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Lee Seung-gi to be Na PD’s next luggage boy
by | September 3, 2013 | 122 Comments

Ermagerd. You guuuuuyssss, Na PD and Seung-gi, together again! WHO’S EXCITED? Lee Seung-gi has confirmed that he’ll be teaming up with PD Na Young-seok for the next season of tvN’s Grandpas Over Flowers, except this time, it’ll be with four actresses instead. It’s being called a Part 2 of his travel backpacking series, so we’ll have to wait and see if it gets called Grandmas Over Flowers or something else. Truthfully, you could tell me it was a special about watching paint dry, and I’d still tune in for this bromance.

The destination and main cast are still unconfirmed, but being courted are Yoon Yeo-jung (Aging Family, The King 2 Hearts) and Kim Hee-ae (A Wife’s Credentials, Midas). Kim Hee-ae’s too young for it to be a grandma special, so they might have to just call it an actress special if she joins. Yoon Yeo-jung would be fabulous, and has played Seung-gi’s onscreen mom, so that’s just going to be buckets of adorable. Can you just imagine all the mom-love that’s coming his way?

The plan is to have four actresses just like the halbae cast, with Seung-gi as the luggage boy a la Seo-jinnie. He was in fact recruited for the first season of Grandpas Over Flowers, but couldn’t manage it with his drama Gu Family Book; he’s since been meeting with Na PD to match their schedules for this next trip.

I hope there’s a chance for Seung-gi to go on a trip with the halbaes after this, because I think they’d be less doting and give him a harder time. I’m sure the actress special will be fun (and KBS’s copycat program has already premiered, which now I want to see just so I can compare), but I’m concerned they’ll all be too nice. Who’s going to be Il-sub halbae’s granny counterpart? Or will forcing veteran actresses to share a bathroom bring out the grumpypants in everyone anyway?

It’s already been two years since Seung-gi and Na PD parted ways with KBS’s first season of 1 Night 2 Days, where they had a five-year run and at times held 40% ratings. And if you couldn’t tell already, I’m over the moon about them working together again.

Season 2 of Halbae (the Taiwan trip) is airing now, and will take a fall/winter break while the Seung-gi/Actress season airs in November. But never fear, because the halbaes will return in January with their next trip, after they’ve had time to recharge.

Grandpas Over Flowers airs on Fridays on tvN.

Via Star News, E Daily, Osen


122 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. KDaddict

    Hahahahahaha……..I’m so excited!
    Na PD + LSG, with 4 actresses! Fantastic!
    Can’t wait to see them fussing over Him, and mothering him!
    When? When? Another couple months to wait!

  2. niKai

    That’s plain awesome though I couldnt quite imagine the dynamic between a boy and 4 grandmas.

  3. KDaddict

    Best news ever! TQ.

  4. coby


  5. lemondoodle

    I’m so excited! It’s been toooo long since Seunggi been in variety. So happy to see Yoon Yeo-jung too!

    I can’t imagine the women being anything but nice to him, but I’m sure Na PD will surprise us all. I don’t really expect a GOF copy with women and a new luggage boy. But I can’t say I care about what it’s about. Just seeing the two together again will be good enough for me.

  6. Chichiri


  7. Gumei

    Seung Gi and PD Na together ! I can’t wait.

  8. Kelinci Biru

    Aw, and i reaaaaaaaaaaaally really wish for both actress to sign up. love both of them (loving Seung-gi is goes without saying). wishing for anyone from 1n2d actress special to come too..

  9. sweetcloud

    Lol is Seo-Jinnie reading the news? I’m picturing that scene where he asked Na PD if he was the first one recruited for Grandpas over Flowers and Na PD of course swore up and down that there was only him πŸ˜€

    • 9.1 pinksapphire

      hahaha…. Na PD is really good for variety……

      I am not meant to be spoiler here… but, you know that Seung Gi and Seo-Jinnie are besties, right? In fact, Seo-Jinnie was on the trip with Seung Gi to Osaka from 28 Aug to 1 Sep 2013. They are also in the same agency. So, I am sure Seo-Jinnie knows about the news beforehand.

  10. 10 Ivoire

    The last picture is cute and funny!

  11. 11 ajewell

    YES! Best. News. EVER!

  12. 12 darksilvercloud

    OMG. *fangirl scream* Absolutely can’t wait to see this show! Loving the possible actress cast! Fingers crossed and hoping that this would be another awesome show to watch<3 LOL, the last picture.

  13. 13 Waiting

    Oh, I hope we have access to this subbed. It sounds like fun. I do like LSG in variety, he is charming.

    Good news, this will help replace the last memory of Kangchi in a white Ferrari. *shudders*

    GF (or anyone who knows), how do the seasons work in SK? You mentioned a that season 1 of 1D2N was five years long. So, if the PD or cast do not change, it is considered the same season?

