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More stills from the set of Heirs
by | September 17, 2013 | 130 Comments

More Heirs, comin’ at ya. I can’t tell if this show is afraid we might forget about it if we go a day without news updates, or if the cast is just so freaking huge that this is the only way to get through them all. Just wake me up when it’s Choi Jin-hyuk’s turn, yeah? Here’s a peek at the supporting cast of friends and frenemies, along with Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye’s first onscreen meeting. Hey, at least we know they won’t be skimping on the skinship.

The pair shot their first meeting in LA, where he’s studying abroad and she’s visiting family. Coincidence brings them together for a night despite their vast social chasm (he has money; she does not), and it seems to involve a hospital visit. I sincerely hope their meet-cute isn’t that he hits her with his car or something. Eep. Krystal (High Kick 3) co-stars as heiress to an entertainment fortune, who also has a past with Lee Min-ho’s character.

Kang Min-hyuk (You’ve Fallen For Me) plays Park Shin-hye’s friend, which puts him on the poor side of things, because I don’t think there’s a happy medium in this world of the uber-rich. They were cute as friends in You’ve Fallen For Me, so I envision more of the same. Kim Ji-won (Anticipate Love, To the Beautiful You) plays an heiress to a hotel group, and it looks like she’ll be reprising her cold haughty character type, which is too bad. I know, somebody’s gotta play her, but I miss High Kick 3′s quirky thoughtful Kim Ji-won.

Heirs comes from Secret Garden writer Kim Eun-sook and Midas PD Kang Shin-hyo. The 20-episode high school rom-com will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and premieres October 9 on SBS.

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130 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    Thanks for the update!

    • 1.1 Ashley

      It looks like the skinship will start fast in this drama. Boy I sure hope LMH and PSH have good chemistry. While were at it I hope LMH can teach PSH how to kiss, but better not to wish for miracles.

      • 1.1.1 jessica

        Haha. This is my biggest fear. We all know LMH can kiss but that girl kisses like a fish. Lets hope she got some lessons.

        • Becky

          Kissing lesson from Lee Minho you say? I’d sign up for that class!

          • Ashley

            That class would be sold out before you even got the chance to sign up, haha.

          • becca(kgirl)

            i would b all in 4 tht!!!!!!!!!!

      • 1.1.2 pogo

        …..you talk as if she isn’t being directed to the desired degree of dead-fishness by the PD.

        I’m sick to death of kdrama heroines being blamed for the meh kissing, when it’s pretty clear that none of that is left up to their discretion anyway.

        • skelly

          pogo, I am going to say that the director is partly to blame – you hears stories about them reining people in when they get too enthusiastic, or choreographing every muscle twitch to the point where the actors are mere manikins – but it is a two-way street, and the actress has to bring it, and show the PD she is ready, willing, and able – and PSH is none of those.
          She had one good CF, and I don’t know if she was drunk that day or what because I have never seen it again. Come on, it was a major, major coup that Yoon Shi Yoon actually got her to open her mouth.

          • pogo

            I don’t know what the actress can bring in the first place when she’s reined in to that point by assorted directorial and cultural hangups surrounding physical affection.

            Better actresses than PSH have fallen at the altar of the dead fish kiss, even when they have in fact brought it in their previous work – Moon Chae-won is one of these – so I think this is one of those kdrama things that is better off being handwaved as a trope in How Things Are Done There – we may not like it, but it’s better to come to terms with it than blame the actress.

            Yoon Eun-hye is a major exception among the younger-gen actresses as someone who gets passionate kiss scenes that look like she’s kissing a person and not a plank of wood, but she is the exception rather than the rule.

          • Betsy Hp

            I’m going to second Pogo. I always raise my eyebrow when comments are made about an actresses kissing style like this is her actual style. Its the style she’s being asked to convey. And especially with PSH — she’s pretty consistently played an uber-innocent.

