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  1. redfox

    OK, another day, another open thread.

    I was thrilled when I saw Secretly Greatly being uploaded on Gooddrama. I just wish I had known it has such … um… ok. No spoilers. I wasn´t ALL satisfied with that movie, I wish they had openend the background more on the parents thing and given Park Ki Woong´s character an actual chance to mess with the South Korean idol business. But I guess that was the twist that he is not one of those spies who is talented in everything and builds a cover of being a superstar, like in some movies.
    As always, I want to ask a question or raise a subject of discussion. Now there has been something I noticed and it seems to play a big part in dramas. I don´t know if I ever even saw a drama without at least one of those scenes. It is part of every culture as it is an inevitable part of life. However, it might be a sensitive and uncomfortable subject to some folks.
    I mean funerals, death of a person, and all that surrounds it. Respect for the elders, traditions, beliefs. Paying respect. Pouring a drink.
    I think the image of the korean funeral hall with the flowers and photographs is pretty much engraved into my head by now. It is a grim way to learn to distinguish between cultures. I don´t know half as much about the funeral culture even in most European countries.
    I was wondering why it is that almost every drama has such scenes. Why are the funerals taking place so quickly though, in the hospital? For us there is a 5-6 day gap….but what kind of significance do they have?
    For one, there are dramatic events, someone dies, so it is just natural.
    Second, a chance for the generations, and friends and foes to meet – on neutral ground? It is like a demilitarized zone between love and war. People who knew the person, wthere they be long lost relatives, enemies or allies, all at the same place. How do they get there so quickly I wonder?
    Third, koreans don´t seem to have a „block” when showing it. In some cultures people avoid the subject of funerals. You don´t even hear anyone talk about them yet alone include a funeral scene in dramas or movies. Yet it is such a great indicator of human relationships… an anthropological point of interest.
    And then what comes after…. the „relationships” with the child and a dead parent. Visiting their grave, memorial days and services, they are a natural part of many dramas. Many of the drama heroes are orphans or lose one of their parents in the course of the drama. Then sometimes their relationship with the „dead parent” is really touching. Like in Kim Sam Soon.
    How important is it in Korea in everyday life? Is their still a great respect for ancestors? And how important is it to you? What is your personal attitude towards the matter? Do you know the funeral culture of your country or homeland? Is it visible or is it quiet and hidden? Are there any rituals? Have you taken part in them? (ritual meaning as small a thing as throwing three handfuls of sand). How do you feel about those matters, uncomfortable and rather not talk about such things or take it with ease? What is your „relationship” with the dead ancestors? Do you visit graveyards? What do they look like around you? Superstitions connected to funerals? Etc.
    I, as I have a great interest in folklore and legends, am quite fascinated by funeral culture, graveyards, traditions, beliefs…. naturally I don´t actually believe in souls or whatnot, I don´t have to say it, right. But I still „talk” to granny and grandpa in my mind when I go to the cemetary. You know, complain about the hard life and curse and joke. At least they let me do that without interrupting. Then I water and de weed the flower beds and cut the hedge and re-paint the bench, wash the stone….. Estonian graveyards are rather pretty, you know, usually among trees, they are not bare and barren with just stones and nametags. Iron and stone crosses from the 15th to 17th century… Strange names… though, graveyards are also a place where old ladies compete who can plant a prettier flower combination, who decorates the grave with a more extravagant tree or crawling plant, who has a prettier lantern or bench to sit on etc etc. And they come together at the dumpster and bicker that someone stole someones´ idea. Hah. I must say, I hate when there are just these…well, shelves, where you put the ashes and flowers and a photo. Like a locker box. That is so…. miserable. But otherwise Estonia and Korea have so much in common. Food and drink on the grave, and grave spirits and spending memorial days…
    I still don´t like funerals though. And photographs of people standing behind the open coffin or on the edge of the grave. People cry and stuff. I guess I am an emotionless bastard. What are they crying about? I feel no sincerity, it is all for themselves they are crying. Their losses, their fears, how do I cope without them etc. Ah maybe I am unfair? No, even for the dead person, they cry that „he/she could have accomplished so much!” It is about achievements, fame, making a name, they speak like all their life was nothing, that they were expected to become a great person, BUT…. they died. What…. That is the dream of OTHERS.. I see so much egocentrism at funerals. Whereas when i try to remember the positive things about the dead and kind of give them a bit of praise for the life they did live, people say „how can you joke around at a time like this? Cant you see everything is lost, dont you feel any regret that they will not be able to achieve anything.” I am not joking, I just try to think what the dead person would like us to do. Certainly not wail and be helpless. And not say „they achieved nothing till now and now they never will!” that is cruel, but it is very common.
    And many of the „dead” in dramas express that wish as well. Pull yourself together Pour me a drink and say something nice about me. Remember the joy of life not the sorrow of death. Remember how we went and had fun that time… yeah. And come see me sometimes. AND DONT CALL ME A LOSER OR i WILL COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU!!!
    Well, maybe you dont want to venture into this territory then take no notice of my post. But if you want to share something, please do. Be it about graves or memorial activities or weird beliefs or your thoughts on what part funeral scenes play in dramas…. and what has been the most touching of such scenes, in your eyes? And the sweetest relationship between child and dead parent? There is even a drama situated at a funeral home( Flowers for my life).
    Oh yeah and there is a funeral scene in my story as well, and I still don´t feel sure whether to leave it or take it out. Would it be seen as too grim? But it is more like funny and thats how the main characters end up in the countryside, the main place of action. They are invited to a funeral. So I just have to leave it in. Often it IS the thing that MOVES people in many senses, brings them back home and pushes them apart.
    Sorry if my post looks kind of grim this time, not meant to be. My attitude is more a Tim Burton laa la land, fun and games in the world of dead, no regrets and life goes on. Even if I know it doesnt. Or death goes on. Or afterlife, or spirit existence. Whatever.
    Was writing this as the idea came to me prior to Thursday and Masters Sun. Can say glad that we did not have a funeral….Also, I got addicted to a manhwa named Pinocchio, it also has a girl who sees a ghost but it is one ghost only. Anyway, she reminds me of Gong Shil a bit, but she aint as scared and the ghost is hilarious. Kind of like the coffee ghost. And it turns out the ghost is not a dead-person-ghost either. It has been translated up to ch 55 but they say in raws the boy is found and he is in coma. I know I am too old for comics but it was sort of creepy and fascinating. So weirdly similar in some ways to Masters´ Sun.

    Museum news: TEENAGERS ARE HERE!!! Tenagers! *hyperventilates* 196 of them! and 20 buses heading this way, 20 times 50, uh, gyaaah! MOMMY!
    arghhh and they are latvians. Save me. Make them go Poof! Make them go Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! like the ghosts! I swear, they are just as scary.
    I wish I had an emergency shelter to hide *hides inside a sea mine* a new meaing to bomb SHELTER, huh?
    discussion time ahoy.

    • 1.1 Manin

      I feel your pain about the teenagers in the museum! I’d love to work in one where I could work with historical artifacts, but tourguiding sounds scary!

      Interesting question you raise about the funerals. I’ve been wondering the same. It does seem like asian countries still carries on the older respect for the ancestors and that’s why all the rites are so important. But I am no means an expert on this.

      I was trying to think what we do in Norway.. Here as well there tend to be a gap in between the death and the actual funeral. Lots of preparations to do. Norway has both coffin burrials and cremations. But in both cases there tends to be a grave, as the ashes is also burried (in some cases you can get permition to spread the ashes, but it is mostly not done anymore.)

      Families tend to be burried in the same places, especially when being cremated. My great-grandparents and my grandfather was burried under the same stone, and I know my grandmother will be buried there as well when she die. Other than that there are some difference depending on where you are I think.

      I know for my granddad (on my fathers side) my dad went and got a stone from the beach to use as a tombstone because my grandfather was a sailor and always loved the sea. There tends to be little things such as that involved in burials here, a hint of person that’s buried. Like my best friend’s dad had “andfield” written on his coffin due to him being a major Liverpool fan. Or my great-grandmother not having any salms in her burial, because she found them depressing.

      We, especially in the north, also have a sense of “gallows humour”. You joke around a bit, still keeping it respectful. But remembering the good times rather than just the sadness.

      • 1.1.1 redfox

        haha the story of that stone, such a nice gesture and so personal.
        thank you for sharing.

    • 1.2 redfox


      • 1.2.1 redfox

        mommy…mommy… 150 pupils in shop…augh I feel dizzy never worked so fast…. hii hii giih hiih help meeeee….

    • 1.3 Evita

      Greetings from Latvia! I’m kinda new here. Are Latvian pupils so much scarier than Estonian ones?

      • 1.3.1 redfox

        no, but they no longer know russian and they dont yet know english. the scary is I have no way of communicating. and they are always in such a hurry. nothing against latvians per se!

      • 1.3.2 redfox

        and latvians are our dear neighbors. just that you are always is a rush when in Tallinn! take it slow! we love you being here!

    • 1.4 bee

      Your view on funerals is… weird. In my region in Spain it’s true that funerals are a social gathering, that is, old people say things like “he/she came to the funeral of my whatever and now I have to reciprocate”. (I hate that, BTW, I prefer only family who really cared for the person) But we don’t talk about achievements, maybe about living to the fullest.

      If a young person dies, obviously people say it’s sad, because it shouldn’t be his/her turn, and that person missed so many experiences in life. But when an old person dies we say it’s nature, and that person already lived a whole life, so in a way we’re glad for that person.

      About crying in funerals: in the past (several decades ago) it was expected to have a group of women (family, friends, etc.) crying loudly (I discovered this recently I was shocked). Nowadays we cry only if we feel like crying. And yes, it’s because we’re gonna miss that person, there are definitely selfish reasons, but also because we’re sorry that person cannot live more and MAINLY because we feel SAD. I mean, my grandma, with whom I lived, died three months ago, and I still cry sometimes. In private, of course, but I feel sorry that she had to die, that she’s not with us anymore enjoying her time, because obviously she didn’t want to die. And I cry because I miss her, but I don’t feel that’s selfish. I missed her because I loved her and she loved me, that’s not a bad feeling.

      I dunno, it’s a difficult subject, my own ideas don’t much those of the old(er) people I know. For example, I prefer to go visit people BEFORE they die that to go to their funerals, I don’t care that much about funerals. But it’s true that many people only care about social issues, and that sucks. People I don’t even know or care about saying their sorry for my lose don’t help, the only thing they do is bother me when I want to grieve alone or with my close family.

      And that’s it.

      • 1.4.1 redfox

        in Estonia in a region called Setumaa next to Russian border there were “itkejäd” or crying women as well even 50 to 20 years ago. It is no longer common practice.
        but I have heard of Central Asian countries where they do that still and some Eastern European like Bulgaria and Romania

    • 1.5 owl

      I agree with the parents thing in Secretly Greatly because it played such an important emotional tie that we needed to see in a stronger way. But, that’s a small “I wish” because I had seen several interviews about the movie and was super happy it was subbed on gooddrama dot net. I felt like I was intruding on a story that is solely Korean while watching it. The actors – some of my favorites. The movie actually felt very short. *recommend*

      • 1.5.1 redfox

        definitely recommended, seems short. it is like the first half is so light, then they suddenly turn the sandglass around and it gets scary dangerous and dark.

    • 1.6 nomad

      Death…I’m Asian, but Indonesian muslim at that, so my view is certainly colored by it. Death for us is a continuation of life, it is like entering a whole different dimension. Actually for most of us, this life is a preparation for that next life. There’s a saying…we live to die, and we die in order to live.

      Funerals, we cry not because we HAVE to, but because we’re sad. Is it selfish? I don’t really care to classify it, but if I were the dead, I would be more sad if the people I love don’t even feel sad about not seeing me and not being able to interact fully anymore. I think the true value of someone can be seen on what happen after they’re dead. What a wretched life a person has lived, if people celebrate the very fact that this person is dead?

      Is it possible that in Korea they put people’s ashes in a building like that to conserve space? As muslims we bury our dead, no cremation. But I think if there’s such a limit in space, this choice might’ve been a necessity? We also bury our dead within 24 hour, whether there are families that still haven’t come or not. The point is for the dead’s body to be buried as soon as possible. We come and pray for the dead, even for some we never even knew before. Why? Because it is the right of the dead to be prayed on…so as fellow muslims, we try to fulfill that right upon us.

      Anyway…there’s some thoughts about funerals and death. As I now live faarr away from Indonesia, I find it even stranger how people are so reluctant to talk about deaths and that people hate going to funerals. I keep that saying in the front lobe of my mind, “I live to die, and I die in order to live”…because for me, that’s the reality of life.

      • 1.6.1 redfox

        The reason for keeping the ashes all “shelved up” , I realize it is cause of lack of space.
        but it is still really sad that they have to do that. but someones momory, or soul, I guess it doesnt matter how much physical space there is. it is just that in animistic traditions, when you plant trees and flowers, the spirit goes into them, and can live. where can it go from that tiny box?

    • 1.7 Shadow-chan

      Hmm, what I always found a bit strange (that’s maybe the wrong word, it’s just that I’m so unused to it, you know) is that in Korea (well, I only from dramas of course 😉 there always seem to be so many funerals at the same time. And I was wondering where they actually take place. Is it really in the hospital?

      Here in Germany there’s usually a couple of days between the death and the funeral as well. With my grandmother for example I think it was almost a week, but a reason for that was, among others, so our relatives from Sweden could come.
      And then we usually first have a service at the church and then another little one at the graveyard chapel with the coffin present (but no open coffins here, thankfully.) At least the funerals I’ve been to were like that.
      From there, the coffin is carried to the grave, the priest says some more words and then everyone throws some earth, or a flower or something like that, on the grave.
      After that, there’s coffee and cake (or sandwiches) for everyone, where you usually talk about the deceased.

      I must say, my grandmother’s funeral actually was the first one where I really cried… and I actually didn’t before, when I heard of her death, because it was kinda unreal for me then, you know?

      On to a happier topic: In what kind of museum are you working?
      I used to study archaeology and absolutely love museums, mainly the historical/archaeological ones of course ^^

      • 1.7.1 Windsun33

        I know that in the US and most other developed countries there has been a gradual shift away from big and/or elaborate funerals over the past few decades. One of the reasons given is the expense, but I think more of it is that in most countries anymore families tend to be a lot more scattered out – in many cases not just different cities, but often different countries scattered around the globe.

        As for Korean funerals, I read an editorial in a Korean newspaper a while back about how the biggest pushers of the ones like you see in dramas is – surprise! – those who make money from them.

      • 1.7.2 redfox

        I work in Estonian Maritime Museums´Seaplane Harbour with a submarine from 1930ies and a collection of sea mines from 1870ies to 1990ies
        check www dot lennusadam dot eu for info.

        I must explain to everyone. it is not like I am a heartless person who cannot be sad.
        but what I said about egocentrism….in my country I often feel people being cynical and cruel. they must have taken genes from Dr House, travelled back in time and planted them in our ancestors. I dont see the warmth, the sadness, the respect manifest itself strongly. or maybe it is just too private matter to show anyone. we grieve alone at night when nobody hears.

        lighter notes? holy blast have you ever seen the grave monuments of gypsy leaders and the loads of food taken to the grave every saturday? that is something extravagant. they have a full “living room” there and fruit, cognac and chees on the table, they sometimes still kill a rooster right there too. I mean wow. and they always pour 2 liters of vodka on the grave. once I saw about 20 oranges and 4 bunches of bananas on it. and they have life size portraits of the gypsy king and gypsy queen as they say, and they dress the monument in bright ribbons every now and then, and artificial flowers.

    • 1.8 kopytko

      Hi Redfox!
      You chose an interesting topic to discuss. I’m very moved by the thought of a funeral because tomorrow I am going to attend one. My colleague’s son had an accident. It’s a sad story, the guy was in his early twenties. Therefore I am sure it will be a very serious, painful event. No jokes, no warm memories. It’s too soon for that. If a child or a young adult dies, it’s usually like that. The saddest funeral I remember was of a five-year-old who drowned. Even grown up men who weren’t close relatives sobbed. I think it was because this death felt so drastically unfair and tragic, the people felt helpless.
      I am sure all the colleagues will come tomorrow (it’s always like that here, be it a spouse or parent or child of a coworker, in bigger towns and in cities there are less people in attendance)
      It is a bit different when an elderly person passes away, then you kind of know it’s going to happen, all the more so if the person was sick. The family has time to adjust to the thought that the moment is coming and it’s inevitable. It is sad, because you’re parting forever, and maybe you missed some chances to do or tell something for that person, but it’s not unbearable, there is no bitterness. People tend to think how full and happy the deceased person’s life was. When my granny passed away, there were many, many people there. Relatives and friends. I didn’t know many of them, but I was grateful that they came. It was like a “thank you” to my granny, a sign that she was a good person, who will be missed and remembered dearly. Many people cried (I couldn’t stop my tears either, normally I never cry during funerals, but this time I was unable to control it), but I am sure the tears were sincere.
      As for the ceremony, I have only taken part in Catholic funerals. Nobody I knew wished for a secular funeral. The day before burial, family and close friends gather to pray together in the afternoon or in the evening, either at that person’s home or in a special hall. It takes 2-3 hours. There are usually some elderly women who know all the prayers and lead the gathering. On the day of burial, the coffin is taken to church or to the cemetery chapel and a mourning service is held, then all people present go in the funeral procession to bring the coffin to the grave. Then the priest says last prayers for the deceased person’s soul and throws a handful of soil on the coffin. The coffin gets buried and people leave flowers and candles on the grave. Often a trumpeter plays some melody, one of them is called “Sleep, my friend”. After that family and close friends meet at a dinner. Again, if it was an elderly person who passed away, the dinner is quite calm and people chat about the family, remember the deceased and relax. If it’s a younger person – well, the tension is still there.
      Someone may think that this kind of funeral with so many people is obsolete and artificial. I find it a sign of a close-knit community, when relatives, friends and neighbours are together with the ones who suffer. It won’t bring the deceased back, but it will be less lonely and scary for the bereaved.

