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Good Doctor: Episode 20 (Final)
by | October 9, 2013 | 180 Comments

And so we must bid farewell to our pediatrics team with whom we’ve come to know and love through their dedication and devotion to the lives they save each day. Any good surgeon knows that one must close up cleanly to speed up the recovery process. But there are always unforeseen factors that serve to complicate the situation, and then one can only hope that time will heal all wounds.

Good Doctor finished its run with a 19.0% and 19.2% for its penultimate episode and series finale, respectively.


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Do-han gathers his team together to confirm the worst when In-hye doesn’t wake from her surgery as planned. All they can do at present is to replenish her blood with constant transfusions until the bleeding stops while Jin-wook lies to unni that all is well.

In this crucial time period, Doctor Choi tells them there is one last treatment they must do as doctors: to cling onto the hope that their patient will recover.

Yoon-seo considers these turn of events as another cruel twist of fate, but Shi-on remains optimistic. He thinks of all their happy memories together as he stands by In-hye’s bedside.

When Shi-on goes to see his father next, Dad gives him another I Have No Son speech for not visiting him often enough. Jeez Dad, you should be happy that he comes to see you while you’re still alive.

This time Shi-on calls the old man out, admitting that he still hates Dad, but he’d be sadder if he died because of his hate. “Please let me like you just a little, Father, so that I can be less sad later.”

Dad’s stone-cold heart is moved at this as his eyes actually well up with tears.

Now we learn about the former assistant chief’s plan to save the hospital when he instructs Chae-kyung to continue to apply for loans from foreign banks. He assures her that she won’t run into any difficulty since they know he’s working against Creepy Chairman.

Chae-kyung wonders why he’s helping them now, and the assistant chief honestly answers that he doesn’t know.

Shi-on confides in Nurse Jo, still bothered by the gossip about his relationship. He doesn’t want the hurtful remarks to reach Yoon-seo’s ears, and the nurse offers up his fists to beat those knuckleheads down. Aww.

Elsewhere, Yoon-seo’s friend mentions an upcoming get-together, adding that their mutual friends are dying to meet Yoon-seo’s new boyfriend even though they have no idea “what kind of person he is.” Yoon-seo takes issue with that phrase, and confirms that they’ll both be there.

Shi-on isn’t keen on the idea, however, and when Yoon-seo asks for a reason why, Shi-on isn’t able to give on. She misinterprets this as a lack of confidence in their relationship, which is when Shi-on asks why she doesn’t consider his feelings on the matter. I’m with Shi-on on this one, sister. She relents and drops the subject.

Recalling Doctor Choi’s words to earnestly wish for In-hye to wake, Do-han takes Chae-kyung to a church where he sits awkwardly until she instructs him on how to pray.

At the hospital, Shi-on thinks about the Peter Pan tale and ignores a call from Yoon-seo (saved under the nickname “God-given body,” ha) as Yoon-seo sits up in her bed, troubled by the fortuneteller’s words that there’s only one bridge supporting their relationship.

Doctor Pomade presents his evil brother-in-law with the list of doctors to terminate from the hospital, but the man immediately finds it strange. Then a flashback teaches us that Doctor Pomade previously showed the list to Doctor Choi, identifying the listed doctors, including himself, as those who enjoyed pharmaceutical cutbacks over the years.

He tells his brother-in-law that he’s a doctor first and foremost, and advises him to get his act together as a better husband before marching out. Dayum.

In more surprising and daring news, Assistant Chief outs himself as a traitor to Creepy Chairman. Throwing the chairman’s words that children are the future back at him, he levels that one cannot gambles with children’s lives. With a final bow, he calmly walks out.

Yoon-seo asks why Shi-on is ignoring her calls, and she grows frustrated at the answer that he had a lot on his mind, wondering what could occupy his thoughts so much.

Shi-on likens their relationship to Peter Pan and Wendy, saying that they’re from different words. Yoon-seo asks if that means he plans to take her home and never see her again. But her angry response scares him, and he says she wasn’t like this before.

Things are different now, she says; they’re not in a noona-dongsaeng relationship any longer. Shi-on sadly notes that perhaps it was better for them then. Bah.

Shi-on says it’s hard for him to endure all the gossip Yoon-seo faces because of him, but Yoon-seo couldn’t care less about what other people think of them. Near tears, Shi-on says it affects him and it feels like someone is scratching at his heart to see her as the target of such undeserved abuse.

It’s more bad news bears for In-hye, who is now in danger of becoming brain dead in the coming days. Jin-wook reads In-hye’s journal of happy memories with a sigh while Yoon-seo sits by her bed, holding her hand.

As Shi-on lies in bed, he thinks out loud: “In-hye, I still have a lot of things to say to you. Who will I confide in if you go?” He then dreams the same dream of In-hye, but this time she’s joined by the little girl who died in Yoon-seo’s hands. Oh noes, does this mean she’s dead?

The girls play in the meadow together, until the little girl bids goodbye to In-hye, who walks away as Shi-on wakes the next morning.

…and then In-hye’s finger shows the slightest movement of life. Yoon-seo wakes up in a start as In-hye’s eyes open a crack. In a tired voice, In-hye ekes out, “Doc.” Ohthankgod.

