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Two Weeks: Episode 6
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Our good guys connect some important dots, which is good. But then so do our bad guys, which is bad. It’s a constant game of push and pull, and hitting that balance just right is the thing that’ll keep this drama hurtling forward with a nice mix of suspense and thrills. Of course, it’s no given that it will—that’s the challenge it faces every episode, to keep allowing our hero to make small gains but setting him back in equal measure. Not enough to kill his spirit, but just enough to keep us wondering how he’ll pull through.


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Tae-san is shot in the left shoulder and falls off the cliff, landing in the water below. Ack! Yesterday I was worried merely about his survival, but now I remember the whole Don’t get yourself injured caveat to the bone marrow donation. This is not good.

Tae-san sinks to the bottom of the riverbed, then jerks awake. In the midst of flailing and checking his bleeding shoulder, Su-jin’s stuffed monkey floats away. Upside: He manages to grab it. Downside: He gets caught up in the strong current.

Up above, Seung-woo facepalms for a moment before recalling that somebody intervened to divert his shot. Teacher Kim’s long gone, though, and the only people around are the rest of the search party, who come running to join him. Jae-kyung heard the gunshot and demands to know what happened, and you can almost feel her disgust with Seung-woo as she realizes that Tae-san fell into the river.

Without hesitating she just gets down to business and leaps off herself, and so does Seung-woo. Gotta hand it to them, that’s kinda badass.

They search the area directly surrounding the base of the cliff, but Tae-san is being carried off by the wild current, gasping and struggling not to drown. When they surface empty-handed, Jae-kyung spits orders to continue the search downstream, then turns her frustration onto Seung-woo for shooting. His team has his back this time, though, pointing out that he had a right to shoot in this scenario, and Seung-woo explains that his attempt to shoot the leg was thwarted by an interloper.

Immediately Jae-kyung starts scanning the clifftop area, her brain working out that Tae-san’s helper stepped in again. Seung-woo can tell she knows more than she’s giving away and asks to know, but she ignores him and resumes the search. She orders the team to search and capture any strange person in the area—and Teacher Kim hears over the communication line he must’ve hacked into. Since Teacher Kim’s orders include not getting his own identity discovered (as well as keeping Tae-san alive until they recover that camera), that’s his cue to lie low.

Jae-kyung’s prosecutor colleague Sang-hoon gets tasked with tracking down the woman connected to Tae-san, and now that they have her name, he makes a trip out to her restaurant. He asks an employee whether In-hye works here, but rather than seeking her out personally he opts to ask about her instead—like is she married? She sure was pretty. Ha. The employee bristles and warns him off, saying that the manager’s fiancé is a detective.

In-hye is a bit of a nervous wreck while sitting with Su-jin at the hospital (well, more of a nervous wreck than usual), now that she’s decided to ‘fess up to Seung-woo but got delayed when he had to head out on the tip. Su-jin wonders if she’s a mess of worries right now, which is a turn of phrase using the term tae-san. She asks her mom what tae-san means.

In-hye is about two seconds from flipping out, then sees what Su-jin is asking and says it means big mountain. (Su-jin starts drawing a big mountain in her picture, which is cute.)

In-hye starts to excuse herself so she can call Seung-woo, but Su-jin protests—Mom’s gonna keep more things secret from her. She should stay and call him from here, she says. Su-jin is feeling cooped up and extra-complainy today, so In-hye apologizes and agrees to stay. But she doesn’t call.

Prosecutor Sang-hoon heads to the hospital next to ask the doctor about the bone marrow donor, and she repeats her line about patient confidentiality. But he guesses that it’s Tae-san and says this would be a huge point in the police case—does Seung-woo know?

The doctor says that Seung-woo doesn’t know, which confirms that Tae-san is the donor. Then Sang-hoon realizes, “So if he dies, will the girl die too?”

At some point downstream, Tae-san washes up on shore, barely conscious and maybe half-dead. A local man arrives to collect the lifeboats from the water, not hearing Tae-san gasping for help before falling unconscious. But he finds his limp body lying there in the water and drags him out, taking him to his nearby house.

It appears the man is a recluse, but thankfully he’s also practiced with medicinal herbs and gets to work whipping up a concoction for Tae-san’s injuries. When Tae-san wakes up, he starts a bit at the man’s ragged appearance (plus the burst of loud shouting, as the man is nearly deaf without his hearing aid), but Deaf Recluse just slaps on the medicine and wraps his shoulder, having already removed the bullet.

Tae-san starts to make an excuse for his bullet wound (in Korea, that would almost always indicate he’s either being chased by cops or involved in mobster activity), but Deaf Recluse just asks, “Why didn’t you kill me back then?” Ohhhhh. This is the rival gangster Tae-san was ordered to kill, Boss Han Chi-gook, and now Tae-san realizes who he’s talking with.

Flashback to 2005. Tae-san plays lookout in a dark alleyway, and gets a message from his gangster pal that the target is heading his way. Moments later Boss Han scrambles across his path, bloody and on the run. Tae-san gets his switchblade ready, taking a long moment to prepare himself, and that gives Boss Han the chance to charge him.

The knife skitters away and the two gangsters engage in hand-to-hand combat, trading punches and grappling on the ground. Tae-san knocks him down, grabs the knife, and raises it to strike—and Boss Han flinches fearfully. Tae-san hesitates, frozen in place, and that allows Boss Han to knock him away and run off.

Boss Han repeatedly asks Tae-san why he didn’t kill him, saying that’s the only reason he saved his life just now. The curiosity has been driving him crazy, and he needs to know.

Tae-san answers, a bit brokenly, “Because of my mother.”

Flashback. It’s the scene we caught a glimpse of yesterday, now in full as Child Tae-san cheerfully brings home two popsicles to share with Mom. Only, he’d found her bloody in her room, having committed suicide.

“That blood… the smell of that blood… I can still remember it.” Boss Han scoffs—then how could he kill that woman and his roommate? Aw, and that’s news to Tae-san, who asks, “They’re saying I killed Man-seokie too?”

He declares that he killed nobody, that Boss Moon framed him for it all. He starts to unload his story, trying to work out why Boss Moon decided to kill him halfway through the frame job, but Boss Han stiffens at the name of his old enemy and interrupts. Suddenly awash in panic, he orders Tae-san to leave immediately, not wanting anything to do with him.

Tae-san begs on his knees for help, saying that if anything happens to him, his daughter will die.

The police search continues. The authorities block off the mountain roads and comb the grounds, which means that Teacher Kim is, for the moment, stuck. Muahaha.

The search team tries to predict Tae-san’s whereabouts, based on current speed and time lapsed. Both Jae-kyung and Seung-woo are clenching their jaws refusing to believe he’s dead, but fearing just that. They charge ahead into the next task, which is locating and questioning all residents in the projected area.

Jae-kyung tamps down an extra worry, which she keeps to herself: Tae-san was helped by a third party, and if that man was sent by Boss Moon, there’s a chance he’s gotten to Tae-san first. She calls her colleague Sang-hoon to ask about any of Boss Moon’s gangsters who are unaccounted for, and that’s when she hears that In-hye is Seung-woo’s fiancée.

Jae-kyung is stunned, but thinks to all of Seung-woo’s reactions to Tae-san’s case, which now make sense in light of the whole love triangle aspect. One last tidbit—the bone marrow transplant—finally makes the case click into place, and she understands his motivation for escaping.

Operating under the assumption that Seung-woo doesn’t yet know of the father-daughter link, Jae-kyung orders her partner to keep that fact from getting to Seung-woo’s ears. If he finds out, the police find out, and the child’s life will be endangered.

The cops make a thorough inquiry with the locals, and Seung-woo personally inspects our deaf medicine man’s house. For now, he finds nothing. The house is empty, since Boss Han is away at the water’s edge, where he sits… shredding clothing with a rock? Then he takes that rock and scrapes his own arm with it. Hm. A diversion of sorts?

The clothing turn up in the search, and the police chief draws the obvious conclusion from the tatters—Tae-san must have been knocked around the boulders quite a bit to result in such rags. Jae-kyung tries to think positively, stating that a shoulder wound isn’t fatal, although the chief is already referring to the recovery of the “corpse.” The local authority affirms that supposition, stating that the body was likely dead when the clothing was ripped from it.

It’s a blow for Seung-woo, too, whose hand shakes to recall firing that gun.

Jae-kyung takes her frustrations to the river, cursing Tae-san for dying now, after risking everything to stay alive, and thus condemning his daughter to death. And then another puzzle piece falls into place—if a man were desperate to stay alive in order to save his daughter, why would he commit a murder for his boss like a mindless minion?

Boss Han returns to his cottage and gives Tae-san the all-clear to come out of hiding from his tiny trapdoor basement. He packs Tae-san a backpack of medicine and supplies, informs him that he faked his death, and orders him to leave. Once the baddies get word that no corpse was found, Boss Moon will come sniffing around here.

Tae-san pleads with Boss Han, asking for ten days of safe harbor. After all, he saved his life once, and he can’t leave now in his condition. Boss Han flatly refuses to help him any further, pulling a knife on him to make the point clear.

Boss Moon gets the (greatly exaggerated) news of Tae-san’s death, which on one hand isn’t such a bad thing to hear. On the other hand, they still don’t have that digital camera, and he can’t rest easy until it’s in his keeping. He orders Teacher Kim to stay in the area until the corpse is found, then wonders how he’ll find that camera. I do enjoy his frustrated curse, “Who’s the asshole who shot Jang Tae-san?” Mostly because that’s how I feel about it.

He does get word that this gangster dullards have located Tae-san’s woman, though.

In-hye, meanwhile, steals a moment in the hospital room to check up on the latest news. The reports state that Tae-san was shot and is presumed dead, which sends her reeling.

In her elegant (secret) home, Congresswoman Jo sits down to eat dinner while watching the news on one television screen, and camera footage on her computer screen. Oy, is that a webcam monitoring her son’s sleeping moments? Creepy, lady.

She takes note of the Tae-san death report. In the morning, she heads out for work as normal, not seeing the officer staking out her home and noting all her movements.

Up in the mountains, Jae-kyung staggers into the local police station, enervated despite her vow that Tae-san’s death doesn’t mean this ends for her. She shoots Seung-woo a withering stare and tells him to stay behind and return to Seoul later—after he handles the cleanup for the man he shot. His fellow cops argue that he was justified in the shooting, but Seung-woo agrees to her instructions, intending to remain behind.

