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Grandpas Over Flowers: Episode 13
by | September 28, 2013 | 57 Comments

EPISODE 13. Broadcast on September 27, 2013.

javabeans: The trip ended with last week’s episode, so this begins the 2-episode special, full of unbroadcast scenes and B-side footage. Which could be really entertaining, though I’m curious to know how they’re going to string this into any semblance of coherence. But maybe the jumping around will be fun, because we already got the overall narrative. We start with Seo-jin walking into either a hair salon or the makeup room at the station, dressed as… what is that, seventies gigolo?

girlfriday: A pimp? I just love Na PD’s reaction. He falls over laughing. I think this interview is post-Europe, pre-Taiwan, and Na PD asks about Seo-jin’s experience leading the halbaes. Maybe the interview itself will anchor the flashback footage?

javabeans: Hm, thus far it’s very clear this is B-side footage. Like you know when you’re in a brainstorming meeting and you throw out ideas, and you have the ones that make it and the ones that get tossed aside for being not quite up to par? That’s this. Some random character notes about how Gu halbae looking all chic and cold, acting gruff instead of cute and drunk as we know him to be, etc.

girlfriday: Mostly, it’s the Godfather music that sells it, otherwise we’d just be like, uh… this is Gu halbae shopping. I wonder now if there are any entertaining scenes to be scraped off the cutting room floor, because then wouldn’t they have been used?

javabeans: I think the special may be diluting the funny. It’s too bad since I was hoping there was so much extra good stuff that they scheduled this as a must-see extra, not… I dunno, filler. I think they needed to craft a storyline somehow.

girlfriday: Yeah it needs a story, even if it’s made up.

javabeans: So now they’re wandering Montmartre, and Seo-jin gets asked if he’s an actor, and Il-sub halbae is getting his picture drawn, and there are interstitial moments of locals being locals. I’m pretty sure Gu halbae got the better end of the caricature stick, ’cause he looks cool while Il-sub halbae actually looks forty years older.

girlfriday: The staff tries to lift Il-sub halbae’s spirits by saying it looks cute, but the second he shows it to Geun-hyung halbae, he’s all, “What’s that?” Ha.

javabeans: I like the next sequence more, which is actually anchored in the post-trip interview, as we follow Seo-jin’s trials and tribulations in keeping all the halbaes together (impossible) or at least in his sights (improbable) or at least mostly in the same vicinity. We see him losing halbae after halbae because basically they just wander when he’s not literally by their side. So if he turns around he loses one.

girlfriday: I can feel his stress, because you find one, and then log that into your brain: Halbae 1 is here in this store. And then he rushes off to find Halbae 2. And then you come back and Halbae 1 is elsewhere.

javabeans: There’s a clip captioned “This is Seo-jin’s mental state” while he’s hurrying to find them, and it’s basically a VJ getting shaky camerawork of feet, which cracks me up because I’m like, Is that how you make use of unusable footage? Points to you, Na PD.

girlfriday: Yeah that’s actually funny in a meta way.

javabeans: Cut to four days later, when Seo-jin has now become a master at halbae radar. So now he’s not even fussed when they’re all scattered and knows how to position himself to see them all in his range of sight, and when a staffer worries that they’ve lost one, he looks for literally a split second and tosses out, “He’s over there.”

girlfriday: It’s pretty amazing that it only takes him four days to turn into a pro.

javabeans: Okay they’re settling in because next we start off a mini-storyline with Il-sub halbae on the hunt for crepes. Only he doesn’t know how to pronounce anything (see: “Patterhorn?”) and quickly forgets the word crepe (broken down, pronounced “ku-reh-peh”) wanders around asking for “pe-re-to?”

girlfriday: I mean, he’s standing at the crepe stand where they only sell crepes, but can’t manage to order, which is pretty hilarious. Thankfully Na PD is there to translate. And then we watch the crepe lady make banana nutella crepes, and I’m licking my chops.

javabeans: Did Na PD just order a “choco-banana crepe,” and not realize what that was until she started making it? He’s all, “Ohhhh, it’s chocolate and bananas!”

