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Name That Drama: So many pregnancies
by | September 17, 2013 | 67 Comments

Time to rack those brains and dig into your stores of drama trivia — more Name That Drama!

  1. Mia says this is a movie and not a drama… but I’ll offer up a hint: There’s a drama based on the movie, and the scene is there too.

    So first there’s this guy on a cooking competition or something. He makes a crane (shape) with raw fish and then a competitor destroys it with something like poison or inedible parts of fish. Not sure.

    And then the judges either die or get really sick and he goes back to his countryside grandma’s house (?) and vows not to cook for others except his family again. Or something like that.

    Then he decides for some reason to compete again and the competitor from before is there too. There’s this lady reporter that likes him on the way. And he has to make his raw fish crane thing again and the competitor tries to scare off the judges warning them that the main guy made this before and had bad results. Then the lady reporter tries it, pretends to be sick but eats more saying it’s delicious.

    At the end the two of them are left and there’s something to do with cow meat. The other competitor seems to have won at first but the judges reinspect and finds some bad meat because of stress while the main guy’s okay since the cow followed him without restraint because the cow was kind of his pet or something. So he wins.

    That was long. Sorry. I hope someone can tell me.


  2. Ha, the characters in Haewon’s drama are in a race to the bottom:

    It’s been kind of a long time since this one broadcasted. I think.

    I believe it was the family sitcom-type about this big family. It’s really a vague memory but I remember this scene where two girls fight over who is the worst in class and the teacher catches them bragging (like I read comics behind my textbooks) and sends them out to run. And even then they’re competitive. I remember each time one of them goes faster/forward, a song comes out. Hope someone can help. Thanks.


  3. Guaria has two requests:

    I’m in search of the title of a film and a drama.

    The film came out around 2010. It’s a Korean production, but is set in New York City. It’s about a white woman married to a Korean man who cannot get her pregnant. She’s under a lot of pressure from his family to have a baby, so she hires an illegal Korean laborer whom she meets at a fertility clinic to impregnate her. They eventually fall in love.

    The melodrama is from around 2003-08. It’s about a young woman who marries into a rich family because a summer fling results in pregnancy. They treat her like a servant because she’s from the country and poor. Her husband neglects her. She falls in love with her driving instructor who is a college student four years younger than her. He has an incurable illness.

    Thanks in advance!


  4. Sion asks:

    In china I watched a Korean drama where the story goes like this. A girl and a boy loved each other and had sex and after some days they plan to marry, but she comes to know that this man has already got married and has a child. She is separated from her family and later she becomes pregnant and our hero comes and helps her to deliver the baby. And our heroine loves to create cake design dolls for cakes and later our hero and heroine get together. The guy who made her pregnant has a sister who also likes our hero, and our heroine’s sister likes our hero’s friend who has a teenage boy.


  5. Here’s something a little different from Schmazel:

    I’ve found myself in a pickle and that’s why I am sending this in. As you can tell, I need help in looking for something which I have been Googling to every inch of its life, based on whatever clues I have, but to no avail. And yeah, it isn’t a drama. Nor a movie. I’m sorry!

    The story goes like this:

    I am a regular watcher of the KBS World program Screening Humanity. It is a documentary that is shown daily and it gives viewers a glimpse into the life of regular people in Korea. Back in April, they showed an installment featuring a married couple (with a baby) who run a pizzeria which also sells coffee and cakes in Seogwipo, Jeju Island. They are both chefs, trained in Japan, if I am not mistaken. Anyhow, the husband does Italian food and bakes his pizzas in a stone oven, and the wife does the baking and the coffee. I know, YUM! They have a quaint restaurant/cafe with an open concept and there is a window next to the pizza oven for passers-by to peek into the kitchen. Other things that I know are that it is in Daepyeong and it is nearby/on the 9th course of the Olle walking path.

    From all my searches, I can safely say that it is NOT Pizza Moru nor Dalgrak Italian Stove Pizza. (I jotted all the info down on my phone as I was watching it, but despite it, I can’t find the place.)

    I need to know the name of this place and where it is exactly! I know it’s a really really long shot since the DB community are mostly drama watchers, but I am hoping that some of them might have some awesome Googling skills and proficiency in the Korean language and help me out.

