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Pretty Man gets prettier with Lee Jang-woo
by | September 16, 2013 | 96 Comments

javabeans: All right, Pretty Man. So it has a timeslot now. Funny thing, that.

girlfriday: Thanks, Age of Feeling. We’ll call ya next year. Maybe.

javabeans: KBS just confirmed that the Jang Geun-seok vehicle would air in November in the Wednesday-Thursday slot. And then remembered that it should maybe not upset the drama that got dropped (sorry, postponed) because of it and basically there’s a lot of KBS press releases circulating right now.

girlfriday: Among the happier ones are the casting announcements for Pretty Man’s second pretty man, Lee Jang-woo (Oh Ja-ryung Is Coming, I Do, I Do). Yay.

javabeans: Although apparently he’s the pretty heart, and Jang Geun-seok is the pretty face. And I’m like, then don’t cast the pretty face to play the Not Pretty Face Man. Because this just gets confusing.

girlfriday: How will we see his pretty heart if we’re so busy seeing his pretty face?

javabeans: Multi-tasking is for suckers. Apparently his character is 4-D (so, an oddball) and free-spirited, and gets into a love triangle situation with the hero and the as-yet-uncast female lead.

girlfriday: Will she be among the ten women the Pretty Man woos?

javabeans: I think the more important question is: Why is he wooing ten women? Is he doing it for funsies? Does he need money?

girlfriday: Maybe it’s a social science experiment, and he needs a nice round number. Or he could be writing a magazine article like Twelve Men In a Year’s heroine (who totally did not date twelve men, boooo).

javabeans: Apparently she values love above all else, and “looks only at [Pretty Man],” which either means she’s a really devoted girlfriend or, more likely, nursing a bad case of one-sided-love-itis.

girlfriday: Considering that her character’s name is Bo-tongie, as in literally average, I’m thinking it’s the latter.

javabeans: I can’t believe they named a character Normal-ie. Or Averagina. That is terrible. There are a lot of things I don’t understand about this drama. Maybe it’ll all make sense in the show?

girlfriday: Well, it’s based on a manhwa and it’s produced by Group 8 (of Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss). So…

javabeans: Sense isn’t really the point, you mean?

girlfriday: Yeah don’t hold your breath. But it’ll be pretty!

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96 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Sophia

    Yay! I look forward to watching Lee Jang Woo more than Jang Geun Suk…loved his role in I Do, I Do.

    • 1.1 bd

      Weird casting since LJW has a much more handsome face than JGS, who is neither handsome nor “pretty.”

      • 1.1.1 Mystisith


      • 1.1.2 JoAnne

        Maybe the triangle will be Lee Jang Woo and the girl – I’m sorry, there’s a girl, I have no idea who – any way both of them compete for JGS.

        I’m pissed about my sweetie KHJ getting pushed aside again.

        • Sophia

          Lol that’d be different…but I’d rather JGS and the girl compete for Lee Jang Woo, more believable that way

          • Kate


          • Carinne

            ROFL! Best plot EVER… I’d watch that.

  2. kookicookie

    Yay! my first kcrush when I watched boys over flowers. I looooooove him!!!! ;3

    • 2.1 kookicookie

      So ignore this stupidness. lol wrong person xD

      • 2.1.1 True2U


  3. True2U

    Lee Jang-woo? He stole my heart in I Do I Do. TK i miss you.

  4. DMKO

    how can the non-pretty guy be prettier than the pretty guy?

    • 4.1 dongsaeng killer


    • 4.2 seersucker

      It’s Dramaland–anything is possible.

    • 4.3 paper

      You need to put your beer goggles on ;(

    • 4.4 mrmz

      javabeans: Sense isn’t really the point, you mean?

      Love that quote!!!

    • 4.5 Mystisith

      They will uglyfy him for the part so he doesn’t overshadow the official PRETTY. *Facepalm*.

  5. Nokcha

    Not a fan of JGS – overexposed, and self-styled prince of asia?…give me a break already.