Everyone is astounded by her miraculous return, and Shi-on tells her, “I missed you, In-hye.”

President Lee breathes a relieved sigh at the news that the hospital is out of imminent danger, all thanks to the assistant chief. And this time, Chae-kyung is the one to suggest that they go out for a meal together.

As Assistant Chief Kang sits with Doctor Choi, we finally learn the reason behind the man’s change of heart:

Assistant Chief Kang: “The pediatrics department possessed the most outstanding treatment method, something no pharmaceutical company can create. But this treatment disappears if you try to buy it with money, because you cannot exchange its worth by monetary means.”

Do-han catches the assistant chief on his way out, and asks the man what he plans to do now. Assistant Chief Kang answers that he’d like to remain as a father. He leaves Do-han with a final word of respect and a smile, his head held high.

Shi-on rushes over to see Dad, who has chosen to return home to spend his final days there. He tells Shi-on that he doesn’t have the strength to hit his mother anymore, let alone stand on his own two feet. He asks that Shi-on prepare his memorial in exchange.

Doctor Choi appears a moment later, and Dad gruffly thanks the good doctor for raising his son. Then Shi-on spends a quiet moment alone, hoping to be left with at least one good memory of his father before he passes.

Nurse Jo has another go at asking Nurse Nam out, who gets all flustered. She involuntarily slaps him and feels immediately bad about it afterwards, but Nurse Jo takes her hand, saying she’s the first woman to ever hit him. Another smack.

Yoon-seo pulls aside the gossiping docs (Dr. Kim’s minions, to be exact) when she catches them chatting away by the stairwell. She puts them in their place—how dare they ridicule Shi-on when they’ve never held a scalpel before?

She heads downstairs to find Shi-on standing there, having overheard the entire lecture. Frustrated, she asks why Shi-on didn’t confront them himself before dropping the matter again.

Back at the staff room, Shi-on broaches the topic of heartache with Jin-wook, saying that he’s beginning to understand what it means now: “I thought that love was a perfect painkiller, but it hurts too.”

Jin-wook clarifies that in his experience, there exists a difference between the two kinds of love. While love may be a painkiller, painful love is like a disinfectant: “It hurts at first, but the wound heals cleanly later.”

“In the end, painful love heals you too.” Jin-wook concludes. So he advises that Shi-on bear the pain and wait for it to heal.

While Yoon-seo is out on a hike, she stops to help an injured hiker. Yoon-seo recognizes her as the fortuneteller from the previous episode, who confesses that everything she said at their visit was due to her incredible powers of observation and that she feeds the “one bridge” metaphor to every couple to keep them on their toes.

Yoon-seo beats herself up over her own gullibility, but the fortuneteller thinks that Shi-on is a good man, words that bring a smile to Yoon-seo’s face.

Chae-kyung wonders why Do-han is so anxious at home, asking if there’s something he wants to say. He corrects her by saying that there’s something he must do, and then presents her with a ring. D’aww, you could do better than that Super Doc!

Chae-kyung remains silent for a long minute, and then notes how entirely unromantic his proposal is. You and me both, hon. So Do-han adds a few more phrases, and asks what more he needs to do. Would it be too much to ask for at least an “I love you” right now?

But Chae-kyung smiles, saying that’s enough for her and hugs him.

Yoon-seo arrives at a restaurant with Shi-on in tow that evening, much to her friends’ delight. Her doctor friend asks for a moment alone (and Yoon-seo tells the others to “be nice,” heh) and advises her to keep their appearance short for their own benefit. Yes, yes, words of concern I would find meddlesome if only you didn’t show up at the eleventh hour, supposed dearest friend. But alas!

But then their attention is drawn back inside where Shi-on is busy regaling the group with the story of how they first met. Looks like he’s doing just fine on his own.

At the question of what Shi-on likes most about Yoon-seo, he answers: “She’s like a Christmas present. I miss her when I don’t see her, and I’m so happy when I do. She makes me sooo happy whether she’s here or not.” Awww.

One friends ask about their first kiss, to which Yoon-seo realizes they haven’t shared one yet. I love how Shi-on just pouts back at her.

And at that moment, Shi-on swoops in to kiss her. Eee! Well, I guess you can mark that day as today then!

Yoon-seo pretends to be upset about the surprise kiss afterward, joking that he should have at least given her a sign. He promises to wink next time, and she laughs, saying that it’s too weird.

She then pegs him with questions about how he felt during the kiss. Shi-on describes it as a short, dizzying experience. He places a hand on his lips… then giggles and shuffles away as Yoon-seo chases after him. Cute.

As Do-han sits in his office, he thinks back to his memories with Shi-on from his first day to how far he’s come now. Holding the solved 12-sided Rubik’s cube in his hand, he smiles.

The pediatric team sits Doctor Choi down to talk about Shi-on’s future at the hospital. They note that it’s been three months since Shi-on joined them and they’ve arrived at a decision. Doctor Choi braces himself for the worst, only to hear a chorus of praise from everyone, including Il-kyu, who hopes to be a better sunbae.

Filled with joy, Doctor Choi tearfully reads the board’s decision to overturn Shi-on’s medical probation and induct him as an official resident.

