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More posters and main teaser for No Breathing
by | October 18, 2013 | 81 Comments

Wheee, who’s excited for some Seo In-gook/Lee Jong-seok who’s-hotter-half-nekkid rivalry? What do you mean that’s not the point of the movie? *re-watches trailer* Nope, that’s definitely the point of the movie. That’d be No Breathing, of course, their new swimming movie about national athletes, reluctant bromance, and young love. Oh and swimming. That too.

The movie comes from a new director and the writer of the Ha Ji-won/Bae Doo-na ping-pong movie Korea (also called As One). I don’t know about you guys, but that movie made me cry like a little baby. I love sports movies anyway, but if you’re ever wondering where all the great female friendships are, they’re in movies like this. I know No Breathing’s bromance won’t have the same North/South epic real-life force behind it, but I do trust this writer to give us an uplifting sports movie with a great friendship as the backbone.

Lee Jong-seok plays the golden boy national swimmer who’s facing his first slump, complete with a violent scandal that hits the headlines. He has to go back to school and re-train with the rookies, which is basically hitting rock-bottom for him, and he makes his displeasure known. As the coach puts together the team of new recruits, he decides to add loose cannon Seo In-gook, the kid with a natural gift but no training and no discipline. He’ll find Lee Jong-seok cold and uninviting, but they’ll eventually become rivals and spur each other on. I know sports movies are as formulaic as anything, but damn if I don’t fall for the reluctant underdog friendships and fist-pumping victories every single time.

No Breathing hits theaters October 30.

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81 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ace

    Cried buckets when I watched As One too. Did google the (real) players after watching the movie because I couldn’t move on and had to know what happened to them.

    Forgot that Yuri’s casted here too. But since we’re gonna get half-naked LJS & SIG, I can just ignore her and focus on the…swimming! Yep, that’s it! *downloads topless poster pics*

  2. KDaddict

    Lee JS has very fair skin standing next to Seo IG in that 2nd picture. He needs to go sun-bathing some time (and upload those pics on his twitter).

    • 2.1 mina

      he’s actually said in an interview that every time he tries to go sun bathing, he comes out looking red-faced/sun burnt rather than the desirable result of looking tanner lol poor puppy

    • 2.2 bink

      it was a marked difference and i had the same thought. dude you need to lime in the sun a bit. pale just isn’t all that nice especially if you showing off form. Still very good looking though.

  3. bains

    Well, SIG clearly has better and tanned body. LJS is cute 😉

    • 3.1 JoAnne

      I looked and thought: Pale boy, tan man

      • 3.1.1 nozomi05

        my thoughts exactly… but LJS does give off a “manly” vibe most of the time when not together with a more manlier guy… like SIG

        • bd


          LJS is like a Korean Justin Bieber.

          • yuweei

            That’s insulting, LJS is no way like JB.

          • Mystisith

            I guess we have an official LJS hater on this thread. Your comments are pathetic, really.

  4. snow_white

    Wow….the movie sounds good….Seo In Gook and Lee Jong Suk are looking great!!

  5. namedx

    Ah a nekkid Seo In Guk and Lee Jong Seok, nothing short of bliss! Unfortunately, I never get round to watching a lot of the Korean films that I make a mental note of watching, simply because they’re so damn hard to get hold of. Korean cinema is also rare in the UK sadly. Sigh.

    • 5.1 ChillyMilly

      So true, but I think finding movies is getting easier with all the committed fangirls. Of all the sports, swimming was smart. They’re practically always shirtless and less cost on clothes, heh.

    • 5.2 nozomi05

      there’s a website where you can downloads lots of great asian movies… it’s a private torrent site and its by invite but sometimes they have open registrations during the weekends

  6. Ceecile

    I just can’t buy them as swimmers sorry. They could have tried to work out before or something.

    • 6.1 houstontwin

      I think that it would take a very long time to build the kind of muscles that a competitive swimmer has! This guys are running from project to project. I guess viewers will have to suspend their disbelief.

      • 6.1.1 Mystisith

        Exactly: I know both of them were hitting the gym for at least a few weeks (and were dieting on chicken breast) before filming the movie but what can you do when you shoot a drama + a movie + interviews + CFs at the same time? They need to sleep too.
        Also, unless he takes steroids (don’t do that!), LJS is and will always stay a (beloved) shrimp.

        • mwg

          This breaks my heart a little, because of of SIG’s bulimia. I hope he’s ok.

          • Imzadi

            What makes you say that? Just because an actor is on a certain diet for a particular role, doesn’t mean he /she has bulimia.

