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Two Weeks: Episode 3
by | August 14, 2013 | 114 Comments

Love it. This show is as tense and gripping as I’d hoped for, and now that the setup is complete and we’re on the run, it’s barreling along at a great speed. It’s got a perfect timeline too, with an episode count that falls in lock step with our narrative countdown: with two episodes of setup behind us, that puts us at fourteen episodes on the run, one per day of Tae-san’s two weeks. Though if he’s going to suffer this much every day, I don’t know if I’ll make it to D-Day.


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After a brief recap of the events that led to Tae-san’s bloody, handcuffed escape on a motorcycle, we go back to that coffee shop conversation with his ex In-hye—you know, the one where she dropped the eight-ton bomb in his lap about having his daughter.

He’s still reeling from the fact that she had the child, especially when he was the one who shoved her into the operating room to get an abortion. She spits back now: “You should’ve guarded the door, like a proper gangster bastard.” Dayum.

She passes him the place and time to get the blood test to see if he’s a bone marrow match to his daughter, and says he can either show up there, or call if he doesn’t want to come. “If you don’t want the child to live.” He sits there stunned, repeating her words in disbelief: “If I don’t want the child to live?” Not that he needed proof that she thought he was scum, but wow.

And back in the present, Tae-san rides away, breaking every law under the sun just to save his daughter.

The mood in the police station is grim—homicide detective and Best Boyfriend Seung-woo hates that he had to hand Tae-san over to the prosecutor’s office without getting a confession, while his sunbaes blame his father the chief, and round and round the animosity goes.

Suddenly prosecutor Jae-kyung comes bursting into the precinct, demanding to see the man who killed Oh Mi-sook. Once she shows them her badge, Seung-woo says confusedly that they sent him over to her side, and then asks if she knows the victim. She just hangs her head.

But worse news is on the way… Rookie Cop picks up the phone and freaks out: “Jang Tae-san escaped!” Seung-woo starts asking for details, but Jae-kyung freezes cold at the name: “Jang Tae-san?” Oooh, what do you know?

Flashback to a courtroom: Tae-san is sitting on trial, as a young girl screams in tears, “That’s not the man who hit my father! He’s right there!” She points at mob boss Moon Il-seok, sitting in the audience with a smile. The girl’s nametag reads: Park Jae-kyung. OH.

So this is the beginning of her lifelong vendetta against Boss Moon—bad things happened to Dad and Tae-san was the fall guy, which she knew at the time. As the cops scramble to begin the manhunt, Jae-kyung runs back out in the chaos.

Tae-san speeds down the highway, still bleeding from the head, and realizes that there are traffic cams every fifty yards along his route. It cracks me up that he thinks to a movie for inspiration (we’ve seen that he loves action movies), and he realizes that he’s too easy to spot this way, and exits.

The cops hear from traffic control that Tae-san has circled back into their neighborhood, which they realize is because he’s still handcuffed and has to deal with that first. They race to set up roadblocks and go motorcycle hunting.

Two schoolboys find a motorcycle parked outside their school, and Tae-san smiles to himself as they ride it down the street in the other direction. Smart. He hides out until he finds a covered produce truck about to make a delivery, and hops on just in time to miss the roadblock being set up in that intersection by about two seconds. Phew.

Jae-kyung goes to her boss to ask for Mi-sook’s murder case, and he rips into her for her reckless behavior, her lack of discipline in her casework, and her terrible track record. He shuts her down.

Jae-kyung knows she can’t argue with any of it, but she stands there with her head hanging, and finally admits: “Oh Mi-sook died because of me!” She tells him the truth—that she’s been running her own investigation of Boss Moon and Congresswoman Jo, and Mi-sook was her informant.

She says the two power-players have a connection that goes back eight years or more, since Boss Moon’s days in Busan. Congresswoman Jo may have a pristine public image as the mother of a disabled son who lives for social work, but Jae-kyung swears it’s fabricated.

She begs her boss for the chance to bring them down, and adds that if she doesn’t catch Jang Tae-san with her own two hands, she won’t be able to breathe right for the rest of her life.

At the same time, the pair of evil plotters meets on a rooftop to do more evil planning, and Boss Moon takes issue with Tae-san’s swift transfer to the prosecutor’s office. What if he talks? Congresswoman Jo tells him that what they need is for Tae-san’s conviction not to be dragged out, and says she’ll take care of the prosecutor while Boss Moon finds a public defender.

He chuckles, realizing what she means. (I think what she means is for him to find a lawyer who will throw the case for a payout, though I’m also equally convinced she means for him to find an assassin-posing-as-lawyer to off him. I suppose either would work.)

But then a minion runs up with bad news: Tae-san has escaped. And then of course it gets worse (for them): Park Jae-kyung has been assigned to the case at the prosecutor’s office. Awww yeah.

The cops are busy trying to get a hold of Tae-san’s roommate Man-seok, but he’s nowhere to be found. Jae-kyung bursts into the precinct with her fellow prosecutor in tow, this time with a court order to take over jurisdiction on the case. They sigh that she’s fast.

She argues that looking for Man-seok is a waste of time, since he’s the first person they’d watch. Seung-woo counters that all runners are the same, and eventually they’ll make contact with loved ones.

Jae-kyung asks if he’s sure that Tae-san was the killer, and decides to go examine the crime scene for herself. She tells them that whatever they do, they can’t let Tae-san get out of Seoul.

And as she says it, the produce truck carrying our fugitive drives past the city border. I’ve never been so happy to see the Goodbye Seoul sign.

He has to get out when the truck makes a delivery stop, but he hitches a ride with another truck to a sandlot. There isn’t anywhere for him to hide, but he does find half a bottle of soda to steal, and then looks curiously at the bendy straw.

Congresswoman Jo visits the chief prosecutor to try and suggest that Jae-kyung is too inexperienced to handle a case as big as this one, while Jae-kyung arrives at the crime scene and breaks down in tears at the thought that Mi-sook was hanging on just waiting for her call.

She berates herself for running around like a fool (ah, the person she was looking for in Chicago was Congresswoman Jo’s son), while her friend was in trouble. They dig around for the digital camera, but it’s gone.

She’s just barely getting started, when the call comes from her boss that she’s off the case, and it was an order from higher up. Jae-kyung wails in frustration that this can’t be happening.

Congresswoman Jo arrives at home, and finds her front gate decorated with thank you notes and flowers, as usual. She heads inside, plops them down carelessly, and then enters a creepy basement… which turns out to be an underground tunnel connecting her modest house (which is her public front), to the lavish mansion where she actually lives. Good grief, lady. You go to some pretty extreme lengths to live your lie.

