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  1. JoAnne

    Good Morning My Wondrous Beans!

    So far….I might like Two Weeks the best out of the new stuff. I haven’t checked out Her Legend but then again I’m not very interested in that. Who Are You is better than I expected and Taec is doing a much-improved job, but it’s not great – better ghosts than Master’s Sun, though. Which is ok…but the ghosts are neither here nor there. They’re not entirely scary but they’re not entirely cartoon-y, either. I hate to admit it but I think So Ji Sub is good in this role. Just the right amount of asshole mixed with straight man. This one seems like it might be ok…but I was hoping for something different than this – more camp. Good Doctor – I’m going to like the parts with the doctors and nurses interacting, and the medical ethics/business necessities of who/how/when to treat/not treat patients. I’m going to get tired of the hospital political machinations. Also: hate that song, but they were playing some good stuff as background music.

    Also watching ISWAK-2, Blade and Petal, YTB, LSS, GoM – plus others here and there. Tired this week. So tired. Don’t really feel like talking or anything.

    • 1.1 Mystisith

      I’m dead tired too and I have no real reason for that. (Let’s blame the weather: Back to 22°C in the day and 11°C at night…)
      Maybe that’s why I like only 25 to 50% of what I’ve been given in the new dramas. IHYV has left a gaping hole & nothing can replace it.
      I may watch my J doramas this WE: Yae No Sakura never disappoints and Starman is good.

      • 1.1.1 redfox

        29° to 30° C for us and I feel like dying.

        • xombie

          it’s 35 – 40°C here T_____T. Telling myself it’s at least better than AZ or TX.

      • 1.1.2 John

        Mystisith ~

        Ah, the ending of Ep 5 of Starman LOL !

    • 1.2 alua

      *energy vibes* Why are you tired?

      Make yourself a nice culpa, put your feet up and watch a feel-good-drama.

      Which begs the question, what are everyone’s to go to dramas when they need something to cheer them? You know, a drama you’ve watched a gazillion times already but that you’ll rewatch precisely when you are tired / stressed / annoyed / etc. to make you feel better.

      I think mine are Kimi wa Petto and Nodame Cantabile, for the laughs. Even an episode or two of them is balm on the soul. Or Love Shuffle for all the panda jokes and pajama parties. And for cheesy romantic pick-me-up, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi.

      • 1.2.1 alua


        grrrr autocorrect….

        • John

          alua ~

          I’m reading the Nodame Cantabile manga at work. It’s great for a laugh and a pick me up.

          I’m also reading Totto-chan, the Little Girl at the Window by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi.

          It’s delightful, I learned about it via the Nodame manga)

          • skinnymocha

            Yotsubato! That manga cheers me up no end.

          • alua

            Never heard of Totto-chan… I’m going to have to look for that now…

          • Rachel

            Totto-Chan – great suggestion! I only read the novel though.

          • MEalways

            Yup, Toto-Chan is a good book. So rare to find this time. Refreshing and funny. You look the world from the perspective of a 5 or 6 years old girl (sorry, it was too long, I forget the actual age). Ironically, it was just before the WWII.

        • jaglaine

          Funny mistake. Sorry, Alua, couldn’t help.

      • 1.2.2 katmoo

        I think my pick-me-up drama would have to be any of the Mischievous Kiss adaptations. I love the story and it always makes me giddy like a school girl.

      • 1.2.3 Enz

        Flower boy ramyun shop. Do we have to keep to one?

        • alua

          I didn’t keep to one. 😀

          • Enz

            Oh ya :). Coffee prince makes me feel warm and happy and also best love for a good laugh AND cry.

        • Shukmeister

          My return-to pick-me-up shows:

          KDrama – The Greatest Love – Luurve CSW as Dokko Jin, the man-child. My favorite Hong Sister’s show.

          TWDrama – Drunken To Love – no matter what episode I pick, the show makes me smile, mostly because of the interaction between the prickly Joseph Chang and the bull-headed Rainie Yang that nevertheless twists him up in knots.

          JDorama – Hotaru no Hikari – slob vs OCD FTW. Plus, Fujiki Nahohito.

          Thai Lakhorn – Yes, believe it or not, I have two I frequently return to. #1 is “Love Never Dies” because you can’t beat a rich, sensitive, hottie vampire who doesn’t have sun issues. lol

          • enz

            yay shukie ! it’s my fave hong sisters show too although it helps that the only other completed ones were big and delightful girl chun hyang.

      • 1.2.4 snow_white

        my go-to drama: Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, You’re Beautiful and Playful Kiss 🙂

      • 1.2.5 Chimera

        My pick-me-up drama: You’re Beautiful. It was my first drama too! Currently re-watching, in fact…

        • Shukmeister

          Chimera –

          Me too! Just today I watched ep 7 (the countryside pig chase one).

      • 1.2.6 skinnymocha

        I’m the opposite… When I’m feeling rather down, I’m more likely to pick up a tearjerker or something a little more gritty/dramatic; it feels nice to have a good cry sometimes (or to see someone more in the sh*t than you are. Sorry. ^^;).

        On the other hand, I do marathon a whole load of feel-good films like Chungking Express, Sunny, Her Fatal Ways or Kamikaze Girls though.

        • skinnymocha

          Oh, wait. I lied. In times of stress, there’s an old Hong Kong drama I like to watch for laughs. It’s called Old Time Buddy.


          Ah, so much feels for Love Shuffle. Constantly reminded of it every time I rewatch Pushing Daisies and Olive is off on her rendition of “Eternal Flame”.

      • 1.2.7 JoAnne

        Hormones are completely out of wack these days, so…there are times when I’m reallllllly tired and others when I can’t sleep at all. I’m just ready for the weekend and some napping this time around.

        Comfort shows…I’ve only been watching KDramas about 3 years. I’ve seen certainly over 100 at this point, but when you compare that to a lifetime of reading and English-language movies…

        (Almost literally on the reading…I began to read before I was 4. I remember stumbling over ‘neighbor’ and my dad being frustrated. We were sitting on the stairs near the bookcase. The sun was shining and I thought the wood looked pretty, but I was keenly aware of letting my dad down. A very easygoing man who rarely spoke sharply, but first I read ‘free-end’ for friend and then ‘nayg-bor’ for neighbor. I was not yet in kindergarten.)

        Anyway. I will randomly pick a book out of a book case somewhere in the house and just open it up to anywhere and read a bit. Most of the books I own I’ve read more than once, so landing in a random spot is usually still a familiar place. I have that odd memory that can’t recall quotes unaided (or give directions) but can usually tell you where and when I first read a particular paragraph if that first reading happened before I was 20 or so.

      • 1.2.8 Laura

        MIne is definitely Nodame Cantabile (and some Spanish dramas, hehe 🙂

      • 1.2.9 Yuaekito

        Hi there! New girl here!
        For pick me ups!
        I love Otomen! Basically the only drama I’ve watched over and over more then five times! It’s pure nonsense! I also watch my boss my hero and anime version of outran high school host club! I love the drama too! But the anime is my anti depressant! Oh and Kanjanis Eito movie with the baby!

        • ATZ

          Masaki Okada from Otomen is sooo beautiful. He is naturally good looking and considered one of the best ‘Soushoku’ Otoko. My daughter cannot help smiling and giggling while she was watching Otomen. The actor’s real personality seems very adorable and genuine.

        • redfox

          Otomen was so … you know like a vacuum cleaner. It kinda sweeps your mind clean cause it is so unbelievably crazy ass mindblanking thing. so if you ever need to sweep your memory or get over a drama blue, this is the one. like seeing an alien dance charleston with a cow.

      • 1.2.10 Noelle

        Oh good question. I’ve got a couple of go-to’s. My Name is Kim Sam Soon, That Fool, and Guilty. Guilty is dark but it’s a revenge drama I love.

        • bbstl

          no question, Kim Sam Soon is number 1 on my list! Also Goong, Coffee Prince and Secret Garden. Last Scandal and 9 End, 2 Outs. Clearly, I am on the ‘mature’ side of the viewing group! That Fool is adorable.

        • 정남

          Oh I love watching That Fool, that is something that can turn a bad day good. I feel it is underrated in that Hwang Jung Min was carrying the drama at first but everyone came together and conflicts were at a minimum just lovely

      • 1.2.11 mommai

        I LOVE Bad Family! That one I think is my all time favorite, so I can pick which parts I want to watch (like the proposal scene! Hee!)

      • 1.2.12 Mar

        Cheering up dramas-I’d say Flower Boy Raymun Shop, The Woman That Still Wants to Marry, and I’m rewatching Flower Boy Next Door right now and feel that is probably a good pick me up too.

      • 1.2.13 nokao

        Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll see if I can find them.

        My Pick me ups are SKK Scandal(the grand confession), Secret Garden (in the car driving off into the storm), Princess’s Man (at the river when she takes the arrow for him)… hmm, I guess I like the punches to the heart over the laughs… oh well.

        • Mandakins

          OMG! I thought I was the only one who watched someone getting SHOT by an arrow to cheer me up! Love that scene so much! I’m glad that I’m not the only one 🙂

      • 1.2.14 link

        I always find myself going back to Hana Yori Dango whenever I’m dramaless. You can never get too much of Inoue Mao!

        As for Korean Dramas, I’ve probably watched Iljimae a few time already just for the laughs.

      • 1.2.15 redfox

        Nodame Cantabile is adorable, rewatched it a couple of times. but You´re Beautiful never ceases to cheer me up. first time I watched it I was super depressed, literally had not laughed for 3 months. I was really super super down and worn out from everything so I basically like cried 8 hours a day. somehow Jang Geun-Suk´s antiques made me laugh even when I thought it would be impossible. so I am quite grateful to that drama and watch it sometimes.

        also, it doesnt exist yet, but there is nothing that would make me feel better than if they made Bleach into a drama. omg please. the first quarter of the story was really cute and funny

    • 1.3 Enz

      Hope that tired phase goes off soon, joAnne.

      Am a bit disappointed in master’s sun so far too. I was hoping for best love cersion 2 i think and it may still happen i guess. In any case, as you pointed out, so ji sub is good here. I am finding him very sexy. This is my first encounter with him. His face is not one i would find very attractive ( too lean and sharp) but in this role, he is. Attractive that is.

      • 1.3.1 Midori

        I watched the Master’s Sun and found it just OK. Not like My Girlfriend is a Gumiho crack. I checked out We Got Married Global and found that laugh out funny. Ok, I haven’t laughed so much in the months. Taec is such the epitome of adorkable. The end was so sad. Hopefully the “couples” can keep in touch and stay good friends. Also checked out Who Are You? and Good Doctor (so far the best in the new season). Meaning to check out Two Weeks. That’s just the K-drama world. So many dramas and so little time.

        • enz

          yes it’s just ok for now. but I can see that it may potentially be fantastic crack later on. esp if they do away with the maudlin ghost stories!

      • 1.3.2 Shukmeister

        I’m finding Master’s Sun an okay watch, even if I agree with what most people say.

        It’s not over the top camp, but, after “Show That Must Not Be Named”, the Hong Sisters seemed to be back on the right track with what they do best: lampshade meta, and subtle dialogue gems.

    • 1.4 katmoo

      JoAnne, do you like ISWAK 2? I just finished it this week and my have fallen in love!

      • 1.4.1 JoAnne

        I doooooooooooo. Joe Cheng is not particularly attractive to me but the way he looks at Ariel Lin and just melts with desire IS. Love the way he invades her space and gets all cozy, and very much appreciating the frank yet tasteful approach to sex. I mean, they’re barely 20 and they’re married…they SHOULD be doing it like rabbits and he SHOULD be all over her. It’s not quite like that but at least they’re not on twin mats on the floor.

        I’m actually way more attracted to Jiro Wang’s arms than anything else…but I’m just at the point where she starts nursing school, so we’ll see what happens.

        • katmoo

          That look is the best, right! Can you believe they get even cuter?

        • cassieap55

          Ha, you and I are exactly on the same page, about ISWAK 1 & 2 and particularly Joe and the spectacular chemistry he has with Ariel Lin. Its their onscreen partnership that is always going to make the Taiwan version the best of all the Itazura versions. I have to say, that boy can smooch like nobody’s business; that honeymoon kissing scene ,,,, WOW!!

          Have you checked them out in Love Or Bread? I understand the chemistry is there again, tho perhaps the story not as engaging as ISWAK.

          I started watching Joe in Love Actually with Lee Da Hae, but am only about halfway through. He looks a shadow of his former self at the start, but either I got used to his pale and slender new look, or the infamous location catering you always hear about added a few much needed pounds.

          • katmoo

            I think that my jaw dislocated when I first saw the honeymoon kiss scene. With K-dramas being my primary form of entertainment for almost a year I was not expecting that… but I have NO compaints. I cheated and watched the 2nd one first and now am going back to the first one and it’s kind of hard not to be like “Xiang Qin, don’t worry… that boy will kiss the bejezes out of you!”

            I would love to watch Love or Bread… but I haven’t found it anywhere yet… I am still on the hunt though.

          • alua

            Is Love or Bread the one with the French title (Patisserie et l’Amour or something like that?)?

            I haven’t seen it subbed anywhere.

          • coby

            Its so nice that we are still talking about ISWAK! We fell on our seats and with our hands covering our mouths when we saw the honeymin scene.. I feel like watching it again, and this is really one drama that i can watch even if its redone hundred times.

            I remember getting a picture with Joe Cheng’s wax figure in Hong Kong! Hehe

            Have a nice weekend!

        • Peridot

          Hi JoAnne, I love ISWAK 2. God knows how many times I’ve seen it. I agree that there is nothing spectacular about Joe Cheng (he’s cute, but no where near what Xiang Qin thinks about Zhi Shu 🙂 We can forgive her, as she is in love.), but I love his chemistry with Ariel Lin. And yes, Jiro Wang is the cuter of the two (although I do not like his new, plastic-surgery nose).

          I agree that since Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin are married, it is normal that they would have a sex life (something that is not even hinted at in many k-dramas). In the second season, Zhi Shu will realize how important his wife is to him. I normally wouldn’t be attracted to a drama in which a “perfect, intelligent, can-do-no-wrong” sort of man mistreats and disrespects his “plain-Jane, can’t-do-anything-right” love interest. But there is something about the second season that just grabs me. Part of the reason is because, by the latter portion, Zhi Shu does grow to truly love and respect his wife. His personality is somewhat different at the beginning of the second season, but it takes a while for him to truly respect his wife 100 percent. That transformation happens over the course of twenty episodes. Sorry, did not mean to turn this into an essay 🙂 Keep watching and I hope that you enjoy the whole second season.

        • Sue

          Drooool. I remember. That is why I love this version, the chemistry between the two leads. The honeymoon…

          • Ennayra

            I know! I love this show too. ISWAK is one of the first dramas I ever watched, so of course when ISWAK2 came out I was thrilled. That was before I was really into Korean dramas. Oh 2008 🙂

      • 1.4.2 mommai

        What is ISWAK 2?

        • katmoo

          It is shgort for It Started With A Kiss 2 (aka They Kiss Again)

          • katmoo

            I seriously need new batteries for my keyboard. short is what I ment to say

          • mommai


    • 1.5 MeeisLee

      I liked ISWAK 2! I found the chemistry and relationship between the leads to be incredibly believable. Master’s Sun isn’t laugh-out-loud funny just yet but I think there’s hope for such moments in the future. I’m liking it alot so far and I hope there isn’t any reason for my optimism to dim. I’m looking forward to starting Two Weeks at some point during the weekend to fill my action/crime slot left by HC. I’m finding dramaverse to be a bit tiring lately so I’m probably just going to stick with Sun and Weeks. Squeeing (and/or snarking) takes up alot of energy.

      Feel better JoAnne and get some rest :). Hoepfully, the drama’s will be worth feeling tired for.

    • 1.6 Windsun33

      “Her Legend” actually looks pretty good so far, but we have not moved on to the later (adulthood) portions yet, so hard to tell for sure. On the other hand, it is looking like we already have a lot of the usual overdone plot devices in place – evil stepsister, evil stepmother, and chaebol prince. So while looking good so far, it could also end up like YTBLSS.

      I think the ghosts in Masters Sun are supposed to be pretty fake, so I can live with it for now.