            I’d love for her to break out of that role and I’m thinking Heirs may be the role that does it. But this idea that she does closed mouth kissing because that’s all she’s able to do? It borders on bizarre for me. (Dude. It’s kissing. Not freaking Swan Lake.)

      • 1.1.3 weenhiecookies

        The problem is not PSH.. I remember that CF (I don’t know it is) starring PSH and Jang geun suk where they kissed.. AND not your ordinary kiss you see from her XD

      • 1.1.4 Ashley

        Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and its ok we don’t agree. I do not feel PSH is good at faking chemistry with a costar unless they have some in real life. For example Heart Strings, you can tell she and JYH are close friends, but thats how they came off in the drama, just friends. This is not to say I am hating on her, because she is actually one of my favorite k-actresses. I personally feel she had the best chemistry with JGS so far. It will be interesting to see if the LMH tradition continues, and if they start dating after the drama is done.

        • pogo

          i really hope they don’t. PSH does not need the ire of ‘oppa’s fans directed at her for daring to do that, especially not at this stage in her career.

          • Ashley

            I feel PSH already has a solid career and fan base that if it were to happen she would be ok. Unfortunately I do not think Park Min-young had that luxury. Its really hard for me to picture PSH and LMH together though, which is why I guess I am really hoping they sell it so they can change my mind.

          • pogo

            Still, it’s Lee Min-ho’s fanbase. I wouldn’t put any of my faves in the firing line there, even PSH. And I do agree, I’m not 100% sure about their pairing yet though the still at least looks a wee bit better than their old Etude House cf.

        • Maris

          I feel that chemistry is created by the actors when playing a certain role as perceived by them, writer and the director……Even the background music,setting help towards that impression. It’s a sum combination of the whole. It drags the viewers into believing it to be real. How well each do at their job is what’s its all about. I may be biased but I honestly believe that Shinhye has had it in varying degrees with all her costars. I see no reason for us not to expect it in this drama too.
          Realistic expectations must be made within the framework of the role being played, storyline and direction otherwise one is heading for disappointment no matter how good the actors/actresses are.

    • 1.2 Ashley

      Not that I think ANYONE is still checking up on this post, but by chance if you are…. here is the Heirs trailer. “Its ok baby.” Bwahahaha!


    • 1.3 Ivoire

      I am ABSOLUTELY not worried about this show having real kiss scenes, because this writer, KES, makes her heroines do real kisses, from the few dramas I have watched, written by her. I am not sure about Lovers in Paris (my memory is a little fuzzy on that one), but from the other few dramas that I have seen (City Hall, AGD and SeGa), KES expects real kisses, and she will have real kisses, because that is what she will be requesting from her actors and actresses (at least at some point). I remember reading an interview done to her, where she mentioned lying to JDG’s wife (for AGD), and she told her that her husband will not have to do real kisses (because the wife had told her that she [the writer] was known for writing real kisses in her dramas), but when the drama aired, that was not what happened with JDG’s character, and JDG had to follow suit and really kiss his female co-star, KHN.

      I really don’t see why it would be any different here. She knows that LMH and the other actors (I am assuming, at least CJH and probably KWB, though I am not sure KWB will have to kiss, since he is the 2nd lead, but who knows…) will not be opposed to kissing, so it will happen. SeGa had quite a few kisses, and I don’t see it being different here. PSH does not strike me as a dumb person. She had to have known that when she signed on (that she will have to really kiss, at some point), and I believe that she will comply. I will remember this post of mine, when that happens (every single time it will happen).

      KES will do the many fanservice she will feel she has to do, and the many fanservice she will want to do (I have read that she pretty much writes what she wants to write for her characters, and that she has free reign). She has to know the different fan bases represented behind the actors and actresses in this drama, and the international appeal this drama has/will have (Some of the actors and actresses in this drama are really well liked/loved outside of Korea), so I think she will deliver on that front.

      I guess we will find out once the drama airs, however, I would not be surprised if it has some of (or all of ) the basic tropes we have been accustomed to see in Kdramas, imho, kisses and all.

