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First teaser and meet-cute for Prime Minister and I
by | November 14, 2013 | 112 Comments

Here’s our first peek at KBS’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday show Prime Minister and I, the rom-com starring Lee Beom-soo (IRIS 2) as the prime minister and single dad, and idol-actress Yoon-ah (Love Rain) as the nanny who helps save his family and wins his heart in the process. The leads shot their first meeting (pictured below), and I don’t know what kind of meet-cute ends with the heroine hanging onto a man’s legs looking like a sad kitty, but let’s just hope there’s a comical explanation.

Lee Beom-soo stars as the nation’s youngest prime minister, a whip-smart politician who never misses a beat. He’s also a widower with three children, and it’s as a father where he falls short. When he first meets Yoon-ah’s character she’s a reporter and her character will be his opposite in every way—bumbling, unpolished, hapless with everything. But she’ll eventually be hired to raise his kids, and she’ll turn out to be great in the one area of life he fails at, and become the Mary Poppins/Suspicious Housekeeper who saves the family.

The drama co-stars Yoon Shi-yoon (Flower Boy Next Door) as the prime minister’s aide, Chae Jung-ahn (When A Man Loves) as his chief of public relations and closest confidante since college, and Ryu Jin (Standby) as the prime minister’s brother-in-law and political rival.

The teaser doesn’t give us much, but it is a fun change of pace to see Lee Beom-soo so polished and chic when he so often plays the hapless wisecracking character (because he’s so good at them). It’s not a lot to go on as a taste of the show to come, but I think we can expect light heartwarming family fare.

Prime Minister and I follows Mi-rae’s Choice and premieres December 9.

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112 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. sploosh

    I want to check this out, but I don’t know if I like Lee Beom Soo or if my love for History of a Salaryman is clouding my judgment (it’s the only project of his I’ve seen).

    man, that drama was something special to me.

    • 1.1 Pirie

      You must watch him in “Giant”… And read Thandie’s review…

      • 1.1.1 Orion

        I second that. His comedic roles may be what he is more known for, but he has done many serious characters as well, including villains. ‘Giant’ is recommended in general. One of the best dramas to grace the industry with its existence.

        • DayDreamer

          One of the best dramas to grace the industry with its existence

          Seriously, Giant was freaking amazing. Really awesome underdog story that made you cheer Lee Beom Soo’s character and feel your clenching heart during the sadder times. It’s what made me notice Lee Beom Soo for the first time. For his sake, I hope this drama turns out amazing or at the very least, decent enough.

          • Pipit

            Couldn’t agree with you more. Giant is simply great. It is the reason why I love LBS. I’m watching Salaryman at the moment but, I’ll always love his role in Giant where he is the Giant.

          • Lulu

            I’m watching History of A Salaryman right now and it’s hands down one of the best korean dramas I’ve seen. It’s even better than many american shows i’ve seen and now I hear Giant is even better!?! I was going to watch Heartless City next (which I hear is amazing too) but I think I’ll watch Giant instead.

        • ravens_nest

          You are too right. Giant was literally one of the best dramas I have ever watched and I have seen hundreds.

          I’ve long enjoyed Lee Bum Soo but for some reason I hadn’t watched Giant even though I love all five of the main leads and I don’t have a problem with 40+ ep shows.

          Then I picked it up about a month ago and marathoned the entire 60 episodes in a week.

          Man, I got sucked so deeply into that drama, it was pathetic. All I did was go to work, come home, eat, watch Giant, and then blog about me watching Giant on tumblr.

          I did it for 7 days straight until I finished. lmao

          Excellent drama. forreal

          • chanelboy

            Lmao! you are me. lol. When I was crazy over heels abt certain drama, I thought my boyfriend at the moment is those drama, My period of life was stopped and I just filled every moment talkin quoting tumblring and path ing and watching the drama again,lol talking like i am baked by drama

        • bd

          For something shorter, watch the film “Forbidden Quest” which also stars Han Suk-kyu (what a powerhouse acting duo).

          The film is a bit on the risque side (really not that bad), but the acting and writing is superb.