Meanwhile, Roomie Man-seok does what Tae-san asked, and goes to the nightclub where Mi-sook used to work. He talks up one of the bar hostesses to find out what kind of relationship she had with Boss Moon.

He staggers home drunk, but he did manage to get the story straight: Mi-sook was Boss Moon’s girl, and he killed her and then framed Tae-san for it. Seung-woo and the rookie cop are waiting for him to get home, and that’s the first that Man-seok hears of Tae-san’s escape.

Seung-woo makes him write down the names of Tae-san’s friends, and Man-seok says he doesn’t really have any. Aw. But Seung-woo makes scary threats about being an accessory, and he scrawls a few names down. (Man-seok turns out to be a friend from the orphanage where they both grew up, so he must be the only non-gangster acquaintance in Tae-san’s life.)

Man-seok’s alibi checks out and the motorcycle is found with the high school students, so they’re back to square one. Meanwhile, one of the sandlot trucks gets stopped at a police checkpoint, and when the cops ask him to open up the back, the driver sighs that he’s carrying nothing but sand.

They check anyway, even stabbing at the sand with a stick just to make sure, and then decide it’s clear. But sticking out in the corner is the tip of that yellow bendy straw. HA. I love it.

As soon as the truck pulls away, Tae-san emerges, coughing up sand. He climbs out at a gas station and starts running, but he’s so exhausted he can barely get down the road before he tumbles to the ground. But he wills himself back up, and heads inside a shed for cover.

He digs around for something to cut his handcuffs, but no amount of straining with regular farm tools is working, and soon he’s chased out by the sound of a barking dog. Bah. Can’t the guy just rest for a moment?

He finds a bicycle and rides over to the next farm, and stops at a river campground on the way, to steal some clothes hanging out to dry. As he does, the sound of a metal works shop catches his attention, and he creeps up to the house.

At the hospital, In-hye urges her daughter Su-jin to go to sleep, and shuts off the TV just as it announces the escape of a murder suspect. All they notice is that it’s Seung-woo’s district, and Mom is shocked that Su-jin knows what “murderer” means. She says she knows nice words too, like the nice ajusshi who’s giving her his bone marrow.

In-hye wonders if she knows something, but Su-jin lies that she’s just guessing that it’s an ajusshi, and Mom lies right back that she doesn’t know who the donor is.

Tae-san makes his way into a quiet shed, after stealing the electric saw from the metal worker’s place. He finds a house with a snoring grandma and tests out her hearing by pelting the door with rocks, but she doesn’t stir. So far so good.

Now he has to hope and pray that there’s an electrical socket in here. Phew, there is, so he tries the saw, but it’s so loud he jumps to shut it off. But it’s useless without the motor, so he finds a way to position it with his feet, and braces himself to turn it on.

Su-jin sits up that night, unable to sleep, just looking out her window.

Tae-san turns on the saw, and sparks fly as he holds the handcuffs to the blade, willing them to break. The chain finally splits. VICTORYYYYY. He’s hit with a wave of relief and laughter and tears.

6:10 AM. Jae-kyung has been up all night, and her partner Sang-hoon finds her just sitting outside the coroner’s office numbly. She asks with tears in her eyes how she’ll face Mi-sook, and he says that the case is out of her hands now, but they’ll find her killer. When she’s upset he calls her by name in banmal, but then it’s right back to “prosecutor” a moment later.

They go inside to see the body, and Jae-kyung gasps in horror at the stab wounds all over Mi-sook’s body. The coroner gives her the clothes Mi-sook was wearing, which had no other DNA but her own. Jae-kyung breaks down in sobs when she sees the bra she gave her as a present once, and clutches it as she cries.

But then she feels something inside the lining. Aww yeah. Is it the pawnshop slip? It is—she finds the receipt for the digital camera that she pawned the day she died.

She brings it over to her boss and shows him the slip for the last piece of evidence that Mi-sook died to protect. She gets down on her knees and begs for the chance to bring down Boss Moon and Congresswoman Jo, so that Mi-sook’s death and her father’s won’t have been for nothing.

It’s only now that she admits that she became a prosecutor for this very reason, and has spent the last eight years of her life doing nothing but investigating these two people. He sighs and asks if she can put her neck out for this. She looks up eagerly and says she’ll quit her job if she can’t catch them.

He sighs, “No, your neck. Your actual neck. You could die.” She still nods that her answer is the same.

The cops are out of leads and Tae-san’s in the wind, so they decide to start over in Busan, and begin with his past. Ruh-roh. You’re gonna find out things you don’t like down there.

Seung-woo takes a quick break to stop by the hospital, as Su-jin gets ready to go into the sterile chamber for the next thirteen days. He promises sweets and soccer and amusement parks when she gets through this, and Su-jin gives him a kiss. They’re so cute.

He apologizes to In-hye, sighing that she should really dump him for not being there for her when she needs him most. She assures him that they’ll be fine, and adds a joking reprimand at his fugitive for running away at a time like this. He swears he’ll kill that bastard himself, and assures her that he meant catch, not kill.

Tae-san sleeps in the shed, and I’m torn between happy that he’s getting rest and worried that he should be on the road.

In-hye prepares Su-jin to begin the marrow-draining procedure, and she stops to ask Mom: “When I come out of here, I’ll be alive, right?” Whoa. Kids man, they ask the damnedest questions. Mom promises, and tells her to focus on the things she can do once she’s out.

Jae-kyung raids the pawnshop storage unit, but of course there’s no camera. The pawnshop maknae says that Tae-san was the one who wrote up that receipt, which is when Jae-kyung finally realizes Tae-san’s connection to the pawnshop, which she hadn’t known (she lost track of him after his second prison term, and he’s been lying low since 2008).

She assumes wrongly that Mi-sook pawning the camera to Tae-san is what led to her death, and calls him a dog that’ll do whatever Boss Moon orders. But then it occurs to her that Tae-san is an orphan and has no family connections or anyone to benefit in exchange for doing the mob boss’s bidding. They decide to look into his past to figure out why.

She gets a call that stops everything though: Jang Tae-san has been found. Ack. No.

Boss Moon gets word that Jae-kyung came rooting around the pawnshop looking for a camera, and with the help of his one smart minion, puts together that Mi-sook had a recording of some kind, and that her phone message to Jae-kyung was a code. The worst part is that now Tae-san has the camera, or so they think.

