Reminder: Meetup in Seattle on Saturday
by | September 20, 2013 | 154 Comments

Just a quick reminder for all of you in the Seattle area: Our meetup is this weekend! If you’re going to be in the area, please drop by and hang out with us at the Ballard Library (just off Market Street in Ballard).

Speaking from our experience at the last two meetups, it’ll be a relaxed, casual affair — the Dramabeans community happens to be pretty friendly and funny in real life, too, so don’t feel intimidated at the thought of coming alone or meeting strangers. It’ll be fun, we promise. Okay, I can’t promise that. But I can hope real hard, and that’s almost the same thing, right?

Once again, the details:

Date: Saturday, September 21
Time: 2:30 to 5:30 pm
Location: Ballard Library, Meeting Room
Address: 5614 22nd Ave. N.W.
            Seattle, WA 98107


154 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Sabah

    Aw, I would have loved to have come. Wishing all who make it to the meet up lots of joy and fun.

  2. redfox

    my only “meetup” is the discusion in Open Thread (pllease have it early today, I have lots of stuff around that time I’d be so late and so sad.)
    you should do a skype meetup

  3. Fab

    Awww nice to read that the meetup is casual, fun and friendly, have fun y’all!

    I wonder how the meetups in other parts of the world went?

  4. Monstermom

    Just out of curiosity (I won’t be turning up for the Seattle meetup and I kind of doubt there will ever be a Sweden meetup, so I won’t be able to see for myself): who are the “Dramabeans community” really? Is everyone really young? Are we all women? Do most people have a connection to Korea?

    (I’m often kind of embarrassed by my love for kdramas, I feel I should be far too old to enjoy looking at the pretty boys, and far too sensible and mature to enjoy all the exaggerated stories and overwrought emotion, so I wonder if most people have an “excuse” (youth) for liking such silly things… In addition I’m kind of isolated in this interest – others just don’t get the awesomeness of kdramas, the fooools! πŸ˜‰ – so I wonder who “we” are instead.)

    • 4.1 redfox

      young single female, ha. 32 of age. also known as Auntie Redfox. Loation: Estonia, Tallinn, Seaplane Harbour.

      • 4.1.1 redfox

        oh, forgot to add how I started watching dramas. well, i dont remember exactly. I think a long time ago I loved watching anime with ninjas and samurai. I read Bleach manga and watched the anime because when I was an art teacher at school, kids wanted me to do a comics class with them. we drew manga style…
        from the anime site I saw it was connected to a drama site. and the main thing that pulled me in was cause it was FREE. wow, free stuff. you want to bait an estonian, you show free stuff.
        and I watched japanese dramas first (more ninjas), then taiwanese (many manga adaptations), and then korean. first k-drama I watched? oh man, cant remember. but the first that affected me was You are beautiful cause I had had a very hard time for several months and it was the first thing in 3 months that made me laugh

      • 4.1.2 KK123

        Latvian, 36 (almost), mother of two, living in Africa at the moment. started watching K-drama about a year and a half ago (My lovely Kim Sam Soon) while living in the US and sitting in the car with my daughter who was asleep (next to the house, so I had wifi and hulu had a lot of K-drama shows). Keeping with the shows that are currently aired at the moment, because otherwise I want to watch the whole show at once and that is not good for my personal life.

    • 4.2 bee

      young single female as well, 27 years old, from Galicia, Spain. Equally isolated in my love for other cultures and k/j/c/tw/anywhere-excluding-USdrama.

      Thinking about moving to crowded London (or another part of UK) to look for a job AND fellow beanies (sorry, British native inhabitants, we’re invading your nice country. At least I have absolutely no interest in joining a Spanish community).

    • 4.3 come2noona

      female, 43, married to a wonderfully tolerant man, two daughters (11,14 who also dig drama and K-pop), of German and English descent, living near Philadelphia, PA, USA

      My love of Korean stuff started with the food. Next came a visit to Korea, then Korean dramas, Korean friends, and Korean language lessons and K-pop. Yes, I am a 43 year old BigBang fan girl/fan ahjumma. It’s been a natural progression over about 16 years.

      Don’t be embarrassed, rejoice! You are not alone!

      I hope more people answer!

    • 4.4 Midori

      Married, female, 40 in the Chicago area. Of Asian Indian descent who got into Kdramas because I love all Asian cultures.

    • 4.5 PeterRabit

      married, mum of 1, 35 yrs, isolated in one town of UK. Loving kdrama since 18yrs until now. Recent years away from kdrama since birth of my daughter, I’ve just come back to my joy this years.
      Anyone come to UK for a meetup on kdrama?

    • 4.6 Melissa

      I’m a single female, 16, from Singapore. I’m Chinese, and I can speak a little Korean, mostly what I’ve learnt from K-pop and K-dramas, haha… My ultimate K-actor bias is Lee Jong-suk <3

      My mum also likes to watch K-dramas, and is a big fan of Rain and Lee Byung-hun. I am proud to say that I got her into Korean stuff, haha!

      …am I the maknae here? Haha ^^

      • 4.6.1 Manin

        Haha the korean I know is also learned from dramas! My korean friend find this hilarious :p

      • 4.6.2 Nheony

        Hahaha! I’m the same way too. My sisters think I’m going to move to Korea if I have the chance.

        • Saya

          I would!

      • 4.6.3 ilikemangos

        Hehe. i used to be the maknae but i think it’s safe to pass the torch!

        • Melissa

          Haha! How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?

          • ilikemangos

            I’m 19! Turning 20 in may 2014.
            I was 17 at the time that King 2 Hearts aired and people had noticed that most of the viewing demographic skewed high, and so everyone deemed me the maknae.