Seung-woo returns to the cliffside to brood, though one look at his pictures of Su-jin cheer him back up.

Flashback to last year. Seung-woo finds Su-jin in a funk at her mom’s shop, staring at the poster for Dad and Me art contest. He offers himself as her companion, notes that it’s today, and decides why not? Let’s go.

But Su-jin says that he’s not her father yet, and that her bio-dad is dead. So she has nobody to do it with. Seung-woo offers the compromise: They can go together, and Su-jin can draw her father. And if anybody asks who he is, he’ll be… her bodyguard, sent by Su-jin’s dad.

Her mood lifts, and Su-jin says that once he marries her mother, she’ll call him Dad, and that makes his day.

So it’s with a smile that Seung-woo flips through those photos now, and we can see that she’s drawn herself, her father, and her bodyguard all holding hands. Aw.

Seung-woo gets a call from his stern police director father, who only stays on the line long enough to bark at him to report to the station asap.

Su-jin sits in her room talking to herself, explaining that Seung-woo ajusshi is a super nice guy who loves her mother and is the best kind of surrogate dad. Then we see that she’s actually talking to Dad in the form of that old photo of Tae-san and In-hye, and she says, “If I’d known you were alive, I would’ve told him not to like Mom.”

She adds that Mom ripped up this photo the day she decided to marry Seung-woo, “But you’re supposed to burn photos of dead people, not rip them up. That’s how it happens in the dramas.” Haha. How’s that for a mini Sherlock?

Su-jin wonders what Dad did to hurt her mother. Whenever she asks her mother, that night Mom always cries: “She must really hate you. Still, I like you.”

A truck heads down the mountain road and gets stopped at the police roadblock—driven by a disguised Tae-san, who now sports ugly welts on his face. Ha, another one from the Mandate of Heaven playbook?

Tae-san sweats as the officer examines his Wanted photo, but keeps up his lazy farmer mumble and gets waved through.

In a flashback, we return to the moment when Boss Han pulls his knife on him and calls him an idiot for letting Boss Moon take advantage of him three times, with his eyes wide open the whole time. This time, it’s his own damn job to get himself out of the fix.

The words sink in and Tae-san hangs his head, like he’s going to go quietly, only at the last minute he knocks Boss Han down and steals the knife, turning it on him in an echo of their first encounter. And just like that time, Boss Han flinches and Tae-san hesitates. “If I’d stabbed you then, I wouldn’t have ended up here,” he says.

Having made his point, he lowers the weapon and clarifies that he didn’t let Boss Moon take advantage of him—he did it to save In-hye, who would have been killed otherwise. The tears start to fall as he recalls how he felt after leaving In-hye, not caring to live another day:

Tae-san: “Back then, I didn’t think of anything but In-hye. I didn’t think of Su-jin. I just wanted her to live well. If she had Su-jin, I was afraid she’d be overwhelmed like my mother, so I shoved her into the operating room to kill Su-jin. The child I killed once already—I can’t kill her again.”

He begs for ten days, fully expecting to die the minute he walks out of surgery. He sobs that he’s not afraid of death for himself, but he’s terrified of the idea of the child dying. He just wants those days, stuffed in that cellar, without food if need be.

That earns him some sympathy (and a meal, thank god) and Boss Han scrawls him info about a boat leaving for the Philippines in the morning. He can stow away and while away his ten days, then return the morning of the surgery. He offers his truck and a way to get him past the guards, then sets to work mixing more herbs.

So now, Tae-san drives along to make the boat, though he has to fight the urge to return to Seoul to be closer to Su-jin.

In-hye, meanwhile, is on the verge of losing it. She’s a nervous wreck with the doctor, asking what to do if Tae-san is dead, and fearful of continuing the bone-marrow-removing process. But the doctor argues that stopping the procedure now is worse, and that she’ll intensify the search for a new donor. The doctor says she should have told Seung-woo earlier to prevent the shooting, which is one of those well-meaning but utterly unhelpful things to say. You’re going to tell the lady on the brink “I told you so”?

In-hye sobs and blames herself for it all, and in her panic that she will be the cause of her daughter’s death, she collapses in a heap. Way to go, doc.

Seung-woo gets called to his father’s office to get dressed down for his mistakes. Dad may be the police director but his disappointment today seems to be as father, not superior—he definitely doesn’t appreciate his son running around and letting personal distractions mess with his work.

Daddy Im missteps when he makes a comment about fatherless Su-jin and single-mom In-hye, and takes it back when Seung-woo bristles. He asks more politely about the surgery and states his intention to visit the hospital on the weekend.

Tae-san drops by the hospital to phone up to Su-jin’s room, only to hear that the two have stepped out for a treatment. Aie, I knew you wouldn’t go to Busan to catch that boat, but it still kinda makes my heart lurch to see him heading right back into the lion’s den.

Tae-san’s face is still disfigured, but he decides to use the antidote and return to normal before heading upstairs, which makes my heart lurch even more. You’re already playing with fire, dude!

In-hye wheels Su-jin through the hallway, but has to stop when Su-jin starts to throw up. While they’re paused there, the elevator doors open, and Su-jin catches Tae-san’s eye, recognizing him right away. She sends him a smile while her mother fusses worriedly over her, and Tae-san forces himself to stay back when she gets sick again, watching with teary eyes.

Su-jin asks to be wheeled backward to see her mom’s face, but it’s really to steal a few more glances at her father. She sends him a wave as she goes, and he waves back.

Su-jin is in a fantastic mood in her room, jumping up and down on her bed. She’s adorable. Then In-hye gets a call, and Tae-san tells her curtly, “It’s me. I’ll call again in five minutes.”

Jae-kyung and her boss are called in to the chief prosecutor’s office, and in light of the suspect’s death the chief is ready to yank her from the case. She asks to stay just long enough to wrap up this case, and to her surprise, her boss backs her up. And just then she gets a break in the case, in the form of a text: “The signal came in.” Oh crap, not the phone call?

That gives her just enough time to run out to take the call in private, and she barrages him with questions. He calls from a nearby pay phone and assures her that he’s fine, and reminds her that he promised to stay alive. She starts to urge him to turn himself in because she knows a cop who will help, but he cuts her off to inform her that he was almost killed while in holding. That’s why he escaped, and he can’t surrender until he has evidence.

He adds that it’s best that people think he’s dead, and says he’ll be taking a boat for the Philippines until surgery day. She protests, and in her search for a quieter place to talk she finds a hallway right next to his pay phone—she doesn’t see Tae-san, but he sees her. He hardens his tone to cut off her arguments and tells her to stay quiet and wait, and not tell a soul about him if she wants to save Su-jin, not even her fiancé.

He swears he wants to save Su-jin’s life, and starts to hang up. She keeps him on the line to say, “Su-jin’s dad—don’t die.”

Ack, turns out Jae-kyung is listening in on this call, with boat trip plans an all, presumably having tapped In-hye’s line. She barges in on a beer-drinking party of cops looking for Seung-woo, who isn’t there, and apologizes to the cops. To their great surprise.

Tae-san stops in the bathroom to apply more of that face-changing herbal stuff, and with his face puffy once more he heads out of the hospital… just as Boss Moon arrives looking for In-hye. But he just misses seeing the gangsters, yeaaaargh.

Su-jin finishes drawing her Big Mountain and thinks happily of reuniting with her monkey in ten days, “And Daddy too.” The door-phone starts ringing in her room, and she picks it up and raises the window shade. Peering in and asking for her is one scary-looking Boss Moon, who asks, “Is your daddy’s name Jang Tae-san?”

Su-jin breaks into a big smile and exclaims, “Yes!”

Oh, fuck. D-10.


As I mentioned up top, the balance between Tae-san’s progress and setbacks is what makes this drama a fun ride for me. Given the premise, there’s zero doubt that Tae-san will survive to the end of the two weeks—without that assurance, we have no story. That’s not the question our drama is playing with, so I don’t need the show’s obstacles to fool me into thinking he might die. That’s always the worry that he faces, since they don’t know they’re in a drama that hinges upon his survival, but my thrills aren’t predicated on that.

So what it becomes, then, is a game of how to keep him stuck up a tree (down a well, in a burning attic, whatever metaphor floats your figurative boat) in creative, constantly evolving ways. And here’s where the show is working for me, even if there are several beats that I find expected and familiar. My burning question isn’t Will he make it? so much as it is HOW will he make it, because that sure is a bind he’s in.

I’m so glad we’ve got one shrewd thinker on the side of the authorities, because if there’s one thing I hate, it’s a situation where the fugitive keeps escaping not because he’s smart, but because his pursuers are idiots. Not gonna lie, most of the cops seem to be idiots. It’s why it’s a good thing Seung-woo has an added reason for mucking things up, because he’s letting his personal beef with Tae-san cloud his judgment—and it’s hard to tell exactly how much of his animosity comes from hating criminals going free, and how much is from the fact that Tae-san is In-hye’s ex and Su-jin’s dad, both of which he really really wants to be and knows, deep down, that he’s not quite managing to be.

That blurry line makes him an interesting character, and as much as his hotheaded reactions make me want to kick him at times, those are also what keeps him compelling as a flawed second lead.

It’s also why it’s nice to have Boss Moon cottoning on to Su-jin’s existence this early in the game, however much that screws things up for Tae-san. He’s fearsome enough given what we know of him, but following his murder of Mi-sook he’s been kind of fading on the scare-o-meter because his bungling gangsters are such doofs. Even Teacher Kim, who’s supposed to be such a pro, keeps letting Tae-san slip through his fingers, so all in all I’ve been looking at the mobster side as more of the Incompetence Brigade than the Big Bad. It’s nice to reinforce the notion that we should fear him, and the moment he smiles down at the little sick girl, we’re reminded.


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  1. stars4u

    How could Chun Ho Jin be in 3 different dramas all at the same time? He’s in Ugly Alert, Good Doctor and now he’s in Two Weeks for this episode.

    • 1.1 damnkdramas

      bahaha the people on Viki noticed too; they were all “WOAH, the Director from GD~!” XD

      • 1.1.1 anais

        Right? Totally!

    • 1.2 Smile134

      Is Ugly Alert any good? When I saw him in ep 6 of Two Weeks today, it takes me 2 second to process: Oh, the Doctor-Director in GD, is he gonna treat Tae-san! 😀

      • 1.2.1 Yuhotarubi

        My thoughts exactly, I was like ” Kimura Taro again ??? Oh he’s a nice ahjussi these days .

