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Heirs releases another teaser
by | September 26, 2013 | 167 Comments

Okay, we finally get a trailer for Heirs that actually shows us what the show is like. The introduction to each character is quick, but already we know that Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye bond when they meet in LA, each getting a chance to witness the other’s painful family secrets (she’s here to see her sister who only wants money from her, and he gets the cold shoulder from his brother).

And is that Yoon Jin-seo I spy in the trailer playing Park Shin-hye’s sister? She flies by so fast it’s almost impossible to see her face, but I’d recognize that voice anywhere. They must’ve cast her in the role because she’s in California for her movie, but it’s pretty random to have a cameo be part of a forty-second trailer.

Krystal seems sweet on Kang Min-hyuk from the start, and Kim Woo-bin welcomes his stepsister Kim Ji-won home at the airport, which she doesn’t look happy about. It might be the fact that he calls her “just my type,” which is disturbing, and his welcome home sign highlights the step in stepsister. Cruel Intentions alert.

The final exchange ends with a “You’re cute” / “As long as you know it” from the leads, which is cute. Listen, I’m just glad every sentence doesn’t end with Baby.

Heirs airs October 9.

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167 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Naugh

    Heirs just don’t be a mess..
    and still 2nd lead syndrome….KIM WOO BIN<3

    • 1.1 hayy

      hahaha so true! he is so cool in that teaser.

      • 1.1.1 kfangurl

        Too. True. Just a few seconds of KWB on my screen & I’m spazzing. What will I do when full episodes come out?? XD

        • paper

          Make a gazillion gifs & spam tumblr ;D

          Ugh… I love Kim Woo Bin, Choi Jin Hyuk & Lee Min Ho (yes in that order) ❤_❤ This drama better be awesome at the start, then drag bawlz at the end @_@ Well w/e it is… it shall be purrrrrty ❤_❤

          • paper

            better not be*
            FAIL TYPO OMG…. *headesk*

    • 1.2 TS

      This show needs to have lots and lots of Woobie.

      • 1.2.1 LoveIt

        I don’t want to see lots of him, if he is getting a hard on for his step sister. WHat kind of pervert does that? That whole scene is unsettling imo, not to mention that she doesn’t seem interested in him at all. Gross.

        • Momoi

          Well she’s his step sister, not blood sister. Many step siblings date, and it’s not illegal or anything.

        • mong

          Hm, they’re not related by blood and they did not grow up together as siblings. They are basically strangers. There’s nothing icky here.

        • substratum

          Aww, one of my favorite screen romances is Clueless, which also features two stepsiblings whose parents married late. Not that the two here seem anything like Cher and Josh, lol.

    • 1.3 selina

      his character is going to be the best part of this drama for me, I can tell. I did cock a-holes with a heart somewhere beneath all the bravado when done right, and boy is he doing it right. I can tell I will like his dynamic with KJW cause her character looks like she will not take his shit. Can it please be Oct 9th already.

    • 1.4 elvira

      I agree!
      Second lead syndrome just never ends…

    • 1.5 Steph

      It’s gon be a mess. Lets just hope it’s not a hot mess. Even if it is, all that pretty!

    • 1.6 Anxiously Anticipating Heirs

      I’ve never experienced second-lead syndrome except once in the Moon that embraces the Sun not because I didn’t love Soo-hyun oppa, but because I thought his character didn’t deserve the girl just because he was king. And I still don’t get why people had it in Boys Over Flowers, afaiwc, Ji-hoo didn’t deserve Jan-di at all, he started liking her because he and Seo-hyun broke up while Jun-pyo liked her from the start. I don’t get the appeal of Kim Woo-bin, but if his character deserves the girl, I might just get second-lead syndrome again, my love for Min-ho oppa notwithstanding.

  2. [email protected]

    i think the relationship between kim woo bin and kim ji won characters are going to be interesting. they remind me of chuck and blair LOL.

    • 2.1 Caitlyn

      I am so down with a stepsister/stepbrother relationship, it looks like it would be fun to watch. If it’s like a Chuck and Blair relationship as well, even better!

      • 2.1.1 ilikemangos

        Mind games, please!
        Makes it that much more fun watching.

      • 2.1.2 pogo

        especially since she looks like she’s giving him the stankeye right back. This could be interesting, and I like how different it is from the more innocent (but still charged) first meeting with PSH’s character.

    • 2.2 Hagar

      now your making me expect things from this drama when I promised myself I wouldn’t

    • 2.3 cheekbones

      Yeah, I’m so glad Woo-bin wouldn’t be playing just a 2nd lead for LMH, but would have his own fully-developed story line. Well, I hope, at least.

    • 2.4 lemondoodle

      I hope not. Chuck and Blair are probably the worst couple in tv history.

