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Two Weeks: Episode 13
by | September 18, 2013 | 98 Comments

We’re winding down to D-Day and everyone’s upping their game, drawing connections, and playing some classic cat and mouse. Granted our heroes appear to be the mice in this scenario and I’d never bet against a cat (evil geniuses, all), but for now all mice are still alive and accounted for. That’s kind of a victory, right?


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Tae-san slips inside Boss Moon’s house, having jumped through hoops to ensure it would be empty. That entails getting the prosecutors to hold Boss Moon under emergency arrest, the kind without a warrant that would keep him in custody for 48 hours. The downside: Jae-kyung’s evidence is rather light for a warrant, and if she can’t produce it within the timeframe they have to let him go. Right now it’s a risk they’re willing to take so Tae-san can get the digital camera back…

But Boss Moon is there at home, awaiting Tae-san’s break-in. AUGHHH. Slippery bastard.

Four hours earlier. Boss Moon sits in the interrogation room while Jae-kyung takes the report. She’s curiously relaxed, making him suspicious of her motivation, knowing that she’s not the type to rush into an arrest to only get one-half of the bad guys.

Jae-kyung’s boss checks in on her progress, and she’s working to build the case for a warrant. She says she’ll apply for it tomorrow, intending to use her full 48 hours, but her boss warns that they’re under pressure and that she’d better apply now—they can ask the judge to take his time reviewing the case. Uh, anyone else see a hole in that plan?

Sure enough, Congresswoman Jo sits personally meets with the judge to provide Boss Moon’s alibi. She negates the CCTV footage as evidence (which placed him outside the crime scene) by saying she’d invited him to that neighborhood to view a plot of land.

So when Jae-kyung gets back to the interrogation room, Boss Moon is gone. In the time she’d been talking with her boss, the judge had overturned the warrant request. Jae-kyung makes a frantic call to Tae-san, just at the moment that he’s drilling open Boss Moon’s front door lock.

Her car happens to be blocked in and a shifty-looking taxi driver picks her up. He’d been placed there by the baddies, who sure were thorough in their preparations. I really wish Jae-kyung had been as thorough in hers—it was a good plan, but needed more than “stall, stall, stall” in the methodology department. She leaves a voicemail for Tae-san to get the hell outta there, just as her taxi driver pulls over citing some kind of breakdown.

Which brings us to the present, as Boss Moon congratulates Tae-san for being smarter than he gave him credit for, though not smart enough to actually pull off the camera theft successfully. It’s too bad Tae-san had to go and kill himself in a fit of despair, Boss Moon says, reading from a prepared suicide note. Especially when he’d promised to save his poor daughter’s life.

Tae-san’s stunned that he knew about the surgery, and mention of Su-jin makes him desperate. He begs to be allowed to make it to the surgery, promising to give up all hopes of payback—he can die afterwards. He even reverts to jondaemal like a proper minion (he’d previously been spitting hate in banmal) and appeals to Boss Moon’s humanity as a parent himself, though it may be a stretch to assume he has any humanity left. In any case, Boss Moon doesn’t care to hear it and instructs Teacher Kim to continue with the plan. He drugs Tae-san, who falls unconscious.

Waiting outside in the car, Boss Han wonders what’s taking so long and decides to head in himself. He resumes his cover by lugging that wheelbarrow in front of the house, just as Teacher Kim loads a heavy bag into the trunk of a car. Boss Han manages to toss a tracker into the trunk as he passes.

Teacher Kim takes Tae-san’s body to Boss Han’s own building, where they’ve planned a strategic blackout to allow him the chance to take Tae-san up to the roof. Tae-san comes to as Teacher Kim lugs him over to the edge, fighting back and getting the upper hand in a hand-to-hand tussle. He chokes Teacher Kim into unconsciousness… or rather, fake unconsciousness (never turn your back on an assassin!) that allows him to regain the advantage.

This time Tae-san’s not so lucky and finds himself half-hanging over the side of the building. Then a voice shouts for them to stop—Boss Han—and says… Teacher Kim’s name? Oh innnteresting. Moreover, Teacher Kim seems stunned to recognize him too.

Tae-san grabs him to make their getaway, leaving behind Teacher Kim’s penknife that he’d momentarily wielded. Oh god, please don’t tell me that’ll bite him in the ass later. Teacher Kim goes after them, but his blackout window ends and the lights flicker back on. Furthermore, now there are security guards on patrol to investigate the emergency call Boss Han had made about a potential suicide jumper.

As they drive off, Tae-san asks if Boss Han knew Teacher Kim. He gets no response.

Jae-kyung arrives at Boss Moon’s front gate, trying the bell first and banging on the door before deciding to barge in anyway by jumping the wall. And then, flash! A series of clicks go off as she gets photographed in this incriminating position, with a smirking Boss Moon on the other side. Arrrrrgh. Granted she thought she was in the clear since Boss Moon made sure there were no cameras on this street, but arrrrgh.

She asks if they’ve already killed Tae-san, and they invite her in to hear the story. She gets a call just then, though, and needs only to hear Tae-san’s voice to make her exit. The gangsters realize this is odd, and news of the failed killing earns Teacher Kim a beating from the boss, who calls him useless.

Jae-kyung heads over to Congresswoman Jo’s house, and the sight of her house lights flicking off incites scorn—she orders a hit on a person and goes to bed like normal? But today that triggers a different thought as she recalls the report citing the congresswoman’s clockwork habits. So she calls her directly and basically orders her to come out, as she will be at her doorstep in ten minutes. Then she waits and watches outside the house.

Congresswoman Jo changes out of her sparkly nightgown back into her ajumma clothes, takes the secret passageway to her other house, and comes out the front door of her cover house. (Who has a cover house, I swear.) She does a sweep of Jae-kyung’s clothes to ensure no bugs (ever the careful one), then looks on blankly as Jae-kyung half-pleads, half-demands that she at least spare the child’s life. Tae-san is one thing, but how could she order a child killed too?

Then Jae-kyung registers that Congresswoman Jo doesn’t seem to know about the daughter. Not that it affects her response—she says it changes nothing, and that the world is full of people who have to die even though you don’t kill them with your own hands. She has a very cynical but not entirely false view of the world (it’s always unsettling when the drama’s resident crazy baddie starts spouting sense) and how Jae-kyung’s just like her, using her position as prosecutor to pursue her personal agenda. If the daughter’s life was the important thing in all this, why did she not say anything before?

It’s gotta sting, hearing your lifelong enemy tell you exactly what you did wrong and being right about it—that Jae-kyung gave up her chance to nab Boss Moon in her greed to also get the congresswoman. So don’t spout on about daughters and killings, she says, because if Tae-san’s death leads to his daughter’s death, well, that’s his fault for dying.

