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Time-traveling Mi-rae’s Choice begins script rehearsals
by | September 9, 2013 | 108 Comments

The fun begins on Mi-rae’s Choice (aka Future Choice), which held its first script rehearsal with the main cast several days ago. This is the time-traveling show starring Yoon Eun-hye as the heroine whose future self (played by veteran actress Choi Myung-gil, 51) finds a way to travel back to try to get her younger self to choose differently.

In the present day storyline, Yoon Eun-hye plays a bright and confident writer at the broadcast station where our characters work, while her leading man Lee Dong-gun plays a broadcast announcer with a brusque demeanor. Normally I’d figure it’s the heroine who’ll get through his prickly armor to win his heart, except for the fact that Future Mi-rae (heh, Future Future) is here to warn Present Mi-rae not to marry him. While she’s at it, can she tell Mi-rae to get a different perm?

(My big struggle with this premise: Whatever happened to learning from your mistakes, growing as a person, and building character? How are we to believe this isn’t just a selfish misappropriation of the wormhole device? Okay, not like other wormhole narratives are drowning in selfless heroism, but at least in Dr. Jin and Faith the travelers had no say in their jumps, and in Queen In-hyun’s Man there were royal plots to uncover with big life-and-death stakes. In Nine the guy was trying to prevent deaths and exact revenge against big evils, and in Back to the Future our guy had to fix the stuff he himself messed up. So within this context, time-skipping to smooth over your personal regrets seems like the kind of thing Fate would kick you in the ass for. And fine, maybe Fate stories don’t coexist with Wormhole stories in this world, only this is a K-drama, so of course Fate has to be somewhere, biding her time. Just you wait. She’ll get you.)

Annnyway, back to the show. Jung Yong-hwa is the other male lead and he’ll be a gentle, charismatic sort who also happens to be playing undercover boss. Han Chae-ah completes the love rectangle as a reporter.

Mi-rae’s Choice will follow Good Doctor and premieres October 14.

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108 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. sweetcloud

    A lot of dramas tend to deviate from their original plot so I’ll wait and see what they do with the strange set up. But YEH’s ahjumma perm worries me, seriously. Also with her previous drama choices, I went from anticipating her dramas post Goong and Coffee Prince era to watching through my fingers. But Yonghwa chose this over Heirs, it makes me curious, also Han Chae Ah is a treat to watch.

    • 1.1 blueskymaiden

      oh my, oh my, boy did we miss you Lee Dong Gun….

    • 1.2 dora

      My opinion is basically the same.
      I really miss her Goong and Coffee Prince days…

      Take care of the young lady, Lie to me and I miss you were all bad.
      Please Yoon Eun Hye, tell me you chose the right drama this time!

  2. Kdramas

    I cannot focus on comprehending the premise when staring with a horrified expression at YEH’s hairdo. Duuuuuude, WTF is ON her head??

    • 2.1 mellina

      i read that it’s for the character and she will lose it when the story develop

      • 2.1.1 mary

        Oh good.

        Is it the first thing Old Mi-rae tells her to do? Because if it is, then I think Old Mi-rae is a VERY sensible ahjumma.

        Also, why is Lee Dong Gun so hot? Seriously, he looks like he has a fever.

        Still, HOT.

        • yellowroad

          hahaha, that picture horrifies me. If there is one thing YEH is known for, it’s how photogenic she is, but that above picture belies that and has done the impossible, a post 2005, public picture of YEH looking a hot ass mess. No Bueno.

        • mellina

          i know right. Even he just wear casual look. Imagine if he wear suit n tie! before i was excited for YEH but not it’s another story. I am sure i will get nosebleed whenever LDG appear. LOL

    • 2.2 MariD

      ๐Ÿ™ this how my hair looks with humidity. I’m going to cry, I have Ahjumma hair! Saddest part it’s that it’s my real hair, not a perm.

      • 2.2.1 ys

        I feel you, sistah.

      • 2.2.2 Lilo

        Aint gonna lie. Just washed my hair and it looks exactly like that. ๐Ÿ™

  3. xxvxx

    Her hair. Oh god. That is all.

    Also, the male leads looking very yum.

    • 3.1 tiny

      LDG & JY look like dong-gaps.

      • 3.1.1 Mayakho

        That’s exactly what i see. So look a likee
        and oh my, oh my, YEH,,get rid of those hairs!!

      • 3.1.2 Aqee

        Exactly what i’m thinking..!

    • 3.2 skelly

      I looked at the picture before I looked at the headline to see which drama we were talking about, and I seriously did not recognize her. I hope her character in the beginning is supposed to be a hot mess, because that what it looks like.

