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UEE offered weekend drama Gold Rainbow
by | August 22, 2013 | 41 Comments

The weekend family drama slot was good to UEE the first time around (with the heartwarming and sweet Ojakkyo Brothers), and she’s in talks to take on her second with the upcoming MBC series Gold Rainbow. According to her reps, she has received the offer and is looking at it favorably, although she would have to work out her overseas activities with pop group After School before deciding.

Gold Rainbow is the drama from the writer of May Queen, which will feature child star Kim Yoo-jung in what will be a considerable childhood portion. (Early news said roughly 10 episodes.) The drama centers around seven orphans who grow up as a family, with Kim Sang-joong countering his image as badass mofo ajusshi (City Hunter, The Chaser) to play the adoptive father. The role UEE is considering would be the eldest unni.

This description is giving me total flashbacks to Wish Upon a Star, the 2010 SBS drama about a family of adopted siblings led by a big sister (Choi Jung-won), whose characters were named after colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Navy, and Purple. Not that I think Gold Rainbow will be a direct copy of that, since May Queen was a lot more serious and staid than the light and funny Wish Upon a Star. I do hope for UEE’s sake that this drama allows her to play to her strengths, which are being cheery and charming, rather than dead-eyed and dull as in Jeon Woo-chi — which isn’t an indictment of her acting, since her character was literally sleepwalking through life and purposely dead-eyed. It just wasn’t very interesting to watch.

Gold Rainbow is planning for a mid-November premiere on MBC.

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41 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. John Smith

    What the heck has she done with her hair.

    • 1.1 Leona

      I like the hair, I don’t like the coat
      May Queen wasn’t something to be proud of…. oh well

      • 1.1.1 okay

        May Queen… no words can describe that drama. It’s a shame the story was so absurd even though they had some great actors and actresses.

        • eny

          what is it so absurb? I like it for me it’s good, I see a few drama in 2012 in May Queen is one of it, that drama quite succes too in Korea so I didn’t know what kind of absurb you mean????

      • 1.1.2 themugen

        I like everything about her. She’s so sexy.

    • 1.2 bri

      This is old picture somewhere in 2011-2012.

      I love Uee in Ojakgyo Brothers. That’s where I found her adorable and she got a good acting chop too.

      Rumours said about the lead guy will be Jung Il-woo.. WOOO!

      I would like to see her act more. She’s good at it.

    • 1.3 kumi

      She matched it with her cape.

  2. verte

    I am saying this in all seriousness, but when I saw only the bottom part of the pic on Facebook, I thought her jacket was a mop πŸ™

    • 2.1 Mystisith

      Seriously. I’m sure it must be an expensive item but I would never wear that.

    • 2.2 kumi

      An expensive mop.

      • 2.2.1 John Smith

        LOL all of your comments made me Laugh.
        Come to think of it, it certainly does resemble
        a mop.
        SO the coat is a mop and her hair are a total mess. πŸ™‚

        Apart from all that she still looks great.

        As for who would wear such an expensive looking mop. Well the answer should be obvious. DIE HARD Fans (no I am not talking about the movie Die Hard though) πŸ™‚

        You know how some fans are if a celebrity has a certain item or dresses in some certain clothes then they to just have to have it. Good luck fans.

        To each their own. πŸ™‚
        That is one of my motto’s. πŸ™‚

    • 2.3 Gidget

      Maybe the stylist was going for the Wookie/Sasquatch look?

  3. chane019

    Omo! Kim sang joong ajusshi? I’m so gonna watch it now, just for him!

    • 3.1 risa

      Me too… especially since he’s playing the adoptive father. Love him, and I’m partial to gruff-looking guys with big hearts, so I’ll have to check this out. I’m a bit worried though because not too many Beanies liked May Queen.

  4. the50-person

    KIM SANG JOONG! okay set i will take a look.

  5. july

    Golden Rainbow?! LOL What’s coincidience?! UEE has been in KBS weekend drama Golden Pond which been changed with Ojakgyo brothers. I prefer lighter stuff than serious drama,and maybe I pass

    • 5.1 july

      Btw her surname in OB and Golden Rainbow is Baek. in ojakgyo brothers her name is Baek Ja-eun,meanwhile in golden rainbow her name is Baek won. LOL. If Jung il-woo will be her romance pairing, it makes me remember that jung il-woo replaced joo won in moon embraces sun. I feel somewhat connected in here. Double LOL

  6. lobutec

    Kim sang joong? Sold!

    And i’m so glad that he has a new drama, I miss him!

  7. KDaddict

    Wow, what legs! I’m neither a guy nor a lesbian, but those legs make even sb like me think dirty thoughts.

    After LSS, I’ll skip anything that says Weekend drama.

  8. doomy

    O mg uee and jung ilwoo? i would DIE. and kim sang joong on top! all they need is to get the cute “adjusshi” boy from wish upon a star.

    love the crap out of her in this picture, too. she looks so happy and pretty, and then LEGS!