        • Ama

          Me too! I still think of him as the president from City Hunter!!

    • 1.3 Nahla JW

      hahahah me too , this ahjusshi is amazing , all drama these days he is in them Bridal mask, my daughter is soo young , Good doctor and two weeks. XD
      ahh also the assistant of the bad guy is Kimura kenji 😛

      • 1.3.1 WickedBiccie

        Oh my God!!! Nahla JW! Thank you soooooooo much!

        Trying to figure out who Brainy Minion/Brainy Smurf was ….it was melting my brain!

        Oh the relief of having that mystery solved! Phew!!

        Not I can get back to being ridiculously relieved every time Tae San gets a chance to eat something!

      • 1.3.2 sweetcloud

        Lol you blew my mind twice, I can’t recognize either Taro or Kenji without the evil mustache!

      • 1.3.3 Cocoboo


        He looked so familiar, but I didn’t remember who he was exactly!

        I didn’t find him attractive in Gaksital, but he’s kinda handsome here. Maybe cuz his character seems smarter this time around. xD

  2. JK

    Thanks for the recaps, Javabeans!

    • 2.1 JK

      I was trying so hard to play catch up on previous eps but then Two Weeks came this week and I’m not even done with last week. I was like, screw it, anyway, I have already read Dramabeans’ recaps so I’ll just jump straight into ep 5 and 6.

      And boy, am I glad I did that. The suspense at the end of ep 6 nearly killed me. I wished Tae San saw Boss Moon in the hospital or have told In-Hye to be careful. On hindsight, perhaps he didn’t want to give her more reasons to be worried about than she already was.

      I think part of the reason for the goofy cops was to have the audience fear more for the future of Tae San. But then I thought it would have been even more EXCITING if for once we could have two teams of equally brilliant good guys and bad guys trying to outmaneuver each other, with Tae San caught in between.

      But really, who in her right mind would build a mansion underground and pretend all her life to be someone she’s not? Somebody send for the psychiatrist, please.

      I really love Park Jae-Kyung’s character. Real badass and her scenes with Seung Woo are packed with so much intensity. Some very good acting there. Unfortunately there’s not really much interaction between Tae San and the other main cast. But again, u have to give it to LJG for turning in a fine performance. I still can’t believe a man on the run has the time to help a woman deliver her baby. The nappy washing was the last straw. The stricken look in his eyes with the half-washed nappy in his hand as he looked imploringly at the baby’s mother just kills me.

      • 2.1.1 anais

        The psycho woman watches her own son SLEEPING via video feed from Switzerland. Yeah, she needs an entire psych ward for herself. She’s just so creepy, so completely twisted.

    • 2.2 Ryan

      The correct response from Soo-Jin would have been .. “mom told me not to talk to stranger” LOL

      I have to disagree on “The question is HOW he survives ..” For that answer to last X episodes would be just X – 1 episodes too long. The more interesting question ought to be HOW he turns the situation around. And for that answer, it would take hard imaginative writings.

      Moon finding out Soo-Jin is just too soon. With that upper hand, Tae San seem to once again end up the victim, getting played .. again (.. this sympathy and pity train ride seems tiredly long).

      Would have been more interesting for Tae San to out-bluff, be one-up and play Moon for awhile before Soo-Jin is located. It would be so much more like drawing cards in turn on a high-stake poker game LOL …

      • 2.2.1 anais

        That may yet come. I think he doesn’t think Moon’s cottoned onto In Hye, forgetting that she’s came directly to his gangster pawnshop. But he’s not all that sharp in terms of people skills. He’s a big teddy bear, ready to be so trusting as evident in Ep. 5 w/ the newborn’s mom. He just wants his own little family and live a very ordinary life. Not at all meant to be a big bad gangster.

        He so desperately wants to preserve that last thing that gives his life meaning. He clearly thinks so little of himself that it’s a bit painful to watch.

        The turning point, I hope, will be when he realizes his intrinsic worth, not just as Sujin’s lifeline. That he deserves Sujin and Inhye. Hopefully, that’ll fire him up and get his brain thinking beyond mere survival.

        • Ryan

          From what I know, a woman will endure and put up much for the one she loves, but once that endurance threshold is crossed, she is no longer the same woman. Despite what “he” thinks, wants, wishes or does, she’s gone forever and he will never be allowed back.

          • anais

            I’m trying to say is that she hasn’t crossed that threshold if she’d kept that photo til she said yes to Seungwoo.

  3. Lisa-Loo-Loo

    Can’t this guy just catch a break?! Are the baddies super human?! WHAT. THE. HECK! Today was a nail biter, I thought Tae-san would end up with amnesia (it’s k-drama). Don’t pretend you didn’t think the same thing. Thank goodness for Jae-kyung, who is quick to think and not just act. I hope she finds the truth before someone turns Tae-san into fish food.

    • 3.1 Timbone

      I saw the preview for episode 7, Jae-Kyung is just awesome, love how she bugged the phone.

      The camera is still in limbo hope someone finds it soon
      I am sort of hoping the video gets uploaded on the internet or something. That would be so awesome lol

      • 3.1.1 KDaddict

        That would be the end of the series.

        Wonder if Father, Mother and the best little daughter in the world would get united???

        • dreaming....

          As in the father and mother back together in a love relationship? I would probably hate it if the drama went to that path. I mean, yes I understand that it’s important for the little girl to have her biological father. But Seung-woo has helped both Seo In-Hye and Soo-Jin throughout those years. He’s been there for them and especially most of Soo Jin’s hospital situations. Even if Seung Woo isn’t the biological father, he does play a father-figure for Soo Jin. If In Hye only marries Seung Woo because she needs help financially and wants a father-figure for Soo Jin then In Hye is a selfish person who took Seung Woo’s love for granted. I really hope they will keep Seung Woo and In Hye together because he was there for her when she was helpless.

          • KDaddict

            I’m of two minds about it:
            I understand it if they want to give Su Jin her beloved father back, and give TS his life back. But I agree that that’d be so unfair to SW. Like I said down below, whatever they do, I just hope they don’t kill off SW to make way for TS’s return to his wife and daughter. Alternatively, they could kill off TS (after the bone-marrow transplant) to keep SW with the girls. Nah, they wouldn’t do that, would they?

          • Betsy Hp

            Hmm… But a guy being helpful doesn’t mean you’re obligated to be in love with him. And… I think part of the reason Seung-woo is so deeply bothered by Tae-san is he knows In-hye doesn’t love him as much as he loves her — maybe even suspects not as much as she’d loved Su-jin’s birth daddy.

            I think In-hye likes Seung-woo and possibly even loves him to a certain extent. But I think, from what we’ve seen — she really did choose to marry him for Su-jin’s sake more than anything. Selfish? Yeah, it’s definitely not fair to Seung-woo. But she probably thinks she’s being good to both him and Su-jin.

          • KDaddict

            It’s the weekend. I decided to re-watch this fr the beginning.
            Now I’m left wondering if SW is really an excellent cop. In ep 2, when he met TS for the 1st time in the police station for questioning, he kept ignoring TS. He only wanted to take down his name, profession, etc. TS asked how Mi Sook was, co he really wanted to know. SW had already made up his mind then that TS was the killer. No need for investigation. I suppose given TS’s rap sheet and the ‘evidence’, it isn’t surprising that SW thinks that he is the murderer, but a good cop shouldn’t act as prosecutor and jury as well.
            I’m surprised to find out that SW’s antagonism towards TS started way before he suspected TS to be SJ’s father!

          • Ryan

            @Betsy I don’t know where and how you conclude “she thinks she’s too good ..” It is hard to believe an Asian single mother with a kid out of wedlock would harbor or be induced to harbor such an attitude in an Asian society

            Her being distant and cold would probably be better explained by the fact that the trauma of yesteryear destroyed all trust in men.

            She probably has given up all hopes for her own happiness with men, but do (subconsciously) seek out a father for her child by virtue of social expectations, myths, pressure, etc..

          • Ryan

            @KDaddict Cops do get jaded and become biased given what they see. The things you constantly experience will form your world view. The experienced ones gets better intuition about whodunnit.

            I believe this guy isn’t so experienced, and having biases doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a bad cop. I think that scene was meant to enforce the disgust he has for scums (given how violently Mi-Sook was killed), that the was a straight-up, unsophisticated guy

          • mskololia

            All the fbs on the parents, and now, we eventually see the little girl actually telling some “stranger” he’s her father….gulp. It seemed so out of character.

            Kdramas feel the need to “restore the emotional balance” of their viewers universes after taking them through the wringers. LOL.

          • Betsy Hp

            @Ryan: Holy mis-quote Batman! The importance of a single word is illustrated. 😉 I actually said: “But she probably thinks she’s being good to both him and Su-jin.” No “too” in sight.

            My thought is, In-hye thinks that by marrying Seung-woo she’s being a good mom towards Su-jin by providing her with a decent and loving father. And, since Seung-woo loves both her and Su-jin, she’s being good towards Seung-woo by giving him happiness.

            Since humans are complicated, there’s probably some guilt mixed up in there as well — because there is a selfish aspect in getting this man to marry her and take on a child that isn’t his. Especially if In-hye doesn’t love him as much as he loves her and is still carrying a torch for Tae-san.

            Which leads me too…

            @Ryan: “Once a woman is offended and moves on, more often than not, she won’t turn back.”

            Eh, humans are complicated. And, by her keeping that picture, tearing it up only after deciding to accept Seung-woo’s proposal, I think it shows In-hye hadn’t moved on. (As the doctor pointed out as well — In-hye was strangely emotional about someone she apparently no longer cared for.)

            I’m not saying the drama must end with her and Tae-san back together… but I could see it. There’s enough there to make it happen. Especially as we learn more about how Tae-san was before Boss Moon threatened to kill In-hye if Tae-san didn’t go to jail for him.

            He was excited for the baby. In-hye witnessed that. Then he changed and immediately disappeared. So In-hye’s longer experience with Tae-san was with him being a decent and supportive guy. So… there’s fodder.

            Finally — the “noble idiot” phenomenon… I’m not sure it’s a cultural specificity. I think it’s more a romance trope k-dramas in particular have taken and run with. Because they do a lot of romances.

          • Ryan

            @Betsy Sorry for the misread and thanks for the clarification.

