’m the biggest scaredy cat, but gosh I’m sticking with this drama. Finally, something to watch for 2013. I actually watch first (to scare myself lol) before i read the recaps. I find it’s the subtle things that are far creepy. And lol, the kids cracked me up. ‘Even if she’s weird they’re playing along for the free food’.

  10. 10 Babs

    I have to say that while I’m loving the laughs I agree with GF that it’s still not totally in love with the drama. Even if I love GHJ and SJS the whole of the drama has not captures me.. I will keep watch, and since I have not seen Two Weeks yet, it’s still an open market in terms of what to do for my Wed-Thurs kdrama fix.

  11. 11 mongoose22

    I unfortunately can’t say I’m particularly enthralled by the show so far. The ghost-of-the-week procedural format isn’t really what I’m looking for, and a second morality tale in a row was slow. That Gong Shil can see ghosts isn’t enough of a hook for me to be invested in her plight other than a mild interest in why, which they have not played up so far. The twist to the hero’s kidnapping, that’s curious, but this drama just needs a stronger serial hook, IMO, and perhaps some more hijinks. It’s really the first Hong Sisters drama that hasn’t elicited much more than a snort from me.

    • 11.1 mongoose22

      That being said, I’m used to American dramas where half the first season is a monster-of-the-week format as well, so as long as it picks up soon (there being only one season and all), a slow start isn’t a deal killer.

      • 11.1.1 ilikemangos

        Absolutely agree with you mongoose. I think if they chose to dedicate that much screen time to the ghost-story-of-the-week that these stories should be better crafted, much like Who Are You. But that’s not the focus in Master’s Sun. I think the strong points in Master’s sun is more in hijinks and laughs. So show should be focusing more on its stronger points then spend a whole episode with more useless mini plots that verge on cheesy. I have hope that as we move on there’s more than just ghost story of the week kind of thing. Leave that to Who Are You.
        That said, I think i wanted to like Master’s Sun more than i actually did because from promos and teasers there was so much potential. I still very much enjoy watching it, however, but i noticed that the usual crack that comes with Hong Sister’s dramas are no longer there. Perhaps they are losing their magic?
        They are much stronger when they focus on zany and hijinks and not so much when they’re experimenting.

    • 11.2 KimYoonmi

      Why Gong Sil can see ghosts–they already said why. She was hospitalized. They said it in episode 1… She said after she got out of the hospital she started to see them. IIRC, she said it to the kids the first time they showed up. (I kinda suspect they are ghosts too.)

      Clearly she was in some kind of incident.

      And I don’t think this drama will go into hijinks. It’ll try for the subtle situational humor, which they aren’t as strong at. But then I predicted that a while back. (At the end of Big, stated it again during open thread, stated it yet again during the announcements and yet again during the first episode.) =P

      Hijinks doesn’t quite fit the theme of the drama either, which is how feelings hold onto you after death. Which if you’re following the religion in this it tastes a little like Buddhism mixed with Muism, but since both religions synchronized with each other so much in Korea it’s hard to tell which they are leaning for as of yet.

      • 11.2.1 Celery

        Though, less of hospitalization and more of life-and-death experience (IIRC, a car accident involving parents, who are now both dead. I suspect that might tie in with kidnap plot line later on).

        Not sure whether it’s the physical or emotional trauma that triggers her ghost-seeing ability but fair to say, it’s more than enough to write it off as a power gained due to surviving a horrific accident. As a side note, In IHYV, it’s more obvious that the voice-hearing superpower is triggered by physical harm.

        Things I learn from K-dramas – car accidents/head trauma give you powers. Yay.

        • Celery

          Oh, forgot to add supernatural/spiritual “trauma”.

      • 11.2.2 mongoose22

        “Why Gong Sil can see ghosts–they already said why. She was hospitalized. They said it in episode 1…”

        That’s not a why, that’s a how. Why as in, how come the accident lets her see ghosts? But maybe they’ll never answer that why.

      • 11.2.3 Asabiyet

        Wow I never thought the kids might as well be dead. But how would she feed them then? Maybe it’s their mother who’s passed away. Interesting point.

        I think because of the accident Gong-shil died for a short time and got revived by the doctors who made her heart work again. Some part of her soul might have stayed attached to the other side and maybe that’s why she can see ghosts.

    • 11.3 Sue

      Thank you for writing how I feel. Can I say “ditto”? (Ahem, remember “Ghost”?)

  12. 12 wag-a-muffin

    Thank you. I really, really, really, like this so far. (Best Love is my favorite ever.)

  13. 13 yumi

    Thanks for the recap.

    Really enjoying the clash of world views in this drama.