She adds, “You turning out this way is your father’s fault, not mine.” Jae-kyung argues that her father died of repressed rage (when your anger manifests as physical ailment), but Congresswoman Jo only has scorn for his powerlessness—if she’d been him, she wouldn’t have gone so easily.

Jae-kyung warns her that she’s the prosecutor determined to bring her down, but Congresswoman Jo smirks that Jae-kyung will never get her.

Jae-kyung and Tae-san reconvene at their previous meeting spot, both with heads hanging over today’s failed operation. It’s fortunate that he got out safely, but there’s no denying they’ve been dealt a big setback.

In-hye can’t sleep that night, worrying over Tae-san. She gets up and sees a figure sitting outside the room, which turns out to be Seung-woo. He comes clean to her about having shot Tae-san, and also to aiding in the recent camera theft. He tells her of the threat to kill Su-jin and how he’d struck the deal with the bad guys in exchange for sparing Tae-san’s life.

In-hye’s briefly upset that he didn’t tell her about it, but he points out that he’d asked her to come to him. “You chose to accept his request,” he notes. He tells her that he’d thought he’d seen all sorts of people in the line of duty, but only now realizes that the world was bigger than he’d known. Points for personal growth?

Su-jin wakes up in an empty room and spies a new phone, wondering why Mom uses two. Inside, she finds an entry for “Su-jin’s Dad,” which brings a smile to her face.

Tae-san answers the phone and freezes when her voice chirps, “Daddy? Is this Su-jin’s daddy?” When he answers yes, she marvels, “Wow! Daddy, did you make up with Mommy?”

She makes a cute bow to officially introduce herself to Dad, reminding him that he pretended he wasn’t Dad the first time they met. He explains not knowing that she recognized him, and she lets him off the hook with Mom’s favorite saying about how sometimes people have stories they can’t talk about.

He asks how she knew it was him, and she says she’ll tell him when they meet. He confirms that he’ll come see her in three more days, and she kicks her feet in the air in joy. She asks if he can come tonight, or tomorrow, but accepts his answer that he can’t come until the surgery. She starts to ask about his friend from the other day, but that’s when In-hye comes in and she hurriedly says bye to climb back into bed.

Tae-san is staying with Boss Han for the time being, who offers to keep helping him. It’s a change of heart since he was planning to skip town, but by way of explanation he mentions the son he once lost. Tae-san asks if Teacher Kim resembles him, and Boss Han decides he’ll have to do some digging.

Seung-woo’s boss pulls him aside to ask him point-blank about his strange behavior, having already confirmed some of Seung-woo’s extracurricular activities, like meeting with the girlfriend about the digital camera.

Jae-kyung is called in by her boss as well, already anticipating she’s about to be suspended. He’s got the photo of her trying to trespass over Boss Moon’s wall and asks for a chat, but she just says she’ll be using her personal days and heads home for some drinking and moping.

She accepts a food order from a deliveryman who takes particular not of her appearance, and reports to the gangsters that Jae-kyung was home and looking a mess. (Thankfully, Jae-kyung is just as sharp; she must be playing the part for their benefit.)

The gangsters chuckle amongst themselves that she’s got nothing to do now, and no way to help Tae-san further. They’re closing shop on the pawnshop, and Brainy Smurf confirms that “that thing” is ready.

At work in her restaurant, In-hye greets a guest with a smile, then registers his face: Boss Moon. Playing the part of customer, he puts in an order and waits while she steps aside to frantically text a message… only to be attacked and chloroformed from behind.

Tae-san heads into the pawnshop building and gives the shop a call, warning his two former minions that he’s on his way over to kill ’em. They laugh in his face and gloat that they found both of the recorders he planted, just as he tosses a smoke bomb in through the window. They escape the fumes, and Tae-san slips inside to retrieve the other recorders he planted. Nice.

He takes a listen to them, hoping for a helpful clue or incriminating conversation, and finally gets it. It’s an exchange between the boss’s stupid henchman and the two pawnshop lackeys, which includes the statement, “You told Jang Tae-san that the chairman killed Mi-sook? With your own lips?”

In-hye’s employee realizes she’s been gone for a while and checks with the hospital. Soon the cops realize she’s disappeared and begin the search.

Tipped off by last night’s encounter, Jae-kyung looks up the deed to the house next door to Congresswoman Jo’s, which is under a company name that isn’t google-able. She puts a request for more info, just as Seung-woo calls to ask about In-hye, and she in turn calls Tae-san.

He’s alarmed to hear she’s missing, which grows upon switching over to a new incoming video call—which features In-hye’s image, bound and gagged. He records the call as the kidnapper demands to know his whereabouts and gives him a meeting place. Show up in thirty minutes if he wants to save her life, and he’d better not call Jae-kyung. If Jae-kyung so much as leaves her house, In-hye dies.

Tae-san demands to speak with her, whereupon In-hye insists that he not come, She’s shaking in fear but assures him that she’s fine, saying that he’ll just be killed and then Su-jin will die too: “Don’t save me, just save Su-jin.”

In the tone of one’s last goodbye, she adds, “Seeing you again… was good. It was such a relief. The memories of you that I carried within me must have been with me all along. Now use those memories to save Su-jin. You mustn’t come here.”

Teacher Kim cuts the phone call, then confirms with the boss that the message was conveyed. He’s instructed to continue on to the next destination.

Tae-san howls in frustration at his Sophie’s choice—the love of his life, or his child? Either way he has thirty minutes to decide, after which point somebody’s dying. In-hye’s last words strike a chord with him and flashes him back to happier days when she’d said something similar, about how she loved to see herself reflected in his eyes, because it makes her feel like he’s carrying her with him. They’d just relocated to Seoul so he could start fresh there, and planned for the future.

This flashback is more than a flight of nostalgia, though, and Tae-san suspects In-hye was sending him a clue. He calls Jae-kyung to look into the video file to make out the reflection in In-hye’s eyes.

Jae-kyung enhances the image and makes out Teacher Kim’s face. She can vaguely make out the surroundings and speculates that it’s a photo studio, which isn’t a huge lead. But then Tae-san remembers that early night in his flight from justice when Teacher Kim had almost found him in a dump truck, and how the maintenance workers had shot video of Teacher Kim’s car fleeing the scene, because it was suspicious.

Jae-kyung can’t leave home, so he asks her to call in Seung-woo. Aww, yeah. See, now this is how you use this whole teamwork business.

Seung-woo therefore follows up with the sanitation company and gets the footage. The license plate yields the address as a commercial building, which happens to contain a photo studio.

Tae-san arrives at the address dictated by Teacher Kim, who orders him into a car parked there. There’s an address entered into the navigation program, and he’s to make the two-hour drive over, whereupon he’ll find the next clue. Deadliest scavenger hunt ever?