      • 2.4.1 anna

        THIS. I hope his “Chuck” is more likable and not some d-bag that would prostitute his gf out for a hotel or something that stupid.

      • 2.4.2 mong

        This. I can’t believe people want him together with Blair. He sold her for a hotel.

      • 2.4.3 ilikemangos

        Their relationship may not be the healthiest but it was the most fun to watch.
        (also a subjective opinion) 😀

    • 2.5 Gyu

      OMG yesss plsss >___<

  3. whatis

    Show, please don’t screw this up… please please please!!


  4. xxvxx

    I can see myself being all over Krystal – Minhyuk & WooBin – Jiwon storylines and completely ignore PSH – Minho storyline

    • 4.1 hoaa

      lol but true 😉

    • 4.2 nomad

      …except that I can always tell that Krystal’s acting is going to bother the heck out of me. BUT! Here’s the power of fast forward!! Bring it on, prettiness!

  5. kumi

    I bet, “Just my type” is going to be a poster 😉

  6. Classy

    Okaaaayyy. I think I will hope the second leads have some chemistry. because LMH and PSH seriously dont look like can remotely have feelings for each other let alone show it.. they look um, vague and lost with each other.

    So 2nd lead syndrome it is..
    Kim Woo Bin.. pls just dont have a nasty character

    • 6.1 paper

      He eats ramyun & washes dishes! How can he be bad D;

  7. Mawiie

    It’s saturated with pretty!!!

    But please Lee Min Ho’s make up artist, can you please tone down on the BB cream and pink lipstick? I know he probably endorse something but I’m not sure the girls will go all ‘ohhh I just want LMH’s lips!’ um… I mean lips like LMH… :p

    • 7.1 Momoi

      “can you please tone down on the BB cream and pink lipstick? ”

      Add that for the entire cast too. Shinhye looked like a ghost in some shots.

    • 7.2 Anxiously Anticipating Heirs

      And here I was thinking they were naturally that colour.

  8. ran

    Call me weird but i’m sure i’m not alone to look forwards to Young Do (kim woo bin) and Rachel (kim ji won) relationship. They’re step siblings and second leads, well maybe only Young Do, and she’s the bitchy type (me like). Either way, if they do it right, it could be verrryyy interesting. and It doesn’t hurt that they do have some chemistry.

    • 8.1 Dari0

      I don’t think you’re alone…many fans interest in KWB-KJW storyline more than LMH-PSH..
      KWB-KJW story looks more like bad guy-bitchy girl..
      while LMH-PSH as another stereotypes boring story rich guy-poor girl…
      I’m in as 2nd lead syndrome too…:p

    • 8.2 pogo

      I don’t have an issue with the stepsiblings thing either, since by the sound of it their respective parents haven’t been married long.

      And there’s definitely a spark there, I just hope the drama doesn’t do KES’s usual style of writing flat female characters and actually allows Kim Ji-won to have something good to do,

      • 8.2.1 Jen

        Flat female character? Beg to differ, the girls in AGD and City Hall are anything but flat and one dimensional. Well, minus Maeahri which is an exception anyway. She writes better female leads than most writers.

      • 8.2.2 ran

        yea i don’t understand how some people get all offended because of this possible romance. it’s not like u’ve never seen it before!

        I hated AGD female lead, esp how she acted in the later parts. I want my character to have her bone til the end. That’s why i’m rooting for a bitchy character, because KJW is doing it well so far, idk who but she looks really pretty in the still and she has style AND she doesn’t cry or mopping around. She might not be a likable character but i’ve liked antagonist before because they have way more charm and more interesting than the always rightful protagonist.

      • 8.2.3 substratum

        I hope so too. It’s hard to tell a lot about characterization from a trailer, so fingers crossed we get girls/women with a bit more depth and a little less exaggerated.

  9. Nic

    Lee Min-Ho surfing, yes please!

    Haha, on a less ~shallow note, I’m trying not to have too high expectations for Heirs just in case it turns into a train wreck, but so far so good!

    • 9.1 Windsun33

      I am not excited about, but then again I have not had much to totally go off the deep end ranting about since YTBLSS, so I may watch it just to scream at it.

      At least Suspicious Housekeeper is looking OK so far, only one of the new season that I may actually watch so far.

  10. 10 kopytko

    It’s weird but all the female characters seem to rub me the wrong way. I know it’s just trailer, but hey, it should make me want to watch it!
    Is KES as the writer enough a reason to watch it? Or should I rewatch AGD one more time? I find myself immune to anything deemed pretty in context of this drama. Ok, maybe except for Kim Woo Bin and LMH’s patterned suit. Seriously, yesterday I went shopping and beelined towards patterned trousers as soon as I spotted them. Must be a trend if you can get it even here.

