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Behind the scenes for Medical Top Team
by | September 7, 2013 | 73 Comments

Here we go with another batch of stills from MBC’s upcoming drama Medical Top Team, the Wednesday-Thursday drama focusing on elite medical professionals from different fields who are gathered to work together on an uber-team of sorts.

We get a closer look at second lead Joo Ji-hoon here, who I presume will rival the lead, Kwon Sang-woo, in claiming the heroine’s affections (Jung Ryeo-won). She’s an intelligent, exacting cardiothoracic surgeon, while Joo plays a mild-mannered director of internal medicine whose easygoing nature contrasts with his sharp, polished appearance. Interestingly enough, easygoing is how Kwon Sang-woo’s doc is also described, which puts our two leading men on the same end of the personality spectrum. That isn’t something we see that often.

Other docs in the cast are played by Oh Yeon-seo, Min-ho, Ahn Nae-san, Kim Young-ae, and Alex. Every single article about this drama describes it as a team of top doctors (which duh, we read the title) but declines to enlighten us with an actual plot, so I suspect we’ll have to wait till the show airs to find out what the real story is. Medical Top Team follows Two Weeks and premieres on October 2.

Via TV Daily, Chosun, Newsen


73 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Sophia

    Yay! I feel it’s been so long since I’ve seen Kwon Sang Woo in anything good dramawise

    • 1.1 Rachel

      We have no evidence yet to tell us whether this is going to be good dramawise 😉

      • 1.1.1 D

        i sincerely hope this will be good – dramawise. it has been a while since i see him in anything i like..

  2. Linda

    This is a huge cast including some famous senier actors. Heirs is going to face some tough competetion. Medical dramas do well in ratings.

    • 2.1 park heerin

      I’m praying for this <3 Hope it will be great!

  3. crazedlu

    everyone’s looking pretty. i like.

  4. redfox

    um, their expressions dont really look easy-going, or is that the point. well, maybe it is my blurred vision, been editing text 7 hours on and off.

  5. Quiet Thought

    It would be pretty cool if the real reason the team was put together was to cure Korea of its addiction to plastic surgery. Or to combat a subtle invasion of pod people from another world. Or to battle the international Mylie Cyrus Slutty Dancing epidemic.

    Because, when you get right down to it, there isn’t any REASON to create a “Top Team” of doctors. They should be dispersed to several top hospitals, where they could serve the most patients and teach other doctors, and not have their egos clashing.

    • 5.1 redfox

      or they work on the upper floor of the hospital.

      • 5.1.1 meanrice


      • 5.1.2 Rachel

        Both comments – SO FUNNY.

        “the international Mylie Cyrus Slutty Dancing epidemic” – a very serious epidemic indeed.

      • 5.1.3 Quiet Thought

        Maybe they’re all getting together to save Top’s career? Has he had a lot of work done?

        Would it not be COOL if he did a cameo on this series as a plastic surgeon? Just to confuse EVERYONE?

    • 5.2 Mar

      Nice! I like ALL of the scenarios!

    • 5.3 houstontwin

      Quiet Thought,
      Speaking of plastic surgery…I really like it that Kwon Sang Woo has a nose that looks real. There have been a couple of dramas lately where the male leads have really strange artificial looking noses that remind me a little of Michael Jackson!

    • 5.4 YY

      Looking forward to the sequel next year:

      Medical Topless Team.

      • 5.4.1 redfox

        who are all bosom friends.

      • 5.4.2 kumi

        Only if Choi Seung-hyun is not in the cast.

      • 5.4.3 Quiet Thought

        This would be a great sketch on Gag Concert. The running joke would be that there would always be a new female doctor about to join the staff, and the topless male doctors would be nervously waiting for her, but, since this is network television, she would never actually show up topless.

    • 5.5 Windsun33

      LOL – I got a good laugh out of that. Personally I think that Miley Cyrus is a lost cause, but the pod thing and plastic surgery addiction seem like worthy goals for this team.

      Further, if such a top team really were created in Korea, the only ones that would benefit would be the uber-rich chaebol families and/or debt collectors. Looking at the pictures, I assume this series will also have lots of cute kids with towels wrapped around their heads for the team to practice on.

  6. Nicole

    I wasn’t interested in this drama at all (except for it having Jung Ryeo-won & Joo Ji-hoon), but NOW, after the stills of spiffy sharp-looking Joo Ji-hoon back in the game, I might take on my first medical drama ever. Unless it absolutely blows.

    • 6.1 Audrey

      Love JJH and JRW! So wished that JJH is not the antagonist, but hey, he does play baddie really well (Mawang).
      I don’t love KSW so much, but I welcome a change for him, after see him play the same character for his last 2 dramas.