      • 3.2.1 Waiting


        I took a second look as well. My first reaction was “eesh!”, but then I thought it shows that she can be a chameleon which is a very good thing for an actor.

  4. misz_me

    first word come out my mouth when i saw YEH – worst hair evva!!

    okay, now off to read~

  5. Camille

    PYH looks so much like LDG!!!!! O.O

    • 5.1 Camille

      JYH!!! Sorry Hahaha

    • 5.2 djes

      yeah.. I knew LDG way before Yonghwa even debuted, and never crossed in my mind that they look similar!

      ..but i guess this because the photo’s angle.

      I was planning not to watch this – but now I think I would check 1-2 eps when it airs.

      • 5.2.1 Waiting


        In every angle, they really do look like brothers.

        The book end brothers… oh happy day!

  6. dee

    yeh’s perm hair look so ugly.
    the problem with ldg he just have one expression. totally pass this drama

  7. lemon84

    I love YEH but seriously her hair? U guys right! Hope she doesn’t ‘use’ that hair as mirae.. pleaseee!!! And why suddenly lee dong gun looks handsome? I know him as won bin character friend in that japanese korean drama title friends.. hurmss.. it’s beean a while.. ^^
    Ahhh talking about won bin [my biased] when I can see him on the small screen.. sigh

  8. mtan

    omg the worst hairstyle in dramaland. the should change the title of this drama to “the ugly mi-rae”

  9. snow_white

    Lee Dong Gun looks soooooo young!!!!!

    By the way, I’m finding the premise interesting….

  10. 10 HallyuQueen

    As per the story, Mirae (Yoon Eun Hye) will be shocked when she gets the lowest grade at a matchmaking service/marriage counselor center. She will try to change herself. So her hair won;t be like this throughout the whole drama. It’s temporary. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BTsWCppCcAAKYf3.jpg

    Also, her character is supposed to be someone who got the lowest score in a matchmaking so they have to at least try to make it hard for her to pass the matchmaking..

    I applaud her for always changing her appearance. Even in LTM, TVM, and in MY, when her hairstyles are ALMOST similar, she still looks completely different in each drama. I mean, I’m really thankful since most actresses look the same in each project that they have.. or the biggest change those actresses will have will be cutting their hair like 2-3 inches only… And maybe they’ll put it up or curl it one day…

  11. 11 Anna

    Well, she certainly isn’t shy about experimenting with her looks to make every character she plays different from the ones before. The look and the personality of the character have to find a perfect balance for it to have an identity of its own. It’s kinda hard to speculate when we really don’t know much as of yet, better to just sit tight and wait.

  12. 12 Jen

    Dunno what to feel. Waeeeeee? Okay, I’ll just laugh this off. Haha
    But I’m really proud of her for being so brave experimenting with her hair and looks. Very professional.

  13. 13 Joy

    Yeh is very professional and very daring on her hair….she mentioned before she changed from her hairstyle and dressing to suit the character for every drama. Looking forward to 14 Oct!

  14. 14 Mystisith

    I like Lee Dong Gun a lot but not the story or the rest of the cast. Will pass then. *Sad face.*

  15. 15 Tata

    I normally hate when people perm their hair. It normally looks ugly. One of my classmates did that once and looked like a poodle. Hopefully she wont show up with this hair for long hahaha

  16. 16 Libay

    I wonder what kind of hairstyle will be later, she is very brave to makeover, it shows how professional she is, she is not afraid of the changes so far do not favor, my girl is amazing so the I admire so much, by the way, I can not wait more, this drama is killing me, please, please let it be October already.

  17. 17 Minoz Marjan

    ๐Ÿ™‚ I like Yo Eun Hye’s features and acting! ๐Ÿ™‚

    the story line sounds interesting!! If I am not mistaken,this drama will be on air after the drama “Good doctor”!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    “Moon Chae Won” and “Yo Eun Hye” are both my favorite actresses!!
    watching my favorite actresses’ dramas back 2 back!!!

    AND ABOVE ALL,I AM DYING 2 WATCH “The heirs”!!!
    WOW!!!! AWESOME!!

  18. 18 damianna

    future mi-rae’s number one task. get present mi-rae a make over quick! female leads almost always made to look unattractive while the second female leads almost always look pretty. maybe they aim to make us be awed once she’s had her transformation.

    sometimes, its clear that the the female lead is the prettiest in that story but nobody seems to notice it.

    male leads however, almost always look charming (they’re mostly chaebols so of course), but second male leads look good too even if they’re not chaebols. i mean come on, even if the girl is not rich, trust me she’ll know if a hairstyle doesn’t suit her.

    forgive me for ranting but i think this is the side effect for sticking with ‘her legend of doormat’. i will watch mi rae’s choice no matter what.

