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Joo-won to quit 1 Night 2 Days
by | October 1, 2013 | 106 Comments

Welp, Joo-won is quitting 1 Night 2 Days, which puts another nail in that show’s coffin. It’s not quite dead yet, but I don’t know how much longer we can expect it to hang on.

Joo-won will be going on his last 1N2D trip next week, according to his reps, who confirmed that his schedule will be too busy to permit him to continue with the show. I’m more amazed that he lasted this long, because he (like his fellow castmates who are also drama actors) has been shooting the variety program concurrently through multiple drama projects, taking every other weekend off from filming one show to film the other. Since he’s been a member of 1N2D, Joo-won has done the dramas Gaksital, Level 7 Civil Servant, and the currently airing Good Doctor.

What’s funny is that even with all those crazy filming schedules, it’s after a drama wraps that he’ll finally be too swamped. His reps stated that he will be immediately beginning rehearsals for his upcoming musical, Ghost, and also turning his attention to overseas promotional activities that he’s pushed back till now.

KBS has stated that they will not be looking to replace Joo-won, which means that for the time being they’ll be continuing on with the six other members. Aw, what will they do without their aegyo-loving maknae puppy boy? Who will win all the speed races and be the adoring little bro now?

Admittedly I haven’t been watching 1N2D for a while now, but it’s still sad to see it sink into its current state of decline. Once the king of all variety programs with monster ratings, now it’s struggling to compete with its competitors; its ratings have been in upper single digits, with the last one drawing a mere 8.0%. I have caught a few episodes here and there since we gave up recapping the show, and it’s not terrible. It’s just that it’s become really quite forgettable, and sometimes I lose interest halfway through a trip and never remember to finish watching it. KBS has stated that they are NOT canceling 1N2D… for now. We’ll see how long that lasts.

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106 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Moon


    But Joo Won needs to to have time to rest and while I’m deeply saddened that I won’t get my Sunday fix of Joo Won, I am fine with this decision. Or so I tell myself.

    But then, overseas promotion! *excited*

  2. R

    Really sad but I understand his decision…wish him more awesome projects in the future !

    • 2.1 R

      Just read an article on enews. It said:

      On October 1, Sim Entertainment told enews via phone call, β€œWe decided that with so many schedules, it would be too much to also participate in 1 Night 2 Days as well.”

      ANd, there was an interview with joo wons manager on the 26th when joo won was in an event for his birthday, his manager said that joo won was really sad and on the verge of crying just the day before. He was on a cast meeting for ghost musical.

      I think joo won really didnt want to leave

    • 2.2 R

      I think joo won really didnt want to leave the show but because of his schedule, he had no choice and I think he’s gonna be back after some time seeing how they’re not adding a new member.

  3. pepper

    The show is actually getting better, the latest friend special was a great episode.

    • 3.1 mysticmalady

      Agreed! As an avid 1n2d watcher, I’m glad to see the new pd FINALLY finding his footing, but sad to see joowon go just as the show is picking up again ><

    • 3.2 Savanna

      what episode was the best friend special?

      • 3.2.1 mysticmalady

        The latest ep of 1n2d on kbsworld’s youtube. I’m in love with that channel!

        • winyu

          You’re right! I just checked and they already uploaded part 1.

      • 3.2.2 winyu

        Ep 78 and 79. It hasn’t aired on kbs world yet but you can watch it with full subs on gooddrama.

        • eny

          I really like thar episode it’s funny n the talent show is my favorite part

        • redfox

          it was a good episode. the next one however, they all seemed a bit fed up with everything. they did their best to show enthusiasm but it was rather fake.

    • 3.3 dubidu

      Yeah, the show is finally getting it’s groove back and it’s such a bad timing that someone is leaving.

    • 3.4 ChillyMilly

      It was the first time in a long time that I laughed out loud. The guys are great, it’s just the editing and the games are sometimes odd.

    • 3.5 topper

      Too many specials made them no longer special.

