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Opposites attract in Medical Top Team
by | August 30, 2013 | 52 Comments

Doctors, doctors, and more doctors. Dramaland has always been populated by a bevy of medical professionals, but what with Good Doctor and now Medical Top Team, I feel like we’re swimming in geniuses these days.

Previous stills of the show have featured some of the side characters, with idol boy Min-ho and perennial hapless sidekick Kim Ki-bang. This round gives us the leads, Jung Ryeo-won and Kwon Sang-woo, as well as one of the younger teammates played by Oh Yeon-seo. I’m still waiting to get a closer glimpse of fellow team member Joo Ji-hoon, who has yet to be featured in the promo photos (though you can baaaarely see a bit of him in some of the tiny collage shots).

Unlike, say, Good Doctor, the members of this team will come from an array of specialties, rather than being in the same field. Superdocs on a Superteamโ€”is there no illness they can’t cure? Will this be like House minus all the insults? Jung Ryeo-won, for instance, will play a cardiothoracic surgeon who can’t abide the tiniest mistake. Which is probably a really good trait to have in your cardiothoracic surgeon. Kwon Sang-woo is also an elite doctor, but he’ll be the easygoing counterpart to her strict disciplinarian. Because in dramaland, the more diametrically opposite the personalities, the more successful the romance? (I guess we should just be glad that we’re not repeating the whole he feels no pain, she feels only pain relationship of their last project together, which was called, aptly, Pain. Pronounced Paiiiiiiiiinnnn.)

Medical Top Team will take over the midweek timeslot when Two Weeks wraps, premiering on October 2.

Via Chosun, SBS E


52 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. snow_white

    I’m only interested in the actors here…..perhaps I’ll give this a try just for them.

    But the premise sounds boring…….

    • 1.1 Ash

      That sums up half of dramaland for me right now, I swear. All these things I have no interest in keep casting people I love. *grumble grumble*

      • 1.1.1 Windsun33

        Yup – I usually have about 4 to 6 shows going, but this season’s offerings have not excited me much. Still watching Two Weeks, Master’s Sun, and finishing off ISYG – but that is pretty much it. Not sure I can really put up with yet another doctor drama, when I ended up not ever finishing the last two.

        • Lilian

          Same here. Watching Two Weeks + Master’s Sun, and another drama Empire of Gold! That’s about it. Pretty free these days =P

    • 1.2 canxi

      Lol, I think EVERYONE is only in it for the actors. It’s OK.

      • 1.2.1 canxi

        okay, well after reading some more comments–almost everyone, lol XD

  2. zakin89

    I will check this one out as well as Good Doctor because I LOVE medical themed stuff (I’ve seen most of the ER seasons more than once – some I think I’ve seen 4 times or so^^ The ones George Clooney is in^^).

    Good Doctor is kind of a disappointment so far because there are so much better ways to deal with the topic of autism but well…
    I hope that this one won’t annoy me as much as Good Doctor but that only time can tell^^

    I like both leads so that’s a big plus in my book already and I can’t wait for the drama to start. (even if that means saying goodbye to awesome Two Weeks though my heart and nerves will say thank you once that show is over xD)

  3. apqaria

    I really like Jung Ryeo-won and seeing her looking more healthy in those stills makes me happy <3

  4. chane019

    Jung Ryeo Won โ™ก
    I’ve missed you!!!!

    • 4.1 chane019

      ….and your awesome red hair.

  5. ys

    “Pronounced Paiiiiiiiiinnnn.” HA!

    • 5.1 Yumi

      Pain. Pronounced PPPPAAAAAAAAAiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn

      • 5.1.1 nomad

        I’m wondering…was Pain a really “painful” movie to watch?

  6. crazedlu

    hm, kwon sangwoo is looking rather fresh. hope this drama does well. his latest projects have suuuucked. kind of feel bad for the dude. then again, hey, his picks.

  7. Arhazivory

    Well at least this time its the woman who’s strict and the guy easygoing. -_-‘

    Anyway, because its ‘medical’ I’ll watch. I’m a sucker for those.

    • 7.1 Windsun33

      Yah, that will last about 1.5 episodes, I am betting. Strict women in k-dramas always end up being portrayed as air-heads.. hmm well, OK, most women in k-dramas do I suppose.

