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Running Man: Episode 158
by | August 16, 2013 | 28 Comments

It’s a numbers game this week on Running Man as they fight the odds against their favor. They’ll have to use their brains and brawn to tackle the puzzling clues to figure out who’s who, which gives us a nice little spin on the classic nametag game. Then to top it off, another actor sheds his serious image for the sake of variety with his competitiveness and ever-amusing short temper.

EPISODE 158. Broadcast on August 11, 2013.

We open in front of a shopping mall with everyone except Kwang-soo, who’s still filming on set for Goddess of Fire. They toss a few light-hearted jokes in his absence, like how Kwang-soo will stick to variety if that acting thing doesn’t work out for him.

Then we’re introduced to today’s guests, who all star in the upcoming movie Hide and Seek: Sohn Hyun-joo (Empire of Gold, The Chaser), Moon Jung-hee (Just You), and Jeon Mi-seon (Pure Love). Suffice it to say everyone’s jaws drop in surprise.

I’m personally excited about Hyun-joo’s appearance ever since we saw a snippet of him in a previous episode. Suk-jin points out that Hyun-joo is wearing his microphone over his pants, which I didn’t even notice. Aw, then Hyun-joo says that he saw the episode when his former The Chaser‘s co-star Kim Sang-joong was a guest.

Jo PD wastes no time to introduce today’s aptly named Hide and Seek Race where it’s every man or woman for themselves. They’ll pick up number clues during today’s games to figure out each other’s identities for the final mission.

Hyun-joo seems upset to hear that Kwang-soo won’t be joining them until later today, but then we see Kwang-soo hiding inside, just a few yards away. Wait, this can only mean one thing…

One hour ago. Kwang-soo breaks into a huge, ear-splitting grin when he meets with Jo PD. It’s pretty adorable how excited he gets and asks if this mean he’s the hero today. I love how reluctant Jo PD is to admit it, all, Well, if that’s what you want to think…

We don’t get to hear what his secret mission is, but we do see Kwang-soo’s overly eager expression evolve into nerve-wracked anxiety. Hahaha.

When the rest of the cast arrives, they’re immediately suspicious to see Kwang-soo already waiting for them. Kwang-soo sits them down and comes right out with it about how today’s mission is dedicated to him. Everyone’s reaction? A matter-of-fact “okay.” Ha, not quite what he was going for.

Kwang-soo launches into a long-winded explanation about today’s setup, and he gets so caught up in his excitement that they have to stop him because they’re so confused. He starts over, and basically it’s the cast’s job to protect him while he remains hidden during the games.

When Kwang-soo tells them that the worst part is their punishment should they fail (i.e. extra filming), Jae-suk retorts: “The worst about all of this is that you’re the hero!”

Then Jo PD steps in to explain the rest: today’s four games require certain tools in order to play, so while the cast is busy looking for them, Kwang-soo will need to pass these games without being caught by the guests. Everyone’s like, Ohhh, *now* I get it.

The cast has been together for over three years now, which means they know each other (and their variety personas) all too well by now. They worry about Kwang-soo’s tendency to be overly dramatic in the spotlight (i.e. ‘hero syndrome’), because although they know what it takes to be entertaining on variety, they’ve also got a game to win.

Kwang-soo gawks at their suggestions, which range from semi-helpful (“Stay in one spot!”) to kinda ridiculous (“Stay in the dark!”). At the last one, Jae-suk points out that Kwang-soo won’t be able to appear on camera then.

Finally, Kwang-soo sighs, “Then I’ll just stay at home and you all tell me how it goes!” Aww.

Everyone heads inside to play the overarching ‘game’ Empire of Gold Medal, where the first three cast members to succeed will receive medals. We know that it’s just busy work to buy Kwang-soo some time, and he already looks frightened hiding in the corner.

The first game is gonggi or Korean jacks, and everyone heads out to find the teeny objects. Hyun-joo is already a hootβ€”he asks his VJ about the jacks, and he gets annoyed when he doesn’t get an answer: “Why won’t you say anything?”

