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Two Weeks: Episode 2
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I like pretty much everything about this show. It’s slick, cinematic, tense, tightly woven, and populated with interesting, layered people. It keeps the energy high but never forgets the heart of the story amidst all the action and crime and twisty plots. Not that this is a warm and fuzzy kind of show, because it isn’t, but even slick crime dramas need to find a way to connect to the viewer, otherwise we can’t bother to care about what happens to anyone. But I care about a lot of people in this show, even—or especially—the one I thought it would be most tricky to care about. (Our wastrel of a hero, that is.)


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So our hero(ish lead character) Jang Tae-san is lured under false pretenses to the home of sweet-faced bar hostess (and prosecutor’s informant) Mi-sook. He’s knocked unconscious upon arrival and left to awaken smack-dab in the middle of a horrific crime scene. Blood, blood everywhere.

In horror Tae-san recognizes Mi-sook lying brutally stabbed next to him, which is when two cops walk in. Fuck. Of all the people. I’m sure this is no coincidence.

The cops take about two milliseconds to size up the scene and draw their guns, and Tae-san instinctively raises his hands in the air, all, We’re cool, I’m cool. Only this is so very not cool, and he only now sees that he’s covered in blood too. He doesn’t even realize that he’s clutching the knife in one hand until a cop orders him to drop it, which looks just bad, bad, bad.

The cops take him down and cuff him, while Tae-san protests, “It wasn’t me!” That’s not the first time they’ve heard that, I’d bet.

At the hospital, little bundle of joy Su-jin jumps on her bed now that she’s going to live after all. She tells Mom (In-hye) and Mom’s boyfriend Seung-woo that God came through after all, and when she’s all better Mom’s gonna buy her lots of treats to eat. Seung-woo wonders who the bone marrow donor is, and In-hye lies that the hospital doesn’t tell you those things.

Seung-woo gets a call from work ordering him to come in despite giving him time off, and he starts to protest until he hears why: There’s been a murder case. Oh boy, he’s a cop, isn’t he? That’s one way to tangle things up.

At the station, Tae-san insists that he was set up. When the cops find Su-jin’s monkey doll in his pocket and try to rip it open to check for drugs, Tae-san freaks out and grabs it back, arguing that they can’t just do whatever they want. He’s a suspect, but he’s not in on drug charges and he’s still got rights.

The cops challenge, “So whatchoo gonna do about it?” Tae-san rattles off legal-sounding terms and how he’ll sue for civil rights violations, and that gets the rookie cop to back off right away. Tae-san’s recitation belies more legal knowledge than you’d expect of a lowlife pawnbroker, which adds a bit more color to his backstory—and makes it even more of a shame that he wasted his obvious brains.

Seung-woo arrives at the murder site and is debriefed by his police chief. The rookie cop Il-do (Jeon Woo-chi’s teenage king—my, he’s grown up fast) is a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed newb eager to see his first crime scene… at least until the second he steps foot inside, and then he’s struggling not to hurl.

Ha, and then the chief assigns eager-beaver Il-do to be Seung-woo’s partner, acknowledging that he’s a subpar newbie but figuring that’s okay since this is an open-and-shut case—the criminal is in custody, and he’s got two priors on his rap sheet. Done and done.

Therefore Seung-woo treats him like a murderer when he takes the report, and Tae-san is left to ask naively whether Mi-sook is okay. Only to get the response, “Why did you kill her?”

He finally gets Seung-woo to listen when he explains getting a call to see Mi-sook… but Tae-san’s pawnshop underlings sell him up the creek and contradict his story. Tae-san’s alibi should be verifiable by the warehouse security cameras, but the underlings inform the police that they moved storage units last month. The detective who goes there in person confirms that it’s empty, because of course it is. And the security camera that used to hang there is now gone.

Tae-san argues that underling Dae-ryong must have framed him, because he was the guy who sent him on both false errands. But it legitimately stumps him to hear that the maknae kid Seok-doo also corroborated the story. Aw, for a gangsta you sure are naive, Tae-san.

But his brain clicks into place soon enough, as he realizes that there’s only one person capable of directing both men to do his bidding: Finger-cutting, drug-smuggling mob boss Moon Il-seok.

And now we flash back to the first of Tae-san’s prior convictions, which started eight years ago in Busan:

Boss Moon brings Tae-san in for “negotiations”—take the fall for him and do two years. Boss Moon gives him the other option: He could send Tae-san and his pretty little girlfriend to their watery graves tonight. Aw, man, so there was a good reason Tae-san was a horrible boyfriend? Crap. I mean, yay for him not being a scumbag, but it twists my insides up in a conflicted mess because it was easier thinking he was just an asshole.

So Tae-san takes the deal.

And that’s why it’s not so hard for Tae-san to come to the conclusion now: “He got me again?”

Congresswoman Jo catches the news report about the murder, which kicks off a flashback to a few days ago:

Congresswoman Jo leaves her drug-smuggling-planning meeting with her suspicions on high alert, since she has noticed Mi-sook’s nervousness. Ah, so she was the one who thought to have Mi-sook observed. Sharp lady.

Then, on the day of the murder, Boss Moon is visited by underling Dae-ryong, who is stupid enough to try wheedling a favor out of the boss to do more with the pawnshop, since he’s got ambitions to make it bigger. But Tae-san keeps saying no, confident that the boss has got his back, and just fritters away his days gambling and womanizing. Then he mentions the sweet-faced Mi-sook who dangles after Tae-san all day, and that gets Boss Moon raging since she’s his girlfriend.

Putting the nail in the coffin is the call he gets from Congresswoman Jo, who plays him the recording of Mi-sook calling the prosecutor’s office. Now their plan is in jeopardy and they’re both in danger of taking a hard fall.

Boss Moon barges into the house just as Mi-sook is about to make her getaway, and accuses her of selling him out to the prosecutor. He charges her with playing with his feelings, and in a rage he takes his henchman’s knife and stabs her with it, over and over and over.

It doesn’t look like Boss Moon premeditated this because he and his henchman are both a little shocked now that she’s dead. But it takes no time at all to decide that Tae-san would make a great fall guy.

Resuming in the present timeline, Congresswoman Jo meets with Boss Moon in another secret meeting (by the river, of course) and takes him to task for blowing up this situation into national news. He promises to take care of the frame job, but she’s the one who points out that Tae-san would be an idiot (1) not to figure out who framed him, and (2) to shut his mouth and take the fall—again.

Plus, now they have Prosecutor Park Jae-kyung to worry about, who already got tipped off about the drug deal. Congresswoman Jo calls her a dogged bitch who won’t stop until she gets to the bottom of things. If Tae-san so much as mentions Boss Moon’s name to her, the prosecutor will connect the events in a flash.

