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Master’s Sun: Episode 9
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The romance really kicked into high gear with last week’s episodes, and today doesn’t disappoint. Feelings start to interfere with the business arrangement, so our hero starts to look for creative ways to balance his books and his heart. Because math solves everything, right? The denial, it is strong with this one.


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After reeling from Hee-joo’s last visit, Joong-won sits in silence with Gong-shil keeping watch nearby, protecting him as requested. She takes another look around and confirms that Hee-joo is gone.

She asks why he didn’t tell anyone about Hee-joo being in on the kidnapping from the start, and he says that if she had lived, he would’ve done just that and purely hated her. But she died in front of his eyes, and he couldn’t help but pity her, thinking she had been used and abandoned by the person responsible.

But he scoffs that that was foolish and he now realizes he had fallen for the ruse completely, if Hee-joo is, to this day, protecting the person who kidnapped him. Gong-shil says sympathetically that it must’ve been hard for him. She reminds him that he said it was okay for her to show concern, and adds that his wounds hurt more because he covered them up.

She starts to get worked up and grumbles that he still can’t read because of those scars, and bites, “That bitch.” Haha. Joong-won looks up in surprise, and Gong-shil tells him she’ll make sure to curse at Hee-joo properly the next time she sees her. That’s so cute. He’s immediately buoyed by her taking his side and calls her a useful radar after all.

Daddy Joo tells Kang Woo to stay put, saying that Joong-won isn’t the type to do anything but ignore him. At the same time, Joong-won is telling Secretary Kim word for word what his father must be thinking. He still suspects that Dad has the necklace because he never paid the ransom at all, while Dad is scouring Europe looking for it.

Dad tells Kang-woo that he plays his son the same way he does women: hot and cold. Orrrr, you could just have an honest conversation? How about that? In any case, he plans to return to Korea soon.

Secretary Kim asks what’ll happen to Gong-shil if Dad turns up with the necklace, and Joong-won says there isn’t really a use for the radar anymore, if Hee-joo is a dead end. Secretary Kim sighs that it suuuuure will be quiet around here if she goes. I love that he needles him about Gong-shil at every opportunity.

Kang Woo runs into Gong-shil down in the mall, and asks if Joong-won told her about him working for Daddy Joo. She nods and says he should’ve just asked her outright from the start, instead of letting her think he liked her and was always asking about Joong-won out of jealousy.

She offers to tell Kang Woo the truth, and tells him to follow. Joong-won watches them walk away together, and notes she doesn’t seem too mad at Kang Woo, but that she must be a little hurt inside.

Gong-shil leads Kang Woo around the mall for a little while, and stops when she finds a good spot. She takes a deep breath and tells him the truth: that she can see ghosts, and that’s the real reason she’s by Joong-won’s side.

Kang Woo asks if she’s punishing him for lying to her, and making up scary stories. But Gong-shil calmly tells him that she didn’t want to scare him, but there’s no way to explain her relationship to Joong-won without this. And that’s when she points out the grandma sitting on a bench nearby, with a cat ghost sitting next to her.

She says that grandma must’ve had a fluffy white kitty that just died, and lets Kang Woo find out for himself. He asks the grandma if she has a cat, and she sighs that it just died, and shows him a picture. He gapes.

Joong-won goes up to Gong-shil’s office, wondering to himself if she has to go now that there’s no use for the radar anymore. When he goes inside, he finds her hunched over in her chair, and immediately assumes she’s crying (over having to leave you?) only to find that she’s dozing off.

But then he notices ghost activity stirring her awake, and adorably goes into emergency shelter mode. He sits by her side and shoos the ghosties away, arguing that they have to let her sleep. He pulls her head over to rest on his arm so she can sleep ghost-free.

He sits there for a while and then puts his arm around her for absolutely no reason other than to pull her closer, and she totally feels him up in her sleep. Joong-won: “You like that, don’t you?” Rawr.

When she wakes up, he’s gone, and she wonders how she got such good uninterrupted sleep. Coffee Ghost is waiting at her feet though, so she heads down to visit unni. She sighs that she’s too popular with ghosts, and says one of them told her once that they’re attracted to her light.

She remembers that creepy ghost matchmaker’s warning not to let herself get swallowed up, because ghosts are looking for ways to come back and hopping a ride in her body is one of them. Upstairs, Joong-won sees his curtain sway, and thinks it’s the ghost that was bugging Gong-shil earlier. He brushes it off, but it turns out to be Hee-joo.

Gong-shil asks unni if she’s supposed to let a ghost borrow her body if they have something really important to say, but unni calls her crazy. I’ll second that. Gong-shil decides to heed the warning, because who knows if they won’t ever give it back—does that mean she dies?

Today’s Ghost of the Day: a man (Jung Chan) visits the morgue, where his wife is brought out on a slab, frozen cold. He replaces the frozen red rose with a fresh one, as the coroners look on with pity. They say it’s been a month already, but he refuses to let go of his wife, truly believing that she’ll come back to him somehow.

Inside, he plays her a new song he composed, begging her to return to him. We see her ghost appear behind him and put a hand on his shoulder. He turns out to be a famous concert pianist that Kingdom has booked for a concert. Aunt worries about the rumor that he can’t play ever since his wife died, but Uncle insists he’ll be fine.

Joong-won broaches the topic of the radar’s worth with Gong-shil, and she prepares herself to be fired now that she’s worth nothing (she in fact decides she’s costing him money, what with emergency shelter fees factored in).

He tells her to check her bank account because her paycheck should’ve come in, and waits while she calls her bank and practically faints at the number repeated back to her. Joong-won tells her that’s what her radar earned from the ghost-chasing and problem-solving she’s done up till now, and says her full worth is yet to be calculated.

For now, she’s got use and therefore value, so she stays. He asks if she was really going to leave if he told her to get lost, and Gong-shil says she doesn’t even get hurt at those words anymore because she hears them so often, “But when the day comes that you sincerely want me to go, I’ll understand.” He comforts himself by saying that she’d need to be told three times anyway.

Auntie Joo comes by to nag Joong-won about keeping Gong-shil around when things were going so well with Yi-ryung, and he points out that Yi-ryung is Little Sun while Gong-shil is Big Sun. Heh. That’s no comfort to Aunt, so he offers to go on as many blind dates as she wants to ease her mind.

She’s appeased by that, and sets up a date while he’s on his business trip to China. “The sun won’t be rising in China, will it?” Joong-won: “No, the weather report says a storm is brewing.”

Lol, poor Kang Candy has dark circles down to his jaw line, and tells Gong-shil that he couldn’t sleep a wink last night, thinking of that grandma and her ghost kitty. He wonders how Joong-won believes all of this, and she just says that Joong-won is special to her, and leaves it at that.

She swears that her only connection to the case is in trying to talk to Hee-joo’s ghost, and that she has no other relationship to the kidnapping. Kang Woo takes her word for now, and says he’ll just consider the ghost thing her way of punishing him. She suggests that he chalk it up to her just being from a different world.

He jumps in his skin when he walks into some boxes on his way out, clearly embarrassed, but too scared to hide it. He jumps again when Yi-ryung comes up behind him a little later, and sighs in relief, “Oh, it’s a person.”

She flips her hair: “I’m not a person. I’m a goddess.” Pffft. You did not just say that. She pouts in disappointment to hear that they don’t have to spy on Gong-shil anymore, and offers to buy lunch instead since it’s their first day as boyfriend-girlfriend.

He doesn’t recall agreeing to date her, but she tells him that he’ll eventually fall for her and look back on today and realize it was when their relationship began. He stops, takes in her crazy logic, and agrees: “Okay, let’s say we dated then. Let’s break up.” He thanks her for the happy memories in the minute and a half that they were dating, and tells her to be happy. Ha.

Late that night, Kang Woo hears some tinkering in the concert hall on his nightly rounds, and feels something cold as he brushes past the ghost of the pianist’s wife. Meanwhile, the pianist is trying to work up the nerve to slam the piano shut over his fingers, when Kang Woo comes in.

He tackles the guy to the ground by the hand, and the next day the pianist shows up with his hand in a cast, insisting to Uncle that he can’t play. Guess he found his excuse after all. Gong-shil hears that Kang Woo is being blamed when there’s clearly something else going on, and she goes to see the ghost for herself.

As Joong-won and Secretary Kim walk past the jewelry department, Secretary Kim points out a necklace on display, in the shape of a sun. He says that would make for a much better talisman, and tells Joong-won that Gong-shil asked if she could borrow Joong-won’s favorite pen while he’s away in China.

She had said it might make her feel safer, kind of like a talisman to ward off ghosts. Joong-won smiles to hear that she’s worried about being without him after all, but walks past the necklace brusquely.

Cut to: the necklace, dangling from Joong-won’s hand. “Why did I buy this?” Hahaha. Because you’re weak to the power of suggestion? He decides that this is a move that doesn’t fit into his calculations, but before he has a chance to think it over, Gong-shil is at his door.

He asks what she’s doing here, and she says coyly that she asked Secretary Kim about “it,” and he told her to come to Joong-won, saying that he’d have “it” prepared for her. Joong-won grips the necklace in his hand, wondering how Secretary Kim knew: “I bought it alone…”

Gong-shil: “But you have it, right?” and she walks in. Joong-won blurts, “I didn’t buy it for you! I’m not going to give it to you!” Hee. She wonders what he’s talking about, and when he says talisman, she takes it literally, wondering why he spent money on a talisman when she could’ve given him one of hers.

It’s only then that he realizes they’re not talking about the necklace, and he quickly hides it. She explains that she came to try and fix the pianist problem, and brought the wife ghost along. She needs an oven, which is why she’s here.

As she gets to work in the kitchen, she explains that the pianist was a highly regimented creature of habit, and his wife would always bake him a pie as he practiced before a big concert. She says that if she brings him the pie, the misunderstanding with Kang Woo might get cleared up.

Joong-won seethes at that, realizing now that all this is for Kang Candy. She admits that she feels really bad about having to tell Kang Woo about stuff he really didn’t want to know, and adds that it’s beneficial for Kingdom too.

As she consults the ghost on the piecrust, Joong-won stands a little too close to her and they accidentally bump into each other, poofing the ghost away. Gong-shil snaps in frustration, and that pushes him over the edge: “Are you… getting mad at ME?

He points out that she’s the one touching him all the time to get rid of ghosts, gaping in disbelief that she’s now complaining that he touched her once. He grabs a bottle of champagne out of the fridge and slams it down on the counter, telling her to just get drunk, let the lady make her own damn pie and be done with it.

Gong-shil hems and haws, wondering if she should, even if it’s dangerous. She tells him that there’s a risk that a ghost won’t give her body back after possessing it, and he quickly puts the champagne back. “Don’t you ever drink.” Awwwwwww.

Yi-ryung finds Kang Woo lost in thought in the concert hall, and tries to cheer him up by saying that he can be her personal bodyguard if he gets fired. That’s not what he’s upset about, and Yi-ryung sighs that she can’t understand the world of the salaryman.

Kang Woo asks what a person should do when he likes someone from a different world, and Yi-ryung says if he can’t get over her, then all he can do is like her more. He says something scary might pop out in that other world, but Yi-ryung says if he likes her enough that all he can see is her, then he won’t be able to see anything else.

He realizes that it’s rather simple, and thanks her for the advice. Yi-ryung still thinks they’re talking about her, and swears up and down that she’s not that far gone and she doesn’t like him that much.

But when she follows him out, she sees him staring over at Gong-shil and Joong-won, and realizes that he was talking about Gong-shil the whole time… and that she just told him to like her more.

Gong-shil calls the pianist to Joong-won’s office that night, and presents him with the pie. It’s a recipe only his wife would know, and he believes Gong-shil immediately, begging her for the chance to see and talk to his wife.