While the guests are busy looking (Mi-seon walks past a set, ha), the cast worries about where Kwang-soo is. Or you could find the gonggi for him. Just sayin’.

HA, the first thing Haha says when he finds Kwang-soo is: “You look so pitiful.” Kwang-soo’s head-to-toe disguise does makes him look that much more conspicuous. Kwang-soo: “Can you tell it’s me?” Answer: Yes.

Haha discovers a set soon afterwards, but he’s picked up a tail and runs to get it to Kwang-soo. And with the game zone completely abandoned, now’s his chance.

Haha keeps a lookout as Kwang-soo plays in a corner. Things are looking good for him, and then he messes up. But then Hyun-joo comes running over, forcing Kwang-soo to hide away again.

It turns out that Hyun-joo is surprisingly good at the game, and he plays with a look of determination. The cast can’t afford to let the guests win, so Suk-jin tries to distract Hyun-joo a few times, which only sparks his short temper. Then when he does it a final time, I’m kinda afraid that Hyun-joo might actually hurt him.

Ji-hyo checks up on Kwang-soo, and tells him that she’ll signal him once the coast is clear. Missing the action, he whispers: “It sounds fun!”

Meanwhile, the cast does anything and everything to buy some more time, like how they tug on the tablecloth or Gary fake-sneezes, knocking Hyun-joo over. Ack, know who you’re dealing with first!

It’s rather brilliant of Haha to make off with a few of Hyun-joo’s gonggi, since that creates a perfect opportunity for Kwang-soo. Ji-hyo cries, “Toad! Toad!” Puhahaha. Unfortunately, Hyun-joo shows up again before Kwang-soo gets the chance.

Oh dear, Gary succeeds first. It doesn’t even occur to him what his win means for the rest of the cast, and Kwang-soo whispers: “He passed? Then what about me!” Whoops, so much for securing a spot for the giraffe!

Back at the game zone, it looks like Hyun-joo might come in second. So Jae-suk thinks fast and takes off with a gonggi, to Hyun-joo’s surprise. HA.

They do the same with all of their guests over and over and over again. It’s hilarious every time.

At least it gives Kwang-soo another chance, and this time he hides under the table to keep out of sight. And after a few tries, he does it. Yay! Aw, and then Haha casually pushes a water bottle underneath the table for his troubles.

Now the cast is at ease as Suk-jin and Hyun-joo, who wears his gold medal with pride. Poor Kwang-soo is stuck under the table until everyone leaves.

We skip ahead to the third game where they’ll need to kick a hacky sack five times. Gary signals Kwang-soo over after he finds one, and I’m thinking that holding that heavy camera can only work against you.

Kwang-soo tries over and over again as the rest of the cast keeps an eye out. But then Hyun-joo arrives with a hacky sack in hand. Eep, time to run!

It just so happens Hyun-joo’s good at this game too. So I’m with Ji-hyo when she asks, “Sunbae-nim, what can’t you do?”

I crack up every time someone catches the hacky sack mid-air with the excuse: “It was just about to hit my face!” Then the cast grows nervous when they spot Kwang-soo hiding among the staff.

HA, did the cast create a new rule to speed-walk just because? Meanwhile, Kwang-soo gets to work at the game zone, and despite his best efforts, he misses another opportunity.

Thankfully, the cast manages to clear the game zone again. And this time, Kwang-soo passes. Woot!

Kwang-soo hides in a stairwell once everyone leaves. He’s sweating and exhausted by now, and he can hardly believe that no one has suspected him in his disguise. Then he squeeezes the sweat out of his jacket. Ew.

He cries, “But I’m the hero today!”

When he hears about the fourth game (Animal Masks Limbo), he wonders how the heck he’s going to succeed without getting caught. Then whaddayaknow, he actually discovers a giraffe mask. Gah seriously, what are the chances!

He practices on a rack, and for a second there, it looks like he’ll do just fine. That is, until he gets caught at the giraffe’s face.