          • Orion

            Something more on the generic side which is a safer bet is ‘Descendants of Hong Gil Dong’. That’s the one I’d start someone with.

            Or since she/he has seen comedy, they could try ‘Lifting King Kong’. Another shorter, more on the serious side option.

          • Kiara

            Those two were fantastic together :). Still hoping they’ll end up doing a sageuk or movie or anything together again.

      • 1.1.2 Pirie

        Oops, Thundie’s Prattle review…

      • 1.1.3 Sunny

        I agree. He was fantastic in Giant.

      • 1.1.4 sploosh


    • 1.2 Rachel

      History of A Salaryman! That drama is really special to me too. It always knew when to take itself seriously and when not to.

    • 1.3 kimheami

      ugh. loved him in Surgeon Bongdalhee. I feel like that was a bit of a turning point for his career. the early part of his career was largely providing small comic relief in movies and Surgeon Bongdalhee was the first drama that he was the main character. He picked up the nickname “버락 범수” from that drama. I recommend it to everyone who likes Lee BumSoo or Lee Yo won

  2. snow_white

    I’m looking forward to this show 🙂

  3. moondust

    Hmmm. I don’t have a good feeling about this.

  4. Orion

    I am 50% excited and 50% terrified. After ‘Dr. Jin’ and ‘IRIS2’, I really need a good series from Lee. So all cross-able limbs crossed that this is good. I’ll watch it anyway, but I’d rather enjoy it for being good, not for having to laugh at it live on Twitter.

    I hope for a good enough story and for SM to let it happen without trying to turn the whole thing into one big Yoona-fest, whether or not that is working.

    • 4.1 cm

      I am so with you there. I also need a good drama from LBS. However, this teaser is very meh. I like the cast though so I’ll put this in the “we shall see” column.

      • 4.1.1 Sunny

        Agreed the teaser was very meh to me and unfortunately I only like YSY and LBS….CJA’s acting always seems blah to me. I can never get into/feel her character portrayals.

        • Orion

          Agreed on the teaser. They just started filming a couple of weeks before releasing it. It would have been better to wait and have more material for it filmed, if they were lacking things to show.

  5. meat.hook

    I want to watch this drama so badly !
    Yoona, Chae Jeong Ahn and Ryu Jin all of them , too good ! I wished Lee minho of rooftop prince could join this cast .
    I always dream of having a relationship like the one between Lee Seon Gyun and Chae Jung Ahn in coffee prince !

  6. AJ

    My main reason for watching this is Yoon Shi Yoon. Its too bad, he’s not the lead. LBS is a good actor but I don’t get excited seeing him on screen.

  7. howforwardsale

    What could these two characters have in common. I think they should have gone the other way with the age match. A more mature noona romance maybe? Please prove me wrong drama! Btw, I’m having trouble getting past Yoona’s face…sigh… it’s so plastic. I’m sad because there’s no reverse plastic surgery is there?

    • 7.1 Abbie

      I’m pretty sure she did not have plastic surgery. She’s just beautiful.

      • 7.1.1 Roo

        oh come on. there is a serious difference between her jaw and nose in her older photos. it’s somewhat of an opinion though, since i don’t think she herself will ever say if she’s had surgery or not. which is sort of telling in itself. but the best thing is she looks almost the same.
        i’m an average listener of snsd and the only one who is natural is probably seohyun

        • Oohlala

          Seohyun? Not really, no
          Excluding Sunny, all the other girls had done something to their faces

          • erica

            You think Seohyun, one of the few idols long known and proven to be natural is plastic, but SUNNY never did anything? Lmao alrighty.

          • diamondmarch

            I think you’re very deeply confused.

          • bd

            Um, it is Sunny who had a good bit of work done.

            Another member had a good bit of work done and another 2 or so had something minor done and the rest are natural.

    • 7.2 Minaya

      Funny because she never had any type of plastic surgery.

      • 7.2.1 Jess

        yoona’s had a very obvious and well-documented nose job but it’s clearly well done since i never get the “plastic” vibe from her. even though there’s been a slight alteration she still has a very fresh and natural look.

