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Answer Me 1994’s cast featured in Vogue shoot
by | November 19, 2013 | 85 Comments

Aww, I love this: It’s the cast of Answer Me 1994 in a group photo shoot for December’s issue of Vogue Korea, which is enough to make me happy to see it. But I particularly appreciate that they get a chance to dress up in fancy (and modern!) duds, lookin’ fashionable in a way that their adorably countrified characters don’t in the drama proper.

I also love the wit in the shot below, with the three boys (Sohn Ho-joon, Kim Sung-kyun, and Baroโ€”or as we know them better, Haitai, Samcheonpo, and Binggeure) holding cellos while Do-hee (aka Yoon-jin) holds up a violin to emphasize how tiny she is, a trait that’s constantly referenced by the gang. And I don’t know what Garbage/Oppa/Jung Woo is wearing, but somehow he makes camo-capris-or-are-they-ajumma-pants look cool.

And not to stir any pots, but… does it say anything that the shoot seems to have decided that Yoo Yeon-seok and Go Ara are the main coupling? Or is the only thing shown by that the fact that some photogs are on Team Chilbongie?

Yoo Yeon-seok said in the magazine’s accompanying interview (which we will all now have to run out and buy, I’m sure) that he’d had a rough time after playing unlikable roles in Introduction to Architecture and Werewolf Boy (people would get mad at him in real lifeโ€”ah, the perils of being so good at playing jerks), so this is a nice change of pace. He said, “I’d like it if Chilbongie becomes Na-jung’s husband and I can become Korea’s Soondoongie [pure heart, innocent boy].” Oh, I think one of those is already true. Though I’m sure the other thing would help.

Answer Me 1994 broadcasts on tvN on Fridays and Saturday, although this week there will only be one episode, thanks to the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). Episode 11 will air Saturday.

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85 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Raine

    How happy am I that cellos are in this picture and that they seem to be holding the violins decently well. I LOVE this concept! Instrument power!

    (Why does Samcheonpo’s cello have tapes on it? Is that a school instrument?! booooo! hehe)

    I love little Yoon-jin with a violin next to all her men and the cellos. Basses would’ve been move effective to that visual analogy, but they’re expensive and more unwieldly. Also, Go Ara cleans up so prettily!

    • 1.1 Jo

      although they are holding it quite okay, it makes me seriously lol where they are placing their bows. LMFAO

  2. oneclearnight

    Dohee with her tiny violin cracks me up so much.

    I have to admit, I squealed at little bit when I saw the Yoonseok/Ara picture. I’m Team Chilbongie, I just can’t help it.

    • 2.1 Raine

      I’m team Chilbongie, too, but I just love the composition of the picture and what he’s wearing! However, I am ALMOST team oppa, so they needed a picture with him in it!

      • 2.1.1 Saima

        It’s interesting that the K-viewers are mainly team oppa while the majority of int’l fans are Team Chilbongie. This can still change but the contrast is quite intriguing.

        • Cam

          I was surprised to find that out, actually. It makes me wonder how much, if at all, will take that into account when penning out the last few scripts and if it will influence the ending in any way. I can’t help but be worried as a Chilbongie fan x]

          • Saima

            I feel like the best thing I can do right now is to not sweat over the little details and kill myself in the process. As for the writers I feel like they knew right from the start who’d be endgame. As you can tell, am TRYING to ‘prepare’ myself if things go the other way so as to not be a blubbering mess. :/

        • Jo

          YES, I found this too (that koreans are really on the Oppa bandwagon. I can see why.)

    • 2.2 Reena

      Ahhh my Chilbongie feels! ^^ I looooooooove Go Ara’s Shoes! ^^

  3. kate

    LOL this photoshoot’s theme is so random xD chilbong <3

  4. Saima

    Am LOVIN’ the fame the cast is garnering. I adore them so much. This is YYS’s first work that I’ve watched and was surprised that thus far he’s played baddies. Team Chilbongie, ftw! <3

  5. CL

    Garbage Oppa’s solo shot:


    Him and that horn, and that expression. Haha, so funny!

    • 5.1 Raine

      Thanks!!!!! Hehe, I never considered holding a horn like that. Hehehe. I LOVES it. I like how he’s in black and CB is in white.

