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Running Man: Episode 157
by | August 9, 2013 | 67 Comments

A crime has taken place in varietyland and four suspects face trial at the Running Man Courthouse. It’s a twist on the classic whodunit game as both sides argue that the other is in the wrong with pseudo legal terms flying around in all directions. Someone in this courtroom is a liar, and it’s your job to listen to their voices to figure out who it is.

EPISODE 157. Broadcast on August 4, 2013.

Case 157. Tension runs high in the courtroom as accusations fly left and right, each side pointing the finger of blame on the other. But we need to roll back the clock in order to learn how we got here…

12 Hours Ago. We open at a dressing room where the Betrayal Trio and Gary relax before the opening. Soon, they’re joined by today’s guests: actors Jung Woong-in (I Hear Your Voice), Kim Hee-won (Monstar), and Ahn Gil-kang (The Great Seer).

There’s a good chance these faces may be familiar to you since they’ve all played scary gangster movie roles before. They converse about the show’s concept, to which they’re told it’s mostly unpredictable…

…when the lights suddenly go out. Ruh-roh.

All we hear is the sound of a few smacks. Then Suk-jin cries: “Someone hit me! Who was it?”

Then the lights flicker back on, and Suk-jin demands to know who hit him. He asks Gil-kang, who’s sitting on the opposite couch, only to get the response: “How could I reach from over here?”

No one claims responsibility for the action, but they all know that something is definitely off. And then Jo PD says, “You’re under arrest.”

At that moment, four suspects are dragged away: Woong-in, Kwang-soo, Hee-won, and Gil-kang. Suk-jin cries that he’ll make sure that they all see justice in court.

We cut away to the courtroom where public defender Jae-suk waits patiently. The prosecution is led by none other than Jong-kook & Co. As expected, they bicker as soon as they see each other.

HA—the captions warn us that the legal terms used in this role-play court may reeeeaaaallllyyy differ from actual jargon. Prosecutor Gary shushes his client to be wary of his words and Haha fist-pumps him back, all, Dude, you totally sounded legit!

The defendants are brought in, all utterly dumbfounded. Gil-kang raises his voice when he’s accused yet again (“Have you got any evidence?!”), and it turns into a shout-fest until everyone is silenced by the judge’s entrance.

Haha: “Isn’t that Beethoven?” LOL. I admit it—Maknae FD’s blond wig is pretty hilarious.

Judge FD opens Case 157: The Case of a Head Smack in a Dark Room. As he summarizes the case, the victim, Suk-jin, sheds tears.

The Prosecution is given the floor, and they’re off to a rough start. Prosecutor Kookie stumbles over his words and even his wardrobe is criticized. Jae-suk: “Wear some pants!” Ha, the shorts do make the robes look funny.

What’s funnier is that they’re all wearing shorts (hey, it’s summer!). Jae-suk: “Are you part of a chorus?” Puhahaha.

Before we end up knee-deep in courtroom drama, today’s theme is a parody of the recently-wrapped I Hear Your Voice. I never found the courtroom aspect of the drama remarkably thrilling, but I suppose it’s easier than trying to bring Su-ha’s supernatural ability to read people’s minds to life.

Anyway, back to the case. Prosecutor Kookie reads on (zzz) until the sound of a phone ringing momentarily interrupts him. He accuses all four defendants as joint offenders with a physical assault charge. Woong-in cracks a smile at this: “You’ve seen a lot of dramas.” Heh.

Jae-suk rises to defend the idea that none of his clients are at fault. Plus, everyone was equally surprised by the sudden darkness. Kwang-soo pipes up saying that you can see the innocence in everyone’s eyes.

Averting his eyes, Gary says: “I can’t look at Defendant No. 3.” It’s Gil-kang. Ha.

Prosecutor Gary starts off with Woong-in, who owns up to playing a murderer, Min Joon-gook, in the drama. The prosecution hangs on the word “murderer” as if he’s one right now, to which Woong-in protests: “I didn’t hit [Suk-jin]!”

He’s given loaded questions, like to repeat his lines in verbatim, just so that they can reel from shock. But Woong-in does them one better and levels at Suk-jin: “I’ll kill you if you lie.”

On to Hee-won, who allegedly “looks like a psychopath.” It’s a reference to his role from The Man From Nowhere where he played an evil drug lord, and the Prosecution uses the same tactic on him. When Lawyer Jae-suk rises to object, he gets shut down.

Now I’m just thinking this interrogation is just an opportunity for these actors to reenact some of their most famous lines. Hee-won complies by screaming at Gary, and it’s hilarious.

