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Good Doctor: Episode 7
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Even with medical emergencies flying in left in right, Good Doctor also dedicates the time to focus on the people who occupy the hospital. And though some of our characters are pretty cookie-cutter, I enjoy how there are a select few we really don’t have any idea about.

Note: A crazy, hectic real-life week kept me away from dramaland after KCON. But I’m back for lots more Good Doctor. I appreciate your patience everyone! Thanks!


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All eyes are on Shi-on after he accidentally elbows a security guard in his effort to help Eun-ok. Eek, thisisbadthisisbad. And then Eun-ok collapses onto the floor crying in pain.

The doctors examine her inflamed abdomen, and Shi-on’s cries that they have to operate immediately get promptly dismissed.

Once the patient is wheeled away, Do-han tears into Shi-on, telling him that nobody will believe his side of the story, thus it’s pointless to try to convince them otherwise. In his eyes, it proves once again how Shi-on didn’t think of how his behavior would affect those around him, including Doctor Choi.

Those words seem to affect Shi-on, and he returns to his desk with a heavy heart.

Having overheard the lecture, Yoon-seo hangs her head in apology to her boss on Shi-on’s behalf as well as her own, but Do-han refuses to hear a word of it. They get to work on the inflamed abscess in the little girl’s abdomen.

After Doctor Choi is informed of the situation, he sits down with Shi-on in the staff room. He nods understandingly as Shi-on explains himself in a scared and anxious voice, and places a hand over Shi-on’s in comfort.

In a gentle voice, Doctor Choi says that up to this point, Shi-on has learned how to treat his patients, but now it’s time for him to learn how to assume responsibility. Shi-on has trouble with the idea that things aren’t always black-and-white, and asks why he should take responsibility for something he didn’t do.

At the disciplinary committee meeting, Doctor Choi makes the announcement that Shi-on will be fired from staff. That decision also begs the question of the chief of staff position, a promise that Doctor Choi plans to uphold.

President Lee calls up Doctor Choi once she hears the news, upset that he’s made this decision without consulting her. She assures him that she’ll buy him some time so she can think of another solution. He says there’s no need, but she tells him that she’ll feel powerless at this hospital without him.

In the operating room, Do-han successfully completes surgery but warns his team to keep a close eye in case of a relapse. He then gets a call from Chae-kyung about the committee’s decision.

From the worried look on Yoon-seo’s face, it seems that the incident with Eun-ok continues to weigh heavily on her mind. Shi-on drops by to ask after the surgery, and he’s relieved to hear it was successful.

He then launches to his explanation that he can’t lie—he locked the patient’s door, but neither of their bosses believe him, and he doesn’t understand why people keep telling him that he’s the one who made the mistake.

He asks if Yoon-seo thinks he’s lying, too. Didn’t she once tell him that she believes in him? Yoon-seo swallows hard before telling him to return to his desk, unable to deliver the bad news.

Do-han tries to persuade Doctor Choi from stepping down as chief of staff, adding that there’s no need to put himself on the line for Shi-on’s sake. But Doctor Choi sticks by his principles and says that he’s a man of his word.

We can see on their faces how this decision pains them both, and Doctor Choi thanks Do-han for helping him with Shi-on.

Doctor Kim is sharp enough to pinpoint Doctor Pomade’s evil motives behind ousting the current board president and chief of staff. He warns Doctor Pomade to do his part properly or they’ll both be in trouble.

Just then, Do-han barges into the room and asks if they’re satisfied now. He finds this power struggle immature and ridiculous, and makes it clear that this isn’t the end—this decision will boomerang back to them.

Unfortunately there is no CCTV that records the specific area near Eun-ok’s room, and that security door lock doesn’t report to the main server, which seems like a huge oversight. However, they can obtain a list of the last ten people who came and went in that area. Assistant Chief Kang instructs security to get him that list without anyone knowing.

As Chae-kyung listens to Do-han’s rant about his superiors, she points out how Do-han is powerless to do anything in his current position. She reminds him that he’ll never run into another situation like this one if he accepts her offer.

Doctor Choi drops by the staff room to deliver the bad news to Shi-on, who says that no one believes him. Shi-on runs into Do-han on his way out, and his request to say goodbye to Yoon-seo and the rest of the team is shut down.