  2. cherkell

    Happy Friday Beansies! Hope everyone has been well and keeping busy with OMG THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY DRAMAS OUT THERE TO WATCH AND MY BRAIN IS EXPLODING!!! Maybe in my feebleness it’s a good thing I can only concentrate on a few at a time. I’m already in Work Hour 52 this week with no end in sight, so I’m keeping a low profile on the chat boards.

    Almost caught up on “Blade and Petal” and love it to pieces! Depending on how it ends (and if it doesn’t sink into Noble Idiocy Land first), it has a really good chance to be added to my Top Five Sageuk List. I see people complaining that it’s slow and plodding, but does every drama Yeouido spits out always need to be action-packed? I had questions about Kim Ok-bin’s return to the small screen, but she’s doing a magnificent job. Umforce is burning up the sets as expected. And Choi Freakin’ Min-soo? Just keep doing what you’re doing, sweetie. RAWR.

    Caught the first two premieres of “Master’s Sun” and “Two Weeks.” Jury is still out on both; I’ll need another couple of eps before putting one or the other on my Watch List. But I’m kinda learning towards “TW” if only for Lee Jun-ki. Is all.

    REALLY looking forward to “Medical Top Team” in October, if only to see Joo Ji-hoon (*squeeee*) act rings around his fellow cast-mates. And now that the production has added Alex to the mix, could I hope for an on-set duet between those two? SQUEEEEEE!!! With “MTT” going square up against “Heirs,” the fall season is looking more promising as the days go by!

    My Precious Ji Chang-wook continues his World Domination of Japan while starring in “Brothers Were Brave” at the Amuse Musical Theatre in Roppongi. Three weeks total over there, and then it’s back to the grind for another six weeks starring in “Jack the Ripper” back in Seoul. But I am very concerned about the boy, as Chang-wook has been diagnosed with early-onset nodes on his vocal chords and he has been ordered to not speak or sing on his days off. Left untreated, this affliction would be a career-killer for him, but he’s getting good treatment and once his musical appearances have ended, he may have 22 months to recover thereafter. (Just a speculation, but all clues lead to a ‘forced absence’ this fall. And I will go hide in a cave right afters.)

    “Secretly and Greatly,” “The Terror Live,” and “Rai Maitima” are all scheduled to play out here in Cupertino within the next few months, so I will definitely play hooky in order to catch one or all three. I may also zip down to LA to catch others planned to play at the CGV. So LA peeps, you have been warned. 😉

    Alright, time to go yell at people with J.D.s behind their names for not following directions. Later today I will be posting my recap for the Finale of “Five Fingers” and not a moment too soon… the first anniversary of the premiere episode is 18 August. Better late than not at all. Seeyas on the flip side!

  3. makoto

    Happy OT…
    Eid Mubarak to everyone who celebrates it.

    1. Who are You? ep 1 – 4.
    Actually I expected Cha Gun Woo – Yang Shi On’s relationship is like Choi Siwon – Lee Ji Ah’s in Athena. But here, Gun Woo is a bit noisy and Shi On is too weak. I need a badass senior female cop and brave-thoughtful- hotblooded-handsome junior. Their first case is too easy and unbelievable, but I’m okay with it. I guess it matches its genre as human drama.
    As for the actors, I don’t know much about them. I watched Cinderella’s Sister, Dream High and Heartstrings. They are not my favourite drama but I found Taecyeon and Yihyun are quite likeable there. Hope some character development later.
    Kim Jae Wook; haven’t seen him in anything before, he looks damn sexy with that casual outfit. Kdramaland indeed needs to dress their character in that kind of clothes rather than wearing suit 24/7 *cough Personal Taste cough*
    ***spoiler*** Case 1: The school girl ghost didn’t speak at all because she was mute when she was alive. Case 2: The ghost also didn’t speak, but she was not mute. Does it mean that Kim Jae Wook will also not speaking at all until the show ends? *crying* ***end of spoiler***
    2. Puberty Medley ep 2: It’s a Secret. Still find it amusing, pure teenage world.
    3. Marathoned IHYV this week. *late swooning* Lee Jong Suk is so amazing, how he portrays Suha. I still find some Go Nam Soon traces here, with better personality, lots of smile and some goal in life. Unlike some heroes, he’s more rational, especially in last episode when he tried to save Hyesung. I still can feel his pain when he cried HS’s name from the rooftop. Painful. Suha ya, will you protect this noona, too?
    Another thing I love about this show is Hyesung – Doyeon frenemy relationship. They are so hillarious. Both are bold and shameless, did wrong once in a while but they admitted it. It’s not an angel vs demon rival kind and I’m glad that they are only rivals in courtroom with an unamusing conflict in the past. They are not perfect and look more like human. Like people we often see in daily life. So relatable and easy to love. And it proves that enemy / rival doesn’t need to chase after one man all the time.
    4. Family Bandage.
    When almost every drama blames the parent for giving less attention to their kids and being the bad guys who left to blame to juvenile deliquency, it gives both point of views. “What kind of daughter you are to your parents?”
    5. Scandal: It shows some developments but not surprising since we all have known about who the real son is. actually I expect nothing from this drama but more screentime for KJW.
    But I don’t understand why:
    ~ the bad guy marrying the mistress when it’s obvious that he doesn’t like her. Too many evidences. He looks annoyed everytime she is nearby.
    ~ the legal wife even commit such dangerous scandal (brought an orphan and admit him as her own son) just so the bad guy doesn’t divorce her. It’s too obvious that she doesn’t like him. They live like stranger.

    This 2 weeks I found Woo Ahmi less annoying since she less talking. Thank God. Can we keep her like that until the show finished?

    6. Sword and Flower ep 8: can’t comment anything yet.
    7. Two weeks, Good Doctor, Master Sun: haven’t started yet… Which one is the best and worth watching first?

    Have a nice weekend and happy holiday. 🙂

    • 3.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Kim Jae Wook – I’ve seen everything he has done. He is on the short list of Korean actors I like to dream about. Who Are You so far hasn’t given me enough screen time with KJW, but I only watched 2 episodes so far.

      • 3.1.1 JoAnne

        He shows up at the very end of Episode 4. Prepare to gird your loins. Not that he does anything except be his normal incredibly beautiful self… but I think he’s back in it to stay since clearly the big arc is solving what happened that night.

        • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

          Do any romances with ghosts end well?

          The possibilities:
          – you stay in love, live out the rest of your days alone
          – you die to be with him
          – reincarnation
          – he haunts you
          – you fall in love with someone living, and let go of dead lover

          If you are laying odds, usually you don’t bet on the dead guy winning. Unless it is a Zombie movie (Warm Bodies anyone?)

          • Celery

            I have been meaning to say this but WAY’s basic premise reminds me of Natsuyuki Rendezvous ( in which the guy I root for to get the girl will never get her because he is dead.

          • makoto

            I choose reincarnation since it indicates that both are alive. But I guess she will end up with his junior, he’s the main lead here.

      • 3.1.2 owl

        @Julia the Berkshire Beanie- I’ve noticed we seem to have similar taste – KJW – (I said in-my-dreams too, in my comment #18). See what I mean ? 🙂

        • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

          I have noticed your excellent taste. 🙂

      • 3.1.3 ATZ

        Kim Jae Wook_ he was good in Bad Guy, better than Kim Nam Gil in the same drama in my opinion. He was good in Antique Bakery. He speaks flawless Japanese when I first heard him talk Japanese, I thought he is Japanese( I am Japanese) When every male actor somehow resemble each other, he seems quite different from others. He has an unique edge…very sexy with his own sense of style.

        • owl

          He is 1/2 Japanese 1/2 Korean in Coffee Prince. Loved Antique Bakery. And he has a small part in Dalja’s Spring~

        • makoto

          I think I’m the only one here who has no luck of witnessing Kim Jae Wook’s previous works. 🙁 I have copy of Bad Guy in my laptop but haven’t watched it yet since my friend told me it’s sad ending and I’m not a fan of Coffee Prince, I watched some episodes but it looks like just another typical kdrama. Maybe I was wrong because I didn’t watch completely.

          • ATZ

            I was not happy with Bad Guy either. Kim Nan Gil figure( the main lead) was all gloomy and there was not much rapport with Ha Ga in( the female lead) but i thought Kim Jae wook gave a memorable acting,,, good at portraying self destruction,,, or his skinny figure might help the fragile state of his mind?? Among all Kim Jae wook works, I like Antique Bakery the best. He was with Ju ji hoon and Yoo ah in and they had a good rapport. The story is based on a Japanese manga but a sort of childishness that we often encounter with manga based dramas does not exist with this movie. It’s rather quarkie and witty.

          • SmeeBean

            Sad ending?? For coffee prince??..No way..There is a sad bit near the end when the whole “secret” comes out..But it has such a cute couple ending..I suggest you give it another go. 🙂

    • 3.2 Windsun33

      Scandal: I think the main reason that she adopted the fake “real son” was so that she could stay married to the main asshole, and continue to search for her real son (ie, money and position).

      • 3.2.1 makoto

        I see…money and power do help.

  4. alua

    Nothing much to report, I haven’t been watching anything much – haven’t yet gotten started on any of the new series and somehow not watching much else either (too busy & need to preview a lot of films for a film festival. Unfortunately they must remain unnamed at this point.)

    I only watched an old dorama called A Sleeping Forest, which had plenty potential and good cast, but in the end was kind of mehhh. Too many connections among the characters. Too many absolute lunatics in love. Yuri was plain annoying (talk about a needy person! Although I’m sorry about what happened to her, I’m glad *spoiler* she didn’t end up with Kimutaku’s character in the end). All the parents were messed up (that cheating / child abuse really wasn’t needed).

    On the upside, a super young looking Kimutaku with long hair at least made for eye candy.

    Oh, did watch the second episode of Good Doctor, totally cringing on how they talking about autism (“cure”!!!!), but I rather love the Gaksital guy’s character (forgot his name).

    Need to: watch Two Weeks, only reading recaps for Master’s Sun for now (if I keep hearing good things I’ll give it a try), need to catch up on Starman, Woman, Gerikyuu, etc.

    Has anyone tried Oh, My Dad?

    Contacted Yesasia about my missing order, and they got back right away, saying it might have gotten lost in the mail and that they would reship everything. Fingers crossed I’ll get a parcel soon.

    New Yorkers: MOMA is screening a number of Korean films today and tomorrow still.

    • 4.1 MeeisLee


      I saw your reply on the Monstar post yesterday :(. I had already made plans for today with a couple of friends as a goodbye hang out but I’m going to see if I can make it at least see the 7pm showing of Azooma. It’s the one I’m the most interested in since it seems up my alley and surprisingly a friend of mine who is new to the kdrama scene is excited about it and pushing for me to go.

      To anyone who is interested: the ticket prices for adults are $12, elderly: $10, and students: $8.

      Thanks for trying to keep me in the loop even though you live across the pond lol :).

      • 4.1.1 alua

        I haven’t watched Azooma yet, I think it’s supposed to be quite dark.

        Sleepness Night, an indie, has had some very good reviews, but I haven’t seen it yet myself. White Night is good, but probably not everyone’s cup of tea (saw the whole trilogy from that director during the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival earlier this year).

        No worries about keeping you in the loop, I’m follow various film-related Korean associations (in NY, London, LA and Australia at the moment) on Twitter, so as to help spreading the word about Korean Film.

        Which reminds me, aussies, KOFFIA is holding a PAJAMA PARTY for the screenings of My P.S. Partner. How awesome is that! Now I just have to convince the London Korean Film Festival to do the same in the autumn……

        • MeeisLee

          It sounds dark :). I remember reading something about putting dental training to good use. My friend doesn’t really like dark movies and likes to opt for the fun rom-com but I think she (and I) want to at least experience seeing a Korean movie in a theater. She’s leaving Saturday and I’m not sure if I could make it to the other movie showings even though both Nights sound interesting. I would probably be more motivated to make some work arounds if I had someone to go with (and if it was free, haha. It’s back-to-school time after all).

          I recommend watching My PS Partner for any folks who are thinking about going. The PJs part sounds like icing on the cake!

    • 4.2 Carole McDonnell

      So not gonna watch Good Doctor. Oh and don’t ever get me started on the craze to put certain illnesses in dramas. It depends on the consultants the writers meet with, the pop culture about folks with autism, the plot mechanics. And somehow, it always just upsets the crap outta me.

      My husband is on the Asperger’s Spectrum. My son is mute autistic disabled and I’ve got fibromyalgia and sometimes I find myself totally unable to turn on American TV because of some silly show that has some illness all wrong.

      I hope you get your order soon.

      • 4.2.1 JoAnne

        Yes, don’t then. The translation has been called into question for the subs: they used curable when it should have been treatable, etc, and I can’t imagine why you’d want to put yourself through the aggravation.

        Initially it seemed as though he might be on the high end of Aspergers but I’m not so sure now. There are some other touches in the portrayal that are a bit ..not that. I can tell you at least that Joo Won looks like he made a real attempt to understand and build that into his portrayal and he’s a very sympathetic and likeable character. His treatment at the hands of medical professionals is laughable when you consider their lack of even basic knowledge but given the issues presented by the character so far I actually have sympathy for their objections. I found myself thinking that he’d be a wonderful diagnostician, a la House…but he’s no House. That’s for sure.

      • 4.2.2 alua

        I know what you mean.

        I have a feeling I’ll end-up skip watching the drama – I really like the hero so far, but the people around him… and how they treat him… I mean, we’re in a hospital full of doctors who should *know* what autism is.

        I was wondering if some of it is, like JoAnne suggested below, perhaps just a mistranslation, but I have my doubts. The “cure” might have been “treat” but even so the context that was said in was awkward and the way the arrogant doc treats him is as if he has no knowledge of dealing with people with autism. Which would be fine if it was a random person of the street, but the guy’s a doctor!

        Yeah, don’t put yourself through the heartache…

      • 4.2.3 LizJ

        I’m watching “The Good Doctor” from the perspective of someone who has a nephew on the Autistic spectrum (originally they said Aspergers, but I’m suspecting it’s more serious). The kid is never going to live independently – he’s in his 20’s and can barely hold a part time job. He graduated from a private high school that focuses on kids with learning disabilities, but has done poorly at the local community college. I was upset with the “cure” line too – but hearing that it might be translated as “treatment” makes more sense.

        And, yeah, I think that doctors and nurses would be way more informed about what autism is – and is not. But maybe its different outside the states.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Lately there have been so many articles on how TV dramas portray folks on the asperger/autism spectrum. Because apparently Hollywood has gone wild creating certain characters.

          It seems to be their way of making the person into a genius, an otherworldly-ultra-evolved type, a sociopathic person, a demonizing of the person…all to fit into the plot of the story. And that bugs the crap outta me.

          And what gets me is they rarely talk about the whole health stuff that some of these folks go through with allergies, stomach, respiratory ailments.

          • alua

            They may do the stomach bit… at least the guy was refusing to eat just any food offered to him and Raine (on her blog) was suggesting that it might be because they are actually picking up on his food issues. Not sure yet though.

          • Carole McDonnell

            as long as they don’t make it some sort of weird flaky food fetish thing.

          • MEalways

            The thing is, and I am truly sorry, because I don’t live with anyone who has autism, if I am wrong, please do correct me.

            I know some people who first suggested by their doctors to go to diet-therapy to minimize autism. And then they go to another doctor for diet-therapy too for themselves to help live healthier and longer.

            But the way to decide which kind of food is bad to you, I can’t find the logic behind it.

            The only hospital-doctor’s K-drama that I really watched from first to end was ‘Brain’. And only ‘House’ until its second seasons did I watch, more because I like the personality and the ‘Sherlock-ish’ approach to each symptoms. Although sometimes I still thought that was bizarre.

        • Raine

          As for the “cure” translation. It’s a viable option for the drama ONLY because so many people invest MONEY in curing rather than treating. I’d greatly prefer for them to focus on the treatment aspect. And people with manifestations as severe as Si-oh NEED AN AIDE! It’s not a horrible thing. He would function so much better and he’d have someone to understand him and he wouldn’t be LONELY. This character is so ridiculously lonely.

          Carole – I think he may have some food/texture issues but he is not manifesting some other super common traits for someone as severe as he is. He doesn’t rock at all, which is pretty common. But he does seem to have food texture aversion. I’d like to see the show address how to interact and really fully enjoy the company of someone like Si-oh because these people are wonderful! And they’re PEOPLE!

