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Two Weeks: Episode 14
by | September 19, 2013 | 95 Comments

We’re at D-minus-3, and it’s time for everyone to put in their last desperate bids for success. Tae-san escapes one trap and sets a few of his own, and with one week left I’m extra-eager to see how those play out, especially since there isn’t much time left for a whole lotta back-and-forthing. This is it, and I love that everyone feels the mounting pressure on the same timetable, good and bad guys both—they may all be working toward different ends, but the stakes affect them all to comparable degrees. Sure, it’s a life-death struggle for one guy while it’s more of a money and legal issue for another, but D-Day is the make-it-or-break-it point for them all.


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Tae-san drives along according to the GPS’s directions, working through the facts to try to figure out what game the bad guys are playing. With the road trip and continuous video call, he understands that they’ve effectively tied up his time. But why? While Teacher Kim keeps him occupied with In-hye, what is Boss Moon doing?

He puts two and two together to realize that this is just to keep him out of the way, tying up the officers and prosecutor while they’re at it. Tae-san agonizes between his choices again, remembering In-hye’s plea for him to save their daughter rather than her, and grimly makes the U-turn.

Stuck at home, Jae-kyung gets a busy signal every time she tries Tae-san’s line, and she’s struck with a hunch. Thank goodness she’s thinking fast. So she intercepts a delivery man who’s dropping off food in her building and bribes him for the use of his motorcycle. That allows her to slip out of the building without attracting the notice of the gangsters watching outside, who assume she’s still at home.

Boss Moon wheels Su-jin out of her hospital room, having conveniently drugged the whole staff. I do see holes in this logic (surely they could have managed a more covert plan), but it works in one significant way, which is luring Su-jin with persuasion rather than taking her hostage. And that allows Su-jin to replay her father’s last phone call in her mind, remembering that he sounded really serious and warned her to only leave her room in her mother’s company.

So she pulls the same trick she once pulled on her mother and lets her shoe fall off, then stops Boss Moon to ask for it. I love how precocious she is. She darts off the moment he turns his back and gets into an elevator, calling out as the doors close, “I’d rather wait till my Daddy comes!”

Su-jin runs back to her wing where the staff is still out, losing her other shoe. Boss Moon arrives a few minutes behind her, but he recalls Brainy Smurf’s warning that Su-jin cannot be out of her clean environment for too long—they don’t actually want her to get sick and die. She’s too valuable as a hostage. He starts inspecting the rooms, while Su-jin hunches out of sight, moving from hiding place to hiding place as Boss Moon trawls the floor. Finally she squeezes into a cabinet… and Boss Moon spots the door, slightly ajar.

Tae-san dashes into the hospital frantically, his panic mounting when he sees the unconscious nurses and Su-jin’s dropped shoe. He stops at the outer glass doors, making enough noise to send Boss Moon ducking around the corner. Tae-san doesn’t dare enter without sterilizing himself properly, but Su-jin hears him shouting her name and emerges from hiding. Relieved to see her safe, he urges her back into her clean room and starts to call for a doctor—just as Boss Moon darts into the stairwell.

That’s when Jae-kyung arrives, and he asks her to look after Su-jin before chasing after the fleeing criminal. There’s a cut that’s almost comical as Brainy sits in the waiting ambulance and sees first his boss running by, then Tae-san chasing after him.

The pursuit goes through the streets, into a building, and up to a rooftop where Tae-san furiously beats down Boss Moon and drags him over to the ledge in an echo of the position he found himself in yesterday. He assures Boss Moon that he won’t kill him, though, because he’d much rather send him to rot in prison for the rest of his life.

Boss Moon warns that he’ll come to regret letting him live, and that he’d figured Tae-san would choose the child over In-hye. Who, by the way, will be dying tonight. Tae-san shows no nerves as he growls that Boss Moon may mess with him, but he won’t be able to mess with Su-jin or In-hye.

Boss Moon tells his minions to move In-hye from the photo studio, though Seung-woo arrives there first after the car was tracked to the location. Currently there are only two lackeys standing guard in front, and Seung-woo tries to push his way in saying he’s here to meet Teacher Kim. The two fools don’t let him through and pull a knife on him, only to get a gun to the face instead. Ha. They scram.

Seung-woo bursts in and frees In-hye. He embraces her comfortingly and supposes she’s wondering why he’s here, and In-hye says that “he” (Tae-san) must have sent him. She knows Tae-san shouldn’t have come for her but Seung-woo clocks her disappointment, and says that Tae-san had been coming to save her, and worked with him.

Tae-san gets the news from Jae-kyung that all is well—In-hye’s on her way over, and Su-jin’s asking to see her father. With the nurses busy being questioned, he’ll be able to slip through with her and the doctor’s help. So Tae-san scrubs in and waits anxiously outside the window, all jitters and nervous smiles, until Su-jin raises the blinds to grin up at him. Aww, she’s wearing his hairclip, stuck onto the brim of her cap.

She asks if this was what he meant over the phone in warning her about the ajusshi, and says, “I did a good job listening to you, didn’t I?” He praises her deductive powers, and she says she understood because there are such things as bad friends (she knows, ’cause she has experience from kindergarten), and that you shouldn’t play with those kids—the ones who lie or hit other people. He calls her smart, and Su-jin concedes that she’s not really that smart because her grades aren’t so good from being sick all the time. But Tae-san tells her she’ll do great once she goes back to school, because he did pretty well. He adds, “You don’t have to do well, but I know you will.”