To ensure no shenanigans, Tae-san is to keep this call connected—no calls for help elsewhere—and the moment he disconnects, In-hye dies.

In the hospital, a friendly woman passes out free juice drinks to everyone, telling them that she’s so grateful to the hospital for saving her father’s life that this is her small show of appreciation. But in no time the entire staff is passed out, leaving the halls free for Boss Moon to roam. Gah!

He shows up at Su-jin’s window all smiles, promising to take her to see Daddy now. Su-jin knows she’s not allowed outside this sterilized room, but Boss Moon has planned for that and shows her the picture of the special medical van he’s prepared just for her, because her Daddy wants to see her so much. She’s not going to argue that.

So he wheels her out as we wind down one more day. D-3.


Hm, an interesting tidbit arises about Teacher Kim’s origins. He had a visible emotional reaction to seeing Boss Han, which is intriguing enough in the way it suggests Teacher Kim has emotions. Who knew? He does seem to have a bit of a complex with Boss Moon, who is like an abusive father figure whose approval Teacher Kim still craves, but as far as emotions go I’m curious to know where they lie. The show is hinting that he is Boss Han’s lost son (“lost” suggests dead, but it’s vague enough that the actual whereabouts of the son are still in question).

So if that ends up being the case, you have to wonder how he came to be on the other side, whether it was by choice, and whether there’s any chance he’ll break rank. I can’t quite apply the word “redemption” to him, considering he’s a highly trained super-killer, but maybe there’ll be more to him than mere Terminator minion.

I suppose the In-hye-versus-Su-jin dilemma is well-trod dramatic territory, but even so I really love the way it plays out here. The slightly more common scenario is when we have the kidnapping victim insisting that her hero save himself and leave her to die, because each is willing to sacrifice their lives for the other. In this case, though, Tae-san becomes a stand-in for Su-jin, and that makes the choice all the more fraught. He has to save himself to save her, and you wonder whether personal guilt would come with making that decision.

Which isn’t to say he’s given up on the idea of saving In-hye, of course, since he’s still going along with the wild GPS goose chase, but I appreciate the conflict on a symbolic level—it’s a nice way to place his own self-loathing at direct odds with his desire to save his daughter. I’d venture to guess that Tae-san would have no qualms giving up his life to save the other two, and although he’s recently tapped into a desire to survive, if pressed I think he’d be able to make that choice without a moment’s hesitation. No guilt, no regrets, just a literal representation of giving up everything you have to give.

In that sense I’d argue that staying alive presents a more complicated set of emotional struggles, in that he’d have to reconcile a lot of things about himself before he’d allow himself a second chance, to feel like he deserved it. He’s mostly earned In-hye’s forgiveness, and it was a sweet moment when she tells him that she basically remembered the good Tae-san, and saw that in him now as well. Now all that’s left is for him to find a way to forgive himself instead of falling back on the old refrain of calling himself worthless trash. Save your daughter, save yourself.


98 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Adam K

    Am I the only one who notices how stupid IS is being right now? He kidnaps a child from a hospital clean room who is set for surgery in three days. How does he think everyone is going to react when they wake up realizing they’ve been drugged and someone just stole a kid.

    The guy is suppose to kill TS discreetly but kidnapping two more people is anything but that. Truly a terrible moment from the writer.

    Also, its been explicitly stated SJ can’t be moved from that room or she’ll die.

    • 1.1 bpqq365

      Well she does have to go from her room to the treatment room, and there was that time she saw Tae-san as he got off the elevator, on her way back from getting treatment. So I think it’s safe to say that she can go from one place to another, just that the place needs to be sterilized and she needs to be protected, hence the medical van.

      And I think it just goes to show how desperate the chairman is becoming, Tae-san is becoming more and more of a threat and I think at this point he just wants to get him out of the way before things become even more serious.

      • 1.1.1 MsGB

        The writers just needed to up the ante. Evil genius is a category Boss Moon definitely not in but he’s also not as dumb as he looks. On the off chance that Tae San does save In Hye why wait until she’s back at the hospital with no chances to get to Soo Jin. Knowing that those are the only two TS would die to protect.

        • Chloe

          @MsGB not agreeing with you because I think he’s dumber than he looks. similar to Adam K, my first thought when I saw him bringing the kid out was how obvious it was! The staff would know they were drugged. and there are cameras at the hospital right? even if he bugged the cameras, he’s soo not going to get away with this one, because there are patients and visitors at the hospital who can witness the whole thing. not everyone’s given the drink and not everyone’s going to take a sip from it.

          • MsGB

            I understand where you’re coming from Chole and I know that there’s holes in that scene like what happened to the family members of the other patients. But he’s been in that line of work for a while i mean, enough to know when and how to make an alibi, that TS never actually had the camera, that it was TS plan to catch Teacher Kim, and figuring out TS plan to get the camera back. So he might not be book smart, but he’s got some street smart. With that being said he probably did something off camera like erasing the video tapes or maybe even cutting the feed. Or Something.

    • 1.2 MM

      if this adorable kid dies, I will die… she is best thing on this show.

    • 1.3 TG

      Yeah I’m kind of with you. This episode seemed to go a little towards the ridiculous with the Su Jin kidnapping. Dramaland requires some suspension of disbelief, but it’s hard to completely suspend the reality that there wasn’t one person who didn’t have that drink, or drank it later than everyone else and notice that people were collapsing around them. Or that there were no visitors or patients or doctors wandering in from any other department to sound the alarm. Also seemed like a very stupid thing for the main guy to do, when he already had the mother to use for leverage and he had the camera file which was the only real evidence against him.

      • 1.3.1 Soyb

        @TG – I agree that this entire episode has to be watched with suspension of disbelief, from the beginning. I thought the whole point of arresting Moon and getting everyone out of the house to was to give TS enough time to get the camera recording. So, how did 4 hours pass before he even get into the house? I thought that was sloppily done.

        Same thing with drugging the hospital staff, etc and kidnapping of both HJ and SJ. Like that was going to get ignored, that people weren’t going to start connecting dots? And if the whole point was to kill TS, wouldn’t a bomb going off in the second car he got into have worked? Or had a sniper ready there to shoot him or something?

        Thankfully ep. 14 was much better.

    • 1.4 houstontwin

      Adam K, I couldn’t agree with you more. The whole kidnapping plot is,as they said in the 70’s “jumping the shark.” Also, once more, evil Congresswoman Jo subverts the prosecutors. The writing took a plunge the week!

  2. reihime

    Waaaah! Why am I in tears?!?! T____T

  3. DarknessEyes

    Thanks!!! Off to read… tho I am scared to read now that I see what the first pic was D:

    • 3.1 DarknessEyes

      Ah…. >< Boss Moon, just go die in a hole.