    Anyway, I do like Lee Jang Woo and though I didn’t watch Flower Boys, I did watch Playful Kiss and enjoyed it. I don’t think Korea does as well as Japan in transferring popular manhwa/mangas into live features, but things do seem to be improving.

    • 5.1 zsa

      was he in these two dramas? Though I didn’t watch them religiously, I don’t think he was in them….

      • 5.1.1 True2U

        lol, He’s not in either of those mentioned.

        • ravens_nest

          Oh man…I am laughing so much right now. They tried so hard with that scathing comment about JGS and just let the end flap in the wind. /cryingrealtears

    • 5.2 Nokcha

      Guess I should have been more clear, I believe it’s the same production group that did the above mentioned dramas.

    • 5.3 Ate

      actually when I first watched a drama that JGS in it, I just could not believe that he was the leading man since the second lead was a better looking,,, so I asked my Japanese friend who is a keen observer of K drama about him. She told me that none of her friends like him but he or his company uses many so called Sakura so that he seems more popular. the second lead is a pretty face so I might watch it ,,,,

      • 5.3.1 ~Feather~

        What’s a Sakura?

        • Ate

          sakura literally means cherry blossoms but in this case it means that an actor/actress/or an agency arranges people to disguise his/her fans,,usually those fake fans can get paid quite well,,,they are used to greet actors/actress at an airport for instance.it is rumored that he is known for this arrangement. I do not know if this is true but some magazines in Japan report it.

        • Ate

          sorry I did not answer your question well. basically those above mentioned fake fans are called Sakura.

      • 5.3.2 kristin_ez

        Another crap (ill-rumor). JKS IS VERY MUCH TRULY SUCCESFUL IN JAPAN & NOT ONLY IN JAPAN ALSO OTHER ASIAN COUNTRIES. — The proof he is able to put up his own agency (company), he has bought buildings in Korea & Japan for his business projects you know why because his Dramas & Concerts in Asia are all succesful – sold out. Logic tells us you would not invest in a business in which you will not gain profit (what you want to declare yourself bankcrupt), since Jang Keun Suk is able to launch his very own brand Zikzin de Collecte in Japan what does it tells you — it means there will be people who will come & patronize, support that business venture. Have we seen other Korean celebrities did that — No — ONLY JANG KEUN SUK. He is also the first one who is able to launch the Zikzin Festival (one & the first of its kind) this festival has attracted a total of 80,000 fans alone in Tokyo — now tell me if you are a star, would you pay for all of them not to mention the cost of that project. Or would you pay for all those 45,000 fans who attended his Cri Show in Tokyo Dome. C’mon are you kidding me — who is the star who would pay for all those big ambitious projects by himself just to make himself “seems more popular”. Now kindly tell this to your japanese friend who is obviously an anti. Will he pay from his own pocket unless he or she from the very beginning is a multi-billionaire who will not loose anything but only dignity of cheating people. Jang Keun Suk for your info comes from a very modest family – he is not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Jang Keun Suk had work sincerely hard that he gains the love of his million fans all over the world, their support buying patronizing every contents (products) available just to support this wonderful star. So please stop by logic nobody would believe this ‘sakura’ thing.

        • kristin_ez


      • 5.3.3 min

        It is funny that people believe in such rumours. JKS owns a very small company. With less than 10 staff. He is not SM, JYP, YG those big companies with big capital. (Not saying these companies will spent money to do such thing ) Why would he spent money to do such a thing? If he has no fans, how can he go to Japan and even held concert at Tokyo Dome. You mean he paid close to 40,000 to 50,000 people to attend his concert? His first solo single sold more than 200,000 copies even though he did not go to promote it due to the tsunami. Does that mean he bought all these cds out of his own pocket?

        There are a lot of anti-hallyu sites which releases such rumours all the time. It is sad some believe in tabloids and not bother to look at facts.

        You’re Beautiful was very popular in Japan. His popularity may have dropped a little after initial hype and Hallyu losing steam in Japan, but he is still doing well in Japan.

