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Lee Bo-young wins Daesang at Korea Drama Awards
by | October 3, 2013 | 160 Comments

Aw, what a happy night for Lee Bo-young, who got to arrive on the arm of a noona-killer, pick up the grand prize of the evening, and go home to her new hubby Ji Sung. Sometimes when you’re on fire, you’re on fiyah. The actress took home the top honor at the Korea Drama Awards last night, for her two hit dramas this year: weekend ratings darling My Daughter Seo-young and weekday hit I Hear Your Voice.

She arrived with Voice co-star Lee Jong-seok, and the pair picked up the Best Couple Award. They’re just so darn cute. I don’t tend to think of them as their drama characters when they’re apart, but when they’re together I just forget that he’s not her devoted gum wad. The drama’s cast and crew picked up a number of awards, including ones for the director and baddie Jung Woong-in. In case you’re interested in who picked up the other awards:


Daesang: Lee Bo-young (My Daughter Seo-young, I Hear Your Voice)
Best Drama: My Daughter Seo-young
Best Screenplay: Park Jae-bum (Good Doctor)
Best Director: Jo Soo-won (I Hear Your Voice)
Top Excellence, Actor: Lee Jung-jin (Hundred Year Inheritance),
      Jung Woong-in (I Hear Your Voice)
Top Excellence, Actress: Jo Yoon-hee (Nine)
Excellence Award, Actor: Lee Jong-seok (I Hear Your Voice),
      Kim Dong-wan (Be Strong Mr. Kim)
Excellence Award, Actress: Seo Hyun-jin (Oh Ja-ryong Is Coming)
New Actor: Park Seo-joon (I Summon You Gold),
      Yong Joon-hyung (Monstar)
New Actress: BoA (Anticipate Love)
Best Couple: Lee Bo-young & Lee Jong-seok (I Hear Your Voice)
Youth Actor: Gal So-won (Birth Secret)
Best Soundtrack: 4Men “너 하나야 (Only You)” (Gu Family Book)
Hot Star: Clara

Jung Woong-in

Jo Yoon-hee

Lee Jung-jin

Seo Hyun-jin


Kim Yoon-hye

Park Seo-joon


Gal So-won

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160 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Wheey

    The kid is so cute with her dress!

  2. b1

    LJS andLBY are just freakin cuuuute .. she’s radiant and LJS ….gaaaaaaah!!!

  3. Stuart

    I watched I Hear Your Voice and loved it so much that when I read Dramabeans piece on Noona romances I immediately watched Baby-Faced Beauty – what a difference chemistry makes! Baby-Faced was not a bad series, but it fell badly flat in comparison to IHYV, due to the astonishing spark between Lee Bo-young and Lee Jong Seok. Thanks for the photos from the awards ceremony, one which got it right by awarding the two of them too, I think.

    • 3.1 canxi

      Hmm, I thought Baby-Faced Beauty had great chemistry. On the other hand, even though I really liked I Hear Your Voice, I wasn’t as engaged in the romance as I would have liked to be.

      • 3.1.1 snow_white

        same here…..wasn’t engaged in the romance portion of IHYV….

        • pilpu

          Same here, didn’t really care of they ended up together or not.

          • eny

            i don’t really care about the romance too, that’s not the most interesting in I hear your voice

      • 3.1.2 HJE

        Same here..I didnt enjoy I Hear Your Voice either to the extent it deserves an award..no offence

        I enjoyed babyfaced Beauty even more..though it had been 3 years. Rewatching..

        • dtdt

          I don’t even watch the drama because of the pairing, only glance through to find out who will end up with who. The actress is too old for the boy. Best couple, seriously? Is this award for all the Korean dramas of the year or just for one particular station only. I can name more than 10 best couples.

          • ShoutItOut

            How silly of a person to be commenting on the couple when you haven’t even watched. One of the themes of the drama is about the romance between an older female and a younger male. If you don’t like this concept, then it’s your choice. It doesn’t make them any of less worthy of being crowned the best couple lol.

    • 3.2 mary

      I actually thought the opposite. The chemistry in IHYV was elevated by the acting and the story. But the one in BFB felt so cute and squishy and cuddly, despite a slightly bland story.

      • 3.2.1 Stuart

        “Cute and squishy and cuddly” – good words for it. I felt all of those, but never really saw them as an OTP.

      • 3.2.2 pogo

        yeah, I started out being quite ok with the IHYV OTP not being together at the end of the day/her not being interested in him that way. BOY did that change….

