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Jung Yumi and Lee Seon-kyun’s reunion in indie film Our Sunhi
by | September 16, 2013 | 25 Comments

It’s always nice when an indie movie has a good showing at the box office. Director Hong Sang-soo’s latest project Our Sunhi did well in its opening weekend, with over 13,000 tickets sold. Though the numbers pale in comparison to the blockbusters — of course movies like The Face Reader (already nearing 3 million tickets) and The Spy (over 1.5 million) made a big splash — they’re still impressive when you consider the fact that all of Hong Sang-soo’s films are independently produced in-house productions. They’re primarily festival fare but over the years he’s gained his own domestic following, and perhaps with the added boost of Chuseok week (the moviegoing high season), Our Sunhi has become his fastest growing film to date.

The movie reunites director Hong Sang-soo with his leading pair from Oki’s MovieJung Yumi (God of the Workplace, I Need Romance 2012) and Lee Seon-kyun (All About My Wife and also in the director’s last movie Nobody’s Daughter Hae-won). Jung Yumi stars as Sunhi (though I’d spell it Sun-hee), a young woman who returns to her old college campus to ask her film professor (Kim Sang-joong, The Chaser) for a recommendation letter.

There she runs into exes Lee Seon-kyun and Jung Jae-young (I Am a Murderer), and the movie is about the three men who are all connected to her in some way, and the whirlwind she creates when she blows through town (and their lives) again unexpectedly. Hong Sang-soo’s films tend to be contemplative character studies, and this one is no different, but the trailers made me laugh out loud. This movie’s theme focuses on life advice, and how the passing of one idea from person to person can be hilariously circular and often meaningless.

The teasers below show two examples of ideas that sound deep at first, that then get passed from one character to another, to another, until you have no idea who originated the thought in the first place. The second clip is the funny one — it’s un-subbed but worth watching for Lee Seon-kyun’s hilarious drunk speech (where of course he just cannibalizes Jung Yumi’s life advice to him in the scene just before, about digging deep to go forward in life and find oneself). Drunk Lee Seon-kyun is my favorite Lee Seon-kyun.

Our Sunhi is in theaters now.

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25 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Kiara

    Such a talented cast. Jung Jae-young is one busy man. If I’m not mistaken this will the 3rd movie for the year.
    I love me more indie films and so glad its doing well :). Cant wait to watch it.

    • 1.1 Kiara

      err his

    • 1.2 bd

      Agreed – absolutely an awesome cast.

  2. Shadow-chan

    I totally love the music in the trailer!

  3. come2noona

    Awww, LSK. I luff him!

  4. sae

    i freaking love jung yumi.
    and I freaking love hong sang soo.
    And I freaking love lee seonkyun.

    on a less fangirly note – the colours in the stills are really quite beautiful. all autumnal and warm.
    and man – I want to see this.

    And YES – drunk lee seon kyun totally chopping up the articulateness of Jung Yu Mi’s advice is HILARIOUS.

    • 4.1 jhu

      What the hell is he babbling? Lol. And he’s literally chopping with his hands as well. So stiff, haha.

      I don’t get a thing but it’s funny as hell.

      • 4.1.1 sae

        it’s like what JB said – he’s trying to say what jung yumi said to him about how he has to dig deep to the end in what he sets out to do, to reach his limit and thus know his capabilities and know who he is or something.
        but all he keeps on saying is ‘i’ve got to dig deep to go on, to know, i’ve got to dig deep to know’ repeatedly (the chopping hand movements) and jung jae young is like, ‘i get it dude, you’ve got to dig deep TO KNOW YOUR LIMIT to know who you are. You missed out reaching your limit you idiot’ or something like that.
        watching him is funny enough though, right?

        • jhu

          thanks sae for the translation! i watched it all over again. the man sounds like a broken record. haha. am laughing even more now.

          the trailers have such a refreshing tone, don’t they? they’re so unglamorous, really remind me of before sunrise/before sunset. a little wes anderson-y as well.

          and jung jae-young’s got this awesome ability to walk like a duck. adorable.

          they must have had so much fun while making the film.

  5. fan

    This is way too funny. This is how my famiy calls me~ Geez, I am getting homesick.

  6. Mimi

    this looks great! by any chance, girlfriday (and javabeans), will you guys be writing about how the face reader is doing? i read the only english language review it’s gotten (over at modernkoreancinema, and yay jong suk got a mention, despite him not taking up a significant chunk of the screen time!) and am awfully curious about how it’s faring, both financially and critically, in SK.

  7. Yumi

    Her face is amazing.

    • 7.1 sae


  8. pabo ceo reom

    Ya know, I would spell it Sun-hee too. Sunhi just looks weird to me. I wonder why they did that.

  9. birdscout

    I got to see this movie at its North American premiere last week at TIFF. It was sweetly funny and low-key. Nothing really “happened”, but there was lots of soju-drinking and “digging”. You can see that The Voice was actually drinking the soju and getting drunk by the colour of his face 🙂

    Jung Yumi was so lovable in this. I imagine her to be a lot like this character in real life. Ye Jiwon only had about three lines in this, but I thought she was hilarious. Too bad there was no Q&A session with the director.

    A great thrill for me was recognizing the neighbourhood where I stayed when I visited Seoul last summer. In the picture above, The Voice is standing right outside the front of the Hanok that I rented.

    • 9.1 CL

      I saw this movie over the weekend at TIFF too. Many laughs from the audience. It was my favorite film at TIFF this year.

      The “digging” talk was hilarious, along with the repeated speeches from the other actors.

  10. 10 redfox

    I dont quite get it, but…. um hmm. maybe I will eatch but first I will watch Secretly Greatly which was just uploaded to Gooddrama. I have yearned for that one

  11. 11 Mar

    Thanks for posting. Love the cast, sounds great. Totally on my to do list.

  12. 12 kiki

    Love Hong Sang Soo’s work. It’s not for everyone though. He’s a filmmakers filmmaker, and a film lovers filmmaker. If you hate the french new wave, then Hong Sang Soo is not your guy because his work is SUPER influenced by it. In other words, lots of walking and talking, more walking and talking, then some more walking and talking with the occasional quiet event taking place that you didn’t realize was important until the end. Lately, he’s been taking the Robert Altman approach and just giving his cast a rough outline of what they should be talking about, and where the conversation should end up, then turning on the camera and letting them improvise. It gives the actor’s scenes this fantastic nervous awkwardness that ends up sounding a lot more like a real conversation.

  13. 13 jhu

    “Lately, he’s been taking the Robert Altman approach and just giving his cast a rough outline of what they should be talking about, and where the conversation should end up, then turning on the camera and letting them improvise.”

    Wow. That sounds incredibly fun and extremely challenging. But if he’s got a troupe of some of the best actors in the industry working for him over and over again (they must enjoy the liberties that come along with Hong Sang-soo), I think it’s a risk worth taking.

    Maybe he’s trying to get his actors to dig deep so that they get to know their inner artists…or something like that. 🙂

  14. 14 Xxvxx

    I love Jung Yumi so much I can’t wait to see this

  15. 15 Claudine

    That’s one heck of a cast!

  16. 16 all4movies

    Thanks for the trailers.

    I’ll be watching this at the Vancouver International Film Fest in a couple of weeks.

  17. 17 Camille

    I love Lee Seon Kyun. I will watch this. Mehn.

    On a side note: OMG THAT’S THE BANNER I MADE! WEE <3

  18. 18 damianna

    a winning ensemble. wish i could watch this subbed someday. lee seon kyun is love!

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