Then Su-jin wishes him happy birthday, saying that Mom cooked seaweed soup and everything and told her to eat it in his place since he doesn’t like it. She even has a birthday drawing for him, with a cake and (of course) a mountain, which reads: “Daddy! Happy birthday. Thank you for having me.” It’s all he can do not to melt into a puddle of tears right there. I love how the moment his smile starts wobbling, her face frowns to mirror his, until he tells her it’s just because he’s so grateful.

They place their hands on the glass as if to touch hands, and Tae-san marvels to himself, “This child is smiling at me. She’s smiling for me.”

Boss Moon fumes in the car ride back, trying to figure out where things went awry, and then gets word that Seung-woo rescued In-hye too. They arrive at the hospital and race up to check on Su-jin, as Tae-san notes their hand-in-hand arrival from around the corner. A little grudgingly, he gives Seung-woo for a job well done.

In-hye swoops Su-jin in a hug and worriedly checks on her, but Su-jin is all smiles and says she had fun today. She proceeds to describe how her father appeared “like Superman” and made the bad liar ajusshi run away, just before she starts to vomit. Though the day’s events haven’t damaged her in the long run, they’ve taken their toll.

Tae-san waits downstairs to meet with Jae-kyung, but it’s In-hye who comes down instead. She’s thankful that he saved Su-jin, though she admits that she was hoping her hardest that he’d remember her eye-reflection words, because she wanted to survive too. She offers to call them even for everything now—he saved Su-jin today, so she’ll let go of what happened eight years ago, and he’ll save Su-jin again in two days, so she’ll let go of his eight-year absence then.

He considers that getting off lightly, but she says, “I want to forgive you. That way, you can forgive yourself.” With the promise to see each other in two days, they say their goodbyes.

Seung-woo checks with the hospital’s security team, finding that the bad guys were thorough in blacking out the relevant CCTVs. They do, however, have footage from before the outage, which should indicate how the spiked drinks were circulated.

Tae-san hands over the voice recorder taken from the pawnshop, and plays her the recording of the gangster minions mentioning the boss killing Mi-sook. It’s a step in the right direction, but Jae-kyung shakes her head—it’s not enough evidence to nab Boss Moon for murder.

Tae-san has been thinking, though, and declares that they’ll be able to get him. First off, Halfwit hadn’t told Boss Moon about Tae-san planting recorders in the pawnshop—the gangsters believed that they’d gotten them before they could do any damage, but it’s telling that they kept it from the boss. Time to divide and conquer.

The problem is that Congresswoman Jo will just step in to pressure authorities into letting Boss Moon go. Jae-kyung shares her findings about Congresswoman Jo’s house and neighbor’s house both being held in the same company’s name—as well as that photo studio building. It’s a solid lead, but he worries that there’s no time to pursue that path with D-Day so near.

Tae-san heads over to Congresswoman Jo’s house, where the lights go off past midnight right on schedule. He leaps the neighboring wall, sneaks onto the property, and stakes out a vantage point. From there he can see Congresswoman Jo enjoying a glass of wine in her backyard, looking nothing like the humble civil servant she presents herself as to the public. He snaps photos.

Boss Moon triggers the secret wall in his house, revealing that there is indeed a hidden basement chock-full of multiple safes and what must be loads of incriminating evidence—documents, security tapes, etc. He packs a bag with cash.

Tae-san takes the information Jae-kyung has collected on Teacher Kim and passes it along to Boss Han. So far they know that the guy was adopted to Colombia, where he initially held citizenship, but served in the French Foreign Legion and was granted French citizenship. Now Boss Han why he thinks Teacher Kim may be his son, though it’s nothing more than a hunch. Back in his days as a successful gangster, Boss Han had wanted a different path for his son and given him an engraved fountain pen. One day the boy just disappeared from in front of the house, and the pen (minus the cap) was the only thing left behind. Boss Han had waited for a ransom demand, and never gotten it.

Boss Han admits that that’s why he decided to help Tae-san, after being reminded of his lost son, and Tae-san promises to find out more once the surgery is over.

With this latest setback, Boss Moon is on the rampage for Tae-san’s head on a stick, and orders Brainy Smurf to take this bag of cash to assemble the bestest, deadliest team to increase surveillance all around and finish the job. Brainy nervously suggests that it be best to give up on the plan to kill Tae-san, who doesn’t have any evidence against him anyway, because it would be safest to draw back and protect himself now.

Boss Moon has no intention of backing off now and orders Brainy to do as he’s told. Just then, Tae-san calls to play that recorded exchange for Boss Moon, proving that his Three Stooges admitted the boss was the killer. He knows that Halfwit would be the easy fall guy, and thus is going to ensure that Boss Moon take the fall for his own crime this time.

Next, Tae-san calls Halfwit to fan the flames the other way, telling him to get ready to go to prison. He says that Boss Moon is ready to throw him under the bus, and all the evidence points to him (including the name on Mi-sook’s house being Halfwit’s wife’s).

Thus the air is strained when the boss calls him in with orders to find a new fall guy—one with a nice clean record—who can take the rap for killing Tae-san. They can disguise it as an accidental killing to lessen the charge, wrapping up the case nicely. Halfwit is so relieved to not be on the hook that he gratefully agrees to do just that, even though I’m pretty sure Boss Moon has other plans in store for him.

Halfwit finds himself in more hot water, though, with Seung-woo following up on the property lead for the house Mi-sook died in. His wife has no idea what the case is, and Halfwit clearly hasn’t been telling her the half of it. He lies that Mi-sook was a tenant who was renting from him, and is told to bring proof of the rental fees to the police.