    Intrigued by the deep game Kang-woo is playing and the realization the Joong-Won aloofness is actually frozen rage.

    • 13.1 Penny

      Oh, frozen rage is the perfect way to put it!

  14. 14 Elysium

    Thanks for the recap!

    Just wondering though, what Candy is? I’ve seen it mentioned in previous recaps – “Candy girl” etc. Could someone clarify please? Sounds like it’s a cultural thing…

    • 14.1 rainerust

      Candy is a who. More specifically she’s a pretty famous Korean cartoon character who is typical of most k drama heroines – hardworking, a little clueless, and so on. Hence the description of a Candy-like character whenever JB or GF want to use some kind of shorthand to describe the main female leads.

      • 14.1.1 KimYoonmi

        She was NOT a Korean character, despite what Viki says. She was Japanese, imported into Korea, in I believe the 1970’s-1980’s. She was loosely modeled after the many orphan girls of the time. She also had a Prince who rode a horse.

        She was first written by Kyoko Mizuki and then later drawn by Yumiko Igarashi, is famous for being blonde, with ribbons. The title of the manga is “Candy Candy”
        It’s likely she was modeled a bit on Anne of Green Gables type of story.

        I know my manga history. Candy Candy also showed up in a Running Man episode–there was a light reference to it when they visited the manhwa museum. (Which also houses many manga). Which is when I figured out that many anime get imported into Korea… (rather than just Sailor Moon.)

        The hero’s name (for future reference) is Anthony at first, until he DIES. And then Terry…

        Because of the reference, I do wonder if Gong Sil is an orphan… and if they will capitalize on the fact that Anthony dies…

        • Locke

          Actually…the hero of Candy Candy was Uncle Albert who had been her daddy long leg and had met her at the hill long before Anthony had met her.

      • 14.1.2 Vivis

        I was curious about this too!
        I searched in Google and only found about Candy Candy – the japanese anime…

    • 14.2 MariD

      If you go to Koalas Playground she did a review of the”candy” cartoon. I also kept wondering what they meant by Candy till I read the post.

    • 14.3 Windsun33

      Candy is a character, as noted below in other posts. She has also been described as the “Pollyanna of Japan”

      “Candy Girl” is a reference to her and to the other hard-working, totally naïve, poor, super-nice girls who are most famous for getting the chaebol prince every time. They are also famous for making idiotic sacrifices, being doormats and martyrs, and forgiving all her totally evil relatives no matter how heinous the crime. 😀

  15. 15 mary

    Another good thing about this drama is it increases your tolerance for scary things.

    Maybe by ep10 we can finish a whole episode without squinting? 🙂


    Regarding the Good Doctor vs Two Weeks vs Master’s Sun vs Other Dramas recap: To be honest, I just enjoy the writing and the people here so as long as there’s a recap (and a place to lurk like the Open Thread), I don’t feel the need to repeatedly clamor for a recap of My Drama Of Choice.

    There are other excellent blogs out there, you will most definitely find someone who recaps the drama you want. Or, hang out at the OT, there are lots of drama discussion going on there.

    • 15.1 Windsun33

      I must have a pretty high tolerance already, as I found the ghosts much more funny than scary. In fact the shark in Pororo scares me more.

  16. 16 hanabi

    I’m really liking the OST. It really helps keep the ghostliness from being too seriously scary. It reminds me a bit of Tim Burton movies like Nightmare Before Christmas. Creepy, but oddly humorous.

    And Gong Hyo Jin…she is just so much fun to watch.

    • 16.1 Manin

      I agree with you, loving the music so far! Found the volume a bit too loud sometimes in ep 1, but it seems to have been evenedout a bit more in this one.

      • 16.1.1 Mari

        Does anyone know the name of the song at the end of episode 2? I really want to hear that whole song!

    • 16.2 Jo

      word. I love the OST in this dramas, as well as in GOOD DOCTOR. Now that drama has some awesome background music without being blaring and annoying…(which two weeks is kinda being, in terms of BGM)

      • 16.2.1 jmjm

        Yes, I love the OST to Good Doctor! I swear it’s the first drama where the OST hasn’t smacked me in the face at some point. It feels more like a typical film score that enhances without overpowering. Wish more dramas were like that.

  17. 17 DanyDanyBobany

    Gong Hyo-jin is soooo cute. I love her.

    I didn’t expect a ghost per episode, but I like it and, as girlfriday puts it, the ghosts being like Cupid works for me.

    I have so much fun watching this drama, I like when the charactes are arrogant excentric (its not the word im looking for, but I dont find a better one). I mean when they have all this gestures, faces, things they do with their hands, like the thing he does with his hand. It helps because when they are just arrogant without an excentric thing (like sparkling track suits!) its hard to love them at first. At least he amuse me :D.