It’s adorable to see how excited Hyun-joo gets when he discovers a mask. But limbo is another thing of itself, and he collapses onto the court.

Jae-suk does a pretty good job at stalling for time at the limbo pole. Then Hyun-joo uses Jae-suk’s approach-and-backup approach, to hilarious results.

How is it that a man who plays such serious roles look so cute in a tiger mask? Also, Suk-jin’s horse mask looks like it was made for him.

Elsewhere, Ji-hyo gets annoyed when Kwang-soo refuses to take her mask because “I’m the giraffe!” Ha. That may be true, but you’ve got a game to win!

But they’re running out of time because Jung-hee succeeds first. Then Mi-seon follows suit. Ohhh crap.

Hyun-joo’s battle stance against the limbo pole cracks me up. I could watch that man try to overcome his inflexibility all day. The others try to help, shouting tips on the sidelines (“Bend more!” “Turn your head!”), but alas, he falls again.

After Kwang-soo eventually blends in with the crowd again as a VJ, the cast suggests that they have VJs try out the task. It’s pretty clever, though I’m surprised the guests haven’t picked up on some obvious clues like “Where’s that tall VJ of ours?” Enter Kwang-soo.

The cast keeps talking to distract the guests as Kwang-soo does his best to keep his face hidden. He hits the pole numerous times and even covers his face like he’s camera-shy. And the guests have no idea it’s him.

Kwang-soo nearly gives himself away when he raises his arm in the air like he does for his trademark “Giraffe Power” pose. He gets a whack on the head for that, ha.

Kwang-soo tries one more time, and slowly but surely, he passes under the pole. And the guests still have no idea. Hahaha.

But then the cast instructs him to greet their guests. The look of astonishment on Hyun-joo’s face is priceless. The guests are debriefed about the secret mission, and Hyun-joo reacts… by whacking Kwang-soo over the head with a mask. Puhahaha.

Back to the numbers mission which was introduced at the beginning of today’s episode. As winners of the secret mission, the Running Man cast is given one hint each, and everyone heads out.

In the car, Mi-seon mentions her son wanted her to do the “Cross” move with Jong-kook. They do it, and it’s adorable. Haha looks over his hint (“8, 9, 10 all have one child each”) and we see Jong-kook’s (“1 and 9 use stage names”).

We get a few more clues (“1, 2, and 9 are singers; 8, 10 are comedians”) (“1 and 3 have something to do with Mondays”). And even more clues (“1 and 2 are single”) (“4 and 5 are in currently airing Mon/Tues dramas”).

Hyun-joo’s schedule sounds packed with a drama, movie, and family life going on. Aw, his kids are fans of the show and he sends a cute little shout-out to them, wave and all. “I even got a gold medal!” Adorable.

The cast is greeted with a hopscotch court built upon an acupuncture mat. Here the teams will have to throw a stone into a number. Jong-kook suggests they go barefoot, and everyone wholeheartedly agrees.

I… can’t tell you this is better or worse than the prickly floor they’re usually subjected to. But I’m going to say it’ll probably be worse.

It’s worse. Gary: “It’s different!” Jong-kook: “What this feels like is like getting bruises on your feet!”

That comment sparks another round of bickering between Jong-kook and Jae-suk, and it’s Hyun-joo who puts a stop to it: “[to Jong-kook] Why are you being so argumentative?”

Hyun-joo is up first, and I love how the staff roll these clips of him oozing charisma onscreen in the dramas, and then it’s cut with Hyun-joo crying in pain. Ha. Then Jae-suk all but cries real tears of pain, but it’s no good.

It’s no surprise that Jong-kook doesn’t even break a sweat for the first few steps. But the pain belatedly kicks in, and I’m feeling sympathy pains over here. Owww.

Then when it’s Ji-hyo’s turn again, she yelps, “Aiishhiii…” and everyone teases her for almost-cursing on TV. (If Ji-hyo had added another syllable ‘bal,’ it would turn into “shibal,” and thus be the equivalent of crying out “Oh, fuck!” in English.)