girlfriday: Hahaha. But… those are the same words in Korean!

javabeans: Ha, I like how Seo-jin and the producer try to tell the halbaes they’re supposed to eat the crepe as is, since they’re folded up for maximum convenience anyway, but they unfold, unpack, and tear at it like it’s Korean pancakes. “It’s the same thing!”

girlfriday: Geun-hyung halbae goes on a stroll and explains that he’d have liked to bring the others along, but “Shin Gu-sshi and Sub-sub-ie walk like slugs,” and “Porno Soon-jae needed to do other things.” I freaking love that people still call him that (his High Kick nickname).

javabeans: I was just thinking that it’s nice to actually go on a trip and not feel like you have to be stuck together all the time, worrying about everyone’s collective pace and fatigue and hunger levels. Of course, what’s funny is that I really think he just wandered off and assumed it would be fine, because of course it is, and it’s that level of nonchalance that was so harrying for Seo-jin.

girlfriday: Yeah you kind of want to put tracking devices on them, just for Seo-jin’s sanity.

javabeans: Okay, it is really cute watching Geun-hyung halbae stop at every accessory and jewelry shop thinking to buy stuff for his wife, but now are you wondering how much junk his wife has at home? Now I picture her saying, “Thank you so much honey” and then tossing them into a drawer, thinking, “Sigh, another one.”

girlfriday: I know, he probably came back from Europe with a suitcase full of accessories. I can’t imagine she could actually wear all the stuff, but it clearly makes HIM happy. I like that Il-sub halbae joked about needing to eat the crepes before Geun-hyung halbae got back, and they really did clear the evidence before he returned.

javabeans: The next bit relives Seo-jin’s day of hell when the party moved from Paris to Strasbourg, which was stressful enough the first time. I mean, I know they made it, but just seeing it again…

girlfriday: I like the bit in the train when Seo-in goes to order the halbaes’ food, and they’re out of everything because the crew got to the dining car first and cleaned them out.

javabeans: Poor guy, he just orders whatever is available and takes the salad for himself, and when a VJ asks how it tastes, he’s all, “Who’s eating this for taste?”

girlfriday: Hee, Geun-hyung halbae is such a kid sometimes. He snaps a photo of Sub-sub-ie sleeping with his mouth open and giggles. And then it’s followed by a parade of all the other halbaes sleeping. Seo-jin goes to visit the crew in the next train car, and the writer worries he’s prematurely aging and suggests sunscreen. Seo-jin sighs that there’s no brainspace for his looks right now.

javabeans: He says he isn’t even drinking water like he normally does because he doesn’t want to have to constantly go to the bathroom, which is such a true-to-life travel issue where everything is dictated by your body’s limits! Ha, it reminds me of the Broadway play Urinetown, which I think was inspired by a trip to France where all the toilets are for pay and when you have to pee, it’s like the only thing you can think about. Hence the not-drinking and the rapid aging.

girlfriday: On the car ride over to their hotel in Strasbourg, Soon-jae halbae gets a call from his daughter, and suddenly he hands the phone to Seo-jinnie which cracks me up. Why do parents always do that without asking?

javabeans: It turns out they actually are quite friendly (judging from the comfortable way Seo-jin uses banmal with her) but still, it’s a little random, like, HERE! TALK!

girlfriday: Apparently they lived in New York at the same time, so Seo-jin randomly has a lot of connection to that family.

javabeans: There’s this funny bit where they stop and Soon-jae halbae immediately works the machine to get a cup of coffee. Then up comes Il-sub halbae who tries the same thing, and you can actually hear the writer trying to quiet her laughter while he pokes at the thing like a monkey, and ends up yelling, “Seo-jin-ah!” I don’t know why that’s so funny. Maybe because he doesn’t even realize they’re in a new country now? And of course Na PD has to needle Seo-jin like it’s his fault for not informing everyone they’re in Germany now.

girlfriday: It’s extra funny that Na PD is standing right there, but Il-sub halbae has to have Seo-jinnie, or it’s become his default mode: Seo-jinnie will fix it! And for as much effort as that freaking cappuccino takes, Il-sub halbae is genuinely thrilled about it when he manages to get it out.