  7. kumi

    Are we having another Doctor Pomade in Joo Ji-hoon? 😉

    • 7.1 Rachel

      I would totally welcome that 🙂

  8. cherkell

    YES FINALLY MOAR JOO JI-HOON!!! Dammit, why couldn’t you have sported THIS hairstyle in ‘Five Fingers’ instead?!? *mopping up massive amounts of drool*

    Screw the Fourth Dimension… I’m gonna need to invent a Fifth/Sixth/Seventh Dimension to jam in all these upcoming dramas premiering in October!!!

  9. HurryUp

    If I had doctors like them, I would get sick as often as I possibly could :))

  10. 10 merry

    Joo Ji Hoon, like. Jung Ryu Won, like. KSS swoon. Assembling a top notch medical team is good for research. Wondering though why this equation (einstein?) doesn’t seem to apply: ego = 1/knowledge. there is always a clash of egos. Does it mean knowledge is not that top notch after all?

    • 10.1 kumi

      It’s not the fault of knowledge. One can devalue practically everything with one’s false ego.

  11. 11 meanrice

    How many dramas has Ahn Nae-San been in this year? I feel like his face is freaking everywhere! I’ve seen him in Wonderful Mama, Monstar, that terrible Joo-Won spy vehicle that I am trying to forget, and I think another 50 episode family drama…Ugly something?

    • 11.1 tayo

      I dont mind seeing him in every drama I watch.

    • 11.2 D

      im not counting..

      he’s one of my favourite ajushi actors together with Kim Gab-soo tho I kinda hate his hair in YTBLSS

    • 11.3 korfan

      Ha!! ……. here at home we endearingly refer to him as “1000 Dramas” …… it seems he’s in all of them!

    • 11.4 Quiet Thought

      Hey, the dudes gotta make a living.

  12. 12 krabbit

    AHH how am i going to make time for all these dramas when school already started?? I need to watch this and Heirs..!!

  13. 13 Linda

    This is a huge cast including some famous senier actors. Heirs is going to face some tough competetion and Medical dramas do well in ratings.

    • 13.1 eny

      With this cast i don’t mind watching another medical drama again. Beside heirs what is the other drama?????heirs doesn’t really interesting for me, but i thought it gonna be easy to sell overseas, romcom with pretty face cast

  14. 14 sweetcloud

    Lol Joo Ji Hoon’s stills scream haughty and cold rather than easygoing but that hairstyle!! Such an upgrade from the long flowy hair!

  15. 15 Mar


    The newest fad in hairstyle in Korea for men’s hair: retro circa the 1950’s…so…James Deanish? Lee Min Ho seems to be working it too. Lee Jong-suk in that latest shoot, also saw a pic of T.O.P. feeling Dean. Yes, that did sound wrong, did it not? Sounds like a IRIS/Supernatural crossover. Ha. The new thing is way better than that chicken comb thing that has been going on this past year.

    Joo Ji-hoon is just stop the world striking in these photos. Photos never do justice to his eyes tho, which is scary that he can be even more appealing. I’m probably going to regret it, but I may have to watch some epis of this. Or at least sneak a few glimpses.

    He makes me think about my former m.d. I cried when he told me he was leaving my area. I’ve had two Korean m.d.’s and they were the best doctors I’ve ever had.

  16. 16 kopytko

    Kwon Sang Woo looks great, so fresh and energetic. I hope this project will be a good one for him.
    I am also curious about Joo Ji Hoon’s performance. Though the pictures here don’t do him justice. He looks like an alien.
    So Jung Ryeo Won’s character is going to be torn between Ultra Sleek Hair and Mischevious Boyish Smile. Hopefully there will be some meat in that conflict and not only on the operating table.

  17. 17 missjb

    OMG! that hairstyle! NOOO!!!
    Joo Ji Hoon…. please change that!

    • 17.1 korfan

      I thought it was just me when I saw that. I know many people seem to like the hairstyle, but I just don’t get it. …… Perhaps it’s the heavy-handedness of the gel, I dunno.

    • 17.2 YY

      He could balance a scalpel on his hair, you now, like the barber who sticks a comb behind his ear….that would be so cool.

  18. 18 beggar1015

    Just as long as there are Top Brooding Shower Scenes.

  19. 19 Danna

    Usually I’m all over Joo Ji Hoon’s stills for his dramas but for this one I’m more impressed by Kwon Sang Woo…I’m loving the fresh faced, lean look he’s going for…usually I tend to find him too beefy and or smarmy for my taste…but when it comes to the drama itself, I’m most excited to see the lovely Jung Ryeo Won playing a doc

  20. 20 Maricel

    And finally, we’ve got some JJH’s pics…he looks handsome. I hope this drama does well, so he can get more dramas. I’ve been missing him so much. His voice and his acting , plus his looks are daebak! 🙂

    • 20.1 Jenna

      Me too, Maricel. Can’t tell you how often I searched all the sites looking for JJH news! His acting was so good in Mawang and Five Fingers(although FF didn’t get the ratings it deserved).