When the day of induction ceremony arrives, Shi-on fumbles with his tie. Do-han steps in to help and asks if Shi-on remembers the challenge to surpass him. Shi-on nods, and Do-han says, “You’ve already surpassed me… because you overcame everything.”

Then Shi-on is called to accept his certification in the presence of the hospital board and pediatric team. The entire room applauds this momentous occasion and Shi-on gives a word of thanks:

Shi-on: “I’m still… a little different than other people. My mannerisms are also a bit different, which is why I worked hard to overcome them. However, it did not work out well; it only hurt the harder I worked. That’s why I thought I would be different until the day I die. But a lot of good people covered for me, which is why I’m able to stand up here today.

“Thank you for covering for me; thank you for not avoiding me,” And then smiling at Yoon-seo, he finishes, “And also thank you very much for loving me.”

Afterward, Yoon-seo praises him on a job well done, and they take turns thanking the other before sharing a tender embrace.

A little later, Shi-on stands in the observation deck, twirling his toy green scalpel in his hand. This is where Do-han finds him, and he smiles at Shi-on’s explanation that this precious toy was what made him become a doctor.

Shi-on asks about Do-han’s “green scalpel,” and when Do-han answers that it was his younger brother, Shi-on blurts out that he heard the story from Yoon-seo. He apologizes for his mistake, but Do-han says it’s okay because his brother was as precious to him as this scalpel.

Shi-on shoots Do-han his trademark thumbs-up, to which Do-han asks, “Do you do this with Yoon-seo too?” Heh.

Then Do-han calls him, “Shi-on ah” for the first time and asks if they should have a hyung-dongsaeng relationship. Omo, it’s a bromance invitation! Eee, take it!

It catches Shi-on off-guard, but calls Do-han “hyung” a moment later. Why am I most excited about this pairing in this show? Then Do-han warns him not to call him “hyung” in public. Hee.

But their blissful moment tumbles down to Earth just then as Shi-on receives a call from Mom informing him that Dad has passed away. He returns home and silently comforts his mother.

One Year Later. We see a group of children gather around a 3-D TV, courtesy of—who else?—Shi-on. Aww, so he did fulfill his wish for the kiddos.

As for Shi-on, he gives Mom a quick hug before he heads off to work where he scolds the newbie resident as the others sit nearby. Why helllooo there Park Ki-woong!

Shi-on is a no-nonsense sunbae, and Yoon-seo tells him to go easy on the rookie, thoroughly entertained. As Shi-on continues the lecture, I love how Yoon-seo points to herself, all, He learned that from me. Hehehe.

Doctor Pomade finds Ki-woong sitting alone outside and… takes out an ice cream? Ha. He fails to break it evenly however, and then Ki-woong asks for the bigger half. Muhahaha.

The team sees In-hye off when she’s finally discharged for hopefully the last time. They invite her to come back to visit and Shi-on reminds her to be careful. She in turn tells Shi-on to handle his relationship issues on his own now.

After another surgery, Shi-on shares Yoon-seo’s words that a good person becomes a good doctor. He asks Do-han what he thinks on the subject, and Do-han answers, “Every doctor who reflects on what kind of doctor is a good one.”

In the show’s final moments, we see Do-han lay flowers at his brother’s ashes and a glimpse of Shi-on and Yoon-seo sitting in the surgical observation desk.

Shi-on: “Now that I think about it, I think that’s right. Every doctor who wonders what kind of doctor is a good one is a good doctor, and also also good people. But to become a good person, I realized that one must have a lot of scars. If one is to heal another person’s wounds, one must first understand what being hurt is. So I’ll be hurt everyday but even so, I think I’ll be okay. Because I’ll be among people and I’ll be loved by someone.”


A sweet yet grounded open-ended ending for a contemplative show that had us wondering about issues of life, love, and happiness. It’s this humanistic quality in the show that makes me appreciate the philosophical lessons in each episode often described in poetic metaphors. Indeed, you could say that these same idealistic principles are what kept this show rooted in an virtually picturesque dramaverse that paints a world where nearly all of our characters can find a happy ending. And if the goal is to portray the journey of reconciliation, forgiveness, and acceptance in our characters, then the show certainly achieved that end.

We see how the highlight of the series remains with our ever-changing character relationships on numerous occasions throughout the series, be it within the romantic, familial, or professional relationships. I love that our hero is the agent of that change of heart whether he is aware of it or not with that innocent and childlike perspective on life. Furthermore, I appreciate that we explored all levels of acceptance to Shi-on and his autistic condition with the rest of our cast from his grumpy father to the fellow medical residents and with Yoon-seo and Do-han. There were times that I felt that some of his habitual expressions fluctuated depending on whatever case-of-the-week we were currently dealing with or to drive the narrative forward, leaving me confused about the boundary of an accurate portrayal of the condition versus creative license. But through it all, it was still Joo-won‘s commitment to the role that brought Shi-on to life as a hero you want to root for.

Conversely, the main conflicts and evil in this drama can only be described as laughable, issuing empty threats that never ventured further or resolved with little to no consequences. For instance, Assistant Chief Kang is the one man who both sets the hospital takeover into motion and stops it singlehandedly with his change of heart. But even though the swift and simplistic move should upset me more, the hospital politics was never a pressing matter that grabbed my attention at any given moment. Then of course, Yoon-seo’s friend is practically forgettable, though the conflict of facing societal scrutiny because of the couple’s relationship as a whole still holds true.