She shakes her head, and he breaks down in tears in her lap, pleading for one more chance to say goodbye. Joong-won looks on with increasing annoyance, and when Gong-shil pats the pianist on the shoulder as he cries, Joong-won gestures at her to separate. Heh.

The pianist heads down to apologize to Kang Woo and says that he did nothing wrong, and says that the person who sees his wife asked him to come and apologize. He declares that he’ll give a grand concert, now that he knows his wife is always by his side.

Upstairs, Joong-won asks if Gong-shil’s just going to let anyone touch her like that. “He was… *twitch* sticking to you!” He asks accusingly if she was planning to hold him all night long if he hadn’t interrupted, and she asks what she’s supposed to do when a man is crying like that (using his signature face gesture, ha).

Joong-won scoffs that she’s so busy being concerned about others, and asks if she isn’t concerned for herself, yunno, since he’ll be in China and she’ll be all alone. She admits that she’s less afraid of ghosts now, which totally deflates him, so then he asks why she stole his favorite pen if she’s so brave.

She cringes, muttering to herself that Secretary Kim sold her out, and starts fishing around in her bag for the pen. He starts digging around in his pocket for the necklace, totally planning to replace one talisman for the other… but then she pretends to have misplaced it and runs away, just as he takes the necklace out. Drat. Thwarted.

The pianist returns the next day to ask Gong-shil about every little thing like what he’s supposed to wear for the concert tonight, insisting that he needs his wife’s input. So she gets dragged along to help him, and Kang Woo sees them walk by.

He goes to ask Joong-won if he’s using Gong-shil to see Hee-joo, the same way that pianist is using her to see his wife: “So she’s not special—it’s the people seen through her that are special?” The question unnerves him, but Joong-won says he’s right. He’s left wondering to himself why it chafes so, to be compared to that pianist.

Gong-shil picks out an outfit according to ghost wife’s tastes, and has to remind the pianist that he can’t actually change in front of her because she’s not his wife. Unni comes by with cinnamon tea like the ghost requested, and Gong-shil complains that the man is so picky that she’s tempted to let the wife borrow her body for a day to just get all this over with.

Unni talks some sense into her that it’s too dangerous because she might never leave… and the pianist overhears it with a glint in his eye. OH NOES.

Gong-shil finds Joong-won’s pen in her bag and realizes that today’s the day he leaves for his trip, and runs upstairs. He sits at his desk staring at the necklace, until it’s time to go. As he heads down, he stops in the spot where the trashcan ghost always sits, and leans over to tell him that he’s going to throw the necklace away here, and he can tell Gong-shil about it if he wants.

By the time Gong-shil gets upstairs, Joong-won is gone, and when she comes back, the pianist hands her a glass of drugged tea. She drinks it, and as she sleeps, the wife takes over her body. Ack.

Joong-won calls her from the airport (heh, he’s saved her number as “Get Lost”) but there’s no answer.

Aunt and Uncle come by to check on the pianist before the concert, and they’re shocked to see Gong-shil standing beside him, dressed up and looking like a different person. He calls her his muse and says they’ll be leaving for Paris right after the concert, leaving slacked jaws everywhere.

Just as he’s about to board the plane, Uncle calls Joong-won to ask if he broke up with Gong-shil, and if it’s really true that she left him to go be the pianist’s muse and live in Paris. Oh thank goodness for you and your nosiness. Hurry, go save her!

The pianist tells his wife to wait here while he finishes the concert, but she surprises him by saying she won’t do anything of the kind. She says she only borrowed this body so she could deliver one last blow of sense, and slaps him across the face.

She says she spent her whole life in his shadow and isn’t about to spend her dying days doing the same, and says he isn’t picky, but just plain lazy. Ha. This is a nice twist.

She tells him that he enjoyed the spotlight all by himself so now he can take care of himself, and tells him to let her go. He breaks down in tears, and then performs at his concert as scheduled.

Joong-won comes running in, and the pianist’s wife greets him with a smile to ask if he came to rescue Gong-shil. He tells her to go, but she sits back and taunts, “If I go, I can’t tell you the secret. Aren’t you curious, how this woman sees you?”

A flashback to the pie-making session shows us that the ghost caught her stealing glances at Joong-won. She asks if Gong-shil likes him and she smiles sheepishly, “Is it obvious?”

She says that Joong-won already has someone he likes a lot, and tells the ghost to keep her secret.

Back in the present, Joong-won doesn’t hesitate, “I don’t want to know.” Ghost: “Why, because the calculations won’t add up if you know?” She says things already don’t add up, and admits that she wants to stay in this body a little longer, to find out what his secret is.

Joong-won: “Watch carefully, and get lost.”

And with that, he marches over, takes her face in his hands, and kisses her.

As their lips meet, the ghost leaves her body, and she falls into his arms, unconscious. He stands there for a long moment with his arms hovering above her bare back, and finally gives in and holds her close.

He sits by her side, holding her hand as she sleeps. But when she starts to stir awake, he pulls away and gets up to go. When she opens her eyes, all she sees is the hazy outline of his back as he walks away.

Seconds later, Kang Woo walks in to check on her. He asks what happened to Joong-won, and she knows nothing of it, only knowing that he went on his business trip. She’s all spun around to hear what happened, and Kang Woo offers to take her home.

Joong-won sits at the airport, staring vacantly. Secretary Kim finally asks if Gong-shil is okay. Joong-won: “I’M not okay.”

He asks why Secretary Kim worked so hard to keep Gong-shil by his side, having known the whole time. Secretary Kim admits that it was nice to see Joong-won change. Joong-won: “If that woman remains by my side, then I’ll continue to change, won’t I? I don’t want to change.”

A week later, Gong-shil anticipates Joong-won’s return, and it’s only then that she passes by the trashcan ghost, who stops her to show her the necklace he’s been guarding this whole time. He tells her it’s from Joong-won, and she beams.

She hears that Joong-won has returned from China, and runs down to greet him. But every time someone opens his mouth to tell her something, she keeps cutting him off, and I have a bad feeling about this…

Aunt comes down and tells Gong-shil to congratulate Joong-won when she sees him: “He’s getting married.” Whaaa…

In walks Joong-won, with his new fiancée (Seo Hyo-rim) by his side. And he walks right past Gong-shil, as if she’s invisible.


Heartbreak. Augh, you kissyface denialpants. You would do something that drastic to keep from facing your feelings. And just when I thought we’d get a drama where I didn’t have to spend time hating a second lead, you bring in a surprise fiancée to gum up the works. I guess my only consolation is that we know from the start that she’s just another pair of sunglasses to him—something else to keep out the sun that he can hide behind.

The only thing that makes it unfair is that Gong-shil doesn’t even know the kiss happened, so he’s gone from zero to sixty and back to frigid, all without her knowing why. Though of course it makes for great angsty drama—I’m really loving all the little moments where Joong-won lets himself indulge in his feelings when no one is looking/awake/around to see it. I honestly don’t mind living in denial for a good long while, because the push and pull between how they feel and wanting to keep it hidden is the best part of their romance. I just get butterflies every time Joong-won lets himself enjoy being near her, for just a moment, without anyone else knowing. It’s like his secret radar addiction, and I can’t get enough.

The ghost of the day was pretty dull, save for the connection that Kang Woo made between Joong-won and the pianist both using Gong-shil, and seeing through her, as it were, to someone else. The thing is, we know that Joong-won doesn’t really see Gong-shil that way, but it’s still a nice wake-up call to be reminded that that’s what the relationship looks like from the outside, and I like that he bristles at the comparison to the other man.

He’s really pretty far gone in his feelings by this episode, between the necklace hullaballoo (oh the Hong sisters and their trinkets), the adorable jealousy, and all the warnings for Gong-shil to be more careful. I mean, how much do I love that he has to be told NOT to touch her? It’s a wonder that he thinks marrying the first girl he sees will cure him of his affliction, but then, that’s the thing about rom-com heroes. The more obtuse they are about those pesky emotions, the bigger the goldmine of romantic awakening.


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  1. pandamonium17

    Thank you very much girlfriday! (:

    • 1.1 jhu


      Certainly love GF’s comments more than the show. I find it hilarious that while I began tuning into Dramabeans to keep track of shows I watched, now it’s mostly the other way round. Love the posts so much that I often feel compelled to watch so many shows just so I can stay updated with the site of our lovely gals.

      And Kim Yoonmi! Where are you this week? Am I the only one who misses Kim Yoonmi’s awesome analysis of everything on MS? Didn’t know I’d grown so used to it.

      I wish you’d upload your views soon. Right here on top please so others can also read and feel ‘enlightened’ about all the delicious details we miss out on. Your comments actually make me miss lit classes from when I was in college. Makes me feel really smart and productive (although, who am I kidding, really!) about watching kdramas.

      • 1.1.1 Yumi

        Yes The absence of Kim Yoonmi contribution is noticeable.

      • 1.1.2 Gidget

        I’m with you on the Dramabeans recaps. There are some shows that I’ve avidly followed the recaps for, but have no interest in actually watching.

        Two Weeks is a good current example. I was so excited about it after reading a few recaps, but when I tuned in I was really surprised at my reaction. I liked the story better than the visual production. I thought ‘meh, the recaps are much, much better than the show’. Maybe it’s that JB/GF look past some of the distracting moments in the acting and overall quality of the visuals.

        Same thing for Gu Family Book. On that show, after watching the first few episodes I felt the story started to be disinteresting, so I stopped watching and only tuned back in for the episodes that wrapped-up the parent’s story line. But wild horses couldn’t drag me away from reading each and every pithy, funny, delightful, and insightful recap.

    • 1.2 nayo

      can somebody tell me what’s the song when the pianist visiting his late wife at the morgue ?

  2. So Ji Sub raps, people.

    Ohmygod. I love love love the scene where JJW tells the ghosts to get lost and leave TGS alone when she’s sleeping!!! He’s being too cute im gonna die. For something that he didn’t believe in at the start of the series but he is so openly talking to right now, our (VERY) Hot Grumpypants has really come a long way!!!

    And the way he (slightly) envelops her in his arm while she’s sleeping —- gawd I cant stop spazzing. And I’m not even gonna mention that hug he gives her after the KISS. Ohmygod I can’t even… This show is going to be the death of me. I seriously can’t wait till they BOTH have come to terms with their feelings and are openly dating, JUST THINK OF ALL THE (MORE INTIMATE) SKINSHIP THAT THEY WILL HAVE!!! I imagine all drama threads and forums out there will have to shut down due to all the crazy spazzing fans.

    Btw, to anyone who wants to hear Grumpypants rapping, I’ve included a link of his song, “Picnic,” below. I’ve only heard two of his songs (the other one’s titled “Eraser”) and imo, the one posted below is the better song of the two (by a mile).


    • 2.1 picklemonster

      OMG WHAAAT he raps?!?! Great….just when I thought So Ji Sub couldn’t get any hotter. Why am I even surprised…I should have known from that silky voice of his that singing would be another one of his talents. :3

      Can I also say what a FABULOUS jawline he has? During that kiss scene, it was all I could stare at. Damn. So sexy! ><
      I'm glad So Ji Sub chose this role, it definitely gave him a chance to experiment with expressions other than the "furrowed-brow stone face" look he sported in Ghost. Joong-Won is much cuter and more interesting to watch.

  3. Redge

    l like that the ghost story reflected a bit on our main leads’ relationship. A man who took his wife for granted until it was too late, “using” her, and how it reflected how JW and GS used each other, at least that’s what they tell themselves. The story could be a warning to what could happen to them if their feelings remain unsaid.

    As for the fiancee story we saw a mile away, I expected this obstruction~. I think JW is still hung over from his first love and it would be unrealistic if he truly opened up and fully embraced his feelings. He’s been running all his life ever since the accident and when he realized the full extent to which he has fallen for GS after the kiss, running was his immediate reaction (“I don’t want to change”). It obviously won’t do him any good but it’s still a cowardly move. He criticized GS having no guts when he himself didn’t have any. Booooo.