javabeans: I know it’s not on purpose but doesn’t it sound like Na PD is saying Stressburg and not Strasbourg?

girlfriday: That should totally have been a caption gag.

javabeans: Na PD says that every night when Seo-jin should have been going to bed, he actually waited for the halbaes to turn in and then stay up longer, actually holding himself differently. I love his wording (so needly): “Why did you play the king every night like that?” Seo-jin laughs that he needed that, as though it was a matter of cosmic balance for all the slave hustling he was doing by day.

girlfriday: Na PD points out that he’d send the halbaes off with formal bows every night, and then immediately come downstairs and sit back in his chair and cross his legs. Seo-jin argues that he’s the oldest when the halbaes aren’t there, so why not? The captions call him the Late-Night King as he goes through his usual routine of unloading on the staff once the halbaes have gone to bed.

javabeans: I love the moment when a PD jokes that he was like a slave and he says, “I think I really must have slave mentality.” Like how the whole time he was sweating because Il-sub halbae wanted to listen to pop songs in the car, but the other three halbaes didn’t, but since Il-sub halbae was sitting shotgun he couldn’t stop him from changing the music, and was just sitting there in silent anxiety.

girlfriday: The way he describes that mounting stress over something so seemingly insignificant is great. That’s the stuff that actually stresses you out, because the halbaes are stubborn and you can’t mediate when you don’t get to have an opinion. I always love the way he talks about Soon-jae halbae, who’s like a father to him. Apparently he spent their days shooting Yi San over-feeding the horses because he loved them so much, and he says he could travel anywhere with Soon-jae halbae because he’s so comfortable with him.

javabeans: HAHA, Seo-jin winds down one of those late-night talk sessions by sighing with deep fatigue that this is way worse than the Hidden Camera show, and that this is more like when North Korea kidnapped that South Korean director and actor (Shin Sang-ok, Choi Eun-hee) from 1978 through 1986 and made them make movies in captivity. Na PD notes, “He’s going to be really wary at airports now… but you know, there are lots of places other than airports!” Muahaha. Seo-jin says he’s going to double-check with everyone from now on.

girlfriday: But yunno, the fact that he was kidnapped is what laces every single moment with that crack factor. Because it’s extra hilarious that he’s doing all these things against his will. Even now when I think about it, it’s genius.

javabeans: Yes, because it’s actually true enough that he was tricked. How cute, so we revisit the Fondue House lunch, and get to see how Soon-jae halbae got accosted by Japanese ajummas because they recognized him from Yi San (and Seo-jin, of course). And at the very same time, Il-sub halbae had stepped out for some air and got stopped by a Hong Kong fan who says in a Chinese accent, “U jak kyu?” And they’re like, “Ojakkyo!”

girlfriday: That’s sweet. It always makes me happy when they’re recognized.

javabeans: It’s kind of crazy though how with these halbaes, they’ve done SO MUCH work that you don’t know what it is they’re recognized for. It always takes a minute for them to understand why they’re being asked for autographs. Like, Yi San was six years ago and Soon-jae halbae has done 21 dramas since then.

girlfriday: Dude. Who feels lazy? In the next segment, we watch the last day of the Europe trip, where only Soon-jae halbae, Il-sub halbae, and Seo-jinnie remained. Now I know why this stuff was cut. Nobody’s talking.

javabeans: Just eating, eating, and wandering. Not that it’s uninteresting, but there’s no story to weave. Then we return to the present-day interview, and WHY HELLO THERE, Lee Seung-gi!

girlfriday: SEUNG-GI-YA!

javabeans: He totally isn’t here unawares, but the way they shot and edited this scene is super hilarious because it has the tone of catching Seung-gi off-guard (taking a bite of food), looking totally ignorant of the horrors in store for him on the next trip where he takes over slave duties. Cut to: Seung-gi asking, “Wait, I thought it was a different concept from Grandpas Over Flowers!”

girlfriday: “I was told I was going with actresses!”

javabeans: Na PD says to Seo-jin (while Seung-gi’s right there), “Don’tcha think he’s gonna get himself into trouble, this one?”

girlfriday: Seung-gi: “I haven’t signed the contract yet, right?” Na PD: “It’s okay, your agent did.”

javabeans: He’s half disbelieving, saying that he had this concept in mind and Seo-jin says drily, “They told me my concept was ‘An Art Tour with Art School Hyung.'” Basically I’m amazed Na PD still has any celebrity friends left.

girlfriday: Seriously. The caption as we fade out on Seung-gi: “You should taste the bitterness of life before going off to army…” Muahaha.