      I used to be a sucker also for med-dramas, but the last few have just left me cold because they were more makjang and about doctor/hospital power struggles and backstabbing more than medical.

  8. Perrie

    Why did Oh Yeon Seo “cut” her hair?!!
    I can’t wait! Kwon Sang Woo looks soo young and handsome~
    I love Jung Ryeo Won!

    • 8.1 mai

      I love her new hair cut too ^^

  9. kumi

    A team of super docs? Maybe doctor Choi from ‘Good Doctor’ should commute assistant chief Kang and Creepy Chairman to them? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    BTW, what’s with ‘Good Doctor’ recaps? I miss Shi-onie!

    • 9.1 zakin89

      gummi said on twitter that she had a super crazy week and therefore the recaps are going to be late ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. 10 Heiyeon

    Do all doctors carry that bag? Joowon seems to carry a similar bag in Good Doctor…now that I look at it, they could be brothers, similar clothes and bag. Hopefully this drama is better than Kwon Sangwoo’s previous drama! Jung Ryeo Won fighting!!

  11. 11 bains

    I hope this one is good because Good Doctor is such a big disappointment for me.

  12. 12 True2U

    Yep, All over this!!!!!!!!! Seems like I’m only the few, that loves medical dramas. Although the Hospital politics can be so darn annoying. Especially the needless bullying, but besides that I’m all over any M-K-Drama. As long as the procedures are done exceptionally and the Doctors/Nurse know what their doing.

  13. 13 canxi

    Medical dramas are fine but there is only so much you can do with them, so unless they finally decide they want to make a Korean Scrubs over there, I usually stay away.

    All the medical dramas I have watched, I watched because someone I liked was there and that’s still only if it interested me. I skipped Golden Time even though I really like Lee Seon Gyun!

    I would have skipped this if it was only Kwon Sang Woo (even though I like him) but then they casted Jung Ryeo Won and Joo Ji Hoon. That’s not fair! D’:

  14. 14 sisiorchid

    On the first still: Nurse Nam is that you? ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. 15 kopytko

    I am curious how it is going to work in reality. Eagerly waiting for Jung Ryeo Won and Joo Ji Hoon. I hope her character will be strict but not taciturn. Please, make her swear like a sailor!

  16. 16 Quiet Thought

    Wow. I ran up and down the page a couple of times before I realized it was Jung Ryeo-won in all three of those top photos. She’s showing more range in her appearance than most leading ladies. Good for her.

  17. 17 bboingbboing

    Okay, had to rub my eyes cos I looked at the first still and thought I was seeing Grey’s Cristina Yang.

  18. 18 Tata

    I like the leads, maybe I will give a try. The problem for me is that so many good dramas are coming up, my list is already long hahahha

  19. 19 cherkell

    Dear MBC Powers-That-Be:

    GODDAMMIT! You say you’ve lifted your (uncalled-for) ban on Joo Ji-hoon appearances on your network, but yet you’ve conspicuously left him out of virtually any promotional bits and pieces thrown to the Media Hounds so far. Quit being so hypocritical and either put up or shut up — bring us more Ji-hoon on our newswires OR ELSE.

    Signed, Me

    • 19.1 jujihoon4life

      Right on! I would love to see more of Joo Ji-Hoon, I love him forever!

  20. 20 liz

    Am I the only person that noticed how KSW square face got a lot round and smaller? did he do his jaw?

  21. 21 mini

    Lol.there u go…A lot of “professors” who know all the types of autism. Ridiculous.

    How is this related to Good doctor other than being the fact that both are medical dramas?
    KSW was my fav actor and I remembered him wanting to act in medical dramas years ago.So Wishes gained.All the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. 22 shepo

    is there a japanese drama that has same concept?,,i think i’ve ever known something like this before,,,…but i think this is not a remake,,unless they say it is,,right?

  23. 23 Lawura

    Thanks jb,

    Where is JOO JI HOON ? MBC biased !!

  24. 24 goldeng

    omooo the pig head in the last pictures scared the hell out of meeee!!! is that a ritual or what? O___o anyways, I remember how much I hated jung ryeo won’s character in my name is kim sam soon like I HATED HER SOOO MUCH! then I realized if I hated “her” that much, it must be because she did a good job portraying her annoying character. Now shes my bias! I swear kwon sang woo ages backwards… he looks younger and younger!
    as for the drama, I dont like to compare but JRW’s character is similar to joo sang wook’s kim do han in the strict aspect – KSW’s character sounds a biit like Moon Chae won’s character in GD, really interesting.