          • mwg

            The people I know with EDs find that being in those kinds of situations are triggering. I have no idea if there’s any issue with him, more like, I feel for him, in that he’s had a sensitivity, and he’s in a situation that others in his shoes have found difficult.

          • mwg

            Sorry, I meant to write “who have had” EDs, that is people who have recovered, still are sensitive. Typo. 🙂

        • houstontwin

          I’m a mom and I hate the thought of some young guy having to starve himself for a role.

          • Kay

            Wasn’t for this role (thought I’m sure he tried to maintain some kind of sensible diet cause of all the shirtless scenes in this movie) but it was cause he was being repeatedly rejected from entertainment companies…they kept saying it was his weight. I hope he’s better now, it’s not only physical but also mental but the fact he’s partaking in such a movie makes me thing he’s probably overcoming a lot of the negative self-image he developed during those days….so yay for SIG!

          • houstontwin

            Kay, I remember a gymnast many years ago (Olympic calendar) who died of anorexia when a judge made a crack about her weight and she couldn’t get over it. Some of these behind the scenes jerks are absolutely evil. I am sure that the creep pushing young actors to starve is eating steaks and fries for dinner!

          • houstontwin

            oops! I meant Olympic caliber.

      • 6.1.2 bd

        How about casting actors who already have a physique?

        SIG is actually alright but casting LJS is a joke for the part and just a symptom of hiring a “hot” actor whether he fits the part or not.

        Actually had more of a problem with SIG being cast as the 2nd leading man (romancing Gong Hyo-jin’s character) and being the head of security; he was just too young to be taken seriously as either.

        Someone like Kim Ji-seok (who probably played the best 2nd love interest in INR2012) would have been a much better choice – more believable as GHJ’s love interest and rival to SJS, as well as being head of security), but I guess the producers wanted a draw for the young female demographics.

  7. Waiting

    Wet bromance? I am in! Just kidding…sort of…

    When I see headphones on Lee Jong Suk it immediately makes him into his adorable IHYV character.

    Seo In Guk’s character seems so different that his last in Master’s Sun (we see him lose his cool in this trailer) so I am looking forward to seeing him in a different role.

    This was so lovely to wake up to, GF! 😀

  8. Rovi


  9. TeaCharmer

    Is there a nodding emoticon? Seo In-gook/Lee Jong-seok bromance *nod* I’m in.

    Oh and I’m sure the movie will be heartwarming and hopefully everyone is convincing, but c’mon..Bromance.


  10. 10 Babs

    Ahhh boys and… yes swimming! I loved the trailer and I would love to be able to see the movie. It looks to be my type of film. And those two oppa’s… swimming cant be to bad either. LOL I was anxious to see what the fuss was about, and I can honestly say the buzz was right. Here’s hoping for a good movie. =)

  11. 11 hibz

    in gook is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay hotter he is breath taking and his gaze kills me

    • 11.1 mwg


      His cheekbones. His expression. Oh my. So pretty.

      • 11.1.1 sally_b

        I’ll join this parade ~ his lips = national treasure.

        • mwg

          LIPS. For DAYS.

    • 11.2 Imzadi

      Got to agree on this one. Lee Jong-seok, I just don’t fine him attractive as a man. Seo In Guk on the other hand is really hot. But other than that, I really like his acting, especially, when he let’s loose. He has great comedic timing.

  12. 12 wag-a-muffin

    I’ve been around quite a while, but I guess that is the magic of Kmovies. When I watched the clip I became 16 (and panting. Who needs a “Marry Him if You Dare” time machine?)

  13. 13 KDrama Fan

    Looks like a definite watch! Thanks for the heads up, Gf!

  14. 14 eli_n

    Sorry LJS.. but I think SIG wins this round. I mean, look at that smolder! I always thought LJS was cute but he looks like a skinny pale boy next to SIG’s tanned manly manliness.

    Oh yeah, I forgot that Yuri’s in this as well. Or maybe denial is repressing my memories.

    • 14.1 houstontwin

      LJS is, in fact, a “skinny man-boy”. Nothing wrong with that! Just give him some time to grow up.

      • 14.1.1 Babs

        until when?? The guy is already 24… What more does he need?

        I’m sorry I love LJS, I’m his ultimate fan, but in this (trailer and photo promo) SIG looks Über hot!!!

        • houstontwin

          Wait until he comes back from the army.

  15. 15 Ms. M

    Seo In-Gook…. Lord help me. Every single time he’s on screen I lose track of what is being said and just stare. I can’t wait for this to be available online.