“Make sure Tae-san keeps his mouth shut,” she orders. I find it vaguely amusing that despite Boss Moon being a raging murderer, it’s the cold-hearted congresswoman who’s more frightening. Well, she’s smarter, for one.

At the police station, we’re still in silent stalemate: Seung-woo urges Tae-san to confess, and Tae-san refuses to cop to anything. Finally they break for the night and send Tae-san back to his cell, just barely missing In-hye’s arrival. For now I’m relieved to avert what is bound to be the mother of all awkward situations.

Tae-san fumes in his cell, trying to piece together the frame job. He beats his head against the wall, remembering the daughter’s life he needs to save as well as his own. Think, he orders himself. You’re a thinking guy. Think!

In-hye brings dinner for Seung-woo and his colleagues and hears a snippet about the murderer’s scummy history and wonders how somebody could kill anybody. Seung-woo reminds her of his philosophy that some people are just born rotten. Ooh. A crack in the Mr. Perfect armor?

Fingerprint reports come in—positive, obvs, since we saw Tae-san handling the murder weapon. But there’s another shocker: He tested positive for drugs, too. Tae-san sees the syringe mark in his arm and realize they stuck him while he was out. Fu-uuuuuck.

Panicking, Tae-san leaps up and grabs Seung-woo, shouting that he was framed. But all the evidence points to him, and Seung-woo’s pretty convinced of the story he’s pieced together: That Tae-san went to Mi-sook in a drug-fueled haze, saw that she was trying to leave him, and stabbed her in rage.

In-hye returns to the hospital and finds Su-jin drawing the main character in another of her stories. (It looks like a crying Tae-san, but Su-jin declines to explain, saying that some stories can’t be told. Ha. She’s going to use that excuse the rest of her life, isn’t she?) Su-jin asks how Mom and Daddy met, and guesses that Daddy was a good man just like Ajusshi, right?

In-hye dismisses the question, but it makes her think back to the day they did meet:

Tae-san is pulled away by his gangster buddy to see something interesting. At the center of a festival event is In-hye dressed up (and painted bronze) as a living mermaid statue, so still that people wonder if she’s fake.

Tae-san gets annoyed with his buddy’s excitement because he’s got Important Things To Do, so he decides to put an early end to the question of the statue’s personhood. He grabs a stepladder, stomps up to the top, and claps one hand right on her boob. HA. Instantly he registers the truth, and though she shoots eye-daggers at him she continues to remain still while he leaves feeling mortified (and tells his friend it’s a statue).

Afterward, In-hye scours the beach to find Tae-san and give him a piece of her mind, accompanied by two slaps to the face. Then she demands to know whether he knew she was a person before he touched her, and he retorts, “If I knew, would I have touched you?” Good answer.

In-hye turns to the crowd watching to confirm the truth, and they all exchange money based on their bets. Ha. And from thenceforth he was smitten.

Tae-san realizes that Boss Moon’s trap has got him stuck and good, just as he imagines little Su-jin sitting next to him in the cell, asking, “Then what about my surgery?” He assures Su-jin that he’ll work it out with the prosecutor, who will surely let him do the surgery to save her life.

He adds that he’ll tell the prosecutor all about Boss Moon’s frame job too, and she asks, “Will the prosecutor clear your name then?” Tae-san asks, “Won’t she?” Augh, the naivety in his voice sorta kills me.

In the middle of the night while the cellmates sleep, one inmate quietly gets up and makes his way over to Tae-san. Gah, I knew it was suspicious when this guy was brought into the station late that night! Must be Boss Moon’s minion, and he takes the string out of his drawstring pants and strangles Tae-san in his sleep.

Tae-san struggles and gasps, and manages to knock the guy off him. The stranglehold slackens as Tae-san flips over his attacker and starts punching him.

But that means that when the lights flick on, Tae-san is the one beating up the other inmate and the strangler is begging, “Somebody help me!” Baaaaah.

When the officers arrive, the strangler is quicker to whip up a story and exclaims that Tae-san is a crazy bastard—he stole the string from his pants while he was sleeping and tried to strangle himself. Plus he does a convincing job looking wimpy and terrified. The cops literally give Tae-san the DMV glare—you know, dead-eyed and disapproving and above all, not giving a fuck about his defense.

Boss Moon hears of the failed assassination and throws a vase. Congresswoman Jo receives the message and throws her phone.

Tae-san is put in his own cell, frustrated at being cornered: “So if I talk you’ll kill me, and if I do nothing you’ll kill me too? Wherever I go, you’ll kill me. Why?”

Thank goodness there’s still some evidence on his side, even if I’m sure it’ll take its sweet time getting around to helping him. Tae-san’s dorky roommate Man-seok takes the bus back from his trip with his girlfriend, looking over the photos they took (with Mi-sook’s pawned camera). They decide to download the photos at a nearby shop, then return the camera.

As soon as they get back to Seoul, Man-seok is called in to the police station and allowed to visit with Tae-san, who asks for a favor. He asks Man-seok to find out the connection between Mi-sook and Boss Moon, and Man-seok agrees.

In preparation for the bone marrow transplant, Su-jin is to undergo a procedure that effectively removes her own bone marrow to make room for the new. It’ll weaken her immune system, so she’ll have to be kept in a sterile room until surgery day. Seung-woo worries what’ll happen if the donor gets into an accident or becomes unavailable, and the doctor says that can’t happen—Su-jin would die. Okay, stakes established, go!

Congresswoman Jo has clearly been thinking (which in this context can only mean bad news) and makes a visit to the top brass of the police department. She meets Director Im… who is pictured in a photo with Seung-woo. Im Seung-woo. So this is Daddy Im.

Seung-woo gets increasingly frustrated with Tae-san because he refuses to confess, just sitting in silence. Seung-woo calls him trash and walks out in a temper, having decided that the strangling incident was Tae-san’s dirty attempt to plead insanity at his trial.

I admit to feeling frustrated with Seung-woo’s line of thinking (that trash is trash and nothing is gray), but I remind myself that the situation is meant to look damning for a reason. And he’s better than his colleagues, like the station chief who tells him to just send Tae-san to the prosecutor’s office since he’s, like, totally guilty anyway. Seung-woo at least argues to wait until they get Tae-san to confess, though he caves when the chief says this is Dad’s order. Everyone straightens up at mention of the police director, who wants to push this case through and get a conviction while the public clamors for justice.

Jae-kyung finally returns to the prosecutor’s office, where she logs in to her work email and reads Mi-sook’s message with excitement. (She’s not able to log in to that account from outside the office, which seems like a terrible oversight to me.) She crows in victory, and only now gets the other message that Mi-sook left: the coded one saying merely “I miss you.” Immediately she knows this is dire and heads out to confirm her suspicions.