  6. jae

    Apart from his stint in Hwang Jin Yi, JGS has not done any less angsty pretty teen/musician role.. please don’t let him sing this one out.. that’s why LJW’s intervention is a welcome savior to this show 🙂

    On a side note.. why is WEDNESDAY taking soooo long to come…?
    I want to know what becomes of Joong Won-ssi

    • 6.1 ilikemangos

      You mean thursday, since Master’s Sun is only airing one episode this week. *sad face. Apparently, JB feels the same way if you look at the currently airing column.

      • 6.1.1 jae

        I did not even know that.. 🙁 why do they need to prolong the agony…

        • Rovi

          Because it’s Chuseok on Thursday. And that means LOADS of special programs.


      • 6.1.2 Rovi

        Boo on holiday pre-empts~! 🙁

    • 6.2 redfox

      I found a remedy in Secretly Greatly and then plan to watch a drama special with Park Ki Woong as well…
      and listen to lots of reggae.

      • 6.2.1 redfox

        ohmigod. it is no remedy at all! waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh mommy, no. cancel that. just crunch yer knees and wait for thursday.

      • 6.2.2 hanie

        there is Park Ki Woong’s drama special??
        when it is aired? link pls~

        Lee Hyun Woo in Secretly Greatly is love…

        • redfox

          or drama short, I did not check
          something ghosts…. the scary one, the ghost and I.

          • redfox

            available in gooddrama.net. update: the special has kittens too.

  7. Cate

    Granted, Kim Hyun Joong is not a great actor and I have been cringing thinking of him trying to make super serious ‘drama’ faces during ‘Age’…and his hair is really boring these days…but I am still sad that ‘Age’ has been kicked to the curb. I actually liked ‘Love Rain’ and still don’t understand why it was such a defeat for JGS, and I’m glad he’s finally making a drama comeback, but something about him playing an egotistical playboy just makes me really worried. I feel like he already believes he’s the most beautiful man on earth, without any particular sense of irony about it. I wish he’d chosen something else for his drama comeback and I’m a little resentful it’s pushing KHJ off my laptop screen for…a while/a season/indefinitely.

  8. soprection

    I’m definitely not going to be watching this show (not a fan of either actor, love triangles or this messy-sounding story) but I wanted to say that this has to be one of the funniest convo-posts you two have done in a long while. Seriously the wit is just rolling off your keyboards in waves tonight. Thank you!

    • 8.1 MEalways

      Second THIS!
      I’m so over ‘Boys over Flower’ & ‘Playful Kiss’ Korean version!
      GF and JB always superb like they always, aren’t they?
      Luv u.

      Also so over ‘Love Rain’ (I watched him and Yoona’s interaction, because lots of people complained about that, and wanted to know why. Only survive 1/2 episode, sorry…. Interested in Seo In Guk, ahahaha….).

      Lost interest in Lee Jang Woo after watching he MCing Music Bank. I don’t know the relevance or connection between MC and acting, but it did affect me in strangest way…

      • 8.1.1 mwg

        Love rain: the first 4-5 eps (set in the past) were pretty meh. But the firt 4-5 eps of the modern day are pretty good. After that it’s repetitive and dull. I will say though that the couple of good eps are worth watching for the pretty landscapes, camera angles, aesthetics. and the outfits. 🙂

        Seo In Guk. Oh yes. I wanted Yoona to look over and be like “OMO! forget droopy drawers over here, I want some Seo In Geuk!” Of course I just rewatched Answer Me, so … yeah. Excuse me while I take a moment.

    • 8.2 jhu

      The best thing about this show is going to be this post, isn’t it?

      Everything else sounds Averagina indeed.

  9. Ace

    I’m the last to know that Age of Feeling lost its timeslot to Pretty Man and I’m pretty sad about that (about the timeslot not me being the last to know, heh). I know JGS is more talented acting-wise than KHJ but I was looking forward to AoF more than PM. I thought that PM was the one to lose its airing this year and it would be KHJ vs Kim Soo-hyun. But I should have know KBS would do something shifty like this. Anyway, since the story sounds meh, good luck with the ratings KBS.

