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(Could there be any) more stills from Heirs
by | October 5, 2013 | 144 Comments

More Heirs! I know, will you just friggin’ AIR ALREADY? On the upside, we’re less than a week away from the broadcast of SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, so let the Premiere Stillapalooza Countdown begin.

Here’s what I can tell you I learned from the stills below, based on my highly scientific powers of eyesight: Lee Min-ho looks good in a wetsuit (Duh), Park Shin-hye is going to cry a lot (Candys always do), Kim Woo-bin is going to be a bad boy on a motorcycle (I know. I’m a goner), and Choi Jin-hyuk looks snazzy in a suit (What’s new).

Any questions?

In case you haven’t seen the latest trailer, here it is below.

See you Wednesday, Heirs.

Via SBS E!


144 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ilikehim

    News, stills, and teasers of Heirs make my day.
    I rewatch everything several times in preparation for Wednesday.

    • 1.1 Arhazivory

      While I’m starting to get turned off by the abundance of stills. -_-

      • 1.1.1 Saima


        • celloangelninja

          half my facebook is heirs stills… the same pictures OVER AND OVER AGAIN. the other half is all government shutdown memes. -.-

          • anais


          • Lauren

            I don’t know about you, but if my facebook is going to be filled with is going to be filled with predictable things that make me want to smack people, it should at least be pretty.

      • 1.1.2 Ilikehim

        If you are as stoked as I am for this, you would feel the same way! ;] Especially since I am going through a very extended Kdrama drought…and Heirs seems like it would be the much needed rain.

      • 1.1.3 windsun33

        Yup, the hype is getting a but much, and I think people are starting to go off the deep end a bit. On another site they had the fight scene described as “LMH beats down foreigner” – I guess they failed to notice the little fact that it was in California, and LMH was the “foreigner” 🙁

      • 1.1.4 hanie


        Hopefully I wont be turn off so much since I miss Woobin on my screen…

    • 1.2 windsun33

      With all the over-hype I am prepared for a big letdown.

      • 1.2.1 heartzeal

        Nothing here looks promising. All I see in the teaser is the same over used dialog and a poor but bubbly heroine that is always crying.

        Why? Why did Master Sun’s have to end????? 🙁 🙁

        I want my Tae yang (gong shil) back! I want more Gong Hyo Jin and if not her than Su Ae in an romantic comedy.

        • misskania

          I’m with you. These teasers and storyline either going to bore me or please me. So I will watch it but not wait for it.

          • Minoz Nana

            Have U watched Miss Kim Eun-sook’s dramas??!!!
            She is a genius!! She is way creative!!
            her dramas FUNDAMENTALLY differs of those of other K dramas!!!!!
            There is MORE 2 this drama than “a 43 seconds” teaser!!!
            U should NOT prejudge!!!!!!!!!

        • Minoz Nana

          Have U watched Miss Kim Eun-sook’s dramas??!!!
          She is a genius!! She is way creative!!
          her dramas FUNDAMENTALLY differs of those of other K dramas!!!!!
          There is MORE 2 this drama than “a 43 seconds” teaser!!!
          U should NOT prejudge!!!!!!!!!

          • bd

            Based on “Secret Garden” – her talents are no better than the typical, cliche filled, one-note stereotyical K-dramas.

            And her dialogue lacks any wit or real humor.

          • KDaddict

            I’d be rich if I get a penny for every time that “bd” insults Secret Garden and its writer on this site.
            Do you hate it that much? Don’t you get tired of it?

          • heartzeal

            If it based on Secret Garden, I will prejudge. Because, SG after initial few episodes degenerated into run of the mill, mediocre fare which not even Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin could save.

            If I remember correctly I think towards the end I watched 10+ episodes on fast forward and even then I haven’t completely finished watching the series.

        • Crazynoona

          I feel you 🙁 missed JW & GS a lot <3 and these teasers that always shows up at the end of TMS did nothing but annoys me.
          But well…since i'm a goner for LMH after his portrayal of Choi Young, i vowed to watch him in anything, even if when that means him doing his daily chores @ the woodalchi barracks for 50 episodes. Still i've decided to watch Heirs after it runs a few eps, i'm still emotionally exhausted from waiting a new ep to air from week to week when watching TMS while it airs (but enjoying every second of it, SJS my heart is partially yours now).

        • Windsun33

          I have pretty much had my fill of epic compulsive criers for this season, so I hope they don’t carry it too far.