      • 3.1.1 PollyRose

        I second this motion. All in favor? Yeah, pretty sure it’s unanimous.

        Let’s add Congresswoman Jo to that hole. I think if we locked them in together, they’d turn on each other right?

        • KDaddict

          Between those 2, I hate Jo a lot more.
          We were all happy when Shi On’s father got terminal cancer. I’ll be very happy if she gets it too! That’d be a fantastic Chuseok present!

          • anais

            LOL. Ouch.

        • Cheryl

          Is the Pope Catholic? There needs to be at least one camera in the hole, and there should be a live feed broadcast. I’d want a third row center seat–better viewing than front row–and bottomless popcorn.

  4. kumi

    Ah ha ha ha
    Staying alive,
    Staying alive …

  5. eevee

    The show was intense before but now it’s getting just a bit ridiculous. No one thinks ahead, and even for Boss Moon who supposedly have a leg up in this race, he’s still quite stupid. I mean for a guy who doesn’t have much connections other than his inner circle and ONE assassin, he sure gets away with a lot of things. I really hoped Soojin would be smart but I guess she’s just a kid. And only in dramas can you wipe out the entire hospital staff. REALLY?!?!??!

  6. Emma

    Now that TS has been through this much and SW has been brought down to the same level as TS when he made the deal with the devil, I want an all out resolution for TS… either death or both IH and SJ.

    It would really be awkward at the end for all 4 of them to share the same time, when we know the TS loves IH and IH still has feelings for TS.

    You give your hero either complete redemption, or freedom from this life. There’s no road in between!

  7. KDaddict

    It’s a good twist to have TS walk in on Moon, cos it’s a surprise. However, the rest of the ep is Frustrating! From Moon slipping away with ease, to TS walking away from Killer; You NEVER turn your back towards such a professional Assassin, man! To Prosecutor getting in a prepared taxi, to her scaling the wall of M’s residence, to In Hye walking into a back alley to call as soon as she sees Moon and panics, to everyone on that hospital floor drinking beverages fr an unknown person, ……. It all makes the good guys soooo stupid!

    It’s not that the bad guys are smart, it’s that the good ones are too stupid. They hand over too many wins.
    I can’t help but feel that the writer is making the good guys dumb in order to do this frustrating filler ep or two before wrapping things up at the end.

    The highlight of the ep is of course TS’s phone convo w his precious daughter. Any time that girl appears on screen is a good thing. You can feel that her calling him Appa w so much sweetness just melts him to his core, and ours.

    So Killer is really Han’s son. Many here saw it coming. So it’ll finally take sb one the inside, Killer, to take Moon down. Doesn’t it go to show that the good guys are impotent?

    Now Moon has our Sujinnie. She can’t leave that clean room. Please don’t let her leave the building, please!
    And if the writer dares kill TS after putting him thru all this, fans in Korea should send her a gift that Stinks as much as her writing!

    • 7.1 kumi

      There’re some skunks in my neighborhood. I can catch one and send it to her, if she kills Tae San.

      • 7.1.1 redfox

        or get your friends together and film an alternative ending and send the writer that video. first upload it on the net too.

        • KDaddict

          I’ve been to Estonia. U live in Tallinn? A very unlikely place to fall in love w KD! Not an Asian in sight. I did see a busload of Korean tourists empty out of a tour bus when I was there. They were sitting on the curb rubbing their toes, doing foot massage. No one looked like our K actors. All ajussis and older ajummas on the fat side. LOL.

          • redfox

            Yes, I live in Tallinn. Mostly the tourists from Asia are chinese though, so annoying, nobody touches, THROWS, taps and BREAKS more things in the museum shop. I am always on my toes on my shop days. But the japanese are very nice and they laugh constantly. There has been a flow of asians recently, but I rarely see koreans! and if I do, they are american-koreans (koran-americans? whichever way). Mostly ajummas, yes, but I have seen some students, I once took 4 students on a tour into the submarine and they were actually very cute. Not kdrama cute, but close. They were all engineering students btw.

            and as to falling in love with asian dramas: Estonia is a country with not a very large budjet for films and TV. we maybe get one domestic drama series a year. Gotta look somewhere else. Don´t speak german, finnish dramas are MAD (really, they are scary crazy!!!), swedish and danish are way too grim and the newer british series dont reach our screens at all.

    • 7.2 Newbie

      I am with you on all your points.

      But I have to admit I still enjoyed watching it. During Cruel City I became more and more frustrated with the writing, had to force myself to finish the show and became distanced watching it. Weird hair and fake teeth dominated my screen suddenly.
      With Two Weeks it is different. I am totally sold on the idea of a happy ending for TS and I need to know that he and his family will survive. One or two filler eps I can live with, we have seen far worse in Kdrama. 😉

    • 7.3 Carole McDonnell

      If writer kills Tae-San I’ll shout “MANIPULATION!” Because once you’ve made someone a heroic –super-heroic– figure who has survived everything under the sun, you simply can’t kill him. It wouldn’t be believable at this point to have him die. Really, it wouldn’t.

      If Teacher Kim is Han’s Son — kudos to whoever guessed it in last week’s commentary– then now Han is placed in a strange situation of mixed loyalties. Since we always have a third choice, i figure he will figure out a way to have both his son and Tae-San…but who knows?

      Gotta say that Soo-jin is the ultimate!” innocent in this drama. I kept thinking, “Don’t believe this guy.” But she’s got the innocence that kids have…she believes everyone is good and believes bold-faced lies from evil people. I am so waiting for her to find out about Daddy’s adventure as a fugitive. Can’t wait to hear her reaction.

      • 7.3.1 redfox

        you make me dread for a time skip when Su Jin is cured and grown up and tells the story of her dad. hopefully daddy will walk in then and prove he is alive. and embarrassed for being turned into a superhero.

        • Newbie

          We are definitely in for a time skip in the last ep. We need to get the resolution of all those stories. This simply can’t happen all on the surgery day.
          Unless they decide to give us an open end. Which I would HATE.

        • Carole McDonnell

          wow, i hadn’t even thought of a time skip possibility. good idea

    • 7.4 Chloe

      Apart from 49days, how are the ending of other shows? (I’m pretty new to kdrama, so I haven’t watched any).
      Perhaps if the other endings are fine, we needn’t worry so much just because of one show.

      Here they are:
      My Daughter Seo Young (KBS2, 2012)
      49 Days (SBS, 2011)
      Prosecutor Princess (SBS, 2010)
      Shining Inheritance (SBS, 2009)
      How Much Love (MBC, 2006)
      A Saint and a Witch (MBC, 2003)

      • 7.4.1 redfox

        what logic is this?
        the ending should come from the build-up of the particular drama not because we are seeking some sort of balance with other dramas endings

        • Chloe

          it’s not about logic or seeking balance. i mentioned this because of the whole fear of how this would end due to the 49D ending.