      To end my post with a little Master’s Sun-esque note I will tell you something about my granny’s funeral. I was very sad and tense, I didn’t want to talk to anybody. The weather was rainy but also somehow stuffy. I cried all through the mass and ceremony on the cemetery. When the coffin was put into the grave, I held my mum’s hand. Then, there was this sudden gust of a warm, pleasant wind. It really felt like a kiss on my cheek. I thought that it was my granny saying “I love you” for the last time and I calmed down right away.

      • 1.8.1 redfox

        thank you so much for taking time to answer! it is a very warm and touching post.
        it is heartbreaking when young people die. in my country the deaths in traffic is something horrible. why so many young men…?how could we bring them back? the first thought is always “how can I turn back the time and save them? Could I have done something?”

        all our imaginary back to lean on for tomorrow for you.

        death is a sensitive subject, I know. but how we say goodbye is really important too.

        but it is important to preserve the memory.
        even at my grannys´ funeral, everyone was just crushed. I was taking pictures of the relatives. 6 of those pictures became the last ones ever taken of them. I also took the last ever picture of my granny herself while still alive. she rarely let us take a picture at all. I lured her out and snapped it. later, I embroidered that picture for my mom enlarged, as a tapestry.

        I wrote things down, what people said, what we ate, what was said about granny. and later sent the diary to some relatives.
        we had some conversations. about how one shouldnt actually live like granny did, holding back, not using stuff she bought, stuff bought for her. people need to live today, wear their dresses, use their fine cutlery etc. cause they might not be here tomorrow. never regret. regret is in vain. move forward. that is the only direction still available. never live for bygones.

        • kopytko

          I still don’t know whether I will be able to say anything to the family. I cannot imagine what the parents are going through. I was thinking about the younger brother (my ex-student) and wondering how he was doing, when I learned about the tragedy of the older one (I used to teach his class for a while, too).

          Somehow, I was less inclined to think of alternative versions of MS where Joon Won would actually dies. It felt so insensitive of me.

          • redfox

            I think this is where those korean funeral traditions are different, they have preserved a very clear set of rituals and rules you follow up to how you bow and what you say. a hundred or 125 years ago we would have had that here too. we would never have hesitated or be unsure. even if you dont know what do do the tradtion tells you “do this now”. saves you from a lot of pain and uncertainty. even if you feel like you cant get a word out of your mouth, there are things you can do to help.

    • 1.9 whimsicalnet

      Interesting topic. I’ll plunge right in but will try to keep it as short as I can.

      Funerals have always been more about the living than the dead for me. So when I attend funerals, it’s really more for and to comfort those of us who are left. To say goodbye and comfort the living, this is the last thing I could do for the dead.

      Living in multi-racial Singapore where they are many different religions, funeral rituals can differ very greatly, depending on the faith of the deceased or family. Especially for the Chinese where now, there is even a mixing of religious funeral rites.

      For example, a Buddhist funeral is typically more simple. Depending on the sects, there may be offering of incense and/or flowers, chants, etc. The faith believes that the soul has gone on its path to reincarnation or enlightenment and hence there is no real needs left.

      The Taoist funeral in contrast is a lot more elaborate. The belief is that the dead has moved on to another region and will still have the same needs as the living. Therefore there is a need for the living here to provide for as many of the things they would need over there. Hence, the need for, for lack of a better term, the funeral paper mache industry where they would use paper to create all sorts of things which are offered then burned for the deceased’s use in the nether world. The family would usually provide a house, servants, clothes, money and maybe a car (and chauffeur if the deceased did not use to drive). Indeed anything you can think of that we use now, some paper version has appeared.

      In a friend’s mother recent Buddhist funeral, his brother felt very strongly that his mother ought to be provided a house (Taoist beliefs). So they got a house and the Buddhist monk helped write up the deed for it and did the prayers and burning for them. Fusion style.

      Other “rules” that are generally followed are that the immediate period of mourning should be an odd number. Meaning it’s either 1 day, 3 days, 5 days or 7 days (few go longer than 7), starting with the day of passing and then ending with the cremation/burial. If the length could not be observed, then there are ways to get around it that would keep to the odd number. Funerals are solemn affairs; crying is expected especially in Taoist funerals although these days few would engage ‘professional criers’, at least not in Singapore. The family is expected to keep guard over the coffin throughout the period of the funeral, especially through the night. Usually there is no eulogy given but I think, that would probably gradually change. Guests at the funerals would typically be offered drinks and usually some snacks (nuts) and also dinner if they come at around that time. Those who could would stay late to keep the family company. The casket company engaged to oversee the funeral will usually have an expert on funeral matters who will come and advise you on what is or can be done and how it should be done.

      Then there is the observation of the 7th day, 14th, 49th, 100th day and the death anniversary where immediate family gather to perform rites for the deceased.

      There are of course the Catholic and Christian funerals, the Muslim funerals and the Hindu funerals which can differ significantly.

      I’ve thought much about the purpose and rites of funerals during the time of my own mother-in-law’s death. Being a Christian undergoing the comparatively more complex Taoist rites, there is sometimes a thinking that all these boils down to superstition and it’s done for show. I am inclined to think that there is actually a more humanistic reason for much of the things done. It is a way to comfort the living that they have/are doing all that they could for the deceased, especially things that they did not or could not do while the dead was alive. I know for a fact that my father-in-law felt comforted that in spite of our religious differences, my family did the rites with them, which included things like kneeling to “feed” the dead, throwing of coins and walking through all the rites. For him, it is also the assurance that we would do the same for him when his time comes.

      • 1.9.1 redfox

        ah, interesting! I have read about Taoist and Buddhist rites being all mixed, and I think most of the world has a totally wrong picture of Taoism, thinking it is just sitting on a mountain doing nothing. What I have read it became connected to mysticism and even alchemy at some point, and that there are many rituals involved. see a typical western person who blabs about the Tao doesnt know that.
        I guess this is why anthropologists look into funerals and weddings. the foundations of the beliefs are manifested in common rituals.

        Thank you for taking your time to answer.

    • 1.10 PlumWine

      I have also thought the kdrama funerals were interesting. I think the movie 49 days points out some of the reasons people cry at funerals that is universal.

      Most of my family lives in Florida, USA. Even though we are pretty close knit, we seem to have different views on what we want our funerals to be like. Some want to be buried in a graveyard, some cremeted and thrown in the sea, cremeted and put in a pot to grow a tree, and my grandpa was cremeted and buried in a graveyard. Apparently that is popular here according to the grounds keeper.

      Since I’ve actually only been to two funerals I find it interesting that they were both religious services. We are more spiritual, but I figure if this is what they want, let them have their final say. The first one I was so nervous I actually had to smother laughter, which I discovered later can be common, even though I felt bad later. I made peace by thinking my granddaddy enjoyed making me laugh. For my grandpa 2 years ago, I was suddenly asked to stand and say what I remembered of him. I smiled and cried and relived some of my favorite memories. It was cathartic. What was interesting is that I then got to meet old friends of his who had actually been in the area and heard so stories from his young days. It also has brought that side of the family into a closer relationship with 4/5 removed cousins. After both events we go out to eat and visit the graves as we wish. I give him some whiskey now that I discovered that ritual in kdramas. So personally, I think it depends on the people more than anything.

      As for graveyards I think they can be interesting or scary. I saw some beautiful old ones in England, but I refuse to go near the grave of Marie Laveau, the vodoo queen of New Orleans. I’ve read some interesting fiction about what can take place in a graveyard, both scary and extremely funny. Also, when I was little, apparently we lived near a graveyard and my father would study there since it was quiet. He became a lawyer – which explains a lot!

      Too bad you don’t have someone with Joong won’s ability to make teenagers go POOF! Hope you made it through.

      Also, you are NEVER too old for comics!

      • 1.10.1 redfox

        thank you for answering! I am sorry but I had to LOL at the fact kdramas have actually influenced to to adopt a ritual (of giving booze to dead grandpa). I think he must be very, very grateful to you *wink wink* < see a totally manga gesture. I bet good things will come to you.
        it is also a remain of the ancient sacrificing rituals to the spirits. I have read a lot about ancestor worhipping and how in Japan and Korea their spirits become either "kamis" or spirits of nature and the funeral traditions follow those beliefs.

        now some day, anthropologists will try to find out the origin of the ritual in Florida and can´t make out why it started. would they ever guess it is because of Korean dramas? I doubt. I am sorry but it makes me laugh so much thinking that this might become an option to consider.

        as for teenagers, there were seriously many of them, out of the 22 buses that came to Tallinn, about 16 came to our museum. At one point I had 89 people in the msueum giftshop, which is tiny, and 25 people standing in the line waiting to buy, and I was about to cry.

        pheef. But I survived. at one point they disappeared. Did not go poof! exactly but at least they left.

        as for mangas, it is hard to find a good one, but sometimes you find a less stereotypical one which kind of presents a different way of storytelling. some webtoons are like a movie and sometimes I prefer to "read the pictures" and imagine rather than watch a movie …when I dont want any noise around.

    • 1.11 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I watched a Japanese film where a young girl was obsessed with funeral prep to the point she even wanted to try on funeral garb to find her favorite. In that, it showed a Japanese forest with name plates on the trees to remember loved ones. I liked that idea.

      If you haven’t seen the movie Departures, I recommend it.

    • 1.12 rhienz

      You should try watching kdrama “flowers for my life” , one of JB’s fav and can find its recaps here in DB…
      A drama about understanding the meaning of life and death, and has many different kind of funerals …
      Such a good drama.

      • 1.12.1 redfox

        I have, I actually mentioned it in first post (I think) and read the recaps too. wonderful drama.
        and oh yes, I really want to watch Departed

        • redfox

          I have, I actually mentioned it in first post (I think) and read the recaps too. wonderful drama.
          and oh yes, I really want to watch Departures

    • 1.13 Ryeblossom

      To be honest, I didn’t get to fully read your comment and the replies, I just wanted to add the jewish tradition- burial on the day of death (unless there are special circumstances).
      It’s considered more respectful for the dead, since the soul is not there anymore, and also helping the relatives concentrate on grieving and dealing with their own “life after” (without that person). There are few stages to grieving- the first week, the first month, ad the first year.
      It’s getting pretty grim here, so I’ll stop 🙂

  2. Saya

    Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

    I hope everyone celebrating Chuseok is having a good time. How do Koreans outside of Korea celebrate? I was reading about it on wiki, and they mentioned that in places where there isn’t a harvest (in Korea), people didn’t celebrate. I also discovered something that has puzzled me for years: if folks are following the lunar calendar, how is it that the festivals always fall at around the same time every year? On my wiki-link-clicking (aka clink-licking) spiral, I discovered that the Islamic lunar calendar is one of the only purely lunar ones, not tied to the solar year. Who knew! So I learned about intercalenary lunar years (I think), which has the lunar cycle syncing up with the solar every so often.


    My drama-life is slow right now, but:

    (spoilers may follow)
    Who Are You finished! Last week’s episodes really left me cold, so I was expecting a below-par unsatisfactory finish. Didn’t happen! Although it was a medium-level drama (flawed but still entertaining), the payoff was excellent. I needed a really decidedly happy ending! And a proper denouement. And so much cute! I know a lot of people don’t like Taecyeon’s acting, but I ended up watching it for him. Great, warm character, and bundles of adorablez between him and the occasionally wet Shi-Ohn (her character suffered from inconsistency, didn’t it? I couldn’t decide if it was bad acting or bad writing…maybe a bit of both. But I love So Yi-hyun’s hair so I decided not to care).

    Two Weeks: omomomomoooo I was ready to hyperventilate at the end of 13! Also, the Tae-san/Jae-kyung partnership is one of my favourite things right now. I love this show. I can’t be coherent about it at this moment though, darn work.

    Now I need some help. I’m looking for a Two Weeks fix. Can you give any recommendations? Something that combines the suspense and badassity with heart and a good ending (i.e. everyone isn’t dead).

    The reason my drama-life is slow is because I’ve been reading a lot instead of watching stuff (…it used to be the other way round XD). BUT I had the most hilarious and awesome realisation that the books I’ve loved ARE KDRAMAS IN BOOK FORM. For example, if anyone has read The Blue Castle by L M Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables author) – TOTALLY a kdrama!

    Girl gets diagnosed with terminal illness, sheds her timid, fearful ways to really live, moves out of her family home, and in with a disreputable drunk…and I don’t want to spoil the rest. But it’s a kdrama! Full of heart and reflective moments and scenic beautiful shots.

    Also, Maggie Stiefvater, one of my favourite authors (YA), had her new book come out this week, the second book of the Raven Boys quadrilogy. Since I read Raven Boys a year ago, I thought I would reread it before The Dream Thieves…aaaand yup, Raven Boys = also a kdrama.

    So guys! What books have you read that are kdramas? Please feel free to expand on tropes 😀

    • 2.1 redfox

      who are you – why they done it to pretty oppa….why.
      books -most oriental fairytales.

    • 2.2 True2U

      YES!!!! I actually enjoyed Who Are You?. A lot of people didn’t like the end, but boy was I enjoying the hell out of it. I feel so sad that it has ended. I no longer have my Mon/Tue fix. 🙁 And though I loved her ex bf, baby girl had to move on. One of The OST I’m currently obsessed over: (T.T)
      I already miss this drama. It was a cute ride!

      • 2.2.1 Swurbel

        I enjoyed “Who are you” too.

        I want a second season!!!! That would be super great.
        There was this little note with the mirror that her supernatural abilities will return. Maybe, maybe …. we’re lucky.
        Ahh I like such mysterious stuff…

        • redfox

          they should have left Oppa alive and let SO be with him, but in second season – love conflict! her heart is pulled more towards the younger colleague! that would be a twist.
          plus Oppa still outsmarting her even though she can see and talk to ghosts. cause he would just be an awesome cop…

          • Swurbel

            hmm. Pretty Oppa died. But he was/is a ghost. So he can return to her. Can he??? He can take other bodies in possession.
            Maybe oppa has a lost brother or cousin who looks just like oppa. (everything is possible in kdrama-land).

            And also a love triangle with a spirit – that would be something new (… at least I think so, but am not sure …)

            So ideas for a 2.season are plenty.

      • 2.2.2 August

        I enjoyed hearing Gymnopédie No.1 by Erik Satie played throughout Who Are You. Now, images of Kim Jae-Wook as Hyung-Joon appear in my thoughts.

    • 2.3 wag-a-muffin

      WHO ARE YOU–geez. I wish I hadn’t even watched the last episode. They pretty much ended it on the one before. The whole time I was sitting there thinking, “what???”

    • 2.4 owl

      WAY spoiler
      I also rate WAY as a “medium level” drama, but was satisfied with the ending. My exposure to ghosts is limited, so I really get into how the subject of ghosts is treated in kdramas. I know it was an obvious clue with the woman and her ghost in the hospital, but I felt it was a good way to prepare us for the “rules” that would apply to oppa.

      What was left unexplained, but I sort of assumed, is that both of them were in a coma for 6 years and then when SO woke up, oppa’s ghost went into action to work through her to solve the case. Except that SO’s ability to see other ghosts, then having that ability lessen – and finally disappear when oppa disappeared??? is unclear. Oh well.

      I am a fan of Taecyeon after this kdrama, not so much for his acting, in fact he really doesn’t have that sex appeal either, but he’s a bit adorable.

      • 2.4.1 August

        It is the exact opposite for me. The next male lead role that Taecyeon accepts, l will run for the hills screaming before I tune in to watch.

        It was torture watching So E-Hyun and TaecYeon portray “romantic” chemistry that just wasn’t there. The chemistry between felt more like a brother/sister type of camaraderie. Some actors (pairings) have it and some don’t.

        Case in point: Sun So Ji-Sub and Kong Hyo-Jin light up the screen in Master’s Sun!

        Even the one-on-one scenes between Lee Joon-Gi and Kim So-Yeon in Two Weeks exude chemistry.

    • 2.5 August

      Who Are You (WAY)

      Initially, I began watching WAY, because I enjoyed the work of So E-Hyun as Seo Yoon-Joo in Cheongdamdong Alice.

      Kim Jae Wook did an excellent job with the character of Lee Hyung-Joon in this drama. Kim Jae Wook should have been the lead! He was the only reason I continued to watch WAY. This was my third time seeing him in a drama since his prior work in Dalja’s Spring and Coffee Prince.