Hyun-joo passes with flying colors, but it’s Gary who doubles over in pain.

Jung-hee gets a bit more screentime when the Easy Brothers point out that she can and will dance on command. It’s cute, but it doesn’t help all that much on the court.

Jong-kook utilizes a new strategy of screaming “Pat!” with every step when it’s his turn again. Maybe it’s an effort to distract himself from the pain because it works well enough for him. For Haha, not so much.

I’m getting another wave of sympathy pangs when Hyun-joo literally jumps on the court every time. Gah, it just looks so painful. Everyone tells him that there’s no need to work so hard, and then he finally crumbles.

It’s raining by now, and the cast worries that the court will be too slippery. Jong-kook uses his “Pat!” strategy, and then it’s up to Haha to clinch the win. He gets pretty close, but then steps with both feet at the very end. Twice.

Is the show really comparing Hyun-joo’s torture on the hopscotch court to Park Ji-sung’s battered feet? It’s all about the editing, and the moving music makes this both a hilarious and touching moment as he endures the pain for his kids.

Gary follows with a decent showing, but it’s Jae-suk we want to worry about as he winces with every step.

Jo PD offers a handicap to the teams, but Suk-jin surprisingly declines, claiming that his team can do it the more painful way if everyone else can. His teammates complain, and Kwang-soo quips, “What confidence do you have to say [that]!”

It turns out Suk-jin does have the confidence to say it, and his team succeeds first. And then Jae-suk turns to the camera to apologize to Hyun-joo’s son on behalf of his father.

We barrel though the next game, where the cast members are sent out to fulfill various tasks undetected. Hyun-joo succeeds; Kwang-soo doesn’t. Then it’s off to the final mission location!

Here, they’ll have to guess each other’s number while sitting in chairs suspended over water. If they get it right, the other person will fall into the water. If they guess wrong, then the guesser will fall in. Simple enough.

Holy crap, the staff wasn’t kidding when they said the cast will be suspended high above the water. Jae-suk gets to guess first. Problem is, none of his clues contained any information about Number 1. He’s going to fall in, isn’t he?

Jae-suk makes a wild guess (“Gary!”) and waits. And then Gary falls.

That empty seat next to Suk-jin looks pretty scary, but now it’s Kwang-soo’s turn. He’s told to guess Number 10, and I honestly thought that he didn’t know when he let out a panicked scream. But then takes Jae-suk’s hand. Uh oh.

Off comes the glasses and down Jae-suk goes. Jung-hee incorrectly guesses Jong-kook for Number 8, all thanks to Suk-jin, who let her jump to the wrong conclusion.

All alone, Kwang-soo hollers: “Both of my friends are gone!”

Suk-jin’s got a fifty-fifty shot at the right answer for Number 9 (Haha or Jong-kook). He calls out Haha’s name… and gets it right. But Suk-jin doesn’t last up there for much longer because Mi-seon correctly names him as Number 8.

Jong-kook doesn’t look too confident about who Number 3 might be. With a mere 20% probability, he yells out Ji-hyo’s name…. and she falls in. Now that’s a lucky guess.

Jo PD reassures the remaining players that their chances of winning are pretty good. Jong-kook cries: “It’s okay if I don’t win!”

Hyun-joo confidently shouts out Kwang-soo’s name for Number 5. Kwang-soo barely has the time to register this before he’s cut loose.

With only three players remaining, Mi-seon is asked to guess Number 4, so she takes a shot in the dark by calling out her own name. It’s incorrect and she falls.

It’s Jong-kook’s turn to guess who Number 4 might be, and he realizes that no one has figured out Jung-hee’s number yet. He thinks out loud, but the height and anticipation is getting to Hyun-joo, who snaps: “Stop talking!”

So Jong-kook guesses Jung-hee, leaving it up to chance once more. He falls in.

This means that Hyun-joo is today’s winner, and he cries a victorious cheer. He dedicates his win to his family (aw) and is presented with three gold rings.