57 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. DayDreamer

    Lee Seungi-gi!!! I can’t wait to see him in this show. Seo-jin was great but now it’ll be interesting to have a different luggage boy. Too bad it won’t be with the halbaes though. I kinda wanted to see that.

    And seriously…what’s with Seo-jin’s and Seung-gi’s hairstyles and clothes?? Seventies gigolos indeed! Lol.

    Btw, I started watching 1n2d (season 1) and it’s a lot of fun. Now I’m hoping for the cast members from then to individually play luggage boys on this show, especially Kang Ho-dong and Eun Ji-won.

    • 1.1 ren

      I am so excited for Lee Seunggi as well!!!

      Don’t think they would be able to get Kang Hodong (he might be too busy) but it is within the realm of possibility to get Eun Jiwon. Maybe. Hopefully!
      Btw I am glad you like season one, I hate it when people pick at individual members- the brotherhood of the 5/6/7 of them is amazing and awesome.

    • 1.2 KDaddict

      Where are you watching Season 1 of 1N2D? I find a lot of dead links.

      • 1.2.1 anon

        you can watch it here with eng sub.

        It has 155 epi ,she’s still uploading it.

        • KDaddict

          TQ so much.

    • 1.3 judepps

      me too i can’t wait for Lee Seung Gi to return on a vareity land.. wahaha.. its just i want Him with Halbaes instead of the actresses.. i want to see him how he’ll be able to manage with the Granpas..just like how Seo- jin did.
      Im sure Seunggi will not experience the suffering Seo-Jin had when He’ll go with the actress..instead he’ll just get pampaered by them.. Purely opposite to what Seo Jin did..wahaha..*poor Seo jin*

      Nevertheless, im really looking forward and excited seeing Seunggi back on a Vareity Land..

      “And seriously…what’s with Seo-jin’s and Seung-gi’s hairstyles and clothes?? Seventies gigolos indeed! Lol. ”

      —- Both Seo- Jin and Seunggi were on those 70’s clothes because PD Na visit them during their CF shoot.

      • 1.3.1 lemondoodle

        Man I think he’s going to suffer plenty lol. It’s Na PD after all and Seunggi knows the deal with variety. Even back when he was so young on 1n2d he suffered all the time, now that he’s an adult man and people can handle him suffering more, I expect him to have a very tough time. 😀

  2. mary

    LOL that last part was just mean… And brilliant. Typical Na PD.

    Suddenly I’m excited for LSG’s version. 🙂


    I think the interview happened post-Taiwan. the seventies dress up is for their new endorsed CF that was announced few days ago. Something like mafia styled CF.

    This interview made me confused, will SeungGi go with actresses or not? But the official announcement said… Ah, guess I’ll just wait for the next season sneak peek.

    • 3.1 KDaddict

      LSG could have been led to think he’ll be traveling with (young) actresses, instead of Grannies and Grannies-to-be.

  4. Mandy

    Seung gi yah!!

    He looks adorable. I think it’s for a new CF with Seo Jinnie. At least that’s what I found out from tumblr. But he looks beyond cute and totally young. Like a 70’s 20 year old?

    His version is gonna be so epic – it’s like written on stone lol. I wanted him to go with the halbaes but I’m looking forward to the new concept and the actresses of different age group. I just hope we get more news on it soon cz I’m so excited. Also, I’m hoping he does another drama before he enlists. Can’t imagine not seeing him for the next 2 years so I really really hope he leaves me with at least 5 dramas to marathon. That should keep me alive till he comes back 😛

  5. Porcelain

    Love the recaps! Watched the raw and it seems disjointed… but it actually made sense in recap/narration…

    Still find the little quirks of the halbae ridiculously cute…
    Overfeeding the horses?! You would Soon jae halbae…

    And Geun hyung halbae, wae you so sweet of a hubby?