  19. 19 popog

    Shocked with YEH permed hair. It is probably how Mi Rae supposed to look. She did cut her beautiful hair to be Go Eun Chan in Coffee Prince. She will probably have a makeover on the latter episodes. YEH you are such a professional.

  20. 20 Issey

    lthough her hairstyle is not considered fashionable, it might be for the drama as she is supposedly in the past. I hope she still projects a cute, charismatic and loveable character as in her other dramas. YAH!!! She’s Yoon Eun Hye…she has an aura that evokes beauty most importantly within. Her beauty is also shown from her heart and that’s when she becomes so beautiful on the outside too!

  21. 21 Joanne

    Reading the reactions on YEH’s hair on the drama thread and here was amusing.
    YEH is really brave in trying new looks that she thinks fits her character that we always react whatever it is.
    Most of the time we loved it and there are rare times that we don’t agree with each other as some liked it and others disliked it.
    But YEH never disappointed us once we see the drama/movie and then we’ll realize that the hair certainly fits her character.
    Anyway can’t wait for Oct. to come already. I’m excited as they start filming tomorrow.

    • 21.1 Windsun33

      What I found amusing is that over half the comments are on her hairstyle instead of the show itself, the plot, the writer & director, etc.

      Doncha think that maybe it is SUPPOSED to look horrid in the beginning?

  22. 22 Kimchi

    YEH’s hair is drawing much interest to the drama and that’s very good! People will be curious to know what Mi Rae is like in the beginning and how her character will metamorphose from being this girl who probably doesn’t care about her looks into a successful, attractive young lady. If that’s the way it’s going then I’m lovin’ it! YEH looks happy and confident in those initial pics, that’s a very good sign of things to come. Start cranking up those excitement meters now!

  23. 23 mellina

    i am surprised how confident YEH was. if i had to rock that hair and had to face two handsome guys like LDG and YH, i wouldn’t dare to step out even an inch from my house. or maybe i will use hat or something to cover it. here she looks like she owns it and so comfortable with it. I admire her so much more! I bet through this drama, somebody who used to stay outside the spotlight can relate with her character. This is my YEH! always picking character that is close to reality (minus can go-back-to-the-past thing, mi rae is just plain Jane). But, sadly, some people really don’t understand her choice of character and keep criticize her.

    • 23.1 yoo

      “i am surprised how confident YEH was. if i had to rock that hair and had to face two handsome guys like LDG and YH, i wouldnโ€™t dare to step out even an inch from my house. ”

      yeah then you probably wouldn’t make it very well as an actress or famous person if you thought so much about what others think of what you look all the time

  24. 24 bibimbap

    The Old Mirae may warn her not to do certain things—and I assume a lot of those warnings have to do with her relationships with men—but I would like to think, given the track record of this scriptwriter, that the young Mirae will not be a wimpy, spineless gal who will do as her future self says. Freedom will still be very much relevant and that is where the plot gets interesting…

    As one of you posted earlier, it’s too early to pass a judgment on the drama. The best is to wait, watch a good number of episodes and then decide…that goes for YEH’s coiffure.

  25. 25 someone

    YEH’s hair :-O .. very brave and professional.. very detalied in her character’s look ~~ Are we also having betty la fea story here ??? VERYY EXCITING ~ LDG looks really dry? pale? what? YongHwa, this guy is handsome ~~ I’m looking forward to this !

  26. 26 miracleloveuknow

    ohh agree with u, yoon eun hye’s hair have been changed like it much,congras yours drama eunhye.hope successful,be love in drama.triangel :),i think it’s a interesting drama to watch , Jung yon hwa,Lee dong gun, Han Chae ah stars ,too

  27. 27 Stuart

    As amusing as the intense reactions all over the Net have been to YEH’s hair in these photos, it definitely does confirm the wisdom of the production/PR team in being very quick to reassure people that it’s only temporary. While I don’t find it hideous, I do wonder why so many people have such a hard time grasping the concept that an actor might change how they look to fit the needs of the part they’re playing. Not that I care, because I’m ineradicably convinced that YEH is a beautiful person on the inside, so she always looks good on the outside too.

    • 27.1 ilikemangos

      I’d like to see k-actors go above and beyond for their characters like in Hollywood where its a full on transformation (weight,hair). Now that’s dedication. I think the only big one I can think off the top of my head is miss Kim Sam soon, who gained a considerable amount of weight for her role. I’m not talking about the ones that have to buff it up or lose weight but the ones that really don’t fit south koreas standard of pretty.

