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Man From Another Star: So Yi-hyun out, Yoo Inna in
by | October 14, 2013 | 105 Comments

So, remember that second lead role in the upcoming my-boyfriend-is-a-400-year-old-alien drama starring Kim Soo-hyun and Jeon Ji-hyun that was originally supposed to be played by So Yi-hyun? The producers have announced that the casting wasn’t final before, and Yoo Inna (You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin) will be taking the part instead. Well, I don’t know what made them switch gears, but I much prefer Yoo Inna in the role, even if she’s already had a time-traveling Joseon boyfriend before. Maybe she can give Jeon Ji-hyun some pointers on dating a hottie from another century.

The new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama has tweaked its title a little bit to My Man From Another Star (or more literally, My Lover From Another Star, though I think we’re safe in assuming Kim Soo-hyun is the star-traveler referred to in the title, since he plays the alien and all). It comes from the writer of You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly and the PD of Tree With Deep Roots, and stars Kim Soo-hyun as an alien who crash-lands in Joseon in 1609 and lives to the present day looking exactly the same.

Jeon Ji-hyun plays the top actress with a diva complex that he’ll fall in love with. The drama was already pretty damn close to Queen Inhyun’s Man, but now with Yoo Inna joining the cast, my drama worlds are in danger of colliding. She’ll be playing the heroine’s rival since junior high (when Jeon Ji-hyun stole her first love, natch), and they’ll have a competitive frenemy relationship through adulthood. This part is harder to believe: she’ll be a Harvard-grad announcer, who’s never lost first place to anyone in school. Pffft. Okay, if I can believe that Kim Soo-hyun is an alien, I suppose I can give you that.

My Man From Another Star follows Heirs and premieres in December.

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105 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    Wow! Really?

    • 1.1 pabo ceo reom

      Let’s hope so! I vastly prefer Yoo Inna. Thumbs up from me!

      • 1.1.1 antoineisnet

        Is Yunho still the second lead male, if that’s the case, not even Yoo Inna can save the drama. Last I heard Korean fans were signing a petition to bar his getting the role, but since then nothing much. Anyone have updates?

        • aina

          not yet. Hope not Yunho. lol.

        • Lilly

          seriously he is not that bad, is he?

          • meh

            of course! he’s that bad in acting that’s why k-fans are signing a petition for him not to be cast..

          • harukogirl

            I’m a DBSK fan….and he’s that bad. Seriously, the boy needs to be banned from acting for his own good! Yunho! We love you, make a new cd, just DON’T ACT.

          • Melissa

            *locks Yunho in a protective bubble until the show is over*

          • Krystal.Anne

            I am a Cassie and a big DBSK fan but Yunho is seriously bad at acting leave that to Yoochun please, atleast he is vastly improving in acting in every drama he stars in..

            If you wanted to see for yourself watch Heading To The Ground and Poseidon and judge him yourself, you’ll know why so many people are against him..

  2. ilikemangos

    Yes! Back on track with all good things about My Man From Another Star.
    I like Yoo Inna too much so i doubt i’ll hate her as much as i should as the second lead, but we’ll see.

    • 2.1 Shadow-chan

      My thoughts exactly xD

      That already happened to my with Best Love: While watching it for the first time, I absolutely hated Kang Seri.
      After watching other shows with Yoo Inna and falling in love with her, I noticed that I hated Seri a LOT less while rewatching it… But I actually don’t mind that, since I don’t really enjoy hating the second lead =)

    • 2.2 OMG

      Hopefully this means there will be more meat to the second lead storyline….

  3. Perrie

    The last thing I watched her in was QIHM
    I couldn’t see So Yi Hyun in this role anyway, idk why
    Yay! I’m definitely watching! I think it’s ironic how she will be playing the second lead now after being in Queen In Hyeon’s man. She owned that role! Haha, I’m pretty sure there will be some jokes later on relating to that!
    Can’t wait! Can’t wait!

    • 3.1 addy

      I hope they make some reference to it, lol. otherwise it’d feel like a missed opportunity.