Sweating, Halfwit heads over to the real estate office, perhaps in a desperate bid to forge some documents. Tae-san is there to confront him, though, telling him it’s no use. Halfwit is ready to gloat that Tae-san was wrong about the boss making him his patsy, until Tae-san reminds him of all the things the boss once told him—find a guy with a clean record to take the accidental killing charge—right before forcing Tae-san in anyway. He plays the recording for him, and Halfwit tries to keep from pissing himself.

Jae-kyung tracks down the reporter she had previously contacted—back when she’d offered the bet that Congresswoman Jo would get Boss Moon off the hook following his arrest. She’s curious to know why all this huge news has landed in the reporter’s lap but somehow hasn’t made it to the papers.

The reporter surprises her by saying that Congresswoman Jo had urged him to go ahead and print. She’d all but taunted him into it, asking if he could handle the blowback. Jae-kyung asks what he’d do if she were to give him another tip.

The strained relationship between Jo and Moon frays a little bit more when they have another secret meeting, wherein he all but orders her to stay in the country until Tae-san dies and Jae-kyung is fired. She’s been practically counting down the seconds till her escape and doesn’t take kindly to her gangster underling suddenly exerting himself, but he finds his spine and says she’s shat on him for ten years, and half her current power is thanks to him. Thus he’ll be needing to use some of that power to extricate himself from this situation—therefore, stay put for now.

Congresswoman Jo threatens to call off the auction, and he calls her bluff. No auction means his advancement up the business ladder gets delayed, but no payday for her derails her entire Swiss escape plan. So if she wants her multimillions, they’ll have to ensure Boss Moon doesn’t go down for murder.

The confrontation shakes her badly, and she drives home trembling. It’s nice to see that she’s scared of something in the world.

Jae-kyung delivers cameras, clothes, and supplies to Tae-san in preparation for their new operation, to unfold shortly.

Teacher Kim prepares his weapons, and it’s then that he finds the cell phone in his car trunk. It’s the one Boss Han had tossed in to track him the other night, and he’s been sending texts asking, “Are you Glue Stick?” Ah, that must have been his nickname for his son. For now, Teacher Kim ignores the messages and tosses the phone aside.

Tae-san dresses up in a business suit and drops by Congresswoman Jo’s office, presenting himself as a reporter to get in the doors. Once there he reveals his face and shows her the photos he took, using them as leverage to get her to listen without calling the cops.

She laughs at his childish attempt to blackmail her with a few photos, but nope, he came prepared with a deal, and it’s a pretty tempting one. He explains that all he wants is to save his daughter’s life with surgery, which he can do if he can prove Boss Moon killed that woman. He shows the evidence he has collected about the properties all being bought in one company’s name, and promises to keep her connection to Moon secret. So Moon goes down, Congresswoman Jo gets off scot-free, and Tae-san gets his surgery. It’s worth considering, and she does.

But there’s more to this operation, and Jae-kyung waits on a rooftop with a camera at the ready. She starts snapping photos of Tae-san meeting with Congresswoman Jo through the window from afar.

Congresswoman Jo is rightly suspicious, though he argues (rather convincingly) that he knows Congresswoman Jo is to be feared, and that he wouldn’t double-cross her and send her to prison because she has the wherewithal to retaliate. However, if she refuses his deal, well, he’s already prepared to die to save his child’s life, so he’ll make sure this information is spread far and wide.

She asks if he has the evidence to nail Boss Moon. He assures her that he’s got it covered, and all she has to do is stay out of it and not get him off the hook.

She accepts the deal. He thanks her profusely, and asks for a handshake to seal the deal. Jae-kyung gets the money shot.

Two days left.


Yay for this turning of the tables! I know a thriller can’t successfully keep us engaged and on tenterhooks if the good guys were always getting out of scrapes safely, but for the sake of my nerves let’s just say I’m really glad we’re in the final stretch. There’s a certain satisfaction in knowing that we don’t have the literal screentime left to screw Tae-san over too badly at this point, so I can enjoy the downfall of the bad guys in relative peace. (I’ve never doubted that he’d make the surgery and save Su-jin’s life, but suppose there’s always the question of whether Tae-san will survive after that… but really, I’m not thinking that’s very likely. All roads point to redemption and forgiveness, and you can’t save Su-jin’s life only to have her daddy die! Nope, not gonna happen.)

The problem dogging Team Hero has always been that the baddies have been a united front with all number of resources at their disposal, unafraid to pull strings and do whatever it took to get things done. Jae-kyung and Seung-woo often had their hands tied by their jobs, while Tae-san didn’t have the means or power to strike back. So it’s satisfying to see the cracks starting to grow as each bad guy is separated from the pack, and Tae-san knows the gangsters well enough to know just where to jab. Especially since none of them is as loyal (or maybe just threatened) a minion as Tae-san was and would sell out each other in a flash to save his own neck. We saw that in Tae-san just two weeks ago (two weeks of drama timeline, I mean), as the aimless pawnshop owner who assumed Boss Moon would always ensure he had a job because he took the fall for him twice.

It seems pretty clear that the gangsters are going down, and aside from just being dumber than the congresswoman to start with, they’re also gangsters with a lot more shady dealings in their backgrounds to dig up and hold against them. I’m more curious to see how they’re going to nail the congresswoman to the wall, because she seems like the type who has got her ass covered multiple times over. Tae-san had it right when he pegged her as the scariest of them all, and she has a rather chillingly disconnected way of looking at the world that’s borderline psychotic—she can find a rationale for anything, and has the brains to make it happen.