          • redfox

            thats why I am saying, how is there any connection?

          • Chloe

            simply because the same writer would have a similar writing style e.g. having the tendency to create more dramatic endings by killing off the main leads. i know some writers tend to stay away from unpopular endings. don’t know about you, but if the writer perpetually has no qualms about unpopular endings because he/she prefers to generate discussion or is maybe a little sadistic, i think there’s big connection there!

      • 7.4.2 August

        My Daughter Seo Young (KBS2, 2012) = The main couple reconnect and remarry.

        Prosecutor Princess (SBS, 2010) = The main couple end up together.

        Shining Inheritance (SBS, 2009) = I think this drama is also known as Brilliant Legacy…then the couple end up together.

        • August

          Sorry, I tried to use the signs indicating and it didn’t work.

        • Chloe

          no deaths? love these happy endings cf. 49 days. you’ve rekindled some hope in me! 😀

  8. PollyRose

    I was ready to write In Hye off as being classically stupid after she walked right outside in panic mode, but she redeemed herself by sneaking Tae San a hint in the kidnapping call.

    I am really enjoying this drama overall though. Every week it really does manage to keep the tension and every now and then throw some twists I don’t see coming. Definitely was shocked to see Moon there at the house and I didn’t make any connection between Han and Teacher Kim until the moment on the roof. It was nice to see our resident cyborg glitch for a moment.

    Ok, back to rocking in the fetal position til tomorrow…bring me out my stupor when this and Master’s Sun are back on, k?

  9. dreaming....

    The frustration is piling up. Really hated this episode.

    The eye close up shot is ridiculous. Reminded me CSI where you can magically enhances the finger print off from any object and catch the bad guy from it. Might as well use that photo for proof of kidnapping. There goes your evidence.

  10. 10 1worlddreamer

    Well I thought I would go out and look up the conditioning phase of bone marrow transplant. Since the drama made such a point of saying Su-jin could not leave.
    After going out to the Mayo Clinic site and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance found that the conditioning phase can be either in hospital or as an out patient. Where you still get the same chemo, but you have to be careful of infections.

    So the writer, for drama effect, made a point of saying she could not leave that room, but forgot to mention that this procedure can also be done as an out patient where you will have to take special precautions and be given medication to handle the side effects of chemo. It will be interesting to see how the writer handles that scenario. Have had friends go through chemo so know the side effects can be pretty severe and you do need medication depending on how well your system handles it.

    I had to go check it out because while I love the build up of tension and the added suspense that was being created, I almost lost faith in the show. I know we have to suspend belief in most dramas…and somewhere around this point in every show I have noticed a tendency to drag it out or pull out some unbelievable events…and the very sick child being taken out seemed a bit out there almost signing her death note.

    So I will continue to suspend rational thought…because a story is being told and some “poetic license” is occurring. This is not reality show or docudrama.

    Yes there are some far fetched scenarios occurring in this episode…but dang this show is keeping up the suspense and momentum. And when I watch I am completely vested in seeing how Tae-San, In-hye, Su-jin, Jae-kyung and Seung-woo handle the situations and figure out how to fight for everything.

    Love this show…and yes I know not a rom-com, but sometimes you have to expand your horizons and experience more than the same genre….Isn’t that what make watching fun and keeps it fresh?

    I have to add… that really for a writer to write the script pretty much on the spot, actors learn lines as they perform…you have to be impressed that you still get a cohesive show…(thanks Anthony for the insight). Has made me appreciate the hard working actors and behind the scene people who produce such entertaining shows…that so many of us become soooo passionate when we watch 🙂

    • 10.1 KDaddict

      I love a good rom-com as much as the next person, but Good ones are few and far in between. Most are formulaic and give us little to care about besides the romance. Romance is good and well, sweet and cut and all, but there isn’t much at stake. The mediocre ones leave me feeling empty.

      I think the best thing about this show is Sujinnie. She brings a smile and warms my heart Every time, more so than a kiss between any OTP ever can.

      Now if I didn’t have to be so worried abt a 49D ending, this’d have been so much more enjoyable!

    • 10.2 redfox

      the suspense is not in the running and killing attempts or kidnapping or threats. The suspense for me in this all comes down to one simple thing: can a Father hold his Daughter for once? Are they gonna make it, to just be father and daughter? will he ever get that chance? and sadly it doesnt just depend on him avoiding death or making it to the surgery. The suspense is not over then.

    • 10.3 maymay

      Are you sure? Sujin is not just under the common chemo regime. She needs TBI, don’t think it’s suitable for outpatient.

      Total body irradiation (TBI) is a form of radiotherapy used primarily as part of the preparative regimen for haematopoietic stem cell (or bone marrow) transplantation. Total body irradiation in the setting of bone marrow transplantation serves to destroy or suppress the recipient’s immune system, preventing immunologic rejection of transplanted donor bone marrow or blood stem cells. Additionally, high doses of total body irradiation can eradicate residual cancer cells in the transplant recipient, increasing the likelihood that the transplant will be successful. (Wikipedia)

      So yes, it is idiotic to remove the child out of that clean room because of the possibility of infection. Because she can’t fight ANY infection. But he did prepare a “clean car” so I’m gonna suspend that disbelief.

      What I find more incredulous is that he managed to drug the WHOLE damn hospital. Well, it is night and less crowded. But everyone??? That hospital looks huge…unless he just drugged the guards and that whole floor…but still!!

      • 10.3.1 KDaddict

        YOu believe him when he said he prepared a “clean car”? I wouldn’t believe him if he told me the moon revolves around the sun.
        Hmm…..am I subconsciously thinking of M’s Sun?

        • Sarah A.

          Well, I’d like to think he isn’t stupid enough to not prepare a clean care. Because Su-jin dying means he has pretty much no leverage on anything. No one’s gonna listen to anything he says if he threatens with an already dead child.

          Also, I think she’s undergoing TBI as well. So, yeah, she definitely needs to be in that sterile environment. Think a person with AIDS dying of a flu because their immune system is depleted, but worse. Because her immune system isn’t just depleted. It’s being completely eradicated.

    • 10.4 KDaddict

      I hope that SJ won’t be wheeled out of the hosp. Sb stop Moon please. Will find out in a few hours.

      • 10.4.1 Newbie

        Oh, she will be wheeled out. Tae San has yet to make the connection of SJ telling him about his ‘chingu’. He’ll remember this part of their telephone conversation when she is missing.