        BFB is cute and cuddly, but IHYV is the noona-romance drama that converted this noona-romance hater into a fan, and I do not say this lightly.

      • 3.2.3 Tha

        YES. Exactly…

    • 3.3 Tha

      Really?! My thoughts were completely different than yours…LOVED BFB’s romance!

      • 3.3.1 HJE

        Copy that!

  4. MizzMizzEka

    Where i could see this award in eng sub?
    Sooo envy for Bo Young- Noona. Very happy that they’ve won the award as actress, actor and couple. Yeayyyy!!
    I really miss them, and Jo Woon TaeYang cant erase them from my head.

  5. canxi

    I really like when couples where black and white respectively when they go out, haha. As long as the outfit is simple (not too many layers and accessories) I think it looks really nice.

    Congrats, to everyone who won. And ahaha, I bet BoA was pretty happy with her award. I watched Hope for Dating and she was pretty good.

  6. lemon84

    They both adorable! And I just watch BIFF red carpet in kbs.. hope dramabeans will update the winner.. and they just show red carpet at my country..even I don’t understand what they’re saying (just a few words like pretty) but still its like my 1st time watch korean drama/movie award and its live (but just red carpet and I can see choi seung hyun a.k.a top) ^^

  7. february

    Am I the only one who cannot understand about why Clara is trend right now? She’s like everywhere but i dont find any great piece that she did… all i hear wasshe got all curses from netizen

    • 7.1 Kiara

      She is like Korea’s Paris Hilton. She’ll go away eventually.

      • 7.1.1 Veritas

        She’ll be around a lot longer than any of you crazy antis! How can an actress who has played in nine dramas (with at least four pivotal roles) be described as the “Korea’s Paris Hilton”? Your insane and unrelenting jealousy will make you old before your time, my dear. Confront the mirror and tell me if I’m wrong… 🙁

        • Kiara

          Insane and unrelenting jealousy? What the hell does she have to be jealous about? You talked like as if you know anything about me.

        • pogo

          I know who sounds insane and unrelenting here (hint: it’s not Kiara)

        • hawaiianseoul

          I do not like your attitude dear.

          here, have a snickers bar.

        • redfox

          whoa, whoa! *swings a lasso and catches mad horse* Is she your sister that you are so hurt over nothing? first time I hear the name Clara so I have nothing to say, but

          • redfox

            meant, but don´t go kicking back for no reason

        • HJE

          Clara? Who’s that???? She was in Babyfaced Beauty? I didnt see her there…

    • 7.2 skelly

      I went to soompi to find her thread, but got down to page 8 or so and still couldn’t find her. Is she an actress? I had to dramawiki her – I guess I missed Clara’s pivotal roles as “Others” in Baby-Faced Beauty and Goddess of Marriage.

      • 7.2.1 bjharm

        she would hardly be the first Korean actor female or male that go by on looks and body shape and never needed to learn to act so no need to throw stones, though I can not remember her either in BFB 🙂
        She an overseas Korean ie Swiss-born Korean-British so not as ‘shy’ [or pretend shy] about showing off her.. well charms, as native korean ladies are expected to be.
        And of course bottom line these awards are really not the best of anything but more like the best backed or sponsored that wins

      • 7.2.2 hanie

        Clara was in Baby faced beauty? ooohhhh…. I don’t realized that. What is her character’s name?

        hehehehe, I guess we are the same boat. After reading lot of news about her, I concluded that she is equivalent to Japanese talento (eg: becky), those who are famous exp. on variety shows and do a bit of everything acting/ modelling/singing/etc.

        • mary

          Oooh… Perhaps she was one of the girls who played an actress? Either the one with a huge role (who kept waffling about dresses) or her rival who just cameoed in that episode with Jang Nara’s makeover + red dress auction.

        • mioo

          did becky make any sensational act like clara did?.

          i think Clara just acting cute or might be her personality like that. i don’t have any hate feeling to her. i have met many people with personality similar to her.

          but seems from many articles she lied many times, so korean netizen hates her. as a woman i envy her body. her body is so flexible ( she can do split really well ) hahahahaa.

    • 7.3 Quiet Thought

      Treading carefully here, but I just had an attack of Deja Vu . . . didn’t I read this exact same exchange of sniips and retorts about Clara in a previous awards posting?

      She’s harmless, and she’ll go away in time. In the meantime, she’s enjoying herself and takes a great pitcher . . . er, a great picture!