A man develops photos in a darkroom, and then answers a call from his father. Ah, this is Boss Moon’s son, known only as Teacher Kim. A pan down to his shirt pocket lands on a pen. Oh noes, not another poison pen assassin. Was there a group rate at assassin school for this?

11:30 AM. Seung-woo reports to the team that a bicycle was reported stolen in a rural area, along with clothes from a campsite. I love that the rookie is in awe of Tae-san, wondering how he got so far in eight hours when they’ve only been looking within the city limits.

Jae-kyung says that the bicycle was taken seven hours ago, which means he could be anywhere by now. But Seung-woo points out that Tae-san didn’t eat a single thing while he was in custody, and didn’t get a wink of sleep either. There’s no way he could’ve gone one more night without rest.

They order the search to begin there, and Jae-kyung gets in the car to go herself. The police captain gapes at the prosecutor volunteering to do field work like she’s an alien.

Tae-san wakes up to the sound of the grandma yelling and cursing at someone in the yard. He peers out and sees her chasing a chicken around, determined to eat it today. It goes on for hours, and he starts to get anxious. But he also cracks up at the granny’s tenacity, and then catches himself: “Is this a time to be laughing?”

He sighs that he’s so hungry and thirsty, and just needs a place to hide out until Su-jin’s surgery. He wonders aloud what he’s going to do, and then Imaginary Su-jin answers back, “What’re you going to do?”

He envisions her sitting across from him, and that reminds him of the monkey. He digs it out of his pocket and brushes the dirt off in relief: “I promised to give it back.” Imaginary Su-jin: “You pinky-swore and everything. How are you going to give it back?”

She asks what he was trying to do by running away, and he says he wasn’t trying to do anything, except not die. “I can’t die, not until your surgery.” He sits there trying to piece together why Boss Moon framed him so perfectly and then set out to kill him, but when he turns to ask her, she’s gone.

Meanwhile, the announcement that a fugitive is hiding out in their town gets played throughout the village. Eep. Tae-san peers out the window to see where the grandma is, but this time she’s glaring right at him, with a cane at the ready. Dude, that effectively made my heart lurch.

He looks again, and realizes that it’s actually the chicken she’s still glaring at. LOL. She leaps for it and falls, and Tae-san sees his chance to sneak out the door. He doesn’t run though, and instead helps her up, pretending to be a hiker who lost his way in the mountains.

He asks expectantly if she wants him to catch that chicken for her. Next thing we know, he’s tearing into a chicken leg with a giant grin on his face. Ha. Well thank goodness he finally got to eat.

The granny asks if he wasn’t afraid to go hiking up there alone with no equipment, and Tae-san asks if she isn’t afraid to live here all by herself. She says she’s not afraid of ghosts or anything, because the only thing that’s truly frightening in this world is people. Tae-san sighs that she’s right about that.

The happy break doesn’t last long though, because the town mayor comes walking up to the grandma’s house. He guesses that her son has come to visit and the grandma just nods before explaining, and Tae-san gets up and bolts before she can.

It’s not long before Jae-kyung and Seung-woo get word that he’s been found, and they rush over with the national guard by the truckload. They’re not alone though, because Teacher Kim is hot on their trail.

Tae-san goes up into the mountains, but augh, they have SO MANY people on this manhunt—the mountain is just teeming with bodies. Teacher Kim moves among them, unnoticed.

Tae-san climbs up to the top, only to find another team closing in on him from the other direction. The sun sets, and he races to find cover in the darkness.

In the hospital, Su-jin crosses off another day on her “rebirth” countdown calendar, and beams.

And in the woods, Tae-san runs for his life. Suddenly a flashlight beam lands right on his face: “It’s Jang Tae-san!” NOoooo.


You know, in a show like this, it’s less a question of, Will he escape, because he has to. But the fun is all in the how, and I’m so invested in the details. I don’t know why, but as I was watching the handcuff saga in this episode I kept thinking of Castaway, which is completely removed genre-wise, but it was the thought that one human victory over something seemingly small—like building a fire or breaking a set of handcuffs—can be monumental drama if you build it up the right way. It’s that narrative focus on micro-drama that makes this show feel like Prison Break or 24, in a really good way. The shorter the timeline for the character, the more suspense we feel in every tiny action, and every bead of sweat feels earned. I know it’s not good for the blood pressure, but I really hope it stays high-strung through the end.

I like that we spent more time on Jae-kyung in this episode, because her backstory was the least developed (understandable, since it was the least essential to get the story rolling). The connection to her father’s death surprised me, partly because I was confused about their relative ages. I don’t think it’s necessary to have everyone so interconnected in the past, since the level of coincidence on this show does induce some suspension of disbelief (though more so in Seung-woo’s case I think, not Jae-kyung’s) but their connection strikes me as really interesting.

If she knows that Tae-san went to prison as Boss Moon’s patsy for whatever happened to her father, she knows to look higher up—so even if she thinks Tae-san committed murder, she assumes it’s a contract killing, ordered by Moon. In that sense she’s got a leg up on Seung-woo, who only sees what’s in front of him. Of course her judgment is clouded by the fact that she’s clearly on a personal revenge mission, and she even admits to being bad at her job precisely because she spends all her time obsessed with this one case. She seems reckless and desperate to the point of being irrational, and while that makes me nervous, it also makes me really interested in her character. She’s dangerous, and yet in this one instance, maybe she’s the perfect person for the job because she’ll be like a dog with a bone. I just hope she’s going to be more open to the idea that Tae-san isn’t a killer, because we all know Seung-woo isn’t to be trusted on that front.

My favorite thing about the show continues to be the main character, who feels very much like an everyman, with no superpowers, no genius abilities, and a huge pile of mistakes to atone for in his life. I can feel every bit of his desperation when he’s on the run, and it adds to the suspense that he’s just an average guy who panics and can’t think straight sometimes, and has to do everything the hard way. He’s not sure what he’s doing, where he’s going, or how he’s going to survive, and it really does just feel like raw willpower that fuels him. But when your hero’s motivation is so crystal clear—his daughter’s rebirth will be his own—what else do you need?


114 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Katie

    Such an intense episode! I like the set up of this show and everyone is great! I may even accept that kdramas exist where the male lead adn female lead don’t end up together!

    Although I think Junki and Ha Sun’s characters will end up together (I think she’s second lead) which means while Tae San’s on the run…he must get in contact with her.

    Ahhhhh the feels of this episode. Loving the action already. Such a difference from my rom-com dramas…but there’s been kind of a drought for me lately.

