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Moon Geun-young’s on-set accident halts filming on Goddess of Fire
by | September 23, 2013 | 50 Comments

Here’s some bad news for the production of MBC’s sageuk drama Goddess of Fire Jung-yi, which recently had an on-set accident when a piece of camera equipment fell onto lead actress Moon Geun-young’s face and injured her eye. Ouch.

She had gone to the emergency room following the accident on Wednesday and returned to the set on Friday, which made it seem as though the injury was minor and fleeting. However, the resulting bruising reportedly worsened afterward, becoming bad enough that the show halted filming entirely. All weekend long the big question was whether the show would be able to make its next broadcast on Monday, and now we have the answer (no).

The final decision came early Monday morning when MBC announced it would have to pre-empt both Monday and Tuesday’s episodes, airing a special with highlights and behind-the-scenes clips instead. According to Moon’s reps at Namoo Actors, she is being treated and waiting for the swelling to go down and hopes to return to work during the week. She is not otherwise injured, but I suppose when the face of your show has a marred face, that tends to get in the way of things. (Although in that case, I would just write an accident into the script and explain away the bruise, the way You’ve Fallen For Me wrote in Park Shin-hye’s accident and kept her in bed for an episode. Maybe she could have a pottery accident?)

That’s unfortunate for the show, which has been having a disappointing run; it’s been consistently last place in the ratings, falling behind its competitors Good Doctor and Empire of Gold, with its most recent episode pulling a 7.2% rating. At 32 episodes, the drama still has four weeks to go (after this week’s specials).

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50 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Raine

    Poor thing:( I hope it’s not painful.

  2. Mystisith

    Strangely, in the story, MGY had already some kind of pottery accident scene where her eyes were injured. Reality and fiction, it’s all blurred…
    This show is just bad (awful script) and it should be shortened, not extended with specials. Even Kim Bum that I like is sleepwalking in his scenes…

    • 2.1 Kiara

      I love her but I totally loath this show. It is terrible and I feel bad for the actors. I’ve never heard of these newbie writers and starting off their career with a sageuk is a bad idea. MBC is sucking hard this year.

      • 2.1.1 pogo

        To be fair, the writer of Arang and the Magistrate was a newbie, and that sageuk was pretty fantastic. But committing to a 32-episoder right out of the gate….that was a bad move.

        • Kiara

          I know I know Queen Inhyun’s Man was a newbie sageuk writer too and it’s still my favorite time-travel/ drama so far.
          I’m so frustrated with this show because I was looking forward to it.

        • bd

          Eh, “Arang” was OK, after a good start it quickly lost steam.

        • pogo

          @bd – I actually thought it was well-paced and well-plotted, and far more experienced writers lose their way in the third act far worse (see: Hong sisters). It was not a mess like this.

      • 2.1.2 ilikemangos

        The writer of goddess of fire is also the writer of 29-er episode warrior baek dong soo (which as alot better, in my opinion) even if the middle dragged.
        Goddess of Fire is just god awful boring.
        I imagine this to be Moon Geun Young’s ticket out of that horrible production, but i also wish her a good recovery.

        • Lilian

          I think the show is limited by its sponsorship. Doesn’t seem possible that pottery plays such a huge role. At least imho, food playing an important role makes more sense such as in the case of Dae Jang Geum.

        • Kiara

          I didn’t recognize his name on the credit so thank you. I loved the first 10 eps of WBDS but I didn’t like the rest of it. If it wasn’t for Choi Min-soo I wouldn’t have finished it.

          • anais

            Even with Choi Min Soo, I didn’t finish WBDS.

      • 2.1.3 Windsun33

        @Kiara – That is where I am at also. Even worse when an actor gets injured on a show that nobody watches, seems like such a waste. I wonder if part of the problem is low-budget rushed shooting by people with less experience.

  3. Minoz Marjan

    πŸ™ πŸ™

    the news on the falling ratings of “The goddess of fire” has made me SAD!! Because of “Kim Bum”!!!! πŸ™ πŸ™
    I love “Kim Bum”! I am worried about him
    He MUST be sad & disappointed!! πŸ™ πŸ™
    God helps all the cast and staff!
    I find it difficult 2 say “Aja Aja fighting”.However,episode ratings have NO effect on the judgement in ceremony awards!!!!!

  4. Xxvxx

    Oh god poor girl! I hope her face is okay and that her vision is not affected.

    • 4.1 KDrama Fan

      Second that. All the best for a speedy recovery Moon Geun-young!

  5. Nilechoclat

    I hope she will be better without complications seriously I am mad bcz the channels and the producers didn’t make any safety measures to protect the actors or actresses from accidents .
    It happened before to Phillip Lee in Faith seriously he would be now a star bcz stupid accidents which confirm negligence .
    I hope the actors and actresses unite to issue a law that make producers of Dramas and Movies to ensure their safety in the locations of filming πŸ™

    • 5.1 Ace

      It’s an accident. No place is completely safe no matter how much you make it. It’s not as if they wanted the lead actors to get hurt because that would mean the producers would lose money due to delays in filming.

      • 5.1.1 pogo

        They may not want injuries, but they don’t care enough to adequately secure the set or allow actors enough time to heal. (and this is far from the only drama to suffer this problem)

      • 5.1.2 Nilechoclat

        They didn’t intend but they neglected them .