    Thank you and hugs from the other side of the globe! 😀


67 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. phxajumma

    I think the first one is Gourmet. I remember how beautiful the presentation was (the crane). I don’t know the others.

    • 1.1 lizzy

      yeah it gourmet

      • 1.1.1 lizzy

        sorry gourmet is the Korean drama and the movie us le grand chef 1 not the le grand chef 2

  2. bebeswtz

    For Mia, I’m pretty sure it is “Gourmet” and for Guaria’s movie, I’m pretty sure it is “Never Forever”

  3. appreciate

    Number 1 is Le Grand Chef (2007) starring Kim Kang Woo.
    Good movie 🙂

    • 3.1 phxajumma

      Yes! That is the name of the movie! I was thinking of the drama name! Thank you!

      • 3.1.1 appreciate

        I love that movie ^_^

    • 3.2 Sophia

      Yep, definitely this one is correct. Was watching it not long ago

    • 3.3 snow

      i love that movie too. Kim Kang-woo was adorable.

  4. Waves

    Number 3 sounds like Never Forever. The film came out in 2007 and stars Ha Jung Woo.

    • 4.1 porcelain

      Yes… Ha Jung Woo is HAWT. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Never_Forever

      That aside the movie is so so so sad and an ambiguous ending…

      • 4.1.1 Gahhh

        David Lee McInnis is also HAWT. Hehe. By the way can, someone tell me how to include my question in name that drama? 🙂 Sorry, I only comment and read recaps, not sure how this goes. 😛

        • Waves

          You could click on the contact button at the top, and try e-mailing them with your question.

          • Gahhh

            Thanks! 😀

    • 4.2 Simmy

      Never forever is on Netlix if anyone wants to check it out. It IS rated R in case you’re young or prudish. It’s enjoyable but has its flaws for sure.

    • 4.3 Guaria

      Thanks a bunch!!

  5. Nokcha

    I think Number 2 is High Kick, the first one.

  6. kumi

    #3 The movie is called ‘Never Forever”. Too many explicit scenes.

  7. Tyme

    For Screening Humanity:

    This looks like a blog post about the shop featured in that particular episode.


    거닐다 Cafe and Kitchen
    Closed Tuesdays
    Lunch 12:00-15:00
    Dinner 17:00-21:00

    8701 Changcheon-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogiwpo-si, Jeju-do, Korea

    I don’t know how much Korean you read, but I think even running it through google translate will give you the stuff you need. And you can check to see if it is the shop you saw on the show with the pictures. 🙂


    This link also has some info.

    I hope this helps.

    • 7.1 ck1Oz

      Wow the DB readers really know anything and everything Korea related.

      • 7.1.1 KDrama Fan

        2nd that! Awesome!

    • 7.2 Schmazel

      OMG. This is it! This is the shop I am looking for!!

      Thank you thank you thank you!!! I have been looking high and low for this place. I LOVE YOU. And you are a genius! Big hugs and kisses! Woooooooooooo.

      Thanks Javabeans!

      • 7.2.1 Ana2

        i’ve watched less than 10 episodes of screening humanity (the show timeslot is inconvenient) but i know which episode you were talking about. regretfully i only saw the first 3 parts of their story but i liked what i saw and jeju looks beautiful.

  8. snow_white

    So difficult to answer…..maybe the first one is related to that Kim Rae Won drama called Gourmet..

  9. J

    I’m 100% sure #2 is unstoppable highkick (season1)
    Guaria- I’m sure the first film is Never Forever with Vera Farmiga and Ha Jung Woo- released in 2007.

    The rest.. not to sure.

  10. 10 dreaming....

    Can I also add a request? It’s more of the Eng Sub for this drama: “I’m Still Loving You” starring Chae Rim. It’s a 1999 drama. I would really love to see it in Eng Sub. Thanks in advance.


  11. 11 zsa

    Apart from Gourmet I’ve not seen the rest….where have I been?

  12. 12 anon

    1. Gourmet
    3. The film’s title is Never Forever with Ha Jung Woo & Vera Farmiga. I don’t know what the drama is.

  13. 13 ss

    Guaria, the second drama is tropical nights in december staring uhm junghwa. hope it helps!