      • 4.6.4 the50-person

        Singapore, 16 too! Yayyy

    • 4.7 azurduyy

      Aww, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed!! I’m 27, south american, no one around me had ever watched a single minute of a kdrama until I tried with one and they were pretty cool about it.

      Still, you like what you like, and everyone finds different stuff about kdramas that make them happy – for me, the format is super comfortable, I tend to lose interest with multi season shows unless they’re really good, but the korean options are infinite. My experience and taste as a watcher have changed dramatically over the years, though.

      So yeah, if you like the pretty boys and the fluff, go for it, you don’t need excuses! πŸ˜€

    • 4.8 Manin

      A fellow scandinavian! I am from Norway, though currently based in China, so no chance of me making a dramabeans meet up in the near future either..

      Other than that: female, 23 and single is the status here :p

    • 4.9 Danna

      The dramabeans community that I met at the at the New York meetup were predominantly female but from all age groups and ethnicity…goes to show how great this site and how kdramas have something to offer everyone
      I myself am 23, single, and an American of South Asian descent

    • 4.10 Nheony

      *this is why I don’t like posting comments using my phone, it doesn’t go in as a reply*

      Female, 32 yrs old living in San Diego CA. My obsession actually started with a Taiwanese Drama – Meteor Garden, then I watched a few kdrama here and there (Winter Sonata, Autumn in my Heart…basically the melos). I liked it a lot but still watching mostly TW drama. Then one fateful evening my sister told me to watch Coffee Prince and I was a goner. That show got me hook, line, and sinker. It had me at the 1st cup. Now I’m pretty much obsessed with everything korean. From the dramas, to food, kpop, history, language…etc.

      No embarrassment here in the Dramabeans community.

      • 4.10.1 boholanna

        Meteor Garden also had me started on dramas…Then Goong…then, of course Coffee Prince… then I pretty much just marathoned all Asian dramas I could find…

        • Nheony

          Hahaha! I remember doing a marathon of Goong after Coffee Prince… then scouring through the internet to find more. I’m like a drug addict.

      • 4.10.2 thameryst

        Coffee Prince was also my first drama. I think that show about finishes off anyone who encounters it. A love so profound gripped me ever since the fateful day I encountered Han Kyul and Go Eun Chan. I still haven’t really found a way to replicate that experience in most of the dramas I saw afterwards although Kim Sam Soon and Minami Shineyo might have been close seconds.

        I’m 23, female, and have been watching kdramas since 2010.

    • 4.11 kfan13

      32, young single female in Houston area. Asian Indian. I enjoy the short (non-soap opera length) and sweet dramas and movies unlike the indian soap operas. More than anything the universality of themes- love, family, career, work-life balance, friendship….

      Would love a virtual meetup…

    • 4.12 csh

      I feel your pain. I live in Seattle, but I’m pretty sure if I showed up tomorrow, I’d be the oldest, whitest lady there. But I thought that about the BigBang concert in LA too, and I think maybe there were a few other ajhummas around.

      I’m 47, white, married, and have a 15 year old Chinese daughter who keeps me up to speed on Asian pop culture. Or tries to, anyway.

      • 4.12.1 ejgran

        csh, please come to the meet-up. You won’t be the oldest – I’ll be there and I stopped counting birthdays long ago.

      • 4.12.2 Gidget

        I was thinking the same thing. But, nope. I got ‘ya beat in the age category and probably the whiteness category too (Imma blue eyed blonde.)

        Please come! Help the older ajummas feel at ease. πŸ™‚

        • DramaFan100

          I am 45, Asian Indian, based out of Seattle. Hoping to see some of you on Saturday. Have a very tolerant husband. Started watching Korean purely by accident about 8 months ago. Got addicted when I had an accident few months ago and could not speak for few weeks.

          • Gidget

            Me too! Had throat surgery that laid me up for a couple of weeks. Recuperated at the beach, where I didn’t have internet service. Discovered Kdramas and used an insane amount of cell-phone data. Kdrama, sleep, Kdrama, sleep, Kdrama instead of sleep. Life was good.

      • 4.12.3 My2Girls

        You are not alone. I am a 44-year old, white, female and mother of 2 (11 and 3 years old). My husband is a saint. He never gets bothered by the fact that instead of snuggling on the couch watching “Breaking Bad” with him I am snuggled in bed with my ipad watching “Master’s Sun.”

        I was brought to K-drama through my best friend in 2006 when she begged me to watch a little show called “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” with her – She has never watched another one since and I stopped counting years ago.

        I will be at the Ballard library tomorrow and I really look forward to meeting some kindred K-drama spirits.

        • Kiara

          Awww Kim Sam Soon, hose were the days. Love all ya conversion stories. Now this sounds like its going to be a really fun meet up. Have a great time girls.

          • Kiara

            errr those

      • 4.12.4 spazmo

        oh, all you young things… there are plenty of us ahjummas – come and we’ll tell you about our recent LA trip to see a kpop band (not bigbang)… hee hee hee. just don’t call us halmoni (sp?), that will hurt our feelings…
        ; )

      • 4.12.5 newgirl

        54, white (floridly pink, actually), single professional in Seattle; And I got hooked with a “minor” toe surgery gone horribly wrong; 4 weeks in bed and another 8 months with my feet propped up most of the time. Thank god I found Coffee Prince. I was hooked, but my sanity was saved. The time flew by nothing.See you at the library!

