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A parade of stars in October magazines
by | September 24, 2013 | 116 Comments

Warning: Massive photo dump ahead!

Every month we get plenty of actors featured in fashion magazine photo spreads, but for some reason it feels like we’ve got a particularly robust lineup in the magazine circuit for October. So let’s get right to it:

First up, here’s Lee Min-jung (All About My Romance) in her first post-wedding photo shoot, after marrying Lee Byung-heon in August. Her spread was shot in Prague:


Han Hye-jin (Syndrome) is also in Cosmo for her first post-wedding photo spread, having married soccer player Ki Sung-yong in July. Another coincidence: Han Hye-jin was originally up for All About My Romance, which Lee Min-jung took instead. Her next project is the drama Warm Words.


Kim Min-jung (Third Ward) takes on a “Queen of the Night” concept for her Cosmo shoot, in accordance with her upcoming romantic-comedy movie of the same name:


Though I’ve seen him in a number of roles, I’m pretty sure I will forever think of Lee Seo-jin as Seo-jinnie, reluctant but dutiful luggage boy for Grandpas Over Flowers, who is featured in October’s Elle magazine. Such is the power of variety.


Also in Elle, with accompanying interview: Daniel Henney, out with a new comedy movie The Spy, which opened earlier this month and has been performing well at the box office. It looks like a pretty easy and familiar fun ride.


On to Bazaar, which has Song Hye-gyo (That Winter, the Wind Blows) on its cover for its October issue:


Also in the issue is Han Ji-hye, who recently wrapped up her weekend family drama I Summon You, Gold; the show ended last week after enjoying a solid run with averaging 20% ratings.


Then there’s Go Soo, who also wrapped up a drama last week (Empire of Gold)…


…and Yoo Ah-in (Jang Ok-jung, Live By Love) with Jung Yumi (Queen of the Office), who have a couple shoot to correspond to their upcoming movie Kkang-chulie:


Park Shin-hye gets a spread and an interview in InStyle’s October issue, in advance of her drama’s premiere (Heirs, as though you didn’t know):


Must be an Heirs issue, because Kim Sung-ryung is also in it (she plays the mother to our lead heir, played by Lee Min-ho):


Speaking of whom, can’t forget the headliner, who’s on the cover of 10+Star’s October issue:


Yeo Jin-gu has a new show out with tvN’s sitcom Potato Star 2013QR3—where he plays years older than his 16 years of age—though much of his promo is for his crime thriller movie Hwa-yi.


It sure feels like Lee Jong-seok is everywhere these days, doesn’t it? (What with hit drama I Hear Your Voice, hit movie Face Reader, and upcoming swimming movie No Breathing). Then again, when you’re hot, you’re hot.


Last but not least, here’s Go Ara for Vogue Girl, who won’t be looking like this for the foreseeable future as she trades her trendy style for a basketball-loving tomboy in the upcoming Answer Me 1994:

116 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. cali

    best. photo dump. ever.

  2. pogo

    awwww, it’s Chief Puppy of my heart in Vogue! That skinny little pouty-mouth noona killer left some BIG shoes for subsequent teen-playing heroes to fill, and I’m not even sure Lee Min-ho will do that with Heirs.

    I like Park Shin-hye and Kim Sung-ryung’s shoots. Esp. the latter, which is sexy. And I like those (Tory Burch?) bags too, though I normally detest the brand.

    • 2.1 Mar

      I call him Pouty Mouth too. He just slays, doesn’t he? I love the ripped jeans. I liked when he wore shorts in IHYV. The kid is skinny, but he’s not scrawny. I love rangy guys, so thin, but have those friggin SHOULDERS, and that underlying strength in their bodies. And his hands in that second photo, nice.

      I notice weird stuff about men. Someone will say hey, so and so guy is cute, and I’m like, the back of his neck is smoking hot, or he has nice fingers lol

  3. Carmensitta

    Loving all the pretty! Thank you javabeans!

  4. mems

    Lee Min-Jung, I love you but pleeeeease stop. with. the. head. tilts. And vacant expressions. Okay, nearly everyone here is sporting a vacant expression.

