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Age of Feeling loses timeslot to Pretty Man
by | September 16, 2013 | 101 Comments

javabeans: Annnnnnd another Kim Hyun-joong drama bites the dust? Okay, so Age of Feeling hasn’t been cancelled-cancelled, but… it’s no longer in the running for a timeslot anytime this year.

girlfriday: I’d call that cancelled.

javabeans: KBS, on the other hand, calls it “It’s not cancelled we SWEAR, it’s just postponed, for, um, reasons, and it’ll air next year sometime, probably, we promise.”

girlfriday: It seems that the production is running into scheduling difficulties with its overseas shoots and had to request a delay, according to KBS. (The drama is set in the 1930s and will go from Korea to China to Japan, requiring lots of filming abroad. It also stars Kim So-eun, Im Soo-hyang, Han Jung-soo, Kim Sung-oh, and Jo Dong-hyuk.)

javabeans: All these stories are from KBS’s standpoint (of insisting they’re not cancelling the show, honest), which coincides with the flood of stories out now about the drama that usurped its spot, Jang Geun-seok’s Pretty Man. (More on that in the next post. Just give us, like, 15 minutes.)

girlfriday: Basically, nobody wants to say that KBS ditched Age of Feeling for Pretty Man but…

javabeans: It really just sounds like a desperate plea for your dorky second best friend not to hate you when you stand them up to go to your popular first best friend’s birthday party, which No. 2 wasn’t invited to, and you feel really bad about it, but like, you just can’t be in two places at once, you know.

girlfriday: To make up for it, KBS has announced that Age of Feeling will air AFTER Pretty Man.

javabeans: Omg I’m cracking up so hard at that. That is so much betterworse.

girlfriday: Classic example of the saying, giving you the illness and then giving you the medicine.

javabeans: Which is kind of like bitchslapping you and then apologizing for it, right? In any case, there is a crapload of scrambling going on at KBS right now, which has changed its story three times since we began writing this post. (Seriously.) Maybe you should have thought this out before you released five dozen contradictory press releases?

girlfriday: Sometimes the media fans flames where there are none, and sometimes KBS just shoots itself in the foot with its own flamethrower.

javabeans: So currently, KBS’s line is that Pretty Man airs in November, pushing back Age of Feeling to January.

girlfriday: This is the Wednesday-Thursday slot following Secret, which will compete with Heirs for at least a few weeks.

javabeans: Mmm, Lee Min-ho, Jang Geun-seok, and Kim Hyun-joong…. wait what were we talking about again?

girlfriday: On the upside, no matter who gets the timeslot, it’ll be pretty.

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101 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Annie

    Well, they keep casting people for Age of Feeling so I’ll stick with ‘not canceled, just postponed’. But if I had my way, of Kim Hyun Joong or Jang Geun Seok, I’d choose: NEITHER.

    • 1.1 bgr

      i so totally agree! i’d choose neither as well.

      p/s: have you seen any of Kim Hyun Joong’s latest music videos? They kinda remind me of Justin Bieber’s. It’s kinda like an older, jaded version of JB. Not good… He may be good looking but his transition is kinda nowhere at the moment.

      • 1.1.1 JoAnne

        The videos are weird but the music is catchy.

        *runs off singing I’m a gen-gen-gen-gentleman*

      • 1.1.2 Emma

        I saw still of him from a variety show, Cool Kidz, I think and he was looking old, not at all like the pretty flower boy I think of. In fact, I had to double check it was even him. I was amazed.

        • phenny

          yes, ur right. Wasn’t able to recognize him. a Far cry from his pretty boy image in Boys Over Flowers days. He’s NOT that pretty pala after all. Have seen Jang Geun Suk with less make-up or probably Not at all in one of the variety shows in KBS which featured him. He’s kinda perfectionist when it comes to his concerts. I love the guy! His attitude of I-don’t -care-what – i-wear and how-i-look! He’s just being TRUE to himself. More power Jang Geun Suk!!!!