  8. redfox

    SO happy for them and the drama, squeeeeeeeel! for EVERYone.
    and they are so cuuuuuute I just want to squish them omg that DOES sound like a crazy auntie, right?

    ok, but I can´t act normal, i just can´t I am so glad!!!!

    • 8.1 redfox

      very proud to say I am over the killer-chill and I love you too, Jung Woong-In.

      But I still love Lee Jong Seok and Lee Bo-Young more. Sry, dont kill me, LOL

      • 8.1.1 yukiN

        Jung Woong-in really impressed me as a actor. IHYV’s excellent script gave the 1st and 2nd leads chances to show their acting skills.

        • risa

          Jung Woong In killed it as the killer! 😀 That was such a great role for him– and you’re right, IHYV had an awesome script for the actors because they got to show a lot of range.

    • 8.2 redfox

      also, I am like smiling at them like I have a stick in my mouth, I just cant even close the damn trap

  9. snow_white

    Congratulations to her and all the winners…

    LBY and LJS were cute in IHYV but I just couldn’t get that sparks flying or giddy feeling in their romance….liked their chemistry but wasn’t invested in the romance part of their relationship…..

  10. 10 Sponge

    BoA’s dress is gorgeous! And congrats to Lee Bo Young! Bringing back all the “I hear your voice” memories 🙂

  11. 11 damai

    I suddenly forget that Lee Bo young is newlywed. Aah. She and Lee Jong suk are an item in my eyes. Aah. I have to find my mind.

  12. 12 DDee

    Aww congrats to LBY, dramaland’s ultimate noona!

    On the other hand, a truly WTF moment if there ever was one: Jo Yoon-hee for Nine, as “Top Excellence, Actress”.

    • 12.1 Hephzibah

      Yeah… I actually needed to check back, that maybe the name of the main actress of Nine was different, so they meant someone else (who I forgot and was really great…), or a different drama with the same title…
      But no… It was her…
      And all I could think: What???

    • 12.2 Mashimomo

      ha and I thought I was the only one who thought the same. Although I haven’t figured out exactly why I disliked her character in Nine, maybe it was her acting that was too over the top for me or was she supposed to be annoying the way she was written? More power to her though! Nine was a drama that I thought I would not like as much as I did and I’m glad I watched it.

    • 12.3 ilikemangos

      lmao. love the winners for this one but daesang is anything but legit in giving out rewards to those that actually deserve it.
      it’s definitely a popularity contest.

      • 12.3.1 Kiara

        Its hard to take these kind of Award Ceremonies seriously when they have awards for hot star (roll eyes), best couple (awwww so cuuuute) and popularity (don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful) are included. Its silly and it feels more like a Nickelodeon or Teen Award show imo.

  13. 13 Dari0

    I love Lee Bo Young noona…
    sorry LJS…hehe.

  14. 14 kumi

    Min Joon Gook was convincing. He deserved the prize.

    • 14.1 modest-goddess

      yes he played a great villain

    • 14.2 nomad

      AGREED!! One of the very best villains ever!

  15. 15 jomo

    While I am happy for the winners and hope they can parlay these awards into more success, I do not understand the judges’ decisions.
    Unless what happened in KOD is reality – three guys in a room pick the names.
    It seems that so many dramas aren’t even represented in the list.

    How can Good Doctor win a screenplay award when it isn’t even finished airing? I am not saying anything against this show, but don’t you have to look at the whole piece in order to judge it best? Not just good, but the BEST?

    • 15.1 LangitBiru

      Glad you mention this. Yeah, I noticed it too. How come the drama that still aired win or something. In my country, for example, for this upcoming award show.

      Let’s say if the award on this Nov. They do open nomination from Aug-Sept and nominations are from works/productions that been aired from period July last year until this June. I remember coz I want to nominate my fave local drama but it start to air early July.

      Seriously, Korean drama award shows/nominations just as their script drama.

    • 15.2 kumi

      I agree.

      The drama isn’t finished yet. What if they do something stupid in the end (like killing Shi-on to save In-hye or killing In-hye to save In-young)?

      Or am I supposed to take the news about this award as a guarantee of the all-satisfying end of “Good Doctor’?

    • 15.3 Ace

      Yeah, there are better dramas than GD this year so far even some currently airing ones. Also, as much as I like LBY (though I found her character so boring in her weekend drama), I would’ve chosen Gong Hyo-jin as best actress. But I got used to K-drama awards given to winners because of 1) high ratings 2) popularity 3) behind-the-scenes politics (speculation on my part, but hey, I also watched KOD).