    • 10.1 Sabah

      I get what you mean. I just can’t seem to make my mind up about Heirs either. The initial plot or lack of it, didn’t interest me but Kim Eun Sook as writer did. Add to that a huge line up and I’m thinking too many characters not enough time to develop them. It might just be little flashes of brilliant cuteness a la AGD…which isn’t bad. Add to that all the prettiness and I’m intrigued (attracted) once more. The posters were so bland though and LMH’s wardrobe for a rich guy was so unappealing and PSH looked so simple to the point of being invisible. Now this lacklustre trailer which just smells like same old, same old and I’m back to being unimpressed.

      Of course I’ll be watching, with all those wonderful actors/actresses I couldn’t stay away even if I wanted to and maybe that’s the problem. I feel conned, coerced, cheated because I’m watching for all the wrong reasons.

      • 10.1.1 kopytko

        Well, you at least care for the cast. I literally know 4 actors (LMH, PSH, KWB and CJH) and have no interest whatsoever in the rest of young stars (?). And to make things worse, the young actresses en masse send off a Meahri-ish vibe. As much as I love AGD, that one character irritates me to no end.
        I think I would be better off if I stayed away from any promo materials. They are usually lousy and present the shows in a false way. At least I hope it’s the case here.

        • Sabah

          Agreed. Normally though dramas tend to fall short from expectations raised by teasers and trailers. Here I’m hoping for the opposite.

          I think Kim Eun Suk is very talented and respect and admire her very much – some of her flourishes are very innovative and brilliant. However though her characterizations can be intense I find that depth is lacking because of the lack of time given to development. A lot of those blanks are left to the audience to fill and unfortunately with so many people on show here, I fear that like you said they will be like Me Ah Ri, who I believe with just a little more care and attention from the writer could have been something more well rounded, though I suppose she could have irritated you still, hehe. I do find that Kim Eun Suk’s female characters less developed which is her prerogative as a writer, maybe she just likes writing male characters – which I suppose is a blessing or a hindrance depending on the actress – but I don’t have much hopes for any of the females characters here including PSH.

          As for the rest of the young stars, aside from your list there’s KHN and KMH too. From the actresses at least we have Im Joo Eun. I loved her in Wild Romance.

          All in all, I’m not hoping for much, just the occasional and random good scene BUT more than that I’m hoping that I’m proved wrong and that it turns out to awesome. I’d eat my words for that!

        • pogo

          Which is why I’m hoping that KES does a better job of writing female characters here than she did in AGD – wasting Im Joo-eun, Park Shin-hye and Kim Ji-won would be criminal.

        • skelly

          I so agree with everyone here; I have a lot of respect for KES as a writer, but she does tend to give her female characters short shrift, with the exception of City Hall. I don’t know if she was inspired by Kim Sun Ah or what, but Shin Mirae was one female character that was fully fleshed out and given a believable trajectory for character growth.
          In City Hall KES really developed the leads, and actually gave her male lead (a total jerk as usual) a believable redemption.
          But Heirs is so chock-full of characters and storylines, even more so than AGD, that I don’t see how any of the characters can really be explored and developed – at least not in a 20-episode show.
          Although, if there is another Meahri, the less time the better. All that whining and crying and manipulative cuteness drove me up the wall.

          • Sabah

            I forgot she wrote City Hall. hehe, maybe that’s because like you said the lead female role was well written. I also agree with you on the redemption of Cha Seung Won’s character – something I didn’t feel was true for Hyun Bin in Secret Garden. As much as I loved SG, there wasn’t so much a truthful development of excellent characterizations as there was a merry go round of the same emotions. Again I always thought that Ha Ji won’s characterization felt stunted. Kim Eun Suk has a flair for creating wonderful characters and scenarios as well as crackling dialogue, I’m just asking for a little more time spent on development BUT as you note with so many people here that it makes improbable.

            I say improbable because I don’t necessarily think that more people means less development. Scrubs and Simpsons are excellent examples where even the smallest roles had depth because of the tight and sharp writing. If this drama is going to be something more than the showboat vehicle that was AGD then Kim Eun Suk is going to have to up her game. Though of course she doesn’t have to and regardless I can’t deny I enjoyed watching her dramas even if they fall short of greatness.

        • Anxiously Anticipating Heirs

          You know, I never saw the trailer for City Hunter, but from what I heard it was all kinds of weird and confusing and the posters were bland too. What if Heirs pulls a City Hunter on us and is totally awesome as a show? Anyone ever thought about that?