It’s Prosecutor Mung‘s (aka Ji-hyo) turn, and it’s adorable how all of the suspects turn into fanboys. Hee-won: “It’d have been nice to have her question me.” Hehe.

She shines the spotlight on Gil-kang, a former co-star from Gye Baek, telling the court on what a lethal fighter he was then. She stumbles over a legal term and belatedly realizes her mistake.

The actual term is won-go or plaintiff, which sounds just like saying “One Go!” in the card game Go-Stop. So Haha turns it to a comedic moment, and cries out, “Two Go!”

Then it’s Kwang-soo, who looks like a scared puppy as he acknowledges that he is a betrayal icon. But there’s more to it: “You’re Incriminating Kwang-soo!”

It’s not long before Haha interjects in a loud voice, which instigates another shouty match between the boys. At one point, he claims that Ji-hyo doesn’t smoke anymore, and Jae-suk defuses: “You made the right decision for your health.”

The Defense claims that the accused didn’t always have a scary personas. Aw, Hee-won gets all embarrassed before he says that he calls his girlfriend “our baby.” But the Prosecution is disinclined to believe the same of scary Gil-kang. As for Kwang-soo: “You may have to look into him.” Ha.

Jae-suk retaliates, saying the charges are fabricated from the victim. Ha, Prosecutor Haha actually starts to waver at that.

In any case, Judge FD calls for a recess, since they need evidence to continue the trial. The teams (Prosecution vs. Defense) will gain crucial clues when they win games and reconvene at a later time. Phew, I was afraid we’d spend all day in that stuffy room.

Their first game is Human Curling where the team who gets closest to the Truth Line wins. Jae-suk still claims his clients are “baby angels” or ah-gi cheon-sah. Jong-kook: “Sure it’s not ahk-eui cheon-sah [evil angel]?”

Woong-in has a fierce look of determination before he slides towards the line… and ends up in the water. HA. Then the cast gives Hee-won a pretty hard time about his bucket hat (“They’re for kids!” “The sun isn’t even out!”). I think it makes him look adorable.

He runs into Haha and then they both end up in the water. Puhaha.

Suk-jin stops well before the line, so the Defense sends Kwang-soo after him. Ha, his entire body except his foot ends up in the water. He tries to pull himself up, which gives us the return of Toad Kwang-soo. To everyone’s surprise, he manages to get back on the platform.

After a few more turns, Suk-jin is still in first place. Ji-hyo pushes Kwang-soo into the water (along with herself), and it’s up to Jae-suk to help his team. Sure enough, down goes the Prosecution.

Then Spartakooks comes charging down the lane, but Gil-kang stays put and wins the first round.

Hee-won gets defensive when “the three criminals” are up for the second round. But they all share a laugh soon afterwards because even Gil-kang used those words. That’s not a confession, right?

I love how even Gil-kang knows he’s slightly bending the rules, but he’s all Ssh! to the rest of the cast. Aww, and then Kwang-soo tries to help Ji-hyo after she falls in again, only to slip and fall in himself.

Jong-kook speeds down the lane once more. This time Gil-kang falls in, and Hee-won slides closer to the edge… and stops. Phew, that’s two pieces of evidence for the Defense.

Jae-suk talks to his clients in the car, who all claim that Suk-jin is making it up. The bumpy ride starts to get to them, so they teasingly ask, “What should we do [about Jae-suk]?” Gulp.

I’m sure the silence that follows doesn’t help, and the darkened interior of the car makes our three guests look even more ominous. Eeek.

Everyone receives a flashlight once they arrive at the next location. Here, they’ll complete mini-missions in the town and try to be the first ones back. Didn’t we play this game when Kim Soo-hyun was here?

They’re sent out with instructions to wear pants (without using their hands), which gives us a hilarious sight gag as the cast tries to help each other out. Breathless, Haha advises the suspects to turn themselves in already while Suk-jin comes across a grandma’s actual clothes. Ha.

Hee-won is nice enough to help Haha, who immediately abandons him, leaving the man to struggle alone. Welcome to variety!

Jae-suk and Woong-in are the first ones back, and I get a kick at how the rest of them all gape, “Oh, you’re back already?” Then Gil-kang trudges back barefoot, and poor Hee-won is still trying to pull the damned pants on.

After Maknae FD owns up to his mistake that only one person (Jae-suk), not two, will pass this round, Woong-in actually looks like he’s going to flip his lid. “I’m going to kill you if you take off your wig.”

Hee-won is red in the face and sweating by the time he makes it back. Turns out he used the same help-me-and-run tactic on Gary. Oh how quickly they learn that you need betrayal to survive in varietyland.