          • Carole McDonnell

            It depends on where on the spectrum a person is. Cures are fairly impossible but in some rare cases, food, technology, supplements, and behavior modification really help the person’s health and social issues. The food changes and dealing with the gut-brain reaction can really improve some autism tendencies, if a neurological issue is at the root cause of the illness. Often it’s neurological and congenital..and sometimes even genetic or perinatal. Sometimes it’s nutritional or cause by some assault to the baby in utero…virus, infection, vaccine. But for the most part no one knows…only that the rate of autism is rising so the cause could be environmental, fungal, the state of modern processed foods, medical interference for good or ill because (some say) some of these kids are kids who lived but who would’ve died if not for modern medicine.

            Some folks don’t rock, btw. The rocking is done as a kind of self-stimming and some kids find other ways to self-stimulate. An some get very quiet and seem to be staring out into space. and some just get into some kind of self-created loop.

            It’s very true..some kids need an aide especially if they are out in the world. or to help them when they’re outside of their homes. and if the person tends to wander. and of course one has to balance the aide against learned helplessness

            the food thing –wow! so many areas there. The dislike of textures, the preference for certain kinds of foods (like gluten, white rice, noodles, sweets), the horrible food-related illnesses and reactions.

            plus the way different parents and grandparents deal with the situation. Some dads give in to everything and pretty much ruin the kids’ health by allowing the cravings…some grandparents treat the kid as a favorite.

      • 4.2.4 Midori

        I’ve been trying to ignore all the wrong medical speak and actions. Here is small example of how they get it wrong. What hospital has only two pediatric surgeons but a dozen pediatric surgical residents? While senority is very important in the US, there is no way that a septic patient who needs surgery immediately would be sidelined to wait for the surgeon who did the original surgery. Also, a pediatrician would check on the patient in addition to surgical rounds and noticed the problems. The pediatrician is the primary doc regardless of the surgeon. Yes, a lot of surgeons have a god complex but this was ridiculous.

        Still, so far this was the most interesting show. I’ve been watching it the same way I watched IHYV, ignore all the legal stuff and watch it for the rest of the story. Hopefully, GD will also have a compelling story beyond the medical.

      • 4.2.5 Lizzy4e

        Every time they said that autism was curable my feathers got ruffled. I detest the spread of mis-information.

        For example in the show School 2013 there was a character with Learning Disablities, my children are learning disabled, the character was wrong in so many ways. Learning disabled and mentally disabled are two different conditions and I would venture to say that that character was mentally disabled. Fortunately, he was not a lead in the show so I could ignore him.

        • Carole McDonnell

          it’s funny…on the one hand, i want to say “okay k-dramafolks…obviously, the whole “Marathon” thing brought autism out into the open and i applaud you trying to do something for the cause..for any cause. After all, i’ve seen some korean movies and dramas which make korean therapy an attitude toward mental illness seem downright medieval….but when they try get the facts wrong!!! Aaargh!

          And i suppose this is the problem with a lot of goodwill well-meant programming…whether it’s tackling homosexuality or interracial marriage or mental illness…. they writers mean well..but aish!!!! folks have to suffer through their well-meant crap.

      • 4.2.6 redfox

        the show has stereotypes, i agree and they would hvae done better just to give him a social phobia of sorts. and they are already hinting at “not 100 % cured” what…. ???

      • 4.2.7 Raine

        And this is why I wrote my blog post on the show. I was so happy to see autism on t.v. with good acting and some veritable symptoms and how people react to those with autism…and then…there’s all that other stuff.

        It’s hard to watch stuff that you’re really familiar with . Music based dramas always drive me nuts because I’m a professional musician. I’ve been teaching kids with disabilities for years and I worked in the school system as a para for a while. But it’s dramaland. I can only imagine how the laywers feel about the scenes in IHYV

    • 4.3 ATZ

      Since you are willing to watch some J drama, I would like to recommend Hanzawa Naoki. The drama is not about romance but it is about a salary man who works for one of the biggest banks in Japan. He was set up to fail by his superior and got caught with banking scandal. This drama is based on manga, I believe but it has much depth. The cast members are quite strong. The main lead(Masato Sakai) is not my cup of tea but he is good. Other side casts are excellent with two crafty Kabuki actors as an irritable IRS agent and as a top banker(teruyuki, Kagawa). ( though it is not translatable, the IRS guy(Ainosuke, Kataoka) sounds very much gay and quite neurotic .)Despite of no romance and rather serious social drama, currently Hanzawa commands a very high rating in Japan.
      Both actor, Kagawa and Sakai paired with the latest movie called ‘Key of Life’ which is actually a very fun movie to watch.

      • 4.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        ooh my! That drama sounds so fun!!!! I think I’ll watch it as well.

      • 4.3.2 Carole McDonnell

        Masato Sakai is one of my absolute faves. He does have a kind of weirdly stylistic way of acting and speaking his parts but there is something so flaky about his movie choices. Key of life was good was a film in which he played a guy grieving for his dead wife. Legal high was was ooku. He has the ability to look incredibly handsome, or quintessentially Japanese, or very eccentric oddball or everyman. totally love this guy.

        thanks for mentioning this drama. am watching it now.

      • 4.3.3 alua

        I tend to watch more J than K dramas… slice of life (which I prefer) is so rare in K-drama, but you’ll find it again and again in J-dramas.

        I’ll check out Hanzawa Naoki, thanks for the recommendation!

        • Carole McDonnell

          i love slice of life..but wow, when it’s mixed with J-drama preachiness and sentimentaliy…aaargh! if the end product works, then it’s good…but if not..i just want to cringe. Facile philosophy and easy sentimental spirituality drives me nuts. It’s all so deeply-shallow sometimes i want to scream.

          Am liking Hanzawa Naoka now. Very tense with the j-drama love of obsessive characters who know something really well and can puzzle through the possibilities of a game.

          Main character’s wife, though… oh my gosh! her sweetness and childlike maternal care for her husband …it can be too much.

    • 4.4 alua

      Okay, all caught up on Two Weeks. I’m 100% in!

      They can reduce the hospital scene 75% though. And more of Ms Prosecutor, loving her already!

      I don’t need a romantic story line in this one (in fact, at the moment, I would rather not have one), but if they do, can I ship Mrs. Prosecutor with our lead? The ex-girlfriend is pretty boring so far…

    • 4.5 Mar

      On the GD and the “cure”-I always take the translation of cure to mean treatment/management/therapy/medication/surgery, not that someone is actually completely “cured” of anything. I could be wrong, though.

  5. Rachel

    Hi everyone! Finally started watching Heartless City after hearing so much good stuff about it. Currently almost reaching the halfway mark. There have already been so many twists and turns in the story, I really don’t know what to expect next!

    I became a fan of Jung Kyung Ho after watching Smile, You and he is so different in this show, which is great. So thankful for the abs that come from army duty 😀 😀 But i still love looking at that baby face of his.

    I am still a little skeptical of Nam Gyuri (mainly cos of her plastic face I guess) and am eagerly awaiting what she will offer in the episodes to come.

    • 5.1 owl

      The twists and turns are the best part of HC, pretty much until the end. Also, hot Doctor’s Son moments.

      • 5.1.1 JoAnne

        Much like Eric and Que Sera Sera, Baksa Adeul must continue to be mentioned weekly in the OT, from now until the end of time.

        Excuse me while I go cry a little more.

        • snow

          ohhh Eric in Que Sera Sera! he was quite sexy in there (and also a bit in Myungwol the Spy). he and Jung Kyung-ho smoulder very well indeed.

    • 5.2 pogo

      oooooh, Jung Kyung-ho. Definitely the best ‘hey, when did THAT one get so hot?!’ discovery of the year. That performance was pretty much flawless, and I pretty much want my own Baksa now 🙂

      Also, that show led me to a renewed appreciation of three-piece suits.

      • 5.2.1 owl

        Navy, black or grey? (Or is it just any color suit on Baska, which is what I’m going with~)

        • pogo

          I love ALL the suits. It just makes me think of how fast I’d want to get it off his perfect body, lol.

          • snow

            hahaha. just not quite the stripey socks… well, at least have decent-length trousers so they don’t show when he sits down.

            i love Shi-hyun’s suits. they make him look sleek and classy.

          • Shukmeister

            I’d like to lick-draw his wolf tattoo. Is that too much? 8)

      • 5.2.2 Ennayra

        I know! When did he get so hot? I’d seen him in 3 or 4 dramas before HC and not cared about him one way or another. And yet all it took was about 30 seconds of him as Baksa Adeul and I was practically drooling…

    • 5.3 LoveIt

      I totally loved every minute of Heartless/Cruel City. I could watch it over and over.

      • 5.3.1 owl

        At first, I was bad mouthing Safari, but the 2nd tier drug family + Shi hyun were, in the end, the ones I rooted for big time (Jin Sook, Soo, Safari) ~

  6. MeeisLee

    Hi OT :)! Eid Mubarak to those who celebrated.

    Thanks for all the movie recommendations last week and I spent my week trying to get through the big list. I finally decided to try out Netflix for this sole purpose (tormenting takes too long and gooddrama is great but I have better luck with video quality on my laptop with netflix). Since last OT, I’ve watched (in order, if that matters):
    My PS Partner – Really liked this one. I thought it was cute and fun.
    Gangster High – I watched this one mostly because my Doctor’s Son was in it. I liked it and I’m convinced that it could be a sorta prequel to Heartless City showcasing his teen years.
    Sunny – Super awesome. Loved all the characters. I think he version on Netflix was the standard (?) version so if I can find the Directors Cut somewhere, I would be happy to rewatch it (especially after/in between all the thrillers on my list).
    My Girlfriend is an Agent/ 7th Level Civil Servant – Overall I thought this was an OK watch. Kang Ji Hwan’s character was a hoot but he was a horrible field agent and I wasn’t convinced why anyone would let him outside. I wonder if the not-so-great subs had something to do with why I didn’t enjoy as much as I thought I would. Can’t compare it to the drama since I dropped it after a few episodes (I didn’t have the time but it seems like that turned out to be great since people like to refer to it as the drama that didn’t happen).
    Castaway from the Moon – I really liked this take on the castaway concept. The romance developed naturally and realistically despite the setup.
    Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance – My first thriller from the list and after watching a couple happy movies I thought I was prepared for a PCW film. The beginning was admittedly slow and at one point I wanted some killing already but after finishing, the choice (along with the lack of dialogue and music) was in tune with the rest of the movie and the social commentary PCW might have been pointing out. I’m hesitant to say I liked this over Oldboy and I think I need to rewatch Oldboy again to take a firm stance.

    I started Sympathy for Lady Vengeance and it seems very different from the other two films in the trilogy. Im going to need a healthy dose of happy movies after this. I’m a Cyborg but That’s OK, Mother, and How to Use Guys With Secret Tips are next on my list to watch before the weekend is over.

    • 6.1 alua

      I think think Mother will provide you with a dose of happy. I hear that one’s very dark.

      How to Use a Guy with Secret Tips is supposed to be good fun though.

      • 6.1.1 MeeisLee

        I like dark movies but they don’t make me happy in the feel-good-at-least-there’s-hope sense lol.

    • 6.2 MeeisLee

      I forgot to add that if anyone is thinking about streaming Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Lady Vengeance, and Mother, they ‘expire’ on Netflix soon-ish.

      Mr. Vengeance 8/25
      Lady Vengeance 8/25
      Mother 8/19

      • 6.2.1 Celery

        Please do watch Memories of Murder. It’s brilliant.

        How to Use a Guy with Secret Tips… I don’t know, thought it was pretty okay at first but then it got boring really quickly. If you like obnoxious celeb falls for everyday woman kinda plot, I suggest go for The Greatest Love. It’s a series though.

        • JoAnne

          See…I found the actor who falls for the girl in How to Use a Guy much more likeable than Dokko Jin. I never have really gotten the appeal of CSW though…and I LOVED pony-tail cop in I Miss You so I was looking forward to him in Tips.

          • Celery

            Hmm, I thought the jokes got a lil recycled towards mid-point of the movie. Didn’t complete it but I was 3/4 through it? Didn’t like both lead characters esp. the female, but that really had nothing to do with the actors in the show, and lies squarely with the style of humor/scriptwriting.

            Haha, CSW is omghotsauce but appeal is always subjective. Like how I don’t get SJS’s or LSG’s appeal for example. (At least I get LJS’s appeal even though I don’t find him physically appealing.)

        • Mohammed

          I second Celery recommendation for Memories of Murder its really brilliant, easily the best serial killer,police procedural i have seen.

          One of the early 2000s Korean films that made me respect their cinema alot. 2003-2006 was really great with all those korean films by got acclaim around the world.

    • 6.3 Enz

      Add masquerade, my sassy girl and s diary perhaps to the list?

      • 6.3.1 MeeisLee

        Masquerade is on the list :). The list is really long so I’m trying to set up sections to watch with a mix of genres so I don’t go crazy lol. S Diary looks funny and I don’t know why I have reservations about My Sassy Girl but I shall put both on the list :). Thanks!

        • Enz

          My sassy girl is very funny if a bit gross in the ‘ there’s something about mary’ way but i really enjoyed it. Heartfelt too and amazing that its based on a true story.

        • alua

          I can’t stand My Sassy Girl.

          I think I’m the only one, everyone I know loooooves it. X_X

          One day I’ll review it, and it will be the only negative review on the web!

          • Mar

            I don’t care for My Sassy Girl either. You are not alone. Good luck on that review, I can’t even get through half of it without wanting to gank that girl, so more power to you if you sat through the whole thing.

          • alua

            Oh, if I can’t stand something, sometimes that gets me fired up precisely because I want to tear it apart so badly in a review afterwards.

            My You’re My Pet review was one of the quickest I ever wrote because of that.

          • Mar

            My Pet-wow that was a sad effort, I was just cringing trying to watch it.

          • Baby panda

            I didn’t care much for Sassy Girl either.

          • enz

            WAAAEEEE???!!!!! :).

    • 6.4 dramabliss

      I heeded some of the movie recommendations as well. My favorite so far is Castaway on the Moon. I give it 5 stars out of 5–an amazing take on the castaway theme, indeed.

      I enjoyed Speedy Scandal and Fly, Daddy, Fly, and gave them 3 stars each.

      3-Iron and Duelist are very thought-provoking films, they rate 4 stars each. 3-Iron is unique in its almost absence of dialogue and Jae Hee is an interesting (mysterious, even) character who does not speak at all. Duelist has superb cinematography and choreographed fights are daebak. However, there’s very little narrative and the fighting scenes are prolonged, almost an overkill (pun intended).

  7. korfan

    Hi Everyone!

    I hope you are all doing well today.

    – WAML
    – Shark
    – IHYV
    – Dong Yi
    – Empire of Gold – saw most of episodes 1 and 2 ….. starts of intense, for sure ….. would like to see the rest, but not sure if I’ll be able to due to time conflict.

    Take care everyone and have a great Friday!

    • 7.1 Enz

      Korfan! You are really taking your time with WAML! :). Hope you are at least enjoying it.

      • 7.1.1 korfan

        Enz –

        Hi! ….. Yes, WAML has taken a while because I watch the regular tv broadcast of the drama. Actually, all my drama-viewing is from regular tv, so I’m always on the 2-episodes-a-week schedule. But it works out for me, time-wise.

        And yes, I’ve actually enjoyed WAML (along with the other ones I’m currently watching)! …… Just 2 more episodes left to watch!

        • Enz

          *SPOILER ALERT FOR WAML********************************************Waml drove me bonkers in bits but what i liked was how tae san was consciously determined to never be what he was before, ie a thug. The best moments were when he returned to sanity with regards to do-do :p

          • korfan

            That do-do girl would drive anyone crazy, that’s for sure! …… And those pink shoes of hers too!

            And since we’re talking about going bonkers, you know what? Add Jae-hee to that list. I can no longer stand him! …… Him, Do-do girl and the pink shoes!!

            I like Tae-sang though. He’s always welcome. *smile*

  8. Newbie

    Hi Beanies and happy OT!