          • skelly

            City Hunter is the exception that proves the rule (and some might even argue with that, as not everyone was thrilled with City Hunter). Nine times out of ten, when the trailer and posters for a show are boring and/or whack, then so is the show. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

          • skelly

            On the other hand, you can make a silk purse into a sow’s ear. I’m still smarting over the train wreck that was Blade and Petal, with some of the most stunning posters/cinematography this year…

  11. 11 Sponge

    The hype for this drama is ridiculous but i’m still excited and going to watch this drama anyway hahaha. Love the cruel intentions reference, i would love a relationship from two people that are both equally not nice just to spice things up and get me hooked if in fact everything else tannnnks (however it could also just mean they will mess with the main couple more so :/)

  12. 12 noernov

    So….when is it again???heheheh 😛

  13. 13 messi

    I’ll be watching this only for Lee Min-ho. Nothing else is looking exciting for me.

    • 13.1 kfangurl

      Hee. We are all watching this for one “reason” or another ;D I’m watching this for Kim Woo Bin. Squee!! ^^

  14. 14 maru

    People keep saying Patk Shin Hye character is the typical poor girl… hello there, she start the drama leaving her deaf mother behind, thinking of never going back… to live with her sister and her ‘rich boyfriend’. That’s not the typical poor innocent good girl of other dramas. Lee Min Ho character does seems cliche, but I’m happy he’s not Gu Jun Pyo 2.0

    I do believe KWB-KJW storyline sounds interesting with the whole Cruel Intention vibes we are getting. And with all the dating scandals going around from other idols and actors after he accepted his relationship, he was left alone apparently!

    I don’t like Lee Bo Na… because I don’t really like the whiny bratty rich girls type that much. I hope there’s more than that for her character and that relationship!

    • 14.1 rinka

      Agree! I think PSH and LMH’s characters will be candy and prince but with a twist. PSH has sassy moments in there and she doesn’t seem to loathe LMH so much like usual candy toward chaebol.

      I don’t like Krystal and KJW’s character, but it seems that thei respective love interests will give them hard time and I like to watch spoiled brats suffer. lol

    • 14.2 LoveIt

      I think people are wanting LMH and PSH’s storyline to be typical, because they are hoping they don’t have chemistry, or they have other characters that they are pushing in the show.

      But too bad for them PSH and LMH are the leads and they will deal. They clearly have chemistry, and I don’t get BOF 2.0 vibe with this show. I also do not think this will be a typical rich boy, poor girl characters either. They are already different, as PSH was willing to travel all the way to Cali and leave her deaf mother behind, and LMH is in a one sided fight with his brother, who he just wants to be accepted by.

      • 14.2.1 pogo

        That first paragraph sounds, and excuse me for saying this, nothing short of delusional. I’m a huge fan of Park Shin-hye and the last thing I want is to watch her while thinking she has no chemistry with her main leading man – when said lead is Lee Min-ho, no less.

        But unfortunately, things do look devoid of chemistry between them and I hope the drama proves me wrong – do you really think we want to watch our faves fail?

        • LoveIt

          Don’t say “excuse me for saying this”, if you are saying what you want to say, it’s not needed, especially if you are replying to my font. I don’t see what you see. They look cute together to me.

        • pogo

          all right, I’ll say it straight-up – you sound completely delusional, not to mention juvenile, claiming that any criticism of your biases/bias on the chemistry front MUST be because fans want the OTP to look bad together/are pulling for a second lead ship.

          And way to ignore my point, which had nothing to do with what you think they look like and everything to do with how silly you are to be projecting your insecurities on other fans to this degree.

      • 14.2.2 ana

        I totally agree with you ! @loveit

        • mimi

          when I saw the first set of stills and the first trailer I really didn’t see any chemistry between PSH and LMH at all and started having doubts about their partnership. esp when chemistry was oozing from the stills of PSH and KWB.

          BUT…. the last 2 seconds of this trailer — “You’re cute” / “As long as you know it” — this was CUTE! I actually sensed some chemistry there! yay!!! not hopeless 😀

  15. 15 abro

    “The final exchange ends with a “You’re cute” / “As long as you know it” from the leads, which is cute. Listen, I’m just glad every sentence doesn’t end with Baby…”


  16. 16 TS


  17. 17 sae

    oh dear. I feel I should be scoffing at this drama but why do I feel myself getting lured into it?
    I guess some days, I just give up on quality and give in to brain fluff-pretty-faces-KimEunSooktypicalemtpybutprettytolookatdramas.
    Damn you, sae. You’re superficiality is official.
    I can no longer deny it.

  18. 18 messi

    Thank God Lee Min-ho’s character is not like Gu Jun-gyo. Gu Jun-pyo was a bully and Kim-tan looks very normal. I like it.

    • 18.1 ilikemangos

      Gu Jun Pyo would have never admitted Jan Di was cute on first impression/meeting. I think his ways of going about the gal will definitely be different. Plus he doesn’t mind repping the casual clothes whereas gu jun pyo was so picky with his clothes.
      I’m glad, cause I don’t think i’d like seeing a gu jun pyo 2.0 or your typical k-drama rich boy. Still very possible we might get shades of it, but let’s hope that kim eun sook makes Kim Tan his own person.