    Poor GS though. This time I want HIM to be chasing her instead. She should leave and make him suffer. I don’t want to see her sad anymore. 🙁 (Oh and can i just say that Gong Hyo Jin nailed that last scene. You can just feel her heart shatter. I wanted to hug her!)

    Btw the beautiful and melancholic music the pianist played was Gymnopedie No. 1 by Eric Satie. One of my favorite pieces! 🙂

    • 3.1 lemon84

      I do want him to chasing her and for her to run away from him.. lets make the lead actor suffer a bit… I’d love so ji sub but the end of this episode make me hate him (a moment)
      And I really sad when she’s sad..

      • 3.1.1 DDee

        I totally agree. Just when I was warming up to the man, he takes a giant leap backwards. I hope it’s just some scheme he cooked up to get his aunt off his back for the moment so he can woo Tae Yang whom he realised he loves during his trip to China 😉

        And I hope Tae Yang gets pissed off at how she’s being treated by all the men running hot then cold, and then realise how being drugged and possessed is incredibly violating.

    • 3.2 Wren

      His video Lonely Life, his rapping here is awesome too

    • 3.3 Gidget

      What you wrote made me think that the ghost of the day narrative was saying JW isn’t alone because he’s picky. The pickiness is just a facade for laziness.

      ‘He’s been running all his life ever since the accident.’ Lazy in working through his emotions.*

      ‘when he realized the full extent to which he has fallen for GS after the kiss, running was his immediate reaction (“I don’t want to change”).’ Lazy because change involves effort.

      Also, lazy by trying to bury his messy feelings via selecting a fiancé in a decidedly non-picky way.

      *(his motions may be more complicated than we we right now. They sure are setting the story up to suggest that he suspects his father was behind the kidnapping- maybe some sort of insurance scam. The father initially hired HJ to draw close to JW to enact the scam. (Remember she used his fathers ‘your heart will tell you he truth’ quote.) She started to genuinely care for him, but by that time she was already in too deep and couldn’t back out. Now she won’t confirm that his father was the mastermind because it’d hurt him. And she’s still holding on to this world to protect him from something else his unctuous father has up his sleeve?)

      (And will here be a birth secret plot twist with KW? Maybe it’s just the English subs. But it seems like the relationship he has with dad is a little too familiar.)

      • 3.3.1 Gidget

        Gah. Curse you, autocorrect.

      • 3.3.2 Redge

        Excellent point with the laziness! You’re definitely right on that part, because change does require effort and JW is just lazy to embrace it.

        Please no birth secret plot twist! I don’t want another Big. Ughhhh.

    • 3.4 owl

      Thank you for the piano piece information. I had unsuccessfully tried to track it down. I love it, too!

    • 3.5 Carole McDonnell

      Am thinking the ghost here and the widower who didn’t want to change are setting us up for a ghost who will want to keep heroine’s body permanently and our hero will have to change then.

      I just can’t figure out why our hero doesn’t want to change. Does he want to live without love? Did the hurt from his past so wound him that lovelessness is better than real love?

    • 3.6 jmjm

      I disagree with those up there who said he didn’t want to change out of laziness. Change is terrifying, especially when the change is in yourself. To cope with the trauma of the kidnapping (and probably other childhood issues since he had that sort of father) he’s developed this very cold, methodical way of thinking and feeling, and to let go of that control would be a pretty frightening prospect, especially since he feels like it’s not by choice.

      I normally think the whole jump into bed w someone else to get away from the person you really love thing to be so unbelievable and silly, but I’m with GF–this is actually the exact thing our Mr. Grumpy Denialpants would do. And I can’t wait for him to completely, utterly fail at keeping his thoughts (and body!) away from her.

      • 3.6.1 Yumi


        we need a third to pass the motion 😀

        • Dee

          third! ;P hehe

      • 3.6.2 Gidget

        Yes change can be terrifying…that’s why it’s work. To move forward from any trauma, a person needs to go back to that dark place and work through it. The alternative is to live a life that is perpetually defined by the trauma.

        To regain emotional health a person certainly needs to take time to grieve. But it’s crucial that they then pick themselves up, dust themselves off and work through the difficult lingering emotions. This requires effort (and courage). If the person fails to take this crucial next step, the trauma will control them for the rest of their lives. And it will define them in a negative way. However, if they take the steps needed to heal, the trauma will eventually become a positive factor in being the thing that pushed them to become a stronger person. It’s at this point that the trauma will define them in a positive way.

        I think some of the show’s metaphors tie into this. If a person is possessed and harassed by the traumas of the past, they live an emotionally deadened (ghost-like) existence and aren’t fully living.

    • 3.7 colors

      “Btw the beautiful and melancholic music the pianist played was Gymnopedie No. 1 by Eric Satie. One of my favorite pieces!”

      I was actually surprised to hear it because it’s the same piece used in the other ghost drama (and it’s being used for every ghost story) Who Are You.

      I like Satie but I gotta admit that this piano piece always felt beautiful but sad and creepy, so totally suited for ghosts. But it does feel a bit redundant (or a nice reference (hum, I meant “clin d’oeil (wink) but I can’t remember the proper English expression.)) when watching both shows.

    • 3.8 Tash

      Thank you for the information about Satie’s piece 🙂

    • 3.9 too_late_the_hero

      awesome insight!

      and thanks for the info. i was thinking who played the piano part 🙂

  4. Yumi

    Thanks for the recap Girlfriday.

    I am just a lover of the Wednesday episodes. Is it really better than Thursday’s show, or is it a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder. After five days away from the story—anything that comes my way, I’m willing to love.

    I am filled with joy every minute Tae-Yang and Joong-Won interact. It so satisfying to see the honesty of their interactions and how quiet and devoid of fanfare their caring about each other plays out.

    I absolutely love the way Joong-Won’s faith in Tae-Yang manifest. Last episode he began to see the ghost through her eyes. He definitely knew when the ajumma ghost had disappeared and that Tae-Yang was lying when she said that the ajumma was still around. Now even when he’s unable to see Tae-Yang seeing ghosts, he knows if Tae-Yang is disturbed, chances are ghost are around bothering her, and he’s willing to shoo them away so she can have satisfying rest.

    Also true caring is looking out for someone’s need without waiting for your generosity to be recognized. It’s moving to see Joong-Won twice protecting Tae-Yang without her being aware of it, then slipping out before she could find out.

    Do you think Coffee Ghost told Tae-Yang that Joong-won was defending her from ghost while she slept?

    The pie making scene was sweet. Tae-Yang and Joong-won have a natural rhythm together that makes them seem like a well-established couple. It’s kind of sweet how the little tiff they had over touching accidentally made their relationship seem more grounded and mundane. I love how whenever Joong-Won discovers something that might endanger Tae-Yang he starts wagging his finger and warning her never to do it.

    Ok, was it only me, or was there something a little erotic the way Joong-won caresses that huge whatnot he used to crack walnuts?

    The question is, who is crazier? Tae-Yang, who see ghosts, or Joong-Won, who speaks to ghosts that he can’t see. Forgetting the Musician wife, who he could see in Tae-Yang’s body, Joong-wan spoke with Hee Joo, the Coffee ghost (or whoever else was haunting office), and the Garbage Can ghost without having any way of seeing them. I mean Tae-Yang wasn’t even around to give him a sense of who/what was where. The Garbage Can ghost was also the funniest because Joong-Won put him to work guarding an expensive amulet without ever seeing him, on his faith in Tae-Yang who told him the ghost was always there.

    Why is Tae-Yang legs bruise at the end of the episode. Are we supposed to notice or care?

    Well kissyface denialpants went and got himself a fiancée to act as a fortress—wonder how well that will work.

    • 4.1 akscully

      re the bruise: I think it was just to compare Gong Shil’s legs/footwear to the fiance’s. GS legs are worn and she’s wearing awful, ugly shoes while the fiance’s legs are pristine and she’s wearing high end beautiful shoes. I don’t think the bruise itself meant much other than she wasn’t a princess.

      • 4.1.1 enenmon

        Ah that makes sense! Thanks for the insight!

    • 4.2 DDee

      The nuts: So Ji Sub/Joong Won (coz I’m having trouble distinguishing b/w the two) really enjoyed cracking his nuts. *giggles*.

      No, it’s not just you 😉

      • 4.2.1 yammy

        WHAT, can any guess, in the world was that thing Joo won used to cracked the nuts?

        maybe it’s because he cracked “his” nuts, he backed out to denial at the end and delivered the “Instant Fiance” punch.

        • DDee

          Yes indeed, a nutcracker on steroids. He does seem a little fixated on size. Bwahahaa. Will stop now.

    • 4.3 enenmon

      I noticed Tae Yang’s bruised legs too, wonder if that’s some kinda significance to the continuation.

      The last scene was absolutely heartbreaking. She hasn’t seen him in a week and was anticipating to see him and yet he just walked passed her as if ignoring her existence and her smile/level of enthusiasm to see him just vanished with the aching forming in her heart :(((((((

      • 4.3.1 Windsun33

        I assumed the bruise was because she was clumsy and keeps running into and/or tripping over things, but it was like 1 AM when I watched it so I may have missed a lot, will probably have to rewatch it.

    • 4.4 Pipit

      It’s not for us to notice, it’s a pain tablet for the supposedly happy bridegroom to be.

      Taeyang had hurt her leg – probably bumped into something or fell somewhere – and the pain had disappeared leaving her the bruises only.

      But then our Master returns bringing her new pain more painful than the fall or whatever that gave her that bruises. The beauty is unknowingly to her, her physical bruise will cause him pain just as much.

      I want to see Taeyang really gets hurt, an accident with lots and lots of blood just to hurt our stupid Master. Or an accident that put her unconscious so that it’ll torture him to death thinking ways how to spend the night by her bed side.

    • 4.5 Redge

      Re: TY’s legs. I think it was product placement, haha. They focused heavily on her sandals.

      • 4.5.1 Yumi

        for a moment I thought you were suggesting they were selling bruises and I was like–WHAT?!?!?!?

        • Alinka

          Really, I laugh out loud reading your comment. Bizzare I know, but funny nonetheless “I thought they were selling bruises, WHAAAATT” hahahahaha

      • 4.5.2 Michelle

        Those are some ugly sandals

    • 4.6 pogo

      Tae-Yang and Joong-won have a natural rhythm together that makes them seem like a well-established couple.

      I LOVE scenes like those for an OTP, because they’re stripped of the normal devices writers use – no bickering, no overt cuteness/mushiness, not even charged looks (that we see at first, anyway) or falling on top of each other or other things like that.

      That kind of comfortable, bantery scene is really reliant on actor chemistry, and without it it would fall completely flat – so it’s a testament to SJS and GHJ that it positively sparkles, just watching them make pie crust and crack walnuts. (and Joong-won seemed to have so much fun cracking the walnuts too, when Gong-shil turned to look at him – adorable, just like a little boy).

    • 4.7 Carole McDonnell

      she was bruised earlier, remember? That seems to be a recurring motif. I think they talked about it in a scene earlier. But am not sure. Something about the ghosts and her seeing them and how she ends up being bruised

  5. meanrice

    I like the build-up to Hee Joo possessing her. I feel like this episode was a nice bridge to that. There was a lot of foreshadowing.

    But the end scene…I just can’t my heart shattered for her.

    If this is how grumplestilskins deals with his emotions, better off with out him. HUMPH!!!!

    • 5.1 AMLK

      Omygod yes the overshadowing!!
      I felt like not only was the ghost possession story overshadowing but JJW’s father talking about “push and pull” was also an overshadow to what JW does towards the end of the episode.

      • 5.1.1 Yumi

        I’m curious about that father-son relationship.