    And Han Ji-hye…what’s with the hair strung all over her face?

    I like Yeo Jin-gu’s spread the best. That boy is growing up to be a major hottie. Just your regular noona feels, is all.

    • 4.1 JoAnne

      Yeo Jin Gu NO. Down, boy. Back the bus UP about 10 years, please, before this noona ends up in jail.

      • 4.1.1 True2U

        lol, I think everyone here would end up in jail. Thankfully there’s enough oppas to keep me out of jail.

        • seersucker

          He’s 24 in his new drama. That makes the lusting ok, right? Right…?

          • True2U


    • 4.2 ilikemangos

      Agree. Yeo Jin Goo’s spread came out the best looking, imo. It could also be a bias because of my fondness for him. No squick — i am only 2 years older than him.
      Park Shin Hye is looking super gorgeous.
      Lee Min Ho — what the heck is he wearing.

      • 4.2.1 pogo

        Yeah, the boy is all kinds of photogenic. And it’s nice to find someone on this site who can appreciate him without having to feel like a perv, because I am WAY too old for this and actually happier to focus that attention on, say, So Ji-sub. ha.

        • ilikemangos

          I think it’s totally okay to appreciate a kid for his acting chops and his physique. I don’t think it necessarily makes that person a perv!
          I know alot of people on this site feel weird if they take a liking to him. I think it only gets weird when they start having fantasies. Then, i’m just like woah thuur.

          • pogo

            No fantasies here (I can’t even get close to that far gone) but I do feel a bit weird paying that much attention to the looks of a 16-year-old beyond ‘he’s cute/adorable/staggeringly talented’.

    • 4.3 rant

      Yeah.. what is up with Lee Min Jung’s expression? She’s a pretty girl, but her face and stare is horrible. She looks like she’s lost but doesn’t want to ask for direction… sorta like a ‘dumb’ feel. No offense..

      I think park shin hye is turning into a very beautiful girl. When I first saw her in stairway to heaven, she looked so weird and awkward to me. But wow, she’s turning heads.

      • 4.3.1 skelly

        Agree on both counts. PSH looks absolutely gorgeous here, while Lee Min Jung looks jetlagged and cross. The makeup they chose – those browns and sepias – did her no favors.

    • 4.4 Cath

      Oh hey, I noticed that too in almost all of her magazine spread shots. Its like its the only thing she can do. Which isn’t the case I think.

      She’s a beauty so hopefully she’ll be giving something else sometime soon.

  5. Candy

    PSH’s photoshoot looks ahmazing. I love the red on her, she looks fabulous. And not going to comment on everyone else or this will be an essay but everyone looks good lol.

    P.s. You missed Lee Seung-gi. He’s in this month’s CeCi for their 19th anniversary. I could’ve sworn I saw tons of pictures everywhere in tumblr and online in general. Plus: he looks smokin hot and adorably cute… If that’s possible lol.

    • 5.1 Candy

      *rather not this month but October…

    • 5.2 redfox

      her LEGS! why why why. why cant we all have such legs?
      world is so unfair.

      • 5.2.1 dramaready

        They are photoshopped. She’s only 5’5″. I’m not saying short girls can’t have nice legs but how long her legs look with the length of her torso she doesnt look to be anywhere near 5’5″ in them.

        • redfox

          haha no worries then. but how can they do that that is unfair still

    • 5.3 Gumei

      Yes, my ultimate bias Lee Seung Gi is in CeCi for October looking really hot. Will be in Korea next week and hope to grab a copy before it sells out !

    • 5.4 tokkioncrack

      This right here might be the reason why @javabeans might have missed LSG.


      She knew including him would scar us forever and that being on dramabeans in that state means we would probably never look at him the same again

  6. Arhazivory

    Oh wow. Yeo Jin Gu wins this one. Yah…I know its not a competition but I still give him a win.

    Lee Jong Seok….he’s so cool too. I’m at episode 5 of IHYV and loving it so its good to see him anywhere.