As for the main romance itself, I was prepared for our leads to swing in either direction, though I enjoyed their platonic relationship more than their romance, which was still wonderfully sweet. On one hand, you want to see a hero fall in love with the girl of his dreams. And yet it came so late in the game, that the transition also seemed rather abrupt and rushed to face the societal obstacles the couple would meet each day. Though of course, I was more inclined to believe Shi-on and Yoon-seo’s relationship more than our actual romantic pairing between Do-han and Chae-kyung… and to this day I can’t explain why or how they got together in the first place.

But where the romance fell short, the bromance rose to the occasion. I love that Shi-on gains a set of surrogate hyungs through Do-han and Doctor Pomade by the end of this series. Shi-on’s quiet conversations with Hyung are still some of my favorite moments by far along with Doctor Pomade’s hilarious comic relief scene-stealers. His character is among one of the most surprising and his turnaround most rewarding in what seems like a long time in dramaland. And then you can’t forget the long list of cameos that give a nod to the writer’s connections (Ryu Deok-hwan from God’s Quiz) and the Gaksital reunion. Even Park Ki-woong‘s character is named Woong-ki! Hee.

In retrospect, I still loved how our medical cases intertwined with our narrative that often mirrored our current character conflict, no matter how dramatic (or not) the medical aspect the show got at every turn. Despite the broad strokes writing style, I can see how some of those early cases earned the show a recent screenwriter award (though it makes me wonder how one can win such an award before the ending), and how that transitioned towards one patient’s case we did care about. But if Good Doctor has taught us anything, it’s that life is but a great adventure.


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  1. 51 bebeswtz

    Thanks Gummimochi for ALL the recaps!!!

    I’m not crying, I swear, I’ve just been cutting onions all morning >.< ERMERGERD Who am I kidding?!??!!?!? I bawled by eyes out while watching the finale and I'm bawling my eyes out once again from reading this recap <3

    • 51.1 bebeswtz


      • 51.1.1 Moon

        Couldn’t agree more!

        Surely there are no political issues involved in this drama anymore that’s hindering the cast and crew to rake in awards! *stillbitteronunrecognitionofgaksital’sawesomeness*

        But more than that, it’s the “Good Doctor healing effect” and its good influence to the people that is what’s more important! I think I read before how the hospital they had their shoot will be expanding their pediatric unit, and how the GD casts are doing a charity event soon.

        Ahhh Good Doctor – heartwarming, hopeful, healing! I’ll surely miss you! Thanks gummimochi for the recap/review!

        • bimby


          Lol! I thought I was the only one who still feels that way. Joo Won better win top excellence this year.

          • Moon

            He already owns it! XD

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    Thank you Gummimochi for recapping this awesome drama and staying with it till the end, despite the monstrous real life chores!!!!! Your insights were valuable for understanding many parts of the drama.
    Hope you get plenty of rest 🙂

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    Thank you for the recaps!

    This show was my crack drama. More so than Master’s Sun, strangely. I don’t know what to watch now. Gonna miss these guys. I just wish there was more romance and bromance.

    • 53.1 jessy

      same feelings here..I feel empty

  4. 54 Angela

    For me, ever since the beginning with the noona-dongsaeng relationship with Si On and Yoon Seo, the falling out with Do Han and Chae Kyung and the already established connection with Yoon Seo and Do Han, I really thought the writers would pair up Yoon Seo and Do Han. Yes it would be like every other drama and it may be a little cliche but I just felt the chemistry between them and it would be more realistic. I wish they would’ve explored that a little more or not given us the hope with their scenes of Do Han ditching Chae Kyung and calling Yoon Seo for meet ups.

    Overall, this drama had heart and that’s why I stayed. I love comparing Joo Sang Wook of his character here and his real life hilarious personality. The differences are so fun 🙂

    Joo Won did an excellent job and this is the only drama I’ve seen of his so it’s kind of hard to disassociate him with Si On when I look at him.

    • 54.1 kumi

      I think Shi-on’s character has now totally rubbed off on Joo Won. I’ve seen Joo Won in other dramas, but I liked his Shi-on most of all.

    • 54.2 Moon

      Try watching Gaksital and then do a marathon of 1N2D season 2. I promise you your mind will be blown to bits thinking how this innocent, adorkable good doctor is the same guy playing Lee Kang To (Joo Won’s character in Gaksital) and just this aegyotastic person in real life as seen in 1N2D!

      Joo Won’s acting is just beyond awesome! <3 and how glad am I that he got paired with another awesome actress that is Moon Chae Won! ^^

    • 54.3 dramalover

      At first, like you, I also thought that Do han and Yoon Seo would end up together contrary to the drama trend where the 2 leads will usually be together. But because of adequate character and relationship developments, the writers managed to diverge this thought away. As the drama proceeded, I realised DH and YS are more realistic being best partners in the workplace and best friends in life.

      From the start, DH and CK are already a well known affectionate couple for years as introduced by YS, and DH clearly still loves CK, he is only angry because she is involved with the heavy hospital politics hence the temporary split. His character is supposed to be rationale, hence he would still get back with CK when she admitted her mistakes.