    Aww…. Seung gi ya… I hope for the best for you…

    Next week seems fun as they recap Taiwan trip, like to see more of Seojinnie and Sunny interaction… it seems they talk a lot, but editing for Taiwan episodes, it seems they are just so busy with their “tour guide duties”… thus like to see them more off duty mode…

  6. namkaengsi

    Yayyyyy! I have been waiting for this post since yesterday. And now, it’s here! I almost jump on my bed. Hahahahahaha.

    This ep. is not so bad for me at all. But, to be noticed that we won’t see these grandpas and Seo jinnie in next ep, I am sad. I really don’t know how much I was attached to them tho.

    They are the best and even better when they are together 🙂 I really want to see them again in later ep. But as it seen in the second season when everyone had different schedules, I don’t think the show went well and was interesting like European trip. So I will say, waiting is bitter, but later, at the right time, we will taste sweet one 🙂

    However, without the first casts is not what we want but Seungki is promising me that the new season will continue entertain! 🙂 I still remember his old days in 1N2D. He always popped up with some hilarious stuffs and it was entering 🙂 Also, I have a feeling that this season will not be like the previous one like a luggage boy but trip with grandma instead, as I can see Seungki are really good at working with lady, I mean grandmas 🙂 I always picture him like a mother’s child, or a grandma’s favorite grandchild. I don’t know why but that is how I see him tho. Hahahaha.

    So I deicide to continue watching Grandpas Over Flower or Grandmas Over flower.. or whatever the name is! 😛 See you in next ep. Seungki sshi!

    Na PD fighting! Seungki fighting!

    Thanks Javabeans and girlfriday for this post! and other posts in the past 🙂

    Happy Sunday everyone!

  7. Mommai

    That caption for Seunggi at the end was sooooo funny! I’ve really been enjoying these recaps a lot! Thank you, ladies! 😀

  8. Noelle

    OMG HAHAHA why did SG even trust him, seriously? It boggles my mind!

  9. adette

    Seunggi-ya~ we need to talk about your hair…

  10. 10 saranga

    “They told me my concept was ‘An Art Tour with Art School Hyung” HAHAHAHAHAAHA. i totally missed this. the down side with watching variety is that you blink and you miss a moment, or several. it’s so easy to tune out, at least for me.

    i can’t wait to see seung-gi’s trip with the actresses. na pd will throw him a curveball, right? because his trip sounds like it’s gonna be all too easy in comparison if it’s with actresses. i’m inclined to think they’re just all gonna pet him to death. any word on when that show will air? *hands clasped hopefully*

  11. 11 tokkioncrack


    Can’t wait to see what’s in store for stung gi, but somehow I think grandpas will always be my fav .

    Thanks for the recaps. It’s the only way I understand what’s going on coz I can’t find any eng subs.
    I watch the raw video and read your recaps 🙂

  12. 12 Ace

    Seung-gi!!! I miss this guy in variety shows. Thanks Na PD for roping him in another one of your evil ideas. I hope it’s as entertaining as S1&S2 but with this production team, I shouldn’t worry, right?

  13. 13 KDaddict

    I suspect the only reason Na PD still has any celebrity friends left is that his tricks and evil genius add sparks to their careers, however well established they may be?

  14. 14 anon

    grandpa’s are so cute . gonna miss them 🙁

    and aww seung giya.

    welcome back to variety!!

    he appeared for only 1 min and already made me laugh so hard .

