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Running Man: Episode 163
by | September 20, 2013 | 81 Comments

Princess Mung has it all: beauty, brains, and gold. She rules the land with an iron fist and issues orders with a sharp tongue, all with a killer smile. I mean, she has BIGBANG idols who wait on her hand and foot and one particular suitor who sweeps her off her feet, if only for a moment.

EPISODE 163. Broadcast on September 15, 2013.

Once upon a time in the Running Man Kingdom, six cast members suit up to impress the loveliest princess in all the land: Ji-hyo. Ooh, is this the prize—the episode solely dedicated to her—she won months ago? Me likey.

The boys immediately rib Gary on his tuxedo-like suit, but that’s nothing compared to Jae-suk’s military-style princely outfit, which just cracks me up. There are three more suitors join them today: BIGBANG‘s Daesung, G-Dragon (or GD), and Seung-ri. Eeee!!

Today’s teams are as follows: Red (Jae-suk, Gary, and GD), Yellow
(Jong-kook, Kwang-soo, and Daesung), and Blue (Suk-jin, Haha, and Seung-ri).

It’s time to meet our lady of the hour as Ji-hyo arrives in a horse-drawn pumpkin
carriage. Everything about her entrance looks like it came straight out of a fairytale, down to her fairylike white dress. Aw, the Monday Couple really do like a perfect cake topper.

Entitled “Steal Ji-hyo’s Heart,” our three teams will face off in a series of games to win her affections. And yes, gold.

The first place team after each game will have the privilege to ride with Ji-hyo in the luxury car while the plebeians will travel by—what else?—a rundown sedan. Ooh, I really hope that car becomes a running gag in this show.

They hold a dance-off to determine the first lucky team, and ha—Ji-hyo tries to shrug off her castmates in order to get a 1:1 dance with GD. Girl, I do not blame you in the slightest.

Daesung suddenly puts a stop to the contest before his team’s turn to point out that it’s obvious that they’ll come in last place anyway, adding: “You could poll 30 million people, and we’d still come dead last!” HA, your humor is what makes you a true variety-dol.

So his team opts to dance to a trot song instead, which is both adorable and hilarious. At one point, Jong-kook scoops Ji-hyo up into a princess carry. Heh. It works, and Ji-hyo chooses them.

The other teams immediately call for a second chance to impress, and this time, Gary steps up… and swoops in for a surprise kiss on the cheek. Omo! Omo! Omo! Rewind, replay!

It leaves Ji-hyo flustered and both Kwang-soo and Seung-ri rush to try the same tactic for their teams. Puhahaha. Her answer? “Kang Gary.” Aww, yeahhh.

Everyone climbs into their respective cars, and Spartakooks practically burns his arm leaning against the window. GD, meanwhile, promises to do well today… so that he can stay in the nice, air-conditioned car. Hee.

They’ll be getting down and dirty in their first game, which takes place in a muddy rice paddy. And it seems Ji-hyo is getting the full-on princess treatment today as she’s piggybacked to her throne.

It’s sweet how the boys belt out in love songs to their “noona” princess. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t teeming with jealousy right now. Bah, who cares if this part is scripted?

Anywhooz, back to the game. Here, the first team to return with their flags will be declared the winners. The caveat: they’ll be tied to bungee jump cords. And then Haha jokes that they’ll fall—for entertainment’s sake, of course—regardless.

Haha trips Kwang-soo up at the start, and our resident giraffe reaches for the first flag… and then falls into the mud again. Working against the taut cord is no easy feat as the boys go down one by one, sometimes more than once.

Driven by their love for Ji-hyo (or to sit in the luxury car), they all return with their first flag. But this is Running Man which means the boys also fight dirty, and Haha tugs on Team Daesung’s cord.

That tactic only works for a short while as Spartakooks charges towards the flags just as Team GD reaches out for theirs… They both grab them, and both fall. Hahaha.

With a final huzzah, Team Daesung sprints and reaches to grab the last flag. It takes another try (as the Stairway to Heaven soundtrack plays dramatically in the background), and Jong-kook grabs it to win it, to Ji-hyo’s delight.

…and then Jo PD congratulates Team Daesung for winning the first round. Oooh, now that’s just cruel. Not that I’m complaining about seeing muddy men fall over and over again, mind you. I love it how everyone gapes in shock: “The first round?! We have to do this AGAIN?!”