      • 1.2.2 heartzeal

        Sorry for double post, but I also forgot to mention that it was same with Gentleman’s dignity. She (Kim Eun sook) start out really well and then fizzles off midway thru.

    • 1.3 jt885

      wait till next week. You’ll get to see all of it in its glory =)

      • 1.3.1 AnneOfGreenGable

        hi can you tell me what website will air this show? Tks

    • 1.4 KDaddict

      Kim WB on a motorbike. Lee MH getting out of a wetsuit. Bring on the stills!
      Story? What story? 😛

    • 1.5 AnneOfGreenGable

      Can you guys let me know what website or websites will air this show here in the States? with Eng Sub

  2. zakin89

    SO MANY STILLS… Thank god the show starts next week because I am at a point were I get annoyed that there are so many stills but now show^^

    I just can’t wait for all the eye candy because let’s be honest that’s the reason why I am gonna be watching this 😀 (I still hope for a good story but I keep my expectations low!)

  3. snow_white

    LOL@ the post title 😀

  4. OMG

    So much stills, m worried that SBS knows this show sucks and is trying to cover it all with all the pretty stills….

    • 4.1 messi

      Lol no! Kim Eun-sook has given hit dramas to SBS for a decade. So SBS would be the last one to say that her new drama sucks before its aired.

    • 4.2 soprection

      If SBS really thought the show sucked, they would probably be trying to downplay it somewhat instead of shoving it in our faces at all costs. I think they just really want this to become popular, must watch tv. They’re trying to build a following. It seems like they want it to have a lasting impression/influence like BOF because that would probably be really good for the company money and popularity-wise.

      • 4.2.1 crazykel

        I completely disagree. SBS probably knows that building a following is important because the show isn’t really that great. If they get the following, then they can merchandise and make more money. With the way that this drama has been over-hyped, it seems to me that the network is trying to cover its own butts with its advertising. That way they get people locked into the show that ordinarily would just blow it off.

        Plus, why would a network throw itself under a bus if it knew a show sucked? That makes no business sense. Downplaying a drama that sucks is suicide for a network; it’s as if they are saying, “Well, we know it sucks, so we’ll just run it into the toilet while we’re at it.” No, they would act oppositely in order to prevent that.

    • 4.3 bjharm

      lol same thing came to me to..another ‘Lie to Me” so much spent on promotion they could have made two dramas, depending on the leads to get past lazy writing and production.. well lets hope not

  5. Saima

    I’m surprised that it’s taken me THIIIS long to discern that LMH bears a strong resemblance to KimuTaku. o_O

    • 5.1 Toto

      OMGosh he does doesn’t he ..it might just be the picture though :/

    • 5.2 Toto

      Dunno why but the stills make it looks so boring!! I hope its not 100% romance…while I love them, hope there is a little bit more to this :D!! Kim woo Bin aaaah!!

      • 5.2.1 Toto

        woah that wasn’t meant to be reply! o_O

    • 5.3 snow

      actually, that would be Won Bin.

  6. Mystisith

    Sings “It’s the final countdown!” 🙂
    I’m sorry LMH but bad boys, motorcycles and me: It’s an old and passionate love story. CJH as the formidable opponent who will force our lead to reveal his strength has peeked my interest as well.
    Bring. it. on.

  7. crazedlu

    CANDIES!!! UGH!! Weeping and more weeping.

    I see no sparks between the leads. And I’m not getting magical vibes, like I think I should be getting from such a star studded “teenage” drama. Hopefully all of that will be there once it premieres.

  8. kumi

    More stills, and still no drama … My patience is not stilled.

  9. Clau

    There can never be enough of Lee Min Ho, no matter how many pictures they put up there is not enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally counting down seconds, minutes, days please please, por favor, chea bal, s’il vous plaît air soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 9.1 sharon

      could’nt have said it better myself. Lee MinHo, sarangaeyo <3.

  10. 10 Sara

    Is it just me or Lee Min Ho looks like Taiwanese actor Mike He in the top picture

  11. 11 messi

    Why is Lee Min-ho so hot? Either be my boyfriend or just go away from my eyes.
    Just kidding 🙂

    • 11.1 sharon


  12. 12 pogo

    So finally, we get a look at Im Joo-eun! Even if it is only in her character still/the poster, lol.

    I’m really liking LMH’s hair, ditto PSH – thank god someone figured out that a simple pretty long hairstyle is actually easier to maintain (for a poor girl) than a fugly bowl cut aka Standard Candy Hairstyle #2.