    For the females, I must say that my bias Park Shin Hye looks the best. I love her bored expression while sitting with the piano.

  7. redfox

    I was all like “Ok….ok….ok with that….ok…ok…” then came the Lee Jong Seok ones and I fainted.

    • 7.1 redfox

      um, or maybe what made me faint was that blinking thing in the middle…you know, checkered…something like a disco ball… wait, what, that was Lee Min Ho´s shirt???? what is with that guy and weird patterns lately?

    • 7.2 Louise

      Lol… I like this comment best.

  8. lemondoodle

    Nice pics!

    Lee Min Jung looks like she’s lost and needs directions. Song Hye-gyo remains the most gorgeous person ever. Kim Sung-ryung kind of looks younger than Lee Minho tbh and Shin-hye doesn’t even look like herself.

  9. Ace

    Aaah, The Henney. Wish now he’s LMH’s bro in Heirs.

    Kim Sung-ryung…isn’t she the mopey/suicidal/bitchy mom of JGS’ character in YB? Hot mama! But hope she doesn’t play the same type in Heirs. Is there any chance that the writer will write a better mom than what she gave us in SG? That was one of the worse kdrama moms written, even more so than the one in BOF.

    Thanks for the pics! Hope someone makes new banners from these.

    • 9.1 Chrissie

      I don’t think anyone can top the mom from BOF. Mm maybe the one from Shinning Inheritance, well she’s more like the step mom from hell.

      • 9.1.1 True2U

        I hated the mom in BOF so much, that I came to LOVE her!!!! I even searched her profile to see if she a a role similar to one she had in BOF.

      • 9.1.2 Mar

        Yikes, I am now interested to see what happens with the Mom in Heirs.

        The Mom from You’re Beautiful was totally bat shit crazy, but she was more pathetic and annoying than anything. SG mom was just snooty and resistant more than completely out there. So far no one tops Dragon Lady Kang from BOF. She scared the crap out of me.

  10. 10 AnotherFan

    Go Soo with that colorful bird on the shoulder – sorry, I laughed so hard.. I do like this guy though. It’s just these photo shoots are just so silly sometimes.

    I have to say I am a bit tired of YAI’s expressions and posters in the photos. I don’t know what kind of look/image he’s trying to put forth, but it’s the same old same old, not to mention it’s not even pretty to begin with..

    Love PSH and SHK (her bone structure is friggin amazing!)!

  11. 11 Mommai

    I love the pic of Seo-jinnie on the dolphin! :3

    • 11.1 giggles

      Thank you! I barely noticed anything else. Then, I started reading all the comments, and I kept thinking, “But Seo-jinnie was riding a blow-up dolphin…”

    • 11.2 Shiku

      I know right? Seojinnie is cute!

      • 11.2.1 ruizhen

        really cute! i love seojinnie!

  12. 12 Quiet Thought

    Oh . . . . that is one hot momma!

  13. 13 MsGB

    Nice. They all look good but I have to give it up for Kim Sung-ryung. She looks great! The one with the little boy-toy and her sitting on the sofa…nice! I wish my mom looked like that then I would have inherited her genes.

  14. 14 shwewen

    holy shit yeon jin gu omg homfg. wow fuck. he doesnt look like your average skinny pasty korean guy. He’s all round aura of machoness gives me vibes of him being years older than his real age. Oh god i bet he’s slaying teenage girls left and right in SK as we speak. Hot damn. I know i’m one of them 😉

    • 14.1 ilikemangos

      Seriously. he’s not your typical skinny, pale, pretty boy.
      This boy has got it.
      Watching trailer for potato star, he and ha yeon soo look really nice together! Also tried watching first episode raw and he only showed up at the last second. boo

  15. 15 doomy

    yeo jin gu reminds me i’m bi and not gay. R A W R.

    milf alert o m g. i would be all over that show.

    park shin hye looks great; i am DYING for her to get a role where she can sass it up a little.

    go ara’s basically a doll in human form, but this shoot isn’t the most interesting, which surprises me a little because she is emitting fantastic range and depth in the answer me 1994 trailers.