Turns out the teams need to win two rounds, and everyone puts on their game face. All the teams turn on their A-game, and soon they all charge for the final flag. It down to either Team GD or Team Daesung in the last spurt… and Team GD pulls ahead to tie up the score.

GD looks almost unrecognizable by now in his muddied state, but he still has a big smile on his face. By now, the teams have worked out a strategy as they methodically march to and fro between the flags with the (less) occasional slip-and-fall.

Jae-suk grabs the third flag with Team Daesung close on his tail… and it’s the latter who gets there first.

Each team picks a card (out of three), and Ji-hyo is more than willing to help the idols choose the highest cards in each pile. That is, until Team Seung-ri steps up and she reminds them that Haha criticized the game earlier. Haha: “To say that it was great!”

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get sick of watching Ji-hyo be pampered all day. But that doesn’t mean she’ll scold Kwang-soo any less, as she instructs him to keep the camera on her.

Both Jong-kook and Daesung agree that anything and everything Ji-hyo says and does today is the law of the land. Daesung claims that he’s an expert when it comes to serving others, and the others tease Kwang-soo for not jumping on this bandwagon right away.

Things are relatively quiet in Team GD’s car as GD reflects on how hard the first game was. Then if things couldn’t get more ridiculous, their highway ticket goes flying out the window.

Jong-kook sure wasn’t kidding when he said that Princess Mung’s feet shouldn’t touch the ground. He carries her all the way to her chair, and a little later, Gary leans in for another kiss. (He fails. Boo. Hiss.)

The next game is an “All About Ji-hyo” quiz, and the boys stake their claim on everything they know about her. (“We go to the same hair salon!” “We’re sasaeng fans!”) Then Kwang-soo calls out: “57.8 kg.” DUDE.

Their first challenge is to return with what Ji-hyo wants to eat right now. The boys seem fairly confident, and Gary jokes: “What we ate last week together?” Heh.

Team Daesung returns with their choice (fried potato) and Ji-hyo requests that Kwang-soo stay farrr away from her. Daesung plays on the joke and asks, “We’ll call you when we get back to Seoul?”

Meanwhile, the other teams fight at the naengmyun (buckwheat cold noodles) station and rush back with two bowls. Kwang-soo asks why she didn’t have any of theirs, only to be told that she already had some. At this rate, you may need to find your own ride home, Kwang-soo. Unfortunately, they’re all wrong.

Thanks to a bit of GD’s aegyo, his team earns a hint: “It’s red.” They immediately think of ddukbokki (spicy rice cakes), and then we see Ji-hyo’s real answer: jjamppong (spicy seafood noodle soup). Ooh, so close.

They all eventually arrive at the same answer and Teams Seung-ri and GD hold out their trays. They set off simultaneously, but then Jae-suk stalls the other team to give GD time to return first.

Hahaha, oh this is fantastic—Team Daesung belatedly returns with jjamjjapong aka a half-jjajangmyun, half jjamppong dish. Yunno, in case she couldn’t decide. Points for creativity!

Next the boys will need to choose the correct dog at a nearby dog park. To that, Gary points to himself: “Me?” So punny. (The first character gae also means “dog.”)

Gary argues that Ji-hyo could totally like ugly, yet cool dogs like a bulldog. Or himself. While choosing one dog is one thing, catching one is an entirely different matter.

How apt that each member ends up with a dog that looks eerily similar to themselves, like GD and a poodle or Haha and the Yorkshire terrier? Both Jae-suk and Kwang-soo chase after the same papillon, and I’m starting to think that the Saint Bernard is the one taking Big Nose Hyung for a walk.

All the puppies are plain adorable, and it’s the humans who all bicker in the background. Out of a possible nine choices, Ji-hyo chooses the bulldog aka Jong-kook’s choice.

Wait, does this mean Gary has a fighting chance after all? (Just let me live in my fantasy world!) Then Team GD wins first place.

It’s off to the swimming pool for their third game, and the boys try their best to maintain their balance on the water mats. The teams will have one minute to jump rope 30 times, run down the mats, and hope that Ji-hyo will accept their rose. Ji-hyo: “This is a great day!”

It’s pretty cool that these mats can withstand a man’s weight, but jumping rope on it is no easy task. Kwang-soo falls in after a few jumps, and then the jumprope breaks in Jong-kook’s hands. Lol.

Seung-ri puts in an impressive showing and then runs down with seconds to spare… only to fall in. Aww. Both Jae-suk and Gary jump the first 29, and GD sprawls flat on the mat after his one and last jump.