Gosh, I really have to wonder if our guests will be okay. Even though they’re sweatin’, they all head out anyway for their second task.

OMG, I totally jumped when Jong-kook uncovers a well and finds a staff member dressed in white pop out. They’re dead-ends, but Gary finds a real one and sllooowly walks back carefully balancing the plate on his head.

Haha keeps annoying poor Hee-won to stall him. Hee-won squeaks back like a kid being teased in a schoolyard, all, Just leave me alone! Haha’s constant pestering pays off just before the finish, which forces Hee-won to trek back up the hill again.

Eventually, Hee-won and Ji-hyo are neck and neck for the second spot (Gary passed first), but he loses the ball at the last second. Aw, he looks so genuinely upset and frustrated that he might cry.

It looks like Hee-won has hit that state of exhaustion where just about anything makes sense. He suggests that the opposing teams pair up, but when that means he could take on Jong-kook, he drops the idea. Heh.

The third task is a corn-eating race. Jong-kook and Kwang-soo bicker from first bite to last step of the finish. At one point, they swipe each other’s cobs, but neither succeeds. Oh that darned one kernel!

There’s a hilarious bit when Jong-kook tries to hold Woong-in back, and his fellow defendant comes to his rescue. Then he dramatically hands off his own cob ahead to buy some time. Is he gonna make it? Cut to: one kernel of elimination.

Suk-jin’s cob comes out clean, and it looks like Hee-won has a fighting chance. That is, until Haha swipes it and tosses it. Aww, it’s just so sad that I can’t even laugh anymore. Thankfully, he recovers it and grabs second place, to his relief.

As they rest, Suk-jin tells Hee-won that he should exercise more—why look how fit he is now! And I’m with Hee-won on this when he says, “You didn’t even run all that much!”

Hee-won does, however, agree to an arm-wrestling match against Suk-jin, who’s confident that he can win. He loses the first match (“I’m a leftie!”), so the cast pit them against each other for a re-match.

Unfortunately for him, he loses the second one too. At least you can take a breather now, right?

The others are sent out to return with sparklers. When Haha comes back with a fizzled-out sparkler, Hee-won tells him, “If it went out, then get lost!”

After Gil-kang runs in with a sparkler (and promptly passes out, ha), both Haha and Woong-in nab second and third. Woong-in prides himself in the notion that he at least beat Jong-kook, only to be told that Kookie is plain terrible at these kinds of games.

So it’s down to either Jong-kook or Kwang-soo in a tissue-blowing contest. I love how something this mundane can be turned into an dramatic showdown.

But it’s over as soon as it begins as Jong-kook’s tissue falls to the ground. Which means more evidence for the Defense.

Aw man, I wish that we had gotten to see a bit of the “Identify the Liar” game (the Prosecution won), but we roll right on ahead. I should note that the pieces of evidence are bokbulbok, so the teams could choose an item that will help or hurt in court.

Back to the courtroom where the jury will arrive at a decision based upon the collected evidence. The Defense rises and presents their first piece of evidence: past clips of when Suk-jin which exemplify his fervent greed to win.

As Jae-suk gives a long-winded argument that Suk-jin even betrayed his teammates last week when he pushed everyone else into the water. Therefore, he’s making it all up. All I’m thinking is that it’s a good thing the Defense has the nation’s MC as their lawyer to make such an articulate argument.

The Prosecution retorts that Suk-jin cherishes his own body too much to inflict self-harm. Plus, he’s a terrible liar.

Jae-suk objects: “I’ve seen him lie to [his wife] for the past ten years!” Suk-jin: “That was to keep the peace!” HA.

Oh crap, the Prosecution has some damning evidence: a photo of a secret meeting between Woong-in and Jo PD. It sure looks suspicious, and Woong-in’s defense doesn’t sound too convincing.

According to the show’s history, secret meetings can only mean one thing: that the person is a spy. Then Prosecutor Gary swears in as a witness. This… is the strangest courtroom drama ever.

His argument basically boils down to: either Woong-in or Kwang-soo was in a prime position to strike Suk-jin in those few seconds of darkness. I love how Jo PD is exempt because it just wouldn’t be right for him to hit his own cast member. Pffft.

To that, Kwang-soo rises: “[Suk-jin] could have hit himself like this!” and smacks both sides of his head. HA.

The Defense argues that it isn’t enough to say that Gary felt someone move beside him. What if the head smack was a conspiracy between Jo PD and Suk-jin? It’s Jae-suk’s impressive delivery that sells the argument.