Jae-kyung grows more worried when she hears that Mi-sook didn’t check into a particular hotel. They’d decided in advance that if Mi-sook ever felt endangered, she’d check into that hotel under the name Kim Tae-hee. Mi-sook had been planted from the start, meant to gain Boss Moon’s affections; Jae-kyung had predicted she’d be exactly his type.

As an added precaution (that would later bite them in the ass), Jae-kyung had instructed Mi-sook to never contact her by personal phone or email, because she’d been hacked before. So now Jae-kyung sends her colleague to Mi-sook’s house to collect her safely, only to get the report that she was killed. As she reacts to the shock, a flashback shows us how their partnership began:

The two women chat at home, and Mi-sook wonders about the wall of photos Jae-kyung always covers when she’s here. It’s Jae-kyung’s research board regarding a case she’s working on the side. She describes the criminals as her enemies—”the reason I live”—and makes a bitter I could tell you who they are but then I’d have to kill you joke.

But Mi-sook sweetly offers up herself to Jae-kyung’s disposal, reminding her that it was unni who rescued her from drug addiction. She saved her life, so why can’t Mi-sook offer hers in return?

Now Jae-kyung bursts into tears as she drives along, bringing us back to the sequence that opened up the series.

Tae-san is transported out of the station, to be handed over to the prosecutor’s office.

Jae-kyung blows a red light, and in her wake cars swerve in the intersection to avoid collision. Leading, then, to collision.

A truck SLAMS into the police car and a motorcyclist falls off his bike. Bystanders crowd around in chaos.

Inside the wrecked car, Tae-san is the first to stir. I’m not sure if the officers are dead or just out, but in any case they’re not coming to for a good long while.

Tae-san sees that the car windows are smashed open and a few key scenes flash before his eyes: his attempted murder, his daughter, his promise to return the doll. So he grabs that stuffed monkey and wraps a towel around his handcuffs, and climbs out of the vehicle.

With most of the people busy huddling around the downed motorcyclist, the bike itself is clear. Tae-san takes it, revs the motor, and zooms off.

As he drives off, and as Su-jin draws a countdown to surgery day with her crayons, Tae-san thinks in voiceover:

Tae-san: “I was trash. I was born trash, and lived as trash. I never believed the heart that died when I sent In-hye away would beat again. Not until I met that little child. For once in my life, just once, I want to live as a person.”


So many good things. This is the kind of drama that keeps your brain engaged throughout, making sense of clues and trying to figure out the plot before the show gives it to us, but not in a difficult way. There’s nothing worse than a dense kind of drama that’s so cryptic and mysterious that it hurts your brain to watch it—well, maybe the utterly brainless drama is just as bad. In any case, I feel smart for following along because the show doesn’t patronize my intelligence, but it also doesn’t try to be smarter than it is. It hits a nice balance.

Plus, the plot is tight, but it’s not really convoluted. I hate dramas that string you along for ages and ages, hinting at some deep dark twisty web of mystery, so that by the time they reveal the endgame you don’t even care anymore because you’ve forgotten how all the pieces fit together. I suspect that watching this drama will actually be less confusing than reading it, because there are a lot of names and timelines to keep track of here that flow together smoothly onscreen. I was afraid the multiple flashbacks to different timelines would get confusing, but it’s pretty easy to figure out from context and emotional cues. It all fits.

I appreciate how the different characters are connected in the story, which feels meaningfully integrated. A lot of dramas drop in characters and force connections that feel like they’re drawn for convenience’s sake more than story necessity, but I think the layering is more thoughtful here. I had wondered whether Tae-san’s jailbreak would be facilitated by a murder attempt gone awry—that Congresswoman Jo had ordered a hit and the crash just failed to kill him—and that wouldn’t have been a bad way to do it. Especially since the bad guys would have been the ones responsible for it by their own failure, which has a nice poetry about it.

But I think I like it better that it was Jae-kyung who was at the crux of this all, because it was her red light violation that set off the chain reaction. Not only that, but if we back up further we can point to her as the bearer of responsibility (and guilt) for bringing Mi-sook into this case in the first place. And then backing up even further, we can attribute that to her lifelong mission to take down her enemies, aka Boss Moon, bringing everything full circle.

I love that she was working this case on the sly, because while she appears to be a competent prosecutor who’s good at her job, I enjoy the bit of loose-cannon wildness that going rogue adds to her character. Jae-kyung has this chipper, chatty personality with her officemates, but the flashback with Mi-sook shows a dark, bitter underside that I really, really like.

I like Seung-woo a little bit less, but I’m willing to give him a chance—I think he currently stands at a crossroads and could swing either way. Episode 1 almost pained me because he was such an upstanding guy that I really wanted him to have a nice full life with his new family, because that seemed like the happy ending they all deserved. But we’re starting to see a less admirable streak in him with his blanket statements about people being trash, and consigning some to inevitable rottenness basically from birth. Maybe it’s not surprising that a cop would see the world in terms of good guys and bad, but it also strikes me as naive. Or privileged. Or naive and privileged.

It really is amazing what one episode can do, because even though I figured Tae-san would come around to redemption eventually, I didn’t think I’d warm to him so suddenly. Maybe I’m a sucker for a well-placed bout of noble idiocy, but his decision to taking that prison term sealed the deal for me. Sympathy won.

That doesn’t absolve him of all the other crap stuff he’s done in his life, and he openly admits that he’s lived his life as trash, but I’m much more inclined to root for the guy who decides to change that than the guy who hates himself for it but keeps doing it anyway.

I appreciate how his connection to his daughter works into the picture, and here’s a case where Two Weeks one-ups Mandate of Heaven. Both have adorable dying daughters and wrongly accused fathers, but Mandate had a tendency to draw its good guys in extra-bright hues without shading or darkness. The father-daughter camaraderie was adorable, but one-note. Tae-san’s a darker and twistier character, and I feel like the relationship with Su-jin means different, more complicated things to him. She’s not just his redemption, and in fact I’d say that In-hye is just as important to revitalizing his heart, but more than that these two serve to remind him that there’s life beyond the abyss he’s living in. It may take two weeks of hell for him to figure it all out, but I’m eager to watch how it happens.


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    Aniwei, thx JB for recapping this…

  15. 15 redfox

    set won.

  16. 16 Gaeina Lee

    The narrative before the ending is sooo touchy and deep.. Uhh, show, let him live as a person he wants to become for his baby girl please…

    Aside from that touching moment, am wondering myself how come LJK still manages to look hot and flutter my heart with all the bloods over his face? Between him and RSY, how can I stay put and not to squee..?

  17. 17 girlfriday


    Aaaaaaaaaahh. When he climbed out of that police van I was doing a really embarrassing fistpump-scream-squeal thing. It wasn’t pretty.