    Oh, the kids. Adorable.

    Thank you for the recap! Im excited for the next episode.

    • 17.1 Windsun33

      it appears that there are actually several ghosts per episode, but only one or two “lead” ghosts. Could not be too many I guess, or she could not afford to buy coffee for them 🙂

  18. 18 TG

    Kinda loving it so far with some reservations of things that have the potential to get really annoying. I don’t understand why she’s so scared and jumpy though – if this happened all the time don’t you think she’d get used to it? Or take some sleeping pills occasionally?

    The 2 male leads are both might attractive.

    • 18.1 Lilly

      Might be like seeing a roach somewhere. Just a whole lot of ewww that makes you jump.

    • 18.2 Peeps

      I’m not really sure how long she’s had this ability to see ghosts. Perhaps it hasn’t been long enough for her to realise they can’t do anything to her to (if that is even true).

      Also, it seems like these ghosts don’t always look nice and humany. If i had a decomposed face all up in my face, i’m not sure i would not be freaked out.

      Your question about sleeping pills is a good one. But maybe she just doesn’t like them or she’s taking other medication that don’t allow for them or the ghosts just negate the effects of the sleeping pills with their magical woohoo anyway. They don’t seem very polite…

    • 18.3 Mystisith

      Ear plugs and a sleep mask. Now sleep! 😉

      • 18.3.1 TG

        Exactly! Those of us who live in loud cities know how to sleep amid distraction.

      • 18.3.2 Laura

        if ghosts can move/stop moving rocking chair and such, why can’t they take off your mask or ear plugs? Moreover, if I am not mistaken, they can touch her and she feels it. So it’s not the best solution… But sleeping pills – that’s a tricky one. Maybe um… huh…she cannot afford them wih all this change of works?

    • 18.4 Windsun33

      From what I gathered, she has been seeing ghosts for around 3 years, but maybe more, just adding up the approximate times she said she had been fired 😀

      But I agree – it seems like she is almost on a fist name basis with some of the ghosts, yet she still jumps and panics. I find that a bit annoyingly over-acted. I could understand her getting annoyed, but scared – hmm not so much.

      And why only SOME ghosts? In one part she mentions that she had seen several ghosts around the mall while cleaning – did she squeak and panic at each one?

  19. 19 pokepoke.monster

    I have been watching both Who Are You and Master’s Sun and cannot help but compare the two of them, However, after going through four episodes of Who Are You and two episodes of Master’s Sun, I feel like I like the latter more. I think it has more to do with the pace — Master’s sun seems to be a tad faster in terms of setting the story and resolving it by the end of an episode, while Who Are You can be painfully slow in doling out its resolution in two episodes, especially since the stories so far have been pretty obvious from the get-go.

    Moreover, although Who Are You is tonally more serious, I feel like the writers try too hard to lay out a convincing premise and end up compromising details (or maybe it is just because they didn’t bother to do the research, or didn’t feel the need to). As a result, I feel that Master’s Sun is easier to watch since it is supposed to be comedic and lighthearted anyway (so the freaky but sloppy CGI doesn’t feel too blah).

    Still, I’m going to watch both dramas — meaning a lot of cinematic ghosts throughout the week lol — since I’m a sucker for crime drama and the Hong sisters. Oh, and L too. Always L. 😀

    • 19.1 NewFan

      I can’t help but compare as well, and the heroine’s facial expressions when they see ghosts gives my vote to The Master’s Sun (among other things). I mean, how can Si-On still be totally and utterly shocked every. single. time she sees a ghost? We all know they’re coming.

      • 19.1.1 lina

        she’s scared of ghosts. I do too. the ghosts came in different horrific faces so everytime she saw one she was scared. Some more, the ghosts didn’t politely say “Excuse me? Can you help me?” to her. They liked to make her scared.

  20. 20 lemon84

    I hatw scary story which is involve ghost.. I’ve never wany to watch it.. the last time I watch is phobia 1 from thailand nad its freaking scary.. plus I live alone.. so I try to not watch any ghost movie/drama.. but hello.. I love so ji sub.. so I try to watch it but with my hand get ready to close my eyes.. its sometime scary but I think I can endure it.. course gong hyo jin super cute.. and I love so ji sub and suddenly I think kang woo (I don’t why I can forget his name) so handsome here!! Owh yes seo in guk.. hee.. (^.^)

    • 20.1 lina

      hehe.. same with me.. hands in front of my face ready to cover my eyes when the ghosts jumped out.