  2. JK

    I’m still behind in following the show, damnit (just returned from my trip and drowned in work)! LJG is soo hot! Good acting but I keep being reminded of her role in Il Ji Mae (opening scene of gambling in ep 1 etc). I hope Park Ha Sun can loosen up a bit – she seems a bit uptight in her role. Everyone else rocks their roles though!

    Ratings please improve faster! I read so many recaps about The Master’s Sun and The Good Doctor – the plot don’t seem that good but their ratings look like they might go over the roof?!

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 2.1 JK

      *his, oops

  3. Amberscube

    I love it… among the new dramas, this is “IT”.

  4. Ashnia

    I LOVEEEE this show.

    The suspense totally reminded my of my adrenaline rush during Chuno. And even the ending gosh how many times was there I almost got you ending in Chuno?

    If every day ends like this man idk how I am going to get to the end.

  5. Dez

    Tanx for the recap!!! Many many tanx… I watched it last night but still i want to read your recaps!!! Off to read.. Pyooong!!!

  6. crazedlu

    I seriously need to watch this. So my cup. And ah, Prison Break… must re-marathon.

  7. snow_white

    thanks…..this show is so good 🙂

  8. Bella

    This show is superb! Love it <3

  9. gizqer

    Kim So Yeon cried scene incredible the best!! Real actress!!

    • 9.1 Ryan

      She’s an incredibly self-centered irresponsible idiot for putting a layperson at risk. Somehow, she needs an inexperienced citizen involved against a known and notorious gangster ^.* and THEN cried when what was bound to happen happened? Tee hee

      • 9.1.1 Windsun33

        Yup, I thought that was kind of stupid of her also, and makes me wonder how smart she really is. The really stupid part to me was when she went off on a trip and left her on her own, with no possible way to help her if things went bad (which they did, in a really big way).

        I also wonder why it took her finding a receipt to remind her of the camera.

        • Betty

          She did think of the camera when she went to the crime scene but when they didn’t find it she just thought that it has been discovered by MIS.

          Also I don’t think she is stupid but I do think that she is incredibly selfish and that she was ready to do everything and anything to get revenge thus clouding her judgment with those feelings. Now she regrets big time her decisions that yes was very selfish and self-centered.

          • Windsun33

            You may be right. I went back and re-watched part of ep2 and ep3 with that in mind, and it does seem like the more likely reason. In that sense she kind of reminds me of the bad guy in IHYV, who is so fixated on a single goal that they lose all perspective.

      • 9.1.2 Sophia

        Yep, agreed. What did she think was going to happen with the girl?

        And her character’s not that smart right now. I personally think she’d be better off investigating on her own, I don’t even see why she brought the receipt to her boss asking to be put back on the case. It seems the more people that know about the camera, the less chance she has of getting it. I guess she thinks being on the police team will help with the manhunt.

    • 9.2 ilikemangos

      She’s an incredible actress. I’ve only ever seen her in prosecutor princess before this but she really is wowing me in two weeks.
      That said, there were some instances (although rare) that i felt she overacted just a bit. Even so, she killed almost all of her scenes and was stellar with bringing the emotions on cue.
      And i’m super glad she’s definitely the heroine.

      • 9.2.1 Sophia

        I love her in everything I’ve seen her in (although that’s not a lot) I feel like she’s a versatile actress. I love that she’s able to play the tomboy so well. She did great in IRIS too.

  10. 10 fun-lugha

    Is there a cuter little girl in all of dramaland?!!!

    • 10.1 Ryan

      This drama is only any good if she dies at the end 🙂

      The guy still hasn’t changed, still acting out of his self-interests. If his first priority were the girl, he wouldn’t run away but ask for a furlough in 14 days. THEN escape LOL

      • 10.1.1 febe

        I thought that’s what he wanted to do in the first place, but he realised that he may not survive the 14 days if he stayed in police custody. Boss Moon already sent someone to kill him when he was in jail on Day 15. Right now, the most important thing is to stay alive!

      • 10.1.2 delicatecloud

        He would be dead before he could say “hi”!!

      • 10.1.3 Windsun33

        How could he possibly get a “furlough” on a murder charge?

      • 10.1.4 ilikemangos

        Then we wouldn’t get any action until the 16th episode 😉

        • febe

          Lol, Awesome comment!

  11. 11 liz

    I don’t think PSH seems stiff.

    If you think she is stiff on front of her daughter, maybe it is because she has to pretend everything is alright when it isn’t, so she may seem stiff.

    Someone said her acting s like Shin Se kyung acting, and I disagree 100%

    • 11.1 rookie

      Sure!! SSK’s act still better than this woman. EP 3 must perfect if no her scene. Super boring act

      • 11.1.1 liz

        No. Imo PSH> SSK.

        Is really the actress that is boring or her character? Because it isn’t the actress fault if the writer doesn’t let her do much.

        For example, I found LBY sooo boring on equator man, and I loved her on I hear your voice.

        Sometimes there isn’t much that the character can do. All PSH does is stay on the hospital taking care of her child.

        • ilikemangos

          Agree. Alot of times it’s not the actor or actress’s fault they’re not likeable, but rather the characters they were given. Or maybe even because of a director’s choice.
          Kim Nam Gil is an awesome actor but for the first half of shark i was yelling at him to show more intensity.
          I guess after repeated viewings of an actor/actress you can be sure that you don’t like their style, but a character portrayal can change everything. An actress off the top of my mind would be Hong Soo Hyun, who i thought was meh in Lie To Me but pretty badass in Princess’s Man.
          Sometimes, these people just need to take on really awesome, root-able characters for us to change our minds. That’s why I usually give a few chances, or rather projects before i judge whether or not i like an actor/actress.
          I personally think Park Ha Sun is doing fine here.

          • Emmy

            About Hong Soo Hyun, I felt her acting did actually improve in Princess’ Man and it was not down to the role she played there. I felt she was overacting in Lie to Me and her portrayal of the character was really shrill and generally unlikeable.

            I think the staff directing the actors about how to portray their characters as well as the PDs deserve credit in bringing out the best in an actor/actress.

      • 11.1.2 cindy

        Why this much hate for PHS?

        I don’t get it.

        I feel like it is always like this:

        Popular well love actress is in the same drama as a not so popular actress, making the less popular actress always end up being bashed for her looks, acting and how the other popular actress is so much better than the other.

        It also happens with actors, I will never forget how much YSH got bashed and hated on just because he was against a young hot actor. Ugh.

        I also think it is due to PHS looks. Because her beauty is not like the ”norm” they call her ugly, and etc…

        Could you guys stop please?

        It is immature judging actors because of his looks or because of one character they play.