      I was really rooting for and holding out hope that Hyung Joon Oppa/Ghost Hyung Joon would break the second lead curse and wind up with Yang Shi-On. Yeah, he had an extra hurdle as the second lead to start with – he was a ghost. I am grateful for all the flashbacks of their relationship.

      Dang it, I really wanted Hyung Joon Oppa to live, recover, and get the woman. I am glad that the writer gave Ghost Hyung Joon and Shi-On closure. She was able to see him in person before he died and grieve for him.

      Although Lee Hyung-Joon was a ghost, he constantly provided examples of what actual police work without incompetency looks like. It was a struggle to continue watching week after week because of the absurd moments and the incompetency that Cha Gun-Woo and Yang Shi-On exhibited as police officers.

      If you just really think about it, Cha Gun-Woo and Yang Shi-On both deserve each other just for all the times we had to witness the tomfoolery of their actions in this drama.

      As the drama progressed, it was harder and harder for TaecYeon to persuade me with his portrayal of Cha Gun-Woo that he and Yang Shi-On were the OTP in this drama in comparison to the acting skills of Kim Jae Wook.

      Also, the acting limitations of So E-Hyun were definitely exposed in her portrayal of the character Yang Shi-On. I doubt if it was just the way the writer wrote the character.

      • 2.5.1 August

        Strike-through -If you just really think about it-

        It should read:

        At the end of the day, Cha Gun-Woo and Yang Shi-On probably deserve each other just for all the times we had to witness the tomfoolery of their actions in this drama.

      • 2.5.2 redfox

        exactly my feelings. even as a ghost his police work was better than that of the living.
        ah frustrating.
        why do I care so much about a fictional character. I feel like they f****ed up someones existence by just… not giving him a chance he deserved.

        most fictional characters deserve better than they get from the writer.

        which makes me think…am I fair towards mine? maybe they hate me. oh gosh. they probably think I am an idiot. it is like raising children, right? parents never understand what I feel. the same witht the character and the writer.

        but the actor-character relationship …what is that? you want the character you play to express emotion. I am curious…. do actors protest some things that happen to the character and feel that it is unjust?

    • 2.6 redfox

      you know, it is not a book, but I would love to get a kdrama version of Edward Scissorhands, maybe in a little more veiled way. it is my favorite film and character

      • 2.6.1 owl

        But “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” is based on a novel by the same title. Random except for Johnny Depp. Loved them both.

        • redfox

          maybe Gilbert Grape would be too shocking for korean audience? insanity, development problems, extreme obesity, and lot of…well, stuff. but it was really good. I just loved LeoDi Caprio in the movie version. havent really liked his later roles at all.

          • owl

            I wonder if Koreans would look at Gilbert Grape in the same way I looked at Scretly Greatly in that I felt like I was intruding on a country’s specific story. I could observe it from a bird’s eye view, but I could never absorb it or be absorbed by its Korean-ness. Gilbert Grape is a piece of Americana culture in a country that is so big, even all its citizens can’t relate to its cultural specific-ness. And because Korea is so homogenous in so many aspects, I think you are right about it being too shocking.

            Leo Di Caprio was amazing in his role – I think it was his debut. Scorsese is totally obsessed with Di Caprio, but I did like their director/actor collaboration in gangs of New York and The Aviator. ‘Tho as a celeb, nope, not into him. At All.

    • 2.7 Abbie

      I’ve read The Raven Boys too, but how is it a kdrama? You mean the plot? I don’t see it. Please explain. I’m looking forward to The Dream Thieves, though!

    • 2.8 Ryeblossom

      Oh my, I’ve been waiting to have a “Two Weeks” marathon since, oh, about when it started. XD
      “The Master’s Sun” has a classic aura, but I am totally more into “Two Weeks”.

      I haven’t watched the whole drama, but read the manga, and you might like “Mars”. Though that’s much more dark…

    • 2.9 Pela

      OMG!!! I think I have read the Blue Castle at least 20 times. Valancy is an amazing heroine and Barney is such a realistic, manly male lead. Always, imagined it as a straightforward movie adaption but a Korean drama would be fantastic.

  3. Melissa

    Wow! I’m early on this one for a change 😛

    I’ve been chasing Two Weeks despite my exams, and I’ve recently gotten into Master’s Sun. I’m also trying to resist the temptation that is Good Doctor…

    What K-dramas have you watched even though you weren’t supposed to?

    Also, sorry for the short post! It’s my first time posting a comment on OT (and not a reply) ^^”

    • 3.1 Chloe

      Well this is my first time posting a reply (or any comment at all) on OT 😀
      Good luck for your exams! I watched I Hear Your Voice during mine. There was just no escaping that show, no matter how hard I tried to get myself to wait. It was my final exams in my final year too. Well I just got back my grades and it was an A- so in retrospect it was a good decision! Haha, i’m sure you’ll ace your exams with all that kdrama endorphins flowing through you.

      • 3.1.1 Melissa

        Haha thanks! I watched I Hear Your Voice during my preliminary exams too! Unfortunately I didn’t do too well, so I’m trying to curb my K-drama addiction for now…hee ^^ Lucky you, managing to watch and study at the same time :p Thanks for the well-wishes! <3

    • 3.2 Melissa

      Okay, I shall expand on my post ^^

      Two Weeks:
      OMOMOMOMO FINALLY!! More Tae-san/Su-jin interaction! <3 Glad that Tae-san and Jae-kyung are finally one-upping the baddies! I'm also curious about the Boss Han/Teacher Kim relationship. How and why did Boss Moon even adopt Teacher Kim in the first place? I'm hoping they resolve everything well, especially with only two more episodes to go. I just hope they don't ruin the ending like a certain drama did. *cough*SwordandFlower*cough*

      Master's Sun:
      Before I start—NOOOOOOO, AMNESIA AGAIN.
      I was dreading it mainly because it's an overused trope, and Master's Sun has done pretty well in avoiding clichés. However, I think it played out well here—Joong-won wasn't a dumb chaebol who immediately thought Hanna was his Taeyang (unlike a certain curly-haired rich guy). My heart hurts for Gong-shil though. That shaman lady is creepy ;;
      Can I just add that Yi-ryung is adorkable? <3

      Also, I'm kind of worried about the one episode extension. I hope they don't ruin it. I like the pacing so far and I hope they don't add in too many filler scenes. I Hear Your Voice suffered quite a bit in terms of pacing when they added the extension, and I hope it doesn't happen to Master's Sun.

      Good Doctor:
      My mum's been watching it, so I inadvertently end up catching parts of an episode too. All that I know of the drama is from Dramabeans, so I don't really know how good or bad the pacing or other stuff are. All I know is that Shi-on is basically a cuddly teddy bear with adorable puppy eyes. *squishes*

      And now, I have to wait another week for episodes… ;;

      • 3.2.1 Sabah

        Completely agree with you on Master’s Sun. I’ve always felt that Hong Sisters dramas would be better at 12 episodes rather than 16. The third act shenanigans always seem to dilute what came before, with lengthy family power plays etc which never interest and feel more like filler anyway. I feel the same about this amnesia plot line. It feels so wrong and unfortunately the tidal wave of excitement and hope engendered thus far won’t carry me to shore now as I prematurely crash out at sea. What a shame! I do hope that the Hong sisters don’t stick with this story arc/template much longer, 8 (maybe 9 as I never watched Big) is enough. I’m would be very much interested in what else they could come up with…Though of course I’m not one to advise or criticize being a failed writer myself.

        Regardless, Master’s Sun has been fun and I’m indebted to them and fully intend to ride out the journey, where ever the Hong sisters take me. As one writer said before, ‘they are my characterizations and I love them the most!’

        • Melissa

          I would definitely like to see what else they can come up with. I believe they are fully capable of wowing us with a fantastic plot sooner or later ^^

          Exactly!! Master’s Sun has been awesome thus far and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a good horror rom-com ^^ (except I’m not so sure it’s horror any more…the ghosts have become tamer, phew!)

          • Sabah

            Agreed. I’m definitely a fan girl of the Hong Sister dramas and continue to be too.

            Yeah, those ghosts! As it would have it I’d always end up watching the episodes in the middle of the night when everyone else was asleep. However they haven’t been as many frights as I thought there would be on that front AND I’m glad for it.

          • redfox

            when it comes to ghosts, I wish to have a look behind the coffe ghosts´story…
            manye loose ends.
            what about Gong Shil´s accident? what about the reason why she was Big Sun and Yi Ryung was Little?

            and just what is Kang Woo to Joong Wons´ father?

          • Melissa


            Same!! My first Hong Sisters drama was You’re Beautiful and I loved it.

            Ugh, they were the reason I didn’t want to watch Master’s Sun at first! I have a weak stomach and I can get a whole week’s worth of nightmares just by seeing a couple of ghost pics. *shivers* I’ve gotten through the first 8 or so eps by reading DB’s recaps while watching, and skipping over the parts where the ghosts spring out. ><

          • Melissa


            Hmm, you’re right! Never really paid much attention to the coffee ghost before, but now I’m hoping he’ll help Gong-shil in some way… If not, why do the Hong Sisters keep him hanging around Gong-shil?

            Yup, that too! I’m hoping the Hong Sisters manage to reveal everything well, especially with only 4 more eps to go. Hopefully they don’t cram everything into the last 2 eps.

            Oh no, so many things to resolve! I’m really hoping Kang-woo doesn’t turn out to be a bad guy 🙁

            Gah, the necklace! To be honest I didn’t pay much attention to Hanna when she first appeared, mainly because I was totally invested in the Joong-won/Gong-shil loveline and the ghosts. Now I’m still a little confused, so I hope the Hong Sisters clear up the twin mystery well…

            Basically, the Hong Sisters set up many conflicts, so I hope they set up good resolutions as well. Also, I’m hoping they put the extra episode to good use by making the resolutions clearer or adding more adorable Joong-won/Gong-shil scenes, and not use it to drag out the conflicts. One of the things I hate most is when dramas meander too long on a conflict. 🙁

      • 3.2.2 Manin

        I get what you mean about the amnesia turning up again. But somehow it didn’t bother me as much. Like someone commented on the Master’s Sun thread it is following the rules the drama has established and it is a nice character reflector over Joong Won as well. In the way he get surprised learning about how much he has changed, while at the same time having that feeling that something is missing.

        He isn’t just going back to being a jerk, but is actually discovering a new world in a sense. And it’s not like it happened in the last episode, which is when I really really hate it turning up :p

        • Melissa

          I guess that’s the saving grace for it, haha! I do love that it isn’t some external factor drilling it into his head that he has amnesia and that he’s forgotten Gong-shil, but that he figures it out himself. It just shows how much he loves Gong-shil.

          Yes, I agree! I hate it when they spring amnesia on us out of the blue, especially when they only have like one episode left to resolve it. It usually ends up being rushed, and a hasty resolution does not make for a good drama.

          I’m willing to not dwell on how much I’m tired of the amnesia trope if the Hong Sisters manage to redeem themselves with the next episode! From how good Master’s Sun has been so far, I’m 99% sure we won’t be disappointed. 🙂 Yay for more lovey-dovey, touchy-feely Joong-won and Gong-shil!

          • Manin

            I really hate last episode amnisias when the hero goes back to being a pure jerk again. Please gives us something else! Especially as it’s never so that the girl actually gets proper annoyed.

            I agree, the Hong sisters won’t just follow the norm I think. I hope. I kinda want him to chase after her now though. Like Gong Shi was sorta following him around, now it’s his turn to follow her to get her to admit stuff! (we can hope right? :p)

          • Melissa

            As far as I remember, I’ve never watched dramas with that kind of ending. Does that mean that the show ends with the hero being a jerk? Or does he magically revert back to himself pre-amnesia before the end of the episode?

            I want that too! It’d be really cute to watch that. Yes, we can hope~ 😉

          • Manin

            Nope, he spends the episode being a jerk, and then something happens that triggers his memory, and he remembers everything. Cue Kiss and finish!

            Ohh, I want more Kang Candy vs CEO rivalry as well! And would be fun in giant mal CEO turned up again totally asking about Gong Shil (and if seen with Kang Woo, why his girl is with the security guard and if she is up for grabs). Okay doubt that last will happen, but it would be fun!

          • Melissa

            That would be so disappointing to watch. Like, after everything we’ve watched, you spring amnesia on us and then he magically remembers it, all in the span of one episode?!

            Haha! I can totally imagine Joong-won going, “Why is this guy acting all friendly with me and how does he know so much about me?” LOL!

          • Manin

            I know right! Amnesia can be an unwanted plot line and sometimes a sign of bad writing. But sometimes it works. As long as it stays out of being a last minute thing I can be fine with it.

            Haha it would be awesome!

      • 3.2.3 Crazynoona

        Master’s Sun is the only drama i am currently watching, it’s too much fun i’m loving every bits of it and can’t seem to bring myself to watch others since i’m afraid i’d be comparing one with the other (plus my head keeps on thinking “I bet he’s gonna remember Tae Yang by the next ep…or would he? That dead girl is def Hanna! or some other things regarding to the possible plot…pathetic i know). So even thou the amnesia trope is obviously over used – count me IN <3 you had me bad show, now you can use me anyway you like (but with a happy ending please).

  4. Ace

    I was fine with the amnesia arc in episode 13 of Master’s Sun as it was a consequence of him being back and Taeyang knew that she (the sun) had to be erased from Joong-won’s memories. Anyway, as I was washing dinner dishes I was still thinking about it and got a lightbulb moment.

    I was thinking about memory loss aka amnesia as we know it in kdramas, and as the memory loss of Joong-won was a consequence (or price?) of him returning to his body, I remembered Hermione and the difference of her altering her parents’ memories and the more common memory charm used throughout the HP book series in which the effect was erasing specific memories using the incantation “Obliviate”. Obliviators use it if a Muggle witnesses something related to the wizarding world. If used improperly, it can erase significant portions of an individual’s memory and cause brain damage, with difficulty in recovery (ex. Gilderoy Lockhart & Bertha Jorkins). In an interview, JKR said that the spell Hermione used (she did not reveal the incantation used) can be reversed and so Hermione was able to bring back her parents (False Memory Charm – implants a false memory in the victim). In the film, however, Hermione used “Obliviate” to her parents instead of the correct False Memory Charm.

    And so I concluded that Joong-won’s memories were sort of “obliviated” as part of the magic the shaman performed. I think of it as part of the rules in the MS universe. In the kdramas I’ve seen using the amnesia trope, it’s usually caused by brain damage, disease, or psychological trauma. If they had used this type of amnesia, I would’ve said ‘meh, not that trope again’ too. Maybe Joong-won’s type can be seen by the people around him as dissociative amnesia brought on by the stressful or traumatic event that happened in ep.12. But we all know that it was due to Tae-yang’s deal with the devil (hehe). Yes, it’s still a memory loss, but it’s a different memory loss than what I’ve seen before in kdramas so kudos to the Hong Sisters for it. They could’ve used the amnesia in the One Stormy Night books (the wolf lost his memories due to the avalanche i.e. due to trauma) but they didn’t.

    The only problem I have is that I have to wait another long week for ep.14. Curse you SBS! I already finished my new JD Robb book and watched So Ji-sub’s film Always with Han Hyo-joo (it was good!) so I don’t have anything yet to get me through the week. Not sure what I feel about the supposed extension, but as long as they continue to insert whatever additions needed for another episode seamlessly with what they’ve already written, then I’m all for it. I’m expecting some angst as it’s expected during this part of the series and I’m fine with it. All I’m asking now is a happy, logical, and complete ending. Please make it happy like MGIAG and Best Love, not illogical like Big, or incomplete like YB.

    • 4.1 come2noona

      The 6th word into your post is a spoiler!

    • 4.2 Sarah A.

      Agree with this. I don’t mind the amnesia plot point very much just because the alternate (Joong-won dying) would’ve been a disaster. As long as they don’t drag it out, that is. I always thing it’s annoying how the leads get together with another female, are about to get serious, and then BAM! Memory comes back. It’s just too predictable. And this is probably why people are annoyed with this part of the story anyway. We’ve come to expect twists on cliches from the Hong Sisters, and this just seems like the biggest cliche of all.

      What I don’t get is how the aunt is pushing Hanna so much at this point. It’s kind of annoying. Given how he’s still recovering. And she’s really manipulating the situation a lot. I can tell she loves Joong-won, but her actions are seriously bugging me.

      Anyway, I’m glad he’s smart enough to deduce something’s off. I don’t think I can take a lot more of Gong-shil suffering. And I miss their interactions, darn it!!

      The other thing that confuses me in the drama is Hanna. Why does she even want to be with Joong-won? That seems really messed up. Like, hey, I helped kidnap you. I’ve messed up your life, but let’s get married. What the heck? A part of me wonders if evil twin isn’t actually Hee-joo pretending to be Hanna. I have to go back and re-watch Hanna when she visits Hee-joo’s grave. I don’t know. I’m confused. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. ‘Cuz if it were Hee-joo, at least we know she kind of liked him. Even if she, you know, messed up his life. But then again, the ghost interaction with Joong-won seemed like Hee-joo. Hmm…

      As for the different appearance, I’m obviously watching this with subs. But in the subs, it says the picture taken in Britain was a year after Hee-joo’s death. If it’s a year, isn’t it plausible for her to have changed in appearance that much without plastic surgery? Like Joong-won?