Do-han advises that Shi-on lives a life that suits his condition where he doesn’t trouble those around him. He adds, “Don’t ever think you’re capable of doing things on your own.”

At the same time, Doctor Choi spends a quiet moment in his office, and he tears up at the photos of him and Shi-on.

Yoon-seo belatedly hears of Shi-on’s dismissal, and she rushes into the staff room only to find him already gone. Her phone calls go unanswered, and we see Shi-on peer in to check on Eun-ok before he turns to leave.

Yoon-seo catches a glimpse of him in the lobby and she chases him outside, calling his name. But Shi-on doesn’t so much as turn his head as he walks away.

It’s only when Shi-on is a far distance from the hospital that he looks back at the building. He apologizes to Hyung in his head: “I’ll do better next time. I’ll make sure to become a doctor.”

He trudges along the street, but he instinctively turns his head at a passing ambulance on its way to the hospital.

As tears stream down her face, Yoon-seo tries to convince herself that this could be better for Shi-on. Meanwhile Do-han speaks to his solved 12-sided rubik’s cube as if it was Shi-on: “Don’t take on the world. If you can avoid it, avoid it. If you can hide, then hide.”

Yoon-seo sits vigil by Eun-ok’s bedside and tries to touch her head when she wakes, but Eun-ok turns away.

Recalling Shi-on’s words about animal communication to align with the heart, Yoon-seo slowly places a hand over the little girl’s heart. In turn, Eun-ok brushes her fingers over Yoon-seo’s hand.

This precious moment is cut short by Eun-ok’s aunt’s arrival, and the woman’s shrill voice alone triggers a fear response in the little girl. Bitch Aunt is a piece of work to say the least, and she demands that her niece be discharged. The way she boasts about how she doesn’t see anything wrong with how she raised Eun-ok makes me want to slap her.

Yoon-seo blames Eun-ok’s currently deteriorated mental and physical health on the aunt’s negligence. She refuses to release her patient, and tells auntie to go the legal route if she wants to see her niece. Damn, I love it when Yoon-seo stands her ground.

But what’s even better is that good-natured Nurse Jo turns on a dime after he leads Bitch Aunt away. Making a gesture across his throat, he issues the warning that she better not come to cause another ruckus here again. HA.

Back in the patient’s room, Yoon-seo and the nurses worry about Eun-ok, whose aunt was let off with a warning due to lack of evidence. Noting Eun-ok’s anxious state, Nurse Jo comments that it would be nice if Shi-on was here at a time like this.

In-hye scoffs over how absurd it is that the hospital fired Shi-on without giving him so much as a warning. She sends him an SOS text that she’s in a lot of pain. It works, and Shi-on calls her back to ask about her symptoms. She says it’s her heart (as in emotional heart or feelings), and he pouts and asks if she lied to him.

Meanwhile, the other kids talk about Shi-on, and the little girl rises to Shi-on’s defense when one of the boys says he was told that Shi-on is a little strange. She tells them that they’re wrong, and they catch a glimpse of In-hye sneaking outside in street clothes.

Do-han finds Yoon-seo standing by Shi-on’s empty desk. She admits that she hoped to say something, but let him go instead. She knows she would have told him to beg for forgiveness and try to stick it out, but then she realized that Shi-on might be better off this way. Do-han tells her that she made the right decision and walks out.

Yoon-seo check on Mom and carefully broaches the topic about her family. Mom confesses that she has a husband and a son, but they both live far away. When Mom asks about Shi-on, Yoon-seo lies that he’s still working at the hospital.

That answer brings a smile to Mom’s face, and she says that his parents would be very proud of him.

As Shi-on sits in a toy museum, he thinks to himself: “I don’t lie, but why don’t people believe me?” This is where In-hye finds him, and she assures him that she’ll only stay for a short while.

She tells him that he can’t break the toy robots like he did at the hospital, and Shi-on points to a sign that says as much. She asks Shi-on why he likes robots, and he answers: “Because they listen to me. They believe me.”

“Robots stay still,” he continues, “No matter how much I talk, they listen to everything I say.”