      Plus, if DH is to develop feelings for YS, he would have done so long ago like how YS did for him. Hence, it is kinda clear they won’t be a couple.

  5. 55 Abbie

    This was probably the best finale episode I’ve seen in a while. I loved every minute of it. I was so glad that In-hye was okay and that she got better. I was happy with the medical board and the pediatric team openly accepting Shi-on as a full resident. And I was just tickled pink by Park Ki-woong’s cameo! And of course I cannot forget the formation of the bromance between Shi-on and Do-han, which I wanted from the very beginning. I was happy that Doctor Pomade didn’t go over to the Dark Side and that he stuck up for Shi-on, and that he shared his ice cream with the newbie. So much goodness in this episode! I loved, loved, LOVED it! I am happy that Shi-on and Yoon-seo are together, although I would have been just as happy if they hadn’t. Still, every hero needs a girl, right?

    Thanks for all the wonderful recaps, Gummimochi! I enjoyed them, and this show.

    I’m looking forward to the next drama for all these wonderful actors! Especially Joo-won!

  6. 56 Vicki

    I love you shi-on!

  7. 57 Gidget

    Wow! Great recap.

    And, re: “Despite the broad strokes writing style”

    Don’t you think there’s something to be said for a writer putting the cookies on the bottom shelf? Dramas are just entertainment. It seems to me that when writers use brush strokes that are too fine, they make it too much work to see how the story makes sense and their audience becomes frustrated.

  8. 58 Jo

    What am I going to do now!!!

    • 58.1 Moon

      Rewatch Good Doctor and relive its awesomeness!

  9. 59 cheers

    sad to watch their final epis i’m gonna miss the 3 leads! however i wished they’d shown a double wedding with Park Si, Dr Cha & Dr ? (Joo sang wook). i guess this drama is under budget that’s why! 🙂 i lvd the bromance on last epis with JSW & JW! i luv happy endings!

  10. 60 Mia

    I enjoyed this show alot! Haha PKW! That was so hilarious!

  11. 61 Luzie

    Park ki woong is so cute, bless him lol

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    It’s been a LONG time since I’ve watched a drama that I’ve enjoyed – and respected for its message and theme.

    I do have to say I was hoping Shi-On would have straightened out his posture after the “1 yr” time lapse. Hahaha
    Great job, Joo Won!!!! Hope you get an award for your portrayal!

  13. 63 annisa

    T.T Don’t want this drama end. I’ll miss Dr.Park and all pediatric doctors very much. One of the best drama in this year, I think. The storyline was just amazing, no wonder if the writer got award as the best writer in korean drama award 🙂 after all, i just want to say thank you for the great recaps from dramabeans, and also congratulation for all cast members of Good Doctor. I laughed and cried a lot while watching this. 🙂

  14. 64 SS

    Thank you gummimochi for recapping this drama. I enjoyed reading your analysis and insights. For a while, I thought this show would not be recapped after episode 1, thankfully you came and save the day.

    Your recaps and commentaries were the only ones which did not slam the show for its portrayal of autism. I am not saying you aren’t objective but rather you went about the recap in the right spirit. First, you saw the drama for what it is, a celebration of the human spirit and a message of acceptance and love. As for the autism part, you refrained from projecting your own experience or knowledge on it and instead kept an open mind to what one individual autist like Park Shi On might look like.

    In the end, some things which viewers on this blog feared and gave up the drama for, did not materialized.

    Shi On did not become “cured” of his autism. In his own words, he still speaks and behaves differently from others. He did not slouched as badly as he started but he did not straightened up completely either. I love the fact that he accepts that he will always be a little different from others. It was realistic that there will always be people who do not accept him or hurt him with their prejudices. Rather than live in his own world, he will take these things in his stride because there are also people who care and love him.

    The show also did not make a great deal of Shi On’s savant abilities. Shi On did not become a genius miracle making surgeon. The ending scene had Shi On still observing Do Han, Yoon Seo and team in a surgery because in reality, savant or not, he was still a junior. The show focused more on Shi On’s assimilation with his teammates and people around him and also on his quest to be a good doctor.

    It was not perfect but still one of the best dramas I have watched in a long time. Although I felt the writer tried to address too many issues or became a little preachy at times, this drama causes one to think and reflect on society and ourselves. Thankfully, the show was able to achieve all these without taking itself too seriously or being melodramatic. It had a heart, mind and soul, what more can one ask from a drama?

    • 64.1 Rie

      Love your comments & 100% agree 🙂

      • 64.1.1 scarlett

        couldn’t agree more

    • 64.2 Minea

      Love your comment, SS! And I agree, it’s one of the best dramas I’ve watched for quite awhile. It was very heartwarming and engaging. It’s one of the dramas I wouldn’t mind watching again.

  15. 65 mojobobo

    I was hoping for a Kimura family reunion with Ki woong being comforted by Dr Choi too ahhaha!

    • 65.1 SS

      Brilliant! I never thought of that.