            It seems to me Im-Hye has grown into another person after the abortion incident. I would be very disappointed if she even wavers. That would be perpetuating stereotypes and encouraging blind acceptance and self-inflicting injustices. Woud be such brazen contrivance.

            He acted horribly. No reason for her to hold on and every reason for him to bear consequences of his actions.

            Of course, there is nothing “exclusive” to a race or culture, but the degree of prevalence and acceptance of the things that go on does define us broadly

        • Ryan

          The trust had been obliterated. He doesn’t deserve it. She no longer held the same affection. Once a woman is offended and moves on, more often than not, she won’t turn back.

          He’d be lucky just to be given permission to play a role in the child’s life. Will be interesting to see how Soo-Jin is transitioned to the fact that father is alive but won’t be with mom

          The easiest thing is to kill off one of them 🙂 I vote Soo-Jin since this guy needs to learn consequence kakaka

          • KDaddict

            You vote for Soo Jin to be killed off? But SJ is not one of the guys; she is the darling little girl!!

          • Ryan

            I do get confused with the character names most of the time, but in this case, I know that it’s the girl 🙂 In the scenario I just mention, it would have more impact and be more meaningful. Would be such an indicting statement against irresponsible male behavior

            Just think .. all that troubles for naught and realizing love and fighting for it a bit .. too late 🙂 Quite a strong reminder to have and hold what you have around you

          • Windsun33

            I agree – he screwed her over once, and even tried to force an abortion on her – seriously, how easy is that to forgive? Despite all he is going through to save his daughter, if she had listened to him before he would not even HAVE a daughter.

            The guy was a dirtbag, and no matter how much he tries to redeem himself now I just don’t buy him getting back with the mother in any way.

          • anais

            In Hye clearly still loves Tae San. She’s hurt & angry but all the more clear evidence that she’s still in love, especially if she had held on to that photo til she accepted SW’s proposal.

            And, though she may not trust him, it’s more that she can’t trust herself. Wait til she finds out the entire truth.

            I disagree that Tae San doesn’t deserve her. His intentions were very, very good, even if his execution leaves MUCH to be desired.

            I actually really loathe Seung Woo, mainly because he’s such a self-righteous prick up on his frigging high horse. I so, so, so hope that his father is the one getting the gangster or Congresswoman Jo’s kickbacks. He had so much going for him and fails to realize his privilege is either entirely by chance or, if my wish proves true, predicated on moral hypocrisy and corruption.

            On the other hand, Jang Tae San may appear loathsome on paper but he’s clearly the better human being of the two. He knows self-sacrifice (even to the point of complete self-abnegation.) It’s amazing that he is actually decent at the core, given the really, really awful hand life dealt him. Imagine how much good he might have accomplished had he been given the opportunities that Seung Woo had been given.

          • Ryan

            Our resident reviewers / recappers often used the term noble idiocy to describe, if I am not mistaken, the Asian phenomenon of “Because I don’t want to burden you and I love you to death, I’ll do stupid things/kill myself/marry the person I hated just to protect you”

            As silly as that is and sounds, it does happen at times in real life, and it’s understandable when KDrama (ab)uses it as a device.

            The problem in this case is that there was nothing noble about this when it comes to Tae-San. It’s just pure idiocy and indecency.

            It boggles my mind how some of you justify and make excuses for such a horrific and brutal act – an all-out bullying followed by outright obliteration of her self-worth.

            My God! At the most emotionally fragile moment, at the time she is in an abyss riddled with conflicts, confusion, needs, weakness, you put your tail between your legs and obediently followed those minions like a puppy, without a care or concern, without a shred of respect to have a word before you vanish??

            She is down and you don’t just stomp on her. You dig a bigger deeper hole, throw her in and dump the dirt over her.

            All of that because she is guilty of loving you unconditionally, accepting you even though you are a thug, and carrying your child? That is how you pay back the unconditional love of a fellow being??

            Come on, people, get real! Put yourself in _her_ shoes.

            Look at the situation as it has been represented, don’t read in and don’t make up things in your mind — He literally disappeared from her life after bullying and shaming her.

            God forbids, how and what do you think of a guy who does exactly that to your girlfriend, sister, or to someone you know, care and love — while she isin the process, all set and ready of having an abortion performed on her?

            This guy is either stupid beyond belief NOT knowing what his action means, or he just simply does not have a shred of decency and humanity.

            The writers made a huge mistake. This wasn’t noble idiocy; It was outright inhumanity

            This guy’s quest for self-redemption is exactly just that — just for him and for no one else. Nothing to crow about or root for.

            Some sins need and take lots just to wash off.

          • anais

            Dear Ryan, you can read what you’d like to read into the situation yourself. The show is clearly saying that the situation sucked for both of them. Both made mistakes.

            Not justifying either of their mistakes, but if I were in In Hye’s shoes, I’d rather that Jang Tae San got out of my life as an asshole than had put my life on the line or asked me to choose.

            Remember, the deal was he goes to jail or she dies. Would it have been better had he just told her the terms? I think that’s not a much better deal either. She’d have had to live knowing that he’d chosen an ex-convict’s fate in order to save her and their baby’s life. Then, she’d have had to choose whether to stay with an ex-convict mobster, which would have meant damning her and her child’s life to the precariousness of being a part of such a world. And if she chose not to stay with him, she’s the ingrate then.

            I think Jang Tae San made the best decision he thought he could have made at that time, however misguided that was. From her perspective, she’s the wronged one and he’s the ass. That was probably the best possible option then available to them.

            There were no good options for them. Screwed no matter what. That’s the point.

          • mskololia

            It’s the same with IH and SW.

            He’s a duty-bound cop and they go by instincts and “truth and justice” so when IH held back and lied to his face about the donor…the trust has been obliterated under the dire circumstances surrounding her child. She could not entrust her daughter’s life or safety to her fiance. Ouch! That screams…something.

            At this point in the story, IH and TS deserve each other.

          • Annnsow

            “He’d be lucky just to be given permission to play a role in the child’s life”
            You mean he shoud play a role in the child’s life… Esp of the child wants it. I don’t think it’s a grudge someone should work on, it’s selfish in contrast to the child’s needs and hopes.
            But IA with you, I don’t think they should get back together. He should move on and she should marry Mr. Inspector.

          • Ryan

            @annais Review the whole thing. Look at HOW he left her, stop giving excuses and you’ll see that there’s no possible excuse. No matter what, you don’t just vanish without a word, after bullying her during an abortion.

            I am clueless to what some of you are trying to defend 🙂

            @ann In real-world custody decisions, the best interest of the child isn’t determined solely by what the child wants. It is judged in the totality of environment, influence and character. I’d doubt any court, including the court of his own conscience, bestow him custody rights given what and how he did.

          • kerri

            @Ryan Many of us understand that TS made the best choice to save IH’s life. By treating her like that, he thought she won’t contact him anymore and can stay her future life happily without hardship.
            Now when she meet him for soojin, she eventually knows how TS loves his daughter. IH will later understand why he did like that to her after figuring out about the baddies, and things will probably change. For this, the insinuations you made to many viewers here just become clueless.

          • anais

            @ Ryan – I can only speculate that you have experience you’re bringing to bear on this drama. But really, put yourself in her shoes. Would you rather that:

            1. JTS inexplicably turn into an asshole, bully you into aborting your child, and disappear without a trace. You hate him forever but you decide to go through with the pregnancy and raise the child on your own.


            2. JTS tell you that he’s being threatened by his mobster boss to take the fall for a murder the boss committed or you die, along with the embryo/fetus. That he’s going to take the fall to protect you and you should decide whether you want to keep the child and raise the child by yourself. That you should leave the country for your own safety and cut ties forever with JTS since any ties with him will endanger you and any child of yours with him for the rest of your lives. If you choose to go through with the pregnancy, the baby must never know of its father for its own safety. And farewell to a future career as a ballerina. Aren’t you glad that your boyfriend cares about you so much that he’d go to jail to save your life. I wonder if you you wouldn’t feel scared out of your mind, resentful of him for putting you in this situation (of having your life threatened and burdened by his choice), yet simultaneously deeply beholden to him and angst-ridden for the rest of your life so long as you live to see your child’s face.

            Why are you so keen on looking at the drama only through In Hye’s eyes? That’s not the vantage point the show’s makers have situated the viewer.

            This is my comment on this thread because I’d be highly surprised if this comment challenged your way of thinking.

            FWIW, I’ve had a boyfriend who’d shamed me privately, destroyed my reputation publicly with lies, and left me to die. I survived. He’s an asshole of epic proportions. It took several years to fully get over that experience, but I’ve moved on to live a very rewarding life. My life and worth are not defined by his treatment of me. If I let them be, shame on me. Yet, even I don’t have the sort of vitriol you have toward JTS. Frankly, I can’t be bothered to lose that much energy on someone who’d not treated me well.

      • 3.1.2 Windsun33

        There is a basic disconnect between k-dramas and the real world when it comes to the internet it seems.

        Korea is THE most wired country in the world, yet I have never seen a drama where the internet was used to upload damaging info such as what is on the camera. The same stupid scenario is going on in “Scandal” with the USB data.

        If it was me, what I would do is:
        1. make a bunch of copies (they almost never make copies of vital info in dramas).
        2. Start uploading the files to every site possible, from YouTube to Facebook to Granny Simpson’s Blog.

        I often wonder if most of the writers of k-dramas even use the internet – they certainly seem to get 90% of it wrong.

        • anais

          Those who have had access to the camera didn’t know about the files. Recall that the file isn’t visible to anyone trying to look through the camera’s files itself. It’s been programmed that way.

          And kdramas regularly feature people uploading damaging video files. Followed by powers-that-be wielding their might over traditional and online media to have damaging files be taken down.

          • Windsun33

            I understand that the camera and files have not been found yet, but I am betting that it will follow the usual scenario.

            As for the Powers That Be wielding their might – that is the part that simply does not ring true. If there were only one or a very few sites/sources then it might be slightly plausible. Britain has similar libel laws as Korea – so they can force the takedown of some articles, but even there they have to go through the court system. And by then it has probably been copied to thousands of other sites.

            For real life examples, just look at the Wiki Leaks fiasco – where several entire countries have been trying to shut down the site without success for years. All those guys with the damaging video have to do is upload it to overseas sites. And it is not that easy to have things taken down, even if you are an Evil Chaebol King.

          • anais

            The powers-that-be part, in complete agreement with you.