    • 7.3 Gala

      Funny you say that cause she’s actually known as one of the 2(?) snsd girls who didn’t go under the knife – or at least didn’t alter her face completely. I think she’s just too thin.

      • 7.3.1 bd

        At least 3, maybe 4 got nothing done.

    • 7.4 ilikemangos

      I was under the impression that she was a natural. Didn’t they have photos of her when she was very young and she looked exactly the same?

      lol, even naturals can’t get a break.

    • 7.5 klir

      Her face looks anything but plastic. In my opinion she is one of prettiest actresses in Korea, she always looks fresh and natural without the need of too much touch up.

      Even in this trailer ,you can see she barely has any make up on.

      • 7.5.1 lizz

        you mean idol right? Because actress? has much more prettier actress than Yoona, she is just bland and should stop shaving her jaw, soon she won’t have a chin anymore.

      • 7.5.2 bd

        Yoona looks like an older version of her child self, so all the talk about being “plastic” is overdone.

        Nonetheless, she is far from being one of the prettiest female, k-celebs, much less being the prettiest among the SNSD members (or other idols).

        • klir

          I said she is one of the prettiest in my opinion, didn`t say it was the fact.

          That said ,she is regarded as most beautiful female idol for years and `the face` (meaning most beautiful member) of her group. There must be reason for that, just because you say otherwise doesn`t change the facts.

          • bd

            And FACTUALLY, the ideal female head shape is a heart shape, which Yoona does NOT have.

            She doesn’t have great cheek bones either and she has thin lips (when full lips are ideal) and there are numerous female celebs who have better eyes (even in SNSD she’s like 4th when it comes to eye shape).

            There are many who think Julia Roberts is gorgeous when she really is not.

          • klir

            Like i said before it`s your opinion, doesn`t make it FACT.

    • 7.6 milkmustache

      I can understand people not liking Yoona because of her acting, but I will never get why people feel the need to call her plastic. Sigh. If you look at her childhood photos, she looks exactly the same.

      • 7.6.1 pogo

        I actually liked her acting in Love Rain, but Yoona has definitely had some (very well-done, non-obvious) work done on her nose and jawline.

        But I don’t know what people are complaining about, because the results look like they COULD be natural, which is the best kind of plastic surgery.

        And I don’t think any less of Korean actors for getting work done, look at Sooyoung – her face is practically unrecognisable from her younger days but acknowledging the fact doesn’t ake away from the fact that she is a good actress.

        • suzy101

          make up can do wonders. so can photoshop in the advertisements. so can angles in posing. if you look at yoona in motion such as in videos as well as in unflattering screen capture photos – she is basically the same.

          and LOL past photos can also be edited and photoshopped by haters/antis as “proof” or “evidence” of plastic surgery.

          and what is this double standard even of girl idols having plastic surgery as scandals or issues?! speculations that jaejoong and kim hyun joong had plastic surgery – you don’t see people bashing them that often. speculations that ‘natural beauties’ actresses like song hye gyo and lee da hae had plastic surgery – you still see people praise them for their natural looks. speculations that actors like lee min ho and jung il woo had plastic surgery – you see people defend them as being too good looking that plastic surgery is not needed.

          if plastic surgery is such a big deal – then use that standard for every one with no exception.

          • pogo

            where am I saying that Yoona having surgery is a scandal, or an issue, or bashing her? Save your ire for people who actually say the things you’re talking about in your comment instead of just going off on a rant against someone who (if you read my comment) AGREES with you.

          • pogo

            Oh, and this:

            speculations that ‘natural beauties’ actresses like song hye gyo and lee da hae had plastic surgery – you still see people praise them for their natural looks.

            They do exactly the same with Yoona for looking so ‘natural’, so get off that high horse, she isn’t being criticised by netizens for her looks.

          • bd

            Song Hye-gyo is a natural beauty (was a total cutie when she was a kid).

            Otoh, most people know that Lee Da-hae got a lot of work done so not many refer to her as a “natural beauty.”

    • 7.7 howforwardsale

      SMH, I don’t believe I have any ill intentions when I voice my opinions of Yoona’s looks.