        It is clear that they understand (?) each other well.

        I’m curious what went wrong.

    • 5.2 dramabliss

      Grumplestitlskin! Daebak!

  6. lil_ole_me

    Hong sisters’ dramas seem to always have a featured item. The item for this drama is the sun necklace and I remember You’re are Beautiful had the adorable pig-rabbit… I don’t remember the rest though

    • 6.1 meanrice

      For “Big” it was a giant ball of disappointment. Mine was purple.

      • 6.1.1 So Ji Sub raps, people.


      • 6.1.2 Redge

        LMAO hear, hear.

      • 6.1.3 JoAnne

        You win the internet, my friend.

      • 6.1.4 Yumi

        ha ha ha

        Most people might say in Greatest Love it was the bird/microphone or a huge toy car in the middle of your living room, or sneakers or . . . .

        But for me it was potatoes and potatoes flowers.

        • dramabliss

          For me too. Every time I think about Greatest Love, the potato plant is always in the picture.

        • lalalala

          For me it’s the pororo lie detector :))

        • Moozr

          Mmm my girl the gumiho is the phone crystal charm?

      • 6.1.5 rinkalove

        I just keep laughing reading this.

      • 6.1.6 saranga


      • 6.1.7 mary

        LMAO I love you

      • 6.1.8 lil_ole_me

        LOL! Your response is priceless

    • 6.2 Mystisith

      The umbrella of Fate…. Or of Doom, depending on who you want to put under.

    • 6.3 owl

      There was also the moon/star necklace in You’re Beautiful.

  7. TS

    Yay for the Yoon Mirae download! Love the OST in this show.

  8. JoAnne

    I have appeared here, over the years, mocking So Ji Sub and his acting. After a while, I limited myself to only commenting on his hair. Someone would mention So Ji Sub and his acting and I would say ‘His hair looked good.’ That was all I could bring myself to allow. I thought his movies were good enough – Rough Cut, that one with the blind girlfriend… but dramas? No.

    Allow me to say here, before friends and the Bean Goddesses…I now love So Ji Sub. He makes me smile, he makes me laugh, he makes me fear for the future. He should do rom-coms forever. Unless, of course, this gem of an OTP is because Gong Hyo Jin pulls it out of him, and he goes back to being a really great hair model in his next role.

    • 8.1 liz

      lol I remember your comments about him.

      I’m also glad that he is in a rom com and hope he continue to do it.

      IDK but SJS in real life is also depressing and a bit lonely, so I think doing this kind of dramas is good for his own self too, never I saw he having this much fun on set and smilling so much? He also keeps praising GHJ about how she brings the best out of him and awwww IDK they are cute, hahaha

      • 8.1.1 jo

        He said in an interview he wanted to be married before 40. And GHJ is currently single…dare I hope…ha, ha! All these “bringing out the best in him” comments and all that laughing and smiling on set/behind the scenes…they have a funny way of leading onto something….;)

    • 8.2 Merry

      I think indeed it is GHJ bringing out the best in him. He was a bit stiff in the beginning, and GHJ was kinda needling him. She is a natural! I hope he keeps the lessons and be a great actor. He certainly looks relish; but I want him to be the best actor he can be.

      • 8.2.1 Michelle

        yea GHJ has def brought out the best in his romcom acting potential. but for those of you who havent seen his other works (which are all very serious, brooding roles) his acting is top notch, trust me. this is a new genre for him, and im glad GHJ was his costar to lead him into it 🙂

    • 8.3 Ennayra

      JoAnne, I also mocked So Ji Sub, not because of his acting, which I didn’t bother to watch, but because of his rap videos. They make me cringe with embarrassment for him. I like him in this drama, so much that I valiantly try to forget he ever made a music video starring Yoo Seung-ho as his younger self.

  9. snow_white

    Thanks….in love with this show ♡

  10. 10 kit

    Whee this series is fantastic. Every sentence foreshadows something and you just think DUN DUN DUUUUUN and figure out it’ll take the cliche route except it never does. Like. She’s alive! (Which we were hinted to with the woman in the coma in the last episode). I wonder then why we had to get another second lead on top of Cha Hee Joo, but I guess more reasons to be jealous on either side, the merrier!

    Yiryung is so cute, you can’t even be frustrated at her. I’m just envisioning all four of them eating samgyupsal in Taeyang and Kangwoo’s patio in the last episode. I’d love to see the two girls get some screentime together.

    I’d never actually seen Seo Ji Sub in anything else so I’m pleasantly surprised at his acting, even though in the beginning I did get too many flashes of Best Love. And that scene where Gong Hyo Jin is just looking back, so obviously in love … that broke me.

    I remember reading a couple of comments saying Kang Woo was the only straight laced character in this whole series and was thus a bit boring, and while I rly liked him before this episode, his fear of ghosts just takes the icing.

    I didn’t expect them to just fastforward a week, although maybe I should have because Hong Sisters likes everything fast. If we’d just gotten a montage of her throughout the week, that would’ve been cute. Hang out with coffee ghost, punch her doll at night, buy the kids next door some icecream.

    And something small – when he thought she was crying in her room, wasn’t that because he thought Kang Woo had broken her heart rather than because he was leaving?

  11. 11 mysterious

    I loved this episode (and the song of the day). But the ending had my blood boiling. You know, every time I see that actress (the one playing the fiancée), she’s in a role I don’t like. I know nothing about her in this show but I already hate her. We now see what the creepy lady was talking about with the ghosts looking for a way to return with the pianist’s wife not wanting to leave. I just hope something hits Joong-won hard and soon. I hate seeing couples torn apart just when they seemed to be getting closer; it’s worse this time because HE is the idiot causing the separation.

    • 11.1 lemon84

      I kinda agree with u bout the fiance.. is she the one play the ex girlfriend to oh soo in that winter the wind blow? Right? At 1st I relief because the 2nd lead actress (small taeyang I mean) she’s more funny than bi**ch you know.. but now after the fiance entrance my heart feel funny and think her role not small but big? I do hope my feeling is not right.. please make this drama funny the way it is without the bit**h fiance and all that.. after watched shark I dont think I want another drama that made my brain think about it when I’m working… hahaha (with a sigh)

    • 11.2 Yumi

      I really liked Seo Hyo Rim work in

      The World That They Live In


      Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

      Unfortunately everything I’ve seen her in after those dramas I’ve been disappointed in how her characters were written. I think she is a very talented actor, but I haven’t liked her recent choices.

      • 11.2.1 My2Girls

        I agree 100%

      • 11.2.2 enenmon

        She was also a bitchy, materialistic younger sister of the female lead who’s a policewoman in Me Too, Flower!

        • skelly

          Yet another drama where I thoroughly detested her whiny, self-obsessed, materialistic character. She plays b**tches really well.

        • Ennayra

          Yeah, but I couldn’t take her character too seriously in that drama, and she had the funny thing with the shrink, so I actually liked her a little in that drama.

      • 11.2.3 yammy

        i really liked her in “The World they lived in” too! her character was innocent but won’t take anything lying down/ persistent and knows what she wants!

    • 11.3 lindyb3ar07

      she was also the rich fiance in Scent of a Woman

      • 11.3.1 trotwood

        Yeah, playing a character who is mean to a lady dying of cancer (by trying to force the man who loves the dying woman to be with you instead through cohersion and company ruining threats) is not something that’s going to endear you to the general populace.

        But the casting is perfect because all she has to do is show up. We see her face, and we hate her. It detracts from the fact that we really should be mad at Joon-wong.

    • 11.4 Newbie

      If the rumors are to believed she’s Song Joong Ki’s ex. Apparently they dated during their time at Music Bank and he bragged about being able to date publicly without anyone knowing.

      Loved her in the The World They Lived In.

      • 11.4.1 Ennayra

        What?! I’m totally jealous of her for that. I actually like her b/c of Me Too! Flower. She gets respect points for dating SJK.

    • 11.5 pogo

      Awww, that’s harsh. Seo Hyo-rim is actually a fairly talented actress, if you’ve seen her in Sungkyunkwan Scandal you might be inclined to hate her a little less. Though she does end up playing a lot of hateable characters!

  12. 12 meanrice

    I love / hate that without him around she reverted back to disheveled, injured, greasy haired, fashion victim.

    Poor thing must have had a rough week. What was in the box she was hauling around? Nothing is random in this show. Why is she always taking boxes around?

    • 12.1 kit

      Both your statements hit a chord. She’d just started dressing more for her station, and then – (Random but I loved how the uncle referred to her as Taeyang in a blanket when she was wearing the plaid).

      And huh, the boxes. It hadn’t even occurred to me.

    • 12.2 Yumi

      I understand your perspective, but at least in this case Tae-Yang’s return to dishevelment isn’t [only] because the object of her affection is gone, but because when he is gone her trouble with ghosts increase.

      Tae-Yang’s costuming is one of the most interesting I’ve seen on k-drama. Usually the community complains that poor characters dress way beyond their budgets. Tae-Yang is the only k-drama lead that actually looks as if she has not money to spend to high-end clothing. Of course the stuff she is wearing might be very expensive, but they don’t look it.

      I had wondered why Trashcan ghost hadn’t given her the talisman until the end of the week. But your comment made me realize, if the sun-talisman had worked for Tae-Yang while Joong-Won was away, then she’d never have a viable excuse to touch him again.

      I think Tae-Yang is always hauling boxes because despite all the ghost therapy she does, she is technically in customer service and perhaps returns.

    • 12.3 luvsmydramas

      She is the manager of the storage room after all.

    • 12.4 Nadia

      Someone has to clear the pile of boxes from her office (storage room).

  13. 13 lemon84

    I’m not even read ur recaps yet because all I want to say why?? Why joo joong won? He keep denying his feeling.. I’d really hope the hong sister to make taeyang go and leave joongwon and at that time joong won realize how much he’s in love with taeyang.. as much as I love so jisub I’d really love taeyang character I might die if she still stuck to joongwon after what happen… fuhh.. hate this feeling and now im gonna read the recaps

  14. 14 Yumi

    I’m not sure why, but I’ve developed an affection for VPUncle and hope he isn’t aligned with the villain. He is the best embodiment of uxorious. I still him funny and don’t think less of him because he is scared of his wife and chants “I love you?” and his mantra of protection. I love the fact that VPUncle has given up correcting his wife about people’s name and just call Tae-Yang “Bang-Sil.” “Band-Sil dressed in a blanket is Louie Jang’s muse?

    Best slap down of a ‘devoted’ husband ever and best and funniest ghost “lesson” ever. This ghost story proves Joong-won’s motto right. The living are much scarier than the dead. I was a little confused about how the wife died.

    Yi-Ryeong continues to delight with her persistence. Usually I find kind of this behavior in the second female lead is irritating beyond belief, but here I find it very funny. Yi-Ryeong and Kang-Woo fit so well because she tries to puff up her sense of importance and Kang-Woo expertly deflates her. “If you insists we are dating, then let’s break-up now.” Since Yi-Ryeong is not interested in Joong-Won, I am rooting for her 100% to get her man.

    I will say the sun-necklace product placement seem better integrated into the storyline than the necklace in I Hear Your Voice.

    • 14.1 Pipit

      You’re not alone, I have a fondness for him too. I really hope that latter on we’ll find out that this couple really love each other and he’s not just a gold digger.

    • 14.2 Shikurai17

      I like the Uncle too. He’s fear of his wife is funny. I always thought that the Uncle was being mischievous when teasing Joo Won about Tae Yang. He seems to ship those two and did seem to be happy about the fiance.

      I’m loving Yi Ryeong. She’s so cute and funny. Her bold arrogance is a defense mechanism. She’s really insecure, but trying to fool everyone that she’s strong. I fear that the Hong Sisters are going to make her into the cliche bad girl though. She might act out in jealousy against Tae Yang, since Kang Woo is interested in her. I hope they stay away from this though.