          • Windsun33

            I might make my next Rant of the Week about how k-dramas get the internet all wrong 😀

    • 3.2 mskololia

      “Can’t this guy just catch a break?!”

      LOL. Not with this narrator because some characters are hard of hearing.

    • 3.3 KDaddict

      Since Moon set him up, all he has been getting are breaks:
      1st the mute mother and her daughter let him get a good head start; then the lone old lady fed him a chicken; after that he has the good fortune of running into a lady in labor who needs his help, who tells him the way to escape in appreciation; after that it is the one guy in the world whose life he has saved. That’s quite a series of breaks.

      Not to mention he really has the best GF and daughter in the world. Now if only he can shake Moon off his back by putting him away like forever!

      • 3.3.1 Betsy Hp

        Hah! That’s so true! Must be the lucky bride-gorilla he’s carrying. 😉

      • 3.3.2 Ryan

        Me too think he got way more than enough for a lifetime. It seems the ONLY break he has YET to have is a copy of this drama, his life story, viewed by the cops so that they’d get off his case LOL

        • anais

          LOL!! Totally.

  4. damnkdramas

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    • 4.1 damnkdramas

      oh and can i just say ‘THANKYEDRAMAGODS!!1!!” that Jae-Kyung and her partner worked out the whole love-triangle-ohshitthekid’sgonnadiewithout/hismarrow/ thing? oh, and her thinking out loud and actually trying to figure out TS’s motives rather than acting crazy like SW?! I swear that I did a massive fist pump when JK an her partner figured it out XD

    • 4.2 KDaddict

      Re crying:
      I haven’t cried so hard watching a drama–as when TS was pleading w the old guy to let him hide there for 10 days bcos he couldn’t kill his own daughter again after when he put IY and her thru, when he took the rap for Moon in exchange for IY’s life; and

      When he and daughter met each other’s gaze in front of the elevator; the little girl lighted up completely the min. she saw him, even tho she was in the process of throwing up, and it was all he could do to stop himself from running up to her.

      This really is a great drama. I wish it could get more love and better ratings.

      Don’t know how they could all film in the rain like that. LJK must have been drenched for hours, as these scenes do take a long time to shoot. Hope he and his costars don’t get sick from it.

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    • 5.1 KDaddict

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    Glad that we are getting more info to his life-story too like his motherr’s suicide and the cause of his repulsion to human blood.

    Quite a thrilling ride so far. Looking forward to next week!

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    This episode is such a nail-biter. I get to see a lot with tae-san’s past and the reason for his bad desicion and although some decision ends in some bad actions (ergo, the abortion) it shows how much he cares for in-hye.
    Jung-ki is so compelling to watch. everytime he sobs and pleads and think of Su-Jin. my heart goes to him Fighting Jang Tae-San!!! I know you can do it!
    Its nice to see that even with all these dramas and actions, I still see some fluffy and heartwarming moments with Su-Jin in the hospital although that is short-lived because of the Mobster!!!! 🙁

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    There is too many nurses, cameras and rooms for him scape with her.

    Maybe, he’ll make a deal with TS: ”Don’t tell anything about me, and I let you live to do the surgery”


    • 11.1 Arishia

      Or, find the camera and I’ll let you do the surgery.

      • 11.1.1 anais


  12. 12 hoochie

    Yeah Congresswoman Jo is one creepy lady. I think she was eating breakfast though. Clock on the wall says 6:35 and there’s another one on the dining room table that has a different time that kind of matches the time stamp on the camera feed on the laptop. Is she spying on her grown-up son who is living miles away from home? Ultra-creepy. It would explain why he’s not living at home lols

    I finally realize why one of Boss Moon’s henchman looked so familiar. Kenji!

    Su-jin is too cute. Dropping her shoe to keep her mother distracted while she steals another glace at her appa…too cute.

    • 12.1 KDaddict

      I don’t know where the joy is in living in a Secret Big house and eating an expensive steak dinner with red wine all by yourself, having to hide it all from the world, cos it’s all ill-gotten gains. Is money really that good, that it is worth doing such evil for? Hell.

      • 12.1.1 anais

        Totally!!! So glad someone said it.

    • 12.2 Smile134

      I rewatched that scene with her breakfast and the two clocks in different time zones after your comment 🙂 . In the first episode, Jae-kyung went to Chicago, US to find her son (which is 14 hours different from South Korean). Now look at her clock, 6.35 am and 11.35 pm (or am), it must be 7-hour or 19-hour difference. Looking at the difference (19 hours), her son is possibly in Hawaii.

      • 12.2.1 hoochie

        All she seems to care about is money and power. To maintain power she has to keep a pristine public image for herself. Ha, I look forward to the world crumbling around her when the truth is revealed. What will she get at the end? She will be all alone rotting in a jail cell.

        I was also trying to figure out where the son might be. My initial thought was Germany or somewhere around that part of Europe. Good catch, I remembered that Jae-kyung took a trip overseas to look for somebody but I forgot for who and where. I guess the intel on the son being overseas was right but the location was incorrect. I’m curious as to why she would look for him. Perhaps the mother and son have a falling out because I doubt that he knows his mother has a nanny cam on him lol

        • mskololia

          I don’t know, but is he really her son?

          Congresswoman Jo does not strike me as maternal…at all. She had JK institutionalized for schizophrenia so I am not putting anything past this woman. For all we know, it could be someone else’s child she’s using and holding hostage. Nanny cam or spycam, we will find out.

          • hoochie

            Congresswoman Jo doesn’t strike me as someone who is a mother either. But when I was looking for the scene when they mentioned Jae-kyung’s trip abroad (episode 3), it was said that the purpose of that trip was to find the Congresswoman’s son. It also answered my question about why Jae-kyung is looking for the son (I totally missed this the first time). Congresswoman Jo is a spokesperson for the disabled because her son supposedly is one. Jae-kyung suspects her son isn’t disabled and is only using the story to fuel her angelic public image. Haha and rightfully so because the person in the webcam doesn’t look disabled…assuming that is her son and that she actually has a son who knows that could be made up too since she is so manipulative.

          • Betsy Hp

            I agree that it’s the “son” mentioned before — supposedly disabled. (Of course, he could be a kid she picked up off the street to play that role. I’m not putting anything past her.)

            Did you all notice that his bed sheets were really young for him? It looked like dinosaur motifs or something. Definitely more for grade schoolers than 20-something. Which makes me wonder if he’s been locked up for years? (Maybe he got better which ruins her image? Or something?)

          • KDaddict

            If I remember correctly, JK said she was going to Chicago to track down that son, but no mention has been made of that since her return when all hell broke loose.

          • hoochie

            @Betsy Hp
            Hmm…I did notice the kiddy sheets but wasn’t sure what to make of it. That is one possibility that he’s been locked up for many years. Or maybe there’s a sliver of truth that he is disabled…mentally but even if that is true why would he be away from home? Either way all I can see so far is that she is a horrible person.

          • Betsy Hp

            @hoochie: Yeah, it all depends on the son’s state. If he’s physically and mentally healthy — then mom’s a creeper (if “mom” is indeed her real name in this case).

            If he really is disabled… that changes things. Maybe he’s in a place where he’s getting the best care and, as Carole pointed out several comments down, she’s sharing a meal with him the best way she can, etc.

            Honestly,though? I’m hoping he’s a prisoner and she’s a creeper because it’s deliciously evil and I’m not really in this drama for the nuance. 😉 But… I’ll keep an open mind.

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      • 13.1.1 KDaddict

        The motorcycle scene is a flashback for when they first met and were happy in love. I think the daughter is telling that story, cos she wonders how her parents met and her mom isn’t about to talk about it.

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    Very curious if In-Hye will suspect Seung-woo of trying to kill Tae-san. On the one hand, Seung-woo shot Tae-san already and Tae-san said he was almost killed while he was in holding, but on the other hand, In-Hye has seen what a good man Seung-woo has been. I’m curious if she’ll tell Seung-woo everything since. from her point of view, could help to prevent Tae-san from being killed.

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      Oh, but that kid, so cute, so mature for her age, n TS’s instinctual fatherly love for her, and her natural reaction to him as her father, my Gosh, nothing can beat that. I love them to bits.

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        I don’t know.. but every Wed, I would watch MS first before 2Weeks even though 2Weeks is much more interesting in my opinion. Lol I guess I need something light and fluffy before getting my heart crushed by 2Weeks . hehe.

    • 18.2 jmjm

      I watch both MS and this show and I think I’m gonna drop Two Weeks. I don’t know what it is but I just cannot get into this drama. I don’t particularly care for the main character. To me he is always being acted upon, never acting for himself. Watching him being chased was fun for the first episode or two, but I’d like to see him actually start looking for a way out of the situation. As he is he’s really boring. He has this annoying victim mentality, also, which really turns me off. And I guess I’m in the minority but his acting leaves me cold, I don’t find it all that compelling and don’t really feel connected to him at all. Also, we all know he’s gonna get the little girl the marrow transplant in the end. We just know he will. They’re not gonna let that kid die. And I can just see this dragging on and on as every single week he has equal parts the absolute worse luck and absolute best luck, so that he’s saved miraculously one second only to be smashed down the next…over and over and over. I’m tired already just thinking about it.

      It’s frustrating because apparently everyone else thinks this is fantastic. I wanna enjoy too but just can’t.

      • 18.2.1 KDaddict

        The following is not an attempt to change anyone’s mind, and certainly not meant as an argument. It’s just the fun of talking about a drama:

        I think an impt point to remember is that Life is path-dependent, i.e. once sb’s life goes badly, it will keep going badly unless a miracle-like event help to turn things around.
        TS saw his mother die in front of him;
        he grew up in an orphanage;
        left the orphanage without a skill, and fell in with a bad crowd that reported to Moon.
        He met and fell madly in love w IH.
        Moon used that to blackmail him into taking a rap.
        So he lost IH, and subsequently, he has had no reason to treat his life as if it had any value.
        Then, the recent chain of events happened, and it happened so quickly in succession that he barely has time to process what is going on.
        The guy is in a maelstrom, fighting for not so much for his life as for a chance to save his newfound daughter’s life.

        Finding his daughter gives him the reason to live and it also proves to be the catalyst that propels him on a journey of emotional growth and discovery for the value of himself as a person and the meaning of life.

        Add to this theme the fantastic casting and acting, how can this be anything about a captivating watch?