      • 4.12.6 Rich

        Oh that’s okay! My mom is 54 years old and she loves korean dramas. Lol See you there! πŸ™‚

    • 4.13 PlumWine

      41 divorced mom in Daytona Beach, Fl, of a 14 year old whom I credit/ blame on my addiction. She started looking up pokemon videos when younger, then vocaloids, then she asks me to hear this song – Shinee’s lucifer (I’ve always listened to a worldwide eclectic mix of music). We liked that, so I researched them to make sure it was acceptable. Then I kept seeing these bof or bbf comments on YouTube. Looked that up, The End. I now have kimchi in my fridge.

      I expect to be 99 and still watching! πŸ™‚

    • 4.14 Alinka

      I’m an Indonesian, a-very-recently-turned-twenty-two (on September 19th) female living in Jakarta, the country’s capital city. K-pop has been around the corner since long time, since primary school if I’m not wrong. The closet-kpop fans are now out in the open though, and whenever I splurted out some Korean dramas or reality show, namely Running Man, there must be some people’s ears perking up at the mention. You just know it right? After staying silent for a long period of time regarding your K-pop preferences, and now able to speak out openly, you’ll notice if the people around you actually know Kpop or not. So don’t worry, we’re together in this addiction. The oh-so-pleasant addiction ;D

      • 4.14.1 addy

        happy birthday c:

        • Alinka

          Thank you. Dear addy, where are you from? Are you an unnie? ;D

    • 4.15 MrsD

      33, female, born in the Philippines but grew up in America… living in some teeny tiny town in NC but moved here from New Jersey. Married to a British man.

      My only tie to South Korea was a middle school best friend who introduced me to bulgogi, seaweed and kimchi. Oh and my close proximity to a very Korean centered town called Fort Lee when I was in university.

      Started my drama watching with BOF. Unsuccessfully tried to convert several friends and my family. Also isolated in my drama watching love.

      You are not alone!

    • 4.16 petmink

      26, Single, Atlanta area. I am south Asian.

      My transition went something like this
      Piano player documentary -> piano player forum -> anime recommendation -> Jpop ->learn Japanese. This got me interested in east Asian culture so I randomly watched Personal Taste on Hulu and I haven’t stopped watching. Now I am alphabetically going down DB’s recap list and watching anything with a decent rating.

      I got into kpop after watching You’re beautiful. After watching Sorry Sorry and Genie, I was hooked.

      My sister thinks I am weird with my obsession. But I got my mom to watch rooftop prince and she really liked it and asked for more kdrama recommendations. πŸ™‚

      • 4.16.1 petmink

        Forgot to add. I am female.

    • 4.17 Mish

      I’m 22, female, single, tall white girl from Vancouver BC.

      A friend of mine made me watch Full House with her, but I didn’t really take to kdrama until I marathoned BOF in a day and a half (without sleeping, seriously I called in sick to work to watch it) and then a Korean friend of mine (she’s now my roommate) recommended several others I would enjoy. Downward spiral ever since, I’m in deep.

      I’m probably a bigger kpop fan, but I lose more sleep from watching kdrama than anything else.

      Really looking forward to the meetup! Might have to drink beforehand since I’m ridiculously introverted and shy.

    • 4.18 Laura

      female fan, 22, from Lithuania (one of a kind, huh? Don’t know Lithuanian who watch this in spite of my brother (I’m still trying to get him deeper, but his hobby is Japanese, sadly)).
      I started from Spanish dramas, got into Taiwan and then somehow caught on Korean and Japanese dramas (I remember, I didn’t like Korean language at all, at first I thought they have no emotions and all their sentences sound the same with emphasized endings, haha, I cannot believe what I was thinking then, heh, grhm, If this will be used against me, I’ll deny it).
      Still struggle with Korean names (I remember, remember, remember, and then drama ends and I forget), and I cannot remember when I got into dramas. I think I k-dramas gave me a selective amnesia k-drama style πŸ˜‰

      • 4.18.1 Alinka

        We’re the same! *toss
        I used to dislike the korean language, mainly due to the same reason as you. For an early audience, watching foreign dramas with foreign accent and way of speaking tend to tickle your mind, added with my hobby of watching Japanese dramas before I got into watching Korean dramas. Now, both accents and ways of speaking are nice for my ear. Even took a basic Japanese and earlier this year, I took Korean basic class in college before graduating. The reason of taking both? I am truly shallow by admitting that me taking the Korean course is to understand dramas and Running Man better ;D Sometimes the subs are missing some sentences and it’s nice to be able to understand it on your own. This is truly the power of dramas and reality shows ;D

    • 4.19 Izzi_e

      I’m a 35 yo mom from Brunei! I am hooked on anything Korean (drama, varieties, idols, technology, websites etc) and it started only a few years ago. I owed it to Lee Min Ho whom i first seen in Personal Taste. (i wasn’t aware of how massively popular BOF). Thankfully my husband understands this ‘crush’ I have.

      This K-addiction has also infected my 8 yo girl. We both love SNSD, Big Bang, Joo Won, bulgogi, Monday Couple and so much more!

    • 4.20 Rexy

      I’m a 28-year-old Chinese female, living in Washington, also (currently) isolated in my drama love. I look forward to meeting those of you who will be showing up on Saturday!

      I got into dramas when I first caught en episode of Here Comes Ajumma. A friend also showed me an episode of Playful Kiss (the drama sucked, but Kim Hyun-joong was cute). Around that time, SNSD’s Gee was also around, and I’ve been sucked in ever since.