  21. 21 bandaid

    No Joo Won recaps? 🙁 huhu

    • 21.1 KimYoonmi

      They already did Good Doctor… and it’s a bit rude to demand that your favorite show for the series will get recapped. I’m guessing they will be skipping KES’s Heirs through since they don’t like KES as a rule. (She runs way more literary and subtle–which is against their tastes). I’m not going to complain then either.

      =P Can we just talk about the drama at hand rather than complaining that X show won’t get recapped in the comments? Recapping takes a lot of thought and effort.

      • 21.1.1 bandaid

        Hahahaha jeez, sister. I was just sad there won’t be a Joo Won recap other than that one episode. I’m not and wasn’t exactly complaining, you know. Hahaha That was quite a response you gave there.

        Anyway, thanks for the Master’s Sun recap Dramabeans, saves me a lot of effort buffering the episode, internet connections can be crappy when I have 3 brothers playing DoTA2 downstairs :))

      • 21.1.2 picklemonster

        Hmm…I don’t know why people get so defensive every time someone mentions why another show is not being recapped. True, it’s off-topic to mention Good Doctor on Master’s Sun’s page, but bandaid’s comment didn’t come off as rude at all.

        It’s one thing to demand that a show be recapped and being inconsiderate to the bloggers of this site, but it’s another to make a harmless suggestion/reminder, or ask a question.

        Just to put it out there once and for all,

        This: “Why aren’t you guys recapping [insert show name]?! I’ve been waiting for ages, I wish you’d be faster with your recaps!” <—- is being RUDE.

        This: "No Joo Won recaps? [sad face] huhu" <—- is a fellow reader voicing out her wish for this show to be recapped.

        Sorry if this post made anyone unhappy! =( I just don't like misunderstandings.

        • bandaid

          This. Picklemonster, thank you. Hahaha I love you. 🙂 I’m starting to think if my comment was really rude. Thanks so much! 🙂

        • KimYoonmi

          Save it for the relevant pages. Seriously. It’s like people asking for subs. People arguing that’s it’s not rude to ask about when the subs are coming out. Well, you’re getting it for free, so wait for it instead of going on other pages and going on about how you don’t have that show subbed.

          You are getting it for free. Recognize that it takes a fair amount of time to recap and I don’t think people “forget” either. There is a limited amount of free time.

          It’s kinda up the ally of “Why is George RR Martin talking about his cabinets?” Why can’t he talk about doing his cabinets?

          It makes me think along the lines of, “You don’t know how hard it is.”

          Asking for recaps==rude. Period. If and when they get to it, is up to them cause they are doing for free.

          Asking for recaps on another page where they may have decided to follow it through and getting upset equals double rude. Not only to the people who are trying to stay on subject, but also to the recappers.

          It doesn’t respect the free time of the recappers and the time they have to put into reading about the show, taking screen caps, putting it together and editing it. (Not to mention the one for one translation which sometimes can be tricky at best, even if fluent.)

          So it’s still rude. No matter what. Twice over. Respect people over products that they produce.

          • jmjm

            I’m going with picklemonster on this one–It’s not rude to express disappointment in something, even a recap. I can go to an ice cream store and say “Oh, man, I was really in the mood for chocolate today but they’re out,” without that being any sort of comment on the owners of the store. She didn’t scream and yell and ask for a recap of Good Doctor, she just said she was a bit sad there wasn’t one. And there are a lot of comments on this thread that are off-topic.

            Honestly I think it’s more rude to harp on an innocent comment and make the person out to be some kind of jerk than to express sadness at lack of a recap.

      • 21.1.3 oneclearnight

        KES’s writing is literary and subtle? Really? I’ve watched her last 3 shows and her writing is the opposite of that tbh. If she did write with more subtlety, I would definitely like her shows more.

        • Celery

          KES as in City Hall’s KES? Uh, subtle? No, it’s like in your face unsubtle.

          Reason why I didn’t quite like or understand the hype about City Hall (motivated by CSW’s hotness). Secret Garden, hated it so dropped.

      • 21.1.4 pogo

        I’m guessing they will be skipping KES’s Heirs

        With that cast? Not a chance 🙂

        (not trying to speak for JB and GF here, but the cast alone makes it very likely that this show will at least get trial recaps)

    • 21.2 SH

      Maybe Heads or Gummi will recap GD, who knows? But honestly, I’m having a hard time understand the demand for Good Doctor to be recapped because this show is being subbed super fast, and if you need a place to discuss the drama, there are some on the interwebs, Soompi forums being one of them. If this show had delayed subs or not being subs at all, then I could see a desperate need for it to be recapped.