    • 13.1 Beng

      agree! i think it was already asked before. made me think what i like about it when i was watching it. It’s the storyline. I totally agree when she left her husband =)

  14. 14 reina

    1. definitely gourmet
    2. kinda have a feeling its from the unstoppable highkick series
    3. no clue
    4. i keep having scenes from Yellow handkerchief, but i think that’s not it cause the synopsis is different…

  15. 15 ColleenFH

    I think #4 is You Are So Pretty, I haven’t actually seen this drama but from the synopsis it sounds like it could fit. I saw it and thought it would be good but haven’t been able to find it with or without subs.

  16. 16 Sam

    I guess number 3 is You’re so pretty but I’m not 100% sure cuz in that drama, the heroine’s aunt fell in love with the hero’s friend.

    • 16.1 Sam

      oops, it’s number 4

  17. 17 ajewell

    Ooh, I knew two of them (Le Grand Chef and High Kick). That’s gotta be some sort of personal Record, lol!

  18. 18 Cassandra

    #1 is Le Grand Chef with Kim Kang-woo

    For #3, the movie is Never Forever with Ha Jung-woo and Vera Farmiga. The series is Tropical Nights in December.

  19. 19 CFLH

    hello!! i know dis is a place for korean drama but i’m hoping someone would help me out with a uhmm…hollywood movie?

    the movie was about this girl who wanted to be an actress (she’s in high school). she auditions for a play in school which was i think romeo and juliet. and she falls for the guy who will be playing romeo. and then there was this scene where her mom gets her a role for a movie as an extra…only the role was a zombie cheerleader…

    i’m sorry for the trouble i’ve been looking for this movie forever i only remember bits of it and i don’t remember who the actors were…and i think it was in the early 2000’s…thank you!

    • 19.1 mimimao

      wow i’ve been looking for the exact same film
      to add:
      the girl was originally an actress but a bit of a B grade star. she’d been living with her mum in hollywood but for whatever reason they decide to go back to her home where her father and little brother have been living alone (neither can cook so they’ve grown a dependence on ‘circular food’ – pizza and donuts).
      then she enters high school again and decides to put her acting skills to the test by taking the lead in the school play. she and the guy playing romeo like each other and i think he teaches her to ride a bike -because no good girl heroine knows how to ride a bike!
      at the end she plans to return to hollywood with her mum but is stopped at the airport by either her father and brother or the guy (maybe both).

      • 19.1.1 pabo ceo reom

        Please don’t ask me how I know this but….



        • CFLH

          OHMYGAAAAAAD!!!! thank you!!! @pabo ceo reom i’ve been looking for this FOREVER. i wasn’t expecting anyone would respond to this but thank you!!!

          @mimimao i’m glad i wasn’t the only one having the problem… 🙂 and now i remember she was a bit of a diva and i completely remember that floral dress she wore…

          THANK YOU!!

  20. 20 Betty

    As it have been said already, n°2 is Unstopable high kick with Park Min Young as one of the student and the other girl I don’t remember her name, just that she was really annoying…

  21. 21 Willow

    #1: Gourmet (drama with Kim Rae Won and Nam Sang Mi).

    #2: Unstoppable High Kick. The two girls were Park Min Young and the girl who had a crush on Jung Il Woo’s character. The teacher was Choi (Lee in the drama) Min Yong

  22. 22 Jewelz

    CFLH I think you ma be looking for Hayley Wagner, Star. I only vaguely remember seeing this so Im not 100% sure but it seems to fit.

    • 22.1 pabo ceo reom

      Woops Jewelz..you beat me to it! I’m surprised someone else remembered too!

  23. 23 mymilkysu

    1. Gourmet (TV Series) and Le Grand Chef (Movie)
    2. Unstoppable High Kick (the one with Jung Ilwoo)
    I don’t really know the others though.. I thought I watch number 4 but i forgot XD

  24. 24 Sparrow

    The melodrama in my opinion is December fever with UHm JUng HWa. Loved that series:) it’s from 2004

  25. 25 Lullaby

    Hi everyone!
    I don’t know if you can help me. It’s not a written request. I came across a picture and I was wondering from where it came.
    If anyone knows… 🙂

    • 25.1 oneclearnight

      That’s from jTBC’s Cruel City :’) highly recommended!!