  2. masa

    The number 1 reason why I will be watching this is Lee Min Ho!! <3
    He is the reason I got drawn to K-dramas in the first place.

    I've watched Park Shin Hye before in You've Fallen For Me and really like her acting!

    I don't know much about the rest of them and haven't seen them in dramas before. I only know 2 of the other casts are from K-pop groups.

    • 2.1 kdramafan

      really???? you like her childish acting??? Im not saying she is bad..but she is not soo good either..Its all the same expressions and after a third drama one can get kind of annoyed with her..just my two cents..

  3. Carole McDonnell

    oh my lands! Who is the cutie at the table with the glass?

    I so so so do not want to watch this drama. And that coincidental reunion and the hospital visit is not helping any. But dang, I get the feeling I will be totally out of the loop if I don’t watch. And who likes feeling oout of the loop? Thanks for the pics.

    • 3.1 rinka

      That’s Kang Minhyuk. I don’t know why he’s sporting 2 different hairs in 1 drama.

    • 3.2 skelly

      Same here, Carole. High School dramas bore me, PSH gets on my nerves, I am allergic to idols-who-cannot-act – but I know I’ll at least fast-forward through this thing, just to stay in the loop.

      • 3.2.1 kdramafan

        yeah PSH is getting on my nerves too..I’ve watched a couple of interviews with her and got the impression that she starts getting arrogant on the celebrity side..She also tried singing in Japan..and boy..please leave it to others…I know she got famous through her girl-nun-turned boy singing drama made her famous and she sang in this drama too…But there there are real singers who can do a better job at this! So I had the impression that she is a bit too full of herself…Sadly. Aside this, I will decide whether to watch or to drop this drama after the first two episodes. Im a LmH & CHJ fan, but if this drama is crap, I won’t force myself just because of LMH. Nope, made this mistake with Lie to Me, You’ve Fallen for Me(PSH) and Faith..

    • 3.3 KDaddict

      But, but, but Lee MH is looking sooooo F-I-N-E, as always. And there are Kim Woo Bin and Choi KH. How can one resists? 😉

      I can watch this w the sound off, drooling all the while and not notice that it is a hi school drama at all.
      Kang MH looks like Enrique, maybe becos of the hair.

      On the downside:
      Krystal is pouting, again. Hope this char is better than the one in Hikick3.
      And Park SH gets to romance all the pretty boys! Life is so Un-fair!

    • 3.4 Betsy Hp

      Carole McDonnell: But dang, I get the feeling I will be totally out of the loop if I don’t watch. And who likes feeling oout of the loop?

      Exactly why I’m going to live watch this thing! 😀 I mean, I’d probably be interested anyway with the Lee Min-ho + Park Shin-hye + Secret Garden credentials (which I loved). But another high school drama? Another Friday live-watch? That would have me teetering.

      In the end though, the loop trumps all. (And Heirs is commanding a pretty big loop. ;))

  4. mysticmalady

    Is coca-cola a sponsor for Heirs? Why else would Lee Minho get TWO cola shirts in different colours (with one of them asking us to “drink coca cola”). Hehe….random observations.

    Can’t wait to watch Minhyuk being cute and bubbly though!!! He does not seem poor in his outfit…but I guess nothing says “I’m rich” as clearly as Kim Jiwon’s LV luggages

    • 4.1 lady

      I can foresee that this drama would definitely have a bunch of PPL overloads.

      • 4.1.1 Mystisith

        Heh. They’ve got a bunch of first class actors to pay and they went to shoot abroad for a long time. All this needs $$ so of course there will be plenty of PPL.

        • gingeranna

          That is good product placement, and if you’ve watched Drama King you know that Anthony would be proud!
          I think, indeed, that anything put on Lee Min Ho would be considered a very good product placement. 😀

    • 4.2 Waiting

      That PPL for Coca-Cola overshadowed LMH for me in those shots. But, as was said, they likely needed sponsoring. Funny that the colors are more Pepsi than the typical red/white of Coca-Cola.