    • 5.2 PebbledBeach

      thanks for that.

      im imagining that in the magazine it will be a double page, with garbage oppa on the left and the chilbongie/na jung shot on the right which make me lol

      • 5.2.1 ~Feather~

        LOL! That would be hilarious! XD

      • 5.2.2 pigtookie

        that’s what i expected too. and that doesn’t show us whether the magazine is team chilbongie or oppa.

  6. elza

    why so hot ,chilbongie?

  7. cinthy

    go ara is so beautiful!! btw team oppa!! please too much skinship!!

  8. ChoiHyeRa

    Team Chilbongie all the wayyyy
    I can’t help it, how can you not like a man who’s so sure of his feelings and not too afraid to show it? As opposed to one who may or may not have feelings since no one knows ’cause he hides it. Also, I always wanted an elder brother like oppa, so I want Na-jung had an oppa-dongsaeng kind of relationship with Trash :3

    • 8.1 dramaddict


  9. Ally

    Well actually there’s another magazine shoot (Cine21 if i’m not mistaken) where the photos are more najung-trash couple biased..


    I don’t know if the photoshoot’s settings were decided by the production team also but they’re totally playing with our feelings lol

    • 9.1 ilikemangos

      Dam ally you beat me to it.

    • 9.2 jomo

      It is bad enough we have the show killing us, now we have photo shoots piling on the pain?


  10. 10 Mel

    that first picture.. does this mean Chilbongie couple, well we still have 10 episodes left that any other namja could be the husband including Binggeure… except for Samcheonpo, or are they missing with us could it be a strong Oppa couple? Thanks, I’m so glad this drama is doing exceptionally well.. Thanks for the pix… They all look dashing and beautiful!

  11. 11 ilikemangos

    There’s also this for team oppa:


  12. 12 stars4u

    I’ll just go with the bromance side. I saw a BTS pic of the shoot with Oppa backhugging Chilbong!

  13. 13 doublen

    I want Chilbongie to be the husband! In 10 episodes, he is the one who kissed her twice. Usually, non-future-husbands get either none or very awkward kisses.

    • 13.1 miley

      i think so too

    • 13.2 nomad

      Here’s to hoping!!

  14. 14 ck1Oz

    Love the colour contrast. And refuse to commit on the end couple. However Go Ara has some killer heels. It’s really high.

  15. 15 OhPaulliexD

    Go Ara looks stunning! Do-hee is so adorable with her incredibly tiny violin ๐Ÿ˜€ .. And Yoo Yeon-seok… As if I wasn’t team Chilbongie already x)

  16. 16 Yuna Zayn

    It’s obvious that it’s gonna be team Chilbongie. Not that i don’t like chilbongie, i just prefer Oppa to him ๐Ÿ™ but sadly, they won’t end up with all the hints given in the previous episodes.

  17. 17 ~Feather~

    I’m Team Polygamy so I’ll be happy with both of them. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 17.1 Midnightwatcer

      LOL! Like this so much *grin*

    • 17.2 Fii

      tots! i recall somewhere before the show aired, cant remember where, but it was an explanation of the story was different from reply 1997, where the husband didn’t grow up with the main girl. although i love both, i ship oppa and na jeong. me and chilbong >< *FANGIRLING* anyways, hopefully what i recall may be a mistake.

  18. 18 Kata

    I’m disappointed with the pics. ๐Ÿ™ i’m still rooting for Oppa and Na Jung!

  19. 19 Abbie

    These are good pictures, especially the one with the Three Amigos and Dohee. I cracked up when I saw it. She’s so tiny! LOL!

  20. 20 whilethemusiclasts

    OMG I didn’t even realize that Chilbongie was that asshole in A Werewolf Boy. Wow. I did hate him in that movie.

  21. 21 hipployta

    Still Team Oppa but glad YYS is playing a nice boy

  22. 22 Cam

    I seriously love this cast. Never have I wanted to root for everyone to have their happy ending, even if it isn’t in the way I would have wanted, as long as they get it.

    Kudos to the actors, production team, writer, director, and casting directors for picking the perfect people to play these memorable and well-loved characters.

  23. 23 Taber

    What with the high-water pants? I can’t hate men who wear high-water, why can’t they get the length right. Itโ€™s not that hard!

    I guess this pic tells us who her husband is, I don’t think they realize doing this shot would give away the ending…

  24. 24 8001spring

    I love love love this shoot!