    Re the casting: I maybe would watch this if Lee Jang-woo’s the lead.

    • 9.1 Noree

      Aha.. KHJ & KSH from the same agency! This make sense.

      No way their CEO will allow this. Both KHJ and KSH brings back lots of money to Yonsama.

      Now throw us some names of the possible leading lady.

      Noona? Idol?

  10. 10 lily

    ugh Lee Jang Woo is one of those actors I irrationally hate. I just don’t think he’s a good actor nor do I find him attractive. JGS already makes me cringe so I’m gonna pass on this drama.

    • 10.1 rheabiel

      yeah, i also dont like him…i feel irritated when he’s on-screen and he’s not good-looking to me…He’s the reason why i didn’t watch I Do, I Do, even though i like Kim Sun-Ah a little. I dropped the drama on the 1st ep…and with JGS? nah, how can he proclaim himself the prettiest of all? like, seriously? he isn’t pretty! he isn’t handsome!LOL not gonna watch this neither Heirs – just cant stand Lee Minho, i dont find him attractive.

  11. 11 hanie

    damn.. I totally missed reading about JGS’s casting.
    I’m neutral on LJW but JGS, he grates my nerves lately so, probably will pass this one..

  12. 12 Yenlinh69

    Koreans think JGS is pretty? I am lost in the cultural translation then.

    • 12.1 flightyfiona

      I’ve always thought he was rather pretty too and I’m definitely not Korean. I suppose my sisters would say he’s too effeminate to be attractive. I’d bet that the fact that you don’t think he’s attractive has more to do with personal preference than cultural differences. I could be wrong.

      But even though I do think JGS is pretty, he’s not one of the actors whom I go out of my way to watch. I don’t think I’ll be watching this show.

    • 12.2 bd

      Eh, not really.

      JGS is more popular in Japan.

  13. 13 Waves

    JGS keeps playing the same roles. He’s always the arrogant, talented, handsome jerk with mom problems. I was hoping to see him play a different role in his next drama. Maybe making LGW his rival will shake things up.

    • 13.1 Herlene

      exactly, there’s always mummy issues in his roles..

      • 13.1.1 Waves

        In dramaland, having mommy problems excuses the male lead for being a total jerk. That means the female lead will just nurse his wound.

  14. 14 dora

    Well this hasn’t happened in a while, a drama with a second male lead I don’t like at all.
    I don’t like him at all 😀 That makes me happy because I won’t care when his heart gets broken. Good.
    Looking forward to this drama.

  15. 15 Dbsklove

    OMG NOOO LEE JANG WOO. now i have to watch this. hurmph. btw i actually spent a prolonged period of time just staring into his mesmerizing eyes O.O

  16. 16 ilikemangos

    “she values love above all else, and “looks only at [Pretty Man]”

    Another one of those heroines i’m gonna wanna punch, isnt it? It’s gonna take one miracle of an actress to pull that one off.

  17. 17 redfox

    I don´t want to bash JGS very much, He is a crazy weirdo, is true, but I think he is still a good kid (sorry, still a kid for me!) but I dunno. let him do what he wants for now, he´ll be ok some day. He needs some tough love and suffering to break that barrier of flamboyancy. I feel like it is not real.

    Now this Lee Jang-Woo, I don´t know if I actually find him pretty. He is too polished. where is his personality?

    weird we got one guy with too much personality playing the one who is pretty on the outside, and a guy with not a lot of personality playing someone big at heart. how will this work?

    the plot seems way typical. Maybe some crazy is exactly what this sort of stereotypical thing needs.

    • 17.1 Saya

      “He needs some tough love and suffering to break that barrier of flamboyancy.”

      Bring on army service.

      • 17.1.1 redfox

        nah, I have a feeling he´ll escape or find some way out.

        • Saya

          Is there legitimate way for him to get out of it? I’ve been looking forward to him going! Because I want it to make him a better man! Also, wouldn’t it be bad PR for him to wiggle out of it without a genuine and serious mitigating circumstance?

          • redfox

            maybe. well lets hope. he just seems so sneaky that it is hard to imagine him in the army. just so out of place.