    • 17.1 anais

      Can I “Like” this?

      It was something about the way he moved. Inside, I thought, the old Lee Jun Ki is back. He moves so well.

      • 17.1.1 ilikemangos

        Also the fact that they whipped out with a nell song during that moment.
        Seriously, this song makes the show 10 times sexier.

        • Cocoboo


    • 17.2 Nadia

      I did a fist pump and said the same thing!

      It feels great to have such excitement after watching 2 Weeks. Please let the writing (plot, character arcs, acting) sustain itself from episodes 1 – 16.

      This past May Dramabeans mentioned that LJK turned down Age of Feeling for 2 Weeks. I am so glad he did. I was looking forward to this drama eventhough I thought it would be your standard on the run action drama. The writing for episodes 1 & 2 provided those unexpected scenario twists as JB mentioned in the recap.

      It’s great to see Kim So-Yeon in another drama. I previously enjoyed her work in All About Eve, IRIS, and Prosecutor Princess. Also, I enjoyed LJK in My Girl, Arang & the Magistrate as well.

  18. 18 Kiara

    Thank you so much JB. I haven’t watch it yet but I’m loving the recaps.

    All the shows that I’m currently watching have low ratings (in the single digit). Sword and Flower, The Queen’s Classroom and now Two Weeks. Usually I don’t care about ratings but I feel sad when I think about the casts and crew who are working so hard.
    I sure hope the ratings will increase.

  19. 19 Anvesha

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  20. 20 hoochie

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    I hope he realizes the importance of the camera Mi-sook handed to him and stat. Can’t wait for the two to meet (Tae-san and Jae-kyung) and I wonder how long it will take her to believe he was framed.

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    • 21.1 Ginkumo

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    English subs. Two Weeks seems amazing.

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  25. 25 eunsah

    This drama made me so angry LOL I love it, the characters and story, and I’m so engaged, but it’s so frustrating watching Tae-san get trapped like this and wondering how the heck he’ll get out. ;_; This show better have a dang happy ending, that’s all I gotta say lol. Thanks for the recap!

  26. 26 maakopla

    These first episodes really hooked me up and I think this drama will be awesome, Lee jun Ki and Ryu Soo Young in the same drama, like seriously, this can’t be too bad. All that cool plotting and gangster stuff going on the background, I hope they will concentrate less on love and relationships and more on action.

    But there are a few annoying things that keep spoiling my excitement such as Park Ha-sun, god I HATE HATE HATE her. She is one of the most boring actresses out there, every time her face appears on the screen it pisses off. Ugh. Totally not cool. And her character is a stupid, weak and annoying bitchy girl (I understand her reasons but seriously, how many times have we seen this kind of character?!). In the contrary I can’t wait till Kim So-yeon and lee jun ki actually meet. And that roommate… god he is annoying as hell.

    I thought all the hospital scenes were pretty boring and they cut the intensity of the story pretty much. Like why would Tae Sun suddenly be super touched by his daughter if he really didn’t give a damn so far? I wish he would have brushed her away coolly and then grown attached to her little by little. In fact it would have been a much better plot twist if In Hye had died leaving these two guys (who hate each other) to care for the girl. That would have been such a bomb, but then it would have given this drama a more lighthearted atmosphere (which I wouldn’t have hated either).

    I also hate all those forced product placement scenes in the dramas, they have gotten more bold these days. Like when Tae San and In Hye were supposed to meet at the hospital at 4pm in the 1st episode why did they show her working in the shop and saying “the vegetables look so fresh today”. that was a completely useless scene, seriously. And all these car commercials, how many can they squeeze in one drama?

    Absolutely loved all the flashbacks in ep2

    • 26.1 DDee

      I’m with you on the hospital scenes with the daughter, i thought that the show was laying on a little thick there. I did think he was a little too quick to commit to a daughter he just met, but that was before watching this episode where we find out he really did love his girlfriend so in this new light, it fits.

      • 26.1.1 maakopla

        Well, I think it was obvious from the very beginning that he loved this girlfrien. No character is really that evil in any Kdrama.

      • 26.1.2 f2lp

        In my opinion he was so quickly touched by his daughter because of he actually understand he is NOT alone in this world. He lost family, he was forced to alienate In Hye, the first person who made him fel he is not alone in the world, so… and actually, he has no much time, just 14 days kkk

    • 26.2 alfi

      i do agree with u that park ha sun is so annoying…she’s the worst thing in this drama

    • 26.3 alua

      I don’t know Park Ha-sun, but so far she is the most boring thing in this drama (and the hospital scenes too).

      I get why her character is the way it is… but she isn’t pulling me in. Which could well be the actress.

      The prosecutor lady… love her already!

    • 26.4 Windsun33

      Yup, count me in on the super abrupt change being totally out of character. In one episode he is ready to beat the crap out of his girlfriend to force an abortion, and in the next he is all lovey and devoted with the daughter he wanted to kill just half an episode ago.

      For a comparison, in ISYG it took 32 episodes and a ton of angst for the semi-evil daughter in law (Lee Soo Kyung) to get attached to the kid she had dumped. That seemed a lot more realistic to me.

      • 26.4.1 Geurae

        Ummmmmm… But, I think the reason he wanted his girlfriend to get an abortion was because he was scared for their lives. In this ep, it was already revealed that he did love his girlfriend but had to leave her and go to prison in place of Boss Moon or else he and his girlfriend will get killed. It just goes to show that his character really has a huge backstory and isn’t as big a jerk bf we all thought he was in the first episode.

        • ilikemangos

          Yep. agree with this.
          We found out this episode that tae-san wasn’t a complete ass we all thought he was. There was a reason he left her behind, and yes, the dramatic scene telling her to get an abortion was a bit much (but perhaps that harshness was needed as to cut ties all together). Still, that doesn’t excuse his behavior but k-drama does tend to lay it on thick for that noble idiocy stuff.
          Also, we don’t know for sure if he wanted the abortion because he didn’t want to deal with the child or if it was for in hye’s safety. At that point if you added a child to the picture it would make the situation even stickier than it was. The Boss did threaten tae-san with in hye. it was either him or her.
          Perhaps i’m giving him too much credit here, but i do think there’s still alot of grey areas with our characters. I think there’s alot going on in tae san’s mind that we have yet to learn.
          8 years have passed, and people could change alot in those 8 years. And then meeting your child for the first time ever in those 8 years(who you didn’t even know existed). There’s alot of emotions there. I don’t think it’s out of character, even if i do agree with some people who say the hospital scenes were a bit heavy on the sappy. But atleast that makes me care, because now tae-san has something worth fighting for. And that’s always much needed in an action/crime show. Emotional connection.