In high spirits, he cheerily tells his fellow guests, “Let’s come out once more.” Please do; you’re most welcome.


28 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. girlfriday

    I don’t know why, but Sohn Hyun-joo + variety = gold. He cracked me UP.

  2. Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

    I actually stayed awake for the entire episode and it must have been easier for you to recap this ep than the last one. Less talking, more games and willing participants is always a winning combo.

    Every time they use that foot mat, it cracks my s**t up! It always surprises me that Gary seems to be the one with the most sensitive feet. He’s usually so balls-to-the-wall when it comes to these games.

    I’m also a sucker for water games. Those seat drops were really neat (and suspenseful!). Bet we’ll be seeing them used at a later date.

    It’s time for a flower boy RM show. I miss my Yonghwa!

    • 2.1 mary

      I thought Gary could endure pain well too!

      Didn’t he play that hit-my-forehead-with-a-chopstick thing around episode 9?

  3. lulu

    Watching this episode made my palms sweat, especially during the morning mission with Kwang-soo! I also yelled at my screen quite a bit haha.

    The ways the cast tried divert the guests were HILARIOUS. I always love when the cast is given a mission requiring them to work as one.

  4. Andrea

    I really liked this episode!

    It was hilarious and it was also really tense at some points. I missed that whiplash of feelings on Running Man.

    The first mission and the last game made me bite my nails and yell at the screen, while I also laughed like a maniac. The guests were good too (Sohn Hyun Joo is just so damn funny) and there were great moments amongst the cast. I love when they work together as a team… Wish we could see that more often!

    • 4.1 Joy

      Aghhh yes! I was so stressed out during that first mission. So many close calls of Kwangsoo being outed. The rest of the episode was funny but not as great as the beginning. I wish they should have just made Kwangsoo the main star for the entire episode and then the number game for the next episode.

  5. Lc

    Every now and then I get a reminder of how popular RM is.

    At my client’s place yesterday the rank and file people took advantage of their management people being away for a retreat to use the projector to play this ep during their lunch hour. And this was really excruciating for me…because we are just nearby and I can hear them breaking out into laughter every now and then. Very clearly, as if the scene is playing in front of my eyes!!

    If not for deadlines and also that I need to get MY lunch break, I would have stood outside the room the whole time to get my RM dose. But I could only make do with sneak peeks when going to and from the restroom…

    • 5.1 CutiieAngiie

      Seriously ? Where do you live ?

      • 5.1.1 Alinka

        Second this. Where do you live? My Korean Language class teacher at uni allowed us to do an RM viewing in class through projector, last semester. There were a couple of people outside the class who peeked through the glass, just like what you did πŸ˜€

      • 5.1.2 Lc

        Singapore, where RM’s popularity would be more visible online than on the airwaves.

        Our local tv just finished showing some old eps of RM ending in their China special, but I imagine the ratings weren’t that good. Firstly because the fans would have caught them on the net by then, and secondly because they are dubbed in Chinese and subject to commercial breaks every 15 min which would have ruined the pacing and tone.

        • Melissa

          Ooh, those! Did you know you can change the audio to the original audio (Korean)? ^^

          • Kern

            Oh really? How do you do that? I can’t stand the dubbed voices at all. Singapore probably has like only one list of C-list dubbers who don’t even care how close they sound to the original voices.

            Not that I watch on the TV cause I’ve already watched it online, as Lc said… xD Plus I don’t think they air the entire ep. Watching online gives you all 90 minutes of RM awesomeness.

  6. jae

    thank you, gummimochi!
    sohn hyun jo.. wow!
    i will watch the video soon.. ^^

  7. Hari

    Hyun joo was a great guest; fun episode. Cool he won & had shootouts to his family. Man, those drop seat chairs ARE suspenseful. I do worry about the cast being injured; chairs are better than the flying/flinging seat. I laugh, but still cringe a bit , hoping no injuries occur. Nice to see the cast united for games mission in first part. Thanks for recap.

  8. alive

    A MUCH better episode compared to the previous one, MUCH BETTER.