It’s starting to look like Seung-woo recognizes that his place in the family is shrinking, which is sad for him because he’s a decent man who genuinely loves In-hye and Su-jin. But I suspect he’ll take the honorable route and step back once all is said and done, because if anything that saves In-hye the trouble of pushing him away. Two weeks is a pretty short time in which to overturn your long-held feelings about a person, but the show has done a pretty credible job of bringing In-hye around (especially with her comment about her memories remaining the same over the years) so I have no issues with a happy family reunion capping off this story. The guy’s earned that much, hasn’t he? I don’t think it’s so much a case of Tae-san being let off the hook for everything so much as it’s him being allowed a second chance—it’s up to him to live right this time around. Like the congresswoman said (in one of her unnerving moments of clarity), Tae-san seems to have learned the value of a life, which he won’t soon be forgetting.


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    This episode was much better than the last…

    Can’t wait til next week!

    • 1.1 August

      I totally agree with you. Two Weeks redeemed itself with episode 14!

    • 1.2 redfox

      same here.
      and I vote for Tae-San being hired as a secret agent later.

      he has got to survive.
      all it comes down to is – a little hug, without that glass. a lot is in stake though. even if he survives….will he ever just get to hug his daughter? I am so nervous for that….

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    I’m loving Two Weeks a lot…..still on ep 10….can’t wait to watch the rest…..

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    SPOILER ALERT: I was fist-pumping like a madman when Soojin realized the Ahjussi must be a “bad friend”. The kid is freakin’ smart <3 I love when everyone in a drama are smart. This was a really nice change

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      Yep. She has analytical mindset. We have to invite her to this blog, to discuss things. 😉

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    Does anyone know what Chairman Han meant when he was telling Teacher Kim to keep his phone charged? teacher kim intrigues me too much

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      When I saw chairman Han’s flashback about his son, I’m thinking about young shi-on in good doctor.lol
      I feel it’s a bit weird maybe because I watch good doctor & two weeks, and though it’s unrelated but when I see the same person in there…

    • 4.2 Djumba

      I said this before, but I’ll say it again. A TaeSan-Han-Kim team-up needs to happen to take Moon down together. STAT. He’s screwed all three of them over so much, he has it coming!

      • 4.2.1 redfox

        I am feeling like Han might protect Tae-San against Teacher Kim…. wthere with his own life, or….shoot at his possible son

    • 4.3 Chloe

      I’m thinking that he wanted it to be a way of communication between them…or he wanted to be able to locate him with the GPS so he could protect him.

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    Taesan and Sujin win all the awards. Their interactions make me a teary happy mess
    Thanks so much for the recap

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      Dramabeans needs to create a category or include special recognition for Tae-sun and Su-jin during their annual end of the year kdrama polls/reviews.

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  7. KDaddict

    Yay! This ep is great! The good guys win back some points. Moon is driven to the edge, n Jo has fallen into their trap.
    But Best of all is still Sujinnie and TS’s first formal meeting, plus In Hye’s forgiveness.

    SJ’s meeting w TS is priceless. I’ve re-watched it 4 times, and am moved to happy tears each time.

    IH’s convo w TS in the hosp lobby is full of tenderness and emotion.
    She says she forgives TS for what happened 8 years ago (regarding the forced abortion) after his having saved SJ today; and becos he’ll give SJ bone-marrow in 2 days, she forgives him for not having been next to SJ (and her) for the last 8 years!
    TS says: If you agree (to forgive me), of course I’m willing!
    To my ears, it pretty much means she is willing to take him back, no?
    We’ve never been shown her having a real face to face convo w SW. There must be a good reason for it. I can’t imagine her having so much tenderness, vulnerability, and depth of feeling where SW is concerned.

    While SW loses points for giving Moon the camera, I appreciate him for coming clean to IH about it and for having shot TS. He is a good guy, n truly loves both IH and SJ.

    TS also has a warm scene w Han too, when he offers info about Killer Kim.
    Looks like Kim also recognizes Han, and therefore reads the text messages on the phone, has it charged as instructed and throws it back into the trunk, instead of throwing it away. It’ll come in handy at the end, I’m sure.

  8. KDaddict

    If I had a kid like Sujin, I too would be willing to give my life for her!
    How can such a little girl of an actress be so good in her acting?
    She is even more adorable w her hair covered in that cap than has it showing.
    If the writer really wants to hurt us, all she has to do is hurt Sujin. We’ll all be crying till kingdom come! I’d swear off KD then. But no one could be such a psycho, right?

  9. KDaddict

    Oh, and Jo!
    I laugh at the hi-fi temporary set up in the garden. You can’t have electronic equipment out in the open like that. The humid night air, the morning dew, the rain will ruin it in no time.
    And you’ve got to be a bit whacked to dress up at 1:30am, to go into your yard and waltz around all by yourself, when none of the day’s events prompts you to do so!

    K Dramaland seems to like to use a love of classical music as a shorthand for some form of corruption or mental illness. Strange.

    In the previous ep, when she wore a bling bling gown at home just before retiring struck me as odd too. That’s how one enjoys Money? Ha.

    • 9.1 Melissa

      Well, Jo is psychotic…

    • 9.2 Carole McDonnell

      one felt Congresswoman Jo letting her inner socialite loose..truly horrible to see if one worships the sainted public servant

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    2 Days to go~

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    Thank you for your recap and thoughtful comments as always 😀

    I’m not so positive though. Even there’s not much time left, there are still 2 episode.. I suspect they will screw Tae san really, really bad in second to last ep to keep us hanging, before (hopefully) give him his win in the last episode. But still I would be happy if I proved wrong,,

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    Also, my boss is reading the recap too. lol. I got him into it. Hi Mr Choi!