      • 4.2.1 jhu

        Maybe the show is getting sponsored by both. So while explicitly the shirt says ‘Drink Coca Cola’, the subliminal message getting through to viewers is that they ought to be drinking Pepsi instead.

        I mean, why else would we be talking about Pepsi?

    • 4.3 August

      Darn it, I wish it was a PPL for Pepsi or Sprite on Lee Min-ho instead of Coca Cola.

      • 4.3.1 kumi

        I’m glad it’s not Pepsi. FYI, Pepsi uses food additives from aborted human fetal remains (HEK293).

        • Dede

          I know this isn’t the place for this, but rumor being stated as fact is a pet peeve of mine. It took me Google and 30 seconds to disprove this.


          And I actually prefer Coke over Pepsi, but I also prefer truth over hearsay.

          And I will take LMH in any shirt…. or no shirt at all. I’m not picky. 😉

          • kumi

            I prefer him shit-less.

          • skelly

            LOL, as in really, really scared? Or victim of a purgative? Sorry, this is just a fun typo.

          • kumi

            @skelly Not typo. Without the feces of Senomyx, pardon my candor.

    • 4.4 jhu

      Would have been a more appropriate PPL if PSH’s character were sporting the coke-tees. You know, like her wardrobe budget is non existent so she’ll wear anything she can get her hands on, and the freer the better.

      I can’t register the idea of LMH’s character wearing something that’s so obviously trying to promote the drink, unless he is heir to the Coca Cola Company.

      WAIT…Is he?

      • 4.4.1 Jaz

        Same thing here…I was really confused as to why on earth would an heir to a conglomerate company wear that shirt? It just seems off…it would be understandable for PSH to wear that since she’s not an heiress after all…unless the story tells us that LMH is an heir to Coca-Cola’s CEO or something…

        I mean, that Coca-Cola print on his shirt is just so BIG…he’s like doing a photoshoot as the product’s endorser or something…is he not???

    • 4.5 paper

      ugh… The second coca-cola shirt is a bit too much even for PPL =_= they didn’t need to have the “drink” print on it :/ I have a coca-cola shirt but its tasteful ~ and the second shirt is really cute but the “drink” print just makes me so mad and IDKW ._. Also why the fudge is LMH wearing the shirt? It seems really cheap for his “rich” character to be wearing… even if he is heir to coca-cola LOL

    • 4.6 damianna

      read somewhere that kang min hyuk would be the son the secretary of min ho’s family’s company.

  5. rabbitsfortea

    Kim Ji Won <3
    Please at least let her bitchy (I'm guessing over here) character at least redeem herself and end up with one of our hot guys. Anyone of them really, I can't choose.

    • 5.1 anais

      As long as she rocks that hair, I don’t care. I love that haircut!

      • 5.1.1 SamKaz

        Thanks. I love it too. At least there is one other than me who thinks she needs to stick to long hair!

  6. zfih

    If any other actors and actresses were acting in this drama I wonder whether I would watch it BUT I am forever loyal to LMH (as cheesy as that sounds) and after Gu Family Book I am forever loyal Choi Jin Hyuk now so it has become a must-watch.

    And it starts right in the middle of my midterms! Do you want me to become a failure in life drama? Do you?

    And to you cynics out there -no I don’t have any self-control and I don’t want you pointing fingers at me for that. I am going to blame the drama.

  7. news

    Yea I’m waiting for Choi Jin Hyuk’s photos too. He blows all the cute boys outta the water.

    • 7.1 Nadine

      I just saw some of CJH out there, and all I can say is…man, he looks so good in a suit!

  8. monologue

    Also waiting for Choi Jin Hyuk~

  9. rinka

    SBS already released official pictures of almost all of the characters. Although It’s only individual photo shoot and not filming stills, at least we already get some CJH and KWB.