        • KDaddict

          Add to this theme the fantastic casting and acting, how can this be anything BUT a captivating watch?

          • MJ

            You just said what I totally feel about the drama. Its captivating for me. I usually watch american serials for sci-fi, thriller, action, etc without thinking about OTP or who ends up with who. And I go to kdramas for my other craving, which is love, romance, melodrama, romcom and shipping the otp. But for two weeks..I simply enjoyed it bcoz I love taesan’s story and character to bits. He is sooooo relatable, so flawed but at the same time soooo selfless. His past life was about sacrificing himself for In Hye to survive..and his present life is for soo jin to be cured. He doesn’t know how to do that..but he’s so freaking determined that he will survive these 2weeks no matter what. His determination keeps him going and with all the choices he made unintentionally when meeting those strangers, saved him (bcoz he chose to be nice with the mute mom-daughter hostages, they gave him a lil extra time to escape, bcoz he chose to stay with the lady and helped her deliver the baby instead of leaving her to die-he got saved, bcoz he chose not to kill the chairman in the past, he got saved by him big time)…by saving others unintentionally, he saved himself, buying some extra time for the next escape.
            I just love this broken guy….

        • winnew

          I wish I could write as well as you, what you said is what in my mind the most. Thank you. I love this drama so much. The best this summer for me.

        • Ryan

          I hate to rain on your parade, but you probably are rooting for Su-Jin rather than Tae-San. This series is carried by the girl. If her acting weren’t so sensational, this would be a total flop 🙂

          The guy has no redeeming quality and it is no surprise that a lot of people don’t care for him. No matter how hard life plays him, he has a choice of maintaining his core. He could be a thug, but still acted with decency.

          The way he treated Im-Hye tells the world that he has no core — There is simply no excuses for bullying and complete abandonment ithout a trace/warning

          He is the type that abuses those who care about him, but kowtow as always the victim to those who exercise power over him. Just no core.

          Did he just open his eyes and realized something and is determined to do different. Sure he did. It’s Su-Jin. Who in this world, if they could, wouldn’t go to bat for such a darling little girl? 🙂 It has nothing to do with his sense of decency or responsibility 🙂

          • KDaddict

            Personally, I’m neither rooting for SJ nor TS. I enjoy the little girl’s cuteness, that’s for sure. I also enjoy LJK’s acting. Therefore I’m interested enough to follow it thru to see how things play out for them.

            What I wrote was one way to watch this show, a rather enjoyable one for me.

            I’m sure you will find your own way. However different it may be, I won’t consider it Rain.

          • Carole McDonnell

            Ah come on, let’s not be too moralistic here. Even if his life has no redeeming value, he is aware of it. He himself has said he is scum. Allow the guy to rise up again. Wow, it seems harsh to hate a character simply because he’s scummy. I don’t know how Koreans deal with unlikable heroes in their storytelling but I know Americans can be very puritanical.

            Personally, i like rooting for losers whose life are utterly worthless.

          • KDaddict

            Moon and Jo are big baddies. Most viewers would want to see them punished. The drama is set up in such a way that to have them caught is also a “Get out of jail card” for TS.
            Most regular folks don’t want to see a kid die, even in a drama, even if she isn’t exceptionally cute, even if her father hasn’t saved the country in this life or last.

          • pogo

            @Carole – I think you hit the nail on the head with the word ‘puritanical’, since that’s exactly the lens Ryan seems to be using to view this drama and the character of Tae-san (who’s still weak and pathetic for his past choices, but still human – something most of us seem to grasp and be able to respond to, and it has nothing to do with the cuteness of Lee Chae-mi).

          • Betsy Hp

            @Ryan: Redemption stories have been around since… stories, actually. Someone’s an ass, they learn a lesson, go through some tough times, get better. The deeper the hole they start in, the more interesting the tale.

            For me — I know the kid’s going to make it. It’s just that type of drama. So — as Javabeans pointed out in the recap — the pull for me is how Tae-san’s going to change and grow as he goes through his redemptive journey.

            Part of the attraction is definitely Lee Jun-ki’s acting. He’s doing a great job teasing out the nuances of Tae-san. You could tell in the first episode, when we saw Tae-san in his worst light, that no one thought he was a bigger loser than he himself did. He repulsed himself. Which made him interesting, to me.

            “He could be a thug, but still acted with decency.”

            Like… getting his blood tested? Or helping the old lady catch the chicken instead of killing her, taking the chicken for himself? Or setting up the alarm for the deaf lady? Or helping the pregnant lady give birth? I think Tae-san’s showing us his sense of decency.

            “There is simply no excuses for bullying and complete abandonment ithout a trace/warning”

            “Or I kill her!” That doesn’t work for you? I’m not saying Tae-san took the best and smartest option available. But let’s not pretend he wasn’t trying to do right by In-hye. (He most definitely screwed up — but it wasn’t like he was pushing her into the operating room because he enjoyed the way she cried.)

          • Ryan

            Come on @betsy if you can justify a guy abandoning you without a word after bullying and berating you back into an abortion that is about to start, then either because it has not happened to you and thus easy for you to justify it or you are very blind not to see how he that is nothing but a sociopath.

      • 18.2.2 Windsun33

        I am starting to have some issues with it also – that seems to happen a lot with me on k-dramas at around 1/3 through. They just start getting weird and all makjangy and stuff 🙂

        Like the guy told him in ep6 – he has been fooled 3x by the bad guy, and is kind of stupid. He does not seem to be learning a thing from all his problems.

        And like you said – if this keeps on being the “fugitive escape of the week” type show, I may not last til the end.

        • Ryan

          Now that Moon has a leverage, I hope the writers have the wherewithal to have TS say, “What makes you think I care for that girl and that chick I dumped 9 years ago? She came to me to ask for money and I told her what I am telling you now, ‘get off my case’. Get someone else to admit to the murder and get these dogs off me, or with one phone call, I can have that camera turned into the police”

          Well .. wishful thinking. He’ll probably end up being played by Moon .. again .. 4x .. LOL

          My guess about things getting weird at 1/3 in has to do with the fact that by this time, the filming schedule and audience reaction cycle gets real tight by now. It’s the point they actively tweak the script to respond “real-time” to perceived audience’s “wishes & desire”

          • Carole McDonnell

            I’m wondering how Boss Moon will even get in contact with Tae San..and at this point, doesn’t he think TS is dead? So, he’ll probably be bothering In Hye about the whereabouts of the camera until his spy in the police dept tells him Taesan is alive. And what is Boss Moon gonna do when he realizes Soo jin is connected with homicide cop and Big Chief Daddy? Does Boss Moon really want to get into a battle with the big guns?

            Meanwhile poor Man Seok’s girlfriend is unprotected.

          • mskololia

            Well, after three days, they should know there’s no floater in the river and TS is alive.

        • mskololia

          Hopefully, the writer(s) know that there are SK viewers who are pragmatic in their thinking and turn things around next week. The high emotions are wearing thin at this point, even though we know lives are on the line….Calm down characters.

        • Ryan

          This episode ends quite conveniently. The cops are now off his case, and _can be kept off_ if the eavesdropping cop suppresses that information.

          It probably will be turned back on and reverts to playing tags if the back and forth between Moon and Tae-San without chasing cops doesn’t improve ratings.

      • 18.2.3 Carole McDonnell

        I can deal with a story about a protag being a victim/loser. The show has to give him a chance to rise up and we have to root for him. I know some folks prefer to respect their heroes or want to give pity to the deserving or to the young but open your heart to a little loser pretty boy for a while and go with the parable for a while. Liking a story is often just a decision one makes. As easy as that.

      • 18.2.4 Carole McDonnell

        You’re sounding like moralistic cop fiance, though. The righteous cop “speaks for” the folks in the viewing audience who can’t stand losers which is the writer anticipating and embodying judgmentalism. Cop fiance has a heart toward “good victims” but we will see if he –and audience members– 😉 will grow to love victims who were once creepy neighborhod losers.

        • Ryan

          In everyday life, we as a society do not “root for” something just because it is a right thing to do, but because it is also the hard thing to do

          Life beats you up, keeps you down and you keep at it and rise. We cheer and admire.

          No one should root for Jeffrey Dahmer the serial killer because he chooses not to kill, or when he starts to act like everyone else.

          The ability to judge and discriminate is the human force that moves civilization. That is how human societies improves or worsens, by choosing rightly or poorly based on its discriminating ability and sense.

          To me, Tae-San should be seen just as he has been represented — for him to act against someone like he did is inhuman. Acting human now isn’t anything to root for because it is a natural given and must.

          • Sapphire rio

            Something’s wrong with your thoughts, this is K-drama. The main character must to be a real pathetic guy for this kind of story. The writer did it for viewers to want to accept redeeming himself by saving his child. In this way, his unfortunate life will be given the second chance to live as a good person. The writer is aiming to that point, and Lee Joongi plays him out just amazingly. Any other k-actor till to date can’t able to be replaced him for this role.

          • Ryan

            Just because it’s KDrama it doesn’t mean you have to be totally brain-dead or detached from reality and be blinded with absolutely senseless contradictions.

            You can like it because you like the actor, and find it entertaining, or whatever. But to make it out that this guy is basically good has no remote basis in reality as it is presented.

            I’d like to see anyone purport otherwise be the woman about to undergo the abortion procedure, having second thought, coming out to tell the guy of the fear and confusion, only to be bullied, lambasted and abandoned with a girl, scraping for food and shelter.

            If after all that, that “anyone” can still sing the praises for the deeply hidden humanity of this guy, then I won’t think that person delusional or hypocritical

            Willing to be brain dead and be blindly manipulated by the writings no matter how stupid and contradicting it is, in the name of Kdrama seems to me all that is wrong.

            Having been irked to no end with the writing and amazed with the hoo-ra-ra without cause (other than misplaced projected affection between the actor between and the character), I am not impressed with his “acting” either.

            The character worth watching is Su-Jin, the admirable and sane are the woman doctor and nurse for their professionalism and kindness; the admirable one is Im-Hye for the strength and transformation she managed despite having her soul murdered and dignity degraded

            Even Moon is more admirable. He’s unashamedly himself, committed to his choices and not giving or taking excuses.

          • Ryan

            When in pain, or experiencing hurt, human beings develop empathy from which a sense of compassion is formed. The ones without empathy and compassion are clinically diagnosed as sociopaths Without the ability to feel pain and hurt, they are bound to spread them without any qualm about it.