    • 27.2 Windsun33

      “..why so many people have such a hard time grasping the concept that an actor might change how they look to fit the needs of the part theyโ€™re playing..”

      I found it kind of funny how many people are totally missing that idea, like they expect some anti-fashionista to still sport perfect hair when there is no way that type character would do so.

  28. 28 Ace

    WTF that hair!

    Anyway, I like the other female lead and both actors so I might check the first episode even if I’ve been burned by YEH’s dramas one too many times before. Plus, I completely agree with JB’s points about the time-travelling premise.

  29. 29 Ace

    Why is it that when I read comments on anything concerning YEH, I get suspicious some comments are made by the same person? Different names, but sounds and looks the same to me. Some fans are really weird. *shrugs*

  30. 30 lizzie

    it isn’t that we can’t accept a hairstyle but that must poor and kind hearted girls all have bad hairstyle and not good fashion? ? No! they can all be trendy.. wth plus they are sooo poor yet they have expensive bags and latest cell phones ! It’s ridiculous!

  31. 31 jhu

    lol. i scrolled down to the comments section as soon as i saw the pics anticipating disapproving comments about YEH’s ajumma hairdo. certainly enjoying them a lot more than this show promises to be.

    thanks peeps. certainly makes the experience bearable knowing i’m not the only one NOT feeling the do. (holds hand for moral support)

  32. 32 Sabah

    I agree with you about the issues in this time travelling premise where you get to right those things in your life in the ‘if only I had’ wish list of your heart. However this is something I wish I could do, go back and relive my youth but with the wisdom of maturity. This premise was handled really well in ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’ where Kathleen’s Turner gets to go back and ‘not’ marry her high school sweetheart and pay attention to people she disregarded and therefore missed out on knowing. She gets to not care about peer pressure and live out her teenage years being the person she should have been…in a very satisfying way.

    Of course, that wisdom she carries now only came with experience of making bad mistakes, or rather just not doing what everyone expected of her, even herself. It’s not that her high school sweetheart was bad, but he offered the norm, something safe when she didn’t have the courage to dare to take the less travelled road, and maybe that’s what Yong Hwa might be here…but it is all conjecture at this point because Kdrama previews/trailers/teasers have a history of being very misleading. Regardless, I’d love to see what they are going to do with this premise because as much as I loved Peggy Sue Got Married, it wasn’t perfect.

  33. 33 someone

    @ace as for me, I copied their comments ๐Ÿ™‚ hahahaha… loljoke ~ it’s because we have same reaction at soompi^^

  34. 34 mskololia

    …don’t like the premise surrounding the time travel. Too much focus on looking back and not dealing with the present….Pass.

    Thanks for the article.

  35. 35 Nokcha

    I really like most of the cast with the exception of YEH…and the premise seems a bit, well, overdone. I’ll probably watch the first episode and see how it rates on my cringe scale before I commit.

  36. 36 vegaspink

    1. YEH is a professional who likes to change her appearance for her characters…. Besides, it won’t last long.
    2. The premise of going back to change your future…. Many people will go back if they could. We are not saints. If we truly have the chance to change even one thing, we would. Maybe a small mistake or a big one, we would still change it. Getting in an accident that crippled you, breaking up with someone you really loved, winning the lottery, or any change that will make you happier, we would do it. These are all selfish changes that we would change. If not, then why are there many who hope for a time machine or regrets about one’s life. If you are unhappy and have the chance to change your past to be happy, you will go back.. Yes, many people will say that you would deal with it instead but really, I don’t believe that you wouldn’t if you have the chance…. Not many will think about the consequences because our selfishness will overpower that worry. The only reason I think people are calling her selfish is because time traveling is not a reality for us and we don’t have the chance to do so, but it is a possibility for her so we judge her even before knowing anything more to the story. In her reality, she can go back and change things. In our reality, we have no choice but to deal with our current lives.

    Anywayzzz, can’t wait for the drama!!

  37. 37 Alyyy

    Any news for “The Woman Trice Married”? Have they finally picked an actress? I’m dying to know who lands the role!

  38. 38 lotus

    Am I the only one that got this weird way of thinking ? As in whenever I read that YEH become a main, lead, the 1st scene that pop up my mind was the kissing scene……….he he he…..who will be the 1st lucky one? LDG or JYH?