      Anyway, till next week…

      • 4.2.1 Melissa

        Talking about different appearances, is it just me or did they not cast Hee-joo that well? I find that in the flashback scenes with her and young Joong-won, L looks so much younger than her. I honestly find some of the scenes quite uncomfortable to watch because it feels like watching a condescending (for lack of a better word) noona and a young naïve boy. It might be just me, but I find them somewhat lacking in chemistry…

        However, I also understand that it wouldn’t really be appropriate to cast someone too young because then Hee-joo’s ghost would seem too young for present Joong-won. Sigh.

        • Sarah A.

          It’s funny. I looked this up, and the actress playing Hanna is a 86er, while the one playing Hee-joo is an 87er. And L is a 92er. Huh…

          The interactions between young Joong-won and Hee-joo always threw me off. I never understood why he liked her. She’s all like “Hey, I like your for you money, but you won’t get mad at me, ‘cuz I made a pun out of your name,” or “I want you to hurt a lot because that shows how much you really like me.” What the heck?! I’m just going with he was a dumb teenager who thought he was in love, but I honestly don’t get it.

          • Melissa

            Whoa, really?

            Exactly!! Being an avid L stan, there were times when I really felt like jumping into the drama and strangling Hee-joo. >:( Like seriously, does she even have one good point?! All she really did was stand around, not show much affection for Joong-won, take part (?) in Joong-won’s kidnapping, and cause him to have dyslexia. And then we have young Joong-won smiling at her all starry-eyed, right after she admitted that she likes him for his money. C’MON, WHAT IS SO GOOD ABOUT HER?!

    • 4.3 redfox

      I hate amnesia plots cause they make this terrible condition look so innocent while it can actually make a person act completely like a scizophrenic. they talk to strangers sometimes attack them cause they lose their way home and are scared… confused…it is never this easy.

      • 4.3.1 Monstermom

        Are you thinking of dementia? I’ve never heard of anyone becoming aggressive from amnesia?

        • redfox

          nope, not dementia. I have some relatives who go to town and suddenly forget where they live or their closest relatives. and they start asking but dont trust anyone who tries to help thinking they are enemies. and it is impossible to find where they are. then suddenly they are clear and just come home. it is not the big A. they have been tested. really odd. I dont even know what kind of crazy this is. also I know of cases with young people who were in an accident, some brain trauma, who lost their memory and refused to believe who they are, forgot their children even. can you imagine the horror? they had this … moment when they went hysterical and started kicking around so they had to be sedated. sometimes they start remembering but it is weird they are sort of always suspicious it might not be true… these are true stories. for real.

          • Sarah A.

            Weird. That kinda sounds like delirium, not amnesia though. It affects the person short-term, and clears up (non-progressive unlike dementia).

            Although I do agree that amnesic patients would be very confused and not just like “OH HEY EVERYONE!!!”

            However, the show is posing the amnesia as non-medical. So, it really shouldn’t follow any medical symptomotology.

    • 4.4 jessica

      I just bought the new JD Robb book so that I don’t spend the next week rewatching the series again waiting for next week.

      • 4.4.1 Ace

        I’ve spent the night downloading all MS episodes plus subs so I can transfer them to my mobile device and watch anytime/anywhere.

        BTW, loved the new JDR book even if I did not stretch it out and finished it in one sitting. Simply couldn’t put down NR/JDR’s books. In TID, you know from the start who the perp is. He’s one of the most annoying perps in a JDR book (made me want to go into the book to throttle him half the time) but as always, it’s how they catch him that makes it worth it. As I said in my twitter, Eve & Roarke still rock! I might re-read when I’m done with the MS marathon. Ah! Forgot there’s a novella out on the 24th so I have another book to look forward to while waiting.

    • 4.5 dramabliss

      I buy your explanation of the amnesia arc. The loss of memory was induced by the shaman and is logical within the parameters of MS’s world.

  5. Manin

    Ni hao! Greatings from China!

    Yes I finally did make it after waaaaay to much paper drama. Been in China a week now, and I still can’t believe it. Also the awkward moment when you realise you know more korean/japanese due to drama’s then what you can speak in Chinese.

    Things are going okay. Mostly. Had my wallet stolen just before my flight left Norway and am currently on the stage of poorness where I am not sure I can afford instant noodles, or I should priorities getting water. (Thank God for the school feeding us a massive lunch everyday… The days of for the mid-autumn festival has upped my appreciation for this..). Still feel a bit lost as a teacher for 2-5 year olds but suppose that will get better.

    Went to the Zoo today, and I think me and my 2 flatmates (guys) ended up being as much an attraction as the animals themselves.

    -Master’s Sun: so many theories. Still liking this show. And I really do have an appresiation for the second leads in this one. Just how they are not really that scheming or.. hateful? as others have been. And soo glad Joong Won lived and secretary Kim was not evil. That would have killed me!

    -Yamada and the 7 witches: Started this one out of curiousity, and enjoying it so far. A light entertaining watch which carries a sorta message in standing up for yourself, but still not trying to be deeper than it is.

    Thinking of rewatching/watching more chinese drama’s though. As prevously mentioned, knowing more korean than chinese isn’t gonna help me in China :p

    • 5.1 korfan

      Manin –

      Ni hao to you too! So glad you made it to China safely!

      So sorry about your wallet being stolen, that’s just awful.

      Good luck with everything and have a wondeful time!

      • 5.1.1 Manin


        Thank you! Yeah my wallet being stolen was not really a part of the calculation I must admit. Still finding it ironic that everyone has been telling me how I must be careful of pickpockets in China, and my wallet gets stolen before I even get there.

        How are things in your part of the world?

        • korfan

          Belive it or not, I was just thinking about the irony of this unfortunate wallet situation when I read your post. Just goes to show that you never know when something like this is going to happen. I’m hoping you’ll be able to have some of your items replaced.

          Things in my part of the world are fine. Lovely weather finally.

          • Manin

            Indeed. People can be scumbags no matter where in the world you are. Just like some people can be really helpful, nice and welcoming anywhere you go.

            That’s great! Lovely weather is always nice to have, espcially if you get the time to enjoy it 🙂

    • 5.2 Saya

      Ni hao! Glad to hear you got to China safely, but getting your wallet stolen sucks. What are you doing for money? Waiting for a paycheck? When your decisions are ‘food’ or ‘water’, that’s pretty bad. I hope something works out!

      • 5.2.1 Manin

        Pretty much waiting for a paycheck yeah. Going to try and phone the bank again to see if I can get emergency cash. But not sure they would have the necessary connections with a bank in China to pay it out. It’s annoying because I have enough money in my account, I just can’t access it.

        In worst case I guess I’ll have to borrow some money, or try and ask if I can transfer money into one of my flatmates accounts and get them to take it out. But not sure if they have the international account numbers necessary to do so.

    • 5.3 Newbie

      Sorry to read about the troubles with your wallet. This must have been a huge blow. Do you have an embassy or consulate near you? They might be able to help. Or you could phone them and ask for advice.

      But it is good news, that you arrived safely and seem to like your new surroundings. Have a great time and always remember this German saying: That what doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger. 😉 In 10 years you’ll laugh it off!

      • 5.3.1 Manin

        Think the nearest embassy is 4 hours away in Beijing. But I am going to phone the bank to see if they have some connections with a bank here to get some emergency cash. Apparently that is possible according to my mum.

        That is a good saying, didn’t know it was German in origin though :p There is also one that I like that goes “if you fall 6 times, remember to stand up 7”.

        I feel a bit like with School 2013 when Nam Soo says he goes to school to get feed: My new motivation for getting to work is that free lunch! xD

        • merry

          Oh dear Manin. If i were anywhere near you i would be there with a basket of groceries. Hang on in there. There is light at the end of the tunnel. First thing when wallet gets stolen is of course your bank cards; inform your bank so money can’t be withdrawn. Presumably, done that. In your new country, next recourse is your embassy. You can show them something from the airport report (if you have any) that indeed you got your money stolen. From your arrival airport, you can call them. Next is your employer. They can provide you with an advance,surely. You also need to open a bank account, so you can get money to be transferred there from your bank. Otherwise, you can ask your european bank to send money to your employer’s account if you haven’t opened one yet. Please update us on how this gets resolved.

          If there is a grocery or shop that many foreigners go to, try to get connected to someone who can speak chinese very well so he or she can converse in your norwegian or english and you can get navigated in your new city. Are your flatmates also expatriates? Try not to stick together always as indeed you will be more interesting than the animals in the zoo and a target of all shenanigans. A colleague went on her first day in china went to the famous square, got pestered by a girl who supposedly come from the province wanting to practice her english. offered her tea in a nearby teahouse, got presented with an outrageous bill for tea and basically she ransomed herself off by paying it (around $200 from her credit car; credit card company won’t refund. grr).
          Take care.

          • Manin

            Oh where are you located? (haha not just asking for the prospect of groceries mind :p)

            Yeah bank cards are blocked and new ones ordered so that’s fine. Didn’t have time to make a proper report at the airport so had to make one online when I got to China. Gonna try phoning my bank to see if they have connections with a bank here for emergency cash (mum told me they should be able to do so)

            Yeah, my flatmates are from England so we are all foreigners here. (is this how celebreties feel? people looking and asking for pictures even when you do mundane things :p) All of us have been asking for a Chinese bank account, but our employer has been veeeeeeery slow in that aspect. Though apparently they have “found out which bank you shall make an account in”.. Yeah.

            Yeah I’ve been warned about the tea scams before. We were told to never accept and just continue walking if someone tried anything like that.

    • 5.4 redfox

      that is too bad that your wallet was stolen, happened to me twice in life and till this day I am terrified of it. I check three times every night if it is still with me. and sometimes grab myself on the street yelling it is here, it is here! so I guess I am a zoo attraction too ( you did not do that in the zoo, did you? yell that your body is still there?)

      secretary Kim not being evil got a bigger sigh of relief out of me cause I knew Joong Won would live, but I did not know how Kim was connected to Hanna.

      • 5.4.1 Manin

        Wow, sorry about your experience! I get what you mean though. I am paranoid about my stuff already due to some expereinces where my backpack was left behind in a taxi + one time where the girl looking after it just walked away without it..

        I knew at once that something was wrong. But it goes to show how much people ignore: when you have a person almost hyperventilating unpacking all their stuff and looking around frenetically, and no one would ask what was going on.

        Kim’s connection to Hanna is interesting. And should make it interesting later on. Like him obviously not knowing Han Na properly tells us that girl got a new face :p

        • dramabliss

          A number of posts in the MS thread believe that Hanna was the one who died, and the Hee-Joo was actually the one who staged the kidnapping and is now the Evil Twin trying to insinuate herself into Joong-Won’s life, for what purpose, is yet unclear.

          • Manin

            Yeah I saw, and I agree that it does seem like something is up. It would also explain the sudden cut of contact with Kim as well. Granted you get that she would be upset, but still. Something does seem shifty there. And it’s a nice theory that goes together with the Wolf/sheep methaphore: The one that loves the most dies.

    • 5.5 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Ni hoa! Manin, please do continue to send us news from China. I am fascinated and living vicariously thru you.

      ” the awkward moment when you realise you know more korean/japanese ” LOL

      2 years ago, the only Asian words I knew were Tae Kwon Do commands and Japanese gardening terms. Now, my drama obsession has grown my vocabulary. I’m sure you will pick up a lot being immersed in China.

      • 5.5.1 Manin

        Haha I shall do my best *salutes* ^^

        Haha I know what you mean. My korean friend was very amused when he learned that all of the korean words i know comes from dramas. Same with my japanese friend from uni :p

        I do hope to pick up Chinese, especially speaking it. You really do feel lost, especially when working with children (or getting a taxi to the Zoo with what you think is the right address only to find out it isn’t..)

        • merry

          Manin, i really like your spirit and attitude. Go girl, don’t let setbacks get you down. Which part of China are you in now? It is unlikely but i might know somebody (don’t know how many degrees that would be). I have a Chinese colleague at work as well. So among us we might be able to work out something. Catch me on hotmail with teschya before the at. unfortunately i live so farther down than down under. Banking is not easy when you are new and under systems like China. I have opened bank accounts in some countries because of work and some regulations are a nightmare. It was just the sheer weight of employer that we managed to. New AML rules are making it harder as well. google what that means.

          • Manin

            Thank you, I try =)

            I’m located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province. about 4 hours drive from Beijing.

  6. come2noona

    Is anyone else out there watching the crap known as “Her Legend”?

    The story is not even mildly entertaining. Both first and second female leads are, in my opinion, irritating to watch. The main lead has a sort of a Shannon Doherty look to her which, for me, makes me dislike her more. The characters and the plot are predictable.

    I started to watch it because I have been down with a cold all week… it has been a “filler”, you could say, until the other dramas I am watching are subbed.

    Am I being harsh or has my cold just made me irritable?

    • 6.1 saema

      hahahahahaha isnt it an old drama?
      my cold’s making me feel irritated too. you know anything’s that fun to watch?

      • 6.1.1 come2noona

        No! It’s brand new! She designs handbags. Poor girl, dead mother, absent father, wronged by all, not recognised as the designer she is, yada yada yada. Rich hero, heir to handbag store, helps girl, irritates girl, doesn’t realize he likes her, yada yada yada. Bitchy female second lead with a secret, yada yada yada. Cute male second lead, say it with me…yada yada yada. I’ve decided to drop it. I started Sweet 18, it’s cute so far.

        • mayukha

          lol !!! that sums up most of the drama cliche’s 😛

        • Chloe

          This sounds very similar to Fashion King

    • 6.2 Janelle

      It’s not my favoritest drama ever, but I’m watching it. (And doomed to heartbreak because the second lead is so much more likable than the hero.)

      I haven’t watched this week’s episodes, so I will only say that I was heartened by the appearance of a backbone on the heroine at the end of episode 12.

      • 6.2.1 Windsun33

        I was on the verge of giving it up when things took a big turn where for once the Jellyfish Doormat actually grew a spine.

        I actually think that the 2nd lead is a better actress – she has succeeded in making every viewer hate her, while the lead seems pretty tepid. Overall, not the worst drama ever, but far from being in the top 10, or even top 50.

    • 6.3 Windsun33

      “Her Legend” to me is like crack – I know it’s bad, but I can’t give it up. I got sucked in early in the series, and was about to give it up when the worm turned in ep11-12 (ie, the Candy Girl went into revenge mode). Because it is so unusual in k-dramas for the nice girl to turn vicious, I feel compelled to see the ending even if it rots my brain.

  7. RockPaperScissors

    Happy Friday Dramabeanies!

    My heart rate is somewhat back to normal after Master’s Sun and Two Weeks. I feel both sort of faltered this week, but we’re getting towards the end, wait & see what happens. I am expecting some sweet moments ahead for both.

    I’m gonna steal Su-jin, and I am willing to spoil her like a good grandma should…

    • 7.1 Melissa

      Haha! I guess everyone has a soft spot for sweet Su-jin!

      • 7.1.1 saema

        yeah,she’s one of the reasons i’m watching. i wanted to scream and cry at the ending of ep 13.

        • Melissa

          This is one of the few times I’d actually appreciate a terminal illness in a drama—with Boss Moon as the sick guy, of course.

          Or even better, call Nam-saeng over from Sword and Flower to deal with Boss Moon. Apparently chopping off someone’s head is as easy as using his chopsticks for Nam-saeng, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

    • 7.2 owl

      I wonder if there is a 13th episode slump in general ~ might look into that.

  8. niKai

    My boss told me yesterday that he wanted to transfer me to khartoum to work there for acouple of years. Surprise, surprise. It’s so sudden. I dont know what to say but he expected an answer by monday. Apparently because I’m single he thought it would be easy for me to move around (but what about my kdrama fix???). I have not much idea whats in store for me there. Anyone has any idea? Or any tips about living in khartoum?

    • 8.1 Saya

      well…they have internet! And stuff ain’t blocked! So you’ll be fine 😀

    • 8.2 korfan

      nikai –

      Other than knowing Khartoum is in Sudan, I have no idea what it is like to live there.

      I’m not sure, but I think there are still major political and military conflicts going on in Sudan. I have no idea what your duties in Khartoum would entail, but if I may suggest to you, do a lot of research on the place you’re going and on what you’ll be doing. Ask questions and get details.

      Good luck with everything.

      • 8.2.1 Manin

        Second this! Research and ask questions about what to expect are key.

    • 8.3 namcha

      There’s a Dept of State travel warning for US Citizens traveling to Sudan. In short, don’t go there!

      • 8.3.1 Windsun33

        The Dept of State has travel warnings for nearly all countries, though Sudan is a bit more severe than most.

  9. korfan

    Hello Everyone!

    I hope everyone is doing well today. Hoping a wonderful Chuseok holiday is being celebrated by many of you in the company of family and friends.

    The weather’s been absolutely lovely! I’m thinking that Lee Min-ho and the rest of the Heirs group have been enjoying filming in this weather while they’re here.