    • 3.2 bjharm

      odd that she only got second leads since Queens’s Man, I know she did the weekend drama with IU because IU asked her to take the role as it was IU first drama and they such close friends, but still seems a bit odd. Wonder if it her lack of confidance in herself from being a trainee for so long? She can easily do Harvard-grad announcer thing though, her pronunciation of korean is seemingly amazing, and of course she dose have her own radio show as well, long as they skip any english [enough of bad english from heirs!] she do it easily.

      • 3.2.1 Lilian

        yeah…that was what I thought too. Wasn;t Queen In Hyun’s Man a big hit in Korea? I think she should be casted as lead….but compared to Jeon Ji Hyun, she is definitely still less known

        • Kiara

          Jeon Ji Hyun is an A lister and a much better and experienced actress. For her to return to the small screen is a big deal. There is no way she is going to play 2nd fiddle to anyone in dramaland.
          Yoo Ina can certainly be a lead in a different drama but not this one.

        • Rovi

          Well, QI’sM was on cable, not on the Big 3, so that’s saying things for me.

          • megumi

            well vampire prosecutor was also on cable and it was a big hit, even returning with a sequel…

  4. becca_boo

    And there was much rejoicing.

    • 4.1 KDaddict

      BIG improvement. Much Rejoicing.

    • 4.2 Rachel


  5. Mystisith

    I love the 2 actresses & I’m sad to see one chased by the other. They aren’t the same style at all, physically or acting wise: I wonder what motivated the switch. Maybe the U-Know casting scared SYH away (enough idol nursing with WAY…)
    If they picked YIN, I guess it’s safe to say than the tone of the drama will be VERY different from QIHM. Looks like with this drama I will have to let the brain at the door and enjoy the ridiculous romcomishness and the SF premise… I can do that.

  6. lemondoodle

    I like both actresses, but I really love her. So awesome news. Can we now pray to the drama gods that the Yunho casting isn’t finalized yet either?

    • 6.1 Ace

      Oh, no! I forgot he’s also rumored to join this. No, please! If it’s gonna be someone from SM, get Heechul or Siwon instead.

      • 6.1.1 Kiara

        I don’t know about Heechul but I wont complain about Siwon.

      • 6.1.2 redfox

        agree, Siwon was kinda hilarious-grotesque in King of Dramas and it would certainly add some punch.

        I like Yoo Inna, I hope the drama is not too similar to QIHM. The premise seems a little like “Orlando”, except the alien doesn´t hange sex every now and then. or does he….

      • 6.1.3 lily

        lol at suggesting heechul as a replacement. have you ever watched his dramas? he is so terrible and over-acts so much

        • Ace

          Yeah, I’ve watched him and found him okay. And as a second lead in this drama who’s gonna do some comedy or angsty scenes, better someone who (over)acts than someone who doesn’t have any expression at all, right?

          • lily

            but yunho over-acts too..

          • Ace

            Yunho overacts? When did he? That guy has only one expression. Maybe two. I’m not sure as it all looks the same to me.

        • maldita

          Heechul’s actually pretty decent in acting, and I say that as someone who’s seen most of his dramas.

      • 6.1.4 maldita

        I think Siwon’s busy doing other things. He’s definitely busy doing things that SM hasn’t publicly announced. He’s always flying off alone to places every few days or so.

      • 6.1.5 JWspazz

        Heechul debut as actor first then as singer. LOL, why not ? he has his own comical side if it’s comedy for second lead.. hahaa.. miss him on small screen though..

      • 6.1.6 crazykel

        I was thinking of Siwon, but you said it first! *sucks to be me* LOL. I agree, though. I’d LOVE to see Siwon in this role. He’s probably too busy though…le sigh.

      • 6.1.7 Rovi

        Well, Heechul is said to cameo in “Heirs” for 4 episodes. Must explain that Instagram post with Ryeowook. XD

  7. Ace

    Yay! I like all the cast so far. Not that I don’t like So Yi-hyun, saw her in a variety show and thought she was awesome but her drama roles are so-so. Yoo Inna’s definitely better.

  8. Kiara

    Yay I prefer her too. <3

  9. snow_white

    Now I love this……I really like Yoo Inna…So Yi Hyun is just okay in all the projects I’ve seen her in….

    yay for this news….