            Had he simply uttered to her, “I have to go” before he went, then all the adoration and hope in him I see here can be understandable.

            For a person who is your whole world to vanish when you need him/her most and give you the impression that you are the source of disgust that made him run, how hurtful. cruel and despicable is that? That is the behavior of a sociopath, not of any normal thinking, feeling human being.

            The writers applied the old formula to get people emotionally invested — a bad guy not so bad because of all these back stories. By design or mistakes, they overlooked the portrayal and ended up creating a sociopath.

            Excusing Tae-San, as is and as the writers intend. is in effect excusing every form of human suffering and injustices. not least of all those against you.

            Watching, talking KDrama doesn’t mean you take in crap when writers hand out crap and call it gold.

            To me, you are going to save your child? Good, it’s the right thing to do. Do it. Just don’t write home to mom about it.

            Not that his mom is there to read and heap praises on him, poor Tae-San LOL

          • Sapphire rio

            Everyone who watch this drama positively (we watch it not just for the leading actor) know the writer is doing a nice job, making the plot to be developed well for the upcoming eps. All the cast, of course Lee Joongi esp., is doing great cos he can carry the viewers well with his excellent stunts and acting. You’re the only one who wants to tell he’s not acting well, imao.
            Moon, admirable?? He’s good for this role, can make us scary but all he did in this first 6eps is shouting. Let’s wait for his character development in next eps.
            Of all, it’s very clear that the reason of you here is just to reply all the good reviews here in negative ways, LOL

          • Kyuri

            Oops! @Ryan is just closing the mind on the lead actor with his acting that a lot of ppl are praising, also wanting to hate the character to the bottom like the same case victim as In-hye, kkk^^

          • Sapphire rio

            The only person here who is hating this main character. If this kind of acting is not impressive, a lot of actors are doomed with their acting skills.

          • Chrishini

            This writer is making us brain-dead?? I don’t think so. She and actors are doing well to addict this drama for all open-minded viewers. Hating a pathetic character groundlessly, and pointing out the minute flaws constantly turns out that person to be very sensitive or mad with many good reviews from the audience.
            Yes, @Kyuri. This amazing acting of LJG for many varied emotions in a one project is not considered as impressive, what kind of acting would be better??
            This drama is probably one of the greatest k-dramas of all time, it’s appreciable indeed in terms of many aspects- acting, writing, filming, soundtracks. Let’s just enjoy this cool ride 😉

          • pogo

            @Ryan – You have every right to watch the drama from the POV of someone judging the morals of the characters and especially Tae-san, but fyi, you can do it without attacking people who disagree with you and insinuating that there’s something wrong with them. (calling them ‘brain-dead’ and so on).

            This is generally a polite community, and people – even those who disagreed with you, for the most part – have been far, far politer to you than you’ve been to them, in the course of your keyboard warrioring for Truth, Justice and the Ryan Way.

          • Requiem

            Are you really equating Tae-San to Jeffrey Dahmer?

            First, did Tae-San kill ANYONE?

            Second, what was the “crime” that Tae-San committed? He wanted his girlfriend to have an abortion and he was mean about it?

            Third, what would you have done in the situation that Tae-San was in? Told In-Hye that you have to go to jail, have her wait around for you while you serve your sentence raising a baby on her own in a society where single-parents are almost outcasted, and have her and your child still connected to you where being connected to you might have them killed? And that’s the BEST case scenario?

            I just don’t understand what your gripe is. Is it because Tae-San was mean while trying to push away his girlfriend so she could have a better life?

  19. 19 redfox

    don´t kill´em please…

    • 19.1 KDaddict

      I wonder if they’ll kill the cop to get him out of the way of the love triangle, so that TS can reunite with his family. At this point, I hope not.

      But If later on he lets his jealousy and possessiveness get the better of him, and turn into and bad cop and bad person in trying to kill TS, then I’ll reconsider.

      • 19.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        They might just kill him to get him out of the way. I see a few deaths. I’m thinking also Hero has to kill Teacher Kim. To protect himself. Then Boss Moon will know about the death of a child.

  20. 20 Nahla JW

    gaah I’m so tempted to read this recap but I can’t also spoil the suspense of watching it myself -_- so gona wait for gooddrama to upload it ….
    thanks JB for the recaps 🙂

  21. 21 DDee

    Aww no movie references this week for Tae San?! I so look forward to that!

    I’m getting a little tired of the weepy, hysteric women on this show though. Although Jae Kyung has reigned it in a little, I feel like she’s always borderline. Well, at least she’s got a brain! And thank goodness for Congresswoman Jo who is cold, calculating and creepy.

    • 21.1 Carole McDonnell

      I’m thinking there must’ve been one with the whole “bee-sting” “poison ivy” look. But I can’t place it.

    • 21.2 Betsy Hp

      @DDee: I know! I was disappoint. 🙁

      @ Carole McDonnell: And there could have been one for the “bee-sting” look, I’m sure. I have no idea what but surely there was a movie using swollen-face as a disguise?

      @DDee: Thus far there’s been viable reason for the women to get weepy… but yes, I hope it doesn’t remain the norm. I was glad to see Jae-kyung pulling it back together (I love her best when she’s calculating). Hopefully In-hye gets it all out of her system, too.

      Fortunately, Tae-san’s been pretty weepy too, so at least it’s not all a chick-thing.

      • 21.2.1 KDaddict

        LJK is 100% determined to leave behind his pretty boy looks! Warts and beestings and all! Hee hee.

        I think the really pretty ones have to do that to get people to look past their looks and notice their acting. Names that come to mind: Farrah Fawcett became a battered woman in Burning Bed, Ralph Fiennes became Voldemort, etc.

        • Carole McDonnell

          I’m just so proud of how LJK is working hard to become a true actor.

      • 21.2.2 Carole McDonnell

        I keep thinking there must be a movie out there but am hoping they make their film references clearer next time

        • Betsy Hp

          For me, if they don’t show a movie-clip, no movie reference has been made. Since it wasn’t in either of these past episodes… maybe they’re dropping it?

          Which would be too bad because it was fun and I loved the vibe it gave Tae-san. But maybe they used all the clips they could afford or something. (Or maybe they have more up their sleeve but have to be judicious to keep in budget? So it’ll be every other week or something? *hopes*)

    • 21.3 Windsun33

      Total out of your mind hysteria seems to be a big thing in k-dramas. Usually interspersed with someone saying “what do we do” about 20 times. I have seen it in so many that I pretty much just hit the mute button now.

      • 21.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        passionate culture, i guess. we jamaicans are like that as well..and our tv shows too

    • 21.4 mskololia

      I don’t know if this is correct entry in saying the movie reference this week with the disguised look is Face/Off with John Travolta/Nicholas Cage.??

  22. 22 loneliness

    Park Jae Kyung so awesome this ep. finally she had know Taesan’s motive even still think he’s murderer.

  23. 23 Carole McDonnell

    oh my gosh, Soo-jin! What a sweetie!
    Love this drama. Love the cops even though they are far from perfect.
    Love Teacher-Kim. Can’t help it. Hottie murderers just float my boat.

    What with all the coincidences in this drama and incredible bad luck (with our hero turning away just at the exact moment Boss Moon is walking down the hospital aisle — although why he should make himself so obvious when he’s got minions around nd there are cameras everywhere in the hospital, is beyond me) I am now taking this drama as a parable about the spiritual journey as a fugitive one.

    Hero is running away from his old self and has to go through quite a bit in order to find his new self. So first he encounters a woman and her disabled mother. A connection to his own helpless mother who couldn’t deal with life..yet this disabled mom has lived and brought a healthy child into the world. A connection to helplessness or to normal folks — since the daughter spoke about how the poor suffer but the rich get away with evil.

    Hero meets Teacher Kim who unlike hero has a father –and who, unlike hero CAN kill. So the fact that one has a father doesn’t mean one will turn out to be good.

    Hero meets woman having baby, which ups the ubpa/appa factor and prepares him for the healing words in this episode: “Soo Jin’s appa.”

    Hero meets guy he should’ve killed. Helps the plot along and shows the consequence of a good act (or inability to do a bad action) will follow you…especially if you still haven’t essentially changed. The good action my have totally messed up your life but it still brings you help when you need it.

    There’s also the whole issue of parentlessness. I liked the scene where Congresswoman is watching her son on the nannycam while she eats. It humanizes her. Is she doing all this to get money for her son’s future care? And yet, although she and Boss are wealthy –the difference being her son is sick and Boss’ son is healthy– both are contrasted with fatherless Prosecutor, extremely authoritorian-bu-trying-to-be-respectful-fathered Seung Woo, Seung Woo who desires to be a father, hero who is realizing fatherhood, and Soo Jin who has two “fathers.”

    There’s also the whole: what is life? pro-life angle. How far does one go to save a dying child? Who is allowed to live? How is life defined? An unwanted child? A might-ve-been aborted child? How valid to humanity is a disabled child? a disabled mother? And the big Korean issue: What exactly is family?

    Once i realized that this story is an allegory and once i found its theme, I could settle down into it and enjoy the fugitive’s spiritual journey.

    • 23.1 tippytoes

      awesome insight!!!

      now I’ll watch the series watching for this particular angle. I’m a KSY fan and I’m still waiting for her scenes with LJK, which I think are coming in the next few episodes. But I’m thoroughly enjoying LJK’s amazing acting–believable anti-hero.

      Well-written, well-acted and -directed, this series is so intelligent, yet with heart

      • 23.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        thanks, tippy!

        It really made me happy when I realized what the writer was aiming for.

        It’s not real but a kind of surreal hyper-reality and so in this kind of storytelling, coincidences are very necessary.

    • 23.2 Newbie

      ALL. OF. THIS. We get the journey of Tae San to himself, which happens to happen on an escape.

      All those coincidences, like meeting the guy he didn’t kill are meant to help him become a better man. We’ve got a saying in German: In life you’ll always meet twice. And that’s what’s happening here.

      Love this show, love the set up, love all the characters. So relieved, that most of them actually possess a brain (Prosecutor and her cute helper) and not everything is black and white (Seung Woo – I love you, Ryu Soo Young! I can feel everything your ambiguous character feels. Great acting.) Such an engaging watch. Best drama out there!

      And the rating jumped +2% from yesterday, they crossed the 10% margin. Two Weeks – Fighting!