    • 9.1 rinka

      And I really like their outfits in this drama. The richs’ are chic but not overwhelming. And finally the poor main girl get the right wardrobes. They look affordable but not shabby.

  10. 10 Trina

    It is on my wedding anniversary. Therefore, I will watch it the next day once it is fully sub. Oh, it will be my 9th wedding anniversary. 🙂

  11. 11 maru

    There’s already a new batch of stills!

    I think Choi Jinhyuk is included… and a very horribly styled Lee Min Ho… really, his suit is hooooorrible. I want to set it on fire!

    And Woo Bin, love love love him in his new photo!

    • 11.1 jhu


      Oh I agree with everythingggg you’ve said. Woobie is a showstealer. Charm, check. Decent clothes, check. Smile, checkcheckcheck.

      LMH has clearly taken the idea of the flower boy to new and undesirably literal heights. We could do without the floral prints. Really. I’d say Coca Cola sponsored tees are better any day.

  12. 12 redfox

    I give up. how much promotion does one drama get when we are losing ocean life, nearing war in Syria, 32 000 people supposedly missing from North Koreas´ prison camps (starvation?)


    that out of my chest, I now start a secret swooning session over picture nr 12

  13. 13 snow_white

    Eeeeeee……can’t wait to see Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye together!!

  14. 14 Camille

    I seriously cannot wait for this but I still can’t let go of Master’s Sun (Subject to change if 13 and 14 become sucky episodes)


  15. 15 mi n movie

    I’m waiting for IM JOO EUN n CJH photo

  16. 16 Grace

    Can’t wait!!!

  17. 17 crazedlu

    that *is* too bad about kim jiwon. i am slightly more interested in the show now with all these stills.

    please….. premiere… soon… been…. forever…

  18. 18 Shadow-chan

    Urgh. I can’t get over the fact how much I dislike Lee Min Ho’s hair…
    I seriously hope it’s going to look better at some point :/

    (But okay, it’s slightly better than the perm :D)

    • 18.1 Catclips

      Agree! The haircut is a no-no!

  19. 19 pogo

    oooh they look goooood. I like PSH’s ‘wtf’ expression, though I’m not sure how the chemistry will be – fingers crossed that she and LMH vibe better than they did in their CF.

    And I really like baseball shirts, I’d like one for myself too (but with no Coke ppl please). That and Krystal’s skirt.

    (also, SQUEE adorable drummer boy from Heartstrings! I just hope his rich-girl hookup this time, if he has one is a bit less grating than the one from that drama)

    • 19.1 Lila

      krystal gonna be drummer boy’s gf in this drama

  20. 20 Kelinci Biru

    And when you think its almost over, they release official website ? Its neverending.

  21. 21 kDkiddo

    Omg ! I cant jold my breath ! Lee min hoo is breathtaking

  22. 22 atomickitty

    Did anyone else start humming “~almost paraddiisseee~”?

  23. 23 adette

    it actually pains me that they filmed so close to my house. my friend texted me saying i shouldve visited her at school a couple days ago cos she got to be “an extra in some korean drama.” brb crying… ;~;

  24. 24 chickenwing

    is it weird that the first thing i thought about when i saw lee min ho’s shirt is “why isn’t the brand blurred out”?

  25. 25 mysterious

    “Just wake me up when it’s Choi Jin-hyuk’s turn.” My thoughts exactly!

  26. 26 TS

    We’re missing someone – Woobie!

  27. 27 j

    The official poster for each character is out at official website


  28. 28 Ha-Na Elizabeth

    I feel like this drama should have aired ages ago with the amount of news we’ve heard. But it’s so close guys! I’m kind of nervous and excited. I’m really worried that it’s not going to be super good and I’m going to be left crying over the carcass of Min Ho and Shin Hye who are my favorites. So far I have seen way too many disappointing endings this year in dramaland. Hope this won’t be the case. *knocks on wood and grabs some four-leaf clovers*

  29. 29 lizzie

    really… I don’t care about the leads but I hope CJH gets lots of screen time because he just got popular and I hope he stays on the spotlight

  30. 30 sojisubfan

    Yes, just wake me up when Choi Jin-hyuk appears cause this ‘man’ will knock all of the ‘boys’ out the water!!!