  18. 18 ilikemangos

    There’s just too much news about pretty boys in the media lately. I need me a man.
    Like, a won bin, eric mun, so ji sub, joo sang wook, gong yoo, jung woo sung, heck throw in an older version of yeo jin goo.
    We need more of these men in k-dramaland.

    • 18.1 bd

      JGS isn’t exactly a real “pretty boy” either; but he is Korea’s Justin Beiber.

    • 18.2 Orion

      This. I agree the world needs to understand that effeminate does not mean less of a man, but balance is a good thing. I want me some adult, mature romance. Enough with chaebols and self-proclaimed pretty boys. Give me another ‘That Fool’. Give me a ‘Coffee Prince’, at least!

  19. 19 Suzi Q

    I’m surprised Pretty Man kicked Age of Feeling off its time slot since the female lead hasn’t been cast, and there hasn’t been much info about this drama.

    I rather watch JGS than KHJ any day.
    JGS may dress weird but can act and is enjoyable to watch. Kim Hyun Joong’s acting isn’t all that great so maybe that’s why he keeps getting postponed and can’t compete with Lee Min Ho of Heirs??

  20. 20 oftheshore

    His character sounds like a hoot, sign me up for the first episode (at least).

  21. 21 bannoy


    AVERAGINA is one sensual name!!! HAHA.

    Preety Man and Average Woman.

    I bet… The heroine will be have this bowl cut hair, sloppy clothes, doing multiple jobs, living with ever nagging parents.

    Looking forward for the main female lead. One of them must be an Idol. I’m pretty sure about this 🙂 🙂

    • 21.1 redfox

      just please not Suzy.

      • 21.1.1 Harleyqwen

        “please not Suzy”
        that made me laugh so hard 🙂

        • sally_b

          this also made me Lol.

          Wouldn’t it be great if they could just round up all the idol-aspiring-actors and dump them into ONE drama. A loooong one, like a 50 episode weekend show.

          Their time would be tied up doing that while the rest of the shows could employ …um….actors who studied acting.
          (wishful thinking)

          • KDaddict


          • nomad

            AWESOME idea!

      • 21.1.2 Anxiously Anticipating Heirs

        Lol. Why? I like Suzy. Granted I’ve only seen her in Dream High, but I still like her.

        • redfox

          she looks angry all the time.

        • nomad

          She’s THE reason I stopped watching GFB, but then again…after reading the ending, it might’ve been a clever alarm system on my part 🙂

    • 21.2 abro

      Like one posting up there, I bet its going to be either a NOONA ACTRESS for him.. or an IDOL ACTRESS for him. Heh.

      Just like the usual K-drama casting. Yes? No?!!

      Good luck JGS, I kindda like him in Love Rain. It’s not that bad in term of acting, but the story was soooooooooo slow.


  22. 22 JunJae

    For some reason I can’t get excited for this drama. Jang Geun Seok has lost his charm to me after all his crazy antics.

  23. 23 Rovi


    Jang Geun-seok as “Prince of Asia”? Self-titling means big ego. Gwang-soo deserves that title better. XD I don’t care if I get skinned alive by EELS (JGS’s local fanclub name)

    And I am NOT liking his recent look these days, whatever happened to the clean-cut cutie in “Hwang Jin-i” and “Baby and Me”? It’s like he’s going for the combo of reggae and rugged-looking, and what’s up with baring his arms, he’s not even that toned TBH.

    No qualms about LJW, though pretty miffed after that scandal with OYS and all of them having no backbone whatsoever. At least he’s no longer MuBank’s MC…

    And god, Group 8 again?! *eyeroll*
    Another hyped-up ugly thing again, I suppose.

    • 23.1 Carmensitta

      Haven’t seen Hwang Jin-I, but did see and enjoy Baby and Me. Didn’t recognise JGS in any of his later work as the guy from Baby and Me and only realised that when I wanted to rewatch the film. Not enjoying the change he went for… but I guess he’s more recognisable now? dunno…

    • 23.2 min

      “The reason I’ve been calling myself the Asia Prince is because that’s my dream. It’s what I dream to become, NOT what I think I already am. ” JKS

  24. 24 Carole McDonnell

    LOL–> Averagina!