Sure enough, there’s an undisclosed photo of Suk-jin and Jo PD engaging in a different secret meeting. Hmm.

Then to drive the point home, the Defense has a warrant to look through Suk-jin’s call log which indeed shows a text between the two parties, proving that Suk-jin showed up about an hour earlier than everyone else. Jae-suk: “[They] usually don’t contact each other.”

The Prosecution still contends the other photo with Woong-in, to which Kwang-soo says someone could have been framed. When Jong-kook points out that incriminating others is Kwang-soo’s specialty, he replies, “I didn’t take the photo…”

After Suk-jin pleads his innocence, the Prosecution makes their closing arguments and name Woong-in as the culprit. To this, Lawyer Jae-suk pleads his case with the statement: “Even if you let ten criminals go free, you must not let one man suffer injustice.”

The court resumes after the jury arrives at a decision. Judge FD reviews the entire case (zzz) before declaring the verdict: Not Guilty.

The Defense celebrates, and Prosecutor Kookie says that he’ll make an appeal: “So clear your schedules!” HA.

It’s when the Prosecution is alone do they ask if Suk-jin was in the wrong. Prosecutor Mung gapes, “So it was you! I can tell from the look on your face!”

Suk-jin whines back that it wasn’t him. So what did happen?

We jump back two hours ago when the Defense was reviewing their evidence, which included a recording of when the crime took place. What they saw surprised them, but they tossed it then (“I’ll pretend I didn’t see this!”).

Now we get to see what really happened. Everything goes dark… and Woong-in rises from his seat to hit Suk-jin before sitting back down. Ack, it was you!

That devilish smile belongs to a criminal who has gone free…


67 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. alive

    I could barely finish this episode. Oh wait, I didnt finish it at all. It was SO boring

    • 1.1 mehkko

      Hear, hear. I’ve never skipped part of Running Man before, but this whole episode was so ill-conceived. I know the producers are trying to find ways to keep RM interesting, but honestly, the name tag ripping at the end is the best part, hands down. Replacing that with SO MUCH talking was…boring, because, well, I can’t think of any more pleasant adjectives.

      • 1.1.1 jel

        It takes a lot for me not to finish one ep of RM. The one and only time that happened before was the 2nd Vietnam ep (the Indiana Jones one). Count this as number 2.

        I even managed to finish that horrible Jun Jung Ha ep (with a lot of fast forwarding), but this one, I just stopped at about the village game part.

        RM is best when the RM members are given free rein, but this one, they were absolutely ‘cooped” and there was only so much the members could do to save the ep (you could see Haha for one tried his darndest)

        • Caitlyn

          Ha Ha annoyed the hell out of me this episode. I understand that he was trying to make it funny, but i felt so bad for Hee Won. He was clearly frustrated and annoyed at Ha Ha, and Ha Ha just wouldn’t let up on him.

      • 1.1.2 Tracey

        I found it funny tbh. They can’t put in a lot of running and such because they have to take into consideration the age/fitness of the guests. See how the guy who lost to Suk Jin was exhausted only after that one game. The concept was still interesting and the guests were entertaining. If they had the name tag/race game then the guests would’ve been out pretty fast, which makes for a fail situation.

  2. Ren

    Haha. This episode was pretty funny, despite how boring the premise was. Thank you for the recap!

  3. kat

    A very funny episode. Had me laughing from the beginning til the end.

  4. zakin89

    The courtroom scenes should have been shortened and instead they should have shown the third game but well… too late now^^

    There were some hilarious moments though. (esp. during the first game^^)

    And I am normally not easily scared but that well “ghost” got me good 😀

    Oh and Jung Woong In…he can be one creepy guy!^^

    • 4.1 hannah

      I agree. The courtroom scenes could have been shorter. Some of the bickering back and forth between Running Man members could have been taken out and then we could have seen the third game.

  5. Sakura

    Woong In… They even made his character alive in Running Man… That smile at the end as he got away was creepy, but an amazing end to the episode. Ahhh, the aftermath of I Hear Your Voice…

  6. bjharm

    yeah had a lot a funny moments and not as bad as some of the past episodes with a heavily scripted theme/plot.
    Good guests that are willing to be made fools of really helped of course.
    As for the court case, well there was more than enough pointing at the bad guy for a guilty vote, but for the fact hammered home, that is ‘reasonable doubt’ and with the victim being who he was and the phone calls, that was put in place so the end verdict even though a wrong one was also the right one on what they where shown.
    And of course Jae-suk was always going to win a war of words against the Prosecution team easily.