    • 15.4 pogo

      jomo, Han Ga In won a Best Actress award from MBC last year for Moon/Sun.

      That should tell you MORE than enough about just how important the actual quality of the work is to deciding who wins these things. I’m glad IHYV is getting recognised, but it’s because it’s a hit, not because it’s awesome regardless of ratings.

    • 15.5 pogo

      jomo, someone gave Han Ga In a best actress award last year at MBC. That should tell us a lot about how much the actual performance/quality of the work is taken into account when rating these things.

    • 15.6 anna

      Honestly, most of these award shows rely more on popularity and high ratings than quality.

    • 15.7 eny

      I always didn’t believe in Korean drama award,anything….what i see is the winner is really affected by popularity usually good actor is ignore if he doesn’t really popular n so so actor could win easily if they are popular including drama, if that drama popular they get award easily in many thing
      I thought Good doctor is the best drama I see in 2013 but i agree that drama that currently airing should not be nominated

    • 15.8 jj

      I think it’s because Good Doctor’s story line is unique and I haven’t found this in any korea drama, meanwhile I think IHYV storyline is unique too and very popular due to high rating but it has controversial like plagiarism novel story. The storyline about autistic savant is very engaging. It’s not only Good Doctor which drama still airing is nominated in Korea Drama Awards, there’s also Gong Hyojin’s TMS.

    • 15.9 ilikemangos

      i replied to a comment above but again i repeat. daesang has always been a popularity contest. That’s why i wouldn’t always trust their judgement.
      Although i am really enjoying Good Doctor, by no means should it have won the best screenplay of the year. But that’s just how it’s always been 🙁

  16. 16 annisa

    OMG they are so cutee,, no wonder if they won best couple award 🙂 congrats to IHYV cast at Korean Drama Award 🙂 I missed this drama so much….

  17. 17 tanya

    Congratulations to my babies and the IHYV team! I miss this drama. I just have to rewatch it again.

  18. 18 xxvxx

    Congrats to our favourite Noona of the year! I don’t get Clara’s appeal either… what’s her representative work? Does anyone know?

    • 18.1 xxvxx

      Also, does anyone know if Lee Jin Wook is nominated for anything? I feel like he should win something for his outstanding performance in Nine!

      • 18.1.1 anna

        He was nominated for the Grand Prize actually!

    • 18.2 slashedsilver

      I’m kind of stuck on the — who is Clara part.

      • 18.2.1 Saima

        I THINK she’s on SNL Korea and her dad’s a famous singer/actor/industry big wig (not sure about this).

        I know this since she’s heavily covered on allkpop, heh.

      • 18.2.2 azurduyy

        I think her claim to fame is that she was aaaaaaalmost in Girls Generation. Don’t understand the appeal either, she’s terrible in everything I’ve seen her in.

    • 18.3 anna

      Clara has TWO appeals, you have to be blind to miss them 😀

      But honestly, I think she’s harmless. Every new actress has to start somewhere. She’s pretty and sexy. You can argue about her “talent” but let’s be honest, many popular actresses still can’t act after decades of experience.

  19. 19 Sakura

    seeing them together again after so long makes me want to watch IHYV all over again!

  20. 20 Ashley

    I was hoping Lee Jung-shin would win New Actor for My Daughter Seo-young, but maybe you have to be a first lead to win.

  21. 21 Kiara

    This year really sucked. No one really had a an outstanding performance worthy of a Daesang award or what it used to be.
    It’s too bad cable shows whom I usually find great acting is not part of this kind of award shows. I thought Kim Hyun-joo did a fabulous job in Cruel Palace.

    • 21.1 Gia

      Why are cable dramas not included?? :O

      • 21.1.1 bjharm

        they can not afford the bribes to get the votes..lol

    • 21.2 seong

      Actually, cable dramas were included for the Korea Drama Awards. Childless Good Fortune (jTBC) received several nominations, including Best Picture and Best Screenplay.

      • 21.2.1 Kiara

        I didn’t know that. Thank you.

        • Kiara

          Only one I know for sure that cable shows are included is the Baeksang Art Awarts.

          • Kiara

            errr Baeksang Art Awards*

  22. 22 NinaRx

    Dem shoes! *.*

  23. 23 aya

    SuHa yah!!.. Gahhh I miss him already :'(

  24. 24 EL

    How cute are the pics of su-ha and hye-sung?! ♡ my favourite drama and favourite otp of the year! Congrats to the cast and director! Good job!

