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Medical Top Team begins shoots
by | August 20, 2013 | 90 Comments

And the battle of the pretty boy doctors begins. I know, you have your hands full with the Good Doctor staff and have a hard enough time trying to choose between Joo-won and Joo Sang-wook on any given Monday. But what’s life as a TV fan without an excess of hot doctors on your to-watch slate at all times? Here’s our first look at the other medical drama, Medical Top Team, due out this fall on MBC.

The series stars Kwon Sang-woo (Yawang) as the leader of a special team of the best medical professionals in each specialization, forced to work together for maximum angst and drama. On Team Genius will be love interest Jung Ryeo-won (King of Dramas), and rival Joo Ji-hoon (Five Fingers), with Oh Yeon-seo (Oh Ja-ryung Is Coming) and Min-ho (To The Beautiful You) rounding out their young protege quota.

I find it funny that the show’s first stills are mostly of Min-ho, but I guess that’s the idol factor, always one step ahead of the promo machine. So far he looks like a kid playing doctor (albeit a very pretty one), so hopefully there will be some believability to the performance. Also featured is comical character actor Kim Ki-bang (Gu Family Book), who plays a scary disciplinarian in the hospital, famous for dragging interns down to the basement to mete out epic punishments.

At the helm is PD Kim Do-hoon of ratings hit The Moon That Embraces the Sun and writer Yoon Kyung-ah of Brain, so there’s a very good chance this show will look beautiful and be an engaging watch. I just wish there was some other concept besides Genius Team of Genius. Where are the shows about the doctors who are scared to give shots and living off of instant ramyun because of their mountain of school debt? *dusts off old Scrubs DVDs for a marathon*

Medical Top Team follows Two Weeks and premieres in October on MBC.

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90 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Stuart

    Sigh! Your comment about Scrubs made me wish for a K Drama version with Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki bromancing again – a pox on military service!

    • 1.1 Lisa-Loo-Loo

      Oh I like this concept. Maybe you and I should write a script and see what happens.

    • 1.2 anna

      “Dream” cast indeed since those two (well mostly Yoo Ah In) have been avoiding each other like the plague. They should really embrace their bromance ala Lee Jong-suk and Kim Woo-bin.

      • 1.2.1 Stuart

        Really? That’s disappointing, I’d hoped those fun shots from their ads together meant they got on well. Then again, Yoo Ah In’s recent TUI (tweeting under the influence) outbursts did give me a different picture of him.

    • 1.3 Jas

      Anyone notice Minho looks so much skinnier, I hope he is okay

  2. shopgirl

    I cant recognized Joo Ji Hoon. He isnt like I used to know. I wonder why?

    • 2.1 londonjen

      Ha. I was thinking the same thing when I looked at his pic.

    • 2.2 cherkell

      He is there (in the black floppy hat and the straw fedora on the bottom row of pictures). Hasn’t changed a bit, looking as hot and gorgeous as ever. You can always pick him out of the crowd since he’s the tallest in the cast yet again. (And how come *my* doctors never look this yumilicious, hunh?)


      • 2.2.1 lillykitty

        if my doctors looked like them i would b in the hospital everyday!!!!!

        • canxi

          Apples be damned!

          • jujihoon4life

            Haha! Screw apples! Joo Ji-Hoon is still hot as ever, dayum!

  3. Dramafed1782

    Lol at the Scrubs comment 🙂 I need to do a marathon too!

  4. Noelle

    Aww Scrubs…. “I don’t know much but I know I love you you let me be all I need and more!” I miss Turk and his elevator singing!

  5. Cynthia

    One look at Min ho in his scrubs and my immediate thought was ‘Doogie Howser, M.D. 2.0’…..

    • 5.1 skelly

      He looks like a little kid in daddy’s scrubs. The only thing less believable would be Justin Bieber.

    • 5.2 Windsun33

      Personally I would prefer that if I needed to go to the hospital, that my doctor at least looked old enough to have finished high school.

      • 5.2.1 park heerin

        lol it depends on their service, nothing to do with age.

        • windsun33

          How much experience would a 25 year old doctor have?

          • park heerin

            lol it’s just acting come on ^^

            but here in the philippines, you can be a medical doctor (as in licensed) at age 21 just saying.