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    This episode was great. Just a few points…

    1. I wish Lee Jun Ki would stop wearing mustache/beard disguises, lol. Even though he doesn’t look bad (rather, he’s still fine and dandy), I just prefer him with his hair-free face. He just has that really super youthful face that the fake mustache and beard looks even more fake than it should.

    2. The father-daughter scene was super adorable. My heart totally went out to both characters and it made me realize how much I was craving their face-to-face interaction. Glad it finally came up. I was also happy that Soo Jin entered the plot more concretely by being quick-witted and discovering that Moon Il Seok may be a bad person after all.

    3. Seung-woo was pretty cool in this episode in the way he handled the situation, finally going from being rash and emotional to level-headed. Glad to see the change. And yeah, I could also see that he was realizing that he was losing his family and my heart ached a bit for him. Normally, I could care less about second leads but he managed to touch me.

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    Next week….o my it will be a long 6 days 🙂

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    So how come his redemption comes so soon and he ends with IH and SJ while TS has to literally fight with life and death to earn his!

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    congresswoman jo in her white nightgown, cradling a glass of wine in one hand, and dancing to opera music on her lawn cracked me up SO hard. was i the only one who found it oddly hilarious?

    it’s really looking like boss moon kidnapped boss han’s son, aka teacher kim. the flashbacks were simultaneously cute and heartbreaking at the same time. the pen thing i found a bit… i don’t know, cheesy? not cheesy that he gave his son a nice pen in the hopes that he’d end up taking a more refined way through life, but it just seems really… i mean, does everything need to have a super special meaning? i know i know, it’s a drama. i’ll let it go.

    i’ve been nursing a soft spot for teacher kim/song jae-rim this entire series, and i’m glad he gets more depth to his character.

    he seems to remember his original name. i wonder where in the timeline of things the kidnapping falls. i think boss han has been ruined for ten years, and if teacher kim really is 29 years old (as said in the show), then boss moon kidnapped kim well before he actually managed to bring han down. the little boy looked about, what, eight years old at most?

    i also wonder why boss han doesn’t suspect moon of taking his son. during that scene with tae-san, i was waiting for him to make that connection (one we don’t know yet for sure exists), but he only seems curious as to how teacher kim could have ended up in moon’s service. is there something we don’t know that would rule out moon’s possible role in the kidnapping, or is it just a simple case of failing to connect dots?

    thank you for the recap!

    • 20.1 Djumba

      I should hope he remembers his name. It’s inscribed on the pen cap he carries around with him all the time, lol.

      • 20.1.1 saranga

        oh, is that pen cap THE pen cap then?? the empty one jae-kyung snatched off his jacket when she hoped to capture him (for good)?

        • Djumba

          I think so. Didn’t he lunge forward when Jae-Kyung moved to take the pen cap to look at it? To me, it looked like he was being unconsciously protective of it. I don’t think he was panicking about her finding the knife and therefore evidence, because obviously he’d already gotten rid of all the weapons on him.

    • 20.2 Carole McDonnell

      Teacher Kim’s not throwing away the tracking cell phone made me wonder if another family reunion was subtly being acknowledged.

      • 20.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        by Teacher Kim, I mean. He doesn’t talk but why keep the cellphone if not to stay close to Dad in a strange way?

  21. 21 Requiem

    Hey, I’m a little buzzed right now, but does anyone want to have a viewing party in the SF Bay Area for Episode 16 of Two Weeks?

    I’ve been having a good time following this drama, and I think it’d be fun to get together next Thursday night and see the finale with a bunch of other fun folks.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a place, nor do I know of a place that will have a screen to carry it, but I DO have a Chromecast and mobile phone which I believe could stream it so we could it enjoy it if we had a place available.

    If anyone knows of a place or could volunteer a place to go watch the finale, go ahead and respond to me or e-mail me, and we’ll make it happen.

    Now, off to watch episode 14.

  22. 22 August

    Many have given ominus warnings about the high probability of a sad ending for this drama based upon the previous works of writer So Hyeon-Kyeong.

    Most of the episodes have foreshadowed the likelihood of death for Tae-sun or another central character.

    Tae-sun was given a chance to see Su-jin wearing his gift in person pre-surgery.

    Seo In-Hye spoke to Tae-sun about forgiving him for what happened eight years ago, for being absent from their lives until now, and for saving Su-jin’s life today and on the day of the surgery. She even mentioned that he needs to forgive himself.

    At the hospital, Tae-sun remarked to himself that Seo In-Hye was in good hands with Seung-woo as he watched them holding hands while running together as they rushed to see Sun-jin.

    Yesterday, Tae-sun desperately pleaded with Moon Il-Seok to let him live for Su-jin’s surgery. Today, Moon Il-Seok was disbursing loads of money to his minions to kill Tae-sun on the day of or after the surgery.

    Tae-sun declaring to Congressman Jo that he was willing to accept what happens to him after Su-jin’s surgery.

    With only 2 more episodes left for this drama, I hope that he survives the day of and each day after Su-jin’s surgery.

    If Tae-sun and Seo In-Hye get back together or they don’t, it is fine with me either way. I hope that Tae-sun, Su-jin, Seo In-Hye, Seung-woo, and Park Jae-Kyung all survive and are spared from death.