        We all knew Moon would go after the girl. We just have to live with drama medicine. That’s a flaw almost every show out there has, so I’m sure we’ll be able to cope. 😀

  11. 11 KDaddict

    Just seeing Sujinnie in jeopardy puts me in a foul mood. I’m pissed! I can only imagine how collectively pissed we’ll all be when this thing ends w a death or two on the good guys side!

    Considering that there are two girls for our two guys to protect, sb is gonna die! I hate to be pessimistic, but I need to remind myself that this is the writer of 49Ds. Meanwhile, i hope some Korean fans are dog owners, who collect dog shit when they walk their dogs!

    Good grief! Which show to watch live tonight? Find out what will happen to Sujinnie, or how that out of body experience resolves for JW???? Awwwwww!

  12. 12 lin

    excited excited excited!! eeks 3 more difficult days for taesan before he (hopefully) gets to live a normal happy lifeee!! don’t kill him off!!

  13. 13 Mic

    This episode was pretty disappointing in the writing department. It was so far-fetched. But, I have to admit I like where it’s put us with a lot of the characters. Tae-san and Seung-woo working together, In-hye in the thick of fthe fight, Jae-kyung locked out of the action. Just really annoyed about Su-jin being taken out of her ward with that completely illogical drugging.

  14. 14 August

    Yeah!!! Two Weeks is airing this week. I have truly enjoyed watching this drama each Wednesday & Thursday.

    As always, some of the best moments in this drama are the conversations between Jang Tae-San and Seo Soo-Jin.

    However, episode 13 had a different feel to it in terms of the storyline versus the previous 12 episodes. This episode was full of implausibility that was hard to overlook. Up until now, I suspended disbelief at how certain situations played out in order to give the writer the benefit of doubt. I was willing to follow along and just enjoy the ride.

    Unbelievable…that Moon Il-Seok was released from interrogation with Park Jae-Kyung and made it back home in time before Jang Tae-San could succeed at breaking into his residence.

    Really…every person in this hospital wing was drugged at the same time. You mean, as a viewer, I am supposed to believe that none of the employees on this floor ate their lunch/break meals from the hospital cafeteria, brought their homemade lunch to work, or even felt hesitant about accepting food from a stranger on D3 of the countdown. Most people in workplaces with 24/7 shift schedules, take their lunch/break at different times.

    Where were the doctors, nurses, cleaning staff? What about family members visiting all the other sick cancer patients? In a hospital, patients need their medication.

    It is 2013; therefore hospitals operate with tighter security measures/controls to prevent the abduction of children from their premises.

    Within 30 minutes of the deadline issued for Jang Tae-San by Teacher/Terminator/Killer Kim…Im Seung-Woo was able to meet with and interview the sanitation workers. Likewise, the Prosecutors office was able to review the video from that night.

    Kdrama cops…would you expect anything differently…again they just can’t beat the rap for incompetency—losing Seo In-Hye and abandoning the hospital post.

    Eventhough this episode had several instances of irrationally, I am still looking forward to tomorrow’s episode of Two Weeks!

    • 14.1 adette

      i agree with your statement that its just a little unbelievable that everyone would be knocked out at the same time.. its just this part: “or even felt hesitant about accepting food from a stranger on D3 of the countdown.” the only objections i have to this is that 1) it’s not like the person was a total stranger. its plausible enough that she couldve been the child of someone they treated, and 2) it’s not D-3 for anyone but Su-jin and those who know her. Honestly? The people who work there take care of more patients than just her, you know? it could be D-5 for another patient, D-1 for another, D-20 minutes for another…

      but again, other than that one minor thing, i totally agree lol.

      • 14.1.1 August

        I didn’t mean to imply that the usuage of D3 mattered to the hospital staff. I wrote D3 thinking about the countdown to Su-jin’s surgery.

  15. 15 saranga

    oooh, very intrigued by the teacher kim’s origins mystery.

    hmm, wasn’t it last week? when boss han had mentioned that during the height of his, erm, mobster career, a young boss moon had come to see him and asked to work for him. boss han had snubbed him, and boss moon held onto that slight for years, eventually achieving revenge against han for looking down on him. and that THAT was what made boss moon such a scary guy, han had said.

    i think teacher kim was/is a part of boss moon’s revenge against han, if he does turn out to be han’s son. moon somehow managed to separate him from han when he ruined him ten years ago, and trained and educated teacher kim, raised him like a son, but not quite like a son. i just don’t think boss moon would have had any biological son of his work for him as a killer. he’s still a parent; i should think he’d want better for his own children. and raising kim like a son would have benefited moon in that if kim turned out to be any good, he’d have one super loyal, super assassin in his service.

    it was hard to tell what exactly teacher kim recognized. boss han himself, or the name han had called him by. if he is han’s son, does he believe his father to be dead, or was he turned against his own father by boss moon through lies? burning questions!!

    • 15.1 Djumba

      According to the Viki translation, Han “lost” his son. However, I see some commenters mentioning that Han “threw away” his wife and son. Depending on which translation is more accurate, it could imply totally different things about how Kim ended up with Moon. “Lost” would probably involve Moon kidnapping or claiming Kim by force, while “threw away” could imply that Han abandoned his family, and Moon rescued Kim off the streets, which could explain his fierce loyalty to Moon. Is there anyone here who can understand the original Korean dialogue and tell me which of these two translations is more accurate?

      • 15.1.1 saranga

        i’m fluent in korean, and as i recall it, han literally said, “i had a son that i lost.”

        it is ambiguous, now that you mention it. here, “lost” could have several meanings, i agree. but there wasn’t anything in the dialogue that i can recall that would point us more strongly towards one of these theories. unless han mentioned any family he might have had in previous episodes, and that might clue us in more. i’m unable to re-watch this scene at the moment, otherwise i’d give a definitive reply. this is a show i’ve watched pretty casually so far, skimming here and there, so i don’t know if boss han ever has mentioned his family before this episode…

      • 15.1.2 Carole McDonnell

        I kinda thought Boss Han, Tae-San, Boss Moon, and Tae-San’s father are all foils for each other. They all had to choose something over their own families..for safety or money or whatever reason. But now Tae-San and Boss Han have the chane to redeem themselves.

        Is Boss Moon’s real sun slated to arrive anytime soon?

        • saranga

          the show said boss moon’s wife and children went to canada “the year before.” hmm, i’m pretty much under the impression that his children are younger? and as far as i know, they’ve never referred to how many children he might have, except that it seems he has more than one since they referred to children in the plural sense, and whether he has sons or daughters or a mix of both.

          i know there was speculation about tae-san’s biological dad making an appearance, but i didn’t think it a real possibility till they introduced teacher kim’s backstory in this episode.