    • 3.6 vv

      I love that episode

  4. kiki

    Awww… gonna miss him lots when he leave. ):

  5. DayDreamer

    I had stopped watching 1N2D since the new PD came so I don’t know how the show is faring (only going by GF’s comments) but methinks Joo Won did the right thing. No point in sticking around a drowning ship….I’ll just pretend 1n2d ended when Bird PD and Seung-woo had left.

  6. Perrie

    Jumping the ship before it sinks

  7. Justme

    Knowing how he always has a soft spot for this show, I don’t think its his decision to leave. Sometime the agency took the decision for their talents, thinking what they thought is the best for them.
    This is so sad πŸ™ there goes my only reason to stick with this show since it’s the only place I could see Joo Won as himself, not as a character in a drama.

    • 7.1 ChillyMilly

      IDK, I got this sense in recent episodes that he wasn’t feeling it. One ep had him doing a confessional where he pretty much hinted he didn’t want to be on the show, but felt bad for the guys.

      • 7.1.1 eny

        I didn’t think so, when he confess what i see is he like the show but the rating lower now n he feels pressure because actualy he doesn’t match with reality show with usually the cast is funny n talkative.
        Ibelieve it’s because schedule esp when he has musical on november i guess the practicing really intensife, n he is popular actor now, doing fans meeting overseas is something that his agency will do

      • 7.1.2 Wang

        But in that confession, he also promised to work even harder for the show. That’s not something you’d say if you’re thinking of leaving

        • vv


  8. celloangelninja

    *sniff* Joo Won was the only one i could stand 1n2d season 2… well at least i have no regrets of quitting the show now

  9. winyu

    I don’t think it was JW’s decision fully but moreso his agency, we haven’t had an official statement from him, only his agency is speaking out about his departure.

    • 9.1 liz1

      he is going over seas, not easy to film

  10. 10 liam

    OMG.. this is shocking.. I bet Joo Won actually didn’t wanna leave.. so sad..

  11. 11 wolala

    1 night 2 days is no longer fun.
    pros: he can appear on running man now πŸ˜€
    cons:cant see him everyweek..

    • 11.1 figi

      Nope, doubt it. He’s too loyal and considerate to appear on a rival show.

      • 11.1.1 anna

        Same thing can be said about Lee Seung-gi and look what happened LOL

        • kyl

          Well, when a show ends they have to move on somehow. Wouldn’t consider it a betrayal when it’s already 1 year since.

          • omega

            Well with that logic….running man fans, looks like you have to wait a year before joo won becomes a guest, maybe even more than a year but honestly, I think its never gonna happen.

      • 11.1.2 BeSS

        Don’t bet on it, people are just delusional if they think he will remain loyal.

        • luan

          Omg. What is it with this thread? His last episode hasn’t even been filmed yet, I bet some of you haven’t even watch enough episode to know that Joo Won loves his castmates and the show so much that it really is unlikely that he will ever go on running man. Most guests on rm appear for publicity, do you really think that he will go there to promote? He’s starring on a kbs drama and most likely after that he won’t do another drama to focus on his musical and as if he would appear on rm to promote that especially after having just left the show.

  12. 12 R

    will need a Kleenex box when watching his last episode…

  13. 13 Pearl~ai88

    aw, no more puppy piles! So sad!

  14. 14 tick.tock

    Seriously, Yesterday I was just so happy because joo won finally sang an ost for good doctor and also yesterday was his birthday and his agency drops a bomb like this, what a roller coaster for my emotions.

  15. 15 moon4u

    I still love the show and I’m gonna keep watching but it’s still a really sad news.

  16. 16 moon4u

    1n2d FIGHTING!!!

  17. 17 crazedlu

    Wahh! :'( My crew. Miss them. It hurts, even though I’m not watching it anymore.

  18. 18 swirlydoodle

    I would probably be sad if I was still watching. The banner up top keeps cycling through Uhmforce pictures when I check this thread. Will the bromance be able to survive?!