    I am not exactly sure how I feel about this drama. Although I find Park Shin-hye’s acting ‘ok’ and have watched some of her drama (some I didn’t finish), I just hope she and LMH have some sparks and that the storyline is good enough for me to follow through.

    Let’s all hope that the storyline will be as hypeful as the cast members they casted.

  31. 31 seersucker

    I know you can’t tell everything from pictures, but I get nothing from our leads. Not even a slight sizzle. This has me veeeery worried for the PSH/LMH chemistry factor.

    • 31.1 Synx

      I know you can’t tell everything from pictures, but I get nothing from our leads.
      ^^me neither!!
      but choi jin hyuk and kim woo bin is still there, which means most of us will tune into whatever it will be like. I juz wish their chemistry wouldn’t be that bad as in Faith like LMH and KHS

  32. 32 soprection

    Thank you for the update!

    Kang Min Hyuk looks as adorable as ever. I’ve never seen his acting but seeing more of his super cute face will not be a hardship. In that second to last picture of him, he looks like an older version of Sung Dong-Il’s son Jun. Also if he’s wearing their school uniform in the first few pictures, then that is the simplest school uniform ever. It doesn’t even have a monogram! What kind of school for the rich is this?!
    Krystal is dressed pretty frumpily for a rich girl. As is Lee Minho but he’s a guy so it’s less glaring. I’m not asking for typical chaebol excess (please no) but they could at least go for casual but stylish.
    Park Shin Hye’s hair looks really good.
    Lee Minho looks quite young here. The make up department seems to be doing their best to allay those fears about him looking too old to play a high schooler.

  33. 33 link

    Is it just me or does Kang Min Hyuk look more and more like Yoo Seung Ho? GOD I MISS HIM. D;

    • 33.1 mel

      i tell you it’s the eye smile

    • 33.2 Herlene

      it’s not just you. I got Yoo Seung Ho vibe from him too.

    • 33.3 maldita

      Yup. He could play Yoo Seungho’s barely older brother any time. Then So Jisub’s their much older brother.

  34. 34 Viki

    Omg, so looking forward to this! But wait! Kim Woo Bin is not the 2nd lead but Min Hyuk is? Wow, congrats to Minhyuk for getting a main character role though! But my Woo Bin ahhh…

    • 34.1 mel

      woo bin is the second lead but minhyuk and krystal have their own cute side story

      • 34.1.1 cheekbones

        I really hope everyone becomes a couple at the end. Can’t we have a rom-com without heartbreak for once ? Especially Woo-bin. Just let him have a girl. Please.

        • mel

          don’t think he’ll get a girl as the only girl available in the drama would be kim ji won
          and she is his step sister though not blood related
          unless some girl will cameo as his love interest

        • pogo

          Late but Woobie My Wuv actually got the girl in a drama once, and she was ADORABLE



          (I would die of happiness if he and Lee Yubi were cast together again omg)

          • cheekbones

            Yes, but I didn’t watch that sitcom. *sigh* Heartbroken Woo-bin is a little bit difficult for me. 🙁

            Thanks, for the gifs, though. *sigh*

        • Maris

          I have a feeling that we will be left with at least an impression hat KWB and KJW will get together sometime in the future……based on the fact that both are big enough actors to be left in limbo and other pairings are already decided………and also if KES wishes to leave everything tied up neatly.

  35. 35 Serin

    My first thought was that Park Shin Hye looks a little bit stoned. Could that be the reason for the impromptu hospital visit, I wonder…

  36. 36 Abbie

    Looking forward to this! When will we get Kang Ha-neul stills? And Choi Jin-hyuk?