  25. 25 kaka

    great job! unforgettable moments here …and I think Noona is having a killer time at the awards!

  26. 26 DayDreamer

    Aw, congrats to Lee Bo-young. Too bad she had her hair in an updo or else I’d imagine she’d do a great hair flip for her winnings. 😉

  27. 27 maldita

    Go Lee Boyoung! And I loooooooooove BoA’s outfit in that picture. Flawless unnie!

  28. 28 sara

    Alright. I didn’t really feel the burning chemistry between IHUV couple honestly. They were good, but the BEST, hmmm no not really! I loved IHUV though, one of the best dramas and Lee Bo young deserves the award but I couldn’t attach myself to the romance side.

  29. 29 opheliadrowning

    Does this mean the current crop of shows (namely, The Master’s Sun) will be up for the next set of awards (how often do they give this out?) because I want Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub to win Best Couple and all that next time around. EEEEE!

    *scampers away*

    • 29.1 Crazynoona

      Yesss, GHJ & SJS!

    • 29.2 sara

      Yes! they will definately show up on SBS drama awards in the end of Dec. They will face IHYV couple.. or both will get it. Though I’m all for Oh Soo and Oh Young from TWTWB to grab that award.

      • 29.2.1 DDee

        Oh but then they’ll be up against Park Shin Hye & Lee Min Ho too. It’s gonna be a tough SBS best couple contest.

        • opheliadrowning

          We’ll have to see how that chemistry plays out in “Heirs” though first! Unless they just base it on popularity of the show…but man, those BTS on “The Master’s Sun”…I feel like on that energy alone SJS and GHJ might just take it.

      • 29.2.2 Yammy

        or they will just award everyone, just like they did in…KBS(?) with Baker king, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, etc couple years ago. BUT…if any couple would be let off the list, it will probably be SJS & GHJ cuz (sadly) Master’s Sun wasn’t sensational like TWTWB, IHYV and what Heirs (probably) will be. I guess that’s the nature of the entertainment world. It’s ok, the Master’s Sun fans can just ship them in our hearts <3

      • 29.2.3 opheliadrowning

        Honestly, I just want them to show up together at any award show all smiley and stuff. I’m already experiencing TMS withdrawal.

    • 29.3 pogo


      They should totally get Best Couple, and show up for it too (unlike my other loves Lee Jun-ki and Shin Mina for Arang, who got a Best Couple award last year and didn’t attend the event :()

      • 29.3.1 sara

        I hope they win something for actor/actresses category because if they didn’t I doubt an A lister actors will come to pick the couple awards only.

        At least your lovers won something.. Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won didn’t win a thing! MBC sucks!

      • 29.3.2 donna

        Me too. I* love LBY & LJS couple and I love LJK & SMina couple…..

    • 29.4 HJE

      eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… I LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 30 saranga

    now, this daesang is one i can wholeheartedly get behind 🙂

  31. 31 mina

    Congratulations for the winners !! This will be the next step to their further career.

    I Love Gal So Won. Even she’s still 7 or 8 years old, but her dress looks a little mature. Then, who knows that Lee Jong Seok will be this success from I Hear Your Voice? Love It.
    Last but not least, who knows Lee Bo Young probably can win 2 Daesangs at local station (SBS and KBS) ? Because her dramas are hit.

  32. 32 Sunny

    What about Shi-Hyun, Ji-Sook, Duk-Bae? No one from the Cruel City/Heartless City cast?…. What about Go and her role as the teacher in The Queen’s Classroom???

  33. 33 Sunny

    Never mind just realized these were station specific.

  34. 34 jenny

    just finished anticipate love with Boa and Daniel Choi…..best 2 hours I spent this past week! it was adorable, funny, sweet and emotional at the same time. Boa was not bad at all for her first acting stint and Daniel Choi was…well lets just say now imma gonna have to go marathon some Daniel Choi dramas….

    • 34.1 bjharm

      BoA as new actress..ookkk will she is new but the ‘best’ new? or the best well known new with lots of backing. Still from the sounds of it her drama was good so I guess I can let it go, still have to feel for the 100’s of actress who spent years learning to act, but Idol actors seem to be very much the in thing these days.

  35. 35 queencircles

    I’m sad there was no commentary on the outfits. I love that. Lee Boyoung’s dress is gorgeous.

    Jung Woongin – what a cute smile! So boyish. I loved him as the layered killer in IHYV. He did such a good job bringing that role to life.