    I always love it when the whole RM team works together, and so the first half of this ep was nice to see. Their antics were pretty childish but it brought the laughs. I was worried Son Hyun Joo was really going to flare up when they kept messing with him though!

    I thought though that during the limbo game, it was really obvious who the “tall VJ” was, and I dont know whether to believe that none of the guests noticed him. Mi Seon guested before and was on the same team with Kwang Soo, and Son Hyun Joo was specifically asking about Kwang Soo at the opening, so I have my doubts none of them spotted him. But yay! That game let me catch a glimpse of my favorite real VJ, Ki Jin, Jong Kook’s VJ. Its wrong to say this, but I think he’s cute!

    Though I have to agree with Ji Hyo that Kwang Soo has some serious main character syndrome. I was sceptial when he said it was finally his time as the main character. He has like the 2nd most screentime on RM (2nd to Jae Suk).

    But oh well, are we done with the accupressure games? Seems like whenever RM catches on a new game, they use it till everyone’s bored, like Ddakji, dodgeball and now accupressure. It was fun the first few times, but after that I fast forwarded. Jong Kook’s “pat pat pat” strategy was hilarious though, so was Haha bending over to apologise to his uri hyung.

    The last game was exciting, and I was guessing the numbers alongside the cast as well. How lucky Jong Kook was to guess that 20% chance for Ji Hyo? For that reason alone, I rooted for him to win, but it was not to be.

    Though I have to lament no name tag tearing again! Though that was kinda expected given who the guests were, not exactly the most athletic

  9. mehkko

    Personally, this episode still liked the fun that I expect from Running Man. I felt like the trick with Kwangsoo at the beginning could have been fun, but wasn’t well explained, and honestly seemed kind of useless.

    Also, the chairs were fun, but I really miss some classic name-tag ripping. Especially without teams.

    However, the cast is as hilarious together as ever, and really carry the show even when the production makes missteps. I really want Mong Jihyo to be my unni.

  10. 10 aramint

    1. Ji-hyo looks so pretty with bright red lips. ^.^

    2. From Kwang-soo -> Giraffe -> Toad -> Soo-cheol..hahaha..

    3. Gary’s fake-sneeze (I lol-ed so hard at that) and how he won the game without even realizing it.

    4. Jae-suk’s mid-air stone kidnapping, Hyun-joo’s reaction was priceless (“yah, I’ve always liked you!”)

    5. Hyun-joo’s short temper but when talking about his family, he sounds so sweet and adorable πŸ™‚

    6. Haha secretly passing the water bottle to Kwang-soo, awww..

    7. Suk-jin actually looks cool with his horse-mask.

    8. Jong-kook’s pat-pat-pat technique. And now I really wanna try playing a game on those pressure mats.. ^^”

    All in all, I love this episode. When the members work as a team to disturb the guests, it’s hilarious. πŸ˜€

  11. 11 soprection

    Thank you for the recap!

    I laughed A LOT watching this episode. It was really fun. I was a little sceptical about how Kwangsoo’s mission would play out but it ended up being really funny. I liked seeing Kwangsoo get a little spotlight and it was nice watching the others work together to help him succeed at his mission. I love seeing the RM work as a team even though I thought Sohn Hyun Joo was going to lose it (similar to last week’s guests, he looked like he was really getting frustrated).

    The drop seats really were high up. It definitely looked intimidating. I thought the clues were pretty good – I guessed everyone right except for the guests. I liked the number clue thing though – it was different.

    Man, those acupuncture mats are like cockroaches. Not only do they keep coming back but they’ve evolved, lol. I love watching their reactions to them but I feel for them too. Those things look insanely painful and judging from Jong Kook and Jae Suk’s reactions this time around, they really were.

  12. 12 hore!

    I love seeing RM work as a team, more please πŸ™‚

  13. 13 Lilian

    I am watching Son Hyun Joo in Empire of Gold now. And he is so different in variety that it makes it hilarious! Haha…..