  39. 39 Emaan

    Lee Dong Gun!!! Thank God he is back!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. 40 Saya

    “time-skipping to smooth over your personal regrets” — isn’t this pretty much the premise of Being Erica? I made it through a season and a half before I – a compulsive finisher – gave up, because there’s only so much makjang a person can take.

    On the other hand, it doesn’t *have* to be bad: if anyone has read The Eyre Affair (the Thursday Next, Literary Detective series) by Jasper Fforde [ BIG SPOILER ] there’s a character Thursday calls Granny, but a few books later, you actually find out it is Future Thursday come back to help her younger self. [END SPOILER]

    It’s a really great series, if anyone is interested – mixing literature and satire with time travel and detectives, underlaid by a moving, emotional story at its core.

    • 40.1 Windsun33

      There have been tons of movies and shows with a similar theme done in the past, from many countries. “The Butterfly Effect” is probably the most famous movie on the theme.

      Some writers do OK with the premise – others, not so much. I am a subscriber to the idea that the Butterfly Effect is real as a part of Chaos Theory, but many writers ignore it or get it wrong. We will see what happens here.

  41. 41 niKai

    Sorry and no offense but that hair is just downright ugly on her. Or at least, it makes for pretty ugly pictures.

  42. 42 Abbie

    Interesting. I like Yoon Eun-hye. This should be good. I love Jung Yong-hwa. He’ll be great.

    So who exactly is the leading man, Jung Yong-hwa or Lee Dong-gun?

  43. 43 Noelle

    I was like, “Who, is the curly haired ahjumma? Wait…oh no.”

    Sorry YEH I love you but your hair is ridic.

  44. 44 Ren

    Ah. Frankly, when I first saw Yoon Eun-hye’s hairstyle, I wondered if the producers were trying to make her channel Justin Timberlake’s iconic ramen hair. Hehe. But I don’t think it looks too terrible on hair and she’s probably going to have a make over either way (as is Dramaland tradition) so I can’t wait to see that. Anyway, the plot seems interesting so I’m intrigued and will probably watch the pilot! Thanks for posting!

    • 44.1 Ren

      Oops. “on her*”, I meant. Sorry.

  45. 45 riya88

    the story is like this movie.. its a korean movie..

    i think i m going to skip this…. though i loved the movie!

    • 45.1 sophia

      I was just going to post that! I liked the movie too but will skip this drama.

      I may be nuts but…I really don’t get YEH’s popularity. I’ve basically hated everything she’s done except for Coffee Prince and that’s only because of the genius that was Gong Yoo (can someone PLEASE give him a new drama so I can wipe my mental palate of the disaster that was BIG).

      I will be popping back into Dramabeans just to read the comments about her hair though. The beanut gallery is awesome…unlike YEH’s acting.

      *hauled to the stocks for heresy*

  46. 46 Windsun33

    I don’t quite understand all the comments on the hair, since I assume that it is part of the role she is playing. Why would we expect someone who starts out (apparently) as a total ditz be expected to sport the latest in sexy hair styles?

  47. 47 MizzMizzEka

    Thankyou God, for those years to shipper when Dong Gun Oppa comeback, now U give a look alike and hottie young man like YongHwa, too? Gumawooo!
    I hope it start welll and ends well, and KBS will have another success drama again (that I could watch in my tv kabel again, cuz lately SBS hook me in for their drama,”I Hear Your Voice”)
    Is Future Mirae will airing along the same time with Heirs?
    Fine! As long Jong Suk not appear being cameo at Heirs, I just want stay with DongGun Oppa.
    hopefully they will come as guest in Running Man *pleaseplease *begging ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 47.1 Nilechoclat

      No Future Mirae will be MON _ Tuesday
      Heirs Wednesday & Thursday

      • 47.1.1 MizzMizzEka

        Thankyou for your infoo, *glad

  48. 48 trotwood

    Any day with pictures of smoulder shoulders (LDG) is a great day. Can theyjust have him sitting somewhere reading? I’d even watch that.

  49. 49 merry

    Is it a stereotype of writers in South Korea? Do you recall Hyun Bin’s and Go Song Hyo’s Worlds Within, where there was writer with giganormous hair? From one with hair issues, i can say good luck to YEH. I admire her dedication to her craft. If such dry frizzy hair can turn to soft and silky, there must be a PPL somewhere hugging centre stage. I wish it wouldn’t distract.

  50. 50 merry

    One more, i have seen photos of LDG which showed him on the pouchy side. He must have reversed the slide and prepared arduously for his role. I hope this hasn’t sapped his energies though. But as with most men, the older they get the younger they look. So, LDG, bring us back your charm. I still recall Lovers in Paris LDG. Swoon.

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