      • 18.1.1 nomad

        Hear! Hear! BOF was one of the very first dramas for me, which made me very forgiving. I can’t imagine rewatching the show now…

  19. 19 Yue-lie

    Now, I’m finally feeling the appeal of this drama. It gave of a too much BOF vibe for my taste….because Boys Over Flowers wasn’t a good drama…for me!

    But let’s give a chance to Heirs…Choi Jin-Hyuk!!! lol

  20. 20 Mystisith

    Ahhh. Dangerous bad boy = I’m here for the roller coaster. Even better if Kim Ji Won’s character can beat him at his own game.
    Also, I missed the voice of Gumihot: The butterflies in my stomach tell me so… Rawr!

  21. 21 Ace

    I’m in this for LMH, but Kim Woo-bin is so hot in that teaser. That expression! That face! Boy, the gf should give thanks for seeing it everyday. Can he be like second lead Oska? You know – quirky, has his own love line, but competes with his cousin just to needle him? I’d hate Woo-bin to be a hateful second lead. Oh well, there’s still Kang Haneul to drool over…

    • 21.1 Mystisith

      I think that your scenario for the KWB’s character is probably close to what we will have in the drama (shared with CJH’s character). KES uses conflicts/rivalry at a minimal level for the progression of the story but she prefers bromance and collaboration and tough love… Which is perfectly fine with me. ^^

      • 21.1.1 Anxiously Anticipating Heirs

        I was thinking the same thing. I only read the recaps of AGD, but I watched SG and what I recall from both dramas is that no one fought the main lead for the attention of the female lead. I dunno if that’s KES’ MO but I hope so.

  22. 22 eny

    I haven’t see something interesting in this drama yet even after watch second teaser
    I like Kim wo bin in School 2013

  23. 23 Sumee

    Lee min ho and choi Jin hyun totally look like brothers…. Off course from another mother ..

    • 23.1 tokkioncrack

      too true.

      Great casting call that one.

      But I don’t like PSH with LMH.

      I like her, but only from a distance and not ruining LMH’s chance at success with wooden face and fish lips.

      Harsh, I know. But it’s about min ho.

      • 23.1.1 Sumee

        Hmmmm..I like PSH..I really doo…but she comes across as a very blank person in compassionate scenes…so dull ..so lifeless..

        • K

          lol ofc she is so lifeless that she can cry her heart out. Sure

  24. 24 jae

    I am on board in this drama. Well not for anything but these type of very stereotypical dramas help me enjoy without thinking too much. I’ll just watch it, maybe get annoyed of the characters, shrug over cliche cliches but at the end of the day, like a Disney story everything will end well, no attachment or lingering feeling whatsoever.
    But, I kinda have a bias on seeing rich kids getting knocked out of their pedestal..

    Just one thing, I hope Park Shin Hye will not act so naive in this drama. I am kinda sick of her always innocent, sheltered (sometimes LITERALLY, aka FBND), and bully-able character. So much for a cookie cutter for me. How about some challenge girl, we’re not asking for an Anne Hathaway-esque type of transformation ala Les Miserables, just a liitttttllleee change would make us happy.

    And for our dear Min Ho, I sure hope this is your last high school role, cause dearie u can be Peter Pan next time if you still pick up another one of the same kind after this. More of the bad ass ala City Hunter, you can still be pretty while you’re at it, if that’s your worry.

  25. 25 Kdramalover

    I’m in for Shinhye and Minho pairing. It’s nothing like bof 2.0, it started with them meeting each other by witnessing the hurt by their love one. Of course, with woobin in the scene makes it more interesting. Shinhye is not the poor helpless candy that some people is claiming. I’m definitely watching for Shinhye.

  26. 26 Soyb

    I’m glad to see this trailer b/c it’s the first time I saw a potential for chemistry between LMH and PSH in that final clip. They’ve been looking like siblings in all the photos and posters. That step-sister actress… I can’t get into her b/c she seems to always play a witch (TTBY and Hope for Dating) and Krystal looks like another pinchy faced mean girl. I guess even if the drama turns out to be train wreck, it sure will be pretty to watch though!

  27. 27 xcmk

    at least it will be a very pretty drama :3

  28. 28 Lixie

    It’s a sin what they did to CJH hair I was thinking it was an attempt to show him as less pretty tham MinHo but then LMH looks almost just as bad to me. Who told them mop hair was alright it’s a mystery to me!!!

  29. 29 Nheony

    Well that’s a welcome change. They will develop a friendship from the start which is good, and PSH doesn’t seem like the typical poor girl here. The vibe of this trailer doesn’t at all scream BOF 2.0 to me so I’m really looking forward to it now.