    • 14.3 Shikurai17

      “He seems to ship those two and did seem to be happy about the fiance.”

      I meant he DIDN’T seem to be happy about the fiance.

      • 14.3.1 Pugnell

        Can you please tell me what ‘ship’ means? I see it a lot and have no idea what it means.

        • Ennayra

          It’s short for relationship. The internet is full of matchmakers, lol.

          You may also have seen a gif of a giant boat sinking into the ocean, accompanied by the the words “I will go down with this ship.” lol

          • anne

            New to kdrama & TMS my 1st. Now going cuckoo over GHJ & am looking all over for her movies/dramas. Just found this site with all the comments and I must say I’ve enjoyed them more then the subs although I don’t really understand what is ‘ship’ & ‘shipper’ … kekekekekekkek..
            Now I do & thank you very much 😀

    • 14.4 Carole McDonnell

      yes I love uncle. Is that a noona relationship between uncle and aunt, do you think? That actress looks so young but in other rolls she’s been the older woman.

    • 14.5 Glomp

      The ghost’s husband mentioned something about her heart just stopping suddenly. So I’m guessing it could be a case of heart attack?

    • 14.6 pogo

      I love Yi-ryung, once they found the right key for her character Kim Yuri’s been killing it.

      I will say the sun-necklace product placement seem better integrated into the storyline than the necklace in I Hear Your Voice.

      What better way to integrate PPL in your drama than have your hero be the owner of a mall full of brands 😀

  15. 15 ilikemangos

    Wow, so many lengthy responses already!

    Admittedly, the kiss was sort of anti-climatic for me (i think i wanted to swoon more than i did), but i still enjoyed the revelations for both joong won and tae going shil who have officially realized their feelings for each other. Although joong won obviously displays fears of falling in love. Don’t blame the guy after the betrayal from his first love, though.

    Enjoyed this episode very much — Thanks GF!

    • 15.1 Yumi

      I would agree with you that the kiss itself was anti-climatic.

      However the approach at the beginning of the kiss, when Joong-Won held Tea-Yang’s face, and the tenderness at the end of the kiss, in the way he gently placed her head on his shoulder and allowed it to nestle there. Also the way Joong-Won allowed his head to fall forward on Tae-Yang’s shoulder and the look of amazement, fear, and ___ that flittered across his face got me. As well as his sitting ton the sofa holding her hand while she slept and skittering off when she stirred.

      I think the most touching moments were the ones where Joong-Won held Tae-Yang while she slept.

      It’s kind of weird, but he’s been making that a habit for a while now. There was the incident when she was possessed and woke up in his bed, and the two occasions this episode.

      • 15.1.1 Redge

        Yeah, the instances in which JW gives in to GS with no one there to watch is one of my favorite things too, like it’s his very special secret that’s just *his*. He’s still too scared to admit it in public but when by his lonesome he indulges. It’s sweet.

    • 15.2 Newbie

      Mee, too – underwhelmed by this kiss. BUT her not knowing and his extreme reaction (= finding a fiancee stat) to his own reaction to the kiss is drama gold.

      This guy does everything to deny his feelings. Must have hurt like hell living through the kidnapping and realizing his gf is involved.

    • 15.3 lalalala

      IKR! I thought the kiss happened so fast. I would’ve wanted them to focus more on JW’s face before he kissed GS. I would’ve liked it better had we seen how conflicted he was with his feelings and then finally giving in to those feelings to kiss her.

      • 15.3.1 bbstl

        wasn’t JW kissing the pianist’s wife in TY’s body both in order to answer her (she was tempted to stay in TY’s body in order to discover how JW feels) in addition to getting rid of the wife by making her go !poof!? That made me think it wasn’t 100% him kissing TY, therefore not quite the swoonfest we might have expected.

  16. 16 Moonbean

    Thanks for the recap Girlfriday.

    I have only watched the episode raw during broadcast yet and my summary assessment is: very bad ending to a very good episode.

    Let’s talk about the good parts first:

    I enjoyed the two scenes in which JW interacted with the ghosts he cannot see very much. After seeing him pretend to see the ghost dog previously, the scene in Gong Shil’s office where he shooed away the coffee ghost so she can sleep comfortably and the one where he entrusted the necklace to the trash bin ghost were both very touching and hilarious. His inability to give the necklace to GS after buying it despite himself was very fitting for his character. I also liked the scene in which GS complained that JW touched him and made the ghost of the pianist’s wife disappear and JW got annoyed that she is complaining about him touching her now. These are such delicious reversals.

    For comic relief I liked the uncle’s second lame “I love you” and his calling GS “Bang Shil” for the first time instead of his wife.

    On the romantic story development: We have finally seen Gong Shil confess to herself (and a ghost) that she likes Joong Won. I wasn’t expecting that yet. The developments in the last episode (seeing Hee Joo again and learning her part in the kidnapping) had already increased her sympathy for JW. Seeing his vulnerability to Hee Joo deepened these feelings. Add to that the physical awareness JW’s pointing out that her hideout is a man and one not made of marble at that and the physical attraction her radar started to pick up in the last episode, we have the recipe for falling in love… I loved the tender look she gave him when he was cracking the nuts in the flashback scene the ghost was trying to relate to JW. And knowing what is coming after seeing her joy in finding the necklace and hearing JW is back broke my heart.

    On JW’s side the signs were getting stronger and stronger for a long time now. Starting with the end of episode 2, his jealousy of Kang Woo was the first giveaway. Then his protectiveness of Gong Shil in spite of himself… He doesn’t like seeing her ridiculed and offers his hand in front of a mall full of people and takes her side (episode 3). The way he gives his real phone number after hearing GS’s sorrows for not having turned out right after her treatment (episode 4)… Him running to the accident site in spite of his anger at her lying to relieve her distress… His panic when he realizes she is to be wed to a dead ghost (episode 5)… Deciding to take on her offer to take her home only to be rebuffed by her decision to date Kang Woo… His genuine concern for her during the ghost dog/armed soldier incident and his panic after hearing the gunshot (episode 6)… Confessing to her that he cannot read and why in spite of his earlier talks of not opening up and making himself vulnerable (episode 7)… His anger when she gets hurt by the mean mother of the boy they rescued, his insistence she doesn’t chase after people/ghosts on her own and get hurt and his willingness to join her in her adventures… His last minute decision to drain the pool rather than subject Gong Shil to the water ghosts she seems so afraid of and his show of “what do they think they are doing” sort of skinship in front of his hotel staff once again to spare her humiliation and appease her hurt (episode 8)… And finally asking her help and protection… So his love was long time coming but we have seen more concrete evidence this episode. His anxiety on leaving her alone for one week during his China trip, his uneasiness about the pianist’s intentions (his radar is quite good at picking things up as well), his pleasure in her touch while she was sleeping in her office, his jealousy and outrage at the physical closeness she indulged the pianist with, buying the sun necklace for her in spite of himself, due to his concern making her agree never to drink alcohol because it’s too dangerous for her, calling her from the airport just because, his panic after receiving his uncle’s phone call about GS, his tenderness to her while she is sleeping after the kiss…

    And in the end it all falls flat because he is afraid of what everyone fears about love. Dependence. Will he be able to survive if he loses her? Isn’t it better to stop it now before it gets too far and spare himself that future pain? I wonder how much of the way they react to each other is a function of not knowing each other’s feelings. JW did not allow the ghost wife divulge GS’s feelings before he kissed her so he doesn’t yet know she likes him. Would he have acted differently if he knew? I don’t know. How about GS? How did she interpret the gift of the sun necklace? What was she expecting when she was running to greet him after a whole week’s absence? Again I don’t know. Did JW react this strongly and negatively to Secretary Kim’s heavy handedness? He kept throwing GS his way, he planted the idea of him buying her the necklace. I wonder whether it would have been better for him to leave them to their own pace at this stage rather than pushing JW too early, too fast.

    The end of the episode was a reversal of the end of episode 5 when he had decided to take a tiny step towards her but she told him she decided to give Kang Woo a chance. Except this time around the feelings run much deeper. Here we have a Gong Shil who has confessed to herself that she likes him, missed him for a whole week, was very happy to find the sun necklace he bought for her, even happier to hear that he finally returned and get that slap on the face in the shape of a woman next to JW as his affianced bride! Booo. Why? Because when JW was jealous of KW his feelings weren’t that strong. And it was fun to watch his jealousies whereas with GS I fear we will get heartbreak and sadness and I don’t have the heart to endure that. In most stories the guys are at an advantage. They are super good looking, super rich, popular among women etc. whereas the heroine is average at best with some problems to boot. That’s why I do not enjoy seeing them at a further disadvantage. That’s why it’s fun to watch that type of guy fall in love with that type of girl first. Never enjoyed the story of the average girl pining for the guy she cannot have.

    So my expectations of the next episode is for it to be the opposite of this one. Hopefully a good ending to an otherwise not so enjoyable episode.

    Completely unrelated to this episode but something I have been pondering on since the beginning of the series: In the second episode when Gong Shil discovers that the ghosts disappear when she touches Joong Won she asks him “I wonder what you mean to me?” Considering the role of fate in kdramas I am wondering whether we will have a Secret Garden sort of ending in which things come to full circle and we finally understand why these two people are special for each other. I think that would be great.

    • 16.1 Yumi

      That’s a nice detailed list of Joong-Won’s actions so far.

      One of the changes we are seeing is a shift in the recognition of Tae-Yang’s value to Joong-Won. There is often a tug and war between financial profits and Tae-Yang’s well being in Joong-won’s choices and as time progresses we see him having more difficulties choosing profit over Tae-Yang.

      I read Joong-Won’s hesitation and subsequent building barriers against Tae-Yang less as a fear of dependency, and more as a fear of betrayal.

      He has no friends, no family he is close to. He believes the woman/girl he loved Hee Joo betrayed him and that his father endangered his life by not being willing to pay ransom. I totally get why he’d fear close relationships and being betrayed again.

      I also think Joong-Won’s knows how Tae-Yang feels about him, but is refusing to acknowledge it. By refusing to allow GhostWife to voice Tae-Yang’s feeling, he has plausible deniability and can pretend that their relationship hasn’t changed.

      • 16.1.1 Moonbean

        You are right Yumi, given his background fear of betrayal or even fear of having been liked for his money would be the more natural reason for JW backing off, however I haven’t seen that in him. His outward reasoning to Secretary Kim was not wanting to change because of her, whatever that means. What doesn’t he like about being with Gong Shil? He ends up doing things he said he wouldn’t do. He runs to her aid, violates the borders he defined in their relationship, relies on her too much for his protection, for his actions and decisions lately. That’s why I interpreted change for him means his happiness also starts to depend on another person, but this was not shown explicitly either. It was all left a bit too vague. We know he is in denial but I wish they gave us more clues as to the reason of it.

        I also wondered whether he stopped the ghost on purpose so that he can continue his denial.

        • Pipit

          Thanks for pointing out all those swoon worthy moments Moonbean. I love those scenes.

          As to Taeyang’s wondering what JW means to her, I think this show has to give us an answer. There are million of people out there but why it’s only him that could give our Sun a heavenly place to rest after he busy day. The easiest answer is that they’re meant to be. But it still doesn’t satisfy the why.

          I think he stopped the ghost on purpose from telling him how she feels about him because if he knows how she feels for him, he wouldn’t be able to walk away from her. And he certainly won’t be able to bring a bride and flaunt her right in front of her eyes for it will hurt Taeyang. He doesn’t have the ability to hurt her.

          But, I really want Taeyang to hurt him not on purpose but by reverting to being old lonely always tired Taeyang.

        • Glomp

          Quote:”His outward reasoning to Secretary Kim was not wanting to change because of her, whatever that means. What doesn’t he like about being with Gong Shil?”