          IF teacher kim turns out to be tae-san’s half brother, i think i’d groan. i really, really don’t want a tae-san birth secret…

      • 15.1.3 Newbie

        If Han has a tendency to throw away his family, how about Tae San being his son too? This would explain why Han helps him now, after being even saving his live.

        • Carole McDonnell

          wouldn’t it be neat if Teacher Kim ends up killing Boss Moon, ya know..when stories are revealed?

          • Newbie

            Yes, that would be great! He suffers enough humiliation again and again to build up a nice antipathy against Boss Moon.
            I will not think about the possibilty of Teacher Kim being Tae San’s brother and a possible donor for Soo Jin. No, no, Tae San has to be the only option for his daughter. He NEEDS to live!

          • Carole McDonnell

            I love it that most of my guesses for this drama have been totally off. So I’m wondering if only the two major baddies will suffer or if ALL bad and/or murderous people will get their comeuppance. If the drama creates a legalistically perfect world, then Teacher Kim might be punished. But if redemption rears its heard, we might see Teacher Kim “getting away with murder.”

            Will see.

  16. 16 KDaddict

    The last 20 mins of this ep felt good, w the cops catching on so quickly. Then of course u realize that it’s impossible within that time frame. It’s just the writer’s uneven writing, making them super stupid for a stretch and then making them super competent when it suits her needs.

    I believe what gave Killer pause on the roof was the name that Han called him by, his baby name that he must still have some memory of, however vague. I believe that Moon told him his father was dead. Didn’t Moon say a few eps ago that Kim was sb whom he got along w a deal? That deal must have involved the downfall of Han. Still, I hate birth-secrets in KDs, including this one.

    • 16.1 Carole McDonnell

      The cops….ay me! Not only stupid but disorganized. The baddies are so totally unified and organized. When Boss Moon gathered up all those baddies to search the whole city it was like…wow, a great armed military operation. Boss Moon is always having some big meeting and he and Congresswoman Jo pretty much tell each other everything they’re gonna do and they get pretty annoyed when they feel the other person in their partnership has not kept them up to spee. Not so the cops. Mole aside, all this secrecy and waiting to tell the latest news does not cut it.

  17. 17 emaan

    The flash back was so cute though. I was proper squeaking Lol
    I love me some action Junki but man, he does look good in romantic scenes. I mean really good, like proper eye candy..

    Hahah I am biased. Waiting for the next episode. I was refreshing this page every 2 mins for this recap. Thank you

    • 17.1 KDaddict

      IKR. I know he’s trying hard to shake off that pretty boy image to showcase his acting. And it’s true that I hardly see beyond that pretty face, like in Arang. But that goatee and fake mustache have me missing his own pretty face!

      • 17.1.1 Emaan

        Lol exactly. I ‘phew’ every time he takes off his fake moustaches & beards. But Junki has improved sooo much in acting category.

  18. 18 maymay

    Despite the huge suspend in disbelief, I also like how the stakes are being continuously raised…and it’s literally more than TS’s life at stake. If the writer can continue the pace and suspense up till the last episode, I’d consider it a job well done. Barring any deaths, though that seems unlikely with the writer’s history.

  19. 19 KDaddict

    Poor LJK has a cold and stuffed up nose again, fr the tough action scenes and all night filming! Like he did last time in Arang. I totally hate it when my beloved actors abandon tv dramas for the big screen, but given their work conditions, I can’t say I don’t understand. LJK get well soon. And JTS stay alive.

  20. 20 Requiem

    Agreed with what everyone said.

    Really liked the pacing of things, really disliked the story-needed idiocy on the good-guys part and some of the major illogical quirks to get everyone to their place (mainly the hospital drugging and Seung-Woo and co. ability to get everything scoped out in 30 minutes).

    Though the “idiocy” of having Soo-Jin wheeled out might lead to her death or falling into deep illness which would add another mountain to climb for Tae San or it could lead to her death.

    Still, through the illogicalities, I can’t wait to see how everything resolves.

  21. 21 Mia

    @1worlddreamer. Thanks for looking that up. I was planning on checking if it’s possible for SJ to survive after leaving the clean room and it’s good to hear that there’s no problem as long as she doesn’t develop infection, at least that’s one obstacle that I don’t need to worry about.
    One good point about this drama is it allows us to draw up scenarios on how it will unfold episode by episode. We are not just watchers but it feels like we’re experiencing what our main characters are going through themselves so that when our good guys gets beaten up by the bad guys we felt intense frustration building up inside of us.
    If either SJ or TS does not live through this ordeal I agree that we need to send a handful of skunks to the writer.

  22. 22 april

    This drama never fail to keep me on edge…wish we could have a happy ending.

  23. 23 Mia

    LJK is sick? Get well soon Junki and I love you very very much. You’re my favorite actor in the world.

  24. 24 KDaddict

    JK’s Boss seems to be so supportive of her all along. Way too supportive. Sb here even suggested that they may be lovers! I don’t think so.
    But he does urge her to apply for a warrant Early, before those 48 hours are up. Is that deliberate on his part? Is it suspicious?

    • 24.1 dfwkimchi

      When JK returned to interrogation room to find Boss Moon missing , she flashed back to what Chief said and had a moment of realization in her expression and said! ‘The chief?’

      That gave me pause.

      • 24.1.1 Jenna

        Yes it is suspicious. Been thinking for a while that JK’s boss is the mole, that he is connected to Jo.

    • 24.2 Carole McDonnell

      am still thinking they have some kind of close relationship or had one back in the day

  25. 25 Chloe

    ARGH! Honestly, the good guys need to do some reflecting. ALL their plans have backfired so far. Aren’t the baddies fallible too?? This drama is undoubtedly one of the most exciting yet, though. Please have a good ending! 🙂

  26. 26 Carole McDonnell

    Wow, this episode!
    Dang, if Seo-jin goes outside isn’t she done-for?

    I’m really loving the comparative mode theme in the last couple of episodes. Congresswoman Jo is all “I would be different than your dad, Prosecutor.. . and you’re just like me.” Boss Moon: “I would be different than you, Tae-San.” Seung Woo pretty much admits: “I pretty much did the same thing Tae-San did.” At least the good guys can see that they have a beam in their own eye and can’t judge anyone. But the bad guys still think that if they were to walk a mile in someone else’s moccasin, they would walk it much better.

    Well now that Tae-San has learned his lesson that “there is never such a thing as I had no other choice” he’s got to find a way out of his Sophie’s choice. He can do it, no doubt.