  30. 30 stars4u

    I wanted a love lone between Kim Ji Won and Kim Woo Bin after they announces the casting and before they said they would play step siblings

  31. 31 LoveIt

    I enjoyed the teaser, but I can’t for the life of me see how people are excited about KWB feening for step sister. Dude took his glasses off when he saw her, and looked at her like a lion hunting an antelope in the sahara desert. Like, dude is most definitely a sleeze bag, and there is nothing sexy about it.

    I am just hoping that he is doing it just to mess with her, because that is the type of sleezebag he is. Oh and I am getting tired of the look he gives when he looks with one eyebrow raised. He does it in different degrees but it is the same look.

    His character has potential though. Who doesn’t like a bad boy? If he is not too much of an asshole, or sleezebag, but portrays his character well enough, that the audience can laugh along with him, then I def see his character being a scene stealer.

  32. 32 bboingbboing

    I don’t know who put Woo Bin in that mustard sweater, but he/she’d better burn the thing. That+sleaze all over his photo…not feelin’ it.

    Heirs can only release so much trailers/news/picspams before I forget that it hasn’t started yet so I can’t be sick of it yet.:))

  33. 33 pogo

    JB/GF/Heads, whichever of you is recapping this, I hope you’re ready for the influx of LMH fans, I see a few are already at work trashing the leading lady and second lead here.

    • 33.1 LoveIt

      I see plenty of people trashing LMH and LMH/PSH pairing. I see no trashing of the second lead.


      • 33.1.1 pogo

        clearly someone isn’t reading their own comments…

        • ilikemangos


    • 33.2 messi

      Not only that but i also get vibes that some people want this drama to be a failure just because they don’t like the actor playing opposite to their bias.
      There are another type. I read in a older heirs related article where this person comments that he/she wants this drama to be a failure because he/she can’t stand the hype around this drama. Haha, i mean wishing for someone’s or something’s failure just because you don’t like them is such a low thing.

      • 33.2.1 LoveIt

        This is what I see as well. I also people who want the drama to fail because they don’t like the too leads, or feel they are overhyped. There are also those, whose bias is the second lead, so they are claiming the leads have no chemistry.

        The show hasn’t even started yet, but they swear they know. So far I just don’t like that KWB is crushing on his sister and it gives me the heebie jeebies. I am also hoping he is just joking or messing with her, because it makes ME uncomfortable.

        Other than that, I have no problem with any of the cast.

        • Omona

          lmao… delusional fans bashing delusional fans. LOL

          So, everyone who don’t see PSH and LMH chemistry is WB biased? LOL please, don’t make me laugh.

          I for example think PSH and LMH lack chemistry with their co-stars and need the other star to help them bring it…

          Plus WB is allien looking to me, I don’t get his appeal…

          • LoveIt

            Okay? So you are anti LMH PSH and KWB, so what makes you any less delusional? LMAO Good try though.

          • pogo

            @LoveIt – I honestly don’t think you have a leg to stand on when it comes to calling another person delusional, considering what your claims about people who simply don’t feel the LMH/PSH chemistry are.

          • favoree

            Very , very true:
            “I for example think PSH and LMH lack chemistry with their co-stars and need the other star to help them bring it…”

            But, let’s hope it will be a good drama, anyway.

            looking forwad to watch it)))

      • 33.2.2 pogo

        I don’t understand people who want this to fail based on preconceptions either, but forming an opinion based on what we have before us is normal. Getting angry that people have opinions that are different from yours…..not so much.

    • 33.3 Ace

      For every LMH *fan* saying bad stuff about the leading lady, there’s also a PSH *fan* that says bad stuff about LMH. But yeah, based on the early articles about this drama, expect some major rants and super raves about their biases. Hope it’ll not be so hateful though. Some comments are really hard to read as they fall under uber-crazy fan territory. I just skip those. But it can be entertaining and amusing too hahaha. I get lots of laugh from reading comments about KHJ, JGS, MGY, & YEH.

      • 33.3.1 pogo

        @Ace – maybe this is happening on Heirs posts I haven’t seen, because I see far more LMH fangirls going on about how PSH kisses in her previous dramas/hoping she doesn’t bring oppa down, etc etc etc.

        • Ace

          That would be the crazy fans. Not sure if it was an Heirs post but I made a comment about someone using different names, but the content and how it was written sounded the same. Plus they are super defensive and you can’t argue with them even if you’re a LMH fan too (like me) and want them to tone down their obsessiveness with their oppa coz it’s giving LMH fans a bad name.

          Me, I like PSH in general (like PMY or *ahem* Suzy) but initially disagreed with her casting. However silver lining for me was it could’ve been worse. Like casting Yoona. Or Jessica. *shudders*

          Also not a fan of the gumiho guy, but as he’s not that important to me, I don’t care. As long as the writer writes well (as in character development, no makjang surprises and clichés, etc) and the PD’s decent, then it would be worth it to sit through 20 episodes.