  7. hannah

    This episode was fun in spots but it had long stretches of being uninteresting. Perhaps its because I don’t have a particular connection with the guests or something. It felt long, especially the village games. However, there were some fun moments, like how the two sides argued their cases at the end using the intricacies of Running Man against each other.

  8. Tushi

    Probably one of the most boring episode to date.

  9. Perrie

    Jung Woong In made this episode fun!
    He has a nice smile:)

  10. 10 Andy

    Again, Running Man just doesn’t work as well when it is confined by a “story”. The cast interacts naturally well enough…they’re actually handcuffed by setups. The funniest part of this episode was when the Easy Brothers fell in the water by accident (I believe that was a fortunate accident more than a body gag)

    There have been more misses than hits lately….but then there hasn’t been a prolonged slump yet. Hoping things will turn around soon!

  11. 11 nomad

    The court room scene was too long, but I thought the show itself was okay. Woong In was just too funny! I was floored when Suk Jin Ahjussi beat him. I didn’t that was possible, but hey! RM has shaped him over the years.

    • 11.1 KJKFan

      Are you talking about the arm wrestling? Because that’s Hee Won that Suk Jin beat

      • 11.1.1 nomad

        Ahh..yes, you’re quite correct! Thank you!

  12. 12 Ivory

    This was one of the worst and most boring episodes yet.

    • 12.1 ybhsmg

      Everyone could have his/her own opinion and I think it’s still better than previous ep. Maybe we have just recently been treated with several strong guests like Park Ji-Sung so the expectations are too high.

  13. 13 aramint

    Heh. Guess I’m the weird one for loving this episode. It had me laughing so hard. The games were entertaining and the actors were really funny, exhausted to the max for trying so hard only to fail, running barefoot and all the excuses when they lost the games.

    Plus, Woong-in getting mad at Maknae FD, Hee-won the pocket-man, and Gil-Kang the grumpy and scary hyung..hahaha

    And for the song that was used during the dramatic rescue (LOL), well, I’ve been replaying it for countless times now.

    Oh, and I just love how smooth Jae-suk was when delivering his lines. I’ve been suspecting Woong-in from the beginning given how this is a parody of I Can Hear Your Voice (Su-ha! ^^), but whenever Jae-suk started talking, I almost believed him. He really is the nation MC. ^.^

    • 13.1 lalala

      hey, I’m loving this eps too..for me it’s brilliant, different & I feel goosebumps watching the ending but still I can laugh at the same time..some viewers were getting bored for the court room scenes but just called me bored person coz I love it so much since it’s IHYV parody and really, YJS’s points really makes sense too, respect him so much!

      Yo, FD Dong Wan, u’re so cool dude..even better than Judge Kim in IHYV!hahaha

      • 13.1.1 MojoJoen

        I also agree with lalala that this is a brilliant ep.. the staff are trying so hard to pull of a story of professionals like the prosecutors/lawyers.. you know, we need this kind of story once in a while . . especially for the actors & staffs to challenge their skills in entertaining..

    • 13.2 MojoJoen

      I agree with what you all said.. and also this..

      ” Oh, and I just love how smooth Jae-suk was when delivering his lines. I’ve been suspecting Woong-in from the beginning given how this is a parody of I Can Hear Your Voice (Su-ha! ^^), but whenever Jae-suk started talking, I almost believed him. He really is the nation MC. ^.^ “

    • 13.3 IloveFood

      I also enjoyed the ep. Maybe because I have watched too much Name Tag Ripping Missions so the court room concept is quite refreshing to me. I am the kind of person who likes to try out new things.

      I just knew the real culprit was Woong In !!!! As a law student myself, the arguments in the court room were laughable, and all the evidences were so insufficient that everything became a big gag LOL. Jae Suk made a lot of holes in his arguments that could actually backfire and assist Ji Suk’s team to win the case, but the prosecutors could not take advantage of that. But I was really amazed at Jae Suk’s MC-ing skills. He was just so good, totally deserves the Nation’s MC title !

      UHHHH I felt bit frustrated when Ji Suk’s team could not win the case since I was 100% sure Woong In was guilty, and I myself really dislike injustice even if it is just a TV show LOL. I even felt like jumping into my laptop’s screen to argue for Ji Suk’s team LOL.

    • 13.4 sp

      It’s not an exciting episode for me but I loved the concept. I love that RM will always try to come up with new things, even if the delivery is not perfect. I’d love to see them doing something like this again but with more exciting games.