    • 26.5 loneliness

      lol I’m so boring Seo In Hye too!!

    • 26.6 Ryan

      I don’t get the strong reaction to PHS character. Seems to me that her character is the most complex to render.

      -A nice girl worked with children on dance lessons and did odd jobs on the side, fell for a thug, willing to accept him, and obeyed his wishes to seek an abortion only to be walked out when having second thought.

      It was a long and difficult growth path — coming up and sticking with a hard decision, coping with utter abandonment, and enduring all the hardship, and social humiliation to get to TODAY. She represents QUITE STRONG a personal and social statement

      The appearance of being boring is warranted — she is SNUBBING him by being indifferent despite all the mixed emotions. She must not show him that he stirs up something/anything in her

      Isn’t snubbing via indifference (you mean nothing, you are nothing to me) the highest form of punishment?

      If you notice, she has had to present various facades:

      -animated in the scenes from the past where she was in love

      -emotionally subdued with the fiance (?)

      -indifferent with the ex

      -typical mother, overjoyed with the love of her life while managing and suppressing her worries.

      I enjoyed the “you had the baby despite what I said?” scenes. Quite a powerful assertion after 9 struggling years, contrasted with quite a STUPID and ARROGANT attitude from him, expecting and requiring her to “comply”. Men just have no clue 🙂

      • 26.6.1 Ryan

        The (?) after fiance has to do with the fact that I don’t recall seeing something to collaborate her comment (I am inclined that she’s only saying that; if I were her, I’d be fed up with men too LOL)

      • 26.6.2 maakopla

        As for me I think her acting is not good and her character boring because it lacks depth. Maybe she will grow on me as the drama advances but so far I don’t feel a connection.

        • Ryan

          I am not sure if her acting is a problem. What I see is that her character is important: it gives rise to his raison d’être, an opportunity for his self-reassessment and redefinition.

          Per all the conflicts stated before, her role is quite complex, but has been given TOO LITTLE time to make a connection with audience (a couple seconds as a care-free girl in love, a couple seconds more to be mentally abused at the abortion clinics, etc..).

          The writing priority was put on elsewhere, with her character just a mere passing formality (a mistake in my view because she has been an integral part of defining him to him)

          The rest of the time, I think she needed to be cold to the point of cruelty to the guy, put-offish and emotionally distrustful to men and people in general (getting ridiculed and feeling put down in a society against pregnant out of wedlock does that to you) , and loving to her daughter.

          Has she been given enough time and direction and done enough to convey all these facets?

          What I can say is this, it is hard for a pretty face to convey coldness and meanness. She ought to express subtle disgust and hatefulness.

          • Ryan

            “pretty” is the wrong word. Amiable is more precise.

          • maakopla

            I agree with you on the most part. Though, I still think that Park Ha Sun is a bad actress, it’s just my opinion after watching her in a few other dramas and this one. When placed next to these awesome intense actors she is not a good match. She has trouble expressing her emotions, not only because her character is badly written but simply because she is just a bad actress (and the director is not awesome either). And she is boring, every time she comes on the screen I feel simply bored by her presence.

            But I really hate it when in Kdramas they don’t portray the character enough or don’t give enough space to grow and then the audience has to think and dig deep to actually find some explanations on why this character is actually so annoying in the first place. In the end that character might not seem annoying anymore after all these speculations which we can’t be too sure of.

            Her character is so predictable. First her and Tae San they had the biggest love ever but then he was forced into going to jail (surprise surprise they threatened to hurt her). Then he told her to do abortion probably because he was going to the jail and was afraid something might happen, or then it’s something like “My dirty blood will run through the baby’s veins” etc etc. Of course, he never explained anything and she never even suspected anything. It’s just like… you have this amazing love story and the guy just suddenly turns bad and that’s supposed to be normal.

            Anyway, after million misunderstandings, thousands liters of tears and 8 years they meet again. She hates him but needs him and somewhere deep even cares for him, still. During these years she has raised the sick kid by herself and is supposed to be really strong after going through so many misfortunes yet she appears weak and miserable. I understand she is going through a lot with a sick kid but you can’t really see any deep tortured emotions from her face/expressions or feel anything from her presence. she just doesn’t give the vibes of a mother who has gone through a lot. She actually just gives me emo teenager feels. That’s all. I understand she has her pride etc but when you are a mother and your kid is DYING put that freaking pride aside, will you! There is no space in acting all high and mighty.

            I also understand she hates Tae San for several reasons but she needs him for the kid, she could have been nicer to him or at least displayed more despair and happiness when hearing the good news. I mean it’s a person who can save her child’s life (that’s not a small thing), she should have been thankful at least. I feel like by making her so cold and emotionless towards Tae San the writers are trying to play into “pity our main hero” more scene.

            Of course, these all are merely my guesses and everything could turn different. But so far I couldn’t give a shit a out this single mother scenario.

          • Ryan

            Some problems with KDrama

            1. Relying on typecast to get the audience quickly to the desired characterization (in this case, Park Ha Sun as the innocent, naive, sincere girl from High Kick 3)

            2. Character complexity limited to minutes to resolve and define via simplistic dialogues that seek to mostly explain, not to provide character development or for actors/actresses to express emotional or psychological complexities

            3. Wishy-washy portrayals: fear of strong emotions and formed biases by viewers if the main character is portrayed as “truly bad”, losing sympathies. End result: half-man all over the place

            Park Ha Sun is quite important in this drama, she is the screw in his screw-ups, the biggest regret, the victim of his meanest and most irresponsible behavior for no justifiable reason

            Acting-wise: Oh Mi Sook doing one heck of a job dying (the fear in her face), the little girl is doing phenomenal, PHS doing a decent job given the complex undercurrents of her character.

            That complexity can be vouched by two contrasting quotes: one from Tae-San: how can a person change 180 like that (nice to spiteful). The other from her nurse/doctor friend (possibly the same nurse from years ago?): how bad was the wound that it hasn’t healed in 8 years?

            I am of the opinion that the single-mother elements are significant, if not integral, and can be made much more powerful

            Tae San being one-dimensional gicolo bad guy is being acted worse, but apparently that is covered up by people going goo-goo gah-gah over his look and fame.

          • Ryan

            In episode 1, it’s quite funny that, finding in him the donor, PHS was trying to use just gestures alone to express contained joy and conflicted resentment, wanting to share the good news by yelling and telling him but can’t

            She wasn’t acting high and mighty. She was being true to herself, considering him dead and came to him as THE VERY LAST resort. With him to so vanish, and never contacted once in years, it is perfectly normal for anyone in her shoes to act like that.

            Given all these constraints (drama focus and time allotment, simplistic dialogues, character complexities), I can’t yet come to a conclusion on PHS.