  25. 25 owl

    Oooooo classy. We’re not in 1994 anymore. So dressy, who would’ve thought a big hair bow could look so glamorous?

    Yoon jin reminded me of something like Korean goth in Reply 1994 and REALLY reminds me of goth here. Love her, love the look.

    Just fun pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. 26 Bee

    Kata, Taber, etc.:
    In the last picture only Oppa and NJ are holding cellos, while the other guys have violins, so there’s still hope (for us in Team Oppa).
    And damn MAMA, why on a Friday? I’m hating award shows so much right now…

    • 26.1 Hamster428

      Yep, and notice how the four are in the back while Oppa and NJ seem to float out to the front…

      I see this, and I’m team CB.

    • 26.2 noanao

      Yeah, see that as well and my heart is assured, nyahahahahaha!

  27. 27 bigwink

    Waaaaahh thanks for sharing!
    Everyone looks really good.

  28. 28 miley

    team chilbongie all the way to the finish line!!!!

  29. 29 dakors

    Argh, I’m Team Chilbong but just to keep down my expectation, I remind myself that Ara will be presenting at MAMA Awards this weekend with Trash Oppa. Pfft. Anyway, I initially thought the way Ara’s holding the flute looks tad awkward but then I found out that she actually plays flute (..?)

  30. 30 Cam

    Also, LOLOL at how the shipping even extends to analyzing photoshoots. Oh this show, look at what you’ve done to us!

    • 30.1 noanao

      LOL! Everyone will be their best CSI team when it come to keep their ship afloat!! RAWR!!!

      • 30.1.1 bigwink

        CSI : Chilbong Sseureki Investigation

        • Cam

          LOLOL brilliant!

        • jomo


        • Jehfm

          You just wont the internet chingu!

          • Jehfm

            Edit: won*

    • 30.2 bigwink

      I know right!! Its fun yet tiring.. its what keeping us interested I guess (well, aside from Yoo Yeon Seok adorableness of course, every girl need their own Chilbongie)

  31. 31 Fangy

    Thanks for sharing!! Love the pictures!!

    I have to agree with Yoo Yeon-seok … I really really hated him in Werewolf Boy (so much that I think he very well deserved his ending in the movie). Surprisingly, he was able to convince me that he is a nice, sweet and earnest boy in Answer Me 1994 that I root for him since he appears in the show. Kudos to him!

  32. 32 givemekimminjong

    Aww Yoo Yeon-seok. I watched both Architecture and Werewolf Boy and I practically wanted to spork his characters’ eyes out throughout both films. Haha. It’s great that he’s now getting some fan love. Although, why would anyone hate THE actor for a character he’s playing so good? Korean netizens’ logic is beyond me.

    • 32.1 aria

      oh?! is that seriously the reason south korean viewers rooting for trash oppa? wow.
      its beyond my logic too. but that makes the actor playing chilbongie a that much talented.

    • 32.2 nomad

      It’s true that Netizen’s logic is so illogical from my perspective tooโ€ฆlike, why would anyone have to feel guilty that in real life Oppa actually has a girlfriend? I mean, helloooowww, he’s an actor, he’s playing a role in 1994, he’s not really Trash and lives in a Boarding house.

      • 32.2.1 aria

        Haha. Then there’s that side of the coin too. Lol.

  33. 33 pogo

    Awwww. I’m kind of split on the CB/oppa issue but this shoot is gorgeous.

  34. 34 Danna

    HEH..you gotta love oppa’s pants an how he manages to rock them anways

  35. 35 Midnight

    It’s not floral pants. Oppa’s wearing black pants with a black and white scarf at the waist , like Haitai with the black and red scarf .

  36. 36 coby

    I knew those photos will grace dramabeans! YYS is a good actor.. for gaining my hate on his character in Werewolf Boy.. Now he has our love.. How can you not after he showed us how to eat a burger. Now I am digging his filmography.

    • 36.1 jomo

      Oh, the burger…the burger was simply awesome…I have tears…

  37. 37 Mary

    I love the photoshoot (especially the couple photo with Chilbong and Na Jung). Hehehe.