    • 13.1 girlfriday

      “Season” is used very loosely with variety shows. There’s no uniformity from show to show, and mostly the term is simply used to denote a change — 1N2D decided it would have a second season when the PD/cast changed, Family Outing did the same, etc. Length varies each time.

      But with Grandpas Over Flowers, they’re calling each trip a season — cable is doing shorter seasons for everything (SNL Korea is like this), so it’s just a different use.

      • 13.1.1 Waiting

        Thanks for reading my post and replying. I appreciate the explanation! πŸ™‚

  14. 14 blyssxoxo

    Aww..please do one with the halbaes! Really want to see LSG with them!

    • 14.1 geese

      i don’t think there’ll be Seung gi and halbae’s because its a spot meant to Seo Jinnie…I will always be grateful that Lee Seo Jin did it. I wouldn’t want it other wise its like NA PD said the best thing he did in that show was cast him. With Seung gi this time around the variety they will join in with PD NA will have a different story. Its like the role amazingly fit to whoever got the job.
      it was a good chance to see the other side of Seo Jin and of course those two are good sunbae and hoobae since they are in the same company….NA PD is genius when its variety were talking.

      • 14.1.1 ruizhen

        yeah right. i also dont like the idea seunggi teaming up with halbae’s. i like seojinnie’s role as their luggage boy. seunggi teaming up with 4 actresses will be a new story. if seojinnie bringing sunny home brings out like “meet my 3 dads”, seunggi will have, “my 4 moms”!

    • 14.2 TS

      Older people, especially men, seem to like to keep things as they are. So, my guess is the grandpas won’t want things switched up with another luggage boy. πŸ™‚

      Besides, SeoJinnie owns that role now.

  15. 15 melle permejo (@melpermejo)

    Oh Gosh! Today is really awesome, with today’s Seung Gi’s news all around, I am beaming with smile all over my face.

    Excitement overload!!!!

  16. 16 Kimmidoll

    YESSSSS omg I’ve waited for this moment for the longest timeeee xD

    eeepp so excitedd gahhh

  17. 17 cd



    • 17.1 shi

      *both hands up!* ^^

  18. 18 MHY

    Chants *Lee Seung Gi! Lee Seung Gi! Lee Seung Gi!* WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…….

  19. 19 Alex

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!
    Dear Seung Gi, miss you in variety so much!

  20. 20 george

    “Who’s excited?”.MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!This is exciiiiiiiiting,exciiiiiiiiiting….I’m actually singing this “exciting” parts,that’s why.I can’t wait to see Seung Gi reunite with Na PD much even more so because we already fell in love with the show.Yeah,i would have wanted him to be with the grumpy halbae’s because i would want to see him with the gramps grumpiness.

    Thank you for the info.

  21. 21 misz_me

    omagod!! omagod!! i’m super excited!! like that (pointing at the sky) excited.. one thing, i’m a huge fan of LSG and the second thing, i’ve always love their bromance.. hik hik (giddy fan’s alert!!)

  22. 22 kyl

    Best news ever. I’ve missed him in a variety show. Seunggi and Na PD will just tease each other all day. CAN’T WAITTTTTTTT :))))))))

    • 22.1 geese

      lets wait who got the best argument this time….he he he he….wittiness vs. heodangness….ha ha ha ha….it was a great super news..

  23. 23 Dbsklove


  24. 24 Mandy

    *incoherent spazz* Omgomgomgomgomg!!! Finally Lee Seung Gi! God it’s been forever even if its hardly been 2 years since he left variety. This is soooo exciting. It’s gonna be epic, gah!

    November, come already – what’s taking you??

  25. 25 djes

    That’s how you work it Na PD!
    I hope this one will be better ( in rating and everything ) than KBS one.

    • 25.1 peeps

      Pfft!! I know right? Copycats…

      What can I say… Na PD is a genius. I hereby declare my eternal loyalty to Na PD, especially when he’s scheming to recruit unwilling tour guides or when he’s pulling the rug under someone else’s feet.

      And Yoon YeoJung!!! Don’t decline this!!! Pwease?

    • 25.2 geese

      its just said that the other show keeps fading away….i miss the 1st batch…gone is the original theme of the show…

  26. 26 KDaddict

    LSG is one hardworking guy. He finished GFB, went overseas for his concerts, Japan and other places, turn around and do this. I love seeing him on screen, but does the guy every take a break? πŸ˜‰

  27. 27 tiny

    finally more details on this news! kyaaaa so eggzioted πŸ˜€

    • 27.1 tiny

      also, Yoon Yeo-jung is a spitfire! i’ve read banters between her and writer Noh Hee-kyung (That Winter, The Wind Blows) and it’s variety gold LOL

      • 27.1.1 ilikemangos

        Yoon Yeo Jung is seriously awesome. She’s very beautiful (at 66!) — it’s obvious she was quite the looker at her prime. She just has a very strong and youthful vibe for someone her age, and she’s nurturing, wise, and funny to boot!
        Forever the most badass mom for me (esp. since she wasn’t your typical k-drama mother-in-law in K2H), even if i recently saw her as the wise teacher in QOC.