            In IHYV, Lee Da-Hee was pretty much just a pretty face until her character was given a focus and some time and a chance to shine and she did shine, albeit all too briefly LOL

          • ilikemangos

            Nicely said ryan.

          • Kiara

            Ryan, I whole heartedly agree with you.

          • mike

            Love action dramas in many of the Kdrama.

            Only disappointment Kdramas tend to introduce clowns (police photographer puking actions kinda silly for someone who is in the profession, and Tea San’s housemate – will he be clowning and be made to look silly throughout this drama?)

            Really spoils the mood to introduce these kind of characters, lower the quality of the whole drama!

    • 26.7 Jannie

      I totally fail to see how In-Hye can be considered to be stupid, weak and annoyingly bitchy.

      On the contrary, she is smart (to fall for Taesun, lol) and strong (to decide to have and to bring up the baby on her own). We really don’t know how many sacrifices she had to make in the past 8 years and did she get any support or was cut off by her family. And even worse, her daughter is sick. Imo, she is truly admirable.

      If you consider her as annoyingly bitchy because of the fierce and hostile way she talked to or treated Taesun, he deserved it!

      • 26.7.1 Pela

        Exactly!!! I am not sure how else she is meant to be.
        Anything else would be totally unrealistic.

        And I think the comparisons to the prosecutor is a bit unfair. They are both courageous and strong in their own way.

      • 26.7.2 ilikemangos

        Totally. I don’t get all this hate on her character (or the actress, who i think is doing a fine job).
        I could see why she would be off putting and cold whenever tae-san’s around. But can ya blame her?
        8 years raising a child on your own with a man that left you. She’s probably scarred and obviously so. She doesn’t know everything like we the audience do.
        I like her when she’s with her daughter and with Seung woo. She’s nice, thoughtful, loving, and caring.
        And i like how she didn’t get (that) mad when tae-san touched her boob. She played it off nicely with the bets with her friends. It was endearing.

        • Kiara

          I don’t either, she doing fine.

          • Kiara

            *she is

        • Chloe

          I don’t hate her character at all. But I do agree with the negative comments on PHS’ acting. Perhaps this opinion would change in future episodes.

    • 26.8 Jannie

      I don’t think that Tae-san “didn’t give a damn” about his daughter. Boss Moon had threatened to kill both Tae-san and his girlfriend if he didn’t take the rap for him. As Tae-san had to go to jail for a couple of years, he probably decided to break up with In-Hye so that she would be safe. And to break-up with her, he told In-hye that she and the baby were a burden to him and “forced” her to get an abortion. Maybe he thought that it would be in In-Hye’s best interest.

      It’s possible that Tae-san’s character is one who cares a lot about family or wants a family very badly. And what we’ve seen so far is just a facade.

      Also, did I miss something, because I only saw one scene between Tae-san and his daughter, where he pretended to be a passerby and just chatted awkwardly with her?

      • 26.8.1 Ryan

        My understanding is that the last time he saw and left her was that scene and the abortion clinic. He is just outright a heartless and irresponsible jerk.

        The “go to jail or I kill you both” seems to me a weak attempt by the writer to redeem the character. Would have been better off without the wishy-washy “bad man, but not *really* bad”.

        Whatever the circumstance, there’s no justification for leaving her there and VANISH. The directing could have squeezed a lot more emotion from the audience and more impactful had she cried like the girls in “I Hear Your Voice” LOL

        It was a turning point for her from which she decides never to feel such pain and be in such position because of a man again.

        PHS character is the most interesting, but, I am afraid, least explored and properly presented, given the thriller nature of the drama

        His attitude upon learning her having the baby tells me that he has control issues, and lacks maturity.

        Any mature guy would be able to come to terms with the fact that, if you managed through 8 years raising a baby, then YOU have made the RIGHT and BETTER decision than I.

        9 years in between what happened and the guy has no clue, and has no decency to apologize or explain his action, the drama should have been named HOPELESS or .. MEN! LOL

      • 26.8.2 Ryan

        That was just one scene. EP1 @45:28 is the pivotal scene where he figures out she’s his kid, 50:00 where he realizes what he is missing with this beautifully child and painfully regrets it 52:00 when the positive result returns and in general toward the end of EP1 where the audience gets to know that the girl thinks/knows he is the dad (or someone at least looks lots like her “man in pic with mom” to her)

    • 26.9 LilacJasmine

      I think the fact that he agreed to go to prison for boss moon eight years ago so that they couldn’t harm his gf then was already a show of what character he has… i dont think it’s inconsistent with him being attached to a girl that caught his attention when she did that tapping of her right foot (which he did when he was in the pawnshop) and called her daddy…

  27. 27 namedx

    This drama has a real time between dog and wolf vibe to it – only with more meaningfully layered characters and a lot more heart. It’s definitely one that will keep me on the edge of my seat, once I start watching that it. Dramabeans recap has really given me a sense of what the show is about and has generally left me with good vibes, so thank you! Hope you guys continue with it – I find the recaps equally engaging!

    And man, junki looks damn fine as always. He plays these sort of roles so well, looks like his My Girl days still haunt him lol.

  28. 28 shelly

    seong-woo HAS to become the bad guy by the end (and SW dad being on the take or at least corruptible shows potential) because otherwise, where would tae-san’s slim chance to end up with the family he had to leave to protect, be?
    okay he didn’t know he had a child – and come to think of it, the way he kept pushing for the abortion doesn’t make it sound like he was just pretending to push the girl away to “save” her (he definitely was the bad guy on that one, don’t forget). but now he knows about her, and his blackmailing boss might go down hard eventually, he could turn his life around. that’s one way the story could go.
    the other way, obviously, is that tae-san ends up dead after donating the marrow. cause if that little girl dies or something, there’s no hope for mankind in dramaland.

    • 28.1 Kiara

      Lol ikr? She has got to live for our sake.

  29. 29 houstontwin

    Thanks so much for the recap. I find 2 Weeks to be pretty predictable in the broad strokes. After all, as you have pointed out, it’s another “fugitive” drama. Still that’s so much better than another shoe/handbag designer drama!

  30. 30 nell123

    I looove multifaceted shows. And my favourite facet in this one is that LJK and RSY are soooo HOT. 🙂 Good writing and decent pace don’t hurt either. Another thing in favour of this show is that it has decent vallains. Jo Min Ki fills in the crazy quota and Kim Hye Ok is the cold calculating mastermind. KHO, in particular, can do evil ahjumas like no other. Seriously, the woman is scary.

    Me likey the story so far. Like some of the previous commenters I do believe that they flipped Tae-san’s “good daddy” switch a bit too fast buuut, honestly, if that’s what it takes to get me to the action – I can live with it.