        • Pirie

          Bruce Lee’s son Brandon Lee was accidentally KILLED on the set with a real bullet while filming “The Crow” in Hollywood… Talk about negligence…

    • 5.2 bjharm

      they do not ‘needlessly’ put thier actors at risk but yes to get in a scene on time they do seem to think the risk worth it. Another way is a director pushing an actor to do something they not been trained to do to make a scene better. Poor girl though, she got a broken nose in Painter to the Wind and now this.
      I do remember reading about a scene where a kidnapper had to wave a knife around. The scene was for a long shot with him threatening the heroine as she tied to a chair, all at once the director had a brain flash..wouldnt it be more exiting for a close shot..ow we can not do that beacuse then everyone would see the knife was a fake..ow that ok lets use a real one!
      End result the guy drops the knife and it staps the actress, who tied down so can not get out of the way, in the thigh..end end result a week delay in filming.

  6. hoaa

    get well soon!

    is that drama really bad?

  7. Amy

    How horrible….I wish Moon a quick and complete recovery. Such a dedicated actress, wish the crews and staff take more precaution.

  8. Cadwalider

    An actor or actress’ (or any other entity, for that matter) most expressive tools are their eyes and this lovely and talented young lady has caught our attention with her eyes since she began in the business as a youngster. May the powers that be watch over and protect the ‘nation’s little sister’ until long after she becomes the ‘nation’s halmoni’…

    • 8.1 Moi

      You mean face, that’s why they (ik not all do) get plastic surgery.

      • 8.1.1 Cadwalider

        Actually, getting plastic surgery (an accusation that has been leveled at far more actresses than have had it done) would restrict an actor’s ability to show emotion. As it has been said, “The eyes are the windows to the soul…”

      • 8.1.2 bd

        PS actually prevents showing subtle expressions (hence “plastic face”).

    • 8.2 kumi

      In India people pray to Fire God or the Sun to cure their eyes. Sounds ironical, isn’t it, that our ‘Goddess of Fire’ has hurt her eyes. πŸ™
      I hope she will recover soon.

  9. Mia

    I hope MGY gets well soon, but wow the timing of this accident. “Suspicious Housekeeper” starts today and with “Goddess of Fire” being pre-empted this week, those viewers just might switch networks to check out the new drama on the block. “Good Doctor” might get a boost too, but I can’t see people checking out a drama they haven’t watched before when it’s almost over.

  10. 10 Carole McDonnell

    Ah gee, poor thing. So sorry to hear that. Hoping she gets well quickly.

  11. 11 Abbie

    Not been following this drama, so not affected by this at all. I like Moon Geun-young, and hope she recovers quickly and completely before filming commences.

  12. 12 TK

    Owwie. Hope she gets better soon. I seem to remember that she got elbowed in the face during Painter of the Wind and broke her nose. Let’s hope this isn’t a trend πŸ™

    • 12.1 bd

      While MGY is a better actress, she seems to stuck in the same rut of picking poorly written projects like YEH.

      • 12.1.1 Tanglefoot

        BOTH of those statements are strictly a matter of opinion…

        • bd

          An opinion widely held by critics and fans alike.

          I liked YEH back before she started acting (during her X-Man days), but there has really been only 1 role where her acting has been praised (for “Coffee Prince” and even for that, she got criticism for her acting in the early eps).

          Same holds for the poorly written part.

  13. 13 Babs

    I have to say, I dont know why I keep going back because the script is awful…And I’m sorry to say that the acting is not much better… MGY is not my favorite actress but I think most of the time she can deliver a solid performance… I definitely agree this set back will not help the show at all. If I were MBC I would cut the show short, 32 episodes was waaaay to much for this saeguk and I would move on, because there are bigger and better things out there in drama world.

    • 13.1 Babs

      Oh, wait I know why I go back, KWAG SOO OPPA!!!

    • 13.2 Tanglefoot

      I, for one, am happy that don’t have you in charge of making these decisions, then. Opinions are like…well, you know the rest. πŸ˜‰

      • 13.2.1 Babs

        we’re all entitled to put own opinion… No need to bash people’s likes and dislikes, if you didn’t like my commment skip it.

  14. 14 ivy

    For some reason when i read that headline I just assumed that the accident was fire related.

  15. 15 Quiet Thought

    Whoever designed that poster so it looks like her hair is shooting straight up to the sky should be fired.

  16. 16 jo

    They just wasted kim bum in that drama. He had chops, but they’re keeping him in the side lines and its disappointing. Also the pace is so slow. Im still watching but it’s no princess’s man, tree with deep roots, etc

    • 16.1 Babs


    • 16.2 kanz

      If it’s not for Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum I would never endure this drama. Pure torture because of bad script and directing. This drama makes me mad almost every episode!!

  17. 17 korfan

    This is unfortunate. Wishing the actress a quick and complete recovery.

  18. 18 too_late_the_hero

    poor moon. Get well soon.

  19. 19 makoto

    Ah, poor girl. Get well soon. :'(

  20. 20 missjanalt

    Maybe it’s because I don’t speak Korean and have to read my dramas (LOL), but I don’t agree that Goddess of Fire is such a terrible drama as everyone seems to think.

    I guess it’s because of the language barrier, because of which I can only concentrate on certain things–most of the time I can’t tell if the acting is horrible, or the script is awful–all I can tell is that Moon Geun-young is so darn adorable, and I want Kim Bum as my personal body guard. ^_^

    I agree, the story is dragging lately, and the plot seems to be recycled, (plus the queen is really starting to get on my nerves), but it has its moments.

    • 20.1 shirley

      I agree!This is a good drama, I love it. All the other actors and actress are good as well. For all the haters on this drama looks somewhere else, and shut the ????? up.

  21. 21 Diane

    I am sorry to see poor ratings on this drama. I love the fact that I am learning a lot about pottery-making in Korea, and I have to pause constantly on the beautiful set designs. The plot proceeds slowly, but is just starting to tighten, as she comes close to learning her true identity. Arang was slow too, but still a joy to watch. Maybe some people are just too impatient?

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