        • skinnymocha

          YSH? As in Yoon Sang Hyun? A lot of people were still lovingly referring to him as Lawyer Oska and I thought he only got bashed for his character, especially the part where he defended MJK or talked down to Suha. Then again, I only followed this blog since I wanted to avoid spoilers elsewhere.


          Yep, I’m definitely loving this show the most out of the current crop. And the Congresswoman trying SOOOO damn hard to play a man of the people amuses me.

        • Emmy

          Erm… why are you bringing up looks here? I still have (yet) to see anyone on this current page criticising any of the actors/actresses for how they look.

          • liz

            my bad, but on other forums about this drama there is talks about it.

        • Kaybee

          Looks? Looks like someone has some issues within…
          The younger guy that you mentioned has talents too not just looks…He won over people because of his onscreen role which was very endearing and he acted very well but there is still a room for improvement on his dialouge recitation… I loved him over the oldie not because of his looks but because Park SuHa was very endearing and special that anybody will love him expect for some people who will find fault despite everything…

  12. 12 hoochie

    Ohhhhh so that’s Park Jae-kyung was looking for KSY in the court scene no wonder I couldn’t find her lols so what’s the age difference between her and Tae-san? Agreed I think she will be more inclined to believe that Tae-san is innocent than Mr. Pessimist.

    • 12.1 febe

      Their age difference is 5 years. Jae-kyung is 27 and Tae-san is 32.

      • 12.1.1 ilikemangos

        Odd how they decided to include lee jun ki in that scene. I was thinking they could have used his younger counterpart. Either that or they should have dressed kim so yeon in a school uniform or something. Her dad died 8 years ago, right? Assuming she started the investigation on her dads murder after he died, that would put her at 19 and tae-san 24.
        Oh well. It was a short scene.

        • febe

          Looks like 8 years ago was when their paths first crossed. The events which happened at that point in time shaped what became of Tae-san, Jae-kyung and In-hye in the following years until now, when their paths will cross again.

          I guess they need to use Junki because this is probably when Tae-san took the rap for Moon Il-suk and broke up with In-hye, and we had lots of flashbacks to that period of time.

          • hoochie

            Ah thanks for the clarification! I just assumed the two characters were the same age so I got confused by the court scene and thought Jae-kyung was hidden in the stands or was a prosecutor who was off camera.

            Yeah that makes sense they kind of had to use LJK for the scene because they already had the flashbacks with him and In-hye. But I would still go for the second option: KSY in school uniform lols

  13. 13 lalala

    Thanx for the recap. Just started watching ‘2 Weeks’ last night coz I’m not interested with GD and my chicken heart couldn’t bear to see those creepy ghosts in TMS so I decided to watch this after IHYV wrapped up. Hope this drama will not disappointed me

  14. 14 april

    Thank you for the fast recaps^_^

  15. 15 DDee

    This show i think, is the strongest of the new crop of dramas! It’s killing the competition every week!

    • 15.1 lili

      Agree, way better than Master’s Sun…Two Weeks fighting!!!!

  16. 16 ilikemangos

    Yeah. As if everyone wasn’t already connected enough as it is, i found the courtroom scene with jae kyung, moon, and tae san too coincidental. But we all suspend alot of belief anyways for k-drama so i’m not much bothered by it.

    It’s funny how there were comparisons of The Fugitive and this show, and the director ends up putting in a scene from that movie. Perhaps it serves as a muse for two weeks.
    (Also love how you brought up prison break and 24. Loved those two shows.)

    I absolutely love that everything is pretty much trial and error for tae san. He’s not a superhuman on the run. He’s an average guy trying to escape with the thought of saving his daughter as the sole motivator. This makes me root for him the whole way.

    • 16.1 Windsun33

      That is what struck me as being very unusual for a k-drama.

      Far too often in similar situations, the hero has almost mystical powers escaping or not being seen by/from his foes (if I see another scene where the hero puts on a ball cap and pulls down the brim, and then casually walks past 7 divisions of cops, I will scream).

      What impressed me was the little details – like when he finally got the grinder-cutter going to cut off his cuffs. That shows what a real challenge it is in real life, unlike far too many shows where the guy cuts them off with nail clippers or something.

      * For those that don’t know, handcuffs and the chains are made of extremely hard steel, and a hacksaw or other simple tools simply won’t work – the chain is harder than the hacksaw steel.

    • 16.2 MJ

      The court room scenes where all 3 were together actually make sense. That’s not coincidence coz that made her wanted to take revenge over her dad’s murderer and kept stalking on Moon to bring him down. The coincidence part is the police tried to catch tae san happened to date his ex GF. And how Mi sook happened to like tae san, whom have a complicated past with Moon…but all of these still could happen in real life as I cannot remember how many times I said to myself ‘what a small world we live in’ when the person I know happened to be ….
      ps : I love 24 and prison break. They are the most intense shows I watched. Jack Bauerrrrr!!! Michael Scofield!

  17. 17 bearla

    i want to watch this story…..

  18. 18 Mystisith

    This is the episode which hooked me, by the guts. Of course we know he’s not going to be killed but still: The tension!
    I’m also liking that little munchkin a lot and I’m not a kid’s person. Thumbs up!

  19. 19 Smile134

    I have so much faith for So Hyun-kyung, the writer of this show. She always has plan about the narrative of the show, so that I don’t have to worry about wasting 16+ hours of my time for some fun but meaningless shows.

    Lee Jun-ki, I’ve never liked his previous roles wholeheartly (’cause I haven’t watched many of his dramas), but I find mysefl rooting for his Tae-san so hard here 🙂

    And Kim So-yeon, I just love-love-love her here (and I would be ready so see anything that she’s in).

  20. 20 Ann

    I hope they don’t lose that pawn ticket because that could prove his alibi!

    • 20.1 Windsun33

      I don’t think so. The ticket was written before she died, and apparently she lived close to the pawnshop. So he could have written the ticket, followed her home, and killed her. So I don’t see any possible alibi there.

      • 20.1.1 Timbone

        So very true!

        Thanks for the recap

  21. 21 Dongsaeng killer

    So good. So. Very. Good!

  22. 22 1worlddreamer

    Thank you much for the recap girlfriday. Could not wait until it was subbed, so your recap helped me fill in the pieces. And I am not usually like that, but the suspense is built so well.

    Love how LJK gets all dirty and sweaty, the show is not keeping him all pristine as he runs for his life!