    My fav part though is definitely the ending! Jong Kook’s prediction was damn good =)

  14. 14 the68monkey

    Running Man was back on track with this episode. πŸ™‚ When they have to work together, rather than create false tension among themselves, the show works so much better!

    Gary, did you really get caught up in the “zone” of five stones, or could you not stand to intentionally lose at something in which you’re very skilled? After shuttlecock was over, it was hilarious to see Gary lagging behind, all HEY, I’m really good at this, SEE! πŸ˜›

    I’m still confused over why Jeon Mi-seon chose herself as #4. If she were correct, she’d go in the water; if she were incorrect, she’d go in the water. Did she just decide to take herself out of the game at that point? Hmmmm.

    More episodes like this one, please! (Nametag ripping welcomed, too, though).

  15. 15 Running Man Fan

    This episode is better than the previous one. The guests are participative and Running Man had shown great team work in this episode. I really like that!! Finally no back stabbing and betrayal or what not at least for a while.

    I love how the Running Man disrupt the guests from winning.. They have so many tricks in their sleeves. Although Hyun Joo looks mad but that is funny!!
    1) Jae Suk is so smart and is a fast thinker. Especially the limbo dance. Like his ‘tricks’ so cunning.
    2) Haha is brilliant and is always good in planning. I like how he place a water bottle for Kwang Soo under the table. Nice Hyung!!!
    3) Ji Hyo uni is as usual pretty and smart. Love the interaction between her and Kwang Soo.
    4) Ji Suk Jin look better and better nowadays.. Is it because of the hair style? He look good in horse mask though! πŸ™‚
    5) Gary as usual is cute and unexpected win in the five stone game.. Pity him for the last game, he look so Sad when he fall into the water.
    6) Kwang Soo the ‘hero’ I wonder why the guests did not suspect Kwang Soo given his tall figure and awkwardness.. Are the guests that native and gullible??? Lack of observation skills!!! I doubt so. kudos to Kwang Soo for all the effort!!
    7) Kim Jong Kook ‘pat’ ‘pat’ technique can only work for him not Haha who just can’t bear the pain. He looks so pitiful when he jump on the mat. Poor Haha getting scolding from uri hyung. The last game, I am cheering for Kim Jong kook!! He did not win for a long time!!! Too bad luck is not on his side. But I love how he declared it does not matter if he don’t win!! He is so handsome and cute. Honestly, he is so adorable.
    8) maybe I am the only one that thought that Hyun Joo stole the spotlight from the other two female guests. Oh well, they are nice guests though. πŸ™‚

  16. 16 Connie

    THIS EPISODE MADE ME LAUGH SO MUCH! I was watching it in the middle of the night and I thought I would wake up my rents cause I was laughing so loudly XD I love running man! Thanks for the recaps <3

  17. 17 onyxx

    just as i was about to give up on RM (the last 5 eps have been an uphill battle for me to finish), this ep. pulled me right back in! whoah! definitely a VAST improvement to the last one. great, entertaining guests, this time… and the RM cast worked well as a team πŸ™‚

    • 17.1 acejihyo

      this is such an accurate summation of how i’ve been feeling. it’s like a struggle just to finish episodes sometimes (i have to force myself not to fast-forward tbh). but this one was really just all around great that i’m so so pleased.

  18. 18 Kristen

    I laughed so hard during this episode, particularly while Kwang-soo was doing the animal mask limbo, disguised as a camera-shy VJ. It was so funny. Plus, I really love the way the writers/PDs made his hero storyline a Kwang-soo storyline. He wasn’t really a hero, but had to do all of the games everyone else was doing without participating in all of the fun. I tried guessing who had which number before the final chair-dropping part, from all of the clues they gave, and somehow figured all of it out. It was really fun, and I think if they did something more interactive like that, it could be something new for Running Man.

  19. 19 Cdaze

    Thanks for the recap! really enjoyed this one!

  20. 20 λ°•ν•΄λ‚˜ (haena)

    this ep is really daebak i enjoyed it! thank you for recap.

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