    • 4.21 Monstermom

      Oh, how fun! Thanks everyone for replying! πŸ™‚

      Now I’m feeling impolite to have asked you who you are without telling anything about myself, so:
      Swedish, ~40, single, been watching kdramas for about ten years or so on and off. I too have kimchi in my fridge now! πŸ˜€

      And just to clarify, I don’t JUST like kdramas for the “pretty boys” (although I do tend to like the funny/fluffy romcom type of dramas, so there are a lot of them in most of the stuff I watch πŸ˜‰ ), it’s just one thing which makes me feel my interest in kdramas is a bit… silly. Great to see other ajummas here then! (And if you only like the serious stuff, don’t tell me! πŸ˜‰ )

      And Manin, fun to see a fellow scandinavian here! So there are two of us then… One of whom lives in China! πŸ˜€
      Yeah, I don’t see kdrama becoming mainstream around here anytime soon.

      • 4.21.1 Monstermom

        Also, I apparently have a smiley obsession… o.O

      • 4.21.2 AuntieMame

        I guarantee that all of you are still ‘maknae’ compared to some k-drama fans.

        I know, for a fact, there are fans (names of whom you would recognize) who are collecting or eligible to collect their Social Security pensions. And, eligibility to collect doesn’t even start until 62 yrs old. LOL

        So, the age ladder of k-drama fans is quite lengthy, with most of you still on the lower to mid-rungs. LOL

      • 4.21.3 Gidget

        “it’s just one thing which makes me feel my interest in kdramas is a bit… silly.”

        There was a point when I was thinking the same thing. Then I realized that thinking an actor is cute was more connected to a sense of looking back and remembering that phase of my life.

        For me, it’s the timeless themes that the dramas touch on that keep me coming back for more. The ability to experience passion, desire or the first blush of love doesn’t go away after a woman passes 25. In fact, for us, it heightens as we age. *Nature, that cruel beast.*

        And for women in general – regardless of age – our emotional energy is so often consumed by busy lives and demanding schedules. A good drama (should/can) can give us an outlet for emoting in healthy and lovely ways.

        So loving Kdrama is actually a perfectly natural thing for a woman of any age…don’t ‘cha think? *needs enablement*

        • Trixie

          Thanks! You said it just right. I have been surprised how many memories the dramas have stirred in me. I find myself refreshed. Love the kids and enjoy those in their 30’s too.

      • 4.21.4 Manin

        Haha yeah, I’m in china for the year! Cue awkward moment when my drama learned Korean and Japanese is better than my Chinese :p

    • 4.22 skelly

      Hey, am I the oldest? Married, 52 yrs. old, three teenage daughters, American of European ancestry (most of them came over here to avoid the draft or the law, LOL). The oldest daughter got me interested – first in anime, then in jdramas, then kdramas. She’s now a Japanese/Molecular Biology major at UC Berkeley, just to show where anime can take you…

      • 4.22.1 Paula S

        skelly, you are not the oldest. πŸ™‚ I’m 58 (59 if you count by Korean method ^^). My husband, who is 67, and I have been watching k-drama every night for the past 11 yrs.

        • come2noona

          Sweet! I wish my husband would watch with me!

        • skelly

          My husband watched Jumong with me – all 80+ episodes!

          • Paula S

            Yay! we watched that one too. And all 100+ of Yi Sun Shin.

    • 4.23 IBELIS

      Our group in Chicago are different ages and only two were Korean. There are about 25 of us that have met up and we all come from different racial groups. When I say different ages I really mean different. I’m soon to be 65 but some of the girls are in their early twenties. We only had one man join us at our first meet up.

      So far we have met up three times.

      • 4.23.1 jinsphotoblog

        Hello! I’m new to dramabeans, but have been watching k-dramas all my life. I would love to come to future meet ups in Chicago to meet up and mingle. I love that such a diverse group with different ages and backgrounds love k pop/drama culture. Do you know when there will be a next meet up in Chicago? I would be the 3rd Korean.

    • 4.24 Binkbaf

      23 female from Trinidad. hard at work recruiting people for the k-drama love. Inspired me like others to start taking Korean classes so i don’t have to depend on subtitles forever. I’m playing catch up as i only got introduced last yr october. Enjoying catch up too.
      Love asian cultures and feel i cheated myself by not knowing about this wonderful Korean culture, television, music and fashion. I drool over the fashion in dramas.

    • 4.25 Kanaria

      I’m 20 and my mom is in her early 50s and we both enjoy watching asian dramas together, one of the few things we share in common.

      I remember watching a drama and my mom came and asked me what drama I was watching because she found the lead actor attractive haha. It’s one of the few things she enjoys doing after a long tiring day at work (:

    • 4.26 Yue-lie

      I’m a french 29 years old gothic who was born in Mauritius! Single.

      I started loving mangas 12 years ago and one day, my best friend told me “Remember this manga you like? There’s a drama of it!”. (that was “Gokusen”, a japanese drama) My first reaction was “What’s a drama?”…now I’m addicted!

      My own personal record is 60 hours a week of drama! lol But that’s only on vacation! I watch all sorts of dramas…japanese, taiwanese but I prefer the Korean ones! I’m not the slightest bit ashamed of my love of dramas, even trying to hook up my friends that don’t like dramas by finding THE one that would move them! lol

      And I would love a meet up in France…I’m gladly willing to go to Paris for it!