    • 8.1 butterbacon

      i agree! she looks amazing here.

  9. CutiieAngiie

    What I admire the most about UEE when it comes to her acting career is that she is versatile. She isn’t afraid to take on evil roles even though she may get hated later on (I still remember the You Are Beautiful days when people used to say “I hate her because of YAB” it’s soooo stupid to hate on the actress because of character but whatever, I’m disgressing –‘)

    I didn’t enjoy Ojakkyo Brothers and it’s such a shame because everyone seems to say it was good. It just reminded me so much of some dramas and the whole “big family vs her all alone” was so hard to swallow. But I did like the chemistry between her and Joo Won. They were cute.

  10. 10 oneclearnight

    Yay!!! I loved her in OB, she was very charming. I’m just hoping this isn’t going to be makjang central, but knowing MBC it probably will be.

  11. 11 Pilta


  12. 12 kumi

    Her knees are pretty.

  13. 13 miyumi

    I love kim sang jong…so im excited for this.

  14. 14 Ara

    Uee in a new drama. Rejoice!

    Really really love her in Ojak Brothers but not so much in Jeonwoochi. Hee.

    Sometimes I feel that she did not get enough recognition for her acting because of her ‘sexy image’ with her group After School. But I love it when she won the best new actress for her role in Ojak Brothers during the 2011 Baeksang Awards. She deserve it. It’s a good drama and she shows a wide range of her acting skills.

    People tends to give much attention on e.g. Suzy or Yoona. I love these two girls too… Suzy and Yoona and IU and also the girl from A-Pink. They got the talent and not just some pretty face with zero acting skill.

    Good luck to Uee. I hope she will do this.

    Wait. Jung Il-woo for the male lead?! Good pairing, will they kiss a lot? As this is weekend family oriented drama, I doubt we will have this excessive kissing scenes etc. Hee hee.

  15. 15 lizzie

    hah I read a rumor Jung Il Woo made the staff of his last drama plus acting co star a bit flustered because he seems to enjoy too much his kissing scenes when it isnt asked for/needes. I was wondering if it was why he isn’t being casted or something.

    Joo won won’t like it lololol

    • 15.1 aa

      Yes for Uee. Please do this Uee, miss watching you act.

      Jung Il-woo for the male lead only a rumour right? Haven’t seen him around.

      Carefull Uee, he will ‘eat’ your up! Ngee :-p :-p

  16. 16 mj

    Had no interest in this before but if she signs on I might have to check out love her

  17. 17 Abbie

    Yay! I love Uee! Well, her acting anyway. I’m not familiar with her idol group, After School. But I hope she does sign on to this drama, because she’s adorable, and I just love her so much! And I can’t wait to see Kim Sang-joong in this as something than his normal scary, badass characters.

  18. 18 redfox

    also, one hand is hers and the other is the treesΒ΄. oh, and is she not like Cousin Itt from Addams family

  19. 19 Rai

    Yay, always enjoyed her performance in dramas.

    She’s a snooze in Barefoot Friends – Nice, hardworking but ultimately boring personality. When Lee Hyori and aPink’s Eunji came on the show as guests, they had so much more chemistry with Kang Ho Dong.

    • 19.1 Cynthia


      True, she is a snooze fest in BFF – her hair always looks like a hank of dried out hay, she wears shapeless clothing w/short shorts and she’s silent 90% of the time (unless she’s empathy crying).

      She’s an actress/dancer (not singer because she really can’t carry a tune) who shows more personality while playing a part than she does in real life. I like her better as an actress.

  20. 20 Whatsthescenario

    Don’t kill me, but something about that pic makes me think of Miley Cyrus….. *goes to hide*

  21. 21 djes

    Kim Sang-joong & Kim Yoo-jung! <3
    And why Yoo-jung will be around only for 10eps. She can be the 3rd-4th daughter, can't she?

  22. 22 Bengbeng

    i was thinking why you’re not harping on the title till I saw your article last july 16 on Yoo-jung =)

    I also thought that Rainbows should never be called golden as rainbows comprises of certain colors that cannot be changed. If it becomes gold, it should be called arches of gold, shouldn’t it? why not just look for that gold at the end of the rainbow instead =)

  23. 23 pohonphee

    Kim Sang-joong! I love him in City Hunter (even more than Lee Min-hot, himself), then I saw The Chaser, I’m sold!

  24. 24 Zenden2004

    UEE, please don’t accept offer for weekend drama from MBC. Their weekend family theme drama theme s**ks. Especially their scriptwriting. Even it looks promising at the starts of the series, it will go downhill after that. MBC or SBS just can’t beat KBS weekend family oriented drama.

    • 24.1 callalilly

      I must agree on all your points!

  25. 25 Cocoboo

    That is a gorgeous pic of her. Her smile is pretty. ^^

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