    • 1.2 pogo

      At least Jang Geun-seok can act, though. Even if his drama choices of the last three years have always involved him playing Taekyung Redux.

      • 1.2.1 Leili

        for me..not really..his acting doesn’t do anything for me either, when he was taekyung i thought he’s just playing a little more drama-ish kind of himself,so…not much acting…(just personal opinion)

  2. Xxvxx

    I choose neither too.

    • 2.1 Kris

      I choose So Ji Sub, lol! These flowerboys just don’t do it for me.

      • 2.1.1 Annie


        • fionnula

          Lol. I feel as if we’re in church. “Word!”

      • 2.1.2 pogo

        I love all the So Ji-sub love here, I’ve always known he’s hot but Master’s Sun woke me up to his appeal with a vengeance 😀

        • Ponpon

          Right? There were always people saying So Ji Sub was good looking and whatnot and I’ve always tended to agree but I didn’t really care much for his dramas so he kind of flew under the radar for me…until Master’s Sun that is. Whooo, is that man alluring in that drama 😀 Annnnd I have a massive girl crush on Gong Hyo Jin’s Tae Gong Shil as well, so the two of them together makes me an extremely happy little viewer.

          As for the Jang Geun Suk vs. Kim Hyun Joong prettiness discussion. I can admit there is SOME level of pretty regarding the two, just not MY type of pretty.

    • 2.2 Sophia

      If it has to be a pretty boy, I’d probably pick Yoon Si Yoon or Lee Jong Suk. Too bad Song Joong Ki’s not available.

      • 2.2.1 PonderWoman

        I agree on SJK. I miss my Yeorim candy.

        • Dbsklove

          LOL YEORIM CANDY (Y)

      • 2.2.2 MEalways

        Wait, wait…
        We still have Lee Hyun Woo, right?
        I remember watched him in Age of Incarnation, and he got compliments on how talented and humble he was.

        I want him instead either of these two, but… he’s too young? Together with another pretty boys: Kim Soo Hyun and Park Ki Woong, they hit success with (at least for viewers) 4 millions -> is that correct?

        If they come together in a drama, LHW, KSH, PKW + Joo Won, it would be complete. They could do strong acts. Oh, who should be the writer? I don’t want to end up like Full House 2, the most terrible sequel ever.

        • lolz

          7 million. 🙂 i love that movie. KSH+LHW <3

      • 2.2.3 pogo

        I’d happily take Jung Kyung-ho and Lee Jun-ki, since they’re proper manly smoking-hot men now. (or Kim Woo-bin, if we must remain within the current gen of flower boys)

      • 2.2.4 krikkrik

        true enough. it would be great if SJK available but he’s not and i would prefer if they cast other actor than these two. yoon si yoon pls 😀

  3. tonbotomoe

    But Age of Feeling already has A LOT of its cast lined up tho while I haven’t seen a peep about Pretty Man besides Jang Geun Suk and rumors of a couple of leading ladies.

    • 3.1 zoe

      So KHJ confirmed fr this show? I thought he was still jst considering the drama not confirmed it yet. Nw he will not to do it I guess.

      • 3.1.1 dramaramathon

        i think he hasnt confirmed things yet.

  4. mj

    kim hyun joong just cant get a show to stick that poor boy hopefully this one doesn’t get cancelled also cause even if his acting sucks he sure is purrrttyyy to look at for 20 hrs

  5. Ashley

    I want more of So Ji Sub too!

  6. jhu

    ‘More on that in the next post. Just give us, like, 15 minutes.’

    You guys are so cute.

    I lurve the JB/GF newsbusting duo!