          I think the greatest change in JW ever since he met GS was that he started to trust people again. It is a change which he doesn’t want because it is contrary to what he believes in – that people are not to be trusted; the living is scarier than the dead; one can be betrayed by even the people closest to him.

          In the recent episodes (e.g. ghost dog, coma ahjumma), we see JW acting just based on GS’s words alone. By joining GS on her ghost adventures despite not being able to see anything, JW has shown that he trusts GS.

      • 16.1.2 Mohammed

        Thats why im not angry at JW for what he did in the end of the ep. Its easy to feel sad for his personal history and understand his fear of betrayal. Terrible relationship with his father, his last love destroyed his faith in people, no friends and aunt that only cares to marry him away.

        He is so damaged the poor guy. He isnt a coward, jerk who runs away from Taeyang’s feelings.

    • 16.2 Abbie

      First off, I admire your dedication to this show in naming every instance that we’ve seen Joong-won’s feelings for Gong-shil grow and deepen. I can remember them, but not to which episode they belong. So well done, there.

      Second, I completely agree with everything you said. I don’t get why Joong-won is so afraid to love. Is it just because of Hee-joo? I can’t believe we have to deal with his stubbornness this close to the end! Maybe he was scared off by Secretary Kim’s attempts to get them together. I love Secretary Kim for it though. He really cares for both of them and just wants to see Joong-won happy.

      Whatever the reason for Joong-won’s sudden about face, I hope it doesn’t last too long, and he realizes what an idiot he’s being. His belief in Gong-shil is important and the instances that you named where he actively helps or seeks out a ghost are some of the best moments he’s had in terms of character growth. I can’t believe that he’ll just ignore all of it now, in an effort to get over her. He’s strong, sure, but he held a grudge against Hee-joo for all these years, does he really think he can stop loving Gong-shil? I think it’ll be hard for him to ignore the ghosts and Gong-shil now that he’s opened his mind to all of it. Just not possible for him.

      Lastly, what you said about the second episode has me intrigued. I never gave Gong-shil’s words “I wonder what you mean to me?” any real thought. Maybe there is something else to it. Who knows?

      • 16.2.1 Moonbean

        It’s not so much her words, that’s a bit of an afterthought really, but I have been wondering since the beginning why of all the people Gong Shil is in contact with JW and JW only has this effect of chasing her ghosts away. And GS rightly points this out. He must be special to her in some way. I think the show should give this a good answer before its end.

        Also I like the idea that while JW chases GS’s ghosts away for her, she does (or will do in the end) the exact same for him with Hee Joo.

      • 16.2.2 singledrop

        Since the third episode, I’ve been thinking about the reason why GS can see ghost: maybe because she had an accident in the same place when HJ died, and the ghost is following GS then after that she suddenly has an ability to see ghost. I believe that when a person followed by ghost, they can see ghost. So if we connect it with JW’s touchy-poof, it make sense because JW really hate HJ but in the same time still looking for her.

        • Jennifer

          I thought maybe that is where her accident happened too, but not as a additional culprit but a bystander. And maybe she received some sort of transplant like Hee Joo’s heart or something! My mind just isn’t stopping these days, LOL. I big time 💓💕💖 this couple! She DID say that her sis paid a LOT of money for her to live.

          • Crazynoona

            That might be, but I don’t like imagining if there were some of HJ’s body parts inside TY. I want JW to love her plainly bec it’s her and not her dead ex-gf’s heart or whatever being transplanted into TY.

      • 16.2.3 pogo

        I saw Joong-won’s reaction as him giving himself a slap in the face because only AFTER he goes as far as kissing Gong-shil to get the ghost out when he could have done it just by touching her, does he realise he’s in so deep – the other times he had excuses (don’t want the radar damaged, Kang-woo sucks,he’s just showing her how to see through the telescope, he feels bad about the pool misunderstanding, he’s just demonstrating what kind of contact is a no-no, he’s just keeping the ghosts away!).

        But this time, he’s all out of excuses. Cue freaking out, running away and coming back with another woman. And this, while subconsciously knowing she has feelings for him too, even ones she won’t consciously act on.

    • 16.3 enenmon

      Thanks for giving me the moment to gush at the little special/sweet gestures, you mentioned, that Joong Won did for Gong Shil.

      Sometimes I think certain things r fated/meant to be no matter how much u want to find it and it’s possible if a single man & a single woman have spent a lot of time facing each other, not to mention have (meaningless) skinship lol.

      To Joong Won, few episodes ago, he admitted to his aunt that he’s having a meaningless skinship with Gong Shil but NOW i think it has slowly turned into something which he WANTS to do it but wasn’t sure how to conceal it and in order to fight against the urge to touch her, he might as well choose not to have anything to do with it instead.

      • 16.3.1 pogo

        It goes from trolling them with ‘meaningless skinship’ to trolling them with the prospect of him presenting his father with grandchildren via that ‘meaningless skinship’, and then, when he’s hit hard with the realisation that it isn’t meaningless at all…….Mr. Grumpypants is not equipped to deal with it.

        • enenmon

          Totally spot on! ^^

    • 16.4 Redge

      I’m gonna echo what others have said: thanks for pointing out the moments in which JW slowly falls for GS. I relived them just by reading your post, haha.

      As for their connection, my immediate thought (other than fate~) was The Accident. JW’s and GS’s must be related somehow, the red string of fate must have had a hand in that. Hopefully we get an answer.

    • 16.5 Yumi

      “Never enjoyed the story of the average girl pining for the guy she cannot have.”

      I totally agree with you on that. It is humiliating to watch the “average girl” be told/shown by the prince she’s not good enough. It is tolerable when the prince’s snooty parents do it. It’s okay when the prince’s entitled snooty-witch of a second lead does it. As long as the prince say she is what he wants it’s bearable. I suspect that’s because so many of us are average girls [not me of course haha]

      But here is the thing–so far Tae-Yang has refused to be the victim of misplaced aspiration. She works damned hard not be be seen as a Candy. She doesn’t whine, she doesn’t mope. And surprisingly, she doesn’t up on the cheerful facade and a self-abnegating martyr.

      When she was afflicted with ghost-seeing she did the best she could to carry on. When Kang-woo admitted his ‘liking’ her was a joke that got out of hand she was hurt but she carried on. [I know she didn’t feel for Kang-woo as she does for Joong-Won, but she never thought that Joong-Won was a possibility and was committed to giving Kang-Woo a try]

      The thing is Joong-Won keeps confusing her. The evening at the pool, Joong-Won wasn’t clear and Tae-Yang misunderstood, but when she realized her mistake, she carried on. I think that she’s going to be hurt by the reality of Joong-Won having a fiancee, but she won’t pine, she’ll carry on.

      It might play out like the pen/talisman situation. When the safe harbor had to go to China, she didn’t complain she just tried to figure out a work around. She accepted the reality to the point that her safe harbor got a little annoyed to think his absence wouldn’t have an impact on her.

      I suspect that she will seem to cope so well that ultimately Joong-Won will demand to know what he meant to her and why isn’t she missing him more than she seems to be, especially since he feels so empty without her grabbing on him.

      • 16.5.1 Redge

        I’m not a fan of the “average girl pining for the guy she can’t have” either. I loathe it and I always roll my eyes when I see it on screen. Please, please, GS, don’t give in to JW and become a martyr. You survived years without him, you can survive without him again.

        I just want her to stick it to him right now because what he did hurt.

      • 16.5.2 pogo

        I love that this show is really not about that trope at all – Gong-shil, like you said, is not Candy. And Joong-won, for all his preoccupation with money and acquiring more of it and treating her as an employee, doesn’t seem to give a stuff about the fact that she’s not as rich as he is – his rejection of her/refusal to admit his feelings stems entirely from his teenage trauma, not from the apparent status difference between the two of them.

      • 16.5.3 Toystar

        I’m with you Yumi I hope GS will see the whole fiancée as just another way for him to protect his heart.

    • 16.6 Moonbean

      OK, I just watched the episode with subs and I have a few additional comments.

      I felt very sad for JW in the opening scene. His hurt that he couldn’t even share with anyone for 15 years was multiplied several times over hearing HJ’s message. I liked that GS was able to make him smile. His comment of “her insides must feel rotten” due to Kang Woo’s betrayal of her reflected his own feelings about Hee Joo.

      I wondered whether GS’s comment on when he wants her to really go she will get it the first time was a foreshadowing of her reaction to the fiance.

      I saw JW’s real fear of losing GS when he realized how dangerous possession of her body by a ghost is. He was really unsettled by that. I am now almost sure that the climax of this story will be HJ’s attempt to hijack GS’s body and JW’s efforts to take back GS from his ex. That will be his ultimate point of decision, showing both his choice (GS’s comment to the ghost wife on JW’s liking someone can’t be anyone other than HJ, so she must be thinking he is still in love with her). Although this would be a good way of getting them together I wouldn’t want that to happen all the way at the end of the series.

      Along with the kiss Gong Shil also isn’t aware of the sleep she had next to JW. While I enjoyed watching JW’s reactions to both these incidents I would like to see her reactions as well. Maybe the advantage of giving us these halved versions would be that when they happen again (hopefully) with GS being herself it will feel like the first time.

      With the subs I see that JW has stopped ghost wife on purpose because he was afraid of what she was going to say. So it wasn’t just Secretary Kim who pushed him too far too quick and resulted in his extreme reaction.

      I find Kang Woo too bold in questioning JW about HJ and GS. It looks out of place. Where does he get the nerve from?

      The ghost story wasn’t very interesting but confirmed JW’s opinion that people are worse than ghosts.

      The change in GS’s eye color when she is possessed reminded me of The Host.

  17. 17 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap! i thought today’s ghost story was pretty annoying (oh look how sad that dude is now that his wife is not there to wait on him hand and foot- blergh!) until the wife put her foot down and said pretty much what was on my mind all along – the husband’s a selfish, lazy manboy.

    Ugh, I was still high on the kiss scene when the news about Joong-won’s engagement sucker punched me. Gong-shil looked so happy and in love and then JJW cold-shouldered her. Well, I hope a hottie from the rival Giant mall takes an interest in her.

    I hope we’ll get to see what the story is behind Garbage Can Ghost and Coffee Ghost. I hope they mess up JJW’s engagement. It’ll be nice to see a ghost really help Gong-shil for a change.

    • 17.1 Ennayra

      “Gong-shil looked so happy and in love and then JJW cold-shouldered her. Well, I hope a hottie from the rival Giant mall takes an interest in her.”

      That would be perfection! I love you for thinking of this!

  18. 18 K

    Thank You! I love love this drama and Mr. So is the reason I started my Kdrama obsession.

  19. 19 DanyDanyBobany

    Aaaah, my feelings! I went from glee (although i knew she wouldn’t remember the kiss) to anguish. I dont think i can say it better than girlfriday “But then, that’s the thing about rom-com heroes. The more obtuse they are about those pesky emotions, the bigger the goldmine of romantic awakening.” Ah, this couple, I love everything about them.

    It’s Refreshing to like the female second lead, at least for the laughs.
    I know Im quoting much but I loved this: “we know from the start that she’s just another pair of sunglasses to him—something else to keep out the sun that he can hide behind.”
    I hope that the new fiancee doesn’t get a relevant part. For example, being like the classical annoying second lead. We already have a female second lead and Im happy the way she is.

    In a side note that has nothing to do with this and yes at the same time: when I watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I really liked two actresses, Kim Min Seo and Seo Hyo-rim. But its really hard for me to follow them because the characters they get don’t appeal to me. I have followed Kim Min Seo more, but i wasnt even close to watch 7th Grade Civil Servant and I dont like all the politics in Good Doctor, so I skipped her parts. I know they want (and have) to try diferent roles, but I want to see both as the leads in a rom-com or something more happy.

    Thank you for the recap!