    I gotta say that Congresswoman is somewhat right about the way some folks treat disabled kids or the parents of disabled kids. Just speaking from eperience. The experience of kids in this drama, wow! Some kids have a disease that gather pity such a cancer. No one is ever against a kid with cancer and they generally understand the suffering of a parent with a cancer-stricken child. Abandoned kids or kids with crappy parents are sent away to institutions and forgotten. And disabled kids have their own kind of suffering. Weirdly, Soo-jin’s suffering from cancer is the worst form of suffering and yet the best because she is surrounded by love an her mother is surrounded by understanding. Mom can even disappear from work whenever she needs to (or is kidnaped) because everyone extends understanding.

    Aish that drugging scene! No CCTV in that whole hospital? Did folks in security get some of the drugged food as well? You gotta forgive this show for the wild creative choices it sometimes makes. So even if Boss himself (and not one of his minions) does the public dirty work…and no one suspects…then I’m cool with it.

    This is my thriller of the summer.

    Thanks for the recaps.

    • 26.1 Newbie

      Yes, we saw the woman handing out juice and other stuff to the CCTV staff. Still, that’s a wilde choice for a story, although Moon somehow had to get his fingers on our baby.

  27. 27 1worlddreamer

    running late to work…so quick..
    @kaddict @redfox. totally agree the heart of this is Su-Jin. She is the reason that the suspense is building…can her Dad hang on and be there for her? Will she live???!!!! some of my favorite scenes have been the interaction between them…such sweetness and caring and heartbreak.

    Agree with everyone, the ability to warp time to suit the events and the hospital drugging…everyone falling asleep…Arghhh…really no way….but alas…it was written that way….and as always the k-police are written as idiots and the baddies have access to resources beyond possibility….sigh…

    But way to hike up the ante….cannot wait for tonight!

  28. 28 mskololia

    Thanks for the recap.

    I have been watching this drama emotionally detached around ep 10 I think, but will stick through until the end.

    So Moon is going to kill all of them together? Goodness. Han mentioned his extremes…too funny. Where is the congresswoman when we need her to rein him in?

  29. 29 dany

    Thank you.

  30. 30 JK

    This episode is really a hard pill to swallow. I had to suspend a lot of judgement. First of all, despite sending a paparazzi to harass Jo, she still managed to get Moon out of custody. The worst is that even before the good guys start to get an upper hand, the bad guys already manoeuvre the situation around. WTH?! This is the case with the attempt to steal the video copy and then right after Tae San managed to retrieve the voice recorder, he gets the bad news that In Hye is kidnapped. WTF?! And then Tae San had to keep driving or risk In Hye being killed. Isn’t this copying right from the Hollywood movie where the male lead also had to do this (can anyone recall the name of this movie)? And then most incredibly presumably all the hospital employees were drugged so that Moon can get Soo Jin out of hospital. Would it not appear strange to visitors of the hospital or the particular dept? Moreover it just isn’t possible for a hospital to cease operation just like that without anyone noticing?! And really I think it’s bad writing to make Soo Jin so gullible as to believe in a man whom she hardly has any contact with. She wouldn’t even share her deepest thoughts with her MOM (that she has actually already met Tae San a few times and even spoken to her) so how could she just tell a stranger everything about her dad?

    • 30.1 Carole McDonnell

      I’m just wondering about the tape Tae-San just stole from his former friends. Yeah, yeah, it was so stupid of them to “flee” the room when the little bomb went off….but hey In Hye went outside to make a call. Ay me.

      But I’ll go with it. Realism avails not.

  31. 31 Peridot

    Despite the serious suspension of disbelief required for this episode (I had to sigh at the final hospital scene), I do appreciate this show’s exploration of both fate and freewill. We can’t control to whom we are born and the circumstances in which we are raised, but we can make different choices when we are older. Sometimes we may even feel limited in the choices we can make and allow those limitations to control our destinies. Sometimes our young minds are corrupted and molded by those who should cherish and raise us well. I am thinking specifically about Teacher Kim with the later point. I wonder if he was taken in by Boss Moon at a very young age. Was he brainwashed and programmed, then, to be a fighting machine? Where does choice fit into his story? Are his actions inexcusable? I could write more about this, but it would be too long-winded, lol!

    I also like that this show looks at different parent (and mostly father, at that)/child relationships and their differing dichotomies.

    • 31.1 Peridot

      I meant “differing dynamics.”

    • 31.2 Carole McDonnell

      yes i really like the way the actor and the director have decided to make Teacher Kim perfectly mechanical/robotic. There is no there there, he is the perfect image of what his “father” (Boss Moon) wanted him to be.

      If kids are the perfect representation of an all-powerful father, then they have no real soul. They are without mind and totally stuck and kept in fate..because of who raised them.

  32. 32 dk

    A lot of people used the term “sb” who is “sb”?

    • 32.1 Carole McDonnell


      • 32.1.1 soomp

        thanks, i was so confused about that myself!

  33. 33 Fun-Lugha

    I say mr detective boyfriend will take a bullet, knife..,. for TS as a way to redeem himself and although TS wont get back together with IH he’ll finally get to act the doting dad to his little girl. But am guessing its ok too if he dies, I was able to bear Doctor’s Son death, I dont think this would hurt as much!

  34. 34 Locturne

    thanks for the recap!
    Loved love loooved this episode, again.
    Of course, the logical leaps still make me snort, like, getting the whole picture of Teacher Kim from In Hye eyes, or putting a whole hospital to sleep without anyone noticing it. Come oon!
    But! I still love it! I especially liked the dialogue between Congresswoman Jo and Park Jae Kyung, and of course the In Hye moments, which are always great!

  35. 35 Lilian

    Yeah..a lot of things didn’t make sense but it did help to keep the momentum, the ending was superb. And continued on from earlier episodes when he introduced himself as Tae San’s friend.

  36. 36 mskololia

    I really enjoyed the conversations ppl had with each other in this episode.

  37. 37 KimKas

    Two Weeks started out pretty well but after Episode 5 things starting going awry, seriously awry.

    First things first, how can the Korean police be so ridiculously incompetent that a third-party can listen to their radio transmissions live and sneak in to get Tae San before them ? To make things worse : Il Seok and his band are always N steps ahead of the police and even the Prosecutor’s Office.

    When Jae Kyung finally nabs Tae San in the ship at Busan, how on Earth does Il Seok’s band ALREADY aware of the route they were going to take despite there being radio silent throughout their operation ? It’s just way too easy, and makes looks Korean police look like a bunch of untrained kids.

    And even while Tae San’s on the run, he climbs on ships and jumps all over the place, despite having been shot in the left shoulder just hours before, if Kim the assassin is a cyborg, than Tae San is Superman in his own right.

    I’m just watching it on to see if, despite being so utterly dominated throughout the show, Tae San will somehow be allowed to save Soo Jin. What is it that Jo Seo Hee and Moon Il Seok cannot do ?

  38. 38 no1

    5 stars for this episode

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