    • 4.27 kirst3n

      28, female, Filipino with Chinese descent living in AB, Canada. Got hooked to Korean dramas late. This addiction started when I curiously checked BOF online 6 years ago and it has been downhill from there. Before it started, never watched anything Asia related and only watched american shows. Now, I don’t watch television at all and been a convert ever since. Have ventured to Japanese and Taiwanese from time to time but I still prefer Korean dramas (mostly because of the pretty boys, ;). Only my immediate family and a handful of friends know of this so called “strange affliction” of mine. Others, are totally oblivious of it. LOL Ventured to Kpop on and off through the years but was never serious about it. One day, will be traveling to S-Korea for sure for a vacay. They get mild winters/weather over there so i’ll be a relief as to what we usually get over here. πŸ™‚

    • 4.28 Hachiko

      Hi.. young single female,22 of age. Location:Chennai,India. Me too learning korean through dramas and I love it. To be frank, I tried to take up a class in learning it in my University but it was too difficult but then watching kDramas alone, I know moarrr korean,haha. Love. It. Hopefully there are some company for me too here in the community. This is my first time here and I wish I would be able to know moar about you guys. Thank You..

    • 4.29 poyi


      guess i should chime in tho i rarely comment…i found this site in 2009 and have been hooked ever since

      currently living near DC

      i wouldnt really go to a meetup because i’m a 27 year old guy and it would just feel weird to be (presumably) the only male

      got no shame whatsoever about liking dramas. there is some great acting + writing in these shows and if a show is good it doesnt matter what language or culture made it: i’ll watch

    • 4.30 Jim

      66 year-old white (in both senses) grandfather in New Jersey.
      I’ve been eating kimchi for 40-odd years and watching kdramas for about 3, with occasional help from my wife and none from my daughters.

    • 4.31 Pearl~ai88

      I’m 19, female going to school in Tucson AZ. There are a lot of Asian students at my school and I know a lot of anime lovers, but I think I’m the only K-drama fan in my circle of friends. It was actually my 50 year old mom who got me hooked this summer so we do mother-daughter bonding over the hotness/cuteness!

    • 4.32 Shiku

      I’m 27 year old female native Kenyan living in Charlotte NC and about to celebrate 1 year marriage anniversary. I have grown up on a healthy diet of American, Mexican, South and West African, Bollywood and Filipino shows so I’m not averse to watching shows from cultures different from mine. Started watching K-dramas in 2009 but, sigh, I still haven’t been able to infect my family

    • 4.33 hoaa

      female, 20 years old, university student, from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and yes I’m single.

      first watching k-drama through Endless Love when I’m in elementary school and I crying a lot. Then hooked by Goong/Princess Hours in my junior high school. And when I’m in senior high school, my closest friend contaminated me by K-pop: about Suju, DBSK, SNSD, etc. Fall in love with Dream High and much more since I found Dramabeans website. I visit everyday and I found myself enjoy about Korean stuff. And now, I become more open about how I love Korean drama. You know what, my friends always ask my recomendation about korean drama and movie. Haha. And they copy that drama and movie from my laptop. So now, I contaminated them πŸ™‚

    • 4.34 mardie

      A 29 years old single ‘girl’ from Malaysia. My only connection to Korea is my love for TV when i was a teenager. πŸ˜€ im lucky to have kdrama ‘support’ in the form of my sister and omma. But.. we dont really have the same preferences in the type of drama. my mom love BOF(facepalm), Shining Inheritance, while i cringe through most of it. i like arang and the magistrate but my sister just dont get it! And vice versa for dramas they like but i cant even finish half the 1st episode. But from us three, im the most hardcore kdrama fan. πŸ™‚

    • 4.35 LauraDarcy

      33, Female, Finland. Been watching Kdrama since 2007. My first show was Coffee Prince! Got into Korean drama through Taiwanese and Japanese dramas which I found on YouTube by accident. Have been watching Kdrama since then, and even got my mom to watch them. She is totally addicted now. She’s 56. Have tried to make my friends and sister watch them, too, but they have been less enthusiastic… πŸ™‚

  5. tiny

    hmm why do I think Dramabeans and the word library don’t mix together? unless it’s The Library in Good Doctor πŸ˜‰γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

    Enjoy ladies!

  6. jen

    i’m there in october πŸ™

  7. Chinky

    I’m envious! πŸ™‚ Have fun peeps! πŸ™‚

  8. Nicole

    Wish I could be there! But I’m all the way across the country. Hope everyone has fun meeting up!

    Love seeing that top photo of Boong-do & Hee-jin at the library. I just finished watching QIHM for the first time yesterday! I followed the recaps while it aired but didn’t get the chance to watch until recently…lovely drama.

    • 8.1 MrsD

      You missed all the squeeing on soompi.

      Therer will always be plenty of BoongDo love going around. I went into serious withdrawal after that drama. I am not sure I have fully recovered.

      • 8.1.1 skelly

        I haven’t. Still waiting for a kdrama love story to hook me in like that one.

        • MrsD

          You know I have been unable to watch QIHM again because of all the feels πŸ™

  9. rhia

    QIHM <3 <3

    Have fun!

  10. 10 Nheony

    I hope there will be a meetup in San Diego too. I really want to meet you guys. Have fun everyone!

  11. 11 Nheony

    Female, 32 yrs old living in San Diego CA. My obsession actually started with a Taiwanese Drama – Meteor Garden, then I watched a few kdrama here and there (Winter Sonata, Autumn in my Heart…basically the melos). I liked it a lot but still watching mostly TW drama. Then one fateful evening my sister told me to watch Coffee Prince and I was a goner. That show got me hook, line, and sinker. It had me at the 1st cup. Now I’m pretty much obsessed with everything korean. From the dramas, to food, kpop, history, language…etc.

    No embarrassment here in the Dramabeans community.

    • 11.1 kfan13

      True, no embarrassment here. Reminds me of this quote
      β€œFriendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .””