      • 23.2.1 Newbie

        Oh, one afterthought. I doubt his mom killed herself. The food was ready on the table, that’s not the action of a suicidal person. I bet she was killed and we’re gonna learn who did it in the end.

        • Carole McDonnell

          ooh, you could be right. So….a backstory mystery as well? Cause a mom wouldn’t be so cruel to her kids. Think there’s some birth secret or other issue awaiting us? Could he be the son or brother of one of the bad guys? or heck son or brother of one of the good guys? Or did one of the bad guys or prosecutors have a hand in killing either his mom or his dad?

          Now you have my mind churning. Seung Woo’s half-brother? Daddy was awfully priggish, wasn’t he?

          ooooooooh, k-drama possibilities…the mind reels!

        • mskololia

          Yeah, I noticed the table was set also….Cruel.
          I’m guessing boss Moon is his daddy…..

          • KDaddict

            If Boss Moon is his daddy, that’d suck big time, in many ways!
            I wouldn’t want the story to go there, cos he’d be damned pissed about having such an evil man for a dad, and he’d be bringing down his own dad, and poor guy already has enough suffering. NO!

            Moon wouldn’t be so cruel to him if he was Moon’s son. No, just no. The thought gives me the creeps.

          • Vickie

            Omg that is just so makjang . PLEASE NOOO…..

          • Newbie

            That’s what I’m tending to, too. Teacher Kim is Moon’s son, is he? Or does he use appa because he was raised by him? I didn’t figure it out yet.
            Should Kim be Moon’s real son we got proof, that Moon is willing to utilize his blood relatives. And we got a reason, why he chose Tae San for prison.

            What ever you do show, birth secret or not, please skip the amnesia this time! Imagine Tae San forgetting on day 25 he’s got a daughter. :O

          • Carole McDonnell

            It might be that Mom really did kill herself, or that hero’s dad is not alive…but….. it’s such a loose end. K-dramas don’t like loose ends although every once in a while we have a hero (like Doctor’s son) where we really don’t know who the dad is.

            If hero’s dad is in this drama somewhere, I’m more on the idea that Cop and hero share the same dad. Because why the heck are they showing Cop’s noble dad so often? Okay, we see that Seung Woo’s dad is old-school. He believes in he sanctity of the family but he has a kind heart and is trying to accept Soo jin. I might be cynical but I wonder if dad has always been upright.

        • winnew

          Wow, such an insight, you give me one more angle to think about. Yes, it is possible she did not kill herself.

        • KDaddict

          Interesting hypothesis. It’d make one hell of a backstory for TS.

      • 23.2.2 Carole McDonnell

        yay!!!!!!!!! ratings jump.

    • 23.3 Betsy Hp

      Carole McDonnall: “I liked the scene where Congresswoman is watching her son on the nannycam while she eats. It humanizes her. Is she doing all this to get money for her son’s future care?

      Ooh, interesting… For some reason I just assumed the whole sick or disabled son thing was a lie. But if it’s true, that really changes things. What I took as a really creepy move flips to being a really loving move. Now I’m really eager to learn more about her and her son.

      • 23.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        I think she must love her son very much. Symbolically eating with him at the dinner table or just watching out for him.

    • 23.4 Windsun33

      “.. How far does one go to save a dying child?..”

      That reminds me of a US movie I saw several years back that made an impression not because it was good, but because the entire premise was just so out of whack.

      It was setup as a similar situation – fugitive guy needs a transplant or something for his kid. He ended up trapped in the hospital and in the ensuing (WTF??) scenes succeeded in getting something like a dozen innocents killed. (I guess American movies have their makjang moments also 😀 )

      • 23.4.1 Carole McDonnell

        A bit like Saving Private Ryan. To save one person…how many people must get killed?

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  26. 26 KDaddict

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    Of all the works by KSY, her role in this as the prosecutor out to catch the bad guys is my fav. I feel it suits her to a T. She just seems to me tougher than her other roles, esp. like that in P-Princess.

    LeeJK has taken his acting up a notch, or two, or many!

    • 26.1 Carole McDonnell

      i’m liking all the folks in this drama as well. Everyone seems well-cast

  27. 27 misch

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    anyway, this is an excellent drama!
    have to check out the team behind the scenes 🙂

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    • 27.2 whatever

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      The comparison with ha ji won must because of the strong personality, no nonsense, and that hair ofc

    • 27.3 Sobia

      Interesting– I see Kim Sun-ah!

  28. 28 mskololia

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    I mean, it’s kinda rare to hear an American song in a k-drama much less a top 10 song that is popular at the moment.

    • 29.1 Carole McDonnell

      Vampire Prosecutor and a few dramas last year had some American pop songs

      • 29.1.1 Newbie

        Alone in Love had the most interesting and weirdest background movie ever. In the scenes at their favorite bar, they had all kinds of European music. I think I even identified an early German song by Caterina Valente, a singer who was immensely popular in Europe in the 50s and 60s, singing ‘Schlager’, which could only roughly be translated to easy listening music with lots and lots of kitsch.

        • Newbie


          Sorry, it’s early Sunday morning here.

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    oh i cant wait for jae kyung to meet tae san and help him

    • 30.1 mskololia

      If IH returns to TS, I’ll consider the drama no different from the barrage of Kdramas out there.

      …not feeling their first love nor am I particularly interested in it. Both parents need to move on and the little girl needs to realize this is a part of her life. It’s not a fairy tale.

      When the SW’s dad said he and mom would go to visit little SJ in the hospital, I was not pleased; they seem like good people and IH—not so much. She should have trusted her fiance with the knowledge of who the donor was so that he could protect TS, a criminal at-large.

      • 30.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        I’m thinking the hospital visit will be a real eye-opener and will show us what might await In Hye if she marries into this family. Or maybe some old family history will be revealed. A very silly part of me wants Tae San to be Seung Woo’s father as well. Thus cop and hero will be brothers…and then some flaky Korean cultural law about marrying one’s brother’s girlfriend will kick in.

        Yeah, i know…very silly…but that’s how much i want Tae San with In Hye. Even so, as long as she ends up knowing the truth that should;ve been told to her a long time ago I will e happy.

        In k-dramaland, every truth needs to be known. Welearned that in I Hear Your Voice. And no time passes –or time passes wrongly– when a lie intervenes, especially if it is an well-intentioned lie.

        • mskololia

          I would find the conflict more interesting if TS and Teacher Kim were brothers and come to the realization how awful their father’s treatment is to the both of them.

          Brothers loving the same woman? Meh….

    • 30.2 Carole McDonnell

      I hear what you’re saying but the issue here is also that noble idiocy was done in the past. Someone protected someone in a way that seemed very cruel. That truth has been hidden all this time and if only to help old girlfriend see clearly, that hidden truth should be told. We drop a lotta folks in our lives because of a misunderstanding –or because some evil baddie was gonna murder them if we didn’t 😉 — so it’s good to see a character get a chance to speak his truth.

      Now, if the love they had was destroyed because of this misunderstanding from the past, then the love might rise again. It doesn’t have to but hey…why not?

      Good cop is a good guy. We just have to see if he is better suited for Im Hye than Tae San. Cop seems to be fighting his moralistic streak. If Im Hye wants a good guy and if she will be accepted and loved by cop’s family then yay. We have 10 more days to save In hye from marrying into a family that will treat her like dirt…or to rejoice that this cop’s family will like her and accept her as real family.

      • 30.2.1 KDaddict

        In some cultures, you don’t marry a person, you marry a family, esp. His family. So what you are saying is pertinent.
        In Goddess of M, she marries into this chaebol family and they own her life–the mother is the Bitch fr Alien or the Bog Queen, FIL is dictator, older bro is a nasty louse, SIL an ambitious ice queen. No chance of happiness in such a marriage however much they may be in love.
        SW’s father might not be chaebol, but Chief of P’s family is still v high up for a single mother to marry into.

  31. 31 hello

    I seeing lots of people saying that KSY overreact a lot on some scenes. What are you guys thoughts on this?

    I think her acting is raw and I like it. very different. And her character is one of the most interesting if compare to other leads.

    • 31.1 mskololia

      You mean like when she was crying when she was given her friends things and found the receipt.

      We know that human beings overreact at times given a particular stimulus. It just that there was no one watching bold enough to call her on it.

      • 31.1.1 yoyo

        nah I think her emotion on that scene was spot on, maybe some other scene during the search on TS with the police

    • 31.2 Betty

      Actually I don’t really like this actress but in this drama, I really like her and how she portrays the prosecutor. I don’t feel like she is overacting. It’s the contrary. I think that how she portrays the character made it feels real and I really felt her sadness when she saw her friend dead.

  32. 32 Sapphire rio

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  34. 34 Abbie

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    I’m glad Tae-san got help from that other Boss guy, and glad he missed the boat. Sort of. Now things are going to really get good!

    I’m glad the Jae-kyung is slowly figuring things out, I just wish she was a little faster.

    Seung-woo is still annoying.

    Thanks for the recap, JB!

  35. 35 Cocoboo

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    Its effect didn’t really grab me like it did in MoH. Maybe I was more used to this type of disguise.
    And Won’s swollen face in MoH was so much more gross and scary. x3

    The elevator scene made me tear up. Omg. I didn’t think I would, but that scene was so epic and emotional. ;~;
    I was glad that Tae San got to see his daughter again. ;~;

    People are always missing each other by just a step or two! Arghhh, too many of these moments in this drama. D;

    So scary that Boss Moon is already going after Soo Jin!!!!!!! I wasn’t expecting this at all. It feels too fast. T__T

    Chun Ho Jin!! Weird to see him w/ long, ragged hair. I immediately thought of his character in Gaksital. xD

    I’m all caught up on this show after starting it ytd. LOL

  36. 36 Betty

    Not cool, this is totally a spoiler 🙁

    • 36.1 yoyo

      it was in preview at the end of episode 6. so not really a spoiler….

      • 36.1.1 Betty

        Yes it is considered as a spoiler. JB said clearly that speaking about something that WAS NOT in the episode of the day fall into the categorie of spoiler. A lot of people do not watch preview because it gives away something that you don’t want to know until you are actually watching the episode concerned. And this I didn’t want to know even tho I knew it would happened at some point. So I repeat: not cool!!!

        Read the comment from JB # 5.1.1 in orange and you will understand.


        • wai

          Spoiler or not spoiler ……please don’t argue. Just watch & enjoy this drama . Don’t spoilt our mood .

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