    • 22.1 Newbie

      Let us hope, that the makers give us these many hints at a possible sad ending just to enjoy a happy ending all the more.

      • 22.1.1 August

        Yes, let us hope so.

  23. 23 Misa

    What a great episode! TS & SJ FTW! They should win the “Best Couple” award. 🙂

  24. 24 Tee

    Wow was this episode freaking good … I’ve actually noticed that every single one of lee jun ki shows that’s I’ve watched I’ve started out not really liking them but by the end of the series I was madly in love with the show (besides my girl which was good but not really freaking good like his other shows I’ve seen)

  25. 25 ajj

    I still wont be watching this drama until I’m pretty sure Tae-san is alive after two weeks. If he dies, I wont be watching this at all. I really enjoy the recaps, takes me at the edge of my seat everytime.

    I’m still waiting at Kang Ha Neul’s cameo.

  26. 26 lotus

    Actually I does wonder why in every LJK drama in gangster aka mob modern setting always have a mysterious silent character who played by goodlooking guy without any line, like Giraffe in TBDAW…now in TW we have teacher Kim.
    Is that how the underground life sidekick are? Deadly but silent. Strange ….like Jo ‘s weirdo life…..dancing under the star with outrageous setting….wine plus music……

  27. 27 maymay

    Oh thank god Sujin is smart – just like her daddy. Love, absolutely loved how she outwitted Moon. Moon looking at her through the crack of the cabinet where she was hiding in was damn creepy though. I keep thinking Sujin run run run the whole time she was hiding from Moon. And thank goodness she never left the building, clean car or not, I think it’s not good for her to leave the hospital AT ALL.

    After all the arguments and wtf responses over Moon’s attempted kidnapping, I did laugh a little at Brainy’s voiceover which tries to explain why there wasn’t anybody about. The writer does try to cover the many possibilities we’ve raised…it’s still a pretty incredulous plan…but at least it doesn’t appear that epic fail compared to what I feel the previous episode.

    And OMG Sujin-TAesan convo just melts my heart. It’s no wonder Taesan is moved to tears…I’m not her father, and I’m a blubbering mess after that scene. Really the best daddy-daughter combo of the year for me (sorry MoH). I don’t necessary need InHye to accept Taesan as her husband again, but my idea of a happy ending is they at least keep in touch like good friends. And no deaths please. It’s so funny how everyone’s so wary of imminent deaths, from the very beginning. It’s like if we keep wishing fervently, it’ll come true!

    Two more days- come on! Let’s end with a bang!

  28. 28 cogitoeva

    *sigh* i can’t thank you enough, dramafever, for posting this update the soonest…really…. :,)

    • 28.1 coily

      Dramabeans, you talking?

  29. 29 Newbie

    WOW! WOW! WOW! Looooooved this episode.
    All what went wrong in ep 13 was made up with this fantastic ep!

    I don’t cry easily watching dramas, but the interaction of Tae San and his daughter (you’re soooo smart Soo Jin – love ya!) in the hospital made me tear up. She wore his hair clip! *squee*

    Lee Jun Ki and the kid delivered a perfect scene, I could hardly breathe watching it. You could feel his nervousness and cold hands, his eyes were oozing his love for this child, both were able to say so many things and… they put my fear for a bad ending in overdrive.
    Tae San got his reunion with his daughter and later with In Hye and I pray to God, that I am wrong about the bad precognition I have now.
    But I was wrong about Soo Jin getting wheeled out of the hospital – so there still is hope.

    My heart breaks for Seung Woo. After saving In Hye, he still confessed, that Tae San was supposed to come, too. He is a good guy, but it really feels like he knows, that he lost In Hye to Tae San already.

    Next week can’t come fast enough! Who else fears, that Boss Moon’s prediction of Tae San regretting, that he didn’t kill him will come true?

    • 29.1 KDaddict

      Glad you brought it up:
      Seung Woo confessed to In Hye that he was the one who shot TS; that he was the one who told Moon abt the pick-up time and place for the camera.
      When he saved In-Hye at the photo studio, he asked:
      You surprised it isn’t the other person who came.
      The other person is SJ’s life-line, so he couldn’t come.
      He wanted to come with me.

      Then in the hosp, when IH came out of the clean room, locking eyes w JK, SW immediately knew that IH wanted to ask about TS, so he excused himself so tactfully.
      You two talk. I’ll go check on the security room.

      I’m sure that If he is still with us after the transplant, he’d just as gracefully excuse himself, and let IH wrap TS in her arms, first for saving SJ, and then forever. So please, don’t kill him!
      Can we offer up the scary Shaman in MS instead? Or the Evil twin?

      • 29.1.1 Newbie

        Yes, let’s get rid of them both!

      • 29.1.2 aishaklcc

        “Can we offer up the scary Shaman in MS instead? Or the Evil twin?”
        Hahaha… That really cracked me up! Sure, let’s do that! ^_^

        Looking forward to the next episodes! Two Weeks fighting!

      • 29.1.3 Purple fairy

        Totally agreed with you! If e shaman n e evil twin not enough, just throw in JW’s aunt as well! Lol.