          • just someone

            to park heerin: uhhh excuse me but you’re wrong. in the philippines, you cant be a doctor at the age of 21, UNLESS you are super genius with super high IQ that you graduated high school at the age of 10-11 years old.

            FYI, before you can take medicine in the philippines, you need a pre-med course which will take 4years, and after that, medicine = another 4years, after that another one year for residency before you can take the board exam to be a licensed doctor. so you can take your license when you are already 25-26.

        • Geenah

          A person cannot be a licensed physician in the Philippines at the age of 21. At that age, he /she just finished the pre- requisites for med school as in a B.S. Biology grad. After that, he/she needed to go to school for another four years, become an intern for a year and prepare for the medical boards after internship. They get their license (if they pass at first try) at the age of 25-26. No one can get an MD license there as a piece of bread. Unless you’ve been accelerated every year for four years due to being a genius…..which only happens in medical dramas. Just sayin’…

  6. Cherry

    I was going to pass until I saw kwon sang woo and Jung reyeo won…yyyy

  7. mira

    hmmm …nope
    definitely going to pass on this one

    • 7.1 brie

      I for one will be waiting/watching with high expectations. The main cast is excellent and I’ve been very impressed with OYS’s last 2 dramas. (She won both KBS’s 2012 Best New Actress for “Unexpected You” and MBC’s 2012 Best New Actress for “OJRIC” (lead role). The ratings were 51% and 22% respectively.

      • 7.1.1 mira

        I don’t care for any of the cast and that’s why I’m not watching
        and it’s another medical drama …meh~

      • 7.1.2 seriouslyliz

        Oh Yeon-seo’s the reason I’ll be watching too…but KSW and JJH are amazing too.

  8. Elfie

    I don’t know if my love for JRW will be enough to check this drama out…… ehhh maybe just the first episode.

  9. MooFu Baby

    Oh, Min-ho looks adorable! So many actors I like, but why the boring premise?! Haha, I loved Scrubs too! Now if Dr. Cox shows up to set Team Genius straight with some “bastard-coated bastards with bastard-filling” type of speeches, then I’m in 😉

  10. 10 babyboo

    a 16 years old surgeon, why?

    • 10.1 canxi

      They’re going for the Doogie Howser, M.D. angle. Of course.

  11. 11 aly

    I adore minho but he looks like a kid playing doctor. :/ need more stills if remaining cast !

  12. 12 eli_n

    Lol, I was halfway through the second paragraph when I caught myself thinking ‘God, yet another medical drama about Serious Genius Doctors. Wish this was a Scrubs instead’

    Oh and Minho looks pretty. But I don’t trust him anywhere near me. At least not if he’s there to treat me ha.

  13. 13 Jackie

    Minho’s looking gooddd

  14. 14 Noelle

    Is that Ahn Nae Sang in one of those little squares?

    • 14.1 canxi

      The one and only! He is everywhere O: The man is working hard.

  15. 15 canxi

    They really should do Scrubs-the Korean Drama. Like, I’m sure doctors have fun, too and aren’t all geniuses. Maybe, I should marathon Scrubs too…*runs to Netflix*

  16. 16 Babs

    I have my doubs about this show… Will it meet my expectations??? I don’t know… it has a good cast, but I want a medical drama that wont give me this stoic premise of “Smart Docs”… And really Min Ho looks like a lost puppy in doctor garb… is he ready for this?? I wonder.

    Now about Scrubs… *takes out credit card to pay for ___lix subscription*

  17. 17 Krabbit

    Wow ok. What happened to the stills of… you know… the lead characters?? I was hoping I could see some photos of my JRW and KSW… Well, i’m definitely going to watch this drama, even if it’s only because of my love for both of them…

  18. 18 taegyo

    I love Minho the froggy prince and SHINee is always my favorite idol group, but all I can say is I hope his acting has improved. Then again, it’s not like the setup of this drama has me riveted or anything – to be honest, I’m going to be one of the people watching it for Minho. I just hope it’s not… terrible.