    Thanks for posting GF!

    • 35.1 sm

      OHMYGOD. my thoughts were exactly that. i love all the commentary on their dresses 😀

  36. 36 Bells

    I Just don’t know why “Yawang” and “That Winter, The Wind Blows” didn’t get any awards in here? They also achieve high rating, too.

    • 36.1 sara

      I agree! TWTWB totally deserves to be awarded but looking at the winners they achived higher ratings. GD didn’t even wrap up and got an award ( ratings went above 20 last week)! Makes me laugh to realize ratings weight more than anything else!

      Where is GFB? TW?

      • 36.1.1 Angela

        Yeah, where is Two Weeks? I think it is one of the best drama this year!

  37. 37 Sophia

    Clara, thought she was Park Shin Hye…they look alike in that pic.

    Love BOAs dress and the one after that.

    Award well deserved for all cast and crew of IHYV

    • 37.1 Sophia

      Why is good doctor on here? Its not even done yet!

      • 37.1.1 frillyobject

        Exactly what I thought too! If Good Doctor is in, then The Master’s Sun should snap somehing too~!

        • HJE

          COPY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. 38 Arhazivory

    I’m at ep 10 of IHYV. 😀 So excited to see how well the show did.

  39. 39 liz1

    Err I’m with people that think IHYV couple were cute but there was no ”burning” chemistry there. TBH I didn’t even care if they stayed together. I prefered them as cute noona and little brother anyway.

  40. 40 mong

    best couple? really? lol.

  41. 41 redfox

    surprised that you say there was no chemistry between LJS and LBY in IHYV. I thought there was hella lot.
    there was longing and desperation and bicker and cute. and defiance. chemistry doesnt always just mean the oochy, smoochy, it expresses through all sort of things.

    • 41.1 donna

      agree ….. those people don’t understand the real meaning of “CHEMISTRY “……..

      • 41.1.1 dtdt

        they are still not the best couple of the year

  42. 42 topper

    Hot Star: Clara.

    What’s that doing in a drama award? LOL

  43. 43 Hoshisma

    I’m really sad that Lee Bo Young is hiding those awesome shoes beneath her dress. I’m also sad that those awesome shoes are not in my closet right now.

  44. 44 Mic


    I don’t know if anyone else agrees, but I absolutely love it, as I said. I think it’s awesome (and colorful).

    Anyways, now that that’s out of my system. Aw, Suha and Hyesung! I missed them. 🙁 I’m glad they won the Best Couple Award; they deserved it.Their chemistry is awesome. And isn’t it just awesome how LJS and LBY arrived together? I think it’s so cute. ^_^

    Congrats, IHYV cast & crew! 🙂

  45. 45 Dbsklove

    i thought the drama wouldn't get as acknowledged because it wasn't broadcasted in the big three…

  46. 46 Hmm...

    Wait… BoA got Best New Actress? I’m a big BoA fan but wasn’t her drama two episodes long? That’s not a lot episodes to judge from. You would expect Suzy (Gu Family Book) or even Eunji (Nice Guy) would get that award.

    • 46.1 Hmm

      I mean Eunji from That Winter, The Wind Blows. Not Nice Guy.

      • 46.1.1 HJE

        i AGREE! Eunji deserves it more

    • 46.2 Ennayra

      Is Suzy even new though? I mean, she was in Big last year, so I didn’t think she’d be up for the award. But then again I don’t know how they decide who is “new.”

  47. 47 chaloner

    The only kdrama i’ve seen on the list is Good Doctor. Anyone else?

  48. 48 donna

    Chuka …LBY shi & LJS shi. I love IHYV very much. And I really this Couple. They deserved the award.

    I read some negative notes here…. those ir-relevant remarks !!! Both of them like each other very much. They chemistry is awesome…..

    They come together and that’s really great .

    IHYV is very Good Drama . Love the story line, love all the casts. I’m Glad this Drama won ……

    Once again congratz LBY ( Janghyesung) shi …….and congratz LJS shi & all the casts.

  49. 49 Cocoboo

    Yayyyy! Congrats to Lee Bo Young! ^^

  50. 50 Quiet Thought

    Hmmm . . . sorry, I was looking for Clara videos to criticize her acting skills and got hypnotized by that slllooowww moootionnnn video of her throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game wearing only tights and atank top.

    All in all, I can think of more than than TWO reasons why she’s fun to watch on camera. And the size of the barbells she was pressing suggests she works hard on those assets.

    • 50.1 anais


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