        • bbstl

          it would be so great if the halmonis were like the older actresses in Worlds Within (and Yoon Yeo Jung was one) – those gals were hilarious and Seung Gi would have to work pretty hard to keep them happy.

          • Mashimomo

            Yup she gave Daniel Choi one heck of a time on Worlds Within! I wouldn’t mind knowing if she’s like that IRL, makes for good entertainment for us but obviously not for Seung-gi, heh.

  28. 28 Carole McDonnell

    oh my!!!! Big grin! I have a very sily smile on my face now anticipating this. LSG is such a sweetie.

  29. 29 kimjandi

    best news of the day!!! omg can’t wait for this part 2! Na PD and lee seunggi together again!!!! wohooo!!! πŸ™‚ i just hope a lot of download sites will catch it and do eng subs! seunggi! seunggi! seunggi!

    • 29.1 scarlett

      LSG’s fans (is it airen?) will definitely subbed it for sure. and so I hope though.

  30. 30 maria

    AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!! iHEARTuSeungGi <3

  31. 31 the50-person

    YAYYYYY LSG!!!! Woots. Na PD I luv u for this!

  32. 32 Mary

    Seungi !!!!Na PD!!!
    Someone pinch me!!!
    Oh my god Love them!!!

    • 32.1 geese

      pinching ….*****…hiks it hurts right ….this means its real….he he he he he…

  33. 33 Tin

    Daebak! Amazing! Fantastic! Been waiting for Seunggi’s comeback on the variety world forever! This really made my day extra special w/ Na PD as the icing on top!

  34. 34 DDee

    It’s official. Na PD is god!

  35. 35 seunggiyah

    I don’t usually comment but this piece of news has got my eyes all watering up! ;~; I miss 1n2d and Na PD *thissss muchhhhhhhhhhh*

    can’t wait!

  36. 36 cimori

    i can’t wait to see LSG in na pd’s project. they are “a couple” in variety show industry

  37. 37 jhu

    haha. i read this news at the dining table and was caught by surprise when my mother asked me why i had such a big grin on my face. yes, why do i have such a goofy smile on my face?

    you know k-tv has really swallowed your life when the news of lee seunggi teaming up with na pd again rocks your world like this. (but you really don’t want your mom or anyone else in the real world to know about stuff like this)

    i was introduced to 1n2d only very recently and even though i’m only 69 episodes into the first season, the people in it feel pretty much like family. aah, am so happy i think i’m going to drop a tear or two.

  38. 38 reglest


  39. 39 imho

    When I read about this news this morning, the first person that came to my mind is you, GF.^^ Thank you for posting.
    I’m soooooo excited!!!

  40. 40 topper

    OMG Yoon Yeo-jung on variety. Plus Lee Seunggi. And a Na PD project. Must watch.

  41. 41 Abbie

    Yay! I’m excited for anything Seung-gi does, but him and Na PD together again should be epic!

    Can’t wait!

  42. 42 Osi

    Lee Seung Gi and Na PD! I’m beyond excited…Yaaaaay..!

  43. 43 bgr

    TQ for the good news!!!

    Won’t it be great if Kang HoDong-sshi had a turn as the Halbae’s luggage boy!? teehee… 😁

  44. 44 WickedBiccie


    I may have just startled my new neighbours.

    I sure as hell frightened the life out of The Foster Cat.

    C’mon November!!

  45. 45 Emmy

    Yes please!!!!

    Hope Yoon Yeo-Jung confirms, they were great together in K2H and I’d love to see them pair up again in a reality show!:)

    And more Seunggi is always a good thing.;)

    • 45.1 ilikemangos

      Hope she does too, she loves seung gi!

  46. 46 Shado

    For real???
    *laughs gleefully at the news*

  47. 47 Mommai

    KYAAAAAAA!!!!!! Yay!!! This is so exciting! It’s a great way to do the format, with the rotating luggage boys and of course Na PD at the helm. Seung GI can do some while he’s here, and Seo Jin and others can swap in when he goes to the army, since they’ve already some some swapping.

  48. 48 judepps

    who’s excited??? count me in co’z im suuuupeeer excited… Waking up late straight from bed due from sleeping at wee hours rewatching 1n2d S1.. and Alas! here’s a great news… Seunggi is back with PD Na in variety world.. What a great news to hear… The long wait is over…

    Looking forward for the Part 2 of PD Na’s show.. This news really makes my day.. I was like beaming all smiles going to work..

  49. 49 Yayayay

    Greatest news ever can’t wait!!

  50. 50 ailee

    Omg I lurveeeeeee the last photo! Bromance is always so goooood πŸ˜€

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