  25. 25 Annie

    Ok, I don’t watch JGS stuff on principle, but why does his flamboyance need to be ‘broken’ if that’s who he really is? To make him more attractive in YOUR eyes? I mean, he’s definitely not the ‘prettiest’ man but he’s hardly hideous and he was approached by the writer, not the other way around.

    • 25.1 mwg

      Right? I like people who have fun with their looks. A world full of tight black suits would get really boring after a while. (Not that I mind a nice suit… Seo in Geuk in Master’s Sun comes to mind…)

      And the “broken” thing is super weird. Such a violent way of expressing it.

    • 25.2 redfox

      you so got it wrong. break the BARRIER.

      What I think is, it feels like self-defense. like he is one of the people who cannot stop crawling out of his skin cause “maybe I will lose all the love and attentions?”

      but if it IS his real self , well, please. no stopping. just that I have serious doubt it is not.

      haha LOL at the reaction, you take words so literally. are you like, 14? 13? that is not very mature.

      • 25.2.1 Annie

        Hmm, I’m not the one insulting a stranger over the internet. Calm down. I’m not a big fan of people telling other people how they should act, dress, or talk.

        • redfox

          all right all right, jeez I never said anything that can insult a person though.

  26. 26 sogazelle

    I love Lee Jang Woo!!!!!
    Time to watch I DO I DO again!

  27. 27 mira

    a Pretty Man…him ?

  28. 28 peepingthoughts

    Lee Jang Woo! Yay! I’m more excited for Jang Woo than the lead. I hope this turns out like a Queen of Reversal-ish story where the 2nd lead shines through at the end. If you were to cast the female lead, who would you want it to be? 🙂

  29. 29 Rika

    to javabean: sense isnt really a point…

    Its not a deeper sense thats important in manhwa drama, isnt it?

    It is a Fantasy Sense. So it is still about the sense I think, but different polar and intensity.

    I m sorry to say this, but I choose K drama because korea drama (and japan as well I think) provide this kind of ‘manhwa’ concept mixing with typical asian emotional mechanism. Means I want to see something too much compare to real life. But also funny, sweet, weird, sooo comical, at the same time. In addition, the actor’ physical appearance is such ‘an asian barbie’ and that is enjoyable as well. The thing I could not find in US or Europe’ entertainment products for example.

    I know it is only my personal opinion as foreigner for Korean. But I just want to show you an example of thought related to K drama. In this topic, both Jang Keun Suk and Lee Jang Woo or who ever as long as they are making me laugh and enjoy the show, make me understand why the title is stated like that, it will be fine ^_^

  30. 30 nomad

    I don’t really care for any of the debates over who’s prettier, but this article, LOVE IT! It’s soooo funny!

  31. 31 too_late_the_hero

    cool! I love this guy in I do i do.

    everytime JGS mention i cant help be reminded of that whorendous music video. *shrugs*

    i was never a fan of flower boys anyway.

    Now ,I really like it, if its, say…. So Ji Sub type.. uhmm ummpp..

  32. 32 Julie Brown

    Having seen all eight of JKS dramas, I am looking forward to this. He is a very goooooooooood actor who brings out the personalities of the character is is playing. His acting made me fall in love with Korean dramas… However there were times when I was not too pleased with the clothes that he wore in both Love Rain and and Mary stayed out…
    His wardrobe was faultless in Your’re Beautiful…
    I would like to see him paired up with a female lead who is worth her price in gold, definitely not Shin Se Kyung who brings nothing to the characters she has played so far.
    All the best wishes are yours in this new drama JKS Zikzin!!!

  33. 33 myzoya

    Love love him in “I Do, I Do”, he stole my heart…

    I love JGS as well.

    So, I’m in for this drama.

    But please, I don’t want IU as the lead actress….
    Suzy or Shin Min-ah seem a better match..

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