    • 6.1 koko


  7. Babs

    Lord give me strength to deal with KBS.. people, get you r crap together and then release the stories. apart from that, I have to say that I love both boys, one because of how he acts and the other one because he’s pretty (I’m guessing everyone can guess who is who here) but how can you move a show that’s been casting and realizing posts all over for one that’s barely been mentioned (or at least I haven’t heard it mentioned a lot) IDK what KBS what thinking but hopefully in the end, the best will happen to both shows. Here’s hoping to a good pretty boy line up!

  8. taegyo

    hasn’t age of feeling kinda been in production hell for a while, though? or does that impression mostly come from the fact that they’ve changed lead actors a few times?

    anyway, international shoots are expensive and tricky – I’m not surprised that this is turning out to be a difficult drama to produce. I’m still interested in the basic concept though, so if it’s ever on air, I’ll watch it.

  9. Sophia

    Good, I won’t have to sit through another Kim Hyun Joong drama…not that I was gonna in the first place. At least we won’t have to hear about it.

  10. 10 kumi

    ‘Another one bites the dust’ … 🙂

  11. 11 tanya

    Is Jang Guen Seok going to do a drama that will show his acting talent? I mean the guy can actually act.

    • 11.1 zsa

      I agree…people are now too focused on his uhm I’m not sure face(pretty?) or singing(really?) talents…when his forte I think is really acting…with the right script…I’m kinda losing interest in him….the interest suffered a lot right after My Pet and Love Rain…so I’m not sure I’ll be interested enough for this one…but I’ll give it a try if there’s nothing else good to watch…for old times’ sake?

    • 11.2 zandria

      I think Korea keeps missing out on a lot of things with Jang guen seok because they set their minds against him some time ago for reasons Ive never understood. The kid is very talented and that lovely low voice when he speaks. He has a natural one-liner ability when he talks that would be great on variety shows. Like I said Korea doesnt know what its missing.

      • 11.2.1 kristin_ez

        Agree. 🙂

      • 11.2.2 Melinda

        I agree. JKS is truly an extremely talented young man. He has great vocals, extraordinary actor and an upcoming great producer. I also do not understand why Korea has shown less than love for him. But, on the other hand, Japan has embraced him, he’s been very successful there. I highly recommend Budapest Diary. A short film he collaborated in the script and production. It’s a beautiful journey to take with him. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x11bzg1_bdeng_travel#.Ucze2Ts3sfU

  12. 12 Dramafan

    KBS the flip flopper. No wonder all their drama has low ratings.

    • 12.1 Yaddari

      atleast they still has daily dramas and weekend drama that always did well…
      for weekdays drama, Moon Chae Won will come to safe them every years…

      • 12.1.1 alisa

        And Joo Won.

    • 12.2 messi

      Good Doctor is on KBS with 20% ratings.

  13. 13 kDkiddo

    Poor oppa ! He has some curse ! Lool

    • 13.1 dramaramathon

      you certainly have it.

  14. 14 Abbie

    This is sad because I love Kim Hyun-joong, but I also like Jang Geun-seok. But I’ll be watching Heirs before any of this, because Lee Min-ho is way better. Although I enjoy all three of these guys.

  15. 15 Chrissie

    Lol The other show has like 2 people cast while this one has 100, but still get shelved. I wonder how many of them will stick around.

  16. 16 bebeswtz

    I’m wondering if this situation would have happened if Kwon Sang Woo (or any of the other stars that were previously “considering” roles for this drama) was actually casted for Age Of Feeling….. Or maybe KBS is just a hot mess…. Well, maybe not so hot anymore after pissing off many drama land fans

  17. 17 Trina

    Hrmm… A pretty boy who can act or a pretty boy who can’t act. Neither for me.

  18. 18 eny

    I think it’s just for rating competition in wed-thurs drama

    • 18.1 Dramafan

      For rating only, but JGS dramas Mary stayed out all night and Love Rain both have low ratings. What happen to MBC ? They don’t want JGS.

    • 18.2 kristin_ez

      Lots of KBS weekdays primetime dramas didn’t do well in the ratings this 2013. With Jang Geun Suk drama low or high rating — money wise KBS will not loose, coz I’m sure this is another hit drama abroad (hallyu).