At the same time, Yoon-seo says that Shi-on seemed upset that no one believed what he said. Doctor Choi agrees, and adds that there are times when treating those with autism when they are taught to lie in order to help them survive in society. He wasn’t able to achieve that with Shi-on.

That prompts Yoon-seo to ask how Shi-on managed to lead a life of independence thus far then. Thanks to Shi-on’s remarkable memorization skills, he studied everything he needed to know about the world through books, including abstract concepts and principles. The problem, however, is that Shi-on hits a roadblock whenever he comes across an irrational or illogical situation.

She asks after Shi-on’s parentage and learns that both of his parents abandoned him after his brother died, so Doctor Choi took it upon himself to raise the boy.

When she asks if he’d be able to recognize his parents now, Doctor Choi shakes his head, saying that Shi-on has blocked out all of his childhood memories and his family apart from his brother.

Doctor Choi believes the reason behind Shi-on’s childlike state isn’t just due to his autism, but that he’s holding onto his childhood, much like Peter Pan.

Elsewhere, In-hye and Shi-on go out to eat. She tells him that he can always work at another hospital and instructs him to let her know when he does so she can transfer there. Aw, that’s sweet.

Shi-on says there are a lot of doctors where she is now, but In-hye tells him that she likes him the best. Double aw. Shi-on smiles. Triple aw.

In-hye tells him to keep his chin up despite the fact that he’s been fired. He nods and stuffs his face with food.

Back at the hospital, Assistant Chief Kang looks over the list of entrants and notes that resident spy Il-kyu was the last one entered the ward.

Speaking of whom, the residents chat about their mixed reactions about Shi-on’s now empty seat. Jin-wook seems to be the only one more visibly upset, but he says he isn’t because they all didn’t do enough for Shi-on to be upset about it.

Jin-wook scolds In-hye when he catches her sneaking back to her room, saying that she should think of her sister. While they’re on the subject, In-hye asks if Jin-wook is going to do anything about her sister, adding that she hates guys who give up easily.

To that, Jin-wook calls out in a slightly deflated voice to wash up properly. Heh.

Later that evening, Yoon-seo notices that the lights are out in Shi-on’s apartment. She lets herself in and finds Shi-on sitting in his apartment in the dark. She instructs him to follow her, and when he asks where they’re going, she answers: “The Library.”

Shi-on says he doesn’t want to go study, but she means the medical themed bar the Library, and he notes that there aren’t any books. She introduces him to the bartender, whom she identifies as Uncle.

I’m amused at the way Yoon-seo handles that soju bottle with ease, and she asks if he knows how to drink. Shi-on shakes his head and says he didn’t drink (even when he went with his college sunbaes) because he didn’t like the smell of alcohol.

With a smile she asks if he’ll drink if she pours him some, and he nods that he will. They both have a shot and Shi-on’s face reels like he just drank poison. Heh. Granted, soju does have a harsh, bitter taste, so I totally get that.

He doesn’t answer when she invites him out to dinner that weekend, so Yoon-seo asks if he’s still upset with her because he thinks that she doesn’t believe him. Shi-on says that he can take it if people don’t like him, but he doesn’t like being known as a liar.

Yoon-seo assures him that she trusts him, but it’s hard to gain that same trust from everyone. Shi-on has trouble with that, so she tries a different angle and asks if he’s ever thought about pursuing something else in medicine besides being a surgeon.

She adds that he can still save lives even if he isn’t a surgeon, but Shi-on says he still wants to be one and treat children by his own hands.

She sighs, and then tells him to drink allll the liquor in the bar to celebrate their first drink together. I love the wide-eyed shock on his face as he takes her words at face value, and he’s told that he should learn how to drown his problems in drink.

Ha, you’re going to try and teach him how to drink. Why do I get the feeling that it’s going to backfire on you?

Cut to: Shi-on carrying a plastered Yoon-seo on his back. Hahaha. She slurs her words as she asks why Shi-on is still sober, and he matter-of-factly replies that at one point it started to tasted like water.

She asks if Shi-on ever wanted to curse anyone out, and he says that he doesn’t like to curse nor does he care to hear it. Then Yoon-seo starts cursing at the top of her lungs, and when the neighbors threaten to report them, she whispers to Shi-on: “Run.” HA.