        • pogo

          @Ace – yeah, some of the fans from both sides (LMH/PSH, but mostly LMH) need to calm down and realise these actors aren’t actually in a competition or something, it’s off-putting to people who aren’t that rabid.

          Re: your actress assessment, I actually think Yoona’s not so bad, though Jessica and Suzy are pretty much black holes of vacancy onscreen and really can’t do anything acting-wise. PSH isn’t a perfect actress, but she is miles and miles ahead of any of the idols mentioned, simply because she’s consistently good at generating the required emotion and not surface-acting her way through it. And I say this as someone who didn’t even like her until a while back.

    • 33.4 lemondoodle

      Well, that’s slightly unfair since this post (and others) is all full of people repeating they are definitely not watching for LMH and LMH and PSH has no chemistry and have 2nd lead syndrome already for the slightly sleazy guy leering at his sister. I’m sure this will be a fun recap to read anyway. And I’m not a LMH fangirl.

      • 33.4.1 pogo

        At the time I posted, there were only a handful of comments and quite a few of them were from someone who sounded very biased, to the point of practically accusing fans who weren’t feeling it for whatever reason, of rooting for the ~second lead instead, like it was a conspiracy or something and not a legitimate criticism.

        If this is the trend Heirs recaps are going to take, I’m sure it’s going to be…entertaining, to say the least.

        • lemondoodle

          That could be it. When I read there were 90+ comments and a lot of them from Woo Bin fangirls doing the most with their subtle digs. Not that LMH fangirls don’t try their hardest usually. Just wait until the PapaGu fangirls come! It’ll be fun. The recaps are going to be more exciting than the drama.

          • Kiara

            Lol I’ll have my popcorn ready. Not for the actual show but for the recaps and comments.

  34. 34 Synjyn

    I’m all for Woo Bin’s character being Chuck Bass-esque, leacherous, schemeing bad boy, who is later redeemed. The ONLY reason I stuck it out for four seasons of Gossip Girl, was Chuck and Blair.

  35. 35 canxi

    Oh, so LMH and PSH get along right away? I’m more interested now. I like couples who get along from the start. Banter is nicer than misunderstandings and arguments (:

    • 35.1 liz

      I’m watching Love around, TW drama though, but the main couple starts nice too. They turn into friends and tell everything to each other and etc… I’m loving it!

      The main guy is rich but isn’t cold, neither arrogant! He is gentle, reasonable, sweet, polite and all! Seems like second guy from kdramaland, but he is the main on Taiwandramaland! lol

  36. 36 amy

    Really has bad feeling this drama is gonna tank. I hope the actings are not cringeworthy enough to make me watch till the end.

    • 36.1 Windsun33

      I kind of have the same feeling. I think it will go (and maybe actually BE) great for the first 2-4 episodes, then it will hit a Titanical type iceberg, and we will end up with another one of those “why am I watching this” dramas.

      If it really does go bad, I hope it does so early so I don’t end up with another ISYG and hang on til the end, wondering why. I seems like it is being really over-hyped, and that bothers me, even before it starts.

  37. 37 deb

    man, I’m surprised at how lax people are on here about step siblings being into each other. It’s actually pretty creepy to me. I guess this is a past norm in kdramas to skirt that line. Not feeling it because I know it would be messed up and damaging in real life so I can’t just wave it away because its romanticized by pretty people and romantic music.

    • 37.1 Mystisith

      Almost sure it’s just teasing and in case it’s not, we will learn that they are not related. I guess people like to focus on taboo dramatic stuff when there is nothing to see really, lol.

      • 37.1.1 ran

        emm u do know that step siblings are not blood related right?
        it’s a drama. don’t make it look like anything more serious.

        • Mystisith

          My bad: I mixed up her character with his half-sister. There is even less reasons to freak out, then.

        • pogo

          That too, stepsiblings who became stepsiblings only fairly recently, by the sound of it.

          • skelly

            Reminds me of the Tdrama Devil Beside You (based on the excellent manga Akuma de Sourou).

    • 37.2 parksooha

      but step siblings are not blood-related, and in the case of these two, they’re clearly meeting for the first time. i don’t see anything creepy about the potential of a romantic relationship here.

  38. 38 Nilechoclat

    I am Here For Shin HYe and Min Ho OTP and all casts awesome , But there are some people who want this drama fail that is your wish .
    Rather than trashing Shin Hye and Min ho go to learn some manners of How to respect the others .
    Please use your minds not your crazy Emotions :d

  39. 39 Jen

    Well im down with stepsiblings romance because here they are NOT related. Their parents marry when the children are grown too so, even less squicky. In real life, definitely a no no. But in drama, yeah i like couples with such a difficult trajectory stacked against them. Makes for more interesting conflict.