      • 11.1.1 Nheony

        I know that one. It sounds cheesy but it really warms my heart when I read the comments here. I don’t feel alone in my obsession and it feels good to have such a great community who you can bond with even if it’s just over the internet. It’s a big thanks to JB & GF for pioneering this site.

  12. 12 kyama

    I am soooo sad…If I didn’t attend college all the way in Atlanta, I would have come. I hope you love Seattle as much as I do! πŸ™‚

  13. 13 Fat_crayon

    Imma single female, 18 , from Singapore, often secretly indulging in k-dramas and drama recaps by dramabeans when what I should be doing is study for my exams.
    I have absolutely no connection to Korea or what so ever, to my own disappointment:(

    • 13.1 the50-person

      Aha another Singaporean! *waves*

    • 13.2 Purple fairy

      Me too, another Singaporean, female, 36 single.

      On kdrama and subsequent kpop stuff, a little complicated for me. it actually started few years back where I was following my unnie who has change from jdrama to kdrama (to the point of joining her to lee dong gun fan meeting after his popular Paris lover show) and listening to Rain’s songs in my first generation iPod.

      Then, e kcraze gone suddenly (until last year Jan), I was very resistant (dont ask me why? cos i have no answer too :/) to all k-stuff whenever my mum or Sis or colleagues trying to intro me to kdramas etc.

      Using JW in MS situation wondering was I been hit by the thunder, I was suddenly struck finding myself watching Rooftop Prince and from there till date, I have gone from resistant to been more crazy than my mum, Sis n colleagues into Kdramas, kvariety, kpop, k.language learning etc (was still amazed at my own transformation lol)

      Oh btw, my mum who is 72 is so obsessed with kdramas that we had to get her an iPad to dl all e dramas for her endless entertainment need. So no worries if you have not reach that age and is still hooking on to kdrama craze!

    • 13.3 whiskey

      And yup, yet another Singaporean here: 38 female, one who replaces sleep w k-drama & gets cold turkey when my fav drama ends (recent e.g. IHYV). I started out w anime manga & cosplay, laughed at those who watched k-drama… Look what happened thereafter… ~_~;;;

  14. 14 Synjyn

    I will be attending the Seattle meetup and I can’t wait! I’m a white, 46 yr old female, who, along with my white 43 yr old sister, has been obessed with Kdrama (Jdrama, Taiwanese drama) for a couple of years now. We both feel a bit like we live secret lives, although I’m more open about my obession than she is. It’s not that we are ashamed, it’s just that most people we know just don’t “get it”. It will be great to finally meet up with others who share in our addiction.

    • 14.1 Synjyn

      Wow… totally mispelled obsessed and obsession, it’s like I allergic to all those S’s.

  15. 15 Melleit

    I am in Florida, 47, married with a very understanding husband!! He even watches with me sometimes!! Got lost in my first K-drama, Pasta, been uncontrollable ever since!! Hard to explain my fascination to people, so it’s good to know I am not crazy!!!

  16. 16 Areki

    female, 33 years old (but forever 25 at heart :)). Romanian living in Czech Rep. have started with Jdramas/movies (I’m learning Japanese), and moved from there. and just love Kdrams and movies (like them more than Jdramas/movies).

  17. 17 okidokisantoki

    I’m 24, female, and living in beautiful Seattle so I’ll definitely be at the meetup! I am Korean and have been watching Korean dramas religiously ever since my mom started watching “Star in My Heart” in 1997.

    I’m so excited to meet everyone!

  18. 18 Diana

    I live so close but not close enough!! Ill see if I can make the drive down from Vancouver Canada πŸ™‚
    26 year old korean-canadian. Good to see so many different nationalities loving what I love too. My first dose of kdrama was My Name is Kim Sam Soon.. and the rest is history. I LOVE THIS SITEβ™₯ Keeps my kdrama fix happy when I dont have the time to watch it.

  19. 19 Yi

    I’ve already made plans to hike Mt Rainier tomorrow if it doesn’t rain so I will have to be a maybe at the meetup.
    We might get a real early start so maybe I can make it!

    • 19.1 Yi

      To add – 33, female, singaporean living in seattle

  20. 20 Sarah

    32, female, single, from Chicago, not Korean

    We need a Chicago meetup for KDrama fans!! πŸ™‚

  21. 21 PeterRabit

    Hey, before Dramabeans meeting up in Seattle, we are doing our meeting up online already. Glad to know you all. I feel less lonely when knowing someone loving kdrama as I do. Love this site very much for giving me a chance to enjoying kdrama literarily.

  22. 22 yu

    Wow great replies! πŸ™‚ Have fun guys!!

  23. 23 Rexy

    Yay! I can’t wait to meet my fellow Beanies! Hurry up, Saturday!

  24. 24 Loveydovey

    Indonesian,woman, 30yrs old,married,living in England,addicted to kdrama,recently ignoring my husband because of master’s sun,but he’s an angel and sometimes watch it together with me:/ if there’s any meet up in Britain in the future I will be there:)

  25. 25 Hairpin

    I find it funny (and unfortunately my luck) that when the east coast USA meeting was taking place, I was living on the west coast due to university. Now as the west coast meeting takes place, I have moved to the east coast for graduate school. This is kind of depressing… Will I ever be able to meet other Beanies?

  26. 26 denwanai

    Any other “elders” out there?:-)
    I am 62 and started watching kdramas three years ago. Two grown children and I live in Portland. I would be up to Seattle for sure, but I am in SF this weekend. dayum. Lived in Japan for several years before the internet. Love the romcoms and some family dramas and melodramas if they aren’t drenched in sappy violin music.