Shi-on gently tucks Yoon-seo into bed, and she murmurs that it’s okay if he causes trouble every day. “So don’t go.”

Then Shi-on extends his hand towards Yoon-seo and gently strokes her hair.

The next morning Assistant Chief Kang calls resident spy Il-kyu into his office. He laughs in amusement over the resident’s transcript, noting how his poor grades in med school dramatically improved while he was under Doctor Pomade’s advisement.

He asks point-blank why Il-kyu left Eun-ok’s door open that day, and the resident’s attempts to play dumb work against him as Assistant Chief Kang says with a smile that that wouldn’t be a smart move.

Shi-on packs up his things to head back to his hometown. He spends a long minute looking up at Yoon-seo’s apartment before heading out.

Shi-on does, however, call Yoon-seo to let her know that he’s leaving to see the children at the orphanage. She asks why he didn’t leave when she was there earlier that morning. He answers that he was about to, but didn’t, and doesn’t know why.

He says it’s unlikely that he’ll come back to Seoul, and she promises to visit him when she goes on vacation. He says goodbye.

Do-han and his team check on Eun-ok, and on their way out, she grabs onto Il-kyu’s coat and snarls at him. He has to wrestle her hand away to get her to let go.

Assistant Chief Kang presents the list to Doctor Choi, saying that it’s right that they should catch the culprit right away. Now he plays his card, and offers to keep both Shi-on and the chief of staff in the hospital in exchange for Doctor Choi’s support.

Mom comes by to see Shi-on, only to hear that he’s been laid off. She speaks with Yoon-seo outside and apologizes for crying over someone she doesn’t even know. Which is when Yoon-seo addresses her as Shi-on’s mother and says it’s okay.

After Mom is filled in, she cries that she’s followed her son around town ever since he attended med school. Yoon-seo suggests that they meet since a lot of time has passed since then. But Mom says she’ll wait until Shi-on remembers who she is and asks Yoon-seo to keep it a secret from him. Aw Mom, don’t do the noble idiocy thing!

At the train station, Shi-on apologizes to Eun-ok over the phone (thanks to Nurse Jo) about not being able to stay by her side. Eun-ok tears up as Shi-on promises to take her to his hometown once she get out of the hospital.

She raises a hand to touch the image of Shi-on and he does so in kind.

Do-han heads up to see Chae-kyung to ask why the department hasn’t been given the robotic surgery equipment they’ve requested. She says it’s because of a lack of funds, but I suspect there’s more to it.

He argues that patient lives depend on that technology, and she counters that only the assistant chief can make that decision. Oho, might that be the administrative position you’re grooming him for?

So Do-han beelines for Assistant Chief Kang’s office, and he’s told that there needs to be a successful return for an investment to be made. Just like how Do-han treats patients as a doctor, the assistant chief treats the various departments in the hospital with corporate investments.

Do-han retorts that dealing with patients isn’t like handling companies, a statement the assistant chief merely smiles at. Gah, I can’t figure out what that smile means.

The assistant chief gives one last word that we hear only when Do-han returns to his office. His goal is to someday see the words that this hospital houses the best pediatric surgeons in the nation. Do-han puts in a call to the assistant chief.

Bitch Aunt returns to the hospital with police detail in tow. Yoon-seo still refuses to discharge her patient and holds the aunt at bay when another voice interjects to say they cannot move the patient.

It’s Shi-on and he says in a determined voice that Eun-ok cannot be transferred. Yoon-seo looks at him in shock, surprised that Shi-on has returned.


He’s back! I admit that I didn’t find Shi-on’s dismissal all that surprising since that threat has been on the line ever since Shi-on stepped foot into that hospital. So I knew that he would have to return to the hospital sooner or later, and though I was more than relieved to see that it was sooner, the plot point didn’t pack that emotional punch or costly tension that I hoped for. This isn’t the end to Shi-on’s opposition for sure, and I’m certain that our evildoers won’t let up. But what I am interested in is about how Shi-on (and Doctor Choi, presumably) were able to stay at their positions. What were the specifics to Assistant Chief Kang’s deal, and how will utilizing the chief of staff’s help going to benefit him? Then there’s Do-han and we have yet to know what he was offered.