    The ratings have improved in Korea, the show is coming in 10 to 12%. Still less than GD & MS who are running over 17%. but I think in the long run this show will improve much. Yes I know the other 2 shows are more in line with what must like to watch…with the pretty….but here you get the pretty and some amazing acting!

    I know some don’t like LJK. Previous roles or characters or looks…everyone is entitled to their opinion. But you have to give the man credit. He can act…and he is really immersed in this role. …and so is the rest of the cast.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow…gosh I never get like this over any show…but this show has great writing, directing and acting…let us hope the pace continues…Yes been there with other shows….and there is that dreaded getting lost somewhere in the middle as they drag it to fill the episodes… but I am thinking since this script was written or started a few years ago…that maybe we will have a really super, fast paced and thrilling show!

    • 22.1 chichi

      viki fansubbers are generally really fast with subs, ep 3 is already finished subbed, ep 4 will be subbed in ~10 hours 😀

  23. 23 owl

    I hope TS saved his little straw and uses it in the river~

  24. 24 earthna

    “..his daughter’s rebirth will be his own” Wow, this is a good one. Never thought of it that way. Ahh, this episode is just wow. Junki really delivers. This drama must be hard on him physically. Thanks for the recaps gf!

  25. 25 cc

    An intense episode! Was watching the preview, so it is possible that In Hye and Tae San’s love will be rekindled.
    LOL, I also caught a glimpse of the *post-army angsty shower scene*.

  26. 26 cc

    An intense episode! Was watching the preview, and In Hye does contact Tae San. So it is possible that their love may be rekindled.
    LOL, I also caught a glimpse of the *post-army angsty shower scene*.

  27. 27 Newbie

    Without any doubt the best show of all the new ones!

    My unsorted thoughts:

    Like you said, I’m glad they chose to make our hero a normal human who is thirsty, hungry, cries, is tired and makes mistakes. (Jack Bauer never needed the bathroom or ate, which irked me to no end.) Love it! Love LJK even more than before and never thought it possible.

    So, they gave the prosecutor a connection and she will become the one to doubt that he’s the killer.

    And the daughter asks mom, whether she really likes ahjussi or not. So we get a first hint, that she is not over Tae San. But I must confess, I would love this drama without much romance, I am against a tearful reunion after eight years, I’d actually ship the prosecutor and Tae San. Because sometimes some things just can’t be mended.

    Love the fact that they gave him a very average and regular person as best buddy. That shows, that Tae San yearns for normalcy in his life. His friend from the orphange is the family and peaceful center he so desperately wants.

    Im Seung Woo said during the first eps, that some men are just born bad and I’d love to see him struggle with some unknown bad side of himself due to jealousy. He is so attached to mom and esp. the daughter, he’d be able to do some serious deeds to protect his family.

    Lol-ed at the introduction of the assassin with the Clicky hommage.

    I decided to overlook the unprofessionalism displayed by the prosecutors. Like touching evidence without gloves. And the first investigation team not finding the recipt in the bra. I understand it’s for dramatical reasons, but I have to work against being pulled out of the show by such grave mistakes.

    Looking forward to the next ep! Thanks for your fast recaps!

    • 27.1 Newbie


    • 27.2 febe

      The first investigation team was more interested in finding evidence to convict Tae-san (fingerprints on knife, doorknob, glass, test for drugs etc.). As far as they were concerned, it was an open-and-shut case as they caught him at the scene of the crime. And his previous convictions for assault sure didn’t help him in his proclamations of innocence.

    • 27.3 chichi

      Wow, I haven’t thought about how Im Seung Woo might struggle with himself because of that, good thought!

  28. 28 shelly

    lee jun-ki can act and he does it so well. *breathing now*

  29. 29 kaka

    killer one !!
    damn lee junki hyung is so awesome! I wanna be like him .. seriously!
    and no doubt … this drama is daebak 🙂

  30. 30 Saya

    How can the subs of this be so slow! It’s killing me not to read this recap, but I can’t spoil myself. The first two eps were so good. Can’t wait can’t wait arrghhhhhh

    • 30.1 chichi

      where do you watch the show? It’s already fully subbed on viki.com 😀

      • 30.1.1 Mohammed

        Viki is open only to viewers in America and not to us international fans outside like in Europe like me. It is very slow waiting for subs for this series when you have no choice for fans like us.

        Master’s Sun, Good Doctor is subbed as fast as usual in few hours after the airing.

        • liz

          You have a choice. Two weeks is free for QC worldwise.

          It means that if you helped Viki on segmenting or subbing the drama from English to your language you can earn the ”QC” status and watch the drama as QC.

          But most people complain about no having choices instead of helping.

          I’m one of those people, it is blocked for my country but because I help subbing it and earned QC status I can watch dramas that aren’t available for my country.

          You have a choice everyone! It just need your help.

          • Mohammed

            I know about QC status and i dont have time or the urge to help. Im not complaining but i can understand fans who cant use Viki, who complain.

            I dont need Viki or Dramafever type sites, i use the decent quality online drama site like Gooddrama.net

            Otherwise i download my current,new k-dramas. Im grateful for people who sub the dramas to english. There are other choices for me and for others if they bothered to look more.

  31. 31 kiki

    Seriously, this drama is AMAZING!!! I can’t even breathe while watching it~! Arrrghhhh… I swear this is the best action kdrama I’ve ever watched. And I love the soundtracks too.. they’re awesome!!

  32. 32 DDee

    I just got done watching Heartless City, and I couldn’t help but think that if Baksa was in Tae San’s shoes at the end of this episode, there would be zero tension because we’d just expect him to beat everyone up. Having said that, if in the next episode Tae San shows off some kung fu skills he learned frm those movies he watched, I’m going to throw a fit. ;P

    • 32.1 Saya

      What’s pretty awesome about Lee Jun Ki is he’s a third degree black belt – I really would like to see some of *that* getting busted out!

      • 32.1.1 chichi

        Wow, I didn’t know that!

        • Newbie

          I read somewhere he is a third degree black belt in Taekwondo and got two more black belts in two other martial arts.

          • chichi

            that’s some major skill he has then 😉
            Hopefully there will be some badass fighting scenes for LJG then.

    • 32.2 Windsun33

      I hate when that happens. While I could see him having some fighting skills, being a semi-bad guy and all, if they pull the kung-fu thing I will beat my TV with a large plushy Pororo doll.

    • 32.3 ilikemangos

      Or if he was city hunter.
      But atleast city hunter does it with style so you have something new there to see.