  25. 25 Noelle

    But but but JJH??? Donde?

    I really wanted him to be the lead, btw.

  26. 26 Tha

    Joo Ji Hoon, where you?!

  27. 27 Mary

    i dont know why but am always prejudiced against these Medical Dramassssss!!!!

  28. 28 Cee

    Oh Yeonseo looks fresh!

    I think I’m going to tune in for the sake of the actors. I love Jung Ryeowon, and I’m excited for Joo Jihoon’s second comeback.

    But, tbh, I never considered Kwon Sangwoo as a great actor though. I know he’s a hallyu star and stuff, but his acting never managed to amaze me.

    Anyone else has the same thought?

    • 28.1 eny

      I like KSW when he act in Stairways to Heaven n Sad Love song, he makes me cry a lot,I also watch Bad Love too but more interested to Kim Sung Soo in that drama, it’s true I never see him in other genre than melodrama so I’m not sure but so far I think he’s good.
      For Joo ji hoon I like him too I see he’s improve since I saw him in Princess hour, but I still think KSW is better than him. I saw JJH in Antique Bakery, The Devil n his latest movie, I’m The King. I’m more interested to watch that movie than Masquerade, I see the beginning of Masquerede first but not really interested to continue, i don’t really understand why…
      I only see JRW in History of Salaryman, so I can’t give comment

  29. 29 Uhnny

    Man, Kwon Sang-woo doesn’t seem to age. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jung Ryeo-won is back!~ Yey!

  30. 30 eny

    I already in love with good doctor so when i heard about this drama i’m litlle bit doubt should i watch it, it’s medical drama again……but i like the cast, the story is different from good doctor but doesn’t sound really interesting too, ………………May be from standart plot we could get something good, I’ll try to watch few episode

  31. 31 Cam

    AHA. I reaaally love Jung Ryeo Won since that dramas My Name Is Sam-Soon and Which Star Are You From. I will watch this because of her, keke. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. 32 mjfan

    I love medical dramas , but I didnt watch good doctor , am more interested in this one because I love the leads , I just cant wait to see JRW & KSW back in dramaland and together
    BTW , KSW looks hella younger than ever …

  33. 33 Elisabeth

    Oh wow. Kwon Sang Woo looks really good here. I’ve never been really attracted to him before, but this new look works well for him ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. 34 malika

    I’m interested to watch this drama because Ju ji hoon, but where is he? Can’t wait to see him!!!

  35. 35 maldita

    If only my superiors in the hospital look like Kwon Sangwoo. *swoon*

  36. 36 Kat

    kwon sang woo still looks as gorgeous as ever…

  37. 37 Jyyjc

    Haha the pain description cracked me up. In other words, I’ve always thought Oh yeonseo looks older than her age and she looks even older in these stills.

  38. 38 Titi

    I’m a pediatric resident and believe me, there are hardly geniuses amongst us doctors :/
    Mostly just hardworkers, people who stuck because they can’t do anything else and people with special privileges :p
    It irked me that dramas painted medical professional as geniuses while holding the scalpel and the scissors the wrong way -__- I’ve never been able to take the drama seriously after I saw that.
    The medical problems are also hardly realistic, probs only 1% of the cases show up in real ward. The only K-drama I found quite similar to (at least my own) real medicine world is only Golden Time.
    The reality is much uglier than what was portrayed.
    Well I guess we can’t expect realities in K-dramas LOL

    #please don’t mind me, just came back from 36-hour shift ;p

    • 38.1 Claire

      I feel u, Titi. The medical dramas all are based on portraying genius doctors with stellar skills and insurmountable definite diagnostic “feeling”. In. Every. Drama. Be it japanese or korean. Well western is okay…but I always find the sex scenes on grey’s anatomy do not make sense. Who the hell would be able to be aroused after 24 hour shift? or make it 48.
      Anyway, and they all portray surgeons, esp cardiothoracic surgeons. Well since I am a medical resident (LOL) maybe a bit more House-like drama please?

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