    So I decided to give my full attention to Empire of Gold ….. now watching full episodes rather than bits and pieces. This is one solid, serious show ….. definitely serious. Between all the complex real estate transactions, the shifting alliances and familial scheming , it’s a lot to keep track of but it sure makes for one intense show. Enjoying this one quite a bit.

    I checked out a couple of minutes of the first two episodes of Good Doctor. Love all the main actors in this, but I’m not sure if I’ll continue with or not (time constraints). I certainly haven’t watched enough to form a serious opinion about it, but what I will say is that if this show begins to start a dialogue, however small, about autism (or any autism spectrum disorder), in ksociety or even within families, then that’s a positive thing.

    Up to ep 4 of Master’s Sun. My goodness, this one is fantastic. Didn’t think I’d like So ji-sub as much as I am …. that “hand-waving motion” he does in front of his face gets me every time. ….. It’s hilarious. ….. And Gong Hyo-jin, well, she just never lets me down. No one delivers lines like she does, period.

    That’s about it for now. Take care everyone and have a great Friday!

    • 9.1 Saya

      Hi korfan!

      I’m excited about Heirs, I can’t help it. And it airs on the same day my Korean classes start!

      • 9.1.1 Manin

        I am kinda looking forward to Heirs too! I want it to be good, or at least some form of entertaining crack. Also hoping for less BOF and more.. something else :p

      • 9.1.2 korfan

        Hi Saya –

        That’s great that you’ll be taking Korean classes!

        Hopefully, the drama won’t air at the same time as your class. If it does, maybe you can record it for later viewing.

    • 9.2 redfox

      So Ji Sub talked about the hand motion in an interview saying it felt fleshier to use it instead of just saying Get lost.

  10. 10 saema

    i have a terrible cold. so, i need a fun drama to watch, something like idk, anything fun? some drama with depth.
    thanks in advance.

    • 10.1 come2noona

      I really enjoyed History of a Salaryman. Fun with a good story.

    • 10.2 Saya

      Feel better, saema!

      What’ve you watched recently? It’s hard to recommend blind 😀 Dal Ja’s Spring sounds perfect if you haven’t seen it already.

    • 10.3 snow_white

      King Of Dramas is perfect for a fun watch..

      • 10.3.1 ahjummabunny

        King of dramas is perfect! Watch that. I think we get caught up with some nonsense but there is depth and Kim Myung Min is a treat.

    • 10.4 True2U

      If your cold is that bad, here’s a remedy that should help tremendously. Here I go:

      – Get 4 to 5 cloves of garlic (I know A LOT people HATE it, I used to hate it too, but it helps.)

      – Cut them into very small pieces

      – Get a pot and add Distilled water, or water bought from the store. Don’t use the water from the faucet (Tap water).

      – Put your sliced garlic into the water, and bring to boiling temp for 3 to 4 mins. Turn down the the stove and allow the garlic to sit in the water for 2 mins.

      This is where the HATE comes in.

      – Get a strainer and strain off the water in a cup (You will be drinking it like a tea) don’t throw the pieces away, you will need to take them like your taking a pill. (Preferably to swallow them first, then drink the tea)

      I know it sounds horrible if you hate garlic, but it has work for me and my fam and friends that had a really bad colds/flus. ^^ Get well!!! (Funniest thing was swallowing those pieces for the 1st.) XD!!!

      • 10.4.1 TS

        Why not water from the store?

        • True2U

          I did say water from the store is good, just not tap water.

          • Windsun33

            What’s wrong with tap water? Not that any of those folk remedies work for colds (or any virus), some will at least lessen the symptoms. But to be honest the garlic thing sounds so horrible it might be worse than the disease.

          • True2U

            @ Windsun33. I said no tap water because the area I live in the tap water Horrible!!!!! I don’t even cook with it. Even reports tell us not too.

            As for the garlic thing, No, it’s not worse than the disease. Hahahaa sound like you hate garlic. I was skeptical at first, but my cold was so bad, I just had to try it. Did it a few hours later I was up and moving. Yep, I will stand my this remedy, It works!!!

          • Windsun33

            Yeah, I can understand it if the tap water in your area is bad, but here in Phoenix our tap water usually tests out better than most bottled water.

            I like garlic in small doses, but that is about it. Personally I have found that lemon rinds steam (ie vaporizer thingy) seems to help reduce sinus swelling, and smells a ton better than garlic 😀

          • True2U

            @ Windsun33. I live in Florida so the water system here is horrid.

            lol, lemon do smell tons better. You can also use lemon for the cold and flu. Just squeeze a lemon in hot water, but don’t add any sugar and drink it as it is. That also works!!

      • 10.4.2 Lindy12

        With slight differences, this is my remedy as well! I crush the garlic rather than chop it and steep it for 5 minutes in some kind of herbal tea. I strain the tea and throw the crushed garlic away as the active ingredient has been steeped into the tea. As I always have a sore throat with my colds, I add some honey and lemon juice, too. This really works! I use it with my kids. At first they made the classic yucky face but no they ask for it when they are sick.

    • 10.5 Melissa

      Get well soon, saema! *hugs*

      Hmm, if you’re talking about light-hearted, fun dramas I enjoyed Dream High, Monstar, You’re Beautiful and Secret Garden. It’s kind of hard to recommend considering I don’t know what you’ve watched or what you enjoy watching, but these are my personal faves. 🙂

      Also, Master’s Sun is quite adorable and hilarious at times, if you’re willing to put up with bloody ghosts popping up every now and then. They get better and less scary after around the 8th or 9th episode though.

    • 10.6 ht

      Protect The Boss. The first half of the show was really fun. 🙂

      • 10.6.1 Saema

        thanks, i need to watch it for Ji sung. Now that his wedding pictures are out. ( i hope db does a post on that) 😀

    • 10.7 mira

      You might already have watched this one since it’s very popular but I want to recommend anyway. For something light and really fun watch The Greatest Love.
      You can also try 9 end 2 outs.
      If you already have watched most of the good kdramas may be I will recommend you something else.
      There is this Taiwanese drama Fated To Love You. It’s a fun drama with not much depth but it surely will keep you occupied.
      Get well soon <3

    • 10.8 redfox

      aww I had a cold last week is it ever anything but terrible. I was pretty bad, I think it was a virus, just swept me off my feet in 4 hours totally.
      I think I am no longer surprised when a drama heroine falls sick in a snip of finger. it can happen. mythbusters confirmed plausible. tadam.

  11. 11 John

    Behind on a couple of shows , (no www for a day will do that for you), avoiding spoilers, have a nice weekend!

    • 11.1 John

      Omo! Saikou no Rikon – The Great Divorce is being subbed again ! Off to watch Ep 10.

      • 11.1.1 owl

        Yes, saw that. Glee!

  12. 12 nasus

    Happy Friday all! :_
    I didn’t know if anyone have written a comment about this, but could you DB pleaseee write a post about “Master’s Secret”, the video mash-up of the dramas “Master’s Sun” and “Secret Garden”. There’s no English subs so I couldn’t understand a thing. But it looks interesting, so if you JB/GF don’t mind, please recap that video.. I remember you guys did that kind of post before and it was awesome as always.. Thanks a lot!

    • 12.1 Shadow-chan


      Where I can find that?
      Since I’m actually in the middle of rewatching Secret Garden (while I was waiting for the MS episode, argh!), I totally need to watch that! 😀

      • 12.1.1 Quiet Thought

        Hyun Bin wears less eye shadow than So Ji Sub. Aside from that, I only speak English, so I haven’t a clue.

      • 12.1.2 nasus

        it’s here enjoy!

  13. 13 snow_white

    hi everyone 🙂

    I’m watching:

    Master’s Sun: loving it and I don’t have problems with the amnesia thing here….

    Two Weeks: simply awesome!!

    I’m eagerly waiting for Heirs 🙂

    • 13.1 redfox

      after “It´s OK, Baby!” I am kind of waiting for Heirs too. But just cause I CANNOT BELIEVE IT.
      and I just, their outfits. I just want to check if they have all gone mad.

      • 13.1.1 hydrangeabloom

        99% chance they have all gone mad, redfox.

  14. 14 Saya

    aaarrggGGHHhhh going blind avoiding Master’s Sun spoilers! I think I consumed 17 already nooooooooooooooooo

    (I’m saving this to watch when it finishes airing)

    (obviously I need to stay away from OT)


    • 14.1 True2U

      Ouch!!!!! Girl, don’t come here or a few other sites until you’ve finished watching the dramas you’re waiting to finish airing. You will always have spoilers. I know because I had to learn the hard way. I feel your pain!!!

  15. 15 ahjummabunny

    I love men in gats!
    I’m currently dying while watching 2 weeks almost live! I’m not in love with the show, but I don’t find it flawed in any obvious way. There are some real moments that are so every day that just kill me. I’m not excited, just anxious and BEGGING FOR IT TO BE OVER ALREADY!
    I just finished all about my romance and I’m wondering if there is any other show that has a last episode about nothing. To be clear that show was about nothing from about episode 7 but Joon Ha oppa was still in it. I wish there were more dramas with Park Hee Soon.

    Are things well with you?

  16. 16 Sirena

    Hello everyone!

    I guess I want to talk about boy bands, specifically the popularity of The Wanted and One Direction. When I was younger the popular boy bands were Back Street Boys, NYSNC, and 98°.

    An article I read a while back suggested that The Wanted and One Direction might usher in a new era of boy bands in the U.S.A. I’m not so sure. What do you think?

    • 16.1 ahjummabunny

      I personally like the intimacy of singer/songwriter and have very few groups in my cd collection. Yes, I still buy cds. When I was in my first 2 years of high school those bands were popular but were being crowded out by solo singers like Ricky Martin already. I think New Kids on the Block were actually popular. They had a tv show and all. Like the kpop stars do now. So no. The boy band groups aren’t coming back.

    • 16.2 Ace

      Not really familiar with the newer boybands in western music, but I used to be a big fan of UK boybands more than the ones from the US. Loved Take That, Boyzone, Westlife, 911, 5ive, Ant & Dec, & Blue plus some other pop groups like Steps, B*witched, The Corrs, S Club 7, and All Saints. Look what you’ve done! Now I’ve gotta listen to their music and take me back to when I was still enjoying western pop music.

      Super Junior is the only boy band that I enjoy right now. 😉

      • 16.2.1 Sirena


    • 16.3 ht

      Take That was my life. Still is.

      • 16.3.1 Swurbel

        I was so happy when Take That celebrated their comeback!
        They are like a good wine – getting better and more mature! 🙂

    • 16.4 Saya

      Nobody will beat the Backstreet Boys, sorry boybands. They could actually sing, even if the memory of being a BSB fan makes me cringe XD

      Also ewww I watched a youtube video of a recent concert and….just no. Teenagers can get away with acting lascivious and all that as fanservice, but they are at a time in life where a little dignity goes a long way. Seriously.

      • 16.4.1 Ace

        BSB danced the best, but the best vocals were from the UK boybands. I did like some of their tunes though (Quit Playing Games, As Long As You Love Me) but the music videos were so much more cheesier (fake rain + Nick baring his skinny chest? Blech!) than the ones from UK. Speaking of cheesy, OMG. I watched Vengaboys’ Shalala lala last night and it was absolutely cheesy. Made me happy hearing and seeing it though. 90s and early 2000 pop were the best compared to the trash hawked to teenagers nowadays (Friday, anyone?)

        Ah, MTV was still a good channel to tune into back then. I loved MTV Asia VJs Jamie A, Sonia C, Nadya H, Sarah M, Donita Rose. Even made a handmade request for a BZ song but wasn’t able to send it (I still have it in a box somewhere).

    • 16.5 mira

      Revival of the Boy Bands! Yeah I would love that actually. Really wanna get away from all this naked Lady gaga, Perry and Cyrus videos. More visually entertaining videos that does not involve near naked human body ( group dance is always awesome, fashion that looks good not like abstract art with face paints is awesome) with energetic but still has melody kind of music would be good.
      90s were a good time 🙂

      • 16.5.1 Sirena

        I agree 🙂

  17. 17 snow_white

    has anyone seen the drama ‘We Are Dating Now’ starring Chae Rim and So Ji Sub??
    Is it good??

    • 17.1 ahjummabunny

      I watched it when I first started watching dramas. I fell for so ji sub from that moment. Unfortunately I found the Chae Rim’s character irritating.

    • 17.2 Newbie

      I watched and liked it. It’s not perfect, but I like Chae Rim and SJS, so it was an entertaining watch.

    • 17.3 kopytko

      I liked it. The characters were a wee bit one dimensional but on the other hand their problems were shown in way that made me identify myself with them. It’s nice when young women have other things on their mind rather than only drooling after ridiculously overpriced handbags.
      Plus, young So Ji Sub, young Kwon Sang Woo and Chae Rim, who seems not to age at all.

    • 17.4 spazmo

      kwon sang woo was a RIOT, such a dork. it was fun to see all of them so young and early in their careers…

  18. 18 Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:

    Two Weeks — loving it. Hoping for happy ending
    Who are you? — good ending. Liked it but there was something about the pacing and the relationship between the living OTP’s that I didn’t feel. But heck i didn’t feel heroine’s romntic love for dead oppa either. She cried a lot and all but I didn’t feel she had time to show her old love for him within the small time her memory returned. It was okay though. The last episode was okay but didn’t matter to me because i didn’t much care for the bad guy and all that mystery…and i didn’t care much for the shaman love story. So all in all good show to pass the time with but flawed. Glad I saw it.

    Master’s Sun — gonna try to see it this morning before i start my writing.

    Hanazawa Naoki — glad the eng subs are finally up. This touches my heart and the suspense…wow! The wife was kinda…meh..mybe she’ll step up her game and stop being little miss supportive sweetie. Very annoying character. Loooooove Masato Sakai in everything he does.

    Yamada-kun — fun but not touching my heart. Some comedies do, not this one.

    Stopped watching LIMIT.

    Watched an old classic Japanese horror on animehere. Fun.

    Gonna watch Secretly, Greatly.
    Also Punch
    That’s about it
    Have a great weekend, all

    • 18.1 Manin

      Hi Carol!

      How are you? Did you get my email btw? I have had a very bad internet connection so wasn’t sure it actually got sent as I didn’t get a reply from you.

      Yamada-kun: I agree it’s a nice and light watch, but not the greatest. I like it though.

      Still haven’t started 2 weeks. Might wait until after it’s done airing. It sounds like one off those addicting dramas.

      • 18.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        you emailed me????? I never got it. Aish! Try atain, please!

        Definitely watch Two Weeks. Totally fun.

        • Manin

          I shall! … What was your email again? just to make sure I got the right one.

          I shall put it on my list!

          • Carole McDonnell


          • Manin

            Thank you! I shall try again!

    • 18.2 kngdrama

      On WAY: Carol, casting her in WAY was a mistake. She had two facial expressions, blind fear or shallow crying, throughout the show.

      I don’t know who is winning the contest in I CAN OPEN MY EYES BIGGER, she-the-stupid cop or the lead girl in My Legend.

      Master’s Sun started to look Secret Gardenish…

      • 18.2.1 Windsun33

        In k-dramas, “stupid cop” is redundant. 😀

        Not sure why they treat cops so badly in those dramas, but if you look at US B movies and dramas, it is always some evil military guy, so I guess they just need a whipping post. Even in shows like WAY, only the leads are (sorta) smart, every other cop around them is stupid and/or corrupt.

        Not sure what the deal is with the big eyes in Her Legend, but I never noticed that in other shows she has been in – might be a director thing?

        • kngdrama


          Good catch on cop equals stupid in Kdramas. 🙂

          Yep, the eyes (unless it were a Halloween horror drama) turned me away from Her Legend.

      • 18.2.2 Carole McDonnell

        I’m not sure who had the most non-expression this season:

        The actress in WAY or the actress in Sword and Flower.

        Hard to decide.

        • kngdrama

          Carol, Thank you for saying that. The lead actress in Sword and Flower always had her mouth half-opened, eyes staring forward, and unmoving face. The most boring actress ever.

        • korfan

          Hi Carole & kngdrama –

          If I may respectfully chime in on this one …… although I didn’t see Sword and Flower or WAY, when we talk about most non-expression this season I think we have to include the lead actress of When A Man Loves.

          If I remember correctly, I think past OT’s were in near consensus that a cardboard cutout of the actress would have had more facial expression than she did.

          Now I’m curious though, in comparison, were the actresses from Sword and Flower and WAY worse than Mi-do??

          • kngdrama

            I did not watch WAML but saw the lead actress in some other dramas. Koala described her as a wet towel and a weak chin.

            What irritated me in princess in Sword and Flower was that she was very pretty but a dead fish. The WAY actress was just painful to watch, almost like Jandi in BOF. Caricature of emotions.

            And now we have Tae Yang in Master’s Sun and you can see all the emotions and thoughts without overacting and being shoved into your face. She has fear, pain, etc. but she does not have to cringe or scream with super wide eyes for us to understand what she is going through.