    • 29.2 redfox

      um I have a feeling Seung Woo will die cause he has no hope ever being called Daddy now by Su jin. it is what he expressed he wants but in this episode Su Jin talks non stop about her Daddy, Tae San. Daddy is superman. there is absolutely no space for anyone else. In Hye has a lot more emotion about TS, SW will feel he is the third wheel now and that gives a good premise to sacrificing himself for TS. not cause he gives up his love for IH. But because Su Jin cannot be robbed of the Daddy she loves and needs. and SW knows that it is not him.

      still feel like a fake out time skip, a story about Superdaddy being told by grown up or adolecsent Su Jin and give a feeling he died, when TS walks in

  30. 30 Cecilia

    Gosh, I should’ve been working on my final draft this morning, but instead, I watched this episode and read your recap afterwards. So many great moments after yesterday’s letdown.

    So, we’re finally heading down to the last week (or, well, the last two days). My D-day is next week, too, and if all is well I’m going to have my master’s degree at last (phew). Hope it would be a happy ending for both Tae-san and Soo-jin, and all of the good guys, too. Here I am, crossing my fingers and praying for all of us.

    Next week, I can’t wait. It should be legendary.

  31. 31 Soyb

    Thank goodness for this episode! It was awesome! Any time TS and SJ interact, even just in his imagination, I’m always get teary eyes and moved. The writer has done a really good job of developing TS’s growth so I’m anticipating a happy ending, but I still get nervous watching. Thanks for the recap!

  32. 32 Sarah A.

    What are the ratings on this drama? It seems like it’s really underrated in comparison to Master’s Sun. And to me, it seems like it has less flaws.

    Gah, shouldn’t have read the recaps without watching!

    • 32.1 August

      Ratings for Episode # 13 on 09/18/2013

      TNS Media Korea
      Nationwide = 8.3% (13th)
      Seoul = 9.7% (11th)

      AGB Nielson
      8.7% (13th) = Nationwide
      10.0% (7th) = Seoul

      Ratings for Episode # 14 on 09/19/2013

      TNS Media Korea
      Nationwide = 8.6% (12th)
      Seoul = 10.4% (8th)

      AGB Nielson
      Nationwide = 8.8% (9th)
      Seoul = 9.7% (7th)


  33. 33 minny

    Anyone knows which episodes have these scenes ? I saw them in youtube but can’t remember when they’re aired

    TS and IH’s date in the park — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZubAm2KnT8
    And their date at aquarium ? I saw photos some time ago but can’t remember about the episode

    TS at food cart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kh4cybNIQ0

  34. 34 minny

    Anyone knows which episodes have these scenes ? I saw them in youtube but can’t remember when they’re aired

    TS and IH’s date in the park ?
    And their date at aquarium ? I saw photos some time ago but can’t remember about the episode

    TS at food cart ?

    • 34.1 minny

      PS. sorry javabeans. I didn’t realize that I shouldn’t post youtube links here (my first post is under moderation, but this one without the link is OK)

    • 34.2 KDaddict

      They don’t mind youtube links. It’s just that when there r links, the system takes time to moderate them.
      Thanks for the links; I enjoyed them.
      The 2nd one at the food cart, I’ve seen. The BTS shows it takes a while to film, but in the show, it only flashed by for a couple secs. It was in one of the earlier eps, when he was working in Busan. Don’t remember exactly which ep it was, sorry.

      The 1st scene of them in the park, I missed entirely. But this seres just grows on you with every ep. So my attn wasn’t as rapt in early eps.

      This is a show that is worth re-watching.

    • 34.3 KDaddict

      OK, 1st link: Date in the park:
      Ep 1,about 24 mins. into it. It appears for literally 1 sec. If u blink, u miss it!
      It’s Sat., and I’m re-watching from the beginning. Will let u know if I see the food cart one.

      • 34.3.1 minny

        Thanks, I’ll go have a look

  35. 35 Carole McDonnell

    Tae-San has it in him to be the best cop EVER! I love how he pretty much is the leader in destroying the bad guys. Everyone’s working on and by his plans now.

    And his nervousness when he was going to meet Tae-San…so wonderful so sweet so cute.

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 35.1 Chloe

      you mean meet Su jin! 😉

      • 35.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        Oh gee, yes! Sorry about that. Can’t have Tae-San primping himself. Thanks.

        • Carole McDonnell

          aaargh… “can’t have Tae-San primping to meet himself.” sorry about that.

    • 35.2 KDaddict

      “Tan San pretty much has it in him to be the best cop ever.”

      I was thinking that after the bone marrow transplant, he needs a proper job that would make SJ and IH proud, and preferably pay well enough to give those two a good, stable life. And that he should be a detective, and maybe grow a bromance with SW. Is the last bit too much to ask?

      • 35.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        not too much to ask at all. Let us have a hero with a happy life.

      • 35.2.2 anduril

        Can he be a cop? He has two convictions, doesn’t that mean he is ineligible. That seemed to be the rules in I Hear Your Voice. (Not that I believe everything I see in dramas. :P)

        • KDaddict

          The convictions will be cleared up once it is proven in court that he wasn’t the killer, and it was Moon who forced him ot take the rap!

  36. 36 Angela

    Lee Jun Ki is one of the best actors out there,he play the role perfectly! I hope he wins an award for his superb acting.

  37. 37 dany

    I was so touched by the encounter between Tae san and his daughter. They were so so cute.

    • 37.1 wag-a-muffin

      You know a drama has you when you CRY just reading the recaps. (What a sweet father/daughter scene.)

  38. 38 Yuna Zayn

    I can’t believe the father and daughter are this cute together. <3 <3 <3
    I can't wait for the next episode and oh man, i really love to read your comments on episode after watching/reading ur recap of every episodes.
    I just hope he will live on and have happy ending and omg im so curious about the father & son relationship of that old man and fountain pen assasination guy!