      Is a show being recapped on Dramabeans considered a validation of something? *scratches head*

      • 21.2.1 Windsun33

        If I had to choose, I would rather this be recapped than Good Doctor. While I like Good Doctor, it is about as subtle as a ton of bricks falling on your head. This show – so far – seems to have a lot more layers.

  22. 22 Hee

    This drama looks so interesting but all the ghosts seriously look very scary. I really like both of the leads so I will keep checking out the recaps!! Thanks

  23. 23 KimYoonmi

    I thought episode 2 was better than episode one in a lot of ways. While Episode 1 was nice ground work, episode 2 gave good emotional grounding to the characters and clearly showed that the MMC needed the FMC and had a little attraction to her.

    For example, I really loved the scene where he was caught believing her.

    Just like I don’t mind the court cases from I Hear Your Voice, I don’t mind the per-episode stories here either… mainly because the per-episode story here gives subtle clues to track about the past of the characters.

    Maybe it’s because Korean dramas do the one large storyline mostly that makes the tendency to favor such things, but if you watch a lot of Japanese dramas, or even dramas like Law and Order, it’s more typical to have a for-episode story and then have that story off set the main story in some way, developing the main characters. (Glee does this too). I don’t mind either way. What I do mind is when Overarching story has nothing to do with episodic story where there is no real development nor relation to one another, and one is sacrificed in order to tell the other without developing anything at all. (i.e. the stop and go feel.) But I don’t mind it here since one relates and then re-relates to each other on some level, though on the subtle literary level. (Almost as if saying that they TOO can do subtle.)

    I also don’t mind the lack of hijinks, which fits the theming. I’m still hoping for some other features… like a hint more of dark humor. (They’ve done it before… and there are sparks of it here and there in the episodes) And some fleshing of the background characters in their usual style. I like how they are playing with this drama tonally, and the direction and cinematography is interesting in the shot choices, etc.

    But it’s early yet and since the pacing is slower this time, I’m much more willing to wait.

    • 23.1 pokepoke.monster

      Agree with what you said 😀 I actually like how they have per-episode story and throw in clues here and there that lead us to the ultimate big picture 🙂 Of course, I would prefer if they have more So Jisub, but I actually think with such a ghost-seeing premise, this kind of format works a better 😀 (or maybe it is simply because it reminds me of those Ghost Whisperer days lol)..

  24. 24 yammy

    am i the only one who really like the high school girl ghost story? It made me cry. ( I know, such a crybaby) Maybe it is because I’m closer to the high school age ( and know how bitchy high school girls can be) than most of the commenters here.

    I am really really liking Secretary Kim. I loved his little speech on how humans are more drawn to things that scare us because it makes us anxious and curious than things that are beautiful because beautiful things makes us calm. And then his little knowing smile! when our ass-y Mall CEO marches off to Ms. Tae cleaning around the water fountain to complain why she’s here. Secretary Kim is more than just the secretary: he’s Joo’s daddy figure. Aww…korean drama world (and the real world too) need more people like that 😀 although it’s hilarious how the last time i saw this actor, he was a evil plotting killing bad guy from a drama…

    I’m also really intrigued by Kang Woo (?)/ Seo in gook’s character and his ties to everything. Oh, and i really like the twist of the usual “I’m sad about my innocent first love that died” story.

    That being said, is Uncle VP married to Aunt Joo who’s worried? Or are they in-laws?

    The blue big chair that Joo was sitting on! I am still figuring out if is cool or plain silly. it reminded me of the blue chair in Blue’s Clues.

    Oh, and that warehouse where he was tied up? I’m pretty sure it is the same warehouse where many kpop mv have been shot in.

    • 24.1 DDee

      Secretary Kim is the Alfred to Joong Won’s Bruce Wayne.

      • 24.1.1 Mar

        @DDee Ha! Exactly! I was already calling him Alfred!

    • 24.2 Windsun33

      I thought the high school girl part was a little bit cute, but mostly a bit lame and contrived.

      • 24.2.1 benjo

        just curious…is this the same school where they shot hello my teacher where GHJ was teaching???

    • 24.3 Asabiyet

      I had the same thing happen to me in elementary school so the story affected me a lot; my group of friends were the cool kids of the school (and I wasn’t) and one day they told me they wanted to stay friends but didn’t wan’t to hang out with me during class breaks. I was an idiot then and said ok. For a long time I sat on my own in the classroom feeling unworthy and lonely when they all went down to the cafe during breaks. My experience really scarred me and I still feel its effects to this day even after 16 years. This type of thing really happens, kids can be very harsh.