  8. Mystisith

    I don’t know what to expect so I won’t expect anything at all. I like the cast but the script will be the key. Surprise me, folks!

  9. Abbie

    Looks good. Why did Yoon Shi-yoon pick this? I’m going to be torn between him (if he’s the second lead, that is) and Lee Beom-soo! Shi-yoon-ah, fighting!

    • 9.1 Pipit

      No, Ryu Jis is the second male lead. And I’m torn already because I love him too.

      • 9.1.1 Orion

        Yoon Si Yoon is the second male lead, from what we know so far. Ryu Jin is the villain.

      • 9.1.2 Abbie

        According to the show’s Wikipedia page, Ryu Jin is “Extended Cast” and Yoon Shi-yoon is part of the main cast.

        • Abbie

          Also, according to Yoon Shi-yoon’s Wiki page, he’s playing Yoona’s character’s first love and the second male lead. *sigh* Now how will I not fall for him?

          • damianna

            then i hope he and CJA character would brood together and find love in each other. he would totally rock the noona-romance like he did with Lee Ji Ah.

  10. 10 Lola

    There came an explanation by KBS with the pictures: that it is the first meeting but it comes with some comedy. I guess Yoona’s character tried to “spy” on the Prime Minister to get some juicy news but he sees her and then she tries to play the poor, lost girl card to not get into trouble (this is just wild speculatiob) or something similar!

    • 10.1 Orion

      There is that police scene soon after or before it so she is either bailed out by him or thrown in jail by him. She looks boozed up in that still, so maybe she gets hammered and a bit too hands-on for his tolerance. Whatever it is, it does look like a comedic situation. I mean, she’s using his leg as a recliner.

  11. 11 Dur

    Yay Yoona!

    I remember one old clips that I saw in YT. Reality TV show of early SNSD, they’re sooooo young and LBS was one of the guest, he’s there as acting coach for the girls 🙂 🙂

    Glad that LBS back with a new drama.. I dont watch his latest drama, IRIS2..

  12. 12 TG

    Wait – she’s a reporter and gives that up to take care of his kids as a job? Anyone else have an issue with this? I hope there’s a really good explanation as to why she quits (what could be but maybe isn’t) a promising journalistic career to be a nanny.

    • 12.1 Orion

      Not a promising journalistic career. She’s a failed scandal reporter. Probably a rookie who cannot get close enough to reveal celebrities’ dirty laundry. It was hinted at some point that she will enter his home to get access to his private life for her boss at the tabloid, but there is so much information there is no way to know what they will go with at the end.

    • 12.2 pogo

      I thought she was an undercover reporter? Which would imply she hadn’t just given up the job to play nanny.

  13. 13 taegyo

    I’m looking forward to it! It looks fluffy and cute, and I could do with something along those lines. I love SNSD, so I’m excited to see Yoona, especially when she looks so cute. I think this could turn out to be a nice warm way to end the year. 🙂

  14. 14 Eliza

    I’m hesitantly looking forward to this, if that even makes sense. The plot sounds good (who doesn’t love Sound of Music and Mary Poppins!?) Yoona can be cute, but I’m really not liking the hairdo/style they chose for her and I can’t say I’m a fan of her acting. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if this will be worth watching.

  15. 15 Minaya

    I wonder if Yoon Shi-yoon is enough for me to try out this drama…

  16. 16 Mandy

    I actually really like Yoona here, she seems cheerful in a real way, unlike her last drama. I’m sure she won’t get the cheerful part wrong in her acting given she’s like that in real life.

    The trailer is so meh though… I like the music because it gives the rom-com vibe but I wish they could’ve shown something more to pull the audience in – or at least I didn’t see it if it was there.

    Looking forward to this, although I wonder how the ratings would be… no drama would want to be the follow-up of MC atm. But I suppose the MTT follow-up would be in a worse situation…

  17. 17 crazedlu

    I feel like she’s the same character in EVERY drama she does.


  18. 18 kumi

    I like the Christmas Nutcracker on her shelf. Reminiscence of childhood. It might be not a bad idea to watch it in December.