          • Carole McDonnell


            The actress in Sword and Flower was placed in the horrible position of having to be the embodiment of internalized anger and repressed grief. There was no openness allowed for her. But dangnabbit, that kinda stuff is hard for some folks. It’s very hard to “appear” silently introspectively repressed. I want to give this actress the benefit of the doubt because I haven’t seen her in anything else but even in the “i’m a little girl falling in love” scenes or the “I’m a great swordswoman” scenes, she wasn’t quite on key. I will say that when she saved her beloved from drowning i was really touched.

            I also have to say that I was so happy the actress in WAY was having a lead part that I was too proud of her to be really annoyed at her acting. She was in Alice and I liked her there. But here….no…not so much.

            I know how hard it is for actors, to lay their souls naked out there for all to see but aargh, showing joy and allowing her soul to show more as the character would’ve gone a long way to letting me enjoy the drama more.

    • 18.3 Narina

      Ah glad someone’s watching Hanzawa Naoki.This drama is awesome!! The best drama of the season.It deserves the high rating….not like Kaseify no Mita which was unbelievably overrated.

      • 18.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        It’s so much fun! I never thought i could get attached to career dramas but Naoki has totally done it.

  19. 19 zakin89

    Hello everyone 🙂

    Dramawise I have to catch up with Two Weeks but on to the rest:

    Good Doctor…. I knew it was too soon to be happy about getting good episodes… The hospital politics are back and I am annoyed again^^ But I do love that doc pomade is starting to open up to SO which could makefor a great bromance 🙂

    Who are you? – Well that was one anticlimactic ending… It was an easy watch but I am a bit disappointed because there was so much potential in the set up! Kim Jae Wook’s character was kind of redundant. I mean yeah he gave some crucial tips to Hee Bin but then again..he gave them to Hee Bin but not SO! I feel terrible for KJW because all he was doing all drama long was brooding and looking longingly at SO… Way to waste his talent. And the relationship between his character and SO’s (although only seen in flashbacks) was also more to root for than SO+GW… well it’s over^^

    Master’s Sun – Well phew he’s not dead! But I kind of expected the whole flatlining and coming back thing… I am not sure what to think of the whole amnesia bit because…well amnesia…so overused! BUT it was kind of to be expected since it is a reference to the children books he’s reading! And I love how everyone (well except his aunt and Hanna – whom I want to get rid of like now!) is giving him hints!
    Thank god sec. Kim is not evil! That would have been so bad! His connection to Hanna is interesting and I hope that he finds out everything soon!
    YR’s fantasy about KW and GS cracked me up so much 😀 and I really hope that KW is going to fall for her eventually! It’s really rare that I pity a second female lead but YR is just hilarious and harmless!

    Variety land:

    Running Man – Oh Bigbang =) Why the hell did we just see GD’s back during his aegyo attack towards Ji Hyo??? I mean seriously! He can be soooo damn adorable and you don’t show that? Shame on you show! 😛

    ONVS – I feel so bad for the cast to get crushed like that! I really hope that they’ll finally win in their last badminton match!

    BFF – haven’t watched the last two episodes because the food thing is getting really boring -.-

    WGM: I love that Tae Min and Na Eun are more at ease with skinship now and I am looking forward to more cute of them
    The new couples seem interesting but only time can tell if they can win me over^^

    Since I’ve fallen for GD again (Coup d’Etat has some really great songs) I have watched some old Bigbang appearances on variety shows and interviews of GD… It’s kind of surreal how different he is on stage and off! Love his bashfulness and cuteness off stage!

    I also managed to watch 2 movies this week:

    Secretly, Greatly – Now that was an ending I didn’t anticipate! Thank god I had a tissue box next to me 😛

    Tone Deaf Clinic – As if I couldn’t love Park Ha Sun anymore! She’s hilarious in this movie as are all the others and I really enjoyed watching it! I was practically laughing throughout the whole movie!

    • 19.1 MistyIsles

      I haven’t been a very big GD fan, really (though I do love the unique quality of his voice), but Coup d’Etat kind of blew me away. After that and seeing him on Running Man, I’m starting to understand the appeal. 😉

      • 19.1.1 zakin89

        He had to win me back again because I was disappointed with One of a kind, Crayon and Michi GO (though I like them all by now^^) but Coup d’Etat blew me away as well! Especially because the MV is just so full of symbolism which is awesome!
        And I really dig “Crooked”! Always makes me wanna jump like a crazy person when I listen to it 😀

    • 19.2 redfox

      agree on Who Are You. they should have revived Oppa .

      and lety the criminal get away for a second season with a live oppa. and THEN maybe SO would have somehow gone over to GW side. now thats a conflict. feeling guilty, but cannot help it. not sure if it would be believable with that non existant chemistry though

      • 19.2.1 redfox

        also, I cured myself fromthe secretly Greatly trauma by re-watching Full House Take 2. ah Kang Hwi. so adowa-bubble.

  20. 20 owl

    Good morning!
    Summer Nude lets me sit back and ride the drama – if feels so good as summer here is ending just like it is in the drama. *recommend*

    Henry – Super Junior’s newest member should be nicknamed “Space Cadet Junior.” Watch on Mama Mia and Happy Together. Chincha, is he aegyo or annoying?

    I watched 2 movies this week – Secretly Greatly (with Soo Hyun, Park Ki Woong, and Lee Hyun Woo as 3 beautiful comrades in super serious roles ♥), and Born to Sing, both recent releases. I felt like I was intruding on another country’s story and culture while watching both movies. They didn’t have universal themes so much as a peek into Korean-ness. I am really happy I watched them.

    holy kdrama – Hope for Dating with Daniel Choi and BoA really rocks it for me! How can the vice CEO of SM and top female performer pull of a pig-tailed student? BUT she does! I adore that they are in separate but parallel situations they are in. Like the phone pic she sent from her trip was exactly where he was standing on his trip 🙂

    *spoiler* Master’s Sun – I totally dig the sacrificial supernatural amnesia – it flows naturally with both TS and JW’s personalities. I suspect another supernatural event will break the amnesia leaving JW blinded by the shining TS (big sun). But how to get rid of Ha na (Cruella e Ville in her pointy black and white lapels) and how much candy did Candy Kang dish out this episode? sweet~

    Everybody’s looking mighty shiny in the Heirs trailer (*stardust everywhere*)

    Real life: I use lines from kdramas to cut to the quick and avoid pointless talk. Works great.

    “That’s not important.”

    “You don’t need to know that.”

    “Is that even possible?”

    “So noisy.”

    • 20.1 ahjummabunny

      I saw Hope for dating a few days ago. I hated the epilogue! It was so amateurish. Also are there people that don’t know how easily you become close to someone you talk to all the time? Im Si Wan was a nice treat.

    • 20.2 Manin

      I didn’t mind the Master’s sun amnesia either. Feel like it is in line with the established rules for the drama as well. And it doesn’t come out of nowhere either.

      Haha love your use of kdrama lines in real life. It is true, it would be effective to cut straight to the chase about things!

    • 20.3 redfox

      “supernatural amnesia” should become and actual diagnosis.
      I have bad news for you. Your daughter has supernatural amnesia. She has forgotten everything about unicorns.

      • 20.3.1 owl

        …and every time it’s mentioned, the glowi-y blue floating particles from Gu Family Book appear along with otherworldly music. And everybody glances sideways and upward in unison.

        • redfox

          like Addams family

          and when they get over it, they run to the streets, yelling: “I remember the unicorns! I remember the unicorns!” and of course they would get locked up.

          • owl

            …with Kenny Loggins singing Last Unicorn in the background. Never fails to make me cry.

      • 20.3.2 korfan

        redfox & owl –

        Imagining the “supernatural amnesia” scenario is just too funny! *laughing*

        • redfox

          glad to be of service!

          and I forgot how “service” is written and almost wrote “surface”…

    • 20.4 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I have yet to use Korean is casual conversation, but I hope my chance comes some day.

      Soon as I read “So noisy” the word “시끄럽다” – Shee-kkeu-rup-da popped into my head because I have heard that at least 100 times in dramas.

  21. 21 ht

    Has anyone seen the recent 1N2D episodes (Holiday with Friends Special)? SO.MUCH.FUN.

    ALL the guests were really nice and funny. If only Haejin’s team could have been able to join the games part, the ep would be perfect! Oh Jungse is so good-looking ♥.♥ Joo Won’s bestie is so cute!

    I don’t even have a favourite team because they’re all so adorable and special in their own way. I teared up during Jongmin’s concern because as an avid 1N2D watcher since S1, I have realised Jongmin is pretty lonely irl too and it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t have many friends. Oh man, I can totally relate to Jongmin. He’s ALWAYS laughing but he’s definitely not feeling happy all the time. (..btw.. his good friend, the stylist, is hot too. LOL)

    I’m too tired to think and type lol, so I just wanna say, I love 1N2D sfm!

    • 21.1 redfox

      I saw it! awesome! I did not like the picking on the fat girl though. that was not nice. always saying rude jokes. pick someone else. the one with big ears.
      I thought all the not-so-much-celebrity friends were the best, cause BFF ARE the best!

  22. 22 KimYoonmi

    Soon I can call myself an author. (though hopefully without the “airs” ^.~)

    – My pet rat died yesterday and outside it’s reasonably gloomy to reflect that. He suddenly got energy to explore my room, but he waited until I was comforting him and stroking him to die. I was sad because his litter mate brother died before him who was his best friend and that’s when he lost a ton of weight and spent a few days looking for him. When his other cage mate died, he lost most of his energy and got depressed even more. He didn’t have as much energy to go roaming and just stared at the female cage. Even with other rats introduced, he wasn’t as energetic. He missed his best friends that much. I raised him from birth.

    The female rats, though have been stalking me today, comforting me. Usually they run to the four winds and run away… and then come back when they need something.

    – I did Master’s Sun summaries 1-3 and 13.l

    – Incredibly busy and people are asking me to do thing but I don’t want to stretch myself too thin.

    Just You
    Master’s Sun
    Yamada and the 7 witches
    Looking forward to Heirs, though I know most people on this website don’t like KES’s Literary writing, visual jokes, and magic realism/magic symbolism. If she pulls a Hong Sisters’ switch as they did with her, and she completely changes how she writes, I’m going to think I dreamed this year up. (This has been one weird drama year so far… or is that just me?)

    • 22.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Condolences on the loss of your pet.

    • 22.2 korfan

      Kim Yoonmi –

      So sorry to hear about the loss of your pet.

    • 22.3 LT

      Kim yoonmi
      I believe you’re intelligent enough to seek professional advice before you attempt meditation. You don’t have the time anyway, right? JHU has benefitted from it. It doesn’t mean everyone can. Meditation has the potential for 走火入魔 (hanja), as a friend had found. It took him about 2 years to recover from the breakdown. You can tell me to mind my own business. Anyway, I feel better after having said it.

  23. 23 Sajen

    I was watching the Singaporean drama Unriddle on DramaFever and liked it then got to the last episode. It was an o.k. episode more of a summary than anything else and then it kept going, turning from an o.k. ending to not an ending at all. So my question is does anyone know if they made a second season and if so where can I watch it with English subtitles.

    Who Are you- I watched the last episode after dropping it after episode 13 and I must admit it had a better ending than I thought it would.

    • 23.1 karecity

      Wow this is the first time i see someone talking about a singaporean drama. i’m a mega huge fan of the lead actress in Unriddle 😛 Anyway there is a second season! here’s the link to the first episode:
      lead actress Rui En won the Asian TV Awards 2012 Best Actress and Star Awards 2013 Best Actress for the sequel 🙂

  24. 24 TS

    Master’s Sun is losing me. I’ll wait for next week’s recap to see if I want to continue (I’ve no issue with spoilers; in fact, I prefer knowing where I’m going).

    I feel k-drama-ed out. And actually, except for Yamada & the Seven Witches, I’m kind of Jdorama-ed out too. But then, I tried many of them. I think, though, I just want something 30 minutes or less in length.

    I watched Kamikaze Girls twice this past week and got totally fascinated by the main character and her Lolita style. Looked up Lolita (I’ve always been into the 18th century & it’s fashions), and realized the only person who I like in Lolita clothing is Kyoko Fukada. And that’s it. Everyone else looks ridiculous to me. But Kyoko Fukada rocks it.

    Also, I watched a jdorama comedy, Puzzle. The episodes get a bit repetitive, but the main actress and the three boys (one of whom also plays Yamada) are funny.

    So, I think my drama slump is because I’m waiting for Heirs, Empress Ki and Block B’s comeback. I just hope Heirs has lots and lots of Woobie My Wuv, since he’s why I’ll be watching it. ::WoobieMyWuvSigh::

    • 24.1 pogo

      Hey TS! I’m too hooked on that OTP to give up on Master’s Sun, but their chemistry is what carries the drama, and having an entire episode where they barely interact just serves to reinforce that – I’m interested in what the hell happened in the past, but the true spark of the episode was the moments when Joong-won was with Gong-shil. And those were way too few!

      And you watched Kamikaze Girls?!!!!!!!! It’s one of my favourite movies of all time, not just because of the fabulous acting (Kyoko <3333) or the awesome OST and costumes, but because it's that rarest of things – a movie that is really about friendship, and female friendship at that.

      (and I LOVE that our heroine is so cold – the kind who, in kdrama, would be coded ~unlikeable. But Momoko is the best. And I still die inside a little at Ichigo's introduction scene).

      re: the clothes, I love loli because it's nice to see girls dress so obviously for themselves. But I do love the yanki uniform of Ichigo too – the first time I saw the movie, I went around for months in my own long black skirt, white shirt and blazer because I was just so taken by the way Ichigo looked)

      • 24.1.1 TS

        Hi Pogo!

        Thanks for the Kamikaze Girls recommendation! ive even ordered the book.

        and, like you, I’m impressed by ichigo’s style too: wouldn’t work for me, thought.

        I like loli in that the girls are doing it for themselves, and, occasionally I see someone’s pic who looks really good, like she’s really made it her own style and so it just works. But the rest are, I dunno, okay, they need to work it so it suits them better. Then again, I got spoiled looking at Kyoko who is just perfect for the Lolita look.

        And yes, like you, i love how the heroine is cold. It adds a twist to her that makes her Lolita-ness edgy despite being Sweet. Perhaps it’s because Dad and Grandma were thugs.

        Re Masters Sun: it’s been too many episodes already. It should’ve wrapped up at 12. As I said on another thread, I like tight writing and this is not. And yes, that’s most k-dramas, but still, this took too long to get to the point it’s at now. However, I’ll just give this week a break and decide based on the live recap for next week if I’ll continue. It would help me a lot, though, if they moved the Yi Ryung and Kangwoo romance along. I need some movement there.

        • pogo

          I’m glad you liked it 😀 and yeah, I agree – lolita is a kind of look that needs very good instincts re: colour, texture, proportion and all the rest that goes into fashion – it’s very easy to ruin a look by not getting that and thinking it’s just about maximum frilliness or poof. And Kyoko was perfectly styled – credit for that should go to the real designers behind Baby The Stars Shine Bright, they did a champion job with all her costumes.

          One of my favourite things about the movie was how dainty Momoko is actually the daughter of a yanki, while tough-talking Ichigo is from what looks like a regular respectable middle-class family 🙂

          (I will be honest, I wore those clothes when I was 23 and living on a college campus. Ah, the joys of full-time education and no one getting to tell you what to wear 🙂

          I’m still waiting on Master’s Sun – 1 not-so-great episode (and we pinned too many of our hopes on it, really, it was bound to fail) is not going to make me forget that we had 12 great ones before it, but next week had better make up for this week. I don’t mind the execution of the amnesia plotline, but the show has zip and sparkle when its OTP are together onscreen, and they spent most of it apart here. I hope next week rectifies that. And I enjoy Yi-ryung and Kang-woo’s interactions, though in a more amused, academic way than a shipper way.

          • TS

            If KW would just like YR, I’d lke the whole show a lot more…

            There just isn’t enough KamiKaze Girls, sigh.

            I wonder if people walk around dressed as Lolitas in Korea or China?

    • 24.2 Windsun33

      I have been winding down my k-drama watching also. Not so much by choice, but simply because there does not seem to be much worth watching that I have not already seen. Not much on the horizon that except Heirs that looks interesting.

      ISYG – still watching for some ungodly reason. Has really gone downhill since ep40’ish, but with only two episodes left I have to see how they mess up the ending.

      Master’s Sun – right now the only drama on my “don’t miss” list.

      Her Legend – probably one of the most cliché driven shows in some time, but the unusual (for k-dramas) twist of the Candy Girl actually turning vengeful keeps me tuned in for now.

      Aside from that, not much. Quite a few J and K movies with subs posted on YouTube, but it takes some digging for some. And since at least some of them may get taken down at anytime by DCMA not sure how long some will be there.

    • 24.3 redfox

      how did you have a chance to watch Kamikaze girls? I totally couldnt find a free streaming site.

      • 24.3.1 TS

        Hi Redfox,

        Sorry for the late reply: I only just saw this.

        Kamikaze Girls is on 🙂

    • 24.4 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I had a slump recently where I felt k-dramaed out. For 2 weeks I watched almost nothing. I let other things into my life. I remembered I liked things that weren’t Korean flavored. It was like a vacation, a breath of fresh air.

      I stopped live dramas for weeks.

      I wondered if maybe I was thru with my kdrama addiction.