  20. 20 Arliana

    Thank you so much for the recap, girlfriday. Watching the raw yesterday and reading your recap today made more sense of Episode 9.
    I can’t wait for tonight’s episode. I love it when the hero get into the ‘kissyface denialpants’ mode!! Pile on the denial, please. 🙂

  21. 21 Abbie

    I loved that Gong-shil told Kang Woo that she sees ghosts! Finally! And then his reaction to it is just priceless! He’s so off his game, bumping into things and jumping at everything! LOL!

    I also liked that Gong-shil told Joong-won what could happen if a ghost possesses her. And his reaction to that! <3! And all the moments of unawareness that Joong-won uses touch her and KISS her! Those just made my day! And then he has to go and be stupid and in denial and get engaged! IN A WEEK! Who does that? Only rom-com heroes, that's who. I got so mad at the ending. This better not last the rest of the show, or I'll be super pissed. Why can't he just admit to his feelings? Put on your big boy pants, Joong-won, and admit you like her!

    Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

  22. 22 acgacg15

    Wow I just loved this episode! I can’t sort out my emotions after that. While I normally hate the surprise fiancee in a Kdrama, I think it actually works well here (even though it makes me sad for TGS). It makes sense how JJW would be afraid to fall in love after Cha Hee Joo broke his heart so much. He is sheltering himself from heartbreak and his vulnerability feels less forced than when this device is used in other dramas. This situation feels believable for his character so I’m not annoyed that the writers are using it as some people are. I think it will only make the romance even sweeter when he overcomes his fear.
    I also just loved the scenes of JJW talking to all the ghosts. It just shows how much he really believes and trusts TGS. He is seeing the world through her eyes and it’s really sweet. Similarly, the scenes where he is looking at her or caring for her without her noticing are the best. He seriously makes my heart melt. The chemistry between them is some of the strongest I’ve ever seen. And the pen scene…that was just fantastic!
    Another thing I loved about today’s episode was the fact that the wife ghost was different than I expected. It seemed at first that she was sad and loving and stuck by her husband’s side but then she stuck up for herself to her husband. Then she defied my expectations again by not being heartless or trying to steal TGS’s body and actually trying to help them admit their feelings for each other. I really liked her role in today’s episode.
    And can I just say that I love Secretary Kim and the uncle so much! They are great! And I’m also pleased with the second leads as well! I thought I would hate Yi Reong but she’s actually pretty cute and you just have to root for her.
    This drama is seriously the best! Well acted, well written, great characters and fantastic plot. I think TGS and JJW are my favorite Kdrama couple ever. This drama is also quickly becoming my favorite Kdrama ever. It hits all of my sweet spots. I’ve never felt such strong emotions watching a drama before.
    TL;DR This episode was awesome and this drama is amazing!

    • 22.1 pogo

      I love the little subversions all through this episode – whether it’s Gong-shil casually telling Joong-won his ‘amulet’ is no big deal and he could just ask her for one when he’s all set to have a panic about her and the sun necklace, or the wife not being the sweet perfect muse we expected, based on the husband’s POV of her. So much fun.

  23. 23 noernov

    Joo woon is scolding the ghost??that’s so cute n also the moment kang wo said,thank u for the memory and be happy,hahahaha ……shortest dating EVER

  24. 24 ava

    Thanks girlfriday! This is more than enough to tide me over! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  25. 25 angie602

    Great episode! Thanks GF for the recap! 🙂
    Actually, after this episode, I am slightly worried about something that might happen. Will JW lose the “ability” to poof ghosts out of GS one day? Especially if she gets posscessed by CHJ. That will be horrible!

    About this episode, I just cannot stop gushing over SJS and GHJ’s acting. GHJ was totally different as the pianist’s wife. Kudos to her acting! And SJS, please switch to comedy, too many melo/serious roles for you already. You rock the comedy, especially with GHJ as co-star. 🙂

  26. 26 Kdrop

    Oh, be still my beating heart!

    Thank you! Even re-reading this makes me squeal. 😀

  27. 27 Tohru314

    While I do believe that it’s a very cliche drama move to bring in the last minute “surprise” fiancé and the infamous “hero denial”, I’m surprised that it doesn’t bother me in the least as far as this drama is concerned. Usually, I would just roll my eyes and say “here we go again! More ridiculous and pointless angst!” but after watching the last scene, I felt anxious to see whats going to happen next in their relationship! They have been through so much together, but truthfully it has all been pretty easygoing and comfortable. Now I’m excited to see a more serious and dramatic (passionate?) side to their relationship and I feel Joong-won’s “hero denial” will do the trick. It has made their relationship so much more intriguing and unpredictable. So, yay for cliches! I’m loving this drama and can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!

  28. 28 Francis

    They just had to cast Seo Hyo Rim! Ugh! She was so irritating in That Winter the Wind Blows.

  29. 29 Andrea

    Everyone has said pretty much everything I wanted to say, so I’m not gonna repeat some opinions. But something I would like to comment is on So Ji Sub’s acting. I LOVE HIM. This role has been so awesome for him to break out of the mold. The little details on his acting: the subtle changes in his facial expressions, the way he stands, the way he uses his hands… Yeah, I’m loving the little details and how comfortable he’s in the role.

    Also, I love how there are flashes of Joong Won vulnerability when no one’s looking. The scene when he kisses Gong Shil killed me because of his reaction. His face showed that maybe he did it without really thinking and out of impulse, then the realization of how he feels towards her hit him like a ton of bricks. This moment would have be lost if not for the change in So Ji Sub’s expression.

    I love where the story is going even if part of me loathed this episode’s ending. The thing that makes me glad though is that the fianceé won’t be on the scene for long. And now I want smoochies where both parts are conscious. Give them to me!

    • 29.1 Yumi

      The arrival or the fiancee didn’t bother me that much because Joong-Won had never been resistant to the idea.

      What annoyed me about the scene, was that Joong-Won rendered Tae-Yang invisible, without a valid reason.

      Also, what’s up with Auntie. Her husband doesn’t look as if he brought much money and power into their marriage, so why is she so up in arms about suitability.
      If she can marry her boy-toy, Joong-Won should be allowed to marry his Medium.

      • 29.1.1 yammy

        Maybe that is why Auntie is pushing him to marry “well” in her words/point of view? Because she doesn’t think she married well? I mean, she didn’t refute Joo Won’s comment on “I can’t have a bad marriage like yours” at the 3 person dinner couple episodes before…

        • Andrea

          It annoyed me that he ignored her, but I know te Hong Sisters are fans of revearsals so I know that won’t last long. It’s like he tried to give himself a lobotomy and go back to the person he was before meeting Gong Shil, but we all know that never works out.

          And I agree with yammy. I’ve always thought that Auntie cares about him and maybe she wants him to be married well from her point of view. Maybe more like a business deal instead of the whole romantic perspective, because we know that her boy-toy isn’t the best hubby out there.

          • Yumi

            I’m curious about why boy-toy VPUncle is not perceived as a good husband.

            1) I don’t remember any signifers to suspect that he has a wandering eye and is fooling around behind her back.

            2) I don’t see him undermining his wife or stealing her money.

            3) The only negative thing I see expressed in that marriage in the wife/Aunty’s lack of faith that her husband loves her, and in response she threatens him so that he realizes that his position is precarious. As a result the kisses up to her at all times. “I love you” Meaning oops I made a mistake, I act cute so please forgive me.

            There might be something I’m missing, if so, please point it out.

          • Andrea

            Yumi, I failed to write that from her perspective he isn’t the best hubby out there. Now I just noticed that it changes the whole meaning of what I was saying.

          • Gidget

            It doesn’t seem that she respects him. He acts like and is treated like a little boy. When it comes down to it, no woman wants to wear the pants in her marriage.

          • Yumi

            I like wearing pants in and out of the family.

            I think there are a myriad of ways of structuring families.

            Some come with dedicated pants wearers.

            Others with alternating pants wears.

            And still others where no-one bother wearing pants at all.

      • 29.1.2 Mohammed

        It is not annoying if you have seen when Joong-Won has shown he cares for her. He is not willing to let everyone know she is more than a tool for him. He has done things for her and shown affection when they are alone or when she is sleeping and he protects her from ghost.

        He was a cold, shallow man before her. I doubt even as he has changed now he would let everyone know the women that works for him, is little crazy accoring to her rep is a woman he has feelings for or cares about.

        He is a public figure with a new fiancee…..

    • 29.2 enenmon

      The scene where he was hesitating to hold her bare back kinda shows it all.

      She slumped onto his shoulders, leaning against/onto him. He seemed taken aback/confused/helpless? He wants to be her support? but his hands were fighting against not to touch her but eventually did.

    • 29.3 lina

      I found myself nodding as I read your comment..
      Yeah.. totally agree with you.

    • 29.4 pogo

      re: SJS during the kiss – YES!!!!!! That kiss might not have had the sexiest lip contact (because ghost) but everything else, I just melted.

      Especially the look on his face as he breaks the kiss and she falls unconscious on his shoulder (I think I just died from replaying that a dozen times, talk about literal swooning), you can tell Joong-won’s had his mind blown by what he just did, and then the ‘wtf did I do?!!!’ reaction starts to set in, and he fights the urge to hold her but gives in…..it’s beautiful.

  30. 30 SuSueBeans

    You said it, girlfriday! Your last sentence sums up the romance I’m hugely anticipating. I’m spellbound!!!!

  31. 31 mary

    I’m slightly hoping Joong Won used the Instant Fiancee Card in reaction to what Kang Woo said. That he might be using Gong Shil the same way as the pianist.

    Maybe he,
    1) assumes Gong shil doesn’t like him (hence, the refusal to prod the wife ghosts’s taunting), and
    2) doesn’t want to use Gong Shil anymore like how the pianist did

    Also, I kinda pity the Instant Fiancees in dramaland. :/

    • 31.1 KahToo

      I like that part with the telescope convo with KW, too. Hahaha. JJW dug his own grave when he said that to KW and he knows it. He is setting himself up to be the ultimate asshole by not accepting his feelings. His own traps will blow up on his face once he gets consumed by jealousy over KW, which he created. Hahaha. I can imagine a suuuper dramatic and swoon-worthy revelation… JW will explode. He’ll feel sooooo much and explode, and kiss passionately (here’s to hoping). Hehehe

  32. 32 Bibianni

    this is a good episode with happy and sad moments.

    sometimes the preview confuses us coz the dialogue may not match the scene that comes along w it…so we don’t know whom the words are directed to…

    the self denial of joong won is expected. but hopefully they get back in ep10!

    Some speculate that Hee Joo may have a twin (the photo taken with the foreigner). It doesn’t seem that JW dad has a hand in the kidnap.

    My bet is still on Sec Kim.

    OTP fighting!

    • 32.1 Waves

      My guess is that HJ is in a coma somewhere like the hotel ahjumma. Her ghost is lingering around JW until she wakes up. If Hj’s accomplice is female, I think JW’s aunt might be the culprit. They seem to know each other, and the aunt continues to visit the orphanage.

      • 32.1.1 KahToo

        For a burn victim, HJ’s ghost self looked rather too pretty… I can see that the coma theory is possible. And also, of all the characters, JW’s aunt is the one i like least so I can live with her being a villain, Hahaha. Although I’d like for this drama to not really have a villain… I dont know how that’ll happen but yeah. And I still wonder about TY’s accident… I wonder if it’s in any way related to CHJ’s death… I mean it wasn’t quite clear how she acquired the psychic ability afterall…

        • Waves

          I was wondering about GS’s accident too. I think it’s somehow related to JW and HJ’s accident, and that’s why his touch repels the ghosts.