      • 25.1.1 Lullaby

        Thank you so much ! n_n

  26. 26 Steph

    Since we’re doing this. I kinda need help. Not sure if I made this up or such a drama actually exists. But is there a kdrama where a highschool girl marries an older guy? He may be her teacher. I never watched it, but I remember seeing pics a long time ago on soompi. The actress may have been Go Ara, but I’m not sure. I know there’s a kmovie where two highschoolers married. I’m not talkign about that one (which I’ve seen) … yeh, there my vague request for help.

    • 26.1 Bridget

      Steph, it sounds like “My Little Bride”…

    • 26.2 Athena

      Or Sweet 18?

    • 26.3 CZ

      I agree with Bridget, it sounds like “My Little Bride” with Moon Geun Young & Kim Rae Won

    • 26.4 Smile134

      I think it’s “I’m still loving you” with Chae Rim. She played the highschool girl that had a crush on her teacher, later on married him and gave birth to their twin. Actually not so “later”, I remember they got married even before her character got accepted into college 🙂

      • 26.4.1 Steph

        It’s not Sweet 18 or My Little Bride as I’ve seen both. I’m thinking it could be loving you, but not quite sure because I distinctly remember blue school uniforms, the girl having black hair, and the teacher and girl actually being married …..if this drama does indeed exist! Thanks though guys.

        • dreaming....

          Hhahaa. I post this request above you. It’s “Loving You” or also known as “I’m Still Loving You” starring Chae Rim. It’s a 1999 drama.


          She’s a student who fell in love with her teacher assistant. They eventually got married but marry life was a blissful thing like she thought it would be. So, there are obstacles that the couple must go through for their love.

  27. 27 Midori

    I have a request for a really old one from the early 90’s. the show aired on our local cable in Chicago. The OTP was a chaebol heir to a sunglasses factory & the driver’s daughter. The interesting storyline is of his older brother who disappointed Chairman Mom by giving up his inheritance to marry a unwed mother. The couple raise the son as their own and one day the Baby Daddy comes back in their life. A few misunderstandings happen.

  28. 28 ocean

    #1 Gourmet
    #3 Never Forever – recommend it
    Don’t know about the melo though 🙁

    Steph’s drama, if indeed a drama, could be Sweet 18 with Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye. http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Sweet_18
    If it’s a movie then I’d say “My little bride” with Moon Geun Young and Kim Rae Won. http://asianwiki.com/My_Little_Bride
    Hope this helps 🙂

  29. 29 crashbabe

    Can i add something, like does anyone here knows where i can watch this really old drama by shin mina named Punch? I have been looking for it all over, but can’t find it. Appreciate the help:)

    • 29.1 Kmushbeauty

      On Gooddrama.net they have “Punch” 🙂 http://www.gooddrama.net/korean-drama/punch

      • 29.1.1 crashbabe

        OHMYGOOOOODD… Thank you! Thank you! MMMmmwaks!
        I have been searching high and low for this:) Now i am happy:)
        thank you Kmushbeauty

    • 29.2 sivaranjani

      u can watch it here
      enjoy the drama

  30. 30 Mia

    Thank you everyone!!!! XD I knew I could trust you guys.

  31. 31 haewon

    I just saw this. wow. thanks ill be checking unstoppable high kick out. real appreciate it!! awesome people on dramabeans know everything

  32. 32 Renee

    Okay, my fellow “Beanies”… help! I read through the thread and got caught up on You’re So Pretty. However, I can’t seem to locate it anywhere online. The one site I did find linked the episodes back to Dramacrazy, which we all know is gone. Any clue where I can watch this series with English subs? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  33. 33 Samantha

    I need help find a show as well. I wanted to show it to my friend on netflix but they took it off. It was good but IO dnt think it was popular. I only remember it a bit. This is what I can remeber (google is no help).

    I know that one of the main characters is a korean man that is a concert pianst. When you first see him, its in a snowy euporean country. He speaks korean and what ever that language is (german, swedish, idk). He has a half korean half american friend that speaks english and the mystery european language. They both fall in love with a girl that finds them from winning a trip to this mystery country. She runs into the english guy in the airport and thinks at first he is trying to come after her. Then it becomes a big love triangele where the 2 rich guys like the poor girl (like so many dramas).


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