  19. 19 lily

    Kim Hyun Joong can’t act for shit but AOF sounds SO much more interesting than Pretty Man. You know the latter will just be Jang Geun Suk looking for ways to look like a fucking weirdo. I’m so over him as an actor.

    • 19.1 Sophia

      Same here. Too much guyliner in every single role, plus the weird hair.

  20. 20 greenpurplestar

    City Conquest was said to have “international location sites” too…would there be any difference? I couldn’t help but think the drama might be too ambitious, for the other actors who were previously offered the role to accept it. There must be some other reason why they rejected this drama, doubts included.

    I just hope some KHJ fans won’t blame JGS’s drama for this. Regardless of his acting, I’d like HJ to have another major solo drama again, something that wouldn’t just bank on his looks/appearance, but another drama good enough to put on his resume. He doesn’t have to be the main lead of a “grand”drama that has several location sites or whatever — a significant role in a relatively challenging drama would be nice.

    JGS — I think he’s a good actor, with or without ratings.

  21. 21 Fishy

    Gimme Heirs and moar So Ji Sub romantic comedies, that’s all the pretty I need to last me a lifetime. I wasn’t really excited for any drama with KHJ but I heard Kim So Eun was in it and that got me excited since I love her from Boys Over Flowers. May I see the day that she can be lead with the other F4 member.. Kim Bum for a romantic comedy?

    • 21.1 SD

      If Kim So Eun reunited with Kim Bum in a production, I would be the happiest fan girl alive. 🙂 However, I think it may take a while since Kim Bum’s military enlistment is just around the corner. That doesn’t keep me from praying that drama gods will grant our wish though. 😉

      • 21.1.1 Fishy

        SoEulmates<3 I hope 2014 would be a good year for Kim Bum to make one last drama before enlisting. He's only 24 so he still has some time right? Unless he's planning to do it earlier?

        • SD

          He did mention in a recent interview that he’s planning to enlist real soon. 🙁 It seems that`Goddess of Fire will be his last project before he goes. On the bright side, the earlier he enlists, the sooner he”ll return. At least he’ll only be 26 when he comes back. A lot of opportunities will come his way. 🙂

  22. 22 Mystisith

    Bumpy road for this drama. It looks to me that if it’s an ambitious/expensive project, KBS has always a hard time managing it (CQ, IRIS2, and now AOF).
    Also, AOF airing against Heirs? Oulalala…

  23. 23 ilikemangos

    lol. i couldn’t really care less about kim hyun joong’s acting but it kinda sucks how wherever he goes bad luck follows. In k-dramas, that is.

    • 23.1 mimi

      says who?you?…The CQ was cancelled due to the heads and not about the actor, the production was big but the company that supports it was new to the industry. You could say there has been monopoly in it. If they released it it wouldve sold big time if not in korea then definitely the rest of the world. Its already been proven in everything he was in may it be drama or music. So for your ignorance *major facepalm. Look your ass is jealous of your mouth.mwahahaha

      • 23.1.1 kasmar

        @ mimi… if that was the case, they wouldn’t have cancelled it. If they would have made huge profits like you say, it doesn’t make sense to cancel something you can make profits from.

  24. 24 Monstermom

    Heh, this kind of news always makes me imagine Anthony Kim running around frantically in the background, trying to patch new deals… 😉

    (I have entirely chosen to forget the whole blind/radio/failure thing, because that was ridiculous and clearly the opposite of the character and the show, so as far as I’m concerned he’s still actively making horrible decisions for the sake of drama.)

    • 24.1 Lizzy4e

      Yes yes yes! I will buy into your delusionary re-write!

    • 24.2 ~Feather~

      Me too! That is the ending I chose to have instead of the one given to us!