    Back after wonderful, relaxing, sunny two weeks in Sweden. Absolute highlight was the visit of Astrid Lindgren’s birthplace. Love her and her books and was very touched to see the original Villa Villekulla and the Lemonade Tree. Reading matter of those weeks was Adam Johnson’s ‘ The Orphan Master’s Son’, which I highly recommend!

    Marathoned the respective last four eps of Shark and CC after returning. I had some hope it wouldn’t be weird finales and was bitterly disappointed.

    *SPOILERS* Shark gave us another dead Kim Nam Gil *yawn*, we all knew he was doomed anyway, and did this more than endlessly stupid Chingu fake-kills Chingu scenario, which is witnessed by Ahjussi who reacts panicked, but did know about it beforehand in the end. Huh? (Who’ll pay for the police units searching for a body that isn’t there?) Should it remind us of Bad Guy (dead KNG in the water?) to fool the viewers and later he is killed a second time, because…? Why exactly? He is evil – is he? IMHO he isn’t the acting cop killer, that one walks away free – and needs punishment? I hate how the drama writers want to wring every single possible emotion out of the audience just because they can, and forget they are telling a (hopefully) CONSISTENT story and are not torturing us in every possible way by using every scaring trope available. Ugh.

    KNG, I love you from the bottom of my heart since I saw No Regret, but, please, choose a new project with some humor, love, passion (we know you can do it), great kissing and most of all survive a drama for once.

    CC did pretty much the same. Baksa was killed two or three minutes before the end and we get Thighs for Brain and Owl as the important last message?! WUT?! Owl having one of the dreaded cheesy kid scenes. (Again, writer-nim wringing out every single trigger and emotion possible.) I actually cried watching it, but only because I was so angry. TfB was so clueless during the last eps, even more than before. And they joked about it, too. They talked about the cop running around knowing nothing. Oh writer-nim, I hope it’s voluntarily funny.

    All the logic twists and mistakes in CC (everybody ! was undercover and, again, why exactly? Wasn’t Min basically hunting Min with the help of countless undercovers planted by Min?) made me stop caring in the end. Except Jin Sook. Her (and his) reaction to Baksa being a cop was priceless. But during Soo’s and Baksa’s last scenes all I was thinking was ‘When did the stylist change to the one of Boys over Flowers?’ Baksa suddenly had Lee Min Ho’s hair! All I could see were two ridiculous hair does and huge fake teeth. Not good.

    CC had so much potential and failed to deliver after ep 15. Especially as they chose to give us a sort of open ending (which to me in this case is not the popular doubt theme of noir, but a lack of decisiveness). For me Baksa is dead. In contrast to the writer I am willing to make a decision and live with it. 😛 But Baksa Adeul will remain in my mind and heart as a stellar, probably career-defining performance and the best acting this year. So far. Lee Jun Ki just started. 😉 Also I’ll remember CC as a truly unique show, for its intense atmosphere, the hottest kiss in Kdrama ever, brilliant Safari, wonderful Jin-sook and Cutie Hyun-soo as well as Mr. Slimey, son of Chairman Jo.

    One afterthought to Shark. Never before did a drama soundtrack annoy me as much as in Shark. It was too loud and often enough it didn’t fit the atmosphere or desperately tried to create a certain intensity. Epic fail. */SPOILERS*

    What else? I’m dying to check out The End of the World, but will have to wait till school starts again to have the peaceful time I need for this project. Got very high hopes for it.

    Decided to marathon Empire of Gold once it’s finished. It is very good, but with weekly gaps it is so difficult to not forget small details in such a complicated story. Also I’ll wait for The Blade and Petal. It looks like something best watched in one go.

    Still watching Scandal, which is surprisingly entertaining, and I hope and wish, Two Weeks will become my new crack, but I haven’t watched anything of it yet except the teaser.

    • 8.1 Carole McDonnell

      LOL –> “(everybody ! was undercover and, again, why exactly? Wasn’t Min basically hunting Min with the help of countless undercovers planted by Min?)”

      • 8.1.1 Newbie

        But it’s true, isn’t it?! 😀

        • Enz

          Which is basically why i stopped at epi 7. It was too ridiculous and i couldnt understand ( and i felt the writers didnt either!) what the real goal was in all these undercover operations. Plus it was just too dumb to think that completely fresh police officers are expected to enter into theses dangerous operations, where they would basically just compromise everyone and themselves!

          • Shukmeister

            [heartfelt nods] I’m pretty sure my attitude came out in the SqueeCaps regarding the police plot background. 😎

      • 8.1.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        “(everybody ! was undercover and, again, why exactly? Wasn’t Min basically hunting Min with the help of countless undercovers planted by Min?)”

        Thank you for summing up in one sentence what made me lose interest in Heartless City about halfway thru.

    • 8.2 come2noona

      Ok. I didn’t know that “CC” was Heartless City and read ahead. Now I’m pissed.

      • 8.2.1 Newbie

        Sorry! Cruel City was the first name I was introduced to and it stuck. The translation of Korean titles seems to be a general problem. Shark’s other name is Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus. Who would assume the same show under such different names?

        • come2noona

          It’s ok. I know Cruel City=Heartless City. It was the acronym that did it to me. Half the time I don’t know what people are talking about until I read a bit. As for CC/HC… my fears have been realized. 🙁

          • shinhyesungluv

            Guys… Shi Hyun did not die….

        • Celery

          @Newbie: Reason why I dropped HC. I foresaw ep 4’s big reveal as one that would be used over and over just because yunno, for twisty reasons.

          It’s a shame really, cos’ I loved the whole dark underbelly of the city premise. Always have and always will gravitate towards similar material, lol.

          • Newbie

            Yeah, it was pretty much predictable right from the beginning. But I LOVED the atmosphere and Baksa and therefore stayed with it till the end.

          • Celery


            Will it be worth my while to re-enter HC’s verse in your opinion? I do have ep 5 to 10 sitting idly in my hdd, lol.

            (I already know the ending so doubt it will be a factor that will sway me from watching it.)

          • Newbie

            You really should end it. It is not unwatchable bad, it’s just, that it could have been much more than it is and that’s disappointing. They had something big. There are still some great scenes waiting for you. 🙂

            I’m pretty sure CC will be remembered among the fandom as very special in the years to come.

    • 8.3 snow

      with you on the HC points… especially Shi-hyun’s death. for me, he’s dead and that’s it. Soo’s death made me so pissed. like wtf? he didn’t even have time to feel betrayed!

      the wasted potential makes me shake my head a lot. like it had such an awesome premise and source material/inspiration, and so much to explore. then it fell flat halfway – for me, it began losing steam around ep 9 and was really quite draggy by 13-14.

      Min is just… i dunno. stupid? i think the stupid infected him. i couldn’t buy his reason for doing the crap he did. it was just so lame.

      • 8.3.1 Newbie

        ‘he didn’t have time to feel betrayed!’ – This! Pushing and pressing everything possible in the last few minutes to round up things. Never knew, I had a writer in me…

        • snow

          i didn’t like how they handled Soo’s arc, it had a lot of potential but they just made him some wisecracking sidekick. so wasted.

          and Safari’s last phonecall killed me. i felt for him! Jin-sook didn’t even get it, not one bit! ugh, that’s what pisses me off about her.

          • Newbie

            Yes, Safari’s last phonecall killed me, too. So many things to love about CC.

      • 8.3.2 come2noona

        Oh man, Soo dies too? You really should put a “spoiler” tag before you write something like that.

        I came to the Open Thread to wander around and see what is good to watch, what people think about different dramas, etc. What I found out is that 2 characters from a drama I haven’t finished watching yet die.

  9. OMG

    Hello everyone. Currently wathing DalJa’s spring and loving it. It’s hard adjusting to watching only one drama at a time now that school has started…le sigh. But how’s everyone doing and what r y’all watching?!

  10. 10 snow__white


    So I watched Master’s Sun and after 2 eps, I can say that I like it…..

    Watched first ep of Two Weeks… good….

    The other new dramas….I have no interest in watching them….

    Still need to complete the last 4 eps of IHYV…it got delayed as I wanted to watch new shows…..the drama is great but not addicting….for me at least…

    And also watching Baby faced beauty at a very slow speed….with 3 eps complete…finally the drama looks interesting

    Also watching Friends…season 1….well, don’t need to say how awesome it is!!!! Actually I have an exam next weekend and this show serves as a right thing for the little break I take while studying 😉

    • 10.1 Ennayra

      I’m not saying that I’d ever watch Baby Faced Beauty again, but when I first watched it, I really loved it. By the end I was calling Daniel Choi my ray of sunshine, lol. The man has the greatest smile!

  11. 11 Carole McDonnell

    Good morning, All:

    Just finished watching the first episode of Two weeks and am gonna try to catch up with second episode and with the 12th ep of Blade and Petal..then I’ll be all caught up.

    Am in drama heaven. I hadn’t realized that I was missing a fantasy adult rom com until Master’s Sun. Just loving the lightness of it all. Even with those teary ghosty moments. Am not really knowledgeable about the Hong Sisters but now that I’m in the know that this is a Hong Sis production, I think I love those gals. Just total fun. Romance, ghost whisperer, vengeful money-grubbing classmate, hero with secret about who kidnapped him, the hard-workingest actress in K-drama, Lady Choi looking gorgeous, hottie neighbor doing some spying for God know who/why — I am so there!

    Am also liking Who are you? a bit more. It’s growing on me. Really looking forward to seeing how dead boyfriend possible love triangle is gonna work out.

    Two Weeks! Oh my gosh! Thriller/murder-mystery/possible romance! YES!!! I kept looking at all the women who popped up –and there were many!– wondering which of them will be paired with our dirtbag-with-a-heart hero. Any of them is a possibility (unless they die.) I like that. Gives an element of not-knowing. If anyone knows who his love interest is gonna be, DO NOT tell me. Am kinda shipping the old lovers because hero seems to still be in love with her. Reunited family and all but am fine whatever way it goes. None of the women in this drama seem like goody-two-shoes airhead (yes, Soo Min from Heartless City, I am talking about you.) Loved the opening OST btw.

    Blade and Petal — wow! That time jump was unexpected. And am really liking No Min Woo. I like cocky aristocratic sajeuk characters, what can I say? I know i should be shipping hero and heroine but …dang, second lead is sooo cute! (I never said I was not shallow when it comes to pretty men.)

    So far, these new dramas feel like pure entertainment. None of them seem to have the complicated textured exploratory themework that I HEAR YOUR VOICE had. And that’s okay. Fun and sweetness is just as entertaining and wonderful.

    I have to finish Puberty Medley…must find epi 3 and 4

    Caught up on a few movies and j-dramas. LIMIT is good but wow, a might over-wrought. I wish J-dramas would be kinder and less sneering of their psychopathic characters.

    Gotta find a new set of anime to watch. Now that animecrazy is gone, I’m kinda in anime-limbo, lost and uncommittal.

    So…for the most part, I’m totally rejoicing and feeling I’m in the hands of a good writers. Have a great weekend, all!

    • 11.1 Carole McDonnell

      PS…finally gonna try to watch Secret Garden….because of my new crush on Yoon Sang Hyeon.

      • 11.1.1 Newbie

        *whispers* Os-ka’s parts were all ff-ed by me in SC *hangs her head in shame*

        • Newbie


        • Carole McDonnell

          I think this was my first drama with YSH. But I am remedying that problem. Saw tone deaf clinic and something else…forgot the title. I generally don’t mind scruffy guys but he looks so good when he’s not scruffy.

          • Celery

            IKR. I never found him attractive TBH but woah, him at the airport on the way to the IHYV group vacation in Thailand… I thought he looked kinda hot in that simple black tee/pants combo.

            And what unholy serum is he feasting on?! He doesn’t look a day older than 32 and farrrrr from 40.

            (My mom thinks he’s hot and got a charming smile though.)

          • korfan

            Carole –

            This was my second time seeing YSH in a drama. The first time was in the drama “Can’t Lose”. Check it out when you get the chance ……. you know, because of the crush and all ….. *giggle*

            By the way, how was “Tone Deaf Clinic”?

          • Carole McDonnell

            Will check out Can’t Lose. I go where my crushes lead. Thanks, korfan!

        • JoAnne

          Oska was the best part of SG for me 🙁

          • Raine

            For me too. IN IHYV we called him “Oska” in my house. LOLOL

          • JoAnne

            I did too

      • 11.1.2 pogo

        I just realised, SeGa and IHYV were NOT the first things I saw him in – he was also in that terrible Yoon Eun-hye drama (the one she did after Coffee Prince). He looked ugly there, but now……holy upgrade, Batman!

        • Mar

          Take Care of the Young Lady. Totally horrible drama. Lots of appealing actors in a BAD drama, that one. I could not watch it through to the end.

          • Carole McDonnell

            i remember watching that and was so surprised to just discover that ysh was in it. i guess i was too busy watching jung il woo.

          • Shukmeister

            I watched that snoozer all the way through just for him, but I wouldn’t recco it except for the hard core Oska fan.

      • 11.1.3 cynigal

        Enjoy…his character there is SO different from IHYV 🙂

      • 11.1.4 redfox

        seems we are on secret Garden wave at the same time! watching too and I just so feel everything Oska is going through. I was very confused the first time I watched but I find it a really fascinating character now.

    • 11.2 KimYoonmi

      You might like CHANGE.

      Anyway.. Heo Joon is still good. It’s 60 hours of my life I don’t regret.

      • 11.2.1 Carole McDonnell


        • KimYoonmi

          Older Japanese drama. It’s about a guy that runs for Japanese parliament, becoming the prime minister, though reluctantly. It’s addicting as Priceless and has Kimura Takuya.

          No romance, per se, kinda of the feel good, non-preachy type and kinda reminds me of Priceless in feel overall. It’s cute, WAFF, but not sugary.

          Might be up your ally, especially since it has none of your usual complaints about Japanese dramas. Also, I have to warn you has killer cliffhangers and I ended up staying up to watch it all without realizing it.

          • Carole McDonnell

            oooooh..sounds good. i’m liking hanazawa now. apparently today is my catch-up day

          • snow

            for Kimutaku, I recommend Hero (2001) and Long Vacation (1996). also Love Generation (1997), if you like the Kimura-Matsu pairing.

          • spazmo

            has anyone suggested A Million Stars Falling from the Sky – w/kimutaku? he’s dangerously sexy in this, and beware, it’s a dark drama — but worth it… he was gorgeous. i also really liked Engine (race car driver) and Pride (hockey player). <3 kimura takuya…

          • spazmo

            i forgot to mention Gift — funny, quirky, young kimutaku…

    • 11.3 makoto

      Me too… I love Oska!

  12. 12 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    Happy Friday.

    Oddly, I haven’t watched much Korean drama (or TDrama or jDrama) this week. Wandered off to BBC. Went retro an re-watched Prophecy I – III.

    I just haven’t been willing to dip my toes into any of the new dramas yet. I’m waiting for you all to tell me which ones excite you.

    Did see ep 5 of Starman, which threw me for a loop as it felt like they added a new character and I can see where this left turn might be taking the drama and I am a reluctant passenger. Can you have a love triangle with only 2 people? I guess you can.

    • 12.1 yumi

      The personality change at the end of episode 4/beginning of 5 of Starman was a little scary. It made me worry about the drama’s trajectory. But I felt as if the character integration at the end (although it happened very quickly) was acceptable.

      If I let myself think, the issue I have with the series, is the idea of a mother inviting a man she knows nothing about into her home and life when she has such young children depending on her. But he is VERY cute, so I kinda understand.

      • 12.1.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Starman is a romance for single mothers … the ideal man will of course show up, find you even tho’ you never leave the house, cook, do housework, be romantic, instantly fall in love with you, and love your kids too. Suspension of disbelief required.

        Actually, my step-Dad showed up like that in my Mom’s life, sweet, kind, loving, accepted us kids like we were his own … as a kid I just thought that was normal, only as an adult did I learn how amazing that was. It does happen, yumi.

  13. 13 KDrama Fan

    Just received some bad news about about someone at work. The song above is lifting my spirits. Thanks!

  14. 14 LSJ LADY


    So I waited for this drama
    The atmosphere has changed
    no magic moments

    I remain alone with sexiest general yun

    Knives Knives Wars Wars

    All dry cold without a soul and without hope

    o te ke

  15. 15 p3rk3le

    does anyone know the song at the end of episode 4 of Who are you? ?? I’m guessing its gonna be in the ost but i cant seem to find it!