Then GD runs down and throws his rose… and Ji-hyo catches it. But it’s not over yet as the other teams contest the win, citing that it wasn’t a legitimate jump. The decision is put forth to Princess Mung… who declares a do-over.

So Team GD tries again, and the first rose is too short. Something strange happens when Gary and GD runs as the distance between the mat and basket widen. Sure enough, it’s the work of the devilish hands of the other teams who have been pulling the mats back. Heehee.

It only gets better (or worse?) from there as we catch Kwang-soo rolling up the runway as Haha runs down it. Suffice it to say, the roses fail to make it in.

After GD falls on his butt (twice), the other teams resort to separating the mats. Then we see Haha dragging Ji-hyo away on her floating throne. Team GD still tries to throw their roses anyway, but they all fall short.

Everyone agrees to fair play, but those are just words as Team Daesung speeds down the runway with mats flying anyway. At this point, the distraction tactics, though entertaining, borders on ridiculousness and to fill airtime.

Jo PD allows them to continue, and Daesung shouts: “Let’s just go with this for eight weeks!”

Night falls by the time Team Seung-ri gets another shot, and thankfully, this time, they win it fair and square.

Now nice and dry, The cast gathers at the final mission location. It’s basically a card game battle of wits where the teams will trade cards with Ji-hyo in three rounds. The team whose hand beats the total sum of Ji-hyo’s will win the gold. If not, Ji-hyo will get to keep her treasure.

Ji-hyo currently holds 4 cards ranked 10-13 in her hand. Team Seung-ri is up first and chooses 11 while Ji-hyo takes their highest card: 7. Team GD picks 12, and then hands over a 6. Oy, I can tell there’s going to be a lot of math involved.

Daesung bursts laughing after he draws a card, and sure enough, he’s chosen the lowest card in Ji-hyo’s hand. Then Ji-hyo takes their highest: 9. At the end of the first round, Ji-hyo is in the lead with 39.

Team Seung-ri is in a good position in the second round, but so is Team GD as they choose the highest (13) card. Damn Kwang-soo’s perpetual bad luck as he draws another low card. At least Ji-hyo does too, and they hold fast to that tiny glimmer of hope.

By the time the third round rolls around, Team GD is in the lead with 29. It’s hard to tell what the final count is by Suk-jin’s expression, though it doesn’t seem to be all bad by the end of their turn.

Team GD is in danger of losing either of two highest cards in the game. Jong-kook draws the Ace (1) again, and then offers his team’s paltry cards. Finally, the boys decide upon Gary to choose the card Ji-hyo will burn.

One by one, the teams reveal their cards. Team Seung-ri ends up with 19, Team GD has 25(!), and well… Team Daesung pulls in a 9. That shot with Jong-kook holding up the Ace card is priceless.

Now it’s Ji-hyo’s turn, and her first two cards add up to 21. And then she holds up an 11. With a total of 38, Gold Ji-hyo lives up to her name and takes home the gold.


81 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mesut ozil

    i like this episode so much..lot of monday couple moment in this episode..i feel ji hyo also have a same feeling to gary..monday couple jjang..hope they become a real couple…

    • 1.1 xji

      Sadly, Ji Hyo already has a boyfriend 🙁

      • 1.1.1 hoaa

        really? who is it?

        • soprection

          I believe it’s the CEO of her present management company. It came out not too long after she joined the company over a year ago now.

          • RunningManFan

            No, I heard they broke up. That’s why Gary can do that. If she had a boyfriend I don’t think the PD or Jihyo would let that happen

  2. Jam

    Next time I really hope they would bring Top and Taeyang along too!

  3. maymay

    Omg…love tht ji hyo finally gets some attention as a girl. .she’s purty but sometimes the boys forget that. But wow gary really stepped it up. I was surprised by the kiss…just like the time joong ki stole a kiss. GD is really cute with the aegyo.

  4. Andrea

    I almost had a heart attack when Gary kissed Ji Hyo. And you don’t live in a fantasy world Gummi, I agree that GARY TOTALLY HAS A FIGHTING CHANCE.

    Moving on. This episode was lots of fun, but what I loved more that our guys’ crazy antics or the hilarious ridicoulesness that came out of some games is that Ji Hyo was treated like a princess. She totally deserved it. And to top it off, she’s so awesome that she also won! Long live our Ace, Running Man wouldn’t be the same without such an amazing woman.