    • 18.1 kit

      His acting will never improve. He will forever be adorably earnest and exceedingly embarrassing to watch on screen. I’m going to laugh every time his eyes will look like they’re going to pop out as something Surprising and Unexpected comes along their way in this drama (aka often).

      Ah, Minho.

      • 18.1.1 skelly

        Yet another poster boy for bad idol casting/acting.

  19. 19 Tenshii

    Nice! Seems like Minho got a Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope XD

    • 19.1 maldita

      THIS! I geeked out over his Littmann. I’m jealous. I only have the Classic II.

      • 19.1.1 skelly

        LOL, they need all of the prop help they can get, to give him some cred.

        • maldita

          He probably doesn’t even know how to use it properly and how nice it is. Boo…

      • 19.1.2 Tenshii

        I have the Cardiology III. XD One stetho is enough for life. I knew I would regret if I get the Classic knowing that it’s cheaper.

  20. 20 Quiet Thought

    Wow, that overworked emergency room resident from ‘Golden Time’ seems to have been promoted. At least this time he’ll be working with doctors who give a damn about curing patients.

    • 20.1 Windsun33

      I am not so sure. I expect that half the episodes will be of doctors fighting for power, and super hot nurses chasing idol doctors.

  21. 21 temponess

    The cop appa from Shark!!! <3

  22. 22 Quiet Thought

    Min-ho did a pretty good job playing fake hockey at Seoul City Hall on ‘Running Man’, but he couldn’t handle the Commander and Ace playing hide and seek.

  23. 23 marchelunaire

    Aw, My-name-is-Minho looks cute in scrubs. Wish they would have released stills of Jung Ryeowon and Joo Jihoon suited up, too!

  24. 24 Alexis

    Will be watching for Oh Yeon-seo and writer Yoon Kyung-ah.

  25. 25 Katie

    I’ve seen To the Beautiful You and as much as I like Minho, he wasn’t that great in it. But the writing wasn’t that great either lol. Hopefully he’ll have improved in this with older actors with more experience. Plus he’s playing a more minor character so I won’t have to focus too much on him.

    That said he looks adorable in scrubs. I wish we could see still of Jung Ryeo Won, I love her! I will tune in for the first couple of episodes, but for now my attention is on Joo Won/Moon Chae Won!

  26. 26 Melmax

    GF are you a Shinee fan? That’s a lot of Minho pics you got posted there… It doesn’t hurt, he’s great eye candy! I’m looking forward to this drama, great ensemble… Love JRW, JJH too…thanks… Are you going to kcon or just JB?

  27. 27 djes

    I will look for Doctor Minho if I have flu, but not if I need any kind of surgery.

    I wonder if there is any hospital in the world that has more than 5 pretty..and genius doctors like them. Too much prettiness!

    • 27.1 Peeps

      No. Because all the doctors there are worked to the bone. They could care less about having facials or slapping on creams to look like miss world.

  28. 28 kit

    This is actually such a stellar cast. Pretty sure I love every single member of the team – even Kwon Sang Woo who makes me wince because all I ever see when I imagine him is Sad Eyes as he plays the piano on top of the water :\ :\ :\ (Images of my childhood, basically.)

    Do I love them enough to watch the show though. I guess I’ll find out.

  29. 29 MeeisLee

    I know this article was about Serious Genius Doctors Take 2 (or whatever the number of genius medical kdramas that have aired plus 1) but now all I’m thinking about is what a Scrubs: The K-Drama would be like. It already sounds infinitely more interesting. The bromance it could produce!

  30. 30 valleydale

    As one of SHINee’s most enthusiastic ahjumma fans (just ask my daughter who’s perennially amused by that), I’ll definitely be tuning in to see this one. Part of it has to do with the fact that I’m really enjoying Good Doctor right now, so my hopes for another medical drama are somewhat high.

    I also harbor a sneaking suspicion that Minho’s acting will show considerable improvement, mainly due to his realization that his career as a music idol is growing short legs. SHINee’s debut was in 2008, so they’ve been at the top of their game for five years now. The average Kpop group last only two to three, so practically speaking, they’re living on borrowed time. If he desires to remain in the entertainment industry, he may well realize that a pretty face will scarcely suffice, and he’ll have to put a cake under that icing. If he’s smart and well managed, he’ll have been availing himself of fairly regular acting lessons, and working very hard to develop that skill. I think he’s experiencing a grace period right now whereby he’ll be competitive for roles as long as his name recognition remains high, and his acting shows steady improvement from one role to the next. I have my fingers crossed.