  19. 19 Rere

    So sad.. :[ Cause i just starting to watch this show, and i really in love with Joo Won.. I dont know if can continue to watch this show without Joo Won..

  20. 20 mj

    he keeps jumping into a new drama within a few months after finishing his last one so with him going overseas and his upcoming musical does that mean he is taking time off from dramaland? i really hope not he is one of my favorite actors he is freaking amazing in everything he is in

  21. 21 QT765

    Joowon is like the happy virus for the cast & he is really adorable in the show T_T

  22. 22 Moozy

    Owh noooeeesss! He is the only reason I am still watching 1d2n…

  23. 23 aicaramba

    oh noooooo… not our aegyo boy! *whimper*
    bet he’s gonna cry on his last trip, along with the rest of us γ… .γ… 

  24. 24 hanhan

    now, i’m thinking this. if he will quit 1n2d, secretly i want him to appear in grandpas over flowers as luggage boy. i know he doesn’t have any relation to Na PD since he join the show together with Bird PD. but i just want this adorable cute oppa together with adorable cute halbaes.

    oh, maybe ilsub halbae can ask him.

    • 24.1 NinaRx


      • 24.1.1 hanhan

        at least, he need to taste this before his enlistment.
        and too much relation about him and this show (ex-1n2d member, 2 seniors in ojakgyo brothers (baek il sub and kim ja ok) joined this show, and like other luggage-slave boy, he also has dimples!!!

  25. 25 mini

    His musical,Ghost, seems to be the main reason why he left the show.Musical needs a lot of practices and will be using up a lot of his energy before it starts.And Overseas productions(based on poster,Paramount Pictures is included ) are managing this musical.So I guess the schedules can’t be helped.

    I am glad that he is going back to his root as a musical actor despite the fame.Although,we lose Joo won in 1n2d,I believe he made a right decision as a actor.

    • 25.1 july

      Thank you for your explanation. I believe it’s right decision for him eventhough I will miss his cuteness in 1n2d. Musical take alot of time to practise and I heard Ghost musical is big project (10 billion won for building stage) so I don’t want joowon will fail for this big project

    • 25.2 Wang

      Yeah, I think so too. Korean production company are more flexible when it comes to their stars busy schedules. But I guess you can not work that way with overseas production company. If you can’t commit, they’ll find someone else who can

  26. 26 ilikemangos

    Welps, sad news for those watching 1night2days, but im thinking it’s about time for him to take some load off his shoulders. how he managed to juggle so much at once — i wondered how he functioned on a daily basis.

  27. 27 anna

    Yikes, how the mighty have fallen. Remember when it used to get 40% ratings? I miss the good ol’ days.

  28. 28 Azimiza1210

    Wa!!!! I shipped Joowoon-Sikyung bromance.

    No more brotherhood drama for me to squeal on T_T

    • 28.1 aicaramba

      yes! that started after tae woong got married. now giant si kyung loses his partner ;( will definitely miss that bromance

  29. 29 ss

    on the bright side, he’s coming to singapore! whoots!

  30. 30 meanrice

    What are these overseas activities? And will they involve Dallas, TX? If not, booo and hisss.

  31. 31 whilethemusiclasts

    Makes me wonder how the boys will continue without their puppy… Also, this means Jongmin is their new maknae. HA.

    • 31.1 jayne

      LOL…. I can’t imagine Jongmin as a maknae, while he is one of the remaining 2 of season 1 original cast πŸ™‚

  32. 32 MissLuxedo

    First reaction… “WHAATT?! No way…”

    Second reaction… “Does that mean that Joo-won can be a guest in Running Man now?”

    Now, I will definitely miss Joo-won’s aegyo (especially his pyong!) in 1N2D but I have mostly been wishing and waiting for him to guest in Running Man… Especially since everybody and their mother has been a guest in that show, sometimes more than once. And I know it’s possible, seeing as Lee Seung-gi became a guest there too.