  16. 66 Lindy12

    What I really loved about this last episode and the whole drama was that it celebrated something I really do believe. Namely that most people in this world are fundamentally good and want to do the right thing. All the main characters, except for Creepy Chairman and Shi-on’s father of course, open their hearts, put aside their prejudices and become better people for it. They all learn something about themselves through Shi-on, his love of medicine and his determination to overcome his disability.

    Even Dr Pomade (great name!) who starts out as your stereotypical slimy, obsequious, underhanded toady and would have stayed that way in a lesser drama, rediscovers his passion for medicine and recognizes his limitations. He knows he’ll never be chairman material but he is a good doctor, a skilled surgeon and a better man. Lovely!

    I guess the two things I would have like to have seen were, first, some kind of acknowledgement of Shi-on and Yoon-seo’s intimate relationship. He’s certainly become physically freer. Not that I wanted a scene where they fall into bed together or even a heavy make-out session as that really would have been inappropriate given the over-all sweetness of the story. And second, what has happened with Yoon-seo’s mother? Does she accept Shi-on as her daughter’s lover? She has spent a lot of time and energy trying to find an acceptable partner for Yoon-seo.

    As a mother myself, I would like to think she has accepted the relationship and that all she wanted was to see her daughter happily settled with a good man with a good job who adores her daughter and will care for her well. Both questions could have been answered very simply without her mother ever even appearing. Shi-on could simply say, “Your mother called and wants me to remind you that we are having dinner with her next weekend.” They are a couple and Mom likes it!

    And I’m so glad In Hye lived and got better!

    Thanks for the recaps and providing a fun forum for discussion.

    • 66.1 SS

      Lindy12, I always enjoyed reading your comments. Thank you for sharing the story of your cousin in Ep 19 recap, it’s nice to know that a relationship like Shi On and Yoon Seo’s is possible, not just in a drama but in real life.

      I, too wished there could be more episodes to enjoy Shi On and Yoon Seo’s romance. Guess, I got to rely on fanfics to indulge myself. About Yoon Seo’s mother, she seemed to be an obstacle which they have overcome or did not turn out to be a problem Actually I see a potential for comedy there. We could have Shi On charming the socks off his future mother-in-law and having her as his ally.

      • 66.1.1 Lindy12

        Relationships like my cousin’s and Shi-on’s are becoming more common now that more disabled people are entering the mainstream of society instead of being hidden behind closed door like in the past. One of my friends from high school met while travelling in Mexico, fell in love with and married a man with severe cerebral palsy. They now have 2 children. Love really does conquer all!

        • SS

          Agree! Sometimes people think all these fairy tales have no place in real life. The world could do with less cynicism and more idealism.

    • 66.2 dramalover

      I agree with you! YS’s mother was left hanging there, unexplored. While some shows explored too much, this show explored too little. The writer may have YS’s mother act as the catalyst for YS and SW’s love story since it is her who intitiates the blind date which got YS to be concern of SW’s feelings about this, which is then that she slowly realised her true feelings for SW.

  17. 67 Best in the World

    Lee Kang To vs. Kimura Shunji


  18. 68 emmadj2009

    What a wonderful ending for a feel good show. Everything wrapped up really well. Thanks a lot for the recaps, I’ve been watching the series till episode 6 till it stopped on Drama Fever. This is why I got addicted to Korean dramas/telenovelas being a Filipina. It has lots of cute scenes that make you giggle though it has no torrid kissing and sexy shots.

    I do hope that we’ll have more inspiring dramas like The Good Doctor. Way to go Joo Won. May you win the Best Actor Award for this year.

  19. 69 k-soup

    this story makes me feel that it is still unfinished. The ending is like an open book, there is so much to tell but so little time. I enjoyed Park Ki Woong’s cameo immensely. They should have extended.

  20. 70 k-soup

    just to add, I am happy to have my dream team (Joo Won and Moon Chae Won) to have materialized. Awesome journey for me. I rest my case.

  21. 71 YoseobistheB2ST

    Okay I think I’m the only one who expected In Hye to die O.O I feel cruel… Also I just had to mention Park Ki-Woong’s character was named Park Woong Ki, I think I died just about there XD It was so adorable how he Shi On ended up living with his mother, and I burst out laughing when he was scolding Ki Woong- er Woong ki, that was hilarious but so cute at the same time! I think the other character’s reactions, especially Do Han, made it so much better :L (also fangirled when I saw Ki Woong in glasses just like stahp being such a cutiepie)

    I think that, yes, the romantic pairing of Shi On and Yoon-Seo did come a bit late. However, if it had happened earlier, perhaps the “societal views” reflected in Yoon-Seo’s friend would have caused an unnecessary amount of angst between our main pairing, which…. errrrr no thank you. I’m just really scared of overdoing angst in any drama XD My heart just about stopped when Shi On was saying that maybe their relationship was better as a “noona-dongsaeng” one, because I thought maybe noble idiocy would come into play BUT NO THANKFULLY NOT.

    Also, I don’t think the political aspect of the drama had a lot of impact personally anyway. I ended up skipping most of them and didn’t really care about Chae Kyung… or like anyone politically involved…. Overall, I really fell in love with this drama, probably because the image of doctors I have is represented here. Gah okay, I’m going to go and deal with my Good Doctor/Joo Won withdrawals )’:

  22. 72 K. Binodini

    Thanks for the recap. I’ve loved this drama since episode 1.The storyline is great, the characters are lovely and above all ,JOO WON is awesome. Hoping for some big awards this year.