  14. 14 Andrea

    I feel conflicted about this episode. Yes, it had some hilarious moments but there were also really long stretches that bored me. I feel like it was more an editing problem than it being a “themed” episode with a certain script, because I found the guests to be pretty funny and their interactions with the cast very natural. Hopefulky the next one will be good, even though it was just filmed this past week.

  15. 15 Celloangelninja

    I think the one reason why I stuck with this episode was my love for I hear your voice

  16. 16 NaHyun

    It is utterly frightening to see Jung Woong-In from IHYV in variety and laughing. Not saying that I don’t like him, its just that he’s so different.

    • 16.1 isnin

      Jung Woong In early in his career. WOW…so different.

      I also saw a recent talk show where it was mentioned that he only got the role in IHYV because someone else dropped the role. He also only got his script 2 days before filming began!! WOW!! Amazing.

    • 16.2 kiko

      Jung Woong-In sure can deliver many personas on screen. he stands out for playing villain roles like MJG in I Hear Your Voice or Misaeng in Queen Seondeok, but my favorite of his role was when he played Jung Joon Ho’s hyung in Last Scandal: a very gentle man who had wonderful bromance with his dongsaeng, was giddy and smile a lot around the heroine, and his smiles were not creepy at all 😀

  17. 17 Jam

    Haha I actually liked this episode >_< thought it was funny, but yes like most said, the courtroom scenes could've been shorter. Overall not bad ^^

  18. 18 eli_n

    Man, this ep was boring. The mini games were fun but the courtroom scene were dragged on so looooong. It was just like what gummi said, a chance for all the actors to recite their lines. And it looked like the defense was primed to win anyway, there was no tension in the final scenes at all (at least for me). Although I’m again impressed by how articulate Jae-suk is. Daym I’d buy anything he’s selling with that delivery!

    Oh and I didn’t really feel bad for Hee-won. Mainly because without Haha’s teasing he would’ve faded into the background like AGK. it

  19. 19 eli_n

    Man, this ep was boring. The mini games were fun but the courtroom scene were dragged on so looooong. It was just like what gummi said, a chance for all the actors to recite their lines. And it looked like the defense was primed to win anyway, there was no tension in the final scenes at all (at least for me). Although I’m again impressed by how articulate Jae-suk is. Daym I’d buy anything he’s selling with that delivery!

    Oh and I didn’t really feel bad for Hee-won. Mainly because without Haha’s teasing he would’ve faded into the background like AGK. it’s all in the name of variety!

  20. 20 Anna

    Kookie who could have been detective had history been rewritten …

    And now Jae-suk who could have been lawyer …

    We’re just short of a judge. ㅋㅋ

    • 20.1 jjykl

      Lol that’s so funny, I love this comment. It would be awesome to have a drama with Kookie and Hyukie as squabbling detectives and lawyers.

  21. 21 KimYoonmi

    I liked the guests and the irony that they were more interested in the rules than the prosecution, but the court case could have been cut a little at the end allowing for the third game. I think it’s more an editing problem than a scripting problem, as said. I do wonder what’s in the cut footage and if it was funny…

    As this show is episodic I don’t really care since the series itself was well done, and I find it entertaining Jo PD, the instigator, is auto-exempt.

    And I won’t call this a “slump” either.

  22. 22 CutiieAngiie

    Gosh’, I must really have weird taste because I freakin’ loved that episode. The guests were hilarious and the interactions between the cast perfect as usual.
    I loved the village games because they were so fun especially with the ghost well which I swear, I got so scared –‘
    But yeah, court session seemed long for one but I didn’t find it boring at all.

    As for viewers ratings, I just feel that people weren’t interested in the theme of the episode and guests and that doesn’t have anything to do with RM’s lack of quality. I’m sure the ratings will increase overtime. We have to keep faith ^^

  23. 23 Raptor

    Awww they actually skipped through the whole Identify the Liar game?!? Sigh that could have saved this ep a bit.

    • 23.1 KJKFan

      Yea Catch the Thief (or Liar) games are so awesome on Running Man!

  24. 24 Running Man Fan

    Boring episode. Never have i felt so disappointed. With Yoo Jae Suk as the lawyer, the defense team have a great advantage. I dun think they should cut the liar game episode and the courtroom sence can be shorter. The editing part need to be done better and preserve all the funny stuffs.
    The village game is ‘again’ a recycle game reused by Running Man within just a few episodes!! What’s up with Running Man? Where is the action and the excitement? The only segment I enjoyed is the water game. But that does not save the show from drowning… The village game is repetitive and Kwang Soo ‘again’ pin himself against Jong Kook! Repeat and repeat like a recorder. Haha teased the guests but still give back the corn eventually and he dun do that often so fine. Ji suk Jin is so funny been the victim here and also challenge the guest for arm wrestling. Lol.