      • 24.3.1 Ponpon

        I am so sorry to hear that, children can be so cruel and so thoughtless. I guess that is why the ghost of the day story for episode 2 was able to tug at my heartstrings and got me to shed a tear (ugh). Similar to you, I was fortunate enough to have experienced the nastiness of friends who decided it was in their best interest to not be friends with me anymore because of my differences and dropped me like a hot potato when they fancied. I’ve learned to pick better friends now and I hope you are able to surround yourself with people who are able to love and accept you for you who are and forget those who didn’t even bother to understand you 🙂 (forgive me for the amount of cheese in that line ><).

        I understand how others can view this arc as predictable and contrived, you were able to see how the whole thing was orchestrated from the beginning and the forgiveness at the end was borderlining on cheesy, but the subject was so relatable that I found it to be quite heartfelt. Besides, Gong Hyo-jin was so endearing I couldn't fault this episode too much. Perhaps I've been blinded by my new-found girl crush? :O

  25. 25 Abbie

    This is even better than the first episode! I just love this show. I find all the characters engaging, expect for Yi-ryung and Auntie Joo, who I can totally see becoming a Yi-ryung advocate. *sigh* Is there no more Hye-sung then? *sad face*

    Seo In-gook continues to be engaging. I love it when he’s with Gong-shil, and I’m wondering about his connection to Hee-joo. I think he could be a brother, or maybe he had a crush on her. Or, he could be working for someone who had a connection to Hee-joo. I find the Hee-joo mystery much more interesting than any of the others. I think Joong-won killed her. Or she did something back then to make him hate her. Maybe she did the kidnapping.

    I don’t know. The mystery really drags me in.

    Thanks for the recap, GF!

  26. 26 anklegirl

    So for my education and edification: Who is this Candy?Is it a drama reference I seem to be missing?

    So Ji-Sub in a relaxed role give me all sorts of feels.

    • 26.1 anklegirl

      omo for some reason the above explanation did not appear on my phone.Got it!Thank you Rainerust and KimYoonMi

  27. 27 Amberscube

    Im loving this the more I watched it.

    Gong Hyo Jin is such a joy to watch. I just love Gong Shil’s expression, the smile in her face everytime Joong-won is near.

    This has potential and I will keep tuning in.

  28. 28 Lil_ole_me

    Does anyone else think that the kidnappers are going to be revealed to be joo gun’s aunt and/or uncle?

    • 28.1 DDee

      YES! definitely some conspiracy-gone-wrong there

    • 28.2 Mar

      Yes, I had the same thought, at least one of them.

  29. 29 Emmy

    I’m quite enjoying it so far, I only wish I wasn’t such a scaredy-cat.

    Seriously, whenever there are ghosts I get really creeped out. I was really scared during the shopping mall scene. And was watching through my fingers at one point. Maybe I should just fast forward the ghost bits and stick to the parts with human interactions.

  30. 30 hoochie

    Hmm…I can’t tell if she really is scared of ghosts or just wants to take advantage of every opportunity to feel up So Ji-sub…j/k I know she’s using him as a ghost shield…or is she…lols

    • 30.1 lina


      I love this OTP!! More skinship please!

  31. 31 Onees

    This drama feel slow to me. A bit boring sorry. Gong Hyo-Jin is awesome as always so i will be sticking with it. Just luufff her. Hopefully the drama will get better.

  32. 32 Suzi Q

    Not scared of the Korean ghosts. I think they all look badly made up white faces with black lips and eyes. Reminds me of Halloween makeup or Beetlejuice.

    • 32.1 redfox

      hah exactly.
      I dont like the dissolving into light either.
      a bit silly, all of it.

      • 32.1.1 baby

        i dont find it scary. the whole is a joke…rubbish!!!!!

    • 32.2 Windsun33

      Most of them are from the KISS band I think. I really don’t understand how anyone could be scared of these totally fake ghosts.

    • 32.3 lina

      well.. I think the writers don’t want the audience to be scared so much that’s why the ghosts are like that.

      Which i’m very thankful coz if the ghosts are scarier than i’m not going to watch this drama.

  33. 33 Anvesha

    I find this hilarious how the ghosts of this drama are so scary looking.. I feel like they are forcing me to be scared.
    In Who Are You the scary scenes are more subtle but not any less scary. But this is a rom com after all and I’m loving that we almost have a triangle at our hands in 2nd episode.

    I’m also liking the actors (didn’t think I would find So Ji Sub entertaining).

  34. 34 Ryan

    It is better for the show to stop portraying the ghosts as “decaying” .. the attempt to disgust or scare the audience is wearing thin. Better off and sufficient to have her annoyed and bothered for the constant lack of privacy and/or being watched than “running scared” and “getting shocked up”

    • 34.1 DDee

      Totally with you on this. But i suspect the ghost-of-the-week thing is gonna go out the window once the romance gets into full swing.