  16. 16 rabbit

    Your means of describing all in this paragraph is genuinely good, every one can simply know it, Thanks
    a lot.

  17. 17 wits

    Posters look good. SIG lookin’ haawwttt and LJS with that smile! *faints And yeah, that group pic make you go… awwww.

    I would really love to see the movie too – in a big theatre preferably. I hope there will come a time really really soon that they can market kmovies in North America.

  18. 18 redfox

    thank you. *collapses*

  19. 19 purty.sunshine

    Squeeee I just went to see Fasten Your Seat-belt (Roller-coaster) and they played the trailer for this. I think I fangirled a little too much. Sooooo excited!! Only two more weeks~~~!!

  20. 20 kfangurl

    D’aw. This looks like it’ll be all sorts of heartwarming fuzzies, with a nice smattering of giggles – and ogles! – thrown in. Plus, it’s Lee Jong Suk! And! Seo In Guk! How does one say no to all of that? Answer: One doesn’t. I am SO. IN. ^^

  21. 21 Aidualc

    There’s something about bromance and sports movies (or TV shows) that gets me everytime and the pretty boys in swimming attire are like the cherry on top so this is definitely on my to watch list.

  22. 22 houstontwin

    Looks aside, I think that both lead actors consistently can be relied on to radiate sweetness and sensitivity in their performances.

  23. 23 crazedlu

    Good trailer. I’m a total sucker for these kinds of sports movies about friendship and teamwork. Can’t wait!

  24. 24 pogo

    SIG wins the hotness contest, but the new Resident Puppy of Dramabeans has THAT SMILE……

    otokke, how to choose?! But I think we all win, since it is a wet bromance and all. (no need for the romance really, and I have no hope that Yuri’s acting chops match Sooyoung’s, but maybe she’s not in this enough to matter?)

  25. 25 crazedlu

    Good trailer. I’m a total sucker for these kinds of sports movies about friendship and teamwork. Cannot wait!

  26. 26 grace

    wow YURI.. i really like this girl in snsd and offcourse my faves from reply me and IHYV…… hope this dont disappoint me…..

  27. 27 Jandoe

    That Yuri chick is the only miscast for me (did you guys watch Fashion King and her in ther? Oy) but I’ll attempt to withold judgment this time until I’ve watched this movie. I loved As One and cried buckets too, so looking forward to this. Btw GF, I think underdog/sports movie will never get old!

  28. 28 jo

    The girl is in white, has long hair and is playing a guitar? A GUITAR?!!!
    urgh…id rather have no love story lol

  29. 29 eaglette

    Please lets never bring up that abomination known as “Fashion King” again; am still waiting to get back the life I wasted on that!

  30. 30 Mar

    I really enjoy both of these actors. I have no idea if this movie will be good I hope so. To be completely shallow, LJS has just beautiful shoulders. The visual contract between the two men is quite lovely and compelling. LJS with his pale beauty and rangy sinewy build and SIG with his golden skin and more compact frame, wow.

    • 30.1 mina

      jongsuk does have fine, fine shoulders.

      inguk sure has a better built and more proportioned body, but i’m sorry i can’t process anything past jongsuk’s beautiful smile. /swoons/

      • 30.1.1 Mar

        Yes, I feel no need to choose or compare, I would rather look at them as visually complementing each other. I find both men equally compelling in their own way.

      • 30.1.2 bd

        For a girl?

        And ughh, “fishface.”

        • mina

          For a girl or a guy. Sorry I don’t use gender as a qualifier to gage how beautiful someone is.

  31. 31 Quiet Thought

    Don’t worry about Yuri, from the look of her, she’s obviously only there as a chaperone. No great emoting skills needed.

    And presumably to reassure the conservatives in the audience that this isn’t a gay film festival release. The token-female-character-to-avoid-an-all-male-cast is common in American movies, also.

  32. 32 monologue

    Hoping this does well so it’ll get shown in Canadian theatres…

    And if you’re going to add an SNSD member, Yuri is totally my first choice xD

    • 32.1 Chiomy

      It will most likely be released in the Silvercity/Cineplex chain

  33. 33 kittycat

    I’m so excited for this movie. Hopefully it gets lots of positive reviews, and has a successful theatrical run. I also hope it’s uploaded onto the internet and subbed as soon as possible. lol

    Judging by the looks of the trailer, Yuri’s character isn’t that important in the movie. Hopefully that means we see as little of her as possible.