Apart from the hospital politics, I especially enjoy watching the interaction between Shi-on and In-hye in this series. Their budding friendship is a gem to watch, and I love how he’s the bright-eyed, naive doctor whereas she’s the jaded patient who’s been in an out of the hospital time and time again. Their differing perspectives is what makes this relationship work and I like that In-hye believes in him that he’s a great doctor. In that vein, I can’t wait for the romance between Jin-wook and In-hye’s sister to get going since their awkward-cute moments help balance some of the Dramatic Trauma in the storyline.

Now that we have an explanation for Shi-on’s gap years (his parents left him after Hyung died), it now makes more sense why Shi-on doesn’t recognize his mother. Doctor Choi’s insight into how Shi-on’s tragic past could partly explain Shi-on’s childlike innocence is an interesting on. If we buy that statement, then we’re also dealing with other psychological issues like repressed memories due to trauma. It then provides further depth in our hero as it gives us an avenue to explore about a possible interaction with autism and past trauma. And yet, I’m hesitant to push that idea since it would mean the show intends to juggle several mental health issues simultaneously in one character.

In truth, that’s one of the things that I hope the show aims to do since mental health and its societal effects in Korea is still very hush-hush as far as I know. At the same time, I can see that the show is going for the heart-warming angle between our characters and tries to sprinkle in some psychoeducation in each episode. As we move forward, I can only hope that Shi-on will continue to progress as a doctor as he deals with a cynical environment and not merely just a tool for change.


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  1. Ivoire


    • 1.1 july

      Thanks for recap gummy. I like Si-on’ s interaction with yoen-seo and child actors. I think Good doctor is get better episode especially episode 9

  2. TheTofurkey

    Thank you for the recap! I’ve missed these, but totally understand why you took a short little break. I hardly have enough time to watch these dramas let alone write about them. We really appreciate all of the time you’ve dedicated to recapping. Thank you thank you thank you!

  3. Waves

    The hospital politics is getting really annoying. The doctors only care about their power struggle, while neglecting their patients. I’m glad at least Do Han told them off.

    • 3.1 LizC

      I agree. I like the medical cases with the kids, but the hospital politics are taking up too much time. They seem to be setting up some big “mystery” with who’s behind the politics and what they are trying to do, but I’m just not invested. Not sure how they are going to string it all out to 20 episodes.

    • 3.2 Windsun33

      Yup, that is the main reason why I mostly gave up on this series. It is now on my “kind of watch it while I am doing other things” list.

  4. zakin89

    It’s here =) Thanks so much and don’t worry about the delay! We survived the GD recap-less week^^

    I am still annoyed with this drama because I have the feeling they treat the whole autism thing completely wrong! I’m not an expert but from what I know from the little I heard about it during my teacher training days they portray it kind of wrong…

    Therefore I was about to drop it but episode 9 (and I’m not going to spoil anything) was one of the better ones. There was still annoying politics stuff but the rest was not that infuriating^^ Or maybe…I’m simply switching my brain off and just keep watching for Joo Won (because he’s good and cute when he pouts) and the kids (because they are adorable).

    • 4.1 Lildreamer13

      I don’t think they portray the autism wrong because as with all psychological problems autism has different levels. It doesn’t look the same in everyone. He is high functioning but still autistic.

    • 4.2 SP

      You said you know a litter about autism but you said GD portray them completely wrong. How that make sense?

      Even experts don’t know everything about autism. I really annoy of ppl who keep posting that GD portray autism wrongly when autism have many different kind and one autism person’s behavior may not be the same as another one.

      • 4.2.1 coby

        I agree with you and this is just a show for crying out loud. Although I hope they will put some disclaimer to say that the portrayal of autism is not true for all cases.

      • 4.2.2 july

        I second that 🙂

      • 4.2.3 Kaybee

        Completely agree! It’s like we have this set notion about autism and when we see someone acting unlike that, we start wondering if that person is really autistic or not. I like how the drama stressed on Savant Syndrome.
        I agree with the portrayal of a Savant genius and I think Joo Won and is doing a good work because acting like that is not very easy…
        People should rather see him as a prodigious genius (Savant syndrome) with autistic rather than just an autistic person.