  25. 25 Running Man Fan

    Oh and the only funny moment in the courtroom. When prosecutor Kookie look so handsome and cool in the robe until he came out and Yoo Jae suk ask him to put on a pants! That was funny.. Because all of them wear shorts and look like choir. Haha.. 😉

  26. 26 Cynthia

    Games good.
    Courtroom babbling, Bad.

    I watched this ep twice and fell asleep BOTH times, right when they reconvened in the courtroom.

    If Su-ha had been there I would a stayed awake, fixated on his kissable lips. As he wasn’t, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

    I’m expecting lots more for the next ep. This one was a killer – and not in the good way, the soul-sucking BORING way.

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi. How did you ever get through it?!

    • 26.1 gummimochi

      Thanks Cynthia!

      I’m not gonna lie; some parts were reallllly hard to get through. I still don’t know why we saw every.single.argument. in the courtroom. But that’s the thing with Running Man, I guess: just hoping that the next episode is better than the last. *fingers crossed*

      • 26.1.1 zodd

        Yeah the courtroom seen at the end felt pointless. How is it dictated who would win at the end? The team who had most clues/evidence? If so it was just 10 mins of air filler at the end. Maybe it was done that way because the third game was terrible so they cut it and had to extend the courtroom seen to fill air time? Either way I feel the PD didn’t think this well through.

  27. 27 pigtookie

    Hehe I must have some funny tastes too. This was really one of the episodes that stood out for me in a string of slow episodes (havent watched 2ne1 episode yet). I laughed most of the way through this episode, and it didn’t disappoint at all.

    I was annoyed when they accused them of the role because of their past roles, but as it was played for comedy & had no decisive impact in the decision it was fine (and for the show, conveniently sets up a story for the ‘villians’).

    The games were hilarious once the guests got into them as well. The village games had me rolling in laughter (again, I didn’t watch the Kim Soo Hyun episode in full) and the guests did well with variety, highlights for me was Haha’s mischief with Hee-won, and Kwang-soo and Jong-Kook’s banter (no, it doesn’t get old for me, not when it’s two-sided with both of them sabotaging the other). Jung Woong-in was fantastic this whole episode.

    I’d have liked the Identify the Liar game too, that’d be fun! Running Man should release some clips of material that was edited out.

  28. 28 Lilian

    This was a half here half there episode for me. I liked the games part and hated the courtroom scenes. Such a waste of time!

  29. 29 Baby panda

    I actually liked this episode because it allowed us to see the lovable side of the actors that portrayed villainous roles. I struggled with last week’s 2NE1 episode but really enjoyed this one. Lawyer Jae Suk is so good, wish I can see him in a drama.

    • 29.1 nomad

      That would be a fun idea, won’t it? Seeing Jae Suk in a drama?I saw Kookie and Gary cameo-ed in Kwang Soo’s movie Radio a while back, and just seeing them there gave me such a warm feeling. It’s like seeing family.

      • 29.1.1 jjykl

        JS has acted before, in banjun dramas and then there was this one drama where he acted with Lee Hwijae and Nam Hee Suk. He’s pretty good at acting but I think he would have been better in the past when he didn’t have such popularity and a deeply wholesome image. JS as a lawyer though would be epic.

  30. 30 PollyRose

    This episode was a little like IHYV the show, in the sense that the courtroom scenes were never it’s strong points. When they were playing the games it was great, always one of RM’s strengths, but the court scenes did drag…

    At least with RM, we know that the next episode always has the potential to be amazing. When dramas start to go down based on writing, etc. there’s not usually much you can do. RM can falter for an episode or two and then the right guests/games/theme can turn it all around again 🙂 Thanks as always for the recaps!

    • 30.1 the68monkey

      That’s exactly what I was thinking while watching it! If the courtroom scenes are boring in the drama, they’re probably going to be boring in a variety setting, too. And they most certainly were, even with Woong-in!

      HaHa’s treatment of Hee-won was really annoying to me, even if it did result in more attention being paid to Hee-won. Talk about a good sport! Even Suk-jin beat him in arm wrestling. . . twice. Thank goodness Hee-won passed the corn test after being harassed by HaHa so much. I think it was a mercy pass.

      Best part of an otherwise dull show? Jae-suk and Gwang-soo dressing each other with their feet. 😀

  31. 31 Hari

    I agree with most of you…some funny moments, good they tried a different theme, but overall pretty dull. I did enjoy seeing Kang Gary’s (my RM crush) courtroom focus.