    • 32.4 pogo

      Well, Jung Kyung-ho ended up with a herniated disc after doing all those action scenes without a double at first, so I hope to god my prince Jun-ki doesn’t end up injured too 🙁

    • 32.5 chichi

      I mean, he was a gangster in the past, so having fighting skills is not that far-fetched 😉

      • 32.5.1 Newbie

        Not to forget, that he survived prison twice. He’ll be able to fight.

  33. 33 dany

    Thank you. I love this show and the little girl is just adorable.

    • 33.1 dany

      Oh, and those images from The Fugitive with Tommy Lee Jones were amusing.

      • 33.1.1 dfwkimchi

        @dany –

        Missed your post – as I posted same thing on post #39

        That flashing scene elicited a laugh from me at 5:20am!

  34. 34 Ivaa

    Luuuuvvv it…
    LJK you really rock it ! pheww…….
    be still my heart…..

    what I love bout him that set him apart from others are he really fearless when ‘acting’….
    he just becoming ‘dirt bag Tae San’, I just forgot how beautiful he is….he transfer into a pitiful hopeless trash…
    he really breath those character alive…
    whether it’s being a ballet student or feminine gong gil, being a gangster ‘kay or revenge So hyun, being Yong or Geom aka Iljimae or playing dumb funny reporter….
    or dreamy strength Satto…….#sigh

    thanks GF & JB, both of you are darling…

  35. 35 dfwkimchi

    Aahhhh! Love this series so far. Love the plot, cast, an dmost of all – those ‘McIver’ moments!

    Gripping – makes that 60+ minutes fly by quickly!

  36. 36 Emmy

    Love this drama. It really is Lee Jun-Ki’s show isn’t it. I love the point about Tae-San being the everyman. I love his vulnerability and how he is so easy to relate to! I totally agree with how I was so invested in his handcuffs episode. The little victories really do matter when he is all on his own with the whole world looking to capture him.

    Looking forward to the rest of the series. Love how it is so tightly paced!

    I’m not even half as invested in the rest of the characters as I am with Tae-San, but I do love Kim So-Yeon’s role as the reckless prosecutor.

    Also, how great is the actress portraying Congresswoman Jo? I find her way scarier than big gangster boss Moon.

  37. 37 YY

    So the prosecutor woman is so torn up over the “sister”‘s murder to the extent of jumping a red light in the previous episode, causing mayhem and leaving a trail of destruction behind her. Nobody seems bothered by this, strangely enough…it’s so so weird. I find her excessive grief perplexing; the undercover mission was obviously a dangerous one, and if she was so concerned over the sister’s safety, why send her to seduce the Big Bad Wolf in the first place? It just doesn’t make sense.

    And the actress playing the little’s girl mother is so so bland and boring. She has this calm detached placidity about her all the time, when she’s crying, laughing, frowning, looking surprised, looking angry….every time she appears, all I feel is utter boredom and thinking where the heck is Lee Jun Ki?

    • 37.1 Emmy

      I have to admit, I found her grief excessive as well.. I think perhaps an explanation is that she took the chances so that she could gather evidence against Moon and Jo. I think it’s not just grief at play here, but also guilt and self-rebuke.

      • 37.1.1 pogo

        That and also a dose of possible instability, if she’s obsessed enough with catching the Big Bads to risk underperforming at her job, and doing thinsg behind her boss’s backs.

        She seems pretty all over the place if you don’t consider all those things, but it comes pretty close to working, for me anyway.

    • 37.2 Windsun33

      I thought her hysteria was way over the top. First she places her in a very dangerous situation, then goes on a week trip and leaves her alone, and is driven to total madness when things go wrong. Then she drives like a maniac and does not even notice all the crashing cars and motorcycles, apparently.

      I am also finding her current state of fanaticism a bit much also – she seems to spend a lot of time running around like a headless chicken.

    • 37.3 MJ

      Very well said! I cannot accept the fact that someone who is a prosecutor could be that irresponsible. I guess the writer just needed to free taesan and make him a fugitive..

    • 37.4 Timbone

      I beg to differ, I think that her character makes perfect sense. She is obsessed with catching her father’s killer and not really paying attention to anything else.
      Similar to an addict, even though she knew it would be disastrous to do something, she does it anyway.

      I personally relate with her character. I think Kim so Yeon is doing a great job, hopefully her character develops the most in this drama. Probably she may end up on the run too with Tae-san lol, or help him in some way. Now that would be quite a story

  38. 38 dfwkimchi

    Thanks for the recap, GirlFriday!

    The subbed ep #3 came less than 24 hrs after the show aired. So was watching early this morning before leaving for work.

    Since there is so much rapid-fire dialog in this ep. – the SUB was also rapid-fire!! I think they timed some of the sub to a blink! So I missed this part:

    “The girl’s nametag reads: Park Jae-kyung. OH.”

    This explains a lot.

    Loving this show. The only actors I recognize are the following:

    Prosecutor Park – from Princess Prosecutor
    Detective Seung-Woo – latest from Rascal Sons.
    Squad Chief – the drama Director from King of Dramas.

    First time watching Lee Jun-Ki – he rocks in this role – very believable despite that ‘flower boy’ look. I was kinda of worried how he was going to pull it off. He is doing splendid!

    Am rooting for little girl – so have to root for Jang Tae San!

  39. 39 dfwkimchi

    Flashing scene of “The Fugitive” starring Tommy Lee Jones + Harrison Ford – was such a nice touch!


    • 39.1 Carole McDonnell

      i love it that he’s such a movie-lover. I wonder if there’ll be other instances of movies flashing into his mind…or if it will only be the “Fugitive.”

  40. 40 Abbie

    Man this show is so frigging good! I just love it! I love Tae-san! I love Su-jin! And that’s about it. The other characters, while interesting, are pretty much hit or miss with me. I especially love the scenes where Tae-san talks to Su-jin. Children are the embodiment of innocence, right? And this whole show is about Tae-san proving his innocence so he can save his daughter. But not only that, Tae-san as a human being has lost his innocence long ago, the first time he took the fall for Boss Moon. So he must regain his innocence by proving his innocence, in order to save his daughter’s life. So it makes sense that he would speak to a vision of his daughter in trying to sort out what he’s going to do to get back to her and save her. I really hope he saves her. I just thought of all this, so it may not make perfect sense. Sorry.

    But I am enjoying this show so much. Lee Jun-ki really pulls me, so that I feel like I’m a part of this journey Tae-san is taking to find redemption, not merely a viewer. So good.

    Thanks for the recap, GF!

  41. 41 Yoori

    Yes! To the writer(s) for making TS a real human. The my favorite scene when he finally broke the handcuff off, it was like an euphoric moment

    I felt bad but I LOL when JK was crying over MS’s bra. I know there’s a deep meaning behind it but quite funny.