    I also recall watching Yoo Yeon-seok in Architecure and Werewolf Boy and how I hated him with so much passion, especially in Werewolf Boy where he was a total jerk. But then in Reply 1994, he’s so sweet, kind, and cute. How can I not fall for Yoo Yeon-seok?! UGH. Stop being so perfect Chilbonggie. Lol ๐Ÿ˜›

  38. 38 Yammy

    as a former trombone player, I’m happy that the trombone was held correctly on the first picture. kudos! but how the french horn is held on that additional picture….oh well, i never really liked the french horn section in my band anyways, them blasting into my face….:P

  39. 39 aria

    Hey everyone, I know this is random. So, I’m one of these international audience who’s rooting for chilbongie. And the reason being, the boyish and sincere way he is about his feelings towards na-jung. And he can be cute one minute and then be hot as you please too.
    So what’s the reason for rooting for oppa. ( I love Trash’s character but I can’t quiet picture him as husband material)
    This is not a debate, its just that I want know if I’m missing a point. If its a culture specific quality then can someone explain?

    • 39.1 dom

      maybe its bcuz of the actors, who play these characters.

    • 39.2 noanao

      For me it is because I just love oppa more than CB and no other reasons… Oppa is more exciting in a frustrating way but you just can’t have enough of him, frustrating not withstanding ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 39.3 insomniac

      I am an international fan rooting for oppa from the get go. I actually saw episode one and thought oppa and na jung had far too much chemistry to be blood related.

      Whats not to like about oppa he is caring, thoughtful and charming. He is nice to everyone and someone who every girl i believe will be lucky to have as her husband.

      The reason i ship him with Na jung though is because the drive each other nuts and irritate each other to no extent, but their complete and utter love for each other is evident.
      They would do anything for each other no matter what. The chemistry between the two is off the charts and definitely not oppa kind. Yes he is a great Oppa but their skinship has far crossed the level of platonic relationship. It is not yet spelled out that Oppa sees Na Jung as a women but honestly If a girl you only see as a sister comes to bite your lip wont you push her away.

      On a completely personal level i love Jung Woo and he is the best actor in the cast and i just want him to get the girl and be the hero.

      • 39.3.1 aria

        Oh. That makes sense to me. Cuz i dint think too much about their relationship in the first two eps.I just assumed they’re just an odd pair. Then the lip biting happened which threw me. But that time I was rooting for haitai.Lol. then eventually chilbongie.
        But im kinda seeing oppa in a new light now cuz I dint think of the possibility of him liking her before she ever realized her feelings .let’s see if he makes his move. the preview was lil confusing.
        Actually I must agree with loving Jung woo . cuz he’s amazing in the show. I’ve not seen his other works though. I must.

  40. 40 efflorescence

    Son Ho Jun is so handsome!
    And Ara blows my mind every time I see her out of character!
    Chilbongie doesnt look like Chilbongie .-.
    Dohee is so cute with her tiny stature, and Baro and Samcheonpo look grown up xD OTL

  41. 41 Viki

    I love how classy they look! I’m very loving the cast of 94 ๐Ÿ˜‰ and tbh, Ara and Yunseok looks good together ๐Ÿ™‚ TEAM CB!

  42. 42 Fii

    i love award shows, but seriously annoyed that they want to air the show by replacing reply 1994, now we only have a day of reply 1994, then suffer 6 days without it. damn. i shouldve just waited till the show ended. at least the anticipation wont kill me >< booooo

  43. 43 kay

    OMG stop messing with me!!!! i love chilbong but if jung woo gets relegated to the backseat it’ll be such a waste of a good actor! trying to find something not to like about childbong but – i – just – can’t … (hangs head) not loving the pants in this shoot btw.

  44. 44 Appelsin

    They look damn cute together. And I guess half Korea already adopted Chilbongie as “Soondoongie”, he’s so adorable.
    The whole cast is doing a great job, I love all the characters. But I hope NJ-CB end up together, if not, I will be flipping tables and crying in the corners.

    Team Chilbongie all the way!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  45. 45 tura

    Team CHILBONGI all the way, from when they revealed that oppa wasn’t NJ’s real brother I was angry at the loss of that totally sweet and convincing oppa-dongsaeng relationship. CB and NJ belong together

  46. 46 keith

    well, i do think that Chilbongie is the husband. Isnt the drama logic that the first man get the kiss will get the girl in the end?

  47. 47 myra do

    I was so happy viewing at these pictures because we’re following this drama and the CAST were super great in their respective roles. Keep it up GUY’s!

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