    I am kind of disappointed that LJK and PHS have little romantic chemistry. PHS character is quite boring to be honest, PHS herself looks and sounds very bland, which leaves me indifferent towards In Hye. I hope LJK+KSY is better.

  31. 31 Carole McDonnell

    oh my gosh, I am sooooooo resisting the urge to read your comments before I rush off to see the second episode. Be right back!

    Thanks for recapping.

  32. 32 latte

    Two Weeks is amazing! So glad this drama and lee jun ki acting skills gets so much praised from the media and viewer ship 😀

  33. 33 InternationalWOT

    Well, I like the show so far. As so many have already pointed out, I think they went a little bit over the top with the hospital scenes from time to time. They could have managed without them.

    My biggest concern at the moment is who the f**k is the mainactress of this show? KSY is by far a more experienced and talented actress, in all categories, I may be a bit biased saying things like this though, I have watched the majority of her stuff. PHS just comes of as your typical needy mother dramachick imo, and not a very convincingly one for that matter either.

    The scriptwriter has previously worked with KSY on the tremendously underrated prosecutor princess and KSY is somewhat reprising this role, although in a more mature manner. For future episodes I sincerely hope that it will be her and LJK that teams up. Romance isn’t a necessity but it would be kinda cute I guess…

    I mean at the moment I cant really see the character of PHS really preforming any major things in order to further advance the plot, they have more or less only shown her in two settings. 1. in the hospital caring for her daughter (an admirable feat, but it wont do anything for the plot), and 2 working… With vegetables…

    KSY on the other hand…

    • 33.1 Betsy Hp

      Oh, I love Park Ha-sun! She was hilarious in that family drama — “Revenge of the ShortLegs”. She could make me laugh and then cringe and then cry in like, one scene. So she’s got the chops, I think. Give her a chance. 🙂

      And I loved the Mermaid scene. I couldn’t figure out how she and LJK’s character even clicked in the first place. But apparently, before she had her share of knocks, she was pretty feisty.

      So I’m really excited that she’s got this meaty role and am expecting great things. 🙂

      • 33.1.1 Kiara

        Loved her in Dong Yi as Queen In-hyun. She owned that role and she will be forever Queen In-hyun to me. She was lovely, graceful and elegant and she seems to be like that in real life. She is natural when it comes to playing that type of characters.

        She has this lovely, sweet face and acting out any negative emotions doesn’t come out as natural. I think her voice does more of the acting than her face if that make any sense.

    • 33.2 maakopla

      I so totally agree with you. Like from the first scene PHS appeared I was immediately crossing my fingers and hoping she wouldn’t be the main lady. Her jerking face and those strange expressions, that dull boring character just like you described: a needy mother. I am so fed up with these kind of angelic characters (and even if her past was a bit wild or something still… that’s just not enough). PHS is just not up to the par with other actors/actresses in this show and it’s so obvious, whenever she stands next LJK or RSY you can see how lacking her acting skills are. She is trying too hard.

      I really hope she can become better, I hope her character changes for better in latter episodes. I really do. But after having watched so many Korean dramas I kind of know that it probably won’t be so… Most of the times female leads ruin dramas for me anyway. I sometimes feel like they are chosen just because they are pretty and skinny, never mind if they have any skills of not.

      I am also eagerly waiting for KSY and LJK to team up for as long as possible! I am so sure she will believe him and there is the camera too! And I am pretty damn that afraid I will be rooting for second female lead in this drama (assuming she is the second lead).

  34. 34 yaya

    The story line is getting more & more interesting. I prefer this drama than master sun.

  35. 35 yaya

    This drama become so exciting …. thanks to Leejunki. His facial expressions …. superb !!! 2 thumbs up !!!
    Too bad the leading lady is not as good as expected.

  36. 36 Carole McDonnell

    I like the whole trash motif. Is one born trash? And if one is actually born trash, is one doomed to trashiness forever? And what about the to the manor-born folks? I wonder if Mr Fine Upstanding will forgive his girlfriend when he finds out she lied about her ex being dead? Am hoping he doesn’t have a puritanical priggish streak.

    I’m liking this drama a lot. And it has all my goodwill. I do find the incredibly-overly-connected characters a bit much.

    I love the cold rationale female Big Bad working with the emotional “feelings” Bad guy. Except for evil Mother-in-laws, I haven’t seen a really horrible female villain in a while. So this’ll be fun.

    I do see a couple of familiar stuff that is annoying me: Stupid people being put into dangerous undercover situations (HC/CC) and adoptive cop-father figures (Shark) so am now wondering if we’ll be seeing a glut of that for a while.

    Thanks so much for recapping this.

    • 36.1 jomo

      You are right about the Female villain. We rarely get to see women in power in Kdramas.
      Arang had that evil evil lady – shudder – she was sort of a mom.
      Feast of the Gods. The ladies wielded some power there, too, but of course, they were also Moms.

      If they have power, they have to be Halmoni’s for some reason. Like the Grandma in Coffee Prince and Rooftop Prince.

      • 36.1.1 Kiara

        Well, you see a lot of female villains in sageuks. We got Mishil in QSD, Lady Choi in Dae Jang Geum, Lady Jo in Cruel Palace, Jang Hee-bin in Dong Yi and every damn concubines in the Joseon era.

  37. 37 albert

    Junki shi never failed to surprised me. He dares to choose this kind of movie ( action – noir ). I really wish people will open their eyes and appreciate this kind of movie & acknowledged his acting skills.

    • 37.1 Ivaa

      he is a very ‘rare fearless actor’…
      he’s such an artiste…
      what I love is he makes me forget me about beautiful LJK, what we see always a character he breath to alives….

  38. 38 albert

    I don’t believe in korean rating system. Fool people and kill

  39. 39 alua

    Just watched this and OMO, I’m liking it!

    All the dark stuff in any case. The hospital bits are a bit too much. Fingers crossed that the focus will be on LJK and on the prosecutor lady, because that’s what is making this show beat at the moment.

    The kid is cute, but I think glimpses of her in hospital are sufficient. Her mom, so far, only bores me – somehow I feel the actress (whom I don’t really know) isn’t helping.

    But, will definitely keep watching!

  40. 40 Jennifer

    I just watched episode 1 last night and I have to say…..it’s amazing!!! Lee Jun Ki never fails to impress me and he is so HOT!! Ahahhaahah!! The actress who portrays as his daugter is so adorable!! A must see!!

    Side Note: check out Good Doctor. another great drama!!

  41. 41 jomo

    Thanks for the recap.

    I don’t exactly know how LJK does it, but he reels me in so completely. It isn’t just his good looks, which are very very good, but he so sincere. You just want things to go right for him. Using your comparison to Mandate’s LDW, I care about TS, where I just didn’t for Choi Won.