  5. panshel

    JiYong is seriously so pretty. He was really fun to watch this episode with his muddy mohawk and fail jump roping skills. The running on water game had me in stitches with them pulling the mat back, then Kwang Soo rolling it up, then parting it in the middle.

    But bow down to the Ace. It never occurred to me that Ji Hyo could win (I thought only the three teams were competing), so when Jo PD announced Mong Ji could take it all, I was rooting for her all the way. Not only did she win, but she would’ve won regardless of which card Gary removed. Gold, not diamonds, is a girl’s best friend.

  6. roo

    This was such an outstanding episode! I laughed from beginning to end! Big Bang were the perfect variety guests, giving us such hilarious moments from the very beginning.

    Monday Couple Moments are always something I look forward to in each episode and this week sure delivered them! You won’t hear me complaining about that. 🙂


  7. Melissa

    Ace Ji-hyo is really the Ace! And yay for Jiyong, Daesung and Seungri on the show! <3

  8. nomad


  9. Lilian

    At first when Jong Kook carried her, I thought to myself..did we get the pairing wrong all this while??? Then Gary gave her the kiss and everyone was like woohoo! Monday couple first kiss! More interesting than WGM XD

    Isn’t it interesting too that the dog Jong Kook chose dominated over the other dogs too when it came to drinking water from the bowl…hahahha

  10. 10 luvs

    ^ as a SpartAce shipper I think ya’ll do 😛 but it’s all in good fun

    • 10.1 Lydia

      totally! SPARTACE FOR THE WIN! XD

  11. 11 lin

    watched this episode twice because of how awesome it was!! and watched gary’s kiss over 10 times! ahahah. GD is so awesome too. i love how down to earth he was in this episode. made me love him moreeeee (didn’t know that was possible). daesung is so damn funny too! wish he’d come out on variety shows more often. hehe LOVE RUNNINGMANNNNNNNN

  12. 12 sakura

    Felt like spartakooks put in 101% effort this ep, LOVED it!

  13. 13 Ethalina

    LOL imo this is a Spartace episode. I was practically foaming at the mouth since the last week’s preview of Jongkook screaming out “JIHYO!”
    In my mind he says: JIHYO! (saranghae!)

    When he picked up Jihyo I was BEYOND delirious. And in the end- an ACE card? FATE?
    lol I guess that’s just me though.

    • 13.1 Raptor

      Yeah that’s just you unfortunately. The rest were all going gaga over the MC kiss all over the Net

    • 13.2 Spartace

      No! I’m with you all the way! I totally love KJK and SJH! I love how he fought for her all the way. I think that Gary (love him too) just took the spotlight away from Spartace. If it wasn’t for the kiss, this would have been a Spartace episode!

  14. 14 mileylinton

    this was one of my fav ep…..monday couple jjang!!!
    the mud game was hilarious!!!

  15. 15 bjharm

    lol when i saw the photos of the them days back the first thing that crossed my mind this the ace cashing in her win from hong kong finally, though I am kind of surprised she went she a princess theme, unless of course she was just told that how it would go by the PD’s and she went along with it. I was kind of hoping the episode all about her would have her and lots of young hot guys she could make a fuss over and ignore the six RM guys for the episode, much like she has had to put up with so many times when ever there a girl under 22 appearing on the show. I know it all for laughs but really some of those men a more than old enough to be girls that young fathers and the sexism of it always to me.

  16. 16 ladyhahn

    im happy that jihyo has her own ep! being treated like a princess,not having to suffer,yet winning the gold? totally best day ever for her!

    oh kwangsoo,i dont think jihyo’s 57.8kg,she looks like she has been losing weight lately.

    daesung,gd & seungri? ah,perfect guest for this ep.funny how gd can only laugh over d ridiculous mission they have to endure.and daesung witty reply,he hasnt losing his varietydol skills (and being in d same group w jongkook,brings back FO memories)

  17. 17 iim

    Honestly, It’s been very long time ago for my last RM and I watch it now because my BIG BANG. RM eps 163 was just hilarious from the beginning to the end. I agree with you gummy. I also envy JiHyo( being princess in a day). my favorite scene was swimming pool coz GD keep falling and falling again. thanks for recap

  18. 18 Pebbles

    The pool scene, where GD keeps on falling was hilariously funny. I really enjoyed this episode a lot…

  19. 19 jel

    Am I the only one who didnt really enjoy this episode? It was just a lot of silly non-action (except the 1st) mini games, and Ji Hyo honestly didnt have to do alot to win the ep. The work was done by the men.