        About the office politics, it is very infuriating. It is K-drama after all…. overall, I like the drama and been waiting for the recaps. So thank you! 😀

      • 4.2.4 KDaddict

        When the main character of a drama is supposed to be autistic, savant syndrome notwithstanding, mention of it is bound to take place in the comments. There will be those who have questions about this version of autism as intended/presented by the writer. That is substantively different from criticizing Joo Won’s performance. His wonderful performance is there for all to see. Relax.

      • 4.2.5 Ellie

        I agree. People really have to stop looking at autism stereotypically. Being autistic doesn’t mean being completely retarded and dysfunctional. They can function as close as it can get to normal with proper therapy and guidance. Given that the very much capable Director was the one taking care of him makes it believable, to some extent of course. They even explained it using DoHan’s brother’s case. So please stop saying JW is not portraying properly because he’s being damn awesome with ShiOn’s character. I especially like that he even added the difficulty in looking someone in the eyes in his mannerisms. It makes his portrayal even more believable.

    • 4.3 Jessy

      have no experience at all with autism but I’ve read many (of course not all of them) comments before on other sites and blogs that it’s a good portrayal due to commentators’ experience with their relatives, but intuitively there is exaggeration since it’s a drama (not a documentary)

      agree with ep 9..it’s one of the best eps if not the best till now, anyway am enjoying the show at overall

      Gummimochi, welcome back xD we missed you and thnx for the recap

  5. liz

    Hello guys! I’m holding to watch more before knowing:

    Is the drama really pushing MCW and JW pair? Please answer me, if they are I’m not checking it out.. thanks!

    • 5.1 KDaddict

      In the drama, he is having nervous physical reactions (hiccups) whenever they are close, and a young patient tells us that they are a common reaction in First Love. So, you can put 2 and 2 together.

    • 5.2 kumi

      I’m sure you’ll secretly check it out anyway. 😉

  6. Abbie

    I’m glad Shi-on came back, although it didn’t feel like he really left. He may have been fired, but he was still able to interact with people from the hospital. So I didn’t feel his absence like I would have had his being fired lasted two or three episodes. I’m glad it didn’t, though I think it could have been longer.

    I like Shi-on and In-hye’s friendship a lot. They’re cute together. They can learn a lot from each other too.

    I like the direction Shi-on and Yoon-seo’s relationship is going, although I’m still not for a romantic finish.

    I’m warming more and more to Do-han, but when he told Shi-on basically not to do anything that could cause problems for others, I hated him. For a split second I hated him so much. I know he has his own issues and feelings to work through regarding his brother, and maybe he thinks he’s helping Shi-on by telling him that, but he was too harsh.

    I hope Eun-ok gets rescued from Bitch Aunt. Shi-on will make sure of it, now that he’s back.

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi! Glad that you’re back!

    • 6.1 Waiting

      An adult romantic angle beyond the recognition/understanding his first love feelings and reactions (hiccups) would not be wise…he is described as having the mental level of a 10-yearold. That would be squicky to say the least.

      I don’t think there will be much romance in this drama…maybe with maybe the resident and the patient’s older sister? beyond these two, I don’t see romance.

      • 6.1.1 LizJ

        It’s really more that he has the EMOTIONAL level of a ten year old. He has a high IQ. While some autistic spectrum people have aspects of delayed maturity, in his case the lack of emotional maturity is rather extreme. The childhood trauma/repression is what is apparently figuring into that (at least, that’s how the writers have developed it).

        I’m a little surprised that we never see him interacting with a counselor/therapist that would help him work though some of those issues. I suspect figuring out who “mom” is will be some kind of major breakthrough in the drama, but IRL, things tend to be more gradual, of course.

        • liz

          JW said on an interview his mental age is of 10 years old, not just on the social/emotional level btw.

  7. STUV

    Thank you for the wonderful recap. I love the child actors interactions so much. The drama is slowly picking up pace this week. And JOO WON is fantastic….

  8. Mommai

    Thanks for the recap! I hope you enjoyed KCon a lot and hopefully things weren’t too crazy for you while you weren’t recapping! We appreciate you and your recaps, and you’re worth waiting for! 😉

  9. chunlee

    Thanks for the recap! I was really worried that you’re going to drop this show…. Thank goodness that wasn’t the case… Thank you so much gummimochi!