  10. 10 Nicole

    I think Yoo Inna’s really cute, but her makeup looks funny in that photo. It’s not that flattering.

    I’m a little disappointed that Jeon Ji-hyun is paired with Kim Soo-hyun because he has such a baby face. I’d have liked to see her with a kind of masculine macho alien type, because she comes off so strong (especially with the diva complex added).

    • 10.1 Rachel

      Hmm have you seen the movie Thieves? They seemed to have really good romantic chemistry in it, though it is true that in Thieves he was more of a dongsaeng at first to her and it wasn’t a real ‘loveline’ but more like romantic sparks.

  11. 11 bains

    Why she is back to second lead territory after QIHM? I thought that drama was hit and a breakthrough for her.

    • 11.1 Sophia

      Because she’s nowhere as famous as Jun Ji Hyun when it comes to movie acting.

  12. 12 blokkoms

    Yayy! Love her, so this is great news.

  13. 13 canxi

    I am also in the camp that likes both So Yi Hyun and Yoo In Na. But, I haven’t seen Yoo In Na in a while, so I’ll give this a go as I am not like to try out “You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin” anytime soon.

  14. 14 BibiRouge

    I for one am glad of this change.

    I thought So Yi Hyun in Who Are You was okay, but everytime there was a ghost or something scary, she made “that” face with “those” eyes… All the time.

    I don’t think she’s a bad actress, but those scènes really bothered me…

    So yeah, it’s a good change to me 😉

  15. 15 crazedlu

    Good choice, Drama. Then I was reminded of Yunho. The friiiiig, Drama! Hope that, too, was never finalized.

    • 15.1 ak

      Me too… I am so, so, so scared cuz so far it’s such a perfect cast.

      YIN has a much brighter screen presence than SYH, in my opinion. ^^ I just love seeing her.

      But Yunho… That guy has talent, but just not in acting. I don’t care if he has a big celeb crush on Jeon Ji Hyun. Please Yunho… For the sake of this drama.

  16. 16 Mar

    I like her way better than So Yi-hyun, but they could cast a bat as the second lead, no offense to any actress, and I would still interested in this drama because of the main leads. Hey, just keeping it real. As GF noted, with the actress space/time traveler romance thing, and now the addition of Yoo Inna, seriously creeping up on comparison to QIHM. I mean really, how hard would it be to make the lead female character, I don’t know, a journalist? Professor? Best selling author? That said, if we get the chemistry between the leads that is comparable to QIHM, I am totally down for that!

    • 16.1 Quiet Thought

      Casting someone as a bat will will have to wait for ‘Vampire Prosecutor IV: The Challenge of Dracula’

      • 16.1.1 Mar

        Ha! I’m down for that too.

  17. 17 bebeswtz

    I don’t know how they do it O.O Both IU and Yoo In Na just wrapped up on a 50-episode drama not too long ago, but they both have signed onto their next drama projects already? Oy!! And on top of that, IU is currently doing promos for her new album, too!! I KNEW sleep is a foreign term for those in the K-entertainment world, but seriously T.T

    • 17.1 Ally

      Seems like IU turned down the offer for “Pretty Man” coz she’s gonna have her 2nd concert next month.

      I’m so excited for Yoo In Na!!! Love her in QIHM, so adorbs. Now..Please… For the 2nd male lead, cast the right actor.. Not Yunho.. TT.TT

  18. 18 Leishers

    hmm….I guess. I do love Inna, but not in the bitchy roles. It makes me wanna shake her and say snap out of it. heehhe

  19. 19 Oo

    Love her in QIHM so will hope to see her further improvenment and also inc in popularity through this show. Fighting

    • 19.1 skelly

      I feel the same way, but I am so conflicted now. With Yunho in the cast, I was going to happily avoid it, but now I don’t know if I can. This is just like Who Are You, which I avoided because of Taecyeon even though I really like KJW. Idols, please go away from my shows, LOL

  20. 20 person

    i love this news so much
    -fist pump in the air-

    news of yunho declining this drama would only make it even better…

  21. 21 damai

    “…even if she’s already had a time-traveling Joseon boyfriend before. Maybe she can give Jeon Ji hyun some pointers on dating a hottie from another century”
    I just love what you’d say, GF-nim ^_^

  22. 22 goldeng

    Im a bittt sad because I was eagerly waiting to see her as a leading lady again like in QIHM -aka as the COOLEST DRAMA EVERR!- but yeah.. Maybe her character would be a scene stealer and not your typical annoying second lead!!