    And the MC moments are getting really forced IMO, never really enjoyed them.

    Thankfully to me, this was one bad episode in a string of really good ones

    • 19.1 aisuzieya

      im not a fan of the episode. i only enjoyed the dogs cuz the puppies are so beautiful! this is BB’s second outing for RM iirc, and i still find them not entertaining enough for variety (with the exception of Daesung). the games are boring, the idols are quiet but the RM regulars are as funny as ever, but still cant save the uneventful episode

      • 19.1.1 Torvaltz

        To be fair, I heard that Seungri got the flu during filming and that he lost his voice because of how sick he was.

    • 19.2 bd

      Thought this was the best ep in a while – actual fun games w/ good banter and backstabbing/cheating -the stuff that actually makes RM a fun watch.

      Much better than the previous idol heavy ep or the previous Big Bang appearance.

  20. 20 Running Man Fan

    Is it Spartace Vs Monday couple episode?

    Jong kook carried Ji Hyo Vs Gary plant a kiss on JH cheek

    Jong kook shout out Ji Hyo and his effort to win Vs Gary steadfast love

    Jong kook pick a bulldog and Gary predict JH like Bulldog… Lol.. Is it competition for real in a variety context?

    If I am Ji Hyo, I will be happy with these attention especially with the Big Bang guys.. Envy her. Lol. Horray for small eyes brothers – Jong kook and daesung is cute, plus Kwang Soo. Remember the FO time with Jae suk..

    Nothing very classic or funny but gonna like the first game and these men getting muddy and struggling. Only Jong Kook can withstand the pull!! The last game is nothing special, except for the priceless expression when unlucky Jong kook gets the ACE!! Lol.

    Last of all all the guys look smart in their suits and the ending not surprising as Ji Hyo still wins and maintain her Gold Ji Hyo status. 🙂

  21. 21 rotwein

    Well, this was a fun episode. The muddy part was hilarious, and seeing all the boys treating ji hyo like a princess was priceless. I watched the part where Gary kissed ji hyo several times. But still, I wish this is not the episode which will be all about her. I hope the episode dedicated to ji hyo will be one where she could be more active and could show her usual self. Altough this was a fun episode, the fake princess ji hyo just sat there and did nothing. She is such a strong and intelligent woman, I hope the dedicated episode will emphasize these qualities of her and her capability

    • 21.1 bjharm

      I would suggest that the idea is the PD rather than hers and she just went along with it. It not as if they were ever really going to do a show just for her ie how she wanted it, and she a team player anyway.

  22. 22 Morwena

    Although I like Monday Couple as much as the next girl, I would really like her to end up with Kim Joong Kook in real life. I mean, as somebody already mentioned, he gave 101% this episode. I just can’t shake off the feeling that Gary did everything for entertainment purposes while Kookie actually wanted to treat Ji Hyo as a princess irregardless of winning or not. It has been practically weeks since I last saw him so determined to do well plus it is more than obvious that the treasures her sincerely. Not to mention he choose the Ace…coincidence or fate? Anyway, I wish Ji Hyo to be happy, whether it is with Gary, Kookie or her CEO boyfriend.

    • 22.1 the68monkey

      I have to agree with you. When Jong-kook picked her up at the start of the show, I was thinking that Monday Couple days were coming to an end, with SpartAce pairing being the new RM pairing. But not to be outdone, Kang Gary has a re-do with a show-stopping kiss on the cheek!

      It’s all about the entertainment, and Gary plays right into what the audience wants for their Monday Couple. Jong-kook’s actions don’t seem to be as much about the entertainment as for a true affection for Ji-hyo (whether purely platonic or romantic). Did you notice how he was even getting after HaHa in the mud field when he started talking down to her, about how it’s only for one day? Hehe.

      And I have to agree with other comments here that G-Dragon was a bit bland, even if he was adorable with his mud mohawk, cutesie face at the rest stop, and jump rope goof-ups. For having such an intense performing presence, he was incredibly quiet and bland for RM. Seung-ri had the most personality onscreen of the three members who were guests.

      Good episode, not great, but a solid good one with some sparks and pairing questions flying. Nice that Ji-hyo’s reward for winning so many episodes was that she was treated like a princess (and still ended up winning the gold), but I would have preferred to see her not literally dressed as a princess. Our Ace could have been pampered while given a less helpless image, I think.