    Please make it happen, Running Man PDs…

  33. 33 omo

    So the maknae leaves. That makes the donggap duo Sikyung and Jongmin maknaes? What an interesting shift in dynamics. OK, will have to check back in after JW’s swan song. Can’t bear to watch when a puppy cries.

  34. 34 pieta

    Oh no. I dont want him to leave.

  35. 35 ht

    Go away Running Man fans. Lol.

    Really tho. You guys gotta try the latest eps before judging? I know the ratings suck but it doesn’t mean the show sucks too. (one word: rivals.)

    .. Joo Won, don’t leave……… :'(

  36. 36 kles

    I dropped the show after new PD came, but picked it up about 4 eps ago and was just starting to enjoy it again. πŸ™ It feels as if new PD has some outside help (e.g. secret consultancy with Na PD or something….) Didn’t know ratings were so dismal.

    I didn’t think Joo Won would leave, seeing as he just commented on the last ep that I watched that he wanted to do more for his 1N2D hyungs…. perhaps he said that because he knew he was leaving? I guess his agency made the decision, probably also based on the poor ratings of the show. Too bad, though. Would also have been good for his image to hang on. Seunggi hung on for 5(?) years despite his schedule, and I think he’s so loved because of 1N2D (although Joo Won seems to be doing a whole lot more dramas packed back to back with other things…).

    • 36.1 Dramafed1782

      And don’t forget he is doing movies and the upcoming musical. Plus added stuff that would be coming after the drama finishes – CF’s, interviews, fan meets (in and out of Korea)…..And who knows what will come next?!
      The guy is totally loaded more than Seung gi. I thought it was only LSG who had jampacked schedules. But seeing the schedule of Joo Won itself is so crazy. I wonder how did he last so long on the show????
      As the saying goes – Where there is a will, there is a way πŸ™
      But I am gonna miss the maknaes of 1N2D.

  37. 37 brokbsb

    I know that lots of people will hate me for saying this but I’m really glad he left. He wasn’t funy, he didn’t do anything special, he doesn’t have a unique personality. The only thing was to make the viewers say” JooWon’s cute” just because of his looks.
    He was very overrated in the show. He is a very overrated actor, too.

    • 37.1 bibbo

      Some would disagree(including me) but everyone’s entitled to their own opinions

    • 37.2 Peridot

      Hi brokbsb! Feel free to express your opinion πŸ™‚ We shouldn’t let others control what we want to say. While I like Joowon, I agree that he is not a stand-out personality on the show. He is just the cute little bro of the other members. I did not see much of the first season, but I think that Lee Seunggi has a much more lively and engaging personality that is more suited to variety shows. I do believe that Joowon is a talented actor and that his praise is merited. But I agree that there are many cases where actors and actresses suddenly sky-rocket to fame and can do not wrong. People may be going crazy over him, but I believe that Joowon has genuine talent. And I believe that he will continue to improve.

  38. 38 Shado

    Ah… so it’s for real?
    And there I was, watching an episode after a long time just last Sunday.

    It is sad hearing about it (means I won’t get to see him unless he gets in some drama or something I can stream online). But I can very well understand why and yes, musicals do take lots of preparation. Won’t do to have him get ill with exhaustion. I can only wish the best for him and his career. Hopefully we’ll see him soon enough, even if it won’t be on 1n2d.

  39. 39 deeph

    before, 1n2d is my most favorite variety show. it’s sad that the show has been becoming like this.

    hopefully, pd na new project would be as great as his 1n2d, i miss a variety show that can make me laugh and cry at the same time.

  40. 40 k-soup

    I am extremely sad and was actually dreading for this day to happen. It materialized now.. *sigh* I knew that sooner or later he will quit because of his recent projects and crazy schedule. He has to rest right?

    But, I was about to cry when I read the headline this morning.. I find the show really really entertaining and Joo Won is my eye candy in my first and (yes) my last Korean Variety Show.

    I will surely miss the Joo Rodin Pyong Aegyo Master.. πŸ™
    I’ve held to the variety show even though there was no recap. I will revisit from the first episode of season 2 until Joo Won’s last day..