  23. 23 chasen8888

    Are we going to test their English for this role considering the education level. I for one wish these k-dramas stick their characters to Korean universities they are just as good and at times better internationally. Plus they make the characters more believable especially when these k-dramas bring on horrible foreign actors & spoken English.

    As for the show will wait and see. Yoo Inna is good and QIHM was the gem of a show for 2012,

  24. 24 xcmk

    yessss i love yoo in na :3

  25. 25 mel

    love her but why does she keep taking second leads when she can clearly do lead roles and pull it off really freaking well hopefully she will get a guy in this one also

  26. 26 XiaXiaXia

    Please please drama gods, don’t let Yunho act in this drama >< His Yawang hospital scene scarred me for life

  27. 27 Rovi

    Well good. I didn’t like So Yi-hyun anyways in “Mandate of Heaven”, so annoying.

    Haha, another one for Yoo In-na? What would boyfie Ji Hyun-woo say to this? XD

    • 27.1 MO

      SYH was in mandate?

      • 27.1.1 Lisa

        I… I know right……

      • 27.1.2 Rovi

        Oops sorry…that was Yoon Jin-yi…

        *epic fail*

  28. 28 Viki

    Yesss, the more reason to watch this! I love Yoo In Na!

  29. 29 Yue-lie

    Since “Queen Inhyun’s Man” I like her a lot and I admit that it’s also a lot of “time traveling Joseon boyfriend” drama for her but who cares, she’s so cute! lol

  30. 30 sjsmn

    Yeah! for Yoo In-na. Now get Yunho! and we all set.

  31. 31 Fishy

    Premieres after Heirs? Hmmm, if this turns to be a hit (seeing the big star names), SBS sure is having a good streak. Assuming Heirs gets more ratings. Not sure how it’s doing on ratings right now haha

    • 31.1 Rovi

      Well, Heechul (who made a deal with Kim Eun-sook, he said), 2EYES, & VIXX are said to be caemoing, so why not?

  32. 32 kfangurl

    Aw. Love Yoo Inna. And yes, I feel like my drama worlds are very much in danger of colliding. I am SO excited for this, though! 😀

  33. 33 Niki

    Inna baby!!~~♥♥
    NOW i’m super psyched to watch this show.

    I too thought it was very odd that YIN keeps picking second lead roles after QIHM but when i think about it, this girl has a good head on her shoulders. Girl’s humble and down to earth and not about to let one successful drama get to her head. She picks projects with great working peers; Ha Ji Won in SG, YEH in LBD, and now Jeon Ji Hyun. She’s got the traits to be a great actress by en-massing lots of experience and not just about being popular for a spell. Love this girl.

    • 33.1 skelly

      YES. I think she’s a gem, and I wish her all success.

  34. 34 KDrama Fan

    Thanks for the update.

    Wonder if anyone knows what’s happened to Yoo Inna’s man…did he disappear back in time? Are they still going out?

    • 34.1 Mystisith

      He went to Military Service in Aug 2012. Still a few months left.

    • 34.2 bjharm

      officially they still a pairing, Yoo In na would get burned at the stake if she even thought of dumbing a ‘boyfriend’ while he doing army time, one of the reasons I thought it was a bit much him going public right before he went into the army, didnt really leave her any outs.

      • 34.2.1 harukogirl

        true, but….WHO WOULD WANT TO DUMP HIM????

        lol. If you don’t want him honey, I do! 😀

        • skelly

          Uh, I think you would be joining a VERY long line.