  25. 25 cimori

    Kim Hyun-joong is unlucky man of 2013. he has no luck for this year. first is his drama cancelled, a drama which kim seung woo will be his daddy, it got cancel becoz politic thing (i forgot the name for that drama)

    second, his variety show (barefoot friend) has a lowest rating on korea and did not has any concept at all, BFF is a totally an ugly variety show for 2013

    and now his new drama, age of feeling loses timeslot. ckckckck

    poor KHJ, it will be a sad journey for him on 2013.

    nothing works for him right now.

    • 25.1 readlead

      at least his album got big success…

      aaaahhhh… so sad again his drama got cancelled 🙁

  26. 26 el

    I wonder, why did Kim Hyung Joong agree to do this drama. Surprised that his big boss Yonsama agrees.

    It’s during the Japanese occupation, this drama is sensitive. He’s like one of the biggest Hallyu star in Japan.

    I know Joo Won and the masterpiece Bridal Mask got cut down during the big award shows like Baeksang, Korean Drama Awards etc because of the sensitive issue even though the drama is so good and the acting from most of the cast are top notch. Even during his promotion in Japan, the J-media never mentioned about this drama. Luckily, he still well accepted there.

    And for KHJ, I guess IF.. IF he do this drama, he will still popular in Japan.

    Preety Man, hmmm.. I want to see my old JGS.

  27. 27 mmmaggie

    I haven’t seen Kim Hyun Joong since Playful Kiss and WHAT IS HE DOING TO HIS FACE??????? This makes me so sad about Korean celebrities. So much work and in my opinion, it just looks so unnatural and bad.

    • 27.1 gem

      I think he had to get surgery because his nose got broken during a soccer game. Not sure what really happened but they said it was a pretty bad injury.

      • 27.1.1 mimi

        uhmm.. he doesnt approved of ps. the only one time he got it done was because he got his nose broken by some guys throwing rocks on his neighborhood. But haters gonna make up thinks due to bitterness.pathetic.

        • maldita

          Please. I’m not much of a fan of KHJ but I’ve followed the K-pop scene since around 2006 or so. KHJ’s nose has changed around 3 times since the first time I saw him in an X-Man episode all those years ago.

  28. 28 anna

    Lol that analogy makes me sound like a terrible friend.

  29. 29 SG

    Anthony suddenly pops up in my head.

  30. 30 Hapacalgirl

    Well I guess Age of feeling should take it as a blessing since now that it was postponed it will jot have to go against the two fall jaugernauts Heirs and Man from the Stars. With Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Hyunjoong both from Keyeast, i am pretty sure they were okay with the postponement as to prevent having their artists going against each other. . With competition like that, sad to say but Pretty Man will be dead on arrival ratings wise. In taking over that time slot it will now have to go against the tail end of Heirs and the beginning of Kim Soo Hyun/ Jeon Ji hyun starring Man from the Stars.

  31. 31 Carole McDonnell

    Oooookay…good. The delay gives me time to stee myself for committing to my sweet oddball’s bad attacking. I like this guy so much that i actually watch his tv appearances with clenched fists worrying and wishing he does well.

  32. 32 myra

    I always thought Pretty man was supposed to be an MBC drama

    • 32.1 greenpurplestar

      I thought so too… MBC got “Pretty Man” — I guess they could transfer networks just like that…

  33. 33 MizzMizzEka

    Who is Kim Hyun Joong?
    upsss. I almost forget about him.
    A long time ago, he was popular, but lack of acting skill and when he become a new and singer with different style and image, make me not longer interesting.
    you must pick another gold chance, oppa, to make your luck shine again

  34. 34 Jade

    Pretty Man is the cheaper and obvious choice to compete against the last episodes of Heirs and then is going full against Man from the Stars, which is getting way lot of attention. Age of Feeling is a high budget drama with overseas shootings so it’s a no brainer move by the network to hold that one and throw Pretty Man to the lions. Also JGS latest dramas had bad ratings. For me it’s looks like the real winner is Age of Feeling because the time slot change could mean that the netwotk thinks that the AOF has more chance for sucess than Pretty Man.

