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Leading ladies secured for Warm Words
by | September 16, 2013 | 13 Comments

Han Hye-jin (26 Years, Syndrome) is heading back to Korea to shoot a drama, having relocated to England following her July wedding to soccer player Ki Sung-yong (who plays in the UK). She’d given up her spot as host of variety program Healing Camp (which replaced her with Sung Yuri) and I’d wondered whether she’d be easing up on the workload, but perhaps not: Han has signed on to SBS drama Warm Words, which will be part of its winter lineup.

This is the drama described as a Desperate Housewives-ish tale about a “dangerous love” between a man and woman that offered its leading man role to Ji Jin-hee. Han Hye-jin is set to play a woman whose lively personality sometimes gets mistaken for immaturity, thought that brightness doesn’t stop her from being disappointed in her husband. The description says she and her husband “get caught up in events,” which is just about as helpful as saying “stuff happens in this show.” Yeah, thanks-no-thanks.

Kim Ji-soo (King Geunchogo) has been tapped to play the other female lead and will portray a character who looks innocent on the outside, hiding a calculating personality. She’s married to a successful businessman and is the object of envy, until she discovers her husband’s affair… and decides to lie low and get closer to the cheating couple. Ahhh, those are the scariest ones! The people whose response to being hurt is to start planning something, quietly and carefully.

Warm Words is brought to you by the writer of JTBC’s well-received Can We Get Married, Ha Myung-hee, and the director of “premium makjang” weekend drama Five Fingers, PD Choi Young-hoon. It’ll be in SBS’s Monday-Tuesday slot come December 2.



13 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. the50-person

    Hope there’s ji Jin hee

    • 1.1 the50-person

      Wait a sec, has ji Jin hee confirmed?

    • 1.2 bd

      Not my usual cup of tea, but I like HHJ and if JJH is confirmed, I might give it a shot.

  2. D's handphone

    I love love love love love Can We Get Married but not Five Fingers. Otoke?

    • 2.1 Mystisith

      I have the same problem. This drama won’t be on cable which means it will probably take the road of 5F… Since I’m not a fan of makjang, I will wait for the show to be finished and reviewed and I will decide then what to do with it.

      • 2.1.1 the50-person

        Agreed. Makjang is just so not my cup of tea. Haiz what a pity. I actually like the actresses.

        • Lilian

          My exact thoughts. My hopes went up then down while reading the same sentence! Can We Get Married was interesting because it focused on a different stage of relationship …rather than the initial courtship stage. And we got to learn more about Korean “culture” and all the gifts and what-nots…didn’t like Five Fingers at all though

  3. Annie

    Kind of interesting that this will be a sympathetic portrayal of an affair. I hope Kim Ji Soo’s character isn’t too much of a psycho so that the husband’s affair is rationalized.

  4. erened

    This would do better on cable, in the hands of the main channels there is a very strong chance it will be another superficial cliche makjang drama.

    • 4.1 Annie

      The writer is Ha Myung Hee who did the very accomplished Can We Get Married? for jTBC so I have faith in this one until proven otherwise.

      • 4.1.1 Annie

        Whoops, this was included at the end of the article. My bad, didn’t mean to sound like a lecturer 🙂

  5. zsa

    i love can we can married and ji jin hee….would that be enough?

  6. yeojacheol

    that character description of the role han hyejin is playing sure sounds exactly like her life right now especially considering KiSY’s recent antics lol

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