    • 15.1 DDee

      Found this posted on the Who are you? thread on soompi by @orion. The band is called Trickyneko

      • 15.1.1 p3rk3le

        you have my eternal love!!! <3

    • 15.2 owl

      p3rk3le – I wondered about th song too (see comment 18): Can anyone identify that instrumental song in this drama that sounds like a Chicago (or Chicago-like) interlude? At first, I thought it was an interlude on the album, John Barleycorn Must Die by Traffic, but it’s not.

      • 15.2.1 p3rk3le

        the comment above has a link to this gorgeous song.

        also, i read your comment 18, and since you’re enjoying Summer Nude, have you watched Pride, Orange Days, Buzzer and/or Long Vacation? I have a feeling you might like them 😉

        • owl

          I haven’t seen any of them, so thanks for the to-watch list extenders!

          I listened to the link, but it’s not the music I’m looking for. The music I am trying to track down is when Si Ohn is by herself (maybe it signals ghosts too, like the flickering lights). Thanks for the recommendations!

  16. 16 Mohammed

    Eid mubarak everyone.

    Carole: about Second Garden have you seen City Hall with Kim Sun Ah and cha seung won? Same writer as secret Garden.

    • 16.1 Carole McDonnell

      I started City Hall then kinda forgot about it. I should get back into it. All my “watch-list” dramas were lost when Dramacrazy closed shop. I’ve forgotten what i wanted to watch.

      • 16.1.1 Mohammed

        City Hall is one of the best romantic dramas, its has one of the best couples. Its highly rated by the writers of Dramabeans, Koalasplayground other k-drama sties. I watch my dramas in

        Im new K-drama fan and romantic dramas like City Hall,Best Love has drawn me in. I trust the crew of Dramabeans because of their recaps,comments about which dramas are must see.

        I dont even like romantic films,tv shows until i started watching korean dramas. They are so good at it.

        • Mar

          City Hall is not one of my favorite dramas but I consider it one of the best dramas in regards to overall quality.

          • Mohammed

            Which says alot you can rate its quality while its not your fav. It made Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won my fav korean drama actors.

          • Mar

            @Mohammed-I took a suggestion from a comment from Amanda at Outside Seoul on her Favorites post (see her blog link in Dramabeans links list st the bottom of the page)-and thought about dramas that I have watched in three different ways-1-my favorites, 2- try to objectively list what one thought were the best dramas, and 3- what one would recommend to others, and see how the lists were probably quite different. That is how City Hall arrived on my best drama list. I really love Kim Sun-ah, but I would not list it as my favorite drama because I really just do not enjoy the two lead male actors, and I did not enjoy the second lead male character at all-just personal taste. But, if I look at the over all product, the drama delivers and is a satisfying viewing experience.

        • Celery

          I’m a huge CSW fan (who has a vague appreciation for KSA) and I desperately, desperately wanted to like City Hall more than I actually do. I guess a lot of it has to do with the source material and the way the lead characters were written.

          And the conversations can get soooo monotonously dull. I would agree with Mar though, it’s a well-made drama with dedicated and talented thespians but it just didn’t have that emotional connection I was so eager to make.

          Same with Secret Garden. But I’m less partial to that series because I’m not a fan of either leads.

          • Shukmeister

            I think the writing was to blame for City Hall. CSW’s character, for all of his lead male status, always seemed just this side of three-dimensional. It was hard for me to find him a sympathetic character juggling between the mayor and the chessmaster, when his emotions and actions didn’t point the way.

            But, like you all, I did enjoy it to the end, and the makeout session in the car excellently done.

  17. 17 pogo

    Nothing is really filling the IHYV-shaped hole in my heart this week, but I’m revisiting School 2013 because

    a) Puppy withdrawal pangs
    b) October is too long to wait for Woobie My Wuv, esp. when I know he won’t get the girl – speaking of which, since Jong-seok finally got a girl in IHYV, they should let him have one in prime time too! (he was so adorable with Lee Yubi in Vampire Idol, that was the best young actor chemistry I’ve seen in a while even if she was a better actor than he was)

    (and also, Jong-seok+Woo-bin is double the puppy)

    Current drama crop – I haven’t got around to watching the end of Cruel City yet, and I want to draw it out because Jung Kyung-ho’s injuries are going to put My Precious out of the scene for a long time *sob*.

    Also, I like Master’s Sun. I love Gong Hyo-jin and So Ji-sub’s chemistry and the premise seems less riddled with potential wtf-ery than Drama Voldemort was, even if I’m not so impressed by our second leads (typical Hong Sisters second leads, and not even Lee Jun-ki/Yoon Hye-sang style). Plus, it looks pretty. I prob. won’t love it, but I’ll give it a couple more episodes to decide.

    Two Weeks…..WHOA. Master’s Sub may run away with the ratings, and this may not make a 3xjump from its premiere ratings like IHYV did, but it’s way better than I expected. And I love how Lee Jun-ki appears to have really grown as an actor – it was evident in Arang, but he’s pulling off the gangster dirtbag set up for redemption, so well. I mean, it was in his wheelhouse to begin with, but he’s tearing me up here.

    • 17.1 katmoo

      Drama Voldemort… I love it… has this been a thing and I’ve just been missing it?

      • 17.1.1 pogo

        Blame JB and GF – their references to The Drama That Must Not Be Named ——> me calling it Drama Voldemort. (my Harry Potter fan freak flag is out and flying)

        • katmoo

          My flag is joining yours! Fly it Proud!

  18. 18 owl

    Hi, hi! I am crazy in love with Summer Nude. I was going to say with Asahi, but it really is the entire jdrama that I am in love with. The story is summertime dreamy, the conversations are wonderful and flow naturally. I love how each person holds another to what is said – self-protecting comments don’t get a ‘pass.’ I admire the good conversational writing in this drama. It’s like watching a feel good movie that lingers.
    Natsuki and Hanae are strong women characters. Mght be my first double2girlcrush~~
    The ‘mozarella’ moment was the best. 3 episodes so far, and the characters are deep, the story is real, and the acting is out of this world. It completes my summer.

    What I’m watching, my grade, and *spoiler* comments:

    The Good Doctor A- I find myself teary-eyed at Joo Woon’s performance. Love the professor, too. So far, it is very endearing.

    Who Are You – C+ I don’t mind the shallowness of the show, it’s different enough to keep me watching. Plus Kim Jae Wook (my #1 in-my-dreams actor this week) coming up in ep 5!!!

    Question: Can anyone identify that instrumental song in this drama that sounds like a Chicago (or Chicago-like) interlude? At first, I thought it was an interlude on the album, John Barleycorn Must Die by Traffic, but it’s not.

    Summer Nude – A see above

    Barefoot Friends – B- – I enjoy seeing the members shine in different situations. The show suffers from a solid concept and poor editing. But there are some transparent moments that make me smile.

    Hwasin – C+ It is a good place to get to know a little about actors and other K celebs. Not terribly smooth, and sometimes shallow and a bit boring.

    Master’s Sun – B-. With 2 eps, I haven’t warmed up to this drama yet, but I love Gong Hyo-jin and Seo In-gook to believe the Hong Sisters will work their magic~

    Two Weeks – B. I got into the post-military Lee Jun-ki and other flower boys convo in the recap posts. I’m still laughing at girlfriday’s comment that Lee Jun-ki “plays a really believable dirtbag.” That, he does.

    With Monstar, Shark, & Cruel City recently completed, this is the shortest watch list I’ve ever had! I hope at least some of the new dramas deliver.

    Follow-up from last week:

    Got a text from my sister-in-law: “Watching Coffee Prince. Hilarious. Also watched episode 3 and 4 of Who Are You. When will Yang Si Ohn accept her fate?”

    Con ver TED! \o/

    I am headed for one of the most beautiful places on earth, Yellowstone National Park, next week. Bison, bears, wolves, and wilderness up close and personal. Rugged!

    • 18.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Barefoot Friends – I agree with the editing criticism. I was bored with this week’s episode. It does seem a show that fails to make best use of on screen comments to enhance the humor. (By comparison, We Got Married had the often silent Kim Hyun Joong, but comments pointed out his moods in funny ways,)

      It seemed mean spirited to have them audition and get rejected. Weren’t we trying to have them jell as a team by feeling positive accomplishing diving?

      What’s up with variety shows just showing up around relatives of celebrities? That seems rude to me.

      • 18.1.1 owl

        Hi JuliaTBB! – There’s a Wild Card Round 2 for casting. But the set up, 7 judges for 6 contestants seemed unbalanced. UEE was the star this week. And where’s Eunhyuk? and Will Kim Bum Soo ever return? His PR keeps saying he hasn’t dropped out permanently, but… I totally agree with the dropping in on celeb relatives – so rude and who cares? Why are we watching this? 🙂

        • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

          @owl This week, I did question why I am watching BF. It is really a mess, which is unfortunate as I have grown to like YSY, KHJ, Kim Bum Soo, Eunhyuk, etc. I would not be surprised to hear news of BF’s cancellation.

          • owl

            There was an article (allkpop, maybe??) about how K variety shows don’t ‘take’ for a number of episodes. So, I hope they give BF the chance that other shows have had to reach the viewers. I wonder if they will change out the celeb cast eventually? Or if it’s going to be set like RM.

            Wow, we sure are giving BF a lot of ink this week!

      • 18.1.2 Carole McDonnell

        I don’t mind finding out about the celebrity relatives because i really like seeing the real life of these celebs. but I DEFINITELY (paradoxically) do think it’s very rude of them to surprise the relatives like that!

    • 18.2 Carole McDonnell

      ooh, maybe i’ll start watching “Summer Nude” now. Your description has kinda sold me on it. Thanks.

      • 18.2.1 owl

        I think it’s the double2firlcrush thing that makes me love it so much. Actually there’s a 3rd ‘billboard’ female – I think you’ll love it too 🙂

    • 18.3 KimYoonmi

      Summer Nude is a sleepy Summertime drama, the kind I wouldn’t watch in another season. Despite that, I do like that she (not referring to who for spoilers) starts the story by saying she confessed ages ago, but he hasn’t responded back. Also love the video thing too. (spoiler indicator).

      Plus the meta with Yamapi is funny as well. I feel that they cast them and then started inserting it all over the place, though it’s far more subtle meta. (You’d have to realize his career with all three women.) Things such as Yamapi is a photographer… and the woman he wants to attain is not present… and so on. They just keep slipping it in and I love it.

      As a crack Rom Com… not really. As a slow, thoughtful but not too challenging offering, it’s perfect for the summer. Plus the actor chemistry is on spot since he’s known all of them for so long, so the banter and back and forth is well-timed.

      • 18.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        there’s a sweetness to yamapi. and a committment to his art. I like him a lot even though he’s not too good at flaky comedy..he tries so hard.

        • KimYoonmi

          I agree. I like people who try hard, and keep trying to improve, despite their accolades, even as they are failing in that moment. There is something really appealing about a person who wants to put in that effort.

          Yamapi and Yoon Eun Hye, for example, strike me as that. You can’t quite hate them… (unless you are jealous.)

          • JoAnne

            You just explained my love for SSH right there. That’s it exactly. He wants to get it right. He really does, and he keeps on trying.

        • ATZ

           Miss Yamapi from Nobuta wo produce. His role, Akira, was just perfect for him to play at that time. He lost much weight ( I guess it is due to his role as a boxer in Ashita no joe) and became a mustle man but i miss his cheek from Nobuta era.

  19. 19 beggar1015

    If no one minds I’d like to start a mini-thread in the open thread because I wanna talk about Scandal. (Of course don’t read if you haven’t been up to episode 12)

    1. I’m so disappointed in Joo Ha, Tae Ha’s daughter. Here I thought she was going to be at least the sole decent person in his family. It looked like she was leaning towards sympathy for Ah Mi and all she has been through. But then JH has to go and cover up for her father when she knows he’s behind a murder.

    To be honest I’m disappointed with just about all the women in this drama. Soo Young, Eun Joong’s sister, not wanting to share her room with Ah Mi and wants the unwanted visitor thrown out as soon as possible. Where is your compassion, SY?! This woman just lost her husband, her home and now her baby yet you’ve not shown one ounce of caring towards Ah Mi. Do you kick puppies on your day off as well?

    2. I can already tell the writers are going to make the horrible move to pair Hwa Young romantically with Myeong Geun, the kidnapper of her child and the reason she has to see a therapist. Not that I like Hwa Young much. She did a terrible thing in taking that innocent orphan in and lying all this time about him being the real Eun Joong. I don’t get the sense she’s ever truly loved EJ #2 although technically he’s been her “son” much longer than her real child was.

    3. Does anyone else feel icky over JH wanting to date her real half-brother? I know it’s to try and break up her engagement but still… ick.

    • 19.1 Newbie

      The sister annoyed me, too, but the writer wanted the intimacy of Ah Mi sharing Eun Joong’s room, as they will become the OTP. (And I must be the only one under this sun who likes Ah Mi and the actress, as I already did in Nine. On the other hand I dislike hugely popular female characters like in IHYV. Oh, well, I’ll have to live with it.)

      I actually like the idea of mom/kidnapper becoming involved. This could create some great tension for this drama as the conflicts of the parent generation are so complicated.

    • 19.2 Windsun33

      I was also very disappointed in Soo Young, and was hoping that someone would slap across the face – several times.

      “.. Hwa Young romantically with Myeong Geun..” – I don’t see this happening. Myeong is carrying a lot of baggage, in his efforts at revenge against the Main Bad Guy (MBG), he ended up hurting a lot of innocent people. I don’t think she is going to be super happy about him when the truth starts coming out either. I do leave open the possibility that they will team up to bring the MBG down.

    • 19.3 yumi


      So 91% of the time I hear the actor playing Jang Tae-Ha speak I feel like I’m hearing someone who spent too much time studying Marlon Brando in the Godfather series.

    • 19.4 Shukmeister


      3) I’m not convinced Joo Ha is Tae Ha’s biological daughter. I think the actress had a fling and used the unborn daughter to tie herself to Mr. Gold Mine. There’s been no mention of a DNA test between her and her dad (although, to be honest, I am a few episodes behind).

  20. 20 melbeek

    Hello Beanies!

    Because I Can hear your Voice is done and I just finished Gaksital (since I only began watching kdrama’s last year) I feel an emptiness in my heart.

    I wished I watched Gaksital live with everyone else so I didn’t have to experience my emotional rollercoasters alone. When the last episode ended I just sat there in the living room in awe, and speechless thinking about everything that I just saw. That doesn’t happen too often.

    Since I’m on a Joo Won high and was blown away by him I’m attempting Good Doctor. The medical lingo is everywhere but I have to say, Joo Won has done a really fabulous job acting a sensitive role. I feared he would come off too much disability-ish but he’s been fabulous balancing the repressed feelings he can’t express well. Especially the acting in his eyes. But to watch Gaksital and then jump to Good Doctor where Kimura Taro is his loving father figure my mind blew up. Or is it me?

    Also, the child actor as Park Si On in Good Doctor has ripped my heart and put it back together. I want to hug him and Joo Won (Oh the Nuna instinct in me!). I’ve teared up for both episodes.

    Will I jump onto another drama following live? Hmm I’ll see. 2 weeks looks intriguing. I feel the want to try some kmovies.

    • 20.1 katmoo

      *Kimura Taro is his loving father figure my mind blew up. Or is it me?*

      Not just you… I had to take a minute and get my mind right… my problem is though that I am still watching Gaksital. I’m going to think that this compares to watching Gaksital and 1n2d live. I may have to put Good Doctor on hold until I finish Gaksital.

    • 20.2 Windsun33

      I was not at all impressed with the child actors, perhaps after coming off of Queen of the Classroom my expectations for kid actors was way too high.

      • 20.2.1 owl

        QoC children actors were simply amazing!

  21. 21 Mohammed

    Snow white how much did you like delightful girl chun hyangcompared to later hong sister dramas? I just saw it and it was emotional strong but much more uneven writing compared to Best love and Gumiho

    • 21.1 snow_white

      Actually DGCH was my first drama so it has a very special place for me 🙂
      That said…I agree that it has very negative second leads but still the chemistry between the leads, Jae Hee and the fun factor is pretty awesome 😀

      • 21.1.1 Mohammed

        It had really good couple,leads they were so cute and i dont mind the negative second leads. I was more dissapointed with Hong writing of the conflict,story. How there were so many silly missunderstanding getting in the way of the lead couple. Crazy second lead villain that did things that the other characters where magically blind too.