    This is by far, the best new drama currently airing! Who Are You? would come second. TMS is lackluster for me, it doesn’t provoke any emotions out from me. It’s sad because I love the main actor and actress individually. As for GD, theres too much politics involved. I’ve never really been a medical drama fan but if they keep on having the same cliffhangers (Will he/she die or live?) every week, then I’d really drop it.

  42. 42 ,

    I kind wish MS was something more than a drug addict to the prosecutor, it would be interesting if the prosecutor really is lesbian, for once on a kdrama. but it isn’t happening huh ?

  43. 43 pogo

    I take back all my early worries about this show, it is fantastic, and Lee Jun-ki (or Oppa, as my first ever kdrama love will always be called) is rocking the hell out of the role of Tae-san. He’s pretty much perfect here – from the slightly rough-around-the-edges edge to his kkotminam looks, to his chemistry with his costars, especially the little girl and Park Ha-sun.

    And maybe this is just the fangirl in me speaking, but one of the reasons I love him so much as an actor is because he doesn’t ever let his looks do all the work, unlike the equally pretty but far less competent Han Ga-in or Song Seung-hoon. He’s surprisingly great at delivering emotion, and his slight tendency to over-act often translates to fantastic levels of intensity when the right PD gets him to tone it down (in Arang, and now here). And I love that there are even a couple of moments of humour, in the middle of all this – it’s so great.

    And I’m really loving all the other cast members too. Sure, this is the Lee Jun-ki show and he’s more than capable of carrying it, but Kim So-yeon’s awesome and so is Second Oppa (what is it with all the Ojakkyo Bros having dramas that are out now/just concluded?) and the little girl, Lee Chae-mi. But I’m most surprised in a good way by Park Ha-sun, she’s hit every note of her performance perfectly, and In-hye feels like a person instead of an empty trope, which is quite an achievement. I don’t get why people are hating on her.

    Also, the camera work is reallllly prettyyyyyy. And I hope to goodness Oppa my prince does not injure himself in this action-heavy role with no doubles, I’m heartbroken enough about Jung Kyung-ho getting hurt on Cruel City but if LJK ends up with back problems too I will cry 🙁

    • 43.1 Timbone

      I agree with your comment. You made quite a lot of good points
      I guess I could consider myself a fan of LJK too, he was the first Korean actor that I enjoyed his drama.

      Try as I might I have not been able to like most of the others, I could barely get through half of Shining Inheritance as I did not like the male lead Lee Sung Gi or whatever he is called. But I loved My gf is a nine tailed fox due to Shin Min Ah. She is just wonderful

      I personally think that many shows are carried by the female lead but the male lead gets all the praise
      But then again I am a guy, so I wont necessarily watch a show for a pretty boy. Most fans are female so I guess I can understand why the male leads get all the popularity

    • 43.2 Carole McDonnell

      So true. He feels like a kind of scrappy loser, someone who is the neighborhood hood…which he is. One almost forgets he’s Lee Jun Ki!

  44. 44 Carole McDonnell

    The Congresswoman is the only villain this drama season whom i intensely dislike and fear. She is cutthroat and ruthless and more and more as we see her evil, the more worried i get. It’s good to have a villain whom one truly is disgusted with. Her slickness, her manipulation, her coldbloodedness!!! Argh! I wouldn’t have minded Se Kwang in IOM becoming mayor of Seoul. He would’ve done “good.” But this woman! She MUST be stopped.

  45. 45 kakdoogee

    So strange, I’ve never gotten the big deal w/ LJK and his looks. I actually think he’s extremely unattractive and found it distracting in my girl and again here. No accounting for taste I guess. May try to watch though given all the glowing reviews. Just not for the eye candy.

  46. 46 mskololia

    Ok, this is the episode that TW wormed its way into my heart….I love the vibe of the drama because the main characters feel human…like people we know. The PD, writer and actors have forged a drama that has essence. Kudos!

    Thanks for the recap ladies!

  47. 47 Bayard

    Why is Junki so thin? He didn´t look so underweight in Arand and the Magistrate, so it can´t be aftermath of the army service. Every time I see him I am thinking that he might be seriously ill. Hope not!
    And definitely hope the series will be good till the end, with AatM it was two episodes too much.
    The actress playing his former sweethart is always bland, in every drama she is part of. Maybe one over the top actress for a drama is enough 🙂

    • 47.1 liz

      he was like this on TBDW too.

      I think it is just how his body is or he doesn’t try to gain weights because his ”feminine” looks is what make japanese girls love him so much.

      I never understood why most leading men on Jdramas are way too skinny and feminine tbh.

      JSG also got pretty skinny after getting famous on Japan…

  48. 48 saranga

    intriguing enough story, something i’m tuning in for just to see how it all plays out, but i’m not super invested. it’s just a light watch for me. the actress who plays congresswoman jo is hands down my favorite person to watch—she emanates that quiet chill through that perfectly even voice of hers. it’s fascinating. an evil bitch, but she’s fun to watch.

    lee jun-ki is definitely overacting, and it’s grating. i’ve read opinions that he tends to do this, but this is the first drama where it really actively bothers me. i hope he improves.

    kim so-yeon, too, is guilty of this. i really like her, really. but she too tends to go a bit over the top. when everybody was raving about her acting in IRIS, i actively disagreed, for the same reason why i’m not totally buying her performance here: that element of exaggeration. her acting sort of makes her character seem like a loose cannon, which i suppose it is. but there’s a distinction, i think. it was pretty distracting to watch her. as an actor you want to be able to assure you viewers of being able to bring a stable PERFORMANCE, even if the character you are playing is an impulsive, emotional type. this is just my opinion.

    i’m really rooting for kim so-yeon though. i’ve seen her be pretty great, and i’m relatively confident that she’ll get better as the drama progresses. it’s just that this exaggeration thing seems to be part of her style; i’ve seen it before, i recognize it most particularly from IRIS.

    thanks for recapping!

  49. 49 naebdukki

    Thank you, Dramabeans, for the great recap. The story is getting more interesting. and i like how the 4 characters’s fates were intertwined from the get-go.
    Plus, the memory flash of the famous movie (was it Fugite or the US Marshall with Tommy Lee Jones…dunno) was a great thing, i love those kind movies.
    All actors & actresses did so well. I can’t enough of 2 weeks.

  50. 50 FM

    I liked the scene where Tae San finally could cut off the cuffs.

    Thanks for the recap!

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