    • 9.1 Ellie

      Me too! I thought they stopped recapping it. Glad I was wrong. 😀
      Thanks for the recap! We missed you!

  10. 10 kumi

    I think Eun-ok’s aunt was a shaman … in ‘Jang Ok Jung’.

    • 10.1 D

      yes she is.

      maybe next time she’ll play someone likeable..?

  11. 11 KDaddict

    I find the Good Old Doc totally ineffective as a leader. How could he have risen to that position of Hosp Director with that a total lack of office political sophistication? That kind of trusting, unsuspecting mentality? He should be the one checking electronic records and CCTV footages, instead of the Deputy Director, instead of being a sitting duck.

    I don’t know much about autism. Am curious as to whether there is a kind of autism the patients of which are so caring, so understanding, so empathic of other’s suffering and inner turmoil, as Shi On is of his young patients, esp. as we see in the following episodes. It seems to be more of an emotional link to others than most ppl have.

    Don’t we wish there were some hosp in Asia where the case load is so light that docs can spend so much time and attn on individual patients! Asia generally has high pop densities and low doc to patient ratios. So their depiction of cases in Pediatrics seems utopian to me.

    Dohan has been a pain in the ass so far. His way of ‘protecting’ Shi On is annoying; his interaction with him cold or cruel. But some day in the future, he’ll turn around and be SO’s staunch supporter, I hope.

    • 11.1 july

      the chief doc get position because of his brother is head of foundation university hospital, I read in the synopsis

      • 11.1.1 july

        oh do u mean CWS (director hospital)? I think it’s because of his good skill and he has good relationship with owner hospital or chaekyung’s father. If deputy director didnt check CCTV, we as viewer can’t know what his real motive and the story can’t get complicated

    • 11.2 liz

      people wih autism don’t and can’t understand other peoples’ feelings, this is one of the main characteristics of autism.

      This drama is trying to sell people with autism can be cured with time and etc. It is wrong.

      • 11.2.1 LizJ

        People with autism miss social ques, facial expressions, etc. And they have difficulty communicating. I wouldn’t say that it is impossible for them to understand other people’s feelings.

        And remember, autism is a spectrum. If Shi-on was ever able to come to grips with the childhood trauma, he would be considered pretty much high functioning. He’s pretty close in that he’s able to take care of himself pretty well. My nephew, for example, was only considered as having Aspbergers but is not able to live on his own as an adult.

        • Savanna

          I wouldn’t say they can’t understand feelings. They can definitely feel every emotion but when it comes to in depth understanding as in why is this person acting like this towards me etc; they have trouble with that on various levels. Autism = spectrum, you will never meet 2 people that have autism with the same characteristics.
          Who knows maybe autism can be cured or at least treated down the road but for now scientists don’t know what the cause of autism is nor do they know how to cure/treat it. Bummer indeed.

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    “…I especially enjoy watching the interaction between Shi-on and In-hye in this series. Their budding friendship is a gem to watch, and I love how he’s the bright-eyed, naive doctor whereas she’s the jaded patient who’s been in an out of the hospital time and time again. Their differing perspectives is what makes this relationship work and I like that In-hye believes in him that he’s a great doctor.” –> TRUE. I used to think InHye just has this adorable crush on him, but it seemed like while she’s gone back and forth inside the hospital, she’s likely found someone who wholly, earnestly believes she’s get well finally. Please get the sister to date dorky doc, nao.

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    What I found surprising is the easy, fun and informal relationship that they have and how personable all of them are, especially Joo Won. If you have a chance, take a look and let me know if this informal, friendly relationship is the norm. thanks.

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    I am really loving this drama (and Joo Won) cause it’s rather rare to see the Kdrama scene take on such a character/individual which most of the society lacks knowledge about.

    Anyway, I would like to also recommend a book by Mark Haddon titled “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time”. The book is about a boy with Asperger’s syndrome (a form of high functioning autism) and is told in first person narrative. It gives a great insight to how it’s like being an autistic person. I know it’s not all the relevant but it gives you a rough idea of how they think…

    Looking forward to more recaps 🙂 thank you

    • 23.1 bboingbboing

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