      • 22.1.1 bd

        KJK acts like an “oppa” to Ms. Mung (in the brotherly sense, not the romantic sense) and while Gary plays up the whole MC couple thing, I think SJH really finds his antics funny/amusing.

        There are some who don’t think SJH and Gary are close, but while the whole MC thing may be for entertainment purposes, one can see that SHJ is quite comfortable w/ Gary (which is quite the contrast w/ how they started off) where she doesn’t mind the skinship, sharing food/drink, letting Gary feed her, etc.

        While SJH has known Suk-jin for a longer period of time, she doesn’t let Suk-jin feed her.

  23. 23 ailee

    this was a very entertaining episode. finally got to see our adorable big bang boys again well minus the other two. it’s still more than enough 😀 however I’m a bit skeptical about something. there was a spoiler article that said Ms Mong outsmarted the boys in the final round. I watched the ending and was quite disappointed about the article. the final round was just pure luck. It had absolutely nothing to do with using your brain. ’twas quite misleading. I was probably very excited to watch how she supposedly outsmarted the boys. never gonna read anymore spoiler articles in the future. lesson learned.

  24. 24 Cynthia

    I know it’s an excellent RM when I pull up DB and see Gummimochi’s newest RM recap and a big smile comes over my face just thinking about all the funny for the episode!

    Princess Ji-hyo deserved her day of uber-pampering – and who better to help out in the worship department than the boys of Big Bang! Just the image of GD shooting out all those eye hearts at Ji-hyo made me totally crack up, and during the mud race when he slicked his hair up into that ‘Ed Grimley(SNL Martin Short character)’ point after doing the backstroke w/Jae-suk had me dying.

    There was only one segment that I wasn’t too fond of and that was the final card game – could be the math phobia I have (Yeah, I know playing a game of cards isn’t all that “math-y”, but I still feel the brain freeze start to form the second I have to use numbers. Sad, huh?)

    Anyway, I was happy to see that Ji-hyo got her kiss and her gold and that everybody had a fun time! Several strong RM EPs in a row must have some effect on the ratings (not that I can ever see this show being canceled. BFF, yes. RM, no.)

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi – appreciated as always!

  25. 25 Quiet Thought

    I think one of the reasons that Ji Hyo is so popular in ‘Running Man’ is that she gets to smile a lot more than in her dramas. She always plays these prim, proper characters who never seem to enjoy themselves much.

    • 25.1 nomad

      Until I saw her in the Jackals. Loved her in that!

      • 25.1.1 B-Gna

        Too bad teh movie was shit.

  26. 26 zakin89

    So many great moments again (RM seems to be on a roll with good episodes lately!) =)

    Favourite moment: Monday Couple! I have no idea how often I’ve watched the kiss by now but it still makes me giggle and squee like a little girl xD

    It always baffles me how different GD is on variety shows! He’s so adorable and shy but all the while totally lovable and awesome!

    Loved the praises from the cast to get favoured by Ji Hyo before the first game^^ Seungri’s rendition of ‘Because You’re my Woman’ and GD’s ‘Noona, Noona’ screams were so adorable 😀

    Oh and have I mentioned that I LOVE all games that include mud? Seriously it was hilarious see them stumbling and getting all dirty (I can’t get over how hot GD looked with all the dirt on xD)^^
    And That one time when GD fell backwards slowly like in slow motion…Cracked me up so much! (watched that scene a couple of times as well xD)

    The second game was also quite funny and I don’t know why but it is just hilarious to watch grown man running after dogs do catch them 😀

    The third game… I have never seen those water mats before but I want those! That would make some fun activities in the summer 😀
    It was a bit long but I didn’t mind because the sabotage tactics got more and more ridiculous^^ And you the way GD did those last jups landing in a sitting position…. Why so cute oppa? 😀
    Oh and I really wouldn’t mind to wake up to GD lying next to me with a rose in his mouth^^

    The card swapping game in the end 😀 Man it was hilarious to see their reactions and that picture of Spartakooks with the ace? Priceless 😀

    And why wasn’t I surprised taht Ji Hyo won in the end? I mean…She always wins the gold 😀

  27. 27 kpoppin'

    Ahh, this episode is finally recapped! I watched the subbed version on Monday (hee) and I couldn’t stop laughing from start to end. I screamed when Gary kissed Jihyo (Monday couple for the win!), laughed so hard at the mud part and the water part. The dogs really match the people who caught them LOL. And I saw some comments on akp where the commenters were like “how can we be Song Jihyo so we’ll get that kind of treatment too”… Well, who wouldn’t want to have Gary kiss them, carried around by Spartakook and have BIGBANG charm them?