      First lead next drama, right!

  21. 21 Arhazivory

    I love Alex’s smile. 😀

  22. 22 The Real CZ

    I hope this one is good. I gave up on Good Doctor in the middle of episode three.

    • 22.1 Opal

      I am glad I am not the only one dropping GD and this coming from a person who really loves medical drama. My love for JSW can’t keep me stay for the drama.

      So, I hope this drama really bring it on as this will be the only drama I plan to watch. I know I’ll skip Heirs as none of the casts interest me.

    • 22.2 Windsun33

      I made it up to ep6, just barely.

      Hoping this is better, but somehow I think we will end up with yet another politically driven power struggle. It will probably involve some greedy chaebol investor or board member that is against the idea of a “super team”, and tries to sabotage them at every point but in the end her long lost son (who was hidden due to some birth secret) is saved by them.

  23. 23 Kit

    He looks … so … good …

  24. 24 Suzi Q

    JJH too much Dr. Pomade…and too much Pouf..

    Is he the baddie? Tsk..Tsk..

  25. 25 lily

    I find kwon sang woo so one note. he’s good at one thing: crying.

  26. 26 fun-lugha

    Solid cast all around…then there’s Minho (aigoo!)

    • 26.1 park heerin

      Lol as a stan, I wish him the best <3

  27. 27 JJie

    Who uses more hair gel…Joo Ji hoon from stills or Dr. Pomade from Good Doctor? T.T

    Will tune in for Joo Ji Hoon…the last time I watched something from him was Princess Hours circa 2006.

    • 27.1 jmjm

      Lol! I’m actually digging the look. Haven’t seen sexy slicked back hair like that since Gaksitaaaaaal.

  28. 28 Noelle

    Yay ANS! I really love this guy. He seems to be in everything and can go from comedic to dramatic flawlessly. So much love for this guy.

  29. 29 Mabel


    now we see more of joo ji hoon’s stills.

    that hairstyle reminds me of the late ELVIS PRESTLEY.

    It would look sleeky if it sharper in the front .

    WOW ! BLACK hair, WHY MAKE HIM TOO SERIOUS !! but better than dr. pomade or prof. doo han .

    I hope he will have fun off screen with his colleagues – saw his previous bts.

    I know he is playful with children too !.

    Hope the ratings will be high too.

  30. 30 dreaming....

    Joo Ji-hoon is looking hott-ER! So much better than his looks in Goong.

  31. 31 maldita

    I’m a medical student, and I swear, it’s a good thing the doctors in our hospital don’t look like Kwon Sangwoo and Joo Jihoon. All us girls would be too busy swooning to get any life-saving work done!

  32. 32 YY

    The hair is a reflection of the “being on top” philosophy of the medical top team. Simply put, failure= flat hair and
    success = buoyant hair. These doctors must craft their images as carefully as they perform their surgical procedures. Joo Ji-hoon and Kwan Sang Woo must compete between each other in this harried hairy game of life and death and the guy that has the highest hair standing at the end of the day wins.

    • 32.1 kumi

      Then the drama should be named ‘The Hairs’. 😛

    • 32.2 Windsun33

      Soo… Medical Top Hair Team?

  33. 33 Willow

    Ahn Nae Sang looks good hahaha one of my ahjussi crushes 🙂

  34. 34 miracleloveuknow

    oh,different kwon sang woo?, i think he look strong than, joo ji hoon look x’men can’t wait your cast:),jung rye won your cast good . waiting drama

  35. 35 Beatrice

    the girl with no front tooth – so cute !!

  36. 36 Cynthia

    we are seeing colorful children’s clothes.

  37. 37 Irilight

    So looking forward to this drama, from the script writer of “Brain”, and with Kwon Sang woo…!

  38. 38 malika

    I’am so excited for October 2..Ju Ji Hoon fighting!!!!!!!

  39. 39 mai

    The cute little girl is from Miracle Cell, right?
    I love her.. Talented little girl ^^

  40. 40 Beng

    i love the ajusshi casts. oh, i think i said it before already. just reiterating =)

  41. 41 lotus

    Ugh…..the hair….
    JJH ….KSW, why dont you copy a Derek Shepherd hair….a great surgeoun with yummy look….#sigh

  42. 42 Windsun33

    What is with all the hair fetishes? This and the posts on Mi-rae’s Choice spend more time talking about the hairdo’s than the plot or anything else?

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