  27. 27 CMRPrindle

    Have fun everyone!!!!

  28. 28 merry

    Don’t forget to post a link to photos. Hope you have good weather out there for this great meet-up.

  29. 29 queue

    i’m 32, indonesian-malaysian descendent. male and single. starting to watch K -drama 10 years ago when being forced by my nooona. am i the only guy here? hehehe currently in Kuala Lumpur, working. will love to watch k-drama for another 100 years. thanks. pleased to meet u all.

  30. 30 Chocolate

    Wah, I will actually be in Seattle, at a work-related thing and unable to attend. However, work involves a lot of chocolate. While you are in Ballard, stop by Sweet Mickey’s candy shop on 24th and 57th and eat my work (Elevated Candy)!

  31. 31 Yue-lie

    Have a great time for those who can’t attend! Lucky ones!

    Enjoy and I have to say that even if I don’t know you, I do feel this “connection” we have through Kdramas so…really…for me…rock the house! lol

  32. 32 Rich

    OMG!! Good thing I saw this! I missed the earlier post? I’ll definitely drop by! πŸ™‚ sooo excited now!

  33. 33 ~SakuraAme~

    I too am an older K-drama watcher. I live in Tacoma actually and my daughter, granddaughter and some friends of theirs will be in Seattle later for the meet-up. Sunny this morning so we can hope for good weather. I am 57 and have just finished my 124 th drama in a year in a half. My daughter had me watch BOF and that was hard for me. I could not get used to the meanness of The Kids. I have seen a few Japanese dramas, easier in some ways as the language is familiar, I am half Japanese. I am non-Asian speaking however. I love Taiwanese dramas as well as K-dramas. My granddaughter started a Facebook page and I spend a lot of time working on Kingdom Of Dramas. We love dramas in this family.

  34. 34 Katie

    23, from Boston, Chinese. Done a bit of traveling, went to college in Canada, went on study abroad in the UK. I only became obsessed in 2011 when I went out for my 21st birthday and my friends dragged me to a karaoke place and we were flipping through the channels and my friends played Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry. I laughed at first since I knew they watched Chinese/TW dramas and I was like…what, Noooo, I’ll stick to my British shows (I also have an obsession with the British). A few months passed and I was bored, and I looked up Super Junior again and became obsessed. Had time off before I started law school in the fall and started watching kdramas. The first was My Princess with Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon…which was a pretty great drama to start off with. I love rom-coms. Then I think I watched Playful Kiss, and then Coffee Prince (Gong Yoo, drooooool). Ever since then I’ve been hooked. Let’s just say in the past 2-3 years I haven’t had much sleep! Marathoning dramas is fun and I hate waiting haha.

    I’m currently watching Good Doctor and King’s Family (and reading recaps for Two Weeks so I can marathon that). I hope you guys have another meet up in New York or come to Boston (I travel to NYC pretty often but couldn’t make the last one).

  35. 35 Ray

    I’ll be at the meetup too. I’m male, 38, and have been watching kdramas for around 2 years, since I discovered Secret Garden on Netflix. It sounds like I am the odd man out. πŸ™‚

    • 35.1 Paula S

      great to have met you, Ray! it was nice to have a few men in the mix. πŸ™‚

      • 35.1.1 Ray

        Likewise! Thanks!

  36. 36 chubbycheeks

    Ah envy, so sad I couldn’t attend it… do you have a plan to make another meet up in Arizona? (please say yes *praying)

  37. 37 Miki

    fuuu I used to live in Ballard area but now I live out in Idaho OTL

    For those of you going have a good time!

  38. 38 Mel

    16 years old, Korean, living in a small town close to the Seattle area. Will be bussing there for sure to meet you all today! Hoping I’m not the youngest there… >_<

  39. 39 Crazed Espresso

    The Day is here! Can’t wait to meet other korean drama fans.
    I’ve been watching dramas for about 3 years, so I’m pretty addicted.
    On my way there…

  40. 40 j_lock

    That was soooooo fun! Hope we can do this again soon! You guys are a crack-up. Wish I can post pics here.

    • 40.1 Paula S

      as someone suggests above, we can link to pics even if we can’t post them. now we just have to figure out where to link to. ^^

  41. 41 Brandijo

    I had a blast. It was great to meet some other drama fans. We should meet up for a viewing party of the first ep of Heirs.

    • 41.1 Gidget

      Set the time and place and Ill be there!

      Great meetup!

  42. 42 newgirl

    Daebak! (Hope I spelled that right!) You guys are soooo cute, witty and fun. Loved meeting you. Thank you for taking such good care of your fans! And it was so great to put faces with the names I see here!
    And Brandijo, that’s a great idea. Maybe at a Korean restaurant that has a room with a big screen; we could stream it? Mmmmmm. Korean food (+ alcohol) + Kdrama + crazy Kdrama fans = FUN!

    • 42.1 Brandijo

      There is a Korean restaurant in Lynnwood (next to H-Mart) that may work if people are willing to come north. The last time I was there they had dramafeaver streaming on their decent sized T.V. The also have soju so that is a plus.

      If people think that could work I can try to go over there and talk to them to see if they would be up for a bunch of us coming to stream Heirs.

      • 42.1.1 My2Girls

        That is an amazing idea Brandijo! I would drive up.

        I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to be in a room filled with fellow Kdrama addicts. I have been watching dramas for 8 years and at times I have felt it was my secret shame. To see that I am not alone was truly incredible.

        Javabeans and Girlfriday thank you so much for hosting such a great afternoon. It was very generous of you to open up about your process and to let us put your beautiful faces to the names.