  28. 28 Looibee

    Fave moments.

    1) GD, Seungri and Daesung enter the scene.
    2) Monday Couple first kiss. (finally!)
    3) GD’s “noona” and wink
    4) Kookie’s bulldog and won
    5) GD’s triple fall on his butt. (yes, me is GD’s bias)
    6) Jihyo disqualify Red’s win and threw the rose into the water
    7) Kookie’s Ace card. (Monday couple might have that kiss but SpartAce is in the card! Heh)
    8) Geum Jihyo ftw!

  29. 29 Running Man Fan

    All the dogs resemble their characters… 🙂 love it especially bulldog that look like KJK.. The most powerful man/ dog… Haha

  30. 30 the68monkey

    Also, it’s nice to see a new game here with the bungee cord race in the mud field. I like it! Throw out those accupressure mats and use the mud field again! 😀

  31. 31 danelle

    I don’t think gary is the type of person to act just for entertainment’s sake. He always seem to mean what he says or does. Not much of an actor really.

  32. 32 Rovi

    Gary points to himself: “Me?” So punny. (The first character gae also means “dog.”)

    You forgot, kang (yet different hanja) also means “dog”. Example: Kang’aji

    Punny puns is funny. XD

  33. 33 Hari

    I’m with Andrea and Gummi…living in my Monday Couple fantasy! I love it when Gary has a chance to show his humor and flirtness. I didn’t think about Ji-hyo having a chance to win either.

  34. 34 gigi

    This was a cute episode. It had a lot of fun cast interaction, guests who were game, and PUPPIES!! After reading these comments, I may have to watch it again. I know Monday Couple but SpartAce is a thing??? I thought I knew all, but you guys are introducing me to a whole another dimension. Things just got interesting.

    And on a superficial tip, Seungri (?) is one fine specimen. Damn, that boy is hot.

    • 34.1 the68monkey

      Seung-ri definitely was the most animated and funny of the three BB members this time! He’s got great chemistry with the RM folks.

      • 34.1.1 bd

        Both Seung-ri and Daesung are witty, funny guys and are the best 2 Big Bang members for variety.

        Nice to see Daesung back doing variety w/ YJS and KJK.

    • 34.2 Jenn

      SpartAce – when paired together can’t be beat… check out some of the past episodes when they were spies together – it’s daebak!! They rock 🙂

  35. 35 Jenn

    The only thing I didn’t love about this episode is how it was shot – you can tell that the 1st part and last part were filmed in sequence since outfits and hair are identical… while the mud/water/park games were filmed at a different time. Anyone else annoyed by that?

    • 35.1 soprection

      I just assumed that they had changed back into their original outfits for the last part (which is possible) so it didn’t bother me.

      • 35.1.1 Jenn

        Actually if you look closely at the opening and closing pics in the recap, you can see that sunglasses/hats, hair and clothes are identical – it was shot together… only difference is that Yoo Jae Suk added a hat during the card game.

    • 35.2 Katherine


  36. 36 Quiet Thought

    Stuff guys don’t know about: what kind of effect is Ji Hyo going for in a situation like this, playing a glamorous princess part, with bright lipstick but, as near as I can tell, no eye make-up? She sometimes looks startlingly different in her CF, drama, and movie roles, because, as near as I can tell, for some parts she wears fancy warpaint about the eyes and eyebrows like the other actresses, and in some, she doesn’t.

    • 36.1 Bamsa

      I agree with you. I am a big fan of Ace and she is one of the very few strong smart woman that I see in the variety. I felt like she could have done better eye make-up to go with the bright lipstick. Honestly, I didn’t like the outfit as well.

      • 36.1.1 Quiet Thought

        Yeah, she wasn’t really wearing a dress in the first and last scenes. It was a pair of shorts with a fake, transparent skirt. Very odd outfit.

      • 36.1.2 bd

        Ace is not the type to wear eye make-up normally.

        Think GD was wearing more eye make-up than Ms. Mung.

  37. 37 soprection

    Haha, this episode was fun. Jihyo totally deserves to be treated like a queen princess and I’m super glad she won. I actually thought she was going to have to give up some of the gold prizes she had won previously (that they mentioned at the beginning of this episode) which seemed super unfair so I’m glad that that wasn’t the case.

    I loved the Monday Couple moments. I don’t think there’s anything real there but it’s cute for the show and that’s what matters.