  40. 40 Yosoyharu

    This drama has a lot if eye candy :)! Yay I got new Lee Min Ho screen savers (;

  41. 41 nasus

    mannn.. LMH’s nose just way toooo straight it feels so wrong.. otherwise, definitely a pretty face to look at!

  42. 42 ht

    Omg I didn’t even know Yoon Jinseo was in that trailer if you didn’t mention it.

    .. and she’s like, the only one I care, lol. *runs away*

  43. 43 liz

    Please guys, just because people don’t see LMH and PSH chemistry as a couple, doesn’t mean they are haters, or want the drama to fail, it is just this: LMH and PS don’t seem to have good chemistry with each other.

    I thought so years ago when they did their CF together, zero, no sparks.

    I’m a hater because of this?

    Plus stop: ”deal with it, they are the leads and it won’t change”

    So? So? This drama has so many starts and there is always the FF button for us who don’t get the main couple apeal. Sorry that I’m in hears because of the other stars. Don’t feel butthurt about your bias please, not everyone has to love the lead, k?

    • 43.1 LoveIt

      No one is butthurt lmao. You are the only one crying about my post, but too afraid to reply to me.

      Also you are the one planning to fast forward, when I am planning to enjoy the whole drama and every character. How am I butt hurt? It is obvious that people have brought their preconceived opinions to this drama, and your post is the perfect example of that.

      You noticed their lack of chemistry from their CF? How many years ago was that? lmao, exactly, you already have a bias, thanks for proving my point.

      • 43.1.1 pogo

        @LoveIt – you’re butthurt enough to be bashing people who don’t share your opinion, so if you can’t learn how to separate criticisms of actors from plain old rudeness to fans, you shouldn’t be commenting here. Thanks for proving liz’s point with a textbook example of exactly what she was talking about.

  44. 44 selina

    Woo-bin oppa I already love your character. Cocky a-holes who get cut down to size are my weakness when done right (which he is). I think I will love the dynamic between him and KHW seeing as it looks like she doesn’t take his sh*t and gives as good as she gets. Honestly, aside from Woo-bin (and KHN and PHS) the only other thing really pulling me into this drama is the Choi Jin Huk and Im Joo Eun pairing. When will they give me something with my girl!?

  45. 45 saidcool93

    So Many Comments…. WoW. As For Me, I Plan To Watch This Drama Because Of The Story Only (Cast Doesn’t Matter For Me). I Hope That This Drama Would Be Different From “Boys Over Flowers” Especially Lee Min Ho’s Character And Other Characters Storyline.
    Waiting For Now.

  46. 46 Yoori

    I shall reserve my judgement for this drama until it airs.

    The end.

  47. 47 Quinze

    1. Damn LMH looks good! But he’s going to speak in cheesy kdrama English isn’t he? The awkwardness is making me cringe already 😐 I’ll just mute and watch the pretty…

    2. I’m not sure I’m enjoying Woo Bin’s heavy gel hair. At least not in this angle. And ick for the Cruel Intentions route? I wasn’t looking forward to the 2nd lead cliché and adding this on top of that…can’t he just not?

    3. At least everyone looks good!

  48. 48 Alice20

    I’m sorry, but I see no sparks.

    “Heirs……the story of how a man and a woman met…..and became the bestest friends.”

  49. 49 soprection

    Thank you for the update! Okay, I love Cruel Intentions (great reference!) but I am not feeling that potential loveline in this drama. Yeah, yeah, they’re not really related but it’s still kind of weird.

    I thought the final scene between the two leads was very cute. I hope we get lots of cute interactions between this couple and not just angsty fighting and melodramatic misunderstandings. THERE CAN NEVER BE TOO MANY CUTE COUPLE MOMENTS IN A ROM-COM, COME ON NOW, FOLKS.

    Those shots of California are goooooooooooooooooorgeous, especially the ones of the sea. The camera crew (and director) are doing a great job so far.


  50. 50 la dee dah

    My gosh. I was looking to this drama and was going to visit this site while it’s airing, but if each episode recap comment section is going to dissolve into fans versus fans like here, I’m just going to stick to reading just the recaps. Too much fighting already, and the darned drama hasn’t even started! I wish everyone would just wait until the drama actually starts to comment on chemistry and all that, you can’t tell from a veeery short promo with veeery little interaction between the characters. As for me, I’m very excited for another LMH drama and look forward to seeing Woobin in another drama (only seen him in School).

    • 50.1 nomad

      I know, right? I’ve never before read such feisty and cat-like-fight comments in DB as I have for just an “upcoming” drama. WOW! If this is the international fans…imagine how scary the Knetizens are.

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