    (and Woobie My Wuv! That expression! That shirt! THAT BIKE!!!)

    Can this just air, already – I have a huge Master’s Sun-shaped hole in my heart and may not bother to catch this till it is on Week 2 because any OTP that follows So Ji-sub and Gong Hyo-jin has giant-sized shoes to fill, but a weekly Woobie sighting is not to be sniffed at. (my secret hope is that he’ll work with Lee Yubi again some day but he looks good with PSH and Kim Ji-won too)

  13. 13 messi

    Yes there’s no such thing as too much stills for me. I anticipate new stills and teasers from them daily.
    We’ve 5-6 hot guys and 4 beautiful girls and there are only what 7-8 stills updates. That’s not even one per head. Keep them coming.

  14. 14 darcyM

    What’s the deal with not wearing socks with dress shoes? Is this a Thing now? It just looks stupid. Like a) he was running late and couldn’t find any socks, and b) his pants have shrunk in the wash because all I can see are ankles. Also, wouldn’t you get blisters? And sweaty feet? This does not look cool to me.

    • 14.1 pogo

      there are ankle socks that would probably keep sweaty feet safe and make it look like you’re not wearing socks. I imagine there are times when foot sweat must not be risked but it’s still too hot to wear full socks with your trousers.

      (not that that excuses actual socklessness!)

      • 14.1.1 darcyM

        Wow, cannot believe I actually forgot about the existence of ankle socks. Hah. I fail. But still, it looks stupid with those too-short pants.

        • Jenn

          I agree.. I am not digging the ankle pants… I think it must be done on purpose. I was just watching Lee min ho in personal taste and he was rockin the ankle pants in that drama too

          • sharon

            its a Korean guy thing, if the pants are long they will turn them up so that we can see them ankles, So Ji Sub did that too in Master’s Sun. Lee min Ho does not even wear pants that cover his ankles, its rare. if u notice closely thats their kind of dressing..

  15. 15 Asabiyet

    Kim Woo-bin is giving me a Benedict Cumberbatch vibe. Anyone else?

    • 15.1 pogo

      You’re not alone! I see a resemblance around the upper half of the face, and kind of in the lips too.

      • 15.1.1 Asabiyet

        Yep, and not just physical similarity but they kinda have the same air, piercing looks and all.

    • 15.2 Ephemeraism

      Finally! Someone finally said it!
      it must be those high cheekbones

  16. 16 niKai

    This better be good. Great chemistry and great acting is a must. It will carry the show even if the writing is somewhat flawed, as its direct predecessor has proven. It makes you willing to overlook some details as long as the leads command at least 70% of ur attention. Of course, at the end of the day, the writing is what really matters. So hopefully they dont waste all the talents they’ve put in this one pretty basket.

  17. 17 emaan

    I really want to feel excited for this drama b it I just can’t. It feels like it’s gonna be a let down. Please please drama prove me wrong!!

    • 17.1 Kae

      I feel the same way. The eye candy is what’s pulling me to watch this drama but I hesitate to give it a try because I really feel like it’s going to be a disappointment (what if they spent too much money on the casts and ends up with weak writing/plot or directing?).
      Then again the bigger the expectation the bigger the disappointment if it doesn’t measure up (so I’m thinking that since I’m currently pessimistic about the actual drama I would not be very disappointed – does that even make sense?)
      I keep moving on (the fact that it’s taking so long to air helps) but only to end up being hooked by the eye candies and somehow considering giving it a go, albeit hesitantly (if the show is a bummer at least I’ll have the eye candies to console me).

    • 17.2 callmechris

      I agree. I’ve got a nagging feeling that this drama is gonna be one big star studded flop. I mean, I pray I’m wrong but I can feel it lol.

      LMH looks GOOD though. Forgive me people, but I never used to find him that attractive. I always felt his looks were overhyped. But now seeing him with freshly styled brown hair and just an overall fresh look, I’ve been converted! Well done to the MUA, coz his face is looking flawless!

  18. 18 Subject

    I naively thought, after four years reading you, that you’re not big fans of Kim Eun-Sook – the screenwriter. I guess all you need is to put some Lee Min-Ho and Kim Woo-Bin and all was forgotten. Oh, well.

    • 18.1 Mystisith

      🙂 Don’t worry. I come for KES too, she never failed me. I would have watched even if perfect unknown had been cast. On the other hand, I’ve recently dropped (or suffered through) many shows with hotties inside BUT awful scripts.