  34. 34 Kay

    Ahh so excited…..Seo In Guk really does it in for me in this one…I can’t believe how far he’s come from his audition in Superstar K to being an up and coming actor, and rightfully so, I’ve loved him in everything so far…. LJS also looks great but I have a soft spot for SIG (and yes, its true he dealt with Bulimia, but not for this movie, it was due to being rejected from entertainment companies while he was trying to get signed, but they kept saying he was overweight)

  35. 35 DarknessEyes

    this looks awesomely awesome. Can’t wait to watch. Tho I always can never find these movies…. D:

    dramacrazy come backkkkkkkkkkk D:

  36. 36 shy

    From the trailer, I can tell that Seo In Guk’s character in this movie is sooooo different from the mature and cool Kang Woo. I love he always take different roles each time. Actually I’ll watch this movie for Ingukkie. Half-nekkid Inguk + bromance. OMG.

  37. 37 Jade Butterfly

    lee Joon Seok cd pass off as a badminton or table tennis champ but national swimmer body type…No , he is far from it. Take a look at any national swimmer of your country, they all have sinewy muscled arms & legs.He should have exercised to get into shape for this role.They just plonked an current It actor into this role , hoping to ride on his popularity. Tsk. I like you Joon Seok , I do , but you aint got the enviable body & tan of a swimmer , babe.

    • 37.1 mina

      He definitely did work out and go on a strict diet for this role. If you need an idea of how hard he worked to prepare for this role, he learnt how to swim just for this movie, as he didn’t know how to swim before, and that was while he was filming a hit drama and another high profile movie and God knows how many CFs. And fyi, the director had wanted jong suk for this role back from when he was a virtual nobody. I believe the movie was stuck in development hell for two years, so jong suk moved on, but when things fell into place again, the director seeked him out and he accepted, even if that meant his schedule was going to be a nightmare for the next six months. I understand people’s gripes about his body not looking like a swimmer’s, but comments like these insinuating he didn’t work his ass off or that he’s only getting by because of his current popularity is seriously so irksome.

      • 37.1.1 Mar

        I also do not understand the crits on LJS. He is obviously on fire, working all the time. He is obviously in great shape. He is thin, yes, which many Korean actors and models are, but the boy is not frail or scrawny. He has good muscle definition. He however is not bulked up, and maybe that is the expectation? I think he is closer to a swimmers build than SIG, who has a completely different body style, which is OKAY too. To expect either actor to actually look like a competitive swimmer is a little much, those people are swimming competitively from childhood and this defines their body shape and musculature.

        Also, tan does not equal swimmer. Many swimmers train indoors most of the the time. People have different skin tones. People are all different, and having natural skin shades pale or dark is beautiful. And not every pale person wants to be orange.

        That’s my two cents anyway.

        • bd

          LJS may have worked out and all, but he is still SCRAWNY and wrong for this role.

          And no, SIG has much more of a swimmer’s build.

          • Mimi

            It’s actually hilarious how you think js is wrong for the role solely based on his body build, and having not even watched the movie. You’ve clearly built a compelling case against js here. Someone contact the producers and ask them to halt all promotions, postpone the release, and recast the role.

      • 37.1.2 Jade Butterfly

        The proof is in the pudding At his age ,its so much easier than someone in their 30s , you work out enuf the muscles just obey & build its due dilegence.
        it cant be helped if you are irked by reality.

    • 37.2 madhatter

      He learnt how to swim and worked out 6 nights a week for this role while filming I Hear Your Voice. Saying his body doesn’t look like pro swimmer is one thing, accusing he did not exercise, did not care about getting into shape, and is just in it thanks to his popularity is another, and it is insulting to the guy’s efforts. Both LJS and SIG were in great pressure from everyone’s expectation of their bodies for this film, and worked really hard for it.

  38. 38 XiaXiaXia

    Yuri and a guitar? HAHAHAHA

  39. 39 KoreanLover

    I am all for Seo In Guk..he’s my man! LOVE Him. Really so sexy with that tanned look.
    LJS has a baby face. He is good but needs to grow up. Too fair skinned. Reminds me of Nicole Kidman.

  40. 40 shelly

    gonna have to watch that movie. for the story. definitely. for the story!

    omg are those… man nipples?! i feel like such a leech….

  41. 41 yren

    Seo In Guk looks so hawt!!!…I’m in for SIG!!…a great actor and a good singer with uber hot body!! drool!

  42. 42 MittleTea

    I really like Lee Jong Suk a lot.Period.

  43. 43 Zache

    Hi! I want to know whAT is the name of the guy who plays as the Bad Guy? the one who got beaten up?? Plz?? I’m into him more than the Main actors!!!Thank You!!

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