    I will continue rooting for Joo Won and they announced the news after his birthday.. *sigh* I know there will be a lot of tears for their maknae in his last episode :'(

  41. 41 evaleena

    Kim Jong Min=Maknae??? γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

  42. 42 Yuhotarubi

    Even though I’m sad he’s quitting the show, I want him to be free from some obligations, Joo Won is really workaholic, and I’m always worried he’ll collapse one day, so I really want him to have some rest.

  43. 43 yatt

    Going to miss my joowonie :((

  44. 44 glitzmadrb

    I’m having a bad day – after all that has happened, now this! Joo Won don’t go! Then again, I guess the guy really needs to take a break. And the overseas promotion! Looking forward to it, I hope he comes to my country!

    • 44.1 jk

      waahhh, such a terrible news

      • 44.1.1 jk

        Omg, that wasnt meant to be a reply, I clicked the button by accident.

  45. 45 teng

    just a thought. Joowon being in 1n2d is a big boost to his fans overseas since we get to see him everyweek in his real element. Ghost on the other hand will definitely hone his thespian talents but his international fans will not see him for quite some time unless they buy tickets and go to South Korea to see him…why not, if our budget allows it. Hoping that he can come visit Manila, Philippines to see his fans here!!!

    • 45.1 luan

      Second that, I hope Philippines is part of his overseas tour.

    • 45.2 hope

      i’m also from the philippines and i started to like him from watching 1n2d. i initially wanted to watch the show because of cha taehyun. then gradually, my attention shifted to joo won but not because he’s physically attractive ( at first, i didn’t find him that good-looking actually. but i do now :D). there’s just something that emanates from him that makes you like his personality.

      i’m hoping that the no.1 media network in the phil (abs-cbn) will air his dramas (where he is the lead actor) so that his fans here will increase in number. this then will make it possible for him to get invited here like lee min ho. baker king was already aired here but it did not create a clamor for him to visit our country.

    • 45.3 jamie

      I am from the Philippines too.. been a fan of this show since I got cable service, I even watch this show without subs in KBS.. downloaded the full first season ( only have two epis missing).. Anyways, I do hope Joo Won could visit the country or better yet be an endorser of any clothing brand here.. cant wait for that!

    • 45.4 cL

      Same here, gosh ang rami pala natin. Avid supporter ako ng 1n2d. And I second that, hope joo won comes here.

  46. 46 menahg I.

    Looks like I’m gonna have to marathon the second season. Good luck joo won.

  47. 47 jamie

    It is sad that he have decided to leave the show, it much more sad to see how one of the top variety show have come down to this much. There was a time that I cant end my week without watching an episode I even watch reruns and download it from the Internet. When season 2 started I was hesitant to watch but proceed in doing so since Sugeun, Jongmin and Taewong are still there, however I no longer see the spark I saw watching the first season. The antics seems lacking sometimes I even think that the reactions are practiced or just given for the heck of it. I hope the show gets on the right track.

  48. 48 derek

    This is a really depressing news…
    Joo Won must be really sad. I remember in one of the episode he had mentioned that he was envious of Uhm Taewoong when Taewoong got casted for 1n2d. He’s always saying that he’s close with the rest members like they are family.

    • 49.1 hope

      if they are not replacing joo won, then maybe he’ll just be out of the show temporarily. then when his schedule frees up, he can go back to it. *wishful thinking πŸ˜€

      • 49.1.1 pilpu

        That was what I was thinking, he’ll be back for sure.

  49. 50 summerheart

    I’m really sad joo won is leaving. Even if I like all of them. I mostly watch the
    show for him. What I really like about him is how hardworking he is. He always does his best.
    He may not be as talktalktive and cheerfull as others. But I can’t help rooting for him in the show and also in his others activity.
    I guess I’m not going to watch 2d1n anymore.
    RM is not my cup of tea, so what can I watch next that will help to say goodbye to 2d1n.

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