  19. 19 lemondoodle

    The cast is so huge. I hope the English speaking and important white people don’t last too long. I’m already cringing in embarrassment. Though the preview does interest me a bit.

  20. 20 hiba


  21. 21 miracleloveuknowfireinlove

    suddenly i like choi jin hyuk in this scenes :),wait park shin hye & drama,too

  22. 22 momoi

    I really hate that pocket handkerchief Choi Jin Hyuk is sporting, but otherwise he looks good.

    Min-hyuk looks adorable as well.

    As long as they are in Cali, I’m gonna get OC vibes, which i don’t know how I feel about. I don’t know if I’ll like the cute moments quite as much as in BOF, but loving loving LOVING this cast.

  23. 23 Quiet Thought

    Is this series finally over with? I feel like it has been on the air for months and the entire thing was shot in San Diego.

    • 23.1 Cheliwel

      Actually they shot in Malibu, Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, palos verde, San Diego and etc.

      • 23.1.1 hapacalgirl

        Wait a minute, they were in San Diego!? That’s my hometown and where I used to live before my recent move for grad school. I swear all the cool stuff happens after I move. Im Jae Bum taped a free performance at my alma mater UC Berkeley after I graduated and now Lee Min Ho was in my neck of the woods but right after I moved…. -_- lol.

        I hope for all the hype that the show is decent because there are some talents in the show that I would love to get more lead roles (Im Joo Eun!! ) and a mania drama might just be that needed push. Although I have to admit, they hype is tiring me out and making quickly lose interest.

  24. 24 Danni Stone

    I know I’m probably gonna get hated on so bad, but I just don’t understand the appeal of Lee Min Ho… I did like him in BBF and Personal Taste; but, his acting didn’t seem to be out of this world. I agree he’s really nice to look at, but that can only get you so far. What am I missing here?

    • 24.1 Drea007

      HaHa!! This had me in stitches…Love it

    • 24.2 eny

      what i thought exactly

    • 24.3 namina

      City Hunter.

      • 24.3.1 sharon

        ya you are missing City Hunter.

    • 24.4 Crazynoona

      Me too, but when i watched “Faith – The Great Doctor”…i’m a goner

    • 24.5 Quiet Thought

      His Toyota commercials, probably. They were just FABULOUS. Almost made me regret I bought a Honda Civic.

      Oooo . . . too much Nyquil to write before bedtime.

  25. 25 wag-a-muffin

    With all the stills I have seen I can predict the entire show. (Who needs to watch it?)

    • 25.1 Mystisith

      Hum. The Californian part is just the beginning of the story and we (still!) know nothing about most of the regular characters in the show (more than 20 of them).
      I wouldn’t be so sure…

      • 25.1.1 Windsun33

        That “more than 20” part is what bothers me. I am afraid we will end up with a bunch of side stories with characters that are largely irrelevant to the main story line, or simply don’t do much but take up air time.

  26. 26 Deb


  27. 27 Hmm

    If this guys are in high school, they still haven’t showed what the uniforms at Empire High School looks like.

    • 27.1 mel

      minhyuk wore the uniform in one of his photo stills

  28. 28 DHM

    ” Lee Min-ho looks good in a wetsuit (Duh),”

    I can’t believe you young’ns left the obvious retort to the grandmother.

    ‘He looks even better out of it….’ Boom.

    Short trousers, no socks, and dress shoes look?

    I’m old enough to remember when Miami Vice made the sockless dress shoes and slacks look hot.

    I find the high water slacks a little confusing, but I wonder if the intent is to emphasize the long, leggy look- or, for shorter actors (not LMH), to make it look like their legs are longer than they are.

  29. 29 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    You forgot to deduct that Choi Jin-Hyuk looks good without a suit as well. I used my super scientific powers of the imagination to determine this, oh and “I Need Romance” helped to prove my powers work. 🙂 This looks cute like BOF done right (hopefully).

  30. 30 Lindy12

    Can I ask what exactly is a candy girl? Is it like she’s eye candy? Or is she out for candy i.e.: a gold digger? I think I’m missing the point because neither definition seems to fit the context I’ve seen it being used recently, like in Master’s Sun. Can someone please enlighten me?

    • 30.1 goldeng

      a Candy -direct reference from the popular Japanese manga/anime Candy, Candy- is the typical poor female somewhat clueless too-nice-for-her-own-good character that meets her prince but not before experiencing all sort of hardships. I called them Cinderellas before but Candy is the trend now lol Geum jan di, Go Mi Nyu… theyre examples of Candys. i think like 70% of the female leads in dramas are Candys tbh..