  23. 73 dhesy

    thanks for the recap ^.^
    i love this drama, It was very heartwarming and very inspiring. they’re really good doctor. Do-han and Shi-on, i like this pairing. i always wait to see their scene. Do-han feels like hyung to Shi-on. Do-han is a good doctor and a good brother as well..
    aigo, why this drama must be end in 20 episode >.<

  24. 74 PlumWine

    Thanks Gummi for the recaps. I had your same reactions.

    I enjoyed the cameo of Park Ki Woong. 🙂

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think the romance was rushed?

    • 74.1 hope

      you’re not the only one 🙂 it didn’t feel rushed for me. Yoon Seo took time to assess her feelings after Shi On’s confession. at first, it seemed to her that she only regarded Shi On as a dongsaeng. but after Shi On’s confession, she was troubled. and a considerable number of episodes showed how she came to realize her true feelings.

      it may seem rushed to others who maybe are used to dramas with romance as its main subject. but GD is not a romantic drama.

  25. 75 Yue-lie

    I will miss Dr Pomade the most!!

  26. 76 Mar

    I enjoyed this drama much more than I expected. Did not go in as a fan of any of the 4 leads , but did not dislike any of them, and I was intrigued by the plot, so I gave it a go. the first half of the drama has some issues that worried me, and I think the talk about ‘curing’ autism meant managing or treatment, but not sure. I will write up my thoughts on this show and some of the themes and etc later.

    My second half annoyances- I particularly hate with shows promote a romantic aspect and then half ass it. I liked a lot about Doctor Cha, I liked that she made a decision about her feelings for Si On. but I did not like her almost turning into a stereotype of a pushy korean girlfriend. I kept expecting her to ask Si on to buy her a designer label handbag.

    I particularly enjoyed Si on as a character and also the children. On just a standard viewing opinion, it kept me watching it and was reliable entertainment.

  27. 77 mkl

    SPOILER: What is the song/soundtrack of Ep. 20 at the end, when his Dad dies and he goes back home to visit/be with his mom? It was also in the beginning and I can’t seem to find it or even know what the title of it is? Its the song that’ll just keep making you cry. :’-( HELP!!

    • 77.1 SS

      I know that the list of soundtracks and links to videos are on soompi Good Doctor thread and joowoncutie blog. The song is called “Butterfly”

      The instrumentals of this drama are simply beautiful. I also love Joo Won’s 3 Osts.

      • 77.1.1 mkl

        THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! And I totally agree with you that the soundtrack of Good Doctor is very beautiful!! 🙂

  28. 78 SS

    Who would have thought that the screenwriter, Park Jae Bum for this drama faced difficulty getting a broadcast station to air the show. He was a relative unknown since God Quiz was his only work.

    No one expected it to succeed because of the unusual story and no big stars to helm the show. Well, it has certainly proved naysayers wrong.

    • 78.1 dramalover

      Joo Won is certainly a big enough star though. He may not participate in many dramas, but almost every drama (or every) drama he is in are big hits. Dok han (forgot his real life name) revealed in a variety show that he is envious of Joo Won as it took him near 10 years to be recognised.

      I always believe there are many hidden precious gems in this field, and i anticipate future nice works from them! Hopefully the broadcasting stations can give them more chances!

  29. 79 yuuki

    ..another year of trophies for Moon Chae Won and Moon Jun Won!!..these two are the “Geniuses of Korean industry”..Joo won ‘s acting is so amazing and Chae Won is also superb that makes me root for them together in real life :))
    ..I hope that all awards/awards via online will be given to deserving actors, not just because of their good looks but the thing we called “Talent”…
    #chae won forever:D

  30. 80 leels


  31. 81 Laica

    Congrats on finishing another recap project! I really enjoyed your recaps for GD. (As always.)

    I loved the finale. Ultimately this show wasn’t about plot so much as character, and I’m okay with that. Shi-on’s journey from the beginning to the end of the show, and the way he transformed everyone around him, was the heart and the essence of the show. Big props to Joo-won for an amazing acting job. I loved him in Gaksital too, but he had a tendency to overact sometimes. But here he was subtle, restrained, and moving. Some of the most emotional scenes for me are the ones where he sits alone in that one hospital corridor, with his head bowed and little expression on his face, and yet somehow speaking eloquently of his emotions.

    Thanks so much for recapping this show. I don’t think I would have watched it otherwise, with my allergy to medical dramas. But I am so glad I did. gummi jjang! <3

    • 81.1 Laica

      Oh, and one other thing: I LOVED Dr. Pomade. I really like the character actor that plays him, but he always gets stuck with one-dimensional villain or comedic characters. I’m so happy to see him get an arc that is this funny, rewarding and heartwarming. And he got an awesome bromance too. Yay!

      That Little Mermaid scene was probably my favourite. Died laughing.

  32. 82 k-soup

    1. I was not satisfied with the ending. There are so many things I wished they have elaborated and Shi On and Yoon Soe’s story was hurried. If left a big hole in my heart.