    Na pd and seung gi seriously has perfect chemistry!!!

    can’t wait for more

    “You should taste the bitterness of life before going off to army…” THIS

    It also a reminder that he will soon enlist . 🙁 🙁

  15. 15 Rovi

    Haha! Poor Seung-gi. XD

    BTW, I know this is off-topic, but I saw KBS’s “Mamado” (translation “Mama Island”), and I gotta say, it’s all degrees GOF rip-off.
    And also, I think it’s more difficult working with old ladies than grandpas, ‘coz you know, just look at the nearest ahjumma cursing her perm off and even Na PD will shudder his sadism tendencies.
    Seo-jin’s equivalent is Lee Tae-gon (“Love in Heaven”, “Gwanggaeto the Great”; though with a nose job).
    And one scene I couldn’t forget: at the airport lobby (going to Chuncheondo Island), Kim Yong-rim (worst granny of all time) and Kim Su-mi were arguing about the latter’s love for dogs (KYR interjected “You love your dogs more than your husband?!). KYR and her irritability with what KSM loves (calling her own dogs her babies and showing full interest in all the dogs she sees, however funny) made my blood boil and my temper soar.

  16. 16 Gumei

    I have not been that excited in a variety since 1N2D S1. Just looking at SG’s expression and thinking of his interaction with PD Na is enough to get me all warm and fuzzy. Seung Gi yah, really miss you in a variety ! I can’t wait.

  17. 17 ladyhahn

    seung gi!! i just cant wait to see what’s in store for him..hahahaha

  18. 18 mmmaggie

    SEUNG GI YAAAAAA! I haven’t seen him in anything since he left 1N2D and I just got so sentimental seeing him with Na PD. I can’t wait til his season starts.

    I love Seo Jin and Soon Jae. And I cracked up when Seo Jin said his father was like Il Sub because I think a lot of Korean fathers are like that.

  19. 19 ruizhen

    “And seriously…what’s with Seo-jin’s and Seung-gi’s hairstyles and clothes?? Seventies gigolos indeed! Lol. ”

    -the cf is WEmakePRICE

    Grandpa Soonjae’s daughter and Seojin are close friends. he knew her years back. they were schoolmates in NYU .

  20. 20 Min

    haahahahahahaha seung gi !!! life will be hard for you! but it’ll be great to see you suffer for our entertainment, kekekeke 😛

  21. 21 SG

    Just a side note: Strasbourg is in France eventhough it’s right next to German border

    • 21.1 Denali

      Indeed. At least it wasn’t spelled Straßburg, since German seems to be über hype these days in the US.

      Random linguistic question: I wonder why the English language has kept the letter “o” of Strasbourg, because the letter is usually dropped in anglicized names. Maybe to be coherent with the French pronunciation and spelling?

    • 21.2 Shadow-chan

      I actually was wondering the whole time whether they’ve really been to Germany or not… Like “Okay, I know my geography is bad, but isn’t Straßburg in France…?” xD

      Anyway, thanks for the recaps!

      And I can’t wait for the next season <3

  22. 22 xxvxx

    OMG Poor Seung-Gi…. hahahahahahahah

  23. 23 cd

    Seung gi ya!
    He always makes the food he eat looks delicious. Yum.
    Looking forward to his variety comeback.

  24. 24 topper

    “You should taste the bitterness of life before going off to army…”
    Hope it’s gonna be as hilarious for us viewers.

  25. 25 Osi

    The last caption is funny yet sad. Can’t imagine my life without him. But, can’t wait for his comeback on variety. Yaaay!

    Btw, the interview was shot post-taiwan trip (couple of days ago) in the set of their new CF filming with 70s setting. That’s explain their style and hair. 🙂

  26. 26 Denali

    LSG looks sooo… plastic now! :-/

    • 26.1 Wondergirl

      He looks great and so natural !! My only bias in the k entertainment world. Love you Seung Gi !

      • 26.1.1 Denali

        Please take your fangirl glasses off. Search for his debut pics. Compare them to the last one above. And voila! He has had an eye job to say the least.

        He still has the same wits and soothing voice, though.

        • lemondoodle

          But, no. He looks exactly the same minus some weight loss. He hasn’t even aged much. I’ve never seen PS accusations again LSG tbh. I’m confused.

          • luv

            Ikr, *roll eye*, I guess I’m plastic too because I now look different compare to 10 years ago LOL

          • kyl

            LOL me too. LSG and plastic surgery does not compute. He might have aged a teeny bit but he’s still the same to me. Sometimes people tend to think a difference in looks over the years is due to PS not a natural progress. Can’t blame their thinking (since S. Korea is famous for it) but I don’t think LSG did or even NEEDS to do it 🙂

        • Wondergirl

          Geez, you are the one who need glasses. Seriously.