    The rest of the cast for this drama (as well as the folks behind the camera) bring significant talent to the table, and no small amount of pretty, so yeah, I’m stoked for this drama. This one and “Heirs” has me looking forward to fall.

    • 30.1 maldita

      Nah. The SNS boom and Hallyu craze definitely lengthened the lifespan of idol groups. SHINee’s pretty much stable popularity-wise, so I expect they’ll be doing the idol thing until they start going to the army. I don’t believe some live on borrowed idol time anymore, especially since old-timer group Shinhwa has shown everybody that group promotions after military service is still possible.

      • 30.1.1 park heerin

        but the average of idol life span is actually 5 years. exceeding that time would be luckier for them.

        • ChillyMilly

          But I wouldn’t call SHINee the average idol. They’re considered cream of the crop, so they aren’t going anywhere soon. But what’s different between them and Suju is that Suju, from the beginning, was going to rotate people so they could have the chance to diversify whereas SHINee can’t do that because each member is essential.

      • 30.1.2 Valleydale

        Shinhwa’s the notable exception, though, don’t you think? Kind of like Santana here. You’re probably right that the idol group lifespan has indeed increased somewhat—Super Junior is still enjoying a pretty good run. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love for SHINee to enjoy another 5 years of big success in Kpop, but with a sound that remains fresh and ever evolving. Otherwise, I’ll grow bored. So, I think it’s a really good idea for each member to expand his career options.

        • Windsun33

          Not really the same as in the US/Euro though. For one thing many of the 10 to 40 year lasting groups in the West started out at least somewhat on their own, and also produced some truly original and great music. Just look at how often you still hear songs from the 50’s through 90’s as soundtracks in current movies and TV shows.

          But – much, or probably the vast majority of the recent “K-pop sound” of the current wave is pretty much manufactured music, and quite often it seems like more attention is paid to the glamorous music videos and stage productions than the actual music and singing. I wonder how much of the current crop of hot k-pop songs will be remembered 10 or even 5 years from now?

          Just one example – probably 2 billion people would recognize the first 15 seconds of “Smoke on the Water”, which was released in 1972. http://youtu.be/zUwEIt9ez7M

          How many will recognize “U & I” (by Ailee) even 10 years from now?

    • 30.2 ChillyMilly

      I hope so. I saw one of his very first attempts at acting…yeesh. He’s adorbs, but I was like: don’t ever go into acting. But then he did…

      He needs to find something quick, and I’ve noticed he’s been trying a few things. I saw him on Mamma Mia, variety, and let’s just say Kyuhyun replacing him was a good choice. He’s interesting in directing, so that’s one path.

  31. 31 DarknessEyes

    Well Minho sure looks good like a doctor. Not completely sure about his acting, but maybe he’ll pleasantly surprise us. He has more practice now so 🙂

  32. 32 lalala

    ROFL Scrubs!!! the craziness medical drama ever..the janitor’s char, popped up in my head right now

    • 32.1 valleydale

      Scrubs was essentially a comedy, though, was it not? This drama will probably sprinkle in some comedic elements, but Scrubs-like is probably not what they have in mind. I guess I missed the Scrubs train (despite the fact that both my kids enthusiastically rode it), because I was one of apparently only a few who found the show seriously annoying. The medically based comedy I couldn’t get enough of was MASH.

      • 32.1.1 dfwkimchi

        Aaahhh M*A*S*H – still my favorite comedy of ALL TIME.

        Very well written – so well that I can just listen to the dialog (and don’t have to WATCH the acting) to LOL!

  33. 33 Kaddict4ever

    Oh… Minho cutie 🙂
    I watched You are Beautiful just for him. He was so pretty n gentle in that drama. me likes 🙂

  34. 34 Ann

    “Where are the shows about the doctors who are scared to give shots and living off of instant ramyun because of their mountain of school debt?” I think they were in Golden Time and got burnt out.