    I think it has to be how he uses his voice. Yes, he does have the lovely low notes, but when he gets desperate and squeaks out the intense high notes, it hits me right *there.*

    Of all the new shows I have been watching lately, getting to know, mulling over, THIS is the one that is sticking right now. Tae San is the guy I keep thinking about.

    Agree about the mother of his daughter. She’s not at all interesting, and she keeps making that face some actresses do that looks like they smelled something bad.

    I have great hopes for SW/TS partnering up. I think Mr. High and Mighty may start rethinking who and what is trash as he gets to know TS more. Plus, whether SW likes TS or not, it wouldn’t serve Su-jin to keep Daddy Bone Marrow in jail, would it? Against his better judgement, he is going to have to side with TS at least until the surgery can happen.

    LOVE Jo. Scary. Kim Hye Ok never plays the sunny happy mother, but the one who has to deal with all the shit. She is wonderful as a cold blooded Bad-Ass Bossy pants, too.

  42. 42 Coco

    Ok so i just finished watching episode 1/2 and damn it… better this gets high rating next week… they deserved it. Seriously, this is the best K-Drama ever!!!!

  43. 43 Betsy Hp

    Thanks for the recaps! 😀

    And oh my lord, this is going to be a hard wait!

    I’m so, so impressed with how they were able to start turning LJK’s character around so quickly. After the first episode I couldn’t imagine ever hoping for he and PSH’s character to reunite or just plain connect at all. Cutting him out of her life seemed like the smartest move In-hye ever made.

    But now…? Now I’m getting inklings that maybe Tae-san ain’t all bad. And maybe Soo-young ain’t all good? I don’t know. I could see it go either way (which I love!) so I’m a-watching. 😀

    Also — does everyone hate Park Ha-sun? 🙁 I kind of adore her from her “Revenge of the Shortlegged” days and was really excited about watching her in a serious drama. And I’m very much enjoying her character.

    I think she’s bringing good nuance as the mom who’s scared but trying not to let her child see, and also dealing with the raw wound left by the guy who abandoned them… I hope she becomes involved in the whole fugitive thing and doesn’t just get left at the hospital being frantic or something.

    (I guess I’ll just have to resign myself to being a fan of one. But that’s okay! I can do it! :))

    • 43.1 InternationalWOT

      Well at least in my case, I dont hate her, it’s just that the character she is portrating has been done, over and over and its just not that intresting. Especially since at least I consider KSY one of the most underrated actresses in korea, she very rarely lands any leadroles in dramas etc.

      • 43.1.1 Geurae

        But KSY does play a lead role in this drama, doesn’t she? She shares the lead roles with Hasun, and RSY. Junki being the main lead role.

        • Jannie

          KSY’s role looks meatier than PHS’s. Jae-kyung probably has a history with Congresswoman Jo and Boss Moon, since she “lives” to get them. And she will feel responsible for Mi-sook’s death (for putting her into such a dangerous position) and will probably bear a huge burden of guilt. So, her character is definitely more interesting, and I highly anticipate her story and interations with Tae-sun.

          Imo KSY already showed great acting when she broke down after hearing about Mi-sook’s death, and managed to convey her anger, sorrow and despair, even though she was constrained in a driver’s seat.

      • 43.1.2 Betsy Hp

        @ InternationalWOT: “…it’s just that the character she is portrating has been done, over and over…

        Single, unmarried mom? I can’t recall, off the top of my head, a young mother as a main character in a k-drama. An older single (widowed!) mother, yes. But not an unmarried mom that’s had to raise her child on her own and is still young herself and wounded from the incredibly brutal desertion of her child’s father.

        I’m not saying it’s not been done before — but I wouldn’t label it a common trope. Certainly not “oh another single young mother” eye-rolling worthy.

        I’ve only known Kim So-yun as a drama-lead, so I don’t share the frustration there. (I’m actually excited for PSH to work with such a seasoned and strong fellow actor — always a good benefit. :)) And, as Geurae and Jannie point out, KSY is one of the leads here and, at this point, looks like she’s going to have the meatier role.

    • 43.2 ilikemangos

      Waa? I just had the impression everyone loved park ha sun.

      • 43.2.1 Betsy Hp

        That was my assumption, too. But then I read through the comments (yesterday) and everyone was hating her face, etc. and I got very sad. 🙁

        Fortunately, today there are other commentators saying they love her so I’m happy again. 🙂

  44. 44 owl

    If it wasn’t for the fact that TS is such a dirtbag (haha javabeans, just wanted to use that again), I’d almost feel sorry that he was used again by the lousy underworld scum he hangs with.

  45. 45 april

    Thanks for the recap
    I have another drama again to look forward to every week after I hear Your Voice..

  46. 46 Miss reply

    Hope next week will get high rating ~~
    Such a good story line and great actors are involved in ” 2 weeks ” Shouldn’t miss it however looking forward for this drama every week till the End 🙂 ” Two Weeks ” Fighting ~~

  47. 47 neliq

    Javabeans and Girlfriday – from NYC I send my regards. Thanks for recapping 2 Weeks.

    Ohhhhhh Lee Jun Ki … Satoooo I love his acting. He is such a good actor, a slight rise of his eyebrows could tell us a story. I watched all the new dramas and picked 2 Weeks as the best of the bunch. It kept me at the edge of my seat and I’m in for the ride. I want more of the tangled lives, the blossoming love between father and daughter, – how adorable it was to see that the little girl had a picture of her father and knew who he was from the start – the twists on the plots, the duplicity of the Congresswoman’s life, the future involvement of the prosecutor and the criminal. Can’t wait.

    I am also rooting for Master’s Sun. Love both leads and can’t wait to find out if her wish of “I want to sleep with you” comes through. I hope that the Hong Sisters redeem themselves after their last Big flop.

    • 47.1 shelly

      re master’s sun – i’m a bit tired of all the goody-two-shoes cinderellas in kdrama. i’m sooo ready for a not-so-cookie-cut cinderfella 😀

  48. 48 news

    Damn. This drama is so good.

  49. 49 fangirlmisstee

    I really really love this drama! I was hesitant to watch because action drama is not really my cup of tea. But since the first two episodes I am hooked! I sincerely hope the writers would maintain this kinbd of storytelling until the series end.. This drama deserves higher ratings!

    Oh, Lee Jun Ki.. They set uou up for the crime perfectly! I’m so frustrated watching, I just want to save you myself! Where’s attorney Jang and mind-reading Park Su Ha (in I Hear Your Voice) when you need them?

    Can’t wait for Park Jae Kyung to meet Tae San and realize who the real culprits are..

  50. 50 Melissa

    Love! Lee Jun-ki is really good in here.

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