  39. 39 earthna

    It’s always hard to find a drama that keeps me interested. Dramas usually start with really good episodes but the quality goes down after the half way mark. With only two episodes left, Two Weeks still has me invested. Ahhh, I love this drama.

    I’ve always expressed how much I love the writing but for this episodes, the actors’ emotions just got me. The part where Seung Woo saves In Hye, Tae San and Soo Jin moment, and Tae San-In Hye convo. Wow. I agree that two weeks seems like too short of a time span to forgive someone for eight years lost or to accept that you have to let go the person you loved so much. However, this drama makes it believable and right. All character developments done right.

    I’m amazed about the little detail with the pen that the assassin uses. I’ve laughed at how HCG’s pen has a pink cap before but turns out that it’s because it was hi son’s and the cap was with the assassin. *claps*

    I must say that Lee Junki is really good at choosing projects. Too bad that the timing is just not right, both for Two Weeks and Arang and the Magistrate. I just hope that the whole production staff knows how much people actually appreciate their work coz I do. 🙂

    Thanks for the recaps javabeans!

  40. 40 bunni3

    I just kept on replaying the daddy-daughter hospital convo over and over. Can’t get enough of them! I still wish for a happy family reunion ending.. but just having Taesan alive to make up for his daughter is enough for me.

  41. 41 Mic

    Ah, this drama doesn’t get enough attention. But it was so amazing this episode. Love it. As everyone else, I loved the Tae-san and Soo-jin scene. How beautiful was that? It was so touching. I felt like my heart grew watching it. XD I love Tae-san’s earnestness when it comes to her. He doesn’t know what to do, and has so little self-esteem that he probably thinks he’s screwing up, but there’s nothing he wants more than Soo-jin’s affection…

    They get to me. 😛

  42. 42 Mollee

    This drama has kept me on the edge of my seat… I can’t wait till next week! He better not die!

  43. 43 Lilian

    My fav scenes was definitely the one between father and daughter! So touching…

    Also , I am keeping my fingers crossed for a happy reunion too after a safe surgery!

  44. 44 lenrasoon

    Little Su Jin definitely made this episode! what a smart girl.

    Thanks for the recap!

  45. 45 Sajen

    Does halfwit’s voice remind anyone else of Snagglepuss ?

  46. 46 John Smith

    WoW the Prosecutor Princess is back and she is hot as ever.
    (Get the Reference?)
    Frankly I would prefer Tae San to end up with her. Though I am conflicted at the moment for who to root for to be Boss Han lost son both would be equally good and both have valid points to be one.

    If it is Cyborg Kim it can be explained as this. Boss Moon kidnaps his rivals son then decided to raise him as his own so that betrayal and revenge would be so sweet.
    But later decided to send Tae San to murder Boss Han and even though he fails he still gets what he wants Boss Hans Empire since Han decided to disappear from the face of the Earth.
    Cyborg Kim who is still unwilling to join the Dark Side hopefully as he is still human. So Boss Moon lies to him and tells him that someone has murdered his father and he is the only one who can help him find out who that is and allow him to take his revenge on him in return he would have to give up his humanity and embrace the Dark Side. Thus is loyalty to boss Moon was currently absolute till he came across Boss Han personally.
    But hey you know a job is a job. 🙂

    Still working out a more plausible theory as to how Tae San can be his missing son because the one I currently have doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to the people that I brought it up so far 🙁

    Sun Woo deserves his happiness he didn’t do anything wrong. Sure he made a deal with the devil and now he has to deal with it but to loose out on his family is wrong. Sure he is in the same boat as Tae San and was originally a j@*K about it in the start but he grew up from that. If he is to be punished to so job wise not loosing his family I feel more for him than Tae San in that regard. Plus who is to say that a child can’t be one with his biological child when the other parent has moved on. Plus Sun Woo seems to be an understanding person who wants to see them both happy (In-Hye and Soojin) so he should be okay with this and he does consider them his own family regardless.

    Plus I seem to enjoy the moments that we have had between Tae San and the Prosecutor Princess. Maybe that is just me. Hope Not though.
    I do wish she was a bit more bad A** kick some thugs and beat down Boss Moon Personally. That is so going to make my day.

    Well that is all for now hope to hear from you soon and what do you think. On whose Team are you on.
    Team In-Hye or Team Prosecutor Princess 🙂

  47. 47 KDaddict

    Previously, there was a discussion on why SJ’s radiation treatment can’t be out-patient. In ep 2, the doc actually explained to SW and IH that it’d be total-body radiation, and that they are ’emptying the child of her bone-marrow’, so if the donor doesn’t show up, the child dies! That’s why SW asks what happens if there is an accident and the donor can’t make it.

    Also, we’ve been discussing on and off If IH loves SW at all. Sujinnie is smarter than all of us combined. In ep 3, just as she is being wheeled into the clean room, she turns around and asks her mother:
    “Do you like ajussi? Is it becos ajussi likes u so much that you start liking him too?”
    Well, that’s our answer, straight from the writer’s pen.

    I’m enjoying my review, sans the evil! Makes me appreciate the show even more, esp. the supporting casts, i.e. Ryu and KSH. They are daebak too!

  48. 48 Lewong

    i have found a new site where you can watch Two weeks complete episode http://kimchiserials.blogspot.com

  49. 49 Amazing

    In Hye & Tae San its very clear that there feelings are mutual, that they still love each other…Wheeewww

    I will vote for them…

  50. 50 DarknessEyes


    Thanks for the recap!

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