    • 15.1 koolchinguu

      At Park Shin Hye’s part, I agree with you. OMG. She must have a SASSY-CLASSY role for goodness’ sake! I believe she can WOW viewers, if ever.

  16. 16 Addy

    Park Shin Hye, Kim Sung Ryung, Yeo Gin Gu look the best to me!!!!

  17. 17 anon

    They all looks great but where is lee seung gi one ??

    • 17.1 min

      I think she doesn’t like LSG. Or she doesn’t think he’s good enough to post. Or both.

  18. 18 Chrissie

    I think if it was a competition, my vote would go for hot mama right there lol She is still looking good and they always have her playing mom to those non teen actors. I can’t believe how she was Lee Jun Ki’s adoptive mom in Iljimae. I think the most ridiculous was playing Park Shi Hoo’s mom then in Syndrome, playing Song Chang Ui’s mom. I kept giggling when he called her “omma”. At least they did give him a line stating that everyone thought that she looked more like his sister than his mom lol

    • 18.1 Rossi

      Seriously, I find the Heir mom to be the most striking. Like wah? How can she play a mom role to Minhot?! o.O

      • 18.1.1 Shadow-chan

        Well, the hotness has to come from somewhere, right? 😀

  19. 19 noernov

    When you’re hot,you’re hot….hahahaha 😛

  20. 20 Yoori

    Kim Sung-ryung: Hottest female of the bunch

    Song Hye-gyo: Still remains the most gorgeous female actress in SK.

    Yeo Jin-gu: Blew all the older male actors out the park! I can’t wait to see his acting career skyrocket!

  21. 21 deb

    the fashion and shoot styles all look so similar wow…anyway they all look great!

  22. 22 Lora

    Lee Min-ho, wth are you wearing?!

    Go Soo, you too.

    I love these two guys (I love Go Soo more though) but the clothes are just…terrible. (I’m sorry to the designers, but, yeah.).

    And yep, Song Hye-kyo is still gorgeous, although her cover photo looks photoshopped because she is not that skinny.

  23. 23 Angeliam

    Lee min jung

  24. 24 fun-lugha

    3 words: Yeo Jin Gu
    3 more: Ur killing us!

  25. 25 Perrie

    Hahaha, I really enjoy Korean Magazine spreads
    but man, they all literally make the same faces (especially lee min jung and Han Hye Jin minus Daniel Henney)

    Yeo Jin Gu’s is my favorite <3 <3

  26. 26 bgr

    Yummy Mommy schools the rest of the girls, y’all!

  27. 27 WvR

    Thanks! Some concepts I don’t understand like Go Soo’s picture with a shadow covering his face. Maybe the theme was shadows since the next picture plays with them, too.

  28. 28 aimme

    SHK is still gorgeous however I don’t like her new hair-do (more like “hair-don’t”). Long, wavy hair suits her best!

  29. 29 Kiara

    Yeo Jin Gu is rocking it. I was going to ask why The Joker is part of this photo spread then I realized that it’s The Henney.

  30. 30 K

    Park Shin Hye looks great in red
    And KSR is such a hot mama

  31. 31 sososo

    All have the same look and expression, nothing special at all.

  32. 32 pleinair

    OMG i fell in love with editorials of Han ji Hye, PSH and Go Ara!!! Way to go girls!!! My fav is HAn ji Hye’s btw 😀 that hair!!!!

  33. 33 Net-chan

    Thanks for the pictures javabeans!

    Yeo Jin-gu has grown up well… Sooo cute!
    He’s not THAT young, is he? ;ppp

  34. 34 pleinair

    BTW does Go Ara ever get older? She looks like 17 still OMG!