    • 30.2 Windsun33

      The “Candy” or “Candy Girl” is one of the most used plot devices or clichés in Korean dramas. As Goldeng noted, it is sort of like Cinderella, but it really goes beyond that. It is like Cinderella and Pollyanna and Forest Gump all rolled into one.

      Quite often they are not just clueless, but clueless to the point where it makes you want to hit them in the head with a big stick – the heroine in the currently running “Secret” is a good example of that. They are often dirt poor, and are quite often shown working multiple low level jobs such as car washing, noodle delivery, and dish washing jobs at once.

      • 30.2.1 Lindy12

        Thanks to you both for enlightening me! I get the type now and, you’re right, a candy heroine is most often annoying beyond telling and my least favourite K-drama cliche character. How very “meta” of the Hong Sisters to keep having both Tae Gong Shil and Joo Joong-won refer to her as “candy” or “not-candy”. It left me very confused.

  31. 31 ran

    I really can’t stand candy type heroine anymore, I like PSH I hope her character will be more than that. So far I’ve only seen same old with the typical poor hard working heroine, being saved by the hero and together they ran away holding hands! for goodness sake some originality doesn’t kill. -_- It may be just me but I can’t stand the crying stills, i just can’t, especially they make the male lead looking at her crying and being moved/touched/sympathized? *rolls eyes* She better has more personality or else it’ll be like AGD where i skip most of the dramas for only one couple scenes (Jung rok and Min sook)

    • 31.1 Windsun33

      I think what bothers me most about Candy girls is that in nearly all dramas they are also portrayed as being so utterly stupid, naïve, and with all the backbone of a jellyfish.

      I really hope her character goes beyond that, but with all the crying stills I don’t know if that will happen. I have to wonder why they are emphasizing that so much.

      • 31.1.1 sharon

        oh don’t start about candy girls, they are like beyond clueless, but what pains me the most..oh it really pains me!! is when in the kissing scenes they open theirs eyes so wide like they hv seen a ghost and they just stand there without any action or kissing back, even when they are already dating with the guy, i mean seriously would u freak out like that if your boyfriend kisses you.???….i mean K-dramas are good, but they need to improve on their kissing.

  32. 32 ck1Oz

    After all the hype is anyone not watching it?I was planning to wait a few weeks but there will be so many spoilers everywhere I’ll have to watch it with the rest of the eager beavers. Sigh.

    I am one of those suffering from over publicity or product saturation.

    • 32.1 Windsun33

      I feel like I have to watch it, if nothing else for the ENGRISH parts 😀

  33. 33 denise

    somehow I’m gonna feel like i’m watching a fashion show with all the glamour. heehee

  34. 34 Quiet Thought

    “Are you sure it is safe to go back to Korea with a plot this lame and dialogue this stilted? You and your loved ones are almost certain to be stricken with cancer, suffer amnesia, and get killed in car accidents!”

    • 34.1 heartzeal

      I wish there was thumbs up on this site. I would have give you 100 thumbs up myself.

  35. 35 Alisa

    Don’t get me wrong, I love LMH, but I will be watching for my the dapper Papa Gumiho Yay!

    • 35.1 Nadine

      Word. I’d love it if CJH could completely steal this drama, too.

  36. 36 Noelle

    Woo Bin reaction: Whoa.

    If anything I’ll watch this for him and him alone.

  37. 37 Genieg

    Is it a trend not to wear socks with their suits?

  38. 38 lolipop

    u know i’m getting annoyed with all the teasers and stills. not at u DB, i meant the production. dont get me wrong. hehehe
    at one point i dont care this is KES drama or there will be a lot of gorgeous actors in this drama, it just makes me arrghhh.
    just so u know, i’m not PSH’s fan. if find her usually sticks to the same type of character. nut if one day she take a role of an evil villain, i might change my perception on her.

  39. 39 Yue-lie

    Girlfriday, you do have powered eyes!

    But I have bionic eyes too and I can’t say that there will be love rivalry, family issues and lots of good looking people!

    So? With my wonderful superpowers, can I be an Avenger?

    My name will be Super Obvious, Captain of the Saw-That-One-Coming!

  40. 40 12Dose12

    Kdrama heroines are Candys not Cinderella! I get it now! Thanks to Master’s Sun.