  37. 37 Waves

    Their relationship is like a reverse of GS and JW’s in Master’s Sun. LMH is touchy from the beginning, while PSH is like “why are you touching me?”

    • 37.1 skelly

      Typical. Neither one of them is the least bit out of their comfort zone. PSH plays – yet again – the no-nonsense, kind, wide-eyed virgin with absolutely no interest or knowledge about males; LMH plays the high-spirited young man-about-town who breaks all the rules despite his pedigree and future prospects.
      They could act this stuff in their sleep.

  38. 38 anna

    Girl no. You’re so pretty, those bangs tho.

  39. 39 Xxvxx

    I can’t stand PSH but I will tolerate her. Because how can we say no to THE MALE HOTTIES. HOW?! If this is anything like BOF, I’m looking forward to Minhyuk and Krystal’s loveline just like how So Eun and Kim Bum overshadowed the main couple hahaha

  40. 40 soiia

    I’ve always hoped for Lee Min Ho to act along side Park Shin Hye since I like her so much despite her acting being slightly stiff or predictable at times. But now with the rest of the cast, this is like food porn, but better.

  41. 41 piggy68gal

    Kang Minhyuk looking so fine, that boy 😉

  42. 42 kdwkyah

    so much pwetty :3

  43. 43 blegh

    the only reason I will be watching this drama is Kim Woo Bin. the only! ok may be Choi Jin Hyuk too.

  44. 44 zsa

    Reasons to watch…My list

    1. Woo Bin
    2. Choi Jin Hyuk
    3. Lee Min Ho and Min Hyuk (can’t decide, so it’s a tie)
    4. Preferably bromance between all the above
    5. Bromance between all the above


    • 44.1 bd

      But reason #1 not to watch…

      “Secret Garden” writer Kim Eun-sook

      • 44.1.1 zsa

        I know right….she can make characters (lead) so frustratingly irritating….i still cringe at Kim Ha Neul’s character from Gentlemen…urghhh…

  45. 45 Briggy(@subin70)

    Park Shin-hye is so beautiful!!

  46. 46 valleydale

    It appears that our lovely Choi Jin Hyuk is going to play something of a son of a bitch in this drama: The older brother who employs evil machinations against his younger brother (Lee Min Ho) in order to keep control of the family business. I hope he won’t be a one dimensional bad guy with no layers or redeeming qualities. He is the main reason I’m so looking forward to seeing this drama. Of course, I can’t deny the appeal of LMH. And I adore PSH. Hope she’s taken kissing lessons, though.

  47. 47 ilikemangos

    Wow, kim tan is really rockin’ that casual attire. I like.(Even if the coca-cola PPL is so obvious). So is Krystal in that casual school uniform. Park Shin Hye’s character is also rockin’ some average jane wardrobe with an urban feel and not the in-your-face dish-washing rags. She also does not have any type of bowlcut, short bangs of any variation but a head full of hair! (thank god). I could really dig this visually. It’s nice to see k-drama’s chaebols dressed up all spick-and span, but it’s also a nice breather to have them dress their age (even if they don’t always look it). Too many times we have the GQ suit on our heros and the rags on our heroine.

  48. 48 Pakykul Gunk

    my sweet Angel Park Shin Hye is so cute !

  49. 49 jyl

    Kang Minhyuk!!!

    That is all.

  50. 50 maldita

    I’m loving all the ~normal~ clothes. Thank God Lee Minho’s not wearing Gu Junpyo-ish outfits anymore.

    Hey there, bb Minhyuk! ❤

    • 50.1 bd

      Except, guys shouldn’t be wearing skin tight jeans (except for Yoo Jae-suk since that’s one of his trademarks).

      • 50.1.1 Alinka

        Yep. That ahjusshi can rock the skinny jeans just fine for his age ;D

    • 50.2 jhu

      you have not seen the character stills yet, have you?

      oh you are in for a surprise. wait till you see what the minho is sporting there. man knows how to outdo himself.

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