    Big Bang were good sports, especially for that first challenge. Any game played in mud is bound to be a hoot.

    Thank you for the recap!

  38. 38 Mia

    i love this episode <3 Ace jjang!
    thank you for the recap!

  39. 39 monologue

    This episode was pretty funny! GD must really like running man ’cause he really tried his best to be funny. Sometimes it was a little obvious but I thought it was cute n funny anyway. I wish Daesung had gotten more chances.

    I think haha’s interference might’ve been the thing that cracked me up the most this time but gary was pretty funny too.

  40. 40 A

    Last game was so boring…all luck no brains

    • 40.1 Quiet Thought

      Interesting, as it was a variation on “Old Maid”, and anyone could have played the game of trying to psych the other player into picking the bad card. Ji Hyo shuffled them blind so no one could read her. She trusted to luck.

  41. 41 jademwong

    Absolutely loved this ep. Big Bang was hilarious; Daesung was born for variety, GD is as adorable as can be, and Seungri is so competitive, it balances them all out lol. Also I love the attention on Ji Hyo! She deserves it! Laughed my way through this ep. Two thumbs up!

  42. 42 mrshobbes

    Couldn’t. Stop. Laughing. at the water game. OMG. All the dirty playing (ironic) and I was practically falling out of my chair with the giggles. And I LOVE that last twist in the card game where Ji-Hyo wins the gold for herself!

    Daesung and Seungri are really super funny in variety, so it was real refreshing to see GD let loose in this episode–I’m pretty sure his last jump rope “flops” on the mat weren’t entirely accidental.

    Some have commented on the mud game as being “cruel,” and while I don’t really agree, I was thinking that given those are bungee cords, they must’ve bruised themselves along their waists with all the pulling that happened. Ouch.

  43. 43 Raptor

    Solid ep with freshly invented games, each and every single one. RM must love Ji Hyo a lot

  44. 44 onyxx

    if anything, i found this episode funnier than the last one. my favorite part was “choose the right dog” segment. i love dogs and the fact that it was a hilarious portion made it an irresistible combination for me LOL!

  45. 45 Betty

    I am so happy Ji Hyo was the queen of the episode! Loved it 🙂

  46. 46 bd

    Thought this was the best RM ep in while; a good bit better than the previous idol-heavy ep as well as the previous ep featuring Big Bang.

    This ep had way more fun games which allowed for the fun banter and good-natured cheating which is the hallmark of RM.

    The games in the previous idol-heavy ep and even the name-tag ripping w/ Big Bang really didn’t lead to either (got to see Seung-ri and Daesung offer funny quips, as well as the rest of the RM cast).

    The best were all the antics used to stifle the running/throwing of the rose.

    Seung-ri is an underappreciated member of BB (he’s quite witty) and it’s good to see Daesung back on variety, esp. w/ his hyungs YJS and KJK.

    GD was alright, but then again, I don’t what the big deal is about him.

    He’s kinda like JGS, not either “pretty” or handsome and w/ the physique of an 11 year old boy/girl (except he’s a lot less annoying than JGS).

    As for YJS’s outfit, it struck me as being more of a band leader outfit than anything really military which made it funnier.

  47. 47 luvyluna

    Imagine myself in hectic schedule for my1 album promo n tour, n preparation for group album, somehow I can understand mr.crooked tiredness.. but I appreciate his effort to join n enjoy the game.. ( I can see his1 dark circles ). Ji Hyo is aooo cute when she give an answer to youngie.. make the boy a bit flustered… kekeke…. Gary kiss make EVERYONE gasp, n us happy!! Gary jjang! N Gwangsoo run to kiss her too? Made me ROFL…. hahaha…. hope if any next time spend with bigbang, they’re in a low schedule so we can see they all out.

  48. 48 KJKFan

    Does anyone know the name of the song when the BB members were coming in during the opening? I think it’s a GD or BB song but I don’t know which one

    • 48.1 KJKFan

      If anyone still wants to know, it’s GD’s Crooked

  49. 49 Abi

    What’s the brand of the polo shirts they used at the mud and swimmingpool scene???

  50. 50 Chris

    Okay… there is no way that they actually get to keep the gold right? Each gold bar is a kilo which I believe is worth around $43000. There were I think 6 in that case so that would be around $258000.

    • 50.1 KJKFan

      Actually if you observe closely, there are the small “R” buttons on each bar… Those are the actual gold

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