    2. Extension. Come on! they should have extended four episodes!

    3. I am very much satisfied with Joo Won and Chae Won’s portrayal of characters. Joo Won should get an award. HE MUST get the best actor award!

    I am too lazy to elaborate my point. The thing is, I like the show but towards the ending, the story was hurriedly done.

  33. 83 tan


    Is there a special episode for Good Doctor?

    Please advise

  34. 84 tan


    Is there a special episode for Good Doctor?
    I thought there was a special episode?
    Please advise

  35. 85 dreamcloud

    I have a question. You know Yoonseo and Shion’s cellphone ringtones? Yoonseo’s sounded rather sophisticated (like herself) and Shion had a cute, circus-like one, the sort of thing I would imagine him to choose. Do you know where I could download them? I want to know very much. Want my cellphone to ring like that…

    • 85.1 Dramafed1782

      Sorry for the late reply, but ringtone for Yoon Seo’s mobile is “Loving You” by Minnie Riperton and Shi On’s is the theme song of the Korean cartoon “Dooley the Dinosaur” (since he loves cartoons, computer games and robots like a average kid).

      • 85.1.1 dreamcloud

        THANK YOU. Very much!

  36. 86 Meya

    OMG the little girl with Inhae… is that Minhee?

    • 86.1 dramalover

      Yes. I believe she may have went to the heavens, but managed to return because god knows it is not the time for her to leave this world~ Phew, i was really scared she would leave, since she is a precious character who plays a huge role in our lead couple getting together and she displayed what is strength at a tender age~

  37. 87 dramalover

    The ending is kinda rushed to me. More exploration can be done with the public annoucement of their relationship, like what this post said.
    And i would love it if they show 4 years later instead, and maybe both shi-on and do han (and maybe even jin wook’s son? haha!) have their own kids who play together, and shi on’s son lecturing do han’s son on body organs lol! Then they can explore how families with an autistic member suffer discrimination, and then shi on’s son stand up to protect his father. It will be a sweet scene~

  38. 88 kuxi

    I remember that someone posted a question “is that possible moon chaewon will fall in love with someone like park shi-on?” And here her answer, I take from her interview.

    Love with a disabled character, is it possible in reality?

    In Good Doctor, Moon Chae Won starred as the character of Cha Yoon Seo who formed a loveline with Park Shi On who suffered from autism. Despite having been diagnosed as being successfully recovered, symptoms will still appear occasionally. Cha Yoon Seo understands his condition and yet still opened up her heart to him. If faced with such a situation in reality, what will Moon Chae Won do?

    “It is still a story that lacks a bit of realism here and there. It was really busy during the filming process of the drama and all my attention was focused on filming. “ Going back to the beginning, if it was real, I would? Almost no one had asked me this question before. From the perspective of a person who has filmed Good Doctor, if there is something that I want share with everyone, it is a hope of having a little influence on how people perceive those suffering from autism. Hence, I have no discrimination against autism.”

    Continuing, after the ending of Good Doctor when asked if it had happened to her in reality, she replied “I don’t think that such kind of love is impossible. When the filming was at its middle stage, the writer asked me how much I wanted Yoon Seo and Shi On’s love to develop. At that time, I said I hope it ends with a little hope. But after ending the call, I had a thought. I had clearly said to not have any bias or preconceptions, and even then it was still not possible. After some self-reflection, I called the writer and sincerely told the writer I had no restrictions and to write according to his wish. Therefore, in comparison to my initial thinking, the love between the 2 characters was able to develop onto the next stage.”
    With regards to the position that Park Shi On has in Chae Yoon Seo’s heart, almost no audiences felt that it was out of pity or sympathy. Instead, more felt that it was a beautiful encounter between a male and a female. As hoped by the production crew and the actors of Good Doctor, everyone was able to recognize their bias towards people with disability gain more enlightenment. Moon Chae Won said “In previous love stories, whether it involved hate or love, it would succeed with a confession. Until now, there hasn’t been a movie of drama like Good Doctor that can serve as a reference. Therefore, I felt it was tough. This requires Joo Won and I to create and mold our characters. Out of our scenes together, the one that was both interesting and difficult will have to be the confession scene.”

    Read rest article in here

  39. 89 Mounty

    So…JW and PKW met in Gaksital, which was set like 1930s? Or 1940s? I don’t know. Shunji (Park Ki-woong) committed suicide because he killed Mok Dan/Boon Yi/Esther (OMG she has so many names) (Jin Se-yeon), leaving Kang To/the Gaksital (Joo Won) in tears. And now, they meet again in a medical drama. Don’t you just see the connection?

    P.S For those who haven’t watched Gaksital/Bridal Mask, I suggest you do it ASAP.
    P.P.S Sorry I’ve gone a little off-topic.

  40. 90 marmo

    Hmmmmn, so so love good doctors. Wished they could really really kiss more in the end. The drama is both educating and entertaining. Love our main couple shi-on and yoon seo Fighting!!!

  41. 91 Mei Yue

    i honestly think joo won slouched a lot more than he first started the drama it’s kinda worrying tbh haha but ya i feel rlly empty rn idk what to do with life now

  42. 92 senator

    as a Nigeria I love this drama and kudos to all Chinese I love ur job wen it comes to filming keep it up guys we are waiting to for more

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