          • bjharm

            lol fan girling aside him going puplic cost her career/work wise as she was dumped from We Got Married, with the noise about Queen’s Man still fresh then, her appearing on that show would have done a lot for her career, heck the fact she ‘taken’ may even be part of the reason she not getting leads..:-)

      • 34.2.2 megumi

        you are over reacting, i for one don’t blame ji hyun woo at all for coming out public like that, he did what he had to do, it was up to yoo in na to accept, reject or hold the proposal. She could have told him to come back from the army and ask her out again but it looked like she was totally in love with him too, so she accepted the proposal. Now i don’t think she accepted the proposal without thinking about all the consequences she’ll suffer. There are lot of actresses who are known to be publicly dating or married and still became successful, eg; han ga in, lee yo won, etc. It’s all up to her whether she can be top rate actress or get stuck in 2nd female lead territory. Dating someone publicly has got nothing to do with it.

        • Taber

          I don’t think her career stuffer at all with her real relationship, she one of those rare actress that has natural chemisty with her counter-part. I love the interaction she had with her co star in her last drama. She was very natural and comfortable that what separate the woman from the girls!

    • 34.3 KDrama Fan

      Thanks everybody. Be interesting what happens once he’s out.

  35. 35 meh

    so, can we have lee min ho 1993 as the second lead? 😀

  36. 36 Appletea

    I almost read the tittle wrong. I thought it was Yoona instead of Yoo Inna. And almost in rage remembering about the Yunho news. I want to shout: SM stop ruining what could’ve been my favorite drama of the year. (at least, if they insist, i think Siwon will be more comical and less awkward compare to Yunho). But turn out this become a good news instead.

  37. 37 Appletea

    Wait, just read the comment and realize how epic it will be if the guy from SM is Heechul instead of Yunho

  38. 38 kDkiddo

    Yaaaaayi ! I love her

  39. 39 Hmm

    Is it really a time traveling? I thought the alien doesn’t age. Kinda like Wolverine.

  40. 40 p3rk3le

    i like them both but i love yoo ina so i’m happy for this!

  41. 41 Lisa

    woot woot! I love Yoo Inna!
    Waaaaay waaaay better than So Yi-Hyun imo….. I never really felt anything towards her acting.
    Although i think Yoo Inna will play the second lead pretty well, I don’t want to hate her 🙁 please don’t make her too hateable!!
    This drama is probably one of the most anticipated dramas of the year. A definate YES to more Kim Soo-hyun an Jeon Ji-Hyun 🙂
    LOve them both

  42. 42 Dukdam

    Korean news sources have confirmed it’s neither Siwon nor Yuno but Park Haejin (Seoyoung’s brother from My Daughter Seoyoung)! Squee. So tall and handsome AND he can act!

  43. 43 Uhnny

    If they insist an SM idol should be part of the cast, then pick Siwon. That DBSK guy? Ugh. Please no.

  44. 44 Niceone

    No idol. OMG! I love it. Actor Park Hae Jin is second male lead. It comfirmed. Yeay http://dramabucks.com/drama/park-hae-jin-cast-for-his-first-villain-role-in-sbs-my-lover-from-the-stars/

    • 44.1 Trina

      This is good news.. However, I just hope it is officially confirmed….

  45. 45 Cadwalider

    Ah, the wonders of the Korean drama industry. One amazing babe bows out another one slides right in. So many choices and a good one in any direction that one may be facing… 😉

  46. 46 lenrasoon

    i wish she was the lead *sigh*, but now i’m interested watching this drama.

  47. 47 crazykel

    YAY! In-na unnie! I’m so glad they’ve changed their mind about this casting. Even if Yoo Inna is only the second lead, I’m already excited to see what she will bring to the drama. Of course, I was excited for this drama anyway, so this just upped the ante.

    Now, what to do about, Yunho, that other problem?

  48. 48 Taber

    I love Yoo Inna in Queen In-hyun man but what I respect about her is she is willing to work, there no role too small for this girl even with that breakthrough drama QIHM. Her character in You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin was refreshing strong, smart, confidence and outspoken character are the ones I like the best!

  49. 49 Abbie

    I hadn’t given this show much thought, even though it sounds funny and cute. But Yoo Inna joining would definitely be a good thing. I like her a lot, even when she plays bitchy characters. So, I have no problem with her joining this, though I may not watch it. Too much going on in my life to commit to more than a couple dramas at a time. So Heirs is one. Surprise me with the second one, dramaland.

  50. 50 jyl

    Holyyy, this cast is sparkling.

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