  32. 32 IamR

    I don’t even know why I like this ep or maybe I loved boring too much and this is laws and attorneys. I really like reading courtroom books even if it’s boring to some.

  33. 33 Nicole

    I actually really liked this episode a lot. I didn’t find the court scenes dragging or boring at all.

  34. 34 do-ra-ma

    Well, it wasn’t the worst episode I’ve seen of RM. But, it definitely wasn’t the most fun or entertaining. The best part was that night race in the village with Haha’s trolling and what-not.

    RM gets into these funks every now and then; after the episode with Suzy a few weeks ago, the show seems to have entered yet another one. This is my biggest complaint with the show: the inconsistency.

    I agree with Andy’s comment earlier: RM doesn’t work well when it’s forced within the confines of a “story”. These heavily scripted premises are actually detrimental to the show (and are always so eye-rolling-ly cheesy). If there is going to be more of an overt storyline, I think it works best when the cast isn’t aware of said story until the very end. Surprise and spontaneity are a variety show’s best friends.

    At least Suk Jin hyung has been getting more screentime lately, so that’s a plus. And the guests were great. Here’s hoping next week’s episode will actually be fun.

  35. 35 WhyWhy(Not)Me

    Oh man~ I can just hear the OST of “I Hear Your Voice” when I was watching this. I loved it, despite what other fans have said 🙂

  36. 36 min

    super boring. one of the worst running ep in recent years.

  37. 37 panshel

    The courtroom drama reminded me of Infinity Challenge instead of Running Man. All talking, no running.

    • 37.1 zodd


  38. 38 isnin

    I’m a die hard runningman fan. BUT…..

    I really, really HATED the first 15 minutes of this episode.
    Poorly contrived, ill-conceived and BORING! I’m so glad that other people have also said they were bored.

    Runningman has been in decline for a while now.
    They really need to go back to the basics to save the show.

    STOP bringing in wholes casts that are only there to promote their latest projects!!! THEY SUCK and the tie in writing is terrible and boring.

    I wonder if they have been shying away from physical competition lately because of Kim Jong Kook’s injury? If so, they need to place him on hiatus until he is fully recovered and bring in a replacement. Love the Baseball, Soccer and Wrestling guests they have brought in as guest…why not rotate them in?

    Team competition.
    PUNISHMENT for the losing team.
    Stop The Thief Game.
    More female guests.

    The 2NE1 episode was actually funny…..but this IHYV episode sucked.

  39. 39 soprection

    Thank you for the recap.

    I wasn’t looking forward to this one because I thought the courtroom ‘plot’ would bore me but I actually found it hysterical. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I cracked up during the opening courtroom scene. And it just goes to show what a great speaker JaeSuk is – he did a wonderful job of delivering speeches that were moving and which made you sympathize with the suspects. By the end of the show, I really believed that Suk Jin had orchestrated the whole thing himself for more air time and so was shocked to find out that one of the suspects had actually done it.

    I gotta say this is probably the first time I’ve ever felt bad for the guests while watching Running Man. They really looked like they were having a hard time during the games, especially during the ones in the village. Haha’s childishness then was quite funny though – it’s no wonder he ended up with a ‘childish’ character. I wish they hadn’t had to cut out the third challenge but I suppose it was necessary for them to add in the final courtroom scene.

    It’s nice getting to see Suk Jin be a little more active though. I actually felt really proud of him when he beat Kim Hee Won in arm wrestling. He never gets to be one of the strong members so it was a nice change from his usual character.

  40. 40 neoest

    i love this episode 😀

  41. 41 Diana

    I actually love this episode, but I don’t really like the ending. How’s that possible for crime to win the court? It proves that justice won’t always be there in the court. At first I thought that Suk Jin oppa’s the culprit, he hit himself, but it’s really annoying knowing that Woong In was the real culprit. I really wanted to yell to Jong Kook oppa, how come you’ve lost to them in the first two games, if you just got the evidence….ack, I feel so sorry to Suk Jin Oppa, no one trusted him even if he’s innocent. Well, this episode is different actually from usual, but I still love it.

    • 41.1 king Galy

      what is the background music plays on this ep .. at 024:00?

    • 41.2 sp

      I actually like the ending, it’s more real. Without that video, no one will know the truth. It can go either way but YJS’s closing statement won it for the defense team.

  42. 42 jjykl

    This episode was reminiscent of Infinity Challenge’s Crime and Gil episode, only boring. YJS was amazing and KJK was also pretty good. But Haha was way too annoying and the guests were dreary. This is such a forgettable episode.

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