        • anon

          LOL seung gi and plastic surgery ,

          this guy working nonstop for 9 years ,

          I am sure anybody would have noticed.

          and korean media are still waiting for seung gi to do some kind of scandal.

          any ways after drama he loses some weight, I glad he’s now gaining back his chubby cheeks. 🙂

        • commentPasserby

          I don’t think this is the right place to discuss PS or not. Let’s just stop here.

        • ilikemangos

          lmao. totally get how south korea is running rampant with plastic surgery but i find it so funny how every single time an actor/actress is shot at a different angle or looks different in some pictures or even just lost weight gets the whole “plastic surgery shame”. As of those reasons mentioned above weren’t good enough.
          Surely this has caused people to become suspicious all the time.

        • Mandy

          LMFAO, seriously?!? Maybe dispatch and 40 other media outlets have been asleep this whole time then. Because PS is a huge deal in Korea and if they even suspected Seung-gi walking by the Surgeon’s office, they would bring the press to a stop just to flash it on the front page.

          He’s the celebrity the “paparazzi gave up on,” because he has the perfect image – the nation’s little brother, Umchinah etc. I’m not his fangirl; I’m no one’s. But Lee Seung-gi can never escape a huge ‘scandal’ and not be caught.

          People age… 10 years after they’ve debuted, they change. They get more mature and for better or worse, they grow up. A 17 year old Seung-gi is obviously different from a 26 Seung-gi. Its called human nature.

    • 26.2 cucicu

      Huh?!? How come he’s so plastic when the monolid eyes & big nose are still there o_O Only he lost weight & his chubby cheeks are not there anymore.

  27. 27 Pebbles

    I’m going to missed seo jinnie & the Grandpa’s.. Thanks for the recaps ladies…

  28. 28 BeSS

    Love, love Seung Gi’s megawatt smile! Can’t wait for his variety re-appearance! PD Na and Seung Gi together, great team !

  29. 29 Arhazivory

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw Seung Gi. <3

  30. 30 Katie

    I still like the behind the scenes footage even if it’s not always as funny as what’s been aired. It makes it more realistic.

    But, I’m confused. Is Seung Gi with the Grandpas as well, or Grandmas? I honestly wouldn’t care because either way he’s still be cute. Although I do like Seo Jin too as a result of this show.

  31. 31 ruizhen

    i think next episodes will not be as exciting as the pilot because whoever the luggage boy they already know what the show was about because they had seen Seojin’s hardships. we all know what its all about. it was aired all over Korea and on the net. the only excitement would be what kind of surprise does Na PD is cooking for the next luggage boy. like what he did to Seojin. they tricked him at first and Seunggi knows about it already. Seojinnie didnt expect theat he will be going to Taiwan with Sunny. so he knows what to expect to. Na PD is not that evil after all. as reward for Seojinnnies nightmare, he granted him his wish. dream come true indeed. but he made Seojinnie to be as brat as the Grandpas.ha,ha,ha….

  32. 32 sweetspring

    Seung Gi back in variety land with Na PD, must absolutely watch!

  33. 33 okdubu

    that shot of seungki spilling crumbs all over himself was pretty golden.

  34. 34 Eliza Bennet

    “They told me my concept was ‘An Art Tour with Art School Hyung.’”

    This got a laugh out loud from me. I’m hoping Seung gi will fare better in terms of overall stress.

  35. 35 ruizhen

    Luggage Boys! they are so cute!

    Gangster Boss Ha Kang Jae and his Right Hand

  36. 36 anna

    Oh Seung-gi, he’s already 26?! Kids grow up so fast.

  37. 37 VoteCoolidge24

    I forgot for a moment that Seung-gi knows Na PD so well. I was kind of shocked by how belligerent he was being with him (I mean as belligerent as genial Seung-gi ever gets). These guys interacting with each other is just my favorite thing.

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