    It seems like Heirs is like Boy Over Flowers 2.0 (Hair rebonded version).

    • 40.1 Windsun33

      I would not call the heroine in Master’s Sun a Candy. In fact it was one of the few recent dramas that did not have a Candy Girl.

  41. 41 iaahero

    This drama looks like it will be sort of heartwarming and not like the usual “rich guy treats poor nice girl like a jerk at first but ends up falling for her” type of dramas because Lee Min Ho’s character seems to be quite compassionate towards Park Shin Hye’s character when they first encounter each other. So I’m kind of hoping this drama will be different than the classic rich-guy-poor-girl romances.

    I’m sooooo anticipating the drama but I don’t think I will watch it when it’s airing because I’m planning to watch it when the series finishes so I can marathon it in one night without waiting for weekly eps! Heheehehe 😀

    • 41.1 Pakykul Gunk

      totally agree!

    • 41.2 hdf;l

      well all KES drama always has lead male vs lead female kind of thing…

  42. 42 nut

    I literally laughed after watching the trailer. Feels like an alternate BOF and the stills of PSH crying totally made me -_- I feel as if I’ve seen her done this so many times
    Ok hopefully mi Rae choice will prove to be fresh by comparison

    • 42.1 Nilechoclat

      Actually You didn’t see the trailers , Alternate version …! ha..
      seriously KES not stupid to repeat the ideas .
      And why are bringing Mi Rae Drama ‘ name here just pathetic bcz people will watch both dramas so no need for your theories .

  43. 43 watch&listen

    I really, really want to watch this but Park Shin Hye really, really make me think twice over and over again. I didnt know if Im the only one who think that in every dramas she acted so far she always act all cute even when she cried. It really pissed me off. Its like “cant she act more naturaly? Why cant she just drop the cute thing?” I cant help myself but compare her acting in Stairway to Heaven which I really like. Arghhh~ I really want to watch this though but…arghhh!

    • 43.1 peacegee

      you are darn right about PSH in Stairway to Heaven. She was such a pro at 13. Just hope there is more substance to her role other than the cute-cute that she usually projects. BTW, she was good in Tree of Heaven too.

  44. 44 Ivy

    Kim Woo Bin on a motorcycle..hot damn!

  45. 45 hdf;l

    in another news, secret actually a really good drama not typical melodrama that dramabeans ever said in their review before, give it a try until ep 4 you will know what i mean

    i will just see how this “Heirs” drama will different from cinderella type story who is done to dead, so far the teaser don’t make me excited

    • 45.1 Windsun33

      What is NOT typical about “Secret”? You have your evil chaebol chairman, your gold-digger mother in law, your jerk chaebol prince, and your ultimate Candy Girl, the Candy’s sick dad, betrayal all over the place.

      There might be some twists later now that it is up to the present day, but so far it is about as typical as you can get.

  46. 46 bd

    LMH’s hairstyle when he is wearing that 2-tone blue baseball shirt makes him look like Simon LeBon (lead singer of Duran Duran).

    And I think the stylist got that shirt from Old Navy. lol

  47. 47 sayuri

    LMH looks so good with a tan! Ca is been good to him.

    It’s time for this drama to air already…

  48. 48 sayuri

    ”Am I destined to be poor” Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg she really said that!

    This show better have some humour and heart, bc although BOF didn’t succeed on many levels it did make laugh and swoon.

  49. 49 Anxiously Anticipating Heirs

    Okay, this drama is no longer BOF 2.0 for me. Kim Tan seems like a regular nice guy who just happens to be second generation chaebol unlike certified, misunderstood jerk-wad Gu Jun-pyo and Eun-chang doesn’t seem like a long-suffering candy type who’s not seeking to better herself like Geum Jan-di. She complains about her lot in life as evidenced by her ‘am I destined to be poor forever, it’s so unfair’ line and her determination to make a better life even if that means leaving her blind mother behind. I’m so excited for this drama and even if it tanks, it’ll always have a place in my heart.

  50. 50 Czarnelle Martin

    One day after you guys posted this… Heirs realeased another trailer. LOL =D Trying not to get my hopes up but by the looks of this trailer i wont be disappointed.

    Trailer #4 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=To_-UarIMt8

    • 50.1 Windsun33

      And in the trailer at :36, the now infamous bone breaking Wrist Grab. Oh yay.

      More and more I am feeling that I may end up watching this just so I can hate it.. (does that make sense?).

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