        It could have been Gumiho good with better writing. Very similar cute young couple in the story. I admie Hong sisters very much and expect much better writing from them.

        I would rate this series 6/10 compared Gumiho 9/10,Best Love 10/10.

  22. 22 cynigal

    Happy Friday Everyone!

    Why is it so hard to fill the gaping void left by IHYV?? T.T

    -Caught up on Who Are You (till ep 4), but somehow the story isn’t quite pulling me in. The acting still seems a bit stilted, and the story drags along two episodes, when most conflicts/sub-plots could easily be tied up in 1 hour 🙁

    -Started Master’s Sun, but still on the fence with that one. If anything, it is entertaining enough to pass time with. Still reeling from ‘Drama Voldemort’, although I liked it till the end. I guess I’ll give this a watch, mainly because the leads have great chemistry and..well..for the eye candy 😀

    (On a side note, I am a HUGE fan of K-horror films, but somehow the ghosts in both these dramas are just …meh..)

  23. 23 John

    Watching way too much, behind on some.

    Good Doctor: Rainman/Forrest Gump feel to it.

    Two Weeks: Probably watch that tonight

    Master’s Sun: Gong Hyo-jin !

    Monstar: Na-Na, I’ll love you

    Summon You Gold : Yoona’s back in town !

    Goddess of Fire: Kim Bum should bump off the prince and run away w/ Jung

    Starman: Need to watch latest ep.

    Woman: Painful family secrets

    • 23.1 Windsun33

      ISYG – This is one of the few long series that is actually getting a lot better as it moves past the halfway point. It is about 20 times better than YTBLSS, and has moved to the top of my “must see” list. I am loving Yoona already and can’t wait til she really starts making waves.

      Woman – a bit slow moving at times, but also a lot more realistic in many ways, like when she admits to the doctor that she totally lied to her mother just to get her kids a place to stay. Still more secrets to come it appears, so will stay on top of it. Not filled with makjang moments like far too many dramas.

      Good Doctor – not bad, but I get this feeling that they are trying to hit me in the head with a shovel to make some kind of social statement.

      Cannot stand GOF – I just got tired of the extreme over-acting at around halfway through ep2.

      Masters Sun – yeah, GHJ 🙂

    • 23.2 ATZ

      re Goddness of Fire:

      It’s so unfair for Kim bum since he is not a Prince!! I started watching this drama because I am interested in the history of pottery in Korea. However Jung and the prince sound so cookie cutter love romance. I want to give Kim Bum a chance to hold of the girl instead of the Prince. He is far better looking than the Prince anyway.

    • 23.3 Mystisith

      @John, I have the same feeling about Good Doctor (comparisons), which is not a bad thing. I’m just scared they will go makjang on us or even worst, first degree comedy. If they manage to keep that line for Joowon’s character (and it’s tricky), it will be alright.

    • 23.4 Jenny

      Woman is just a great dorama. It’s hard to watch but worth it. Mitsushima Hikari is just such a talented actress.
      Starman is so adorable, I love the whole family the youngest kid is cute.

  24. 24 SH

    Happy Friday!

    Currently having Queen’s Classroom withdrawals. That show was wonderful from start to finish. Every character was lovable. I cried in every episode, not because the show was a tearjerker. But because it touched upon stuff that was relevant and heartfelt. And the performances were amazing. I was so impressed with all the child actors/actresses, especially with Kim Hyang-Gi who played Shim Ha-na. She nailed the role, especially in emotional scenes. I kept thinking, how did she manage to shed tears and express everything so organically at the appropriate moments too!? She’ll be in the movie “Elegant Lies” and I’m looking forward to seeing many more incredible performances from her.

    Preparing for the end of “Breaking Bad,” starting this Sunday.

    Love Master’s Sun – the story may have been a little meh so far, but the mood and performances hit the right spot for me.

    Also love Two Weeks – OMG, that opening sequence. Ahhhhh, so good! I like that there are so many things happening; it’s like solving puzzles.

  25. 25 Enz

    Happy OT everyone!

    Just wanted to share that i almost died laughing watching yoon si yoon’s audition in barefoot friends. For that alone, that epsiode was worth it. Uee’s performance was a bit cringe worthy forme but what a surprise, the boys all love it. Boys.. 🙂

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

    • 25.1 Celery

      Which ep is this? I consider myself a half-fan of YSY (because bitch is cute and I wished he took up IHYV).

      • 25.1.1 Celery

        *rather than took up… I wished he was offered IHYV would be more accurate.

      • 25.1.2 korfan

        Celery –

        Ooooooo! Yes! It would have been very interesting if YSY had been in IHYV. I think he would have been very good in this.

        • Celery


          LOL, you are probably the only one who agrees with me about that cos *coughs*LJSisreallypopularrightnow*coughs*. I’m not even a proper fan of YSY but he was really good in Me Too, Flower (that’s the only show I watched with him in it, didn’t complete it though), just interested to see his take on the character.

          • Shukmeister

            M2F had an uphill battle from the very beginning, but I found it a decent watch, mostly thanks to YSY and Lee Ji-ah acting their little hearts out.

          • korfan

            Celery –

            Like you, I’ve only seen YSY in Me Too, Flower also. I think he did a fabulous job in that one, I enjoyed it. …… I know LJS is mr. popular right now, and I actually don’t disagree with this sentiment, from what I’ve seen he can deliver, so that’s great.

            But it is interesting to go through all the people we know and imagine how they would’ve performed in a particular role.

            Shukmeister –

            It sure did! Especially after producers had to go to their “second” actor selection of YSY because of the first actor’s accident. I guess they thought things would go awry, but you know, I think if certainly worked out for the best. I’ve always thought YSY was perfect for that particular role. I liked him in it.

        • Celery


          I got sick of the evil second female lead and her lame-o storyline, which is why I dropped it.


          Yeah, LJS is pretty decent. I too thought he did a good job at PSH… but I think he’s a tad overrated because he’s cute?

          Despite his baby face, he did a pretty good job of convincing me that he was a man of around the same age as LJA? I guess that’s what good acting does.

    • 25.2 JoAnne

      what episode are these auditions?

      • 25.2.1 owl

        BF episode 16. YSY was hilarious. UEE too – she played it up to her advantage. And it worked, haha.

        • Celery


          When is he ever coming back to dramaland? When?!

    • 25.3 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      @Enz – that may be the funniest version of PSY’s song I have ever seen.

      Why do all men puddle when UEE wiggles? The looks on the judges’ faces were priceless.

      • 25.3.1 Enz

        Absolutely! All the hanging mouths! I’m not normally such a huge fan of ysy but after that audition, i am. Just for sheer BALLS, he wins it. I think every time i get blue, imma gonnawatch that 🙂

  26. 26 Celery

    I’m slowly recovering from IHYV-lessness but the pain, oh the pain, is still there. Here are some shows that are keeping me entertained at the mo:

    1) Master’s Sun – At this stage, I’m purely watching for GHJ (and the stylized look). She is adorkable and so very cute! Second male lead piques my interest but he’s barely there long enough for me to upgrade that to throngs of infatuation. There’s nothing redeeming about SJS’s character at the moment, unlike DKJ who was silly, immature but still a nicer jackass on the whole. I don’t think I will drop it though I am somewhat tired of the whole episodic ghostbuster format – the stories are too juvenile and cheesy for my liking.

    2) Who Are You – Dropping it after an ep and a half. The setup is pretty great and all but it’s bogged down by draggy sub-plots that have ZERO bearings on the main storyline other than to preserve its procedural crime genre. At least Master’s Sun’s ghost-seeing shenanigans have some purpose (fountain ghost = affects business at Kingdom; bride ghost = affects business at Kingdom; first love ghost = growth for assery main lead, etc etc). I’m kinda sad about this one cos’ I like the premise and hate it when shows get suckerpunched by shoddy execution. I came in with reservations about TY’s acting but I felt that it wasn’t too bad because his one bugged-eye expression and hyper delivery feels true to his hearty dumb young jock character. The female lead on the other hand… I’m crossing my fingers that the upcoming OCN one would be better.

    3) White Christmas – My favorite out of the lot. Despite the raw acting, the writing is really strong with this one. Characters are not just one dimensional teens (one reason why I just can’t watch high school dramas; the other being, it isn’t that relevant to me anymore *AHEM*) and I’m a sucker for psychological thrillers.

    How are the rest of you IHYV-ers coping with your loss? D:

    • 26.1 Mohammed

      I feel the same about Master’s Sun so far, the story is slow burn and not much interesting has happened so far but Gong Hyo Jin is so adorabable, warm in the lead role. She makes it work the series on her own, also enjoy alot the stylised look.

      Its a different type of story, genre for Hong sisters will be interesting they can make this a strong series supernatural drama wise and not just another strong romantic story of theirs.

      • 26.1.1 Celery

        I very much prefer the crack adrenaline rush in TGL but MS is serviceable enough right now. If they are intending to use the episodic ghost story of the day format, I’m hoping they make the stories more interesting and less juvenile.

        • Mohammed

          TGL ? The Greatest Love you mean? Im glad to see Hong sisters being bold enough to step away from their usual over the top slapstick rom com to down to earth supernatural drama.

          If they remove the ghost of the week stories and have overall storyline conflict MS can improve and become real interesting.

          Hong sisters are too good to spend a whole series telling cute,moral shallow ghost of the week stories. They have made much more storywise,conflict wise with much less earlier.

  27. 27 merry

    Feeling unwell as well. This week has be phenomenal as i started on the new dramas. Been a long time. Haven’t finished the last two episodes of IHYV. Liking the new ones so far; not all that shipping yet, so let’s see. It’s Good Doctors (love Joo Won here), Her Legend (melo) and Master’s Sun. This will keep me quite watchful, considering they are all streaming.

    I am such a ignoramus when it comes to autism. But i got a friend who has a child, now finished college, who was diagnosed in the spectrum but is now double-degree uni graduate and taking masters. Somehow in uni he found himself with similar mates. So, it is always a riot when they are in their house. The son will often come up to where she is and complain, Mum, he’s more aspergers than i am! I hope the drama shows their humanity, humor. Joo Won is my guy now.

    For comfort dramas — it is nodame cantabile, goong and secret garden. i can watch them without subs or sound. Can’t pinpoint exactly why i like them. I guess it is a combination of our own conditions and mood at the time we watched and we were touched and somehow look back to those feelings which give us comfort. No need to explain– it is just what it is!

  28. 28 katmoo

    Happy OT!

    What a week! I have been super busy! I’m thinking that things are going to slow down for a couple months at least. Though we may be making a cross country move in the next few months and that will be crazy. I’m really excited. I have been trying and failing to self-teach Korean for almost a year now. Yesterday, I got an email from a friend who just moved here from Korea asking if we could do a language exchange! I hope I will be on the right track soon!

    As for drama watching… I’m feeling a little bit like a traitor. I haven’t watched a single K-drama this week… I got sucked into They Kiss Again and now have switched back to It Started with a Kiss… I know I’m watching them backwards, but I have seen Playful Kiss 3 times and just watched Love in Tokyo.

    I’m also having a hard time letting go of Monstar… I got maybe 20minutes into the final episode and had to stop. I’m not ready for the end yet… 🙁

    My next goal is to finish Gaksital and I Hear Your Voice and then catch up with the current dramas. Two Weeks… not usually my kind of drama but I am feeling it! Marathon Weekend!

    Shopping list*
    *Black Tea

    • 28.1 owl

      Just thinking that your shopping List – “Raymun, coffee, black tea, and kimchi” would make a great kdrama title!

      • 28.1.1 katmoo

        What would that story line be???

        K-drama addict goes to the same convience store on fridays and always buys Ramyun, Coffee, Black Tea, and Kimchi. The store owner has a crush on her and knows exactly what she will buy.

        • owl

          Maybe they are nicknames for people to match personality traits. But with a twist to each one that is unpredictable.

          • John

            Owl ~

            I like the idea. Get Anthony on the phone and pitch the storyline…

          • owl

            John –

            I’d call up and say, “Hi, Anthony. Dirty Chai, here.”

            (Dirty Chai is my fav drink – hot chai latte with shot(s) of espresso.)

            Do you think he’d listen up?

          • redfox

            the ahjummas in the plagiarized show coming up. Granny Coffee…. Granny Kimchi, the fermented one? lah late night not making sense

      • 28.1.2 Requiem

        I was thinking they were her shopping list for kdramas :p.

        Ramyun = Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
        Coffee = Coffee Prince/House
        Kimchi = Kimchi Family

        I didn’t know what Black Tea referred to until I realized it was a REAL shopping list….

    • 28.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      You can buy Ramyun and Kimchi in a local store? So jealous!

      Shin Ramyun my favorite, followed closely by Namja Ramyun, Bekse Curry Myon, Soy Jang Ramyun, Spicy Chicken, and Chapaghetti.

      Favorite add-ins: pork dumplings, bok choy, cabbage, snow peas, fresh shelled peas, spinach, green beans.

      Suddenly very hungry …

      What’s your favorite way to eat ramyun?

      • 28.2.1 katmoo

        I always add a hard boiled egg, any veggies I have, sesame oil, and have kimchi on the side.

        There was one night where I had people over and drank a bottle of soju to myself. I stumbled into the kitchen opened my fridge and was like “this looks asian I’ll add it to the pot!” Turned out to be one of the best ramyun I have ever had… could have been the soju though.

        • katmoo

          Added detail…. we were playing a Korean Drama Drinking game that I had come up with… we were out of soju within 45 minutes… everyone had their own bottle… that was fun.

          If you want the game… I will post it on my blog I think…

      • 28.2.2 John


        My favorite ramen add on is sardines with jalapeno peppers.

  29. 29 wag-a-muffin

    I started watching Blade and Petal–but after the first two episodes I gave up. Is it really worth going back and catching up?

    I do like The Master’s Sun, but I have liked all the Hong sister’s stuff, except one.

    • 29.1 JoAnne

      yes, but then again – tastes vary. Some of the more odd bits in 1 and 2 are tamed down after, but pacing is still luxuriously slow, so if that bothers you…

      • 29.1.1 wag-a-muffin

        I like the actors and was excited for it before the premiere –maybe I’ll give it another shot. Thanks.

    • 29.2 Windsun33

      I did not care for it. Watched up to about middle of ep2 and quit. Not that is it “bad”, I just found it boring.

  30. 30 Chimera

    Started IHYV this week. Loving it so freakin’ much. Just watched the Grandpa arc in episode 7 and I was squeeing so hard at all the Hye Sung/Su Ha scenes. Great chemistry! 😀
    PS: I can’t help thinking of Safari every time Hye Sung’s mom speaks in her Busan accent. Can I ever look at Answer Me 1997 the same way again? Cruel City what have you done to me?!

    Reading the Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler manga. At first I was like, ‘Okay this is cool. That Sebastian seems nice. Mighty foxy too.’ And then he started snarking and petting cats and BAKING and I fell in love. Can’t wait to see where this goes! Also, I will ship Sebastian and Ciel all the way to hell if I have to.

    I tried watching Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi (Japanese weirdness FTW) and a bunch of animes but can’t seem to fit them in my schedule yet. My college started this week and I’m loving it so far, though moving around in the monsoon rain is a pain.

    Also started learning Korean. In some ways it is pretty similar to Hindi (my native language) and my textbook has English romanization as well as a pronunciation guide in Devanagri (Hindi and Sanskrit script; it’s more accurate than English romanization for representing Korean sounds). It is pretty great but I have to memorise the alphabet by this weekend if I want to keep up with my class. Now if only I could stop watching k-dramas long enough to do that!

    After being homeschooled for four years, it’s hard to adjust to having a schedule and limited time for watching k-drama or reading or writing. I’m dying to check out all the new ones (Who Are You?, The Master’s Sun, Sword and Petal, Two Weeks, Good Doctor), have three half-read books on my nightstand and lots of half-watched animes left hanging. These days I barely make it home before collapsing on my bed. I’ll have to take things slow; pick one series at a time. No more marathoning 8 dramas at once. *booooo!*

    Here’s to everyone who’s ever posted on OT about not having enough time for dramas. I can totally relate now! *fistbumps*

    • 30.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Search for “Hangul Rap” on YouTube. I try to make the shape of the letters with my hands while following along.