  33. 33 Cherry

    I’m wondering what the feet scenes were referring to at the end. It must mean something bc it was consistent and I can’t think of a reason why they would waste footage on feet. Anyone else pick up the phrase Secretary Kim said about the sun? When they were looking at the sun necklace? That the sun also meant death? I had to stop Nd pause on that bc I always thought the sun was about light and life.

    • 33.1 Newbie

      Wondered about the sun=death analogy, too!

      And they always highlight the feet. The moment when JW carried the beaten child to the hospital they showed his moving feet in close-up too. I then thought it’d be his conscious decision to follow her path. Now she appears to be stuck (her not moving feet in this scene), as he still fights agains his feelings.

      Might be far-fetched though.

      • 33.1.1 Ennayra

        Hmm. Maybe there is something to the feet. They do show Joong-won’s feet an awful lot, but I always love his shoes, so I never really thought about it, lol!

  34. 34 Noelle

    NO! You Sir are and Idiot of the highest order. Good day… I said good day!

    • 34.1 Yumi


      Did you have an overdose of the Importance of Being Ernest?

      I hope you wacked him with your fan on the way out!!!

    • 34.2 jaglaine

      Bwahaha! Well said, Noelle!

  35. 35 antonia

    how many times did i rewatch the kiss scenes? i have the video in pause mode just to watch some more after commenting here!!!
    i love this drama, i love this couple, i love VPuncle and wife and secretary kim, i love the blanket dress… still all i want is JW and GS together…OMG it’s to much to say they’re the best couple ever!!!!
    loved so many scenes about this episode, JW is so cute and hot and endearing, how he shooed the coffe ghost, how he liked that GS slept in his arms and touched him, everytime he was about to give the necklace, how he worried about her everytime, how he rescued and kissed and hughed her, how he cracked the nuts… i can’t stop
    and the way she looked at him while in the kitchen….
    then the ending broke my heart after a perfect episode… but i must say as much as i loved and laughed and smile all the episode i couldn’t help but crying, specially at the kitchen scene and the kiss scene i cried and cried, i was so excited but still there was a pang in my heart, i think their relationship feels so real to me, their love is palpable, i just can’t tell how many emotions i had tonight, i’m so thankful for this drama…
    thanks for the recap!!!

  36. 36 Cherry

    Lol even Uncle VP felt bad about the fiancé thing!

    • 36.1 Yumi

      VPUncle is kind of funny. He is the only one in the drama he responds as if Tae-Yang and Joong-Won are in a viable romantic relationship.

      The staff gossip, but don’t really take it seriously.
      The Aunt finds it threatening, but doesn’t view it as real or viable.

      Neither Tae-Yang or Joong-Won see it as a relationship even though they know they have feelings for each other.

      VPUncle see Tae-Yang and Joong-Won as a couple. I found it interesting when he called and asked Joong-Won if he broke up with Tae-Yang, as if they were in “that kind of relationship” and if Joong-Won knew that Tae-Yang was running off to Paris with widower musician.

      The fact that Joong-Won delayed his business trip to China and came back to successfully talk Tae-Yang out of leaving him [or so it must have seemed to Uncle] confirmed that they were in an important relationship.

      So it made sense that he’d feel bad for Tae-Yang when it seems that Joong-Won dumped her without giving her any notice.

  37. 37 clover

    The one thing that hit me though was this: is Uncle coming over to Gong Shil side? I mean, he really didn’t have to call Joong Woo and give him a heads up. Plus, he looked kinda sad when Aunt told Gong Shil about Joong Woo’s engagement. It would be great it he ends up on team Fix-A-Ghost.

    • 37.1 jaglaine

      I think Uncle VP just wants some respect as a person. And maybe, to be considered family a little bit more. He doesn’t seem like a total baddie.

    • 37.2 bells

      Agree! Team Gong Shil 😀

      It’ll also be awesome if coffee ghost, trashcan ghost, CR ghost, etc play matchmaker and sabotage joong won’s engagement :)))

  38. 38 Waves

    I hope JW tells his fiancé to get lost after one episode. I don’t want his relationship with her to drag on, and want him to go back to GS. He’s probably too scared to admit he loves GS after HJ’s betrayal.

    • 38.1 enenmon

      Imagine JW telling the fiance to get lost and he MEANS it as oppose to telling Gong Shil when he doesn’t mean it.

      He just wants to maintain the distance with Gong Shil and he is also afraid that he’s getting too comfortable with the closeness.

    • 38.2 Pipit

      He said he doesn’t want to change that’s why he gets himself a fiancee because for him having a fiancee or even a wife means nothing. Because he feels nothing for whoever becomes his wife.

      BUT he feels everything for Gongshil. He feels too much for Taeyang. He fears the Sun more than anything. She has become his life and death. So it’s understandable if he reacts the way he is.

      For someone who only experienced a first love (puppy love) which was no way as strong as this one (I personally don’t think he loved Hee Joo that much) and was betrayed, this experience (the kind of love he feels for Taeyang) where he no longer a Master of himself is terrifying.

      • 38.2.1 yammy

        wooo i think i agree with this analysis of Joo gun’s reasoning for the instant fiancee

    • 38.3 Yumi

      If Joong-Won continues with his newly found penchant to converse with the spirit of the dead, the fiancee won’t be around too long.


      It’s possible that the fiancee might have a personal ghost haunting her–I mean in this drama, who doesn’t.

      • 38.3.1 Pipit

        1. LOL, just imagine the look on his fiancee when she sees him trying to converse with the garbage bin’s ghost….

        2. Another reason not to kick Taeyang out of his life.

    • 38.4 Ennayra

      I actually hope his fiancee sees what’s going on, and is just as strict with Joong-won as the pianist’s wife was with him. I mean, it’s demeaning to be used by some guy so he can try to get over the woman he’s in love with.

      Unless the fiancee knows… then I have no defense for her.

  39. 39 Quinze

    I swear the only thing that saved the ghost-of-the-day was the end twist because I was yawning through that build up. I LOVED JW and his walnuts though-he looked so adorably pleased with himself. Like giving a little boy a busy task.

  40. 40 roo

    Seo Hyo-rim plays the (often aggravating) part of the “other woman” EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Seriously, when I saw she was the fiance, I thought, “WUT…AGAIN???”

    Aside from the ending, there were so many squee-worthy moments in this episode! I hope grumpypants won’t venture too far down the jerkface lane before coming to terms with his loooove for GS.

  41. 41 elvira

    Mr. Grumpypants, dear Sir, I hate you for being on denial. Just run to her and kiss her like you mean it! Before somebody else sneaks in and takes her away (this is where the 2nd lead makes his entrance; to pick up and mend the pieces of broken heart just to get himself one a little later. Oh, this won’t happen if the main lead is not on denial).
    Aaaarrrgggghhhhh… this cliffhanger kills!
    When will tomorrow come?

  42. 42 mysterious

    What is with the birds on Yi-ryung’s dress (when she is talking to Kang Woo)? Her clothes can be so bizarre (like the green dress she wore when she met Gong-shil; it looked liked there were leaves shooting up from her shoulders).

    • 42.1 Duncerblur

      LOL re the birds on her dress. When she got pissy at Candy Kang’s rejection & the bits flared around, I actually thought, “Angry Birds!”

  43. 43 Belle

    Well to be fair (this is the only time I understand our hero being afraid of his feelings), the last girl he liked did help kidnap him. So the whole being weary of it after the trauma that left him with the inability to read, I get.

    • 43.1 Ennayra

      I get the horror, but this happened 15 years ago… 15 years is a long time. I’m always amazed at the capacity of drama characters to feel pain as if the horrible event occurred yesterday; and also to have such accurate flashbacks, lol.

  44. 44 sunaina

    Finally a kiss!! 😀

    i usually hate those friggin’ frozen kisses and the slo mo camera panning n all. But this? Absolutely amazing. I can understand they’ve showed this kiss only from JW’s sense. Gong shil doesn’t know about it. Even when she isn’t kissing him back (coz she’s possessed and eventually loses consciousness), this scene is beautiful. I love the way she falls smoothly into his arms. It looks as if he just wants her to be in his arms. Aah, when are they goin tp get them together? I want a REAL LOONNNNGGG kiss *throws tantrums*

    Apart from the kiss, the episode was good. Im happy KW finally knows the truth. But i thot we would get to know something about Hee Joo. But i’m happy as long as they put such cute scenes all the way. Given its a Hong Sister’s drama, lets hope we get a real, nice, steamy kiss soon. Moreover, the actors are too good at their jobs n have great chemistry.
    Fingers Crossed! 😀

  45. 45 owl

    ohmyhong! I love that all the mains live in the ghost world now, so that world has become the norm. Fantastic episode! The kiss (zoom) then the returning couple (crash and burn). Gah!

    I can’t help but love Kang Candy. Scared of the ghost cat – awww huggles and snuggles this way, baby.

    I adore Gong shil.

    Creepier than ghosts that the dad knows the former girlfriend is alive – but, if so, then who is the ghost??

  46. 46 noanao


    My God!! That last scene the look in her eyes and the littlest change on her face stabbed me right in the heart. Why are you like this JW ah! When you just gave us the kiss!!! Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu!!!!

    I hope Secretary Kim can knock some sense into him, God knows I love that old man. His rapport with JW is so heartwarming and I also love him coz he is the only person who have the guts to provoke him and being suggestive about anything GS matter. The necklace, the oven. I know JW will get his sense back but until then, I will continue to hate chu!

    • 46.1 Pipit

      Here is something to cheer you up:

      1. Replay to your heart content how he walks down all by himself and leaving the beloved bride to be behind.
      2. Imagine how he would react when his bride tries to hold his arm/hand or whichever part of him. (I can hear his voice in my head: ‘This is Gong Shil’s’)
      3. Every time she’s with him, he’ll be thinking of the sun.

      • 46.1.1 lina

        Yeah.. totally can see that in my mind.

        Tae Gong Sil’ zone!!! Gel lost!!

      • 46.1.2 pogo

        . Imagine how he would react when his bride tries to hold his arm/hand or whichever part of him.

        after episode 10, I’m dying reading this.

  47. 47 I need a kdrama message board name

    I swear if the fiancé stays around to long I will totally ship for Candy Kang.

  48. 48 Sajen

    I get two conflicting feelings about Secretary Kim one that he’s trying to get Gong-shil and Joong-won together, and another that he might be one of the people that kidnapped young Joong-won.

    I wonder what the uncle’s up to. He’s another suspect on my list of possible people to be the accomplice.

    Does anyone else get the feeling that Hee-joo might be the ghost that is planning to use Gong-shil to return to life?

  49. 49 all4movies

    This drama is so daebak, that I’m still giggling over all the silly shenanigans that go on.

    I could just sit and stare at JW and GS together all day. They are the best drama couple I have seen in awhile.

  50. 50 So Ji Sub raps, people.

    I feel like the Coffee Ghost’s story will be in front and center soon. I mean, he’s the only ghost who has been appearing regularly since the drama’s start aside from Ghost Heejoo. If this really happens, I bet his story will be a heart-wringer. And he’s the only ghost who may have a deep connection with GS since they have been good acquaintances (friends?) since that first cup of coffee.

    • 50.1 Redge

      YES. I feel like Coffee Ghost will be important somehow, or like a Chekhov’s gun at some point.

    • 50.2 Yumi

      I hope his story isn’t about buying super hot coffee at MickeyD’s drive-through, dropping the hot coffee in his lap, losing control of his car and driving off a cliff.


      • 50.2.1 So Ji Sub raps, people.

        I am thinking more along the lines of the ghost also dying due to the accident GS had been in. Or am I getting too ahead of meself? Too early to tell? Well whatever it is, I hope it’s good. We didn’t linger on him for nothing.

    • 50.3 Jude

      Coffee ghost also has dark undereye circles so maybe just maybe they have something in common-lack of sleep? ghosts? brain damage? i dunno.Maybe he is looking after gs and making sure she will not suffer the same fate as he did.

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