      Then I started Master’s Sun and marathoned thru to episode 12 and realized kdrama addiction is probably something I will never be cured from.

      • 24.4.1 jomo

        Am so glad you like MS. It is one of my favs right now, too. I am not sure it’ll have a long lasting affect on me, other than discovering that SJS makes me go “Hmmm..”
        I am half way through “Sorry, I Love You” NEVER thought I would do that one!

        Love this: “I remembered I liked things that weren’t Korean flavored. It was like a vacation, a breath of fresh air.”

        My experience is that I go through a bunch of really good ones quickly, then speed around looking for others. I keep sampling, but nothing tempts me for a while…so my interest wanes naturally.

        Then *WHAM* – a drama or a particular actor shows up and I am wowed again.

        I think, though, after you come up for that “breath of fresh air” as you so aptly put it, the interest OVERALL is never as fierce for me. I can stop a show mid -episode and come back or not when I feel like it.

        I still love finding a good series to marathon – especially a completed Taiwanese rom-com and live inside it for a while.
        Mostly, I will never give up on the conversation. That is what keeps me coming back. I want to see what all my online friends are clamoring about and I want to join in.
        It is a diverse and fun community to hang out with.

  25. 25 jhu

    Hello Beanies!

    Happy OT!

    Good to be back after a hectic and emotionally draining week. Am taking time off of dramas, and there’s suddenly so much time to pursue other interests in life.

    The gentle side effects of trying to stay away from dramas? To be honest, I did indulge in a fair bit of random-acquisition-of-useless-facts-about-k-drama-stars. YesIDid!

    So here goes:

    This one has got to do with height. I noticed how my perceived height of a certain actor doesn’t always match their actual height. For instance, all these actors are 183 cm tall:

    So Ji-sub
    Oh Ji-ho
    Jung Il-woo
    Kim Tae-woo
    Kim Jae-wook
    Kim Rae-won
    Jung Kyung-ho

    So they’re all more or less the same height. But don’t you guys feel like some are taller than the others. I always felt like So Ji-sub is much, much taller all this time. Get a similar impression from Kum Rae-won (but in retrospect maybe it’s just because of watching him stand beside Moon Geun-young in My Little Bride). Kim Tae-woo, I remember feeling much shorter in My Naked Kitchen. The rest, more or less give off a fairly tall image. But some talker men, like Joo-wong, Ha Jung-woo, they kind of feel not as tall as these men from the 183 cm club. Ok. That’s enough for today, I guess… (Shrugs awkwardly.)


    Have to say that am already suffering from second lead syndrome for Woobin in Heirs. I don’t know if I want to watch the show, but like with many people out here, will feel so totally out of the loop if I don’t.

    Will watch Reply 1994, since if it’s anything like 1997 (perhaps my all-time favourite), it’s destined to be delicious. But only after all episodes have aired. Sometimes, I cannot handle all the frenzy that accompanies following a show in real time.

    That’s it for now. Will keep my drama dose limited to Master’s Sun. Although that show is maddening enough to make me want to rip my hair out.

    Hope all’s well with all of you.


    • 25.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Loved your height analysis.

      I’m 5’1″ tall, and decided in HS I was willing to date any man taller than me, which admittedly is a pretty low bar.

      The Asian fascination with height is funny to me, and I often look at skinny tall men as odd looking with those stork legs.

      • 25.1.1 jhu

        lol. odd looking with stork legs does ring some pretty loud bells. lee jung-suk is one such image that immediately comes to mind. and yet kim woo-bin, who’s taller than him, definitely doesn’t give off that image. oh gawd, i’m comparing again. i happen to spend TOO much time reading up these people’s bios online. (note to self: get a life!)

        i’m actually a little baffled by the amount of ‘tall’ men, over 6 feet in the k-ent industry. where do they churn these men out from?

        there was a time when there were a lot of good actors with regular height and it was okay to be normal. but the korean obsession with a very narrow and standardised notion of beauty really gives me the creeps. i mean, they’re all gangly on the outside, but i can’t even begin to imagine the kind of things they might be willing to do to their bodies to acquire the desired height. ack!

        also, i meant joo won. my hand automatically types rapid/random ‘g’s after almost every korean name thanks to the frequency with which i’ve been typing joon’g’-won lately.

    • 25.2 Mar

      Rest assured that many heights reported for celebs are exaggerated, both men and women. Many men wear lifts, and many celebs are careful how they are photographed, and who they are photographed with. And I hope everyone is with it enough to know never trust a promo still lol. Also, in regards to dramas, there are various “tricks” used.

  26. 26 Sethe

    So… it looks like I’m going to be teaching English at a school in Moscow, starting as soon as all the paperwork is processed (assuming there are no problems with the visa and everything).

    I’ve been watching Russian movies online to try to get a feel for the language and at least a little sense of what the culture and society are like right now. It’s fascinating, and Russia’s a country that I’ve had an interest in for a long time, so I’m definitely excited to be going (and nervous).

    Just wondering if anybody’s from Russia, or has experience living/working in Russia.

    • 26.1 redfox

      have a nice russian winter.

      • 26.1.1 Sethe


        Yeah, part of me wishes I had chosen to go somewhere where it’s warm and sunny all year round, but, well, maybe I’ll make a place like that my next teaching site 🙂

    • 26.2 kopytko

      It’s been more than ten years that I travelled in Russia, but my interest has been ever growing since then.
      If you want to learn Russian, watch animated films for children. I like Cheburashka and Winnie the Pooh made in USSR. There is also a contemporary series called Smeshariki (you can watch it on YT), it is really great for learning the language.

      Like redfox said, have a nice winter 😉

      • 26.2.1 redfox

        oh Soyuzmultfilm is the best! the Cinderella (Zolushka) in Soyuzmultfilm version, and Tzar Saltan (which has birth secrets and evil chaebols and everything).

        • kopytko

          Now you gave me idea of a drama based on Propp’s theory of folk tale’s structure. I cannot think of any drama starting from disobeying an interdiction. Is there anything like that in contemporary dramas? (Except for sleeping with a random guy and getting pregnant ;)))

          • Sethe

            Wow, thanks for the recommendations, kopytko and redfox! These sound like exactly the kinds of films/dramas I’m looking for! I’m definitely going to check them out 🙂

    • 26.3 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Ooohhh! I am so excited for you Sethe.

      • 26.3.1 Sethe

        Thanks! I’m excited, too. A little apprehensive, but definitely happy to be going somewhere new.

    • 26.4 jomo

      Wow! You get around! Can’t you go teach a year in…let’s see…sunny Italy?

      Maybe you can save up our money and vaca in a sunny spot to revive yourself after the Moscow winterlike weather.
      My brother lived in Moscow for years, and still goes back to work. It can get depressing – just like our Buffalo winters.
      Not a lot of sun.

      I am very excited for you and jealous that you are making the most of these opportunities to live in far-flung places. You must be a good teacher.

      • 26.4.1 Sethe

        Jomo! I feel like I haven’t talked to you for ages — how are you?

        Italy would be lovely… or really anywhere warm and sunny. I was actually strongly considering Turkey along with Russia, and I guess things just fell into place more quickly with the Russia option.

        I’ve almost always lived in places with long, cold winters (many years in North Dakota, for example) but I guess Moscow’s farther north, so possibly even colder, with less sun… certainly does sound depressing… I think you have the right idea — I’ll try to get lots of private tutoring clients (they say it’s very easy in Moscow) and save up some money and take a nice vacation somewhere warm and sunny after the winter. I’m looking forward to it already…

        I don’t know if I’m a good teacher or not, but it’s kind of you to say so 🙂

    • 26.5 korfan

      Sethe –

      Congrats on your new job in Moscow! Have a wonderful time.

    • 26.6 Tania

      Hi, Sethe!
      I am from Russia (Saint Petersburg). I hope you’ll like being here… Moscow is a very modern city, but I’d advise you to learn some basic words in Russian — very few people speak English fluently. Although most young people can speak it quite well.
      If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help you!

      * My English is not perfect also — sorry in advance 🙂

  27. 27 Lyse

    Hello all,

    I’m scrambling to get everything together as I’m taking off for Paris next week for work, finally confirmed incredibly last minute. I’ve also heard that it’s absolutely *freezing* out there so I’m really not looking forward to the required layering for the next month. Le sigh…

    I’m not quite sure where all of this writing I’ve been doing recently is taking me except that I finally cracked and wrote a pretty steamy and explicit side piece for my current monster I’m writing. My fingers keep twitching over the delete button…

    Saw Master’s Sun, wasn’t mad over the amnesia story line for the episode, but hope that the heroine’s noble idiocy doesn’t last. At first I tolerated the aunt cause it seemed like JW just walked all over her ill-timed match making but she seriously pissed me off this current episode. I wished she hadn’t slapped GS cause she veered sharply into “parental characters I despise” territory. I don’t enjoy hating those characters, I want them to go away.

    The only drama I’m somewhat looking forward to is “Basketball,” the trailer was nicely riveting and the production seems to be high quality. Plus there are some of my favorites helming the production so I feel like I won’t disappointed.

  28. 28 August

    Empire of Gold (The Golden Empire) – EOG

    For the first couple of episodes, I questioned whether I wanted to continue watching this drama. However, I am glad that I stuck with this drama from beginning to end.

    If you have not seen it or finished all 24 episodes….*Spoilers*


    In the eyes of Choi Seo-Yoon, it was fine that her father Choi Dong-Sung overcame his humble beginnings with his brother Choi Dong-Jin. Her admiration and respect for her father never wavered. Even as more and more revelations about actions during the course of his life to maintain Sunjin Group came to the forefront.

    The father (patriarch) Choi Dong-Sung sent his brother Choi Dong-Jin to prison at least 3 times during his lifetime in order to grow and control Sungjin Group.

    Both brothers (Choi Sung-Jae and Choi Won-Jae) of Choi Seo-Yoon end up serving prison sentences in order for her to maintain control of Sungin Group.

    Choi Seo-Yoon avoids a prison sentence because Director Park Jin-Tae agrees to serve on her behalf due to the deal they strike with each other.

    The uncle (Choi Dong-Jin) sacrifices and serves another stint in prison, this time on behalf of his son Choi Min-Jae.

    Choi Min-Jae deals with several possible legal indictments, is willing to serve prison time to prevent Jang Tae-Joo from succeeding at sitting in the Chairman’s seat. Finally, he is caught for bribery and has to serve prison time.

    Jang Tae-Joo initially serves prison time before he succeeds with Eden Group.

    Family Gatherings
    The Choi family breakfast gatherings and family meetings sure were fascinating. For a twenty year time-span, it showcased strategy, the power struggle for control (the person(s) winning/losing in the battle to gain and maintain power), greed, constantly shifting alliances, and hidden cards/agendas for Sunjin Group and its affiliates.

    Throughout the series, Choi Min-Jae and Choi Seo-Yoon drink tea and reminisce together about how they helped each other out intentionally or secretly during childhood years and vacations as they grew up in the Choi family. I appreciate the relevance and how this always parallels for where each stands in their current situation/position.

    Definitely if you classify it as the intellectual stimulation that occurs each time Jang Tae-Joo and Choi Seo-Yoon bantered back and forth with each other asseverating quotes from books, philosophies about life, history, observations, and living.

    Choi Seo-Yoon always looked up to and felt that her father, Choi Dong-Sung, was deserving of Sunjin Group and its Chairmanship.

    Chairman of Sunjin Group
    Choi Dong-Sung
    Choi Seo-Yoon
    Choi Min-Jae
    Choi Won-Jae (*Co-chairman Jang Tae-Joo)
    Choi Seo-Yoon

    Jang Tae-Joo reminded us with his monologue his accomplishments/victories with bringing the subsidiaries/affiliates of Sunjin Group back from the brink of financial ruin by the deeds of “Choi bloodline” time and time again.

    For the Choi family, he never could overcome their deep seeded resentment/contempt, the status of an outsider, or invading conqueror for the long term. As he asked several times in the drama, why was his background, accomplishments, and father’s bloodline/sacrifice never good enough for him to measure up to a seat as Chairman of Sunjin Group in the eyes of the Choi family? The closest he came to the Chairmanship, was the only time all the Choi family members had what they wanted and did what they enjoyed doing in life and business.

    In the end, did the character Jang Tae-Joo commit suicide or was the final scene an indication that his character always had a way of escaping and surviving impossible situations or traps?

    • 28.1 korfan

      August –

      EOG is intense, isn’t it? …… I started watching only a couple of minutes of the first episodes. I’m half-way through it right now, and watching the complete episodes now ….. really enjoying it!

      • 28.1.1 August

        Definitely full of suspense with the various characters constantly shifting their alliances.

        Whatever your opinion is on the final ending, this show succeeded in the sense that it always felt like a brief business course with a curriculum focusing on the history and growth of one particular conglomerate and its affiliates.

        Over the span of several decades, it provided commentary and insight into the rise and fall of several industries (credit cards, construction, finance, real estate, chemical, auto, retail sales/development, golf courses, shipping, globalism, electronics, infrastructure–roads, bridges, schools, etc.)

    • 28.2 spazmo

      i took it as a “tease” – let the viewer fill in the blank? for me, i took it as his tenacious ability to always land on his feet. i imagine him in the philippines, mowing the lawn…

  29. 29 Agatha

    Ok guys so I have this theory for Master’s Sun. I think it was Hanna JJW fell in love with and Hee Joo was the one that orchestrated the whole thing at the end taking the place of Hanna. She probably felt cheated that Hanna had been adopted and lived a good life instead of her, so she planned the heist involving Hanna by making her feel guilty. Now as a final f-you to get sister she also wants JW to complete getting what Hanna had. Any thoughts?

  30. 30 kngdrama

    @Windsun33 and the rest who still watch ISYG.

    Hooray! It’s almost over.

    I understand that the story became unbelievably stupid but please, do not make Yoo Na barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

    • 30.1 Windsun33

      Yeah, the last couple episodes have gotten pretty stupid, like the writers just kind of gave up. Monghee is hardly even in the picture any more, and her “mom” seems to have gone off the deep end. But my biggest disappointment is Yoona. I don’t object going back to hubby, but the whole “I am going to be a good housewife” thing is a bit much, simply does not fit her at all.

      At this point I am afraid that we are going to end up with some over-sugary ending that makes you want to scream.

      • 30.1.1 kngdrama

        Yes, the writer killed my favorite character! And she did even have to use the amnesia trope to change Yoo Na’s personality.

        Shame on her.

  31. 31 pogo

    Hey OT people! I’ve had a long week at work and kdramas are pretty much the only thing keeping me sane/distracted, and that doesn’t bode well because I’ve got to move house in the next ten days. *sigh*

    So I just finished episode 13 of Master’s Sun and I don’t hate the amnesia/nobleness plotline as much as everyone else seems to, because at least it’s grounded in an actual trade and not just ‘no I’m not good enough for you’- and Gong-shil makes it to save Joong-won’s life. Which I can accept. (and I always thought that shaman was creepy anyway. Does anyone else have flashbacks to Arang and Demon Mom making their deal this same time last year?)

    And I do see the really, REALLY obvious Little Mermaid parallel, with the substitution of the wrong girl and the stolen trinket that belongs to true love. I don’t mind more of the central mystery, but I really hope it doesn’t keep our OTP apart too long, because they are the heart and soul of the show and it is at its best when they’re together. (and thank god Secretary Kim – aka Dramabeans By Proxy – isn’t actually eeeeeeeeevil!)

    I finally figured out a little of why I love Gong Hyo-jin so much, as an actress – she has a slightly similar vibe to Kirsten Dunst, who is one of my favourite actresses in Hollywood. Both are unconventional beauties with off-beat fashion sense (give me their wardrobes, stat!) who have the ability to bring warmth and life to roles that, in the hands of other actresses, could be flat/one-dimensional. And they both do comedy and drama well. I never thought of the connection, but it makes sense.

    And on that note, here is Pogo’s Shame Confession of the Week: Master’s Sun – or more accurately, its bts footage – has turned me into what I swore I would never, ever become as a fan of anything – a real-person shipper. HELP!

    Two Weeks – I’m saving ep 13 and 14 to get me through the Master’s Sun-less weekend and the process of packing to move house, so my comments are only as far as 12 – I really like the way it’s shaped up. For what it’s worth, Arang was a subtler and better performance from Lee Jun-ki, but this is a pretty great followup in terms of showing his acting skills – sure he overacts a wee bit sometimes, but he’s great at really getting an audience to feel along with him (those wonderfully expressive eyes!!) And I’m loving Ryu Soo-young, Lee Chae-mi and KSY too – top-notch performances, all – I loved RSY in Ojakkyo Brothers but I love him equally here, poor left-out Seung-woo. And KSY, after a slightly shaky start in the first ep or two, is so on point with Jae-kyung’s aura and even her slight mania, I am in awe.


    I think the Gossip Girl comparison is just SBS shorthand for ‘famous teen series with rich people’ and not an actual template for the show, because if anyone actually remembers the full run of Gossip Girl, it was ham-handed, as dumb and OTT as any part of BOF, and abysmally written and acted by almost everyone except Leighton Meester. The Heirs trailer is actually giving me more of a vibe of The OC instead, which is good. And I like that song. I will be sad when Master’s Sun ends because I need Joogun and Taeyang to be touching all the time, but maybe this will soothe the sting a bit? lol.