      • 34.1.1 Emmy

        I hope they get rid of ghost-of-the-week! I am loving GHJ and SJS interactions and I don’t care very much for ghosts!

        • lina

          but if no ghost no skinship… No!!!

  35. 35 Ace

    I like this drama. A lot. The actors are good (except the bratty 2nd female lead) and the ghost of the day made me tear up a little.

    I haven’t much to say about this yet, but I’ll keep tuning in so thanks JB & GF if you’re gonna continue doing the recaps. I also want to watch 2 Weeks and it looks like something that has to be watched so I’m not reading the recaps. I’ll wait when it’s halfway in its run so I won’t have to wait a week if I get addicted. GD also looks interesting but I’m in the mood for some fantasy rom-com so I’m tuning in to this and Who Are You?

  36. 36 TP

    I am really loving this drama. The chemistry between GHJ and SJS is amazing. Seo In-guk is also not bad either. One question though: is Tae Yi-ryung going to rival Tae Gong-shil in terms of romance or just egotistical rivalry? I ask that because I don’t see much interaction between her and Joong-won…

  37. 37 Jademwong

    Woohoo! Glad you decided to recap the 2nd ep! I was on the edge for this drama, and I was hoping you guys would recap.at least the first week so I could.get a better feel for how the drama was progressing. So far, I am really pleasantly surprised. I am loving the interactions between our love triangle so far. This drama keeps creeping up on my radar!

  38. 38 masters sun

    i watch this coz i read some positiv comments but im so disappointed the two lead are not that good plus the story is boring. its a worst horror-comedy ive ever watch. sorry

  39. 39 Rovi

    I’m betting Auntie Joo was the one who set up the “kidnapping”.

    How I came up with this? In chaebols, there are always one member who sights someone else as a potential rival and wants to get rid of it.

    • 39.1 Windsun33

      It may not be the aunt, but for sure it is someone in the family. We all know by now that every chaebol family has tons of dark evil secrets, but we don’t know which one yet.

      There is also a possibility that it was one of his or her spurned suitors, who also happens to be an evil chaebol aunt is the culprit.

  40. 40 ChoiHyeRa

    I kept refreshing the home page, hoping and praying that you would recap the second episode of Master’s Sun and when I saw you had, I literally threw my hands up and thanked my stars!
    Now what can I say about this episode? I love Gong Hyo Jin in just about anything and her portrayal of Gong-shil is too cute. At first I thought Gong-shil would be one of those depressed, woe-is-me-because-I-see-ghosts-and-everyone-thinks-I’m-crazy type of a character but as soon as I saw how bumbling and sweet she is in her everyday life, well, it just made her more endearing. And I agree with the fact Joong-won is an ass which just means it’ll be even more fun watching him fall for our heroine. I wish we had more insight into his past (Not because foetus Joong-won is played by L, I swear *Myung-soo oppa, hwaiting!*) but I guess its one of the reasons this show keeps me intrigued so you won’t find me complaining. Much.
    Thank you girlfriday for this amazing recap! I swear its like we’re on the same wavelenght because as soon as I saw Kim Sang-joong, I was like, Omo! its Bad Daddy! only to have you say (or rather, write) the same thing. What can I say great minds think alike.

    • 40.1 pogo

      I totally agree – I thought she’d be Gu Ae-jung mk. II (and she is, in some ways) but I love that she has the spirit enough to be really forward with our hero and not get hurt or put off by his assiness.

      Characters like this one and Park Shin-hye’s in You’re Beautiful can be tough to portray in a way that makes them likeable because in the hands of the wrong actress they can come off as a bit doormatty, but when an actress goes 100% in, it really works.

      • 40.1.1 Celery

        HAHA, AJ on (A LOT OF) caffeine is what I think GS is.

  41. 41 Keyla94

    My heart was beating so fast as I was full of anticipation when I watched the first episode, but it just made me sleepy. MEH. Even dream is better than this.

  42. 42 Lilly

    Thought he was calling Hee-joo the bitch for helping get him kidnapped maybe.

  43. 43 Divyrus

    Am still not on this ship.
    Light romance dramas like these work best to me only when marathoned !
    Let me see !!!

  44. 44 Ally

    Maybe because i just finished high school so the idea of “friends” there is still clear in my mind.. Girls can be so mean.
    I got so emotional i even teared a bit watching this episode. :’)

  45. 45 Laura

    I continue to enjoy this drama. It’s funny, interesting and fresh. And at the same time it fulfills my secret love for assy-chaebol-falls-in-love story line, no matter how cliche or boring or overused it is.
    Now I just want to “Me~ow” our hero (here, I said it), that’s how appealing he is.

