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Bae Doo-na and Kim Sae-ron team up for new film
by | September 2, 2013 | 23 Comments

Chungmuro is lighting up with director-producers these days. Director Lee Chang-dong (of Poetry) is producing a new film called Do-hee-ya, about a young girl surrounded in mystery and the small town police officer who tries to save her. It stars Kim Sae-ron (Queen’s Classroom, Ajusshi) as the titular Do-hee, along with Bae Doo-na (Cloud Atlas), who’s returning to Korean cinema for the project with one Hollywood film under her belt and another on the way.

The film will be the feature debut of director Jung Juri, and stars Kim Sae-ron as a curious young girl who’s alternately rebellious and innocent, and going through a crisis of sexual identity. Bae Doo-na plays a small town police chief who has secrets of her own, and one day she meets the young girl who’s alternately naive and unreadable, and her life gets turned upside-down when she gets caught up in trying to help her.

Song Sae-byuk (Tone-Deaf Clinic) co-stars as Kim Sae-ron’s stepfather, and based on his one-word character description as “villain” and the young girl’s sexual confusion, I can only conclude that TERRIBLE things are happening at home. Ack, this is going to be like The Crucible isn’t it, where I have to work up the nerve to watch it for like a year, and then still cover my eyes and ears for a good portion of it.

With a cast like this and Lee Chang-dong’s pedigree, it’ll probably be a film worth watching and talking about. I think to be safe though, I’ll wait till it’s out and someone tells me that Bae Doo-na saves the day. Because that’s what happens, right? *lalalalalala*

Do-hee-ya starts shooting next week for a May 2014 release.



23 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. wwjaustendo

    So excited!!! I love Bae Doona, and I love the idea of her playing a police chief!! Though (as with so many South Korean films), I’m sure I’ll be traumatized by it…

  2. Dam

    Bae doo na!!!!

    I hope she’ll save the day as well, this is a movie.. make it happen people!

  3. ilikemangos

    definitely liked her story the best in cloud atlas.

    Kim Sae Ron is going to grow up to be a very beautiful lady!

  4. Kiara

    Bae Doo-na and Kim Sae-ron = win win. I don’t care what this movie is about I’m going to watch it.

  5. Mar

    Sounds interesting. I have learned to read spoilers on Korean movies after being traumatized by what I thought were comedies or coming of age stories, so I am so with you on pretending happy ending lalalala right now.

  6. fun-lugha

    Don’t think I’ll ever watch The Crucible-some of us just aren’t strong like that…

    • 6.1 Danna

      I have it saved for months but still can’t get the courage to just do it

    • 6.2 ~Feather~

      I think I’ll never watch it too. I don’t have the strength and the heart. If someone ever forces me to watch it, I’ll most likely be scarred for life and feel depressed for months. I’m the type that thinks a lot, instead of verbalizing everything so it would be like self-torture.

    • 6.3 jam

      i actually saw it and couldn’t really sleep 🙁 however, it really awakened my naiveness about the world we live in. the kids were suberb at acting..made me cry so much!!

  7. hanie

    Bae Doona!!! Love her. I hope the trailer will give us a glimpse of what the movie actually about because I don’t think I can go through another Crucible-type movie again.
    I still have 2/3 of Crucible that I need to find courage to watch. Mannn.. that movie really…. I am a mess after watching a portion of it and it still lingers on my memory…

  8. Mystisith

    I like the premise and the cast but I will watch it only if the approach is not too dark and violent. The Crucible had a legitimity and that story had to be told. Now, if it’s just for “shock and entertainment value”, I don’t see the interest in imposing horrors to my brain and my heart. The News are enough…

  9. the68monkey

    ” I’ll wait till it’s out and someone tells me that Bae Doo-na saves the day. Because that’s what happens, right? ”

    Of course Bae Doona will save the day! She saved her hubby several years ago, and she’ll save the day in this film. She must! 🙂

  10. 10 Quiet Thought

    I’ll watch pretty much anything with Bae Doona in it, and this sounds cracking good.

  11. 11 xcmk

    I watched the crucible and I seriously don’t think i can ever watch something like it again TT__TT

  12. 12 D

    O-O … seems many are traumatised by The Crucible.. i guess I’ll shelve it as well..

  13. 13 lily

    Kim Sae Ron is REALLY good in the movie A Brand New Life. She also completely out-acted wonbin in Ahjussi.

    it’s hard to tell if a child actor is good or not but I am seriously impressed by this kid. She understand nuanced acting which is something many Korean actresses twice her age aren’t able to grasp.

  14. 14 Linana

    There was a rumor that Won Bin will act in Lee Chang Dong’s film along with Zhang Zi Yi as his co-star. Since Lee Chang Dong is producing a new film with Bae Doo Na, I guess I still have to wait for Won Bin to come out with a new project. I am desperate now.
    Dear Won Bin, just pick any drama/film. I’m pretty sure fans are desperate to watch you. hahahahaha

  15. 15 KDaddict

    Love Kim Sae Ron as the smartest girl in class in QoC. She does have that look of intelligence and elegance, such an attractive combination. Her CV says she was in Missing You. I don’t recall. Does anyone remember what role she played in it?

    Haven’t seen Bae Do Na in a long while. Will be a treat to see the two of them together. Wish it were a drama.

    • 15.1 readlead

      She is the voice of ahjumma’s dead daeughter, that ahjumma worked as cleaning service in police office and killed the kidnapper of lsy and hjw.

  16. 16 readlead

    Both actress are two of my top 5 favorite korean actress. Definitely will watch this!

  17. 17 canxi

    Yay! Bae Doo Na is my absolute favorite actress in the world! I will have to see this.

  18. 18 anna

    wow!! lovely doona bae!!!

  19. 19 pogo

    I still haven’t got the nerve to watch The Crucible, and I certainly will never have the nerve to watch it alone – barely made it through I Miss You, and that was harrowing enough even with the future happy. But I do hope this new project is a good one, I love both Bae Doona and Kim Sae-ron.

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