  19. 19 LangitBiru

    So this is like All About Romance meet the Suspicious Housekeeper but in happy mode.

    I love all the male actors in this drama. And double yay for KBS!

  20. 20 Gala

    Yoona actually looks good beside yoon Shi yoon…

  21. 21 John

    I’ll give this try. Hope for the cute & funny.

    • 21.1 come2noona

      Yup, me too.

  22. 22 Carole McDonnell

    I swear I never used to like guys in suits but after my k-drama addiction…wow!!!!!!

    I might watch this. not sure yet. Thanks for the post.

  23. 23 barbara black fox

    This looks good to me. (I’ll keep my expectations down, but I’m hoping.) I am not watching much lately. I started most of the current shows and then lost interest. I do agree, history of salaryman was a whole different level of good. (And Lee Beom Soo was one of the few things that made Dr. Jin remotely watchable.)

  24. 24 zoee

    After Cinderella Man I told myself I wont watch anything with Yoona. Till this day, I am planning on keeping that self promise.

  25. 25 yamapisukii

    sadly, I am not a fan of Yoonah, so I shall not be watching this.

  26. 26 =_=

    gotta say what caught my attention in the trailer gotta be the song…

  27. 27 Sajen

    You know if they had to pick an idol for Yoon-Ah’s role I wish they had picked either T-ara’s Eun Jung or A-Pink’s Eun Ji. Sure I know Eun Ji is even younger than Yoon-Ah but I still think she’d be a better match for Lee Bum Soo.

  28. 28 DayDreamer

    I don’t think I’ve watched Yoona in a drama before so I don’t know about her acting. I think maybe it’s best to check out the drama first before rejecting it because who knows, maybe like Jung Yong-hwa, her acting probably has improved.

  29. 29 reina

    I think i remember a european movie, trilogy of same premise. except he was an heir to a conglomerate and she was a paparazzi.

    Loved that movie just don’t remember the title since it was ten years ago…

  30. 30 Taber

    Love Lee Beom Soo, it sad he have to co-star with Yoona.

  31. 31 LMG

    I see everyone commenting on Yoona’s face but why has noone said anything about her stick legs and arms?!?! Girl needs to eat something, like now.

    • 31.1 yuka sato

      you need to give up that thought. korea love her stick legs & arms, they said it’s a model like body, yuck.

      me personally think the only member with pretty much passable as healthy is sunny & hyoyeon, the other? someone need to lock them up in container of foods.

  32. 32 Pakykul Gunk

    I think I have to watch this for Yoon Shi Yoon !

  33. 33 whilethemusiclasts

    Will probably check it out because of Yoon Shi-yoon… and to see if it’s anything like the Filipino daily drama Be Careful With My Heart.

  34. 34 Oohlala

    Well, this better be good because Mi-rae’s ratings is a disaster

  35. 35 History

    Will LBS and Yoon-ah have a love line? Even if there is, I’m not sure if there’ll be any kissing scene. I love HIstory of Salaryman, and I don’t recall he had any kissing scenes with his foul-mouth leading lady.

    • 35.1 Orion

      Yeo Chi and Yoo Bang were more of a comedy duo than a romantic one and it was not mainly a romantic series, so I did not mind it there.

      This seems to be gunning for “warm love story” and Christmas-cheer, so they better not leave it at some affectionate hand holding.

      Because it will be obvious it’s due to Yoona’s image and the age gap and that is just pathetic and offending to people who have much older/younger lovers. It’s like saying romance and attraction between them is wrong.

      Then again, kdrama with its lousy kisses and lack of skinship is generally showing romantic love and sex drive as wrong, so this won’t be too big a change.

      • 35.1.1 suzy101

        why would you even blame yoona’s idol image IF ever there is no kissing scenes in this drama?!

        this is not yoona’s first drama, AND she has done kissing scenes before with co-stars older than her. if you are going to harp about her kissing scene in love rain… first of all, the kiss in earlier episodes – her 2012 role was supposed to be this never been confessed to/never had a boyfriend/never been kissed girl so her first kiss is supposed to be awkward. the kisses in later episodes were better.

        also, if this drama is promoted and targeted as a romance comedy for the whole family (of all ages) for the winter season – then this is possibly the main reason if ever there will be a lack of skinship. plus the fact that this is a kdrama.