    • 34.1 gratisetamore

      Interesting analysis there -which could be true.After all KBS is all business with no loyalty to anyone not giving them favors in return.

      If AOF is merely postponed due to logistics -can’t be helped I suppose.

      I kind of worry also about the effect of that AOF on Japan reaction. Unless they see it only as another work from KHJ never mind the content. But who knows KE might be reviewing its repercussions on KHJ singing career there now that there is that “window of opportunity”.

      I also like the idea that KHJ should just be in “light” and not so costly dramas just to get all those acting chops sharpened.

      I’ve seen dramas of seasoned actors that didn’t do well in ratings,but people didn’t make a big fuss about that. At least KHJ can still do other things.

    • 34.2 kristin_ez

      Okay so what if it turns out that AOF when finally will get its time slot and then by that time would have to compete with a much less popular star & not so expensive drama against its competitor (MBC & SBS) and inspite of that seemingly oh great chance of emerging as a winner still gets the lowest rating like his last & only drama in which he was the lead (playful kiss — which is by the way one of dramas with the lowest rating in the history of kd) — will turn out to be trailing behind its competition what would you say then? So we’ll see & when that time comes you can say then that AOF is the real winner. For the meantime enough please of your mean bias speculations. Just to tell you, not against KHJ but having to read your mean comment about PM i felt that i have to say something.

      • 34.2.1 hapacalgirl

        I don’t think Jade said anything mean about Pretty Man. Pretty Man is in fact a cheaper production than the big budget Age of Feeling since AoF has a lot of overseas shoots. Whatever show that airs in that timeslot will have a tough time in ratings because Heirs will be airing its final episodes and its follow up Man from of the Stars stars Kim So Hyun who is a proven ratings golden ticket (everything thing he has done has been successfull since MoonSun) and this is Jeon Ji Hyun’s first drama in 13/14 years, add to that they have the Theives fan base that will look forward to that pairing. So from a business standpoint it makes sense to risk the drama that had a lower production cost then airing the high budget drama considering its very unlikely any drama in that timeslot will be able to compete with those highly hyped jaugernaut dramas.

        • kristin_ez

          She mentioned this as well — “Also JGS latest dramas had bad ratings” – as if thats another reason for PM not to succeed in terms of rating. How about KHJ drama? Was it better in rating than JGS drama?

          “AOF has more chance for sucess than Pretty Man” — the network thinks, oh really, or her own thinking?(with that she meant in the time slot in which either AOF or PM would not compete with KSH drama). And it sounds like she is so sure by saying the real winner is AOF while both dramas have not yet been aired.

          Not all big budget dramas did well in the ratings.

  35. 35 Jenn

    At first I was so confused – could have sworn that was Kim Jae Won in the photo (from Scandal). I’d watch it with him 🙂

  36. 36 Question re Kim Hyun-joong

    Kim Hyun-joong plays Jihu in Boys Over Flowers, which is currently airing in San Francisco.

    Question: What is the term that Jandi keeps calling him? It sounds like sahm-beh, or tohm-beh, or ton-beh, or something like that. Does anybody know what I’m talking about?

    • 36.1 SD

      It’s “sunbae”. It’s means “senior”. 🙂

      • 36.1.1 SD

        *It means

      • 36.1.2 SD to the rescue!

        Ahhh, thank you!!! 🙂

        It’s sometimes (ok, often) hard to hear the actual pronunciation of a word.

    • 36.2 gratisetamore

      And Jandi doesn’t call Gu Jun Pyo that term of respect (sunbae) but plain Gu Jun Pyo!

      • 36.2.1 sunbae

        She calls Jihu ‘sunbae’, not Jun-pyo. Jihu is who I was asking about.

        We’re getting near the end of the series. I can’t wait to see how it all resolves. 🙂

  37. 37 Cee

    “On the upside, no matter who gets the timeslot, it’ll be pretty.”