    • 31.1 TS

      Haha, love your analysis of Heirs and Gossip Girls! Oh, but I was so addicted to GG and especially Leighton Meester (what happened to the guy who played Chuck Bass?) for the first three seasons. Then it got too much.

      And wasn’t Blair Waldorf a kind of Lolita? Hee.

      • 31.1.1 pogo

        I guess Blair in the first season was a kind of New York Lolita? Though a true loli would wear bigger head bows.

        I liked her style, until she started dressing like a Park Avenue socialite in the second season.

      • 31.1.2 pogo

        I swear, the characters in Gossip Girl were so stupid I was surprised they could remember their own names. Not Blair and Chuck though, but everyone else.

        And truthfully speaking, Heirs has a better cast than Gossip Girl – at least we’ve seen evidence that most of them can act. And it can’t possibly be as annoying as BOF.

        • TS

          True, it can’t possibly be worse acting and it can’t be more annoying than Boys Over Flowers.

          I liked Blair’s style in S1 the most too. It was semi-lolita, and it suited her so well.

          Re acting, my first k-drama was Great Queen Seondeok and I used to count the expressions each actor had since they never did more than three. Then I remembered how Nate and Serena were limited to blank, blanker and blankiest. Dan just looked smug all the time.

  32. 32 bebeswtz

    Is no one watching “Goddess Of Fire, Jung Yi” ?
    KIM. BUM.

    • 32.1 Swurbel

      Hello. I look GOFYJ.
      I kind of like it. Otherwise I would not watch it.
      But somehow the whole story is a bit tough. I’d almost say it’s boring.
      Why do I watch it:
      ((Not because of Moon Geun-young. I like the actress, but not in this role. Find the pottery does not fit her. But it is my personal impression))

      The main reason to watch the drama, of course, are the guys.
      1 Kim Bun: Honestly, I think he really does not fit into this kind of drama. And the story of the secret love for Yoo Jung – produced no emotion in me.
      BUT I like his very Snow-White-look. So cute!! This long hair – I want to have something like that. Or a Snow White movie with Kim Bum in the lead role. 🙂 (Joke)

      2 Lee Sang Yoon: he is a great Prince Hae Kwang. Somehow a bit too good for the world. A little more rough edges please! But I would still marry him!

      3 Lee Kwang Soo: I like his “Prince Hae In.” such a funny, nasty, stupid, scheming type. Yes, all at once. He is, in my view, one of the best characters the whole drama. I have a feeling, “Lee Kwang Soo” gets better with every role. And I would like to see him more often in GOFYJ. Not always this evil queen. Or the puppet king.

      All in all it’s a solid drama. I’ll watch it to the end. Hope it comes soon once some speed into the story.

    • 32.2 Ate

      i do not know why but I do. I find the acting by Kim Bun in this drama a kind of stiff,,, I wonder how MG Young character find out her real father,,,there is not a serious romance with Young and the Prince or Kim Bum but it is all right,,, a serious relationship between she and the Prince would involve too much risks anyway,,,but I find that it is not fair for Kim Bum despite of his devotion to her

      • 32.2.1 Swurbel

        I agree with you. “stiff” – that really describes his acting.
        But I guess it’s not really his fault. I would rather put the blame on the director or the script.

        • Ate

          i agree with you. I hate the tendency in drama that does not offer any possible romance between a leading female and a second male,,,

    • 32.3 Cynthia

      I’ve been watching it. I like it but these last few EPs have been lagging and fairly repetitious – I mean, how many times can she get kicked out of the Pottery Shed (Bunwon 🙂 ) and come back again? As for sweet Bummie, his mane of glory is just soft and shiny and long and love the Legolas look in the costuming choice for him. It’s just too bad that his character is so one-dimensional. I’m rather surprised that he took on this role. It may be his first sageuk but it’s a definite step back from his wonderful acting in Padam Padam. All he’s doing in this one is lurking around in the dark and having sword/kick fights out in the woods. Sigh.

  33. 33 Swurbel

    Hello everyone!

    Have you survived the week? I hope you are all doing well. Even those who were robbed.
    I wish you a nice weekend!
    And speedy recovery for those with colds and stuff!

  34. 34 Mar

    Hello Beanies,

    I am pretty much reduced to lurker state most of the time. Time crunches, and that I really do not have a whole lot to say positive about dramaland right now both play a part.

    Who Are You-went out with a whimper. I liked the ghosts of the week, sometimes formula mysteries are comforting lol, loved Kim Jae-wook and enjoyed the secondary characters and actors. My biggest complaint is the lousy female lead character.

    Good Doctor-I enjoy how they reveal little bits and pieces of Si On’s mind and heart each episode.

    Master’s Sun-Completely annoyed with both the death fake out circus and the amnesia trope. I feel like there is a tear in the dimensions between dramaverses and Boys Over Flowers amnesia stuff and Arang and the Magistrate scary possession lady are bleeding into the last MS episode. Little Sun is pretty bright when her face lights up in delight, isn’t she? Totally more interested in the second leads, I am sad to say. At this point I am committed to hang in for the duration of the series.

    Have not caught up on Barefoot Friends.

    I think the extension is going to hurt Love Around.

    I hear that Mike He and Ady An are cast together in a drama. We could all use a steamy T drama to warm us up, but I haven’t seen much heat ANY where in drama land in a long time so it’s nothing but hope there lol. So, here’s hoping that Mike He is being cast in a role to do what he does best, be a bad boy and kiss the crap out of his co star.

    I am awaiting Heirs and hope that my course load will let me watch at least an epi a week. Whether one is predicting it as the “it” drama or as a total hot mess in waiting, it’s kind of a moot point. People can lament about that the cast is too mature for high school, compare it to BoF, the lead pairing, the writer, or whatever. It’s happening. I’m channeling Yoda here-watch, or watch not. For me, it has several actors I really like, a writer I’ve at least liked 3 out of 4 projects I’ve watched, and it’s not a melo, so I’m down. I’m not going into it with any expectations of any heat in the romance department no matter the extreme lip (and other) appeal of Lee Min Ho, due to that it is SBS AND the Park Shin-hye Factor. I’m really hoping to enjoy Lee Min-ho, Choi Jin-hyuk, Lim Jun-eun, and Kang Ha-neul, and maybe enjoy meeting a new actor or actress that I am not familiar with that gives me a smile or two. If I hate it than so be it. I am trying my best to stay away from they squeeing and all the posts and blogs because I do not want to have too many preconceived perceptions. I think it might already be too late for that, but I am trying.

    Happy viewing Beanies!

    • 34.1 pogo

      I feel like there is a tear in the dimensions between dramaverses and Boys Over Flowers amnesia stuff and Arang and the Magistrate scary possession lady are bleeding into the last MS episode

      HA, I’m not the only one who was reminded of Demon Mom in that scene!

      I don’t mind the amnesia trope as explained here (he doesn’t have it for no reason) but I do hope it doesn’t drag out for too long though I am not hopeful because episode 13-14 is around where most 16-episoder Hong Sisters dramas start going to hell. Not enough OTP interaction for my liking either.

      • 34.1.1 Mar

        The first time I saw that ghost matchmaker I thought of Demon Mom! It’s the crazy eye!

    • 34.2 Laura

      “kiss the crap out of his co star” – hahaha, well said, he really seems to be doing precisely that in his successful dramas 😀
      And I haven’t seen him for a while, the fact that he is considering to act in a drama is all news for me (the last one… I think it was the last one… with two brothers, it didn’t appeal to me at all, and I dropped it in an instant…)
      And Ady An is just gorgeous, real beauty, I loved her in Autumn’s Concerto <3.
      However, I've just looked it up, pig farm? haha, seriously? lol, I sense lots of mud 😉

      • 34.2.1 Mar

        That last one with the girl in the fat suit was a pretty awful, I dropped it also.

  35. 35 MistyIsles

    Ok, I’m giving in. Hi, everyone, I’m stepping out to be a regular(ish) participant in the OT! I’ve been reading it for a while, and commented a few times, but now I’m joining in officially.

    Right now I’m watching Two Weeks and loving it. The scenes with Tae San and Soo Jin are just so beautiful. And now I’m really curious what’s going to happen with Teacher Kim; I would love to see some of his internal motivations.
    I think the most unique quality of this show for me is that it’s the first love triangle to really conflict me. I’m pretty firmly on the Tae San – In Hye side now, but I wavered in the middle for a long time. Now I’m just afraid for Seung Woo; I feel like there’s a fair possibility he could die.

    I’m also keeping up with Running Man, and hoping the next episode will be as good as the last few episodes were.

    • 35.1 pogo

      Hi and welcome to the OT! I’m watching Two Weeks too, and the Tae-san/Soo-jin scenes are my favourites – she’s so adorable, and such a good actress, the casting director who got her should get a raise or something.

      • 35.1.1 MistyIsles

        Hi, Pogo, thanks for the welcome! 🙂
        Seriously, she is so great. I just adore her.

    • 35.2 anna

      I know what you mean, I’m afraid Seung-woo will die too. If he lives, he definitely won’t end up with In-hye. Poor guy, he did so much for them, not to say Tae-san didn’t either, but still he’s a good guy.

      • 35.2.1 MistyIsles

        Yeah, I feel so bad for him, especially now that he’s starting to realize he’s losing out. And it’s through no fault of his own.

  36. 36 August

    I love all the precious moments together between Tae-San and Soo-Jin whether in person or as figments of his subconscious.

  37. 37 Swurbel

    Someone here who like short films??

    There are again “GOING UNDERGROUND” – the short film festival in the subways of Berlin and Seoul.
    In the underground, cool short films will be shown. This is really great. I do not like those stuffy crowded subways. But at the moment I like the subway. 🙂
    My favorite shortfilms are “Dream” and “The Rush Hour Of The White House”.
    But the movies are all really good. And so different.
    So if you like – here you can see the mini movies on the net: www-goingunderground-de (( use . instead of -))

  38. 38 merry

    Wow, DBeaners are going places — russia, khartoum, paris and one new in China. Question on Khartoum. It is a capital city so you shouldn’t worry too much about internet. If you are not Muslim, take time to learn more about what’s acceptable behaviour and what’s not. That way, even the stuff you bring with you will already be culled for unnecessary goods. The same applies to Russia. So excited for all of you! Just remember, start zeroing in on the local as our expectations of the big country may not match with the local. Context really matters; start building your knowledge and understanding of the local context.

    While i was quite enjoying the ride with the Master’s Sun, this last episode had some things that raise eyebrows which is not good. There is that hook on the shaman when we also see crucifix and church backgrounds. I just wished it were more seamless.

  39. 39 anna

    Maybe it’s my hormones, but I’m so emotional that there is only 1 episode of Master’s Sun this week T___T I actually woke up crying today because I expected another episode of Master’s Sun. Crying on a Friday, wtf is this??

    • 39.1 redfox

      what a song title that would make. crying on a friday. waaahaa, oouu-oo, crying on a friday when everyone is happy but remember: Its all right baby. wooooohoo. yeah.

      • 39.1.1 kopytko

        “Friday, I’m in Tears”?

        • Mar

          Parody of The Cure’s Friday I’m in Love?

    • 39.2 owl

      I’m crying Friday morning
      cuz I can’t get my fix
      da da da da da hmm hmm hmm
      my drama’s on the blitz~

      (maybe I’ll think of words to fit later, I dunno…)

  40. 40 redfox

    Sunday I get all hyped up
    Monday almost fills my cup
    Tuesday has no time to play
    Wednesday I might go insane
    Thursday glad you didn´t die
    Friday I will cry
    its all right, its all right BABY
    lets not fight
    on saturday? well maybe

    • 40.1 redfox

      shoot this was in response to previous post and kopytko, ahahaaa really feels now like redfox just randomly went crazy.
      hahahaha oh man in such a friggin wrong place

      • 40.1.1 Mar

        That happens to me at least once a week!

      • 40.1.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        When I come late to OT, sometimes I read bottom up (LIFO). Your post did seem a bit out there without any context, but luckily I like random crazy things.

        • Thursdaynexxt

          Hahaha, that’s what I just did, too!

          The crazy thing is, as I was reading the lyrics, the Friday song started playing in my head automatically!

        • redfox

          no one has forbidden singing on Open thread, LOL it is not said we should just TALK. “imagining the whole thread as a musical now* Dramabeans – The Musical.

          • Mar

            The whole in songthread lyrics would be pretty interesting. Or all comments on original posts have to be in song lyrics at least.

          • Julia BB

            Dramabeans – The Musical. That would be epic. I actually own the Buffy the vampire slayer musical soundtrack and sing along.

            Oh please someone musical out there make a Dramabeans theme song!

          • redfox

            I can write some lyrics.

            this drama was not graceful
            but utterly disgraceful
            it just failed to deliver
            and give us any shiver

            now if it had been shorter
            by an hour and a quarter
            we wouldn´t just get those flashback scee-eeeeeenes!
            they could do more than that!

  41. 41 owl

    Hey Siakou no Rikon ep 10 – up and subbed on gooddrama, yay! Better late than never, I’m pumped!! I’m outta here to watch it~

    • 41.1 spazmo

      WHOA, seriously??? i’m going…. thanks for the heads up!!!!!

  42. 42 Mae

    Dear all, any news from empire of gold recap or ending,,?
    I have not see the drama yet..I am just follow the show by reading the recap , but most of the recap just doing recap not more then 10 episode .

    • 42.1 August

      Refer to posting #28 which has spoilers about Empire of Gold (EOG) and its finale episode.

  43. 43 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I just finished watching Love Shuffle. I spent 9 episodes along for the ride trying to figure out what was real and who would end up with whom. The ending was so unsatisfying and I still am not sure I ever understood any of them except Mr. Second Rate.

    I got the idea to watch Love Shuffle from OT, so I am sure there are fans of this show out there.

    Count me as not-a-fan.

    (runs back to her rom/com happy ending world)

  44. 44 Beng

    i just saw Yeo Jin-goo’s new movie interview in KBS. Gosh how Jingoo has grown and the voice!!! it’s way better than Lee Byung Hun. His Senior co-stars can only say good words to him. Kim Yun-seok even wants him to be his son in-law. How cute =)

    I’ll definitely watch Hwayi

  45. 45 Mae

    What a spoiler in September ,,( @august)
    I am a rom com drama fans but I enjoy EOG, I was hoping there’s a room for romantic between TJ and SY, and nothing happens .
    I’ll wait for recommendation before decide which drama will I watch.while waiting I will Finnish master of the sun, and rewatch meteor garden ( Taiwan )
    Have a nice weekend to all …

  46. 46 D

    Hi all..

    it’s already Sunday over here (our weekend is Fri-Sat).

    We had K-movies marathon over the weekend & watched (not in order)
    1. Always
    2. Petty Romance
    3. The Beast and Beauty – lots of FF
    4. My PS Partner – lots of FF

    those were in between of our mini marathon of YAB and other stuff with english subs on YT. i used to watch only K-movies so it was nice to get back to it (back to back) after quite a long break (pushing back CITC/Capital Scandal marathon to another 2 weeks)

    thanks to Always, im halfway of getting cured of Han Hyo-joo allergy. she was quite OK here but SJS is just love.. now i totally get why him (i only love JIS in Bali). honestly, im quite torn between the clean or the scruffy version.. (tho why shud i choose?).. hv to admit hate all the fighting scenes and was half looking a the screen

    Petty Romance – ummm, i like it.. so funny.. i half expected the famous writer to be the girl’s father..

  47. 47 wren

    hey, so can we talk about anything drama related in an open thread? if no, then I’m apologizing in advance 🙂

    I think dramabeans has ruined me ( in a really good way, just so you know.):)

    I just caught up with “I hear your voice”,”who are you” and “two weeks” . Cuz I’ve been fixated with “the masters sun”. aaah its so good, I want to cry.

    but guess what surprised me? I had never watched ‘goong’. do I become a drama outcast Cuz of it? 🙂

    the reason why I say dramabeans ruined me is Cuz, here I am,minding my own business, watching goong, and I was searching for recaps on dramabeans. I really wanted to hear the comments of the dramabeans gang. couldnt find any:( and that drove me nuts. firstly cuz goong is extremely slowww with loads of opportunities to make a jab at ,secondly why wouldn’t one want to read a recap on dramabeans? pffft .
    anyhow…,I went ahead and watched it. believe you me,I could literally hear the comments javabeans or girlfriday may make when they recap. with their usual punctuations .it was so real , I almost felt like my brains were controlled by dramabeans 😐
    my point is, I love you dramabeans gang! you make dramas I love more awesome. heee!

    • 47.1 bbstl

      I think this is one of the cutest things I’ve ever read! I know what you mean, I have decided against watching some shows because there are no DB recaps. Glad you didn’t let that keep you from Goong, though.

  48. 48 Mikey

    Will DB be recaping Suspicious Housekeeper? I just watched part of EP1 last night. Looks interesting take on Nanny McPhee (no magic yet) and Mary Poppins (no singing). The dad seems like a total dud in this drama.

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