      GenkiKorean dot com also has Korean alphabet games. Makes it easier to drill into your head if you think you are playing instead of memorizing.

      Hope this helps.

      • 30.1.1 Chimera

        @Julia: Wow, thank you so much. I learn much more quickly when I’m interacting with stuff so these links are a lifesaver for me! I’ll try them asap. 🙂

    • 30.2 alua

      “Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler manga”…. it’s being made into a film, don’t know if you heard? I think a short teaser is out already.

      I haven’t read the manga yet (heard about the film first, but I have a feeling I’d enjoy the manga more than the film), but petting cats and baking sounds awesome.

      • 30.2.1 Chimera

        @Alua: Really? I had no idea. *googles*
        Okay, I want to watch the film, (a female version of Ciel? I’m intrigued!) but it’s a totally original storyline and I’m not that optimistic about it.

        Judging by the movie trailer, the manga is infinitely better IMO. My friend, on whose recommendation I picked it, likes the manga even more than the anime (the anime deviates from the original story, she tells me). I’m only on chapter seven, but the manga has been rather subtle with the storyline (which I like). So far there’s been a Jack the Ripper arc, phone calls made while dangling from cliffs, fighting with forks and knives, a lot of tea drinking and A LOT of domestic emergencies. Not necessarily in that order. Also, Sebastian is the most badass butler who ever butlered.

        • alua

          Yeah, I’ve heard that it is taking a lot of liberties. And some people complaining about Mizushima not looking like Sebastian. I haven’t read the manga, so I’m not hung up about anything, but I googled images and I’m not seeing how he doesn’t fit the butler visually speaking.

          But it seems like the sort of manga that you can’t just squeeze into a couple of hours (they should have done a dorama adaption, like with xxxHOLIC instead). That’s why I’m hesitant.

          • Chimera

            Honestly, I can see why people would complain about Mizushima being cast as Sebastian instead of, say, someone like Yuya Matsushita who played him in the musical. If his acting draws me in enough to make me forget he’s not Sebastian then I’m fine with it, though at the moment his looks don’t speak Sebastian to me at all, more so in the videos than in pics. In contrast, I looked at Yuya Matsushita was like, “Yeah, he can totally be Sebastian.” Not sure how to explain it because when you compare them side by side, then, yeah, they do look pretty similar. I suppose Mizushima gives off a more high school rebel vibe than an elegant butler with pleasant manners and mystery and danger lurking underneath the restraint.

            I agree that it will be hard to do justice to this story in a two hour format. That’s why I generally hate book to movie adaptations. Turn ’em all into dramas, I say!

          • Shukmeister

            I loved the manga and the anime; I tend to get nervous at live action adaptations because they frequently don’t have the same intensity or even a sense of the original storyline. And the story is soooo good, can it really be movie length?

  31. 31 KimYoonmi

    Bahhh–I thought it was Thursday and lost track of time.

    Taking up Master’s Sun, not taking on any of the other Korean dramas this round. Still watching list is too long, so I’m cutting to the chase. Watching Silver Spoon, which I was surprised at (Japanese animation.)

    I’m undecided this week on what to do the cultural note on since Master’s Sun wasn’t clear cut one way or another. I just have a strong feeling it’s taking Dead People in the old Buddhist/Muism way rather than the Christian attitude. But that’s not something that one can really make some kind of deep note over.

    Just that Candy Candy is not a Korean animation. It’s a manga, meaning it’s Japanese.

    =P And anyway, I’ve spent two weeks sick… which sucks.

    • 31.1 owl

      Sorry to hear you’ve been sick for two weeks – I hope recovery has kicked in.

      • 31.1.1 KimYoonmi

        Went to the doctor and got some meds. =P Didn’t know what it was, so gave general meds to try to take care of it. I haven’t got a clue either.

    • 31.2 KimYoonmi

      Ah, forgot… if you were to rec to Javabeans and Girl Friday Japanese and Taiwanese dramas, what would you give them. Based on their reported tastes.

      And for those that weren’t paying attention… Girlfriday likes Noona romances and Beta males. Doesn’t mind melodramas as much.

      Javabeans tends to like straight Rom Com and fusion…

      Overall, they tend to not to seem to like anything like KES, where it is slow and literary in nature… breezy and fun. Goes against expectations.

      I was thinking this over a bit, ’cause I don’t think they’d like Winnie, as much as I love him at all. But something like Down With Love, maybe…? (Javabeans more than Girlfriday)

      And the problem with Japanese dramas is that they don’t tend to run Rom Com that often… plus the ones that are usually get imported into Korea in inferior ways, which may spoil the experience.

      =P So whatcha think would be good recs?

      • 31.2.1 Lc

        That’s easy! For Javabeans it would be You Are My Destiny starring Ethan Ruan and Joe Chen, or The Prince Turned into a Frog starring Ming Dao and a much younger joe Chen. Both are chart-toppers during the years they were shown in Taiwan, and I remember the comic scenes in Destiny being a scream, simply because the Taiwanese never holds back when doing comedy.

        For Girlfriday she should try Autumn’s Concerto and The Fierce Wife. Hmm the noona romance is not so forthcoming in The Fierce Wife so maybe she can supplement that with Queen of no Marriage starring Ethan Ruan and Cheryl Yang.

  32. 32 Windsun33

    My Pet Peeve Of The Month – Fake Old Guy Laughs.

    We have seen it in probably 90% of all k-dramas. And it drives me nuts.

    That totally fake servile underdog he-he-he-he laugh that some guy comes out with while sucking up to some other guy, usually someone like the CEO of some evil company.

    In many ways it reminds me of the laugh tracks in many comedy US shows (which also drives me nuts).

    • 32.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      So with you! Grandpa’s evil laugh in Shark drove me nuts.

      • 32.1.1 cherkell

        That was an evil laugh? I thought Grandpa was trying to cough up a furball…

    • 32.2 Mar

      Weird jovial Grandpa moments-I think it is a cultural thing I do not understand, they try to appear bright and happy natured? I do not know exactly, but it cracks me up. Ever since they watched BOF my daughter and her friend do the fake Korean grandpa laugh in awkward conversation moments. It’s pretty hysterical.

      • 32.2.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        @Mar – ROFL I’ll have to try that next awkward conversational moment and see if it freaks out the people I am with.

        • Mar

          Go for it! Of course, it is more fun if you are with someone that gets it!

  33. 33 maldita

    Lee Jongsuk and Seo Inguk are here in the Philippines shooting for their movie. I’m breathing the same polluted air as they are! It kills me that I can’t get see them for myself.

  34. 34 hydrangeabloom

    Happy Friday Beanies! Been a slow drama week, but I’ll get there. Currently up to ep 28 of Queen Seon-deok and ep 4 of Tamra the Island. Both are entertaining in different ways. I knew I was doomed the moment I started shipping Beo-jin and William but it’s TOO LATE! I will go down with that ship, come what may.

    Weighing dropping a bunch of dramas. Putting Hong Gil Dong on hold again (I will probably finish that drama sometime in the next 20 years at the rate I’m going), and considering whether or not to drop Arang and the Magistrate and I Hear Your Voice. I wouldn’t have gotten this far if there weren’t some things I like about both of them, but it’s a mixed bag. Dropping some dramas I’m not really that enthusiastic about could open up space for others I am interested in.

    Speaking of which, does anyone know where Master’s Sun is streaming right now? I checked Hulu but it’s not up there and I don’t know if it’s just too early or what. I was looking forward to this one. In the meantime, I hope to watch more of The Devil which I recently started.

    • 34.1 KimYoonmi

      If you get it, is your best source for Master’s Sun, second best is epdrama or gooddrama, just use Google for those. (Which is sourcing, so unlike Viki, the subs may be off or wrong when they are posted since they might not yet be edited.)

      • 34.1.1 hydrangeabloom

        Thanks for the suggestion, KimYoonmi! I was watching dramas on Viki for a while, but now I get a message telling me to sign-up to continue watching. I don’t know if they have switched to a subscription service, or whether they just want people to register, but I have been on the fence about whether to sign up for yet another website. Even though I know I like Viki and would probably get good use out of it.

        • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

          Viki is asking you to be a registered user, but no fee.

          • KimYoonmi

            What she said. They don’t spam their users though since they depend on them for crowd sourcing the website.

          • hydrangeabloom

            If there is no fee, then why do they want registration? Aren’t they still getting the ad revenue? I’ll consider it, I’m just not clear on why they’ve structured it like this.

          • Windsun33

            I think they are gradually moving towards the DramaFever model – where you will need to sub for like $8 a month to get it ad-free and in HD. I am seeing some of the Viki subs appear on Hulu now also.

      • 34.1.2 Raine

        Yoonmi ssi! I keep hearing “noonchi” EVERYWHERE now thanks to your explanations! I’m getting a feel for it now that I notice it and can hear it in context. I hear ” 눈치 없다” a lot. Not sure if I spelled that right, but I think you’ll get me

    • 34.2 John

      hydrangeabloom ~

      I enjoyed Tamra the Island.

      • 34.2.1 hydrangeabloom

        I’m enjoying the tone so far. I like that it balances between lighter moments and the plight of the villagers. It’s just refreshing to see a sageuk from the perspective of regular citizens instead of the royal court. Plus, Jeju is always gorgeous to look at.

    • 34.3 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      hydrangeabloom: I am right there on the ship with William of Tamra Island. Dear, sweet, pale boy who falls in love with a girl of such spirit. I feel the sudden urge to rewatch Tamra Island.

      • 34.3.1 hydrangeabloom

        I just think he and Beo-jin are better suited for each other. Beo-jin and Park Kyu follow the classic haughty boss, upbeat but dim secretary dynamic. William, on the other hand, makes dumb mistakes just like Beo-jin sometimes (I crack up every time he calls the chamber pot “MY TREASURE!”) and has that same thirst for adventure she does. Both are open to new people and new places, something they don’t necessarily share with everyone else in their perspective towns. It’s just…argh. Let these cuties be with each other!

    • 34.4 Requiem

      Loved Tamra the Island. I assume you’re watching the director’s cut? From what I heard, the live broadcast version is very discontinuous as they had to cut out a lot of stuff because of the drop in episodes. Of course, I was on Team Park Kyu, so I’m not sure how that will change the experience.

      As for Hong Gil Dong, I watched the whole thing because of the recommendations by JB and GF, and for me, it just wasn’t worth it. But that’s mainly because I HATED the heroine. I dunno what it is, but I really, really hate dumb people WHO DO REALLY DUMB THINGS as lead actors. Especially when it’s supposed to be have a romance as a central part of the story.

      It’s just such a turn off to see that person do a dumb thing, and yet the other main lead AND the second lead still love the other lead for some inexorable reason…. Drives me bonkers.

      Arang I liked but didn’t love as the second part got a little boggy and they keep introducing new concepts even into the last episode.

      Don’t know about the other dramas, but I might start tackling IHYV, even though the fact that one of the leads is a high schooler (!) while the other is much older makes me pause.

      • 34.4.1 hydrangeabloom

        Oh goodness, I didn’t know there was a Director’s Cut! I’ve been watching the 16-episode version on Hulu! I just checked because you mentioned it and I see that Viki has the full version. The idea of starting over is not particularly appealing, but I don’t want to miss important details.

        I’m having the same difficulty with Hong Gil Dong you’re describing. I just can’t get behind Yi-nok or Gil-dong as the lead characters. I agree about the second half of Arang – it went all over the place! And this is speaking as someone who had high hopes for it in the beginning.

        The high school student/adult pairing is one of my main blocks with IHYV, but I also can’t get past how bad at her job Hye-seong is. However, I can see some of the same strengths that I admired so much about this writer’s script for Dream High. I like how she shoots for big themes in her work, I just think you can’t fully support the justice theme if your portrayal of the legal system is so far removed from reality that it isn’t believable. (The mind-reading element is the easiest part to accept.)

        • Requiem

          Tamra, You don’t have to start over as long as you’re before episode 11.

          From the wiki:

          “As a result, beginning with Episode 11, the production had to quickly edit down the remaining ten episodes into six, leaving a lot of material on the cutting room floor.”

          And for IHYV, yeah, I’ve heard how bad some of the lawyering is, which is another main reason why I’ve been hesitant. I dunno maybe I’ll marathon it, if I don’t like Two Weeks…

          Enjoy Tamra! Though I hope you get converted to Team Park Kyu! It’s so much more fun that way! 🙂

          • hydrangeabloom

            Bullet DODGED. 🙂 I’m only on episode four, so I do not need to re-watch anything. What a relief! Thanks for tipping me off so that I can watch the Director’s Cut moving forward. Whew!

            I will go down with my ship. But I support anyone on a different ship. We can form a small flotilla. 🙂

        • Celery

          HAHAHA, to be fair, EVERYONE in IHYV sucked at their jobs except for Lawyer Shin and Yoo Chang (fantastic timekeeper and scheduler). I lost count at the many times I gaped at DY’s narrowmindedness as a prosecuter, Cha’s idealistic naviete and the Judge’s blase attitude about the cases.

          The law part is just… lultastiz seriously.

    • 34.5 korfan

      hydrangeabloom –

      Up to ep 28! Yay!

      I’ve never watched Tamra the Island, but I’ve heard a lot about it. One of these days I’ll have to get around to it.

      • 34.5.1 hydrangeabloom

        At this point, QSD is already the equivalent of two good short dramas. Which is more than I can say for most of the sageuks I’ve tried so far. 😀

        • korfan

          hydrangeabloom –

          Hahaha! …… that’s a good way of describing it!

  35. 35 winterain

    Hey, can someone tell me where could I find HQ dramas with eng sub? I usually go to gooddrama, but it’s not HQ

  36. 36 Jenny

    I need to check out the first episodes to The masters sun and two weeks.
    I watched GS and was surprised that I liked it. I’m not a JW fangirl and don’t go all gaga over him but I quite like him in this.
    Appa odiga is still as amusing as ever, Junsu that little rascal is my favorite. I love how spacey he can be. And Hoo and his love for food is still as cute as ever.

    finished Double Tone which only had 6 episodes. It was good, I quite liked the story and it was nice that both Yumi’s had a happy end.

    Woman. What can I say, I can’t forgive Shiori that easily and I know Sachi just wants to protect her daughter but Koharu is her daughter as well. I though it was very bold of Koharu to move in with her mother and Kentaro. Kentaro’s love for the kids is wonderful to see. I do wonder will Koharu tell her mother about her leukemia.
    The doctor even though he seemed a bit weird is a nice guy, it’s just not a very happy thing to have to tell patients that they are seriously ill.

    Need to catch up on Starman because that is just such a light cute dorama.
    Rewatching one of my first jdoraman which is still as good as the first time Nobuta wo produce.
    I love the friendship between Nobuko, Shuji and Akira. It’s one dorama I hope never gets remade into a kdrama because it just wouldn’t have as much heart as the Japanese one.

  37. 37 redfox

    Oh, I am so late home it is 20:31. but I hope you will read my message anyway
    watching…nothing so regularly, a few glimpses of the varied ghost medley. I still think korean dramas just dont make it in that field. too silly and cliche. but Gong Hye Jin acting is great.

    I started re-watching Secret Garden though, mostly cause of Lee Jong Seuk hah. But I find it much more complex and engaging than the first time, especially Oska. he is such a sad knight. and Kwan Woo was kindof a sad Don Quijote too…. who believed in chivalry and honesty though…. two sad knights, but so different.

    afraid to watch more of Two Weeks

    question, if anyone bothers: do you have conversations with dead family members or friends in your dream…. hopefully not in real…but do you?

    In my dream, I sometimes talk to my great-great-great grandpa to ask how he buildt that 4 masted ship and bug him to tell me old stories. it is actually really nice.

    • 37.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I dream of my grandmother and her cabin on the lake, will always be my serenity and my heart’s home.

    • 37.2 redfox

      speaking of re-watching Secret Garden I keep reading the sign Action School as Alcohol School…

      • 37.2.1 Shukmeister


        I don’t dream about my past-on relatives, although, I found some of my dreams deja vu’d later in life.