    • 34.1 Lilly

      She looks very French also

  35. 35 kfangurl

    “Then again, when you’re hot, you’re hot.” Lol! SO. TRUE. It’s like Lee Jong Suk came out of nowhere, exploded with cuteness, adorableness and hotness galore all over our screens, and now he’s ALL OVER THE PLACE. Which is a good thing, of course! ;D

    • 35.1 AnotherFan

      Sorry to rain on your parade but I don’t get his hotness…

      • 35.1.1 Tiffany

        LOL I agree. Don’t get any hotness from him. His photoshoots don’t do it for me; neither does his acting. YJG is looking smokin’ though…

        • kfangurl

          Tee hee! No offense taken! 🙂

          I didn’t used to get his hotness either.. But he’s grown on me. First with School 2013, then with IHYV. I found him particularly adorable in IHYV. And SO very swoony! And now that I’ve seen it, I can’t un-see it. I know not everyone sees it, but for those of us who do, it’s really fun to have him popping up everywhere! ^^

  36. 36 hanie

    Yeo Jin Gu is so…….. good looking~
    I wants to use other words to describe him but then I remember his age… TT_TT

  37. 37 Kit

    Wow. All of these people and spreads are gorgeous but SHK’s blew me away.

  38. 38 OneFive1

    OMG such an awesome photo dump! Totally started screaming at the unexpected Lee Jong-Seok photos!!!

  39. 39 Lilly

    OMG the identical f–k you looks from both Go Soo and the parrot :O LOL

  40. 40 Yue-lie

    I’m drooling all over…the girls…because I wanna be them….the boys because I wanna be with them!!


    Having Park Shin-hye’s beauty and taking photos between Lee Min-ho and Daniel Henney or between Yoo Ah-in and Lee Jong-seok!

    • 40.1 Kiara

      If you take away the make up, ps , air-brush etc you’d be surprise at how average looking some of them are.
      I never want to look like any of them but I would like to be as talented as some of them.

  41. 41 Jadetaia

    Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or are Han Ji Hye and Han Hye Jin sporting the same coat?

    • 41.1 canxi

      They are. Fashion trends.

    • 41.2 Waves

      Han Ji Hye and Han Hye Jin’s names are so similar that I often get them mixed up. Now they’re wearing the same coat too.

  42. 42 Cam


    PLUS, the DAEBAK photos of Yeo Jin Goo really BLEW me away. *flap my hands*

  43. 43 rheabiel

    now i can conclude with the photos above:

    Lee Min Jung > Han Hye Jin > Go Ara

  44. 44 JenJen

    SeoJin-ie on that inflatable is adorable!

    and Yeo JinGoo is such a noona killer. ang~

  45. 45 EX-DF user

    I constantly need to remind myself he’s only 16. This noona is D-E-A-D.

  46. 46 Sajen

    Maybe I’m crazy, or weird, but for some reason I like Han Ji-hye’s shoot the best, I think because her hair is in her face. Also I think I might be the only male on the planet who is interested in the opposite sex, that doesn’t find Go Ara attractive.

  47. 47 ht

    My gorgeous love, Yumi <3

    loved this photo dump, everyone is either hot, pretty or both!

  48. 48 saranga

    park shin-hye is looking so much better lately than how i usually remember her (my image of her is from that campus drama she did with jung yong-hwa). i dunno if it’s weight loss (though she does look way slimmer) or just maturity, but she’s really looking fantastic these days.

    hers and song hye-kyo’s, i liked, and kim sung-ryung’s. and yeo jin-goo is going to be such a heartbreaker soon! and to think he used to be such a tiny baby only a few years ago. i think he grew up fast for his age, and gracefully too. not a trace of adolescent awkwardness about him.

    • 48.1 ilikemangos

      Agree with your bit on park shin hye! I think she’s really going through that maturing age. She’s growing into her looks and lately she’s just been rocking all the photoshoots and red carpet with some gorgeous dresses/make up.
      I just wish she’d take on a more mature role with a character with whom she’s in a serious relationship with. She’s still pretty young and there’s still many more years for more projects.

  49. 49 Betsy

    Love Lee Min Jung’s whole outfit in the one photo with the hat and Park Shin Hye’s photos for InStyle were beautiful!

  50. 50 Lyndia

    It seems Han Hye-Jin and Han Ji Hye were wearing the same coat.

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