    In addition, I already started to wonder about the ending… another kidnapping? Will our heroine lose her “power” to see ghosts after she solves her last “case” (which I presume will be with hero’s girl), and whether it would make her just a boring average girl? Ugh, it’s just stupid speculations, that shows that at the moment I am really interested and still keep my expectations. Don’t disappoint me, drama.

  46. 46 Noelle

    That whole scene with Kang Woo asking to go home together was so cute and I loved the way Secretary Kim was totally loving how Joong Won was reacting. You can tell he’s a guy who really cares for Joong Won and is glad he is seemingly starting to care about another person and taking some kind of interest even if he’s a meanie to her. He is totally going to be the guy who will try to get them together.

    I hope the whole Aunt/Gong Shil thing doesn’t go dark and angsty. I hope they make their relationship fun. Like she doesn’t have to be down right smitten with her but have her fail horribly in putting her down that Gong Shil is oblivious and thinks they are close or something.


    For the next episode I love the throwback to the Red Shoes horror movie. Or well it seems like a throwback. I could be wrong but it seemed obvious. Anyways can’t wait for episode 3!

  47. 47 Celery

    This ep was a snoozefest when it went heavy into high-school lame-o “bullying” ghost territory. That’s the problem I foresee with the episodic ghost-solving portion of the series: it will veer into what they think is heartfelt but is actually damningly cheestastic. Love GHJ though; still warming up to SJS – his acting feels a little one-key to me and I’m finding it hard to separate the actor from the character.

    Second male lead is all shades of hot and I bet a buck that he’s first love’s brother or relative.

    • 47.1 ilikemangos


      I honestly hope hong sisters stop focusing so much on these lame stories (not trying to be a debbie downer but i do think it weakens the quality of this show). The stories in the first episode was not too bad, while the highschool girls were bleh.
      Other then that, everything is silly and cute. I do think they need a stronger storyline, other than the fact that she sees ghosts and doesn’t when she’s with him. Hijinks galore i’m totally fine with in hong sister’s dramas. But if they continue with these ghost stories i can see how it’d start losing steam quickly, for me anywho. I enjoyed cyrano dating agency but it never grabbed me emotionally and I associate that with its episodic couple of the week storylines.

      Totally agree on the So Ji Sub comment. I only see so ji sub in joong-won’s shoes acting. Not joong-won himself.

      • 47.1.1 Celery

        HAHAHA, I swore I felt my frown forming when the soccer shoes tumbled out of the locked but broken chest. And canned drinks tumbling out of the machine after cheesy apologies?! 0_0

        That’s right – the back stories aren’t gripping enough because – I suspect – they don’t have enough material for the leads and they are stalling for time with the episodic ghost-of-the-day subplots. Thank god there’s a ghost possession arc next week. I hope they make more use of the secondary leads too because IIRC, TGL’s second leads were already out in full force by ep 1. In MS, not really.

        There wasn’t much plot going on for TGL but the premise/celebverse had a lot of material going on for writers and the leads’ interactions made sense and felt less coincidental than the ones in MS?

        Yeah, I think it’s cos’ he isn’t too used to romcom yet, and will gradually warm up to his role… I hope.

        Perhaps, on hindsight, MS should have ran before IHYV. I think I (and many others) would have enjoyed MS more because IHYV set a really high benchmark that’s quite hard to beat.

  48. 48 iky

    Darn it Dramabeans i didnt want to be addicted to another show now. After i just read your recap i have to go and see it :/My first comment after lurckin for years ! yay! now i have to wait 6 hours to watch this lol stupid adult responsibilities blahhhh ……. Anyways thank you for the recap! And Hello to Fellow dramabeanies

  49. 49 ck1Oz

    Thank you.

    Just finished ep 1 and 2 at one hit. Scared and laughed. And I feel a massive addiction coming on.

    The comic timing between the 2 leads are just spot on.

    Can’t wait for him to get his comeuppance.

  50. 50 kDkiddo

    Ahhh I knew it ! I knew that his first love was bad ! Ya I yhink she was a real bitch and that she was to seduce him to get him kidnapped ! But she fell in love with him ! And that she is following him not cuz he is guilty but because she is the one who needs forgiveness ! And that his story with hee joo’s gost is gonna take the entire drama to finally let go of his anger towards love and be with sun ! HahH I feel good when things fall into place ! Hope im righg doeh
    Oh and the guard I think he is on the cops side to know more truth but he ends up loving sun too ! As if thats not obvious! Thanks

    Oh arent u guys recapping Good Doctor???

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