  35. 35 yuka sato

    and the next thing you know, you will have other SM’s artist become cameo in it and singing the OST.

    can’t they leave just ONE of their artist in ONE drama, alone? without having the others riding the drama carts???

  36. 36 valleydale

    SM definitely seems to believe in levering its influence. I have to say, though, that the songs from the OST performed by Onew and Taemin of SHINee, and the teaser of EXO they featured in To The Beautiful You were indeed well placed. SM seems to be trying to model the MOTOWN of 60s America, whose scope and influence on American pop music was at the time massive. They even use the term SMTown.

    • 36.1 girlatsea

      If SM grants us another Onew OST, I’ll have no complaints! ^^

    • 36.2 Valleydale

      Dang, why don’t I proof read before hitting “post”. I meant “leveraging”. Embarrassing….

    • 36.3 ChillyMilly

      SM is scaring me. Their influence is becoming so big (eg. buyout of Woolim, yikes!) Like the OSTs, hated the obvious and weird EXO promotion. Coming from a huge EXO fan, I even rolled my eyes.

  37. 37 Penny

    Dude. Putting a lab coat on doesnt make one take you seriously. He’s a freakin kid!! Haha.

    • 37.1 Windsun33

      Yeah, I am all for hot 22-year old lady doctors in bikinis, but I would not want to be treated by one, lab coat or not 😀

  38. 38 CutiieAngiie

    Initially, I prefered this drama over Good Doctor because I thought that the latter, with such a lame title, wouldn’t be good but gosh’, how wrong I was.
    But I still want to watch this drama for Kwon Sang Woo, Jung Rye Won and Oh Yeon Seo. It does look great but I hope it had different story than other medical korean dramas.

    For Minho, I really hope he has improved. Granted, he does have a minor role but I don’t want another case of idol cast without any acting talent and putting shame for other idol actors who are actually talented. Plus, all netizens raging over SM idol actors, it doesn’t help –‘

  39. 39 k-soup

    a little bit interesting but I’ll pass. Medical drama is not really my cup of tea if not for Joo Won and Moon Chae Won tandem..

  40. 40 Meh

    I like medical dramas but Kwon Sang Woo’s voice is so annoying and Minho seem to have a bigger part in it than I expected. Ugh whyyy

  41. 41 KDR

    Scrubs is a LOT more REAL on the medical stuff than anything else on American or korean TV!

  42. 42 Abbie

    Truthfully, this sounds really boring. I don’t usually watch medical dramas, but I’m watching Good Doctor solely because Joo-won is in it, and I’m loving it so far. And I just can’t buy Min-ho as a doctor. He’s way too young to be playing that role, or at least he looks it. He’s 21. I don’t think their are doctors at that age. But what do I know? This is a genius team, maybe he sailed through school and graduated from medical school at 19. Who knows in dramaland. Doubt I’ll watch this, because I’m getting tired of the whole “genius” thing.

  43. 43 Bengbeng

    wow, the 2 ajusshis that I admire are included – Park Won-sang and Ahn Nae-sang.

    Just hope Minho have improved his acting. I’m happy with the 2 lead actress, they might eat up – KSW and Minho. Good thing there’s JJH, who can be good as bad guy =)

  44. 44 Catherine

    Agree….JRW and OYS are scene stealers ^^. Luv watching them screen. Definitely watching this.

  45. 45 park heerin

    the fourth picture of minho looking down is photoshopped, just saying lol

    fighting minho and and the drama’s cast and crew!

    • 45.1 Valleydale

      Really? How can you tell?

      • 45.1.1 park heerin

        i’m minho stan. when they first announced that he got casted on this drama, a korean shawol already photoshopped it. i even make a video of his other photoshopped in a doctor suit. but now, mtt already released stills and it’s alot handsomer <3

  46. 46 tamtam

    Hmm. You’re right, Minho just looks too young and puppish to play the role of a trust worthy doctor. Who looks that good and young after passing med school and finish their residency? No one. The story also sounds so-so. A team of prodigies and genius’s? No thanks… it doesn’t sound like they have much to go on. Sorry if my first of impression of this is harsh, but I’m hooked on Good Doctor and fresh from watching Code Blue where the actors are imo, more reliable and believable.

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