        • Orion

          First of all, I saw the later kisses in ‘Love Rain’ and while better than some dramas, they are still very reserved. And those are with someone closer to her age.

          Secondly, where did you see me blame Yoona? I clearly said “Yoona’s image”. That is something which is mostly out of her control.

          You forget this is a drama produced by SM. Since idol agencies like to maintain the images of their idols, it is only natural that I will worry. From what I understand, Yoona has quite an innocent and adorable image.

          It is already a big topic with the age difference, which is much bigger than what she has done in the past, to my knowledge. Rom-coms with emphasis on family still have kissing and Yoona herself clearly has no problem with it in other dramas. So if it does not happen here, SM thinking about her image and the bigger age gap are the only two reasons which could be behind that.

  36. 36 yuka sato

    i guess i’m the only who think that yoona in that hair & clothes style reminded me of park shin hye in flower boy next door…
    and the face expression too… *shrug*

  37. 37 A

    So many butthurt people here. Anticipating this. I can’t wait.

  38. 38 Tha

    Why YSY? ! I feel like i won’t get enough of you…Yes, you’ve spoiled me 🙂

  39. 39 jam

    i hope YSY gets a lot of screentime too!!!!!! lets just all hope that our main leads will have chemistry….also, LBS is a friggin awesome actor.

  40. 40 elvira

    Not a fan of Yoon-ah, has watched a lot of Marry Poppins/The Sound of Music-type of movie or drama, but this drama has Yoon Shi-yoon.
    Yep. Sole reason for watching.

  41. 41 reine

    Yoon-ah is a flat actress and Love Rain bored me to tears. This however sounds fun, I’m sincerely hoping she’s improved.

    • 41.1 sara

      totally agree

  42. 42 lizz

    if you guys are going on about Yoona plastic doings, might as well talk about YSY. He looked so much better in kim takgu and he shouldn’t touch his face but he did, and now he is looking plastic…

  43. 43 asiram

    hahaha!!! I still remembr him Lee Boem in Salary man and in Giant such a great actor…and Yoon Ah Love rain just lover her with Guen Suk…. anticipating for it….i will surely watch this…

  44. 44 gelian

    whats with this yoona hate..leave her alone..give her a brk..m aticipating much for this drama with all these interesting leads

  45. 45 Nadia

    The show looks promising, I like Yoon Shi-yoon ,Chae Jung-ahn and Ryu Jin. The weakest link will bee Yoon-ah. I believe too many times drama go for looks and not for acting talent. Hopefully the others can hold it together.


  46. 46 mjfan

    if only Jung Ryu Won was the lead , sigh !!!!

  47. 47 Ayan

    I’m looking forward to this. It seems to be quite light and funny. I suppose I’ll know how it actually is, when the first episode airs! Also it stars Yoon Shi Yoon – so how could I not watch! hehe

  48. 48 soprection

    Yeah, this pairing is still weird. He just looks SO MUCH OLDER than her. I know that’s kind of the norm for Yoona’s drama love interests. (Seriously, what is WITH them always casting her opposite men who are and look way more mature than she does? Jang Geun Suk is the only exception.) Anyway, whatever – it could still be a good show. The setup seems kind of MPDG meets The Sound of Music-esque which could be a good combo, you never know.

    • 48.1 lola

      Oh my god thank you! I was literally reading through the commemts and thought I was the only who noticed/ had a problem with the age difference! It’s jarring! Not to mention theres no hope for any kind of chemistry between the two (to be honest, I feel like most kdrama leads have no chemistry or just look uncomfortable when it’s time to kiss. Wassup with that?)

  49. 49 (permanent) visitor

    So, she’s 23 and he’s 43….yeah….no thank you.

  50. 50 korfan

    Who knows, this might just surprise us. It’s always great when that happens.

    I’ll give this one a try and check it out.

    And Yoon Shi-yoon, how I’ve missed you.

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