        As for ghosts, I think I am psychically deaf. Even places that my friends get nervous going into or around, I get nothing.

        One friend of mine refused to drive down a certain stretch of road, so one day, I convinced her to let me drive it with her in the passenger seat. She gave me goosebumps with her singsongy description of what she felt and saw, but I neither saw nor felt a thing. I still drive it to this day.

  38. 38 laraffinee

    I have just restarted watching “The Sword and the Flower” and WOW, I am glad I did! The first two episodes were kind of a slow set up, so I put it aside. This new batch of dramas just doesn’t have much appeal to me – I am just not into this “Ghost Wave”. I had my ghost fix with “Arang and the Magistrate” which did it quite well.

    Well, I picked up from episode 3 of “Sword and Flower”, and WOWZA…it is really fantastic!

    First of all there is the UhmForce! Talk about smoldering hot! Then the fabulous princess! Then the political intrigue! This is right up alley and I love it! I think a lot of people may have stopped at episode 2 like I first did, but I venture that if anyone picks it up from episode 3 onwards, they will see what is so good about it. I hope DramaBeans continues with the recaps. I love the recaps, because they are so good and help to fill in anything that i didn’t quite understand. Please continue recapping
    “The Sword and the Flower”.

  39. 39 Noelle

    Man I haven’t done an OT in forever. Happy OT everybody!

    Loving the last couple of premieres. I have to say I am all for this ghost trend. They all seem to be good. Plus horror is my jam!

    Have a lovely day and enjoy your weekend.

  40. 40 Requiem

    So, since it looks like Good Doctor will be dropped for recaps, anyone up for some discussions about ep. 2?

    Let me first say, that the translations about “curing” autism should be converted to “treating” autism. If you look at Viki, most of the translations have been fixed. Dunno about DF.

    I just have to say that I love all the characters so far into it. Even the bad guys, though they may be cliche. And I’m not minding the political machinations, as I’d love to see how Si-on interacts with those and potentially blows them up!

    Favorite non-main character so far, Nurse Jo. Might be a little over-acted, but how can you not love a fuzzy bear who is the scary boo in a story, who teaches the kids how to fight off bullies (by playing dirty, heh), and is ALSO the one who first backs Si-on despite potential repercussions (besides Director Japanese dad…. I don’t remember his name, so I’m going by his character in Gaksital :p).

    Anyways, hope to have some good discussion about GD here!

    • 40.1 luvhee107

      ohh, hello Good Doctor fans here !

      I’ve catch up the 3 new dramas recently; Good Doctor, Master’s Sun and Two Weeks. all the dramas are good and they have their own charms respectively. bu I dunno why, he most great attraction I feel on Good Doctor too.

      the drama shows its own personality as we have autism main character.I dunno much about autism here as many are arguing about the ‘cure’ and ‘treat’ terms. but what I care about GD is how Dr. Choi who don’t have any relation with Shi-on but he takes care of Shi-on as if he’s his own child.

      well Nurse Jo is hilariously funny. I’ve saw him on Running Man and he’s such a funny person.

      as for the main casts I don’t have any big problems with them. they’re managing their role so well so I don’t have any comment so far. hahaa.

      btw, I will keep on watching Good Doctor and for Master’s Sun and Two Weeks, catch up the recps here are good enough. 🙂

    • 40.2 Mohammed

      I like the characters so far specially the two leads, Nurse Jo.

      I need it to be told better, more reasons why Han professor dislikes Park Si On being a doctor so much. I can see he is jealous of his ability, the Director favoring Park Si On. He cant be ignorant bigot like the others who doesnt see what SI On can do as a doctor.

      I also hope Park Si On starts acting more as a doctor who follows the rules better and is smart enough to not challenge everything. Act more like a guy on probation to becoming a doctor.

  41. 41 bebeswtz

    I’m starting to feel the weight of all this drama clusterf*** haha OMG
    Hmmm what am I watching right now??
    – You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin
    – Goddess Of Fire, Jung Yi
    – Good Doctor
    – Two Weeks
    – Glass Mask
    – HK drama Triumph In the Skies, season II
    – plus, all the variety shows: Running Man, Barefoot Friends, HK variety show Super Trio Maximus

    I’m still contemplating if I want to add to this list of clusterf***-ness by watching Who Are You and Master’s Sun… I’m still in contemplating mode for these 2 dramas just because:
    1. I’ve never liked Taecyeon in ANYTHING (not just in dramas, I’ve also never liked him on variety and his music [I don’t have anything against 2PM, just Taecyeon], sorry Taecyeon fans!!!),
    2. Gong Hyo Jin’s works have never had a pull for me =( Sorry Gong Hyo Jin fans

    • 41.1 Trina

      Wow… Rock on for you watching Glass Mask. I skipped around and watch a few episodes. OMG and I stopped.. It was too much makjang for me. Therefore, I hope you like it and watch it to the end.

    • 41.2 Celery

      I caught both and think you might wanna skip WAY and try MS because no pull is better than push.

  42. 42 umbanana

    Hello lovely Beanies!

    Haven’t been on for a while because life has been a bit hectic. Graduated from medical school and started work officially on Wednesday. Still cannot believe it. Actually on my way to work (weekend night shifts. The joys), but I still wish everyone a very relaxing weekend.

    I started Good Doctor last night and I really like it. Little Si on is beyond adorable and I’m liking the continuity in the mannerisms of little and grown up Si on. I am a fan of Joo Won so I might be biased but so far in episode 1 he has not failed to impress. His eyes are so emotive! Not seen much of mcw in episode 1 yet but liking her sassy character. Can’t wait to watch episode 2 tomorrow morning!

    So many new dramas and so little time!!!! I want to start one more drama – any recommendations?

    Anyways have a great weekend everyone!


  43. 43 Trina

    Hi, I am in progress watching episode of The Master’s Sun. The first episode is okay and not that bad of scary ghosts. Good Doctor is okay. I have not watch Two Weeks yet. I need to catch up Heartless City. I am tired and still trying to catch up the jet lag from my trip Vietnam. My hubby is still tired of jet lag. I hope both of us catch up as pretty soon our boys will be back in school soon.

    • 43.1 Enz

      Hi trina. Hope you had a good time in vietnam. How did you find it?

  44. 44 Elfie

    My first time in the OT~ Well first off I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the first two episodes of Good Doctor. Shi On was just adorable. I loved the part when he solved that super hard rubiks cube and left Do Han dumbfounded! I love Yoon Seo’s not afraid to stand for herself, especially to the meany Do Han!

    I’m also watching I Summon You, Gold and I’m really excited for this weekend! Yoona’s back and I can’t wait to see how she’ll help(hopefully) to bring Dukhee down! I’m also hoping that Monghyun and Hyuntae get back together and stay that way!

    Started watching Master’s Sun, and all I can say is how much I love Gong Hyo Jin! She’s spo adorable and I can’t wait to see how SJS starts to fall for her.

    I’m currently debating whether I should start watching Two Weeks. After reading the recaps and hearing the comparisons between Tae San and Baksa, I am leaning toward watching the first episode. The thing that is really turning me off though is the plot. It just sounds like a modern version of Mandate of Heaven, which no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t really get into it.

    • 44.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Welcome to the OT. I’ve found it a great place to get ideas for things to watch and meet people who have the same excellent taste as you in KDramas. Have a great week 🙂

    • 44.2 Carole McDonnell


      I couldn’t get into Mandate of Heaven much either. Both Two Weeks and Mandate do have the fugitive thing and the over-abundance of coincidence and interconnectedness among characters and the dying little girl…but so far Two Weeks is holding my attention. Maybe because in this case the hero is so not a hero. And this is is (possibly) last chance to do something with his no-good life. The doc in Mandate was a good guy with so much to lose but LJK’s character has so little. If you saw The Chaser, it’s the same feel.

  45. 45 laila

    Wish to see less discussions of other dramas from other countries. I came to read about kdramas and see all this stuff about others. This is a kdrama blog after all.

    • 45.1 Newbie

      Really? I for one am happy to learn a little bit more about other asian dramas. If I’m not interested, I’m able to skip the post. *shrugs*

    • 45.2 Stella Castle

      Ah… I read through hear to see what J-dramas and T-dramas everyone else is watching. I guess you could skip the conversations your not interested in like I do.

    • 45.3 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I hear what you are saying. If you are only interested in KDramas, skimming thru all the other stuff can seem like noise.

      Best thing is to come to OT with a warm heart like joining a party with a bunch of interesting people.

      I never would have discovered jDramas, tdramas, or lakhorns if I hadn’t heard about them from the OT. I like to sample them all for their unique qualities, but always come back to KDramas as the best. If you like only consuming KDramas, then assume you have excellent taste. Enjoy and be happy 🙂

      • 45.3.1 owl

        Hey, JuliaTBB, we’re the same. Again. 🙂

    • 45.4 Windsun33

      Not sure where you got the idea it was only K-dramas. It has been the “big 3” – Korea, Japan, Taiwan – mostly for a long time. The recaps and main stories are pretty much all Korean, but Open Thread has always been pretty wide ranging.

      Fact is, there is a lot of crossover among Asian countries – not uncommon to have 3 different versions (or even more) of some dramas, like Playful Kiss has like 6 versions from 3 countries.

    • 45.5 redfox

      there are a lot of shows that are either korean remake of a japanese drama or movie, or sometimes a drama based on a manga or manhwa made in Taiwan instead. there are many versions of some shows so it is good to compare.

    • 45.6 MEalways

      I like to read ‘Open Thread’ now and then. Especially if they also talk about their daily lives, what they like, what they don’t like, food, a rare love story, what they study and almost every other things aside Kdrama.

      They are interesting.
      Some people don’t seem to mind about sharing and teach about something new, at least remind me of how things could be different amongst us. And for that I thankful.

      If I’m not in the mood, I just close and google anything else that’s in my mind. But, I always go here either to listen to what people have to say through their comments and firstly for the superb recaps the DB teams give us (thanks!).

      So, everyone for their own tea, I guess…

      • 45.6.1 jomo

        THIS is a very good description of OT, and why I come here.
        I used to have time to write and share, but nowadays I mostly read. It is kinda cool that not only is this fan group cross cultural, but cross continental, cross religious focus, cross food, but we all seek to understand each other.

        We have halmonis raving with haksangs every week over some cute actor or another.

        PS I didn’t forget the boys, John, Ricky, QuietThought, etc, here, it’s just that I wanted to make a cute age appropriate comment!

    • 45.7 John

      laila ~

      The nature of an Open Thread is discuss things. I look forward to hearing what what other people have to say about dramas, sure , but I also value the input of our big family’s input on food, travel, music, film , etc. If you hang around long enough you might feel that way too.

    • 45.8 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      When I first read OT, it was for information. Soon, it became for the personalities. I hear your voices, Beanies.

  46. 46 zakin89

    Happy OT everyone 🙂

    New dramas and I kinda like all of them 😀

    Good Doctor: Like it so far! Joo Won is great and I am already in love with Moon Chae Won’s character. The only thing I don’t get is why all the doctors treat Shi On like he’s dumb… He’s autistic which does not equal stupidity… They should know better…

    Master’s Sun: I love Gong Hyo Jin and she is fantastic =) I liked the first episodes very much and I am looking forward to the nex episodes. Yet I am still not quite on board because I don’t want to be as disappointed as last year… *cough*Big*cough*

    Two weeks: Just seen ep one but I am so on board! (Love the OST of Nell done^^

    I also marathoned Answer Me 1997 and now I once more ask myself why I didn’t watch it as it was airing… LOVED IT! And this is one of those few dramas where I would have been just fine if the firl didn’t get the boy… Joon Hee my heart bleeds for you!!!

    • 46.1 alua

      Is it Nell that did the soundtrack for Two Weeks?

      I somehow thought it sounded like them! I hope they release a DVD soon!

  47. 47 anna

    I think I’ll continue to watch Good Doctor, but not too keen on the whole hospital politics sideplot. I can always ff. Definitely continue with Master’s Sun as well. I need to see that asshole fall from grace when he falls for and I’m hoping he falls for her FIRST. Best Love did it so well. And probably will just read recaps of Two Weeks on DB instead because I have a feeling you two will continue to recap that drama because you guys seem to really like it.

    • 47.1 Windsun33

      Yeah, the politics is one thing that lowered my opinion of Good Doctor. That whole Ivory Tower Hospital Power Struggle thing has been way overdone in both K and J dramas. Sometimes it seems like the hospitals are there not to cure anyone, but to provide a place for doctors to backstab each other.

      • 47.1.1 Sethe

        I don’t usually watch doctor shows (brings back unhappy memories of med school and residency 🙂 ) but now I’m kinda curious to see how the Korean portrayal compares to the US version… think I’ll have to check this one out.

  48. 48 Mar

    Hello Beanies!


    The Good Doctor-it’s okay, I find the female lead character a little different than the norm so that is a draw and I want to see what they are doing with the Si On character.

    Who Are You? I can watch this and be entertained and not invest crack like attention to the characters. Sometimes you just need that. so far. I do not know what I am going to feel about Kim Jae-wook’s character as he enters the picture.

    Master’s Sun-Entertaining enough. Invested, not so much. I am afraid that Taeyang is going to get annoying with her kind of smiley but whiny wacky clingy thing. If I were Helmet Hair she’d wig me out too. And speaking of Helmet Hair, he’s not exactly interesting or entertaining.

    Re watching Flower Boy Next Door-I liked it on the first run, and I like it even more this time. I’ll write up my thoughts on it soon.

    Barefoot Friends-I am always a week behind.

    I decided not to watch Two Weeks. That may be something I go back to in a lull, maybe next summer or something.

    I start back to university in two weeks so my drama watching will be severely curtailed. I am only taking 12 credits but I have a writing intensive research course, a grad level course, a FL course, and an Islam course, along with my part time work, so I will be engaged full on in academia and trying not to wig out. I will probably catch a couple episodes a week, so I will probably not be joining in discussions much.

    Happy viewing Beanies!

  49. 49 Boo to KBS!

    A big BOO to KBS World, who chose to chop up the last two weeks of the long series*, Samsaengi. They chopped it up, eliminated a couple of episodes, rearranged a couple of others. It’s a mess. I’ll never get sucked into a long series ever again (*120 episodes). When the last few episodes of a long series are crucial to the story, they messed with it just to accommodate their schedule. Boo!

  50. 50 Windsun33

    Things About Korean Recent Korean Dramas I Have Noticed

    1. Korea finally managed to make shoes. For many years a staple scene in k-dramas was the Broken High Heel. That plot device was used in numerous ways, but most often so that the Lead Candy Girl could accidently fall in to the arms of Mean Chaebol Prince.
    2. People figured out that you can actually turn off a cell phone, and don’t have to remove the battery. (warning – you may have to actually remove the battery to disable GPS tracking – true story).
    3. Some newer dramas have actual car-crash scenes, rather than faked ones where it is all blurry and stuff, and then you see some old model with dents at the bottom of the ravine. However, they still have not learned to park.
    4. People no longer just get “cancer” – they get a specific type of cancer. Most often it is Leukemia, because then they have to find a bone marrow donor, but recently have also seen liver cancer (where you also need a donor). In short, only cancers where a donor is needed, and the only matching donor around is a Birth Secret are allowed.

    • 50.1 redfox

      btw some phones really can´t be turned off, you can only choose Flight profile or take the battery out.

      • 50.1.1 KimYoonmi

        They were doing the battery take out before the GPS thing. Makes me think one of the sponsors is the cellphone battery maker. Just to show how easy it is to take out.

        As for cancer, they’ve been getting a specific type for a while, it’s just that the cancer description used to be all the same and usually wrong. As if they lifted it from another drama. Cancer, however, is popular no matter the nationality of the dramaland you’re visiting.

        As for car crashes… that is really expensive to do. Usually it was black car, blurred license plates and makes so they wouldn’t get sued… (Sometimes they still randomly blur, but you gotta remember that the budget isn’t like the US, where the US tends to throw tons of money at it to make it go away–British a bit less so and Australians even less than the Brits, from what I understand)

      • 50.1.2 windsun33

        And some phones, like most recent iPhones you cannot take the battery out. guess you could wrap it in tinfoil.

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