        I can say that it was beyond wonderful to talk dramas with kindred spirits and never once see that look that non-kdrama watchers give you when you broach the topic. I would be happy to organize future get togethers if anyone is interested. I could set up a Yahoo group if there is enough interest. Just let me know. I will check back here for the next few days to see.

        Thanks, Amy

      • 42.1.2 Gidget

        Count me in!

        • Karisima

          Sounds great!

      • 42.1.3 yoko loco

        I would love this!

      • 42.1.4 newgirl

        Both the restaurant and the Yahoo group sound good! And both a Korean and a Thai friend have told me that the food is good there! Count me in! (Does anyone know when the first episode airs?)

        • Brandijo

          It is set to air on Oct 9Th. I was thinking that it may be best do the meetup around lunch time on Sat the 12th. That way we know that the Subs are available and I think that the restaurant would be slower at lunch time. Thoughts? Would this work for all of you? I think I may go have lunch there today so I can ask them about it.

          • Brandijo

            I talked to the Restaurant and they said that they would be fine with us doing a meet up on Oct 12th at 12:00 (I said around 15 people). I hope that date and time works for others. I will be bringing my laptop, roku and connections so that we can stream the ep with English subs and without commercials.

            BTW I think that the Yahoo group is a great idea.

            Restaurant info:
            Lee Ga Tofu House and Grill
            3411 184th St SW #160
            Lynnwood, Wa 98307

          • yoko loco

            I’ll try to get that time off. Thank you for setting this up it sounds ready fun!

          • newgirl

            Count me in! Thank you Brandijo. I noticed no one put up a notice about it on the new Yahoo site “K-DramaSeattle”, so I’ll do that. Please post here or there if something comes up!

          • newgirl

            Oops! Wrote too soon! Tried to put something up, but couldn’t; probably due to my poor skills. Maybe remind people on OpenThread?

          • Brandijo

            I was thinking that I would post this info on the Open Thread this week and then again the week before the event. I also can’t seem to update the event on the Yahoo group (at least not from work)

  43. 43 Vivian H

    Thanks so much to Javabeans and Girlfriday! I had a blast. It was a great turn out. Hope to do it again sometime soon.

  44. 44 Sarah

    thanks so much to JB, GF and y’all for an amazing evening with delicious snacks. Also thank you so much Nanny for giving me a ride up there! πŸ™‚ (FYI not sure if you remember but I was the girl in the black dress/turquoise cardigan!)

    I am SO down for drama-watching and woo-ing over Lee Min Ho and all the others on

  45. 45 Synjyn

    Great time at the meetup! My sister and I would be up for a screening of Heirs with great Korean food!

  46. 46 Big Backhand

    I wrote this at the urge of my husband, female mid thirties from HK, husband is glad I got to know him before my starting to watch K dramas as he reckons that if it were the other way round, I would have been so engrossed with the idealized male leads/characters that I would have passed him. Haha, so don’t understand me.

  47. 47 merry

    So, excited for you. Wow, to watch the initial episode of Heirs with fellow kdrama addicts. that is something! Please upload some photos through picasa. We were able to view some pictures of previous meet up through that link.

  48. 48 Crazynoona

    30y/o from Bali – Indonesia, got hooked firstly by J-drama “Long Vacation” (Kimutaku rawrr), but my first k-drama was “Full House”.
    Started to think i’d be a perverted ahjumma soon since i can’t seem to stop this addiction in the near future while the hero/heroine are getting younger by each year! <— needless to add that the heroes kinda ruined my real life imagination/expectation.
    My all time fave (in random order) are Lee Min Ho, So Ji Sub, Oh Ji Ho, Hyun Bin <3

    • 48.1 Crazynoona

      OMG did i dare not to mention Won Bin >_<

  49. 49 Shosh

    Thank you, thank you, Javabeans and Girlfriday, for yesterday afternoon’s meet-up! It was so much fun seeing you in person and hearing your stories and insights! I look forward to seeing your book and following your future exploits.

    I thought I’d share that the University of Washington will be offering a course on Korean dramas starting this Wednesday. Isn’t that wonderful/amazing that it’s now considered fodder for serious academic study? I’ve put a copy of the course flyer in Dropbox: and the course description appears below:

    What is it about Korean TV dramas that has inspired legions of fans across Asia, and even far-away in the Middle East, Europe, and North America? What do Korean dramas tell us about South Korean culture, and how do dramas compare with other forms of storytelling such as literature or film? This course examines the genre conventions for Korean television dramas, the effect of transnational fandom on Korean drama production and consumption, and the social worlds created by this visual storytelling medium. The course is designed as a survey of Korean dramas, from classics to trendy youth dramas to newer genres of sci fi, fantasy and “fusion historical epic.”

    Through readings, discussion and screenings, we will thoroughly explore both the world that creates Korean dramas (writers, producers, fans) and the worlds created by Korean dramas (revisionist history, globalized Korea, etc.).

    Again, thanks to all the folks at DramaBeans who keep us informed, stimulated and excited about Kdramas!

    • 49.1 yoko loco

      That’s really awesome!

  50. 50 My2Girls

    Hello All,

    So I have taken the liberty to set up an on-line meeting place for us at yahoo groups. I hope this will become a useful notice board for anyone in the Seattle area that would like to organize meet-ups. I would also like to ask anyone that attended the Dramabeans meet-up and took photos to please feel free to post them on the group.

    I look forward to spending some time with other “Beanies” in the future. As I said before it was really wonderful to finally be able to talk dramas with someone other than myself.

    And thank you again Javabeans and Girlfriday for bringing us together and for being such witty and insightful hosts.


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