    This totally cracks me up!

    OH MAN. I was (okay, I still am) so excited about Age of Feeling! Despite of Kim Hyunjoong’s casting I have high hopes about this drama.

    Thank you KBS. Thank you very much

  38. 38 mimi

    what the hell is wrong with kbs, if i were hyun joong id drop that drama off. Ive seen city conquest though there is only bits of it and its so damn hard to find. I found him already warming up to the drama camera. tsk.tsk. I hope they will air this soon or else!

  39. 39 dramaramathon

    Well i think its either its because of prod or the planning hasnt been up to its furnishings. or maybe the actor is too busy with his carreer since he just had his comeback.,.. Whatever it is, if its kim hyun joong then imma put it on my list..,

  40. 40 jayne

    I have mixed feelings for KHJ. I adore him in WGM, but then got frustrated seeing him in BOF. What was that?? Acting is definetely not on his skill list, he should stick for variety and his music. But then, he joined the aimless BFF variety and developed the ridiculous image of Justin Bieber wanna be. Good God!
    Get rid of that stupid cap already *facepalm*
    I want to like you again Hyunjoong-ah, please wisely choose your projects and images.

  41. 41 valleydale

    Hmmm…I thought Kim Hyun joong was pretty good in BOF. He played the most lonely and bereft of the F4 very convincingly, and conveyed the pain and anguish his character felt toward his grandfather quite well. I felt my heart breaking for his character throughout the drama. I’m interested in seeing what he can do now, acting wise. But I have to say he looks almost entirely different from the way he looked less than four years ago. WTF?

  42. 42 Rika

    Whoaaa, i keep looking news on Pretty Man and was wondering what happened since the first announcement on June. I also could not find any certain news on female lead. One for heroin, one for that ex wife of chaebol, and 10 other females role.

    I like JGS’ acting capacity than KHJ. Hopefully, the good production (group eight) and eligible scrip writer could make this drama shows its quality.

    For KHJ I m kinda of desperate reading on his failed drama: city conquest? And now postponed? I m so sorry to hear that KHJ .. 🙁

  43. 43 owl

    I don’t want either/or, I want it all in kdramaland!

  44. 44 Mia

    I like Kim Hyun Joong better than Jang Geun Suk. But acting wise I have to give it to JGS. I’ve seen everything that he’s been on and except for My Pet (really horrendous), he has proven himself as an actor with great depth. Please watch re-watch all his shows with no biases and you’d understand what I mean. I know he’d been behaving weirdly lately but as an actor, you can’t fault his acting.

    • 44.1 zandria

      So true. And why does everyone praise G Dragon for his eccentricity but dislike JGS when he does anything.

  45. 45 Oluchi

    I feel so sad for ma oppa, really loved him BOF and playful kiss(even though his acting sucks). I never liked JGS, I really hated him in the drama ‘you’re beautiful’. I’m from Nigeria and I’m a very huge fan of KHJ. All I can say to KHJ is FIGHTING!

    • 45.1 Cindy8

      Whoa! I’m actually very surprised to see another nigerian on dramabeans. Welcome to the fold baby 😀 Usually I come, see and leave but this time around I had to sign up just to reply you. I agree with everyone else here. Kim Hyun Joong is terrible as an actor. Jang Geun Seok is much better not that he is that great. You obviously can’t compare either to Lee Minho. I so prefer KHJ as a musician, I just wished he hadn’t gotten rid of his flower boy looks. I doubt if I would want to see a drama he stars in. It seems like you are new to the Kdrama world but let me also introduce you to the kpop world. It’s much more fun 😀

      • 45.1.1 jeera

        Jang Geun Suk is not only much better but in fact far better than KHJ as an actor. You can’t compare Lee Minho to Jang Geun Suk because obviously JGS is an all around entertainer. Jang Geun Suk truly amazing!


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